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Conference bcfi::software

Created:Wed Feb 17 1993
Last Modified:Mon May 05 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:478
Total number of notes:1569
Number with bodies:6
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1.0BCFI::WALERUDMon Mar 01 1993Contents and Purpose of this conference
2.07BCFI::WALERUDTue Mar 02 1993Related Conferences
3.033BCFI::OSTERMANWed Mar 17 1993Product Information
4.08BCFI::WALERUDTue Mar 16 1993TFM Task Flow Management
5.012BCFI::ROMEISMon Mar 15 1993WFM Work Flow Management
6.013BCFI::WALERUDTue Mar 02 1993RTM Routine Transaction Management
7.03BCFI::STENLUNDTue Mar 16 1993ASL Application Services Library
8.011BCFI::BACKLUNDTue Mar 16 1993SRM System Resource Management
9.08BCFI::WALERUDTue Mar 02 1993CRM Client Relationship Management
10.05--UnknownUser--Wed Mar 17 1993Product Support
11.024BCFI::OSTERMANWed Mar 17 1993Release Information
12.01BCFI::FYROWed Mar 17 1993Problem Reporting
13.0BCFI::FYROWed Mar 17 1993Bug Fixing
14.01BCFI::OSTERMANThu Mar 18 1993Support Letters and Hints
15.02BCFI::OSTERMANWed Mar 17 1993Training
16.02BCFI::OSTERMANWed Mar 17 1993Marketing Information
17.04BCFI::LJUNGKVISTFri Mar 26 1993S/W Kits on EASYnet
18.02BCFI::WALERUDMon Mar 01 1993Ordering Information
19.0BCFI::WALERUDMon Mar 01 1993Reserved
20.07BCFI::WALERUDMon Mar 01 1993Transaction Printers
21.0BCFI::WALERUDMon Mar 01 1993Reserved
22.0BCFI::WALERUDMon Mar 01 1993Reserved
23.0BCFI::WALERUDMon Mar 01 1993Reserved
24.0BCFI::WALERUDMon Mar 01 1993Reserved
25.0BCFI::WALERUDMon Mar 01 1993Reserved
26.0BCFI::WALERUDMon Mar 01 1993Reserved
27.0BCFI::WALERUDMon Mar 01 1993Reserved
28.0BCFI::WALERUDMon Mar 01 1993Reserved
29.0BCFI::WALERUDMon Mar 01 1993Reserved
30.0BCFI::WALERUDMon Mar 01 1993Reserved
31.0BCFI::WALERUDMon Mar 01 1993Reserved
32.0BCFI::WALERUDMon Mar 01 1993Reserved
33.0BCFI::WALERUDMon Mar 01 1993Reserved
34.0BCFI::WALERUDMon Mar 01 1993Reserved
35.0BCFI::WALERUDMon Mar 01 1993Reserved
36.0BCFI::WALERUDMon Mar 01 1993Reserved
37.0BCFI::WALERUDMon Mar 01 1993Reserved
38.0BCFI::WALERUDMon Mar 01 1993Reserved
39.0BCFI::WALERUDMon Mar 01 1993Reserved
40.0BCFI::WALERUDMon Mar 01 1993Reserved
41.079BCFI::WALERUDMon Mar 01 1993Registration
42.04TRCOA::MESICMon Mar 22 1993Touch screen technology required for TFM???
43.0ALOSTue Mar 23 1993Hello ...
44.0ALOSTue Mar 23 1993Archive,Query,Print bank statements
45.0BIS1::MARTENS_RThu Mar 25 1993RTM Development Effort
46.09BCFI::ATTWOOLWed Mar 31 1993Let's get real here... and wake up
47.08BIS1::BHP681::MAYEUR_XavierThu Apr 01 1993Problem with Printing PS files ...
48.01VAOUMon Apr 05 1993Informix file locking process.
49.03WELCLU::64378::STEVELWed Apr 07 1993TFM & Microsoft ACCESS
50.04VAOUThu Apr 08 1993tfm 3.1.2 available on easynet??
51.01ISIDRO::PEDROTue Apr 13 1993Signals from UNIX to TFM?
52.03VAOUThu Apr 15 1993FBS Hardware Performance Benchmarks
53.01NEMAIL::MCDONALDJThu Apr 22 1993Proof Machines - anything?
54.01ISIDRO::CARBAYOTue Apr 27 1993TFM Comm config and DAM
55.03ISIDRO::CARBAYOTue Apr 27 1993TFM. UPS's and binary data
56.01ISIDRO::CARBAYOWed May 05 1993TFM: DevDB partial extraction from the DB?
57.02MRKTNG::HILL_LThu May 06 1993TFM: Any plans for Japanization?
58.06BAHTAT::WALKER_DMon May 10 1993Visual C++ with UPS
59.09VAOUTue May 11 1993Sanchez Integration Brochure -- NOT!!!!!!!
