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Conference asd::minix

Created:Wed Oct 19 1988
Last Modified:Wed Oct 16 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:148
Total number of notes:626
Number with bodies:0
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1.02CIMBAD::POWERSWed Oct 19 1988Welcome to the MINIX Notesfile - Digital Internal use only
2.01CIMBAD::POWERSWed Oct 19 1988Conference Announcements
3.03CIMBAD::POWERSWed Oct 19 1988Conference Suggestions
4.039CIMBAD::POWERSWed Oct 19 1988Introductions
5.04CIMBAD::POWERSWed Oct 19 1988Pointers to Software on E-Net
6.02CIMBAD::POWERSWed Oct 19 1988Books
7.01CIMBAD::POWERSWed Oct 19 1988Related Conferences
8.0CIMBAD::POWERSWed Oct 19 1988Reserved for Future Use
9.0CIMBAD::POWERSWed Oct 19 1988Reserved for Future Use
10.0CIMBAD::POWERSWed Oct 19 1988Reserved for Future Use
11.0CIMBAD::POWERSWed Oct 19 1988Reserved for Future Use
12.0CIMBAD::POWERSWed Oct 19 1988Reserved for Future Use
13.08UBRKIT::GRIERThu Oct 20 1988Simple questions to start with
14.01BCSE::ROTHSTEINFri Oct 21 1988Minix compared to ...
15.01MGOIMon Oct 24 1988VERSIONS
16.0DELNI::GOLDSTEINTue Oct 25 1988Minix user's impressions from Usenet
17.013MKTUP4::EIBENMon Oct 31 1988Minix upgrades...
18.02TOOK::MATTIOLIThu Nov 10 1988rs232 kernel
19.05BENTLY::MESSENGERThu Nov 10 1988MINIX/X11
20.01MKTUP4::EIBENSat Nov 12 1988A plea for 'help'..
21.05SKYLRK::KURATAWed Nov 16 1988Can you upgrade with 1 floppy?
22.0STAR::PARKETue Nov 22 1988EM documentation available anywhere ?
23.02KETJE::MISTIAENWed Nov 23 1988MS-DOS setup for MINIX development?
24.04SKYLRK::KURATAMon Nov 28 1988Update questions
25.06VIDEO::LINDFORSTue Nov 29 1988Free Software Foundation C Compiler
26.04SKYLRK::KURATATue Nov 29 1988The joys of upgrading
27.03SKYLRK::KURATAThu Dec 15 1988Is V1.3 available ?
28.0MUNEDI::ZOKTue Dec 20 1988MINIX ST library bug ?
29.05SKYLRK::KURATATue Dec 20 1988Version 1.2 for AT available ?
30.02SKYLRK::KURATAMon Jan 09 1989Have you tried elle ?
31.01SKYLRK::KURATAWed Jan 11 1989Can you load RAM from hard disk?
32.05PRNSYS::LOMICKAJThu Jan 19 1989Free C compiler
33.0VMSSPT::BUDAFri Jan 27 1989Need floppy number 7
34.01UTRTSC::BRANCH_ADAMThu Mar 02 1989minix without ramdisk ??
35.02IESE::ALLISONFri Mar 03 1989Upload Minix Sources from Atari ST for Me???
36.0LYOIS1::MARIOTTEWed Mar 15 1989where to find it
37.0GWEN::LINDFORSMon Apr 10 1989Usenet'ing anyone?
38.07PDVTue Apr 18 1989Where are MINIX Sources ??
39.01COOKIE::WECKERWed May 10 1989Kit Missing Required Items... H E L P ! ! ! !
40.010MKTUP4::EIBENWed May 17 1989CLAM anybody ??
41.01COOKIE::WECKERTue May 30 1989I need 2 files for my MINIX...
42.01OTOFS::D_HOULETue Jun 06 1989Minix revisited
43.04GUIDUK::B_WOODWed Jun 14 1989How to order from PH?
44.04DECWET::MPETERSONMon Jun 19 1989MInix and Turbo C
45.04ASDS::WARDTue Jun 20 1989MINIX training - product requirements
46.01MUNEDI::ZOKThu Jun 29 1989problems with cdiff files with MINIX-ST
47.03DIXIE1::KEIDAVISMon Jul 03 1989MINIX on a RAINBOW?
