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Conference atlana::ccm

Title:Contemporary Christian Music
Notice:Welcome Musicians & Music Lovers
Created:Wed Sep 26 1990
Last Modified:Wed May 21 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:303
Total number of notes:6129
Number with bodies:94
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1.07PNO::HEISERWed Sep 26 1990Welcome to CCM / Conference Guidelines
2.088PIG::SYSTEMFri Apr 07 1989The Noters
3.0283SSDEVO::RICHARDFri Apr 07 1989Concert/Tour Information & Announcements
4.0+64PNO::HEISERWed Sep 26 1990For Sale / Wanted
5.015PNO::HEISERWed Sep 26 1990Moderator Issues
6.09PNO::HEISERWed Sep 26 1990CCM Related Conferences
7.029PNO::HEISERWed Sep 26 1990Clinic & Conference Announcements
8.057SUBURB::SCOTTVTue Aug 01 1989Lyric Requests / Favorite Lyrics / Music Requests
9.031PNO::HEISERWed Sep 26 1990Your Band
10.015PNO::HEISERWed Sep 26 1990Moderator Announcements
11.013PNO::HEISERWed Sep 26 1990In The News
12.0+264PNO::HEISERWed Sep 26 1990General Discussions - Chit-Chat
13.02PNO::HEISERWed Sep 26 1990Noters' Welcome...
14.0PNO::HEISERWed Sep 26 1990reserved
15.0PNO::HEISERWed Sep 26 1990reserved
16.09PNO::HEISERWed Sep 26 1990Information on Lessons
17.015PNO::HEISERThu Sep 27 1990Demo Tapes & Record Companies
18.08PNO::HEISERThu Sep 27 1990Copyrighting Your Material
19.08PNO::HEISERThu Sep 27 1990Favorite Ballads
20.01PNO::HEISERThu Sep 27 1990Favorite Instrumentals
21.052PNO::HEISERThu Sep 27 1990Favorite Albums
22.012PNO::HEISERThu Sep 27 1990Emotions & Chords/Scales
23.0+408164Fri Apr 07 1989Phil Keaggy
24.093322::GRANTFri Apr 14 1989GLAD
25.018164Wed Apr 19 1989Christian Artists "Crossing Over"
26.012319Thu Apr 20 1989CCM Sales and Distribution
27.066164Mon Apr 24 1989New Album Announcement & Review
28.018164Mon Apr 24 1989New Video Announcement & Review
29.03PNO::HEISERThu Sep 27 1990Instructional Videos
30.027164Mon Apr 24 1989Musician's Information Exchange
31.0224Mon Apr 24 1989Wedding Music
32.024164Mon Apr 24 1989CCM -> Secular Cross-Reference
33.0611433::LOMBARDOFri Apr 28 1989Hosanna! Music
34.077188::DEATONMon May 01 1989Trapped!
35.042REJOIC::LOMBARDOTue May 16 1989CCM's Top 25 charts
36.063VAXUUM::THOMASTue May 23 1989Michael Card
37.08CGOOFri May 26 1989Where has Michael Omartian gone?
38.0121PNO::HEISERTue May 30 1989Dove / Grammy / CCM Awards
39.023PNO::HEISERTue May 30 1989Selah
40.017NRPUR::DEATONWed May 31 1989Larry Norman's Back?
41.064ISLNDS::RASMUSSENTue Jun 13 1989U2
42.029DYO78Wed Aug 16 1989ChRiStIaN mUsiCiAnS? A Valid Label?
43.016PNO::HEISERMon Jun 19 1989Music: Tool of Satan or of God?
44.03JOVIAL::MARISat Jun 24 1989Any Gospel choirs around ?
45.0119CGOOWed Aug 23 1989STRYPER
46.05ROMOIS::DAMICOCAThu Jun 29 1989Koinonia
47.022POBOX::KALLEVIGBSat Jul 01 1989Cornerstone Festival
48.010CGOOWed Jul 05 1989NEWSONG...WHO ARE THEY?
