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Conference bgsdev::avs

Title:DEC AVS topics
Notice:Conference is write locked; see note 518
Created:Wed May 02 1990
Last Modified:Mon Feb 28 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:518
Total number of notes:1817
Number with bodies:0
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1.01DSSDEV::FLATTENWed May 02 1990Introduction
2.0DSSDEV::FLATTENWed May 02 1990AVS Backgrounder (from Jack Bowie)
3.0DSSDEV::FLATTENThu May 03 1990AVS Phase Review Documentation
4.07MAVIN::STEARMANThu May 17 1990AVS Overview Presentation now available
5.05DSSDEV::FLATTENThu May 24 1990AVS Training
6.01GUCCI::DRICHMONDThu Jun 28 19908 plane vs. 24 plane?
7.03DSSDEV::FLATTENThu Jul 05 1990AVS Q&A
8.02JULIET::HATTRUP_JAMon Jul 23 1990Other AVS vendors?
9.0DSSDEV::FLATTENWed Jul 25 1990The Origins of AVS
10.03DSSDEV::FLATTENWed Jul 25 1990DEC AVS for ULTRIX V2.
11.0DSSDEV::FLATTENThu Jul 26 1990AVS Notes Conference is Moving
12.0MAVIN::STEARMANThu Jul 26 1990Sales Update Article
13.01BAVIKI::GOODFri Jul 27 1990Internationalization support
14.08MAVIN::STEARMANTue Jul 31 1990Demo Script
15.05CUJO::GEORGEWed Aug 01 1990Need bounding box
16.011BURTON::MCCAUSLANDThu Aug 09 1990Can't display under VMS!
17.0DSSDEV::FLATTENSat Aug 11 1990Visualization Research Support Position
18.01DSSDEV::FLATTENSun Aug 12 1990SUN's Visualization Announcements at Siggraph
19.0SSGBPM::DAVISONTue Aug 14 1990DEC AVS announcement
20.01CRLVMS::GUDRUNTue Aug 14 1990looking for doc on Module Library File Format
21.02CORTON::MERMELLWed Aug 15 1990ultrix installation problem: nfs-mounted directory?
22.0MAVIN::STEARMANFri Aug 17 1990Visualization '9
23.019TKOVOA::KAWANISHI_HSun Aug 19 1990questions in field test
24.01IJSAPL::LONINKMon Aug 20 1990What about AVS in Europe, announcement?
25.02CRLVMS::GUDRUNWed Aug 22 1990reading the cursor position from a user module
26.01TAVThu Aug 23 1990SPD location of AVS ?
27.0ALLVAX::PHILBRICKThu Aug 23 1990Data filters for ANSYS and NASTRAN?
28.03JPS1::QUIJANOThu Aug 23 1990Spaceball and dialbox ordering information
29.01DSSDEV::FLATTENMon Aug 27 1990AVS V3.
30.01CIVAGE::WILDYTue Aug 28 1990DEC AVS Kit Location
31.02TROAWed Aug 29 1990AVS demo video tape ?
32.02DSSDEV::FLATTENWed Aug 29 1990This is NOT the offical DEC AVS SPD
33.05SSGBPM::DAVISONWed Aug 29 1990Resources Available
34.01PRSSOS::PRONIERThu Aug 30 1990Training in europe ?
35.04ITASCA::LANKFORDThu Aug 30 1990AVS on Apollo?
36.08LLANDA::UWEMon Sep 03 1990Can't access SPACEBALL
37.02MAMTS5::SCHASETue Sep 04 1990Just noticed time bomb...
38.0MAVIN::STEARMANThu Sep 06 1990Media & Doc 'Q' number correction
39.0MAVIN::STEARMANFri Sep 07 1990Marketing assistance during DECville
40.01SALSA::RANGERFri Sep 07 1990AVS part # question
41.01FALCOR::wilderWed Sep 12 1990AVS not displaying objects!
42.0SSGBPM::DAVISONTue Sep 18 1990Demonstration Folks
43.07DACT6::CHASEWed Sep 19 1990More images?
44.010SALISH::HALL_KYThu Sep 27 1990AVS and OSF?
45.01STLACT::HIRABAYASHIFri Sep 28 1990Poor resolution
46.03SYOMV::KRASFri Sep 28 1990Is Phigs required?
47.02KETJE::PUTMANSTue Oct 02 1990(installation) problem on PXG
48.05TROAWed Oct 10 1990PV Wave vs. AVS
49.01TROAWed Oct 10 1990AVS rolling demo
50.09DACT6::CHASEWed Oct 17 1990New release of AVS?
51.01TKOVOA::KAWANISHI_HMon Oct 22 1990Anyone can benchmark AVS on PXG ??
52.02DSSDEV::FLATTENWed Oct 24 1990Phase
53.02LAIDBK::FERGUSONThu Nov 01 1990Some bugs I found.
54.03LLANDA::UWEFri Nov 02 1990digital should offer the spaceball!
55.02TAVMon Nov 05 1990Extended module library
56.0COLWed Nov 07 1990Implementation of special functions in AVS-network
57.04SWAM2::CLINE_STWed Nov 07 1990S-L-O-W Performance
58.07TAVThu Nov 08 1990CFD viewer
59.03GUCCI::BJELTEMAThu Nov 08 1990What exactly is AVS3
60.01DELREY::FULTON_JOThu Nov 08 1990AVS Advice Needed, ds5
61.02DSSDEV::FLATTENWed Nov 14 1990AVS demo data solicited
62.03TAVThu Nov 15 1990Multi - vendor display
63.04DSSDEV::FLATTENThu Nov 15 1990DEC AVS Course Offered - enroll through Ed Services
65.0LLANDA::UWEFri Nov 16 1990More "direct" colors on a DS31
66.09DSSDEV::CLIFFORDFri Nov 16 1990DEV AVS V2.
