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Conference annecy::wan_pc

Title:WAN PCs and LAN-Based PCs connectivity
Created:Wed Apr 07 1993
Last Modified:Wed Jan 17 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:58
Total number of notes:122
Number with bodies:0
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1.01ANNECY::SYSTEMWed Apr 07 1993Welcome to the WAN PC conference
2.012ANNECY::FICHTERWed Apr 07 1993Who are you
3.0ANNECY::FICHTERWed Apr 07 1993reserved
4.0ANNECY::FICHTERWed Apr 07 1993reserved
5.0ANNECY::FICHTERWed Apr 07 1993reserved
6.0ANNECY::FICHTERWed Apr 07 1993reserved
7.0ANNECY::FICHTERWed Apr 07 1993reserved
8.0ANNECY::FICHTERWed Apr 07 1993reserved
9.0ANNECY::FICHTERWed Apr 07 1993reserved
10.0ANNECY::FICHTERWed Apr 07 1993reserved
11.02ANNECY::FICHTERWed Apr 07 1993ISDN PC Platform
12.03ANNECY::FICHTERThu Apr 08 1993WAN/X.25 PC Platform
13.0ANNECY::FICHTERThu Apr 08 1993PATHWORKS X.25/WAN PC Platform Coexistence
14.0ANNECY::POUGIAT_BThu Apr 08 1993Digital & IBM simultaneous connectivity solution
15.0ANNECY::FICHTERMon Apr 19 1993?Cellular communications
16.0ANNECY::FICHTERThu May 13 1993WAN/X.25 PC presentation with Powerpoint format
17.0ANNECY::FICHTERThu May 13 1993WAN/X25 PC - SOFT/HARD Requirements
18.03MLNWed May 19 1993SNA LANT gateway to S/36 ?
19.0AEOENG::LEHYFri May 21 1993DOS based term emul and printers connection with SCo UNIX
20.01VANTEN::MITCHELLDTue Aug 17 1993TCP/IP over X.25 for PC
21.02MQOSWS::G_POISSANTMon Sep 13 1993DECNET over Dial-ups
22.04AEOENG::LEHYThu Sep 16 1993WAN PC platform training is on the shelf
23.01SALIS1::KASSJETue Sep 28 1993Video cable networking
24.02COPCLU::GREGThu Oct 07 1993SNA and PATHworks NETBIOS?
26.01QBOUFri Nov 12 1993Netbios/Reachout/PW DOS X.25
27.0MLNMon Nov 15 1993printing via X.25
28.01HGSW32::KKHAUThu Nov 25 1993Documentation of Pathwork for DOS x.25
29.01HAMCL3::ROEBENThu Dec 02 1993cterm/X.25-Router/NW Coexistence
30.0MSAMWed Dec 22 1993Why a router ?
31.012268Thu Dec 23 1993Help on X.28!
32.04DECPRG::PAVLUPThu Dec 23 1993OSI LAN Gateway and Access for DOS combination
33.0DECPRG::PAVLUPWed Jan 05 1994Remote printing over X.25 to LAN printers
34.01MLNThu Jan 20 1994have to ask ... TCP/IP and PW x.25
35.0ULYSSE::LEHKY::bouckaertMon Jan 24 1994Pathworks WAN connectivity - conference file
36.0MQOSWS::QBOPThu Feb 17 1994NETBIOS WAN problem
37.01DECPRG::PAVLUPFri Feb 25 1994Urgent help on localizing Access VT22
38.02HAMCL3::ROEBENMon Feb 28 1994multi-gateway environment
39.02HAMCL3::ROEBENTue Mar 01 1994OSI LAN Gateway error???
40.0HAMSUP::ROEBENTue Mar 08 1994file-transfer/multi-session TE
41.06HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGTue Mar 08 1994X.25 stack and DECnet stack?
42.04UTRTSC::GROOT_RWed Mar 23 1994SNA LAN Gateway
43.03HAN::HAEUSSERWed Mar 23 1994Questions to SNA LAN Gateway
44.0TRNOI2::I1VVP::IRATOMon Mar 28 1994DE2
45.0SAWA::PARLINSKITue Apr 12 1994SLIP over X.25 PAD ?
46.0HAN::HAEUSSERWed Apr 27 1994Physical connection requirements SNA LAN Gateway
48.0BEJVC::LEUNGWINGKINFri May 20 1994X.32 support
49.0VMSNET::RRICKFri Jul 08 1994EICON SNA Gateway #1 rated
50.0ZPOVC::LIANGCHYEWed Aug 17 1994Autosync modem to AS/4
51.01ISIDRO::ATT542::pozueloThu Sep 01 1994Lates SNA LAN GATEWAY Version
53.0TRNWed Feb 01 1995Who knows NetRider V.2.
54.01NETCAD::GAVINWed Feb 15 1995Frame Relay with Pathworks and Netbeui
55.0HGOVC::KITTYCHIMFri Jul 14 1995Seeking network solution
56.0CHEFS::MUNRORWed Jul 26 1995PC based SNA host Emulator
57.0QCAVFri Dec 15 1995TCPIP pinging problem with proiris xl 59
58.0ADISSW::FERRARAWed Jan 17 1996Network Time Protocol (NTP)??