50.0CPDW::MCCONNELLFri Jul 21 1989Christian Arts organizations?
51.01FROSTY::GRANTThu Aug 03 1989John Catchings - cello
52.023POCUS::FCOLLINSWed Aug 09 1989Album Clubs & Mail Order
53.0220FROSTY::GRANTWed Aug 16 1989Amy Grant
54.051WJCUST::MARSANThu Aug 17 1989Coffee Houses - Where are they?
55.031164Mon Aug 28 1989Musicians & Spiritual Warfare
56.0424Mon Aug 28 1989Love Song
57.0511432::LOMBARDOSun Sep 03 1989THE CALL
58.0207188::DEATONThu Sep 14 1989Who's Gigging Where?
59.0847188::DEATONFri Sep 22 1989Bringing the Gospel Message to the Secular World
60.0+13217663::MARSANThu Oct 05 1989Christian Radio
61.011FROSTY::GRANTFri Oct 13 1989Bruce Carroll
62.01247Wed Nov 01 1989Agents/Publicists
63.05039183::LOMBARDOMon Jan 22 1990411-911: Information & Help
64.018RELLAB::KIFERFri Nov 10 1989Randy Stonehill
65.05247Mon Nov 13 1989Classical Recordings
66.012PNO::HEISERMon Nov 13 1989Instrumental Music
67.048319Wed Nov 15 1989Wayne Watson
68.016ISLNDS::RASMUSSENThu Nov 16 1989CCM TV
69.0212727::DANMon Dec 18 1989Song Copyrights for Church Use
70.0+18319Wed Dec 20 1989Steven Curtis Chapman
71.02SMURF::HACKFri Dec 29 1989The Front
72.01739183::LOMBARDOTue Jan 02 1990Christian music on CD
73.02417663::MARSANWed Jan 03 1990Please welcome, Steve Taylor!!!
74.05942139::GERRYTMon Jan 08 1990Michael W Smith
75.0942139::GERRYTMon Jan 15 1990DON FRANCISCO
76.0142139::GERRYTMon Jan 15 1990Adrian Snell
77.0942139::GERRYTMon Jan 15 1990Martyn Joseph
78.03SMURF::HACKTue Jan 16 1990The Imperials
79.0717663::MARSANThu Jan 25 1990Random Verse Generator
80.05CSC32::R_LECOMPTEFri Feb 09 1990Acapella
81.0+11939183::LOMBARDOWed Feb 21 1990PETRA
82.024Thu Feb 22 1990Paul Johnson (& the HEPCATS)
83.09CSC32::SAULSat Mar 03 1990Cliff Richard
84.0+34164Fri Apr 06 1990Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart
85.03016697::HEISERFri Apr 06 1990Whatever happened to...
86.04734293::RASMUSSENMon Apr 23 1990Sandi Patti
87.0162113::DANThu May 03 1990Creation Festival
89.0165137Mon May 07 1990European Concert/Tour Information & Announcements
90.01051768::RONNTue May 22 1990DeGarmo & Key
91.02551768::RONNWed May 23 1990CHRISTIAN BLUES
92.010SMURF::HACKTue Jun 12 1990Mark Farner
93.0316533::CZARNECKIMon Jun 25 1990SuperFest Event
94.013232Sat Jul 21 1990I'm looking for 'Southern Rock?'
95.02542139::GERRYTFri Jul 27 1990Carmen - Revival?
96.013164Tue Jul 31 1990Get Togethers
97.0433864::LOLLISFri Aug 03 1990ALLIES
98.044844Mon Aug 06 1990Would you guys please welcome...Sheila Walsh?!
99.098164Mon Aug 06 1990Toys in the Band
100.0539183::LOMBARDOMon Aug 13 1990David Mullen
101.0164Wed Aug 15 1990Books for Musicians / Christian Music
102.016Mon Aug 20 1990In search of a new song book
103.0+169164Tue Sep 18 1990What's HOT with you THIS WEEK?
