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Conference asd::ballroom

Title:Ballroom Dance Spoken Here
Created:Wed Sep 12 1990
Last Modified:Thu May 15 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:501
Total number of notes:409
Number with bodies:6
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1.02ASD::MINTZWed Sep 12 1990Welcome to Ballroom
2.050ASD::MINTZWed Sep 12 1990Guest Book
3.01ASD::MINTZThu Sep 13 1990Related Conferences
4.06ASD::MINTZThu Sep 13 1990Dancers Looking for Partners
50.0ASD::MINTZThu Sep 13 1990Places to Dance
51.0SHINDO::MCALLISTERThu Jun 01 1989STAR Dance Production
52.0SCRUZ::CORDES_JAWed Aug 02 1989California Dance Club, San Jose
53.032144::MINTZThu Feb 08 1990The Red Carpet, Manchester, NH
54.042144::MINTZThu Feb 08 1990NHABDA
56.04--UnknownUser--Thu Aug 02 1990Fitchburg Cultural Arts Centre, Fitchburg, MA
57.01KAHALA::WEISSWed Dec 09 1992Swing Dancing in Cambridge, MA
58.0SAGE::ITS4U::KUSEKOSKIFri Sep 21 1990199
59.02KAHALA::WEISSThu Oct 18 1990Swing Dancing in Brookline, MA
60.0ASD::MINTZWed Dec 19 1990Wonderland Ballroom (Revere, Ma)
62.02TOOK::MINTZTue Aug 06 1991Hampshire Hills, Milford, NH
63.0TOOK::MINTZWed Jul 15 1992Bob and Millies, Norwood and Somerville MA
64.01TOOK::MINTZTue Oct 20 1992Moseley's (Dedham, MA)
200.01ASD::MINTZThu Sep 13 1990Places to Learn
201.01SCRUZ::CORDES_JAWed May 17 1989The Starlite Ballroom (Sunnyvale, CA)
202.07--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 10 1990Dance Arts Centre (Fitchburg, MA)
203.0198Mon Jun 18 1990YMCA Dancing Lessons (Nashua, NH)
204.0816154::LUNDMon Sep 24 1990MIT Ballroom Dance Club (Cambridge, Ma)
205.0ASD::MINTZFri Nov 30 1990Kathy Blake Dance Studios (Amherst, NH)
206.0ASD::MINTZFri Nov 30 1990Giancarlo Costa (Hooksett, NH)
207.0ASD::MINTZFri Nov 30 1990Ron and Brenda Olson (Various SE New Hampshire)
208.0ASD::MINTZFri Nov 30 1990Priscilla McNally
209.0ASD::MINTZFri Nov 30 1990Steppin' Out (Lowell, MA)
210.01CSC32::M_POTTERThu Jan 10 1991New Stardust Ballroom in Colorado
211.0TOOK::MINTZTue Sep 03 1991RugCutters' Dance Studio (Cambridge, MA)
400.0ASD::MINTZThu Sep 13 1990End of Reserved Notes
401.02WINERY::MCALLISTERWed May 03 1989Beginning - Advice
402.034583Thu Jul 13 1989Cha-cha-cha
403.0219586::B_LEAHYWed Mar 14 1990Costumes...
404.0629169::BALDWINMon Oct 30 1989BALLROOM CLASSICS
405.0657428::DAVIDFri May 25 1990DECbigband Mailing List
406.01729Fri Jul 06 1990Everything you need to know about competitions...
407.0451415::RHM_MALLOThu Aug 23 1990Looking for music on CD
408.029Tue Sep 11 1990National Ballroom Dance Week, 199
409.0YUPPY::GARLICKKFri Sep 21 1990Fifty years on
410.0236297::SISAACSTue May 23 1989WHERE TO DANCE IN MASS?
411.032185::HOLLIDAYWed Jan 24 1990Places to dance in New Hampshire
412.04DAVIS::peterMon Sep 24 1990Ballroom Organizations
413.09DAVIS::peterMon Nov 05 1990List of steps from Fred Astaire syllabus?
414.0EPIK::P_DAVISWed Nov 21 1990Public mailing list for ballroom dancing
415.011ASD::MINTZWed Jan 09 1991Upcoming Competitions/Shows
416.0721Mon Feb 18 1991Ohio Star Ball on Channel 2/Boston
417.0RPLACA::HARVEYTue Feb 19 1991Ballroom Dancing in Banff?
419.01EEMELI::BROFELDTTue Apr 02 1991UK Champs on TV (BBC) NOW!
420.0RPLACA::HARVEYTue Apr 23 1991Where to dance, Wash. DC, Virginia Area?
421.01FSDEV2::LWAINEThu May 09 1991American Ballroom Theatre is coming to Boston
422.01CSCOAC::STILL_GFri May 10 1991Help finding good instructors.
423.02SMEGIT::VACCHELLIMon May 13 1991Dancing Tapes
424.01MSCSSE::LYNNTue Jun 04 1991Blackpool results needed for 1991
426.01AKOVTue Jul 16 1991Where to go for Ballroom dancing
427.08WEREOK::GOUVEIAThu Sep 05 1991great instruction?
