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Title:84 EASYnet notes - READ ONLY
Created:Tue Sep 09 1986
Last Modified:Thu Dec 14 1989
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:273
Total number of notes:3840
Number with bodies:0
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1.01VORTEX::GASSMANSun Jan 01 19841984 Notes Introduction
2.09VORTEX::GASSMANSun Jan 01 1984DECnet Bugs in VMS 3.4?
3.010VORTEX::GASSMANTue Jan 03 1984Some Network Statistics
4.043CASTOR::COVERTTue Jan 03 1984Network Security
5.017VAXSGB::HAUWed Jan 04 1984NotesFile for Publications
6.042TONTO::BAZEMOREWed Jan 04 1984Network Map
7.031GOLD::WEAVERWed Jan 04 1984Latitude & Longitude
8.09GOLD::WEAVERSun Jan 08 1984Ultrix
9.0--UnknownUser--Sun Jan 08 1984
10.013GOLD::WEAVERThu Jan 12 1984PRO DECnet/Ethernet
11.03EUBIE::GEROVACFri Jan 13 1984Special Issue on ISO OSI
12.02JETSAM::SMITHFri Jan 13 1984KMS-11BD (KMX)
13.06VORTEX::GASSMANFri Jan 13 1984Using DMP's on VAXs
14.020HUMAN::BURROWSMon Jan 16 1984Had by Murphy's Law (literally?)
15.02METEOR::MANNTue Jan 24 1984What happend to SECRETS ?
16.021CXTOOL::CURTISThu Jan 26 1984AUTODIAL (also known as modem so
17.0VORTEX::GASSMANTue Jan 31 1984How many nodes are out there?
18.07RAINBW::STRATTONTue Jan 31 1984Note on ``EASYNET''
19.02ORPHAN::LIONELWed Feb 01 1984Goodbye to note 9
20.024ACE::BREWERThu Feb 02 1984Poor mans routing via set host
21.016ATFAB::WYMANSat Feb 04 1984Horton on Domains
22.012METEOR::MANNSun Feb 05 1984LAT terminal server.
23.086FRSBEE::MICKOLMon Feb 06 1984DF
24.0--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 06 1984
25.07VORTEX::GASSMANTue Feb 07 1984New DEC Modems
26.0VORTEX::GASSMANFri Feb 10 1984ENET costs for Engineering
27.03KRYPTN::WORRALLMon Feb 13 1984RSX DECnet problems
28.06JUNIPR::AGUENTHERFri Feb 24 1984question about netserver.com/.ex
29.02Raven1::BLUEJAYMon Feb 27 1984TOPS2
30.014ARK::SCONCEMon Feb 27 1984Ethernet on RSTS/E
31.010FRSBEE::MICKOLThu Mar 01 1984Any Excess 1
32.03OLORIN::ZOLFONOONMon Mar 05 1984User-written logging monitor...
33.05VORTEX::GASSMANTue Mar 06 1984VMS License End node to Router
34.053JUNIPR::AGUENTHERTue Mar 13 1984q'd remote printing any interest
35.023LATOUR::HALPINWed Mar 14 1984Confused TRACER!!!
36.01OLORIN::ZOLFONOONThu Mar 15 1984%Quality in TRAFFIC.LIS
37.018ATFAB::WYMANMon Mar 19 1984It is but it isn't...
38.017GIGI::FLEISCHERTue Mar 20 1984locating E-net nodes
39.09SMAUG::GARRODThu Mar 22 1984node unreachable packet loss
40.0JUNIPR::AGUENTHERMon Mar 26 1984DQS claim obj # 17
41.029JUNIPR::AGUENTHERTue Mar 27 1984claiming object numbers
42.03VORTEX::GASSMANThu Mar 29 1984AJ 48
43.09VORTEX::GASSMANThu Mar 29 1984T1 Carriers
44.09JETSAM::BENNETTSun Apr 01 1984network map
45.08BISTRO::ROBERTSTue Apr 03 1984Non-DECnet Ethernet Programming
46.038VORTEX::GASSMANThu Apr 05 1984Creating a protocol for objects
47.010CSMADM::MEISNERThu Apr 05 1984Closest L2 routers
48.015ASYLUM::JOHNSONWed Apr 11 1984Help w/ mts routing?
49.04Raven1::BLUEJAYThu Apr 12 1984Missing level 2 routing?
