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Conference bgsdev::skiing

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Created:Mon Jan 09 1989
Last Modified:Wed Jun 04 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1581
Total number of notes:12658
Number with bodies:247
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1.030DSSDEV::CHANMon Jan 09 1989Skiing V2
2.045BGSDEV::POEGELMon Aug 14 1995FOR SALE
2.0+75ASDG::KGOULDWed Aug 14 1996FOR SALE
3.02DSSDEV::CHANMon Jan 09 1989Keyword note
4.04DSSDEV::CHANMon Jan 09 1989Major topic directory
6.0+9ASDG::KGOULDWed Aug 14 1996RENTALS Available
6.026BGSDEV::POEGELMon Aug 14 1995RENTALS available
9.015BGSDEV::POEGELMon Aug 14 1995Equipment Wanted
10.0114DSSDEV::CHANMon Jan 09 1989Registry note
11.027DSSDEV::CHANMon Jan 09 1989Other Notes Conferences of Interest
12.011DSSDEV::CHANMon Jan 09 1989Ski House Registry
13.0+28BGSDEV::POEGELMon Aug 14 1995Ski pass wanted, for sale/swap
15.0+35DSSDEV::CHANMon Jan 09 1989Ski Club Anouncements
16.0PATE::KGOULDMon Jul 24 1995Digital Ski Club Racing Note
17.033--UnknownUser--Mon Jul 24 1995WWW (World Wide Web) Pointers
17.02ASDG::KGOULDWed Aug 14 1996WWW (World Wide Web) Pointers
18.013DSSDEV::CHANMon Jan 09 1989Killington, VT current season
19.0160DSSDEV::CHANMon Jan 09 1989Sunday River, Me Ski Area
20.038DSSDEV::CHANMon Jan 09 1989Sugarloaf, Maine Ski Area
21.042DSSDEV::CHANMon Jan 09 1989Suggestion Box
22.0+130PATE::KGOULDWed Mar 08 1995Okemo Ski Area, Ludlow Vt.
23.0PATE::KGOULDWed Mar 08 1995Reserved
24.0+52HYEND::GAWRONSKIWed Jan 10 1990Mad River Glen, VT Ski Area
25.0524DSSDEV::CHANMon Jan 09 1989Wachusett Mt, past seasons
26.0+143PATE::KGOULDThu Aug 31 1995Cannon Mountain, NH Ski Area
27.06MUSKIE::POPPMon Jan 09 1989Telluride, Colorado Ski Area
28.0433DSSDEV::CHANMon Jan 09 1989Killington, VT past seasons
29.0+119CECVTue Jan 10 1989Jackson Hole, Wyoming Ski Area
30.071NAAD::HELVEWed Jan 18 1989Steamboat, Colorado Ski Area
31.035BPOVTue Jan 10 1989Smugglers Notch, VT Ski Area
32.0+234KAOFS::M_BURKEThu Jan 26 1989Whistler/Blackcomb, BC Ski Area
33.034TIGEMS::VACCHELLIWed Feb 08 1989Stratton Mt, VT Ski Area
34.014AKOCOA::OFFICERMon Jan 31 1994Stowe, VT ski area
35.015AKOV13::NEFFThu Feb 02 1989Ascutney, VT Ski Area
36.0+193BAGELS::MATSISWed Mar 15 1989Official Tuckermans Ravine note
37.024AKO619::SYKESWed Jan 11 1989Ski Stores and or Outlets
38.021FRAIS1::SCHOENHERRMon Jan 06 1992Banff-Lake Louis Infos
39.031ISMGWed Jan 23 1991Waterville Valley, NH Ski Area
40.019LOOKUP::HENDRICKSONWed Oct 11 1989Crested Butte
41.0+36AKOV11::DFARRELLFri Feb 17 1989Temple Mountain, NH Ski Area
42.031GUSSTO::LINDThu Nov 30 1989Phone Numbers of some Ski Areas
43.02VIDEO::WITTSWed Jan 11 1989Mt. Bachelor, Oregon Ski Area
44.025CGVAX2::CLARK_JMon Jan 08 1990Attitash, NH Ski Area
45.046DASXPS::PBURKEFri Oct 13 1989Burke Mountain, VT Ski Area
46.014ROYALT::GENETTue Dec 11 1990Nashoba Valley, Mass Ski Area
47.037PULSAR::BABINEAUTue Mar 06 1990Mount Snow, VT Ski Area
48.034IAMOK::OBRIENFri Feb 24 1989Vail, CO Ski Area
49.029TIXEL::ARNOLDWed Feb 21 1990Bretton Woods, NH Ski Area
58.0100MEMORY::FRECHETTEWed Jan 18 1989Tune-ups at home
61.020SKETCH::UCCOOPThu Jan 19 1989Who fits boots?
67.0229CGVAX2::CLARK_JThu Jan 19 1989volkl's
68.020SCOMAN::THORNBURGMon Jan 09 1989Forgotten Trails
69.024TARKIN::TINGFri Jan 20 1989Binding placement question
70.09WMOIS::VALIANTSat Jan 21 1989Snowboard safety question
71.017RAINBO::DIMARIOMon Jan 23 1989"Ski It If You Can"
72.016--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 23 1989Lange XRI's - HELP!!!
73.012BAGELS::MATSISMon Jan 23 1989Keeping Warm !!
84.04ASABET::HOThu Jan 26 1989Store testing skiis vs. on slope behavior
87.012STAR::ALLISONFri Jan 27 1989Heli-skiing in Summit County, CO.
90.05YODA::BEMISFri Jan 27 1989Rossi 4M vs. K2 Gyrator
93.012YODA::SILVERMon Jan 30 1989What skis are right for who?
96.022TARKIN::TINGTue Jan 31 1989Parallel skiing question
97.02SETH::POWISTue Jan 31 1989Catskill Mts, NY Ski Areas
99.0+71--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 31 1989Wachusett MT,current season
104.05RELYON::HARTThu Feb 02 1989Fabulous Spring Skiing!
109.0+31WMOIS::N_KENNEYFri Feb 03 1989Need Utah Information
111.04BUSY::KLEINBERGERSat Feb 04 1989How do Carry Ski's
112.04FXNBS::HOLLANDMon Feb 06 1989Skiing out west info
113.063BOOKS::BAILEYBMon Feb 06 1989What constitutes a double-diamond trail anyway?
119.013BOOKS::BAILEYBWed Feb 08 1989Where's the bumps ??
124.09WILKIE::LEWISWed Feb 08 1989K2-712 or KVC's in powder?
127.012DSSDEV::CHANThu Feb 09 1989Orthotics, custom boot fittings
128.013BUSY::KLEINBERGERThu Feb 09 1989What is the trick in "Getting Back Up" ????
130.011DONVAN::DECAROLISThu Feb 09 1989Packing for the Wild Wild West
136.03VIDEO::SECINOMon Feb 13 1989Any good resturants in the Okemo Vt. Area?
137.05WMOIS::P_MALLETTEMon Feb 13 1989ROSSI 4S
141.022DMGDTA::WASKOMWed Feb 15 1989Loon Expansion Help Request
143.087BINKLY::SMITHWed Feb 15 1989Lake Tahoe Info
146.04BPOVThu Feb 16 1989Good Restauarant-s.Vermont?
147.01REGENT::MERSEREAUThu Feb 16 1989To tune or not to tune, and if so, how?
152.012VELVET::MICHONFri Feb 17 1989Equipment advice on skiing POWDAH
156.019BOOKS::BAILEYBMon Feb 20 1989Sugarbushwacking ... how sweet it is!
157.07MARKER::WARDMon Feb 20 1989Orthotics for Downhill Skiing
158.07TPS::TROGERSMon Feb 20 1989info on skiing in Montreal
165.010SKYLRK::OLSONTue Feb 21 1989Tell us about the Olin Extreme Comps
183.09BTO::REDDING_DANMon Feb 27 1989Safety and Cruis'n...
193.011BTO::SCHILLERWed Mar 01 1989ACL sucesses after rehabilitation?
195.09RGB::GOLDBERGWed Mar 01 1989telemarking
198.04BUSY::KLEINBERGERFri Mar 03 1989Skier's Responsibility Code
212.011CAM::THOMASFri Mar 10 1989Head/Atomic ski information
213.06ROLL::JOHNSONFri Mar 10 1989True Night Skiing
218.026BOOKS::BAILEYBMon Mar 13 1989Ski vacation "trip reports" ...
221.045CURIE::THACKERAYTue Mar 14 1989Skiing New England Ice - Comparison of conditions
227.018NBC::MASSONWed Mar 15 1989Suggestions for Skiing Honeymoon
240.037DECSIM::PIERCEMon Mar 27 1989Thumb injury question
246.021BUSY::KLEINBERGERFri Mar 31 1989Skiing in Canada???
249.017BREW11::GAYTue Apr 11 1989Skiing in Vail/Aspen etc
261.02ICBB::GAWRONSKIWed Apr 26 1989Can these skis be repaired?
262.07YUPPY::MUNROMFri Apr 28 1989VAIL or CANADA ?
270.020THRUST::DM_JOHNSONTue May 16 1989summer/fall training suggestions?
271.02ELWOOD::ROGERSFri May 19 1989Tuckerman Legend Passes Away
274.01WARBLY::COOPERCWed May 31 1989Austrian Info Needed
276.08SELECT::HOLLANDFri Jun 09 1989Knee Injury Question
279.06GIDDAY::LAXTONWed Jul 12 1989New Zealand skiing
284.09AKOV13::FLANAGANMon Jul 31 1989Children's ski's
286.035YUPPY::WINTERSTue Aug 08 1989Ski Resort hints required - USA
288.010BUCKY::FERWERDAWed Aug 09 1989Advice needed on ski purchase
289.0367CADSE::TEMPLEThu Aug 10 1989Official Digital Ski Club Discussion Note
297.03OFFPLS::STOWELLThu Aug 17 1989Nat'l Ski Patrol Info
299.024GIAMEM::MACKINNONThu Aug 24 1989how to fit skis???
