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Conference bgsdev::dectalkinsoftware

Title:Software implementation of DECtalk Text-to-Speech
Created:Thu Aug 12 1993
Last Modified:Mon Jun 02 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:113
Total number of notes:390
Number with bodies:20
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1.0DSSDEV::ROZMOVITSThu Aug 12 1993Welcome
2.0+29DSSDEV::ROZMOVITSThu Aug 12 1993Conference Registry
3.0+9DSSDEV::ROZMOVITSFri Aug 13 1993DECtalk SW for Alpha OSF/1 kits
4.0+9BGSDEV::HALLAHANWed Jul 19 1995DECtalk SW for Windows NT kits
5.04ZPOVC::RICHARDTANMon Aug 16 1993Windows (DOS)
6.01ALLVAX::BEERMANTue Aug 17 1993Set protections please
7.03ALLVAX::BEERMANWed Aug 18 1993Two suggestions
8.0DSSDEV::ROZMOVITSWed Aug 18 1993Characterization and Cofiguration information for DECtalk
9.02ODIXIE::ELLERYWed Aug 18 1993Installation Questions
10.0DSSDEV::ROZMOVITSThu Aug 19 1993Looking for External Field Test Sites
11.03HARBOR::VANSICLENThu Aug 19 1993OSF/1 installation verification errors
12.04ALLVAX::BEERMANSat Aug 21 1993Notes on HELP file
13.0DSSDEV::ROZMOVITSMon Aug 23 1993Problem with help on ALPHA/NT RC1
14.01DSSDEV::ROZMOVITSMon Aug 23 1993Problem with DTSAMPLE makefile
15.0PMAXPT::tanMon Aug 23 1993Asian Language support?
16.04BIGUN::MAYNEMon Aug 23 1993Singing DECtalk
17.0DSSDEV::ROZMOVITSTue Aug 24 1993DECtalk doesn't sing yet
18.03ALFPTS::GCOAST::RIDGWAYTue Aug 31 1993SPD, marketing lit, etc??
19.011TUXEDO::BLACKSTOCKTue Aug 31 1993SB Pro drivers don't work
21.05--UnknownUser--Fri Sep 24 1993
22.0GANNON::31668::BurkeeMon Oct 04 1993Inteldt.zip Protection
23.02ALLVAX::BEERMANFri Oct 15 1993Can't say "Veronica" correctly
26.02STRWRS::KOCH_PFri Nov 05 1993PC DECtalk, can it do what I want?
27.07ZURMon Nov 15 1993DECtalk & SB16ASP (DSP V4.
28.03BGSDEV::ROZMOVITSFri Nov 19 1993English Pronounciation poem.
29.02UHUH::BEERMANSat Jan 01 1994TTSAPI.H refers to a never-defined struct
30.04UHUH::BEERMANSat Jan 01 1994Trying to get "Hello World" app to work
31.02JEDI::CAUDILLMon Jan 03 1994Device handle is invalid
32.0+10UHUH::BEERMANTue Jan 04 1994Another sample application: SAY
33.09--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 12 1994
34.01UHUH::BEERMANThu Jan 13 1994Text logging puts two
35.01UHUH::BEERMANThu Jan 13 1994Document redistributable files
36.01UHUH::BEERMANThu Jan 13 1994Typos in manual
37.01CGOOA::DOGIBSONFri Jan 14 1994Interactive Voice Response System
38.04--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 19 1994
39.02UHUH::BEERMANThu Jan 20 1994SSB kit regresses from last FT
40.01HERON::KAISERFri Jan 21 1994Lernout & Hauspie: multilingual speech technology
41.03CGOOA::BHARRISMon Jan 31 1994DOCS ON LINE??
42.0HARBOR::VANSICLENTue Mar 08 1994DECtalk Software - Request for Product Requirements
43.03SYORRK::krasFri Mar 25 1994xmtalk hanging/crashing system
44.012ERLANG::DICKENSThu Apr 07 1994Support for both MME and AF
45.03VNASWS::FLORTue Apr 19 1994RT & DEV licenses ?
46.02TOOHOT::LEEDSTue Apr 26 1994DECtalk on OpenVMS AXP ??
47.02AUSSIE::WHORLOWTue Jun 21 1994Asian Language support - again...
50.01CGOOA::BARNABEThu Jul 28 1994Other platforms??
51.02UHUH::BEERMANThu Jul 28 1994Plus signs not spoken unless separated by spaces
52.01UNYEM::ADIBHATLARMon Aug 08 1994" HELP .. DTC
54.02UHUH::BEERMANMon Aug 15 1994EFT1 comments - mostly on help file
55.01CSOA1::STUTSONFri Aug 19 1994Develope vs. Run-time
56.02--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 30 1994
57.01CGOOA::BARNABEWed Aug 31 1994Info on API?