50.0LATOUR::HALPINThu Apr 12 1984New home for TOPSVMS Notes File
51.013EAYVThu Apr 12 1984Improving NETSERVER
53.013OBLIO::HAFNERThu Apr 12 1984DMF32's-do they REALLY WORK??
54.027PRSTSC::DIDIERMon Apr 16 1984EASYnet but EASInet already !
55.043VORTEX::GASSMANMon Apr 16 1984Foreign Error Messages
56.028MANANA::BOEBINGERSat Apr 21 1984VMS V4 and asynch DECnet
57.08ELUDOM::WINALSKISat Apr 21 1984Mill <-> ZK DECnet
58.07BISTRO::WSEITZTue Apr 24 1984RMS $FLUSH/DAP prot. and FAL
60.02PRSTSC::DIDIERWed Apr 25 1984DECnet records in ACCOUNTNG.DAT
61.0SMAUG::TOUTAINThu Apr 26 1984RSX-11M/M+ DECnet Autopatch's
62.035SYBIL::BURROWSFri Apr 27 1984Node names please
64.0VORTEX::GASSMANWed May 02 1984Local Area Terminals (LATS)
65.056VORTEX::GASSMANThu May 03 1984Network Stability
66.01R2ME2::DUNLAPFri May 04 1984How Big are we now?
67.03MANANA::BOEBINGERFri May 04 1984Request for intersite list
68.014ATFAB::WYMANMon May 07 1984NotesFiles Need Home
69.05DUNE::SMITHTue May 08 1984Max Links Param
70.012ALIEN::SZETOTue May 08 1984DECmail-11
71.023PULMAN::MACKWed May 09 1984ATSS claims object #193
72.092ATFAB::WYMANWed May 09 1984IBM STUNS INDUSTRY!! New Network
73.08SUMMIT::GRIFFINThu May 10 1984VMS 3.6 and NETACP MWAITS
74.020SPARTA::MANNFri May 11 1984Venus is speeding along
75.09STUTue May 15 1984DECnet Interfaces for uVMS?
76.013VORTEX::GASSMANWed May 16 1984Remote controlled modems
77.09XENON::SAUTERWed May 16 1984Automatic Network Configuration
79.06VORTEX::GASSMANThu May 17 1984Strange speed effects
80.019LYRA::FOLEYThu May 17 1984Noters Get Together
81.05VORTEX::GASSMANFri May 18 1984BNC Connectors for Ethernet
82.07VORTEX::GASSMANSat May 19 1984Two UNA's on VMS
83.08LATOUR::HALPINMon May 21 1984A Golden Oldie
84.0LRYA::FOLEYWed May 23 1984June 23 Noter's Party
85.047VORTEX::GASSMANWed May 23 1984Access into DECnet
86.023REX::HUMMERSFri May 25 1984System Managers beware!
87.07HARE::STANFri May 25 1984Public Access Terminals
88.01VORTEX::GASSMANThu May 31 1984Network Status
89.017VORTEX::GASSMANThu May 31 1984Handling a lot of nodes
91.02LIONEL::KARPFri Jun 01 1984VAX to RT11 file transfer
92.05SUPER::RYANTue Jun 05 1984Network Management
93.022BERGIL::ORANTue Jun 05 1984Gordon Bell on Standards
94.015GRAFIX::HENDERSONThu Jun 07 1984Datamation's TOP1
95.06OLORIN::ZOLFONOONFri Jun 08 1984DECnet applications & pipelining
96.0MIGHTY::WILLIAMSFri Jun 08 1984DF
97.020RAINBW::STRATTONTue Jun 12 1984Ken Olsen and Standards
98.05ATFAB::WYMANTue Jun 12 1984Trilogy non-optimal performance
99.02VORTEX::GASSMANTue Jun 12 1984VMS 3.6 and TS-11s
100.032VORTEX::GASSMANWed Jun 13 1984Easynet News
101.01HARE::STANThu Jun 14 1984NOTES meeting
102.07KZIN::WOODThu Jun 14 19842nd UBA on 75
103.05SUPER::MORRISFri Jun 15 1984A milestone?
104.08VORTEX::GASSMANSun Jun 17 1984Max cost/Max hops
105.04PAR5::WHITNEYMon Jun 18 1984Area routing for DEC customers?
