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Conference bgsdev::gks-3d

Title:GKS-3D notes conference
Notice:This conference is now write-locked; see BGSDEV::GKSNOTES
Created:Tue Jun 21 1988
Last Modified:Mon Sep 20 1993
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:339
Total number of notes:1129
Number with bodies:0
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1.0RICOS::PIANTONITue Jun 21 1988Welcome to the GKS-3D Conference
2.08RICOS::PIANTONIWed Jun 22 1988VAX GKS-3D
3.04LEROUF::PIANTONIThu Jun 23 1988Looking for IFT sites
4.03DECSIM::FARICELLITue Jun 28 1988Which escapes/GDPs will be in V1.
5.0LEROUF::PIANTONIMon Jul 11 1988GKS-3D FT plan
6.03LEROUF::PIANTONIWed Jul 20 1988VAX GKS-3D V1.
7.01LEROUF::PIANTONIWed Jul 20 1988John's -- SC24 Computer graphics -- Trip reports
8.05LEROUF::PIANTONISat Jul 23 1988VAX GKS-3D V1.
9.01CERN::NYSTEDTMon Aug 29 1988color or colour?
10.0LOVADA::SCHERRERTue Sep 27 1988Ada-GKS ISO Bindings
11.0E2XE2X::MCCONNELLThu Oct 06 1988Guidelines for Using GKS(-3D) and PHIGS
12.06GENRAL::HEINTZETue Oct 18 1988IVP Fails during Installation
13.02GENRAL::HEINTZEWed Oct 19 1988Can we order the Documentation? Please!
14.04HAZEL::MCMAHONWed Oct 19 1988set view rep ???s...
15.02LEROUF::PIANTONIWed Nov 09 1988ANSI X3H3 Trip Reports
16.01GENRAL::HEINTZEWed Nov 16 1988How to use GKS3D with LISP?
17.04LEROUF::PIANTONIWed Nov 16 1988GKS-3D T1.
18.02MUNICH::DUERRFri Nov 18 1988X Toolkit Warning: Can't set help modifier ?
19.01MUNICH::DUERRFri Nov 18 1988Device Handler Interface changed ?
20.02GENRAL::HEINTZEFri Nov 18 1988Suggested Change for GKS3D$DEFS.ADA
21.02MUNICH::DUERRWed Nov 23 1988Which [units] uses the VRC ??
22.0LEROUF::PIANTONIWed Nov 23 1988Ortographic Parallel Projections
23.0RYLOS::LEWISFri Dec 09 1988Call for Papers from ACM
24.04VAXWRK::BHATIAMon Dec 12 1988IVP fails...
25.03HAZEL::MCMAHONWed Dec 14 1988Selectable GMK_POINT polymarkers ...
26.0LEROUF::PIANTONIMon Dec 19 1988DEC GKS-3D ULTRIX Internal Field Test
27.01BISTRO::LAFORGUEMon Jan 02 1989install ULTRIX PHIGS & GKS-3D
29.03BISTRO::LAFORGUEWed Jan 04 1989want a real C doc!
30.01LEROUF::PIANTONITue Jan 10 1989Last FT update for VMS before SDC
31.04SMURF::GRIFFINFri Jan 20 1989undefined symbol: _napms
33.01GENRAL::HEINTZEThu Jan 26 1989Discrepency between GKS3D$DEFS.ADA and DOC
34.01SMURF::GRIFFINMon Jan 30 1989ginqavailwstypes fails
35.0BISTRO::LAFORGUETue Jan 31 1989using dbx with Ultrix GKS3D programs
36.0RICARD::LAFORGUEWed Feb 01 1989die example of gevalview...tran3
37.04GENRAL::HEINTZEThu Feb 02 1989How to use entire screen?
38.02DSSDEV::FLATTENSun Feb 12 1989Graphics Programmer's Workbench - Phase
39.02GENRAL::HEINTZESun Feb 12 1989eval-view-map-matrix and eval-view-orient-matrix
40.03LEROUF::PIANTONIMon Feb 13 1989DEC GKS-3D V1.