67.08SCAACT::HODANTue Nov 20 1990ddif ?? img
68.0BLIVET::shahMon Nov 26 1990SGI on AVS
69.01KETJE::PUTMANSMon Nov 26 1990GEOM library
70.01HAMSUP::MEIERMon Nov 26 1990No labels in surface poperty editor?
71.01KETJE::PUTMANSTue Nov 27 1990Irregular Field format ...
72.06GUCCI::BJELTEMAThu Nov 29 1990VoxelView vs AVS
73.06CALYPS::KLAMERUSTue Dec 04 1990Visualization
75.01AVIATE::SHAHFri Dec 07 1990DECUS talk on 'How to Write AVS Modules?'
76.02DACT6::CHASEWed Dec 12 1990Multiple slices/window?
77.02OSLThu Dec 13 1990Programable interface?
78.01SALSA::CAMBRONThu Dec 13 1990What is Dore?
79.09USHS1Sat Dec 15 1990More that 8 bit grey scale?
80.03DSSDEV::FLATTENMon Dec 17 1990FYI - An AVS Competitor (apE)
81.03WB2DCL::MCNALLMon Dec 17 1990FYI - Another (POTENTIAL) AVS Competitor - Khoros, UNM
82.02HOTAIR::ENGQUISTMon Dec 17 1990Help needed on reading data into AVS
83.0MAVIN::STEARMANMon Dec 17 1990AVS National Center RFP
84.01MUDIS3::RBOEDEKERTue Dec 18 1990AVS vs. SAS
85.03WB2DCL::MCNALLTue Dec 18 1990Application Control Architecture (ACA)
86.02DSSDEV::FLATTENFri Dec 28 1990DEC AVS V2.
87.0DSSDEV::FLATTENSat Jan 05 1991Phase
88.010DENVER::BOYLESMon Jan 07 1991Where is the latest AVS Documentation?
90.05ZSAZSA::READINGSThu Jan 10 1991AVS: unable to allocate required color resources
91.01TRHLE1::INGVARDTue Jan 15 1991Error in the SSA?
92.01RTPLWed Jan 16 1991Customer Needs AVS help
93.0ALLVAX::PHILBRICKThu Jan 17 1991Results Interpreter Application
94.03USRCV1::TSOISFri Jan 18 1991most recent version of AVS?
95.01DSSDEV::FLATTENMon Jan 21 1991This IS the DEC AVS V2.
96.02SDOGUS::HOOKERTue Jan 22 1991do_avs
97.01USRCV1::TSOISWed Jan 23 1991geom display problem?
98.0DACT6::CHASEMon Jan 28 1991Paragon with AVS
99.08DENVER::BOYLESTue Jan 29 1991Public Module Lib. Locations??
100.04KETJE::PUTMANSWed Jan 30 1991PAK ?
101.03CERN::CLAVIThu Jan 31 1991geom_add_float_colors problem
102.08WIDGIT::BACKESThu Jan 31 1991Pak Problems!!!
103.01AIWEST::FOSTERThu Jan 31 1991PUTIMAGE & XIO problem
104.04XENON::FLATTENFri Feb 01 1991How to *LOAN* DEC AVS to customers
105.02SALSA::CAMBRONFri Feb 01 1991Does PXG require Z-buffer?
106.02DENVER::BOYLESMon Feb 04 1991Does POSTSCRIPT work?
107.01OSLTue Feb 05 1991DOCS?
108.03KETJE::PUTMANSTue Feb 05 1991module died.
109.03RHETT::BONNETue Feb 05 1991Missing modules in Volume Viewer
110.02RHETT::BONNETue Feb 05 1991Grayscale ramp generation
111.01RHETT::BONNETue Feb 05 1991Aspect ratio off with arbitrary slice
112.02BERNWed Feb 06 1991Hardware
113.02LAIDBK::FERGUSONWed Feb 06 1991looking for AVScorout_wait in linking
114.04KETJE::PUTMANSThu Feb 07 1991how to create actions ?
116.02KETJE::PUTMANSMon Feb 11 1991Performance with LARGE data-sets
117.02TLSEMon Feb 11 1991Zooming Hard or Soft / Overlays ??
118.02KETJE::PUTMANSMon Feb 11 1991user interface knittings
119.01RHETT::WEILBACHERTue Feb 12 1991strdup() and port undefined
120.02LEVEL7::BARNOLDWed Feb 13 1991Display AVS on a VT1
121.01WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIThu Feb 14 1991need triangulation data rotator
122.03AUNTB::BOYERSat Feb 16 1991Edu Pricing?
123.01USHS11::POWELLMon Feb 18 1991AVS under VMS?
124.01CSOA1::NAUWed Feb 20 1991Filter for NASA PLOT 3-D in DEC AVS?
125.02DSSDEV::FLATTENThu Feb 21 1991DEC AVS Softbase Entries
126.03WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIFri Feb 22 1991Need help with PAK
127.02USRCV1::TSOISFri Feb 22 1991AVS output to video and unsupported modules
128.02GLORY::DEVINEMon Feb 25 1991BIG avs workstation opportunity.help!
129.021Mon Feb 25 1991Producing an XY graph?
130.021Tue Feb 26 1991Printing problem?
131.02DACT6::CHASETue Feb 26 1991Typo in Doc set?
132.03BAVIKI::GOODThu Feb 28 1991PEX font error
133.01WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIThu Feb 28 1991Creating data module help?
