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Conference atlant::vnews

Title:VNEWS - the VMS newsreader software
Created:Fri Dec 04 1992
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:347
Total number of notes:2379
Number with bodies:5
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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1.012CLO::COBURNWed Feb 21 1990VNEWS - the USENET news Reader pgm
2.01SNDPIT::SMITHWed Feb 21 1990Installable VNEWS?
3.069EXIT26::SAARINENMon Feb 26 1990New User with VNEWS Problems
4.05BCSE::LAIFri Mar 02 1990News Server for Spit Brook?
5.089CLO::COBURNTue Mar 06 1990Enhancement ideas/requests
6.03RICKS::CHISVINThu Mar 08 1990Posting and existing text file
7.04GUESS::PATILFri Mar 16 1990Mark command, m[#]
8.07DEC25::BRUNOSun Mar 18 1990NEWGROUPS command problem?
9.05GRANPA::DFOLEYTue Mar 20 1990New user PROBBLEMMMMSS!!!
10.05SHARK2::RICHARDFri Mar 30 1990I'm not making it out to the net
11.06ENOVAX::BARRETTSat Mar 31 1990s/g problems
12.05MEMIT::SHATARAThu Apr 05 1990Posting to a NOPOST group
13.09MEMIT::SHATARAThu Apr 05 1990New group keeps coming up
14.016DRIFT::WOODFri Apr 06 1990Directory problem with article numbers greater than 5
15.05CLO::COBURNFri Apr 06 1990Posting to COMP.OS.VMS
16.029CLO::COBURNSun Apr 08 1990VNEWS release announcements
17.02SCAACT::ZIPPFri Apr 13 1990Numeric status codes... ?
18.02CHEESE::KAISERFri Apr 13 1990The "easy-install" kit and instructions
19.01LNGBCH::SCHNEIDERMon Apr 16 1990DECWindows interface?
21.0164HABS11::MASONTue Apr 17 1990VNEWS Bug Reports
22.06DELNI::MCCLELLANTue Apr 17 1990config.dat/distribution question
23.011SMOOT::ROTHThu Apr 26 1990Novice comments/questions
24.07UTRTSC::BEYERThu May 03 1990Batch extractor ??
25.010DEC25::BRUNOSat May 05 1990Overload of VNEWS due to fj groups?
26.04ULTRA::HERBISONMon May 07 1990Is mass unsubscription possible?
27.03GUESS::PATILFri May 11 1990Using EMACS editor with Vnews, question?
28.02CLO::COBURNMon May 14 1990V2.5 Doc error in Changes.MEM
29.05THEBAY::GOODMANWed May 16 1990Lines beginning with period question
30.04ROYALT::SHERWINThu May 17 1990Which News Distribution to use ??\
31.014MCNTSH::LONGMon May 21 1990Cannot kill re: articles
32.06GLDOA::ALEXSYFri May 25 1990Posting a Vms file or what is ! good for?
33.03BELFST::MCCORRYWed Jun 06 1990Problems spawning VNEWS
34.04PSTJTT::TABERThu Jun 07 1990Any chance of support for kill files?
35.08CAPNET::ZNAMIEROWSKIThu Jun 07 1990Having Trouble Posting in VNEWS.
36.06RDGE44::JONESKThu Jun 21 1990.GIF files on a VT34
37.03TARKIN::BLOOMMon Jun 25 1990Am I on the Network or not?
38.01STAR::DUTKOTue Jun 26 1990Archive sw?
39.02CARTUN::FRYDMANFri Jun 29 1990VNEWS in a "captured" account
40.048JOVE::reillyMon Jul 02 1990Vnews problem
41.02SMOOT::ROTHTue Jul 03 1990question on keypad 'save' key
42.01KISHOR::HIGINBOTHAMFri Jul 20 1990Unchanging Unread
43.02PEKING::BAKERTMon Jul 30 1990"Baffled - I am !?"
44.01GENRAL::HEINTZEWed Aug 08 1990Where is source to vnews 2.8?
45.02EBBVFri Aug 10 1990New User Unable To Access A Desired Topic
46.03GRANE::HEINTZEFri Aug 10 1990VNEWS Enhancements for DECWINDOWS
47.02SAHQ::TADAMSThu Aug 30 1990Hidden DECnet Areas supported?
48.02MARKS::FRANKELFri Sep 14 1990Documention for V2.9c
49.01CSC32::MORGANMon Sep 17 1990Which server is best?