300.016MSEE::FORMALARIEThu Aug 24 1989Blizzard Thermo SLs..
301.02FAVAX::MORINMon Aug 28 1989Evergreen Ski Area
303.05SALEM::SHAWTue Aug 29 1989Ski Clothes Alterations?
304.04CAM::THOMASTue Aug 29 1989Sun Valley info wanted
313.05CGVAX2::CLARK_JFri Sep 08 1989dynafit
319.015CURIE::STEINHARDTFri Sep 15 1989NE areas for skiing with kids?
326.032MEMORY::FRECHETTEFri Sep 22 1989Poles
329.014NAC::BOMARSIFri Sep 22 1989XMAS week suggestions?
330.029HKFINN::FUFri Sep 22 1989instructing at Wachusetts
331.011VIA::SWONGERMon Sep 25 1989Lodging near Bretton Woods?
332.06MEMORY::FRECHETTEMon Sep 25 1989Cormayeur, Italy
337.025HYSTER::KITTLE_KFri Sep 29 1989some info on JAY please
340.04FOOZLE::GEORGEFri Sep 29 1989Edge Sharpeners. What works?
343.043819Mon Oct 02 1989Good price on Lange XRI's ????
344.016RICKS::STROPPAROMon Oct 02 1989Ski Flicks
345.023TAZRAT::POWISTue Oct 03 1989Ski Trivia
349.023CIMNET::MILLERTue Oct 03 1989Restaurants in Breckenridge, CO area?
350.019FDCVWed Oct 04 1989Mt. Watatic
351.07HYSTER::KITTLE_KWed Oct 04 1989Some info on TAOS please
353.08DONVAN::DECAROLISThu Oct 05 1989Oakley Blades/Razors
355.029USEM::EWINGMon Oct 09 1989HELP ! WHAT SKIS & BOOTS TO BUY ?
360.05BLURB::LAUKAITISThu Jan 12 1989Needed: Ski tuning shop near Nashua
361.04KYOA::ZUCKERMANWed Oct 11 1989Patroller needs home
362.014HAZEL::ROCHEMon Jan 09 1989Sunday River, ME Lodging
363.010HPSRAD::SAWINFri Oct 13 1989Need advice for beginner-to-intermediate package
366.04CSC32::J_LAWSONFri Oct 13 1989Berthoud Pass, open again?
369.015BRADOR::DAVYMon Oct 16 1989SKIING COL/UTAH in FEB/MAR 9
371.0BUFFER::ALUSICMon Oct 16 1989Burke Mountain Academy (Ski Academy in VT)
373.061TONY::BOLTONTue Oct 17 1989Help on equipment alternatives...
376.054HITPS::OBRIENThu Oct 19 1989Best Boots??? (^;^)
383.04TRCAMon Oct 23 1989P9s are Great
395.011LEVERS::WEEKSMon Oct 30 1989Wood core vs. Foam core
398.03DIXIE1::RICHARDSONTue Oct 31 1989Good resorts for children?
400.012GYPSY::CISZEKWed Nov 01 1989Help on Racing and GS Schools
401.05SALEM::SHAWThu Nov 02 1989BIIIG mountian skiing..
405.021SENIOR::SHAWThu Nov 02 1989Atomic/Rossignol/Dynastar. Help!
406.05SSGVFri Nov 03 1989Season Pass at Sugerbush!
408.04ISTG::KIERSTEADMon Nov 06 1989Sugarbush??
409.09--UnknownUser--Mon Nov 06 1989Looking for Greg Stump Movies
411.04BOOKS::BAILEYBWed Nov 08 1989got them middle-age, outta shape blues ...
412.04AUDIO::MCGREALWed Nov 08 1989Personal review of the Salomon SX 92 Equipe boot
414.07FLOWER::NEWMANWed Nov 08 1989Ess Binding's
415.012ROYALT::CORLISSThu Nov 09 1989Torn Boot
417.08SHARE::MCGRATHFri Nov 10 1989Skiing at 7:
420.06MARMAT::JERRYMon Nov 13 1989Looking for ski rack for existing roof rack
422.05AKOV13::FLANAGANTue Nov 14 1989Where to ski with older children?
423.032BOOKS::BAILEYBTue Nov 14 1989laws on mounting bindings ???
424.08FRAGIL::MCBRIDEWed Nov 15 1989Sprucing up a tired Gore-Tex garment
426.04VAXWRK::OXENBERGThu Nov 16 1989Where to ski in CO in early December?
427.04IND::SIMURRAThu Nov 16 1989Conditions for Turkey day?
429.03HYEND::GAWRONSKIThu Nov 16 1989Ski Areas near Reno
430.06USEM::EWINGThu Nov 16 1989SPALDING SKIS ?????
441.02DPDMAI::YUCHASTue Nov 21 1989Denver to Crested Butte
444.06GRANPA::TTAYLORTue Nov 21 1989Skiing in WVA, VA, PA? Where? Help!
445.08CSCMA::NELSONTue Nov 21 1989K2 55
449.03DPDMAI::JONESSat Nov 25 1989Ski Clothes for Winter Park?
450.029ICESK8::KLEINBERGERMon Nov 27 1989DIN numbers on bindings
452.07AKOV13::NEFFMon Nov 27 1989X-Country ski information for children
453.021DEMON::CHALMERSMon Nov 27 1989Marker Bindings
456.0MARMAT::JERRYTue Nov 28 1989Nestlenook Farm, Jackson, NH?
457.07LEDS::HUNTTue Nov 28 1989a binding remount question
458.02SUESKI::BICKFORDWed Nov 29 1989Sugarloaf Childrens Programs
460.02BARTLE::FITZSIMMONSWed Nov 29 1989Search for Used X-Ctry skis
461.041IOENG::HILLWed Nov 29 1989Utah info request
466.04SETH::POWISFri Dec 01 1989Anybody been to Ragged Mtn. ????
470.03RIPPLE::KOPEC_STSat Dec 02 1989Cascades - how late can you spring ski?
471.049MYBALL::MOYLANMon Dec 04 1989Ski shops...who's best
472.0+8WELSWS::FITZHARDYTue Dec 05 1989Help on Winterpark Resort needed
474.022ISTG::KIERSTEADTue Dec 05 1989HELP! - I can't see.
476.018PMROAD::RICHARDSTue Dec 05 1989Trivia: Unidentified Lift
477.013GUIDUK::ELLENBECKERTue Dec 05 1989Look mom, no heels!
479.044ESD92::FRECHETTEWed Dec 06 1989Cold Feet
484.010BPOVThu Dec 07 1989Mt. Sunapee Phone # ?
485.04MISFIT::KINNEYDThu Dec 07 1989Heading West for weekend, need help
488.01FREEBE::LAVOIEMon Dec 11 1989Skiwear needed
490.08BTOVT::SCHOFIELD_KMon Dec 11 1989Like Night and Day.
491.07BTOVT::SCHOFIELD_KMon Dec 11 1989The Parallel game?
494.029WITNES::RICHARDSTue Dec 12 1989More Trivia
495.03SQM::THOMPSENTue Dec 12 1989Daycare at New England Ski Areas
500.030BTOVT::DODGEThu Dec 14 1989Advice on Kastle's please
501.06FDCVFri Dec 15 1989Ski Free Info
502.07ZONULE::RICHARDSFri Dec 15 1989Tahoe Info...
505.022RAINBW::MARVINMon Dec 18 1989Christmas Eve Skiing
507.09CGVAX2::CLARK_JMon Dec 18 1989NASTAR starting technique
512.08GSFSWS::JSMITHWed Dec 20 1989Utah Bound Next Week
515.09SELL3::ELKINSFri Dec 22 1989New Years Skiing?
517.09CIMNET::LEVTue Dec 26 1989Favorite Cruising Runs
518.08ULTRA::FERGUSONTue Dec 26 1989Questions about MOON BOOTS
519.07WITNES::RICHARDSWed Dec 27 1989Who Takes Discount Cards?
522.02VAXWRK::OXENBERGThu Dec 28 1989Thermax vs. Capilene?
523.02CSC32::B_WEISSThu Dec 28 1989Beginner runs in Co.
524.029TLE::WEISSThu Dec 28 1989Sunday River vs. Sugarloaf, Maine
525.05AQUA::YODERFri Dec 29 1989Pink Panther Question
526.03DECWET::FURBUSHFri Dec 29 1989Foot Beds
527.08CAPNET::DAYMon Jan 01 1990Wide Feet Blues
529.014HYDRA::ALLATue Jan 02 1990Crowds over Xmas Week ?
530.0AKOV13::FLANAGANTue Jan 02 1990Favorite Intermediate Runs?
532.05YUPPY::PITMANSWed Jan 03 1990keystone Skiing for the British
533.08MILKWY::KREEBENACKERWed Jan 03 1990Avalanche at Vail
534.03MODEL::POMFRETWed Jan 03 1990Montana Skiing?
537.07DIODE::CROWELLWed Jan 03 1990North Lake Tahoe question.
540.03HPSRAD::ROSKILLFri Jan 05 1990Squaw Valley Pallisades - Ski it???
541.02ELWOOD::DMACKENZIEFri Jan 05 1990Camber - what's it all about?
543.08SSDEVO::JONESSat Jan 06 1990Best of New England Skiing
545.017ROYALT::SECINOMon Jan 08 1990NE ski areas that do NOT charge for young children
546.05LEDS::HUNTMon Jan 08 1990oh my aching calves
551.021DISCVR::KGOULDMon Jan 08 1990The Best Anywhere (you have been to) Note
554.013STEREO::HOTue Jan 09 1990What to do with Old Skis
555.03ROYALT::BROWNTue Jan 09 1990Anyone Been in Park City??
