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Title:Australia and Things Australian
Notice:Introductions in note 177
Created:Mon Apr 18 1994
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:332
Total number of notes:5618
Number with bodies:75
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1.037WARABI::WAITESMon Apr 18 1994Welcome
2.030AUSSIE::BELLMon Apr 18 1994Australian Rules Football -- 1994
3.025BIGUN::JRSVM::BAKERMon Apr 18 1994The Rainbow Warrior
4.0109SNOCTue Apr 19 1994This Sporting Life
5.031BONKIN::BOYLEFri Apr 22 1994Australian Music
7.02SNOCThu Apr 28 1994Digital Preferred Hotels
8.039SNOCThu Apr 28 1994Australia - crappy P.C. country
9.04GIDDAY::BURTFri Apr 29 1994In the News....
10.012NOVA::SMITHISat Apr 30 1994Vegemite!
11.02SNOCFri May 06 1994System Messages
12.018--UnknownUser--Tue May 10 1994QANTAS the national airlines
13.092SNOCThu May 12 1994Immigration
14.09BONKIN::BOYLEFri May 13 1994Soccer World Cup 2
15.058SNOCMon May 16 1994The Rugby League Note
16.0554458::VELTMANTue May 17 1994Camper vacation
17.011GLADYS::CRAVENThu May 19 1994Kennett's Rambo's
18.040BONKIN::BOYLEThu May 19 1994Loony Liberal Losers
19.012GIDDAY::MORETTIWed May 25 1994Cannonball accident
20.04COMET::CAMERON_SFri May 27 1994No money, but want to travel
21.027SNOFS1::SETHIWed Jun 01 1994At what cost is freedom of speach in this conference
22.032SNOCThu Jun 02 1994The Myth of Male Power.
23.01MRPEN::JANOWSKIFri Jun 03 1994Aussie Baseball?
24.09BONKIN::BOYLEMon Jun 06 1994D-Day
25.011NETSV2::DRUHENMon Jun 06 1994Frogggies to visit OZ
26.02SNOCThu Jun 09 1994Centenary Commitee
27.033MYJAM::MYSELSat Jun 11 1994Possibly moving to Sydney..?..
28.01NAC::MOLLOYWed Jun 15 1994OZ newsgroups from the Q continuum
29.019KERNEL::MCKENZIEMWed Jun 15 1994What has happened to all the New Zealanders
30.018SNOCTue Jun 21 1994University Education.
31.014SNOCWed Jun 22 1994It's a funny thing...
32.032GIDDAY::JOYCEFri Jun 24 1994Another gem from our glorious leader...
33.07NAC::MOLLOYTue Jun 28 1994US ATM cards in OZ
34.01LEMAN::SCHUTTETue Jun 28 1994PC - Purchase - Melbourne
35.0GIDDAY::ZEYThu Jun 30 1994ticket to Darwin 4-sale
36.040SNOCTue Jul 05 1994OZ TV
37.02GIDDAY::JOYCEWed Jul 06 1994Tax Rules (ok?)
38.019REDDWF::GIFFORDFri Jul 08 1994Australia's health system sucks!
39.09WAYOUT::LOATMon Jul 11 1994Can any name this singer/comedian?
40.03OZROCK::MERRETTTue Jul 12 1994Skiing NZ
41.05WOTVAX::64Thu Jul 14 1994World Wide Web in OZ???
42.05TKOVZZ::KANNAMIFri Jul 15 1994Question from a visitor in OZ
43.0BONKIN::BOYLEWed Jul 20 1994Australian ClipArt
44.07BONKIN::BOYLEWed Jul 20 1994Cheap Aussie holidays
45.02SNOCThu Jul 21 1994New additions
46.0RTOIC::PSWOBODAFri Jul 22 1994Aussie job help needed please!
47.013KERNEL::HANNANSFri Jul 22 1994Working Permits
48.06AUSSIE::PENNYMon Jul 25 1994Binoculars - which, where, how much, etc.
49.015SNOCTue Jul 26 1994Fem rave on Auntie.
