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Conference eps::oracle

Notice:For product status see topics: UNIX 1008, OpenVMS 1009, NT 1010
Created:Fri Aug 10 1990
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1574
Total number of notes:4428
Number with bodies:204
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1.05BELFST::DOGGARTFri Aug 10 1990Description of conference
2.068BELFST::DOGGARTFri Aug 10 1990List of participants
3.06BELFST::DOGGARTFri Aug 10 1990Oracle performance data
4.0BELFST::DOGGARTFri Aug 10 1990Version of Oracle for Risc.
5.02EPS::VANDENHEUVELMon Nov 25 1996Oracle contacts/managers/marketing/names
5.0BELFST::DOGGARTWed Aug 15 1990Taken from RDB_VMS_competition
6.0--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 15 1990
6.01BELFST::DOGGARTWed Aug 15 1990Taken from RDB_VMS_Competition
7.0BELFST::DOGGARTWed Aug 15 1990Taken from RDB_VMS_Competition
8.046Fri Aug 17 1990Oracle Financials
9.012253Thu Aug 23 1990Take a risc with Oracle and cobol?
11.01BELFST::DOGGARTFri Aug 24 1990Oracle at high user loads.
12.03BELFST::DOGGARTFri Aug 24 1990Oracle Tuning under ULTRIX V4.
13.0352246::MAMORENOTue Aug 28 1990DECwindows called from Oracle programs
14.033472Wed Aug 29 1990Working on a benchmark
15.0123329::ERICSUNFri Aug 31 1990Wisconsin benchmark?
16.072253Tue Sep 04 1990Simulate keystrokes through pipes?
17.0132454::CHENMon Sep 10 1990VMS Oracle kit?
18.01331Thu Sep 13 1990VMS -> SYSTEM V
19.0735Tue Sep 25 1990oracle_on_vms
20.02514Tue Sep 25 1990What is TP1 ?
21.07HGOVC::DEANGELISThu Sep 27 1990NFS databases?
22.0351411::BIRGERThu Sep 27 1990ULTRIX or VMS ????
23.0748213::REBOURSWed Oct 03 1990Embedded PL/SQL
24.04822Tue Oct 09 1990ORACLE SMP on DS58x
25.0316821::BEATTIEWed Oct 10 1990perf problem on Sun AND DEC Ultrix(risc)??
26.0329Mon Oct 15 1990TPC-A and TPC-B Benchmarks needed
27.023329::ERICSUNTue Oct 16 1990Competitive Info
28.0749711::HAESAERTSTue Oct 16 1990Arguments needed against SMP systems with Oracle
29.03227Wed Oct 24 1990Has anyone installed Oracle on DS5
30.0BELFST::DOGGARTTue Oct 30 1990Digital runs Oracle course for employees
31.0751277::peuraThu Nov 01 1990Oracle on 4.
32.048499::NERAALMon Nov 05 19902
33.0652274::PMPEREIRATue Nov 06 1990Oracle on V4.1 ?
34.012268Wed Nov 07 1990REFERENCE SITES?
35.036Tue Nov 13 1990ORACLE Financials on RISC ???
36.0333529::LEVINETue Nov 13 1990Prestoserve and Oracle?
37.02MINDER::SMITHTue Nov 20 1990Porting from HP UNIX Boxes
38.052274::FOLGADOWed Nov 21 1990Interrupting a SQL*Plus query
39.0152246::BARRIOThu Nov 22 1990double & float problem on oracle PRO*C
40.0545218::SADATMon Nov 26 1990VMS-->Ford Transit-->ULTRIX (RISC)
41.0235177::KASCHINSKEWed Dec 05 1990Oracle Sizing Information?
42.0123329::ERICSUNThu Dec 06 1990Accucobol alternative to Microfocus Cobol?
43.02497Mon Dec 10 1990ORACLE and MOTIF?
44.0148955::REBOURSTue Dec 11 1990Status of Forms 3.
45.051847::MARSTRANDWed Dec 12 1990TP3 figures
46.0125346::NARAHARIWed Dec 26 1990Tuning Ultrix 4.1 for Oracle- info needed.
47.042199::ALEXANDERMon Jan 14 1991Ultrix/SQL vs Oracle
48.01514Thu Jan 17 1991V4.1 and 6.
49.0514Thu Jan 17 1991Client Server situation
50.01HERON::LYSAAWed Jan 23 1991error 97
51.01BELFST::DOGGARTThu Jan 24 1991TP1 Benchmark Tuning Guide
52.042576::MACDONALDAWed Feb 06 1991Benchmark of Oracle on a DS55
53.0132738::SILVERBERGTue Feb 19 1991DECsystems & Oracle win in Ireland
54.015852Wed Feb 20 1991ORACLE*CASE w/DECstations
55.01BAHTAT::BLYTHEThu Feb 21 1991MicroFocus Cobol and Oracle on Ultrix
56.0GUCCI::BJELTEMATue Feb 26 1991need help configuring large system
58.0GPSDCC::BROWNFri Mar 01 1991Silicon Graphics Competition & VAX/Ultrix SMP ?
59.02GPSDCC::BROWNFri Mar 01 1991applicationDEC 433 and SCO/UNIX Performance?
60.06BAHTAT::BLYTHETue Mar 05 1991Oracle DECSystem vs Sequent SMP
61.05BELFST::DOGGARTThu Mar 07 1991Latest benchmark figures
62.02HOCUS::KCARPENTERMon Mar 11 1991Do we sell Oracle/ULTRIX?
63.03SNOCTue Mar 12 1991ORACLE Sizing for ULTRIX RISC ???
64.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGThu Mar 14 1991SMP & 31
65.04MANMMon Mar 18 1991Pro*COBOL on RISC/Ultrix???
66.01TENERE::SILVAMon Mar 18 1991Oracle Corporation Announces The ORACLE Parallel Server
67.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGMon Mar 18 1991State & Local Gov't win
68.01COPTOR::BIRGERThu Mar 21 1991$GL's on ORACLE
69.012ODIXIE::STAROSTAThu Mar 21 19913
70.01MRKTNG::SILVERBERGMon Mar 25 1991new ORACLE literature
71.0ODDONE::ELKIN_TTue Mar 26 1991Fighting Sequent with Client Server - please Help
72.01BYTOR::SPRINGERWed Mar 27 1991VAX ULTRIX for Version 6.
73.04MLNCSC::BONFANTITue Apr 02 1991Oracle on 583
74.01HDLITE::CONROYWed Apr 03 1991Scheduler Patch needed w/ ULTRIX V4.1 Rev 52 ??
75.05LISVAX::FOLGADOThu Apr 04 1991TCP/IP products for SQL*Net on VAX/VMS?
76.03LISVAX::FOLGADOThu Apr 04 1991CASE products in an Oracle environment
77.01COPCLU::BJARNERTue Apr 09 1991Oracle and Kerberos
78.04SEDOAS::GRIFFINThu Apr 11 1991Oracle Financials
79.01BELFST::DOGGARTFri Apr 12 1991Benchmarking and how others fiddle the figures.
80.03ISIDRO::RAMARTINEZTue Apr 16 1991Oracle & SMP problem
81.02WELLIN::GRAHAMMon Apr 29 1991raw devices, partitions & no of files ?
82.0NCPROG::WESTMANMon Apr 29 1991ORACLE SQL*FORMS conversion - version 2.3 to 3.
83.0HRCG::DAVIESWed May 01 1991Feed back please on this config.
84.02WELLIN::GRAHAMWed May 01 1991limit of 2
85.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGWed May 08 1991Oracle TPC-B on Sequent
86.01MRKTNG::SILVERBERGThu May 09 1991Oracle & NIST SQL Conformance
87.01KEIKI::KONOThu May 16 1991ORACLE access from SUN/VMS
88.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGMon May 20 1991Oracle win Sematech Quality Award
89.06OGOMTS::HETTICHTue May 21 1991Internal License agreements
90.01EEMELI::PAAKKARINENThu May 23 1991BIG UNIX/Oracle DEAL - to us ?
91.01LISVAX::FOLGADOSat May 25 199121
92.03LISVAX::FOLGADOSat May 25 1991Disk Shadowing and Oracle?
93.01HGOX15::ERICSUNMon May 27 1991IBM 3
94.01IIKE::FREAKWed May 29 1991Dynamic Call Interface for Oracle?
95.0SANFAN::MCNICHOL_THTue Jun 04 1991Oracle on Ultrix 86
96.0HGOX15::ERICSUNWed Jun 05 1991Oracle SQL*Net with IBM
97.01MXOVThu Jun 06 1991Semaphores problem with Ultrix
98.01LISVAX::FOLGADOTue Jun 11 1991Problems with Pro*COBOL
99.02ZPOVC::MICHAELLEESat Jun 15 1991RDBaccess for Oracle/Unix?
100.03HGOX74::BONGESCUADRAWed Jun 19 1991Oracle Version Numbers
101.07IIKE::FREAKWed Jun 19 1991Oracle/UNIX to IBM's DB2?
102.01UTROP1::WALSTIJN_MMon Jun 24 1991Sequent vs. DECsystem back-end performance?
103.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGWed Jul 03 1991Oracle Trusted Program version
104.03COOKIE::D_BERRYTue Jul 09 1991ORACLE backup
105.06IJSAPL::OLTHOFFri Jul 12 1991Let's get together with Oracle
106.0COOKIE::ARMATYSFri Jul 12 1991Oracle upgrade policy & pricing information needed
107.0SAHQ::PNDSCM::MORSEMon Jul 15 1991Logistics Solutions on Oracle?
108.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGMon Jul 22 1991Oracle hits 1,
109.0ZURTue Jul 23 1991trouble with SQL*Forms on ULTRIX 4.2
110.04TONKA::MADERSat Jul 27 1991Oracle port to OSF/1
111.06HGOX15::BONGESCUADRAFri Aug 02 1991Oracle/RISC Reference Sites
112.0CSOA1::HALLIGANThu Aug 08 1991ULTRIX/ORACLE Consultant needed in Pittsburgh
113.01MRKTNG::SILVERBERGWed Aug 14 19911991 IOUG Show
114.0BODRUM::OZILThu Aug 15 1991DIGITAL-ORACLE differences
115.0HGOX15::ERICSUNThu Aug 15 199155
116.01ZPOVC::SHANYONGFri Aug 16 1991material for C/S oracle
117.0ZPOVC::DAVIDFOOFri Aug 23 1991oracle finacial/ultrix users
118.01HGOX74::ERICSUNThu Aug 29 1991SSS bid won by Digital in Manila
119.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGThu Aug 29 1991stock analyst recommends Oracle
120.01BUGLE::SHISHOVThu Aug 29 1991
121.0TAVTue Sep 03 1991UNIX OLTP
122.02BODRUM::OZILTue Sep 03 1991NCR and ORACLE OLTP systems
123.0ZPOVC::SASTRYWed Sep 04 1991Trn.Load & System Capacity Equation
124.01ERFARE::SDThu Sep 05 1991Financials test scripts
125.0IJSAPL::ESSERThu Sep 05 1991Tuning stuff
126.0BELFST::DOGGARTMon Sep 09 1991Better responses to notes with Oracle's help.
127.01BELFST::DOGGARTMon Sep 09 1991Info provided by Oracle. Good on client server
128.0BELFST::DOGGARTTue Sep 10 1991More info from Oracle on SCO UNIX
129.0BELFST::DOGGARTTue Sep 10 1991More info from ORACLE on client performance.
130.01BELFST::DOGGARTTue Sep 10 1991More info from Oracle on ULTRIX
132.03TRHLE1::INGVARDWed Sep 11 1991Performance on 55
133.02FPTVX1::CUSHMANMon Sep 16 1991Oracle available ih-house??
134.0GOYA::BARRIOThu Sep 19 1991TWO_TASK and Fast Driver
135.01STOHUB::GOLFNG::DONOVANSat Sep 21 1991Oracle/Digital Manager
136.01PTOVAX::SCOTTSun Sep 22 1991can't extend context - error 1
137.01JURA::ZANETTEMon Sep 23 1991Feedback for a config , wich Decsystem ???
138.0ODIXIE::STUMPFWed Sep 25 1991HP display pointed a DECstation
139.05TROOA::SOLEYThu Sep 26 1991Oracle and PATHWORKS
140.04STRAIT::WETTYFri Sep 27 1991Oracle porting questions /information needed
142.01AUNTB::CAWLEYTue Oct 01 1991Preview of an ORACLE benchmark? help!
143.0WR2FOR::HARPHAM_LYThu Oct 03 1991RFP/SCO/RISC Help!
144.03HGOVC::TIPPICHEUNGTue Oct 08 1991URGENT - semaphore setting for ORACLE
145.0EMASS::MORANWed Oct 09 1991Oracle SQLnet support for DECNET on SCO?
146.0EEMELI::SONKERIFri Oct 11 1991Oracle and Enhanced security ?
147.01WASHDC::BUZZERDTue Oct 15 1991Unseating PC Oracle
149.0QCAVFri Oct 18 1991HELP required on SQL*REPORTWRITER
150.0BELFST::DOGGARTMon Oct 21 1991Oracle announces new case products
151.04MINNY::OLLODARTWed Oct 23 1991DECada and Oracle ?
152.01MINDER::EWINGRThu Oct 31 1991PRO*C on ULTRIX?
153.01KEMER::DARUGERFri Nov 01 1991ORACLE Test against 9
154.0LISVAX::FOLGADOTue Nov 12 1991IBM problems with 3 systems configuration
155.01WR2FOR::HARPHAM_LYWed Nov 13 1991Oracle Fin. Reference Wanted
156.0KEMER::OZILWed Nov 13 1991ORACLE and IBM
158.01KOBAL::ALEXANDERThu Nov 14 1991Question on multiple modules using C-embedded SQL on RISC Ultrix
159.01SUNNIE::GOWFri Nov 15 1991Help! Latest Version Info Needed
160.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGFri Nov 15 1991Oracle Tops UNIX Software Vendors
161.02JENEVR::LINDQUISTMon Nov 18 1991Oracle V6 on PC?
162.02GIDDAY::SHCHIUWed Nov 20 1991Oracle can not see day light saving time changes ?!
163.0WASHDC::BUZZERDWed Nov 20 1991Secure Oracle dates?
164.0STOHUB::BRDDOG::LINCOLNWed Nov 20 1991ORACLE SQL*FORMS References neede
165.01JURA::ZANETTEMon Nov 25 1991porting Oracle/Ultrix appl. to VMS ?
166.01DOD2::PARKERMon Nov 25 1991Oracle and SMP again?
167.01ISIDRO::CALVINOTue Dec 03 1991kern_synch Ultrix V4.2 ??
168.02PADIS::REBOURSWed Dec 04 1991U: Need for DBA Tools
169.0MAST::SCHUMANNThu Dec 05 1991raw i/o blocksize?
170.03SED75Fri Dec 06 1991Help - TPC Benchmarks
171.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGMon Dec 16 1991Oracle and Nippon Steel agreement
172.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGWed Dec 18 1991Oracle wins 1992 DR TARGET AWARDS
173.01SED75Thu Dec 19 1991Sun 6
174.01QCAVWed Jan 01 1992oracle problem on ULTRIX
175.04HGOVC::CHRISFIRTHThu Jan 02 1992Who gets latest Oracle first?
176.02HILLST::AMELIThu Jan 02 1992Extract data out of Oracle!
177.02HGOX74::BONGESCUADRAWed Jan 08 1992SQL*Net on the SNA Gateway?
178.01YNGSTR::BROWNWed Jan 08 1992Oracle Card/Ultrix server connect
179.02POBOX::HOFFMANWed Jan 08 1992Certified Benchmarks?
180.02WARNUT::BRYANMon Jan 13 1992Unstructured datatypes/multimedia support ?
181.0HGOX74::BONGESCUADRAWed Jan 15 1992Oracle/Ultrix in Utility Companies?
182.09IJSAPL::OLTHOFThu Jan 23 1992Found this in my mail, many lists removed
183.0WARNUT::BRYANMon Jan 27 1992linc --> oracle conversion
184.0DECWET::PENNEYMon Jan 27 1992oracle demo'ed at Digital OSF booth at Uniform
185.01KOBAL::DESHPANDETue Jan 28 1992Does Oracle have support for raw files?
186.03MRKTNG::SILVERBERGThu Jan 30 1992Oracle DEC Product Division Contacts
187.0HGOX15::ERICSUNFri Jan 31 1992Oracle and Microfocus Cobol Version 1.2 get4ws error
188.0KOBAL::DESHPANDEFri Jan 31 1992Formatting partition for raw files
189.0KOBAL::DESHPANDETue Feb 04 1992Updating a database with raw files
190.01MINDER::EWINGRWed Feb 05 1992Locking problem
191.0KOBAL::DESHPANDEWed Feb 05 1992Oracle : File Monitoring
192.03BODRUM::DARUGERSun Feb 09 1992Which Cobol with Oracle?
193.0IJSAPL::ESSERTue Feb 11 1992SQLnet and Ultrix scheduling ????
194.02KAL::MAJATue Feb 18 1992Prestoserve
195.0TAINO::MARTINEZWed Feb 19 1992ORACLE Support needed
197.0SX4GTO::KIMBALLWed Feb 26 1992Job Opening - Liaison Engineer to Oracle - DO IT!
