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Conference help::decnet-osi_for_vms

Title:DECnet/OSI for OpenVMS
Created:Fri Feb 22 1991
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:3990
Total number of notes:19027
Number with bodies:611
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1.010BULEAN::RYANFri Feb 22 1991What this is all about
2.0273STAR::MALONEYThu Aug 22 1991Kit information
3.0+12STAR::MALONEYThu Aug 22 1991Conference Notices
4.03STAR::MALONEYThu Aug 22 1991Notes File Location
6.020STAR::MALONEYThu Aug 22 1991Pointer to Document location, including bookreader vers
7.015STAR::MALONEYThu Aug 22 1991Installation registry
8.011STAR::MALONEYThu Aug 22 1991Related conferences
9.018SAPHAX::JANSENMon Aug 26 1991Wave 2 layered products and DECdns full names
10.015UFHIS::MMCCREADYFri Sep 06 1991VOTS applications
11.04DC1Tue Sep 17 1991rfc 1
12.04STKHLM::TORGNYWed Sep 18 1991DECdns for WAVE 2
13.0STAR::MALONEYMon Oct 07 1991Slides from VMS Partners Meeting, Oct.4
14.02STAR::MALONEYWed Oct 09 1991DMR11--Support it or not?
15.05STAR::MALONEYTue Oct 15 1991Documentation draft location
16.01DSTEG1::CARBAUGHFri Oct 18 1991DNA Application DNS Fullname Support?
18.01TRCOA::FLOTNERTue Oct 29 1991Wave 2 related questions
19.01MINNY::WALDISPUEHLFri Nov 01 1991$IPC in a two node cluster
20.01KAOFS::E_SPLETTTue Nov 12 1991Async DECnet in Wave 2 ?
21.02COMICS::WEIRWed Nov 13 1991How much functionality in the IFT kit ?
22.03FORTY2::MELLINGThu Nov 14 1991Upgrading from Wave 1
23.03DUCATI::LASTOVICASun Nov 17 1991unable to make it go
24.05DUCAT2::FOUR62::LICAUSEMon Nov 18 1991What if no corporate DNS access?
25.04CSC32::B_GOODWINMon Nov 18 1991Can a Wave2 system be a DNS v1.1 server?
26.02DUCATI::LASTOVICAMon Nov 18 1991fastboot complient?
27.013DUCATI::LASTOVICAMon Nov 18 1991dfs & wave2
28.021BSS::LASTOVICASun Nov 17 1991Moved from registry note
29.02DUCAT2::LICAUSETue Nov 19 1991Syntax problem in NET$CONFIGURE.COM
30.010DUCATI::LASTOVICATue Nov 19 1991product installs that create known objects - what to do?
31.02SAAR::B_GOODWINTue Nov 19 1991DTSS node specific startup....
32.09ROOS::HAMILTONWed Nov 20 1991Doesn't work as good as first thought!!!!
33.03SOS6::DROUETWed Nov 20 1991MOP implementation ?
34.02DUCAT2::LICAUSEWed Nov 20 1991NET$CONFIGURE wipes out local symbols
35.0STAR::MALONEYWed Nov 20 1991Cluster Alias note
36.0MU::PORTERWed Nov 20 1991MOP Phase IV parameters
37.06DUCAT2::LICAUSEWed Nov 20 1991How to show 8
38.015DUCATI::LASTOVICAWed Nov 20 1991PhaseIV Translation Failure?
39.03DUCAT2::LICAUSEWed Nov 20 1991DTSS differential incorrect!
40.07DUCATI::LASTOVICAWed Nov 20 1991sys$net defined different/wrong with wave 2?
41.03ROOS::HAMILTONThu Nov 21 1991Event names/class names and the event dispatcher
42.0PRSSOS::GROSSETETEThu Nov 21 1991Why LRPsize 25
43.02SOS6::GROSSETETEThu Nov 21 1991Router NETs incorrectly displayed
44.03KERNEL::RWATSONThu Nov 21 1991Where should CTF records be written from?
45.01DUCATI::LASTOVICAThu Nov 21 1991VPM object number 13
46.04ROOS::HAMILTONThu Nov 21 1991routing ports for OSI Transport
47.03DPDMAI::DAVIESFri Nov 22 1991DECnet Trace Facility (CTF??)
48.043689Fri Nov 22 1991Login Info Invalid on all incoming connections
49.013689Fri Nov 22 1991How to manager/query PH4 nodes
50.043689Fri Nov 22 1991WAVE II broke DECmcc?
51.05STAR::SHURSTMon Nov 25 1991Phase V Troubleshooting
52.06STAR::SHURSTMon Nov 25 1991Known Problems and Limitations
53.011MARVIN::COBBTue Nov 26 1991Incoming connect failures when synonym not available
54.0ILKKA::KORKKOWed Nov 27 1991Wave 2 and DEC Inspect (V2.1B)
55.012ILKKA::KORKKOWed Nov 27 1991Pool usage?
56.04EEMELI::KORKKOThu Nov 28 1991DECnet/OSI reinstallation fails
57.0FROCKY::BLANKENBERGFri Nov 29 1991PhaseV Wave 1/2 Routers & X25Gateways
58.0246692::SCOTTKMon Dec 02 1991Migration Presentation?
59.04MARVIN::WATERSTue Dec 03 1991DNS trouble?
60.0213689Tue Dec 03 1991DNS Optional in WAVE 3?
61.04WICK::NICHOLSTue Nov 26 1991DNS and X.5
62.02MU::PORTERWed Dec 04 1991Load file support - what formats?
63.024SAAR::B_GOODWINThu Dec 05 1991Can't get PSI LLC2 to work......
64.07PRSSOS::DROUETMon Dec 09 1991VAX FT support ?
65.01SAAR::B_GOODWINWed Dec 11 1991Question on proxies.....
66.05MINDER::PUNSHONTue Dec 17 1991Sinked by ASYNC
67.07BRSDVP::MYLLEThu Dec 19 1991PSI access hang
68.03TKOV51::H_KOMIYAWed Dec 25 1991ISO VT (Virtual Terminal)
69.05SAPHAX::JANSENMon Dec 30 1991WAVE 2 use of DNS fullnames
70.016FORU62::LICAUSEMon Dec 30 1991Installation of 12/19 kit failed
71.02FORU62::LICAUSETue Dec 31 1991Remote Node Unreachable....BL7
72.06COMICS::WEIRFri Jan 03 1992Configuring WANrouters and X25gateways on Wave-2
73.02COMICS::WEIRFri Jan 03 1992MOP "Service Passwords" under Wave-2 (and DNU)
77.04FORU62::LICAUSEMon Jan 06 1992Does WAVE II work on ALPHA
80.03FROSTY::JREGANMon Jan 06 1992DECnet/OSI Training
81.02DENVER::GIEBELMon Jan 06 1992Task to Task with a Unisys OS/11
82.04EISNCG::KEOHANEMon Jan 06 1992Multiple IDPs(domains)
83.07FORU62::LICAUSETue Jan 07 1992%IPC-F-NOSTART, IPC facility not started
84.01FORU62::LICAUSEWed Jan 08 1992NET*.DAT...are they needed?
85.0FROSTY::JREGANWed Jan 08 1992DECdns Synonym Directory News Flash !
86.03SAAR::B_GOODWINThu Jan 09 1992Problems getting DNVAPP installed.....
87.02FORU62::LICAUSEFri Jan 10 1992OSI Addressing......ANSI specific types
88.012FORU62::LICAUSEMon Jan 13 1992Login Information Invalid at Remote Node?
89.0SAAR::B_GOODWINMon Jan 13 1992Having problems with CTF...
90.05CSC32::B_GOODWINMon Jan 13 1992Can't get OSI CLNS to work....
91.02FORU62::LICAUSEMon Jan 13 1992NCL> SHOW DNS SERVER what ever NCL> SHOW DNS SERVER things
92.01BACHUS::MYLLETue Jan 14 1992fault tolerant again
93.02HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGTue Jan 14 1992GAP & LLC2 questions
94.01EEMELI::MITTSThu Jan 16 1992Request : create dns node with full towers
95.02EEMELI::MITTSThu Jan 16 1992Use of full NSAP in VMS/DCL/....
96.04SAAR::B_GOODWINThu Jan 16 1992Address Unreachable PDU Discard event....
97.011GUIDUK::KANGFri Jan 17 1992Non AFI=49 Support with EFT V1.
98.09STKHLM::ASUNDQVISTFri Jan 17 1992DNS clerk stops talking to servers
99.01SAAR::B_GOODWINFri Jan 17 1992NSAPs don't match
100.0CGHUB::AUGUNFri Jan 24 1992Upcoming DECnet/OSI Announcement!!!
101.03GUIDUK::KANGSat Jan 25 1992Would next EFT support DNS Manual Server?
102.017GUIDUK::KANGSat Jan 25 1992Would DECwindos over Phaes V Stack in WAVE2?
103.01VINO::LUNDGRENTue Jan 28 1992Does API for non-transparent DECnet change?
104.03DECNET::DANIELETue Jan 28 1992IPCB field name change?
105.0BREAKR::UDICKTue Jan 28 1992Does anyone have a Migration Plan that I can steal for use a my customers.
106.0VCOUThu Jan 30 1992Publications
107.04DUCATI::LASTOVICAThu Jan 30 1992net$configure questions
108.01COMICS::WEIRFri Jan 31 1992Symbols for latest DNVOSI
109.0TNPUBS::GROSSMANFri Jan 31 1992Transition Documentation
110.04THEWAV::GASSNERFri Jan 31 1992LAN Selection from VOTS?
111.0DC1Tue Feb 04 1992SPD for Wave 2 ???
112.08LATVMS::DUGALTue Feb 04 1992UNCLE!!! How do I get rid of these events?
113.040MEO78B::MCKENZIEWed Feb 05 1992Cluster Alias under Phase V
114.01DECNET::DANIELEFri Feb 07 1992IPC interface alert
115.018FORU62::LICAUSEFri Feb 07 1992Invalid Login on Set Host using BL8.
116.0CAATS::MURRAYMon Feb 10 1992PSI Access in Wave 2 and beyond ?
117.02FROSTY::JREGANTue Feb 11 1992Rough EASYnet FIX Plan and Status
118.03WELTM1::CRIDDLEWed Feb 12 1992Use of DisplayUIDs parameter
119.02TOOK::DONAHUEWed Feb 12 1992Progress?
120.02WELTM1::CRIDDLEFri Feb 14 1992Problem with the NET$CONFIGURE 'flow'
122.04BERNMon Feb 17 1992VMS/SNA support under Wave2 ?
123.01TOSKI::ADAMSMon Feb 17 1992DIV32 support?
124.02STKHLM::TORGNYTue Feb 18 1992Correct syntax?
125.010FORU62::LICAUSETue Feb 18 1992MOP load looking for DS7
126.02FORU62::LICAUSEWed Feb 19 1992Create General MOP Client?
127.020HACMAN::HACKThu Feb 20 1992Rejection of X-windows session to BL8.
128.010CSC32::R_SMITHWed Feb 26 1992Can't start DNS 2.
129.02TAVIS::SHEFTELThu Feb 27 1992CR rejected- Why (VOTS)
130.02TKOV51::K_ICHIKAWAFri Feb 28 1992About PhaseV counters
131.02STAR::SHURSTFri Feb 28 1992Phase V, Routers, and IDP's.
132.020FSCR83::MYLLEMon Mar 02 1992crash in net$acp
133.04WELTM1::CRIDDLEMon Mar 02 1992Managing WANrouters from WAVE2 NCL
134.04CX3PT3::HTKING::M_SHELDONMon Mar 02 1992New Namespace problems with EFT BL9D
135.02CSC32::R_SMITHMon Mar 02 1992DNS$CONVERT leaves dns$chdirectories = <empty set> >
136.02TOOK::MARSHALLWed Mar 04 1992VMS Product Migration to DECnet Phase V
137.02TOOK::PURRETTAWed Mar 04 1992Online documentation?
138.01VMSVTP::S_WATTUMWed Mar 04 1992DECnet/OSI Virtual Terminal - The Next Generation
139.0FORU62::LICAUSEWed Mar 04 1992Access violation when using VAXnotes/interface=char
140.04CSC32::R_RODRIGUEWed Mar 04 1992NETNOSTATE, NETACP - no state transition
141.01BREAKR::UDICKWed Mar 04 1992"Where have all the good docs gone ? "- Peter, Paul and Mary
142.04CSC32::R_RODRIGUEFri Mar 06 1992v2Clerk no talk to v2Server
143.09SMAUG::BRAGAWSat Mar 07 1992Is there a max node lenght our layered products should check against
144.013REGENT::AUGERIMon Mar 09 1992SYS$NODE logical name under DECnet Phase V
145.02GUIDUK::KANGTue Mar 10 1992How to start a new "fresh" net$configure?
146.01GUIDUK::KANGTue Mar 10 1992Is "$SET HOST %X47
147.04GUIDUK::KANGTue Mar 10 1992DNS over WAN
148.02CSC32::R_RODRIGUETue Mar 10 1992Crashes, Anyone else have this.
149.01CSC32::R_RODRIGUETue Mar 10 1992'create replica' crash, dns
150.02LATVMS::DUGALTue Mar 10 1992Is there a DNVOSI_REMOVE.COM???
151.04CSC32::R_RODRIGUETue Mar 10 1992dns-d-nocomm, set dir . to skulk
152.04CSC32::R_RODRIGUEWed Mar 11 1992show all id; no address towers??
153.04FORTY2::MRXUA::hardingWed Mar 11 1992Wave1 or WAVE2 - how to tell?
154.03RVNDEL::MCCARTHYWed Mar 11 1992Possible Wave 2 problem with CI
155.0TOOK::DONAHUEWed Mar 11 1992Problems with 9D and above
156.0MU::PORTERWed Mar 11 1992Nmail and full node names
157.03ILKKA::KORKKOSun Mar 15 1992OSIGTWY, OSIT$DEFAULT without pwd - feature?