134.0334838::CHALTASFri Mar 01 19918planes +
137.01RHETT::BONNETue Mar 05 1991BadValue on X_QueryColors displaying to GPX
138.0DSSDEV::FLATTENTue Mar 05 1991AVS Vendor's Meeting - Trip Report
139.06DSSDEV::CLIFFORDTue Mar 05 1991Color PostScript Module Available
140.05TLSEWed Mar 06 1991Geographic Images ...
141.01TOOIS1::MIRGHANEThu Mar 07 1991Help display of geometric data
142.01COGITO::SIMPSONThu Mar 07 1991Rotating Objects
143.02DACT6::CHASEFri Mar 08 1991AVS and remote commands?
144.01PRSSOS::PRONIERMon Mar 11 1991connect/ can't assign requested address
145.0HIGHD::BRIDGESMon Mar 11 1991another avs data conversion question
146.04DSSDEV::ENXINGThu Mar 14 1991More AVS Data Sets
147.02LYOIS1::JACQUINFri Mar 15 1991IGES/CGM/...<--> DECAVS
148.06NCEIS1::CHOQUETFri Mar 15 1991CADRA-III to AVS ?
149.0MR4DEC::STEARMANFri Mar 15 1991A Computation Science Seminar for your customers
150.02MR4DEC::STEARMANMon Mar 18 1991Looking for 3rd party developers
151.06NCEIS1::CHOQUETTue Mar 19 1991list of user written filters
152.06VAXWRK::AUSTINWed Mar 20 1991Alpha Blending
153.02STUThu Mar 21 1991Dokumentation wrong???
154.03DACT6::CHASEThu Mar 21 1991Ortho AND Arb slicing...?
155.01DSSDEV::CLIFFORDThu Mar 21 1991New and Unsupported Features in DEC AVS V2.
156.02TAVWed Mar 27 1991Very slow movies
157.0DSSDEV::ENXINGFri Mar 29 1991CG International '91: Visualization of Physical Phenomena
158.0DGOSWTue Apr 02 1991Fuild Dynamics ex. needed
159.02CRLVMS::HSUThu Apr 04 1991VBUFFER problems
160.01GENIE::HONEGGERFri Apr 05 1991AVS examples
161.02MLNCSC::BELLENCHIAMon Apr 08 1991Isolevel curve and "pdb to geom" visualization.
162.0NOATAK::KHALLMon Apr 08 1991Dialog Box problem displaying AVS on a SPARCstation
163.0DACT6::CHASEWed Apr 10 1991AVS burps on 4meg volumetric file
164.01WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIThu Apr 11 1991PXG machines = terrible AVS
166.03OTOOMon Apr 15 1991AVS Brochures?
167.03TRHLE1::INGVARDMon Apr 22 1991AVS is crashing
168.06EEMELI::TAVITue Apr 23 1991Problem: Irregular Fields
169.01AUNTB::GRAYTue Apr 23 1991GEOM library problem
170.0DSSDEV::FLATTENThu Apr 25 1991Phase 1&2 closure for DEC AVS V3.
171.08TPOVC::SAMCHUSat Apr 27 1991Network Needed for irregular field data
172.01CHOWDA::DYERThu May 02 1991help for a customer??
173.01WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIMon May 06 1991GEOMgen_normals breaks sub-routine ???
174.01HOTAIR::ENGQUISTTue May 07 1991AVS Doc numbers needed
175.0WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIWed May 08 1991Understanding goem-formats objects ???
176.0SALSA::CAMBRONWed May 08 1991AVS performance on 3MIN anyone?
177.01WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIThu May 09 1991GEOMadd_polytriangle ???
178.07OSPREY::MCERLANEVThu May 09 1991PAK problem again!!!
179.01MAVIN::stearmanFri May 10 1991DEC AVS in the News
180.04PRSSOS::PRONIERMon May 13 1991Dials and spaceball ?
181.02PRSSOS::PRONIERMon May 13 1991Optional packages ?
182.0USRCV1::TSOISMon May 13 1991OFF_TO_GEOM help needed!
183.03DSSDEV::FLATTENMon May 13 19913rd Party AVS Offerings
184.0ISMGWed May 15 1991Need requirements for color devices
185.03NOATAK::KHALLMon May 20 1991Data File Compatibilty
186.01SHAWB1::THOMASATue May 21 1991Virtual Reality & AVS ?
187.01PIPE::GOODWed May 22 1991Coroutines with field input ports and float parameters
188.04FORTSC::MAKWed May 22 1991interesting findings
189.01FORTSC::MAKWed May 22 1991need advice
190.03DSSDEV::FLATTENFri May 24 1991Phase
191.0BERNTue May 28 1991evironmental- and medical demos
192.01BERNTue May 28 1991background info for rolling demo needed
193.01SHAWB1::THOMASAWed May 29 1991particle addvector problems
194.02DSSDEV::FLATTENFri May 31 1991AVS Sales help needed
195.0RHETT::BONNEWed Jun 05 1991Browser question
196.0PIPE::GOODWed Jun 05 1991Labels in geometries
197.02MR4DEC::STEARMANFri Jun 07 1991Integration Support (DAIS) program announced
198.0MR4DEC::STEARMANFri Jun 07 1991Application Integration Guide available
199.01DACT6::CHASEWed Jun 12 1991Our AVS vs other vendors?
200.03TAIJI::ALEXCHUWed Jun 19 1991Automobile Simulator Visualization
201.05NEGD::TRIBEWed Jun 19 1991DEC AVS IVP failed.
203.012DSSDEV::CLIFFORDThu Jun 20 1991FT1 kit for DEC AVS V3.
204.03MLNCSC::BELLENCHIAWed Jun 26 1991Official version and field test at the same time.
205.01PIPE::GOODWed Jun 26 1991Molecular modeling/Chemistry/PDB questions
206.01SHAWB1::THOMASAThu Jun 27 1991Graphics TCD review
207.01NEGD::TRIBEFri Jun 28 1991My window is not low enough ...