556.08LEDS::HUNTTue Jan 09 1990Marker's partially releasing ?
557.05CSC32::J_LAWSONTue Jan 09 1990Official Berthoud Pass note
560.01CARTUN::JANOWSKIWed Jan 10 1990Late April Conditions needed
561.06GRANPA::RFAGLEYWed Jan 10 1990Merrimack NH ski areas?
563.03CUERVO::MICHONWed Jan 10 1990Is there skiing near Seattle in early April?
565.018HYEND::GAWRONSKIWed Jan 10 1990Sugarloaf Lodging
569.052STEREO::HOThu Jan 11 1990HOW DO YOU SKI BUMPS
572.024NCADC1::PEREZMon Jan 15 1990Brand new skier - sore but happy
573.026EUCLID::MACKINNONMon Jan 15 1990recall on tyrolia bindings
580.06DPDMAI::YUCHASMon Jan 15 1990Durango to wherever?
581.015SKETCH::WEBBERTue Jan 16 1990North Conway, NH -- Info Request
582.07BTOVT::SCHILLERTue Jan 16 1990Place in Winterpark needed
584.013WMOIS::CAPPUCCITue Jan 16 1990Aussie skiing at Jiminy
585.04TAUGHT::PATDTue Jan 16 1990Where to ski near Boston?
586.08STEREO::HOTue Jan 16 1990Skating on Skiis
588.07VAXWRK::OXENBERGWed Jan 17 1990New Shocks Needed!!!
589.011WMOIS::VALIANTWed Jan 17 1990Seeking GS ski knowledge
590.010DPDMAI::YUCHASWed Jan 17 1990Tahoe or Crested Butte
591.017TIXEL::ARNOLDThu Jan 18 1990NE Ski Resort Recommendations
594.02SCOTMN::BRADLEYThu Jan 18 1990Jet-lagged Sunday skiing near Nashua?
600.018STAR::MICHAUDSun Jan 21 1990Lodging at Stowe, Okemo, Stratton?
603.01BOOKS::BAILEYBMon Jan 22 1990Early review of the new Salomon skis ...
604.09FORTY2::NAYLERMon Jan 22 1990A place to Ski/Stay ?
605.010UJEST::SOPRANOTue Jan 23 1990Where to demo skis in NH?
606.07TALLIS::DEROSATue Jan 23 1990Mahre Training Centers
608.04SWEEP::GALVINWed Jan 24 1990Strange Bindings?
609.020SWEEP::GALVINWed Jan 24 1990Where to live/ski
610.0+13TOOHOT::POWERSWed Jan 24 1990Ski Patrol Requirements/Info needed
611.07RAINBW::BERTEThu Jan 25 1990Children's Skiing
614.0VAOAThu Jan 25 1990Look Ski Brake Problem...
615.03CIMAMT::CHINNASWAMYFri Jan 26 1990Shops that tune beveled edges
617.03SCAACT::COXMon Jan 29 1990Questions about Winter Park
620.013CIMNET::LEVTue Jan 30 1990Disaster Strikes!!!
622.05KAWVWed Jan 31 1990A place to Ski near Acton ?
623.020SPIRIT::CHALMERSWed Jan 31 1990Directions needed...
629.06STEREO::HOThu Feb 01 1990Ski Pants for Persons of Less Than Average Height
634.0SCAACT::HILDEBRANDSat Feb 03 1990Colorado Ski Conditions
635.018NCDEL::PEREZSun Feb 04 1990Sore toes, sore knees, what to do?
638.010NATASH::HYATTTue Feb 06 1990Downhill exercise machine
639.031DISCVR::KGOULDTue Feb 06 1990How Do You Ski in POWDAH!
640.011CGVAX2::CLARK_JTue Feb 06 1990carving require speed ?
641.0+13MERLAN::SCALZOTue Feb 06 1990Lake Placid Info
643.022USEM::EWINGWed Feb 07 1990ATOMIC BOMB !
646.09SALEM::SHAWWed Feb 07 1990The Ski Vacation of Your Dreams!!
647.026BOOKS::BAILEYBWed Feb 07 1990What do you ski on ... and why ???
650.012RECYCL::MCBRIDEThu Feb 08 1990Ice - Is it only good in G&Ts?
651.07SMURF::MAHONEYThu Feb 08 1990Tear in Suit
652.0SAHQ::HICEThu Feb 08 1990Swiss Powder (4
653.04SCAACT::HAYASHIThu Feb 08 1990Vail Transportation Question
655.09ASDS::LONGSat Feb 10 1990K2 Extremes versus KVC's?
657.013JACKAL::DIGGINSMon Feb 12 1990Planning a trip to Utah, need info!
659.08CELICA::SANTOROTue Feb 13 1990Skis for a technical, non-aggressive woman skier
661.03JETSAM::GAETZTue Feb 13 1990Radical V???
663.09RECYCL::MCBRIDETue Feb 13 1990Are you a die hard?
664.012GSFSWS::JSMITHWed Feb 14 1990notesNew Pole Grips seem to improve technique
665.014CGVAX2::CLARK_JWed Feb 14 1990thrashing in bumpland
669.09CNTROL::VILLANIThu Feb 15 1990How's the Lathrop clinics?
670.014SUBWAY::MARGOLIESFri Feb 16 1990Have my Baby and SKI too ?
671.012WAV14::NOONANFri Feb 16 1990BRECKENRIDGE IN APRIL?????
673.012RAB::SWONGERMon Feb 19 1990King Ridge
674.06--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 19 1990Wildcat Spring Weekend
675.013MILPND::STOJDAMon Feb 19 1990Where to get skis tuned?
676.023CACTTue Feb 20 1990OKEMO or MT. SNOW?
679.06YUPPY::PITMANSWed Feb 21 1990AN ENGLISHMAN ABROAD (Colorado)
680.013AKOV13::FLANAGANWed Feb 21 1990What to look for with ski rack?
681.07CECVWed Feb 21 1990Gunstock for KIDS?
682.0SELECT::HOLLANDWed Feb 21 1990Skiers Dictionary
683.022TLE::WEISSWed Feb 21 1990So, when does "spring skiing' start?
685.04PAXVAX::DM_JOHNSONThu Feb 22 1990sticky ski question
693.023RECYCL::MCBRIDEWed Feb 28 1990Skier Follies - Fess up!
696.01AKOV13::FLANAGANFri Mar 02 1990ski patrolling?
697.07ASHBY::BEFUMOFri Mar 02 1990Relocating bindings?
698.02ASHBY::JOHNSONMon Mar 05 1990BAD DOGS
700.07MEMORY::FRECHETTEMon Mar 05 1990Senior ticket discounts?
701.018BPOVThu Jan 12 1989Goggles: Do I really need them?
702.05ROLL::BEFUMOTue Mar 06 1990Are these bindings strong enough?
703.014SHARE::MCGRATHTue Mar 06 1990Ski Shop Demo Policies?????
714.0VINO::LIUWed Feb 12 1992Was Just There
715.03AKOV13::NEFFThu Mar 15 1990Sugarbush passes - how is the skiing
718.027CGVAX2::CLARK_JFri Mar 16 1990wildcat safe from the sun?
724.02GENRAL::KILGOREFri Mar 23 1990Training Equipment?
725.011FLATTP::ROPER_TAMon Mar 26 1990Lodge burns at Targhee
726.03WILD1::GOFFMon Mar 26 1990places to ski near Seattle, Wash?
732.03HAMSTR::BOHLIGWed Mar 28 1990Spring Gear Still Available?
740.06SALEM::SHAWWed Apr 11 1990Do you loosen your binding settings for summer
754.06MEO78B::SHERRATTSat Jun 16 1990Technica Boots?
755.01814745::MEANYSat Jun 16 1990Where to buy skis in the summer
756.05ODIXIE::SPRINGERMon Jun 18 1990Skiing near San Diego, CA??
757.029LUNER::PERLAMon Jun 25 1990Ski Magazines
765.02SALEM::SHAWFri Aug 03 1990Stokli's where....????
766.04KOALA::BEMISFri Aug 03 1990Handicapped Ski Associations
768.04AYOV18::KWALES_YTSThu Aug 09 1990SKI UK!!
769.08TLE::WEISSThu Aug 09 1990Kastle Exlusiv's vs. K2 TRC's
771.012LUNER::PERLAMon Aug 13 1990Canada Luxury Tax
774.010CSC32::B_WEISSFri Aug 17 1990Nordica 881s ???
777.015BTOVT::REDDING_DANWed Aug 22 1990Improvements or a sign of the future ?
778.04BTOVT::SCHOFIELD_KTue Aug 28 1990Bands playing Near ski resorts...
780.02KOALA::BEMISWed Aug 29 1990Utah forest fires
783.012GWYNED::SAMBERGThu Sep 06 1990How are April conditions in Colorado?
787.033USWAV1::ALBAUGHMThu Sep 13 1990Ski Tune-ups
791.015DEMON::DEMON::CHALMERSFri Sep 14 1990Vail/BC vs. Steamboat vs. Park City
795.06DECWIZ::LEPAGEThu Sep 20 1990using older equipment
797.012TRACTR::LALIMEFri Sep 21 1990Skiing in Florida
798.020MVDSMon Sep 24 1990Dry Slopes
801.05SWAM3::NEFF_HOFri Sep 28 1990Wanted: Information on South Lake Tahoe
804.017SELECT::GOKHMANTue Oct 02 1990Teknika boots.
805.016WEDOIT::VALLABHAFri Oct 05 1990What is a short ski?
806.010USMFG::BVALIANTSun Oct 07 1990Custom boot beds
807.06USMFG::BVALIANTSun Oct 07 1990Race clinic info
808.010TECRUS::JIMMon Oct 08 1990Mont-Tremblant Quebec
809.02BUSY::LABOUNTY_FISMon Oct 08 1990Poster info needed..