41.012GENRAL::HEINTZEMon Feb 13 1989How to use GKS3D with DECwindows?
42.02NBOSWS::HIRSCHMANNFri Feb 17 1989Some questions on GKS-3D and Ultrix-Decwindow
43.0BISTRO::LAFORGUEFri Mar 03 1989C binding example: string art
44.01LEROUF::BOANOFri Mar 10 1989IRG handling - example program
45.04LEROUF::BOANOFri Mar 10 1989DEC GKS3D documentation programs
46.01PEEWEE::HEINTZEMon Mar 13 1989WANTED: Examples of Sliders
47.01LEROUF::PIANTONIWed Mar 22 1989GKS-3D Support Training
48.01LEROUF::PIANTONIThu Mar 30 1989DEC GKS-3D for VMS V1.
49.01LEROUF::PIANTONIThu Mar 30 1989DEC GKS-3D for ULTRIX/VAX FT update
50.02FLUME::griffinFri Mar 31 1989need new password for QAR_INTERNAL
51.0LEROUF::PIANTONIFri Mar 31 1989DSSDEV:: new kit location
52.01NBOSWS::HIRSCHMANNMon Apr 10 1989Searching for Utility-Subroutines
53.01ULYSSE::BOANOMon Apr 17 1989Clipping functionality / 3D input
54.0ULYSSE::PIANTONIWed May 17 1989DEC GKS-3D for RISC IFT kit
55.01TRUCKS::PATTISON_MThu May 25 1989INFO required on IUI
56.01ULYSSE::PIANTONISat Jun 10 1989DEC GKS-3D for RISC and ULTRIX Filed Test update
57.01KETJE::PUTMANSWed Jun 28 1989problem with GKS3D / DECstation31
60.02CERN::EJMTue Jul 04 1989Why is default window so big??
61.01GPSDCC::BROWNThu Jul 20 1989FRS Dates ?
62.01CERN::EJMThu Jul 20 1989Where is documentation??
63.0USWAV1::BRAMHALLThu Jul 20 19893D Animation
64.0DSSDEV::FLATTENFri Jul 21 1989New GKS-3D Product Manager
66.01OSLACT::HELGEWed Aug 09 1989executable program of an enormous size
67.01DSSDEV::PIANTONIWed Aug 16 1989QAR system moved to RASTER::
68.09DSSDEV::PIANTONIMon Aug 21 1989DEC GKS-3D kits
69.0DSSDEV::PIANTONIMon Aug 21 1989DEC GKS/GKS-3D Internal Field Test request
70.09DSSDEV::PIANTONITue Aug 22 1989DEC GKS / DEC GKS-3D compatibility
71.0DSSDEV::FLATTENSat Sep 02 1989Phase
72.05STKHLM::ALINDBERGTue Sep 05 1989Where is the GKS-3d kit for Ultrix/RISC
73.02CGOAWed Sep 13 1989Which metafile formats are available?
74.03RATH::BROOKEThu Sep 21 1989How do I disable gks3d$request_pick?
75.05RATH::BROOKEFri Sep 29 1989Anybody got an HLHSR example?
76.01WFOV11::DRUMMONDMon Oct 02 1989HELP on ReGIS ?
77.01TROPPO::GRIMSHAWTue Oct 03 1989RISC, GKS & Devices Supported???
78.01STKHLM::ALINDBERGWed Oct 04 1989Courses available ???
79.010STKHLM::ALINDBERGFri Oct 06 1989GKS-3D together with Motif ??
80.01DEKVTue Oct 10 1989gks s/w install
81.08SUOSW3::NIESSERFri Oct 20 1989questions about CGI
82.0CHEESE::ELMORESat Oct 28 1989Digital's workstation vision
83.01BRUTEY::BERLLYTue Oct 31 1989VAX/Ultrix Availability?
