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Conference asd::gal_trader

Title:Galactic Trader
Notice:for current kit location see Note 97.6
Created:Mon Jul 18 1988
Last Modified:Mon Jan 15 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:125
Total number of notes:1306
Number with bodies:0
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1.01ASD::LOWMon Jul 18 1988Welcome!
3.025ASD::LOWMon Jul 18 1988Wish List...
4.029ASD::LOWMon Jul 18 1988Location of current Kit...
5.073ASD::LOWMon Jul 18 1988Sign in here!
6.012TUNER::POZZETTATue Jul 19 1988Cheating?
7.09CUSTOM::SAVKARTue Jul 19 1988Dec Hackers are a bunch of Monkeys
8.027ASD::LOWWed Jul 20 1988How to Cheat
9.04SCRUFF::CONLIFFEWed Jul 20 1988Looking for a universe
10.017ANT::TURBAFri Jul 22 1988What they do?!?
11.096AD::MEIERFri Jul 29 1988Bugs Report Area for V4.
12.05HARDY::FINNERNFri Jul 29 1988GalTrader - How do I get it?
13.06AD::MEIERMon Aug 01 1988Strategy Note
14.046ANT::SMCAFEEMon Aug 01 1988New User Questions
15.09SUBURB::DANCEATue Aug 02 1988Why 'Oh Why?
16.03CGOOTue Aug 02 1988Need a ship summary
17.05NANUCK::AWDEWed Aug 03 1988Automatic Galactic SAVE/RESTORE
18.06WFOV11::SAGANWed Aug 17 1988Help me recover from CTRL-C
19.0NANUCK::AWDEThu Aug 18 1988Responses to 17.2 + 17.4
20.0KNUTS::NETWORKSFri Aug 19 1988One wickid MESSAGE.DAT for 24
21.01VISA::MONAHAN2Fri Aug 26 1988Equipment grabbing ?
22.08WFOV11::SAGANFri Aug 26 1988NEED "Override password"
23.03NANUCK::SSMITHWed Sep 07 1988How to transfer funds between players?
24.03ASD::LOWMon Sep 19 1988Source, source, who's got the source?
25.03CADSE::SHANNONTue Sep 20 1988Best ship
26.02CADSE::WONGThu Sep 22 1988Secret Features
27.04EUCLID::GRIFFITHFri Sep 23 1988Dire Straits
28.01SUCCES::BURTONTue Sep 27 1988Fire control computer??
29.04NANUCK::SSMITHTue Oct 11 1988Is any of this stuff for sale?
30.010CADSYS::SHEPARDWed Oct 12 1988Deathstar anywhere?
31.03PAULUS::WEHLEMon Oct 17 1988some nervous shooting ?
32.0CADSE::WONGThu Oct 20 1988Scoring system
33.02CADSE::WONGThu Nov 03 1988Long Range Scanners
34.03PAULUS::WEHLEWed Nov 09 1988ship definitions
35.06RDGENG::BUDGENMon Dec 12 1988*** H E L P ***
36.05RDGENG::BUDGENTue Dec 13 1988*** C L O A K I N G D E V I C E ***
37.01RDGENG::BUDGENThu Dec 15 1988*** H E L P ***
38.01UBRKIT::CREANWed Jan 25 1989wish list II
39.04COMICS::BUXTONMon Jan 30 1989Asteroids and numbers
40.01COMICS::BUXTONTue Feb 07 1989Are we communicating ?
41.025MUNICH::SCHMIERTue Feb 21 1989New features and bugs in V4.4 ...
42.012COMICS::BUXTONTue Feb 21 1989Please Please help our galaxy !
43.017MUSKIE::AWDEFri Feb 24 1989Questions Regarding GAL-TRADER V4.4
44.03DPDMAI::SCHOONOVERFri Mar 03 1989Cheating under V4.4
45.0ASD::LOWSun Mar 12 1989Coming soon...
46.01EMC2::COGGANWed Mar 15 1989What do I do now??? HELP!!!!!!!!!!
47.0FNYFS::HILLWed Mar 15 1989Hall-of-Fame correct?
48.05COMICS::BUXTONWed Apr 05 1989Do I have to cheat ?
50.010WONDER::CUTTINGWed Jun 21 1989Wanted to buy.
51.04WILLEE::GREMOThu Jun 22 1989HELP - gal.com file?
53.09FNYFS::BOWENTue Jul 11 1989V4.4 Programs
54.01TYNE::PESTELLThu Jul 20 1989Captains Log (Hellpp!!)
55.019TYNE::PESTELLFri Jul 21 1989Requesting 1_2_3..
56.08CVG::CAMPANELLAFri Jul 21 1989V4.4 High Scores
57.01BAHTAT::PESTELLWed Aug 16 1989How about a Crash Course!!!
58.05BAHTAT::BOOTHThu Aug 24 1989Copy of Map Prog anyone?
59.0CADSE::WONGWed Sep 06 1989Cloaking Device
60.07TLE::BURMEISTERThu Sep 07 1989GT site data needed!!!