104.024Thu Sep 20 1990Reggae, anyone?
105.033CGHUB::GRANTMon Oct 01 1990Take 6
106.033864::LOLLISThu Sep 27 1990Harvest
107.0HABS11::MASONMon Oct 01 1990Red Running (?)
109.04DYPSS1::SCHAFERTue Oct 30 1990CCM Magazine - hype or no?
110.026PEKING::GERRYTTue Nov 13 1990Christmas releases
111.01PEKING::GERRYTTue Nov 13 1990Heartbeat...a New Generation
112.03ODIXIE::OKELLEYFri Nov 16 1990Published Music... The Lack of...
113.06SMURF::HAECKMon Nov 26 1990teenage secular music - bad influence???
114.015SUOSW3::WAGENBLASTWed Nov 28 1990Bookstores/Record Stores
115.01TLE::ASHFORTHThu Nov 29 1990Noel Paul Stookey and Bodyworks
116.06MSESU::ESCOBARThu Nov 29 1990Seeking Voice Recording Advise
117.022PNO::HEISERWed Dec 12 1990Mastedon
118.010PNO::HEISERWed Dec 12 1990Holy Soldier
119.021PNO::HEISERWed Dec 12 1990Whitecross
121.04PIRATE::SIMONFri Dec 28 1990Guardian
122.036KAOFS::MUNROEFri Jan 04 1991Improving Acoustics
123.0COOKIE::SANDERSONFri Jan 04 1991Writing Cantatas
124.011CGHUB::GRANTSat Jan 05 1991Christian Music magazines
125.019KAOFS::MUNROEMon Jan 07 1991Singers - Harmony or Melody
126.08PNO::HEISERMon Jan 07 1991Jeff Scheetz
127.0+48REJOIC::LOMBARDOTue Jan 08 1991Kim Hill
128.06KAOFS::MUNROEThu Jan 17 1991Guitar Sounds
129.023PNO::HEISERMon Jan 28 1991REZ
130.0+25DUCK::GERRYTTue Feb 12 1991IONA
131.02VISA::PIKEWed Feb 20 1991"Johnny's Cafe"
132.011MSESU::ESCOBARTue Mar 12 1991Back-up tapes on CD?????
133.023REPAIR::KISIELFri Mar 15 1991WhiteHeart
134.010SNOFS1::CLARKEMon Jul 15 19912nd Chapter of Acts
135.010HAVASU::HEISERTue Jun 18 1991Rachel Rachel
136.02JUMBLY::BURGESSMon Apr 22 1991After The Fire
137.06REJOIC::LOMBARDOWed Apr 24 1991Leslie / Sam Phillips
138.029DEALIN::LOMBARDOFri Apr 26 1991Margaret Becker
139.0NYTPMon Apr 29 1991Linda Rich or Richie(?)
140.02REJOIC::LOMBARDOFri May 24 1991Russ Taff
141.024CGHUB::GRANTTue Jun 04 1991Artists' phone #s
142.03CGHUB::GRANTTue Jun 04 1991Article on Rich Mullins
143.0CGHUB::GRANTTue Jun 04 1991Bob Bennett
144.09HAVASU::HEISERWed Jun 05 1991Songwriting - Inspirations, Tips, & Tools
145.023HAVASU::HEISERThu Aug 22 1991Kerry Livgren
146.016CIMNET::FIESTERThu Aug 29 1991Out of the Grey
147.025HAVASU::HEISERWed Sep 04 1991Music Humor
148.0+23CSC32::M_FRAZIERFri Sep 06 1991Daniel Amos/DA/Swirling Eddies/etc...