106.030FDCVTue Jun 19 19842
107.017VORTEX::GASSMANWed Jun 20 1984Broadband at DEC
108.011VORTEX::GASSMANWed Jun 20 1984Incoming/Outgoing Timers
109.03VNAWed Jun 20 1984Help needed
110.012VORTEX::GASSMANWed Jun 20 1984Two Connecters
111.02VNAWed Jun 27 1984Ethernet help needed
112.07VORTEX::GASSMANWed Jun 27 1984VMS 4.
113.07XENON::SAUTERMon Jul 02 1984MicroVAX on Ethernet
114.03TURTLE::STANMon Jul 02 1984Area Maps
115.011VLNVAX::RDFThu Jul 05 1984V4 publicity
116.016VAXSGB::HAUThu Jul 05 1984File corrupt ???
117.01DVINCI::GREENFIELDFri Jul 06 19843com under v4
118.03PARROT::GOUTALMon Jul 09 1984non-VMS proxy
120.011OTHER::PRIBORSKYTue Jul 10 1984Increased note file corruptions
121.06XENON::SAUTERTue Jul 10 1984Adjacency Changes
122.033DVINCI::GREENFIELDThu Jul 12 1984Standard Addresses
123.06SUPER::MORRISFri Jul 13 1984New LAT LCP Syntax
124.088KZIN::HAMILTONSat Jul 14 1984Bandwidth US <> Europe.
125.06PARROT::GOUTALMon Jul 16 1984RTMAIL
126.02JUNIPR::AGUENTHERTue Jul 17 1984?NOLINKS - why am I getting them
127.011CYGNUS::PASQUALETue Jul 17 1984mscp software..
128.04GOLLY::COWANThu Jul 19 1984Datacomm question
129.051VORTEX::GASSMANThu Jul 19 1984They're EVERYWHERE!!
130.028EXODUS::MCKENDRYTue Jul 24 1984AT&T ISN Announcement
131.02GVAEIS::MBOWMANTue Jul 24 1984European DTN
132.01METEOR::MANNWed Jul 25 1984DEC multinational character set
133.01OBLIO::CROLLWed Jul 25 1984NETACP NETNOBUF crashes
134.09FRIDAY::THORSTEDWed Jul 25 1984AREA HUB w/ max adr>255
135.02HARE::STANThu Jul 26 1984On-line NNP meeting
136.018MEO78A::1Sat Jul 28 1984DEC DZS11 Stat Muxes
137.031BNA::MCCUTCHENMon Jul 30 1984Satelite links in the E-Net
138.015NUHAVN::MCCUTCHENTue Jul 31 1984HUB outage notification
139.020CASTOR::COVERTWed Aug 01 1984Up the bandwidth
140.07CURIUM::PETERSONWed Aug 01 1984Ignite NOTES flame
141.015DELPHI::BECKWed Aug 01 1984Suggestion to NOTES readers
142.06MOTHER::SILVERFri Aug 03 1984Intro to Easynet
143.06BEING::LEKASMon Aug 06 1984HYDRA?
144.07RAINBW::STRATTONTue Aug 07 1984Checking date of last update
145.08CYCLPS::BROWNWed Aug 08 1984Looking for info on Proxy
146.053VORTEX::GASSMANThu Aug 09 1984Increased SET HOST usage
147.06VORTEX::GASSMANWed Aug 15 1984ENET hits Computerworld OA
148.07VORTEX::GASSMANWed Aug 15 1984Easynet Census by O/S
149.019VORTEX::GASSMANWed Aug 15 1984PDP-7 Needed
150.03NUHAVN::MCCUTCHENWed Aug 15 1984Hidden nodes
151.08NUHAVN::MCCUTCHENWed Aug 15 1984XEROX Net protocols
152.047DVINCI::GREENFIELDSun Aug 19 1984DECNET: Open Architecture?