50.02SNOCMon Aug 01 1994To be defamed, or not to be defamed ..
51.060GLADYS::CRAVENTue Aug 02 1994Too many cars in Sydney
52.020--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 03 1994What did the non-Pommie migrant contribute to Oz ?
53.04--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 03 1994Social Justice issues in Australia
54.026GLADYS::LEUNGThu Aug 04 1994DO GOODers!
55.033SNOCTue Aug 09 1994East Timor and the High Court.
56.09GLADYS::CRAVENTue Aug 09 1994Indian Hemp
57.09BLOFLY::SMITHPWed Aug 10 1994Recent changes to the Digital car policy sucks !
58.017SERENE::MWALLAFri Aug 12 1994Travelling to New Zealand over Xmas
59.0AUSSIE::BELLFri Aug 12 1994*Meeting to debate Net plan*
60.016MROA::HERMANMon Aug 15 1994S/W contracting in NZ
61.010SNOCMon Aug 15 1994Frill-Necked Lizard
62.017SNOCMon Aug 15 1994RJ Hawke.
63.016BONKIN::BOYLEWed Aug 17 1994The Stupidity of a foreign Head of State
64.014SDTPMM::AXELWed Aug 17 1994I'm finally going to Australia!! YEAH!!!
65.070--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 17 1994History of the Australian flag
66.03SNOCThu Aug 18 1994Bledisloe Cup
67.033GIDDAY::JOYCEWed Aug 24 1994Whinging POMs
68.022--UnknownUser--Mon Aug 29 1994Great Australians
69.06GIDDAY::JOYCETue Aug 30 1994CamCorders
70.012GLADYS::CRAVENTue Aug 30 1994Gays up against the wall in Tassie
71.05BNKSIA::DEGROOTThu Sep 01 1994Australia - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
72.02HOWICK::VETTEThu Sep 01 1994That's it, I'm leaving - again :-)
73.01525Wed Sep 07 1994Shot politician?
74.02AUSSIE::TONGFri Sep 09 1994Online discussion by using IRC
75.052GIDDAY::BURTTue Sep 13 1994Icons
76.011SNOCWed Sep 14 1994Culturally Diverse Soceity.
77.0285BNKSIA::DEGROOTThu Sep 22 1994News for ex-pats...
78.016GIDDAY::BURTTue Sep 27 1994Goodbye Possums
79.03--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 28 1994A stirring note for those who want to bad mouth Oz
80.04GLADYS::ATKINSONWed Sep 28 1994The note for those who want to bad mouth Sunil
81.04SIOG::C_BRENNANWed Sep 28 1994Free Beer in OZ.
82.03SIOG::C_BRENNANThu Sep 29 1994Irish & Paddies Welcome
83.0182ARRODS::SMITHAMon Oct 03 1994Practical advice for migrants
84.053SNOCWed Oct 05 1994Racial Vilification.
85.08RCOCER::EDWARDSFri Oct 07 1994fires near Sydney?
86.067BONKIN::meopc41.pc.meo.dec.com::boyleFri Oct 07 1994Republic discussion
87.02TROOA::TRP1Sat Oct 08 1994Cannuck needs address help
88.037--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 13 1994Smile!
89.02WARABI::ZORBASTue Oct 18 1994Arts Funds - Believe it or else!
90.016LRC2::RUSSELMon Oct 24 1994Another "Mad Scottish Git" on his way...
91.011ZPACM2::DANIEL_HWed Oct 26 1994Where is Ryde ?
92.0249888::SCHERRERFri Oct 28 1994Vacation around Merimbula?
93.081QCAVSun Oct 30 1994Advice Required
94.013ULOWEL::JOYTue Nov 01 1994Jellyfish?
95.07SNLVTue Nov 01 1994Work in Singapore?
96.011MSBCS::BHANDARKARThu Nov 03 1994Weather
97.014WARABI::WAITESFri Nov 04 1994New Conference
98.016SNOCMon Nov 07 1994Farewell
99.06GIDDAY::GILLINGSTue Nov 08 1994Positions vacant in Oz! The recession is over ?! :-)
100.092SNOCWed Nov 09 1994Telling Lies for God.