158.0FSCR83::MYLLEMon Mar 16 1992Documentation-Specs
159.08CSC32::R_RODRIGUEMon Mar 16 1992Multicircuit endnode, DNS, paths
160.03CSC32::R_RODRIGUEMon Mar 16 1992DNS Advertisements
161.06CSC32::R_RODRIGUEMon Mar 16 1992%CCR-F-NORESOURCE, insufficient resources
162.01WELTM1::CRIDDLETue Mar 17 1992Transport / ROuting Configuration with Null Internet
163.09FSCR83::MYLLETue Mar 17 1992access denied when enabling routing circuit
164.04SAC::KINDER_NWed Mar 18 1992XTI, VOTS, CTI, API????
165.04BULEAN::CARSONWed Mar 18 1992Curious Routing Event - PhaseIV Translation Failure
166.01ZURThu Mar 19 1992Unable to join the V1.1 namespace from BL9D client
167.013BRST13::MYLLEMon Mar 23 1992async decnet with connection type switched
168.010BRST13::MYLLEWed Mar 25 1992MOP, massive boot
169.010ESCROW::RAMSEYThu Mar 26 1992Problem with Local Namespace Install
171.01GUIDUK::KANGThu Mar 26 1992BL9d: NSP/CLNP PDU being truncated.
172.03TOOK::DONAHUEThu Mar 26 1992Problems with DNS Servers on Clusters
173.0COMICS::WEIRMon Mar 30 1992LAVc with DECnet/OSI Support Guide ??
174.09KERNEL::RWATSONMon Mar 30 1992OSI Routers - the Problem they cause out E/S's
175.02COMICS::WEIRTue Mar 31 1992Time for a new kit ?
176.03SANSUI::TAYTue Mar 31 1992Questions about installing on a DECnet/OSI system
177.02CSC32::R_RODRIGUETue Mar 31 1992Can I get BL1
178.03STKHLM::WEBJORNWed Apr 01 1992CMIP seems sick...
179.02SUBWAY::SIEGELWed Apr 01 1992Multi-Customer/Multi-Vendor Networks?
180.02LISVAX::APPEREIRAThu Apr 02 1992TCP/IP stack
181.01TRCOA::FLOTNERThu Apr 02 1992TP Conformance - 1988?
182.04DPDMAI::SIMMONSThu Apr 02 1992Customer question
183.0TRCOA::FLOTNERThu Apr 02 1992FDDI support for a cluster of 6
184.010DUCATI::LASTOVICAThu Apr 02 1992DNS stops working for me with latest wave2 kit. any help?
185.07DELNI::MCGORRILLThu Apr 02 1992Session control no use cache
186.0MLNFri Apr 03 1992DECnet/OSI and X25Access
187.016HOTBX::MILLERMon Apr 06 1992Invalid device name on IO$_ACCESS
188.01MU::PORTERThu Apr 09 1992How to make 'cmip script' and 'management image' files for MOP
189.06ESCROW::RAMSEYFri Apr 10 1992NCL equivalent of NCP SHOW KNOWN LINKS?
190.032STAR::DSULLIVANFri Apr 10 1992SYS$NODE Logical
191.01TRCOA::FLOTNERFri Apr 10 1992Session and Transport questions
192.02MU::PORTERTue Apr 14 1992'WHAT::' is the name of this node
193.01CAATS::MURRAYTue Apr 14 1992Q on CSMA-CD module in NCL ref manual
194.01CAATS::MURRAYTue Apr 14 1992Q on Frame module in NCL ref manual
195.0CAATS::MURRAYTue Apr 14 1992Q on HDLC module in NCL ref manual
196.01CAATS::MURRAYTue Apr 14 1992Q on Routing module in NCL ref manual
197.02CAATS::MURRAYTue Apr 14 1992Q on OSI Trans module in NCL ref manual
198.01CAATS::MURRAYTue Apr 14 1992Q on X25 module in NCL ref manual
199.0CAATS::MURRAYTue Apr 14 1992Comment on NCL reference manual
200.03CAATS::MURRAYTue Apr 14 1992When do the NSAPs merge?
201.03ESCROW::RAMSEYWed Apr 15 1992ACPCONTROL - Invalid Function Error
202.01PARZVL::KENNEDYWed Apr 15 1992QIO support for fullnames?
203.019ZURThu Apr 16 1992No x25-call from X25router over LSR-backbone
204.04--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 16 1992Itlemlist Macros and CML Specs?
205.03DPDMAI::PLATTERThu Apr 16 1992Full 7-layer OSI Products? + FYI, UCA
206.0GUIDUK::KANGMon Apr 20 1992Latest EFT kit (BL1
207.01BERNTue Apr 21 1992Supported products on Wave-2 ?
208.0KERNEL::RWATSONThu Apr 23 1992Simple node / fullname / address checks?
209.02STAR::SHURSTTue Apr 28 1992Session Changes in Base Level 1
210.03FROCKY::ERIKSSONTue Apr 28 1992No support for FDDI??
211.02FORU62::LICAUSEWed Apr 29 1992Add-Node function to DECNET_LOC_REGISTER.COM?
212.017NARFVX::FRANCINIWed Apr 29 1992Anyone use Wave 2 (BL9?) and PATHWORKS for VMS successfully?
213.02FORU62::LICAUSEFri May 01 1992Is dual pathing supported in BL9_D Equal cost path splitting in BL9_D?
214.05NARFVX::FRANCINIMon May 04 1992Dumb Question: How to achieve same level of security as Phase IV?
215.05--UnknownUser--Mon May 04 1992MOP client setup under program control?
217.03DWOMV2::MTHOMPSONTue May 05 1992installation feedback
218.013SANSUI::TAYThu May 07 1992Installation questions/observations...
219.03UTRTSC::VROOIJMon May 11 1992Questions about NCL 'DO' or '@' command.
220.01CAATS::MURRAYTue May 12 1992Q on X25 Access Template characteristic
221.04BRST13::MYLLEWed May 13 1992crash with bl1
222.04COPCLU::TRIERWed May 13 1992FCS for DECnet/OSI for VMS When ?
223.07KANGAR::HAMILTONThu May 14 1992NET$EVD using up all my CPU with BL1
224.012DUCAT2::LICAUSEThu May 14 1992Invalid item length for notes BL1
225.01STAR::MILLBRANDTThu May 14 1992MOP - what can it load?
226.03STAR::SZABIETFri May 15 1992changes to net_externals in the works...may affect your code
227.04ELLIE::KORKKOSat May 16 1992EMAA ... entity class not supported
228.03VNABRW::MOSER_WMon May 18 1992NCL improvements
229.04DUCATI::LASTOVICAMon May 18 1992my DNS still don't work with bl1
230.04GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDTue May 19 1992psi wont load dnvosi
231.017KERNEL::RWATSONTue May 19 1992Deferred DECnet/OSI startup please
232.03COMICS::SCOBLETue May 19 1992PSI Access SERVICE NODE status, and use of
233.06KONING::KONINGWed May 20 1992Printserver problem
234.07BRSTR1::MERTENSMon May 25 1992sna and wave2
235.06CSC32::R_RODRIGUETue May 26 1992DNS, DTSS logical links
236.02CX3PT1::HTKING::M_SHELDONWed May 27 1992Cluster Alias MAXIMUM LINKS
237.01MU::PORTERThu May 28 1992Bad alignment?
238.01KARI::SUIHKONENFri May 29 1992Infoserver mount hangs after DECnet/OSI install
239.01TUXEDO::DONAHUEFri May 29 1992Parameter error on Enable Node Routing
240.03SOS6::DROUETMon Jun 01 1992Level 2 routers protocol conversion
241.013STAR::MALONEYThu Jun 04 1992Testing VMS Mail with fullnames
242.02TRCOA::FLOTNERFri Jun 05 1992DECdns, DECdts interoperability: VMS<->Ultrix
243.03JULIE::CORENZWITFri Jun 05 1992Wave 2 and VMS V6?
244.07FORU62::LICAUSEMon Jun 08 1992%MAIL-E-PROTOCOL when using new mail images
245.01136722::ABRAMSTue Jun 09 1992Null Internet & Multi-vendor NSAPs
246.06XLIB::SCHAFERTue Jun 09 1992SMP and Clustering
247.03KXOVAX::ISAACThu Jun 11 1992product matrix needed
248.05KXOVAX::ISAACThu Jun 11 1992OSI transition class flop
249.01CALLAO::JOSEFFri Jun 12 1992X.25 DA supported?
251.04MU::PORTERMon Jun 15 1992Changing address of a Phase IV node
252.01MU::PORTERWed Jun 17 1992Protocol error loading READ_ADDR ?
253.02CAATS::MURRAYFri Jun 19 1992YAQ on OSI Transport Local NSAP Remote NSAP
254.01CAATS::MURRAYFri Jun 19 1992YAQ on CSMA-CD Station
255.01CAATS::MURRAYFri Jun 19 1992YAQ on HDLC entities
256.0DPDMAI::PLATTERFri Jun 19 1992Network World article "Is OSI Dead?" June 15, 1992
257.04FOUR62::LICAUSEMon Jun 22 1992Why a Full Function DECnet/OSI license?
259.016OSLACT::BJORNThu Jun 25 1992How do I install BL1
260.06WLW::SEITZThu Jun 25 1992X.25 connectivity and Wave 2 migration questions
261.0MU::PORTERThu Jun 25 1992Evaluate an XTI prototype...
262.03CSC32::R_RODRIGUEThu Jun 25 1992set host/mop problems
263.01CSC32::R_RODRIGUEThu Jun 25 1992requested info
264.02MU::PORTERThu Jun 25 1992MOP problem reporting - trace usually essential
265.04CSC32::R_RODRIGUETue Jun 30 1992DNS Clerk Cache, Different Types
266.01FORTY2::SAHADEVANWed Jul 01 1992Installation problem with BL11d
267.01BERNFri Jul 03 1992Outgoing calls fail
268.01BRST13::MYLLEMon Jul 06 1992module configurator
269.03RUTILE::AUNGIERTue Jul 07 1992What is the difference Wave 1 v Wave 2
270.02BRST13::MYLLETue Jul 07 1992GAP CMIP
271.06GUIDUK::KANGTue Jul 07 1992DECnet/OSI for VMS Packaging questions
272.04STAR::MALONEYWed Jul 08 1992Help test of VMS MUP?
273.0VMSVTP::S_WATTUMFri Jul 10 1992SET HOST/VTP and "longname support"
274.023DECNET::DANIELEMon Jul 13 1992Session connection info
275.04FOUR62::LICAUSEMon Jul 13 1992Will DECnet/OSI use X.5
276.012FOUR62::LICAUSETue Jul 14 1992DECnet/OSI and X.5
277.01BERNWed Jul 15 1992source DTE = destination DTE for LLC2 ?
278.07STROP::SYSTEMWed Jul 15 1992Conformance to OSI standards required
279.01STKHLM::WEBJORNWed Jul 15 1992OSI applications using NSP???
280.03CALLAO::JOSEFTue Jul 21 1992LNO: 25 or 1
281.03MUDIS3::JONESThu Jul 23 1992Positioning DCE and DECdns
282.01MUDIS3::JONESThu Jul 23 1992Phase V schedule and licensing
283.01TRCOA::BBUTLERThu Jul 23 1992wave2 integrated network layer?
284.03OSLACT::BJORNThu Jul 23 1992SHOW NODE
285.07GUIDUK::KANGThu Jul 23 1992DECdns Server machine config question
286.01MLNFri Jul 24 1992OSI Appl. Toolkit: redirect problem
287.02OSLACT::BJORNMon Jul 27 1992Isn't MOP Supported in BL11_K?
288.08BRST13::MYLLETue Jul 28 1992attribute #12
289.03VF::LANGASQUETue Jul 28 1992DecWindow looping ?
290.0CX3PT2::HTKING::M_SHELDONTue Jul 28 1992PSI mail no longer works with BL11_K
291.04VF::LANGASQUEThu Jul 30 1992Routing problem
292.03THEBAY::WIEGLEBDAThu Jul 30 1992A DECros by any other name...
293.026FOUR62::LICAUSEThu Jul 30 1992Can't login after installation of BL11
294.01OSLACT::BJORNMon Aug 03 1992What message files are missing?
295.01STROP::SYSTEMMon Aug 03 1992DECnet/OSI SPD
296.04OSLACT::BJORNTue Aug 04 1992How do I set 2nd and 3rd address on an end system?
297.0BRST13::MYLLETue Aug 04 1992address translation error ?
298.05IDEFIX::COWBURNTue Aug 04 1992Changes to customer applications ?
299.0FORTSC::SHOMOTue Aug 04 1992DECnet/OSI for VMS Packaging
300.01CSC32::R_RODRIGUEWed Aug 05 1992DFS client for Wave 2
301.09VMSVTP::S_WATTUMWed Aug 05 1992Notes causing 'event: verification failures'
302.06VMSVTP::S_WATTUMWed Aug 05 1992Help NET$ACP/DNS$ADVER are eating my CPU
303.09FOUR62::LICAUSEWed Aug 05 1992Entity Class not Supported for DTSS
304.019STLSEE::STALZERThu Aug 06 1992Crash during DNS clerk dump
305.0CSC32::R_RODRIGUEThu Aug 06 1992patch kits
306.02DSTEG::CARBAUGHMon Aug 10 1992Inactive Subset of ISO 8473
307.035FHOPAS::KEVIN::HACKTue Aug 11 1992Unrecognized Individual Destination PDU messages.
308.01TPOVC::NORBERTLAISun Aug 16 1992PhaseV Autoconfig and DNS Autoregistration
309.01MQOSWS::M_LEBELMon Aug 17 1992Standard API for transport layer
310.02HACMAN::HACKTue Aug 18 1992How does moving node location affect namespace?
