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Conference asd::ferrets

Title:Ferret Fanciers, Inc
Notice:Frank Burns' Alma Mater
Created:Fri Feb 14 1986
Last Modified:Mon Jun 02 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:207
Total number of notes:1290
Number with bodies:33
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1.013COMET::ROBERTSMon Dec 30 1985An Introduction
2.0+68COMET::ROBERTSMon Dec 30 1985Introduce Your Ferret
3.048GEMVAX::GEDENBERGThu Sep 24 1987Getting Started Info
4.030CADZOO::CERNESETue Dec 31 1985Why are ferrets illegal here?
5.029RAIN::DELPHIAFri Apr 08 1988Where to buy a ferret
6.024ATLAST::BROWNMon Jan 06 1986Ferrets & Other Animals
7.022COMET::ROBERTSMon Jan 06 1986Black-footed Ferret
8.04PASTIS::MONAHANMon Jan 13 1986Things to do with your ferret.
9.0+16--UnknownUser--Fri Feb 03 1989Accessories For Sale/Wanted
10.010NCCSB::FLACKThu Feb 12 1987Pregnancy/Breeding
11.014COMET::ROBERTSSun Feb 16 1986Health
12.044COMET::ROBERTSSun Feb 16 1986Food
13.044NSSG::LAJEUNESSETue Feb 18 1986Questions, Questions, Questions
14.051NONAME::CERNESESun Feb 23 1986Litter Training/Housebreaking
15.018AKOVTue Jan 13 1987Altering/Descenting
16.010--UnknownUser--Thu May 26 1988Ferrets for Sale/Adoption/Wanted
17.09MSDOA::LSMITHMon Mar 02 1992Ferret Names
18.02ZUGZUG::JESSOPFri Sep 17 1993Lifespan, Maturity... etc.
19.02COMET::ROBERTSFri Sep 19 1986American Ferret Magazine
20.07AKOVThu Oct 30 1986The Outlaw!
22.07AKOVFri Nov 21 1986Do they ever slow down?
23.04COMET::ROBERTSFri Nov 21 1986Ferret Sounds/Noises
24.020AKOVTue Nov 25 1986Ferrets vs. Furniture
25.06AKOVTue Dec 02 1986Fighting between friends
32.03COMET::ROBERTSMon May 04 1987Ferret Shows
33.04NCCSB::FLACKWed May 13 1987Ferrets in North Carolina NC
34.011--UnknownUser--Mon Jun 29 1987Where'd s/he go?
39.0+11RDGEMon Sep 21 1987Fur/Hair/Coat/Shedding
41.07NORDIC::SCHERERMon Sep 28 1987Ferrets in Vermont VT
48.0CHFVFri Feb 05 1988Ferrets in Illinois IL
49.011SPGOGO::MCNALLYFri Feb 05 1988Veteranarians/Doctors/Clinics
50.07BLITZN::ROBERTSWed Mar 02 1988FerretWorld Sales Catalog
53.02RAIN::DELPHIAThu Apr 07 1988Biting problems
62.01KERNEL::FLOWERSWed May 18 1988Domesticated UK???
70.038--UnknownUser--Mon Aug 15 1988Ferrets in Massachusetts MA
72.06RAIN::DELPHIAFri Sep 23 1988United Ferret Owners (UFO)
75.016CRUSHA::BOYLEMon Oct 03 1988HELP - Sick Ferret
76.03RAIN::DELPHIAFri Oct 21 1988TATTOOed Ears
89.07UTROP1::BOSMAN_PWed Jul 05 1989Mink vs. Ferret
90.02UTROP1::BOSMAN_PFri Jul 07 1989Harmless clowns!
91.03WJO::COOKWed Jul 12 1989ERMINES
95.09GRANPA::DFOLEYWed Aug 02 1989Noisy Pest!
96.012IOSG::HAYESJFri Sep 08 1989Reliable Source in the UK?
97.03BABY::STEINBERGWed Sep 13 1989Forlorn & Ferret-less! :-(
99.03UTROP1::BOSMAN_PThu Oct 12 1989Crazy questions!
101.02UTROP1::BOSMAN_PMon Nov 13 1989Importing COLOUR!
103.0UTROP1::BOSMAN_PFri Dec 01 1989Free leaflet available!
105.06UTROP1::BOSMAN_PMon Mar 26 1990Frettison Square Garden.
106.01UTROP1::BOSMAN_PFri May 04 1990Wanna know 'bout ferrets?
107.02UTROP1::BOSMAN_PThu May 10 1990HELP, Dr.FOX? or ....?
109.02UTROP1::BOSMAN_PThu Aug 16 1990KRUMPIE has gone.
111.0UTROP1::BOSMAN_PFri Sep 21 1990Dutch Ferret Foundation
117.01UTROP1::BOSMAN_PFri Jan 25 1991NEW Book!!!
118.03NITEB4::ROBERTSThu Jan 31 1991We will miss Butch
120.058BABY::STEINBERGThu Feb 21 1991Ferrets in New Hampshire NH
121.02UTROP1::BOSMAN_PWed May 22 1991Maybe I hit the nail?
123.016LEDDEV::LAVRANOSThu Aug 29 1991Ferret likes to lick people
128.012FOOSW6::COOKTue Jan 14 1992Two Ferrets or Not Two Ferrets...
