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Conference bgsdev::declare

Title:Declare - Speech recognition software for Alphas
Created:Tue Feb 21 1995
Last Modified:Tue Mar 25 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:25
Total number of notes:71
Number with bodies:7
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1.0BGSDEV::ROZMOVITSTue Feb 21 1995Declare - Speech recognition software for Alpha desktops
2.06BGSDEV::ROZMOVITSTue Feb 21 1995Pointer to kits
3.012BGSDEV::ROZMOVITSTue Feb 21 1995Sign In
4.0BGSDEV::MANGIPUDIThu Mar 02 1995Reserved for future use
5.0BGSDEV::MANGIPUDIThu Mar 02 1995Reserved for future use
6.0BGSDEV::MANGIPUDIThu Mar 02 1995Reserved for future use
7.0BGSDEV::MANGIPUDIThu Mar 02 1995Reserved for future use
8.0BGSDEV::MANGIPUDIThu Mar 02 1995Reserved for future use
9.0NETRIX::"bar@mmsrv.zko.dec.com"Fri Jun 09 1995Web Pointer
10.02CECAMO::JAGERMANTue Aug 22 1995Remarks on EFT1
11.0HDLITE::SCHAFERFri Sep 08 1995Competitive gear
12.05GERUND::WOLFETue Sep 19 1995Please support CDE and not today's apps
13.02BGSDEV::ROZMOVITSMon Sep 25 1995Declare name changes to... DSRS
14.02KLUSTR::GARDNERFri Sep 29 1995other microphones?
15.01CECAMO::JAGERMANMon Oct 02 1995Schedule for UNIX and WNT version?
16.0BGSDEV::ROZMOVITSWed Oct 11 1995Executable name change too
17.04WASHDC::SARASINSat Feb 03 1996VTX pack may be broken
19.01WASHDC::SARASINTue Feb 06 1996Setld ivp will only work for users of the C shell.
20.02NETRIX::"chaiken@pa.dec.com"Tue Mar 19 1996installation and initial experience (DSRS v1.1)
21.0BGSDEV::STAMThu Jul 25 1996Launch failure related to a problem with UNIX V4.
22.03CSC32::HEINZThu Aug 29 1996change workspace commands?
23.0+2RHETT::SHEPPARDMon Nov 04 1996release on UNIX: when?
24.0+5NETRIX::"falcod@mail.dec.com"Fri Nov 15 1996Look for Beta sites
25.0 *NETRIX::"falcod@mail.dec.com"Tue Mar 25 1997Speech recognition field test