810.03VINO::SCHOTTTue Oct 09 1990Housing - Vail - for college workers?
812.07SALEM::SHAWWed Oct 10 1990What' up with BURKE?
813.020--UnknownUser--Fri Oct 12 1990Vermont's Less Popular
814.05SAGE::SILVERSTEINTue Oct 16 1990Colo vacation debate needs resolution!!!
816.06TOOK::MICHAUDWed Oct 17 1990Ski areas near Las Vegas, Nevada?
818.01ORIENT::HUIFri Oct 19 1990DB on Skiing
823.05EXIT26::SAARINENTue Oct 23 1990Ski Boot Liners
827.02SAHQ::STARIEThu Oct 25 1990Ski_Racing Notes File
828.03SAHQ::STARIEThu Oct 25 1990Georgia?
830.01DPDMAI::WOODSLTue Oct 30 1990Where to ski from Colorado Springs?
835.04SKIMTR::RWILLETTFri Nov 02 1990The Greatest Ski Area in the World
836.05CURIE::SPINNEYMon Nov 05 1990Christmas gift idea - Ski weekend info needed
838.024MVDSMon Nov 05 1990A question to Ski Instructors
841.025SALEM::SHAWTue Nov 06 1990Thanksgiving skiing?
842.022BTOVT::REDDING_DANWed Nov 07 1990The economy and the ski industry
843.03LEDS::HUNTWed Nov 07 1990sizing a (CB) ski jacket ?
846.03VIVIAN::D_PAINFri Nov 09 1990Utah Info Required
848.018PIPE::BERGERONFri Nov 09 1990Anything about the Pocono Mtns????
849.014PIPE::BERGERONFri Nov 09 1990Skiing the 'Loaf in March?
851.06TISKNU::JIMMon Nov 12 1990Mont Sutton Quebec
852.04LARVAE::FLOYD_JMon Nov 12 1990Washington/Vermont/Tahoe
853.03NEMAIL::DAGOSTINOMon Nov 12 1990Pole-Cats ski club?
854.046DEMON::DEMON::CHALMERSMon Nov 12 1990The Pico note
856.08TARKIN::MCALLENMon Nov 12 1990Whiteface (N.Y.)
857.024SALEM::SHAWTue Nov 13 1990should boarders be certified?
858.010LUNER::PERLATue Nov 13 1990Hotels/Motels needed for KMART
860.055TCC::NICHOLSWed Nov 14 1990Buying sunglasses?
864.023PONDER::WEBBERThu Nov 15 1990Need Advice for Warm Gloves/Mittens
865.016TISKNU::JIMThu Nov 15 1990Long underwear
867.06PIPE::BERGERONFri Nov 16 1990X-mas Attractions near SKI 93 area?
871.036BTOVT::REDDING_DANMon Nov 19 1990Injuries and Technology
873.013RATTLE::THIBODEAUWed Nov 21 1990In search of bumps??
876.010PCOJCT::MAHERMon Nov 26 1990Want Gray Rocks Companion
877.08RECYCL::MCBRIDEMon Nov 26 1990Dynafit minus rivets = infinite forward lean
879.03SSGBPM::CARDILLOTue Nov 27 1990XC Skiing in Mass/So. NH?
884.07WMOIS::N_FLYEMon Dec 03 1990Syracuse N.Y. ski areas?
888.04NOMUNY::GORE::J_LAWSONFri Dec 07 1990Official Wolf Creek note
889.06TCC::NICHOLSFri Dec 07 1990Good weekend skiing in Vermont/N.H. ?
892.01AKOCOA::GYOUNGMon Dec 10 1990Stratton Inn(Hotel)
893.02MYBALL::MOYLANMon Dec 10 1990Skiing in Souther Cal
894.040SUBWAY::DAVIDSONMon Dec 10 1990K2 Confusion
896.0+270NOMUNY::LAVETA::J_LAWSONTue Dec 11 1990Demo Diary on new skis for this year
899.03SKIBUM::GASSMANWed Dec 12 1990Kneissl White Star Skis
902.018SUBWAY::DAVIDSONThu Dec 13 1990Lange TSI/HSI Questions
903.033MED::MORTONFri Dec 14 1990MAGIC MT, VT
904.02CSC32::J_OSHEAFri Dec 14 1990Beginner Ski School in Summit County
905.05AIMHI::SJOHNSONTue Dec 18 1990Old Town Farm Inn? Near Okemo...
907.02REGENT::BRASSWed Dec 19 1990Where is the best snow/skiing
910.08SKIDOG::LEWISThu Dec 27 1990Mammouth Mountian directions wanted....
911.02NCADC1::PEREZMon Dec 31 1990How come the skis don't fit in the bag?
912.067HDLITE::SCOTTWed Jan 02 1991Discounts at Ski Areas
915.03NOVA::GRIGLACKThu Jan 03 1991Sun Valley or Sun River info?
917.011BTOVT::REDDING_DANThu Jan 03 1991Abusiveness at Ski Areas
918.030ILITY::G_SCHULTZThu Jan 03 1991last minute trip to Denver
920.06USMFG::VMAIETTASun Jan 06 1991Need advice on skiing with very young kids
921.04HOBBLE::LEVINESun Jan 06 1991How to get to Keystone from Colorado Springs?
924.013BOOKS::BAILEYBTue Jan 08 1991Detachable quads
925.021KAOS::MSCHMIDTTue Jan 08 1991Is there any night skiing?
926.015TADSKI::STOCKDALETue Jan 08 1991Comments on Black Mountain in NH
927.03MUSKIE::HARRISThu Jan 10 1991Simulating
928.010AKOFIN::SHAWFri Jan 11 1991Areas that offer 2 for 1
930.094GL::SCAERTue Jan 15 1991Looking for good place to learn
933.03SMEGIT::ARNOLDTue Jan 15 1991Suggestions for Family Ski Vacation?
934.014PIPE::BERGERONWed Jan 16 1991What could be wrong?
936.010LEDS::GRINCH::KALINMon Jan 21 1991Clear base repair
937.016ISMGMon Jan 21 1991Tyrolia Bindings on recall
939.028BOSTRN::HELVEMon Jan 21 1991Info on Heli skiing
941.012ASHBY::JOHNSONWed Jan 23 1991Snowboard security
944.03YUPPY::SANDYThu Jan 24 1991USA Skiing for honeymoon?
945.010DRUID::GEORGEThu Jan 24 1991K2 KVC Equivalents??
948.010NCPROG::LITASITue Jan 29 1991Women's skiis - Myth? need ideas...
952.04YUPPY::AMERRWed Jan 30 1991Breckenridge cost/info please???
954.05STAR::MACGREGORWed Jan 30 1991Utah question.
955.05ICS::ROGERSKThu Jan 31 1991Ski Bus?
956.06MANWE::FLYNNFri Feb 01 1991logding at N. Conway ??
957.01SENIOR::KOSKIFri Feb 01 1991Vertical Drop
959.05UGETIT::ATKINSONMon Feb 04 1991Bolton reports
960.04BOSOX::CHICKEYMon Feb 04 1991Where is Blandford?
962.05HAVOC::DESROCHERSMon Feb 11 1991More purchase advice needed!!
966.03CARROL::SOLONFri Feb 22 1991New(?) Olins - Any Info?
967.02GSFSWS::JSMITHFri Feb 22 1991Innsbruck Information Please
971.0212HOT::SWONGERMon Feb 25 1991Tenney Mountain
972.014ACESMK::HAHNMon Feb 25 1991Boots: TNS/Tii/N881
977.02VELVET::MICHONMon Mar 04 1991swapping bindings back and forth...
978.0BTOVT::SCHILLERMon Mar 04 1991Jiminy Peak or Brodie Lodging Needed
979.014PSYLO::FANTOZZITue Mar 05 1991Where to ski west? Help
980.04WMOIS::POSCOWed Mar 06 1991NordicTrack
982.05MRKTNG::SILVERSTEINWed Mar 06 1991Dynamic Ski problems?!
986.013PHILL::HILLFri Mar 15 1991Advise on new skis wanted
987.013UTROP1::LIEBERWERTHHMon Mar 18 1991us ski-resorts?
992.0324733::FUFri Mar 22 1991Sunday half-day tickets?
995.03ESIS::GOKHMANTue Mar 26 1991Shawnee Peak in Maine
996.03LUNER::PERLAWed Mar 27 1991Mammoth Mountain info
997.018VINTA::PITULAWed Mar 27 1991Altitude Sickness
998.0843984::TOWERSThu Mar 28 1991Wanted - US equivalents of La Grave
1003.034VAXWRK::OXENBERGWed Apr 24 1991Thule or Yakima Rack?
1004.013CAPECD::HOLLANDFri May 10 1991Year Round Skiing??
1005.015VIVIAN::P_MCSKEANEThu Jun 13 1991Help wanted on Rossingol
1010.026SALEM::SHAWTue Jul 09 1991Ski Magazines & other related stuff!
1012.011PIPPER::GEORGEThu Jul 11 1991?? Colorado Condo/Advice ??
1015.042HOT::SWONGERTue Jul 23 1991Skiing in Pennsylvania
1017.05VELVET::MICHONWed Jul 24 1991Trip planning advise: where to ski in Nov?
1018.08BOSOX::CHICKEYThu Jul 25 1991Who Carries Koflach Boots
1019.0+89WELSWS::FITZHARDYTue Jul 30 1991Lift ticket Discounts ??????
1021.01115643::FANTOZZIMon Aug 05 1991Where to stay in Squaw Valley?
1026.019RTOISA::SUPPORT_ORFri Aug 23 1991
1028.01CSCMA::LEONGWed Sep 04 1991Yes, there is still snow in Oregon!
1030.03DMSSMon Sep 09 1991New York skiing areas?
1034.05TNPUBS::GILLHAMThu Sep 12 1991adult boot for youth??