61.0CADSE::WONGTue Sep 19 1989Playing the Outlaw aka Having Fun
62.0TRUCKS::CHANTWed Sep 27 1989Havoc
63.06UBOHUB::GIBBONS_LWed Sep 27 1989Sources anyone
64.010EFGVWed Nov 08 1989cheat.bas problems
65.04MUTT::LEWISWed Jan 03 1990help
66.063MKFSA::GOULDWed Jan 17 1990NEW GAME SOON
68.05CVG::CIARALDIMon Apr 30 1990override password
69.01CVG::CIARALDIFri May 04 1990LSJ system
70.0LVSB::GAGNONThu Jun 07 1990How about an update?
71.02DGMTFri Jul 13 1990X-ray laser wanted
72.01AD::MEIERThu Jul 19 1990I'm Baaaack!!
73.08AD::MEIERFri Aug 10 1990Version 4.55 Released!
74.031AD::MEIERFri Aug 10 1990V 4.55 Bug reports
75.02AD::MEIERFri Aug 10 1990Game Managers Guide Available
77.01CSGThu Aug 16 1990NEED HELP
78.0SMAUG::OAKLEYThu Aug 23 1990Copy of 4.44?
79.09SMAUG::OAKLEYSun Aug 26 1990How Do You Get That STUFF???
80.05SMAUG::OAKLEYWed Aug 29 1990Thargoids
81.0138SMAUG::OAKLEYSun Sep 09 1990PICA::GAMES postings from note 87
82.0CSGThu Oct 25 1990I DON'T GET IT
83.012AD::MEIERTue Oct 30 1990GT V. 5.
84.01TRADE::OGRENSun Nov 11 1990How do you get credits?
85.05AD::MEIERFri Mar 22 1991V5.
86.016AD::MEIERFri Mar 22 1991V 5.
87.033AD::MEIERFri Mar 22 1991V 5.
88.028AD::MEIERTue Mar 26 1991V. 5.
89.095Tue Apr 02 1991Version 5.
90.08SMAUG::OAKLEYMon Apr 15 1991GT 4.55 Strategy Note.
91.0AD::MEIERWed Apr 24 1991V 5.1 Released
92.035AD::MEIERWed Apr 24 1991V. 5.1 Bug note
93.01DECAUX::GRISU1::EGERTThu Apr 25 1991DECWindows ... ???
94.06AD::MEIERMon Apr 29 1991Multiuser Note
95.04FORTY2::ABRAHAMSThu May 02 1991UPP translator?
96.04STRATA::VAGHINIFri May 10 1991KILLS (How Many Have You Got)
97.08AD::MEIERWed Jun 19 1991V5.2 Release Annoucement
98.036AD::MEIERWed Jun 19 1991V5.2 bug area
99.06FOOSW6::ZIPPFri Jun 21 1991GL V5.2 Strategy note
100.03STRATA::VAGHINIThu Jun 27 1991V52 EQUIPMENT ?
101.01USMFG::BHYNESThu Jul 11 1991v5.2 help needed
102.0GAMGEE::MORIATue Jul 16 1991Old GT Versions
103.025AD::MEIERWed Jul 17 19915.22 bug note
104.05USMFG::BHYNESThu Jul 18 1991change dir in v4.5
105.012GAMGEE::MORIAFri Jul 26 1991V5 WISHLIST
106.05AD::MEIERWed Sep 18 1991GT full documentation available
107.01VNABRW::ATZEGI::GLATZERTue Sep 24 1991Kit of latest Version: V5.22 or V5.3?
108.02DECAUX::GRISU1::EGERTFri Sep 27 1991Equipment in V5.22 ??
109.01MCIS2::MADDENJMon Oct 07 1991Lost Trader
110.01VNABRW::ATZEGI::GLATZERTue Oct 15 1991V5.31 ?
111.0AD::MEIERTue Oct 22 1991GT 5.31 Released
112.011AD::MEIERTue Oct 22 19915.31 Bugs note
113.014GL::ALEXANDERWed Oct 30 1991Port to other platforms?
114.014GL::ALEXANDERFri Nov 01 1991Corruption in the Galactic Bank.
115.03DECAUX::GRISU1::EGERTFri Mar 20 1992Sources ??
116.01JUNCO::SANTANATue May 19 1992Unpack kit
117.015JUNCO::SANTANAWed May 20 1992gal V52....
118.04--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 19 1992A new Players's questions
119.04DECAUX::GRISU1::EGERTWed Dec 30 1992Where is the Kit now ????
120.04EEMELI::AMANNISTOMon May 30 1994Two questions from MASTER...
121.0EEMELI::AMANNISTOMon Jul 04 1994Looking for Cloacking Device
122.01JGO::MARTINFri Nov 04 1994How do you get/install GAL_TRADER?
123.01SNOFS1::CONSIDINEESat Jan 06 1996Prob's trying to install
124.01SNOFS1::CONSIDINEEMon Jan 15 1996run...help req'd pls
125.0SNOFS1::CONSIDINEEMon Jan 15 1996extra run help req...