198.0TAVIS::RYMERFri Feb 28 1992ORACLE won't support VMS 5.5 ???
199.01CIVAGE::FOXWELLFri Feb 28 1992Need perf info on 59
200.0KAL::MAJAWed Mar 04 1992MicroFOCUS Cobol/2
201.0GRANMA::EHEROLDWed Mar 04 1992ORACLE Development Requirements ???
202.01KCOHUB::DAZOFF::DUNCANTue Mar 10 1992Status of Oracle and OSF/1 ?
203.0SX4GTO::MACKBEEWed Mar 11 1992Digital On-Site Engineer for Oracle
204.01WASHDC::BUZZERDWed Mar 11 1992Image Data Supported in Oracle?
205.01MRKTNG::SILVERBERGMon Mar 16 1992Oracle based ALPHA & OSF/1 demo avail
206.02MSAMTue Mar 17 1992"DECquery look-alike" ?
207.0DECWET::GILLMANWed Mar 25 1992Installation Guide needed (yesterday?) U*IX/RISC..
208.03SNOCThu Mar 26 1992Ref. Site Needed - 1
209.0IJSAPL::LONINKThu Mar 26 1992IBM's High Availability RS/6
210.031Thu Mar 26 1992Two-task vs. One-task
211.01SMAC1Fri Mar 27 19922
212.0MSAMMon Mar 30 1992Oracle- CPU Usage ?
213.01USWRSL::WITTENBER_STWed Apr 01 1992Oracle at Decworld
214.01TYSON::KURATAThu Apr 02 1992Trobule supporting 31 users on a DS 5
215.0CHEFS::DAVIDSONSTue Apr 07 1992cshrc, path & oracle...
221.03OLDTMR::SECGFri Apr 17 1992Client-Server Database Systems for the UNIX ENVIR.
222.01LISVAX::VILANOVAThu Apr 23 1992Waste of memory = 5MB per user
223.04VNABRW::HERRMANN_CTue Apr 28 1992whom to contact?
224.01TAVWed Apr 29 1992BENCHMARK - ORACLE hangs after sveral hours
225.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGFri May 01 1992Oracle committment to ALPHA
226.0BASCAS::BARKER_CWed May 06 1992CASE on RISC Ultrix
227.0KAL::MAJAThu May 07 1992Hanging processes with Oracle CASE
228.02NEWOA::SUTCLIFFEJFri May 08 1992Bid Help Required
229.02NEWOA::SUTCLIFFEJMon May 11 1992Urgent Help for BID required
230.02PAPERS::CORNETue May 12 1992ORACLE and LIBRTL on VMS
231.01ROMTue May 12 1992DS59
232.0MSAMWed May 13 1992Performance of appDEC 433MP as Oracle Server ?
233.01KCOHUB::DAZOFF::DUNCANThu May 14 1992Code base for Alpha/OSF1 ?
234.01LARVAE::DOBBS_CMon May 18 1992oracle performance on VAX 4
235.02SAC::CSOONE::BARKERTue May 19 1992Oracle V7 Press Release
236.02CSOA1::SSCHNEIDERThu May 28 1992Config HELP?!
237.0TLE::VANROGGENWed Jun 10 1992RALLY on Ultrix with Oracle: test sites wanted
238.04RTPLFri Jun 12 1992No schedule for Oracle 7.
239.0OLDTMR::SECGFri Jun 12 1992DECsystem 51
240.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGTue Jun 16 1992DEC ULTRIX/DECsystem win in Denmark
241.0HGOX15::ERICSUNWed Jun 17 1992VAX 4
242.02MRKTNG::SILVERBERGFri Jun 19 1992Oracle support for IBM RISC clusters
243.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGFri Jun 19 1992HP & Oracle hit 578 TPS-A
244.0OLDTMR::SECGTue Jun 23 1992DECsystem 55
245.0OLDTMR::SECGTue Jun 23 1992Client-Server Database Sys for the UNIX Envir Rpt
246.0SWTHOM::DORNANOWed Jun 24 1992Which version of Ultrix with Oracle V5
247.01BAHTAT::ALDERTONMTue Jun 30 1992extents exceeded??
248.01ATHINA::PANAGIOTOPOUWed Jul 01 1992ORACLE version for ULTRIX 4.2A ?
249.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGThu Jul 02 1992Oracle FY92 financial results
250.01MRKTNG::SILVERBERGThu Jul 02 1992Oracle7 TPC-B on VAX
251.0HGOVC::DEANGELISFri Jul 03 1992Heterogeneous 2PC/ORACLE7
252.0KAOFS::E_SPLETTTue Jul 07 1992terminal mapping over DECnet from ULTRIX
253.01TPSYS::CHENWed Jul 08 1992What is a "package"?
254.01DOD2::PARKERFri Jul 10 1992Loosly coupled machine question?
255.0BER::MOENCHTue Jul 14 1992Oracle & Ingres with ULTRIX?
256.01MRKTNG::SILVERBERGWed Jul 15 1992Trusted Oracle7
257.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGThu Jul 16 1992Oracle Manufacturing CSH agreement
258.01VAXSPO::CLAUDIOThu Jul 16 1992LAN MAN Client <-> DECsystem (PWUL)
259.02LARVAE::POOREThu Jul 16 1992/OPTIMIZE on Pro*C code ??
260.0MSAMWed Jul 22 1992Linking SQL*FORMS 3.1 app to dll library
261.01CGOOA::GUNDERSONThu Jul 23 1992RS/6
262.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGMon Jul 27 1992Oracle Applications Rel. 9
263.03MACNAS::BATVAN::BATEMANWed Aug 05 1992accessing Oracle db from Ultrix/SQL using SQL*net
264.02CGOOA::GUNDERSONThu Aug 06 1992Oracle and Sybase coexistance?
265.0HGOVC::XKOVFri Aug 07 1992VAX-COBOL & RMS Conversion to Oracle 6.
266.0PANIC::SIMONTue Aug 11 1992Pro*Pascal on Ultrix?
267.02DECWET::FLESKESMon Aug 31 1992On which UNIX platforms is Oracle supported?
268.01HGOVC::XKOVTue Sep 01 1992"Designing a system on Oracle 6.
269.04BIGRED::PARKERFri Sep 04 1992Will V7 on Alpha/OSF run V6 Application?
270.05TRCOA::STANIEWSKITue Sep 08 1992TPC-A/B performance on DECsystem 59
271.03ACESMK::LINDQUISTWed Sep 16 1992V7 on PC?
272.0BERNThu Sep 24 1992VMS client - UNIX server?
273.05MLNThu Sep 24 1992Oracle backup references?
274.0EICMFG::CHENGTue Sep 29 1992Oracle limits?
275.02ZPOVC::JEFFREYCHOYMon Oct 05 1992Migrating to Client Server for Performance
276.0KAOFS::D_FORBESWed Oct 07 1992ioctl error 9 when Browsing a report
277.09HANDVB::STEVELIUSat Oct 10 1992Documentation
278.0CFSCTC::SHAPIROMon Oct 12 1992RDB -> Oracle conversion
279.01ZPOVC::JEFFREYCHOYWed Oct 14 1992Software Configuration
280.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGWed Oct 14 1992Oracle, Pyramid & Olivetti TPC-A
281.0POCUS::JDAVISThu Oct 15 1992Oracle performance RISC vs CICS
282.01SANFAN::LESTER_PEThu Oct 15 1992reference - large Oracle/VMS
283.02ZPOVC::JEFFREYCHOYFri Oct 16 1992Licensing Issue
284.0PADIS::REBOURSFri Oct 16 1992Hanging Server with SQL*net
285.01POBOX::SCHMELZELFri Oct 16 1992Oracle Sales Analysis Application?
286.0BLGMon Oct 19 1992Set terminal on oracle shell
287.01ZIGLAR::MMURRAYWed Oct 21 1992Oracle on NT announced?
288.07FORTSC::CHABANFri Oct 30 1992 *OFFICIAL* Oracle Alpha Schedule
289.0TRLIAN::SHENMon Nov 02 1992some Oracle questions
290.02BBIVThu Nov 05 1992ORACLE RPTWRITER on VMS 5.5
291.03BBIVThu Nov 05 1992TPC-A ratings for DECsystems
292.01LABC::RUThu Nov 05 1992Oracle training class available?
293.01DOD2::PARKERTue Nov 17 1992Help with Oracle Configuration / SCO UNIX
294.01MRKTNG::SILVERBERGWed Nov 18 1992Oracle training
295.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGThu Nov 19 1992Oracle top UNIX SW vendor in 1992
296.0XFMVFri Nov 20 1992CASE tools for ORACLE
297.0TAVTue Nov 24 1992SQL*NET questions
298.0BEAGLE::GODFRINDMon Nov 30 1992Looking for Oracle books
299.04MANSW1::MOENCHWed Dec 02 1992V6->V7: who did it?
300.03AMCCXN::VOSSThu Dec 03 1992Beta version for AOSF/1 1.2?
301.01HGRDFri Dec 04 1992Date/Time &... in Oracle???
302.01TAVSun Dec 06 1992Help on RFP
303.01FLYWAY::BRUNPTue Dec 08 1992FYI: kernel parameters
304.02SNOCWed Dec 09 1992Alpha/VMS Oracle Beta Version?
305.01MRKTNG::BARRYMon Dec 14 1992Need Oracle Kit for Ultrix
306.04XFMVThu Dec 17 1992table storage on optical disks
307.0XFMVMon Dec 28 1992veritas on alpha osf/1
308.0GRANPA::CORTYLTue Dec 29 1992SQL*Forms & Asynchronous Messages
309.0WBCKIT::GUESTTue Jan 12 1993Oracle/Ultrix & SGA Max Shared Memory??
310.01GIDDAY::STRAUSSThu Jan 14 1993Error 55 : No buffer space available
311.0MINNY::BRUNPTue Jan 19 1993ORACLE on R4
312.05NIMBUS::NOGUEIRAWed Jan 20 1993Oracle API
313.02NZOMIS::HOWARDFri Jan 22 1993IBM RS/6
314.08LISVAX::FOLGADOFri Jan 22 1993Oracle Parallel Server for ALPHA?
315.0GBITue Jan 26 1993Performance problems on Focus-Oracle application
316.04PRIMES::POISSONTue Jan 26 19934gls for Oracle
317.09EEMELI::TAVIFri Jan 29 1993Alpha AXP performance ?
318.012CIMTWO::OSCAR::JEFFWed Feb 03 1993Need help creating a database
319.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGWed Feb 03 1993Oracle 1992 Awards
320.01SYOMV::KRASFri Feb 05 1993AOSF Oracle disk space?
321.02IJSAPL::ESSERThu Feb 11 1993Oracle and VMS max DB size ??
322.04FORGET::CRAWFORDFri Feb 12 1993TPC-C for Alpha please
324.01BERNTue Feb 16 1993Oracle on OSF/1 memory needs?
325.02POBOX::ALVESWed Feb 17 1993Oracle client/server config questions
327.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGThu Feb 18 19933rd Party RDBMS Program office
328.019MRKTNG::SLATERSun Feb 21 1993Application Performance and Configuration Guide
329.0IJSAPL::OLTHOFWed Feb 24 1993Oracle add
330.01QUEK::MOYThu Feb 25 1993Can ORACLE optimize LIKE ABC% to STARTING WITH?
331.0BERNThu Mar 04 1993SQL*Forms dependency test; tools available?
332.0NZOMIS::HOWARDSat Mar 06 1993Which products for commercial development?
333.0GYUPCC::URBANTue Mar 16 1993help with port to Alpha OSF/1
335.0EMC2::ROUIBAHWed Mar 31 1993SQL*forms as a display only.
336.01PADIS::REBOURSWed Mar 31 1993Oracle is Good, Rdb is better !
337.01STOHUB::GOLFNG::DONOVANWed Mar 31 1993Instances from 2 versions of Oracle on 1 machine
338.0EEMELI::SONKERITue Apr 06 1993port from sybase to oracle (7)
339.01NWDWed Apr 07 1993Restoring Large Databases
340.02ERFARE::SDTue Apr 13 1993Sequent to VMS
341.01GENIE::SCHAETZLEFri Apr 16 1993Oracle Finance on Alpha PC and intern. reference
342.0DOD2::PARKERMon May 03 1993Does Oracle have a module language???
343.02THEBAY::JEZOWSKIPATue May 04 1993V7 supporting R9?
345.02MEMIT::SILVERBERG_MThu May 06 1993Alpha AXP Schedule
346.0EVOCDG::MHAMDIThu May 06 1993Memory needs for Oracle on OSF
347.0CSGVAX::SJAWAHRANIThu May 06 1993ORACLE on PC Part number
348.0PDVMon May 10 1993Problems with Motif
349.01MRKTNG::FINOCCHIAROTue May 11 1993Oracle Applications Sizing and Positioning
350.01LARVAE::THAYER_STue May 18 1993Kernel & semaphore parameters for Oracle
351.03TRCOA::TRCP56::SIEThu May 20 1993R4
353.03PADIS::REBOURSWed May 26 1993Oracle 7.
354.0SWAM2::MARTIN_KEWed Jun 02 1993Oracle Pro*C problems on OSF/1
355.0SUBWAY::DAVIDSONMon Jun 07 1993Alerts/Pipes/Ev
356.03TAVSun Jun 20 1993Oracle support for Ultrix
357.05BBIVThu Jun 24 1993A question on Conversion
358.01MTMRCY::POPPWed Jun 30 1993UNIX/Oracle application development experience?
359.0TROOA::SOLEYWed Jul 14 1993REAL STORY
360.02BBIVFri Jul 16 1993porting data V7 ---> V6
361.0MEMIT::SILVERBERG_MFri Jul 16 1993Oracle Industries
362.01OTOPThu Jul 22 1993ORACLE SQLnet WAN Alert
363.01MRKTNG::SETTYTue Jul 27 1993SQL*NET for the client ???
365.0--UnknownUser--Fri Jul 30 1993Farewell
367.05HKGACT::AARONYUENWed Aug 04 1993Performance? 7.
369.04LAIDBK::MATTHEWS_TIThu Aug 05 1993ORACLE Performance Question: Alpha OSF/1
370.01NBOIS::KLIMMThu Aug 05 1993ORACLE/CASE: urgent help needed
371.01MRKTNG::SETTYFri Aug 06 1993Database Backup
372.0BLKPUD::TREMLETTMMon Aug 09 1993Expert System using Oracle...help...
373.07MSDOA::SECRISTWed Aug 11 1993Comprehensive Oracle text ?
374.0MSDOA::SECRISTWed Aug 11 1993Oracle vs. Sybase (or Rdb) ?
375.0MSDOA::SECRISTThu Aug 12 1993Oracle vs. Rdb, Sybase Info
376.08DOD2::PARKERThu Aug 12 1993Parallel Server on UNIX
377.01TRCOA::BROWNFri Aug 13 1993?Oracle pricing change for VMS?
378.0SUBWAY::DAVIDSONFri Aug 13 1993Farewell
379.06MSDOA::SECRISTTue Aug 17 1993Oracle Resources on Internet
380.016393::MOREH_JAWed Aug 18 1993"Shared Libs. and OSF/1 Oracle"
381.07COPCLU::BIRGERFri Aug 20 1993Help ORACLE and Digital
382.01HGOVC::AARONYUENTue Aug 24 1993Let's see Oracle 7 on OSF/1
383.01CELAVI::KERNSTue Aug 24 1993Status of Oracle on Alpha OSF1
384.0OTOOA::WEISSTue Aug 24 1993Banyan-ORACLE7/OSF1 AXP
385.0BBIVTue Aug 24 1993oracle7+NLS?
386.07MSDOA::SECRISTTue Aug 24 1993Internal Oracle resources ?
387.0MSDOA::SECRISTWed Aug 25 1993IM Partner Tapes ?
388.01BER::GUTHWed Aug 25 1993Help disk-ressources for ORACLE ?
389.0LARVAE::WERNHAM_BWed Aug 25 1993CASE & Oracle 7 & SSADM
390.0LARVAE::WERNHAM_BWed Aug 25 1993Oracle v7 Reference Sites
391.04CPDW::SRIKANTHANWed Aug 25 1993How to 'show tables' in sql*plus?
392.01HGOVC::AARONYUENThu Aug 26 19937.
393.01SIERAS::PARKFri Aug 27 1993Oracle 7.
394.01MEMIT::SILVERBERG_MMon Aug 30 1993Oracle memory requirements
395.0HERON::ROWLANDSMon Aug 30 1993Programming help
396.04BBIVMon Aug 30 1993oracle7 sqlforms problem
397.0TKOVOA::NAGATA_MTue Aug 31 1993Oracle Index Muximum 16 Colums
398.0MEMIT::SILVERBERG_MTue Aug 31 1993Business Partner Development Assistance
399.05HGOVC::AARONYUENWed Sep 01 1993Why Table scan transaction so slow ?
400.0CPDW::SRIKANTHANThu Sep 02 1993Need a set of manuals on Oracle V6...
401.02BBIWFri Sep 03 1993oracle7 sql*forms query cont..
402.01ARAFAT::RICKARDThu Sep 09 1993
403.02BBIWTue Sep 14 1993oracle7 on OSF/1 Production Release ???