58.0BGSDEV::LEELATue Sep 20 1994Have your Mail READ to you using DECtalk!
59.01DEVIN::LUCASTue Sep 20 1994aclock starts off with "Period...the time is ..."
60.02POBOX::SELLISWed Sep 21 1994Cust needs information!
62.01DEVIN::LUCASFri Sep 23 1994Mailtalk problems
63.06KAMPUS::NEIDECKERTue Sep 27 1994German DECtalk ?
68.08CGOOA::BHARRISMon Jan 30 1995WIN95 Version???
69.0CERN::CARNEYMon Feb 20 1995Emacs DECtalk in Software interface using "say"
70.01AKOFIN::MINISANDRAMThu Feb 23 1995Privilege info, please!!!
71.08STAR::RICOThu Mar 02 1995possible bug
72.02WOTVAX::ROXBURGHAFri Mar 03 1995Help needed with VAX 47
73.03PHONE::ELLISONFri Mar 03 1995Pauses and memory buffer output
74.0BGSDEV::ROZMOVITSTue Mar 07 1995Updated WWW location for DECtalk Software
75.01WHRAMI::BITTERSat Mar 11 1995Does DTK$READ_KEYSTROKE buffer keypad response
76.05STAR::RICOFri Mar 31 1995Paul on Floyd?
77.04WHRAMI::BITTERMon Apr 03 1995Using DECtalk Dictionary
78.02CERN::CARNEYTue Apr 04 1995"say" example application segmentation fault
79.02LEADIN::ELLISONFri Apr 07 1995What's the correct way to stop text to speech from the callback routine?
80.0CERN::CARNEYWed Apr 19 1995web-demos kit available
81.01VAXSPO::INTERD_MARIOThu May 04 1995Non-English speech: what product?
82.01STAR::RICOTue Jul 11 1995Bug: ttsapi.h is not "C++ enabled"
83.0STAR::RICOWed Jul 12 1995Tip: Watch those backslashes if you hard code filenames on NT!
84.0STAR::RICOFri Jul 14 1995Want to use in-memory API on NT from a non-GUI application
85.0+1BGSDEV::HALLAHANWed Jul 19 1995Locating the latest kits
86.05KLUSTR::GARDNERMon Sep 18 1995speak problem...
87.02CESARE::VIOLAFri Nov 17 1995A couple of question on DECtalk.
88.02KLUSTR::GARDNERTue Dec 12 1995help with setup of Emacspeak?
89.02CSCMA::JOJOYCETue Dec 19 1995Are there screen readers available?
90.03HERON::KAISERTue Jan 02 1996My new Soundblaster has DECtalk!
91.0MQOOA::LEDOUXWed Jan 10 1996Windows NT 4.
92.0NETRIX::"bar@zko.dec.com"Fri Jan 12 1996Windows 95 support
93.03TRLIAN::WATTSTue Jan 16 1996Problem installing documentation from CD
94.01CERN::CARNEYMon Jan 29 1996aclock is removing J3
95.0CERN::CARNEYMon Jan 29 1996DTKDOC42
96.07SHANE::PACIELLOMon Jan 29 1996DECtalk Software Support for the Assistive Market
97.01MFRFMS::HERMANNFri Feb 02 1996DECtalk and System Watchdog
98.02TLAVSat Feb 03 1996DECtalk and the blind
99.02ZENDIA::BEERMANFri Apr 05 1996Problem installing MailTalk
100.04AOSF1::krasFri Apr 12 1996www opportunities for dectalk?
101.02LEADIN::ELLISONWed May 29 1996Bug in DECtalk 4.2
102.01EEMELI::TSAVOLAINENTue Jun 25 1996Facial animation (maybe DECtalk)??
103.02GIDDAY::BURTWed Jul 10 1996Patches on the web?
104.06AOSF1::krasTue Jul 23 1996Digital UNIX 4.
105.05GYPOS3::EIBLWed Aug 21 1996GUI not working with DUNIX 4.
106.02USDEV::BWHITEMon Nov 04 1996DECtalk Express firmware problem
107.0ALLOUT::STEWARTTue Nov 05 1996anomolies?
108.0NETRIX::"falcod@mail.dec.com"Fri Nov 15 1996Speech Recognition Beta sites
109.0+2MKOTS3::HAHNMon Nov 25 1996Does V4.3 Support NT 4.
110.0VMSNET::R_OLSENWed Jan 08 1997MPU4
111.0+6CERN::CARNEYFri Jan 17 1997"say" hangs
112.0 *+2LEADIN::ELLISONThu Feb 27 1997T4.3 API Differences?
113.0 *+1CIM2NI::VANDERAAWed Mar 12 1997MailTalk and MS Exchange don't mix