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Title:HELVETICA notes conference
Created:Fri Jul 19 1991
Last Modified:Tue May 20 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:158
Total number of notes:959
Number with bodies:25
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1.0+4KOBAL::DICKSONTue Jul 23 1991Welcome
2.046BERNWed Jul 24 1991Introduce yourself.
3.0+17HUMOR::EPPESFri Jul 26 1991Zurich
4.020HUMOR::EPPESFri Jul 26 1991Geneva / Geneve
5.05HUMOR::EPPESFri Jul 26 1991Bern / Berne
6.07HUMOR::EPPESFri Jul 26 1991Zermatt
7.0HUMOR::EPPESFri Jul 26 1991St. Moritz
8.02HUMOR::EPPESFri Jul 26 1991Food / eating
9.0+23HUMOR::EPPESFri Jul 26 1991Traveling by train
10.09HUMOR::EPPESFri Jul 26 1991Driving in Switzerland / Car rental
11.011HUMOR::EPPESFri Jul 26 1991Swissair / Crossair / Flying in general
12.0HUMOR::EPPESFri Jul 26 1991The Alps / Alpine subjects
13.0HUMOR::EPPESFri Jul 26 1991News / Current events
14.02HUMOR::EPPESFri Jul 26 1991History
15.012PROSE::EPPESThu Aug 01 1991Happy Birthday, Switzerland!
16.03HERON::WENGERSat Aug 03 1991Hotel in Brunnen/Schwyz
17.05LJOHUB::M_GAGNONMon Aug 05 1991TGV to Paris. HELP
18.021EICMFG::MCCLUREMon Aug 05 1991
19.01BERNThu Aug 08 1991Marriage and Tax .
20.016SHIRE::ROQUET::DIXONThu Aug 22 1991Basel
21.04HERON::WENGERFri Aug 30 1991SEEN/UNSEEN doesn't seem to work
22.0+18RAYNAL::BARNDTMon Sep 09 1991hotel/pension recommendations?
23.08GVAWed Sep 11 1991Les mamans, aidez-moi !
24.05CGOOA::FEDDEMAFri Sep 27 1991Hotels/Telecom 91 Geneve
25.05CHEFS::TRIGGSGWed Oct 16 1991Tracing Swiss Relations
26.06RANIER::BLAZEKMon Oct 28 1991Animal Import Info
27.06--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 28 1991Darts in Geneva???
28.07BIS2::HELLINCKXWed Nov 13 1991WITH 5
29.05NSDC::KERRISKTue Nov 19 1991Can I get my AVS money back?
30.01BERNTue Nov 26 1991Swiss Tax
31.07CROWN::MURRAYWed Nov 27 1991The DEC guide to FLAT Hunting.
32.0SHIRE::FITZGERALDTue Dec 03 1991Buy/Sell PCs?
33.01FOLK::HASSThu Dec 12 1991Swiss reaction to events in Europe?
35.02LEMAN::BURKHALTERTue Jan 07 1992Where to get R/H drive cars in CH?
36.011FOLK::HASSFri Jan 10 1992Why does Switzerland work?
37.07--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 13 1992Numbered Bank Accounts
38.04LEMAN::LURASCHIFri Feb 07 1992*** WANT/BUY/SELL/RENT ***
40.04RTL::LINDQUISTTue Mar 03 1992Rolex prices?
41.016KERRIE::SAMPSONWed Mar 11 1992Day Hikes in Switzerland
42.05EVOSG1::WOODThu Mar 19 1992Jazz/live music, English breakfast in Geneva/Lausanne
43.04NSDC::KERRISKMon Mar 23 1992Travel Agents for Cheap Flights?
45.06METAFR::MEAGHERThu Mar 26 1992Books
46.017EARRTH::PUSHORFri Mar 27 1992LUZERN
47.06BTOVT::HARRIS_MMon Apr 06 1992Power Requirements for Switzerland..
48.06CASHMR::BLAZEKFri Apr 24 1992Swatches . . .
49.02FLYWAY::64962::LARRYFri May 15 1992Special rates on the Brienzer Rothorn Bahn
51.012SHIPS::AZAVEDO_RThu May 21 1992EEC Membership?
