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Conference balzac::telex

Title:TELEX/VMS - Bugs and suggestions report
Created:Fri Jul 18 1986
Last Modified:Fri Sep 17 1993
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:86
Total number of notes:244
Number with bodies:0
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1.01BALZAC::BIJAOUIFri Jul 18 1986TELEX/VMS - What is this ?
2.01SHIRE::WENGERMon Jul 28 1986English version ???
3.03ZUREIS::UWETue Jul 29 1986Announce
4.02BALZAC::BIJAOUITue Jul 29 1986TELEX UNIT (HASLER-GB) known problems
5.04BALZAC::BIJAOUITue Jul 29 1986Last version of TELEX/VMS V2.
6.03GVATue Aug 12 1986File protection problems
7.04GVAML2::MILLASSONTue Aug 12 1986Text parts taken as destinations
8.03VIRGIN::WIDMERTue Aug 26 1986Problem Report
9.01ZURA1::WIDMERFri Sep 05 1986Wishlist for TELEX/VMS
10.0149289::STEIMERFri Sep 26 1986Customer References
11.01ZURFCC::BICHSELTue Oct 07 1986MGR priv and file protection violation
12.01ZURFCC::BICHSELTue Oct 07 1986Programmer interface
13.0BALZAC::BIJAOUIThu Oct 09 1986Composite address, and MAIL function in TELEX
14.03ZURFCC::BICHSELWed Oct 29 1986Re-sending a telex (P-Interface)
15.02PRSIS7::BIJAOUIThu Oct 30 1986V2.1, and Goodbye !
16.01PETRUS::SCHWARZThu Nov 06 1986where is MR_TELEX
17.01PRSNRD::BATTIKHWed Feb 25 1987Programm tool and TELEX 2.1
18.06BMT::DARCYWed Mar 04 1987VAXTEL Anyone??
19.02ZURFCC::BICHSELThu Apr 02 1987Interactive telex sessions
20.05226Wed Apr 22 1987English version available ?
21.0ZURFCC::BICHSELMon Apr 27 1987Telex create problem (programmer interface)
22.0348212::CEGALERBAWed Jul 22 1987dispatch capability
23.01BOURIK::GUERINThu Sep 10 1987Conversational TELEX
24.053432Wed Sep 30 1987general info for U.S. usage
25.04GAOV11::GLYNNWed Oct 28 1987TELEX on LAT device ??
26.0CHEFS::EASTONFri Oct 30 1987retry patterns?
27.0CHEFS::EASTONFri Oct 30 1987English System Messages Please
28.0157784::ZAJBERTTue Nov 24 1987VTX through TELEX?
30.0TAVMon Dec 14 1987TELEX/VMS in the Middle East
31.0436896::PHILIPPETue Dec 15 1987Information sharing
32.02BALZAC::MIRATWed Dec 23 1987TELEX/VMS 2.2 ? Yes, it is good choice today!
33.02PRSPSU::CEGALERBAWed Dec 30 1987COBOL example
34.03PILOU::NAVARROMon Jan 18 1988problem using pascal language and telex
35.0259563::MANAKASun Jan 31 1988Need Ideas for TELEX Interfacing
36.0MANAEG::FLYNNTue Feb 02 1988VAX MRTgate V1.
37.0242371::EASTONFri Feb 05 1988GESTEL DYING AT STARTUP
38.03BISTRO::MACKINNONWed Mar 09 1988V2.2 features.
39.0GVATue Mar 15 1988ex
40.05GOFFY::BICHSELTue Apr 12 1988Same telex reference number
41.01GOFFY::BICHSELTue Apr 12 1988Telex kline "hang's"
42.02UTROP1::KLEINMon Apr 25 1988Can anyone /HELP me out ?
44.03BPOVTue Jun 14 1988Looking to install in Fareast Plants
45.04LEMAN::GERVAZThu Jun 30 1988How to change the current telex reference number?
46.0BALZAC::MARKOWSKIWed Jul 13 1988
48.03LSNCSC::AKERETMon Sep 05 1988TWX accounting ?
49.02LEMAN::AKERETTue Sep 06 1988more than 8 lines?
50.0PRSPSU::PROTTue Sep 13 1988Pb installation et run de v2.1 v3.
51.01TDCIS3::MARIETThu Sep 22 1988%MRIF-E-SYSERROR with WPSPLUS messages only
52.02EGAVThu Oct 20 1988No AUTHOR:
53.01IRT::HECHTThu Oct 20 1988Communicate 8A1, 81D1, OR 83B3
54.0DEREK::LOIZZOMon Nov 07 1988conversational TELEX need
55.02PRSOIS::MIROUXTue Nov 15 1988V 5.
56.03SKYWAY::BICHSELTue Nov 15 1988Ineffective calls
57.03TDCIS2::ECSO_PROFri Nov 18 1988PB TELEX/VMS 3.
58.08LYOTue Nov 29 1988TELEX/VMS V3.
59.01BALZAC::MARKOWSKIThu Dec 01 1988Soon, nice patches ...!?
60.0LYOWed Jan 25 1989When sending telex , the telex is CUT
61.01TDCIS2::PICHARDWed Apr 05 1989Process TWX_GATEWAY crash
62.0ROMCSA::RUSSOWed Apr 05 1989Any Prod. Mgr. for the 'internal' MR_T ?
63.01PRSPSU::PROTThu May 25 1989Using telex gateway from mrgate
64.01TSCFri Jun 16 1989Etat d'un TELEX "en erreur non emis"
65.01LOMBRD::SAFFORD_THThu Aug 10 1989Need Demo or Reference Site for MR Telex and A1
66.02LEMAN::REGINATue Aug 15 1989No connection to hasler
67.01EVTIS2::BERTHENETFri Oct 06 19892 <FF> in a telex ?
68.02EIGER::KURTHThu Dec 07 1989Disable incoming telexes?
69.01LYOIS1::POIRSONTue Dec 19 1989documentation telex/vms 3.1_A up-to-date
70.03RGB::SREEKANTHFri Feb 09 1990TELEX hardware ?
71.02EIGER::KURTHMon Jul 09 1990Error message, BEL detected, wrong character
72.0PANIC::GILLTue Jan 15 1991Pointer for Kits please
73.0ISIDRO::DELCURAMon Mar 25 1991VAXes as TELEX nodes ??
74.01VAXRIO::ROLFThu Oct 03 1991Generic Info needed
75.01UEOIS1::WODLIThu Oct 17 1991TELEX/VMS confused with ALL-IN-1 PROFILES
76.01VAXRIO::ROLFMon Nov 18 1991Switch for TELEX lines
77.03THAVTue Feb 04 1992Vitel Interface?
78.01ISIDRO::RODRIGUEZTue Feb 04 1992TELEX config?
79.0BALZAC::KUOCHWed Feb 05 1992TELEX V3.2 available.
80.02KEMER::YANIKTue Apr 28 1992sends more than one
81.0DURDUR::MONGE::Conferencing-UserWed Aug 05 1992Difference Telex VMS et Monaco
82.01BALZAC::KUOCHWed Sep 16 1992A patch for MR_TELEX.EXE
84.01TAVSun Oct 25 1992%MRT-W-TERMINATING
85.04ISTWI1::KAYATue Nov 24 1992Telex/VMS+Hasler+Rumanian Telex Network
86.0ISTWI1::AKINFri Sep 17 1993Telex for OpenVMS AXP