153.04SUMMIT::GRIFFINWed Aug 22 1984Maximum data transfer
154.024CASTOR::COVERTWed Aug 22 1984Network Export
155.04BELKER::BLESSLEYFri Aug 24 1984Re: Open Architecture (#152)
156.06MEO78B::BARRONSat Aug 25 1984VAX - ICL 278
157.02PRSTSC::DTLSat Aug 25 1984Summer Mad_Challenge results
158.0AUSSIE::BELLSun Aug 26 1984DZS11 - Further comments
159.014EAYVTue Aug 28 1984French EASYnet needs
160.06CXTOOL::CURTISWed Aug 29 1984DMR11 errs
161.015RAINBW::STRATTONWed Aug 29 1984Limiting number of remote links
162.010QUILL::NELSONFri Aug 31 1984Accessing NCMWVX
164.0REGINA::SPENCEWed Sep 05 1984EasyNET News
165.0--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 05 1984
167.016RAINBW::STRATTONFri Sep 07 1984Want place to field test IMAR
168.027VORTEX::GASSMANFri Sep 07 1984Judge Green and AT&T
169.02FDCVTue Sep 11 1984FCB linkage broken
170.023VORTEX::GASSMANThu Sep 13 1984Try out VOICEMAIL!
171.06RAINBW::STRATTONFri Sep 14 1984"Ethernet 'Compatible'?"
172.07SUPER::MORRISFri Sep 14 1984Why would a UNA crash the VAX?
173.05KIRK::NEUBURGERFri Sep 14 1984Priorities under DECNET?
174.016SMAUG::SCHRIESHEIMTue Sep 18 1984Ultrix on the Enet!
175.061SMAUG::GARRODWed Sep 19 1984Enet support group
176.02EKBVThu Sep 20 1984Hardcopy Magazine?
177.015SDCFri Sep 21 1984NETACP crashes system?
178.04REGINA::SPENCEMon Sep 24 1984UNA circuit Bouncing
179.01REGINA::SPENCEMon Sep 24 1984V4 net kits?
180.05HITECH::EVANSTue Sep 25 1984The DEC Way (eg. NNP)
181.010CASTOR::COVERTTue Sep 25 1984Autumn Time Change
182.019JETSAM::OLEARYWed Sep 26 1984Enet Support Group (cont...)
183.07VORTEX::ELFWed Sep 26 1984ELF needs a new home
184.018VORTEX::GASSMANThu Sep 27 1984ENET -> DIS/CT Transition
185.02DAMSEL::HALLThu Sep 27 1984EASYNET Funding
186.012PARROT::GOUTALFri Sep 28 1984DECspan?
187.014ALIEN::SZETOTue Oct 02 1984Why is JACOB unreachable?
188.08RAINBW::STRATTONWed Oct 03 1984Temporary satellite link proble
189.07DONJON::KELLYThu Oct 04 1984Transition Outline
190.07DONJON::KELLYThu Oct 04 1984New CT manager
191.039CASTOR::COVERTThu Oct 04 1984Geneva Topology
192.07AURORA::HALLYBMon Oct 08 1984ENETNODES.COM is broken
193.09JETSAM::OLEARYMon Oct 08 1984Field Test version reality
194.010TOOK::OBRIENMon Oct 08 1984Online decisions more emotional
196.04LATOUR::KKLEINERThu Oct 11 1984VMS 4.
197.071ISOLA::GASSMANThu Oct 11 1984A MTS Joke
198.05JETSAM::OLEARYThu Oct 11 1984Enet Trouble Reporting for CT
199.07JETSAM::OLEARYFri Oct 12 1984Colorado
200.0--UnknownUser--Fri Oct 12 1984
201.01ANCHOR::NETWORKSat Oct 13 1984AREA 3 (MKO)
202.02MILRAT::SOUSAMon Oct 15 1984That Isolated Feeling
203.021ANCHOR::NETWORKTue Oct 16 1984Maximum Address exceeded
204.0VLNVAX::MDLYONSThu Oct 18 1984DECnet-2
205.010VLNVAX::MDLYONSThu Oct 18 1984VMS 3.7 FAL and TOPS-2
206.02EAYVFri Oct 19 1984Network Census
207.09ATLAST::BROWNSat Oct 20 1984Pathways to the World
208.017SUMMIT::GRIFFINWed Oct 24 1984Stupid chain letter...
209.07KZIN::HAMILTONWed Oct 24 1984Broadband remodulator.
210.014RAINBW::STRATTONThu Oct 25 1984DIGITAL Dictionary
211.02BERGIL::ZOLFONOONFri Oct 26 1984V4 Doc set..??
212.02SUMMIT::GRIFFINFri Oct 26 1984X.12
213.012KZIN::WOODSat Oct 27 1984Network update failure
214.013JETSAM::OLEARYSun Oct 28 1984Area 24 routing
215.08HARE::STANMon Oct 29 1984Isolating Areas
216.03HARE::STANMon Oct 29 1984New Network Map
217.049GROK::KONINGMon Oct 29 1984Where is the center?
