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Conference auss::decfax_vms

Title:DECfax Mail for OpenVMS
Created:Mon Nov 09 1992
Last Modified:Sun May 04 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:960
Total number of notes:4808
Number with bodies:14
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1.0AUSSIE::HAINSTue Nov 10 1992Introduction
2.0+7AUSSIE::HAINSTue Nov 10 1992Kit and Future Release Information
3.019AUSSIE::HAINSTue Nov 10 1992Support Hints and Information
4.020KOLFAX::WIEGLEBSat Nov 21 1992Kit, documentation, and installation issues
5.04AUSSIE::GARSONThu Feb 24 1994Related Conferences
6.09GYADOC::EICHEMon Nov 23 1992DDIF Images, Other FAX devices, API
7.05KBOMFG::MORODERTue Nov 24 1992DECfax cover page
8.03CADSYS::LEMONSWed Nov 25 1992FAX/MANAGER SHOW EVENT line length
9.02FLEX1::PATON_SThu Nov 26 1992Explanation of Event messages?
10.03CADSYS::LEMONSThu Nov 26 1992'Report posting' error
11.011WOTVAX::HATTOSFri Nov 27 1992DECNAM yet?
12.04STKAI1::JNORRBOMFri Nov 27 1992Problem with AM_SENDER and FAX/OPERATOR
13.06KORU::SCHRODERMon Nov 30 1992Trying to set the left margin - possible with CDA options?
14.0SNOCTue Dec 01 1992The Competition
15.08KBOMFG::MORODERWed Dec 02 1992from DCL,Cluster wide access ?
16.01FRAWed Dec 02 1992DECfax and german modems ?
18.044177::WALSHThu Dec 03 1992Dataplex modem -- USA -- when??????
19.011VLISThu Dec 03 1992Server problems.
20.010CADSYS::LEMONSThu Dec 03 1992Can't find a fax address for ALL-IN-1 MAIL that works
21.01CGOOA::NIXONThu Dec 03 1992DECfax for VMS and X.25(packet switching)
22.0142255::RICOThu Dec 03 1992connect Fax Modem directly to VAX asynch port?
23.020HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWThu Dec 03 1992Line busy ... but actually not.
24.02CGOOA::GERLITZTue Dec 08 1992DCL Interface Documentation??
25.010KAOTWed Dec 09 1992Conversion Impractical
26.05CGOOA::NIXONWed Dec 09 1992Sizing/Performance???
27.05ZPOVC::LCLEEWed Dec 09 1992Sending Not Authorize from DEC MAILworks
28.03ZPOVC::LCLEEThu Dec 10 1992Problem in Receiving Fax
29.011GVAThu Dec 10 1992European PAK?
30.09COPCLU::JOHNSENThu Dec 10 1992Motif license
31.01KAOOA::WEISSFri Dec 11 1992French characters supported?
32.02FLEX1::PATON_STue Dec 15 1992VMS 5.4 Compatibility
33.05COPCLU::FLEMMINGCTue Dec 15 1992How to get more information when using command procedures (/SUBMIT=xx.com) ??
34.01COPCLU::GREGTue Dec 15 1992How does conversion from MR work?
35.014COPCLU::FLEMMINGCTue Dec 15 1992How to integrate MS-Word from DEC MAILworks
36.03ZPOVC::SEOWHURNWed Dec 16 1992Fax through PW Mail to VMSmail to DECfax ?
37.010GVAThu Dec 17 1992Forwarding PostScript error
38.05ZGOVThu Dec 17 1992Install bug ???
39.08KNUT2::THIELThu Dec 17 1992Server device support/development ?
40.02GIDDAY::WANTue Dec 29 1992Non-delivery message to users other than the sender?
41.01LISTR::BURKEPWed Dec 30 1992Adding Convertors, documentation incomplete?
42.04LISTR::BURKEPWed Dec 30 1992Template for Teamlinks.
43.09STKAI1::JNORRBOMThu Dec 31 1992Connection-problem? (Murata)
44.04IJSAPL::BROUWER_DMon Jan 04 1993WPSplus TDE
45.05CSC32::D_SANFORDWed Jan 06 1993%RMS-F-DUP, duplicate key detected (DUP not set) on DECFAX send
46.01KAOTThu Jan 07 1993How to see what's in the output queue?
47.09MILPND::BACCARIThu Jan 07 1993Dataplex / tone dialing
48.0131113::WIEGLEBSat Jan 09 1993Batch file cleanup of log files
49.014HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWTue Jan 12 1993Problem in Faxing RTF attachment
50.01JGO::BEKKUMTue Jan 12 1993Installation failed MOTIF 1.
51.08AUSSIE::HAINSTue Jan 12 1993Digital logo for coverpage
52.012SUBURB::VEALESTue Jan 12 1993Number is invalid
53.07COPCLU::JOHNSENWed Jan 13 1993IOS: blank page
54.05COPCLU::JACOBSENThu Jan 14 1993PS from DEC MAILworks; customised converter shareable
55.011DAOVAX::DAONWS::HodgesThu Jan 14 1993Problem with Dispatcher
56.011KBOMFG::MORODERMon Jan 18 1993Fax, double size output
57.01SANFAN::BRENNAN_JIWed Jan 20 1993Technical selling info?
58.04CGOOA::GERLITZThu Jan 21 1993Configuration Assistance (fax routing)
59.01DNEAST::DSTAThu Jan 21 1993DECfax Mail and DECwindows Mail
60.01STKAI1::JNORRBOMFri Jan 22 1993Top margin?
61.023HERON::LYSAAFri Jan 22 1993Server not running
62.016ZIGLAR::SYSTEMSun Jan 24 1993Error on inbound conversion (IMG$SHRLIB T3.2)
63.02CALLAO::MICTue Jan 26 1993MicroVAX II not supported?
64.01TROOA::TYOUNGWed Jan 27 1993Cables for Dataplex ???
65.013SNOCWed Jan 27 1993Unsupported format(s): ANSI2
66.03MEOCThu Jan 28 1993'SEND ONLY' fax server?
67.01COPCLU::COPRUG::RUNEFri Jan 29 1993MR FETCHER not running
68.07KBOMFG::MORODERTue Feb 02 1993Authorising when sending via MRGATE
69.05HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWTue Feb 02 1993Problem forwarding incoming FAX
70.08LISTR::BURKEPTue Feb 02 1993Controlling disk space used by incoming faxes.
71.012HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWWed Feb 03 1993converting incoming fax to TIFF
72.02LSVAX::SALZMANNWed Feb 03 1993Keypak for conversion of Winword and Excel with DEC Mailworks
73.01WOTVAX::HATTOSWed Feb 03 1993RTF help required
74.01CGOOA::GERLITZThu Feb 04 1993Dataplex Tech. Info Required
76.010WOTVAX::HATTOSSat Feb 06 1993Fonts and things...
77.02TYSON::HUNGMon Feb 08 1993DFX server not running?
78.05TYSON::HUNGWed Feb 10 1993I/O error, time question and dfx$srv_setting.dat
79.02AUSSIE::HAINSWed Feb 10 1993Trouble sending to Fax answering machines
80.03LSVAX::SALZMANNThu Feb 11 1993Forcing BCC on FAXs going out (archiving)
81.03ZIGLAR::WILSONFri Feb 12 1993AM SENDER internal error %X
82.010WPORPC::COURTMANFri Feb 12 1993Queue priority?
83.03COPCLU::RUNEFri Feb 12 1993Sender Authorization Disabled is ignored
84.03STKAI1::JNORRBOMSun Feb 14 1993Presentation
85.016STKAI1::OJOHANSSONWed Feb 17 1993DDIF prints too small
86.09VMSNET::LAWYER_RWed Feb 17 1993Landscape format Faxes
87.09COPCLU::RUNEWed Feb 17 1993Can't control the TEXT format
88.04COPCLU::COPRUG::RUNEWed Feb 17 1993Hasler modem and font/bold settings
89.0ZPOVC::YORKSIEWWed Feb 17 1993EDI/4
90.01MSDOA::HYMESThu Feb 18 1993Need reference site (southeast US preferred)
91.05OSLACT::OLAVFThu Feb 18 1993FETCHER /SENDER Crash
92.01COPCLU::COPRUG::RUNEFri Feb 19 1993Solution to DECBODY7 problems
93.07OSLACT::OLAVFFri Feb 19 1993General DECfax questions /problems
94.03MRBEEN::WATTMon Feb 22 1993Fax/oper on PC using Excursion
95.06LEMAN::BLANCHARDMon Feb 22 1993configuring transmission mode
96.025ISIDRO::TORRECILLAMon Feb 22 1993Murata direct to VAX; doesn't start
97.06COLWed Feb 24 1993DECfax without User Agent ?
98.06WOTVAX::HATTOSWed Feb 24 1993Local DEC MAILworks username
99.07WOTVAX::HATTOSWed Feb 24 1993RTF conversion again...
100.09CORDON::IPSSG_CGThu Feb 25 1993Invalid Parameters Diag.
101.013FLEX7::PATON_SFri Feb 26 1993More on 'device I/O error'
102.06ISIDRO::SWASSOPSat Feb 27 1993How to get DN?; AM_SENDER won't start
103.03TENNIS::KAMSat Feb 27 1993Is a DS7
104.010OLONMS::SYSTEMSat Feb 27 1993ADD USER * * *, wishlist!
105.07OSLACT::JOSTEINSun Feb 28 1993Leftmost 3 characters lost
106.02COPCLU::COPRUG::RUNEMon Mar 01 1993%DDIS-E-FNT, invalid element syntax
107.01ISIDRO::COUTOTue Mar 02 1993Does sender authorization checking work?
108.08LATINA::MICTue Mar 02 1993DFX user can't view sixel forwarded faxes
109.02ZPOVC::LCLEETue Mar 02 1993WordPerfect V5.
110.03OSLACT::OLAVFTue Mar 02 1993Remote users, notification, profile info etc.
111.06MEOCTue Mar 02 1993DPX-Receive fails on PABX connected line
112.03VMSNET::LAWYER_RThu Mar 04 1993atdt okay?
113.05LISTR::BURKEPThu Mar 04 1993Optical Recognition Questions
114.03ZIGLAR::WILSONThu Mar 04 1993cc: Mail or Postmaster supported?
115.06WOTVAX::BIDDULPHMSat Mar 06 1993Programming Interface?
116.03TARUGO::LIDIATue Mar 09 1993Personal_name and fullname
117.01AUSSIE::HAINSTue Mar 09 1993Receive faxes from Ultrix/PCs without MR
118.014TROPPO::CLAIRETue Mar 09 1993Converter consumes CPU over Postscript file
119.01SIOG::ESBECKWed Mar 10 1993Other PC Mail products?
120.03KBOMFG::MORODERWed Mar 10 1993DFX$WORK cleaning?