60.03TRCOA::MESICTue May 11 1993Digital POS terminal, pushbuttons
61.06BAHTAT::WALKER_DWed May 12 1993TFM 3.1 basic question
62.01FAILTE::STIRLINGIThu May 13 1993Can the menu bar be a toggle ?
63.05CGOOA::RATHNOWFri May 14 1993UPS Questions
64.02ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYFri May 14 1993Another RTM project bid.
65.06TKOV66::KATORIMon May 17 1993Client Not Conect Server on TFM
67.04MSAMTue May 18 1993TFM on Windows NT
68.01MSAMTue May 18 1993How to clear memory?
70.0BCFI::ACTIONCENTREWed May 19 1993Full Screen TFM with no borders
71.01BCFI::ACTIONCENTREWed May 19 1993TFM 3.1.2 available on KITS
73.01HERON::ROBINSONWed May 19 1993Client/server architecture
74.02HERON::ROBINSONWed May 19 1993ACMS Dekstop and SQL/Services UPS status
75.01BCFI::CARLSSONThu May 20 1993RTM 2.
76.02ACOSTA::MIANOFri May 21 1993Linking SnaTs
77.0BCFI::ACTIONCENTRETue May 25 1993TFM 3.1.2 Key Conversion
78.0EXOCET::ATTWOOLWed May 26 1993Digital Stock quote UPS
79.01BCFI::ACTIONCENTREWed May 26 1993TFM EFORMS and True Type Fonts
80.03VAOUWed May 26 1993Glad HELP in m31
81.02TKOV66::KATORIThu May 27 1993WFM, When will be released WFM/SCO Image version
83.09TKOV66::KATORIMon May 31 1993WFM demo "E132 Fatal SQL error" occur
84.0TRCOA::MESICMon May 31 1993Unisys-Keyboard
85.02TKOV66::SHIBATAWed Jun 02 1993WFM, action,monitor demom etc
86.01VAOUWed Jun 02 1993G-Step Won't Display Bitmap
87.02TRCOA::MESICWed Jun 02 1993Enlarging a cursor on a field
88.0BLOFLY::ACTCIM::OLERUDThu Jun 03 1993Test ups in Comm Config
89.01TRCOA::MESICFri Jun 04 1993Informix PC UPS?
90.01TRCOA::MESICSat Jun 05 1993data propagation dialog box
91.02ISIDRO::POZUELOTue Jun 08 1993Repository in TFM for Windows-NT
92.01BCFI::STURESSONTue Jun 08 1993Number to text UPS ?
93.01BAHTAT::WALKER_DMon Jun 14 1993TFM in background
94.01TRCOA::MESICMon Jun 14 1993OS_OP statement problems
95.0COPCLU::PISTOU::TROELSWed Jun 16 1993Info on LifeFlow?
97.04TRCOA::MESICWed Jun 16 1993Dialog box propagation#2
98.09KETJE::ROBBENSThu Jun 17 1993DECforte vs TFM ?
101.04TRCOA::MESICTue Jun 22 1993DEC/Forte field test info
102.01TRCOA::MESICTue Jun 22 1993another peculiar feature of TFM
103.05SIEVAX::ELERIWed Jun 23 1993TFM FOR ACMS /DECADMIRE integration FT kit available
104.0ZPOVC::CHYEGEOKThu Jul 01 1993BCR2+keyboard field time-out
105.03BIS1::MARTENS_RTue Jul 06 1993Printing Dialogue Boxes
106.01BAHTAT::CLEARYThu Jul 08 1993Encryption of files using TFM / RTM
107.03TKOV66::KATORIFri Jul 09 1993Does anyone have WFM Demo Guide?
108.07HGOVC::INDOMon Jul 12 1993How to make a new installation ? HELP
109.09ISIDRO::PEDROMon Jul 12 1993SnaTs and End Chain
110.0TRCOA::ENGMon Jul 12 1993WFM questions?
111.02TLAENG::LINITDATue Jul 13 1993TFM Information.
112.03HGOVC::MICHAELWANWed Jul 14 1993Printing problem again on PS files
113.02LISVAX::PASANTOSThu Jul 15 1993UPSs are only in C
114.04VAXSPO::MONTENEGROThu Jul 15 1993TPU ASL error
115.03STKHLM::KNORNThu Jul 15 1993Task file not found, ACMS - TFM
116.03HGOVC::MICHAELWANFri Jul 16 1993RTM and ACMS
117.06STKHLM::KNORNThu Jul 22 1993TFM vs Visual Basic/MS Access/Powersoft etc
118.01ISIDRO::POZUELOFri Jul 23 1993Orphanded UPS's
119.01VAXSPO::MONTENEGROSat Jul 24 1993Client-to-Client Comm Problem
120.01LISVAX::PASANTOSMon Jul 26 1993keys 3.1.2 in CRM demo?
121.05SIEVAX::LLOYDTue Jul 27 1993Dialog Box questions
122.04TKOV66::KATORIWed Jul 28 1993WFM, Can any application call WFM?