50.012MARKS::FRANKELWed Sep 19 1990Beginner Questions
51.02SMAUG::ABBASIWed Sep 19 1990VMS mail vs USENET
52.01SMAUG::ABBASIWed Sep 19 1990how to list article replies
53.01Z::TENNYMon Sep 24 1990Difficulty accessing VNEWS kit and comp.xxx notes
54.02ULTRA::HERBISONWed Sep 26 1990k kills articles it shouldn't (2.9c)
55.08TFH::HUGUENINMon Oct 01 1990Cannot connect to remote news server
56.03DELNI::GOLDSTEINFri Oct 05 1990Choose between servers with this command proc.
57.0HANNAH::OSMANWed Oct 10 1990how can I redirect VNEWS output to a file
58.03LEVEL::OSMANTue Oct 16 1990procedure to determine BEST server for your favorite news group
59.05TMISThu Oct 18 1990Vnews problem or is it the server?
60.04RUTILE::AUNGIERThu Oct 18 1990What is VNEWS
61.06VAXWRK::GRANOFFWed Nov 28 1990NEWS.RC Problems
62.01IAMOK::DEVIVOFri Nov 30 1990Introduction to news services
63.02DATABS::TENNYMon Dec 03 1990RYN:: unavailable, and server question
64.03CSCOAC::KENDRIX_JTue Dec 04 1990Batch process with Hormones?!?!?!?
65.044AISG::LANDINGHAMSat Jan 05 1991Wish List
66.03COGITO::IXIX::PAGEThu Jan 10 1991VNEWS.COM news_server_node addressing scheme
67.017HANNAH::OSMANWed Jan 16 1991is it impossible to get a directory of topics in batch ?
68.033CLO::COBURNMon Jan 21 1991NEWSCLEAN - A newsrc cleanup program
69.03VAXPHW::PHILMon Jan 28 1991SHLUMP articles unavailable
71.01TLE::JNELSONSun Feb 10 1991WISH: Better error message for multiple vnews, 1 newsrc
72.05HPSPWR::SIMONFri Feb 22 1991New error messages
73.03HYEND::JBROWNWed Mar 06 1991New User Problem....Help Please!
74.04IXION::TALESARAThu Mar 07 1991Something missing ?
75.04NEWOA::BAILEYTue Mar 12 1991line eater problem
76.01HERON::KAISERMon Mar 18 1991Crash dump with new VNEWS.EXE
77.01CSC32::MORGANTue Mar 19 1991Slow net hanging VNEWS?
78.04ROYALT::SHERWINWed Mar 20 1991Can't access certain newsgroups.
79.02HPSPWR::SIMONMon Mar 25 1991Refusing to update newsrc...
80.01HANNAH::OSMANTue Mar 26 1991the new vnews
81.02AOHM::JACOBSTue Apr 02 1991"error parsing 'BATCH'"
82.03FERITE::SUTTONWed Apr 03 1991Can not connect to news server
83.05SSDEVO::MARKSThu Apr 04 1991V2.9d fails with 'recursive I/O operation'
84.02OPG::RAYERMon Apr 08 1991Location of VNEWS kit?
85.020KYOA::CRAPAROTTAThu Apr 11 1991Can't Post articles..
86.05CAPITN::HOPKINS_KEFri Apr 12 1991I like it, but what does it mean? help.
87.08VFOVAX::CARNELLThu Apr 18 1991CALLABLE_LSE supported for MAIL$EDIT ?
88.06JEANNE::KEELERFri Apr 19 1991Directory command appears to PAUSE in BATCH MODE
89.05NODEX::BRASSMon Apr 22 1991Stack dump due to header problem?
90.03LANDO::SOOMREFri May 03 1991Hung Up After Reading An Article
91.019KALI::PLOUFFFri May 03 1991V2.9d failure mode trashes NEWSRC
92.01GRANPA::AFRYDMANFri May 03 1991How to add groups?
93.02CLO::COBURNSun May 05 1991New GET-VNEWS.COM works with latest FTSV version
94.05LANDO::SOOMREMon May 13 1991Says They Are Read But They Are Not
95.05CLO::COBURNWed May 29 1991Mixing VNEWS and DXRN (or MXRN)
96.02SEGUR::ANDERSFri May 31 1991Posted into the Void?