1036.06ICYCLE::SMITHMon Sep 16 1991NASTAR racing at Temple
1039.02BOOKS::BAILEYBWed Sep 18 1991Skiing Art
1040.015ICYCLE::SMITHThu Sep 19 1991Best bet for snow out West around Christmas
1045.07TROPPO::OBRIENTue Sep 24 1991Advice for Aussie on Tahoe
1046.017RUTILE::BOYESWed Sep 25 1991US Colleges near skiing?
1047.09BAGELS::GOTANTASThu Sep 26 1991Opinions wanted on Volant skis
1048.02WLDWST::R_CASSIDYFri Sep 27 1991THE THIRD HAND ski tools
1049.015BTOVT::RICE_RMon Sep 30 1991Insurance pay for brace?
1054.04ISMGWed Oct 16 1991Ski Camps
1055.0BTOVT::REDDING_DANWed Oct 16 1991Vermont ski areas on the skid!?!...
1056.04SUBWAY::HENRICKSENThu Oct 17 1991Lodging needed - Aspen area
1064.05TROOA::PILGRIMThu Oct 24 1991EXTREME ski advice
1069.0+8AVIAN::KIRSCHBAUMSun Oct 27 1991Tenney Mountain
1070.09YUPPY::COPPINGPMon Oct 28 1991Ski-ing near Chicago??
1072.018SALEM::SHAWMon Oct 28 1991Info on Extreme skiing classes
1073.09AIMHI::MALONEYTue Oct 29 1991Recommendations for ski equipment
1077.030NCCODE::PEREZMon Nov 04 1991TRC, Volkl Targa, KVC questions
1083.013SELL3::SHAWThu Nov 07 1991Ski Syracuse???
1086.034ESMAIL::SURRETTETue Nov 12 1991Is There Life (skiing) after ACL repair?
1087.07SUBWAY::DAVIDSONWed Nov 13 1991Which boots for my wife?
1091.021TECRUS::JIMMon Nov 18 1991Kid's ski helmets
1093.02BOMBE::ALLAThu Nov 21 1991Boot size conversion
1098.014DELNI::DINESMon Nov 25 1991Advice on Volkl vs Rossi, Spaulding
1099.010MRCSSE::ASTONWed Nov 27 1991Interlogin (sp) Switz. info.
1100.04NCCODE::PEREZSat Nov 30 1991Ski tuning seminar to improve performance
1101.011DPDMAI::DAVIESSun Dec 01 1991Banff in March
1103.09NCBOOT::PEREZMon Dec 09 1991Marker binding retention device failure?
1105.038LUDWIG::BLAVALLEYMon Dec 09 1991Ski Rack question???
1108.08KIRKTN::JDOLANWed Dec 11 1991Colorado in April ?
1109.020DMSSThu Dec 12 1991Ragged Mt. gives DEC 2
1110.03SALEM::SHAWFri Dec 13 1991Sugarbush pamphlets anyone?
1112.03HPSRAD::ROSKILLTue Dec 17 1991Finding Replacement Lens For Goggles
1113.07SAHQ::ROSENKRANZWed Dec 18 1991Anyone heard of AUTHIER?
1114.012NCBOOT::PEREZFri Dec 20 1991Colorado skiing on weekends surrounding CXO training?
1116.03TROPPO::OBRIENMon Dec 23 1991Squaw Valley Resort Info
1118.08MEMORY::FRECHETTETue Dec 24 1991Big Sky, Montana
1120.06SALEM::SHAWMon Dec 30 1991ever heard of O. Waite's Ski Shop?
1121.04BAGELS::MATSISMon Dec 30 1991Balsams/Wilderness
1123.013SWAM1::WEYER_JIMon Dec 30 1991Southern California Skiers-Big Bear
1124.020TROPPO::OBRIENMon Dec 30 1991Skiing in Australia & New Zealand
1125.07WMOIS::POTHIER_MThu Jan 02 1992Winter Emergency Care course
1126.05REFINE::MCDONALDThu Jan 02 1992Crotched Mt still operating???
1127.04JOHNNY::OCONNORThu Jan 02 1992Nice places to stay near Mt. Snow
1128.026CAVLRY::BUCKSat Jan 04 1992Bobsled/Luge/Alpine Slide info sought
1130.06SHALOT::ANDERSONWed Jan 08 1992Romantic Recommendations
1133.01MELEE::KBEDARDTue Jan 14 1992Want to swap your bindings?
1135.07VAXWRK::OXENBERGWed Jan 15 1992stone grind vs. non?
1137.011GORE::J_LAWSONThu Jan 16 1992Official Keystone/NorthPeak/Outback Note
1138.0BTOVT::SCHILLERTue Jan 21 1992WEC Senior T/E wanted for 2/29 Evaluation
1139.04SALEM::SHAWTue Jan 21 1992Warm head gear!!!
1141.04VAXWRK::OXENBERGThu Jan 23 19922
1143.03MELEE::BSERVEYThu Jan 23 1992Inns or B&Bs at Stowe Vt?
1145.022LAVETA::J_LAWSONSat Jan 25 1992Looking for ideas for a consistent trail rating system
1146.04LAVETA::J_LAWSONSat Jan 25 1992Official Sun Valley (Idaho) note
1147.04PENUTS::RHAYESMon Jan 27 1992Instructor Recommendations
1148.05EMDS::MCBRIDETue Jan 28 1992Gore Mt. info wanted
1150.06TECRUS::JIMTue Jan 28 1992Boot/Glove Disposable Heaters
1151.09JANUS::BERENTSat Feb 01 1992Best US resort for UK skier?
1152.029LAVETA::J_LAWSONSat Feb 01 1992Perfect Moments
1153.06NQOAIC::SULLIVANTue Feb 04 1992Address of Salomon Ski needed
1154.0--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 04 1992
1155.040CSLALL::KIMBALLThu Feb 06 1992K2 extreme info. please.
1156.034SUBWAY::DAVIDSONMon Feb 10 1992Correct wieght distribution?
1159.06DEBUG::SCHULDTTue Feb 11 1992Skiing in Michigan?
1162.01QUABBI::"gibian@talent.ljo.dec.com"Sat Feb 15 1992Berkshire skiing, winter vacation crowds, and child's first ski outing
1163.07CSLALL::CHICKEYMon Feb 17 1992Help Elan ski problem
1165.03QUIVER::TRAHANThu Feb 20 1992Dynamic VR27 ???
1166.014FSOA::DLEATHEMon Feb 24 1992OUT WEST IN APRIL?????
1168.07TUNER::HOTue Feb 25 1992bimp clinics
1169.05ICS::WARDTue Feb 25 1992Mont Ste. Anne in Quebec
1170.01ANOSWS::CALABRESETue Feb 25 1992Information on Sundance, Provo, UT
1172.06STAR::GELLERFri Feb 28 1992Help needed on skiing in NorthEast.
1173.07LARVAE::DRSD17::GALVINTue Mar 03 1992Comparing skiing in U.S.A. to Europe
1175.06MRCSSE::ASTONMon Mar 09 1992NASTAR Rules???
1177.019HPSRAD::ROSKILLWed Mar 11 1992Looking for Salamon PR7 2S S9
1179.05GORE::J_LAWSONThu Mar 12 1992Helicopter Skiing
1180.033MSDOA::COPPOCKTue Mar 17 1992Spring Skiing in VT?
1183.031PIPPER::BURNSThu Mar 26 1992Advice needed on boots and used equipment
1190.02GIDDAY::SEIVERSun Apr 12 1992HEAD TR4 and TR6 ski's ?
1195.08LUNER::PERLAThu Jun 11 1992Summer skiing
1198.02UNTADI::LEWISMon Jun 29 1992Ski Race Course
1199.03SSGVTue Jul 07 1992Richelson's to close...fitting to continue
1200.04PROXY::HARTWed Jul 22 1992The White River Junction Guide Service
1202.02KERNEL::EVERESTAWed Aug 05 1992Water Ski info???
1203.05IMZPPY::SABOLMon Aug 10 1992MT. Sunapee Race Program Raffle
1204.011HANNAY::BRIDGEFORDWed Aug 12 1992Flagstaff, Arizona Snow Bowl
1207.0BTOVT::SCHILLERThu Aug 13 1992WEC course in Northern VT offered
1208.03RUTILE::BOYESWed Aug 19 1992Ski Bum University Required.
1209.02PEKING::ROODENBERGDMon Aug 24 1992Southern Ski Show
1212.06WOTVAX::SMITHALTue Aug 25 1992Limey needs ABC of USA
1214.07NEWOA::HARRISONMon Sep 07 1992Ski Resort Advice?
1215.043BAGELS::GOTANTASTue Sep 08 1992Lift ticket prices 1992-93
1216.04SPESHR::ASTONWed Sep 16 1992Other local Mass. Clubs?
1217.01BTOVT::SCHILLERThu Sep 17 1992Goodbye
1218.08VINO::HOAGMon Sep 21 1992We want to have fun
1219.013USWRSL::HARVEY_JEFri Sep 25 1992Opinions on custom boot liners sought
1220.02PRIME8::VAUGHNTue Sep 29 1992Equipment help
1221.019SALEM::SHAWThu Oct 01 1992'92 Ski Area Opening Dates
1222.04ODIXIE::RICHARDSONThu Oct 01 1992Vail..discount ticktets? lodging?
1223.014YUPPY::CARTERTue Oct 06 1992Fly/Drive skiing from the UK?
1224.01GORE::J_LAWSONWed Oct 07 1992First snow of 1992/3
1226.04COMET::HOLLYRTue Oct 20 1992FREE SKIING AT C.B.
1228.034VINO::ZAHAVITue Oct 20 1992Lake Tahoe in early December?