123.04TAVWed Aug 04 1993Dialog Box Edit Field Question
125.09KYOA::MIANOWed Aug 04 1993SnaTS SESSION_FAILURE problem
126.01KYOA::MIANOWed Aug 04 19933287 Printer Emulation
127.03WELCLU::63848::reinersMon Aug 09 1993DDE/DLL/UPS Guidelines?
128.0BCFI::CARLSSONTue Aug 10 1993async RTM UPS
129.03VAXSPO::RP_PANTAFri Aug 13 1993WFM printer configuration
130.04TAVSun Aug 15 1993Dialog Box Text field value disapears...
131.02HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGWed Aug 18 1993Any Alpha demos???
132.06ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYWed Aug 18 1993TFM to interface with 327
133.05ISIDRO::CARBAYOFri Aug 20 1993Developing now for WNT
134.0TLAENG::LINITDAMon Aug 23 1993TFM keyboard mapping need advice.
135.03VAOUTue Aug 24 1993DEcadvantage S/W requirements
136.0BAHTAT::CLEARYTue Aug 24 1993Anyone using SCO Merge ?
137.04VAXSPO::RP_PANTAWed Aug 25 1993RTM Remote Override Error
138.02ISIDRO::CARBAYOThu Aug 26 1993SRM: User messages to NetView
139.01BCFI::WALERUDFri Aug 27 1993Gather data from branches to central location?
140.04ISIDRO::CARBAYOWed Sep 01 1993Colours in Dbox Edit Fields on OS/2
141.01ISIDRO::CARBAYOWed Sep 01 1993Help files on OS/2
142.04VAOUWed Sep 01 1993What about OSF/1??
143.0SIOG::MKELLYFri Sep 03 1993Installing TFM
144.01TAVSun Sep 05 1993Objbase "Search list"
145.011ZPOVC::INDOTue Sep 07 1993How To Set TFM and RTM
146.0BCFI::WALERUDWed Sep 08 1993More RTM features
148.01BAHTAT::CLEARYFri Sep 10 1993Next release of TFM on Windows 3.1 client
149.0TAVWed Sep 15 1993TFM Repository and CDD/Repository
150.03HGOVC::MICHAELWANWed Sep 15 1993impact of TFM-ACMS to UNIX server and RTM
151.01DRAC::MUSTEThu Sep 16 1993SRM: How to register the rx command?
153.01ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYTue Sep 21 1993ASL/DAM We need a new DAM.
154.01ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYTue Sep 21 1993TFM 312 KB mapping problems
155.01BCFI::WALERUDThu Sep 23 1993RTM interface to which host packages?
156.03TKOV6Fri Sep 24 1993Concurrent box?
157.03ISIDRO::CARBAYOFri Sep 24 1993TFM and multiport cards
158.01GALLOP::LOWRYBWed Sep 29 1993sco unix and tcp/ip config question
159.01BIS1::DALEYWed Sep 29 1993TFM 3.1 Protection faults
160.03SNOCMon Oct 04 1993WFM - Objectworks integration
161.01ISIDRO::CARBAYOMon Oct 04 1993Auto EOI on Dialog Boxes?
162.04HERON::ROBINSONMon Oct 04 1993OS/2 client access to Rdb?
163.03ISIDRO::CARBAYOTue Oct 05 1993New problem reporting procedure?
164.0VAOUTue Oct 05 1993Netbios conflict for TFM & RTM
165.07ZPOVC::INDOThu Oct 07 1993Error when creating DevDB
166.05FAILTE::STIRLINGIThu Oct 07 1993Remote UPS
167.02ISIDRO::CARBAYOFri Oct 08 1993UPS for the NCR 5
168.01ISIDRO::CARBAYOFri Oct 08 1993UPS for the Olivetti PR5
169.02ZPOVC::INDOMon Oct 11 1993How if without Informix-SQL RF ?
170.02MONSTA::COLLINSWed Oct 13 1993Mobile computing and TFM
171.02ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYWed Oct 13 1993TFM questions
172.01BIS1::DALEYWed Oct 13 1993Repository
173.05VAXSPO::RP_PANTAWed Oct 13 1993WFM Image problem
174.01GENIE::KAUFWed Oct 13 1993Search for RTM reference site
175.0BCFI::ACTIONCENTREFri Oct 15 1993Change of SICS report address
176.01ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYSat Oct 16 1993Info of TFM 3.1.3
177.06FAILTE::STIRLINGIMon Oct 18 1993TFM demonstration disk
178.03BIS1::DALEYWed Oct 20 1993TFMlist in DBC
179.02ISIDRO::PEDROFri Oct 29 1993TAMnnnnn files
180.0XCUSME::CARADONNAWed Nov 03 1993Profile <-> FBS connections
181.03ISIDRO::CARBAYOFri Nov 05 1993TFMASCII needed on runtime environment?