121.05KBOMFG::MORODERWed Mar 10 1993DECfax & VMSmail
122.03OSLACT::HELGEThu Mar 11 1993Integrating Wordperfect
123.03TROPPO::CLAIREThu Mar 11 1993Wider SHOW EVENT display?
124.03COPCLU::COPLE4::GLARGAARDFri Mar 12 1993WPS-PLUS: right margin not correct
125.04AUSSIE::CHANWed Mar 17 1993DECfax Mail V1.1 Field Test
126.02HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWThu Mar 18 1993Config DFX to work with DEC MAILworks
127.01WOTVAX::BIDDULPHMThu Mar 18 1993Status Notification
128.03LEMAN::BLANCHARDFri Mar 19 1993Hasler connection and server init
129.03FLEX7::PATON_STue Mar 23 1993FAX not Received
130.02UTESThu Mar 25 1993Automatic conversion when using MR?
131.04PCPLOD::QUINLESSThu Mar 25 1993Text line exceeds 8
132.01GVASat Mar 27 1993Customisation of cover sheet; "empty include DDIF"
133.010HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWMon Mar 29 1993DIB image file didn't get thru DECfax
134.03SUBURB::VEALESMon Mar 29 1993Who supports DECfax then?
135.02VCOUTue Mar 30 1993US Robotics Data/FAX Modem
136.0AUSSIE::HAINSTue Mar 30 1993Murata hardware dip switches
137.01AUSSIE::CHANTue Mar 30 1993approved Class 2 fax modem in US and Canada
138.09STKAI1::JNORRBOMWed Mar 31 1993Sending from Ultrix via UMC - no notification
139.021FILTON::GILLEN_FWed Mar 31 1993DEC MAILworks templates for DECfax
140.013BBOCP::CLAIREWed Mar 31 1993Changing font for WPS docs from All-in-1
141.01JGO::BEKKUMThu Apr 01 1993reserved operand fault at PC=!XL, PSL=!XL
142.03MEDUSA::STEWARTThu Apr 01 1993FGATE query
143.01FLEX7::PATON_SFri Apr 02 1993Memory allocation error; Forward in DECwindows oper
144.04GIDDAY::LEHFri Apr 02 1993Receive prob: Bad response from fax device
145.05FXO::ROYSat Apr 03 1993PAK
146.01STKHLM::MELKER::andersson_lTue Apr 06 1993Control Block in clear text in fax
147.05LISTR::BURKEPTue Apr 06 1993OpenVMS Alpha AXP?
148.02FORTSC::ANDREOUTue Apr 06 1993Any further experience with Dataplex direct VAX Connection
149.05ATHINA::FENNYWed Apr 07 1993PC word processors
150.07UTESThu Apr 08 1993Connect Hasler FAX Modem directly to VAX?
152.09--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 13 1993Send prob: HostPS conversion error
153.01BRUMMY::NOTPC5::widdowsonFri Apr 16 1993What about PCX
154.04GVASat Apr 17 1993Murata server problem.
155.04OSLACT::JOSTEINTue Apr 20 1993error within fax device
156.01TARUGO::LIDIATue Apr 20 1993VICFAX problem fixed with DECFAX ?
157.01GIDDAY::LEHTue Apr 20 1993Outgoing faxes terminated immaturely
158.016HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWWed Apr 21 1993no notification of fax not being able to be sent
159.01MSAMWed Apr 21 1993decfax from unix mail ???
160.04FLEX7::PATON_SWed Apr 21 1993Moving disk
161.03TARUGO::LIDIASat Apr 24 1993DELETE command from FAX/MANAGER
162.01BIGUN::BAKERTue Apr 27 1993Sending multiple files & multiple formats
163.04STKAI1::JNORRBOMTue Apr 27 1993Top margin being cut
164.02SUBWAY::HERENDEENWed Apr 28 1993Rack Mount Modems
165.03CGOOA::GERLITZWed Apr 28 1993Fax solution positioning??
166.01JGO::BEKKUMWed Apr 28 1993Configuration questions
167.01STKAI1::JNORRBOMWed Apr 28 1993Mailbus Conversion Manager and DECfax in conjunction?
168.05ATHINA::FENNYWed Apr 28 1993Grouping of FAX lines
169.07COPCLU::RUNEThu Apr 29 1993How do I handle WPSPLUS documents ?
170.01JGO::BEKKUMThu Apr 29 1993ALL-IN-1 via MR authorisation problem
171.01ATHINA::FENNYThu Apr 29 1993Incoming FAX on a PC
172.01DARGLE::COUGHLANFri Apr 30 1993/notify failures from ALL-IN-1
173.03CGOOA::GERLITZFri Apr 30 1993Legal size text fax???
174.05SOFBAS::SHAPIROSun May 02 1993Wanting to implement FAX solution
175.08ARNIES::SIMSAWed May 05 1993Management Cost Of DECFax Installation ?
176.013TAMBUR::STADELMANNWed May 05 1993my server does not start!
177.01VMSNET::LAWYER_RThu May 06 1993Allin1 sixel message readable
178.06VLISFri May 07 1993Can I receive a FAX or what...!!!
179.02TALE::PILOUI::PITTETFri May 07 1993Local and remote delivery through Carriers
180.07SHIPS::SMITH_JFri May 07 1993More on Word and converters
181.03STKAI1::JNORRBOMFri May 07 1993Fax directlu from Word?
182.02STKAI1::JNORRBOMFri May 07 1993Can I save the senders fax-number on an incoming fax?
183.08GIZARD::WETZELSat May 08 1993Postscript convertion as well as other problems....
184.03MSAMMon May 10 1993ALL DDS users to use DECfax mail ?
185.01CGOOA::GERLITZTue May 11 1993Training Courses???
186.02CGOOA::GERLITZTue May 11 1993Configuration Assistance
187.05TROOA::PIGGOTWed May 12 1993Cluster-wide servers?
188.01SUBWAY::HERENDEENWed May 12 1993Setting a REPLY NUMBER on the cover page
189.03DARGLE::COUGHLANThu May 13 1993Error sending DN/NDN -stop messages on queue
190.0CSC32::D_SANFORDFri May 14 1993Does DECfax Mail support AT&T DataPort 14.4/Fax Modem?
191.04BIGRED::THOMPSONFri May 14 1993Help sending fax!
192.02COPCLU::RUNEFri May 14 1993AM_SENDER, DFX$SDRQUE.DAT gets currupt
193.0INVITE::ANGELOSat May 15 1993Message attached on Successful Delivery Notification
194.09LARVAE::COHEN_DTue May 18 1993Auto forward and conversion
195.07MASALA::CMACDONALDTue May 18 1993Merging FAX's
197.05LARVAE::COHEN_DThu May 20 1993Blank Page when using Word macro
198.03LARVAE::OLDNIC::COHEN_DFri May 21 1993MAILworks non-delivery with PAB address
199.06MQOSWS::F_AGHARABIFri May 21 1993DECFAX needs faxmodem (in Canada)
200.01HPOUSat May 22 1993Need DECFAX Pak.
201.03MRBEEN::WATTMon May 24 1993Viewing Multi Page Faxes on PCs
203.03OASS::HARRIS_RTue May 25 1993Unable to start the server - Dataplex modem
204.03ISIDRO::SWASSOPTue May 25 1993MR FETCHER shutdown:
205.02TARUGO::LIDIAWed May 26 1993Graphics from WORD or EXCEL
206.03PCOJCT::FRANZIWed May 26 1993OCR Support Planned?
207.02KBOMFG::MORODERWed May 26 1993Distribution list/file ?
208.02GIZARD::WETZELThu May 27 1993Sending faxes without converting....
209.01MASALA::CMACDONALDThu May 27 1993DECwrite V2.1 install does something to DECfax (CDA) !!!!!
210.01GIZARD::WETZELThu May 27 1993Can we do callable mail routines?...
211.03URSUS::RICKThu May 27 1993Support for Ricoh 32
212.03MASALA::CMACDONALDThu May 27 1993Converter: illegal record length in module
213.03KAOAFri May 28 1993A variety of questions
214.04EISYFI::ISLERSat May 29 1993DECFAX Mail with DEC MailWorks for DEC Windows on the same system?
215.07STKAI1::JNORRBOMTue Jun 01 1993MCS problem
217.05KAOAWed Jun 02 1993Does "FAX Network Gateway" exist?
218.06OSLACT::OLAVFThu Jun 03 1993Questions about WPS-PLUS , DECwrite and DECfax
219.04POBOX::ZEISLERFri Jun 04 1993FAX directly to ALL-IN-1
220.01GIZARD::WETZELFri Jun 04 19932 VAXes, 1 DPX....
221.03LISTR::BURKEPSat Jun 05 1993DFX has a problem with .PS file, setjobtimeout
222.01VMSNET::LAWYER_RSat Jun 05 1993Creating a logo
224.03GVAMon Jun 07 1993Wish list: operator note.
225.07FLEX7::PATON_SWed Jun 09 1993Formatter gives ACCVIO; can't RECOVER
227.01GVAWed Jun 09 1993Wish list: show distribution /sin= and show event /cont
228.06TROPPO::CLAIREWed Jun 09 1993V6.
229.01LISTR::BURKEPThu Jun 10 1993AM_SENDER start fails with JBC-E-NOPRIV
230.03GVAThu Jun 10 1993Problem in receiving with MURATA
231.03POBOX::ZEISLERFri Jun 11 1993Conversion error on send
232.01CGOOA::GERLITZFri Jun 11 1993SET HOST/DTE gives 'data set hangup'
233.03GVAMon Jun 14 1993Wish list: deferred delivery.
234.01GVAMon Jun 14 1993Wish list: save attributes for operator window
235.04LARVAE::OLDNIC::COHEN_DTue Jun 15 1993Can send .PS file via TeamLinks (stream format)
236.010WHELIN::MACAULAYTue Jun 15 1993Fax Modem <-> VAX Direct Connect
237.01SOLVIT::HAEFNERTue Jun 15 1993Support for other mail systems
238.01GVAWed Jun 16 1993Wish list: accounting number of pages.
239.06MQOSWS::MQOP47::a_courchesneWed Jun 16 1993Multiple-pages TIFF viewer
240.04TROOA::PIGGOTWed Jun 16 1993Invalid Parameters (again)
241.01KOLFAX::WIEGLEBWed Jun 16 1993Problem with DFX$ROOT after changing HSCs
242.01KBOMFG::HEFELEWed Jun 16 1993Error starting HSL server
243.010STKHLM::TENNANDERThu Jun 17 1993Converter doesn't start; licence problem?
244.01STKAI1::JNORRBOMFri Jun 18 1993Field test
245.03TRACTR::QUINNFri Jun 18 1993Send via MRGATE rejected - not authorised
246.03DNEAST::PCAFri Jun 18 1993Some components not starting; disk quota problem
247.02EMOPFri Jun 18 1993Handling high volumes; Routing notifications
248.05HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWTue Jun 22 1993WinWord Macro, same as TL or different ?