311.03GIDDAY::KOWed Aug 19 1992DECnet/OSI for VMS (WAVE2) on VMS V5.5-2 (AMBER)?
312.05CLPRWed Aug 19 1992What's about P.S.I. In EFT5 ?
313.03GUIDUK::KANGWed Aug 19 1992DECW$BOOK requires DECnet/OSI for VMS license?
314.06MU::PORTERThu Aug 20 1992Wrong reason code in reject event?
316.07STAR::MALONEYThu Aug 20 1992Official Schedule Note
317.019UTRTSC::VROOIJTue Aug 25 1992node level access implemented?
318.02HANNAH::DAVIESWed Aug 26 1992official name of product
319.01LARVAE::HOWLETT_TWed Aug 26 1992between the layers?
320.03HACMAN::HACKWed Aug 26 1992How to change Clearinghouse reference?
321.02EICMFG::ELLAMThu Aug 27 1992NSEL Setting Restriction?
322.0STAR::MILLBRANDTThu Sep 03 1992a common Network Management Guide ?? what do you think?
323.0RUTILE::AUNGIERThu Sep 03 1992DECNET/OSI Documentation set part number
324.03VNABRW::HAINZL_RFri Sep 04 1992cluster alias load sharing algorithm
325.06HACMAN::HACKFri Sep 04 1992Can't touch EFT6 node from Phase IV nodes.
326.02VMSVTP::S_WATTUMTue Sep 08 1992EFT6 and P.S.I. Access with 4.3 Multihost system
327.07TOOK::PURRETTATue Sep 08 1992Session Control Proxy
328.04OSLACT::BJORNWed Sep 09 1992How to enter correct Manual Network Entity Title NET (N.E.T.)
329.011TOOK::PURRETTAWed Sep 09 1992EVD/Events problem
330.06DPDMAI::DAVIESThu Sep 10 1992Multihoming Available?
331.02OZROCK::MCGINTYFri Sep 11 1992Interoperability?
332.05KONING::KONINGFri Sep 11 1992Can't specify output file in NCL
333.05RUTILE::AUNGIERMon Sep 14 1992Presentation, comparison material
334.08DPDMAI::DAVIESWed Sep 16 1992TP
335.02DSTEG::CARBAUGHWed Sep 16 1992Missing NET$CSMACD.EXE image
336.03CALLAO::JOSEFWed Sep 16 1992LAT stops when decnet stops
337.01CX3PT1::HTKING::M_SHELDONThu Sep 17 1992Need help with a Wave 2 Crash
338.04BROKE::PROTEAUFri Sep 18 1992LOGINOUT.EXE question
340.05CALLAO::JOSEFTue Sep 22 1992LAN programming interfaces?
341.0STAR::MILLBRANDTWed Sep 23 1992Your 2
342.09CSC32::DAVISSONWed Sep 23 1992NCL difference between VMS and Ultrix DECnet
343.025DSTEG::12GAGE::DERIEThu Sep 24 1992NETPROXY.DAT Problem
344.03ENUF::STRAUBThu Sep 24 1992Which Doc for VT/FTAM config?
345.03ENUF::STRAUBFri Sep 25 1992Wierd towers attribute
347.04WARNUT::BANKSTMon Sep 28 1992OSI over DNA Network Layer?
348.05DSVBMon Sep 28 1992How to reset circuit counters with NCL - snapshot failed
349.069IDEFIX::COWBURNTue Sep 29 1992Layered product impact
350.04EHVVS5::PALOTue Sep 29 1992Is it soup enough to go for it
351.020HACMAN::HACKWed Sep 30 1992CSMA-CD Unavailable Station Buffers
352.07ENUF::STRAUBThu Oct 01 1992Connect to Network Object Rejected using nodesynonym
353.04IDEFIX::COWBURNFri Oct 02 1992 Use of node abbreviations & local root
354.01EBYGUM::WILLIAMSHMon Oct 05 1992$IPC info & examples required.
355.0+11BROKE::PROTEAUMon Oct 05 1992How to change SYS$NODE from local name space
356.01PRSSOS::GROSSETETETue Oct 06 1992Autoconfig. & Ph. IV prefix ?
357.014EICMFG::KORNMESSERTue Oct 06 1992Is DECnet/OSI really OPEN?
358.02MLNTSC::FACCHETTITue Oct 06 1992dns server on wave 2 problem
359.04TKOV51::H_KOMIYAFri Oct 09 1992Functional spec doc
360.0P5MIV1::FACCHETTIFri Oct 09 1992wanrouter kit for decnet/osi vms search
361.01STAR::MALONEYFri Oct 09 1992Official SPD Note
362.010MU::PORTERMon Oct 12 1992AMBER
363.01STKHLM::KLARSSONTue Oct 13 1992Documentation for DNVOSI?
364.01GO4GUT::NASHTWed Oct 14 1992replacement for NCP>connect node blah
365.02EICMFG::KORNMESSERWed Oct 14 1992authentication, SecureGateway, DECinspect?
366.02CAATS::MURRAYThu Oct 15 1992Real quick, annoyingly simple question about install?
367.09MARX::TIBBERTThu Oct 15 1992How do I find a node's NSAP?
368.01FCOIS::GOFFARDThu Oct 15 1992X25DA with RVR algo ??
369.016IMTDEV::HERMANDAThu Oct 15 1992Special privs or Rights for ENABLE EVENT DISP ?
370.03CSC32::B_GOODWINFri Oct 16 1992Errors doing an Install of WAVE2 SSB....
371.01CLPRFri Oct 16 1992About net$configure
372.06PRSSOS::DROUETFri Oct 16 1992NSP over X25 DA
373.07ROMMon Oct 19 1992Just one tower defined
374.024MUNICH::KLOEPPERMon Oct 19 1992SSB-install / DNS$SHARE missing / no routing
375.043CSC32::B_GOODWINMon Oct 19 1992Can't shutdown a system when "SET HOST" to it......
376.02HTSC19::ANDYNGFri Oct 23 1992CTF, trace .... CTF-E-MBXERR ..
377.02ROMMon Oct 26 1992SSB and DNS, SSB and TCP/IP...
378.013COPCLU::TRIERTue Oct 27 1992List of diffs between DECnet/OSI for VMS and ULTRIX ?
379.05SMAUG::ZOLFONOONWed Oct 28 1992NSAP mapping
380.018CLPRThu Oct 29 1992ncp on wave2 ...
381.01BULEAN::BARRYThu Oct 29 1992DTSS startup failures
382.03BULEAN::BARRYThu Oct 29 1992Block event dispatcher and enable event dispatcher sink erros
383.09TUXEDO::ZEEThu Oct 29 1992%CSMACD, version mismatch between network management image and LAN drivers
384.04CX3PT3::HTKING::M_SHELDONSun Nov 01 1992X.25 Outgoing Calls Blocked
385.03BIKINI::KLOEPPERMon Nov 02 1992net$configure for OSI transport (cons)
386.02WARNUT::BANKSTMon Nov 02 1992ISO 1
387.0WARNUT::BANKSTMon Nov 02 1992compression in FTAM?
388.02VINO::ROSSELLMon Nov 02 1992Task-to-task Problem
389.04WARNUT::PCWed Nov 04 1992Unisys ISO interoperability??
390.01EICMFG::ELLAMWed Nov 04 1992OSI Transport FeedBack.
391.05STAR::MILLBRANDTWed Nov 04 1992DNV / DNU interoperability demo for DECUS
392.05TRCOA::FLOTNERFri Nov 06 1992Is Wave 2 shipping yet?
393.04RUTILE::AUNGIERFri Nov 06 1992Lost in DNV
394.04UFHIS::MMCCREADYTue Nov 10 1992Frame Check Error
395.0UFHIS::MMCCREADYTue Nov 10 1992Remote access to self failed, CML, application
396.03UTRTSC::VROOIJWed Nov 11 1992X29 tracepoint missing?
397.02MUNICH::PURUCKERThu Nov 12 1992VAXft-41
398.058DECNET::SHURSTThu Nov 12 1992Node SYNONYMS - can you live without them?
399.011UFHIS::MMCCREADYFri Nov 13 1992NET$DNS_CLERK_STARTUP.NCL namespace exists
400.02EICMFG::ELLAMFri Nov 13 1992How Should You differentiate OSI bits?
401.010UFHIS::MMCCREADYFri Nov 13 1992Why different NCL filesnames VMS/ULTRIX
402.06BROKE::HOFri Nov 13 1992Installation problem with wave 2 kit
403.01GIDDAY::ASHLEYFri Nov 13 1992Wave 2 available somewhere?
404.0KERNEL::RWATSONSat Nov 14 1992UCX + DEBNA - does it work?
405.03WARNUT::2HMon Nov 16 1992Down Line Load VAX/ELN systems?
406.08CSC32::B_GOODWINMon Nov 16 1992No SPD in VTX SPD for DECnet/OSI for VMS V1.
407.01SWAMPD::HCARTERMon Nov 16 1992What Layered Products Does DECnet/OSI For Open VMS Break???
408.01RUTILE::AUNGIERMon Nov 16 1992Request for documentation - SSB - all formats
409.07ROMTue Nov 17 1992Vax Phone problem on Wave2 SSB
410.010UFHIS::MMCCREADYTue Nov 17 1992DECNET_MIGRATE ACCVIO access violation
411.01ACTTL4::SPERATIWed Nov 18 1992Wave2 and DECmcc phaseIV management
412.03PRSSOS::GROSSETETEWed Nov 18 1992Installing DECdns server ONLY ?#
413.036STAR::BECKThu Nov 19 1992Backwards Compatibility
414.0STAR::MALONEYThu Nov 19 1992CORAL Release of OpenVMS VAX
415.011UFHIS::MMCCREADYSun Nov 22 1992Implementation / Version V1.
416.014UFHIS::MMCCREADYSun Nov 22 1992Errors restarting network
417.01UFHIS::MMCCREADYSun Nov 22 1992ncl show implementation DECnet/OSI VMS = (? 2
418.017CSC32::B_GOODWINMon Nov 23 1992DECnet/OSI for VMS Documentation......
419.02UFHIS::MMCCREADYTue Nov 24 1992Unknown class event. UCX?
420.01UKEDU::HARMERTue Nov 24 1992VTP:EDIT/TPU no go?
421.05MU::PORTERWed Nov 25 1992Application hall of fame
422.04RUTILE::AUNGIERWed Nov 25 1992DTSS command, where is it in WAVE 2
423.0UFHIS::MMCCREADYThu Nov 26 1992NET$SHUTDOWN without privileges
424.01BRST13::MYLLEMon Nov 30 1992transport template inbound true
425.05WARNUT::BANKSTMon Nov 30 1992Phase V clusters and ON NI bit?
426.0FUNYET::ANDERSONMon Nov 30 1992DECwindows Banner for DECnet/OSI?
427.02IIKE::FREAKTue Dec 01 1992VOTS Programming Manual Online?
428.02MARVIN::WATERSTue Dec 01 1992VCRPs with function vcrp$k_fc_tpl_cancel
430.08DPDMAI::DAVIESWed Dec 02 1992FECN/BECN Congestion Support
431.06GLFNUT::LICAUSEWed Dec 02 1992Use NCL to get node name from address?
432.08SEVENS::MURPHYThu Dec 03 1992What identifiers are needed to use NCL?
433.05CALLAO::JOSEFFri Dec 04 1992VTP doesnt' work with inactive area address
434.01CLPRMon Dec 07 1992OSI TOOLKIT Available ? where ?
435.0101FUNYET::ANDERSONMon Dec 07 1992Help needed in tuning heavily-used Notes system
437.01BERNTue Dec 08 1992Confusing statements about PSI Licenses
438.02CLPRWed Dec 09 1992disa/enable routing question
439.01XLIB::SCHAFERWed Dec 09 1992DNS Client for OpenVMS AXP
440.02UFHIS::MMCCREADYThu Dec 10 1992Boot hangs at DNS startup. Not enough disk space?
441.06MUNICH::KLOEPPERThu Dec 10 1992dnvosi set host session hangs
442.01BERNThu Dec 10 1992THAIPAK supported ?
443.02VMSVTP::S_WATTUMThu Dec 10 1992DECUS/PhaseV Security
444.09UFHIS::MMCCREADYThu Dec 10 1992Multiple DNS$CACHE files
445.02LEMAN::MAEUSLIMon Dec 14 1992Unknown namespaces in DNS CLERK cache
446.07VMSVTP::S_WATTUMWed Dec 16 1992Loopback, but not in loopback
447.02BRSTR1::MERTENSThu Dec 17 1992licenses
448.01SEIKO::ROASIOThu Dec 17 1992Is DNA$nodesynonym necessary?
449.04KERNEL::RWATSONThu Dec 17 1992Blocking Events from EVD?
450.04BAGELS::SCHNEIDERThu Dec 17 1992CML patch needed...
451.02LICAUS::LICAUSEFri Dec 18 1992NCL syntax changed?
452.014VMSVTP::S_WATTUMFri Dec 18 1992The end of Phase IV ???
453.019FDCV14::DOTENSat Dec 19 1992NCP or NCL?
454.02FDCV14::DOTENSat Dec 19 1992Why no password for session control applications?
456.05FDCV14::DOTENSun Dec 20 1992Status returned when an object doesn't exist
457.02FDCV14::DOTENSun Dec 20 1992Trying to understand the NCL syntax
458.01MKOTS1::JREGANMon Dec 21 1992dns$configure to create a server requires EXPLICIT access to the dir? Why?
459.04MLNTSC::DOMANESCHITue Dec 22 1992Doesn't start DTSS$CONTROL
460.04FORTY2::NEWELLTue Dec 22 1992system crash in LES$ACP_V3
461.02VMSVTP::S_WATTUMTue Dec 22 1992Wave3 and OSI Transport
462.018CSC32::HANNAWed Dec 23 1992NCP EMULATOR Documentation
463.018SHAMIK::GIANATASSIOWed Dec 23 1992Known problems in Wave3 IFT2
464.08CSC32::SCHERBMon Dec 28 1992Is FDDI supported yet?