149.09HAVASU::HEISERThu Sep 19 1991Concert Promotions
150.02RCOCER::MEADSun Sep 22 1991Church Software
152.03RELENG::BOOSAHDAWed Oct 02 1991Stephanie Boosahda
153.0+23CIMNET::FIESTERMon Oct 21 1991Twila Paris
155.06HAVASU::HEISERMon Nov 04 1991Musicians & Relationships
156.07DEALIN::LOMBARDOFri Nov 08 1991Breaking into the Industry
157.02DEALIN::LOMBARDOFri Nov 08 1991Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr.
158.010DEALIN::LOMBARDOFri Nov 08 1991Van Morrison
159.02FROSTY::GRANTTue Nov 19 1991Billy Crockett
160.073FRETZ::HEISERWed Nov 27 1991King's X
161.010FRETZ::HEISERWed Nov 27 1991Magdallan - Lanny Cordola
162.010GLDOA::DUCATTue Dec 03 1991Young Messiah Tour
163.05SASE::ESCOBARThu Jan 09 1992White Stone
164.03DELNI::WERBERWed Dec 04 1991Christian DJ's?
165.013FRETZ::HEISERThu Dec 12 1991Scans & Images
166.019DESERT::HEISERWed Dec 11 1991Album Duplication
167.09COOKIE::SANDERSONMon Dec 30 1991Susan Ashton
169.04MSDOA::RASMUSSENThu Jan 09 1992Glen Campbell
170.024REJOIC::LOMBARDOWed Jan 15 1992Charlie Peacock
171.06REJOIC::LOMBARDOWed Jan 15 1992Alternative Christian Music
172.0ICS::ROGERSKSun Jan 26 1992To Russia with Love
173.01QUIVER::ROSSWed Jan 29 1992Musical Drama
175.018REJOIC::LOMBARDOMon Feb 10 1992CCM music youth curriculum?
176.01CRBOSS::WOFFENDENMon Feb 10 1992Musicians Wanted / Available
177.025FRETZ::HEISERThu Feb 13 1992Vessell
178.073GENRAL::J_NICHOLSONWed Mar 06 1991The MOB
179.07COOKIE::SANDERSONMon Feb 24 1992Manuscripting software
180.01TALOFA::HARMONTue Mar 03 1992Bruce Cockburn
181.02GENRAL::J_NICHOLSONTue Mar 10 1992Leon Patillo
182.05FRETZ::HEISERWed Mar 11 1992Darrell Mansfield
183.06FRETZ::HEISERMon Mar 16 1992Presenting the Gospel at your Concerts
184.0+76FRETZ::HEISERTue Mar 17 1992Joyful Noyz
185.0FRETZ::HEISERFri Mar 20 1992Denny Correll
186.035FRETZ::HEISERMon Mar 30 1992Leading Worship
187.01DEALIN::LOMBARDOSat Apr 04 1992Mark Price and Lifeline
188.03PEKING::GERRYTMon Apr 06 1992Music & the Media
189.033REJOIC::LOMBARDOMon Apr 13 1992Michael English
190.04CVG::PANNETONFri Apr 17 1992Gospel Music Association (GMA)
191.011WHELIN::LOMBARDOFri Apr 17 1992Kathy Troccoli
193.040WHELIN::LOMBARDOSat Apr 25 1992DC TALK
194.02FRSCS::ULRICHTue May 05 1992Continental Singers
196.05ELWOOD::LOMBARDOTue Jul 21 1992Midge Ure (ex-Ultravox)
197.015LARVAE::PRICE_BWed Jul 22 1992Keith Green
198.028FRETZ::HEISERThu Jul 23 1992Mike Warnke
199.08FRETZ::HEISERThu Jul 23 1992Mark Heard
200.01Fri Aug 07 1992Al Denson
201.012JUMBLY::BURGESSFri Aug 21 1992Michael Schenker
203.05LEDS::UYENOThu Aug 20 1992Steve Camp
204.05REPAIR::KISIELThu Aug 20 1992The Violet Burning
205.0FRETZ::HEISERTue Aug 25 1992Rick Elias & The Confessions
206.014JUMBLY::BURGESSTue Sep 29 1992Alice Cooper?