84.01HAZEL::MCMAHONWed Nov 08 1989decwindows implementation
85.01NBOSWS::HESSELMANNFri Nov 17 1989ws_type
86.01TROPPO::GRIMSHAWSun Nov 26 1989Confused window Manager with GKS3Divp??
87.0DSSDEV::PIANTONIThu Nov 30 1989GKS standard review
88.01WEDOIT::REEDTue Dec 12 1989IVP fails -- XLIB IO Error
89.01TRNSAM::HOLTWed Dec 20 1989What does "RT" mean?
90.01MEADOW::FARICELLIThu Dec 28 1989GKS-3D "can't" use 3d graphics accelerators?
91.04ZSAZSA::READINGSTue Jan 09 1990Memory deallocation error on RISC
92.0DSSDEV::PIANTONITue Jan 09 1990GKS-3D with PHIGS on RISC problem
93.02ZSAZSA::READINGSWed Jan 17 1990Linestyle problem
94.011611Mon Jan 29 1990memory allocation error on gcreateseg
95.04ZSAZSA::READINGSThu Feb 08 1990Problem linking GKS-3D on RISC
96.01DSSDEV::FLATTENThu Feb 08 1990Graphics UPIs
97.03DECWET::HANKSThu Feb 08 1990Yet another demo...
98.0DSSDEV::FLATTENThu Feb 08 1990Graphics examples notes file
99.03DCC::HUBERTMon Feb 19 1990GKS RISC: Problems with Fortran Binding at ISV site.
100.01GLASS::MOOREFri Feb 23 1990RISC - no double buffering?
101.01TAVMon Feb 26 1990Vax75
102.02SUBFIZ::FARICELLIThu Mar 01 1990Porting DEC GKS to GKS3D/Risc
103.04CCIIS1::KRZEWINAFri Mar 02 1990how to open a metafile in f77 on risc
104.05ZSAZSA::READINGSTue Mar 06 1990Set Window coordinate value problem
105.01ZSAZSA::READINGSWed Mar 07 1990REGIS support on RISC/Ultrix
106.0DSSDEV::PIANTONIWed Mar 07 1990DEC GKS-3D V1.1 Field Test
107.05MLNCSC::BONFANTITue Mar 20 1990error using GOPWK
108.02COMICS::BELLWed Mar 21 1990Run time compatibility with GKS v4.
109.05MLNCSC::BONFANTIWed Mar 21 1990how to use GKS-3D without DECwindows
110.01ZSAZSA::READINGSWed Apr 04 1990Interactive gks3d_demo for VMS?
111.02ZSAZSA::READINGSThu Apr 05 1990GKS3D V1.
112.02PRIMES::UEBERSAXTue Apr 10 1990DECstation 5
113.01BABBLE::MEAGHERMon Apr 23 1990Documentation Ordering
114.01SCAACT::MALONEYTue Apr 24 1990GSCR problem/question
115.01DCC::KRNETAFri Apr 27 1990GKS-GDP-RISC problem
116.06ZSAZSA::READINGSFri Apr 27 1990CGM support?
117.01MEADOW::FARICELLITue May 01 1990Relative overhead of various bindings
118.010DUGGAN::STEARMANTue May 01 1990PEX support in GKS-3D
119.03SX4GTO::HOLTFri May 04 1990Item Types for CGM metafile output..?
120.07PAOIS::PADOVANIThu May 10 1990Risc Fortran & gks$ binding
121.01WPOMM2::ZAMBOTTIFri May 11 1990Any NET kits available for RISC?
122.01SX4GTO::HOLTFri May 11 1990QAR db for V1.1 RISC .. ?
123.01WPOMM2::ZAMBOTTIMon May 14 1990re. 121.* Note 68.* is hidden ???