208.0TKOV51::KAWANISHIMon Jul 01 1991Volume Data written by VAX FORTRAN
209.02NEGD::TRIBEMon Jul 01 1991Tutorial v3.
210.02CSCOAC::HOOD_RTue Jul 09 19918 planes = 12 colors?
211.04TKOV51::KAWANISHIWed Jul 10 1991How to draw conter lines on Arbitrary slice plane ?
212.05GLDOA::CHALTASThu Jul 11 1991AVS3
213.01AUNTB::GRAYThu Jul 11 1991Temporary PAK for evaluation
214.05CERN::CLAVIFri Jul 12 1991smseg and smmax updated values not recognized
215.05CRLVMS::HSUFri Jul 12 1991tracer and probe output together?
216.01STOHUB::DSCGLF::SOCHAFri Jul 12 1991ROI in AVS v3.
217.01GLORY::MOOREMon Jul 15 1991data sets moved?
218.03GLDOA::CHALTASTue Jul 16 1991AVS V3.
219.02DSSDEV::FLATTENThu Jul 18 1991AVS Training at Siggraph
220.07DSSDEV::CLIFFORDThu Jul 18 1991FT2 kit for DEC AVS V3.
221.0PIPE::GOODFri Jul 19 1991Stroke labels
222.03NOATAK::KHALLMon Jul 22 1991Calling AVS from another program.
223.03CRLVMS::HSUTue Jul 23 1991displaying on a double-headed WS
224.0DSSDEV::FLATTENTue Jul 23 1991AVS to run on SGI
226.0DSSDEV::FLATTENFri Jul 26 1991IBM - Unveils new computer to help visualization
227.05SYOMV::KRASFri Jul 26 1991AVS on MASPAR?
228.02RHETT::BONNEMon Jul 29 1991Can I free a pixmap?
229.01WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIThu Aug 01 1991labels never appear???
230.013HSOMAI::PALOThu Aug 01 1991PEXFontError when setting display to a VS31
231.01NEGD::TRIBEThu Aug 01 1991Looking for Ocean/Marine data
232.0DSSDEV::FLATTENMon Aug 05 1991Call for Participation - Scientific Visualization Environments, A Workshop at Visualization '91
233.06ULTOE::browderTue Aug 06 1991any Fortran examples using geom_add_disjoint_polygon
234.0CRLVMS::GUDRUNTue Aug 06 1991problem with AVScorout_X_wait
235.02TPOVC::SAMCHUWed Aug 07 1991Compiler error while make ./avs/examples/*_f
236.05REDBRD::CHANDLERWed Aug 07 1991AVS use for radiation treatment planning?
237.0MR4DEC::STEARMANMon Aug 12 1991Pub Sectr Eng: Help Wanted
238.02DENVER::BOYLESMon Aug 12 1991AVS (vs) PV-WAVE, etc.
239.01SHAWB1::THOMASAWed Aug 14 19913D Manelbrot for AVS volume
240.01CONOR::MINGLEFri Aug 16 1991AVS On VS4
241.04BREAKR::HAFri Aug 16 1991dual head CX/PXG - transparency
243.02HOTAIR::ENGQUISTThu Aug 22 1991Enhancement needed to print/edit networks
244.01SYOMV::KRASThu Aug 22 1991Maple and AVS?
245.04RHETT::BONNEThu Aug 22 1991Dimension of volume bounds box incorrect
246.02HOTAIR::ENGQUISTThu Aug 22 1991Questions on other files on btlnck::Netkits/avs
247.01TRHLE1::INGVARDFri Aug 23 1991Any filter writen for ECLIPS data
248.0DSSDEV::CLIFFORDFri Aug 23 1991"Digital Graphics" T-shirts Available
249.03HOTAIR::ENGQUISTFri Aug 23 1991DEC AVS - Less functionality?
250.0MR4DEC::STEARMANWed Aug 28 1991Seminar: Visualization, AVS, NCSC
251.07TAVSun Sep 01 1991AVS ==> DECmpp
252.03TPOVC::SAMCHUTue Sep 03 1991buy CFD viewer as option ?
253.02CRLVMS::HSUTue Sep 03 1991Bug in Display Tracker?
254.01MR4DEC::STEARMANTue Sep 03 1991Vis '91 Oct 21-25, 1991 in San Diego
255.01FORTSC::MAKTue Sep 03 1991v3.
256.01RHETT::BONNEThu Sep 05 1991Main Panel drops off bottom of screen
257.03REDBRD::CHANDLERFri Sep 06 1991does "field" data support 16-bit integers?
258.01VC9Tue Sep 10 1991AVS ERROR.
259.02ULTOE::browderThu Sep 12 1991Any filters for Patran or Flowtran
260.0DSSDEV::CLIFFORDMon Sep 16 1991Formation of AVS newgroup
261.09TKOV51::KAWANISHIThu Sep 19 1991Demo of Orthogonal Slice with Graph
262.01RHETT::BONNEFri Sep 20 1991Routine for HSV to RGB
263.01TAIJI::HENRYKONGMon Sep 23 1991Multiple Monitors for a Workstation ?
264.0CRLVMS::HSUMon Sep 23 1991AVS vs. EXPLORE
265.04TLSEThu Sep 26 1991SPD V3 wanted
266.03HSOMAI::PALOFri Sep 27 19918-plane display needed for PC
267.05CRLVMS::HSUFri Sep 27 1991shr mem problems -> disk thrashing
268.03DSSDEV::FLATTENThu Oct 03 1991Miscellaneous AVS Information
269.02TPOVC::SAMCHUFri Oct 04 1991get Pixel vaule from AVS ?