1229.014QETOO::POWISThu Oct 22 1992Demo dates/locations, '92-'93
1230.019SSGVFri Oct 23 1992Ski Swaps in New England
1232.03FLOWER::NEWMANWed Oct 28 1992Boot info
1233.02SUBWAY::DAVIDSONWed Oct 28 1992Achilles Repair?
1234.04LEDS::HUNTThu Oct 29 1992Ski Cross Reference Guide
1235.015LEDS::HUNTThu Oct 29 1992Discussion on Cross Reference Guide Entries
1236.08NOVA::FEENANFri Oct 30 1992Season Passes
1237.05YUPPY::SANGERMon Nov 09 1992Near to NYC
1238.02SUBWAY::HENRICKSENTue Nov 10 1992Where 2 go 4 New Years?
1239.04KISHOR::HOWEFri Nov 13 1992Reboot question
1240.02AYOU35::WARRENMon Nov 16 1992Help needed for beginner
1241.013SALEM::SHAWMon Nov 16 1992The Art of Skiing Death Cookies!
1242.05MAST::WARDMon Nov 16 1992Differences between salomon Equipe/EXP 8
1243.012QETOO::POWISWed Nov 18 1992Ski shops - who sells what?
1244.010UNTADI::LEWISMon Nov 23 1992Worlds Worst Lift Rides...
1245.08RANGER::SCHLENERTue Nov 24 1992What to do with the dog
1246.04PRIME8::VAUGHNTue Nov 24 1992Help with Rossi DV6...
1247.03PIPE::ICYCLE::SMITHWed Nov 25 1992Day Trips to Waterville Valley
1248.03NCBOOT::PEREZFri Nov 27 1992Has anyone taken an RV out west for skiing?
1249.09NCBOOT::PEREZTue Dec 01 1992Where to go in CO in mid-December?
1250.04VAXWRK::OXENBERGWed Dec 02 1992SKi MAgazine Phone #
1251.014PIPE::ICYCLE::SMITHMon Dec 07 1992Bear Alert for Ski 93
1252.09MYOSPY::CARLSONWed Dec 09 1992Cannon/Loon prices?
1253.013RAGMOP::CARONThu Dec 10 1992Changing to longer skis...
1255.09MOVIES::CWELLSWed Dec 16 1992UK visitor to Utah - any advice ?
1256.013MR4DEC::DEAKINSFri Dec 18 1992Electronic Tkt Systems, (Y/N)?
1257.021MOUTNS::J_LAWSONMon Dec 21 1992Randonee (aka Alpine Touring) Ski Gear
1258.06MOUTNS::J_LAWSONMon Dec 21 1992Canadian Mountain Holidays - Cariboos Lodge - 13/2
1260.05NQOPS::THIBODEAUMon Dec 28 1992Toboggan slide.
1261.029CVG::BARRETTMon Dec 28 1992Where to stay S.Lake Tahoe?
1262.02KETJE::VANDEVYVERTue Dec 29 1992European visits Nashua, 1 weekend ski advice?
1264.01AIMHI::COOKINHAMTue Dec 29 1992SKI WITH ME?
1265.012RANGER::SCHLENERMon Jan 04 1993ski engraving
1266.07SALEM::SHAWTue Jan 05 1993Monkey see monkey do :-)
1267.02VMSNET::RRICKTue Jan 05 1993$33
1268.010BTOVT::WORCESTER_JThu Jan 07 1993Are you going west???...
1269.05CSLALL::GKOPPSThu Jan 07 1993obermeyer skiwear?
1270.0BTOVT::WORCESTER_JTue Jan 12 1993Stowe Winter Carnival starts Friday, 15 January
1274.09MOVIES::CWELLSWed Jan 20 1993Alta, UTAH lodges - advice ?
1275.014YAHBUT::BRITTONThu Jan 21 1993Free beginner lifts in NE??
1276.05SHIPS::OTTEN_PFri Jan 22 1993snow tires/snow chains in CO.
1277.01SMAUG::GARRODSun Jan 24 1993Loon Mountain knows how to treat its customers
1278.010BLKPUD::SUMNERCTue Jan 26 1993Crash Helmets ?
1279.08MUNDIS::KSTEFLTue Jan 26 1993Urgent! Info about Skibowl needed
1280.09ADVLSI::HOOKERWed Jan 27 1993Lodging near Jay Peak?
1281.03--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 27 1993
1282.0EMDS::MCBRIDEThu Jan 28 1993Littleton N.H. lodging?
1283.02GLOWS::BRANDTMon Feb 01 1993Conditions for N. Conway area
1284.04JUNCO::HUIMon Feb 01 1993Free Dunkin Donut PP Seal
1285.011ASDS::GOTANTASTue Feb 02 1993Ski Reports on TV
1286.04MCIS5::ZINGARELLIWed Feb 03 1993Gunstock, NH
1287.03CRONIC::BUCKSHAWThu Feb 04 1993Lodging Needed Sugarbush area?
1288.02VMSMKT::AUBERGTue Feb 09 1993Ski passes for Attitash
1289.02SHIPS::JEVONS_AThu Feb 11 1993Andorra, Europe!
1290.01LEDS::HUNTThu Feb 11 1993Looking for a particular sytle boot bag
1291.01NOVA::JASKIEWICZThu Feb 11 1993Wide Feet on Skinny Skis
1292.024ONE9Fri Feb 12 1993february school vacation crowds
1293.08FREEBE::KLOZAWed Feb 17 1993discount ski vouchers for east coast
1294.0WELSWS::FITZHARDYWed Feb 17 1993Utah Subaru car Hire ???
1295.020BAHTAT::HILTONFri Feb 19 1993How long do ski's last?
1296.04WELSWS::FITZHARDYMon Feb 22 1993Help reqd on Car hire please ??
1297.01WSPBU::SAMARASTue Feb 23 1993Skis need a ride to Stowe this weekend
1298.0KAHALA::MACYWed Mar 03 1993B & B lodging in Stowe, Vt.
1299.01CNTROL::STECKOWed Mar 03 1993Damaged Ski Repair
1300.0USDEV::KBEDARDThu Mar 04 1993Sugarbush area ski club
1301.010DPDMAI::DAVIESMon Mar 08 1993Watering Eyes on the slopes
1302.01CTHQ::GILFOYMon Mar 15 1993OKEMO directions from Nashua N.H.
1303.09HARBOR::ROSKILLWed Mar 24 1993Tele Skiing on Downhill Boards
1304.0CAPECD::HOLLANDFri Mar 26 1993Blizzard
1305.01MUNDIS::KSTEFLTue Mar 30 1993where is SKI_RACING now ?
1306.026ABACUS::OLSEN_JThu Apr 01 1993Discount Tickets for Spring
1307.018WFOV12::SPORBERTTue Apr 20 1993Spring Skiing techniqes..
1308.02SHIPS::HANKIN_SWed Apr 28 1993Converted and Wanting More
1309.01NETRIX::michaudFri May 28 1993Indoor Skiing
1310.010NOVA::SPIROWed Jun 09 1993feb vacation week
1311.0MSBCS::PSMITHWed Jun 30 1993Looking for Trip Coordinator
1312.0COOKIE::LAWSONThu Jul 01 1993First do Vail, then do Aspen ... Here, here!
1314.026--UnknownUser--Mon Aug 16 1993Ski Card International Topic
1315.0CAPECD::HOLLANDMon Aug 23 1993Ski Market
1316.02SHIPS::HANKIN_STue Aug 24 1993Lone Mountain, Montana
1318.023ICS::BARRYTue Sep 07 1993Technica boots
1320.09COMICS::GLEDHILLThu Sep 09 1993conditions in colerado/NH late october??
1321.05SAHQ::HICETue Sep 14 1993How about Cortina, Italy?
1324.05MEMIT::KIMMon Sep 27 1993Crash-Test Dummy
1325.021R2ME2::GREENWOODFri Oct 08 1993Teaching children to ski
1327.0ELWOOD::FRECHETTEMon Oct 11 1993Team racing and EICSL free agent application
1328.02SALEM::SHAWMon Oct 11 1993Camping anyone?
1329.0ROCK::MURPHYMon Oct 11 1993Summit County 3/94
1330.06ICS::BARRYTue Oct 12 1993Ski show?
1331.09VICKI::MCLAINWed Oct 13 1993"Looking for a used snowboard!"
1332.02BERNThu Oct 14 1993Snowboarding in Aspen?
1333.017PATE::KGOULDFri Oct 15 1993Lift Ticket Prices 93-94
1334.01KELVIN::GILBERTTue Oct 19 1993It's about that time.....
1335.0--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 27 1993Temple Mountain NASTAR '95
1336.038TRNThu Oct 28 1993Ski bindings: which is the best?
1337.031NCBOOT::PEREZFri Oct 29 1993California and New England where to ski?
1338.0--UnknownUser--Mon Nov 01 1993Reserved Topic
1339.08NQOPS::THIBODEAUMon Nov 01 1993New snow in Vermont?
1340.04ICS::GEORGETue Nov 02 1993Utah - when, where, how???
1342.03TRNFri Nov 05 1993K2 ski info's requested
1343.01MASTR::FRENCHFri Nov 05 1993Ski Base delamination problem w/ Head Magnums
1344.01IOSG::MERCHANTMon Nov 08 1993insurance for racers
1345.016MEMIT::KIMTue Nov 09 1993Front-Entry vs. Rear-Entry
1346.02TROOA::SCHAFFERTue Nov 09 1993how to store skis
1347.010TUXEDO::MCCAULEYThu Nov 11 1993Is there any place to ski in September??
1348.06NECSC::RICHARDFri Nov 12 1993Sunday River Accomodations
1349.03KITYKT::HARPINMon Nov 15 1993Ski Stores in N.H.???? Looking for Tecnica TNT
1350.04SALEM::SHAWMon Nov 15 1993quickest way from Hampton to Loon?
1351.04SUBPAC::DEGRAPPOWed Nov 17 1993Learn to Ski Free days?