218.029VORTEX::GASSMANTue Oct 30 1984A sick ethernet
219.018JETSAM::OLEARYThu Nov 01 1984Those baffling moments
220.07PARROT::GOUTALThu Nov 01 1984tracer
221.03FRSBEE::MICKOLFri Nov 02 1984CT Transition Info
223.09PARROT::GOUTALTue Nov 06 1984db of LOC codes
224.045VORTEX::GASSMANWed Nov 07 1984Observer?
225.02JETSAM::OLEARYThu Nov 08 1984NETACP - NETSERVER question
226.012RAINBW::STRATTONFri Nov 09 1984Remote link IDs
227.013NERMAL::THORSTEDFri Nov 09 1984V4 Circuits
228.052VORTEX::GASSMANSat Nov 10 1984Network Cost Chargeback & DIS
229.020CASTOR::COVERTMon Nov 12 1984Unneeded PMR
230.011NETMAN::KORNSMon Nov 12 1984VAX/NSS
231.01NETMAN::KORNSThu Nov 15 1984DECnet gets some press
232.017AURORA::HALLYBThu Nov 15 1984DMR ext. clock
233.021TROUT::PRIBORSKYThu Nov 15 1984Transition: New Node Registrar
234.020HARE::STANFri Nov 16 1984Line Speeds
235.019RANI::LEICHTERJFri Nov 16 1984Performance (or lack of it)
236.011CASTOR::COVERTSun Nov 18 1984MCI Mail and the E-Net
237.06ATFAB::WYMANMon Nov 19 1984As a matter of record...
239.03PARROT::GOUTALTue Nov 20 1984failover?
240.010PARROT::GOUTALTue Nov 20 1984pcl
241.014AUSSIE::BELLTue Nov 20 1984Time stamp node (2.9)
243.0JETSAM::PILLITTERIWed Nov 21 1984The center gets a name.
244.03SMURF::BISMUTHMon Nov 26 1984ULTRIX Notes File
245.023VORTEX::GASSMANFri Nov 30 19845
246.046ACE::BREWERMon Dec 03 1984DECmail vs Vaxmail
247.02VORTEX::LEWISMon Dec 03 1984Easynet Management
248.041ELUDOM::FAIMANMon Dec 03 1984The new regime
249.015VORTEX::GASSMANTue Dec 04 1984LATboxs and AREA 13
250.014RAINBW::STRATTONTue Dec 04 1984Another local area net?
251.010VORTEX::GASSMANWed Dec 05 1984Hey WATSON, how'd you do that?
252.019ALIEN::EASYNOTESThu Dec 06 1984Thousands of node addresses...
253.020PARROT::GOUTALTue Dec 11 1984broadband: we in or out?
254.09EAYVWed Dec 12 1984Easynet node update
255.05KAHLUA::NEWELLWed Dec 12 1984Easynet Newsletter
256.01PARROT::GOUTALWed Dec 12 1984network-wide slide library
257.05EAYVMon Dec 17 1984Routing algorithm
258.04APPLE::KENNEDYMon Dec 17 1984Easynet Link to Telenet
260.014FKPK::KONINGMon Dec 17 1984area routing marketing
261.04ANCHOR::NETWORKMon Dec 17 1984NETNOTICE.TXT entry...
262.025NACHO::WILLIAMSTue Dec 18 1984More Management Headaches
263.07ALIEN::SZETOWed Dec 19 1984EASYNOTES for sale
264.06JETSAM::OLEARYWed Dec 19 1984Funct. Specs for DECnet info
265.06BEING::MANNThu Dec 20 1984A minute in the life of the ZK
266.011VORTEX::GASSMANFri Dec 21 1984Reset of this file 12/31
267.05SDCThu Dec 27 1984VMS 3.x and long filenames?
268.05VLNVAX::RLEBLANCFri Dec 28 1984NLB$VMS
270.0ANCHOR::NETWORKFri Dec 28 1984NETNOTICE.TXT entry...
271.05LATOUR::BUDNEFri Dec 28 1984RFCs?? VORTEX-documents
273.0VORTEX::GASSMANMon Dec 31 1984Easynet Engineering Signing Off