249.08AZUR::SIMSATue Jun 22 1993HASLER - HSL - France Modem Error during auto rx 1
250.02SUBURB::HARWOODJTue Jun 22 1993How many licences ?
251.01COPCLU::RUNETue Jun 22 1993Addressing more recipients
252.01CLARID::JOERG::JOERGWed Jun 23 1993FAx for electronicx services?
253.03GVAWed Jun 23 1993Is V1.1 MTS Certified ?
254.05BELFST::LYONSFri Jun 25 1993Problems With ALLIN1
255.01GVAFri Jun 25 1993Wish list: check forward addressee against a database
256.0AUSSIE::CHANFri Jun 25 1993HFU5
257.05UTRTSC::EDERVEENFri Jun 25 1993How to trace server comms?
258.06GIDDAY::LEHMon Jun 28 1993PS conversion impractical on outbound msg
259.02GVAMon Jun 28 1993DECfax: internal use proposal
260.08QCAADC::GSRIDHARMon Jun 28 1993Dataplex settings OK ?
261.01EMOPTue Jun 29 1993ddif issues
262.0SNOCTue Jun 29 1993ERRATA: June 28 Sales Update article
263.06TRIGG::VOGELWed Jun 30 1993Answers for RFP
264.01EMOPWed Jun 30 1993Include images in text bodyparts?
265.02HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWWed Jun 30 1993Setting margins ?
266.0MSDOA::HYMESThu Jul 01 1993Feedback on DECfax experiences please!
267.0NQOPS::MALINThu Jul 01 1993Spare Dataplex Modems?
268.03HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWThu Jul 01 1993using Keypak converter with DECfax, how ?
269.01HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWThu Jul 01 1993font size and attributes
270.03MASALA::CMACDONALDThu Jul 01 1993Included image rejected after upgrade to V1.1
271.07IJSAPL::BROUWER_DFri Jul 02 1993DCL 'API'; Hasler problems
272.0JVAX::JOHNSONSat Jul 03 1993US FCC Legal requirements for FAX
273.03GIDDAY::LEHMon Jul 05 1993MR_SENDER disappearing intermittently (
274.04HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWMon Jul 05 1993Questions on CGM file and Landscape orientation
275.010UTRTSC::KLEINTue Jul 06 1993No notifications if SET FORWARD via local MRGATE
276.05SHAWB2::MORGALLAWed Jul 07 1993DEC MAILworks local, WordPerfect and user converter
277.04HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWWed Jul 07 1993Putting subject in DN/NDN, possible?
278.09HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWWed Jul 07 1993DEC MAILworks T1.2?; force text to DDIF?
279.08OSLACT::BJARNEC_PThu Jul 08 1993PS file not detected - outputs voluminously
280.01HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWThu Jul 08 1993Customer Training ?
281.01MEOCThu Jul 08 1993Teamlinks can't view fax (DDIF image)
282.04ZPOVC::YORKSIEWThu Jul 08 1993Vetting of all outgoing faxes?
283.06UTRTSC::KLEINThu Jul 08 1993Very large volumes? 6
284.08UTRTSC::KLEINThu Jul 08 1993RED/BLACK lists and server settings
285.09HGOVC::SAMCHANFri Jul 09 1993Customising WPS-PLUS style
286.01HERON::LYSAAFri Jul 09 1993Ver. 1.1?
287.01HERON::LYSAAFri Jul 09 1993MRGATE bounce with text line > 8
288.07OASS::HARRIS_RSat Jul 10 1993MR FETCHER will not start - mailbox password problem
289.07KAOTSat Jul 10 1993Set PORT characteristic error, starting 1.1 Server
290.021HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWMon Jul 12 1993customizing postscript portion of covering sheet
291.03ISTWI1::DATCA::darugerMon Jul 12 1993ISO Latin 5 support
292.05VMSNET::LAWYER_RTue Jul 13 1993Exceeded byte count quota
293.05HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWTue Jul 13 1993Software prerequisites to support various formats
294.01HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWTue Jul 13 1993No authorization check for privileged account ?
295.02MRBEEN::WATTTue Jul 13 1993User specific faxcover not working !
296.01ZGOVTue Jul 13 1993Input convertor not found for WPS-PLUS document
297.02ISIDRO::TORRECILLATue Jul 13 1993DECfax Mail and Message Router V3.1?
298.02ZIGLAR::WILSONWed Jul 14 1993Does DECfax Mail work with VMS V5.2?
299.01MRBEEN::WATTWed Jul 14 1993Customise Teamlinks: auto fax specific documents
300.05EVOCDG::LUCOTTEThu Jul 15 1993Configure the page layout & include postscript
301.01GVAFri Jul 16 1993Wish list: more template codes for cover page.
302.05OASS::HARRIS_RFri Jul 16 1993Inputting authorisation number
303.02ULYSSE::CHOUKROUNFri Jul 16 1993PAK V1.1?
304.06CGOOA::VAOP13::pdonoghueMon Jul 19 1993How about US ROBOTICS modems?
305.01ISIDRO::TORRECILLAMon Jul 19 1993DFX$OUT: What are files used for?
306.09ISIDRO::TORRECILLAMon Jul 19 1993No delivery receipt although requested from ALL-IN-1
308.0DKAS::CHENGWed Jul 21 1993Gammafax manuals needed.
309.04GIDDAY::LEHWed Jul 21 1993Converter gives "Error opening file"
310.01BLKPUD::FARRINGTONRThu Jul 22 1993Licence requirements
311.04ZGOVThu Jul 22 1993Customise return address/transport?
312.07STKAI1::JNORRBOMFri Jul 23 1993Physical device name required in DFX$ROOT?
313.06WOTVAX::HATTOSFri Jul 23 1993Strange problem with Hasler to NEC (V1.1)
314.01TRIGG::VOGELSat Jul 24 1993NEEDED: Solutions not components
315.02HGOVC::SAMCHANMon Jul 26 1993Restricting international fax calls
316.01HGOVC::SAMCHANMon Jul 26 1993Customising landscape mode WPS-PLUS
317.09HGOVC::SAMCHANMon Jul 26 1993Notification time not match
318.01ZGOVWed Jul 28 1993Relating notification mail and fax message id
319.011WOTVAX::HATTOSWed Jul 28 1993Problem with authorisation
320.01KBOMFG::MORODERThu Jul 29 1993HSL V 3.3
321.09STKAI1::JNORRBOMThu Jul 29 1993RTF not converted accurately
322.014STKAI1::JNORRBOMThu Jul 29 1993WPS-PLUS in normal is 'blurry'
323.01GVAFri Jul 30 1993Startup can be broken by global symbols
324.04QUICKP::KEHOEFri Jul 30 1993Dataplex vs. Murata viability
325.01GVAFri Jul 30 1993Sending mess!
326.02WLW::FLMOON::BENSONSat Jul 31 1993Access code for different carriers
327.02WLW::FLMOON::BENSONSat Jul 31 1993Two servers, one fax/modem?
328.01HGOVC::SAMCHANSun Aug 01 1993WPS-PLUS wraps when 12pt Courier is used
329.01MRBEEN::WATTTue Aug 03 1993Forwarding in TIFF help plz ?
330.02SUBURB::PEGGVWed Aug 04 1993Accounting facility?
331.0AUSSIE::GARSONWed Aug 04 1993Node specific DFX$STARTUP and V1.
332.03ZGOVWed Aug 04 1993Murata: event log messages?
333.01SWETSC::AAMISEPPWed Aug 04 1993Dispatcher dies with "illegal string class"
334.04RT93::BYRNEThu Aug 05 1993cc:mail with RETIX gateway
335.017GIDDAY::BURTThu Aug 05 1993'bad response from fax device' (FHNG:43)
336.02GIDDAY::BURTThu Aug 05 1993DECfax Mail V1.
337.06GIZARD::WETZELSat Aug 07 1993DPX wont start; message number
338.02VMSNET::LAWYER_RSat Aug 07 1993Sending via MRGATE gets 'user not authorised'
339.02VMSNET::LAWYER_RTue Aug 10 1993declogo.img causes failure with v1.1
340.03UTRTSC::KLEINWed Aug 11 1993TOPCALL driver ?
341.06DPDMAI::RITZCWed Aug 11 1993signature? baud?
342.03HGOVC::SAMCHANFri Aug 13 1993Invalid fax address sent from Unix system
343.03BRSSWS::BHP64::VerbraekenFri Aug 13 1993Error running DFX$SRV_HSL_MAIN.EXE ?
344.015COPCLU::RUNEFri Aug 13 1993NOTIFICATION problem
345.0HGOVFri Aug 13 1993V1.
346.05SNOCFri Aug 13 1993Converting to PS gives %SYSTEM-F-PRIVINSTALL, ...
347.02WELCLU::BISHOPPFri Aug 13 1993Hasler FAX (UK) going cheap(?).....
348.01DPDMAI::RITZCSat Aug 14 1993X.5
349.011ZPOVC::YORKSIEWTue Aug 17 1993Murata gives 'bad response from fax device'
350.06HGOVThu Aug 19 1993Customer Feedback
351.01POBOX::NELSON_DFri Aug 20 1993Keypak version?
352.01XCUSME::DELTOROFri Aug 20 1993Forward from NOTES infinite loop
353.01COPCLU::COPLE4::GLARGAARDFri Aug 20 1993V1.1 fails to install on DAS V2.
354.01HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWMon Aug 23 1993DFX$ROOT:[LLV_ENGLISH] does not work in coverpage filespec
355.01CTHP12::M_MORINTue Aug 24 1993SET CONFIG change is temporary
356.01ZPOVC::YORKSIEWTue Aug 24 1993works with DEC MAILworks T1.2?
357.02HGOVC::SAMCHANWed Aug 25 1993Message Router/ALL-IN-1 NDNs don't give actual error
358.01ITGATE::NETWORKWed Aug 25 1993Connect Hasler directly to VAX?
360.01QCAVThu Aug 26 1993FAXMAIL SERVICE
361.01COPCLU::COPLE4::GLARGAARDThu Aug 26 1993merge text into 'pre-printed' page with logo etc.?
362.01STKHLM::MELKER::andersson_lFri Aug 27 1993PS forms in WPS-PLUS?
363.01DPDMAI::RITZCTue Aug 31 1993Transmission rates?
364.07MRBEEN::WATTTue Aug 31 1993Forwarding to & printing in Teamlinks
365.04ISIDRO::TORRECILLATue Aug 31 1993Fax via VMSmail doesn't work; DFX Mailbox problem
366.05MRBEEN::WATTWed Sep 01 1993USER/NOCOVERPAGE not working?
