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Conference balzac::tss

Title:Translation Support System
Notice:Who are you? Topic 2.0
Created:Thu Aug 11 1988
Last Modified:Wed Sep 25 1991
Last Successful Update:Tue Dec 31 1996
Number of topics:12
Total number of notes:23
Number with bodies:0
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1.01BALZAC::DESVIGNESThu Aug 11 1988Conference Info
2.08BALZAC::DESVIGNESThu Aug 11 1988Who are we?
4.0BALZAC::DESVIGNESThu Aug 11 1988The first steps...
5.0PRSTRA::JOVANOVICFri Aug 12 1988dictionary structure
6.0MDRLEG::RUBENFri Oct 07 1988Is it worthwhile or not?
7.01VAXUUM::FARRMon Oct 24 1988TSS/DOCUMENT conversion
8.0MUNTRA::WALTERFri Nov 04 1988ALPS login procedure - BEWARE!
9.0TAZRAT::CHERSONMon Nov 28 1988Has Interleaf seen the ALPS?
10.0OSLSW1::INGVARDMon Dec 19 1988Problems with Stream LF files
11.0MUHIS::RBRECHEISENFri Jul 06 1990Q: Electronic Dictionary
12.0CUPTAY::HARTSHORNSat Jul 13 1991What will/does DECwrite do to you all?