182.01BIS1::MARTENS_RMon Nov 08 1993DLL for OS-2
183.01VAXSPO::RP_PANTAWed Nov 10 1993C++ appl calling a TFM appl
184.01ISIDRO::PEDROWed Nov 10 1993SNATS process size in memory
185.05VAXSPO::RP_PANTAFri Nov 12 1993WAN UPS and other questions
186.01ISIDRO::CARBAYOTue Nov 16 1993SRM: Creating a PVBF file from the host side
187.01ISIDRO::CARBAYOTue Nov 16 1993SRM: How many rx sessions?
188.01VAXSPO::RP_PANTAWed Nov 17 1993OTHER Dialog Box Editor
189.01ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYMon Nov 22 1993TFM Dbox problem
190.05ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYMon Nov 22 1993RTM for very large branches
191.01ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYMon Nov 22 1993TFM Dbox question
192.0BCFI::OSCARSSONWed Nov 24 1993Managing TAMCAP files
193.01TKOV66::SAKUNOThu Nov 25 1993printcap file (.fd)
194.01LYOISA::VACHEThu Nov 25 1993TFM: debugging with Codeview 4.
195.02BAHTAT::CLEARYMon Nov 29 1993Siemens Nixdorf replacement
196.01ISIDRO::CARBAYOThu Dec 02 1993SRM: assuring quality of safget
197.01ISIDRO::CARBAYOThu Dec 02 1993SRM: rx security
198.0ISIDRO::CARBAYOThu Dec 02 1993WFM: disk and memory requirements
199.01VAXSPO::RP_PANTAMon Dec 06 1993listbox H-scoll problem
200.01ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYThu Dec 09 1993TFM DLL or UPS
201.06ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYThu Dec 09 1993TFM 312 list step problem
202.03VCOUMon Dec 13 1993WFM Demo again!
203.02DESSWed Dec 15 1993Is there any LinkWorks demo for banking?
204.04TAVWed Dec 15 1993DLGEDIT and MS-WINDOWS connections
205.0ISIDRO::CARBAYOThu Dec 16 1993TFM: Repository API?
206.02ZPOVC::SEOWHURNWed Dec 22 1993Questions on TFM,WFM re:config sizing + clarify
207.03TAVThu Dec 23 1993TFM Known Problems
208.04TAVThu Dec 23 1993WFM IMAGE Known Problems
209.01TAVTue Dec 28 1993Cross-referencing TFM?
210.03VAOUThu Dec 30 1993CRM Information
211.01MSAMThu Dec 30 1993P633
212.01EEMELI::TOUKKARIThu Dec 30 1993Where are SSB kits???
213.0HLDEMon Jan 03 1994DECadvantage Mass Installation Tool
214.07ZPOETue Jan 04 1994Use P639
215.0TLAENG::LINITDAThu Jan 06 1994TFM & Variable sized proportional font.
216.02ZPOEFri Jan 07 1994TFM escape from a nesting structure
217.02ZPOEFri Jan 07 1994RTM design direction
218.01ZPOVC::SEOWHURNFri Jan 07 1994Will SRM update OS, and other system software ??
219.01VAOUFri Jan 07 1994Integrating TFM & Visual Basic
220.01TIGGR::MAFFASat Jan 08 1994TFM for OS/2
221.01MSAMMon Jan 10 1994TFM 3.1.3 Repository questions
222.03ZPOEWed Jan 12 1994TFM - P639
223.0SIEVAX::LLOYDWed Jan 12 1994ODBC access from TFM
224.0ISIDRO::CARBAYOThu Jan 13 1994Tiling TFM Windows?
225.02ISIDRO::CARBAYOThu Jan 13 1994VMS to TFM windows signals?
226.01ISIDRO::CARBAYOThu Jan 13 1994SRM safget compared to IND$FILE
227.04ZPOVC::DAIVFri Jan 14 1994Problem when using Informix-SE
228.01WPOPTH::WPONIS::HARDIEMon Jan 17 1994Products in Price File
229.05ZPOETue Jan 18 1994No progress yet
230.01BCFI::KAJANSSONWed Jan 19 1994New SRM SCC?
231.0BCFI::OSCARSSONThu Jan 20 1994Reuseable components?!
232.06ISIDRO::CARBAYOFri Jan 21 1994TFM 3.
233.04FAILTE::STIRLINGIMon Jan 24 1994Autodrop down facility
234.02BIS1::MARTENS_RMon Jan 24 1994Fatal Ups error
235.01VAXSPO::SATOMon Jan 24 1994SPD Clarification: ASL Comm
236.03ZPOVC::SEOWHURNThu Jan 27 1994What is SRM PC EL SCO ?
237.0ZPOVC::DAIVFri Jan 28 1994Protection Fault & Informix-ESQL/C
238.01VAXSPO::RP_PANTAFri Jan 28 1994RTM -349 Error (Database Not Selected Yet)
239.03VAXSPO::RP_PANTAFri Jan 28 1994Edit Field Lost Focus Proc LOOP
240.02ZPOVC::SEOWHURNMon Jan 31 1994Any performance Benchmark document out there ??