367.05ISTWI1::ACARFri Sep 03 1993MRL: insufficient memory to handle message
368.01OSLACT::JOSTEINFri Sep 03 1993illegal record length (!UL.) in module !AC
369.05LEMAN::BAGNOUDSat Sep 04 1993Delivery notification in Teamlinks
370.02GIDDAY::BURTMon Sep 06 1993DN controlled by sending user agent in DECfax Mail V1.1
371.0AUSSIE::JAINMon Sep 06 1993DEC FaxServer V1.1 for RISC ULTRIX -- Field Test
372.06HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWTue Sep 07 1993MR FETCHER gives error code: %X
373.04STKAI1::JNORRBOMWed Sep 08 1993Possible to install without Motif?
374.05CTOAVX::KEHOEThu Sep 09 1993Dataplex quality issue?
375.06CARTUN::EJONESFri Sep 10 1993bad phone line OUTGOING ONLY?
376.01STKAI2::OLOFSSONSat Sep 11 1993Phone number for Hasler distributor needed
377.03BOSMAC::CHAFFEESat Sep 11 1993Faxing DDIF files
378.02ACTLAV::SYSTEMSun Sep 12 1993PATHWORKS mail to DECfax using PS file via MRgate
379.011BACHUS::BHP64::VerbraekenTue Sep 14 1993Running, but 'Initializing' activity forever
380.03KBOMFG::MORODERWed Sep 15 1993Saving fax paper ?
381.02ZPOVC::YORKSIEWWed Sep 15 1993cable config from DPX to DFX
382.04SLICER::RODThu Sep 16 1993HostPS conversion error on attachment from TeamLinks
383.06MQOSWS::MQOP36::m_lemayThu Sep 16 1993Multi-Tech and MR_fetcher/sender Problem
384.01STKAI1::JNORRBOMFri Sep 17 1993Installation problem: XIE$SHRLIB
385.0STKAI1::JNORRBOMFri Sep 17 1993PAK, not found in Sweden...
386.05OSLACT::TORKILD_PMon Sep 20 1993Problems with <INCLUDE'ed image and EPS
387.02NEOVTue Sep 21 1993Hardware requirements for additional lines
388.04TENTO1::MCCAFFREYJTue Sep 21 1993Stuck converting....
389.01GVAWed Sep 22 1993Delete / erase?
390.02STKAI1::JNORRBOMWed Sep 22 1993Murata-problem once again
391.02STKAI1::JNORRBOMWed Sep 22 1993Plans for macro on the Macintosh?
392.02TROOA::PIGGOTWed Sep 22 1993Status of Dataplex in Canada
393.019TRCOA::TROTTIWed Sep 22 1993WordPerfect with ALL-IN-1
394.06STKAI1::JNORRBOMFri Sep 24 1993Problem with the Word for Windows Macro
395.01FLEX7::PATON_SFri Sep 24 1993ALL-IN-1 and file format
396.01OSLACT::TORKILD_PSun Sep 26 1993Fetcher stops/pointer to monitor procedure
397.09OSLACT::TORKILD_PSun Sep 26 1993Converter accvio sending WPS-PLUS attachment
398.0ZPOVC::YORKSIEWMon Sep 27 1993Viewing incoming fax within ALL-IN-1
399.05STKHLM::ANNEROTHMon Sep 27 1993Length string in the SEND/SUBJECT qualifier
400.03STKHLM::ANNEROTHMon Sep 27 1993Monitoring of connected Fax modems ?
401.03SNOCTue Sep 28 1993Send portrait with > 8
402.0MRBEEN::WATTTue Sep 28 1993DECfax & Keypak V3.
403.023Wed Sep 29 1993Create Logo in DECWRITE 2.1 ok?
404.05ZPOVC::YORKSIEWWed Sep 29 1993Horizontal positioning of included image on coverpage
405.07SHLSAM::BEANEThu Sep 30 1993Dataplex modem: bad response from fax device
406.02COLThu Sep 30 1993DECfax Mail support in Europe
407.01GIZARD::WETZELFri Oct 01 1993Can a distribution list be included on the cover page?
408.0WLW::DOUGHTYFri Oct 01 1993need solution help
409.013HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWWed Oct 06 1993AM Sender can't deliver notification to sender
410.05GIZARD::WETZELWed Oct 06 1993Page breaks with DDIF images
411.0LARVAE::COHEN_DWed Oct 06 1993Wish List : Logo positioning on Cover Sheet
412.05LARVAE::COHEN_DWed Oct 06 1993Wish List : Using ALL-IN-1 Customisation Managemment
413.01LARVAE::COHEN_DWed Oct 06 1993Wish List: Setting ACL for Murata direct connect
414.02LARVAE::COHEN_DWed Oct 06 1993DFX$LOGO - reduce in size
415.02LARVAE::COHEN_DWed Oct 06 1993Can Murata direct connect recieve incoming
416.01LARVAE::COHEN_DWed Oct 06 1993LOAD USER and comments
417.03STKAI1::KLOKER::jnorrbomThu Oct 07 1993RTF and missing bits
418.03ISTWI1::CAGPARThu Oct 07 1993coverpage option does'nt working properly
419.04DRAC::CHECAFri Oct 08 1993Formatter process does not start
420.04STKAI2::PSVENSSONSat Oct 09 1993Can't start the server (MRL)
421.01STKAI1::KLOKER::jnorrbomSat Oct 09 1993Problem with DFXMANAGER
422.02ZPOVC::YORKSIEWMon Oct 11 1993FAX card, FAX modem, difference!
423.02HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWMon Oct 11 1993Shutdown and Startup
424.01ZPOVC::YORKSIEWMon Oct 11 1993FAX SEND DCL symbol problem
425.02TENTO1::MCCAFFREYJWed Oct 13 1993Dialling prefix for 'outside' line
426.04HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWWed Oct 13 1993Effect of absence/presence of DECfax components
427.08HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWWed Oct 13 1993Server shutdown due to internal error
428.03SHIPS::SMITH_JWed Oct 13 1993HP Printer becomes black hole after FAX printed
429.07SHIPS::SMITH_JWed Oct 13 1993Settings file not being load into Hasler box
430.03TPOVC::CHARLESCHAOThu Oct 14 1993Coverpage missing Postscript image
431.01ISIDRO::NDIAZThu Oct 14 1993Problem with Murata
432.01TENTO1::MCCAFFREYJThu Oct 14 1993Problem sending WORD fax only within Teamlinks
433.01LAMOZ::VASICFri Oct 15 1993Winword macro location/Doc ?
434.03GIDDAY::LEHFri Oct 15 1993multiple coverpages for end-users
435.06OSLACT::TORKILD_PFri Oct 15 1993Formatter: reserved operand fault (ROPRAND)
436.03HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWTue Oct 19 1993DEC MAILworks behave differently
437.06DRAC::CHECATue Oct 19 1993Can't send DDIF through Hasler
438.03TPOVC::CHARLESCHAOWed Oct 20 1993How send to Auto-attendant ext.
439.010ULYSSE::ORSINIThu Oct 21 1993DDS lookup recipients causes problem in DECfax Mail
440.04OSLACT::TORKILD_PThu Oct 21 1993DEC MAILworks; Submission protocol error
441.03ZGOVThu Oct 21 1993Error sending DN/NDN for message
442.01TENTO1::MCCAFFREYJThu Oct 21 1993Winword macro changes default printer
443.01VMSNET::LAWYER_RSat Oct 23 1993include image in cover page too wide for A4
444.06ISTWI1::CAGPARTue Oct 26 1993DECfax Mail and Turkish characters
445.05COMICS::HALFACREETue Oct 26 1993Additional cover page tags?
446.04PHDVAX::JENKINSTue Oct 26 1993Other hardware and software needed?
447.02PIECES::63592::PCDEFAULTTue Oct 26 1993Viewing DECfax messages in Teamlinks?
448.03GIDDAY::LEHTue Oct 26 1993cluster wide server setup question
449.01WOTVAX::HATTOSTue Oct 26 1993Where is the supplemental kit?
450.03MEOCTue Oct 26 1993notification message requirement
451.08CROCKE::YUENThu Oct 28 1993DX format
452.04ZPOVC::CHINGYUEThu Oct 28 1993Access to User Profile by non-privilege user
453.01NOODMA::NOODME::knightlyFri Oct 29 1993LAN needs MRgate
455.01CARTUN::EJONESTue Nov 02 1993A1MAIL to FAX fails with 'NOT AUTHORIZED'
456.017GIDDAY::LEHTue Nov 02 1993Missing text on outbound fax
457.08DRAC::CHECAWed Nov 03 1993Problems with V1.1 and 8
458.03POKIE::DIFIOREWed Nov 03 1993PostScript Level II (outbound)?
459.02ZPOVC::SEOWHURNWed Nov 03 1993Practical Limit for number of fax addressees ??
460.05ZPOVC::SEOWHURNThu Nov 04 1993DECfax Mail on VMS Alpha (again) ?
461.02ZPOVC::SEOWHURNThu Nov 04 1993Title of doc that comes with DECfax needed !
462.01TRIGG::VOGELSat Nov 06 1993Operator/inbound notification ?
463.0CLO::MARESTue Nov 09 1993?Digital FAX modems/cards?
464.016AUSSIE::CHANTue Nov 09 1993DECfax Mail V1.2 Field Test
465.07KBOMFG::MORODERThu Nov 11 1993Device Error ???
466.010LARVAE::COHEN_DFri Nov 12 1993CVT fails - new logo causes > 8
467.06VMSNET::LAWYER_RFri Nov 12 1993%DFX-E-DFXMGRUIC and other DFX messages
468.05LARVAE::COHEN_DFri Nov 12 1993'PAPER MAIL' gets appended to ALL-IN-1 username
469.02NQOPS::MALINFri Nov 12 1993Authorization Failure via MRGATE
470.08COMICS::MISTRYTue Nov 16 1993Customise text conversion
471.016COMICS::MISTRYTue Nov 16 1993Output quality poor
472.01OSLACT::BJARNEC_PWed Nov 17 1993Server stopped due to Internal Error
473.01SAHQ::SWITTSWed Nov 17 1993Customising inbound fax processing; import to other system
474.09GIDDAY::LEHWed Nov 17 1993Formatter and size of logical name table
475.06GVAThu Nov 18 1993Wishlist: error messages and .
476.01CLO::MARESThu Nov 18 1993Shared fax/data modem with DECfax?
477.01NQOPS::MALINTue Nov 23 1993Don't want original message attached to DN/NDN
478.03HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWTue Nov 23 1993High failure rate when sending faxes to overseas
479.02ULYSSE::GUERRIERWed Nov 24 1993Can't receive with Murata (sends OK)
480.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Nov 25 1993WPS-PLUS support - to what extent?
481.0MRBEEN::WATTFri Nov 26 1993DECfax Mail, Mailbus4
482.03GIDDAY::LEHFri Nov 26 1993Device assign/SERVER INIT error 36 during server start
483.0MRBEEN::WATTFri Nov 26 1993AMI-PRO Integration
484.01GIDDAY::LEHMon Nov 29 1993explaining DECfax Mail server trace
485.02PAKORA::CMACDONALDTue Nov 30 1993Added some Haslers and my Murata gets moody ???