404.01USWRSL::WITTENBER_STWed Sep 15 1993Oracle schedule for DEC Unix
405.0USWRSL::WITTENBER_STWed Sep 15 1993Oracle Alpha porting schedule
406.0VNASWS::EDERWed Sep 15 1993CPU performance seen from Oracle
407.01CPDW::SRIKANTHANThu Sep 16 1993Oracle V7 on VAX/VMS....
408.0XLIB::ONEALSat Sep 18 1993"phase error, malformed archive; ????"
409.01XLIB::ONEALSat Sep 18 1993install.log
410.01CPDW::SRIKANTHANWed Sep 22 1993CREATE a second DATABASE...
411.04COPCLU::KARSTENFri Sep 24 1993ORACLE installation on DEC4
412.01ICS::LEIDENFri Sep 24 1993Free ORACLE training in US
414.01ZTOIS1::HONOREWed Sep 29 1993ORACLE & OSF/1 references
415.0PTOVAX::FENTONWed Sep 29 1993PC Report Writers for ORACLE DB
416.0VNASWS::THOMASWThu Sep 30 1993Linking Oracle on Alpha problem
417.0DPDMAI::DAUGHERTYThu Sep 30 1993Oracle question on RFQ
418.0ICS::LEIDENFri Oct 01 1993What is index node size?
419.03ALLVAX::LINGFri Oct 01 1993Constraints, enforcing
420.0LILTue Oct 05 1993Pro*Cobol with Oracle7 ?
421.05MDCRAB::RICHMONDTue Oct 05 1993Does Striping work with Oracle?
422.01MRKTNG::FINOCCHIAROWed Oct 06 1993SYS$VM.exe patch critical for Alpha VMS V1.5
423.02SOLVIT::ELFSTN::CUMMINGSWed Oct 06 1993Need help with an Oracle v7.
424.01MSDOA::HICKSTThu Oct 07 1993Need source/cost for internal-use Oracle
425.01FORTSC::PARKERThu Oct 07 1993Latest ORACLE Porting Schedule
426.01WATNOW::gerryMon Oct 11 1993Shared Libraries ?
427.0POBOX::OLEARYMon Oct 11 1993Help with sizing
428.01EMC2::BERTUZZITue Oct 12 1993orcacle V7.
429.0MSBCS::CSGPERFTue Oct 12 1993New Alpha AXP DEC OSF/1 AXP Performance Briefs
431.03FHOPAS::JALOPY::SEGNITZSun Oct 17 1993Oracle7 on OSF/1 sizing??
432.01LUXMon Oct 18 1993OSF/1 shm values & Oracle 7.
433.01LUXMon Oct 18 1993How to increase perf on Alpha OSF/1 ?
434.03MEMIT::SILVERBERG_MTue Oct 19 1993Oracle TPC-A with OSF/1 and OpenVMS
435.02SUOSWS::RHEINSCHMITTThu Oct 21 1993ORACLE Databrowser
436.0MDCRAB::RICHMONDFri Oct 22 1993
437.0LFOIS1::ALIETue Oct 26 1993DEC X5
438.01BONNET::SEZNECFri Oct 29 1993Large size references
439.058775::HAMMELTue Nov 02 1993Oracle Consulting Opportunity
440.01OSLThu Nov 11 1993RDB vs ORACLE vs INGRES?
441.0FAILTE::JONESRThu Nov 11 1993SQL*Net DECnet V2.
442.01MRKTNG::SLATERSun Nov 14 1993Oracle Frequently Asked Questions from the Internet
443.0+1OSLLAV::KJELLNI_PTue Nov 16 1993Problem with Pro Fortran ???
444.03MXOVTue Nov 16 1993It's swapping; free memory though.
445.03HGOVC::AARONYUENSun Nov 21 1993Oracle 7.
446.01MANMMon Nov 22 1993CASE DESIGNER
447.05BBIVTue Nov 30 1993TPC-A benchmark configurations
448.03POBOX::HAYES_JWed Dec 01 1993Is 7.
449.02SHIPS::HERBERT_DFri Dec 03 1993Oracle 7/Financials 9 on OSF/1 V2.
450.0KETJE::HAESAERTSFri Dec 03 1993HELP/URGENT : Need Oracle v.7.
451.0OSLFri Dec 03 1993Forms 4 on OSF/1?
452.02OTOOA::BELLONIMon Dec 06 1993SQLnet V2 and UCX
453.01HGOVTue Dec 07 1993process allocation hit-ratio is .
455.01WOTVAX::SKIDAW::aldertonmTue Dec 07 1993ORACLE AND NFS - different approach?
456.03DELSTue Dec 07 1993Bad performance of SQL*FORM?
457.0MRKTNG::SLATERFri Dec 10 1993Articles on Oracle Performance from Internet
458.01TASTY::JEFFERYFri Dec 10 1993Can Workstation farms help Oracle performance ?
459.0MLNORO::BIFFIGNANDIMon Dec 13 1993rdb-> oracle conversion again
460.03GOVTTue Dec 14 1993Oracle on DEC OSF/1 problems
461.03WELLIN::GRAHAMTue Dec 14 1993Advanced file system support ?
462.06PEKKA::peuraThu Dec 16 1993ProCobol/OSf
463.03POOHBR::SANEFri Dec 17 1993ORA-
464.0MRKTNG::SLATERSat Dec 18 1993U.S. Fall DECUS Performance Presentations
465.01EEMELI::SONKERIThu Dec 23 1993FORMS keeps on dumping core every 1
466.01RMRDTO::giaipronThu Dec 23 1993SQLnet problem, error ORA1256
467.0GLDOA::BOELEMAThu Dec 23 1993performance increases with 7.
468.0BACHUS::BERGMANSWed Dec 29 1993case designer and eXcursion problem
469.0ZOWEE::ANTHONYWed Dec 29 1993Oracle on banyan VINES
470.0ZOWEE::ANTHONYWed Dec 29 1993SQL*Forms minimum config.
471.01PDVThu Dec 30 1993Info about Oracle Mail
472.01SQM::PISCHETOLAMon Jan 03 1994root.sh looking for osh.c
473.01SPIKET::GREENTue Jan 04 1994kernel memory fault panic
475.01NOVA::YCHENWed Jan 05 1994How to use ODBC with Oracle database?
476.01ISTWI1::OZILThu Jan 06 1994ORACLE & paralell s
477.05MXOVFri Jan 07 19944
478.0BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODFri Jan 07 1994Version 7.1 and benchmark against HP
479.0LEMAN::BEZENCONTue Jan 11 1994oraterm to be relinked...
480.0HGOVWed Jan 12 1994Disaster recovery solution / Duplicated DB ???
481.0OSLThu Jan 13 1994Is Oracle thread-safe on OSF/1 V2.
482.01NOVA::EBAUERFri Jan 14 1994Index Locking Questions
483.01MRKTNG::FINOCCHIAROMon Jan 17 1994VAXRTE Control-A Patch needed for OSF/1
484.0EICMFG::EGERTONWed Jan 19 1994mapping Oracle codes to Ansi codes
485.03GLDOA::GIVENWed Jan 19 1994Oracle 7.
486.01MINNY::SEITZThu Jan 20 1994Looking for ORACLE programming resources
487.0COPCLU::TROELSThu Jan 20 1994Oracle Parallel Backup/Restore
488.0BAHTAT::FORMThu Jan 20 1994reference sites required
489.0QCAVTue Jan 25 1994Help on SQLforms3.
490.05DTRACY::BROWNWed Jan 26 1994Problems creating a new database
491.0TAVIS::LANDSBERGThu Jan 27 1994Need Oracle Connect and APPC on ALPHA/OSF
492.07FORTSC::PARKERThu Jan 27 1994Current ORACLE release Schedule
493.02WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIMon Jan 31 1994General performance questions.
494.0CELAVI::KERNSMon Jan 31 1994Database Performance parameters
495.02NCBOOT::VENTURAThu Feb 03 1994OSF/1 Oracle Startup Script?
496.01SQM::PISCHETOLAThu Feb 03 1994Info needed on Oracle and ODBC
497.01AMCSAD::YATESMon Feb 07 1994Does SQL handle CCL?
498.07CSC32::K_GILFORDMon Feb 14 1994OSF/Oracle tuning recommendations?
499.01ROMEOS::AGOPIAN_ARTue Feb 15 1994ORACLE and LSM. Problem ? (Logical Storage Mangr.)
500.031318::HUMPHRY_SATue Feb 15 1994Need info on DBA*Master product
501.02SCAACT::ANDERSONThu Feb 17 1994White Papers ??
502.0MEMIT::SILVERBERG_MThu Feb 17 1994Oracle Multi-Media Announcements
503.03CFSCTC::HCWUTue Feb 22 1994Problem on creating database
504.0TRUCKS::WILLIAMS_CWed Feb 23 1994Pro*C link problem
505.01ISTWI1::OZILThu Feb 24 1994Migration to C/S
506.0MANSW1::KREIDERThu Feb 24 199425 GB and beyond
507.02DEKVC::KYEONGHWAKWOMon Feb 28 1994file: table is full
508.02WARNUT::BIDDULPHMTue Mar 01 1994Alpha performance vs the rest?
509.02TKTVFS::OKAMOTO_HYOWed Mar 02 1994has the oracle timeout ?
510.02TROOA::GILBERTWed Mar 02 1994Oracle 7.
511.0WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIThu Mar 03 1994DS5
512.0TROOA::GILBERTThu Mar 03 1994SQL*NET on IPX on DEC OSF/1?
513.03SOLVIT::BASEX::CUMMINGSThu Mar 03 1994How to Redirect DBMS_OUTPUT?
514.03CLARID::HOFSTEEFri Mar 04 1994Nr of users and TPS on DEC2
515.0154831::BEYENSFri Mar 04 1994ULTRIX/Uniface/Oracle tuning ?
516.0TROOA::WEAVERFri Mar 04 1994NTAS/ORACLE7 Performance
517.0QCAVMon Mar 07 1994Semaphores are not released?
518.01DBSUK1::HOBBSMon Mar 07 1994Serializable Transactions
519.01WKOL1Tue Mar 08 1994Can't access db via softlink?
520.01LABC::GUESTTue Mar 08 1994No more processes.
521.02SNOCWed Mar 09 1994Oracle 7 + OSF V2.
522.02BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODMon Mar 14 1994Is DEC COBOL supported?
523.01PRMSTue Mar 15 1994Need RDBMS comparison studies
524.01TRUCKS::WILLIAMS_CWed Mar 23 1994Very Large Database - 4
525.02EVOCDG::LUCOTTEThu Mar 24 1994Maximum number of terminals connected on Oracle?
526.01TROCThu Mar 24 1994Porting from Ultrix/SQL to Oracle
527.01LABC::NGUYENFri Mar 25 1994ORACLE V7.
528.03UNITED::MCCAMBRIDGETue Mar 29 1994Oracle 7.
529.04DTRACY::BALARAMANTue Mar 29 1994Oracle versions on OSF/1
530.0TROOA::TROTTITue Mar 29 1994SQL*net for Windows
531.0COPCLU::GREGWed Mar 30 1994Display Manager transport question?
532.0ALFAM7::GOSEJACOBWed Mar 30 1994Pro*Pascal on OSF/1 ?
533.01LABC::NGUYENThu Mar 31 1994fork failed - too many processes
535.02TAVSun Apr 03 1994Client/Server solution is needed
536.0AWECIM::CHAIKOWSKITue Apr 05 1994Novice needs help!!
537.01GJOVAX::GRAEFFTue Apr 05 1994ORACLE, PATHWORKS (DECnet) and MS Access.
539.0NEOVFri Apr 08 1994Oracle Financials and sign-on
540.01ISTWI1::OZILMon Apr 11 1994sizing help
541.0MANMTue Apr 12 1994Pro*C on OSF/1 1.3:redeclaration?
542.01TROOA::SOLEYWed Apr 13 1994OVMS GBLPAGE consumption
543.02BBIVWed Apr 13 1994forms 2.3 to 3.
544.02MRKTNG::SETTYWed Apr 13 1994Installing TCP/IP Protocol Adapter in ORACLE7.
545.02WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIThu Apr 14 1994Oracle 7.
546.02MQOSWS::A_YASSIRFri Apr 15 1994PRO*C 1.5.9.
547.0SALSA::CAMBRONFri Apr 15 1994Oraperl for Oracle7 and DEC OSF/1 ported?
548.0BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODFri Apr 15 1994PLSQL installation fail - link error
549.02NEWOA::LONG_JMon Apr 18 1994SGA and VMSTAT
550.02MBALDY::LANGSTONMon Apr 18 1994General stuff needed for RFI
551.0KETJE::HAESAERTSTue Apr 19 1994generic Makefile needed for novice customer
552.01OTOOA::GMACDONALDWed Apr 20 1994Oracle/OSF Questions
553.0MRKTNG::SLATERThu Apr 21 1994Positioning, Sizing, and Optimizing Oracle Applications
554.04STUThu Apr 21 1994Oracle Control Shell Scripts for OSF/1
555.0ATYISA::REBOURSFri Apr 22 1994Status of P/W and SQL*Net
556.01POBOX::OLEARYMon Apr 25 1994PRO-C & SQL*Loader Advice?
557.0LACVTue Apr 26 1994Data Type Field Problem in PlSql
558.02VAXRIO::MIRIAMTue Apr 26 1994Oracle installation cc error
559.0RHETT::KNORRWed Apr 27 1994How much does ORACLE cost?
560.01QCAVSun May 01 1994Issues in Oracle 7. Please help ...
561.0STUTue May 03 1994segmentation violation, signal 11
562.03BRUMMY::CARTERRTue May 03 1994Install/config problem DBA-
563.02FAILTE::GILLESPIETue May 03 1994SQL/Net and Pathworks V5 TCP/IP
564.0ECCGY4::PARETIWed May 04 1994ORACELE ON IBM SP-1 SP-2
565.01STKAI1::MAJA::Maja-StinaThu May 05 1994Gateway to DRDA on DEC OSF/1?
566.03TROOA::SOLEYSat May 07 1994Oracle vs. OVMS disk error
567.01AUSSIE::GILMOURMon May 09 1994ORACLE V7.
568.0MRKTNG::SLATERWed May 11 1994LinkWorks Performance Update Presentation
569.0ISTWI1::OZILWed May 11 19947.
570.0ATYISA::REBOURSWed May 11 1994OSF 3.
571.0ALFAM7::GOSEJACOBWed May 11 1994which 7.
572.0ALFAM7::GOSEJACOBWed May 11 19947.
573.0BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODWed May 11 1994IBM mainframe to OSF/1 v7 character set problems
574.02HEN::PLESSASWed May 11 19946 to 7 issues, etc
575.0KERNEL::MELVINDThu May 12 1994ORACLE v6 and SQLnet????
576.03EVOCDG::LUCOTTEMon May 16 1994Oracle 64bits
577.0MRKTNG::FINOCCHIAROTue May 17 1994Oracle Financials and OSF/1 V2.
578.0+9MRKTNG::SLATERWed May 18 1994Sizing and Tuning Oracle Applications on Digital Platforms Presentation
579.0FUTURS::CLARKMWed May 18 1994Faster Reorganisations
580.0MANMThu May 19 1994Pro*Cob: Warning: Linking some objects which ...
581.0WARABI::WAITESThu May 19 1994Status of SMP (7.1?) for OSF/1?
582.0GJOVAX::GRAEFFThu May 19 1994Missing files on Oracle 7 for OpenVMS
583.03QCAVTue May 24 1994Urgent help please ...
584.04WOTVAX::64Thu May 26 1994Oracle, SQL, Glue and very bad network performance
586.04CECEHV::HARVALA_MFri May 27 1994Oracle 7.
587.01MANMMon May 30 1994Ultrix V6-OSF/1 V7 Exp/Imp problem
588.06FAILTE::NEILSONGTue May 31 1994log file mirroring
589.01DELSWed Jun 01 1994Oracle/VMS on AXP/VAX
590.05DOD2::PARKERMon Jun 06 1994How to configure sql*net
591.01FUTURS::CLARKMMon Jun 06 1994ORACLE & ADVFS Clone Sets
592.0TAVIS::647Tue Jun 07 1994ORACLE7 on AXP/OpenVMS 6.1 startup problem
593.03MOSCOW::KHRAPKINWed Jun 08 19941.5M records in Oracle. Help!
594.01MCITS1::TEJASat Jun 11 1994Oracle/DECdtm & the 2 Phase Commit
595.03COPCLU::GREGWed Jun 15 1994Prestoserve?
596.0COPCLU::GREGWed Jun 15 1994ORACLE*FORMS and MOTIF requirements?
597.03ROMEOS::WITTENBER_STWed Jun 15 1994OPS beta site on RM cluster wanted
598.0ASABET::SILVERBERGFri Jun 17 1994Kellogg win with UNIX
599.02ALICAT::BUDILOVMon Jun 20 1994Oracle version numbers explained ?
600.04MOSCOW::KHRAPKINMon Jun 20 1994Oracle/NT on AXP and Intel?
601.07AIMT::ESPERTIMon Jun 20 1994Where to register and acquire an Oracle Kit
602.06HGOVC::ESCUADRATue Jun 21 1994Oracle on Sable?