97.06RANGER::WESTERVELTTue Jun 04 1991cannot read subscribed group
98.02SNMFS::ROMANITue Jun 04 1991Cannot post articles with nmail
99.01JUPITR::NORTONWed Jun 05 1991problem? Error status 8348, login information invalid at remote node?
100.02VCSESU::VCSESU::COOKWed Jun 05 1991Deleting an Article you wrote?
101.01RANGER::WESTERVELTThu Jun 06 1991V2.9c, anyone?
102.08TROAFri Jun 14 1991Access to FTP's baffles new user
103.08CRIME::BIJAOUIFri Jul 12 1991%FOR-F-OUTSTAOVE, output statement overflows record
104.0133D::DAVISMon Jul 22 1991Is it possible to use TCP/IP as the transport?
105.03CIMNET::PIERSONWed Jul 24 1991Bug report, vnews 2.9c
106.04GUIDUK::STEBBINSTue Jul 30 1991Print (P/h) generates DCL error
107.02MR4DEC::BERNIERWed Jul 31 1991where is the latest version located!!
108.02SUTRA::MALLETTWed Jul 31 1991batch news location?
109.02MAST::REISERTWed Jul 31 1991incorrect header when replying by mail
110.06SMAUG::ABBASISun Aug 04 1991BUG in vnews, Integer overflow
111.06ELMST::VERMAMon Aug 05 1991Problem installing VNews
112.02ALLVAX::COMERFORDTue Aug 06 1991"Need information to get started"
114.04HSOMAI::KISERSun Aug 11 1991Ramblings from a newcomer
115.08JUNCO::KHANMon Aug 12 1991Error "range array exceeded"
116.01LODGE::WVCMon Aug 12 1991Possible VNews problem with looong lines
117.01TIS::KORADAThu Aug 15 1991How do I subscribe?
118.03HVDSQR::HERRLICHThu Aug 15 1991What is the difference between this VNEWS...
119.02DNEAST::BARNABY_GALETue Aug 27 1991vnews not working
120.06KANGAR::OLLISTue Aug 27 1991Where's the cheese?
121.05LANDO::SOOMREWed Aug 28 1991Nothing New In SOUSA
122.0133D::DAVISThu Aug 29 1991Forwarding an article to someone on the e-net?
123.09STAR::ABBASIFri Sep 06 1991suggestions
124.01AIDEV::AHUJAFri Sep 06 1991Need help with setting up vnews.
125.01--UnknownUser--Sat Sep 07 1991Creating Newsfiles?
127.05NODEX::VICTORThu Sep 12 1991How do I run the GIF pictures from usenet on my workstation?
128.01ASD::RAMANFri Sep 13 1991Problem with SHLUMP..???
129.02SLOAN::HOMMon Sep 16 1991clari net information
130.04SHIRE::GOLDBLATTWed Sep 18 1991crash !
131.01GALLAH::KAHNFri Sep 20 1991@GET-VNEWS.COM error msg
132.04IOSG::JONESKTue Oct 01 1991Archiving??? What is it exactly
133.04NODEX::BRASSTue Oct 01 1991Can't get into VNEWS "FORTRAN STOP"
134.0249ER::NGUYENTue Oct 01 1991Something's wrong with VNEWS
135.04ARRODS::SCOTTBAKERGThu Oct 03 1991CompuServe - The right choice ?
136.02BONNET::BRUNETFri Oct 04 1991NewsRC closing problem
137.075Mon Oct 07 1991Internet version of VNEWS?
138.01CIMNET::MIKELISTue Oct 08 1991Need a pointer to VNEWS.EXE
139.03PLAYER::VANAVERMAETThu Oct 10 1991sugg: automatically "catch-up" up to (but not including) first available article
140.04TMISMon Oct 14 1991%SYSTEM-F-MCHECK problem
141.04AYOV27::BMCHATTIEMon Oct 14 1991$$$$$$$$$$$
142.06AHIKER::EARLYFri Oct 18 1991Need help with How to use Refereences correctly ?
143.05BAGELS::WILLIAMSMon Oct 28 1991Error: Range Array Exceeded
144.01IO::MCCARTNEYTue Oct 29 1991s/g/h hangs on each page boundary...
145.01TIS::KORADAWed Oct 30 1991GIFs on VT24
146.01YNOTME::WALLACEFri Nov 01 1991Mail no longer uses configuration information
147.05IMTDEV::BRUNOMon Nov 04 1991The Case of the Yo Yo Newsgroups
148.02RUBY::BOYAJIANThu Nov 07 1991Return address in header
149.0149ER::NGUYENMon Nov 11 1991VNEWS -- no Connect.