207.01FRETZ::HEISERFri Oct 09 1992Jonathan David Brown
208.03SALEM::STIGWed Nov 04 1992"The unknown Christian artist recordings"
209.03LARVAE::PRICE_BThu Nov 05 1992Jon Bon Jovi
210.09--UnknownUser--Thu Nov 05 1992"MARK FARNER CONCERT!!"
211.01TAPE::LKLSat Nov 21 1992Outlaw Ministries
212.0ICS::KAUFMANNMon Nov 30 1992Mosaic Ministries--Supporting the Christian Artist
213.05MIMS::WILLIAMS_LWed Dec 02 1992Christian Rap
214.013TECRUS::TECRUS::ROSTTue Dec 08 1992Calling All Catholics?
215.06CSLALL::HENDERSONMon Dec 28 1992Bill Gaither Trio
216.05SALEM::STIGMon Dec 28 1992Any one heard of Sammy Hall??
218.016POWDML::BUCKLEYThu Jan 07 1993Dream Theater -- Images and Words
219.0TAPE::LKLFri Jan 08 1993Bobby Cotton - Weddington Studios ?
220.01FRETZ::HEISERMon Feb 08 1993Ransom - Stig's band
222.04PATE::PLOURDEMon Feb 22 1993 Christian Musicians/Vocal training?
223.01SALEM::STIGTue Mar 02 1993Destiny
224.08TAPE::LKLTue Mar 09 1993David & The Giants in concert
225.016KBOMFG::WMOSERThu Mar 11 1993Christian Irish music
226.07NEST::CURRYWed Mar 17 1993Sheet Music & Tab Notation
227.0TAPE::LKLWed Mar 31 1993Z MUSIC TV
228.0SMURF::BINDERFri Apr 02 1993Become famous instantly!
229.013TAPE::LKLFri Apr 09 1993CCSN musical review articles
230.01SALEM::STIGTue Jun 01 1993Veni Domine???
231.0TAPE::LKLTue Jun 08 1993ORLANDO area CCM
232.03USATFri Jul 02 1993Michelle Wagner
233.01FRETZ::HEISERThu Jul 15 1993Scott Wesley Brown
234.05TAPE::LKLMon Aug 02 1993Geoff Moore and the Distance
236.01SALEM::STIGWed Aug 25 1993Fear Not
237.03IOSG::GILESLTue Aug 31 1993SPLIT LEVEL
238.033FRETZ::HEISERThu Sep 16 1993Official CCM One-liners
239.04CSLALL::HENDERSONMon Sep 27 1993Dakoda Motor Co.
240.05CVG::PANNETONWed Sep 29 1993Any "church gyms" in New England?
241.07SALEM::STIGMon Oct 04 1993Kenny Tamplin
242.03TAPE::LKLThu Oct 07 1993Wes King
243.02MRKTNG::PRTZEL::MURRYThu Oct 28 1993The Goads
244.04PAKORA::GILLESPIESThu Nov 04 1993Prayer CD
245.01LILCPX::THELLENTue Nov 09 1993Brown Bannister
246.0TECRUS::ROSTMon Nov 29 1993Solomon's Portico II Coffeehouse (Berlin, MA)
247.0+30RICKS::PSHERWOODMon Nov 29 1993Newsboys
248.08KBOMFG::KLINGENBERGThu Dec 16 1993Request for info on various groups/artists
249.011TAPE::LKLFri Dec 17 1993Do Something Now - Cause
250.0PEKING::GERRYTThu Dec 23 1993CHristmas Songs 1993
251.028SALEM::STIGTue Dec 28 1993Michael Sweet
252.020STORK::CURRYMon Jan 10 1994Rock Suggestions?