486.03MROA::KAMINSKYTue Nov 30 1993Starting DECfax as MR Component
487.02STKAI2::PSVENSSONThu Dec 02 1993Cover page questions
488.07BPSOF::LENARTThu Dec 02 1993What fax/modems are supported?
489.05OTOOA::PBALLFri Dec 03 1993PC viewer, once more...
490.01GIDDAY::COLEMANFri Dec 03 1993Including images on cover page?
491.0ZPOVC::YORKSIEWMon Dec 06 1993Number did not answer?
492.010GIDDAY::LEHMon Dec 06 1993Examining old log files
493.01KBOMFG::MORODERTue Dec 07 1993Hasler on DS5
494.03GIZARD::WETZELWed Dec 08 1993Output converter not found.....
495.07GIZARD::WETZELThu Dec 09 1993Problems faxing 132 col text....
496.012OSLACT::BJARNEC_PFri Dec 10 1993Problem receiving FAX from MIME system on SUN/Solaris
497.05TRIGG::VOGELFri Dec 10 1993Needed: an example of DECfax accounting log file
498.02CROCKE::YUENFri Dec 10 1993Included PS file has no bounding box information
499.01CTHP12::M_MORINTue Dec 14 1993ALL-IN-1 MTS system to MRGATE, landscape output
500.01DAOVAX::DAONWS::HODGESTue Dec 14 1993Teamlinks Macros and DECfax
501.04TPOVC::SYSTEMWed Dec 15 1993BoundingBox value set by ourself
502.04COMICS::MISTRYThu Dec 16 1993alias node
503.04MROA::KAMINSKYFri Dec 17 1993Setup Questions
504.02IJSAPL::BROUWER_DFri Dec 17 1993cover page down load error
505.01COPCLU::GREGSat Dec 18 1993Supported FAX devices in v1.2?
506.03GIDDAY::LEHWed Dec 22 1993Related problems caused by insufficient disk quota
507.05BBOCP::CLAIREWed Dec 22 1993Problem with old faxes not sending DN/NDN
508.01VMSNET::LAWYER_RFri Dec 24 1993Scanned images fax too light
510.08GIDDAY::WANWed Dec 29 1993Cannot send fax after V1.1 upgrade
511.03STKEIS::SVENSSONThu Dec 30 1993WPS-PLUS and 132 col.
512.02TARUGO::LIDIAMon Jan 03 1994Graphics from Wordperfect for Windows
513.03ZPOVC::CHINGYUETue Jan 04 1994restrict destination fax number?
514.02BLGWed Jan 05 1994Word for WIndows converters
515.01MARVA1::EBARONWed Jan 05 1994General DECfax questions
516.01UPROAR::PLATTPThu Jan 06 1994AT+ command set docs?
517.02COMICS::MISTRYThu Jan 06 1994VMSmail personal name
518.02TARUGO::LIDIAThu Jan 06 1994TABs in WordPerfect for Windows?
519.01VMSNET::P_BUNGARDSat Jan 08 1994DecWindows Disappear Viewing a Fax from FAXOPER> prompt
520.02MQOSWS::F_BOURGAULTSat Jan 08 1994wordperfect windows 6.
521.02QCAADC::GSRIDHARMon Jan 10 1994File Structure available ?
522.05OASS::HARRIS_RTue Jan 11 1994DFX$ACCOUNTING.DAT -Record Layout
523.01GIDDAY::LEHTue Jan 11 1994Distorted image on inbound fax
524.04PESCHE::MCGILLWed Jan 12 1994send problem v 1.2 (formatting)
525.03AUSSIE::CHANWed Jan 12 1994ZyXEL modems
526.01AUSSIE::CHANWed Jan 12 1994Multi-Tech modems
527.02WPOPTH::WADMWed Jan 12 1994Printing HP-PCL Format ?
528.01COMICS::MISTRYWed Jan 12 1994decwindows and decfax
529.01SIOG::P_HARRINGTONThu Jan 13 1994TTA2 port on 31
530.02PESCHE::MCGILLThu Jan 13 1994User defined cover page
531.04TARUGO::LIDIAFri Jan 14 1994Is possible restore deleted faxes?
532.01JGO::OUWERSLOOTFri Jan 14 1994MR_FETCHER working set
533.04TRIGG::VOGELSat Jan 15 1994Customer demo
534.023COMICS::MISTRYWed Jan 19 1994WordPerfect...which PostScript driver?
535.06GIDDAY::LEHThu Jan 20 1994fax mistakenly sent to MAILworks addressee
536.03OSLACT::TORKILD_PFri Jan 21 1994Error returning notification message
537.04OSLACT::TORKILD_PFri Jan 21 1994HostPS conversion error and some general feedback
538.01CACIQE::ROSARIOWSat Jan 22 1994DS7
539.02TROOA::PIGGOTSat Jan 22 1994CL2 vs DPX Drivers?
540.02THEBAY::GOODMANSat Jan 22 1994Sending combination text/sixel file?
541.01FRSDSC::MJOSBAECHERMon Jan 24 1994Support of MT1432-BG
542.03WARNUT::RICETue Jan 25 1994VICfax -> DECfax anyone ?
543.04BELFST::HARRINGTONTue Jan 25 1994Inbound distorted. Outbound OK.
544.01KERNEL::NAYLERMThu Jan 27 1994Windows PS Header (Freelance)
545.01CHUECA::THIERY::Victor E. GonzalezFri Jan 28 1994<ATT_HDR> code?
546.03TARUGO::LIDIAFri Jan 28 1994Forwarding fax in DDIF to Teamlinks
547.010GIDDAY::COLEMANFri Jan 28 1994Formatter running but doesn't process files.
548.01ZPOVC::CHINGYUEMon Jan 31 1994Authorisation of destination fax number?
549.01TARUGO::LIDIAMon Jan 31 1994HP Laserjet III and SIXEL format
550.04OTOU25::G_DONELYTue Feb 01 1994DECFAX Release 1.2 and CXY
551.01ROMEOS::ROCH_VIThu Feb 03 1994Error Parsing 'SYSTEM' during install
552.011COPCLU::COPLE4::GLARGAARDThu Feb 03 1994A1MAIL message never shows up on SHOW MESSAGE
553.05GIDDAY::LEHMon Feb 07 1994DECoffice connect cable used with Dataplex modem
554.01GIDDAY::LEHMon Feb 07 1994Using fax modem local to recipient
555.04MR4DEC::REICHTue Feb 08 1994CAD to HPGL to DECfax?
556.06OTOU25::G_DONELYWed Feb 09 1994Image too wide for A4 page
557.06CHUECA::VICTORThu Feb 10 1994Control which users send from which machine?
558.08COPCLU::COPLE4::GLARGAARDFri Feb 11 1994Tool: DECfax notification, customizable and all
559.03CTOAVX::DESENATue Feb 15 1994Macros for other than Microsoft Word for Windows?
560.015469Tue Feb 15 1994Decfax/Hasler sizing
561.025469Tue Feb 15 1994faxing HPGL files
562.04LOSPED::MCGHIEWed Feb 16 1994WordPerfect for VMS, what converter?
563.01MROA::KAMINSKYThu Feb 17 1994MR V3.3
564.013PESCHE::MCGILLThu Feb 17 1994coverpage info not filled in (user profile problem?)
565.03STKOFF::SPERSSONFri Feb 18 1994Problem upgrading V1.
566.01STKOFF::SPERSSONFri Feb 18 1994T1.2 kit?
567.01HGOVC::ALEXCHEUNGFri Feb 18 1994DPX: bad response from fax device
568.01GIDDAY::LEHMon Feb 21 1994Pagination prob. with manually faxed long document
569.015469Wed Feb 23 1994Novasoft/RE:format
570.019GIDDAY::BURTThu Feb 24 1994Incomplete faxes being received
572.0333266::SRINIVASANFri Feb 25 1994Receiving faxes/TIFF/OCR
573.01HTSC19::TONYLIUFri Feb 25 1994Class 2 modem support - what version?
574.01OSLACT::SIGURDA_PFri Feb 25 1994Incoming faxes with error 'ACCVIO' after conversion
575.04COPCLU::COPLE4::GLARGAARDFri Feb 25 1994Mail headers are removed from attachments
576.03COPCLU::COPLE4::GLARGAARDSat Feb 26 1994How to avoid blank pages (no cover letter)
577.023COMICS::MISTRYMon Feb 28 1994Problems with PostScript from MACdraw Pro
578.0124313::VOGELTue Mar 01 1994How are cover pages accessed?
579.01MSAMTue Mar 01 1994Murata F51 supported ? with FIP interface ?
580.02STKEIS::SVENSSONThu Mar 03 1994Multiple disable of NOTIFY
581.04MR4DEC::REICHThu Mar 03 1994EXTRA FINE resolution?
582.01TROPPO::BOUREE::WARDMon Mar 07 1994Macro for Microsoft Mail
583.02DRAC::DSMAILMon Mar 07 1994Poor quality, accented characters in NORMAL mode
584.03HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWWed Mar 09 1994support group 3/4 ?
585.02HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWWed Mar 09 1994sharing of phone line
586.04TROOA::PIGGOTFri Mar 11 1994Housekeeping for inbound faxes if autoprinting
587.04GIZARD::WETZELFri Mar 11 1994bad response from fax device/DPX/FHNG 56
588.05BIGTOY::LEFri Mar 11 1994Formatter process does not start - revisited
589.03ZPOVC::CHINGYUEFri Mar 11 1994PS image on coverpage, bounding box problems
590.06RISTRA::COMSUPSat Mar 12 1994bad response from fax device
591.04VMSNET::P_BUNGARDSat Mar 12 1994Illegal record length in module AC, after install DecWrite 2.1
592.01STKTRE::jnorrbomTue Mar 15 1994MS Word for Windows macro and focus
593.02HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWWed Mar 16 1994modem not responding with +FPTS in phase D
594.01PAPERS::MCINTOSHThu Mar 17 1994Postscript conversion problem
595.010BACHUS::DBCFri Mar 18 1994Modem not responding with +FDCS
596.01TROPPO::BOUREE::WARDTue Mar 22 1994DECfax on AXP
597.01MSAMWed Mar 23 1994help installing the FIP software on VAX ??
598.04MSAMWed Mar 23 1994murata to VAX - no go at set host/dte tta2 ???