101.04--UnknownUser--Wed Nov 09 1994Jobs
102.01AUSSIE::BELLThu Nov 17 1994Australian Football League (AFL) - 1995
103.017STAR::YURYANSat Nov 19 1994Animals - dog advice needed
104.012SNOFS1::63829::FStocklMon Nov 21 1994questions, questions
105.03TINCUP::LEWISTue Nov 22 1994how much for 3.5 in disks in Australia?
106.0103--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 22 1994Racial bias in Australia government reports
107.03TINCUP::LEWISWed Nov 23 1994Need help finding an old friend
108.01GIDDAY::CHEUNGWed Nov 23 1994Where's David Kang?
109.03AUSSIE::WHORLOWMon Nov 28 1994Billy Joel Anyone
110.01NOVA::SMITHIWed Nov 30 1994Smithy Says Bye
111.02WOTVAX::HIGHAMJMon Dec 05 1994Rocky Road
112.09GLADYS::CRAVENThu Dec 08 1994Woodchipping
113.017BLOFLY::SMITHPThu Dec 08 1994Movies from Australia and New Zealand
114.024--UnknownUser--Wed Dec 14 1994An Australian Christmas experience
115.026GLADYS::CRAVENFri Dec 16 1994Sydney Airport Blockade
116.018GLADYS::CRAVENTue Dec 20 1994Skase and the Media
117.09WARABI::ZORBASThu Dec 22 1994And now for the Weather...
118.05LARVAE::DRSD26::HUGILLThu Dec 22 1994Christmas greetings
119.015CSOA1::BRESFri Dec 23 1994Need some answers'bout travel
120.0BEJVC::SUSANCHENFri Dec 23 1994Any chance of working in New Zealand?
121.03ZPACM2::HENDRAFri Dec 23 1994Univ.of Adelaide
122.04BPSOF::NEWBERGMon Dec 26 1994Looking for leather bush hats...
124.03OZROCK::HUNTJWed Dec 28 1994How do we part this man from his money?
125.03HERON::NANNIK::Robb_GTue Jan 03 1995Swimming Pools
126.029GLADYS::CRAVENTue Jan 03 1995Frog Adrift in the Ocean
127.023--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 03 1995Boat people, the media hype, Anti-Asian sentiments
128.010BONKIN::BOYLETue Jan 03 1995Something is rotten in the state of the 3rd test
129.04SNOCWed Jan 04 1995What treaty was last Thursday?
130.01GIDDAY::BURTWed Jan 04 1995Movies as Life
131.010BONKIN::BOYLEThu Jan 05 1995Tim Fisher and the Queer Club
132.09ULOWEL::JOYSat Jan 07 1995Dolphins/Monkey Mia?
133.03SNOCMon Jan 16 1995VP or VJ day?
134.032AUSSIE::WHORLOWTue Jan 17 1995US-Indian Emporia?
135.022--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 17 1995Bloody bank charges, tax's and more
136.011DNEAST::BLANCHARD_THTue Jan 17 1995Mainiac
137.012GIDDAY::JOYCEWed Jan 18 1995Can Sydney afford the Pope?
138.015REDDWF::GIFFORDWed Jan 18 1995George Orwell anyone?
139.0WARABI::WAITESFri Feb 03 1995Under Old Management
140.0BONKIN::BOYLEMon Feb 06 1995Welcome back everyone
141.0+67GLADYS::CRAVENMon Feb 06 1995The Proposed Super League
142.016BONKIN::BOYLEMon Feb 06 1995Australian WWW web sites
143.05--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 06 1995Mr. Howard for PM ?
144.02MSAMWed Feb 08 1995Monash Med. Center Address ?
145.03LARVAE::DRSD26::HUGILLMon Feb 13 1995Can the wagon be fixed...?