603.01ROMTue Jun 21 1994SQL*Net APPC/LU6.2?
604.0ALICAT::BUDILOVWed Jun 22 1994VAX VMS version V6.1 - what release of Oracle7 ?
605.01AIMT::ESPERTIWed Jun 22 1994OSF v2.
606.02ALICAT::BUDILOVThu Jun 23 1994examining Oracle7 blocks,extents,segments etc ?
607.05ALICAT::BUDILOVThu Jun 23 1994while VMS disk cluster size multiple on ORACLE block size ?
608.01DTRACY::ANDERSONThu Jun 23 1994Simple make file needed!
609.04ROMEOS::WITTENBER_STThu Jun 23 1994Oracle's latest porting schedule
610.0KERNEL::MELVINDFri Jun 24 1994Oracle on Linux ??
611.03VAXRIO::PAULAFri Jun 24 1994memory fault with OSF/1 v1.3a
612.01TAEC::MILES::MilesMon Jun 27 1994Parallel server & volume shadowing?
613.0ZPOVC::THIAMPENGTue Jun 28 1994CSCPAT_9419 available ?
614.01MCITS1::TEJAWed Jun 29 1994Migrating from RDB to Oracle7 : ^ {
615.04MSDOA::SECRISTThu Jun 30 1994Oracle7 on 21
616.02ALICAT::BUDILOVFri Jul 01 1994ORACLE7 and SORT ?
617.0ROMEOS::WITTENBER_STFri Jul 01 1994Oracle's latest Digital-Unix porting schedule
618.0QCAVSat Jul 02 1994Oracle CASE problem ..
619.02ALICAT::BUDILOVMon Jul 04 1994ORACLE7 initial database ?
620.01WILBRY::OCONNELLTue Jul 05 1994** URGENT ** VLDB and performance questions ***
621.0ASABET::SILVERBERGThu Jul 07 1994Downsizing Program Announced
622.0DEKVC::SANGKEUNLEEFri Jul 08 1994The performance problem of oracle v7 on VMS AXP V1.5
623.05EICMFG::EGERTONFri Jul 08 1994SQL protection problems on OSF/1
624.02VAXRIO::PAULAFri Jul 08 1994Release 9.4.2
625.0ALICAT::BUDILOVMon Jul 11 1994ORACLE7 hash/cluster target PLACEment ?
626.01ALICAT::BUDILOVMon Jul 11 1994a plethora of ORACLE7 performance questions ?
627.0ROMEOS::WITTENBER_STMon Jul 11 1994Oracle's latest porting schedules, Unix and OpenVMS
628.0LARVAE::BARKER_CMon Jul 11 1994Oracle Logo ?
630.02MQOSWS::J_DUBOISTue Jul 12 1994HPs parallel serv & disaster recovery
631.02GIDDAY::MUNNFri Jul 15 1994Only DBA can connect to DB
632.01MSDOA::SECRISTSun Jul 17 1994"Master database ?"
633.01ALICAT::BUDILOVFri Jul 22 1994LSNR.COM - SQL*net V2 listener fails to start
634.01XKOVFri Jul 22 1994Oracle of Differences
635.02KETJE::HAESAERTSMon Jul 25 1994Oracle SQL optimizer not so optimal !
636.01VSSCAD::SAFFERMon Jul 25 1994Accessing Oracle Db from a PC
637.03MINNY::DOLDERTue Jul 26 1994Oracle7 thread-safe ?
638.02AUSSIE::YUANThu Jul 28 1994Oracle Benchmark Repository
639.09PRSSOS::PROTThu Jul 28 1994DBA-
640.01DTRACY::ANDERSONThu Jul 28 1994Oracle Dba questions
642.01MSDOA::SECRISTTue Aug 02 1994Oracle to take control of Rdb ?
643.03BROKE::HUBVAX::SEKURSKIFri Aug 05 1994SQL*net V2 on OSF
644.02BAHTAT::BONDMon Aug 08 1994Can't get SGA > 5
645.03LARVAE::MADELEY_TMon Aug 08 1994Database load using SLQL Loader
646.01BRADEC::MRAVCAKTue Aug 09 1994UU: 21
647.0ASABET::SILVERBERGTue Aug 09 1994Oracle Customer References
648.02AUSSIE::YUANThu Aug 11 1994Forte
649.02DOD2::PARKERFri Aug 12 1994Oracle and tcpip
650.01PANIC::CLARKFri Aug 12 1994Index node re-balancing
651.011ALICAT::BUDILOVMon Aug 15 1994Oracle7 DB writers ?
652.01ALICAT::BUDILOVMon Aug 15 1994using MTS on VMS ?
653.01AMCUCS::KKDASTue Aug 16 1994Use OSF mfs for TEMP - a perf. tips.
654.0ALICAT::BUDILOVTue Aug 16 1994oracle MTS performance data ?
655.0ALICAT::BUDILOVWed Aug 17 1994init.ora parameters and "_"parameters ?
656.07AMCUCS::CHUWed Aug 17 1994oracle on Alpha NT ?
657.04MSBCS::STANLEYWed Sep 21 1994Oracle/OSF SMP TPC-A data
658.04ANGLIN::KUTZMon Aug 22 1994Oracle training
659.0DTRACY::ANDERSONMon Aug 22 1994Debuging OCI under V3 of OSF/1
660.03NAPIER::HEALEYTue Aug 23 1994How do you convert ctime?
661.04PRSSOS::PROTMon Aug 29 1994start/stop performance problem
662.01MSBCS::NARENDRAMon Aug 29 1994disk queue lengths
663.03DOD2::PARKERTue Aug 30 1994Oracle error -2726
664.05XKOVWed Aug 31 1994Help reqd for installing ORACLE 6 on VAX/VMS
665.01MSDOA::SECRISTThu Sep 01 1994U.S. Oracle/Digital Manager or Liaison ?
666.04ASABET::SILVERBERGFri Sep 02 1994Oracle purchases Rdb
667.01GLDOA::BOELEMATue Sep 06 1994sqldba executable corruption
668.0CLO::6444Thu Sep 08 1994Reference for ORACLE Consulting
669.0MSDOA::SECRISTMon Sep 12 1994Next internal O7 fast track course ?
670.0XKOVMon Sep 12 1994Memory fault core dumped...Under OSF 2.
671.03BRADEC::MRAVCAKMon Sep 12 1994UUU: TPC-B numbers needed
672.0BBIVMon Sep 12 1994SQL*NET and PATHWORKS V5
673.02IJSAPL::OLTHOFMon Sep 12 1994Oracle on OpenVMS AXP schedule
674.0MSDOA::SECRISTWed Sep 14 1994SQL*Net Questions & Answers
675.0BBIVFri Sep 16 1994pathworks & ssqlnet
676.05CAPO::WANTJE_RAMon Sep 19 19942 Systems - Same Data.
678.02LYOISA::LEFEBVREFri Sep 23 1994ORACLE V6 + OSF V3.
679.03MSDOA::SECRISTSun Sep 25 1994'.EPS of Oracle Logo ?
681.0DECLNE::KENNYTue Sep 27 1994IBM vs OSF/1 white paper?
682.01WEETOY::doggartWed Sep 28 1994Oracle benchmarking!!!!
683.0MRKTNG::SLATERThu Sep 29 1994SIS to use Oracle Financials on Alpha OSF/1
684.03SNOCSun Oct 02 1994Fast Backups
686.0FORTSC::PARKERMon Oct 03 1994OpenVMS for Oracle Schedule.
687.01MTVIEW::ASHATue Oct 04 1994Creating Database thru ODBC?
688.06COPCLU::GREGWed Oct 05 1994LSM for backup?
689.0357Wed Oct 05 1994What Oracle7 version will support OSF/1 V3.
690.0QCAVThu Oct 06 1994ORACLE processes going defunct under Ultrix 4.2a
691.04ROMEOS::WITTENBER_STThu Oct 06 1994Oracle's DEC Unix porting schedule
692.01QCAVFri Oct 07 1994ORACLE 6 and Ultrix 4.4 ???
693.05POBOX::OLEARYFri Oct 07 1994Parallel Query, Parallel Index
694.0MTVIEW::ASHASat Oct 08 1994quoted string in an INSERT statement
695.05ANGLIN::SEITZWed Oct 12 1994Is 64 bit?
696.01BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODWed Oct 12 1994Support for 7.
697.0HDLITE::CHALTASWed Oct 12 1994need help with tzset problem
698.01EEMELI::TAVIThu Oct 13 19947.1.3.
699.01MTVIEW::ASHAFri Oct 14 1994Insert into an Oracle table using ODBC.
700.01GLDOA::DANETue Oct 18 1994Oracle 6.
701.0DEKVC::DONGWONSHINTue Oct 18 1994ORACLE integration solution without SQL*NET ?
702.01OSLTue Oct 18 1994Estimating TPC-C numbers / references
703.04QCAVWed Oct 19 1994Need Help on Oracle Parallel Server.
704.01LABC::RUThu Oct 20 1994How to link MFCobol code?
705.05QCAVMon Oct 24 1994SQLDBA ,screen mode not functioning.
706.01NCMAIL::NAGYPMon Oct 24 1994ORACLE W/ SMP & OVMS?
707.0BRUMMY::CARTERRTue Oct 25 1994ORA
708.01BRUMMY::CARTERRTue Oct 25 1994setting SGA size + kernel params.
709.013NAMIX::jptWed Oct 26 1994Large Oracle7 database on DEC OSF/1 AXP ???
710.02HGOVC::ESCUADRAThu Oct 27 1994Need help on Oracle crash problem
711.010AMCUCS::KKDASThu Oct 27 1994LSM + Oracle : The Benefits
712.05FLYWAY::L4ALF1::COHENFri Oct 28 1994VMS - oracle connect from shareable image crashes !!!
713.01OSLSat Oct 29 1994Unix/Oracle/PowerHouse reference wanted
714.02ZPOVC::JASONCHANThu Nov 03 1994DECnsr and Oracle
716.01TAVIS::647Tue Nov 08 1994Migrating Ingres application to Oracle
717.0FORTSC::PARKERWed Nov 09 1994Latest ORACLE Unix Product Line Update
718.0FORTSC::PARKERWed Nov 09 1994ORACLE OpenVMS Product Schedule
719.0HDLITE::SCHAFERWed Nov 09 1994ODBC to access Excel on PCs
720.01TROOA::SOLEYFri Nov 11 19947.
721.04OSLACT::BJORNAUMon Nov 14 1994Sizing server for lots of SQL*Net users
722.014GL::SULLIVANMon Nov 14 1994Computed by field support?
723.08TRNTue Nov 15 1994Backup of big dbs, please tell us something
724.06OSLACT::BJORNAUTue Nov 15 1994Will Oracle benefit from read and write-back cache??
725.02NETRIX::"martin@dmaosf.dmo.dec.com"Fri Nov 18 1994WARNING: cpio works differently on DECOSF1 V3.
726.01DECRAL::HARISHFri Nov 18 1994DOMAIN ?
727.011BBIVMon Nov 21 1994oracle 7.
728.05BRUMMY::CARTERRTue Nov 22 1994Parallel Query
729.0RTFM1::AHLGRENTue Nov 22 1994Two-task problems?
730.05LISVAX::FOLGADOWed Nov 23 1994Presentation on Digital-Oracle collaboration?
731.03DECALP::KLAVINSThu Nov 24 1994Client reconnection & parallel server
732.0BRADEC::MRAVCAKFri Nov 25 1994on-line backup ??
733.02GNPIKE::ASCHERTue Nov 29 1994what should be available today to run on OSFv3?
734.0ISTWI1::OZILWed Nov 30 1994SQLnet requirements
736.02BBIVFri Dec 02 1994migrating from Oracle6 to Oracle7
738.0KERNEL::BAYSAMon Dec 05 1994Any exercisers available for Oracle ?
739.05WBCVS1::GOODENTue Dec 06 1994Problem with DECODE function
740.02TIS::LUNDTue Dec 06 1994Snapshot info requested
741.0MUNICH::KRNETAThu Dec 08 1994Oracle on OSF/1 is 64-bit
742.02TRNOIS::POLETTIFri Dec 09 1994Oracle poor performance
743.03PERFOM::NARENDRAFri Dec 09 1994Urgent request ... archiving
744.0TAVIS::647Mon Dec 12 1994SQL*net supports DECnet OSI ?
745.04MRKTNG::SETTYMon Dec 12 1994World's Largest In-memory Database
746.0BBIVThu Dec 15 1994forms 3.
747.0BBIVFri Dec 16 1994oracle*case on DEC OSF/1 Xterm
748.03METZFri Dec 16 1994Oracle v7 and ULTRIX
749.02VAXRIO::RENATOFri Dec 16 1994Poor Performance on VMS AXP
750.02MSAMSat Dec 17 1994oracle data replication capability
751.0348912::csoyve.vlj.DEC.COM::toubhansMon Dec 19 1994Oracle V7 & A.Cluster Database Server OSF/1
752.0EPS::RODERICKMon Dec 19 1994Digital and Oracle Relationship Update
753.07BRUMMY::CARTERRTue Dec 20 1994trying to change DB_BLOCK_SIZE.....
754.0VAXRIO::NOVELLOTue Dec 20 1994Introduction to Oracle...
755.03OSLACT::BJORNAUWed Dec 21 1994Customer visting Oracle, whom to speak with??
756.0ZURFri Dec 23 1994Info: Oracle linking fails on OSF/1 2.
757.0QCAVMon Jan 09 1995SQL*NET Problem Help!
758.06DYOSW5::WILDERMon Jan 09 19953rd Party tuning apps. for Oracle??
759.03WAMMEY::NUCKLESTue Jan 10 1995web home page
760.02SAC::MAGUIRE_GWed Jan 11 1995Can you upgrade from V 7.
761.03EPS::BABINEAUWed Jan 11 1995Error 2715; pipe driver OSF/1
762.012CHEFS::DAVIDSONSWed Jan 11 1995raw vs filesystem experience?
763.03CHEFS::DAVIDSONSFri Jan 13 1995advfs, oracle performance...
764.0TRNTue Jan 17 1995Export problem form upgraded oracle
765.02OFOSS1::MURPHYTue Jan 17 1995OpenVMS -> OSF/1 & v6 -> v7
766.01WONDER::REILLYTue Jan 17 1995Oracle Bookreader
767.06FUJISI::ENGLANDTue Jan 17 1995no shared libraries with Oracle V7.1.3/OSF
768.05ATYISA::LACROIX_CWed Jan 18 1995Large Oracle DB on OSF
769.05LARVAE::63814::taylor_miThu Jan 19 1995Attaching to remote Rdb database?
770.01EPS::BABINEAUFri Jan 20 1995upgrade error libsqlnet multiply defined
771.07IJSAPL::KRANENBURGTue Jan 24 1995Oracle and RAID: Integrity risk ?
772.07ISTWI1::OZILTue Jan 24 1995ORACLE 7.1.4 parameters
773.01MANMWed Jan 25 1995Oracle app IBM3151->DECterm problem
774.01BAHTAT::BONDWed Jan 25 1995Oracle Procedural Gateway?
775.0TRNWed Jan 25 1995Any problmes handling Signals with ProC
776.03SNOCWed Jan 25 1995TPC-C Revisited
777.03HERON::KAISERFri Jan 27 1995"Big Oracle" information?
778.02IAGO::SULLIVANFri Jan 27 1995are there any limits on the number of cursors?
779.01ALFTP::HOSSEINIFri Jan 27 1995Which version of oracle is native with alpha.
780.0TAVSun Jan 29 1995Oracle 7 Specialist
781.07JULIET::PARKER_TYTue Jan 31 1995Oracle on DEC Unix Product Line Update Jan 23,1995
782.0JULIET::PARKER_TYTue Jan 31 1995Oracle on DEC OpenVMS Product Line Update Jan 23, 1995
783.07TRNWed Feb 01 1995Suggestion needed for > 2
784.01WRLDYD::HASHMIFri Feb 03 1995ORACLE - Microsoft ODBC driver incompatibility..
785.03MIASYS::SSAFFERFri Feb 03 1995How to turn off SQLNet tracing?
786.0TROCFri Feb 03 1995SQLdba work across SQLnet v2 TCP Adapter?
787.02ALICAT::BUDILOVMon Feb 06 1995Oracle7 RDBMS internals information sought
788.02TROU68::POOTSWed Feb 08 1995How Many Staff for Oracle Shop ??
789.01QDOVSat Feb 11 1995oracle crash problem
790.011NZOVSat Feb 11 1995help needed with import on OSF/1 21
791.06BELFST::DOGGARTMon Feb 13 1995Oracle Performance Course.
792.01COPCLU::GREGWed Feb 15 1995ESP program status?
794.01DOD2::PARKERMon Feb 20 1995digital part # for oracle
795.01--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 21 1995dbx can't read symbol table
796.01POLAR::STEWARTNWed Feb 22 1995startup errorORA-
797.02STKAI1::BJERKEHOLTThu Feb 23 1995Oracle version for OSF/1 3.2 ?
798.03EPS::RODERICKThu Feb 23 1995Latest Digital Product Line Updates OpenVMS / DEC UNIX
799.01MUGGER::WHITHAMThu Feb 23 1995Enhanced Security under OSF/1 ?