48.0ASDS::WARDWed Jul 05 1989Minix in July Byte advice column
49.02GENRAL::KOLLERFri Jul 14 1989MINIX 1.3 for $116.
50.02MUNICH::FUETTERERWed Jul 19 1989update-policy
51.012KAOS::DIFABIOMon Jul 31 1989Need to setup hard disk
52.01JIT761::HTANAKAWed Aug 09 1989asld bug report
53.0STAR::BUDATue Aug 22 1989MINIX etc available
54.02FSTTOO::GALLOFri Aug 25 1989Minix on the VAXmate
55.011WCSM::CHANGFri Aug 25 1989Application programs for Minix?
56.04WCSM::CHANGMon Sep 11 1989My first encounter with MINIX - Confused!
58.01TROPPO::RICKARDThu Sep 21 1989MINIXserver-2
59.03WCSM::CHANGMon Oct 02 1989backup and use of extended memory
60.01STKHLM::WEBJORNWed Oct 04 1989What version on Atari-ST
61.01TALLIS::MISHRAMon Oct 16 1989SOZOBON-C for X86s ?
62.01TALLIS::MISHRATue Oct 17 1989Limitations of Amsterdam-C Compiler?
63.01GENRAL::HEINTZEMon Oct 23 1989Memory Beyond 1MB (and other Ques)
64.01STKHLM::WEBJORNTue Oct 24 1989Experiences with Minix_ST V 1.1 ??
65.0GUIDUK::B_WOODFri Oct 27 1989Lets figure how to boot from hard drive Eh?
66.05ISLAND::VELILLAMon Oct 30 1989usenet
67.02EVOIS6::DONZEFri Nov 03 1989command su does not work
69.09WELSWS::BOTTOMLEYFri Nov 03 1989Is there support for RLL Controllers in V1.3 yet?
70.08EVOAI2::DONZEFri Nov 17 1989A way to uncompress less?
71.07WELCUT::GILMOURFri Dec 08 1989The Minix Centre ,UK
72.02GENRAL::HEINTZEFri Dec 08 1989Any good rumors on MINIX V1.4?
73.03GWEN::ORSHAWMon Dec 18 1989Minix inside DEC products?
74.01FRAMBO::UNGEHEUERFri Dec 22 1989need them too
75.0EVOAI2::DONZEWed Dec 27 1989Where is ppid?
76.01NRMACU::BAILEYTue Jan 02 1990Atari-ST MINIX RAM disk & keyboard problems.
77.05CSC32::M_DIFABIOTue Jan 02 1990CRC
78.02SHALOT::PACKTue Jan 09 1990Minix on PS/2 Model 5
79.02WCSM::CHANGThu Jan 11 1990How to define an aliase for a MINIX command?
80.09ISLAND::VELILLAThu Jan 11 1990minix ver 1.5
81.01TLSETue Jan 23 1990i need source please...
82.017CHEFS::GOSSAFri Jan 26 1990Help needed with MINIX 1.5.
83.07KYOA::WOODSThu Apr 12 1990i've been cloned
84.04FREZEN::PROJECTSTue Apr 17 1990Where can I buy Latest Minix & sources w/documentation
85.01SOFFIT::PROJECTSMon Jun 04 1990Partitioning Hard Disk Ques.
86.0WELSWS::GILMOURFri Aug 10 1990Minix UUCP
87.0HGOVC::MICHAELSHIUMon Aug 13 1990I need the source
88.0ASDS::BLOOMMon Aug 20 1990Need help with an AT install
89.08FMCSSE::HEINTZETue Sep 25 1990Any C++ compilers for MINIX?
90.08SUOSW3::GRAMMERMon Oct 22 1990about Editors?
91.0HLFSTue Oct 30 1990MINIX 1.1 and HDX3.
92.05ASDS::WARDWed Nov 07 1990MINIX for Amiga and MAC
93.02SMURF::CRANSTONMon Nov 19 1990Any MacMinix Users?
94.016SMURF::CRANSTONTue Nov 20 1990MacMinix Info and Patches
95.02RIPPLE::BRENNAN_JEWed Nov 21 1990MacMinix on Classic?
96.01DATABS::SMITHThu Nov 29 1990Development questions
99.01RANGER::PATTERSONSun Dec 09 1990how to patch macminix
100.02UTESMon Dec 17 1990Minix V1.5
101.03SMURF::CRANSTONWed Dec 19 1990IBM & Mac Minix for $135
102.03KAOM25::TOMKINSFri Dec 21 1990MACMINIX, what is it?