146.021WARABI::ZORBASTue Feb 14 1995NSW State Election '95
147.0323285::TONNYWed Feb 15 1995PERTH-MELBOURNE
148.05OSOEIC::N_TAKAHASHIFri Feb 17 1995Seaching for Volunteer
149.010--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 20 1995AIDS prevention in Australia is world class
150.012LARVAE::DRSD26::HUGILLMon Feb 20 1995Lost Mate Somewhere in Brizzie
151.029KOALA::HAMNQVISTTue Feb 21 1995Electrical appliances and hemispheres
152.017--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 21 1995Native health care is below 3rd world standards
153.0AKOCOA::DOUGANThu Feb 23 1995Computer game industry in Oz?
154.02YUPPY::ANDERSONRSat Feb 25 1995Car Hire in Western Australia
155.044BONKIN::BOYLEWed Mar 01 1995Cricket on TV - Who knows who shows?
156.02ZIGLAR::KMAYESTue Mar 07 1995Gregg Hansford - RIP
157.04WARABI::ZORBASFri Mar 10 1995Minister Madness - Keatings Kurse
158.01EEMELI::KOKKOFri Mar 24 1995E-mail address for author Ian Oliver
159.015--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 28 1995Rise of the Neo-Nazi's in Australia
160.06BNKSIA::DEGROOTWed Mar 29 1995Sheffield Shield - 1995
161.02BRUMMY::JOHNSTONWed Mar 29 1995NZ Inquiry
162.01--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 06 1995Superleague
164.07UBOHUB::SIMPSON_JFri Apr 14 1995Money Questions
165.033--UnknownUser--Mon Apr 17 1995The Royals in Canberra and the lack of freedom of expression
166.05ODIXIE::CONNELLJThu Apr 20 1995Apartment for rent during the 1996 Summer Olympics
167.039GIDDAY::BURTThu Apr 20 1995A toast,
168.027MOMETB::CUSSELLThu Apr 20 1995Oz Grand Prix Melb '96
169.08SPOOK::ORMEFri Apr 21 1995OS too long?...
170.013GIDDAY::BURTMon Apr 24 1995ANZAC day trivia
171.069GLADYS::CRAVENThu Apr 27 1995Warning,we are being swamped
172.0CHIEFY::ALEUC8Fri May 05 1995Fair Game
173.04BONKIN::BOYLEMon May 08 1995Chain Mail/Where is cit.gu.edu.au ?
174.04MSOTIS::BURTFri May 12 1995Fluff Note
175.04ULOWEL::JOYSat May 13 1995DECUS OZ this year?
176.012BONKIN::BOYLEMon May 15 1995KIWI Americas Cup Win.
177.059GIDDAY::BURTTue May 16 1995Introductions
178.04POLAR::KMCINTYREWed May 17 1995Australian MBA Programs??
179.046SNOFS2::ROBERTSONMon May 29 1995things that make you go Hmmmm......
181.020BONKIN::BOYLEMon Jun 05 1995Goodbye
182.028BPSOF::GYONGYOSITue Jun 06 1995Tolerance (?) in OZ
183.019AYOV29::GRUSSELLTue Jun 06 1995GIDDAY!
184.011SNOFS1::STOCKLFri Jun 09 1995Home Loans
185.010--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 13 1995
186.07AYOV29::GRUSSELLWed Jun 14 1995A strange thing happened on the way to bondi...
187.03USCTR1::HUNTERWed Jun 14 1995Keith Winfield - RIP
188.011--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 14 1995Aussie Soap
189.011BOSTNU::PORTERWed Jun 14 1995Need book information.
190.09--UnknownUser--Thu Jun 15 1995Eddy Mabo R.I.P or will they let him ?
191.02SNOFS1::DAVISMFri Jun 16 1995Internet Security from Digital
192.04--UnknownUser--Sun Jun 18 1995The good doctor and the AMA
193.0252--UnknownUser--Mon Jun 19 1995French tests and the Uranium boomerang
194.02GLADYS::CRAVENWed Jun 21 1995Kim Beazley
195.014SNOFS1::DAVISMWed Jun 21 1995Skiing in Australia
196.023GIDDAY::SETHIWed Jun 21 1995More notes being deleted
197.01GLADYS::CRAVENWed Jun 21 1995The Socceroos
198.04REDDWF::OZAXP::giffordThu Jun 22 1995Dialing US 1-8
199.02SHIPS::BUCZMA_GFri Jun 23 1995Short term jobs still around?