241.01ISIDRO::CARBAYOFri Feb 04 1994SRM: safput & safrem on any server?
242.0HLDEFri Feb 04 1994TFM tasks (WFM alike) under LinkWorks
243.02VAXSPO::SATOTue Feb 08 1994NWP board on an ISA system ?
244.02ISIDRO::CARBAYOThu Feb 10 1994rx and SNA does not work for me
245.02ISIDRO::CARBAYOThu Feb 10 1994SRM: safput does not finish
246.0855153::62964::DENNISThu Feb 17 1994TFM TAM network DDE interference
247.03ISIDRO::CARBAYOTue Feb 22 1994SWD/SWI and BCFI products
248.05LISVAX::PASANTOSWed Feb 23 1994extract text where the cursor is positioned on
249.01ISIDRO::CARBAYOWed Feb 23 1994TFM 3.1.3 repository creation fails
250.0ZPOVC::SEOWHURNThu Feb 24 1994TFM vs SQL windows vs Powerbuilder comparison ??
251.0LISVAX::PASANTOSThu Feb 24 1994blinking messages???
252.0254382::DALEYFri Feb 25 1994INFORMIX tbcheck problem
253.0BCFI::ACTIONCENTREFri Mar 04 1994Cut & Paste in Dial boxes
254.02VAXSPO::FERNANDATue Mar 08 1994Problems with TFM ListBox...
255.08VAXSPO::FERNANDATue Mar 08 1994Problems with Informix...
256.01ZPOEWed Mar 16 1994TFM 312 dde_op command string
257.0BCFI::WALERUDWed Mar 16 1994lots of news
258.01DESSThu Mar 17 1994m37 TFM Comm Config
259.01DESSMon Mar 21 1994SCANUPS errors
260.05ZPOVC::SEOWHURNFri Mar 25 1994TFM with Oracle - any hitches ?
261.02UTOPIE::KORNBERGER_GMon Mar 28 1994MS-DOS driver for P639
262.01TAVSun Apr 03 1994STRLIB.DLL - to help work with TFM lists
263.02ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYMon Apr 04 1994RTM questions
264.01MSAMMon Apr 04 1994Use of DLL to link to 3rd party databases\
265.0VAXSPO::RP_PANTATue Apr 05 1994Number Picture In DBox
266.01MSAMWed Apr 06 1994DLL's from TFM to make application image capable
267.01SIEVAX::LLOYDFri Apr 15 1994os_op hourglass problems
268.0WELCLU::KINGIFri Apr 15 1994NDC+
269.0BHAJEE::SHERMANMon Apr 18 1994Registration
270.01TLAVTue Apr 19 1994Location for SRM manual
271.01UTOPIE::KORNBERGER_GTue Apr 19 1994Manuals for P639
272.0BCFI::ACTIONCENTREFri Apr 22 1994E Step Program Parameters
273.0TLAVSat Apr 23 1994HEX(
274.01BCFI::WALERUDFri Apr 29 1994SCO UNIX in large branches
275.03VAOUWed May 04 1994sql ups for informix 5.
276.02VAOUWed May 04 1994RTM on the WS (dll & odbc)
277.02ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYThu May 05 1994P639
278.0BCFI::ACTIONCENTREMon May 16 1994Disk error message
279.02ISIDRO::CARBAYOMon May 23 1994P639
280.02USHSMon May 23 1994Stars system?
281.0BCFI::WALERUDMon May 30 1994SCO future
282.0MSAMTue May 31 1994RTM C-ISAM limitations
283.0MSAMTue May 31 1994RTM & TCD (Teller Cash Dispenser)
284.0VAXSPO::RP_SATOTue May 31 1994Informix Online 5.1 ?
285.03SNOCFri Jun 03 1994WFM Workflow vs. IBM's FlowMark Product
286.0BCFI::WALERUDFri Jun 03 1994FBS desktop positioning
287.0BCFI::WALERUDFri Jun 03 1994Workflow definitions, WFM; Linkworks
288.0BCFI::WALERUDMon Jun 06 1994ASL and TFM compatibility
289.0ZPOVC::AKILAWed Jun 08 1994cpio problem on DEC 4
290.04VNASWS::LOBSANGWed Jun 08 1994Count lines for all scripts in TFM application
291.01ISIDRO::CARBAYOFri Jun 10 1994SRM: INFORMIX OnLine on the server?
292.01ISIDRO::CARBAYOFri Jun 10 1994Peripherals on WTG? DLLs?
293.01TAVENG::ALEXWS::JACKYSun Jun 19 1994Print documentation
294.03MSAMTue Jun 21 1994TFM has problems with DECpc LPv and LPv+
295.0ISIDRO::CARBAYOTue Jun 21 1994TFM: Text processors for Electronic Forms
296.04HGOVC::DAIVWed Jun 22 1994Using PATHWORKS for DOS
297.01BIS1::BOSMANS_KFri Jun 24 1994OLE2 - MDI - VBX in the near future ?
