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Conference awecim::bb_stats

Title:Statistical Baseball
Created:Mon May 04 1987
Last Modified:Wed Mar 27 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:258
Total number of notes:4630
Number with bodies:0
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1.012GUNGHO::RISTMon May 04 1987Welcome to BB_STATS
2.085GUNGHO::RISTMon May 04 1987Registry of Stats Fans
3.0GUNGHO::RISTMon May 04 1987Keywords
4.020GUNGHO::RISTMon May 04 1987Rotisserie--stats
5.05GUNGHO::RISTMon May 04 1987ELIAS fair or foul???
6.017GUNGHO::RISTMon May 04 1987Pursue the Pennant???
7.019GUNGHO::RISTMon May 04 1987Rotisserie--player moves
8.020GUNGHO::RISTMon May 04 1987Good Books
9.05GUNGHO::RISTMon May 04 1987On-Line historical data???
10.05CAFEIN::PFAUMon May 04 1987'86 Records
11.021GUNGHO::RISTTue May 05 1987Board Games
12.021VAXWRK::NEEDLEWed May 06 1987Batting average higher than on-base percentage?
13.011GUNGHO::RISTWed May 06 1987SABR
14.036GUNGHO::RISTThu May 07 1987Computer Games
15.05BRUTUS::LAPLUMEFri May 08 1987rotisserie?????
16.020GUNGHO::RISTMon May 11 1987Choose Your Lineups???
17.03BCSE::RYANThu May 14 1987From USENET: On-base percentage
18.0BCSE::RYANThu May 14 1987From USENET: Babe Ruth and Yankee Stadium
20.01BMT::COMAROWThu May 14 1987Stat Paper
21.01BCSE::RYANMon May 18 1987From USENET: Holds
22.01CHUCKL::HAMERThu May 21 1987What accounts for players' salaries?
23.01BCSE::RYANWed May 27 1987From USENET: DAR-RYL! DAR-RYL!
24.03JETSAM::NORRISThu May 28 1987Shawon Dunston and maybe others...
25.016CAFEIN::PFAUTue Jun 02 1987What is a save?
26.016SCRIBE::GOGUENWed Jun 03 1987Game Winning RBI... another misleading stat...
29.037GUNGHO::RISTTue Jun 09 1987Registry of Rotisserie Hopefuls...
30.09GUNGHO::RISTWed Jun 10 1987Birth of a League
31.024GUNGHO::RISTWed Jun 10 1987Rotisserie--Stats Automation
32.0106GUNGHO::RISTThu Jun 11 1987Standardizing Stats Entry
34.04PCOCK::MITCHELLThu Jun 25 1987DH Rule
35.08GUNGHO::RISTMon Jun 29 1987Stats Program Results
36.09CSSE::POTTERTue Jun 30 1987Hitting Streak ?
37.04EXPRES::SCHIAVONEFri Jul 03 1987How Complete?
38.04ONE4US::ROSSMon Jul 06 1987Offensive Average
39.012SCRIBE::GOGUENWed Jul 08 1987Net Baseball Games
40.09CLT::WIECHMANNTue Jul 14 1987Oh, Brother
41.05GUNGHO::RISTFri Jul 17 1987Stats Program--Enter You Complaints Here
42.010BCSE::SCOPAMon Jul 20 1987Who scores?
43.019BCSE::RYANThu Jul 23 1987Franchise histories (from USENET)
44.01CSC32::J_PARSONSSun Aug 16 1987NL Schedule
45.08HGOVSun Sep 13 1987Fielding Statistics
46.01CSMADM::POLAYMon Sep 14 1987TOTAL BASES???
47.01DUNE::GALLAGHERSun Sep 20 1987'86 LEADERS
48.012SCRIBE::GOGUENTue Oct 06 19871987 American League Statistics
51.020SCRIBE::GOGUENTue Nov 03 1987Super League Forming...
52.0VAXWRK::NEEDLEWed Nov 18 1987Basketball Rotisserie
53.019USACSB::DAVIDSONTue Dec 15 1987Rotisserie Player Worth
54.04SAGE::ROSSThu Dec 17 1987Correlation of E.R.A and ratio
55.027VAXWRK::NEEDLEFri Dec 18 1987Digital E-Net Basketball Rotisserie League forming.