599.02BPSOF::LENARTThu Mar 24 1994ISO Latin 2
600.02IJSAPL::BROUWER_DThu Mar 24 1994Throughput and Notifications
601.02ZPOVC::JONAHLIMFri Mar 25 1994Characters get truncated using Dataplex fax/modem
602.03JGO::VUGTFri Mar 25 1994assign user to send via specific server
603.02ANNECY::BESSEASSat Mar 26 1994Automatic NOTIFY from ALL-IN-1
604.02TRIGG::VOGELSat Mar 26 1994Update Note 2
605.01DRAC::DSMAILTue Mar 29 1994DEVICE ERROR CODES meaning
606.06PAPERS::MCINTOSHTue Mar 29 1994PS logo missing from cover page
607.04BPSOF::LENARTTue Mar 29 1994ZyXEL not receiving; EXQUOTA; MAXBUF incorrect
608.05MR1MI1::SWANEYTue Mar 29 1994Failed to transmit message after all attempts to send
609.016HTSC19::TONYLIUTue Mar 29 1994Left margin setup
610.02AEOENG::SYSTEMTue Mar 29 1994reply number wben users are not registered
611.01VMSNET::LAWYER_RWed Mar 30 1994DN not seen in teamlinks
612.04HTSC19::TONYLIUWed Mar 30 1994Error while generating DDIF image file
613.010BACHUS::VERBRAEKENWed Mar 30 1994Murata 'bad response from fax device'
614.04TROOA::PIGGOTThu Mar 31 1994outbound messages fail
615.08GIDDAY::BURTThu Mar 31 1994delivery notification fails and loops forever
616.01MSAMMon Apr 04 1994Teamlinks workflow; DEC MAILworks
617.0MSAMFri Apr 08 1994Comparsion Chart (DECfax vs PC based solution)
618.016TROOA::PIGGOTFri Apr 08 1994Problem with Inbound Faxes
619.04WHOSFri Apr 08 1994What problems may/will DPX modem encounter in this config?
620.09WHOSFri Apr 08 1994DEC MAILworks V1.2 notification problems
621.027GIDDAY::BURTFri Apr 08 1994message could not be faxed
622.03MSAMFri Apr 08 1994Word for Windows V6.
623.01HGODCS::FRANCISHUNGMon Apr 11 1994Message Id on cover page?; FAX/MAN/INTERFACE=WIMP?
624.02IJSAPL::BROUWER_DMon Apr 11 1994support for REPCO 2
625.05TROOA::PIGGOTWed Apr 13 1994Can't send to certain destinations
626.01MRBEEN::WATTWed Apr 13 1994MR V3.3 and DECfax Mail V1.2
627.03MRBEEN::WATTWed Apr 13 1994Deferred delivery via DEC MAILworks
628.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKFri Apr 15 1994Wordperfect problem
629.010TROOA::PIGGOTFri Apr 15 1994Bad formatted bitmaps in outgoing file
630.03TROOA::PIGGOTFri Apr 15 1994Multitech V1.11 Firmware Information Required
631.07SBPEXE::SMITHFri Apr 15 1994Fax from $MAIL works but not from callable MAIL...
632.014COMICS::HALFACREETue Apr 19 1994Murata F-75, bad response from fax device
634.01HTSC19::TONYLIUTue Apr 19 1994Request copy of DFX$ROOT:[LLV_ENGLISH]DEFSTYLE.DDIF
635.02SNATCH::EGGIMANNFri Apr 22 1994Converter ACCVIO when message includes MCS characters
636.01VMSNET::H_HEARNSFri Apr 22 1994What version of DECfax will run on VMS V6.
637.05HPOUFri Apr 22 1994AutoFAX vs DECfax Mail
638.05DPSWSat Apr 23 1994WILCO FAX --> DECfax Mail; form merging
639.01HGODCS::FRANCISHUNGMon Apr 25 1994Questions on Microsoft Word for Windows macro
640.01HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWMon Apr 25 1994error while generating the DDIF image file
641.02ISIDRO::MAMORENOTue Apr 26 1994FAX + OCR ?
642.07ANNECY::BESSEASTue Apr 26 1994reserved operand fault again
643.019HGODCS::FRANCISHUNGTue Apr 26 1994failure while receiving (DPX); Word doc problem
644.03VMSNET::P_BUNGARDWed Apr 27 1994TeamLinks & DEC MAILworks without Message Router
645.05GIDDAY::BURTWed Apr 27 1994Remote Message Router problem
646.09VMSNET::R_HARRISThu Apr 28 1994DECfax Mail supported on VMS V6.1?
647.04GIDDAY::JOYCEMon May 02 1994CDA Converter Library for WPS-PLUS
648.04ANNECY::BESSEASMon May 02 1994<SUBJECT> into the delivery mail notification
649.08VMSNET::R_HARRISWed May 04 1994WordPerfect macros?
650.05GIDDAY::BURTWed May 04 1994Distribution list problem
651.02TIMAMD::ANTONIOTINThu May 05 1994Keypak for WordPerfect to PostScript
652.03CLO::MARESFri May 06 1994OSF/1 support?
653.07BACHUS::COLLARTTue May 10 1994PRogramming guide for Murata f-55a ?
654.08JOBURG::METCALFTue May 10 1994ZyXEL, faxing works intermittently
655.02VMSNET::LAWYER_RThu May 12 1994dispatcher in com state
656.02GIDDAY::JOYCEMon May 16 1994Share a modem?
657.01STKTRE::jnorrbomMon May 16 1994DECfax Mail instead of printer
658.03HGOVC::FECSSTue May 17 1994Multiple files in a single command line ?
660.03USCTR1::EJONESWed May 18 1994%SYSTEM-F-PRIVINSTALL problem with postscript print
661.02VMSNET::R_HARRISWed May 18 1994FAX in batch mode?
662.08GIDDAY::BURTWed May 18 1994+FHNG: 56 for one recipient
663.05OASS::HARRIS_RWed May 18 1994Error opening dfx$config.dat
664.012ANNECY::BESSEASThu May 19 1994Confusing notification messages (ALL-IN-1 direct)
665.07PTOVAX::WILSONThu May 19 1994Who is the Product Manager?
666.03HGOVC::JAYANTKUMARThu May 19 1994Help faxing .PS files
667.06HGODCS::FRANCISHUNGThu May 19 1994forward incoming fax as compressed TIFF
668.037GIDDAY::BURTThu May 19 1994Problems with multi-page faxes
669.02STKOFF::SPERSSONThu May 19 1994Multi-tech and DEC Server 9
670.02SUBURB::VEALES::VEALESThu May 19 1994Faxes containing ASCII escape sequences
671.01HGODCS::FRANCISHUNGMon May 23 1994Chinese characters support?
672.04STKOFF::SPERSSONWed May 25 1994Runaway Dispatcher at SYSTARTUP
673.01VMSNET::C_ESTESThu May 26 1994MR_FETCHER dies (%X
674.021MARVA2::EBARONThu May 26 1994Faxing from Macintosh systems
675.01GIDDAY::JOYCEThu May 26 1994WPCORP conversion
676.01VMSNET::H_HEARNSSat May 28 1994Setup specification for Murata connect to VAX
677.07TRIGG::VOGELSat May 28 1994Size of DFX$ACCOUNTING log file?
678.01BPSOF::LENARTTue May 31 1994Faxing from Word for Windows via Pathworks Mail
679.03CROCKE::YUENTue May 31 1994upgrade from 1.1 to 1.2 = bad response from fax device
680.03ZPOAC3::LCLEEThu Jun 02 1994DECwindows Interface failed with %DFX-F-NODISP error
681.01BERNSat Jun 04 1994a1mail template question/problem
682.08GIDDAY::BURTMon Jun 06 1994DPX-225? specific servers for specific users?
683.04HTSC19::TONYLIUTue Jun 07 1994How to customise text font etc.
684.02BPSOF::LENARTThu Jun 09 1994server did not start....
685.06FSATRA::GULLBERGThu Jun 09 1994Corrupt receiving and no answer with MT1432BAI
686.05COMICS::HALFACREEThu Jun 09 1994Word for Windows V6 breaks macro
687.03VAXSPO::RP_SATOThu Jun 09 1994*.BMP,*.PCX,*.WFM supported ?
688.011GIZARD::WETZELFri Jun 10 1994Lots of problems sending faxes (dodgy lines)
689.03VMSNET::LAWYER_RSat Jun 11 1994Cleaner leaves FAILED and STOPPED messages
690.03GIDDAY::BURTTue Jun 14 1994HostPS conversion error - ZapfDingbats
691.01TRIGG::VOGELWed Jun 15 1994Vague delivery failure notifications
692.05GIDDAY::BURTThu Jun 16 1994Print problem on 51
693.01COPCLU::GLARGAARDFri Jun 17 1994Goodbye and thanks for all the fish
694.05GIDDAY::BURTFri Jun 17 1994Forwarding problems with various formats via DEC MAILworks
695.011WAYOUT::TALBOTFri Jun 17 1994Cover page down load error
696.02QCAADC::GSRIDHARMon Jun 20 1994Logo on all pages...?
697.09HLDETue Jun 21 1994Hasler - image comes out at double depth
698.05GIDDAY::BURTWed Jun 22 1994Server did not start
700.01TROOA::HMARKSThu Jun 23 1994How many decfax installs?
701.04ZPOVC::WENDYLAIThu Jun 23 1994Any other FAX SW that supports ALL-IN-1 IOS ?
702.07BPSOF::LENARTFri Jun 24 1994Faxing from Pathworks Mail
703.01WLW::DOUGHTYSat Jun 25 1994Config for review
705.01AUSSIE::GARSONMon Jun 27 1994What conversions does the Converter do?
706.03GIDDAY::JOYCEMon Jun 27 1994Use is not authorized on this node
707.03HAMSUP::BBURGERMon Jun 27 1994Error queueing XMIT I/O ???
708.02MUDIS3::JONESMon Jun 27 1994Extract field from Fax and paste into accounting?
709.03VMSNET::R_HARRISTue Jun 28 1994modem not responding with +FPTS in phase D
710.01VMSNET::P_BUNGARDTue Jun 28 1994Bolding doesn't work in a text file
711.04GIDDAY::BURTTue Jun 28 1994Problem sending DECwrite Tables
712.01STKETT::jnorrbomTue Jun 28 1994Excel; Fax printer queue; Stop own message
713.07QCAADC::GSRIDHARWed Jun 29 1994Dispatcher n/working with FAILED* status
714.08GIDDAY::JOYCEThu Jun 30 1994ALL-IN-1 "direct" with no header
715.01EVTAI1::MORVANThu Jun 30 1994Notification does not work since upgrade 1.2
716.03OPICKO::PICKOWICZFri Jul 01 1994Is DECfax Mail the correct solution for large group of PC
717.03WAYOUT::TALBOTMon Jul 04 1994Tabular text data > 8
718.08WOTVAX::DORANAThu Jul 07 1994Use DECfax DDIF -> SIXEL converter?
719.02JOBURG::PRICEThu Jul 07 1994ZyXEL again +FHNG:52, .EOP: FPTS not received
720.01VMSNET::P_BUNGARDFri Jul 08 1994FORWARDING TO SMTP$"user@host.com" FAILS
722.08TLAVSat Jul 09 1994LinkWorks->MRLNX->DECfax?