200.03GIDDAY::JOYCEMon Jun 26 1995Sydney PC Hardware Retailer?
201.08WARABI::ZORBASMon Jun 26 1995A new home for OZ
202.040GIDDAY::SETHIMon Jul 03 1995Reconciliation at work in Australia
203.010SNOFS2::WICKHAMPAULTue Jul 04 1995Sydney's Olympic nightmare??
204.025GIDDAY::SETHITue Jul 04 1995Bloody taxes and more bloody taxes
205.08SEDOAS::ROBINSON_VWed Jul 05 1995Where are the Digital offices in Sydney??
206.01MUDGEE::ZORBASThu Jul 13 1995On the move...
207.05SASSX::BERMANFri Jul 21 1995Papua New Guinea
208.07WMOENG::CONTRACTOR7Sat Jul 22 1995Coogi Australia -- who are they ?
209.01IPNG::CARSONFri Jul 28 1995Upcoming Visit (Darwin Kakadu)
210.02UBOHUB::SIMPSON_JWed Aug 02 1995Ohh you lucky people
211.03MSAMWed Aug 02 1995Digital+TowerTech --> ASX
212.02GIDDAY::SETHISun Aug 06 1995Foreign Minister Mr. Evans his views on the Balkan war
213.0CCAD35::NEVILLEMon Aug 07 1995Access to MEO Usenet server?
214.036GIDDAY::MORETTIFri Aug 11 1995Seen the Bikini Atoll "Bravo" test on Aunty?
215.010MUDGEE::ZORBASMon Aug 14 1995NSW Coast information
216.03YUPPY::DAVEYAThu Aug 17 1995Tony Kelman-Smith
217.05SNOCFri Aug 18 1995TO the defense of flags...
218.09SNOFS1::STOCKLTue Aug 22 1995Street Rod anyone ?
219.011MUDGEE::ZORBASFri Aug 25 1995Windows '95 launch
220.025ADOVFri Aug 25 1995The Penny Easton Affair
221.029MUDGEE::ZORBASMon Aug 28 1995Rugby League Finals 1995
222.07GIDDAY::BURTWed Aug 30 1995Things that make you go VRROOOOOM
223.010DAIVC::DANIEL_HThu Aug 31 1995Car Rental for Digital Employee ?
224.08BBRDGE::LOVELLFri Sep 01 1995Australia-NZ Air Fares : COMPETITION!!
225.08GLADYS::CRAVENThu Sep 07 1995Cole Bludger
226.014VYGER::JFERGUSONFri Sep 08 1995What going on down under??
227.079AUSSIE::WHORLOWMon Sep 11 1995Australian detained without trial in India
228.09AUSSIE::GARSONSat Sep 16 1995Cricket 95/96
229.07GLADYS::CRAVENMon Sep 18 1995Richest Country on Earth - Official
230.060DPDMAI::EYSTERWed Sep 20 1995Guns in Oz
231.08AUSSIE::GARSONMon Sep 25 1995Books by Aussie authors
232.0114AUSSIE::GARSONWed Sep 27 1995Federal Election 95? 96?
233.074GLADYS::CRAVENFri Sep 29 1995I am a Goose
234.017AUSSIE::WHORLOWFri Sep 29 1995Immigration Information
235.03MSAMTue Oct 03 1995ROC references?
236.03AUSSIE::GARSONThu Oct 05 1995The Australian Constitution
237.031AUSSIE::WHORLOWThu Oct 05 1995UN Declaration of Human Rights
238.018AUSSIE::WHORLOWMon Oct 09 1995Which pools are better?
239.03GIDDAY::BURTThu Oct 12 1995flamin' Rupert Murdoch
240.010POOKY::OROURKETue Oct 17 1995Amusement / Theme Parks & roller coasters?
241.05SNOFS1::RUSSELLGARYThu Oct 19 1995Electronic Whiteboard Software?