465.0TAEC::DUFAUTue Dec 29 1992system crash when disabling OSI TRANSPORT connexions (NCL command)
466.06VMSVTP::S_WATTUMTue Dec 29 1992FTAM account creation
468.03AZUR::LANGENSTEINThu Dec 31 1992problems to migrate a NCP obj to NCL
469.07DECNET::SHURSTThu Dec 31 1992New $IPC Function - IPC$K_FC_BackTranslate
470.023SKIP::MORRISThu Dec 31 1992How do I get MOP to work?
472.0PRMSMon Jan 04 1993Tuning DECnet/OSI for FDDI
473.014FROCKY::ERIKSSONMon Jan 04 1993Feature comparison OSI vs. DECnet and TCP/IP
474.03TIGRA::SCHORNOMon Jan 04 1993%NCL-E-MISSINGRIGHTBKT, missing right bracket
475.03UFHIS::MMCCREADYMon Jan 04 1993Unreachable node gives aborted logical link
476.01NAC::BLANCHARDMon Jan 04 1993MOP 3 TO MOP 4 Upgrade?
477.05AUSSIE::CHIUTue Jan 05 1993Where is WAVE 2 kit?
478.010FDCV14::DOTENTue Jan 05 1993Generic procedure to create network objects
479.02AUSSIE::CHIUTue Jan 05 1993NCP commands equivalent using NCL
480.020BUBU::SWEENEYWed Jan 06 1993DECNET/OSI for BLADE (VMS 6.
481.01FRSCS::AURANDThu Jan 07 1993Wrong parameter settings in cluster_config.com
482.01FDCV14::HEUSSThu Jan 07 1993Product Management??
483.01UFHIS::MMCCREADYThu Jan 07 1993DTSS dump on NET$SHUTDOWN
484.06VELI::KORKKOThu Jan 07 1993Listening MOP SYSID messages from Phase V node
485.011TRCOA::FLOTNERFri Jan 08 1993Support for NSAP Selector of
486.05HGOVA::TIMA_BURANCEMon Jan 11 1993Installation of X25 gateway router
487.0NAC::DALEYMon Jan 11 1993Status Of Phase V Architecture
488.04COMICS::MUNSLOWTue Jan 12 1993LNO and tower maintenance
489.04ZURTue Jan 12 1993VOTS connection to Wave1-L1-rtr fails (no OSIrtr)
490.09VMSVTP::S_WATTUMTue Jan 12 1993DNS clerk w/no disk activity
491.022LICAUS::LICAUSETue Jan 12 1993Need address to Name translation NOW!
492.011CX3PT1::WSCWed Jan 13 1993%MOM-E-BADMOPFCT when loading NIS
493.07UFHIS::MMCCREADYFri Jan 15 1993QAR response time
494.04OSLACT::BJORNMon Jan 18 1993How do I manage a WAnrouter from REAL PhaseV node
495.013CGOOA::CRICKMon Jan 18 1993dap/ftam gateway
496.018--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 19 1993IFT for VT V2.
497.03CSC32::SHEEHYTue Jan 19 1993NCP to NCL command equivalent?
498.03WOTVAX::64Wed Jan 20 1993MAX NPDU question?
499.03BIKINI::DITEWed Jan 20 1993End Node Cache Error or problem with CTF ?
500.026TENNIS::KAMWed Jan 20 1993What is the Status of DECnet/OSI for OpenVMS?
501.03CSC32::SHEEHYThu Jan 21 1993UIC field in Session Control Port incorrect
502.06FCOIS::PICARDThu Jan 21 1993Cluster and CSMA-CD : bad wedding
503.03CSC32::J_HODGESThu Jan 21 1993Problems with NCL Prepositional Phrasing
504.01BIKINI::DITEFri Jan 22 1993Dual-rail LAN failover rate factors ?
505.04TNPUBS::SALUSSOLIAFri Jan 22 1993Location of Wave 2 SSB documentation
506.05COPGIN::ASKGAARDTue Jan 26 1993NOP during boot
507.02MLNTSC::DOMANESCHITue Jan 26 1993Problem with START/LIVE of CTF
508.026STAR::MILLBRANDTThu Jan 28 1993User poll: to load mop automatically or not?
510.017VMSVTP::S_WATTUMThu Jan 28 1993OSI Applications Developers Toolkit V2.
511.09CAZ::CASCIOThu Jan 28 1993Multi-Circuit End Nodes
512.01LARVAE::CSOONE::BARKERFri Jan 29 1993DECNET with OSI support on VMS AXP - when ?
513.01EICMFG::KORNMESSERMon Feb 01 1993FTAM: DECnet/OSI license for routers?
514.012MU::PORTERMon Feb 01 1993Backtranslation, and why haven't I got any?
515.015HGOVA::TIMA_BURANCETue Feb 02 1993no resource avaliable
516.06VMSVTP::S_WATTUMTue Feb 02 1993Wave3 and LRPCOUNT
517.03CSC32::D_GARZANITITue Feb 02 1993Phase V remote node unknown error message ?
518.03VARESE::BIOTTITue Feb 02 1993Problem with a Wave-2 task-to-task
519.04BROKE::HOTue Feb 02 1993Question on the log file
520.02CSC32::S_ROCHFORDTue Feb 02 1993"No Resource Available" from NCL command
521.01OZROCK::HARTWIGTue Feb 02 1993Suggestion for QAR account
522.03GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDWed Feb 03 1993cml/cmip api?
524.02GIDDAY::KINGFri Feb 05 1993les$acp-crash trying to declare x29 destination (?)
525.03IDEFIX::COWBURNMon Feb 08 1993NCL sho node
526.015SMAUG::GARRODTue Feb 09 1993Is DECnet/OSI dead before it is even born?
527.08VNASWS::OFENSCHTue Feb 09 1993Who can load the NIS ?
528.04AEOEN1::BUISSONTue Feb 09 1993How to get the MSL compiler for VMS ?
529.01DURDUR::AJZENBERGTue Feb 09 1993Priority
530.01CSC32::R_STEWARTWed Feb 10 1993change dtss epoch time
531.05SKIP::MORRISWed Feb 10 1993Time and output from NCL.
532.02LASCPM::PALASEThu Feb 11 1993Question on the WAVE 2 Kit
533.05CLPRThu Feb 11 1993ncl script location issue
534.08SAC::CSOONE::BARKERThu Feb 11 1993ISO certification for ASN.1 compiler
535.013EICMFG::ELLAMFri Feb 12 1993I Was Happy With ES Hellos, But now I've Got IS!!
536.011DECNET::SHURSTMon Feb 15 1993Tower Ordering for connection establishment.
537.013STKHLM::FAHLSTROMMon Feb 15 1993Problems creating initial namespace
538.05BIS1::BUTTIENSMon Feb 15 1993VROU
539.02MAASUP::PORAMBOMon Feb 15 1993Mixed Phase Cluster Install
540.09OSLACT::BJORNTue Feb 16 1993System Buffer Unavailable on a STATE OFF line?
542.08SMAUG::GARRODTue Feb 16 1993I thought ADVANTAGE NETWORKS included TCP/IP
543.03EVOCDG::DEC_HELLASWed Feb 17 1993Questions: Kit location and Pathworks
544.012LICAUS::LICAUSEWed Feb 17 1993Any NCL front ends around?
545.02SIOG::M_CRONINThu Feb 18 1993Online documentation ?
546.09UFHIS::MMCCREADYThu Feb 18 1993Long time for unreachable node to error out
547.02HXOUThu Feb 18 1993DEMFA & DECnet-OSI???
548.02SWTHOM::MAGENCFri Feb 19 1993CTF questions : resources/privileges
549.0VMSVTP::S_WATTUMFri Feb 19 1993What does OSI VT need?
550.04SMAUG::R_SHAHFri Feb 19 1993Is $IPC more efficient than DECnet QIOs?
551.0VELI::KORKKOSat Feb 20 1993DEcnet/OSI for VMS T2.
552.02LICAUS::LICAUSEMon Feb 22 1993Using $STATUS after NCL command
553.0CGOOA::DURNINMon Feb 22 1993ISO Standards Info needed - Please
554.015MGB::GILLOTTTue Feb 23 1993Trurning off NCL address translation
555.05LASCPM::PALASETue Feb 23 1993Problems with Message Router 3.2 and WAVE2
556.03UFHIS::MMCCREADYWed Feb 24 1993SHOW PATH bypasses DNS cache
557.02SOS6::GROSSETETEWed Feb 24 1993alias connection on itself ?
558.09CSC32::R_RODRIGUEWed Feb 24 1993session appl 'client' field
559.01UFHIS::MMCCREADYThu Feb 25 1993Case of osi transport template names
560.0UFHIS::MMCCREADYThu Feb 25 1993Error message for duplicate osi transport template
561.05ZUREDU::RWATSONThu Feb 25 1993Minimum Memory requirements - Fact or Fiction?
562.05ZUREDU::RWATSONMon Mar 01 1993Access to HELP:: not faster...
563.0124328Mon Mar 01 1993Online help for NCL
564.03ZUREDU::RWATSONMon Mar 01 1993OSITP and VCRPs?
565.0417Mon Mar 01 1993DEUNA Support under phase V?
566.0CLPRWed Mar 03 1993dtss buglet related
567.09CLPRWed Mar 03 1993osak buglet
568.02MU::PORTERWed Mar 03 1993connections - they all look the same to me
569.03HELP::CARSONThu Mar 04 1993Command File to go from phaseiv node number to longname. (Of the Form X, Not Y.Z)
570.01STKHLM::WEBJORNThu Mar 04 1993Any known pbl with VMS 5.5-2, DNS from OSI kit
572.0247315::DOMANESCHIThu Mar 04 1993Info on Client configuration
573.01CSC32::R_RODRIGUEThu Mar 04 1993DNA$towers
574.025Thu Mar 04 1993DNVOSI
575.0122885::GUNNFri Mar 05 1993DECnet/OSI and Message Router/MAILbus
576.015Sat Mar 06 1993Directory Service Manager (DSMDECDNS) features...
577.0145Sun Mar 07 1993NCL> show all and NCL> show sess cont tow main * all question
578.0752377::LANGASQUEMon Mar 08 1993Initialization Failure / Area misMatch
579.04LICAUS::LICAUSETue Mar 09 1993Why bother with MOP Client
580.02DELNI::CROSSTue Mar 09 1993DECnet/OSI for OpenVMS VAX Version Number
581.05LICAUS::LICAUSETue Mar 09 1993WAVE2 to WAVE1 or Phase IV....how?
582.0123111::WILLIAMCHANTue Mar 09 1993DECnet/OSI for VMS V6.
583.0542253::CHEETHAMDWed Mar 10 1993proxy question
584.056Thu Mar 11 1993End System (DECnet/OSI) <-> X.25 <-> Area Router (Phase IV)
585.03LASCPM::PALASEThu Mar 11 1993Unavail station buff & startup err
586.031Fri Mar 12 1993EWS on Phase V (wave 2)
587.02FROCKY::OBELFri Mar 12 1993DFS> add access point crahes DNS V2 server of wave III
588.0FROCKY::OBELFri Mar 12 1993NCL> advertise dtss server name xyz & DNS access
589.08BONNET::WLODEKSat Mar 13 1993Events formating, please cut this line in smaller pieces !
590.05BONNET::WLODEKSat Mar 13 1993NCL output to a file ? Usefull heresy.
591.0728841::HTKING::M_SHELDONMon Mar 15 1993NET$DECNETACCESS and NET$REGISTERDNSOBJECT rights identifiers
592.09COMICS::SCOBLETue Mar 16 1993SCSNODE/SCSSYSTEMID on stand-alone end system?
593.02KONING::KONINGWed Mar 17 1993Connect problems
594.09TAEC::POUFFARYThu Mar 18 1993User poll: Do we need NCL>Delete OSI transport Port ?
595.01UFHIS::MMCCREADYThu Mar 18 1993Downgrade from Wave 3 FT to Wave 2 SSB
596.05234Thu Mar 18 1993DSM for DNS doc
597.056Fri Mar 19 1993Wave2 stops sending ES_Hello if do $SET TIME to previous.
598.01TPSP11::SYSTEMMon Mar 22 1993"no resources available" error from NCL
599.07LICAUS::LICAUSEMon Mar 22 1993TESTEVENT.....how to make it work?
600.038ZUREDU::RWATSONMon Mar 22 1993If only it was NCP...
601.0LASCPM::PALASEThu Mar 25 1993Request for OSI internals info
602.035Thu Mar 25 1993net$mop access violation
603.03LICAUS::LICAUSEThu Mar 25 1993OSI Ping?
604.0349575::MAEUSLIFri Mar 26 1993'Generic' DTE CLASS implementation?
605.0649335::MYLLEFri Mar 26 1993can't configure ethernet delqa
606.03482Fri Mar 26 1993Private application using DNS name
607.02LICAUS::LICAUSEFri Mar 26 1993What is TESTEVENT doing?
608.03UFHIS::MMCCREADYSun Mar 28 1993show dtss local server does not work
609.034CX3PT1::HTKING::M_SHELDONMon Mar 29 1993WAVE 3, FTAM, and OSI Transport CONS Connections
610.04UFHIS::MMCCREADYMon Mar 29 1993Set DTSS Courier Role Courier fails
611.012127Mon Mar 29 1993OSI x TCP/IP Presentation?
612.07TPSP11::SYSTEMTue Mar 30 1993failed to load X25router(p4)
613.04SOS6::DROUETTue Mar 30 1993Reachable addr,x25 circuits limitations
614.0116553::POWERSTue Mar 30 1993GOSIP info needed
615.05CSC32::SHEEHYTue Mar 30 1993Creating new namespace crashes dns$server process
616.0STKHLM::NORDSTROMWed Mar 31 1993FTAM and login failure....
