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Title:* SCA Notes *
Created:Tue Mar 16 1993
Last Modified:Sat Oct 26 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:177
Total number of notes:640
Number with bodies:0
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6.044ROYAL::RAVANMon Sep 17 1984Who Are You?
7.01LOGIC::PUDERFri Sep 21 1984von Sosse (Worcester, MA)
8.04ROYAL::RAVANMon Sep 24 1984Nightingale Ball & Revel
9.01LOGIC::PUDERThu Sep 27 1984von Sosse's last event
10.05CYGNUS::CURTISTue Oct 02 1984Activities with the Boston group
11.025ZEPPO::SEIDMANWed Oct 03 1984Geography of SCA
12.01CYGNUS::CURTISMon Nov 12 1984Suggestion for more notes
13.09PNEUMA::KAPLANFri Nov 30 1984Early Engineering
14.013CYGNUS::CURTISThu Dec 06 1984Hack you a Gobbet?
15.04AURORA::RAVANTue Mar 05 1985Carolingian University & Fair
16.02CYGNUS::CURTISThu Mar 14 1985May Day Games in Carolingia
17.02EVER11::EKLOFTue Apr 02 1985Basic Heraldry
20.0PEN::KALLISThu Apr 11 1985From The Source
22.08PEN::KALLISWed Apr 24 1985King Arthur
23.01PEN::KALLISTue Apr 30 1985Medieval Medicine
26.01PEN::KALLISThu Jun 27 1985Upcoming Events?
28.011EVER11::EKLOFThu Jul 25 1985The Pennsic War
29.01GUIDO::RAVANThu Aug 01 1985Sabratact - a martial sport
30.04PISCES::CALDWELLMon Aug 19 1985No sh*t, there we were...
31.034PEN::KALLISMon Aug 26 1985Related Events
32.02LOGIC::PUDERWed Aug 28 1985Bryn Canol's only event
34.01GVAIC2::TALLONThu Nov 28 1985Escalade
35.012RATTLE::LOUGHMon Jan 20 1986Is anyone out there?!
36.01LOGIC::PUDERTue Jan 21 1986Conversion to VAX Notes
37.03EVER11::EKLOFWed Feb 19 1986XX Year Celebration
38.03RAINBO::TARBETWed Feb 19 1986English -> Latin Xlation Needed
39.03LOGIC::PUDERThu Mar 27 1986Quintavia's first event
40.05EVER11::EKLOFThu Apr 10 1986Harper's Retreat & Medieval Affair
41.03BPOV1Tue May 13 1986The Quintavian Newsletter
42.01LOGIC::PUDERThu Jun 05 1986other nodes for this conference
43.014HAYNES::CASWELLWed Jun 11 1986Ok, Where do I start?
44.02EVER11::EKLOFThu Jun 12 1986Golden Sword
45.05EVER11::EKLOFMon Jul 21 1986PENNSIC XV
47.02LOGIC::PUDERWed Oct 08 1986Harvest Moon Shoot
48.010LOGIC::PUDERWed Oct 08 1986The Quintavian Inquisition
50.018YODA::BARANSKIMon Dec 08 1986Nashua SCA?
51.01YODA::BARANSKISun Dec 28 1986Maine SCA???
52.09LOGIC::PUDERThu Feb 19 1987Women in the SCA
53.01MAGOO::PFCMon Feb 23 1987Fasching Ball Question
54.02LOGIC::PUDERTue Feb 24 1987Technical difficulties
55.07HJUXB::HASLOCKWed May 06 1987Siege Engine Contest
57.08AITG::PUDERSat May 09 1987King&Queen's Champions Tourney & Boredom War I
60.04NOVA::GROFFThu Jul 02 1987Fencers Fencers Everywhere and not a BOD to rule
63.01ANOVAX::WHITETue Aug 04 1987PA SCA's
65.01NOVA::GROFFTue Aug 18 1987NSTWW
67.03NOVA::GROFFWed Sep 09 1987sca_distribution and sca notesfile
70.01--UnknownUser--Fri Oct 09 1987Sword source?
71.03RSTS32::KASPERThu Nov 05 1987Stonemarche Newsletter
72.07RSTS32::KASPERThu Nov 05 1987Monthly get-togethers
75.01RSTS32::KASPERTue Nov 24 1987Stonemarche Barony Meeting
76.02RSTS32::KASPERTue Dec 22 1987East Kingdom Twelfth Night
77.01TEACH::MARTHATue Jan 12 1988The "real" Hastings
78.05BEVRLY::KASPERFri Jan 15 1988Fighting Practice
79.02BEVRLY::KASPERTue Jan 19 1988Spear Feast in Carolingia
80.014HJUXB::HASLOCKWed Jan 20 1988Coronation - Gavin & Sedalia
81.01BEVRLY::KASPERFri Jan 29 1988Stonemarche Domesday Boke
82.06SMURF::HOFFMANFri Jan 29 1988Estrella Wars
83.02RSTS32::KASPERWed Feb 03 1988Carolingia - Midwinter's Dance Revel
86.02RSTS32::KASPERMon Feb 15 1988Stonemarche Celtic Revel
87.01RSTS32::KASPERWed Mar 09 1988The S&M War !