242.04IOSG::CARLINThu Oct 19 1995King Taylor (Tailor?) fish
243.07SNOFS1::POOLEMon Oct 23 1995Cry Factor for HSC
244.018KILARA::ROBB_GMon Oct 23 1995First Time in Australia
245.013AUSSIE::TONGThu Oct 26 1995Novated Lease Plan
246.06BIGUN::KEOGHThu Oct 26 1995This is not my opinion!
247.022GLADYS::CRAVENMon Oct 30 1995The Queen
248.01AUSSIE::GARSONTue Oct 31 1995The Gun is at Your Head
249.04VEGMIT::LAXTONWed Nov 01 1995Scalextric wanted
250.06OZROCK::BARTLEYTue Nov 07 1995Mastering CD-ROMs locally
251.011POWDML::DOUGANThu Nov 09 1995Murdoch and other topics
252.016VYGER::CAMPBELLITue Nov 14 1995Info on Brisbane please
253.02HANDVA::HOMANSANGWed Nov 15 1995Ask for hotel info at Auckland, NZ.
254.012SNOFS1::STOCKLFri Nov 17 1995The CRA brawl
255.010GLADYS::CRAVENWed Nov 22 1995Shell in Nigeria
256.07GLADYS::CRAVENWed Nov 22 1995Hate Mongers on the Radio
257.052MUDGEE::ZORBASMon Nov 27 1995Drink Driving - making someone else pay
258.03SSAG::SNYDERThu Nov 30 1995Milperra?
259.013GIDDAY::GILLINGSThu Dec 07 1995Optus Vision streetscape beautification project
260.01GIDDAY::SETHIThu Dec 14 1995The Royal Commission on Police Corruption
261.04UTRTSC::HUISMANThu Dec 21 1995Telephone nr of a family member, please
262.05POWDML::DOUGANWed Jan 03 1996Kangaroo money
263.011GIDDAY::SETHIFri Jan 05 1996The Endeavour - a replica of Captain Cook's ship
264.07ELIS::CASSELLSFri Jan 05 1996Australians need visa for France?
266.028GIDDAY::SETHIMon Jan 08 1996Is compulsory voting a good thing ?
267.02GIDDAY::SETHITue Jan 09 1996Tertiary Entrance Ranking and HSC
268.06OSAVFri Jan 19 1996Honeymoon to Perth from Japan
269.07CHEFS::ELKINLThu Feb 22 1996Living in/around Sydney (horses)
270.03TROOA::BROOKSWed Feb 28 1996Perth job inquery
271.010MUDGEE::snod16dp2.sno.dec.com::zorbasFri Mar 08 1996Kelty should go!
272.012CHEFS::DRSD26::HUGILLTue Mar 19 1996Our Wonderful Game (League)
273.01AUSSIE::GARSONFri Mar 22 1996Conference on the move
274.06KERNEL::BATTENSat Mar 30 1996Honeymoon/Diving any info please
275.02AUSS::GARSONWed Apr 03 1996Alternative Parliamentary System (Duty)
276.02TAVIS::ERANTue Apr 09 1996Israel calling...
277.02MUDGEE::kalori.sno.dec.com::zorbasMon Apr 15 1996Buying PC software
278.016KETJE::STAESSat Apr 20 1996Account keeping fee at Commonwealth Bank
279.04AUSS::GARSONMon Apr 22 1996Oz media on the net
280.01RINGSS::WALESMon Apr 29 1996For Sale Note
281.03NETRIX::"khengheng@msavc.enet.dec.com"Tue Apr 30 1996What is AUSS decnet address
282.04REDDWF::ozaxp.sno.dec.com::GiffordThu May 09 1996Dr Who movie on TV in Australia
283.07VAXSPO::KOICHITue May 14 1996Looking for contact in Australia
284.01AUSS::GARSONTue May 21 1996Conference status
285.02AUSS::GARSONWed May 29 1996Network Thought Police
286.011SNOFS1::STOCKLMon Jun 03 1996About Burma (worth reading and looking at)
287.0POLAR::FITZMAURICEPThu Jun 13 1996Job Availability in New Zealand
288.07AUSS::GARSONFri Jun 28 1996Fast moving Premiers
289.0AUSS::GARSONWed Jul 03 1996Are states' rights dead?