723.02GIDDAY::JOYCETue Jul 12 1994HostPS
724.02GRNBUS::MMITCHELLTue Jul 12 1994ALL-IN-1 usernames, and decfax usernames.
725.02WARABI::ZORBASThu Jul 14 1994Autoforwarding mail to DECfax problem
726.01DRAC::DSMAILThu Jul 14 1994File Down Load Error meaning?
727.01QCAADC::GSRIDHARMon Jul 18 1994Cannot recv fax but can send ...?
728.08UTRTSC::KLEINTue Jul 19 1994ALL-IN-1 V3 and PS files problem HostPS
729.017VMSNET::H_HEARNSThu Jul 21 1994Poor quality of faxes/Spurious blank pages sent
730.023VAXRIO::CONDESat Jul 23 1994Impractical Conversion (status
731.03VCOUThu Jul 28 1994HostPS conversion error (undefined font)
732.02STKAI1::MELKEThu Jul 28 1994PS A4 page gets formatted for US Letter
733.03COMICS::HALFACREEFri Jul 29 1994Prob with Multi-Tech...No server process
734.01LACVSat Jul 30 1994Fujitsu DEXNET fax modem - will they work ?
735.02VMSNET::R_HARRISMon Aug 01 1994Formatter will not start
736.015GIDDAY::JOYCEWed Aug 03 1994Include file in cover page not accessible
737.02QCAADC::GSRIDHARWed Aug 03 1994Included LOGO causes blank lines
738.02VMSNET::R_HARRISThu Aug 04 1994Forwarding a FAX - Fail to Post
739.02NQOPS::MALINFri Aug 05 1994POSTSCRIPT sending problem
740.08VMSNET::R_HARRISFri Aug 05 1994FAXing 132 cols from WPSPLUS
741.02ZPOVC::WENDYLAIMon Aug 08 1994Any hunting line support ?
742.07GIDDAY::JOYCEMon Aug 08 1994DECwindows operator and V6.
743.013VMSNET::R_HARRISWed Aug 10 1994line-related error during transmission
744.02FLEX7::PATON_SWed Aug 10 1994Editing Incoming faxes
745.04SWAM2::REMPLE_RUFri Aug 12 1994More Modem Control Questions
746.01HGODCS::FRANCISHUNGMon Aug 15 1994missing columns in the fax output.
747.05GIDDAY::BURTTue Aug 16 1994Bad formatted bitmaps (PS file from ALL-IN-1 direct)
748.01ISIDRO::TORRECILLATue Aug 16 1994data set hang-up
749.01GIDDAY::JOYCEThu Aug 18 1994No server - No delivery - No problem?
750.01SUOSWS::HARDTFri Aug 19 1994Application Interface ?
751.04CGOOA::PUTNAMTue Aug 23 1994Document Conversion problems
752.04OASS::HARRIS_RThu Aug 25 1994bad page reception response reported by modem
753.012IJSAPL::BROUWER_DTue Aug 30 1994Hasler text pages V1.2 performance query
754.06BPSOF::LENARTWed Aug 31 1994'Conversion Impractical' from ALL-IN-1
755.01ZPOVC::WENDYLAIMon Sep 05 1994Macro for MS-WOrd V6, any new macro ?
756.06STKEIS::SVENSSONTue Sep 06 1994Memory allocation error during convert
757.03HGOVC::SAMCHANThu Sep 08 1994Bad response (Dataplex)
758.04TLAVMon Sep 12 1994FAX/O gives 'FindDpy (one display per process): too many links'
759.04GIDDAY::JOYCEMon Sep 12 1994Adding RTF1, RTF2 and RTF6 formats
760.01PENSKE::SDATZMANWed Sep 14 1994DECmigrate to AXP
761.02ZPOVC::YORKSIEWWed Sep 14 1994first line busy automatic fail over to second line?
762.06VMSNET::P_BUNGARDSat Sep 17 1994Server dies with Multi-Tech MT1432 modem
763.09BPSOF::LENARTWed Sep 21 1994ZyXEL problems sending multipage faxes
764.01ESSB::GEAROIDWed Sep 21 1994Does DECfax 1.2 support the Murata F55. ???
765.06ZPOVC::YORKSIEWFri Sep 23 1994WPS-PLUS: input converter not found
766.012JOBURG::RYANWed Sep 28 1994ALL-IN-1 3.1, MR 3.3, MR_FETCHER dying
767.04VMSNET::P_BUNGARDThu Sep 29 1994ALL-IN-1 3.1 BREAKS DECFAX 1.2
768.02BPSOF::LENARTSat Oct 01 1994How to set left margin?
769.04OSLACT::TORKILD_PMon Oct 03 1994Converter access violates, DECfax 1.2
770.03VMSNET::LAWYER_RTue Oct 04 1994BAD Response From Fax Device DPX
771.081AUSSIE::GARSONWed Oct 05 1994Customer Registry
772.02ZPOVC::YORKSIEWThu Oct 06 1994License for additional line?
773.01ZPOVC::YORKSIEWThu Oct 06 19943 servers to one dataplex modem/line
774.03ZPOVC::CHIKLIAKFri Oct 07 1994Cover page/Header page questions
775.01NQOPS::MALINSat Oct 08 1994License Problems
776.05AUSSIE::CHATTERJEEMon Oct 10 1994line in coverpage exceeds 8
777.02ESSB::JKEANEWed Oct 12 1994Hasler...Blacklisted numbers ??????
778.03COPCLU::TORBENHWed Oct 12 1994Notification.
779.05NQOPS2::MALINThu Oct 13 1994Customers receiving multiple copies of faxes although sender gets failure message
780.03OTOOA::ROUFThu Oct 13 1994WordPerfect conversion for DECFAX
781.01VMSNET::M_NEVINSThu Oct 13 1994DECFAX on ALPHA and when will it be available
782.01ZPOVC::YORKSIEWFri Oct 14 1994Multiple DECfax mailbox?
783.01SALEM::GOODRICHFri Oct 21 1994Testing Complete on V1.2-94
784.02VMSNET::R_HARRISSat Oct 22 1994Importance is reversed
786.01MROA::VKANELAKOSThu Oct 27 1994Sharp FO-61
787.0AUSSIE::JAINThu Oct 27 1994DEC FaxServer For OSF/1
788.02VAXRIO::CONDEFri Oct 28 1994Suggestions for future releases
789.09NWDWed Nov 02 1994Dataplex modem failing after power fail
790.01DPDMAI::PUCKETTWed Nov 02 1994DECfax/TeamLinks Reference
791.01HGOCS::TONYLIUWed Nov 02 1994Cant send both mail & fax properly
792.01TLAWS3::CHAMRATThu Nov 03 1994MRGATE authorisation again
793.03CTHU22::M_MORINFri Nov 04 1994V1.1 -> V1.2 upgrade, DECfax not receiving.
794.0WHOSSat Nov 05 1994DEC Mailworks v1.2/DECfax Mail patch finally available!
795.02MXOVWed Nov 09 1994time estimate for implementing DECfax solution
796.06NQOPS::THIBODEAUThu Nov 10 1994Multiple faxs being send
797.02LISVAX::SEPULVEDATue Nov 15 1994Canon Fax support?
798.03ISIDRO::LOURDESTue Nov 15 1994Error sending DN/NDN
799.01VMSNET::P_BUNGARDSat Nov 19 1994Subject on NDN; hibernation in seconds; width > 132
800.02IJSAPL::BROUWER_DWed Nov 23 1994DEClaser 35
801.04VMSNET::P_BUNGARDThu Nov 24 1994Access code after dial string
802.02MEOCMon Nov 28 1994HostPS - 'conversion impractical' error for coverpage PS file
803.01HGOCS::TONYLIUThu Dec 01 1994Some DFXCLEANER questions
804.01VMSNET::P_BUNGARDFri Dec 02 1994paintbrush postscript file wont fax
805.01LISVAX::SEPULVEDATue Dec 06 1994ALL-IN-1 interface to DECfax Mail?
806.04BERNTue Dec 06 1994garbage faxed after upgrade T1.2->V1.2
807.03GIDDAY::JOYCETue Dec 06 1994Frequent QIOW-TIMEOUT from DPX and CL2 modem
808.04VMSNET::PCTRAL::lawyer_rWed Dec 07 1994NO Inbound fax received after upgrade to 1.2
809.04ZPOVC::YORKSIEWWed Dec 07 1994Ordering Dataplex modem?
810.03ZPOVC::YORKSIEWFri Dec 09 1994Upgrade V1.1 to V1.2 = Bad response from FAX devicce
811.01VMSNET::R_HARRISSat Dec 10 1994Duplicate of 799
812.01NQOPS::THIBODEAUSat Dec 10 1994Server doesn't start
813.02AUSSIE::GARSONSun Dec 11 1994DECfax Mail V1.3 Field Test
814.0TLAVTue Dec 13 1994modem not responding with +FPTS in phase D
815.02HGOCS::SIMONLAUThu Dec 15 1994What I need to know before install DECfax ?
816.01VAXRIO::CONDETue Dec 20 1994Word for Win/Teamlinks Problems
818.03NQOPS::MALINWed Dec 21 1994Cover Page Truncation
819.04ISIDRO::LOURDESSat Dec 24 1994Notification doesn't work
820.04TAVMon Dec 26 1994NOSEND_NOMATCH for user who IS registered ...
821.01ZPOVC::YORKSIEWTue Dec 27 1994Performance Guide for V1.2
822.0VMSNET::P_BUNGARDThu Dec 29 1994All windows disappear trying to read a fax
823.02STKAI1::SBERGQUISTThu Dec 29 1994DECnet OSI; DECwindows Motif
824.01ZPOVC::YORKSIEWThu Jan 05 1995ALL-IN-1 direct, notification is via VMSmail
825.03TROOA::MCMULLENSat Jan 07 1995Using DECfax with application programs
826.03PAPERS::MCINTOSHTue Jan 10 1995MR_SND: E, failed to post report
827.08TROOA::MCMULLENTue Jan 10 1995U.S. Robotics modem
828.09GVAFri Jan 13 1995Standardized fax form available through Integrated Repository?
830.06LISVAX::SEPULVEDATue Jan 17 1995PostScript file via TeamLInks mail
831.05COPCLU::RUNEWed Jan 18 1995Using PC for document conversion ?
832.06TROOA::BARTLETTThu Jan 19 1995DECfax , TeamLinks and WordPerfect for Windows (?)
833.01MEOCFri Jan 20 1995Does the Word Macro work with TeamLinks V2.1?
834.03ALFETA::MAURICIOThu Jan 26 1995How can user see FAX status?