124.02TLSEWed May 23 1990GKS-3D and FORT 4.7 ULTRIX
125.0DSSDEV::DAMOREWed May 23 1990V1.1 Field Test Documentation Available
126.011OSLACT::OLAVMon May 28 1990Window expose problem
127.04TLSEWed Jun 06 1990GKS-3D and LN
128.04TLSEWed Jun 06 1990hang process ...
129.02ZSAZSA::READINGSThu Jun 07 1990GKS V4.1 escape support in GKS3D V1.1
131.0DSSDEV::PIANTONIFri Jun 15 1990GKS-3D VMS T1.1-3 installation problem
132.03TPOVC::HCLINThu Jun 21 1990How to link, when we use gks3d binding
133.01GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDTue Jun 26 1990Can't build demo on ultrix vax 4.
134.01VNASWS::GERHARDKThu Jun 28 1990RISC GKS3D V1.1 GDP-Problem
135.0DSSDEV::FLATTENMon Jul 02 1990Phase
136.0DSSDEV::FLATTENMon Jul 02 1990Phase
137.0DSSDEV::FLATTENMon Jul 02 1990Phase
138.0UTRUST::CVDHOEVENFri Jul 20 1990ADA language binding for RISC/Ultrix ?
139.01TOWNS::WURZBERGERWed Jul 25 1990Documentation?
140.02MEADOW::FARICELLIThu Jul 26 1990Some graphics missing with T1.1-4, RISC/DECWindows
141.0DSSDEV::FLATTENSun Jul 29 1990DEC AVS Notes Conference Available
142.03STARFri Aug 03 1990RISK GKD-3D Locator dissapears if background is black
143.0DSSDEV::STEGNERMon Aug 13 1990GKS-3D Version 1.1 Documentation Available
145.01STARThu Aug 16 1990Anybody have examples of...?
146.05STARFri Aug 17 1990Dashed line problem on VS354
147.07STARMon Aug 20 1990GKS -3D: Meta files are not supported?
148.01TOWNS::WURZBERGERFri Aug 24 1990X Toolkit warning during IVP
149.09BIGRED::DANIELSFri Aug 31 1990GKS-3D V1.1 on RISC/ULTRIX/Decwindows
150.01HENCH1::HENCHEYThu Sep 06 1990GKS3D V1.
151.02NBOSWS::HESSELMANNWed Sep 12 1990GKS-3D <> GKS 7.2 Level 2b
152.01HOTSHT::STEPHENSThu Sep 13 1990Upcoming DEC PHIGS course
153.02REDBRD::KALEEMMon Sep 17 1990ATC-GKS & Xterm questions.
154.03FRSTSC::ERLEMANNThu Sep 20 1990LJ25
155.0REDBRD::KALEEMMon Sep 24 1990Re-sizing & Re-locating a window
156.0DSSDEV::PIANTONIFri Sep 28 1990SPD DEC GKS-3D for VMS, Version 1.1
157.0DSSDEV::PIANTONIFri Sep 28 1990SPD DEC GKS-3D for ULTRIX, Version 1.1
158.06DSSDEV::PIANTONIFri Sep 28 1990DEC GKS-3D V1.1 kits
159.01PEACHS::BELDINWed Oct 17 1990GKS-3D with Sun as display server?
161.0DSSDEV::FLATTENWed Oct 24 1990Phase
162.07STARVU::LIVINGSTONMon Oct 29 1990values returned from gks$inq_max_ds_size
163.0HOTSHT::AUSTINTue Oct 30 1990GKS-3D support available
164.04RUTLND::MCKINLEYThu Nov 01 1990GKS and GKS-3d installation
165.0DSSDEV::PIANTONIThu Nov 01 1990ULTRIX setld IVP restriction
166.01GLORY::DEVINEMon Nov 05 1990release notes online ?
167.01MUCTEC::EIBLWed Nov 07 1990RISC FORTRAN binding and ESCAPE
168.02SUBFIZ::FARICELLIMon Nov 12 1990Random points appear on partially obscured Xwindows
169.03SUBFIZ::FARICELLIThu Nov 15 1990Link confusion with routine get_string
171.0DSSDEV::PIANTONITue Nov 27 1990DEC GKS V5.