103.07HWSMLFri Dec 28 1990Files missing in 1.3 -> 1.5 update archive
104.05STAR::CURBELOMon Jan 14 1991Differences between UNIX and Minix
105.01HPSRAD::MAZURTue Jan 15 1991V1.5 Disk 4 needed
106.02DECNET::YAGUSICFri Jan 18 1991Questions about SW environment
107.02ONEMAN::MARSHThu Jan 24 1991Help with DOSREAD function
108.0WJG::GUINEAUFri Feb 01 1991Amiga Minix hard disk support update
109.03STAR::GUINEAUMon Mar 18 1991Amiga Minix on 68
110.0TAGART::CARTYThu Mar 28 1991Minix on a DEC 325,425 ????
111.03TAGART::CARTYTue Apr 02 1991Read error .. Operation aborted .. MINIX 1.5
112.04DTENG1::CARTYTue Apr 09 1991HELP with my partition disk and Invalid partiton
113.01BIS1::HUCWed Apr 10 1991MINIX V1.5 for Atari ST Help !
114.02LANDO::MAZURSun Apr 21 1991Remote access via Dialin
115.0211SRUS::HEWITTWed Apr 24 1991Boot MINIX from DOS?
116.01AZUR::JANSENThu Apr 25 1991MINIX on LAPTOPS/Portables ?
117.02LISVAX::RODRIGUESTue May 07 1991Need information about Novell NE-2
118.01STAR::GUINEAUTue May 28 1991Amiga Minix - Alive and kicking
119.0SMURF::CRANSTONWed May 29 1991C Compiler Bug List
120.05WCW::WHITNEYMon Jun 10 1991MINIX demo disks
121.01THAVWed Jun 19 1991V1.5 PC 3.5" disk2 needed!
122.04DELNI::GOLDSTEINTue Jul 16 1991Are there Minix applications yet?
123.015LISVAX::RODRIGUESThu Jul 18 1991386BSD
124.010SALSA::DUPREFri Jul 26 1991Minix 1.5 problems (Amiga)
125.03JRDLSI::T_KOCHISat Aug 03 1991ps(1) of MacMinix works fine?
126.09WELSWS::GILMOURThu Aug 08 1991Minix 1.5 -> 1.6.16 beta upgrade
127.0PRSUD1::SEYNAEVEWed Aug 14 1991New Console on ATARI Mega
128.0WELSWS::GILMOURTue Aug 27 1991Bellcore Windows under Minix
129.0COLTue Aug 27 1991ATARI Mega ST with OMTI-Controller anybody?
130.03GIDDAY::MORANWed Sep 25 1991/etc/ttys problems
131.01SNOFS1::MORANThu Sep 26 1991New Sources ???
132.03WELSWS::GILMOURMon Oct 07 1991Minix Demo Disk
133.0WELSWS::GILMOURWed Dec 04 1991Pascal to C convertor P2C
134.01MARSThu Dec 12 1991where is C68?
135.04HLFSWed Dec 18 1991minix386 available ?
136.0WELSWS::GILMOURMon Dec 23 1991Amiga Minix 1.5.1
137.02THAXTue Jan 07 1992Where is newst UMAIL?
138.018ADO75A::SHARPETue Jan 21 1992linux
139.05VAXRT::GENTRYMon Apr 13 1992Minix newcomer questions
140.01MANEGE::GREBETue Jun 02 1992Where are the files ??
141.06ANNECY::FAILLIE_LThu Jun 25 1992Free Amiga Minix Aviable ?
142.01CGOWGS::GIBBSun Jun 28 1992Is there a Demo Version available for a IBM XT
143.0NUMERO::WANGERINMon Aug 17 1992For Sale-IBM Minix v1.5
144.02WELSWS::GILMOURMon Aug 24 1992TeX,METAFont typesetting going
145.0WELSWS::GILMOURMon Nov 23 1992Telnet for minix
146.01SA1794::CHUNGHTue Dec 29 1992Linux Conference ??
147.04GLADYS::MALONEYWed Mar 10 1993Any AMIGA MINIX people still out there ?
148.01NEWVAX::PAVLICEKWed Oct 16 1996Quick update for those that may wander in here