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Conference atlant::mill_memories

Title:Uses for and memories of the Mill
Created:Tue Jun 08 1993
Last Modified:Wed Sep 27 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:46
Total number of notes:281
Number with bodies:0
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1.04CVG::THOMPSONTue Jun 08 1993Welcome to the Mill Uses and Memories Conference
2.04CVG::THOMPSONTue Jun 08 1993Conference Announcements
3.026CVG::THOMPSONTue Jun 08 1993Sign In Please
4.0CVG::THOMPSONTue Jun 08 1993Conference Directory
5.01CVG::THOMPSONTue Jun 08 1993Related Conferences
10.01CVG::THOMPSONTue Jun 08 1993REUSE: Housing
11.0CVG::THOMPSONTue Jun 08 1993REUSE: Public Space (libraries, schools, gov offices)
12.01CVG::THOMPSONTue Jun 08 1993REUSE: Incubator Space
13.01CVG::THOMPSONTue Jun 08 1993REUSE: Manufacturing Space
14.06CVG::THOMPSONTue Jun 08 1993REUSE: Office Space
15.0CVG::THOMPSONTue Jun 08 1993REUSE: Retail Space
16.016CVG::THOMPSONWed Jun 16 1993First Visit to The Mill
17.015CVG::THOMPSONThu Jun 17 1993Can't get there from here ...
18.016CVG::THOMPSONThu Jun 17 1993The Clock Tower
19.010CVG::THOMPSONThu Jun 17 1993Celebrate the Mill
20.09CVG::THOMPSONThu Jun 17 1993Things to Remember the Mill
21.019CVG::THOMPSONThu Jun 17 1993It Could Only Have Happened at The Mill
22.0IAMOK::ATAYLORTue Jun 22 1993REUSE: Artist Studios
23.04CRAIGA::SCHOMPTue Jun 22 1993REUSE: location of computer museum
24.04EDSGRP::UGRINOWTue Jun 22 1993REUSE: Historical Museum
25.09CVG::THOMPSONThu Jun 24 1993What will you miss most?
26.09CVG::THOMPSONThu Jun 24 1993Things you'll miss the least about the Mill
27.03CVG::THOMPSONThu Jun 24 1993Random Thoughts From Former Employees
28.01HANNAH::DCLFri Jun 25 1993DECarolers' 1984 three-choir Mill performance
29.01CAPEW1::ANDRUSWed Jun 30 1993Halloween
30.011STSDEV::GRAYFri Jul 02 1993First Encounter with Ken
31.04CAPVAX::ANDRUSWed Jul 07 1993Millrats
32.011MRKTNG::L_MOOREWed Jul 07 1993New headquarters location?
33.03TOOK::MORRISONTue Jul 13 1993Percent of mill workforce that walk or bike to work?
34.05NAC::TRAMP::GRADYThu Jul 22 1993What's the plan?
35.02CVG::THOMPSONFri Oct 08 1993REUSE: Self Storage
36.02ITRC::omandMon Oct 25 1993DEC World '94 and regional conference center
37.021SMAUG::GARRODTue Nov 02 1993I heard the Mill move may be reconsidered
38.04TOOK::MORRISONThu Nov 04 1993Why no passenger elevators at the Mill?
39.0CIMCAD::PIERSONFri Jan 14 1994Quote without comment: IBM
40.07CIMCAD::PIERSONWed Feb 02 1994Critters??
41.03CVG::THOMPSONWed May 25 1994News Reports about the Mill
42.01JVAX::SIPILAFri Jun 24 1994A rumor -
43.02MRKTNG::L_MOOREMon Oct 31 1994Topic of the Day
44.03RICKS::PHIPPSTue Nov 29 1994Turn out the lights...
45.0ATLANT::SCHMIDTTue Dec 06 1994The Mill, former hub of the DTN, etc.
46.0REGENT::HUMMERSThu Dec 29 1994going, going, ...