150.02EVTDD1::WILCOCKWed Nov 13 1991Alternative mail gateways?
151.05ASDG::COSTAFri Nov 15 1991first time user problem
152.04EVTDD1::WILCOCKMon Dec 09 1991organiSation / organiZation problem
153.04LUNER::PERLATue Dec 10 1991Need help at remote node
154.04CSCOA1::KENDRIX_JThu Dec 19 1991Error parsing 'header'
155.01SYSMGT::DUTKOTue Jan 14 1992Help with kill?
156.02ERFARE::SDWed Jan 15 1992General questions and uucp
157.04SCAACT::VELEZMTue Jan 21 1992PC version?
158.0HPSRAD::SIMONWed Jan 22 1992VNEWS hangs
159.03VAXWRK::HARNEYFri Feb 07 1992NEWSRC logical can't contain a nodespec...
160.07MSDOA::MCCLOUDMon Feb 10 1992Can't open newsrc
161.01--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 11 1992Not able to connect ( new install )
162.0STAR::CANTORWed Feb 19 1992Command file to use more than one server
163.03HGOVA::TASMANSIUFri Feb 21 1992posting error: 441 awk:
164.06STAR::CANTORSat Feb 22 1992Would like attach command
165.01CPDW::ROSCHTue Feb 25 1992Cross-Posting Question
166.06TLE::KDICKINSONFri Mar 13 1992"error activating image" problem
167.03CACHE::BEAUREGARDTue Mar 17 1992can't post out
168.04SUBWAY::DAVIDSONTue Mar 24 1992Problems posting
169.08SUBWAY::DAVIDSONWed Mar 25 1992VMS Batch Problem
170.01LEDS::PRIBORSKYMon Mar 30 1992The group that won't die
171.01TRADE::SHAPIROMon Mar 30 1992Anon & FTP
172.05TRADE::SHAPIROTue Apr 14 1992Is it just me...?
173.01GROOVE::DADDIECOTue Apr 21 1992VNEWS - Where do I start?
174.02SDTMKT::HERGTTue Apr 28 1992How do a do a d/s at a specific starting point
175.0LANDO::SOOMRETue May 05 1992Two Questions
176.06LANDO::SOOMREMon May 11 1992Range Array Exceeded Error
177.06RAVEN1::STOGNERTue May 12 1992How to get directories ?
178.01SUBWAY::DAVIDSONThu May 21 1992VNEWS Source code
179.01EVTDD1::WILCOCKTue May 26 1992VNEWS bug if server dies ?
180.0CLO::COBURNTue May 26 1992Old VNEWS version in distribution directory
181.0NACAD::KOCHEMMon Jun 01 1992Newcomer Question - Directory?
182.03ROYALT::KEELERMon Jun 01 1992A Request for Help
183.05VMSZOO::ECKERTSun Jun 07 1992Does newsgroup order in NEWSRC affect performance?
184.01CSC32::MCCRACKENWed Jun 17 1992No Connect
185.0MIMS::RADICK_DThu Jun 18 1992can't s/g new mail - HELP
186.05RANGER::CYRTue Jun 23 1992VNEWS problem
187.04FORTSC::CHABANWed Jul 01 1992Can't connect to server
188.03BREAKR::MIKKELSONWed Jul 01 1992Update articles without exiting?
189.01TECRUS::TSAIMon Jul 06 1992How to do cross-posting
190.03IOWASA::JOHNSONMon Jul 06 1992Posting problem - 44
191.010CHIPS::SYSTEMThu Jul 09 1992VNEWS/Workstations/hidden area!
192.0ACESMK::LINDQUISTTue Jul 14 1992Invalid device
193.09SYSTEM::COCKBURNWed Jul 15 1992Followups?
194.06NDLVAX::DKELLERThu Jul 16 1992Help with posting and ERROR message
195.01YUPPIE::CREACYFri Jul 31 1992FTPMAIL Servers?
196.01MCIS2::SHERWINWed Aug 12 1992Differing article #ing schemes
197.03RIPPLE::PETTIGREW_MIWed Aug 19 19922.9N Error status 98938
198.02CRIME::BIJAOUIThu Aug 20 1992save several articles at the same time ?