172.01SOS6::PRONIERTue Dec 04 1990C binding conformance ?
173.02UTRTSC::MIKWed Dec 05 1990TEXT_FONTPREC problem
174.01UTRUST::DEHARTOGWed Dec 05 1990GKS-support for Sony-DD28
175.0DSSDEV::PIANTONIFri Dec 07 1990ULTRIX DDIF viewer bug
176.01DSSDEV::WERNSINGWed Jan 02 1991PHIGS & GKS-3D demo
177.02PRSARL::GRETILLATFri Jan 11 1991GKS3D/FORT RISC error -2
178.07GLDOA::CHALTASWed Jan 16 1991Serious Bug in Shipping GKS3D
179.01MUCTEC::EIBLFri Jan 18 1991Text attributes lost after INSERT SEGMENT
180.03MUNICH::BENDERWed Jan 23 1991ACCVIO since Phigs 2.2 was installed
181.07BIGRED::DANIELSTue Jan 29 1991Print Screen wanted
182.01PEACHS::BELDINFri Feb 01 1991Segment priorities in GKS3D 1.1...
183.018HOOCHR::griffinThu Feb 07 1991Linking GKS3D with DEC FORTRAN
184.02DSSDEV::PIANTONIMon Feb 18 1991DEC GKS V5.
185.01RHETT::KNORRFri Mar 01 1991INQUIRE STRING DEVICE STATE call is access violating
186.0ROCKT::CHENGThu Mar 07 1991Digital graphics software
187.02SUBFIZ::FARICELLISun Mar 10 1991Does GKS display OK on PX, PXG class workstations?
188.06BUSHIE::SANKARMon Mar 11 1991GKS-3d error -21
189.0HOBBLE::WURZBERGERThu Mar 14 1991GKS-3D or PHIGS?
190.01PEACHS::BURQUESTMon Mar 18 1991Problem with ginqtextfacil on DS5
191.0ROMTSS::PASITue Mar 19 1991GKS and text alignment example
192.0116836::DANIELSThu Mar 21 1991GKS not using DISPLAY environment variable?
193.03UTRTSC::CAHILLThu Mar 28 1991Help with 3D V1.
194.0DSSDEV::PIANTONIThu Mar 28 1991Request for GKS V5.
195.0DSSDEV::PIANTONIThu Apr 04 1991 DEC GKS V4.2 and DEC GKS-3D V1.2
196.01TASTY::JEFFERYWed Apr 10 1991256 Colour CGM Metafiles.
197.0DSSDEV::QUINLANMon Apr 15 1991GKSV4.2/GKS-3DV1.2 Field Test
198.02MUCTEC::EIBLTue Apr 16 1991GKS 5.
199.02TPOVC::HCLINFri Apr 19 1991From Ultrix to VMS, how to set environment ?
200.05RHETT::BONNEFri Apr 19 1991No SET ERROR HANDLER in f bindings?
201.05BIGRED::DANIELSThu May 02 1991Corrupt CGM files?
202.02BIGRED::DANIELSThu May 09 1991String request boxes are too narrow
203.01MUNICH::BENDERFri May 10 1991support for 3D GDPs with V1.1 ?
204.03BIGRED::DANIELSTue May 14 1991How does GKS handle colors?
207.01TPOVC::JOHNNYHOThu May 23 1991why rename a segment?
208.03TPOVC::JOHNNYHOThu May 23 1991example for using GKS3D and DECwindows
209.05UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTMon Jun 03 1991Upgrade to 1.1 : DDIF output changed ?
210.0DSSDEV::PIANTONIWed Jun 05 1991GKS V5.
211.02MUCTEC::EIBLMon Jun 10 1991Inq.disp.size for WStype 213 broken in V1.1 ?