617.06UFHIS::MMCCREADYWed Mar 31 1993Shutdown on workstation hangs
618.08UFHIS::MMCCREADYWed Mar 31 1993Can Wave 3 provoke disk errors?
619.09UFHIS::MMCCREADYWed Mar 31 1993Can not boot disconnected workstation
620.01CSC32::R_RODRIGUEWed Mar 31 1993dual towers
621.01347488::SALVATORELLIThu Apr 01 1993SCSNODE problem
622.02VMSVTP::S_WATTUMThu Apr 01 1993Digital announces new plans for DECSA
623.0358869::FLOTNERFri Apr 02 1993QOS in the Network Layer and how to control it
624.01BONNET::WLODEKFri Apr 02 1993Custome event sink .
625.018CLPRFri Apr 02 1993wave3 : the legend continues
626.014CSC32::R_RODRIGUEFri Apr 02 1993ISIS
627.03UFHIS::MMCCREADYFri Apr 02 1993Event startup block. Output supression?
628.0TUXEDO::L_OUELLETTEFri Apr 02 1993Directory Service Manager for DECdns
629.05BONNET::WLODEKSat Apr 03 1993Managing phase IV nodes from Waves.
630.06CVG::PETTENGILLMon Apr 05 1993Why is the logging default the way it is????
631.011427Mon Apr 05 1993DECnet 4.4 + Phase V? options
632.014CSC32::R_RODRIGUETue Apr 06 1993X5
633.0352393::KREYERWed Apr 07 1993What NCL command to show cluster alias name?
634.03COMICS::TURNERWed Apr 07 1993Problems with DAP/FTAM gateway?
635.08CSC32::R_RODRIGUEWed Apr 07 1993{A Word of Caution}
636.012253Thu Apr 08 1993WAN DRIVER LICENCE REQ'D ??
637.01437Thu Apr 08 1993disable destroys osi transport
638.0145466::COLVIN_AThu Apr 08 1993P.S.I. Security and FTAM
639.04FORTY2::BOYESThu Apr 08 1993DNS fails on rebooting
640.010437Thu Apr 08 1993Wave3 = No class
641.09FORTY2::BOYESThu Apr 08 1993NCP emulator lifetime
642.015STAR::DSULLIVANFri Apr 09 1993Suggestions for future releases.
643.0MU::PORTERFri Apr 09 1993XTI notes file moved
644.0166Tue Apr 13 1993QIO READ/WRITE with IO$M_MULTIPLE problems
645.05TKTVFS::KITABAYASHIWed Apr 14 1993VCRPs occupy Non-paged pool.
646.09MU::PORTERWed Apr 14 1993Unavailable system/user buffers from CSMA-CD
647.011SMAUG::GARRODWed Apr 14 1993Can you block events based on event arguments?
648.012Thu Apr 15 1993OSI Communications SW
649.03VMSVTP::S_WATTUMThu Apr 15 1993OSI Transport questions/W3BL5B
650.05FORTY2::WILLIAMSONFri Apr 16 1993Problem issuing NCL directives to WAVE 2 node
651.03FUNYET::ANDERSONFri Apr 16 1993T5.7 DTSS startup and FAL access problems
652.02SMAUG::GARRODFri Apr 16 1993Some good news on DECnet
653.0117236::GASSNERSat Apr 17 1993Congestion Avoidance
654.04434Mon Apr 19 1993vms upgrade over wave 2
655.06RUTILE::AUNGIERWed Apr 21 1993DNVOSI kit maybe imcomplete
656.0133Wed Apr 21 1993Where is OSIF$CONTROL?
657.0151564::HEDLUNDThu Apr 22 1993S C Tower Maintenance
658.044282Thu Apr 22 1993Problem with Net$configure ?
659.0148936::POULLEAUThu Apr 22 1993Changing node address with SCSSYSTEMID >
660.0228676::PECKFri Apr 23 1993FTAM Installation loops with bad device/directory specification
661.04JEDI::STRAUBFri Apr 23 1993VT-E-PABIND
662.01047596::SALMASOFri Apr 23 1993End-system in Ph V Area to End-node in Ph IV Area...
663.02227Sat Apr 24 1993DECnet Extensions system cannot see DSV11
664.0152369::JOSEFMon Apr 26 1993DECnet/OSI EPHOS compliant?
665.0251488::KORKKOMon Apr 26 1993Don't have any more RTG$PORT2
666.025Tue Apr 27 1993DNVOSI routing /reachability problem
667.04FORTY2::ODONNELLWed Apr 28 1993NET$EVD_CONFIGURE problem ...
668.04FORTY2::MILLSONWed Apr 28 1993Cannot generate events on Wave 3
669.058378::E_SPLETTWed Apr 28 1993March CD-ROM has old SPD 25.
670.01047211::PROFETIThu Apr 29 1993synonim cache problem
671.01VMSVTP::S_WATTUMThu Apr 29 1993What's going on with HELP today?
672.02CSC32::D_GARZANITIThu Apr 29 1993DECdns Management Manual optional ?
673.0217145::HAYDENThu Apr 29 1993DECserver 1
674.035Fri Apr 30 1993NACQAR / DECnet_OSI_VMS / contact development
675.013UFHIS::MMCCREADYFri Apr 30 1993NCP emulator outputs to two files
676.016JEDI::CAUDILLFri Apr 30 1993FDDI; Phase IV; Wave3; WANrouter 5
677.053545Sat May 01 1993CML aborts with SYSTEM-F-DEVFOREIGN
678.04SMAUG::GARRODSat May 01 1993Should DECnet/OSI be treated as a simple upgrade?
679.0748232::LAMONTAGNETue May 04 1993
680.021FORTY2::ODONNELLTue May 04 1993Problems with X25 on Wave 3
681.04MU::PORTERTue May 04 1993Two phase IV addresses?
682.047211::PROFETIWed May 05 1993DECnet/OSI configuration question
683.042926::LAYLANDWed May 05 1993Dual rail Ethernet and OSI
684.06313Wed May 05 1993Response time mesurement?
685.0223415::PRCSWSMon May 10 1993multiciruit and multi-asyn, lines?
686.06Tue May 11 1993NET$CONFIGURE fails to add mop clients wave3
687.032FORTY2::BOYESWed May 12 1993How is connection to application in a cluster decided?
688.07LICAUS::LICAUSEWed May 12 1993Latest on DECnet Shutdown
689.0249393::FEERThu May 13 1993Inhibt start of LES$ACP_V3
690.052915::DSMAILThu May 13 1993OSI-F-BAD_FQOS error with OSIF_C_EXAMPLE.C
691.010STAR::BECKThu May 13 1993Phase IV vs Phase V discussion from INFOVAX, FYI
692.058791::GONZALESFri May 14 1993wave3 trace/no identifiers net$trace??
693.02TAEC::URSCHFri May 14 1993Is it possible to use CTF without Phase V ???
694.0458812::MURRAYFri May 14 1993Security level designed for DECnet/OSI ?
695.0158812::MURRAYFri May 14 1993FTAM questions here now?
696.05UFHIS::MMCCREADYFri May 14 1993SSB kit for Wave 3?
697.01UFHIS::MMCCREADYSun May 16 1993Phase
698.01247211::PROFETIMon May 17 1993routing circ CSMACD-
699.03TAEC::SELIERMon May 17 1993Null tsel leads on VMS crash with DECnet phase 5 (Wave 2)
700.012FORTY2::BOYESTue May 18 1993Reason code on Load Request
701.0317Tue May 18 1993trace logical link to PID?????
702.0351384::KNOPPERSWed May 19 1993Events to a mailbox device...
703.0123458::FARADAYCHONGWed May 19 1993X.25 1988 Compliance
704.07UFHIS::MMCCREADYWed May 19 1993Numerical error codes from DECNET_MIGRATE
705.02CSC32::D_GARZANITIWed May 19 1993FTAM protocol error (unspecific) ???
706.01VMSVTP::S_WATTUMWed May 19 1993Apologies to Alice
707.012268Thu May 20 1993OpenPort call error ..can anyone help
708.01UFHIS::MMCCREADYThu May 20 1993Ctrl/Z in DECNET_MIGRATE Help
709.02TPSP11::SYSTEMMon May 24 1993DECnet/OSI on Alpha/VMS?
710.015ZUREDU::RWATSONMon May 24 1993MAX LINKS / MAX TC counter
711.07ZUREDU::RWATSONTue May 25 1993DECdns Clerk Cache and Backup
712.0649392::DEYTue May 25 1993LLC2 and Flow Control Negotiation No
713.08NACCEE::AVERRETue May 25 1993Max TPDU size ignored
714.07NACCEE::AVERRETue May 25 1993Transport using wrong remote dte address
715.0UFHIS::MMCCREADYTue May 25 1993DTSS Times not intersecting
716.0252274::DOMINGUESTue May 25 1993%EXECinit-E-LoadERR, error loading
717.03DRAC::DSMAILWed May 26 1993net kit for OSAK V3.
718.01151666::KORKKOWed May 26 1993File not accessed on channel with DEC Notes T2.4 and DNVOSI T5.7
719.05LEMAN::MAEUSLIWed May 26 1993NET$CONFIGURE and manual NETs questions/problems
720.03SMAUG::PORCAROWed May 26 1993My customer noticed behavior change
721.08ZURThu May 27 1993No connection to DNS Server after reboot for 1
722.03WARNUT::BANKSTThu May 27 1993Block mode working VT??
723.0558378::E_SPLETTThu May 27 1993install VMS 6.
724.04LEMAN::MAEUSLITue Jun 01 1993NET$CONFIGURE and backtranslation directories
725.03BRST13::MYLLETue Jun 01 1993Maximum length of an NCL command line ?
726.05TKTVFS::ENDOH_KTue Jun 01 1993Can't set Max. NSDU size > 2
727.01LEMAN::MAEUSLITue Jun 01 1993Session Control and Autoregistration
728.0649262::BUTTIENSWed Jun 02 1993ASN.1 compiler in OSI Application Developers Toolkit output
729.0CLPRWed Jun 02 1993Reserved for futur jpp's implementation
730.04CSC32::ARNOLDThu Jun 03 1993help with decnet_migrate
731.030STAR::RJONESFri Jun 04 1993Multiple Cluster Aliases
732.05LEMAN::MAEUSLIMon Jun 07 1993DNS clerk-server communic. problem at boot time
733.015BULEAN::TARANTOMon Jun 07 1993DECnet/OSI AXP Internal Field Test
734.075Tue Jun 08 1993Invalid TPDUs with FTAM
735.07RDGENG::PRATTTue Jun 08 1993Layered products and Wave 3
736.04861Tue Jun 08 1993interoperability issues with DDCMP RSX
737.06UFHIS::MMCCREADYTue Jun 08 1993Wave 1 files not cleaned up by Wave 2/3 install
738.04VNABRW::MOSER_WTue Jun 08 1993Too late for a fix ?
739.035218Wed Jun 09 1993Problem accessing a DNS Server V1.1
740.04LICAUS::LICAUSEWed Jun 09 1993NCL-E-ACCESSDENIED, access denied during layered product installation
741.0121689::DOYLEWed Jun 09 1993OSI Applications Developers Toolkit on AXP
742.05LICAUS::LICAUSEWed Jun 09 1993Where is local node data base?
743.0749391::DURANDThu Jun 10 1993LNO empty!?
744.07TAEC::SELIERThu Jun 10 1993Wave2 / Wave 3 compatibility for OSI Transport QIO
746.01149392::DEYMon Jun 14 1993invalid tracepoint "routing circuit *"
747.06STAR::SZABIETMon Jun 14 1993Changes in the Wave 3 Amber version of NET$CONFIGURE
748.09VNABRW::MOSER_WMon Jun 14 1993Verification Failure ???
749.03CSC32::R_RODRIGUEMon Jun 14 1993OSAK Programming.
751.0156988::ODONNELLMon Jun 14 1993install NIS
752.02VMSVTP::S_WATTUMTue Jun 15 1993Someone is trying too hard during network outage
753.0448284::FARISWed Jun 16 1993Port OSAK appli on AXP?
754.01ZURWed Jun 16 1993Copy .EXE over DAP/FTAM gateway?
755.02048219::GROSSETETEWed Jun 16 1993f$getsyi("decnet_version") & wave 3 ?
756.012BRST13::MYLLEThu Jun 17 1993SBB kit installation
757.0851643::ASUNDQVISTThu Jun 17 1993Problem with incoming connect in Decnet osi t2.
758.02SMAUG::GARRODThu Jun 17 1993Customer comments on the move to DECnet/OSI
759.0148285::TSAKALOSFri Jun 18 1993FTAM to ICL-problem with Greek characters
760.0LEMAN::MAEUSLIFri Jun 18 1993SET HOST and DIREC strange behaviour
761.05PRSSOS::GROSSETETEFri Jun 18 1993Fullname support on AXP/VMS
762.03MUNICH::KLOEPPERFri Jun 18 1993cross-product x.25 overview table
764.04JEDI::CAUDILLFri Jun 18 1993No MOP events?
765.04CSC32::R_RODRIGUEFri Jun 18 1993{evd dying, %EVD-F-INTERROR}
766.01HGOVA::TIMA_BURANCEMon Jun 21 1993Application number
767.031Mon Jun 21 1993"Login information invalid" with username/password
768.04BERNTue Jun 22 1993Transport Precedence
769.0447799::SCALONTue Jun 22 1993Adj name from router
770.0CSC32::D_MILLERTue Jun 22 1993No DTE address in Opcom message
771.0234838::KATZTue Jun 22 1993SDUs - What are they?
772.0334293::DAVISSTTue Jun 22 1993x25router 2
773.03HGOVA::TIMA_BURANCEWed Jun 23 1993FTAM gateway problem
774.04MU::PORTERWed Jun 23 1993How long is a piece of string?