1352.06NYOSTue Nov 30 1993Colorado Help?
1353.0DANGER::MCCLUREWed Dec 01 1993Singles Ski Weekend
1354.011VMSSG::DEANEWed Dec 01 1993Waterville Valley Discounts?
1355.05MCCOVY::BALSAMOFri Dec 03 1993The SKI/SNOW Phone!
1356.09LEDS::FISHERSat Dec 04 1993Ski areas w/ t-bars, pomas?
1357.0TRNTue Dec 07 1993Magazine SKI TEST
1358.06SMAUG::ZOLFONOONWed Dec 08 1993ski shops in Framingham area?
1359.04MYOSPY::CARLSONThu Dec 09 1993ski 93 lodging
1361.0BERNWed Dec 15 1993Zermatt - never again
1362.011UNXA::WUWed Dec 15 1993Tire Chains
1363.02TRUCKS::GIFKINSMon Dec 20 1993skiing in the himilayas
1364.0--UnknownUser--Mon Dec 20 1993Reserved Topic
1365.01COOKIE::LAWSONWed Dec 22 1993This is great!
1366.01SALEM::SHAWThu Dec 23 1993Seasons greetings ;*D
1368.012SKIBUM::GASSMANWed Jan 05 1994Eastern Storm Mountains?
1370.0--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 05 1994Reserved Topic
1371.04ICS::GEORGEWed Jan 05 1994Dachstein Boots - recommendations?
1372.016ICS::MONACOWed Jan 05 1994SKIING - BERKSHIRES ?..
1373.06USMVWed Jan 05 1994ski tuning - how to
1374.0DELNI::WHEELERThu Jan 06 1994Intro to Cross Country- Weston Mass
1376.06MAURO::CONTINIMon Jan 10 1994Recommendations for late bigginers
1377.01--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 10 1994P-tex Welds, Recommendations?
1378.0--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 11 1994
1379.0AYRPLN::VENTURAMon Jan 17 1994Winter ski trip .. CHEAP!!
1380.0DANGER::MCCLUREMon Jan 17 1994Singles Ski Weekend
1381.04MIMS::MULLIN_SThu Jan 20 1994need definitions please?
1383.03MEASLS::OHAREFri Jan 21 1994WOMEN ONLY
1384.07ROYALT::63522::LevMon Jan 24 1994Goggles for people who wear glasses?
1386.03ROYALT::63522::LevThu Jan 27 1994Colorado Ski Conditions Please
1388.05ODIXIE::RICHARDSONMon Jan 31 1994Lake Tahoe update?
1389.09ZENDIA::FERGUSONMon Jan 31 1994Discounts for the '93-'94 season in Colorado?
1390.05WECARE::BULLThu Feb 03 1994Dunkin Donuts Discounts
1391.010EVMS::MARIONFri Feb 04 1994Lift Lines
1392.04ZENDIA::FERGUSONFri Feb 04 1994The rating system topic
1393.09ZENDIA::FERGUSONFri Feb 04 1994travelling with skis
1394.01SEDOAS::SINCLAIR_GFri Feb 04 1994Blizzard Ski info?
1395.09LJSRV2::GIRONDELMon Feb 07 1994Skiing Tuckerman's for 14 Year olds?
1396.0MSDOA::DELORMEMon Feb 07 1994Ski Day - Loon 2/18
1397.0+122AWECIM::SEGALMon Feb 07 1994Questions about Loon conditions/nightlife
1398.01LJSRV1::MACKENZIEWed Feb 09 1994Leave the Driving to Us
1400.02VMSNET::J_MORGANThu Feb 10 1994Utah Lodging questions - special deals?
1401.018ATPS::MILLERFri Feb 11 1994Boot Heater advice?
1402.0ABACUS::CARPENTERTue Feb 15 19943/4/94 Ski Day
1403.04AKOCOA::FLANAGANTue Feb 15 1994Help needed on Snowboards
1404.03FUTURS::LONGWY::LEWISWed Feb 16 1994Utah info ?
1407.07YUPPY::CARTERTue Feb 22 1994Price of Nordica boots?
1409.08AKOCOA::SELIGThu Feb 24 1994Ski Defects and Manufacturer's Warranty
1410.03NOVA::BOIKOFri Feb 25 1994Best price on Elan MBX's...?
1412.06--UnknownUser--Fri Mar 04 1994NEW ENGLAND SKI HELP NEEDED FOR TEXAN
1413.014MUZICK::FLYNNWed Mar 09 1994N.H. ICE BAR?
1414.08SUBSYS::ELSNAUThu Mar 10 1994Ski Clubs in Eastern Massachusetts
1415.01GEMGRP::FINANFri Mar 11 1994Question on bad binding mount
1417.018ICS::PLEDGERTue Mar 15 1994Looking for Boots
1418.022NOTAPC::BURGESSWed Mar 16 1994BEST Parkas, Anoraks, Full Suits, i.e. OUTERWEAR
1419.03MCITS1::BROSCHATTue Mar 22 1994Need Orthopedic Surgeon in CO Springs
1423.09KELVIN::MONTEMERLOFri Jun 10 1994SKI LTD purchases the LOAF
1424.05SALEM::POTUCEKTue Jun 14 1994Crotched Mountain bought
1425.05NWGEDU::HEHEMANNTue Jul 05 1994Skiing FALLtime in the States
1426.02MROA::62854::levWed Aug 10 1994Tour hosts needed, free loding and skiing provided
1428.0+18MKOTS1::HOLLAND_KThu Aug 18 1994Ski Sales 1994/95 and 1995/96
1429.01COMET::LINDBERGThu Aug 18 1994Looking for Skiiers in Colorado
1430.01TAMARA::ZUCKERMANMon Aug 29 1994Sugarbush to be bought by Sunday River
1432.016USPMLO::DESROCHERSMon Sep 19 1994New Fat Ski
1433.025SALEM::SHAWThu Sep 22 1994sign your life away
1434.01EARRTH::PERLATue Sep 27 1994Looking for skiing related reps
1435.0SALEM::SHAWThu Sep 29 1994World Cup this year should be exciting!
1436.02WHYNOW::NEWMANMon Oct 03 1994Looking for advice on ski equipment for our son
1437.01POWDML::FLANAGANMon Oct 03 1994Snowboarding
1438.02BGSDEV::A1VAX::ZACKY::HarbisonThu Oct 06 1994GS - Who's the Best?
1439.013PATE::KGOULDFri Oct 07 1994Ticket Prices 94-95
1441.023ZENDIA::FERGUSONWed Oct 19 1994tired knees need a new, kinder, gentler bump ski
1442.02SMURF::TINIUSFri Oct 21 1994Fischer Unity skis - advice requested from novice
1444.01KELVIN::MONTEMERLOMon Nov 07 1994Warren Miller Movie Schedule ?
1445.05--UnknownUser--Fri Nov 11 1994Colorado trip for sale
1447.05MSBCS::ANDERSONWed Nov 16 1994Need info on CAT Served Powder
1448.023NAC::A_OBRIENThu Nov 17 1994ski and sport show in Boston
1449.06EICMFG::CUSHNIEFri Nov 25 1994Telemark gear question(s)
1450.02CSLALL::THOMPSONMon Dec 05 1994Conditions -Sugarbush??
1451.01RELYON::HEIMANNFri Dec 16 1994Ski club looking for new members
1452.0MSBCS::GIRONDELTue Dec 20 1994Needed 125's skis adn size 8 boots for daughter
1453.02SMURF::TINIUSWed Dec 21 1994Ski areas open December 25th
1454.01SALEM::SHAWThu Dec 22 1994Merry Christmas, Ho Ho Ho
1455.08SALEM::SHAWThu Dec 29 1994Discount lift ticktes on the Web
1456.031ANGLIN::PEREZThu Dec 29 1994Compare western areas for ski trip this year...
1457.01POWDML::FLANAGANFri Dec 30 1994Advice needed on N. Conway vacation
1459.01STRATA::KOOISTRAMon Jan 02 1995Stratton thursday discounts
1460.07POLAR::KRESICWed Jan 04 1995looking for equipment advice
1461.0MRKTNG::BROCKFri Jan 06 1995Dynamic Synthese
1462.03LANDO::CHEWThu Jan 12 1995Info on Windham in NY
1463.0512478::GORCZYCASun Jan 15 1995Sun Valley Info
1464.02CSLALL::JROGERSThu Jan 26 1995Skiing from Phoenix
1465.02USCTR1::ROBILLARDMon Jan 30 1995Saving money skiing in Lake Tahoe?
1466.011POWDML::FLANAGANMon Jan 30 1995need advice on N. conway skiing
1467.04UBOHUB::KELLY_TThu Feb 02 1995Oakley's at a price !!
1468.03BRUMMY::HATTONMThu Feb 02 1995Mammoth skiing in April
1469.06MR4DEC::MHORRIGANFri Feb 03 1995Looking for both x-ctry and downhill
1470.04OVRTYM::WILLIAMSTue Feb 07 1995Looking for a Snowboard
1471.03POWDML::SELIGTue Feb 07 1995Where to go for family skiing...Catskills??
1472.02NOTAPC::MILLERThu Feb 09 1995Where to mount bindings?
1473.0OVRTYM::WILLIAMSThu Feb 09 1995Looking for size 1
1474.03OVRTYM::WILLIAMSFri Feb 10 1995Tahoe snowcat/helli info???
1475.01MKOTS3::DRAKEMon Feb 13 1995Accomodations Needed /Pref: "Summit County"
1476.04TAVIS::MIROSat Feb 18 1995Skiing around Atlanta ?
1477.02STAR::KBROWNThu Feb 23 1995Info on Saddleback??? opinions ??
1478.0OJIBWA::SIPOSThu Feb 23 1995Ski passes to Vermont areas available
1479.039SALEM::SHAWMon Feb 27 1995Do locks realy protect your skis...