212.025DSSDEV::QUINLANMon Jun 10 1991DEC GKS-3D V1.2 kits
213.05SAC::WOOD_JWed Jun 12 1991Problem with cell-array in CGM metafiles
214.04CSCOA1::HOOD_RMon Jun 17 1991-35
215.03VIEW3D::KEZARTue Jun 18 1991esc function -35
216.03ZSAZSA::READINGSMon Jun 24 1991GKS-3D output on a SUN?
217.01GIDDAY::WANTue Jun 25 1991Are WISS and REGIS support in GKS-3D on Ultrix
218.05ZSAZSA::READINGSWed Jun 26 1991Problem with GESC function
219.05ZSAZSA::READINGSThu Jun 27 1991Segment highlighting problem
220.0SHAWB1::THOMASAThu Jun 27 1991Graphics TCD review
221.01SAC::WOOD_JMon Jul 01 1991Q's on Postscript output: string text precision; cell-array
222.03TAVWed Jul 03 1991Annotation Text ?
223.04ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGSun Jul 07 1991Pascal with GKS on ULTRIX?
224.01THEBAY::CONDEDAWed Jul 10 1991X Terminals and GKS-3D
225.06GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDSun Jul 14 1991WISS problems - should it work?
226.08ACTRIX::dehartogFri Aug 02 1991How to de-iconify initially?
227.0DSSDEV::STEGNERFri Aug 02 1991IFT Manuals Available
228.03VIEW3D::KEZARMon Aug 12 1991ws 213 risc gopwk problems
229.01MUNICH::STULLICHWed Aug 14 1991GKS-3D Vers. 1.2 / Motif Linker Problem
230.03ACTRIX::dehartogThu Aug 15 1991GKS and C++
231.02KERNEL::BAYSAThu Aug 15 1991gp relocation errors on linking with GKS-3D libraries
232.06WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIWed Aug 21 1991window resizing and placement?
233.01EWBV37::FUJIIMon Sep 02 1991ACCVIO on GKS$ESCAPE
234.01ROMTSS::PASIFri Sep 06 1991link problem with FORTRAN
235.01BIZO4::SYSTEMTue Sep 17 1991We can't get to cause
236.01WHOSThu Sep 19 1991
237.04ROMTSS::PASIFri Sep 20 1991GKS3Dconid for REGIS device
238.02RHETT::KNORRMon Sep 23 1991Error121 (Segment in Use) --- but why???
239.03PEACHS::LAMPERTTue Sep 24 1991Device type 213 not there?
240.03ZSAZSA::READINGSWed Sep 25 1991GKS and pixie?
241.01MLNCSC::BELLENCHIAFri Sep 27 1991Device handler on ULTRIX.
242.05MUCTEC::EIBLTue Oct 01 1991How to initialize pick input on GKS3D for RISC ?
243.02TAVWed Oct 02 1991To GKS or NOT To
244.0DSSDEV::PIANTONIThu Oct 03 1991New GKS-3D V1.2 dates
245.01COMICS::PENDERGRASTFri Oct 04 1991
246.01COMICS::PENDERGRASTFri Oct 04 1991error_15
247.0WYVERN::COMEFORDFri Oct 04 1991So you want to be a PHIGS/GKS/AVS developer...
248.01OSLLAV::SVEINN_PMon Oct 07 1991Nothing is displayed...
249.04GIDDAY::STRAUSSThu Oct 10 1991error -3
250.03PNMon Oct 21 1991GP relocation error - yet again (what a hard !!)
251.05FZOVAX::HABERLANDMon Oct 21 1991Performance GKS3D, 5
252.01DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGMon Nov 04 1991user-defined font
253.04PNMon Nov 04 1991driver for CALCOMP plotter on ULTRIX : what about?
254.02KERNEL::FISCHERIThu Nov 07 1991Licence for 1.2
255.0DSSDEV::DAMOREMon Nov 11 1991GKS V5.
256.021DSSDEV::PIANTONIMon Nov 11 1991DEC GKS V5.