56.0USACSB::DAVIDSONWed Jan 06 1988Rotiss franchises available
57.05CIM2::RISTWed Jan 20 1988Rotisserie Stats Program, Version 2
58.015COMET::RYBICKIThu Jan 21 1988Baseball's been berry, berry good to me!
59.02CHOVAX::EROSThu Feb 11 1988Would-be Rotisserie owner looking for a home
60.08CIM2::RISTThu Feb 11 1988Registery of Rotisserie Hopefuls
61.02HGOVFri Feb 12 1988Righty/Lefty Stats Needed
62.0HGOVMon Feb 15 1988Is One Still in the Market?
63.01SCAFST::BOSSOThu Mar 03 1988looking for a good time?
64.015HXOUWed Mar 09 1988Predictions and Surprises
65.01--UnknownUser--Mon Mar 14 1988HELP for Little league names
66.02HYEND::RROSSThu Mar 31 1988Sports Scheduler?
67.05BLITZN::MCFALLTue Apr 05 1988Getting ready for stats entry
68.06USACSB::DAVIDSONTue Apr 12 1988Optic Scanner?
69.01BIGMAC::KAUFMANNFri Apr 22 1988New Stat for Middle Relievers
70.05CURIE::BOELKETue Apr 26 1988Fielding Percentage
71.0AESIR::SWONGERTue Apr 26 1988Beat your buddy
72.0AKOV85::GARAHANThu May 12 1988Newspaper Article/Rotisserie
73.02SLDA1::MITHALThu May 26 1988Why only errors?
74.04CURIE::BOELKETue May 31 1988Who gets it?
75.07HGOVFri Jun 03 1988Is it a ShutOut and Complete Game?
76.04AESIR::SWONGERFri Jun 03 1988Up-to-date Eligibility Information?
77.04CGVAX2::GILLISWed Jun 08 1988thats MR. choker to you
78.05PNO::KAPLANWed Jun 08 1988A new stat: RBI/HR Ratio
79.02VLNVAX::RLEBLANCTue Jun 14 1988Calculate Slugging percentage
80.0CHOVAX::EROSWed Jun 22 1988Rotisserie RIP?
81.04FREE::GOGUENMon Jun 27 1988Pete Rose
82.04CGVAX2::GILLISTue Jun 28 1988looking for 1986 stats
83.09ODIXIE::RIDGWAYTue Jul 12 1988Baseball Cards?
84.06URSULA::WIECHMANNTue Jul 12 1988"Pythagorean" metric
85.03URSULA::WIECHMANNThu Jul 21 1988Modified Runs Produced Stat
86.04CGVAX2::GILLISFri Jul 29 1988A dubious ML record
87.03OBLIO::BOIVINWed Aug 10 1988peter rose
90.09GUTZ::COOPERMANFri Sep 02 1988"Tainted" records
91.02GUTZ::COOPERMANFri Sep 02 1988Catchers' statistics
93.03CAFEIN::PFAUThu Sep 22 1988Managerial Records
94.07BMT::COMAROWFri Sep 30 1988Who *really* won?
95.07AESIR::SWONGERFri Sep 30 1988American League Rotisserie Standings
96.02--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 03 1988Looking for Triple-Crown Winners and 5
97.044FREE::GOGUENThu Oct 13 1988Yet another new rotisserie league...
98.07CLT::WIECHMANNFri Oct 14 1988Why I'm cheering for the Dodgers . . . .
99.03SMURF::BREAUFri Oct 21 19885 x 5
100.01CGVAX2::GILLISThu Oct 27 1988Stratomatic bb
101.0221568::BOELKEThu Oct 27 1988Home Runs related to count
103.010OADEV::KAUFMANNMon Nov 14 1988Two Strat-O-Matic Teams Wanted
104.01MISVAX::ROSSThu Nov 17 1988Baseball America
105.03DIMOND::PACIELLOThu Dec 01 1988'71 Pirates Shortstop
106.04SALEM::ALIZIOFri Dec 02 1988Pitching stats wanted
107.017FREE::GOGUENThu Dec 15 1988Rotisserie league histories
108.08DASXPS::STOBERFri Dec 30 1988NEED INFO!!