270.0WYVERN::COMEFORDFri Oct 04 1991So you want to be a PHIGS/GKS/AVS developer...
271.01MUCTEC::EIBLMon Oct 07 1991Simultaneously different graphs with graph viewer?
272.08SAAVAK::CHANDLERTue Oct 08 1991AVS dies with "ocbuf: 1
273.02NEMAIL::ROBERTSONWed Oct 09 1991Dial box doesn't work
274.02MUCTEC::EIBLWed Oct 09 1991Good looking AVS product informations available ?
275.05TKOV51::KAWANISHIFri Oct 11 1991Trouble of wfront_to_geom
276.02TKOV51::KAWANISHIFri Oct 11 1991System Configuration for DEC AVS 3
278.020DSSDEV::FLATTENWed Oct 16 1991AVS Modules from the International AVS Center
279.0DSSDEV::FLATTENFri Oct 18 1991CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS - 3rd EUROGRAPHICS Workshop on Visualization in Scientific Computing
280.05NEMAIL::ROBERTSONMon Oct 21 1991AVS performance problems
281.02SHAWB1::THOMASAWed Oct 23 1991pdb question
282.01ZSAZSA::READINGSFri Oct 25 1991AVS on Ultrix V4.2A?
283.01MEO78B::LYONSMon Oct 28 1991Fluid Flow and AVS Q's
284.01ALEXWS::ALEXThu Oct 31 1991AVS and DECmpp:could they be made to work togethe
285.04MAYTAG::FLATTENTue Nov 05 1991Stardent going out of business
286.01SHAWB1::THOMASAWed Nov 06 1991Advice needed for reading/displaying data
287.01SUBFIZ::FARICELLIFri Nov 08 1991Can AVS talk to other processes via shared memory?
288.0MR4DEC::BOWIEFri Nov 08 1991Sun Giveaway
289.02TKOV51::KAWANISHIMon Nov 11 1991How to animate Time Sequential Field Data?
290.01GLDOA::BENNETTTue Nov 12 1991avs 3.o questions
291.02ATH853::DAMIANOSThu Nov 14 1991Demo for a Greek customer
292.02DSSDEV::FLATTENSun Nov 17 1991AVS V3.
293.0JENEVR::RLEETue Nov 19 1991CALL: 8-JAN-91 / Participate in SIGRAPH/NE Annual Video Review
294.0SWAM1::MATHIEU_PAThu Nov 21 1991Customer Training needed
295.04INTGRA::grbFri Nov 22 1991AVS on UWS4.2a / PHIGS 2.3 FT
296.02DSSDEV::FLATTENMon Nov 25 1991Maple V Now Supports DEC AVS
297.07LEMAN::MBROWNTue Nov 26 1991HX Experience with DEC AVS ???
298.01LEMAN::MBROWNWed Nov 27 1991AVS Chemistry Viewer from Molecular Simulations
299.0DSSDEV::FLATTENSat Nov 30 1991New AVS marketing person in Europe
300.03SHAWB1::THOMASAWed Dec 04 1991Module to read Multimedia 'pnm' files
301.0VELVET::MICHONWed Dec 04 1991Need new SPACEware
302.01TENAYA::LEVINEThu Dec 05 1991Intensive graphics training offered
303.03WARNUT::THOMASAMon Dec 09 1991I2DV problems etc...
304.02TKOV51::KAWANISHIMon Dec 09 1991Problems on field data visualize
305.01WARNUT::THOMASAThu Dec 12 1991Dial box & AVS 3.
306.02RT93::TRIBEFri Dec 13 1991What is Explorer ?
307.02TKOV51::KAWANISHIMon Dec 16 1991DEC AVS logo ( Wavefront format )
308.02TPOVC::STEVEHSUWed Dec 18 1991
309.01PIPE::GOODWed Dec 18 1991Using delta_matrix_4x4 data type?
310.01ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGMon Dec 23 1991Do we sell AVS Chemistry Viewer?
311.0DSSDEV::CLIFFORDFri Dec 27 1991The Points Array and the Field Extent Information
312.07DSSDEV::CLIFFORDFri Dec 27 1991 FT kit for DEC AVS V3.
313.0RENOIR::FLATTENTue Dec 31 1991First International AVS User Group Conference Announced
314.07SNOCMon Jan 06 1992DECmpp/AVS and realtime viz.
315.02MR4DEC::ONDERKOWed Jan 08 1992AVS and Maple Xlib problems
316.06OSLThu Jan 09 1992bad allocation, insuff. resources
317.02TKOV51::KAWANISHIThu Jan 09 1992UCD ASCII file format
318.02TKOV51::KAWANISHIFri Jan 17 1992Finace Data Demo ?
319.018TKOV51::KAWANISHITue Jan 21 1992ABAQUS Filter
320.02TKOV51::KAWANISHIWed Jan 22 1992Pseude Color looks bad
321.05KETJE::DIERICKThu Jan 23 1992AVS in cooperation with Cray , urgent question
323.01TKOV51::KAWANISHIMon Jan 27 1992Customer confuse Ultrix 4.2a & DEC AVS 3.
324.0DSSDEV::CLIFFORDThu Jan 30 1992Bug in DEC AVS V3.
325.01CRLVMS::HSUTue Feb 04 1992Debugging an AVS mod with mpl code impossible??
326.02PIPE::GOODTue Feb 04 1992Superimposition, or a more flexible probe
327.04CRLVMS::HSUThu Feb 06 1992can't put field in shared memory: shmat:
328.0CRLVMS::HSUThu Feb 06 1992shmem prob 'tween DECmpp & AVS
329.03RHETT::BONNEFri Feb 07 1992Network editor problem reading written networks
330.01UFP::RJLMon Feb 10 1992Viewing a sequence of 2d plots??