290.05BIGUN::KEOGHThu Jul 11 1996Seems quieter...
291.05AUSS::GARSONWed Jul 17 1996Drugs in sport
292.012GIDDAY::SETHIThu Jul 18 1996G'bye to you all and good ......
293.025KERNEL::HOBBSATue Jul 30 1996Advice on Central Coast.
294.05KERNEL::HOBBSASat Aug 03 1996PC Prices: UK vs Australia.
295.06AUSS::GARSONMon Aug 05 1996Census 96
296.05TNPUBS::PAINTERWed Aug 07 1996Contracting in the US
297.0+12ADOVFri Aug 09 1996ORIX Tales
298.021CHEFS::DRSD26::HUGILLFri Aug 16 1996The Big Pineapple, and all that.....
299.0OZROCK::HUNTERMon Aug 19 1996Streeton Exhibition in Brisbane until 25th August
300.01SNOFS1::GEORGETue Aug 20 1996Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish...
301.09SNOFS1::CRAVENPAULTue Aug 20 1996The ABC is under attack
302.021SNOFS1::CRAVENPAULTue Aug 20 1996PNN - Parliamentary News Network
303.03JGODCL::CLEEUWTue Aug 20 1996MIA: Australian airman of 1944. Help requested.
304.038GIDDAY::CHEUNGThu Aug 22 1996The Budget
305.010SNOFS1::CRAVENPAULFri Aug 23 1996Hinchinbrooke Island
306.011KERNEL::HOBBSASat Sep 07 1996How to get a Tax Number ?
307.013MUDGEE::ZORBASThu Sep 12 1996MUST WATCH TV!
308.02KERNEL::HOBBSASat Sep 14 1996School->Uni transition.
310.012SNOFS1::PENNYSIMONThu Oct 03 1996Speed kills (your wallet)
311.0SNOFS1::PEACOCKKThu Oct 17 1996**Anthony Robbins tickets**
312.019SNOFS1::STOCKLMon Oct 28 1996The free speach debate
313.02GIDDAY::HOBBSTue Oct 29 1996ESPP in Australia ?
314.04MROA::SPICERTue Nov 05 1996Account Manager for Aspect ?
315.010SIOG::THORNTONSun Nov 10 1996Looking for Email address of a friend in NZ
316.03GIDDAY::HOBBSTue Nov 19 1996Agistment Required.
317.02GIDDAY::HOBBSTue Dec 03 1996Salesperson in Melbourne ?
318.02TKOV6Thu Dec 05 1996hello, Melbourne!
319.03OZROCK::HUNTERThu Dec 05 1996Electronic Shopping
320.08MUDGEE::ZORBASTue Jan 14 1997Lost at Sea
321.0 *+10MUDGEE::ZORBASWed Jan 29 1997Mobile Phones
322.0 *+9BIGUN::KEOGHMon Feb 03 1997Office spaced out
323.0 *+14GIDDAY::CAMERONMon Feb 24 1997Wanted: A GPS, Today
324.0 *+1SNOFS1::PENNYSIMONTue Apr 01 1997Accountant recommendations???
325.0 *SNOFS1::PENNYSIMONTue Apr 08 1997My kingdom for a bed...
326.0 *+8RINGSS::WALESWed Apr 09 1997Commonwealth NetBank
327.0 *+1MUDGEE::kalori::snofs1::ZorbasstuartTue Apr 29 1997Stealth Marketing makes it to TV
328.0 *+5ICS::CLELANDWed Apr 30 1997Aussie Notes?
329.0 *+2AUSS::BELLThu May 01 1997How do you buy a PC from DIGITAL Australia?
330.0 *AUSS::GARSONSun May 04 1997Optus Calling Card blurb?
331.0 *+5GIDDAY::HOBBSWed May 28 1997Selling Something Online.
332.0 *AUSS::BELLFri Jun 06 1997Bye