130.015ELWOOD::CHRISTIEMon Mar 09 1992Attacking Ferret?
134.0ANNECY::HUMANMon Aug 31 1992Rescue Society (England)
139.09SOLVIT::LAURENCELLEWed Jan 13 1993Help with "Barret"
141.04ANNECY::HUMANThu Jan 28 1993operation risks?
147.02AIMHI::COLLETONFri Feb 19 1993ferrett condos for $
148.011DEMING::ZUIDEMATue Feb 23 1993shots?
149.020AIMHI::HUMMELTue Feb 23 1993ALLERGIES
151.010CSC32::A_STEINDELMon Mar 22 1993Seasonal weight changes for ferrets?
152.0RLTIME::COOKSun Mar 28 1993Ferret Census - Public Service Announcement
153.06CUPMK::T_THEOTue Apr 06 1993Collars, Harnesses, Leashes
154.010SALEM::NELSON_DMon May 10 1993The Low Crawl
155.08SALEM::NELSON_DTue Jun 01 1993Sleep!
156.03MRKTNG::L_MOOREThu Jul 08 1993Vacation?
157.02MRKTNG::L_MOOREWed Jul 21 1993Ferret Panic?
158.07POWDML::BYRDWed Aug 11 1993Ferrets In the News
159.06TRACTR::ARCHAMBEAULTFri Aug 13 1993Tail wagging???
160.02ASD::DICKEYMon Oct 18 1993Soap attraction
161.01MSDOA::FREZZAWed Nov 03 1993Finding home for ferrets
162.03MRKTNG::L_MOORETue Nov 09 1993Christmas Tree + Ferret?
163.02EARRTH::DREYERWed Nov 17 1993Ferret Rescue League?
164.09ISLNDS::USHERMon Dec 20 1993Ferret Magazine
165.01MRKTNG::L_MOOREWed Jan 26 1994Detergent or bleach allergy
166.02AKOCOA::ROLLINSThu Feb 24 1994Ferret Mailing List
167.01AKOCOA::ROLLINSFri Mar 04 1994*Ferret Catalogs*
168.010OPCO::OSG_CMFSat May 21 1994The lonesome ferret owner.
169.06ASD::DICKEYMon Aug 08 1994Heartworm medication?
170.04MKOTS3::SCANLONMon Aug 08 1994Vacationing with your ferret?
171.01LACVTue Aug 09 1994Scratching Problems (furniture)
172.04AKOCOA::ROLLINSTue Aug 09 1994Ferret FAQ
173.03LACVMon Aug 22 1994Cageless Ferret Anyone?
174.013GIDDAY::BURTMon Sep 26 1994Ferrets of Oz.
176.03AKOCOA::ROLLINSMon Nov 07 1994Ferret vet in Nashua, NH?
177.02AKOCOA::ROLLINSMon Nov 07 1994Ferretproofing?
178.01BSS::K_CLEAVESFri Nov 18 1994Pair Looking for a Home
179.01LUDWIG::LAWLORWed Nov 23 1994Hello
180.08BABAGI::DLANEWed Dec 07 1994Graphics files???
182.0AKOCOA::ROLLINSThu Dec 15 1994Ferrets on TV tomorrow!!!
183.01MKOTS3::ELLISSun Jan 22 1995Requesting support for NH HB573 - URGENT
184.06LACVWed Jan 25 1995HELP - Any Californians out there?
185.025PCBUOA::KLYONSTue Feb 14 1995Putting Weight On A Ferret - Suggestions
186.03AKOCOA::ROLLINSTue Feb 28 1995Scruffing?
187.01MKOTS3::ELLISThu Mar 09 1995New Hampshire Ferret Owners Coalition
188.02AKOCOA::ROLLINSWed Mar 29 1995AmNet: Can Agway Weasel Out?
189.01ASD::DICKEYThu May 04 1995Hookworm?
190.02USOPS::BDOWNEYMon May 08 1995We will miss Buddy
193.01LUDWIG::LAWLORWed Jul 19 1995Ferret's coat gettng darker.
194.01CSLALL::CARTIERThu Sep 07 1995Looking for Lee Wrede
195.021STOWOA::COSTIGANTue Oct 31 1995Our Ethil Ran Away From Home!
196.03ROMEOS::COSTELLOThu Nov 02 1995Sluggish Winter Ferrets?
197.03POLAR::TESSIERSat Mar 09 1996New owner needs advice.
198.02LUDWIG::MARCHESSAULTMon Apr 01 1996Legal in Mass
199.013LUDWIG::MARCHESSAULTMon Sep 30 1996New addition to the family
200.03STRATA::MARCHESSAULTTue Oct 01 1996Anyone out there!!!
201.0+7SPSEG::BRAMSONFri Oct 18 1996Ferret behaving strangely?
202.0STRATA::VISNOSKISun Oct 20 1996Ferret Portraits
203.01SPSEG::BRAMSONWed Nov 20 1996Cure for ferret fleas?
204.0WMOIS::WHITNEYThu Nov 21 19962 Females Sable & Supplies
205.0+9SPSEG::BRAMSONFri Dec 13 1996How to get two ferrets to live together
206.0 *+8JULIET::COSTELLOWed Feb 05 1997Adrenal Tumors
207.0 *+2MTADMS::RIVERAMon Apr 28 1997My lost ferret