800.02SUBSYS::DTSULLIVANFri Feb 24 1995Personal Oracle Conference created
801.0TPSYS::TURNERFri Feb 24 1995Two Oracle questions - deadlock and out of memory errors
802.0SWETSC::ROZENBEEKSat Feb 25 1995ORACLE and IEEE float format ?
803.0ANGLIN::KUTZTue Feb 28 1995Trusted Oracle on OpenVMS Alpha
804.01BBIVWed Mar 01 1995Oracle problem in a cluster mode
805.0ATYISA::SULOCHAWed Mar 08 1995advise requested
806.03LYOISA::BOIRINWed Mar 08 1995Performances Pb with OSF 3.
807.02QDOVThu Mar 09 1995Raw partition
808.02OSLACT::BJORNAUThu Mar 09 1995Sybase to Oracle Gateway???
809.01POLAR::STEWARTNThu Mar 09 1995oracle install error
810.02TRU116::WEISSFri Mar 10 1995OVMS 6.
811.06VNZVFri Mar 10 1995Oracle Parallel Server Info.
812.03UKARC1::WOOD_JThu Mar 16 1995RDB for OSF/1?
813.0NEOVThu Mar 16 1995Oracle 7.1 and Host-based stripping
814.0QCAVMon Mar 20 1995help needed..
815.0XKOVTue Mar 21 1995sql reportwriter V1.1 computed field.
816.02ISTWI1::OZILWed Mar 22 19957.1.4 and problems
817.02DV78Thu Mar 23 1995complex queries on multiple CPUs?
818.06ISTWI1::OZILFri Mar 24 1995Tuning help
819.03QCAVSun Mar 26 1995Urgent Help reqd on SCO Oracle ..
820.0TKOV6Tue Mar 28 1995Oracle 7.1.3 with MFcobol
821.02LYOISA::BOIRINTue Mar 28 1995OSF 3.
823.04TAVWed Mar 29 1995Competition with Orcale7
824.03ISTWI1::OZILWed Mar 29 1995Migration Tools
825.01BBIVThu Mar 30 1995Oracle Report writer problem..
826.01KETJE::BEYENSThu Mar 30 1995full-table scan parameter
827.01BBIVMon Apr 03 1995PRO*c problem ... ANy suggestions
828.03BBIVTue Apr 04 1995single-task on Unix ???
831.04BBIVThu Apr 06 1995Advfs and Oracle ...Doubts
832.02EPS::BABINEAUThu Apr 06 1995background timeouts estat param?
833.07TALER::ROGERSMon Apr 10 1995Oracle and XA
834.02QCAVTue Apr 11 1995Immediate help required ...
835.05ANGLIN::KUTZTue Apr 11 1995Oracle7 db into memory
836.04GRANPA::JZITELMANWed Apr 12 1995Oracle7 on low-end AlphaServers?
837.0AOSF1::krasFri Apr 14 1995Oracle/Sybase on Digital UNIX together?
838.0CALDEC::PARKERMon Apr 17 1995Oracle's UNIX Product Lines update April 16, 1995
839.04PENSKE::DATZMANMon Apr 17 1995Oracle Data Warehouse App?
841.0WHRAMI::DISALVOThu Apr 20 1995TRAINING: ORACLE7: A Comprehensive Hands-On Intro
842.0WHRAMI::DISALVOThu Apr 20 1995TRAINING: ORACLE7 for Application Developers: Hands-On
843.0WHRAMI::DISALVOThu Apr 20 1995TRAINING: Tuning ORACLE7 Applications: Hands-On
844.01ISTWI1::OZILWed Apr 26 1995Availability on NT
845.02BBIVThu Apr 27 1995oracle data conversion problem
848.0DV78Fri Apr 28 1995Sybase --> Oracle?
849.03BBIVSat Apr 29 1995compilation errors for pro*cob
850.0CALDEC::PARKERThu May 04 1995Oracle Parallel Server on Digital UNIX beta program
851.01RCOCER::ROLANDRThu May 04 199582
852.0MUNICH::WENDLFri May 05 1995Forms 4.
853.01QCAVFri May 05 1995vmunix: file table full,osf 1.3 & oracle 7.
854.01TPOVC::MOBBYLINFri May 05 1995ld: -lFutil error with pro*cobol?
855.01BAHTAT::BONDFri May 05 1995Oracle on AlphaVMS cluster?
856.03NETRIX::"jm@uvo.dec.com"Fri May 05 1995Backup using ADVFS clone filesets?
857.0HOUBA::CAILLEWed May 10 1995Database management concerns
858.01NETRIX::"richard@tmcunx.bbp.dec.com"Wed May 10 1995Installing Parallel Server on UNIX
859.0VNZVThu May 11 1995Positioning Oracle Parallel Server for Advantage Clustres
860.0NEOVFri May 12 1995Problem with high parsing numbers.
862.0ROMEOS::GAVINMon May 15 1995Qusrions on Orcale Performancd on Alpha SMP ( Unix)
863.02DV78Tue May 16 1995speed and reliability?
864.04FIREBL::LEEDSTue May 16 1995AIX to Digital Unix ??
865.0ATYISA::SULOCHAWed May 17 1995TNS listener : Kernel comments
866.03ATYISB::COUCOTWed May 17 1995ERROR 655
867.0QCAVThu May 18 1995Some questions ....
868.02NETRIX::"@www-proxy.crl.research.digital.com"Fri May 19 1995Any problem Oracle V7.1.6 with Turbolaser?
869.01ATYLAN::alphayves.aty.DEC.COM::toubhansMon May 22 1995SQL*forms performance ??
870.03EPS::RODERICKTue May 23 1995Trip Reports
871.01BBIVWed May 24 1995sqlnet V2 support for UCX
873.01--UnknownUser--Wed May 24 1995Q1 ORACLE7 TRAINING COURSES: TCDG CALENDAR
874.01QCAVThu May 25 1995Error while running SQL package on Netware.
875.02MANMFri May 26 1995OSF/1/Oralce SQLnet talking to MVS
876.02ROMEOS::GAVINFri May 26 1995Could someon please post a copy of listener.ora
877.0DRAC::POTINMon May 29 1995Sizing Oracle-Tuxedo system
878.09MQOU18::F_DICAIREWed May 31 1995SQL*NET V1 and V2 together ?
879.05HGOVC::JOELBERMANThu Jun 01 1995Very different results, big machine is slower
880.01JHBWS1::RYANFri Jun 02 1995Large DB - raw vs file-system (ufs,AdvFS)
882.06BSS::HEWITTTue Jun 06 1995ORACLE Support under VMS 6.2?
883.01HDLITE::ONEALTue Jun 06 1995Oracle Forms core dumps on OSF/1 3.
884.0SZOSS1::absTue Jun 06 1995/sbin/loader error - 7.1.6 on Digital UNIX 3.2 - shared libraries?
885.0BBIVWed Jun 07 1995oracle client-server
886.02MEDINA::BEELENWed Jun 07 1995Oracle certification questions
887.01VNZVWed Jun 07 1995Final release for Parallel Server ???
888.01VNZVWed Jun 07 1995Oil and Gas reference sites
889.02LARVAE::MADELEY_TThu Jun 08 1995VLM/VLDB 21
890.02GOYA::BEGONAFri Jun 09 1995VLM options with
891.0HERON::GODFRINDFri Jun 09 1995Oracle BAP ("fast track") training - Valbonne July
892.0BBIVTue Jun 13 1995Error while linking Pro Cobol -lincml
893.0ASABET::absTue Jun 13 1995Problems with Pro-C, Oracle, and DEC OSF/1
894.05USCTR1::JANDERSONWed Jun 14 1995VLM Technical Training Course, Nashua, NH July
895.0ATYISA::SULOCHAWed Jun 14 1995shared lib on 7.2 ?
896.02MUDIS3::STADLERWed Jun 14 1995Oracle DBWR Tuning
897.05GOYA::BEGONAThu Jun 15 1995Core with DBWR > 1
898.01SDEBOO::DANZAThu Jun 15 1995Unable to connect to the ORACLE server
899.0BBIVMon Jun 19 1995procob linking error
900.01GOYA::BEGONAMon Jun 19 1995Nice parallel query processes ?
901.0QCAVTue Jun 20 1995TWO_TASK variable..
902.0FOUNDR::MINERTue Jun 20 1995Storage Clause INITIAL value question
903.010SEAWLF::BOLLINGERWed Jun 21 1995SPIN_COUNT a critical parameter
904.01GOYA::BEGONAWed Jun 21 1995Invalid file size
905.01OTOOA::WNOELWed Jun 21 1995Data Warehouse requirements - VLM/SMP or MPP?
906.01LARVAE::BARKER_CThu Jun 22 1995SQL*NET-DECnet/OSI-Digital UNIX
907.01MEMIT::SACKSThu Jun 22 1995SQL documentation?
909.03GOYA::JULIANRFri Jun 23 1995Parallel Query dumps core
910.03TPOVC::MOBBYLINSat Jun 24 1995DECsafe required to run OPS?
911.04NZOVSun Jun 25 1995performance of Cost-based Query Optimization
912.04RMRDTO::giaipronMon Jun 26 1995Oracle v7.1 using ADVFS
913.0GUIDUK::HEALYMon Jun 26 1995Oracle 'Agents' on DEC Unix?
915.0ZPOVC::GUEST8Thu Jul 06 1995Controlled User Access to a Oracle Application.
916.01BBIVFri Jul 07 1995Oracle does n't run after remote copy
917.0BBIVFri Jul 07 1995Oracle error PMON,DBWR
919.0SUTRA::BATSWed Jul 12 1995Orlace 7 Workgroup Server under NT and SMP
920.05FOUNDR::MINERThu Jul 13 1995Problem going to VLM using
921.04BAHTAT::BONDFri Jul 14 1995Oracle Parallel Server and Memory Channel
922.02LEMAN::BEZENCONFri Jul 14 1995Oracle / Pro*Cobol / DEC Cobol problem ?
923.02BELFST::DOGGARTMon Jul 17 1995Oracle Performance course in AYR.
924.0LARVAE::BARKER_CMon Jul 17 1995Benchmark Results.
925.02ZPOVC::DAIVC::JENIWATIMon Jul 17 1995Application tuning
926.01ALFAI::HOSSEINIMon Jul 17 1995asynchronous operation
927.01VAXRIO::NOVELLOMon Jul 17 1995Oracle 7.1.4 and OSF 3.2 ...
928.01CALDEC::PARKERMon Jul 17 1995Digital UNIX Product Line Update July 12, 1995
929.01CALDEC::PARKERMon Jul 17 1995OpenVMS Product Line Update as of 7/12/95
930.07VNZVTue Jul 18 1995Who will benefit with ORACLE 64-bit?
931.0HERON::ROWLANDSTue Jul 18 1995Oracle Multi-Versioning?
933.0TELEM::TREATWed Jul 19 1995Job opening in ABU CIO SAP R/3 Program (@ MKO)
934.02CALDEC::MINWed Jul 19 1995Configuring Oracle VLM
935.07KETJE::HAESAERTSThu Jul 20 1995Pointer to VLM course presentations ?? - caldec:: ??
936.01FOUNDR::MINERThu Jul 20 1995SQL$LOADER and large rowsizes
937.0QCAVFri Jul 21 1995Forms 4.5 Keystroke file
938.0LARVAE::BARKER_CFri Jul 21 1995Oracle 7.2 features
939.0QCAVSat Jul 22 1995local printer on oracle(v7) / osf1
940.01SPANIX::BEGONAMon Jul 24 1995Oracle Rdb on VAX OpenVMS V6.1
941.0QDOVMon Jul 24 1995Keys not working with Forms3.
942.0HGOVC::JOELBERMANWed Jul 26 1995Load Balancing in OPS?
944.0--UnknownUser--Wed Jul 26 1995
944.02WOTVAX::MORRISONWed Jul 26 1995ORACLE / HP claim fastest TPC-C figures; what about Alpha VLM ?
945.0VAOUWed Jul 26 1995Scaling a Benchmark result???
946.0VAXRIO::MEYERThu Jul 27 1995Animating MicroFocus Cobol with Oracle
947.01WMGEN2::absThu Jul 27 1995URGENT - ORACLE Perfomance numbers needed ASAP
948.0SPANIX::BEGONAThu Jul 27 1995Fetch across commit with error
949.03ISTWI1::OZILFri Jul 28 1995Oracle & NT Alpha
950.0QDOVFri Jul 28 1995memory fault with forms3.
951.0IOSG::KALUSMon Jul 31 1995XA SesTm session time out
952.05QDOVWed Aug 02 1995shared segments of oracle
953.05MIMS::SANDERS_JWed Aug 02 199564-bit default block size
954.0+6KYOSS1::HUSBYWed Aug 02 1995Oracle/Alpha Benchmarks?
955.03JOBURG::JURIEVRThu Aug 03 1995Oracle 7.1.6 install on ADVFS
956.02MIMS::SANDERS_JFri Aug 04 1995Performance Numbers Confusion
957.01QCAVTue Aug 08 1995SPACE PROBLEM...
958.07NEWVAX::EBARONTue Aug 08 1995TWOTASK: connect failed, can't spawn ORASRV process ERROR
959.0SMARIO::BARKERWed Aug 09 1995Oracle Parallel Server on VMS SCSI clusters.
960.0TAVThu Aug 10 1995Customer Questions
961.01OSAVMon Aug 14 1995Oracle and Sort
962.03OSAVMon Aug 14 1995SQL*FORMS question
963.03ISTWI1::OZILTue Aug 15 1995dbblocksize suggestion
964.0WMGEN1:: Aug 17 1995Stored Procedure Limitation
965.01WMGEN1::absThu Aug 17 1995When VLM is supported on ALPHA/VMS
966.01NEOVSat Aug 19 1995Oracle performance on other applications: GEMMS
967.01QCAVTue Aug 22 1995Connectivity Problem ...
969.0NCMAIL::MACKINMon Aug 28 1995Looking for OPS/Unix expert
970.07NEWVAX::EBARONWed Aug 30 1995Urgent Help needed with SQL*Net config
971.01BELFST::DOGGARTThu Aug 31 1995Benchmark Results
972.01--UnknownUser--Fri Sep 01 1995HOW CAN I GET TRANSACTION ID
973.03QCAVSat Sep 02 1995SQL*Forms and F:
974.08NAMIX::jptThu Sep 07 1995Query server dies (urgent and critical)
975.06ROMFri Sep 08 1995Oracle Server versions
976.03TRUCKS::ENERGISFri Sep 08 1995ORACLE DATA QUERY capabilities
977.0TMAWKO::NASHMon Sep 11 1995Oracle 7.1.4/Unix3.2c
978.02WOTVAX::RANDEE::morrisonTue Sep 12 1995Host available for the IOUG at Philidelphia 17-22 Sept ?
979.0MANMWed Sep 13 1995Stopping sqlplus & its partner server process?
980.01OSLWed Sep 13 1995AlphaServer configuration, need advice
981.02GBIFri Sep 15 1995Performance and reliability issues. help!
982.0ROMEOS:: Sep 16 1995MTS, UNIX, DECnet, PATHWORKS 4.1 ?
983.05BOUNCR::GLEAVESun Sep 17 1995Customers doing large, on-line backups ?
984.05LEXSS1::GINGERFri Sep 22 1995variable performance
985.04KETJE::MONTEMon Sep 25 1995OBACKUP WHEN ?????
986.05GLDOA::BOELEMATue Sep 26 1995when TPC-C on Oracle/84
986.0--UnknownUser--Tue Sep 26 1995
987.04ALFSS2::FOLDEVIWed Sep 27 1995WNT/Alpha plans?
988.0OSANPO::TAIThu Sep 28 1995Patent search...
989.01ISTWI1::OZILThu Sep 28 1995SPIN_COUNT suggestion
990.06QCAVFri Sep 29 1995coredump in record locking
991.0BBIVFri Sep 29 1995using __mips_ ...
992.01NETRIX::"morganti@tazza.rio.dec.com"Mon Oct 02 1995Oracle for Ultrix 4.4
993.0EPS::RODERICKMon Oct 02 1995Oracle looking for OpenVMS folks
994.01MANMTue Oct 03 1995Large SGA, warm-cache, not helping throughput...
995.01VNZVTue Oct 03 1995ORACLE's DEVELOPER 2
996.0BBIVTue Oct 03 1995pro*c compilation process ...
997.01ALFAM7::GOSEJACOBMon Oct 09 1995SQL*Net (?) TCP/IP weirdness ...
998.05MINNY::DOLDERMon Oct 09 1995OpenVMS or Digital UNIX at Oracle ?
999.02ZPOVC::DAIVC::JENIWATITue Oct 10 1995Oracle - Web connection
1000.02XKOVTue Oct 10 1995Compatibility needed.
1001.09ISTWI1::MUTAFTue Oct 10 1995Turbolaser HANG problem with ORACLE
1002.0XKOVWed Oct 11 1995osf/1 3.2 & oracle 7.1 proc linking slowwwwww.
1004.01BBIVWed Oct 11 1995oracle licensing in decsafe ase env ...
1005.0BBIVWed Oct 11 1995oracle and jukebox reference site ...