109.01USACSB::DAVIDSONTue Jan 03 1989Breakin' the wand?
110.052JAIMES::ENGLERTThu Jan 05 1989New Rotisserie League
111.0UCOUNT::HUGHESFri Jan 13 1989tickets
112.0SHANE::MIKESat Jan 21 1989New AL ROTISSERIE Notesfile
113.0AKOV13::SANSINGTue Jan 24 1989How About a NL Rotisserie?
114.068CIM2::RISTTue Jan 24 1989Rotisserie Hopefuls--New Breed
115.069SAGE::ROSSThu Jan 26 1989Data Entry for 1989
116.0343FREE::GOGUENFri Jan 27 19891989 Major League Baseball Transactions
118.04FREE::GOGUENThu Feb 02 1989Sample Rotisserie Rules (FYI)
119.01ROLL::JONESTue Feb 07 1989APBA/PTP Baseball League
120.03AESIR::SWONGERThu Feb 09 1989Rotisserie Position Eligibility Listings
121.018AESIR::SWONGERFri Feb 10 1989USA Today offering on-line service!
122.08CIM2::RISTThu Feb 16 1989New Rotisserie Leagues--Record it Here
123.01CIM2::RISTFri Feb 17 1989Rotisserie Stats Program, Version 2.4
124.012--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 20 1989A new Rotissierie League using the auction/etc. forming
125.027CIM2::RISTTue Feb 21 1989Rotisserie Hopefuls, Part IV
126.01USACSB::DAVIDSONTue Feb 21 1989"REAL" Rotisserie Forming
127.054WHELIN::DIFONZOTue Feb 28 1989Baseball Publications
128.01SMURF::BREAUFri Mar 03 1989Statistician in the Sky
129.014FREE::GOGUENMon Mar 06 1989One more time - Rotisserie "V"...
130.07NRADM::KINGTue Mar 07 19891988 stats wanted in here
131.010CIM2::RISTWed Mar 08 1989Rotisserie Hopefuls VI
132.023FREE::GOGUENFri Mar 10 1989DEC Rotisserie master list
134.010REFINE::ASHEMon Mar 27 1989BB_Stats/Rotisserie Owner outing to Fenway?
136.07ROCK::GRONOWSKIFri Mar 31 1989Rotisserie League Notesfile Locations
137.07FREE::GOGUENFri Apr 07 1989Rotisserie Stats Made Easier
138.030SHANE::MIKETue Apr 18 1989Proposal: Rules Committee
139.04CAFEIN::PFAUTue Apr 18 1989Scores anyone?
140.017SALEM::PISACRETAThu Apr 20 1989Reserves in Rotisserie
141.044SHANE::MIKEFri Apr 21 1989Rule Proposals and Modifications
142.0542VAXWRK::NEEDLETue Apr 25 1989MLB Player Status queries
143.013--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 26 1989Unresolved Transactions and MLB Phone Numbers
144.02MAV::SCHWARTZThu Apr 27 1989Would u believe a hotline now?
145.06NRADM::KINGFri Apr 28 1989Player positions
146.05STAR::YANKOWSKASTue May 02 1989What constitutes a "blown save"?
147.011COOKIE::HOYTFri May 05 1989Need data from Wednesday's boxes (Thursday's paper)
148.03SMURF::BREAUMon May 08 19891 HR = 5.6 Ks
149.06AUNTB::HAASFri May 19 1989Pitcher Longevity Theory
150.04FREE::GOGUENThu May 25 1989Baseball Stories (Humor, Jokes, Songs, Quotes, etc.)