331.02UFP::RJLMon Feb 10 1992help adding module to module library
332.01TAVTue Feb 11 1992Image processing stuff
333.02CRLVMS::HSUThu Feb 13 1992-noshm disables AVSinput_changed???
334.05DSSDEV::CLIFFORDMon Feb 17 1992DEC AVS V4.
335.06SALSA::CAMBRONTue Feb 18 1992View only part of pdb file?
336.04CSOA1::STUTSONTue Feb 18 1992HX graphics
337.0CSOA1::STUTSONTue Feb 18 1992Xterms and AVS
338.0TENAYA::LEVINETue Feb 18 1992Intensive Graphics Training Offered
339.05RHETT::BONNETue Feb 25 1992Output .scene to .ps or image file?
340.03SALSA::CAMBRONFri Mar 06 1992Mining data sets available for demo?
341.05GYPOS3::EIBLFri Mar 06 1992How to include animation data in AVS
342.01MUCTEC::EIBLTue Mar 10 1992How to set the start size of application panel ?
343.02CRLVMS::HSUWed Mar 11 1992combine scalar problem?
344.0CECTUV::DIDDLYThu Mar 12 1992teapot copyrights ?
345.06CSOA1::STUTSONThu Mar 12 1992AVS vs. KORROS(sp?)
346.03PIPE::GOODFri Mar 13 1992AVS V4 FT geometry viewer module problems
347.01PIPE::GOODFri Mar 13 1992GEOMedit_camera_orient - any success with it?
349.0LEMAN::MBROWNTue Mar 17 1992AVI from HP ?
350.01TKOV51::KAWANISHITue Mar 17 1992Buying DEC AVS in Germany ?
351.01PIPE::GOODThu Mar 19 1992AVSget_unique_id: no current module
352.02PIPE::GOODThu Mar 19 1992AVS modules in C++?
353.03EWBV37::KNAKANOSun Mar 22 1992GEOM fatal error: realloc fails on pl vert list
354.06PIPE::GOODWed Mar 25 1992CDK - AVS Chemistry Developer's Kit
355.04MUCTEC::EIBLThu Mar 26 1992Supports AVS 24 bit images on TX option ?
356.0MR4DEC::STEARMANThu Mar 26 1992NEEDED ASAP: Data sets for new AVS feature
357.01WIDGIT::BACKESMon Apr 06 1992AVS on VMS
358.03MR4DEC::STEARMANWed Apr 08 1992Suggestions Wanted: Discipline specific shows
359.01PRSSOS::GRETILLATMon Apr 13 1992Need more info on AVS data_type passing algorthm
360.0MR4DEC::STEARMANWed Apr 15 1992Be A Star!! Open Auditions! Limited time offer
361.02SWAM2::MAMMEN_DAWed Apr 15 1992supported on MAXine?
362.01MR4DEC::LYSAKOWSKIThu Apr 16 1992netCDF Reader for AVS ???
363.0151338::MALMBERGTue Apr 21 1992PHIGS metafile filter?
364.02CRLVMS::HSUTue Apr 21 1992changing script controller directory
365.03CRLVMS::HSUTue Apr 21 1992AVS Appl'n menu question
366.02CRLVMS::HSUTue Apr 21 1992module naming problems
367.0RHETT::BONNEWed Apr 22 1992scene file being populated upstream
368.04RHETT::BONNEThu Apr 23 1992Simple Mesh - how to do this?
369.0TKOV51::KAWANISHIMon Apr 27 1992Animate UCD with fixed colourmap ?
370.01TPOVC::SAMCHUMon May 04 1992Color Postscript in graph Viewer?
371.05BACHUS::VANDORMAELTue May 05 1992Ultrix 4.2a,AVS 3.
372.02MEO78B::LYONSTue May 05 1992isosurface model question
373.01WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIMon May 11 19925
374.01MUCTEC::EIBLFri May 15 1992How to bring text into graphics using scripts ?
375.04KETJE::DIERICKWed May 20 1992Globe data for AVS ?
376.02EWBV37::KNAKANOThu May 28 1992can't save background color for image.
377.03ROMThu May 28 1992no feature ?
378.01CRLVMS::GUDRUNMon Jun 01 1992Problems with updating user-defined data structures
379.02BUFFER::LIMon Jun 01 1992AVS support/difficulty of module devel/overhead
380.02SHALOT::WELTONMon Jun 08 1992AVS Product Manager
381.02RHETT::BONNETue Jun 09 1992Animation of simple images shows memory/swap allocation problem
382.04MUCTEC::EIBLMon Jun 15 1992problem with 'self made' read_geom module
383.01PIPE::GOODMon Jun 29 1992Adding to the AVS.module_des file
384.01PIPE::GOODWed Jul 01 1992Pointing a file browser to the DataDirectory
385.0MR4DEC::AVESPERWed Jul 01 1992Good stuff Cheap!
386.04TKOV51::KAWANISHIWed Jul 01 1992I-DEAS Unversal File Filter
387.02TKOV51::KAWANISHIThu Jul 09 1992V4.
388.08DSSDEV::CLIFFORDThu Jul 09 1992DEC AVS V4.
389.0MR4DEC::STEARMANWed Jul 15 1992Video: Customer testimonials on DEC AVS now available
390.01SNOCWed Jul 22 1992bgeom files
391.06COPCLU::THOMASSENWed Jul 22 1992Convex AVS displays nothing on VXT2
392.02SDTMKT::DAVISONWed Jul 22 1992AVS usage survey: what/how
393.03WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTITue Jul 28 1992Stereo geometry viewer ???
394.02RHETT::BONNEWed Jul 29 1992Image viewer still core dumps AVS
395.08FORTSC::MAKThu Jul 30 1992dec and avs futures?