1006.01WELSWS::GRAHAMThu Oct 12 1995Oracle contacts in Europe ?
1007.0MANMThu Oct 12 1995patch for PQO for Oracle 3.2C?
1008.025EPS::RODERICKFri Oct 13 1995Product Line releases on Digital UNIX
1009.09EPS::RODERICKFri Oct 13 1995Product Line releases on OpenVMS
1010.010EPS::RODERICKFri Oct 13 1995Product Line releases on Alpha NT
1011.0EPS::RODERICKFri Oct 13 1995FDDI and Oracle client/server
1013.07LEXSS1::GINGERMon Oct 16 1995erratic run time?
1014.02TLAVTue Oct 17 1995listener.ora not found
1015.08OSLMR::MARTINR_PWed Oct 18 1995ORACLE V7.3 beta - anyone?
1016.01NETRIX::"fernandob@joburg.jhb.DEC.COM"Wed Oct 18 1995whereis librtl.?
1017.0AMCUCS::KKDASThu Oct 19 1995Be aware of _DB_BLOCK_HASH_BUCKETS
1018.0VNABRW::SEDLBAUER_WThu Oct 19 1995Snaphots update
1019.05QCAVThu Oct 19 1995Urgent Help reqd please ...
1020.03LYOISA::NEJJARFri Oct 20 1995export/import or not ?
1021.01RHETT::LACORTIFri Oct 20 1995oracle processes not using cpu 3.2c 7.1.4
1022.04STKAI1::ALDESTAM_STue Oct 24 1995LSM stripe width
1023.02OSLMR::MARTINR_PWed Oct 25 1995Workgroup server on Digital UNIX?
1024.0DAIVC::LIZAThu Oct 26 1995Need Pro*COBOL demo version kit
1025.02BBIVFri Oct 27 1995sql*net on AXP OpenVMS with TCPIP
1026.05MLNORO::SCAGLIONIFri Oct 27 1995permission denied /sga problem
1027.06PERFOM::CSGPERFFri Oct 27 1995World's Fastest Single-Node TPC-C Result!
1028.02HGOVC::NANDANSat Oct 28 1995Function-key mapping for PC keyboard
1029.02USPS::FPRUSSSat Oct 28 1995ORACLE VLM, 64bit or 36 bit
1030.01COLMon Oct 30 1995test data generator announce
1031.03WOTVAX::GALLACHERMTue Oct 31 1995Tablespace stripe Ora vs H/w
1032.04TROOA::SOLEYTue Oct 31 1995Relink for EV5, any point?
1033.02ULYSSE::CAMPBELLMon Nov 06 1995Locking mechanism(s)
1034.06ZPOVC::RAMARAJMon Nov 06 1995TPC-D?
1036.01JULIET::SHOMO_ROTue Nov 07 1995Oracle HP-UX to UNIX port major Issues?
1037.0QCAVWed Nov 08 1995reducing the tablespace size...
1038.07HGOVC::NANDANWed Nov 08 199512GB tablespace problem
1039.0NSICWed Nov 08 1995TO_CHAR, strange behaviour: BUG or feature?
1040.01COPCLU::SCHOUBOThu Nov 09 1995SQL*Module on Alpha UNIX wont compile anything!!!
1041.0DEKVC::DONGWONSHINFri Nov 10 1995Questions about Stored procedure
1042.0+7HERON::ROWLANDSFri Nov 10 1995Startup delay?
1043.01NQOSFri Nov 10 1995Oracle Gateway references needed!
1044.02VNZVSat Nov 11 19952-node IBM SP2 competitive situation
1045.03SNOFS1::GARRETTMARKTue Nov 14 1995Oracle 7 and RDB 6 library conflicts
1046.0COLA1::VHELLWIGTue Nov 14 1995longjmp problem with oracle
1047.07TLAVWed Nov 15 1995can't export entire db
1048.03BROUGH::DAVIESWed Nov 15 1995Max number of tables ?
1049.0SPSEG::PLAISTEDWed Nov 15 1995ALERT: BLITZ: Oracle bug #313245 and ALPACRT
1050.0FOUNDR::PATRUNOFri Nov 17 1995Oracle ProC Compiler Bug
1051.05TROCFri Nov 17 1995ASYNC_WRITE???
1052.01BBIVTue Nov 21 1995Unix licensing for Oracle Client-Server
1053.0HGOVC::JAMBUTue Nov 21 1995ORACLE Symm replication info pls. ??
1054.02NETRIX::"ofer@tavosf.iso.dec.com"Tue Nov 21 1995dbfsize does not work! why?
1055.03BELFST::DOGGARTTue Nov 21 1995Problems with !!!!
1057.03LEXSWed Nov 22 1995rmalloc failed
1058.04WOTVAX::GALLACHERMWed Nov 22 1995Latches and spin_count
1059.02BBIVFri Nov 24 1995need competitive info on IBM, DB2
1060.09TROOA::SOLEYFri Nov 24 1995tar/cpio dangerous in V3.2x
1061.0TROOA::SORENSENFri Nov 24 1995Request for assistance - Transparent Gateway Oppty
1063.02XKOVTue Nov 28 1995Any issue by NOT having reserved disk space.
1064.05TAVWed Nov 29 1995Urgent! weird behaviour Oracle BM on Digital UNIX
1065.08BBIVThu Nov 30 1995Again the 64bit monkey has appeared..
1066.01ALFAM7::GOSEJACOBThu Nov 30 1995_db_block_max_scan_count ??
1067.05ALFAM7::GOSEJACOBMon Dec 04 1995questions on async writes/multiple db-writers
1068.04DECIDE::LANGFELDTTue Dec 05 1995Oracle ad in Datamation?
1070.0XKOVTue Dec 05 1995Erro ORA-16
1071.01DECIDE::LANGFELDTTue Dec 05 1995OPS manuals?
1073.0DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGWed Dec 06 1995DEC7
1074.09SWAMPD::JLYNCHThu Dec 07 1995large datafile patch for
1075.03JULIET::SHOMO_ROFri Dec 08 1995TPC-C (tpmC) number for SGI's Challenge Server
1076.0PERFOM::CSGPERFFri Dec 08 1995AlphaServer 84
1077.0HGOVC::NANDANMon Dec 11 1995Help!SQL*Net V2 no of connect probs
1078.04BBIVWed Dec 13 1995Change the name of Instance
1079.01ZPOVC::CHEEHEONGWed Dec 13 1995Printing on Oracle Manufacturing
1080.02MPOSSat Dec 16 1995Is there a conference for Oracle in MS Windows environment
1081.013BELFST::DOGGARTMon Dec 18 1995Help with a performance problem.
1082.0BBIVTue Dec 19 1995Oracle on SCO unix
1083.0AZUR::DICKOTue Dec 19 1995Porting from informix to Oracle
1084.01MIASYS::SSAFFERTue Dec 19 1995Does SQL*Forms run on a PC?
1085.02MIASYS::SSAFFERTue Dec 19 1995Migrate SQL*Forms to Forms 4?
1086.013FROM::FERJULIANThu Dec 21 1995Help with poor performance/Terabyte Data Warehouse
1088.0ZPOVC::DAIVC::JENIWATIFri Dec 29 1995System Management
1089.0CUESTA::EIGURENFri Dec 29 1995 WORD 6.
1090.01HERON::ROWLANDSWed Jan 03 1996Oracle Training, Europe, Jan 1996
1091.01ATYISA::SULOCHAThu Jan 04 19967.1.6 and DU3.2D
1092.0EPS::RODERICKThu Jan 04 1996OpenVMS VAX Parallel Server locking problem
1093.01QCAVFri Jan 05 1996FORMS4.5 startup error...
1094.02BALZAC::KUOCHMon Jan 08 1996A DBWR pb & solution.
1095.0134675::BLUNTTue Jan 09 1996OpenVMS/VAX Oracle to OpenVMS/Alpha Oracle HELP?!?
1096.06HERON::ROWLANDSWed Jan 10 1996Unable to start instance
1097.05WOTVAX::NEILSONGWed Jan 10 1996binary file size
1098.0XKOVThu Jan 11 1996Reports V2.5 issues
1099.03GRNCHZ::ESCHENBACHThu Jan 11 1996Oracle and SMP
1100.06LEXSFri Jan 12 1996Long shutdown time
1101.05EPS::RODERICKTue Jan 16 1996Thread cannot allocate new log error
1102.0QCAVWed Jan 17 1996Forms 4.5 startup....
1103.02FIREBL::LEEDSThu Jan 18 1996Parallel Server/Memory Channel update ??
1104.01GUIDUK::HEALYThu Jan 18 1996Oracle Versions for DUNIX 3.2D and 4.
1105.01EPS::RODERICKFri Jan 19 1996Database Marketing Update
1106.02DUKBIL::VaughnSat Jan 20 1996not validating oracle login from root account
1107.03BHAJEE::RODLERSat Jan 20 1996Tools for monitoring/tuning Oracle V7
1108.0MKTCRV::ESCTECHMon Jan 22 1996Undocumented switch in linker /Alpha
1109.01CRONIC::KBERRYMon Jan 22 1996Oracle7 for VAX OpenVMS Client-only configuration
1113.03PTOSS1::SCHRAMMEFri Jan 26 1996Can a Stored procedure invoke a Unix Process
1114.0WOTVAX::GALLACHERMFri Jan 26 1996GC_DB_LOCKS on non par/server
1115.03DAIVC::JENIWATIMon Jan 29 1996OPTIMAL in Rollback Segment
1116.02LEXSS1::MURPHYMon Jan 29 1996Remote site synchronization
1117.02QDOVWed Jan 31 1996Information on Rollback segment
1118.01QCAVWed Jan 31 1996Urgent help needed....
1119.04SCASS1::HORVATHWed Jan 31 1996database create script
1120.0WONDER::REILLYThu Feb 01 1996SQL*Net V1 / OPS
1121.05RHETT::SHEPPARDThu Feb 01 1996Oracle restart on DUX 3.2c
1122.05COMICS::CORNEJFri Feb 02 1996Oracle on MLS+ (Secure UNIX) ?
1123.06TELGAR::WAKEMANLASat Feb 03 1996International ODBC Problems
1124.01FUJISI::ENGLANDMon Feb 05 1996VLM & -taso SQL app
1125.010CRONIC::KBERRYTue Feb 06 1996SQL*Net Configuration problems
1126.03NEOVWed Feb 07 1996Exponential time with more than one process
1127.01QCAVThu Feb 08 1996urgent help required...
1128.02IOSG::KALUSFri Feb 09 1996does OPS use DRD partitions?
1129.07ISTWI1::OZILMon Feb 12 1996OPS questions
1130.06IOSG::KALUSTue Feb 13 1996Installer doesn't give me the OPS options
1131.0BPSOF::TOROKTue Feb 20 1996Timeout waiting for space management resource
1132.0NETRIX::"toubhans@atyisb.enet.DEC.COM"Wed Feb 21 1996SQL*Net Timeout //
1133.06IOSG::KALUSThu Feb 22 1996no user profile information
1134.01HDLITE::LNARAYANFri Feb 23 1996A SQL*Forms question...
1135.04BBIVMon Feb 26 1996Oracle VLM on 2GB?
1136.01BBIVMon Feb 26 1996Libdnet.so problem....using dev2
1137.08GRANPA::JYANCONEMon Feb 26 1996Question re: VLM vs BOB
1138.01ADOVTue Feb 27 1996Realtime appls?
1139.01IOSG::KALUSTue Feb 27 1996does XA work with OPS ?
1140.03HERON::ROWLANDSWed Feb 28 1996shmget() problem on shutdown
1141.01MILKWY::KNOPPWed Feb 28 1996Access Oracle7 on unix from vms
1142.04ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKFri Mar 01 1996move db from Solaris to D-UNIX
1143.01QDOVSat Mar 02 1996indexes taking more space
1144.0PLAYER::BOSSARDMon Mar 04 1996Developer/2
1145.01AMCCXN::KARIMMon Mar 04 1996MAXSYSGROUP error on OVMS Oracle7?
1146.0+2IOSG::KALUSTue Mar 05 1996ORA-12571: TNS:packet writer failure
1147.0STOSS1::KASEFANGWed Mar 06 1996Alpha Backup Server for HP ?
1148.0MRKTNG::SLATERFri Mar 08 1996Manugistics/Oracle7 VLM64
1149.04NQOSFri Mar 08 1996OPS Memory Channel Headroom
1151.01ALFAM7::GOSEJACOBTue Mar 12 1996does db-writer issue aio-calls ?
1152.01NETRIX::"chaes@bro.mts.dec.com"Tue Mar 12 1996uu:benchmark info needed
1153.05VAXRIO::63222::ManoelTue Mar 12 1996Cannot map librt.so !
1154.0TLAVWed Mar 13 1996Please recommend memory
1155.06BBIVThu Mar 14 1996Oracle VLM ..Questions and more?
1156.01NEWVAX::BARBERTue Mar 19 1996SQL*NET & MS TCP/IP-32
1157.012LEXSS1::GINGERTue Mar 19 1996Sparse files under Oracle => crash
1158.02NQOSTue Mar 19 1996Can't grow SGA above default size on OpenVMS
1159.06NQOSWed Mar 20 1996Which oracle version supports DEC UNIX 4.
1160.01DECWET::SUNWed Mar 20 1996Problem w/ the peer master agent and peer encapsulator
1161.0MRKTNG::SLATERFri Mar 22 1996MRP with Oracle Manufacting on Digital UNIX
1163.01VAXRIO::NOVELLOFri Mar 22 1996Ultrix Error 13: Permission Denied...
1164.06HGOVC::JAMBUMon Mar 25 1996VLM is not helping on some queries.
1165.0ALFAM7::GOSEJACOBTue Mar 26 1996ever seen a ORA-
1166.0FBEDEV::ASCHERWed Mar 27 1996URGENT - need info on Oracle REplication products
1167.03HERON::ROWLANDSWed Mar 27 1996Star Join, Bit Mapped indexing
1168.04COLA1::VHELLWIGWed Mar 27 1996PRO*C 2.1.x
1169.0FUJISI::SSAFFERWed Mar 27 1996Core dump storing a float
1170.0FUJISI::SSAFFERWed Mar 27 1996Sizing an Oracle App on Alpha
1171.01DECWET::SUNThu Mar 28 1996where to obtain the documentations. ASAP
1172.012DAIVC::JENIWATIThu Mar 28 1996Help to improve response time
1173.02FUJISI::SSAFFERFri Mar 29 1996ODBC Driver for Oracle?
1174.01HGOVC::JAMBUMon Apr 01 1996VLM caching specific indexes ??
1175.01KYOSS1::POLAKOWSKIMon Apr 01 1996Shutdown Normal Fails on First Execution?
1177.02ANNECY::AYADZEDDAM_AWed Apr 03 1996Different performance for ORACLE
1178.01SCASS1::GROVEWed Apr 03 1996Tuning: Digital UNIX, Oracle, Tuxedo
1179.02BBIVThu Apr 04 1996Tune it till it screams..
1180.04AMCUCS::KKDASThu Apr 04 1996Know the contents of your buffer cache...
1181.01DOD2::PARKERFri Apr 05 1996errors with SQLNET connecting-HELP!!
1182.07QDOVMon Apr 08 1996vlm configuration
1183.03KYOSS1::POLAKOWSKIMon Apr 08 1996Upgrade Question
1184.04ECFATue Apr 09 1996Performance of Oracle 7 on OpenVMS 6.2
1186.01BBIVWed Apr 10 1996Database Access v/s. I/O access
1187.02FUJISI::SSAFFERThu Apr 11 1996Can SQL*Loader read ISAM files?
1188.01DAGWST::PIAZZASat Apr 13 1996SQL*Net on Alpha/Unix & Multia client questions
1189.0XKOVMon Apr 15 1996Oracle forms 4.5 startup error.
1190.01ECFATue Apr 16 1996pmon terminated with error
1191.02RCOCER::MICKOLTue Apr 16 1996RDB/VAX Migration query
1192.01NIOSS1::LARRIVEETue Apr 16 1996svrmgrm to a PC
1193.02BBIVTue Apr 16 1996DB_WRITERS parameter bug in 7.1.6
1194.02ALFAM7::GOSEJACOBTue Apr 16 1996backup/restore performance ?
1195.01BACHUS::ROETSTue Apr 16 1996oracle rds osf 3.2c loop XentMM
1196.01HERON::ROWLANDSTue Apr 16 19967.2.2.3 Load - missing modules
1197.0WRLDYD::HASHMIWed Apr 17 1996Oracle Training -- 5 Seats available - free
1198.02OSLMR::MARTINR_PWed Apr 17 1996Performance difference between and & 7.2.3
1199.05QCAVThu Apr 18 1996Performance degradation from OSF V1.3 to 3.2
1200.01ALFAM7::GOSEJACOBThu Apr 18 1996dbwr going nuts ?
1202.0MRKTNG::SLATERSat Apr 20 1996 Baan Triton 3.1 on Digital UNIX Performance Flash
1203.0DECWET::SUNSat Apr 20 1996Questions about the SNMP support in the upcoming/future releases.
1204.01ATHINA::TSAKALOSTue Apr 23 1996tar, cpio & Oracle problems ?