151.023FREE::GOGUENWed May 31 1989All-Star voting
152.07CHIRPA::SWONGERWed Jun 07 1989A strange pitching line
153.05CIM2::RISTMon Jun 12 1989On-Line Rules--Any help appreciated
155.040SHANE::PACIELLOThu Jul 13 1989Rules Committtee Suggestions
156.04BAGELS::MOLLICAMon Jul 17 1989please reply
157.010--UnknownUser--Mon Jul 17 1989*your favorite player*
158.08BAGELS::MOLLICAMon Jul 17 1989last triple crown
159.033CIM2::RISTFri Jul 21 1989Modified Rotisserie
160.05UJEST::JACUNSKIMon Jul 24 1989In Case of Trades....?
161.01--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 09 1989Formulas for Success
162.015PNEUMA::ROOSTue Aug 22 1989Nolan Ryan - strikeout king!
163.03STAR::YANKOWSKASTue Aug 22 1989Most career HR by a shortstop?
164.011DEC25::MCFALLTue Aug 22 1989Data Entry problem for Rotisserie statisticians
165.09BTOVT::CROSSFri Aug 25 1989 Is Pete the only one...?
166.02CGOOFri Sep 01 1989Rusty Staub numbers, please?
167.09SMURF::BREAUFri Sep 15 1989pre-192
168.03SAGE::ROSSMon Sep 25 1989Brain Teaser
169.010FREE::GOGUENWed Oct 04 1989Official '89 Final Rotisserie League Standings
170.03ARCHER::DAMICOFri Oct 06 1989What if....
171.020--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 11 1989Position Eligibility for 199
172.05FREE::GOGUENThu Oct 12 1989Final Rotisserie-Generated Stats, Plus....
173.0PH4VAX::POINDEXTERWed Oct 18 1989Quake-1 Bay-
175.0WLDWST::BLEEThu Nov 02 1989Let's Play Ball, Go Giants in 199
176.033--UnknownUser--Fri Nov 10 1989'89-9
177.01ASHBY::JONESWed Nov 15 1989APBA/PTP League
178.019FREE::GOGUENMon Dec 11 1989Rotisserie Rules - General Discussions
180.017--UnknownUser--Thu Dec 21 1989Stat propogation for 199
181.0ASABET::CORBETTFri Jan 05 1990Announcing a notesfile for Baseball fans
182.034SALEM::KUPTONThu Jan 11 1990New League Forming
183.01BAGELS::MOLLICAWed Jan 31 1990Just around the Corner
185.0BOSOX::STOBERThu Feb 01 1990Baseball America in NH??
186.05SALEM::KUPTONThu Feb 08 1990199
188.04DEC25::MCFALLWed Mar 07 1990FWIW, all 4
189.04DECXPS::STOBERMon Mar 12 1990Stats 199
190.03DECXPS::STOBERMon Mar 12 1990Teams Available
191.0238BOSOX::TMACDONALDThu Mar 29 1990199
192.0BELMNT::SCHWARTZFri Mar 30 1990Step up to the real thing?
193.012DEC25::MCFALLMon Apr 09 1990Just another reason to buy USA Today
195.04MPO::MCFALLTue May 08 1990Any openings in the 495 area for Non-DEC Rotisserie?
196.02NOVA::TOLLIVERFri Jun 01 1990Ty Cobb record broken (runs scored)?
197.030DECXPS::STOBERTue Jun 05 1990Rotisserie,All quite in the Dugout!!
198.01FREE::GOGUENThu Jun 07 1990Rotisserie League Expansion???
199.02FREE::GOGUENThu Jul 05 1990199
200.02ASABET::KNIPSTEINThu Jul 26 1990JAY HOWELL, MIA (at least in my paper)
201.08GOLF::KINGRThu Aug 23 1990Thank-you for the stats guys!!!
202.032995::GOGUENTue Sep 18 1990Different Rotisserie Standings
203.018FREE::GOGUENThu Oct 04 1990199
204.072--UnknownUser--Fri Oct 05 1990199
206.01MADMAG::NORRISTue Nov 13 1990World Series of DEC's Rot. Leagues
208.011--UnknownUser--Thu Dec 06 1990Position Eligibility 1991
209.06FREE::GOGUENTue Dec 11 1990Rotisserie League Stats Procedure
210.04TPSPT::MPHELPSFri Dec 14 1990199
211.012FREE::GOGUENFri Dec 14 1990Rotisserie Lunch #1 !!!