199.04RIPPLE::PETTIGREW_MIThu Aug 27 1992Various oddities with 2.9N
200.05CCAD39::CLEARYSun Sep 06 1992Help with batch extraction ?
201.011WELCLU::HEDLEYTue Sep 08 1992copying news files
202.01TRADE::SHAPIROThu Sep 17 1992Problem getting forked??!
203.01POLAR::HOThu Oct 01 1992Clarinet copyright?
204.07FORTSC::DUFFYTue Oct 06 1992FATAL TIMEOUT BUG - Too Many GROUPS!!!
205.01TAVHLT::DORONMon Oct 26 1992Can not connect NNTPD.
208.04KERNEL::BELLThu Nov 05 1992Vnews goes into memory-grabbing loop
209.0RANGER::EIRIKURSun Nov 08 1992Trashed my old Vnews dir, reinstall and am dead in the water...
210.02DECALP::ANDERSTue Nov 10 1992uuencoded .GIF files wont save
211.01LANDO::SOOMRETue Nov 10 1992SOUSA Down Again ??
212.04DRIFT::WOODMon Nov 16 1992Catchup problem with bad range
213.05CFSCTC::SHAPIROWed Nov 18 1992More (lines)
214.01--UnknownUser--Wed Dec 02 1992Looking for some files
215.01LAIDBK::MATTHEWS_TITue Dec 15 1992How to reply
216.07SPANKY::SAWYERWed Dec 30 1992Vers. 2.9o probs
217.05RANGER::WESTERVELTThu Jan 07 1993how to create a new newsgroup?
218.01CSSE::OSS_SUPPORTWed Jan 20 1993How To Connect From Stow ?
219.04CENSUS::BOLLINGERThu Jan 28 1993New user SMG/ACCVIO problems
220.04NOVA::RUBINOFri Jan 29 1993Too many newsgroups problem
221.02DELNI::GOLDSTEINThu Feb 04 1993Moderated postings show "dnet" not "enet"
222.04GYZPBWed Feb 17 1993FTP-HELP
223.0+4ICS::SELTZERTue Feb 23 1993Trouble trying to post
224.0ICS::SELTZERTue Mar 02 1993LIVE WIRE as a "newsgroup"
225.02LJOHUB::BELLUSCIFri Mar 12 1993errot connecting to NNTPD
226.02CACHE::SETOTue Mar 30 1993Motif version of vnews?
227.0CLO::SYSTEMWed Apr 21 1993Problem with notes conference disk
228.02CSHELS::WOLFFThu Apr 22 1993CLOVAX unreachable & device unknown...
229.012NEWOA::DALLISONThu Apr 22 1993Too many groups - new groups ignored
230.0CHUCK::OTOOLEWed Apr 28 1993Problems with Followup
231.01CRLVMS::HALBERTWed Apr 28 1993~2
232.01RINGSS::WALESFri May 21 1993Feature Request - Change to directory command
233.06JARETH::HASTIEMon May 24 1993How to subscribe to new group?
234.02DABUCS::COLLINSTue Jun 01 1993Strict Order for Entries
235.01TKOVOA::NAKAGAWAThu Jun 03 1993Need your tip for installation
236.013TOLKIN::SHAWNA::JBROWNThu Jun 03 1993Need some simple help with copying
237.04ISTWI1::DATCA::darugerWed Jun 09 1993Windows V3.1 Version of VNEWS?
238.0SOFBAS::MAYERFri Jun 25 1993Internet Tools Notes Conference
239.01011527::OSTROMWed Jun 30 1993How about OpenVMS AXP?
240.02FORTY2::KOKOLAKISWed Jun 30 1993Where is the kit?
241.01HANNAH::OSMANFri Jul 02 1993any way to "get right to it" ?
242.04HGOVC::JAYANTKUMARThu Jul 08 1993Revisiting NEWSCLEAN program
243.07JGODCL::APETERSWed Aug 04 1993cannot read any group, unread:
244.02HGOVC::JAYANTKUMARThu Aug 05 1993Strange problem
246.01RELYON::VARGASTue Aug 10 1993Need Instructions to install VNEWS cluster wide!
247.07SOLVIT::JEAN_SIMONMon Aug 16 1993Too many groups - new groups ignored" mode
248.06GNPIKE::MIKELISTue Aug 17 1993%SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO revisted
249.07WITNES::COLLINSWed Aug 18 1993Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
250.01GNPIKE::MIKELISThu Aug 19 1993where is 2.9q?