257.02SAC::JENKINS_TThu Nov 14 1991Can you Xor lines in GKS?
258.01MUCTEC::EIBLMon Nov 18 1991Will GKS 5.
259.05PNMon Dec 02 1991v1.2 and FFR (or DFR): link problem
260.01SUBFIZ::FARICELLIMon Dec 02 1991Which version of Motif for V1.2?
261.03PEACHS::LAMPERTTue Dec 03 1991Open Workstation call hanging
262.02KAOFS::H_LECOMPTEThu Dec 05 1991Tek42
263.03PEACHS::LAMPERTWed Dec 18 1991Postscript output has no pages?
264.02LSNCSC::MEISTERFri Jan 10 1992default window size for ws-type 211?
265.0TRNThu Jan 16 1992GKS-3D & LA324 A3 format
266.05LSNCSC::MEISTERMon Jan 20 1992metafile conversion problem
267.04KERNEL::FISCHERIWed Jan 22 1992Missing graphics
268.02KETJE::DIERICKTue Jan 28 1992GKS/GKS3D
269.08REDBCK::tomThu Feb 06 1992Sun Xserver and GKS$WSTYPE = FLTDIV_F ??
270.0TAVTue Feb 18 1992How to place 211 window on Ultrix XUI?
271.01HGTAI1::CANDYGAOMon Feb 24 1992GKS-3D supports tablet?
272.01HGTAI1::CANDYGAOMon Feb 24 1992RGB in Cell Array?
273.08ZPOVC::KUMTONGTue Feb 25 1992GKS3$ binding for RISC f77 ?
274.05LSNCSC::MEISTERThu Feb 27 1992metafile conversion not complete
275.02TRNOI2::DELLISANTIFri Feb 28 1992windows output errors
276.02REDBCK::tomTue Mar 03 1992gks 3d fltdiv ultrix 4.2 ??
277.02DSSDEV::PIANTONIThu Mar 05 1992Updated DEC GKS for VMS and RISC V5.
278.03LSNCSC::MEISTERTue Mar 10 1992endless loop on metafile read
279.01NICCTR::MILLSFri Mar 13 1992Licenses
280.01SUBPAC::FARICELLIFri Mar 13 1992gks$open_gks error file string length bug
281.01SUBPAC::FARICELLIFri Mar 13 1992Bug in box locator (PET -1) in GKS V5.
282.02MUCTEC::EIBLTue Mar 17 1992Please more info on gks3d$use_dials_and_buttons
283.055Mon Mar 23 1992Problems with GKS3Dwstype VT34
284.04ZURFri Mar 27 1992GKS-3D with PHIGS on RISC (again)
285.01VIEW3D::LIVINGSTONTue Mar 31 1992device handler DFT problem
286.02PNWed Apr 08 1992Drawing problems using GSDS.
287.01PNWed Apr 08 1992Error 78 in GSCHH routine.
288.01STARV5::LIVINGSTONFri Apr 10 1992gks error -2
289.01GYUPCC::BLAKETue Apr 14 1992String Input without Widget buttons?
290.0PNMon May 04 1992Possibility to view images with GKS ?
291.02WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIWed May 06 1992ld errors and motif handler questions...
292.0KURTAN::RANDSTROMTue May 12 1992la324 printing problem?
294.0SDTMKT::DAVISONMon Jun 08 1992GKS Resource List
295.0DSSDEV::PIANTONIMon Jun 08 1992GKS Responsibility Change
296.01MUCTEC::EIBLWed Jun 10 1992core dump after referencing illegal color index
297.05MUCTEC::EIBLMon Jun 15 1992known problem with C errno #9 and GKS3D 1.2/RISC ?