52.014SHIRE::BARTAThu May 21 1992Becoming naturalized Swiss
53.09CASDOC::MEAGHERTue May 26 1992Automatic Teller Machines
54.05FLYWAY::64962::LARRYFri Jun 05 1992Needed: Competent oboe repair person
55.06RUTILE::KENNEDYWed Jun 10 1992Swiss Banks
56.0GENIE::BAUERWed Jun 17 1992Lugano Estival Jazz
57.03RUTILE::COXTue Jun 23 1992Celestion Speakers - contact info needed.
58.05SMAUG::S_SHAHWed Jul 01 1992Castle Hotels in Switzerland
59.015BERNThu Jul 02 1992Things I HATE about Switzerland.
60.012BERNThu Jul 02 1992Things I LOVE about Switzerland.
61.011SMAUG::S_SHAHSun Jul 05 1992Need Suggestions and Comments
63.09SMAUG::S_SHAHMon Jul 13 1992Matterhorn Excursion
64.08GALVIA::HOGANThu Jul 23 1992Accommodation in Bern
65.04CASDOC::MEAGHERWed Sep 02 1992Vacation Reports (First Hand Accounts)
66.02DENVER::ROYFri Sep 04 1992Dental Hygienists?
67.010BERNMon Sep 07 1992STRIP-O-GRAM in Switzerlnd?
68.03SHIRE::BARTATue Sep 15 1992Any opinions on the 27-Sep vote?
69.02DDIF::GOOEY::SCHOELLERTue Sep 15 1992Need an address
70.01SHIRE::64121::WENGERTue Sep 22 1992Rafting
73.05ICS::ANDERSON_MMon Oct 26 1992Need information, please
74.05GENIE::MORRISMon Nov 16 1992Skiing
75.09TRCOA::DAL_MOLINMon Nov 16 1992Best route Geneva-Venice-Zurich??
76.03GENIE::MORRISWed Nov 18 1992Onion Fairs !!
79.03XCUSME::XCUSME::MILIOTISWed Jan 13 1993Need Information on Spring Trip
80.03SAHQ::HICEThu Jan 21 1993Snow/Trains???
81.02DV78Fri Feb 05 1993Luzern or Lugano?
82.021GVPROD::BARTASun Feb 07 19937-Mar vote
83.01BBIVThu Mar 04 1993
84.02BERNThu Mar 11 1993St. Patrick's Day in Bern
85.05BBIVSat Mar 13 1993Fondue: veg cheese but no wine, how?
86.01AD::FLATTERYMon Mar 22 1993....Swiss Bands......
87.02FLYWAY::64962::SWANSONTue Apr 06 1993Sailing school in Bern / Luzern
88.01BERNWed Apr 21 1993Selling a car privately, how?
89.0ZPOVC::PIKHWAMon Apr 26 1993From Switzerland to Innsbruck
90.04BBQ::RODDYPHILThu Apr 29 1993Network Address of Swiss Universities
91.04LEMAN::SELBYThu May 06 1993warning
92.016TNPUBS::COOKWed May 12 1993Student Exchange Program
93.06CSC32::JAMIThu May 13 1993Looking for Merano watch company
94.02DSSDEV::FRANTZTue May 18 1993Montreux?
95.03GVPROD::BARTAWed May 26 1993Opinions on 6-Jun-1993 vote?
96.0+11WMOIS::SPAGNUOLO_GThu Jul 29 1993Help in planning my 1st visit....
97.02IMAPC::MURRAYThu Aug 05 1993Will a UK VCR work in CH
98.05OSLThu Aug 12 1993Italian, French and German language percentage in Switzerland?
99.04MCIS2::KFRENCHFri Aug 27 1993Lugano - what's it like?
100.01JURA::BURKEThu Sep 02 19931949 Gold 2
101.0BERNThu Sep 23 1993Friends of Ireland, Bern
102.0BERNWed Oct 06 1993Fly a relative to the States program?
103.023Mon Nov 01 1993Flims
104.02EMC2::MEHERSMon Nov 01 1993Consumer rights in Switzerland?
105.05TAVSat Nov 06 1993Neuchatel
106.0WELCLU::SLATTERFri Nov 12 1993Where do I look?
107.02ZURWed Nov 24 1993Unihockey, Innebandy, Floorball
108.03ZPOVC::MAUREENTANFri Jan 07 1994Ist Timer Needs Help & Advise Badly
109.07GVPROD::PHILIPMon Jan 10 1994Internet access from Switzerland?
110.07WMOIS::SPAGNUOLO_GTue Feb 01 1994need help on questions...