1205.023LEXSS1::BUTTAFUOCOTue Apr 23 1996Oracle and writeback cache
1206.0STPThu Apr 25 1996PERSONALORACLE conference is still not reachable
1207.01DEKVC::HYEONKYUPARKThu Apr 25 1996Oracle7 VLM on 82
1208.01NETRIX::"roger.harvey@gmt.mts.dec.com"Fri Apr 26 1996UNIX v VMS Performance ?
1209.0AMCUCS::KKDASFri Apr 26 1996Guides,Technical notes, white Papers from RDT/DSPT
1210.0BBIVMon Apr 29 1996Migrating from RDB to ORACLE
1211.05WOTVAX::GALLACHERMTue Apr 30 1996OPS and Scalable Performance
1212.0HGOVC::JAMBUWed May 01 1996recommended ORACLE parameters list ??
1213.04CALDEC::GAVINWed May 01 1996Shared Pool Area Tuning - Help requested
1214.03WOTVAX::DENTThu May 02 1996Single database in cluster better than 2?
1215.03XKOVThu May 02 1996System Tablespace Full
1216.01QCAVFri May 03 1996FORMS45 :window system startup failure
1217.0MRKTNG::SLATERSat May 04 1996SAP R/2 V2.2E with Digital UNIX AlphaServers Performance
1218.02SIOG::GOODMANTue May 07 1996Oracle7/AlphaNT References
1219.02DECWET::SUNTue May 07 1996Is Oracle 7.3.2 w/ OPS for D.Unix 3.2 stream shipped yet?
1220.0ASABET::SILVERBERGWed May 08 1996Rawhide TPC-C Results
1221.05BBIVThu May 09 1996Oracle fragmentation after HSP
1222.01EPS::RAVENELLEFri May 10 1996Latch free contention
1223.0DAIVC::JENIWATIFri May 10 1996Database comparison
1224.0LEXSS1::MURPHYFri May 10 1996Oracle Roles
1225.02XKOVSat May 11 1996Config. sql*net V2.1 for multiple instances.
1226.0ALFAM7::GOSEJACOBMon May 13 1996de-fragment tablespaces
1227.01OTOOA::otonMon May 13 1996DBI?
1228.01TROOA::RIADMon May 13 1996How do I backup using vdump?
1229.01BELFST::DOGGARTTue May 14 1996Workgroup and WNT performance
1230.0+2EBONS1::BEVWed May 15 1996SQL*Module, Pro*C/C++, or OCI ?
1231.01BACHUS::ROETSWed May 15 1996rdmmon61 loop cross posted on DU 5466
1232.02EPS::RODERICKThu May 16 1996VLM64 Program Office and DBTC News
1233.01MAIL2::GHAHRAMANIFri May 17 1996ORACLE sizing tool for Digital Unix
1234.01QCAVSat May 18 1996Mirroring of Redo Log Files
1235.02LABC::RUTue May 21 1996TruCluster configuration question.
1236.0TROOA::rasTue May 21 1996SQLnet over LU6.2
1237.0SZOSS1::nqsrv122.nqo.dec.com::agopian_arTue May 21 1996ORACLE and INFORMIX on same system - conflict?
1238.03DOD2::PARKERTue May 21 1996Oracle Financials with trucluster?
1239.0QCAVWed May 22 1996SOS on ORACLE 7.
1240.01XKOVWed May 22 1996Forms 4.
1241.0TAVThu May 23 1996On-line documentation?
1242.02HERON::PAVANELLOFri May 24 1996Obscur Oracle V7.3.2 problem
1243.03MPOSFri May 24 1996PO7 for Win95 and Des2K not working
1244.0TRNTue May 28 1996WP pointer ?
1245.03DOD2::PARKERTue May 28 1996Tuning for lots of INSERTS INTOs
1246.03ANNECY::ALLEGUEDETue May 28 1996sql*net configuration on OpenVMS
1247.01DYOSW5::WILDERTue May 28 1996Oracle and UNIX V4.
1249.02TAVThu May 30 1996oracle sql/net client not detecting server is down
1250.03VAXRIO::63222::ManoelThu May 30 1996Sql program and a machine check error !!
1252.02KETJE::HAESAERTSMon Jun 03 1996Where are the recent PRODUCT LINE UPDATES ?
1253.0FROM::FERJULIANMon Jun 03 1996Question on SGA...
1254.01ANNECY::POULAINMon Jun 03 1996SQL*net and WfW 3.11
1255.01HERON::ROWLANDSMon Jun 03 1996Indexing Question
1256.0EPS::RODERICKMon Jun 03 1996Oracle8 Beta Program Call for Participants
1257.06NEOVTue Jun 04 199632 bits ODBC Driver for Oracle
1258.0DOD2::PARKERTue Jun 04 1996limit restriction?!?!
1259.01SYSTEM::HELLIARTue Jun 04 1996STuck on O/S authentication
1260.03LEXSS1::GINGERTue Jun 04 1996gh-chunks with 2 instances
1261.01DEKVC::SANGHYUNLEEWed Jun 05 1996Performance: AdvFS and DSD device
1262.04ACISS2::HILDEBRANDJWed Jun 05 1996Sun => Digital Unix migration / port
1263.02AOSF1::krasWed Jun 05 1996OPS errors transparent?
1264.02KCBBQ::PRESTONThu Jun 06 1996OPS on an IBM SP2
1265.04SPANIX::JULIANRFri Jun 07 1996KZPSC, AdvFS, 7.1.6 and 3.2D memory hungry ?
1266.0ANIMLZ::DUBEFri Jun 07 1996Maximum # of Instances?
1267.02SIOG::CLARKEMon Jun 10 1996VMS Dates & SQL*Loader on UNIX
1268.02TDCIS4::THOMASSONMon Jun 10 1996Perf UNIX vs WNT, Alpha vs Intel
1269.01KETJE::HAESAERTSMon Jun 10 19967.3 new features ?? Description needed...
1270.03HGOM11::WILLIAMZHAOThu Jun 13 1996Help for ORACLE7 on OVMS6.2!
1271.01SUOSWS::STECKDAUBThu Jun 13 1996Upgrade question: Oracle 7.1.3 (Dig. Unix 3.2a) -> Oracle 7.2.3 (Dig. Unix 3.2d)?
1272.027821::BARNDTFri Jun 14 1996ODBC driver and SQL*NET
1273.0STOSS1::KUTZFri Jun 14 1996online Oracle DB backup with OpenVMS
1274.01BIS1::VANDERNOOTFri Jun 14 1996OPS problem on Digital UNIX
1275.06STOSS1::KASEFANGFri Jun 14 1996OPS without Memory Channel
1276.0EPS::SLATERSun Jun 16 1996Manugistics Performance Guide
1277.01ROMMon Jun 17 1996Buffer cache, SGA and TRUcluster
1278.0GRANPA::CHOMon Jun 17 1996flat file db migration to oracle db
1279.01HLDEMon Jun 17 1996Oracle on OpenVMS 7.
1280.01VAXRIO::NOVELLOMon Jun 17 1996Benchmark data for OpenVMS...
1281.01SPANIX::JULIANRTue Jun 18 1996Slow cluster table loading ??
1282.02COPCLU::BIRGERTue Jun 18 1996IBM, APPC to ALPHA ORACLE?????
1283.01JURA::DUQUESNEWed Jun 19 1996Oracle*CASE - Developer/2
1284.02NETRIX::"deb@nell.cop.dec.com"Thu Jun 20 1996LONG datatype limit?
1285.0NQOSThu Jun 20 1996Hot Backup Procedure
1286.01MWBVAX::BROWNThu Jun 20 1996OPS & TruCluster Tuning & Configuration
1287.02ISTWI1::OZILFri Jun 21 1996UNIX + Oracle problem
1288.0PTOSS1::SCHRAMMEFri Jun 21 1996DBMS_OUTPUT.ENABLE problem
1289.02DOD2::PARKERFri Jun 21 1996SQLNET - Unable to connect to destination
1290.01JULIET::RIFKIN_DAFri Jun 21 19964-Node OPS Config
1291.0QCAVMon Jun 24 1996Rdb to Oracle(OPS) migration...
1292.07MWBVAX::BROWNTue Jun 25 1996Oracle Tuning & SysV
1293.01GBIWed Jun 26 1996Help to size system for a given application
1294.01FBEDEV::ASCHERWed Jun 26 1996DECsafe 1.3 and Oracle and network failure
1295.0BBIVThu Jun 27 1996performance of oracle using indexes and RAID
1296.0JULIET::ORNELAS_JAThu Jun 27 1996OraPerl
1297.0XFMVFri Jun 28 1996Why re-organisation of data so soon
1298.0XFMVFri Jun 28 1996Space wastage in Index creation
1299.02WOTVAX::MORRISONFri Jun 28 1996Oracle VAX to Oracle Alpha migration
1300.05BBIVMon Jul 01 1996oracle/advfs fragmentation affecting performance
1301.09QCAVTue Jul 02 1996Again Libdnet.so ...
1303.0MPOSTue Jul 02 1996Upgrade 7.1.3 to 7.2.2 - Database won't start
1306.0BOUNCR::GLEAVEWed Jul 03 1996Two-task options ? Performance issues ?
1307.07MQOU18::A_YASSIRThu Jul 04 1996Digital Unix V4.
1309.0COLA1::SIEP22::wetteMon Jul 08 1996Oracle Distr. on Digital UNIX
1310.07XKOVMon Jul 08 1996checkpoint and redo tuning problem
1311.03DEKVC::SERNIMLEETue Jul 09 1996Pro-C problem with Oracle7 Enterprise for Alpha/NT v7.2???
1312.01WOTVAX::DODDTue Jul 09 1996Documents on OPS and Trucluster?
1313.0EEMELI::TRASANENTue Jul 09 1996Database and application server references?
1314.02ACISS2::MAXFIELDWed Jul 10 1996can't stop the listener, unrecognized password
1315.08FOUNDR::DODIERWed Jul 10 1996Local variables within function/procedure
1316.02DOD2::PARKERWed Jul 10 1996LSM RAW vs DRD? help!
1317.02CRVETE::SCHAEDIGThu Jul 11 1996Context Option
1318.03MUFFIT::helenFri Jul 12 1996Problems creating OPS with Oracle 7.3.2
1319.01QCAVMon Jul 15 1996Oracle 7.3 on Digital Unix?.
1320.06ADCAMon Jul 15 1996BLOCK_SIZE OF 32K giving error
1321.0WILLYS::MCDERMOTTMon Jul 15 1996setting XA_OPENSTRING when accessing two db's
1322.07KETJE::HAESAERTSTue Jul 16 1996URGENT PROBLEM - ORACLE ENGINEERS please provide input !!
1323.0+3TPOVC::JOHNNYHOThu Jul 18 1996ORACLE tuning guide for Digital UNIX
1324.04DEKVC::HYEONKYUPARKFri Jul 19 1996two oracle instance on TruCluster OPS
1326.02NETRIX::"toubhans@atyisb.enet.dec.com"Tue Jul 23 199632 Bits ODBC Driver for NT Alpha ??
1327.01CHEFS::CARTERRTue Jul 23 1996PRE_PAGE_SGA uses up all the memory.
1328.0SPANIX::JULIANRTue Jul 23 19967.3 DB install failed to create unix.prd
1329.04TAVTue Jul 23 1996OPS performance problems - HELP !!
1330.02NETRIX::"deb@nell.cop.dec.com"Wed Jul 24 1996Where put Oracle home w/ OPS?
1331.0NCMAIL::MACKINWed Jul 24 19966gb extent possible on UNIX?
1332.0SAPEC3::BACHOFERThu Jul 25 1996Oracle NT-Alpha Patches and 7.3?
1333.03BBIVThu Jul 25 1996Oracle mirroring v/s LSM mirroring
1334.02CHEFS::spud1.reo.dec.com::barker_cThu Jul 25 1996ODBC32/VB3/Oracle problem
1335.0ALFSS2::FOLDEVIThu Jul 25 1996minimize cluster downtime (backup & upgrades)?
1336.0EPS::VANDENHEUVELFri Jul 26 1996SQL loader questions. PIPEd input? Fixed length input?
1337.01DAIVC::JENIWATIFri Jul 26 1996Print Manual from Product Doc. CD
1338.01TLAVSat Jul 27 1996can't open db with resetlogs
1339.04KYOSS1::POLAKOWSKIThu Aug 08 1996How to Transfer a Database Between a VAX and an AXP?
1340.04BBIVFri Aug 09 1996vlm queries ....
1341.02NETRIX::"mullin@alf.dec.com"Tue Aug 13 1996Oracle says NO for logs on advfs !!!!
1342.04HGOVC::NANDANWed Aug 14 1996DataWarehousing "benchmark" suggestions ?
1343.01DEKVC::YONGJOONCHOIWed Aug 14 1996Emergency Help Me!!!
1344.02LEXSThu Aug 15 1996Cannot 'connect internal'
1345.0NEWVAX::TROMBETTAFri Aug 16 1996Oracle, UNIX, C++ help
1346.01ZURMon Aug 19 1996Any reason for redo log striping ?
1347.0TKOV51::EGAWATue Aug 20 19967.3.2 with DU 3.2G
1348.01BELFST::DOGGARTTue Aug 20 1996Problem with OPS on DU3.2f
1349.0HGOM19::WALLACELIUTue Aug 20 1996How to restart a crashed ORACLE
1350.0NEWVAX::TROMBETTATue Aug 20 1996Pro*C question
1351.0DEKVC::DONGWONSHINThu Aug 22 1996Oracle7/OpenVMS support DECdtm ?
1352.01OSOSPS::KAGEYAMAThu Aug 22 1996TNS_ logicals depletes paged pool
1353.0EVOAThu Aug 22 1996DB3 on AS/4
1354.0NETRIX::"koski@mars.iso.dec.com"Sun Aug 25 1996How to turrn off the message facility in Digital Unix ?
1355.0MANMMon Aug 26 1996Oracle Financials on Windows NT
1356.03HGOVC::NANDANTue Aug 27 1996LSM-raw partitions
1357.02NETRIX::"deb@nell.cop.dec.com"Tue Aug 27 1996OPS and 7.2 and unbalanced memory config
1358.04ALFAM7::GOSEJACOBWed Aug 28 1996some OPS/SQL*Net ideas to share
1359.02ROMWed Aug 28 1996"Oracle magazine" online anybody?
1360.01NETRIX::"Chris.Mathews@reo.mts.dec.com"Wed Aug 28 1996Triggers and external procedures
1361.0QDOVThu Aug 29 1996updateable snapshots
1362.0QDOVThu Aug 29 1996Procobol from HPUX to ALPHA OVMS...
1363.02QDOVThu Aug 29 1996.dmp file ... Import problem from HPUX to Alpha OVMS...
1364.01MANMFri Aug 30 199641
1365.05MANMFri Aug 30 1996IBM C2
1366.0EPS::NGUYENFri Aug 30 1996Oracle Installation -- ld: Error: Undefined
1367.05MANMSat Aug 31 1996OPS and load-balancing on clients & servers-how?
1368.03TPOVC::JOHNNYHOMon Sep 02 1996ORACLE APPLICATION on Alpha VMS reference
1369.0+2DEKVC::SUNJOOHAMon Sep 02 1996pro*c compilation error with Digital unix 4.
1370.0ROMTue Sep 03 1996Mixed cluster supp for OPS?
1371.01BELFST::DOGGARTTue Sep 03 1996Goodbye, One and All.
1377.07MANMThu Sep 05 1996Oracle db creation issue ...
1378.02VAXRIO::MIRIAMThu Sep 05 1996Creation of a large table crashes OSF
1379.02NCMAIL::PEIRCEFri Sep 06 1996Oracle Apps. Experiences?
1380.02USDEV::BWHITEFri Sep 06 1996SQL*Unloader?!
1381.0QCAVSat Sep 07 1996VLDB'96
1382.0COLA1::COLUP8::RSCHEFFLERMon Sep 09 1996Oracle 7.2.2 with UNIX 3.2f
1383.01HGOVC::NANDANWed Sep 11 1996SQL*NetV2&DECnet...
1384.01HGOVC::EDMONDLEUNGWed Sep 11 1996Support Parallel quarry, OPS, VLM64 and M?
1385.0XKOVThu Sep 12 1996V2 and V3 style problem in sqlforms V3.
1386.03NETRIX::"begona.sanz@sqo.mts.dec.com"Thu Sep 12 1996HELP Installing ORACLE 7.3.2/OPS
1387.0BBIVThu Sep 12 1996# of users support in Oracle Workgroup Server
1388.09HGOVC::NANDANMon Sep 16 199641
1389.05DAGWST::PIAZZAWed Sep 18 1996How to tell remote clients are logged on to DB
1390.04EVOCDG::DECBAH::PATROWed Sep 18 1996OPS-Disk slicing !
1391.01DEKVC::SERNIMLEEThu Sep 19 1996multi-threading possible under PRO*C/ALPHANT?
1392.03ALFAM7::GOSEJACOBThu Sep 19 1996ordinary user OPS connect problem
1393.0KAOFS::J_VORSTANDThu Sep 19 1996Redo log sequence number was reset.