775.01GIDDAY::CHONGThu Jun 24 1993dns$configure newnamespace ,ACCVIO
776.03HELP::CARSONThu Jun 24 1993Stumped!
777.09HGOVA::TIMA_BURANCEFri Jun 25 1993How to change node address ?
778.0342326::TRAYLERMon Jun 28 1993Sysgen parameter MIN_PGFLQUO ???
779.02SMAUG::GARRODMon Jun 28 1993Read what customers think of DECnet/OSI
780.0MSDOA::DAVISSTMon Jun 28 1993OSI but staying at Phase IV - easy?
781.0CSC32::R_RODRIGUEMon Jun 28 1993{status codes}
782.01GIDDAY::COOPERTue Jun 29 1993set host hangs
783.07ZURTue Jun 29 1993$IPC and ADA
784.0252369::JOSEFTue Jun 29 1993WANDD & VMS V6.
785.02STKHLM::WEBJORNTue Jun 29 1993Decnet t-t invalid device on _NET:
786.0652446::SHEFTELTue Jun 29 1993Help with security issues
787.0348252::HOThu Jul 01 1993SET HOST/MOP and commads' echo slows down
788.07LICAUS::LICAUSEFri Jul 02 1993-EVD-E-CMLBUILDFAIL, Event discarded due to CML build failure
789.03RDGENG::PRATTFri Jul 02 1993Error using BASIC config option
790.02FORTY2::GROOMFri Jul 02 1993OSAK VMS installation DNVAPP IVP has odd symbol error
791.04JEDI::CAUDILLFri Jul 02 1993How to remove/delete routing circuits
792.094211::BELANGERFri Jul 02 1993DECnet/OSI for OpenVMS AXP seems to be declaring an object twice
793.034211::BELANGERFri Jul 02 1993Request for additional "mop client" events
794.043545Mon Jul 05 1993VMS V6.
795.04FORTY2::ODONNELLMon Jul 05 1993Can't get a window up on Ultrix WS
796.0342721::HOWLETT_TMon Jul 05 1993FTAM bindings for Ada Examples needed
797.03152446::SHEFTELMon Jul 05 1993Help needed with Osi Transport programming
798.01349381::SCHNEIDERTue Jul 06 1993Why does nodename checking fail?
799.022MU::PORTERTue Jul 06 1993Management ease-of-use
800.05TRCOA::FLOTNERTue Jul 06 1993Is NSEL range fixed? Will we make use of QOS?
801.02HTSCTue Jul 06 1993Error during installation of OSI V2.
802.01028676::PECKTue Jul 06 1993Cannot set host to ``hidden area'' cluster members ???
803.042721::HOWLETT_TWed Jul 07 1993Connectionless Transport availablity??
804.054Wed Jul 07 1993CLUSTER_CONFIG missing??
805.034Wed Jul 07 1993LNO 512 limit (why?)
806.06SKIP::MORRISFri Jul 09 1993MOP virtual memory, NET$MOP_OUTPUT file
807.0252369::JOSEFMon Jul 12 1993One routing case
808.0449391::DURANDMon Jul 12 1993isoapplications.dat = case sensitive!
809.0145Tue Jul 13 1993How to setup FTAM over CONS under DECnet/OSI 5.6
810.07BRST13::MYLLETue Jul 13 1993cluster alias and DNS questions
811.05111Tue Jul 13 1993EASYNET node registration question
812.0GIDDAY::STANISLAUSTue Jul 13 1993DEMFA and DECnet/OSI
813.010DECNET::SHURSTWed Jul 14 1993Hidden Area Nodes
814.04LICAUS::LICAUSEWed Jul 14 1993get list error on VMS
815.026DELNI::MCGORRILLWed Jul 14 1993Node address from name?
816.07F1Wed Jul 14 1993Brodcast problem, Events logged to OPCOM
817.0GIDDAY::CHONGThu Jul 15 1993CPUSANITY bugcheck on NET$SHUTDOWN
818.01LICAUS::LICAUSEFri Jul 16 1993V6.
819.02LICAUS::LICAUSEFri Jul 16 1993Can't block event?
820.07JEDI::CAUDILLFri Jul 16 1993DCL procedure to do SHOW KNOWN LINKS
821.01TRCOA::FLOTNERMon Jul 19 1993Setting DECnet IV packet size over WAN link
822.05CALLAO::JOSEFTue Jul 20 1993Message Router with DECnet/OSI support dates?
823.03VF::LANGASQUETue Jul 20 1993Error assigning channel to NML. Status : 842
824.05F1Tue Jul 20 1993Phase IV and Phaes V Load host
825.0529635::HTKING::M_SHELDONWed Jul 21 1993VOTS IVP fails with %system-f-nolinks on OSIT$LOOP_CONS template
826.01BERNWed Jul 21 1993NCL command --> %SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO
827.02TRCOA::FLOTNERWed Jul 21 1993Can I install Extensions without replacing PSI?
828.01BRST13::MYLLEWed Jul 21 1993namespace name case sensitive ?
829.05MSDOA::REEDWed Jul 21 1993Need SPECIFIC commands to Remove PhaseV
830.010SMAUG::GARRODWed Jul 21 1993What are the delighters for DECnet/OSI?
831.09PRSSOS::GROSSETETEThu Jul 22 1993MOP DLL, DEMFA and wave 3 ?
832.0348252::HOThu Jul 22 1993Down line load a phase IV product ?
833.04554Thu Jul 22 1993Experience with 5.7 on an old DNS 1.1 Server
834.04BERNThu Jul 22 1993Upgrade 5.5 --> 5.6 --> BUG CHECK
835.019689::MCCANCEThu Jul 22 1993Phase IV mop db not converted properly
836.02CX3PST::HTKING::M_SHELDONThu Jul 22 1993Support for Fault Tolerant 81
837.016Fri Jul 23 1993FTAM with Novell Netware?
838.0242326::LOTAMon Jul 26 1993CMISE interface. More info reqd...
839.0248252::HOMon Jul 26 1993Load Mop Client and No resource Available ?
840.02TPSP11::SYSTEMTue Jul 27 1993DECnet/OSI for VMS V5.6 SSB doc
841.014554Tue Jul 27 1993DECnet/OSI on V6.
842.05EBYGUM::WILLIAMSHWed Jul 28 1993LOCAL namespace entries gone after reboot
843.0542345::MORGALLAWed Jul 28 1993DNS Client Clerk Cache Crashes during Startup
844.0248252::HOThu Jul 29 1993Explanations about selectors 41 and 81
846.04FROCKY::WIESSNERThu Jul 29 1993X25 Access : Server Connect Rejected
847.05FRSTSC::AURANDFri Jul 30 1993Backtranslation Deletion Event
848.04TRCOA::FLOTNERFri Jul 30 1993Configuring DECnet IV for VAX with 2 enet contonnects
849.072268Mon Aug 02 1993... Missing right brackets ...
850.01SMAUG::FURNANZMon Aug 02 1993location of Coral project plan (?)
851.02CX3PST::WSCMon Aug 02 1993Causes for Outgoing call failures no-resource
852.0252274::KALENGATue Aug 03 1993PSI and X25 Gateway versions with DECnet/OSI 5.6?
853.01PRSSOS::DROUETTue Aug 03 1993$IPC examples using DECdns object
854.01MU::PORTERTue Aug 03 1993Management - summary of what's going around
855.0CSC32::R_RODRIGUEWed Aug 04 1993NCL Article Available on Easynet
856.03CSC32::D_MILLERThu Aug 05 1993duplicate OPCOM messages
857.0559572::OWAKIThu Aug 05 1993DNS clerk gone on DNS server node
858.07MU::PORTERThu Aug 05 1993Can't talk to node LYRE - protocol error from OSI transport
859.01259572::OWAKIFri Aug 06 1993CSMA-CD station buffers
860.09NAC::HARRINGTONFri Aug 06 1993BASIC configuration...questions for the field...
861.010495Mon Aug 09 1993Slow file tranfer with cluster alias on wave 2
862.01SOS6::DROUETMon Aug 09 1993MOP/RCF response time
863.03ROMTSS::SCIMIAMon Aug 09 1993osak.h
864.02DIOR::HOTue Aug 10 1993Show process/continue/id on a decnet-osi system
865.03COMICS::MAGUIRETue Aug 10 1993Alias on DECnet osi..problem !
866.02422Tue Aug 10 1993Presentations on Phase V ?
867.02JEDI::CAUDILLTue Aug 10 1993Redirects seem to have little or no effect
868.02UTOPIE::RINGHOFER_MWed Aug 11 1993cluster mechanism and GAP?
869.05BIS1::BUTTIENSWed Aug 11 1993MOP : Invalid Record Size ?
870.0142577::HUTCHESONTWed Aug 11 1993Vax Extensions on one node of a cluster?
871.03EICMFG::ELLAMWed Aug 11 1993Surprise Version of OSAK With V5.6A!
872.03MU::PORTERWed Aug 11 1993Should DECnet/OSI use OSI?
873.01TRCOA::FLOTNERWed Aug 11 1993ISO 88
874.0416913::LEE_KOWed Aug 11 1993Constructing NSAP addresses
875.079689::MCCANCEThu Aug 12 1993routing startup problem?
876.0451666::KORKKOFri Aug 13 1993DCL command level incompatability between DNVOSI and VMS
877.03427Fri Aug 13 1993Area mismatch error?
878.07LICAUS::LICAUSEFri Aug 13 1993SHOW MOP CLIENT stalls
879.01BERNFri Aug 13 1993psi_config.dat is invalid after upgrade
880.07ZUREDU::RWATSONFri Aug 13 1993V5.6a Release Notes and FTAM
881.0ZUREDU::RWATSONFri Aug 13 1993Bugcheck when using FTAM (QAR = 74
882.0451384::VROOIJFri Aug 13 1993ADA, itemlist, VOTS programming???
883.02ZUREDU::RWATSONFri Aug 13 1993NS+,CLNS ??
884.05ZUREDU::RWATSONFri Aug 13 1993OSAK$NETMAN dumps
885.07MACROW::CAHILLFri Aug 13 1993"local transport disconnect" & "Transport provider error" blues
886.07SKIP::MORRISFri Aug 13 1993Magic Logical Names
887.06LICAUS::LICAUSEMon Aug 16 1993Want to block event "AREA MISMATCH"
888.02LICAUS::LICAUSEMon Aug 16 1993Not getting MOP events...V5.6A
889.0451847::EBCTue Aug 17 1993Multiple Event Sinks ?
890.05EICMFG::ELLAMTue Aug 17 1993But I Don't Want To See Task to Task in my Trace.
891.016LICAUS::LICAUSETue Aug 17 1993Unrecognized Multicast Destination PDU on V5.7
892.03DV78Tue Aug 17 1993DECNET_MIGRATE. EXE HELP!!
893.05WOTVAX::64Tue Aug 17 1993Phase IV network and Phase V OSI applications?
894.05STKHLM::TORGNYWed Aug 18 1993NCL hangs for a minute
895.04LEMAN::MAEUSLIWed Aug 18 1993DNS V2.
896.05Wed Aug 18 1993P.S.I.-Access Security Problem
897.0CSC32::B_GOODWINWed Aug 18 1993Minimum Version of DECnet/OSI for OpenVMS VAX Blitz
898.04MU::PORTERWed Aug 18 1993NET$CONFIGURE and proxies for MAIL - bug?
899.012HALIBT::MCCANTAWed Aug 18 1993uninstall decnet-osi
900.01121689::DOYLEThu Aug 19 1993Differences in routine from Wave I to Wave III
901.026Fri Aug 20 1993Bugcheck, IPL too high, OSAK$SERVER_V3
903.0158441::SEQUEIRAFri Aug 20 1993How many WAN interfaces on an ES
904.03LASCPM::YEUNGSat Aug 21 1993Clearinghouse Creation Problem
905.011STKHLM::DUFVASun Aug 22 1993Ph.IV L2 router discards large frames
906.012BERNMon Aug 23 1993Shutdown DECnet/OSI for OpenVMS AXP
907.0NETRXO::thomasTue Aug 24 1993Wave-3 (V5.6A) seems real flakey
908.06FORTY2::FISKWed Aug 25 1993Null Internet and Wave 3
909.0449267::VDKERCKHOVEWed Aug 25 1993Namespace setup in mixed area LAVC ?
910.03BERNThu Aug 26 1993OSI Transport
911.07LARVAE::HOWLETT_TThu Aug 26 1993Oss toolkit does it need wave 3?
912.06MARX::TIBBERTThu Aug 26 1993DECnet/OSI 5.7 EFT2 & VMS T6.1 incompatibility?
913.0157548::TIBBERTSat Aug 28 1993Problems connecting VAX/Ph5 to AXP/Ph4
914.02UTRTSC::VWEEMon Aug 30 1993Decserver 1
915.01EICMFG::ELLAMMon Aug 30 1993OSI Transport Tracing NSAP and Hex TSAPs Missing.
917.012LARVAE::HOWLETT_TTue Aug 31 1993Reentrancy question, is this likely?
918.05STKHLM::WEBJORNTue Aug 31 1993Object names case sensitive?
919.02LARVAE::HOWLETT_TTue Aug 31 1993How to change the Skulk time DNS?
920.0159998::KOITABASHIWed Sep 01 1993DECnet/OSI internals and NET$SDA
921.0131224::SAFFORD_THWed Sep 01 1993DECdns License included in Extended Functions ??
922.06CSC32::SCHMALSTIEGThu Sep 02 1993ANSI numeric name
923.0349392::DEYThu Sep 02 1993osi trans template DEFAULT
924.049393::LARISCHThu Sep 02 1993NPAGEDYN corrupt with "poison"
925.081Thu Sep 02 1993SET HOST to formerly PhV node fails
926.02CSC32::M_FISHERThu Sep 02 1993CTF$DCP related pool corruption crashes
927.06GIDDAY::WANThu Sep 02 1993DENMA not communicating with DG properly
928.07LICAUS::LICAUSESun Sep 05 1993NSAP addr/name translation string truncated?