396.045FREBRD::POEGELTue Aug 04 1992DEC AVS V4.1 kits
397.03ESBTRX::KALINOWSKIWed Aug 12 1992Is there an Alpha VMS AVS Demo available ?
398.01STKHLM::PENNSATERWed Aug 12 1992ABAQUS filter ,where to get it?
399.0MR4DEC::STEARMANWed Aug 12 1992IEEE Visualization Conference
400.03CECEHV::JANS_RMon Aug 17 1992exceeded global page file limit
401.02MR4DEC::DESIMONEMon Aug 17 1992Alpha AVS install - pagelets ??
402.01LSNCSC::WALPENSat Aug 22 1992Explorer on DEC ?
403.04DSSDEV::DAVISONTue Aug 25 1992Q & A about AVS Relationship
404.01NZOMIS::ROBBINSWed Aug 26 1992SCI-VI unavailable
405.02RHETT::BONNEWed Aug 26 1992Size to Fit in Crop breaks Y extents
406.05CECEHV::JANS_RThu Aug 27 1992module port to VMS
407.02RHETT::BONNEThu Aug 27 1992AVS 2.
408.03RHETT::BONNEMon Aug 31 1992AVS 4.1 mongo avs_comm error, null ptr for strcpy
409.07LLANDA::ROMANThu Sep 03 1992low level animation and video output with AVS 4.
410.03RHETT::BONNEThu Sep 03 1992DECnet and AVS?
411.01NZOMIS::ROBBINSFri Sep 04 1992Meteorological AVS modules?
412.07DECWET::HANKSThu Sep 10 1992Old paks?
413.0229Mon Sep 14 1992Install AVS in alt location?
414.02BALZAC::GAUDINATTue Sep 15 1992wavefront to avs !
415.014WBC::DOERINGWed Sep 16 1992AlphaVMS FT4 ??
416.02CRLVMS::HSUThu Sep 17 1992Help with Msg facility
417.010TKOV51::KAWANISHIFri Sep 18 1992Animate Earthquake ?
418.02BOSTON::CHUWed Sep 23 1992AVS capabilities
419.02HOTAIR::ENGQUISTWed Sep 23 1992DEC AVS started in truecolor, but Psuedo color in X server
420.02GIDDAY::OLLISWed Sep 23 1992AVS for ULTRIX - font does not exist error..
421.01XLIB::EDWINFri Sep 25 1992AVS Release for ALPHA VMS FT#
422.01TAVThu Oct 01 1992What about Dialbox support ?????
423.02TAVThu Oct 01 1992AVS and Virtual Reality
424.02KETJE::DIERICKThu Oct 08 1992How to do this nicely ?
426.03BALZAC::GAUDINATTue Oct 13 1992Full hardware rendering ?
427.01RHETT::KATZWed Oct 14 1992ACR_NEMA data format
428.01LUXWed Oct 21 1992Any "standard demo" package available ?
429.09OSLACT::JENSHSun Oct 25 1992Running AVS on Alpha VMS with 3D support?
430.01SHAWB1::WILLOUGHBYDMon Oct 26 1992European AVS module repository ?
431.03PEACHS::WILKMon Oct 26 1992public library modules
432.02BIGRED::DOMINEYTue Oct 27 1992Alpha OSF AVS product manager?
433.01CRLVMS::HSUWed Oct 28 1992mod library def too long
434.03PEACHS::WILKThu Oct 29 1992image/graph viewer documentation
435.04WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTITue Nov 03 1992AVS on Oct con. dist. is CORRUPT.
436.01HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGTue Nov 03 1992AVS demo??
437.01NZOMIS::ROBBINSThu Nov 05 1992What is DEC AGS and DEC Open3D?
438.01WHYNOW::NEWMANFri Nov 06 1992Customer needs AVS for VAXstation 4
439.03GUCCI::DRICHMONDFri Nov 06 1992Does Mathematica support AVS?
440.02OSLACT::JENSHWed Nov 11 1992AVS for signal processing?
441.08STKHLM::P_SUNDSTROMFri Nov 13 1992DECAVS 4.
442.04STKHLM::P_SUNDSTROMFri Nov 13 1992DECAVS 4.
443.04TKOV51::KAWANISHIMon Nov 16 1992AVS rolling demo on Alpha/VMS
444.015TKOV51::KAWANISHITue Nov 17 1992Remote Module between Ultrix and VMS ?
445.04CRLVMS::HSUTue Nov 17 1992shared mem and coroutines don't mix?
446.03WEODGE::ROBBINSWed Nov 18 1992Bug in AVS 4.1 for OpenVMS AXP?
447.02STKHLM::NYSTEDTFri Nov 20 1992AVS courses or training available?
448.03BALZAC::GAUDINATTue Nov 24 1992Flickering module for AVS
449.04MEOCWed Nov 25 1992AVS and real-time data ??
450.01WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIFri Nov 27 1992Strange missing font
451.05DSSDEV::CLIFFORDMon Nov 30 1992Preliminary Retirement Notification - DEC AVS for ULTRIX 4.
452.02SALSA::CAMBRONWed Dec 02 1992AVS on ULTRIX V4.3
453.01BOSTON::CHUThu Dec 03 1992AVS41
454.04WEODGE::ROBBINSTue Dec 08 1992Fundamental misunderstandings within AVS!
455.01TKOV51::KAWANISHITue Dec 15 1992I need MMS ?
456.06EEMELI::PEURAWed Dec 16 1992OSF BL1
457.01TAVMon Dec 21 1992Source code for rendering geom data
458.01BALZAC::GAUDINATMon Dec 21 1992antialasing with hardware rendering ?
