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Conference angst::solution_architect

Title:Solution Architect Conference
Created:Mon May 09 1994
Last Modified:Mon Feb 10 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:74
Total number of notes:379
Number with bodies:2
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1.032Mon May 09 1994The SA Conference
2.08432Mon May 09 1994introductions
3.0232Mon May 09 1994Information for Solution Architects
4.01732Mon May 09 1994Defining the SA role
5.0152925::DAVISWed May 11 1994Call for Participation
6.03HLDEWed May 18 1994You Know You're a Solutions Architect When...
7.01RUTILE::DAVISFri May 27 1994SA Program Work Description
8.0RUTILE::DAVISFri May 27 1994SA involvement in projects/programs
9.02BIS1::STESTue May 31 1994Looking for Data Distribution product on DB2
10.015MRKTNG::SLATERSun Jun 05 1994Performance and Configuration Information
11.017EPS::GRIFFINMon Jun 06 1994SA conference calls
12.04BIS1::STESTue Jun 14 1994Automatic dialing using digital phone: how???
13.04BIS1::STESMon Jun 27 1994Criteria for first Workshop Opportunity
14.04BIS1::STESMon Jun 27 1994First Workshop Candidates
15.02EPS::GRIFFINFri Jul 01 1994SA presentations
16.07PLAYER::VANAVERMAETFri Jul 01 1994liability, project for airline, aircraft maintenance?
17.013EPS::QUINNThu Aug 18 1994Solution architecture vs. design
18.011BIS1::STESThu Aug 18 1994SA skills
19.0+5CUSTOM::ELLISONMon Sep 26 1994Acceptance Testing in GUI Client-Server Environment?
20.01152925::DAVISThu Sep 29 1994A Guild Model for the SA community
21.0652925::DAVISFri Sep 30 1994Draft of letter on Technology Expertise Center
22.052431::DAVEY_MWed Oct 12 1994Lessons from ASX experience
23.052431::DAVEY_MFri Oct 14 1994SAs in Politics
24.0354323::VANAVERMAETMon Oct 17 1994Dilbert cartoon
25.0152431::DAVEY_MWed Oct 26 1994The SA and SA Guild - Terms of Reference
26.052431::DAVEY_MWed Oct 26 1994Talking about customer requirements ...
27.022268Tue Nov 29 1994SA possition & who is in charge ?
28.0245464::PUGH_WMon Dec 19 1994Architecture Tools
29.049183::DAVISFri Dec 23 1994W/W Program Management Office announcement
31.03ANGST::GRIFFINMon Jan 09 1995Proposal for SA Registry
32.06Thu Feb 02 1995Guidelines for corporate data and process modelling?
33.022253Fri Feb 10 19953rd Party POS s/w for Retail
34.0258483::MAINFri Feb 17 1995Looking for Windows NT Strategy Experience ..
35.0ANGST::GRIFFINMon Feb 20 1995SA Inteview Guide
36.03ANGST::GRIFFINMon Feb 20 1995SA training, April 1995
37.0ANGST::GRIFFINMon Feb 20 1995SA Handbook
38.072253Tue Feb 28 1995Solution for Car Distributor
39.0148649::DAVEY_MTue Mar 14 1995Man management and SAs
40.0GLDOA::JACKSONTue Mar 21 1995Project Management notes conference
41.03CSSE::TURKLETue Apr 04 1995SAs and PARB Process
42.07CSSE::TURKLETue Apr 11 1995Number of SAs worldwide??
43.01CSSE::TURKLEWed Apr 12 1995SA Competency and Training
44.0ANNECY::DAVEY_MTue Apr 18 1995SA: role or individual?
45.017CSSE::TURKLETue Apr 25 1995Proposed SA Curriculum
46.02TPSYS::ZAHAVIFri Apr 28 1995Modeling tool for the Solution Architect now available
47.049183::DAVISWed May 17 1995The Business Case for SAs
48.0248649::DAVEY_MThu May 18 1995What are we doing here?
49.026Tue Jun 13 1995Reading for an SA...
50.01CSSE::TURKLETue Jun 27 1995Results: Worldwide SA training survey
51.0PLAYER::VANAVERMAETThu Jul 06 1995Civil Engineering vs SW Engineering (NYC, 59 story)
52.02253Mon Jul 10 1995Looking for network experts
53.03CSSE::TURKLETue Jul 11 1995What does the Solution Architect produce?
54.06CSSE::TURKLETue Aug 01 1995SA pilot training
55.0TPSYS::ZAHAVIFri Aug 18 1995MJx, the modeling tool for the architect, version FT1.3 now available
56.054323::BOSSARDFri Aug 25 1995In search of tool usage
57.048154::SAVOYE::CAGNINMon Aug 28 1995Analysis & Design: Comparison between Oracle CASE and System Architect
58.06Wed Oct 18 1995Solution Architect Competency Circles?
59.0CSSE::MEYERSThu Nov 16 1995AD&I Tool Guide
60.0CSSE::MEYERSFri Dec 01 1995Q2 Release Tool/Product Guide
61.0436418::SOJDAMon Dec 18 1995Architecture Office Announcement
62.036418::SOJDAFri Feb 02 1996Architecture Office Job Opening
63.0STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu Feb 08 1996course: Solution Architecting Data Warehouses
64.02UFP::MKINGWed Feb 14 1996Architected Solutions
65.0249234::DAVISTue Mar 05 1996Help requested for Polish Railways project
66.0136418::SOJDAWed Mar 20 1996New Architecuture Public Directory
67.0236418::SOJDAWed Mar 20 1996Revised DART Methodology
68.05469Thu Apr 18 1996Solution Architecting DW course, June 4-6, Novi MI USA
69.01PLAYER::VANAVERMAETThu Jun 20 1996Peter Van Avermaet says goodbye
70.04434Tue Jun 25 1996Current Status?
71.036418::SOJDATue Jul 09 1996Software Architecture Technology Initiative
72.0117311::FRASERWed Sep 04 1996Gartner Group: Know the BA before the AA
73.016Tue Sep 24 1996Zachman architectural framework?
74.0 *6Mon Feb 10 1997URLs on Software & Systems Architecture