929.015Mon Sep 06 1993-EVD-E-CMLBUILDFAIL
930.09UTRTSC::KNOPPERSTue Sep 07 1993DNS startup delay
931.01BRSVMS::VDKERCKHOVETue Sep 07 1993Verification Failure/Backtranslation problem
932.07MU::PORTERWed Sep 08 1993SNAPSHOT support in DECnet/OSI
933.0148476::DROUETWed Sep 08 1993NSP with DECnet-RSX flow control
934.01CALLAO::JOSEFThu Sep 09 1993ISIS Routing for VMS available??
935.01LASCPM::YEUNGFri Sep 10 1993PMAD on VS 4
936.01LASCPM::YEUNGFri Sep 10 1993Multi-circuited end system rules
937.02BULEAN::VFOVAX::CARNELLFri Sep 10 1993Posting an event under VMS ?
938.07FORTY2::FISKSat Sep 11 1993Remote operations rejected
939.0SKIP::MORRISTue Sep 14 1993Link startup timeouts (Network Partner Exited)
940.01STAR::YETTOTue Sep 14 1993Procedure to fix DCLtables after FTAM installation
941.03CSC32::J_HODGESTue Sep 14 1993Name to Address translation - DNS and Wave 3
942.06VNABRW::KARTNER_MWed Sep 15 1993Problems with DECNET FULL NAME (Case,"")
943.01CSC32::M_FISHERWed Sep 15 1993OSI 5.6A - Another NET$SHUTDOWN crash
944.018419::BARRASWed Sep 15 1993
945.0537Thu Sep 16 1993Need Help Passing Parameter to an NCP OBJECT!
946.03STKHLM::TORGNYFri Sep 17 1993LAN driver QIO sense mode different
948.01NEURON::GONZALESMon Sep 20 1993DNS$CACHE.XX versus dns$cache.version
949.07VELI::KORKKOMon Sep 20 1993Audit/alarms for (dis)connects
950.0352274::KALENGATue Sep 21 1993Session Entity not attached to TSAP
951.08BRSVMS::VDKERCKHOVETue Sep 21 1993Frame Too Long
952.04CSOA1::LENNIGTue Sep 21 1993NCL SHO NODE to Phase IV node
953.0314385::CAUDILLWed Sep 22 1993Where are events documented
954.01314385::CAUDILLWed Sep 22 1993Remote Transport Disconnection ... OSI Transport
955.02LASCPM::YEUNGThu Sep 23 1993Another clearinghouse creation problem
957.04TRCOA::TIPPERFri Sep 24 1993Multi-area LANS??
958.02CSC32::SHEEHYFri Sep 24 1993DNS clerk caching multiple addresses
959.02VELI::KORKKOSun Sep 26 1993Unexpected system service exception at NET$ACP
960.06MUNICH::KLOEPPERMon Sep 27 1993X.121 NSAP Mapping
961.0FORTY2::TSANGTue Sep 28 1993Wave 3 X.25 Server causes Ultrix X.25 Gateway client systems to hang.
962.010TAVIS::SHEFTELTue Sep 28 1993How to set time one hour backwards
963.02LARVAE::HOWLETT_TTue Sep 28 1993pauses every 15 secs from VMS
964.07TKTVFS::ENDOH_KWed Sep 29 1993I need the PICS of Wave3
965.0451Thu Sep 30 1993OSI Transport applications broken with Wave 3 ?
966.04STKHLM::TORGNYThu Sep 30 1993MAP
967.0119277::MATATIAMon Oct 04 1993Info needed on NET$CONFIGURE
968.02ZURMon Oct 04 1993MOP reason code 8 . What's that mean?
969.02HELP::CARSONMon Oct 04 1993Openings in DECnet-OSI Engineering.
970.01CSC32::FOAD::C_SMITHMon Oct 04 1993EVENT Reject Sent reason code, and additional information fields
971.02BRSTR1::MERTENSTue Oct 05 1993Transition questions
972.03ZURTue Oct 05 1993DECnet OSI and SLS (Storage Library System)
973.0143149::ELFSTN::CUMMINGSTue Oct 05 1993What command is equiv to SHOW KNOWN NODES
974.03CSC32::D_GARZANITITue Oct 05 1993Maximum Active Circuits = 512 ?
975.02318Tue Oct 05 1993decnetsetup basic failes,,,but update session control maintenance works.
976.01242535::MAGUIREWed Oct 06 1993ADA bindings in V2.
977.015Thu Oct 07 1993Problems using transport class
978.045229Thu Oct 07 1993OSI/TP
979.09ZURFri Oct 08 1993DAP-FTAM gateway fails using outbound CONS
980.03CSC32::D_GARZANITIFri Oct 08 1993LNO problem causing %SYSTEM-F-UNREACHABLE ?
981.01MU::PORTERFri Oct 08 1993Funny backtranslation softlink entities in my system
982.02LICAUS::LICAUSEMon Oct 11 1993NCL dumps on W3BLB3_G
983.015Tue Oct 12 1993Question about 'preferred maximum TPDU size'
984.04LICAUS::LICAUSETue Oct 12 1993How to Purge DNS Cache?
985.05MUNICH::KLOEPPERTue Oct 12 1993IS-IS Routing Version 1.
986.04UTRTSC::VROOIJTue Oct 12 1993DNA_NodeSynonym,softlinks and proxies?
987.03BERNTue Oct 12 1993Verification Failure
988.04TAVTue Oct 12 1993configuration problem?
989.0148253::MARTINThu Oct 14 1993asynchronous static
990.010LICAUS::LICAUSEThu Oct 14 1993LNO very slow on WAVE 3
991.042926::LAYLANDFri Oct 15 1993How many L1 routers on a LAN
992.024836Fri Oct 15 1993$IPC, BIOCNT not updated on $DASSGN.
993.025Fri Oct 15 1993INVPVA, Invalid parameter value , Physical Ethernet address on a VMS V5.5-2H4 system (VAX4
994.04TAVMon Oct 18 1993VOTS 2.
995.0958483::TYPHAIRMon Oct 18 1993Application -VAX--->Alpha AXP
996.08LOOKIN::MAGUIREMon Oct 18 1993Fal access intermittently failing..msg
997.03ROMTSS::SERAFINITue Oct 19 1993ECO 1,2,3 (for 5.6A) kit location needed
998.034853Tue Oct 19 1993DLM between DECnet IV+PSI4.3 and DECnetOSI 5.6
999.0547211::ROASIOWed Oct 20 1993Error numbers using DECNET_MIGRATE
1000.01STAR::MILLBRANDTWed Oct 20 1993Note 1
1001.04MU::PORTERWed Oct 20 1993New millenium starts here
1002.025Thu Oct 21 1993'Unset' Bit 5/6 of the add. option param of a CR TPDU
1003.0TUXEDO::ZEEThu Oct 21 1993DECdns survey - Is anyone linking against DNS$CLIENT.EXE?
1004.05KERNEL::DAVIESFri Oct 22 1993CSMACD-
1005.01251219::WESEMAN_HMon Oct 25 1993problem with SET HOST to phase IV nodes
1006.0148873::SAUNIERMon Oct 25 1993Timing in OSI layer
1007.04UTRTSC::KLEINMon Oct 25 1993Invalid address for DNS NSAP
1008.0FORTY2::ELLISTue Oct 26 1993vms 5.5-2 & DECnet/OSI 5.6 to VMS 6.
1009.01STAR::YETTOTue Oct 26 1993DECnet/OSI T5.7 EFT3 is available on BULOVA::
1010.0133438::KOCH_PTue Oct 26 1993DECnet/OSI for OpenVMS AXP questions
1011.0351488::KORKKOTue Oct 26 1993Minor ;-( issues with latest DNVOSI kit
1012.024LASCPM::YEUNGWed Oct 27 1993Cannot Communicate with Symbolics Phase IV node
1013.03ZURWed Oct 27 1993CSMA-CD Port, no resources available
1015.0LEMAN::SCHEIDEGGERWed Oct 27 1993PSILIB.FOR and acr$w_psi_vctype
1016.01476Wed Oct 27 1993Problems with DECnet/OSI AXP
1017.01LICAUS::LICAUSEWed Oct 27 1993More NCL errors in W3BLB4_I
1018.05LICAUS::LICAUSEThu Oct 28 1993OSI Ping in WAVE III?
1019.02FORTY2::WILKINSThu Oct 28 1993Problems with DEFAULT template in V5.6B
1020.028951::BOTTOMSThu Oct 28 1993DECnet/OSI and MIVC
1021.013STRWRS::KOCH_PThu Oct 28 1993DNS for OpenVMS AXP?
1022.011THEWAV::GASSNERFri Oct 29 1993Big message size induces DR
1023.0A1VAX::BRAUNFri Oct 29 1993Invitation to try Conferencing FT2
1024.06BLUFSH::DOYLEFri Oct 29 1993Problems connecting to GEF9
1025.01SAWPIT::BOTTOMSFri Oct 29 1993Getting error 'assert error:'
1026.01TAVTue Nov 02 1993Decnet/OSI configuration questions
1027.0735861::PASCUCCITue Nov 02 1993Upgrade from DECNET/OSI 5.5 to 5.6a, CRASHES
1028.0442135::CRIDDLETue Nov 02 1993NSP connects take 45 seconds to timeout!
1029.058647::M_HUELTue Nov 02 1993Migrating to OpenVMS V6.
1030.01022199::SCHAFERTue Nov 02 1993documentation of the Network Layer
1031.03--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 02 1993EFT3 halts VAXstation 31
1032.0151549::BJORNM_PWed Nov 03 1993Customer appl. fails with FILNOTACC after install of Dnet/OSI
1033.055229Wed Nov 03 1993Transport, Erroneous Transport ERROR
1035.02CSC32::D_GARZANITIThu Nov 04 1993D-bit modification support ?
1036.06BIS1::BUTTIENSThu Nov 04 1993Something wrong with 49::FF-FF ?
1037.03TAVThu Nov 04 1993Is this multicircuit config valid?
1038.01EVTAI1::LEGOUBEYThu Nov 04 1993Calling DTE padded with
1039.0542329::CHEETHAMDThu Nov 04 1993reboot hangs
1041.0336125::FAHEYFri Nov 05 1993System Crash after install-before configuration
1042.01OTOUFri Nov 05 1993Connecting to Transport...??
1043.02BULEAN::U_SMITHFri Nov 05 1993Patch for MUPB- no preferred tpdu size
1044.0236Sun Nov 07 1993Equiv.to Sho Kno Obj
1045.01056525::ANDERSONSun Nov 07 1993Problems caused by License Expiration
1046.0ZUREDU::RWATSONMon Nov 08 1993NCL Snapshot, and the TO qualifier
1047.02OTOUMon Nov 08 1993Connecting to Transport...??
1048.0137922::COLBATHMon Nov 08 1993File Open Error on Booting Satellite?
1049.01NEURON::GONZALESMon Nov 08 1993IS-IS Routing Kit location??
1050.01CVG::PETTENGILLMon Nov 08 1993Is POOLCHECK bugcheck expected?
1051.0242Tue Nov 09 1993DNVOSIMUPB
1052.0LOOKIN::MAGUIRETue Nov 09 1993osi transport applications..resources required?
1053.05482Tue Nov 09 1993dnvOSI56mupb DNS SERVER PB IPC
1054.01ZUREDU::RWATSONWed Nov 10 1993Delays on Logical Link Disconnections?
1055.0123535::ANDYNGWed Nov 10 1993create csma-cd error !!
1056.0TAVWed Nov 10 1993CTF summary?
1057.0334649::HABERLANDWed Nov 10 1993multi-rail question
1058.014861Fri Nov 12 1993DSH32, DSW DECNET/OSI support and speed ?
1060.0249628::BICHSELFri Nov 12 1993CFT on AXP
1061.0635513::GRAEFFFri Nov 12 1993Phase IV/Phase V coexistence questions.
1062.04VELI::KORKKOSun Nov 14 1993crash at NET$DRIVER+
1063.06GIDDAY::KINGSMILLSun Nov 14 1993DNS-E-NOOVER when attempting to register a node
1064.03BRSVMS::VDKERCKHOVEMon Nov 15 1993FAL, proxy and User Name
1065.07BACHUS::BOLLENMon Nov 15 1993cluster alias and wr9
1066.0259563::OGWV5Mon Nov 15 1993DECnet/OSI Session Layer's API is available?
1067.03UTRTSC::VROOIJMon Nov 15 1993New V2 DNS namespace and DNA_Registrar?
1068.0556994::FAULKNERMon Nov 15 1993Layered products on Phase IV and OSI systems
1069.01VARESE::BIOTTITue Nov 16 1993Stressing OSI Transport
1070.03FLYWAY::BICHSELTue Nov 16 1993OSIT$IVP fails due to Insufficient resources
1071.08LICAUS::LICAUSETue Nov 16 1993Where is DNS help?
1072.014Tue Nov 16 1993NET$CONFIGURE Phase IV dn conversion failed
1073.0116669::YEUNGWed Nov 17 1993Time Provider Problem with V5.7EFT3
1074.0148332::NEYROUDWed Nov 17 1993multi-circuit between FDDi and Ethernet
1075.03DIOR::HOWed Nov 17 1993Hardware Address = MAC Address ?
1076.029664::BUTCHARTWed Nov 17 1993Getting DECnet version from program?
1077.0152919::JOSEFThu Nov 18 1993WANDD API on VMS ALPHA ??
1078.021NAC::DALEYThu Nov 18 1993Phase V Architecture Specs
1079.0152916::MERINOFri Nov 19 1993LLC2 DECnet/OSI V5.6A vs cisco Version 9.1(1)
1080.015EICMFG::MMCCREADYSat Nov 20 1993CRC error in DNVOSI
1081.01EEMELI::KORKKOSat Nov 20 1993Reapply OpenVMS FT3 after DNVOSI T5.7 (2.87)?