298.01ADOVWed Jun 29 1994ENTER in multi-line edit controls
299.02HGOVC::DAIVWed Jun 29 1994Need info of BankVision & Fiferv
300.01DEKVC::DONGWONSHINThu Jun 30 1994TFM and TFM-ACMS/DECadmire ?
301.0CGOOA::BORTHWICKFri Jul 01 1994L-step buffer limit crisis.
302.01HGOVC::CARLOCHOIMon Jul 11 1994SSB info
303.01ZPOVC::AKILAThu Jul 28 1994Remote override problem
304.02HGOVC::DAIVWed Aug 03 1994Failure on comm config
305.02VAOUWed Aug 03 1994Menu set creator in TFM
306.01LOSPED::MCGHIEThu Aug 04 1994Help Attribute Available ?
307.01ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYMon Aug 08 1994tfm313 on SCO upx problem
308.01BLOFLY::GNOL::OLERUDThu Aug 11 1994TFM 3.1.4 m1
309.02BCFIThu Aug 11 1994Signature Management System available
310.01MSAMFri Aug 19 1994TFM and external events
311.0ZPOVC::AKILATue Aug 23 1994TFM 3.1.2 Mouseclick problem
312.0BCFIFri Aug 26 1994PI-
313.03DAIVWed Aug 31 1994Tuning O/S for database (?)
314.0DAIVThu Sep 08 1994Error when read the record
315.01ZPOVC::DAIVFri Sep 09 1994References for DECbank FBS
316.02BCFI::WALERUDWed Sep 14 1994Sample configurations
317.01BCFI::WALERUDWed Sep 14 1994Available Products
318.01VAXSPO::RP_PANTAThu Sep 15 1994TFM 314 with SCO ??? When ???
319.01SPANNA::BALLETTAFri Sep 16 1994Banking procedures & applications book?
320.05ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYMon Sep 26 1994ASL TPU.exe problem with TFM 313
322.04TKOV66::OKUDERAFri Sep 30 1994Coping document doesn't copy phisicaly
323.0ZPOVC::SUBRAMANIANMon Oct 10 1994test
324.06ZPOVC::SUBRAMANIANMon Oct 10 1994RTM and Mouse Clicks
325.02BIS1::RAVYTSMon Oct 10 1994RUNTIME TFM 3.1.3 m38a
326.05ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYThu Oct 13 1994TFM 313 M37 G step problem
327.03ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYThu Oct 13 1994Page setup control from TFM
328.03BIS1::DALEYTue Oct 18 1994E-step limitations
329.01DELSTue Oct 18 1994NAVIGATOR info required
330.010BCFI::STURESSONTue Oct 18 19943D effects in TFM dialogue boxes
331.01VAXSPO::RP_PANTAWed Oct 19 1994UPS and Netbios question
332.04ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYWed Oct 19 1994TFM on LPV PCs. (related to 294)
333.02ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYTue Oct 25 1994ASL TPU UPS return codes
334.0BCFI::WALERUDThu Oct 27 1994WOSA/XFS
335.03ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYThu Nov 03 1994TFM 313. Debugging UPS with sdb.
336.0ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYMon Nov 07 1994P639
337.04BCFI::NORBERGFri Nov 11 1994Date routines in Windows 3.1
338.05VAOUTue Nov 15 1994TAsk Switching out of Dbox Problem
339.02ISIDRO::CELMATue Nov 29 1994LOCAL UPS WITH C7.
340.02TLAVTue Nov 29 1994PROPRINTER mode for 639
341.01OSLWed Nov 30 1994FBS document printing
342.03ZPOVC::MIKEYUNMon Dec 05 1994Sites ref - FBS on non-DEC PC
343.04DAIVMon Dec 19 1994Some Questions
344.01MSAMTue Dec 20 1994Integration of TFM/WFM to Linkworks?
345.01VNASWS::LOBSANGWed Dec 21 1994TFM cannot generate an error message ?
346.01ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYWed Dec 21 1994Proprinter Emulation in a sharing environment
347.01ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYWed Dec 21 1994Waiting for tfm 315
348.01ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYWed Dec 21 1994key tables not working in DBOX
349.01VAXSPO::RP_PANTAThu Dec 22 1994ODBC UPS with MS-Access
350.01VAXSPO::RP_PANTAThu Dec 22 1994Batch appl started from TFM
351.0VAXSPO::RP_PANTAFri Dec 23 1994Data compression sw - info wanted
352.01ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYSat Dec 24 1994UPX from Unix to Windows
353.03ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYSat Dec 24 1994Inconsistence in TFM
354.06ZPOACT::TUNGWed Dec 28 1994oracle or informix.. subscript printing
355.02VNABRW::GYALPOThu Dec 29 1994Testing TFM applications
356.0ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYFri Dec 30 1994Form Package for TFM Eform
357.03VAXSPO::RP_SATOFri Dec 30 1994TFM programming help needed...