1394.0BROUGH::DAVIESFri Sep 20 1996Help with OPS planning & Backup
1395.02COMICS::CORNEJMon Sep 23 1996New version?
1396.023481::AJITKWed Sep 25 1996Oracle Workgroup Server avl on Digital Unix ?
1397.06CHEFS::STOTTORWed Sep 25 1996Sequent benchmark
1398.01DEKVC::SERNIMLEEWed Sep 25 1996URGENT, Oracle engineers please look??!!
1399.013KYOSS1::GREENThu Sep 26 19967.3.2.2 and drd devices
1400.0DAIVC::JENIWATIFri Sep 27 1996Orafin migration
1401.0WOTVAX::MCCORMICKFri Sep 27 199641
1402.0EPS::RODERICKMon Sep 30 1996Job - Prin/Sr Eng for Oracle Performance work
1403.01MANMWed Oct 02 19962,
1404.01ADCAMon Oct 07 1996Oracle to OPS...Issues.
1405.01DEKVC::SUNDAEHONGMon Oct 07 1996Urgent Clarification reqd .. Please ..
1406.04TELEM::BRAITHTue Oct 08 1996Value of VLM to table reorganization?
1407.01TPOVC::THOMASYANGTue Oct 08 1996Oracle 7.2.3 + 84
1408.0CAMINO::MCCANCETue Oct 08 1996vms/oracle7 accessing via detached process problem
1409.01QCAVWed Oct 09 1996SQL*NET _ help _ urgent...
1410.01CRVETE::SCHAEDIGWed Oct 09 1996Hot backup software for Oracle
1411.01NETRIX::"marek@airds.iso.dec.com"Thu Oct 10 1996Oracle/Tuxedo/DU32G performance problem
1412.0423481::AJITKThu Oct 10 1996Unix & Oracle versions ...
1413.0MSBCS::ALUSICFri Oct 11 1996Migrating Oracle Financials from MVS to UNIX
1414.02ADCAFri Oct 11 1996Addtion into OPS environment
1415.0223481::SHYAMFri Oct 11 1996Data level security through Powerbuilder?
1416.0CHEFS::CARTERRFri Oct 11 1996EBU obackup scripts for OPS, please...
1417.02CHEFS::CARTERRFri Oct 11 1996Parallel Query + OPS + TruCluster.
1418.0TROOA::LIUFri Oct 11 1996PL/SQL connecting to non-default database
1419.03LABC::RUFri Oct 11 1996svrmgrm got Toolkit error
1420.0NQOSFri Oct 11 1996SMP, Processor Sets, and ORACLE 7 ?
1421.01MANMSat Oct 12 1996Large no. of users disconnecting from RDBMS ...
1422.0DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGMon Oct 14 1996System error message 2 and export
1423.0ALFAM7::GOSEJACOBMon Oct 14 1996SQL*Net DCE anybody?
1424.02OSLMR::MARTINR_PMon Oct 14 1996OPS reference customers?
1425.01NETRIX::"carlos.leitao@xip.mts.dec.com"Tue Oct 15 1996clonefset and Oracle
1426.0GBIWed Oct 16 1996Backup - Oracle
1427.04PMESD::ABBOTTWed Oct 16 1996NFS Mounted Database
1428.01ADCAThu Oct 17 1996OPS connectivity issue after shutdown...
1429.04VFOVAX::WHITNEYThu Oct 17 1996Using PRO*C in background process
1430.02NWDThu Oct 17 1996Manufacturing References
1431.0BROUGH::DAVIESMon Oct 21 1996OPS/DRD Tablespaces & LSM volume sizes ?
1432.0CRVETE::SCHAEDIGMon Oct 21 1996SQL92 questions
1433.07NEWVAX::BUCHMANMon Oct 21 1996SQLNET TNS error.
1434.03HGOVC::NANDANTue Oct 22 1996ASEPG...
1435.03ZPOVC::CSNAQSTue Oct 22 1996Failure to start 2nd instance (control file permission porblem)
1436.01IRNBRU::JWESTERMANWed Oct 23 1996Using SQl*Net?
1437.0VIRGIN::SUTTERWed Oct 23 1996Info: Oracle version supported on what D. UNIX ver.
1438.0ZPOVC::CSNAQSSun Oct 27 1996Failed to connect through SQLNET
1439.0ZPOVC::CSNAQSSun Oct 27 1996Add-on
1440.02DEKVC::JUNGYOUNGNAMSun Oct 27 1996TruCluster + OPS cause panic "map_RM_receive"
1441.0ORAREP::ATYISA::jmds1.aty.DEC.COM::atyvMon Oct 28 1996ORA-
1442.0ESSC::KMANNERINGSMon Oct 28 1996ORACLE client user license in D Unix?
1443.02BASEX::SHEPPARDMon Oct 28 1996How do I start the Server Manger?
1444.0NETRIX::"mitchell.brown@pto.mts.dec.com"Tue Oct 29 1996Technology Consultant
1445.0NETRIX::"mitchell.brown@pto.mts.dec.com"Tue Oct 29 1996Oracle Backup Sample Scripts
1446.03AMCUCS::KKDASTue Oct 29 199616K, the best Oracle block size...
1447.01ZPOVC::HINSIONGTANWed Oct 30 1996VMSIO: $QIOW.WRITE failure, return code
1448.01NEWVAX::BUCHMANWed Oct 30 1996sqlca.sqlcode has bogus value for NOT FOUND.
1449.0QCAVThu Oct 31 1996sorry for the faux paus...
1450.0LEXSS1::GINGERThu Oct 31 1996pausing oracle to break mirrors.
1451.04NETRIX::"Adrian@imlost.stl.dec.com"Mon Nov 04 1996Digital Backups for oracle
1452.0HGOVC::XFMVMon Nov 04 1996DECSafe to OPS/TruClusters migration.
1453.01AEOENG::LEHYWed Nov 06 1996oracle 7.2 config hints
1454.0ALFAM7::GOSEJACOBWed Nov 06 1996single-task loader anybody ?
1455.0FBEDEV::ASCHERWed Nov 06 1996quieting oracle
1456.01SAPEC3::BACHOFERThu Nov 07 1996Ora 7.3 for NT-Alpha and Server-Manager
1457.0+2EPS::16.3Thu Nov 07 1996Oracle 7.2 and Alpha NT 4.
1458.01SWAM1::VELIJANIA_FRMon Nov 11 1996Oracle Financials reference site needed
1459.0UTRUST::PILMEYERTue Nov 12 1996EBU 2.
1460.01FBEDEV::ASCHERWed Nov 13 1996tcr and locks
1461.0ATYISA::VUILLIERThu Nov 14 1996F45RUN / OVMS / UPISHR link
1462.02GBIThu Nov 14 1996Oracle 7.3
1463.0DV78Thu Nov 14 1996Oracle, ProCobol, MF Cobol barfing
1464.010EPS::NGUYENMon Nov 18 1996Help - Urgent - ORA
1465.0SMURF::VENKATESHFri Nov 22 1996oracle
1466.02NQOSMon Nov 25 1996Unresolved References
1467.02LABC::RUMon Nov 25 1996No Monitor in Server Manager?
1468.04CHEFS::WILKINSON_MTue Nov 26 1996Monitoring Products/Tools for Oracle
1469.02FBEDEV::ASCHERTue Nov 26 1996Online backups
1470.0TKTV2Mon Dec 09 1996Which to use for OpenVMS 6.2 ?
1471.02DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGMon Dec 09 1996ORA-
1472.0USPS::FPRUSSMon Dec 09 1996On-line backup, OPS, NSR and DMO???
1473.01CHEFS::oloras2.olo.dec.com::WorkBenchUserWed Dec 11 1996OPS, Trucluster Production, 41
1474.03NEOVWed Dec 11 1996Digital Unix 3.2F/Oracle 7.3.3 bug?
1475.03ADCAThu Dec 12 1996DBA passwords
1476.01SBUOA::GUILLERMOThu Dec 12 1996R/W to > 1 database simultaneously?
1477.0+6NETRIX::"zanotto@sno.mts.dec.com"Mon Dec 16 1996UNIX/oracle high availability/disaster recovery
1478.01MBALDY::BRUCETue Dec 17 1996two versions and ORACLE_HOME
1479.02VAXRIO::LEOWed Dec 18 1996DEC SAFE + OPS
1480.01NETRIX::"notov@mail.dec.com"Wed Dec 18 1996Oracle7/NT Performance Characterizations?
1481.0NETRIX::"notov@mail.dec.com"Wed Dec 18 1996Oracle7/NT Performance Characterizations?
1482.0+1VAXRIO::MIRIAMThu Dec 19 1996Oracle x Digital UNIX x NetView
1483.02SNOFS1::ZANOTTOFri Dec 20 1996Oracle and writeback cache
1484.03ZPOVC::CSNAQSFri Dec 20 1996Backup of > 3
1486.0CAM::JOHNSONFri Dec 27 1996changes in cda_def ststus fields in 7.1.3??
1487.0+2SALEM::HARRIS_MFri Dec 27 1996UNIX4.
1488.02ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKMon Dec 30 1996do redo logs HAVE to be on DRD devices?
1489.0ZPOVC::CSNAQSMon Dec 30 1996Automatic reconnect aftere cluster failover
1490.0QCAVFri Jan 03 1997sql*net configuration on dectcp/ip for OpenVMS...
1491.03NEOVTue Jan 07 1997OPS/TruCluster Backups (?)
1492.0+5DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGWed Jan 08 1997shmget() error and shmax
1494.0NETRIX::"wilson.lu@shg.mts.dec.com"Sun Jan 12 1997U: Help on some Oracle application !
1495.05MSAMMon Jan 13 1997Write() system call timeout for DBWR processes
1496.0+3HGOVC::NANDANTue Jan 14 1997DU4.
1497.0NETRIX::"wilson.lu@shg.mts.dec.com"Wed Jan 15 1997U: Dead lock on Oracle
1498.0MSAMFri Jan 17 1997not all details available
1499.0ZPOVC::CSNAQSTue Jan 21 1997Video Server on clusters
1500.01ZPOVC::CSNAQSTue Jan 21 1997Oracle 7.3 on NT4.
1501.01SWAM1::MELERTue Jan 21 1997Oracle and Rdb in same Run Unit?
1502.0 *MSAMThu Jan 23 1997Who am I
1503.0 *+1LABC::RUMon Jan 27 1997Where to get oracle patch?
1504.0 *+3NETRIX::"toubhans@atyisb.enet.dec.com"Thu Jan 30 1997TCR & OPS hangs !!!
1505.0 *+1NETRIX::"begona.sanz@mts.sqo.dec.com"Fri Jan 31 1997Sizing memory in WNT
1506.0 *NETRIX::"toubhans@atyisb.enet.dec.com"Mon Feb 03 1997More details
1507.0 *XFMVMon Feb 03 1997unify availability on Digital Unix
1508.0 *+1NETRIX::"raymond.choo@msa.mts.dec.com"Mon Feb 03 1997Customer Service Engineer
1509.0 *NETRIX::"raymond.choo@msa.mts.dec.com"Mon Feb 03 1997Signal 18 Error Message
1510.0 *+3MXOCThu Feb 06 1997Change disk name on OpenVMS. Does it affect the database?
1511.0 *ALCALA::BURGOSMon Feb 10 1997Distributed Lock Manager (DLM) limits & usage (VMS
1512.0 *QCAVThu Feb 13 1997Adieus
1513.0 *+3VAXRIO::NOVELLOThu Feb 13 1997What Oracle to use in a NT Cluster?
1514.0 *XFMVMon Feb 17 1997oracle workgroup server on Unix available now ???
1515.0 *+1DYOSW5::WILDERWed Feb 19 1997relocate drd with OPS running
1516.0 *+2VELENO::MICHIELIWed Feb 19 1997ODBC for Digital UNIX?
1517.0 *EPS::NGUYENWed Feb 19 1997What parameter'd affect ERROR on update buffer?
1518.0 *+6BRADAN::ELECTRONThu Feb 20 1997Problem with multiblock reads
1519.0 *HGOVC::NANDANThu Feb 20 1997'exp'/'imp' direct on tape problems...
1520.0 *+2USPS::FPRUSSThu Feb 20 1997Financials - 1
1521.0 *+5HGOVC::NANDANSat Feb 22 1997HP->DU-tar,cpio
1522.0 *+2NETRIX::"jjosol@manabs.man.dec.com"Tue Feb 25 1997Oracle Replication & DECsafe ASE
1523.0 *+1HGOVC::PATRICKNGThu Feb 27 1997Oracle for NT/Alpha commitment?
1524.0 *+1XFMVMon Mar 10 1997ProCOBOL Problem....any clue ?
1526.0 *+1MSAMTue Mar 11 1997Oracle fail to start
1527.0 *+2BROUGH::DAVIESWed Mar 12 1997Three Oracle Questions ???
1528.0 *OSLLAV::BJORNAUThu Mar 13 1997Oracle sizing question!_
1529.0 *+2HGOVC::NANDANThu Mar 13 1997Pro*C 2.
1530.0 *+1NEWVAX::BUCHMANFri Mar 14 1997Dropping a tablespace with nonexistent data file
1531.0 *+2MEOCMon Mar 17 1997ORA-
1532.0 *+3DONVAN::HARRISMon Mar 17 1997Can't access Oracle on-line documents
1533.0 *VAXRIO::NOVELLOThu Mar 20 1997Oracle X Sybase...
1534.0 *VAXRIO::NOVELLOMon Mar 24 1997Oracle and Sybase on the same Alpha?
1535.0 *+4NZOVMon Mar 24 1997Poor performance on tablespace create
1536.0 *NZOVTue Mar 25 1997DBwriter holds up other activity
1537.0 *USCTR1::ASCHERWed Mar 26 1997how are you supposed to start oracle OPS TC?
1538.0 *MSAMTue Apr 01 1997Postwait for Digital Unix.
1539.0 *+8GUIDUK::SOMERTue Apr 01 1997Backup of DRD devices in TruCluster and OPS
1540.0 *VAXRIO::NOVELLOMon Apr 07 1997ORA-
1541.0 *+4VAXRIO::LEOMon Apr 07 1997Oracle OPS + DU 4.
1542.0 *VAXRIO::NOVELLOTue Apr 08 1997Questions on Backup and File Systems...
1543.0 *+1KYOSS1::POLAKOWSKIMon Apr 14 1997Relink After Installing ALPLIBR
1544.0 *+2EPS::NGUYENMon Apr 14 1997ORA-
1545.0 *SANITY::LEMONSTue Apr 15 1997How to estimate recovery times
1546.0 *+1SANITY::LEMONSTue Apr 15 1997ODR
1547.0 *+1DYOSW5::WILDERThu Apr 17 1997Upgrading OS - what does OPS do??
1548.0 *+2TROOA::HANDYTue Apr 22 1997script to analyze tables and indexes (RDBMS)
1549.0 *+4TROOA::HANDYWed Apr 23 1997Problems using parallel query, v7.3.2.2, DU3.2G
1550.0 *LEXSS1::MURPHYThu Apr 24 1997Need a 7.1.6 CD
1551.0 *+2GUIDUK::SOMERFri Apr 25 1997drd devices are 3
1552.0 *DAIVC::JENIWATIMon Apr 28 1997Integration MS_MAIl and Oracle Forms/Report
1553.0 *+2HGOVC::PATRICKNGMon Apr 28 1997OPS on Data Warehouse
1554.0 *+4HGOVC::PATRICKNGWed Apr 30 1997VLM on Data Warehouse
1555.0 *+1KNEIPE::CSCHMIDTWed Apr 30 1997Unable to extend table/cluster ...
1556.0 *+2BRSADV::BUGGENHOUTWed Apr 30 1997dbshut hangs with init
1557.0 *+7VAXRIO::CSANTOSTue May 06 1997ORA-
1558.0 *+1NEWVAX::SSIEGLERThu May 08 1997Binary Data in a Char field? is it Legal?
1559.0 *NNTPD::"balajic@adcaFri May 09 1997TNS:12571 errors
1560.0 *HGOM19::WILSONLUMon May 12 1997Some OPS problem on Digital Unix
1561.0 *HGOM19::MARKWUMon May 12 1997Client ODBC connect ?
1563.0 *VAXRIO::CSANTOSThu May 15 1997Why can't execute a cat???
1564.0 *+2TKOVOA::GOTOFri May 16 1997Looking for Oracle Interoffice Info.
1565.0 *+1VAXRIO:: May 16 1997Patch SRQC-97
1566.0 *+4HGOVTue May 20 1997TruCluster & OPS recovery
1567.0 *+1VAXRIO::LEOThu May 22 1997TCR + OPS + Oracle 7.2.3
1568.0 *AEOENG::16.4Mon May 26 1997Oracle // server on NT
1569.0 *+8TBCWed May 28 1997Why is there frequent REDO LOG reads?
1570.0 *+1DOD2::PARKERThu May 29 1997OPS with 8 nodes?
1571.0 *+3BARNA::DSMAILMon Jun 02 1997raw devices 64k
1572.0 *NQOSMon Jun 02 1997OPS Load Balancing (again)
1573.0 *+1TRNOIS::ALMONDOThu Jun 05 1997OPS + MTS problem
1574.0 *PRSSOS::MISTLERFri Jun 06 1997PLS-