1480.0GRANPA::LBINGNEARWed Mar 01 1995Skiing in the Pocono's
1481.0BAHTAT::HILTONWed Mar 01 1995Skiing Pictures
1482.04OFOSS1::HEGGEThu Mar 02 1995Jackson Hole vacation
1483.05SALEM::SHAWMon Mar 06 1995Excel poles ?
1485.0CNTROL::BROOKSMon Mar 13 1995lodging in vermont
1486.0+9MROA::BERGARTTue Mar 14 1995Biathlon & Ski-Archery
1489.08CSSE::HALLGRENMon Apr 10 1995Zermatt Info
1490.03SEND::PEREZMon Apr 17 1995Comments on the new Denver airport (DIA)?
1491.05STRATA::STILLWed May 03 1995Any more skiing
1492.02AKOCOA::TMOOREMon Jun 19 1995Information on Ski Club's
1493.07MR2SRV::lev.mro1.dec.com::levFri Aug 18 1995Sugarbush expands big time this year
1494.015BINKLY::DEMARSETue Aug 22 1995When is the best time to buy skiis?
1495.01PATE::KGOULDTue Aug 22 1995Lift Ticket Prices 95-96
1496.0MROA::ANDERSON_RFri Sep 08 1995Looking for info on CAT lift service
1497.03QUABBI::"sarkes@smurf.enet.dec.com"Wed Sep 13 1995Franklin Co., MA, XC facilities
1498.01ANGLIN::HARRISAMon Sep 25 19951996 trip to Courmayeur
1499.022RTOIC::SSCHIEROZEKFri Sep 29 1995Skiing in November?
1500.03SALEM::SHAWWed Oct 04 1995Hara Kari quad chair!
1501.03QUABBI::"sarkes@smurf.enet.dec.com"Mon Oct 09 1995Snowshoes question
1502.0ROLAID::ETHOMPSONThu Oct 19 1995Randolph Ski Club looking for members
1503.08A1VAX::ZACKY::HarbisonSat Oct 21 1995Demo Days (?)
1504.0SALEM::SHAWFri Oct 27 1995Yeah, but does it really work?
1505.04SNAX::PIERPONTFri Oct 27 1995Clothing question
1506.01SOLVIT::DBROOKSMon Nov 13 1995Need Sugarbush Info!
1507.02SEND::EIKENBERRYMon Nov 27 1995Exercises for getting into Skiing shape?
1508.035KERNEL::BAYSRTue Nov 28 1995Lake Tahoe 96
1509.0NETRIX::"ko@netcad.enet.dec.com"Wed Nov 29 1995Sunday River WE trip
1510.02QUABBI::"sarkes@smurf.enet.dec.com"Tue Dec 05 1995Dec. 5 Snowshoeing presentation
1511.015RANGER::BAZTue Dec 05 1995Who occupies TNC niche?
1512.02UCXAXP::VLCEKThu Dec 07 1995How's Ascutney VT?
1513.02COPCLU::JORNThu Dec 14 1995Conditions for Cervinia ??
1515.01SALEM::SHAWFri Dec 22 1995Happy holidays ya all ;*)
1516.010MPGS::SPILLANEWed Dec 27 1995When should skis be tuned up?
1517.02SALEM::SHAWThu Dec 28 1995A Great guy for fixing skis....
1518.01RTL::RUSCIOTue Jan 02 1996Ski recommendation - ELAN Monoblock?
1519.04REGENT::SWOTINSKYWed Jan 03 1996Where to go in France
1520.05PATRLR::MCCUSKERThu Jan 04 1996Alpine Parks, What do we think of them?
1521.013BELFST::MCKEEMon Jan 08 1996Stowe Information Request
1523.03MOVIES::CWELLSThu Jan 18 1996UK skier keen to ski Colorado or Utah
1525.02BABAGI::SCTLAB::SCTMon Jan 22 1996NE mid-week specials/deals?
1526.07BRAT::ROBBINSThu Jan 25 1996Driving Times Okemo & Killington?
1528.0POWDML::VENTURAFri Jan 26 1996One opening for ski trip next weekend
1529.013PCBUOA::MOORETMon Jan 29 1996Advise on new Ski Boots
1530.018POWDML::SELIGFri Feb 02 1996Super Side Cut Ski's
1531.062NETCAD::ATKINSONMon Feb 05 1996Helmets: Quite the discussion
1532.09SPEZKO::LEPAGETue Feb 13 1996SKI and LBO to Merge
1533.04RDGENG::AFRYWed Feb 14 1996Help for UK/Aus skiiers in Canada/US?
1534.0ESBThu Feb 15 1996As if downhill racing wasn't dangerous enough...
1535.02MROA::BERGARTThu Feb 15 1996Skiing & Colleges
1536.05EVMS::MARIONMon Feb 19 1996Edges on cross country skis
1537.02MR2SRV::lev.mro1.dec.com::levMon Feb 19 1996Best route from Colorado Springs to Summit Count??
1538.04BIS1::WISEThu Feb 22 1996Skiing near Minnesota(?)
1539.018PCBUOA::MOORETTue Mar 26 1996Can some one comment on this?
1541.0RANGER::GORCZYCAThu Apr 04 1996Help Preserve "the Rock"!
1542.06CPEEDY::BAZFri Apr 05 1996How do you cope with crud?
1543.01CXOSI::CASEFri Apr 12 1996Old Ski Maps?
1544.0USCTR1::JWILSONThu Aug 15 1996Looking for Ski House Members - Killington
1544.07SALEM::SHAWThu Sep 05 1996See you on the slopes.... ;-)
1545.03ICS::KARABATSOSTue Oct 01 1996Leasing skiis for kids
1546.014POWDML::POMPAThu Oct 10 1996Partners for lessons?
1547.06QUAKKS::BURTONMon Oct 14 1996New Whirlpool Law in NH
1548.04LEDDEV::BAKERWed Oct 16 1996Wachusetts Mtn Instrutors clinics
1549.0STOWOA::DEROSEWed Oct 16 1996Sunday River Condo Needed
1549.01RWCVAX::COULSONFri Oct 25 1996Killington Ski School
1550.08MSBCS::ANDERSONTue Oct 29 1996Who Should Use Racing Boots?
1551.0STOWOA::PILKINGTONTue Oct 29 1996Want Kids Skis, Boots
1552.0POWDML::WHEELERFri Nov 01 1996Digital Ski Club Membership Form
1552.04COOKIE::LAWSONMon Nov 04 1996Did anyone actually *sell* anything this year?
1553.0NETRIX::"ko@netcad.enet.dec.com"Mon Nov 11 1996
1554.01COMICS::SUMNERCTue Nov 12 1996Money/Cash Requirements in Banff Canada
1555.05SALEM::LAVOIE_PWed Nov 13 1996Boot Liners
1556.02SALEM::HENRYWed Nov 20 1996Trips
1557.01DIEHRD::ODONNELLMon Dec 02 1996Snowboading is meeting topic
1558.02LJSRV2::JCWed Dec 04 1996applying wax to your downhill skis w/ an iron
1558.01STAR::KBROWNFri Dec 06 1996Info about Learn to ski free week , whose open when etc...????
1559.05COMICS::SUMNERCMon Dec 09 1996Extreme Cold ? and Weather in Canada in January ?
1560.04CFSCTC::STARVASKIThu Dec 12 1996Magnetic ski rack?
1561.02CSLALL::THOMPSONMon Dec 16 1996Wildcat New Year
1562.0IROCZ::OWENFri Jan 03 1997Multi-mountain season ski pass for this season...
1562.0CNTROL::STECKOFri Jan 10 19972 Waterville Valley ski tix forsale
1563.0NETRIX::"mullin@alf.dec.com"Mon Jan 13 1997HELP! - Need quarters 1/24->25/26
1564.0REFDV1::MURPHYThu Jan 23 1997Music at Moguls at Killington
1565.0 *+4VMSSG::FRIEDRICHSMon Jan 27 1997Signs, signs, everywheres a sign
1566.0 *+5SALEM::PERLAThu Jan 30 1997looking for Loon Tickets
1567.0 *+11NQOSThu Jan 30 1997Ski Packages
1568.0 *+1MKOTS3::MCMASTERMon Feb 03 1997Skis for Sale
1569.0 *MKOTS3::MCMASTERMon Feb 03 1997Marker Bindings For Sale
1570.0 *TLE::OJIBWA::SIPOSTue Feb 04 1997Tickets for sale
1571.0 *TLE::OJIBWA::SIPOSTue Feb 04 1997Skis for sale
1572.0 *+1A1VAX::HEBERTTue Feb 04 1997lift tickets for sale
1573.0 *RDDAWG::BLANCHARDThu Feb 06 1997WANTED: Ski rack for a Ford Taurus or Mercury Sable
1574.0 *NQOSThu Feb 06 1997Tix's for this Saturday .....
1575.0 *CGOOA::OWONGSun Feb 09 1997Base 23
1576.0 *+9VMSSG::FRIEDRICHSMon Feb 10 1997Out of Bounds skiing
1577.0 *USCTR1::HOUGHTONMon Feb 24 1997Ski Instructor
1578.0 *USCTR1::HOUGHTONWed Feb 26 1997Ski Instructor at Pico?
1579.0 *UNIFIX::FRENCHSat Mar 01 1997Need info on Elan GC 6.1 skis (won in a raffle)
1580.0 *PECAD4::TITUSWed Mar 05 1997PICO Tickets for Sale
1580.0 *+3POWDML::STEBEThu Apr 10 1997Monday deals this month??
1581.0 *NETRIX::"ko@netcad.enet.dec.com"Wed Mar 05 1997Digital ski club trip to Sugarloaf
1581.0 *+2SOLVIT::SOARNG::TIMMONSThu Apr 17 1997New lift for Wildcat