298.02TPOVC::JOHNNYHOMon Jun 22 1992port from GKS on VMS to GKS-3D to ULTRIX
299.0TPOVC::JOHNNYHOMon Jun 22 1992port from GKS on VMS to GKS-3D to ULTRIX
300.010ANGLIN::ORTHOBERMon Jun 22 1992gks3d color map on close problem
301.0MUNICH::STEFANFri Jun 26 1992Bug with GKS3D$INIT_VALUATOR ?
302.03DELSFri Jun 26 1992Question's of GKS3D
303.02PEACHS::WORDThu Jul 02 1992GKS 3D version 1.2 install is "corrupted"...
304.03GALVIA::ECULLENFri Jul 10 1992Ultrix vaxgfx$$... undefined in link on Ultrix
305.01GALVIA::ECULLENThu Jul 16 1992pre Ultrix G3DGKS3D12
306.01GALVIA::ECULLENWed Jul 22 1992GHC BE verification of Link please ?
307.0COLWed Jul 22 1992still/again vt34
308.01MUCTEC::EIBLTue Jul 28 1992GKS3D 1.2 problem with UWS 4.2a, OSF/Motif 1.1.3
309.02MLNTSC::RAMAZZOTTIThu Jul 30 1992vuit - gks3d - ultrix - motif
310.0DSSDEV::QUINLANWed Aug 05 1992install bug
311.02MUCTEC::EIBLFri Aug 07 1992gks3d$set_asf and Pascal definitions problem
312.01SNOCTue Aug 11 1992Urgent. HPGL metafile problem
313.0SUBPAC::FARICELLIThu Aug 20 1992GKS V5.
314.01NZOMIS::ROBBINSThu Aug 27 1992DEC GKS-3D bundled with GKS
315.03PDVMon Aug 31 1992title size warning for Motif handler
316.0PDVMon Sep 07 1992Ultrix GKS-3D device handler fill area problems
317.04VNABRW::PIEBERMon Sep 14 1992GKSNEG -25
318.03BACHUS::RIJMENANTSTue Sep 22 1992compile gks-3d 1.2 /fortran 3.2 question
319.0REDBCK::tomWed Sep 23 1992HPGL support for "non standard" paper?
320.02SMAC1Mon Sep 28 1992DXMMRM subset IVP error ?
321.02PEACHS::LAMPERTTue Oct 06 1992How do you pass a string to gks3d$text in ultrix C?
322.07FIRWed Oct 07 1992ULTRIX/GKS-3D/MOTIF problems
323.0WRKSYS::SYOSTThu Oct 08 1992EZ3D Request for Product Requirements
324.03GUCCI::HANNONThu Oct 08 1992GKS-3D Input Formats ?
325.01FIRTue Oct 20 1992Display Size in meter units using Sixel format
326.0RTOIC::CLORENTZTue Oct 20 1992GKS for OSF1/MIPS
327.02ZURWed Oct 21 1992wrong windowsize when using Motif
328.0FIRMon Oct 26 1992Printer's resolution
329.05VNOTSC::BIRGITMon Nov 23 1992Ultrix: vt34
330.03MUNICH::KRNETAWed Nov 25 1992GKS 5.
331.05DSSDEV::CROCKERWed Nov 25 1992GKS Version 5.x kits for OpenVMS & OSF/1 AXP
332.0TDCAI1::LAUMAILLEWed Dec 16 1992gks-d licencing
333.02LSNCSC::MEISTERThu Dec 17 1992GKS-3d and UCX v2.
334.05FLYWAY::INDERBITZIThu Dec 17 1992Help on GKS/Alpha AXP VMS
335.01PRCFS1::STANLEYWONGThu Jan 07 1993GKS-3D and Ultrix version compatibility
336.01MUCTEC::EIBLWed Jan 13 1993GKS(3D) on VAX ULTIX platform ?
337.01ZSAZSA::READINGSTue Feb 02 1993Cursor operation on remote server
338.01DSSDEV::CROCKERMon Mar 29 1993This conference will be write-locked
339.05TINNIE::OMELEYMon Mar 29 1993GSSGT + GCSGWK give bad GKS3 11 in Metafile