88.01SUBURB::WILSONMon Mar 14 1988historical costume
91.03AKOV11::KINGFri Mar 25 1988So sue me, I gotta know!
93.04RSTS32::KASPERFri Apr 08 1988How to develop a Persona
95.02ERIS::CALLASWed Apr 20 1988SCA in Colorado
99.01ATSE::KASPERTue May 10 1988Is there a Group in . . .
100.04ATSE::KASPERThu May 12 1988Bishop Geoffrey Melee Tourney
103.04ATSE::KASPERTue May 24 1988Boredom War in Quintavia
104.06HJUXB::HASLOCKWed May 25 1988The Crown Tourney that Wasn't
109.01ATSE::KASPERWed Jul 06 1988Something for Everyone
111.04AKOV11::KINGTue Jul 26 1988Pennsic? WHEN!?!?
112.01POOL::EIKENBERRYThu Aug 04 1988Fencing - The Ultimate Sport!
114.02AKOVFri Sep 02 1988Help me! I'm tired of being mundane!
115.01BYO515::CRUTCHFIELDFri Sep 09 1988Is the SCA in Boston?
117.06AKOVThu Sep 22 1988SCA on ARPA?
119.013TUDOR::ERYNWed Oct 12 1988EK University, Carolingia, Dec. 3rd
120.04AKO546::JODOINTue Nov 08 1988There must be more to this than meets the eye.
121.024JETSAM::WILBURThu Dec 08 1988Need help with MEAD
122.01JETSAM::WILBURMon Dec 12 1988Falcon Rapture
123.02ELUDOM::GROFFThu Dec 29 1988Carolingian Duello and Chessmatch
124.02AKOVMon Jan 23 1989Carolingian Events?
125.01AUNTB::SEATONWed Feb 01 1989Lost in the nether reaches.
126.03AKOVTue Feb 07 1989Events? They were here somewhere...
128.02MOSAIC::IANNUZZOMon Feb 13 1989Carolingian events
129.01ATSE::BLOCKMon Feb 20 1989Pilgrimage to Canterbury
130.01AKOV13::MCGARGHANFri Feb 24 1989Ladies and Needles
131.04ATSE::BLOCKWed Mar 01 1989East Kingdom Curia
133.02AKO546::JODOINMon Mar 27 1989Adventurers Wanted!
134.04--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 05 1989Upcoming events in Maine
135.02DELNI::BEECHERMon May 01 1989I seek assistance to find the Romany/Gypsies
136.01AKOVMon Jun 26 1989Nashua area fight practice?
138.08AKOVWed Jul 19 1989S&M War: on-board feast "seat" for sale
139.03YODA::BARANSKIMon Jul 31 1989Herald-ing
140.08YODA::BARANSKITue Aug 01 1989SCA vs. roleplaying
141.05GENIE::KRINERMon Aug 21 1989Well, how was Pennsic?
144.02DOCS::DOCSVSMon Aug 28 1989Events in Maine in 199
145.07WECARE::BAILEYMon Aug 28 1989?'s from a Mundane
148.02WECARE::BAILEYMon Sep 11 1989Sources for Medieval Items
151.04SNDCSL::SMITHTue Sep 19 1989Where can I buy caltrops?
152.01AKOV13::MCGARGHANMon Sep 25 1989Shire Birthday and Feast of St. Robert
153.01RVAX::MCGARGHANMon Nov 06 1989Need Garb?
155.05ATSE::BLOCKTue Dec 12 1989Market Day in Birka event, Stonemarche, Jan 6
156.05SMURF::HOFFMANTue Dec 12 1989Estrella War FEB 17-19
157.0--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 03 1990Status of 25th Year Celebration?
158.02ENTPRZ::NELSONThu Feb 08 1990Help the East at Pennsic this year!
159.02ENTPRZ::NELSONMon Feb 12 1990Archery Practice
160.01NRADM::DONOHUEThu Feb 22 1990Pennsic info; return to the fold
170.05MCDONL::BARANSKIThu Sep 27 1990Cloved Fruit Tradition
173.0--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 07 1991Estrella war/hockey gloves
174.01USWRSL::SHORTT_LAWed Mar 06 1991SCA Feast Food
175.0TAPE::STROBERGERWed Sep 27 1995Eastern Coronation directions?
176.02NETRIX::"p_cross@netcad.enet.dec.com"Mon Jan 29 1996Quintavia
177.0NETRIX::"cross@gweep.lkg.dec.com"Tue Feb 13 1996upcoming events in Quintavia