251.01WITNES::COLLINSFri Aug 20 1993How can I....
252.013PCA112::BOEBINGERWed Sep 08 1993Client/server protocol description?
253.09CHUCK::OTOOLEFri Sep 10 1993Real or bogus newgroups - the vote is still out
254.01REGENT::GETTYSTue Sep 14 19932 enhancements?
255.07XSTACY::JLUNDONFri Sep 17 1993/BATCH command file wanted - VNEWSMAILER basically
256.01ZPOVC::VENKATMon Sep 20 1993Some info required !
257.01DEMING::HAKIMThu Sep 23 1993I need some info for a friend of mine
258.010SWLAVC::HOSSEINIFri Sep 24 1993Another Novice user question!
259.02TAVENG::HYSONMon Sep 27 1993Dump with %FOR-F-INPCONERR
260.01STAR::ABBASITue Sep 28 1993lost postings with V2.9r ?
261.03STAR::ABBASISat Oct 02 1993reply size problem
262.02XSTACY::JLUNDONFri Oct 15 1993Get list of unread article subject lines?
263.03HANNAH::OSMANFri Oct 22 1993is there any way of QUICKLY doing what I want in vnews ?
264.03DRIFT::WOODMon Oct 25 1993VNews can't handle very long group names
265.0XSTACY::JLUNDONTue Oct 26 1993Article sequencing problem
266.08QUARK::LIONELWed Oct 27 1993Directory of all old topics (or in a range)
267.01RANGER::WESTERVELTFri Oct 29 1993mark unread
268.02A1VAX::BRAUNFri Oct 29 1993Invite to try Conferencing FT2
269.02QUARK::LIONELMon Nov 01 1993WISH: Save text when posting fails
270.027AXEL::FOLEYMon Nov 08 1993Another Newsreader - ANUnews
271.04XSTACY::JLUNDONTue Nov 09 1993Mail server problem
272.04HERON::GODFRINDWed Nov 10 1993Is VNEWS public domain
273.0DRINKS::CARIGNANFri Nov 12 1993s/g barfs on comp.lang.c++
274.011MR1MI1::SHERWINMon Nov 15 1993Unable to post w/ V2.9s
275.01BACHUS::WOODWed Nov 17 1993Vnews just hangs trying to s/g
276.0HANNAH::OSMANMon Nov 29 1993confusion about the "d" command
277.05DRINKS::CARIGNANFri Dec 10 1993V2.9s bugcheck: -FOR-F-INVTEX, invalid text is "comp.unix."
278.04MRKTNG::SLATERThu Dec 23 1993Error: You are not in my access file. Goodbye.
279.0COMET::CASCIOTue Jan 11 1994Newsgroups with exclamations!!!
281.02PWRKS::S_VOREMon Jan 17 1994%CLI-F-SYNTAX, -CLI-E-ENTNF, %TRACE-F-NOMSG w/2.9s
282.03CFSCTC::CFSCTC::PATILTue Jan 18 1994Error status, 114932 - file read error w/ 2.9s
284.01DV78Tue Jan 25 1994NOVICE ???: How to ADD a group?
285.01CAEPRO::LEEBERWed Jan 26 1994Subscription Problem Or Have I been away too long?
286.01NOVA::BOIKOTue Feb 01 1994 Any Windows UI for Internet (using dialup)?
287.01NYOSWed Feb 16 1994unable send out the reply
288.01WESTTue Mar 01 1994UK Nodes?
289.07XSTACY::JLUNDONThu Mar 03 1994Building V2.9s problems
290.0DRIFT::WOODSun Mar 06 1994How to force writing newsrc?
291.06MAYES::ZANELLAThu Mar 10 1994Editor or NNTP?
292.04STAR::DIPIRROFri Mar 11 1994Slow...slow...slow...
293.01RTOEU::TOTTOTue Mar 15 1994VNEWS for UNIX
294.01STAR::ABBASIThu Mar 17 1994can't post , iam trying a new server
295.01AMCCXN::BERGHFri Mar 18 1994Nuisance bug found
296.04AYRPLN::KISERMon Mar 21 1994Trying to save a .JPG to VMS
297.08WKRP::BRIDGESMon Mar 21 1994Error handling server failure?
298.05CFSCTC::PATILTue Mar 22 19942.9S Error status, 98938
299.05AKOCOA::TALEGHANIWed Mar 30 1994WWW & surfing the internet!?