253.016GOES11::HOUSEWed Jan 19 199477's
254.012TAPE::LKLTue Jan 25 1994Ashley Cleveland
255.0TAPE::LKLWed Mar 02 1994Michael Knott
256.03TAPE::LKLWed Mar 02 1994Brian White & Justice
257.09FRETZ::HEISERMon Mar 07 1994Heaven's Metal
258.09SALEM::STIGMon Mar 21 1994Charlie Daniels "The Door"
259.09ROMA::VANSENTENWed Mar 30 1994Good Choir for Eastern?? where??
260.03VIDEO::WILLIAMSThu Apr 07 1994Christian MIDI file
261.0CVG::PANNETONThu Apr 21 1994Church Sound Workshop, S. Portland, ME 4/29-3
262.014TAPE::LKLMon May 09 1994BDA - Becker, Dente, Ashton
263.06POWDML::MOSSEYWed Jun 15 1994Gary Chapman
264.022MSDOA::BOTTTue Jul 12 1994Worship Team
265.025MSDOA::BOTTTue Jul 12 1994Praise Music
266.014TAPE::LKLWed Jul 13 1994Christian comedians
267.010TAPE::LKLWed Jul 13 1994WALT DISNEY - NIGHT of JOY
268.02MSDOA::BOTTMon Jul 18 1994To Dance or Not??
269.010TAPE::LKLMon Sep 12 1994Steve Green
270.01FRETZ::HEISERThu Sep 22 1994Dennis Agajanian
271.04TAPE::LKLMon Sep 26 1994MINISTRY
272.09RDGENG::BURGESSFri Oct 07 1994Samantha Fox
273.02RDGENG::BURGESSFri Oct 07 1994Fairnie/Sage/Rowles
274.0CSLALL::HENDERSONFri Oct 28 1994Cynthia Clawson
275.016FRETZ::HEISERTue Nov 01 1994Steve Perry
276.011GOES11::HOUSEMon Nov 07 1994Audio Adrenelin
277.0FRETZ::HEISERMon Dec 19 1994Marty Goetz
278.08OUTSRC::HEISERMon Jan 09 1995Collective Soul
279.09SNOFS1::WOODWARDCThu Mar 23 19954HIM
281.0POWDML::MOSSEYTue Apr 18 1995Point of Grace
282.0CHEFS::GERRYTThu May 04 1995Clay Crosse
283.0DECWET::MCCLAINSat Jun 03 1995Out Of Eden
284.011QCAVSat Jun 17 1995Celebrant Singers
285.03QCAVThu Jun 22 1995Female Vocal/Duets
286.019QCAVThu Jun 22 1995Male Vocal /duets
287.0QCAVThu Jun 22 1995Communion Singers
288.01QCAVThu Jun 22 1995Various Artist Collections
289.01QCAVThu Jun 22 1995Midsouth - Country
290.05SSGVTue Jun 27 1995East to West
291.01CHEFS::GERRYTWed Jul 12 1995Chris Eaton
292.04OUTSRC::HEISERWed Jul 12 1995The Choir
293.0FABSIX::T_TEAHANTue Jul 18 1995Christian record producers
294.01OUTSRC::HEISERMon Aug 28 1995John Kaizer
295.04OUTSRC::HEISERFri Sep 22 1995CCM on the WWW
296.06QCAVFri Oct 27 1995Vineyard Music
297.02GIDDAY::OLLISMon Oct 30 1995Hillsongs Australia
298.08CHEFS::GERRYTMon Jul 08 1996'Techno Christian Bands'?
299.034PHXSS1::HEISERFri Sep 27 1996PFR (Pray for Rain)
300.011GUMSHU::SHIELDSSat Nov 23 1996Jerusalem
301.0 *+8PHXSS1::HEISERThu Feb 06 1997Crystal Lewis
302.0 *+1BBQ::WOODWARDCSun Feb 16 1997David Meece
303.0 *PHXSWed May 21 1997Third Day