835.0STKAI1::HAGBERG_PSat Jan 28 1995Supported modem
836.01TROOA::HMARKSSat Jan 28 1995Need AXP compatibility
837.01BERNMon Jan 30 1995flow control v1.2 ? CL2 rev 1.1
838.01ISIDRO::LOURDESTue Jan 31 1995Shared Murata & MR
839.01FLEX7::PATON_SWed Feb 01 1995Personal fax numbers?
840.01CSC32::K_GAMBLEWed Feb 01 1995Faxing without Motif or Operator?
841.03KERNEL::TALBOTFri Feb 03 1995Direct connect gives set PORT char. error
842.0WEOPSS::SYSTEMFri Feb 03 1995URGENTly need sendfax macro for Excel
843.01NEWOA::SMITHMRWed Feb 08 1995Size Limit?
844.0NQOPS::MALINFri Feb 10 1995Multi-Tech Modem Info/Recommendation Needed
845.01SNOCFri Feb 10 1995HostPS Conversion error
846.01KYOSS1::ERICKSENFri Feb 10 1995DECfax Mail & cluster alias
847.01ZPOVC::CHIKLIAKMon Feb 13 1995Resend all pages or only unsent pages?
848.010GIDDAY::BURTWed Feb 15 1995Incomplete faxes and re-sends
849.03ROMTSS::MATTACCHIONEThu Feb 16 1995CC:mail trace...
850.01LISVAX::SEPULVEDAFri Feb 17 1995DECfax Mail Application Programming Interface (API)?
851.01UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTFri Feb 17 1995Queue PostScript with FAX SEND/FILE?
852.0MSOTIS::LETue Feb 21 1995MR_FETCHER dies (%1
853.01VMSNET::P_BUNGARDThu Feb 23 1995HostPS conversion error
854.01DEBUG::GALLOFri Feb 24 1995V.34 modems and DECfax?
855.03VMSNET::R_HARRISSun Feb 26 1995Maximum modem write retry exceeded
856.01IJSAPL::BROUWER_DMon Mar 06 1995DECfax future ?
857.011UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTTue Mar 07 1995underlining gets lost ?
858.01STKHLM::SWEWed Mar 08 1995Sending to distr.lists from word macro
859.06JGO::VUGTThu Mar 09 1995no logical name match
860.0LISVAX::SEPULVEDAWed Mar 15 1995Murata fax dev. Hangs
861.02GIDDAY::JOYCEWed Mar 15 1995Original message not attached to delivery recpt
862.03NQOPS::THIBODEAUFri Mar 17 1995Fetcher going away
863.03HGOVC::SAMCHANFri Mar 17 1995Postcript file problem
864.01STKAI1::SBERGQUISTTue Mar 21 1995...error queuing XMIT I/O
865.02MASALA::EANDREWSWed Mar 22 1995Problems with MR Fetcher
866.02LISVAX::SEPULVEDAWed Mar 22 1995fast send
867.012PAKORA::EANDREWSThu Mar 23 1995It works !!
868.0GIDDAY::JOYCEThu Mar 23 1995AM_FETCHER not working
869.01STKAI1::SBERGQUISTFri Mar 24 1995Multi-Tech class 2 modem receive problem
870.0STKAI1::SBERGQUISTFri Mar 24 1995MCS chars not retained (DFX 1.2 SSB)
871.0GIDDAY::BURTMon Mar 27 1995VICfax 1.2
873.0PEARS::GRAEFTue Mar 28 1995System Crash with DECW-Interface
874.05SHIPS::GILL_KWed Mar 29 1995Multi-Tech modem is not responding
875.01MARVA2::PERKINSThu Mar 30 1995prob. with MAILworks template - need MR template
876.03UTRTSC::KLEINSat Apr 01 1995Color Postscript fails
877.04DRAC::DSMAILWed Apr 05 1995Printed page, blank page,..
878.03LISVAX::SEPULVEDATue Apr 11 1995BIG Word 2 DOCs
879.03TEKDEV::YUILLWed Apr 12 1995VMSmail Notify
880.0ZPOVC::YORKSIEWWed Apr 12 1995DCL symbol value in coverpage?
881.02UTRTSC::KLEINTue Apr 18 1995Incoming faxes in TIFF without CDA ?
882.01VMSNET::P_BUNGARDFri Apr 21 1995Server gives 'bad file number'
883.01UTROP1::BEEKMAN_WTue Apr 25 1995Time parameter...
884.04GIDDAY::MASONThu Apr 27 1995DECfax and TeamLinks problem.
885.06ISIDRO::LOURDESThu Apr 27 1995MR agent overrides DECfax Mail DN
886.03TENNIS::KAMSun Apr 30 1995DECfax and support for commodity modems?
887.01GIZARD::WETZELTue May 02 1995Mailing and faxing same message....
888.0TENNIS::KAMTue May 02 1995What is the status of DECfax Mail for OpenVMS?
889.02ZPOVC::CHINGYUETue May 02 1995Converter using 87% of CPU ! Why ?
890.04ZPOVC::YORKSIEWWed May 03 1995Notification using DCL Fax send
891.01DRAC::DSMAILWed May 10 1995How to fax a full A4 page?
892.01ISIDRO::TORRECILLASat May 20 1995mrl:fax device probably receiving a fax
893.01GVATue May 23 1995How to bulk unload/replace users.
894.03ZPOVC::CHINGYUEWed May 24 1995modem not responding - cannon t2
895.01VAXRIO::63131::BIANCOTue May 30 1995error message FORWARDING faxes
896.01ZPOVC::CHIKLIAKTue May 30 1995Server error messages meanings?
897.01COMICS::HALFACREEThu Jun 01 1995Probs with Word Perfect attachments.
898.0HGOVC::SIRCARMon Jun 05 1995Missing Columns again!
899.03OSLACT::64135::JosteinWed Jun 07 1995Routing faxes - customer questions
900.02ISIDRO::LOURDESThu Jun 08 1995No dial tone
901.02COPCLU::643Fri Jun 09 1995Use field "Department" on coverpage - how??
902.01COPCLU::643Wed Jun 14 1995Error starting server
903.07DRAC::DSMAILWed Jun 14 1995Reorganize with DFX$TUNE.COM ?
904.06HGOVC::SAMCHANSun Jun 18 1995Bad response from fax machine
905.0GIDDAY::JOYCEWed Jun 21 1995How to fax Word 6.
906.03KERNEL::TALBOTWed Jun 28 1995SRV
907.01HGOSPS::TONYLIUMon Jul 03 1995Cover page...
908.02ZPOVC::WENDYLAIWed Jul 05 1995Is DECfax Mail to be retired ?????
909.01MSDOA::RMITCHELLThu Jul 06 1995File Layout Needed for Accounting
910.07VMSNET::H_HEARNSFri Jul 07 1995MR_FETCHER & MR_SENDER Won't Start
911.010DRAC::DSMAILTue Jul 11 1995Too many faxes?
914.04HGOSPS::DENISLIMon Aug 07 1995How to modify the print size of a postscript logo?
915.01VAXSPO::SILVIATue Aug 08 1995Teamlinks Integration
916.02TROOA::BARTLETTTue Aug 08 1995Looking for V1.2 documentation
917.01MSDOA::RMITCHELLWed Aug 16 1995Failed to Post, Sender down
918.01ZPOVC::CHIKLIAKThu Aug 17 1995Allocated To Another USer
919.05KERNEL::TALBOTTue Aug 22 1995DECfax and Mailworks interworking..
920.02GVAThu Sep 14 1995Server error: process quota exceeded
922.07LEMAN::MORIAUDFri Sep 22 1995Cover page logo error
924.022BLANC::MASONMon Oct 30 1995VMS V6.2 Error sending DN/NDN; operation requires SYSPRV
925.01KAOTFri Nov 10 1995NO CARRIER after sending limited data
926.02UTRTSC::KLEINThu Nov 16 1995Fonts and Postscript
927.01COPCLU::RUNEWed Dec 06 1995Another MOTIF question
928.01SWING::WALSHFri Dec 08 1995VUE$DFXMANAGE process
929.02MKTCRV::esscThu Dec 21 1995DECfax Mail to Teamlinks integration
930.05COPCLU::RUNEFri Dec 22 1995WPS-PLUS questions
931.01VAXRIO::ABREUSat Jan 13 1996forwarding faxes to ALL-IN-1 users
932.01SIOG::E_CUSACKTue Jan 16 1996decfax modem reset
933.02HGOVC::SAMCHANWed Jan 31 1996Postcript file error
934.0AUSSIE::GARSONFri Feb 02 1996customer letter (2-JAN-1996)
935.02COPCLU::VAGNTue Feb 06 1996Mixing mail and FAX adresses in a distribution list
936.05STKAI1::SPORSENThu Feb 08 1996JBC-F-JOBDELETE but fax arrives OK
937.0ZPOVC::NWEThu Feb 15 1996Can't start mr_sender
938.01ESSB::esscFri Feb 16 1996Notification of failure to forward fax
939.02COPCLU::RUNEThu Feb 22 1996PostScript conversion problem
940.01HGOVC::EDDYWANGWed Feb 28 1996DECfax alternative ??
941.03EEMELI::PAJARIMon Mar 04 1996Problem with DECFAX and Nokia modem
942.05COPCLU::RUNEWed Mar 06 1996MR_FETCHER insufficient virtual memory
943.01COPCLU::RUNEFri Mar 08 1996%MRIF-F-CONFUSED, internal error ???
944.01AUSSIE::GARSONFri Mar 22 1996Conference on the move
944.01ZPOAC3::ALLIN1Wed May 15 1996Location of performance guide
945.04NETRIX::"@soo.mts.dec.com"Fri May 17 1996Cannot open Decfax_vms notes conference
946.03ESSB::JNOLANWed Jun 05 1996Maximium of 5 servers with V1.2?
947.02HGOSPS::DENISLIThu Jun 13 1996non-exist messages causes MR SENDER not running
948.01VMSNET::P_BUNGARDTue Jun 25 1996White space between lines disappears
949.01FROCKY::WIESSNERMon Aug 12 1996DECfax internal kit location (patches) ?
950.01SWING::WALSHWed Sep 11 1996MRL: fax device probably receiving a fax
952.05GIDDAY::LEHTue Sep 17 1996Unable to start CONVERTER
953.03STKHLM::BELUNDBERGMon Sep 23 1996DECfax and scaling
954.01STKEIS::SVENSSONTue Oct 01 1996modem not responding with +FDCS
955.01STKHLM::HEGNELIUSTue Oct 01 1996missing log file name (inbound fax procedure)
956.03BEEZER::HOULDINGJWed Oct 16 1996Errors reported intermittently
957.0 *+2NZOVMon Mar 24 1997Postscript converter errors
958.0 *+6KERNEL:: Apr 15 1997Acc Vio during conversion
959.0 *AUSS::GARSONTue Apr 15 1997Some notes on Conversions
960.0 *+1MUCCS1::MANISat May 03 1997Requiring DECfax follow-on product