300.05ROMEOS::LE_VAThu Mar 31 1994d- directory doesn't work, help!
301.023CVG::CAMPANELLAThu Mar 31 1994NEWSRDR News Reader (from Internet)
302.02DCPLHS::PRASADWed Apr 20 1994Latest posts in all newsgroups.
303.01XSTACY::JLUNDONThu Apr 21 1994Bogus newsgroups are driving me crazy on PEAVAX
304.02BLAZER::MIKELISFri Apr 22 1994status of NNTPD?
305.02CSC32::K_BOUCHARDMon Apr 25 1994changing "from" line in posts
306.04NOTAPC::RIOPELLEThu Apr 28 1994Too Many News groups"
307.0JUPITR::KIFERFri Apr 29 1994search by organization? - how do you
308.0HDECAD::SILVAThu May 05 1994End of file detected
309.03DNEAST::STRICKLAND_JFri May 06 1994...I give up !
310.01KAOM25::HAKANSSONMon May 16 1994 DCL command problem while spawning
311.01WREATH::FRANZOSATue May 24 1994Error parsing HEADER
312.03CLARID::HOFSTEETue Jun 21 1994Access to usenet from home?
313.05CMOPMA::BIGWOODWed Jun 22 1994Speed up the startup time?
314.09DANGER::PORRASFri Jul 01 1994News server problems?
315.0AUSSIE::BELLThu Jul 07 1994nonconforming `Date:' line in your news article
316.0TOOK::MORRISONSun Jul 17 1994Wild cards (*) required in "d/g string" command
317.0RUTILE::AUNGIERThu Jul 21 1994Newsreader software - List of available
318.08CMOPMA::BIGWOODFri Jul 22 1994Scrolling gone wild!
319.0COLWed Aug 03 1994Kit for ULTRIX
320.01SOADC1::STREMICKWed Aug 03 1994Make VNEWS not retrieve listing of groups each time
321.0COLThu Aug 04 1994New Version of dxrn ?
322.01TRUCKS::BARRONFri Aug 05 1994New to Vnews (well, tried it once)
323.0KYOSS1::ELZAMSMon Aug 15 1994Save the listing of newsgroups to a file?
324.05CNTROL::STECKOWed Aug 17 1994Problem...too many groups?
325.0STOWOA::TALEGHANIFri Aug 19 1994error parsing 'HEADER' w/ 2.9s
326.01ELWOOD::KAPLANSat Aug 20 1994dxrn/VNEWS sharing NEWS.RC ?
327.01MLNTSC::PARACCHIWed Aug 31 1994device inactive
328.05XSTACY::JLUNDONFri Sep 02 1994Continuing support for VNEWS?
329.02HANNAH::OSMANTue Sep 20 1994vnews CORRUPTING article contents when saving to file
330.013MSGAXP::FEASEMon Sep 26 1994Help - VNEWS on ALPHA???
331.03LEDDEV::ARCHERWed Sep 28 1994Problems setting up vnews.... .
332.04HDLITE::SCHAFERMon Oct 03 1994INPCONERR, input conversion error
333.03VAXSPO::ROGERIOWed Oct 05 1994How access internet?
334.01NESBIT::COCHRANEFri Oct 21 1994News Server for osf/1
335.04RANGER::MAYNARDThu Feb 23 1995News about GET-VNEWS.COM
336.09CCAD35::NEVILLETue Feb 28 1995Where is VNEWS.DOC? Problems with NEWSRC
337.06STOWOA::TALEGHANITue Apr 04 1995Can not connect to remote news server!
338.010POBOX::SEIDMANMon Apr 24 1995Display Problem
339.01SALES::MCWILLIAMSThu Apr 27 1995New node; VNEWS croaks
340.02TLE::FRIDAYWed May 03 1995Looking for NNTP protocol definition
341.02PIPA::RANDOLPHFri May 19 1995V2.9t? 2.9u?
342.02WRKSYS::NISHIMOTOThu Nov 16 1995empty newsrc.newsrc file???
343.01VAXRIO::CONT_RENATOTue Dec 26 1995CLOVAX:: offline. Where are the kits ?
345.01VMSSPT::FRIEDRICHSFri May 10 1996Error 114964, Error reading Group list
346.0MPGS::OLINDERTue Jul 02 1996Installing VNEWS from start to finish
347.0 *+2MLNADG::PONENTEFri May 30 1997quit