428.0VISUAL::HOLLIDAYThu Sep 12 1991National Ballroom Dance Week, 1991
432.0LANDO::EBENSMon Oct 21 1991Dance at Assabet
433.04TALLIS::PARADISMon Dec 09 1991Dance-floor navigation?
434.04SALEM::PATALANOMon Dec 30 1991songs for cha-cha??
436.08GAUSS::DAVISWed Jan 08 1992Location of Imperial competition?
437.01TOOK::MINTZThu Jan 16 1992Music and video catalog
439.0TOOK::MINTZTue Feb 04 1992Busy weekend Feb 7,8
440.07ESRAD::LUNDWed Feb 05 1992MIT Workshop schedule
441.0DEALIN::CASHMANMon Feb 17 1992Men's Shoes for Sale
442.0ESRAD::LUNDMon Feb 17 1992Reward for Stolen Dance Music
443.0RANGER::GWAHIR::DOUGHERFri Feb 28 1992Paris Academy of Social Dancing
444.01EPS::MARIKARWed Mar 11 1992Kathy Blake dance class special
446.0EPS::MARIKARFri Mar 20 1992Ballroom on TV
447.0CSC32::M_POTTERWed Mar 25 1992New Ballroom in Colorado Springs!!
448.02USPBM5::HAUCKWed Mar 25 1992American Ballroom Lessons
449.02JUMP4::JOYTue Apr 07 1992Please explain the basics
450.0TOOK::MINTZFri Apr 10 1992Pointers to Dance supplies
452.01--UnknownUser--Tue May 19 1992Where can I take lessons?
453.0ESRAD::LUNDWed Jun 03 1992Boston Dance Events & Studios
454.0ESRAD::LUNDWed Jun 03 1992Tango Music List
456.0TWYLA::LOEWMon Jul 20 1992Big Dance - Sat Aug 1!
457.03JUMP4::JOYFri Jul 31 1992"Wedding survival" lessons?
458.0ROYALT::CHARRONThu Aug 06 19921992-93 Ballroom Dance Calendar
459.0RANGER::GWAHIR::DOUGHERWed Aug 12 1992South Shore - FREE Dance lessons!
460.02TOOK::MINTZTue Sep 01 1992National Ballroom Dance Week, 1992
461.03TOOK::MINTZTue Sep 08 1992Where to order ISTD publications
462.0SONATA::LUNDThu Sep 17 1992Oct.9-1
463.0TABSCO::DAVENPORTMon Oct 26 1992International Show by Mark and Dawna Nocera
464.03USCTR1::PNOVITCHMon Oct 26 1992Ballroom for Single People?
465.02EEMELI::BROFELDTWed Oct 28 1992International Champs Royal Albert Hall
466.01RTOIC::MREICHELFri Dec 11 1992What's going on in Europe
467.0CSC32::D_ROYERTue Dec 15 1992Nice people and nice place...
468.03RANGER::GWAHIR::DOUGHERThu Feb 04 1993Hot rumors in the Ballroom Dance Community
471.02VERGA::STEWARTMon Mar 08 1993Swing, anyone?
472.03ONE9Wed Mar 10 1993Techniques of Latin/Smooth dancing
474.0TOOK::MINTZThu Mar 18 1993Dance timing
475.0HLFSMon Mar 22 1993And the winners are....
477.04--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 21 1993Benson Wong's Newsletter - Full Listing
478.09--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 20 1993Benson Wong's Newsletter - Weekly updates
479.01ONE9Thu Apr 22 1993Mass Open Championship
483.0BSS::SATRIANOThu May 13 1993Ballroom Cruise!
484.02EEMELI::BROFELDTMon Jun 07 1993Blackpool 1993
485.0CHEFS::JEANESMThu Jul 29 1993"NEW to Notes / but an OLDIE to dancing !"
486.04TNPUBS::C_MILLERMon Aug 30 1993When to start lessons?
488.04TNPUBS::C_MILLERWed Sep 29 1993Need help!
489.0ASDG::WANDERSONTue Oct 19 1993Victorian dance in Nahant
490.01CSIDE::WAINEWed Oct 27 1993Christine Harvey's Ladies seminar - this Saturday
491.01QETOO::TELIANTue Dec 07 1993New Yer's Eve Suggestions
493.04MIMS::STILL_GFri Jan 07 1994Dress code in USABDA rule book
494.0--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 28 1994Good dance to go for this Saturday in Southern NH
495.0CNTROL::XIAOMon Nov 28 1994MIT Winter Semi-formal Ball
496.0STOWOA::LUNDWed Mar 29 1995Ballroom Oppty in Greater Maynard Area
497.0STOWOA::LUNDFri May 05 1995MIT Summer Dance Schedule
498.0STOWOA::LUNDFri May 05 1995MIT Ballroom internet homepage
499.0MAIL2::FOSTERTue May 23 1995Ballroom in Portland OR??
500.01TOOK::MINTZWed Sep 06 1995National Ballroom Dance Week 1995
501.0 *+5NETRIX::"andrewl@segsrv.hlo.dec.com"Thu Feb 27 1997Anybody still watching this notes file?