212.04DECXPS::STOBERTue Dec 18 1990New FFL Conference
213.01ARCHER::MENARDThu Jan 10 1991PtP League
214.06BELMNT::SCHWARTZFri Jan 11 1991Rotisserie illegal in Florida?
215.013FREE::GOGUENTue Jan 22 1991Quick & Easy DECfantasy League
217.081AUSTIN::RISTTue Feb 05 19911991 Player Inquiries
218.04MPO::MCFALLWed Mar 06 1991FREEZE_
219.020SHANE::PACIELLOThu Mar 14 19911991 Rotisserie Season Comments
220.031DECXPS::STOBERFri Mar 29 1991Dec Rotisserie Newsletter 91'
221.0295DECXPS::TMACDONALDThu Apr 04 19911991 MLB Transactions (Inquiry in note 142)
222.061GRANPA::RFAGLEYWed Apr 24 1991Novice Rotisserie questions
223.019BOSOX::STOBERTue Apr 30 1991UpperDEC Feedback Note
224.016BOSOX::STOBERMon May 06 1991UpperDEC issues
225.016WFOV11::ASHE_MTue May 21 1991just wondering
226.0AKOCOA::KNIPSTEINWed May 29 1991B.A.R.S. - The Ultimate Stat Book?
227.07HELIX::MAIEWSKIMon Jun 03 1991Batting Order / Lineups
228.06SALEM::KUPTONTue Jun 25 1991FFL_C Opening
229.02MPO::MCFALLFri Jul 26 1991Rotis stats problem
230.012HOT::SWONGERTue Jul 30 1991Free to good home
231.01ACESMK::FRANCUSWed Jul 31 1991MRL opening
232.0DASXPS::BRANNOCKThu Aug 01 19911991 Grand Slams!!!!
233.018FREE::GOGUENFri Aug 02 1991Runs Produced and Pitching Ratio
234.033GRANPA::RFAGLEYMon Sep 23 1991Best and worst of 1991 transactions
235.01TNPUBS::JONGThu Sep 26 1991Japanese baseball player question
236.01CSCOA1::TAYLOR_DFri Sep 27 1991STATS spelled backwards is STATS
237.01BROKE::LEETue Oct 01 1991Names of Comapanies that produce stats
238.05GRANPA::RFAGLEYMon Oct 07 1991player evaluation formula's
239.030CSLALL::TMACDONALDTue Oct 15 19911992 Rotis Openings
240.02FREE::GOGUENFri Oct 18 19911991 Final Stats (full blown)
241.07FREE::GOGUENTue Nov 05 1991Fall DECUS -- gotta hit a game
242.01--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 06 1992FFL Openings
243.020--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 14 1992Preparing for the 1992 season
244.04SHANE::PACIELLOMon Jan 20 19921992 Signup List
245.044CSLALL::TMACDONALDTue Feb 18 19921992 Inquiry note
246.027CSLALL::TMACDONALDTue Feb 18 1992MLB Transactions (Inquiries in note 245)
247.04SALISH::TUTAK_PETue Feb 18 1992Recommended Computer Game Simulations ?
248.0GUESS::CARRTue Mar 24 1992Fantasy Auctioneer Requested!
249.01STAR::MARISONWed Mar 25 1992Anyone interested in a Strat-O-Matic League?
250.02CARTUN::GYOUNGFri Apr 03 1992Statistics Program for LL
251.0111FREE::GOGUENTue Apr 07 19921992 AL Box Scores
252.099FREE::GOGUENTue Apr 07 19921992 NL Box Scores
253.0JARETH::BSEGALTue Apr 14 1992Baseball Newsletter: TWO ISSUES FREE
254.02GUIDUK::STANFILLThu Jun 18 1992Field Scheduling Software
255.04STRATA::POTENZAMon Mar 01 1993 1993 SIGN-UP LIST
256.04WAGON::WARDThu Jul 29 1993Cardinals in World Series? When?
257.05MR3MI2::CLAYWed Mar 02 1994Openings in simulation leagues
258.02CSC32::D_HARPERMon May 22 1995Where is everybody?