358.01ISIDRO::PEDROWed Jan 04 1995TFM tuning guide?
359.07ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYMon Jan 09 1995Problems with TFM 315
360.02ZPOACT::TUNGTue Jan 10 1995offline processing??
361.01DAIVThu Jan 12 1995Error: Override Supervisor
362.01ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYSat Jan 14 1995TFM dynamic menu reference for a field
363.02DAIVTue Jan 17 1995Indexing on RTM
364.03ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYWed Jan 18 1995Problems making WIN ups
365.01VAXSPO::RP_PANTAFri Jan 20 1995TFM315/Repos-Erros during load of meta file
366.01DAIVTue Jan 24 1995Redefined warning message : TFM315
367.01ZPOACT::TUNGTue Jan 24 1995odbc from sql ups to other db
368.02CGOOA::SMALLThu Feb 02 1995Probs for RTM & TFM315
369.04VAXSPO::RP_PANTAMon Feb 06 1995TFM 315-tfmtam process dies
370.03ZPOVC::TANTue Feb 07 1995TFM/RTM and Windows-NT
371.01VAXSPO::RP_PANTAWed Feb 15 1995HP DeskJet 5
372.02ZPOVC::SAMSNGThu Feb 16 1995T F M 3 1 5 Data Field Error
373.04VAXSPO::RP_PANTAThu Feb 16 1995FBS+Mail+FAX ?? How ??
375.02VAXSPO::RP_PANTAThu Feb 23 1995Oracle7 and TFM via ODBC
376.01ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYFri Feb 24 1995TFM to set dos file attrib
377.02ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYFri Feb 24 1995When will TFM 315 next rel. be available
378.02ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYFri Mar 03 1995TFM Eform problem
379.02ZPOVC::YONGPINGWed Mar 15 1995SnaTS - Failed to send msg more than 23
380.02LISVAX::VIDEIRAFri Mar 17 1995TFM E-Forms & P639
381.0MSAMFri Mar 17 1995Profits IV to RTM 2.
382.0BCFI::KAJANSSONWed Mar 22 1995SRM and WFW
383.01ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYThu Mar 23 1995UPS for chq reader
384.0ZPOVC::YONGPINGThu Mar 30 1995TFM 315 or DAM 115 caused GPF when sharing printer
385.01ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYWed Apr 05 1995TFM client to remote server
386.02ZPOVC::SOONKWOKTue Apr 11 1995message during kernel rebuild
387.01VAOUThu Apr 13 1995Menu Set Question
388.03ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYMon Apr 17 1995Bugs in TFM Client 312 M37
389.02ZPOVC::YONGPINGThu Apr 20 1995TFM 315 and DAM and tamcap redefinition message
390.02ZPOVC::SOONKWOKMon Apr 24 1995how to read log files
391.05ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYThu Apr 27 1995TFM 4
392.01CGOOA::SMALLFri Apr 28 1995TFM & WIN/95 ??
393.01ZPOVC::MIKEYUNMon May 08 1995SRM 3.5
394.0BCFI::WALERUDTue May 09 1995performance via ODBC
395.01CGOOA::SMALLWed May 10 1995BCFI WebSite ???
396.01CGOOA::SMALLFri May 12 1995TFM performance hints???
397.02ZPOVC::SOONKWOKFri May 12 1995log file keeps growing
398.02ZPOVC::YONGPINGTue May 23 1995Allocate 2 lu sessions in application program
399.010DAIVC::RITAWed May 24 1995Cannot attach to shared memory
400.04ADOVWed May 24 1995Windows DLLs and constants
401.0DAIVC::RITAFri May 26 1995Banking security
402.0ZPOVC::YONGPINGMon May 29 1995TFM 312 question
403.02UTOPIE::PUCHINGER_GTue Jun 06 1995P639
404.01DAIVC::RITAFri Jun 16 1995FBS, SCO UNIX, and ORACLE
405.01WELSWS::GRAHAMFri Jun 16 1995srm nt snmp dies
406.04VAOUThu Jun 22 1995Eform Printing Errors
407.02TLAVThu Jun 22 1995Field Handling in TFM Buffers
408.04ZPOVC::YONGPINGFri Jun 23 1995PVBF - Write a ssequential file
409.06VAXSPO::RP_PANTAFri Jun 23 1995
410.01CGOOA::SMALLWed Jun 28 1995TFM4.
411.0ZPOVC::TANThu Jun 29 1995LX servers
412.01VAXSPO::RP_PANTAFri Jun 30 1995Is ctl3dv2.dll free ??
413.01MXOCWed Jul 05 1995TFM on DOS?
414.03MXOCFri Jul 07 1995CRM Manuals
416.01SNOCWed Jul 12 1995WFM Folders
417.0ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYWed Jul 12 1995From TFM 313, Where to go ?