459.03DGOSWMon Dec 21 1992Texture CLI problem
460.01USABLE::GOODWed Dec 30 1992Building modules on Alpha OSF/1 - shared libraries etc.
461.0MR4DEC::STEARMANTue Jan 19 1993Intent to Discontinue Funding International AVS Center
462.03RHETT::BONNEWed Jan 27 1993NOMSGFIL in routine popenphigs using AVS 4.
463.04USABLE::GOODThu Jan 28 1993Attempting to detach a shared memory segment...
464.05CRLVMS::HSUMon Feb 01 1993 shared mem 'tween remote mods?
465.01XLIB::EDWINTue Feb 02 1993AVS Image file format
466.0MR4DEC::STEARMANWed Feb 03 1993 AVS93 Call for Posters and Videos
467.0MR4DEC::STEARMANWed Feb 03 1993Program Brochure "2nd Annual International AVS User Group Conference"
468.01TKOV51::KAWANISHIFri Feb 05 1993Boolean switch was frosen !?
469.02MIMS::HOOD_RFri Feb 05 1993AVS Animator?
470.01BLKPUD::WILLOUGHBYDWed Feb 10 1993Status of AVS support ?
471.01MUDIS3::FISCALWed Feb 17 1993color printout possible?
472.0MR4DEC::STEARMANFri Feb 19 1993AVS Inc - European Contact - FYI
473.01NZOMIS::ROBBINSSun Feb 21 1993AVS V5.
474.05DSSDEV::CLIFFORDMon Mar 01 1993Contract with AVS Inc. signed
475.01MSDOA::HEFNERMon Mar 01 1993AVS 5.
476.02TPOVC::CHARLESCHANGThu Mar 04 1993Failure allocation memory
477.05CGOOA::OWONGThu Mar 04 1993T1,5-FT3, many ACCVIO's
478.02TPOVC::CHARLESCHANGTue Mar 09 1993H/W renderer and S/W renderer
479.01MSDSWS::LWHEELERThu Mar 11 1993PXG type adapters required?
480.01MSDSWS::LWHEELERThu Mar 11 1993Access to kits on hitu::netkits?
481.01DSSDEV::ENXINGThu Mar 11 1993Warning about V4.1 and V5.1 interoperability problems ...
482.02LUXTue Mar 16 1993Wavefront AV - AVS 5.
483.06BREAKR::HAWed Mar 17 1993Support for PXG?
484.02TKOV51::KAWANISHIThu Mar 18 1993Alpha AVS memory & disk require ?
485.01BALZAC::GAUDINATFri Mar 19 1993AVS : data migration from MIPS (ULTRIX)-> ALPHA (OSF1)
486.0MR4DEC::STEARMANMon Mar 22 1993Goodby
487.02BACHUS::MANISETue Mar 23 1993phigs v2.3c, ultrix v4.3 & avs v4.
488.02CRLVMS::HSUThu Mar 25 1993What is hydrogen.dat?
489.02GUIDUK::SIEFKENMon Apr 12 1993avs on consolidated distribution for DEC OSF/1 V1.2
490.03VNASWS::HAUSBTue Apr 13 1993Who can give me access to AVS for OSF/1 SSB ?
491.01USABLE::GOODTue Apr 13 1993Libutil.a routines documented anywhere?
492.01GLDOA::KLAMERUSFri Apr 16 1993looping in AVS???
493.01USABLE::GOODTue Apr 20 1993Allocating and freeing coroutine output fields
494.02TKOV51::KAWANISHIFri Apr 23 1993AVO41
495.03TKOV51::KAWANISHIMon Apr 26 1993I hope link with Open3D
496.01TINNIE::OMELEYTue May 04 1993Texture Mapping... why doesn't it appear in the menu's
497.01BIS6::DELAMPERTue May 04 1993AVS AOSF pak ?
498.03OSLThu May 06 1993Cropping by a polygonal shape?
499.01MLNWed May 12 1993AVS 5.1 Documentation Pointer ?
500.04WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIFri Jun 04 1993Wouldn't mind AVS kit access !!!
501.06WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIThu Jun 10 1993invalid license when used on PXGT card
502.01MUCTEC::EIBLMon Jun 14 1993AVS does not release file descriptors
503.01MUCTEC::EIBLThu Jun 17 1993HLHSR broken with transparency on in AVS 4.
504.01HGTAI1::PRCSWSWed Jun 23 1993Is it possible with AVS???
505.03SUBPAC::MASUMURAMon Jun 28 1993Reparenting the graph viewer
506.01CRLVMS::HSUTue Jul 13 1993Where to submit bugs with AVS V5.1?
507.01HGTAI1::PRCSWSWed Jul 21 1993AVS opportunity???
508.04SUBPAC::MASUMURAMon Aug 02 1993CLI Question
509.0ECCGY4::PARETIWed Aug 18 1993AVS for FEM on ALPHA/DENALI
510.0DSSDEV::CLIFFORDWed Aug 18 1993Problem with PAKS for DEC PHIGS for OSF/1 AXP
511.01DSSDEV::CLIFFORDThu Aug 19 1993Production AVS5 for OSF/1 AXP kit available
512.0EASEW9::BRADSHAWTue Sep 14 1993Extracted from 'comp.graphics.avs'
513.01VSSCAD::SEKTue Nov 02 1993AVS conference proceedings
514.01TLSEWed Nov 17 1993AVS on A/VMS ?
515.01UKARC1::READINGSThu Jan 06 1994AVS on Sterling?
516.01FILTON::STEVENS_MSat Jan 08 1994V4.1 OSF/1 PAK wanted
517.02BIS6::VANDORMAELMon Jan 17 1994URGENT PROBLEM with AVS 5.
518.0BOBSBX::CLIFFORDMon Feb 28 1994This conference is write locked