111.0BERNMon Feb 07 1994Steam-cleaning in Bern
112.011OTOOA::ESKICIOGLUMon Feb 07 19941
113.020BERNTue Feb 08 1994Ticino
114.03IRNBRU::PATRICIAThu Mar 17 1994Help on moving to Switzerland
115.04BERNWed Apr 13 1994Car insurance and vandalism
116.02AKOCOA::BROUILLETTue Apr 19 1994Need help contacting Simar Co. in Geneva
117.0ELYSEE::ZIMANTue Apr 26 1994Store in Geneva selling foods for diabetic and heart patients?
118.02JULIET::METCALF_BIFri May 13 1994Party Hearty
119.0CCAD39::KERRISKFri May 27 1994Psychodrama in Switzerland?
120.02RUTILE::AUNGIERTue Jun 07 1994URGENTLY NEEDED - South China Morning Post
121.0JURA::CLEMENT_PThu Jun 16 1994Hourly Rates in Switzerland
122.0RUTILE::AUNGIERTue Jul 05 1994NEEDED: Athletic Club in Geneva
123.012METSYS::REIDTue Jul 26 1994Stopping off in Switzerland on way to Lago Di Garda - advice wanted
124.0NEWOA::GATHERNTue Aug 30 1994Stans-Buochs Airshow
125.0TROOA::LOOP22::GriceTue Aug 30 1994Switzerland CD-ROM
126.01TAEC::MCDONALDTue Sep 13 1994Basel job
127.02GRANMA::ARGREGORYMon Sep 19 1994A ZURICH point of view
128.02NETRIX::"WP@traal.bst.dec.com"Thu Oct 20 1994Rhaetian Railway (RhB) Models
129.0CSOA1::LENNIGTue Oct 25 1994Short holiday in November??
130.01GRANPA::ARGREGORYMon Nov 14 1994Gstaad, Klosters, St. Moritz: what are they like?
131.015EEMELI::CSIRENThu Nov 17 1994Average salary?
132.0CONSLT::HELLWEGTue Nov 22 1994Athletic Club in Lausanne?
133.03ULYSSE::AMBROSIFri Nov 25 1994Researching in the Swiss Etat civil
134.01UNTADA::SAXBYMon Dec 05 1994Any chance of working in Switzerland?
135.03EEMELI::CSIRENThu Dec 15 1994Kids in Switzerland
136.01ROMEOS::QUACKENBU_KIThu Dec 22 1994Epifin???
137.02CERN::HOBBSTue Jan 10 1995Swiss Post Office - PTT - Telcom
138.01GVATue Jan 10 1995Leukerbad information?
139.04PLAYER::WASHINGTONTue Jan 24 1995Federal & Canton tax rates, allowable deductions ?
140.02458Thu Jan 26 1995Urgent: Information needed about system manager.
141.01QCAVMon Feb 06 1995Need help answering Quiz on Switzerland
142.02PEKING::FLEMINGHMon Feb 06 1995Vegetarian Restaurants in Zurich
143.03LARVAE::LEYTONThu Mar 02 1995Bernese Oberland Hotels???
144.04ROMOIS::PINCIThu Mar 09 1995BODENSEE infos*
145.02SMURF::SWARDMon May 22 1995Phone number HELP! (Jean Lassale)
146.01TRNOIS::LOIZZOWed May 24 1995Urgent: STERIA Geneva
147.02LEVEL4::L4ALF1::SWANSONFri Sep 01 1995WWW Sites
148.01GLRMAI::JREYNOLDSTue Sep 12 1995Lucerne Transportation Museum
149.011GVPROD::BARTAWed Sep 13 1995National elections, autumn 1995
150.01BIS1::DEVOS_BMon Sep 18 1995urgent looking for rooms (Geneva area)
151.02COOKIE::FROEHLINMon Oct 09 1995Who's who in Switzerland
152.03SNOFS1::CRUZPAULFri Oct 13 1995Curiousity killed the cat..
153.04JURA::BURKETue Oct 17 1995Motorcycles in Switzerland.
154.03PLAYER::WASHINGTONWed Feb 14 1996French creches/kindergardens in Zurich area
155.0ULYSSE::DENISFri Mar 08 1996Stage in Sophia-Antipolis ?
156.01CERN::HOBBSWed Mar 20 1996"hello" and "goodbye" in Romansch ?
157.0 *+2OSLLAV::SVEINN_PMon Apr 28 1997Montreux Jazzfestival '97
158.0 *+3TIANT::BRZOZOWSKIWed May 14 199724 Hours in Switzerland?