418.01TLAVThu Jul 13 1995TFM, MSWord and DDE
419.01VAXSPO::RP_PANTATue Jul 18 1995Win NT repository - problem creating
420.01VNABRW::64246::Brano_GrmanWed Jul 26 1995Windows DLL + structures
421.02ISIDRO::CELMAWed Jul 26 1995OS/2 2.11 - PM api's
422.01TLAVFri Jul 28 1995OD pushbutton
423.08ZPOVC::PAULCHENTue Aug 01 1995SRM 3.4.1 batch download problem
424.01ZPOVC::PAULCHENThu Aug 10 1995Diff between SRM 3.5 and SRM SCC 4.1?
425.07DAIVC::RITAFri Aug 11 1995WFM installation problem
426.05ZPOVC::PAULCHENMon Aug 14 1995ERROR in SRM/SCC 4.1 installation diskette
428.0VAXSPO::RP_PANTAMon Aug 14 1995External Graphics Package + TFM
429.01ZPOVC::PAULCHENMon Aug 14 1995SRM 3.4.2 and SRM 3.5 package names
431.08ZPOVC::PAULCHENWed Aug 16 1995saflist access issue from SCC
433.0ZPOVC::TANTue Aug 22 1995MADGE token ring card support?
434.01ZPOVC::TANTue Aug 22 1995Chinese retail banking solution?
435.03ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYMon Aug 28 1995RTM from SNA to TCP
436.03ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYTue Aug 29 1995SRM/SWDI on TCP network ?
437.06ZPOVC::PAULCHENWed Aug 30 1995SRM/SCC 4.1 questions
438.01LOSPED::MCGHIETue Sep 12 1995VB Style Control Attribute Editing
439.02ZPOVC::DANIELLIMThu Sep 14 1995TFM 3.x on OpenServer 5
440.0MXOCFri Sep 15 1995RTM programming help
441.01ZPOVC::TANFri Sep 29 1995RTM for Windows/NT server platform
442.03ZPOVC::TANFri Sep 29 1995Windows for Workgroups and RTM and ASL
443.01CGOOA::KUHNENThu Oct 05 1995Wrong Enterprise ID
444.02ZPOVC::TANTue Oct 10 1995Windows support by TFM
445.01ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYTue Oct 10 1995TFM programming problem
446.02ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYTue Oct 10 1995TFM printing to P639
447.01BIS1::RAVYTSWed Oct 18 1995Future of WFM ???
448.03ZPOVC::PAULCHENFri Nov 10 1995TFM comm-config PC to PC over routers failed
449.02TRNOIS::SPELTAMon Nov 27 1995WFM Server on Windows NT ?
450.0BCFI::LJUNGBERGThu Nov 30 1995SRM SWP problems (SW inst in PC)
451.0ZPOVC::ALEXCHOYFri Dec 08 1995E-mail product with RTM
452.0ZPOVC::MIKEYUNTue Dec 19 1995P639x driver for Digital UNIX
454.01ZPOVC::PAULCHENFri Dec 29 1995TCD521
455.0ZPOVC::DANIELLIMFri Dec 29 1995Combo TFM/TCP Problem?
456.01ZPOVC::YONGPINGFri Jan 12 1996Memory allocation in RTM
457.01ZPOVC::AUDREYTANTue Jan 16 1996Coin Dispenser
458.0HGOVC::MANJREKARTue Jan 16 1996FBS products and SNA connectivity
459.01ZPOVC::YONGPINGWed Jan 17 1996SNATS_SERV STS_LOST problem
460.0DAIVC::RITAWed Jan 24 1996Need RTM+ s/w kit on NT server
463.01MSAMSat May 04 1996DECadvantage 327
464.01ZPOVC::TANWed May 29 1996Windows-95 and Windows NT
465.01ZPOVC::YONGPINGFri May 31 1996SCG field definition for RTM 2.
466.02ZPOVC::DANIELLIMTue Jun 18 1996TFM 4.
467.01ZPOVC::TANWed Jun 19 1996TFM 3.1.3 to TFM 4.
468.01ZPOVC::DANIELLIMThu Aug 01 1996Windows 95 Support
469.01TAVWed Aug 14 1996TFM/WFM with Dialog Box always run on top
470.02TAVThu Aug 15 1996WFM: doregdoc ATI problem
471.03BCFI::MLUNDGRENTue Sep 03 1996ODBC from GLAD
472.03WOTVAX::paleo.edo.dec.com::stirlingiWed Oct 02 1996TFM and Year 2
473.0+1WMGEN1::alf-dhcp-2-12.alf.dec.com.16.85.16.in-addr.arpa::WorkbenchMon Oct 07 1996do we offer "ATM package"???
474.01ZPOVC::SOONKWOKMon Nov 04 1996reset function
475.0TLAVThu Jan 23 1997What is Internet Banking?
476.0 *+1TAVMon Jan 27 1997How to use Eforms in the Repository
477.0 *BCFI::LJUNGBERGTue Mar 11 1997Anyone using TFM and sockets?
478.0 *+1ZPOVC::SOONKWOKWed Apr 30 1997TFM NT ver4