1084.06VMSVTP::S_WATTUMMon Nov 22 1993DECnet/OSI, DNS and the meaning of life
1085.01EICMFG::MMCCREADYMon Nov 22 1993Oh for a quiet event dispatcher
1086.02GIDDAY::CHONGMon Nov 22 1993copy to cluster alias resulting in timeout
1087.04MARSTue Nov 23 1993DNS client/server on ALPHA/AXP ?
1088.01MARSTue Nov 23 1993How many Areas on a LAN ... ?
1089.016Tue Nov 23 1993OSI Toolkit doc location?
1090.0134628::BIRMINGHAMTue Nov 23 1993Questions about the dsw42 and DECnet/OSI
1091.023458::FARADAYCHONGWed Nov 24 1993VMScluster guidelines?
1092.01SOS6::BERNARDWed Nov 24 1993DDCMP on async. lines on AXP nodes ?
1093.044738Wed Nov 24 1993Async interfaces supported by WAVE 3
1094.08LEMAN::MAEUSLIWed Nov 24 1993DNVOSI V2.
1095.05CHR27::YEUNGWed Nov 24 1993Another ES Routing Question
1096.01534838::HACKWed Nov 24 1993Can't see DNS name server.
1097.038CX3PST::WSCWed Nov 24 1993Another FTAM over CONS problem. DECnet OSI 5.6B
1098.03F1Wed Nov 24 1993Towers Information needed
1099.0347211::ROASIOFri Nov 26 1993Crash on FTAM IVP on VMS AXP
1100.0547211::ROASIOFri Nov 26 1993Full name problems on DECnet/OSI for VMS AXP
1101.01PADNOM::MAILLARDFri Nov 26 1993OSI start fails with big disk cluster size
1102.0EEMELI::KORKKOSat Nov 27 1993[6] Eastern Eurpean Time
1103.046Sun Nov 28 1993LLC2 problem on FDDI circuit
1104.05LOOKIN::SCOBLETue Nov 30 1993Selective shutdown cluster broadcasts?
1105.0548197::MAGENCTue Nov 30 1993X25 relay pb on LLC2 and profile iso 8881
1107.0116553::RWILSONTue Nov 30 1993OSI network implementation/transition documents
1108.01CHR27::YEUNGTue Nov 30 1993Help with NCL and RSM
1109.0334628::BIRMINGHAMWed Dec 01 1993How many DSV-11 Lines can be active on VAX 4
1110.014963Wed Dec 01 1993DSYT1 support on AXP?
1111.01PDVWed Dec 01 1993Device offline...???
1112.0KERNEL::KHANRWed Dec 01 1993Bugcheck_Fatal
1113.057648::PANDERSONThu Dec 02 1993Pagefile filling up hangs system
1114.02EICMFG::IHANSONFri Dec 03 1993Using the CMISE API
1115.06BLKPUD::CHEETHAMDFri Dec 03 1993EVD query
1116.0416553::RWILSONFri Dec 03 1993DECnet/OSI Version for VMS V6.
1117.01CHR27::YEUNGMon Dec 06 1993DECnet/OSI licensing
1118.02KETJE::MYLLEMon Dec 06 1993how to simulate bad lines
1119.05PRSSOS::GROSSETETEMon Dec 06 1993DNS not working anymore
1120.01MARSMon Dec 06 1993Node name versus Node address ...
1121.07241::SMITHMon Dec 06 1993Security and authorization for client/server applications with DECnet/OSI and OpenVMS
1122.03UTRTSC::VWEETue Dec 07 1993dr25
1123.0441188::UKELLYTue Dec 07 1993Can NCL be programed ?
1124.05SKIP::MORRISTue Dec 07 1993Questions from DECUS
1125.012VMSVTP::S_WATTUMTue Dec 07 1993ALERT!!! VMS security MUP breaks DECnet/OSI
1127.02BACHUS::BOLLENWed Dec 08 1993MOP -protocol in use ?
1128.0541188::OLEAHYWed Dec 08 1993Help, can't register a node
1129.029566::LASTOVICAWed Dec 08 1993show csma-cd station csmacd-
1130.0322554::VTXOPERThu Dec 09 1993Help needed to change PhaseIV address
1131.03ROMThu Dec 09 1993AXP,OpenVMS, OSI and FTAM over X.25
1132.03CSC32::K_MEADOWSThu Dec 09 1993Cannot SET HOST *from* a Phase V node
1133.01VFOVAX::MURLEYThu Dec 09 1993Calling Address Extension Problem
1134.0HLDEFri Dec 10 1993manual titles
1135.0CTHQ::LANGLOISFri Dec 10 1993pointer to EASYnet Phase V 'getting started" doc
1136.01BACHUS::DEWILDEFri Dec 10 1993CTF and /name?
1137.04WARNUT::FOSSEYFri Dec 10 1993AXP V2.
1138.02WARNUT::FOSSEYFri Dec 10 1993How to switch off a particular event
1139.04MACROW::MCCANCEFri Dec 10 1993decbridge 9
1140.01CHR27::YEUNGSat Dec 11 1993Replica Creation Problem
1141.0MU::PORTERMon Dec 13 1993Coral FT4 upgrade breaks NCP emulator
1142.01931Mon Dec 13 1993DNS NOCOMMUNICATION after EASYnet End-Node Wave 3 upgrade
1143.017LICAUS::LICAUSETue Dec 14 1993End of Phase IV for VMS?
1144.02CVG::PETTENGILLTue Dec 14 1993DECnet COPY hangs, what information should be collected
1145.014Tue Dec 14 1993V5.6A -> V5.6B ECO'S
1146.05XLIB::SCHAFERWed Dec 15 1993Version 5.7 questions
1147.0531224::GREERCAWed Dec 15 1993Phase IV conversion error
1148.04EICMFG::MMCCREADYThu Dec 16 1993NET$DTSS_*_STARTUP.NCL get replaced
1149.0LEMAN::MAURONThu Dec 16 1993PSI, X32 support ?
1150.0541188::OLEAHYThu Dec 16 1993network objects on DECnet phase V
1151.0347439::BONORAThu Dec 16 1993NET-I-NOMSG MESSAGE NUMBER
1152.0PDVThu Dec 16 1993OSI area adj OSI comp Ph IV area
1153.07CX3PST::WSCFri Dec 17 1993VTP/Telnet Gateway future Goals
1154.047547::SYSTEMMon Dec 20 1993Problem with event dispatcher
1155.04GLDOA::HOLBELMon Dec 20 1993Best Effort
1156.02MU::PORTERMon Dec 20 1993If a node falls in the forest and there's no-one there...
1157.03CSC32::B_HARRISONMon Dec 20 1993Need a way to prevent DTSS from starting
1158.0229566::LASTOVICATue Dec 21 1993can not access a remote node; other nodes work fine - any hints?
1159.02SWTHOM::HOWed Dec 22 1993proxy access
1160.0EEMELI::VESALAINENWed Dec 22 1993ULTRIX/MAIL problem
1161.01PRSSOS::DROUETWed Dec 22 1993EVD and DNS name mapping
1162.02VMSVTP::S_WATTUMWed Dec 22 1993What's the deal with HELP?
1163.03DELNI::CROSSWed Dec 22 1993DECnet/OSI SPDs in VTX
1164.0BULEAN::SULLIVANThu Dec 23 1993Engineering for DECnet on OpenVMS will be on vacation
1165.01TPSP11::SYSTEMTue Dec 28 1993DVNETEXT or DVNETRTG?
1166.045268Tue Dec 28 1993PATHLOST trying to display from Ph IV to Ph V
1167.08475::HERMANDATue Dec 28 1993Dumb question on NET$SHUTDOWN & VMS upgrades
1169.02NEURON::GONZALESWed Dec 29 1993endnode sees same router as type V and IV?
1170.06DV78Sun Jan 02 1994Phase IV Migration utility fails
1172.07VELI::KORKKOMon Jan 03 1994DNS component hanging things every now and then.
1173.02HALIBT::MCCANTAMon Jan 03 1994Using SYS$DNS to get node name
1174.04NEURON::GONZALESMon Jan 03 1994isis host based kit install help?
1175.02TAVIS::SHEFTELTue Jan 04 1994Multicircuit with x25 and Ethernet
1176.03KERNEL::EDMUNDSTue Jan 04 1994MOP dbase conversion problem on AXP v2.
1177.01CSC32::B_GOODWINTue Jan 04 1994PSI$CONFIGURE does not create an LLC2 properly with DNVOSI V5..7 (W3BLB6_B)
1178.016Tue Jan 04 1994debunking DECnet/OSI myths in usenet
1179.035475::HACKTue Jan 04 1994SIN, link state, and other routing background.
1180.0635475::HACKWed Jan 05 1994Wave 3 encourages DECNIS?
1181.0TUXEDO::ZEEWed Jan 05 1994no DNS$SHARE.EXE with DECnet/OSI for OpenVMS AXP
1182.02VMSVTP::S_WATTUMWed Jan 05 1994Problems with W3BLB6_B?
1183.0116553::RWILSONWed Jan 05 1994Host Based IS-IS routing support??
1184.04ZURThu Jan 06 1994Update time register with DTSS ?
1185.05NEURON::GONZALESThu Jan 06 1994wanrouter 5
1186.06WARABI::CHIUANDREWThu Jan 06 1994CTF and MOPRC in WAVE2?
1187.035475::HACKFri Jan 07 1994Possible FMS problem?
1188.0SKIP::MORRISFri Jan 07 1994MOP configurator has problems with big LAN's.
1189.0541277::BOCONNORMon Jan 10 1994Does OSAK v3 support OSAK v1.1 applications
1190.04BRSVMS::VDKERCKHOVEMon Jan 10 1994DTSS and MOP broken after SSB 2.
1191.05TKOV6Mon Jan 10 1994Logical name for FTAM copy
1192.0BAHTAT::4213Mon Jan 10 1994Multi Circuit End Systems.. config check
1193.08UTRTSC::KLEINMon Jan 10 1994OSIS$CONTROL crashes the system
1194.010TAVMon Jan 10 1994satellite boots from wrong root (Decnet/OSI)
1195.04KERNEL::CORNISHPTue Jan 11 1994OSI keep alive timer lower than 6
1196.014Tue Jan 11 1994OSI_TOOLKIT ECO'S
1197.02295Tue Jan 11 1994What governs Facilities on a CALLC packet
1198.0322558::YOUNSUNGLEEWed Jan 12 1994BSC with KMV1A
1199.0223458::FARADAYCHONGWed Jan 12 1994X.25 Programming Manual online?
1200.02WARNUT::2HWed Jan 12 1994FTAM application entity title question?
1201.03SWTHOM::HOWed Jan 12 1994task application and syntax
1202.07GIDDAY::KINGSMILLThu Jan 13 1994oversize packet loss
1203.0747586::ASTRUAFri Jan 14 1994When Host Based Routing ?
1204.05Fri Jan 14 1994Create/term to ULTRIX node
1205.0458633::FLOTNERFri Jan 14 1994CTERM/VT gateway on VMS???
1206.0NEURON::GONZALESSat Jan 15 1994Is area 64 a valid phase v area??
1207.02NEURON::GONZALESMon Jan 17 1994Values for TRACE/protocol qualifier?
1208.06FSTSC1::AURANDMon Jan 17 1994Convert an VAX/VMS OSI application to OpenVMS/AXP
1209.0335475::HACKMon Jan 17 1994non-Digital routers for DECnet/OSI?
1211.02THEWAV::GASSNERMon Jan 17 1994Executive buffer size?
1212.01OZROCK::GREHANTue Jan 18 1994Problems with an Alpha cluster satellite MOP boot
1213.0MUNICH::SCHALLERTue Jan 18 1994318
1214.05WARNUT::2HTue Jan 18 1994FTAM config questions
1215.03NEURON::GONZALESTue Jan 18 1994Stopping DNS clerk gets partner aborted error
1216.01PRSSUD::CARRAYROUTue Jan 18 1994CISCO and Alias cluster
1217.01NEURON::GONZALESTue Jan 18 1994Session traces - Events and States??
1218.0142619::WILLIAMSHWed Jan 19 1994DECNET crash in OSVCM$$CONTROLCOMPLETE+
1219.03HACMAN::HACKWed Jan 19 1994Mixed Clusters with DECnet-VAX & DECnet/OSI?
1220.011JEDI::CAUDILLWed Jan 19 1994DNS$server looping
1221.016Thu Jan 20 1994NCL discrepancy
1222.03BACHUS::FOLENSThu Jan 20 1994start DECnet/OSI via batch?
1223.0651Thu Jan 20 1994Implementation of XTI according to XPG4 ?
1224.0348197::MAGENCThu Jan 20 1994Alias cluster and X25 security problem
1225.02ZENDIA::WILKThu Jan 20 1994Any test site(s) available?
1226.0TOOK::CARDANIThu Jan 20 1994Need help debugging with PSI 5.
1227.01KERNEL::CORNISHPThu Jan 20 1994FIle transfer between phase V and Extensions nodes
1228.056Fri Jan 21 1994DECnet/OSI Multicast problem.
1229.0847153::BELLONIFri Jan 21 1994Porting application from osak 2.
1230.02GIDDAY::KINGSMILLSun Jan 23 1994Filtering event 'Deleted Remote NSAP'
1231.02GIDDAY::KINGSMILLSun Jan 23 1994finding port number
1232.01STKHLM::SUNDSTROMMon Jan 24 1994Maximum VC's in DECnet/OSI
1233.035Mon Jan 24 1994DECNET/OSI V5.7 Install Problem
1234.02EICMFG::MMCCREADYMon Jan 24 1994POLYCENTER Security CM T2.3-22 (INSPECT)
1235.084186Mon Jan 24 1994constraint violation
1236.08CSC32::M_ROSSMon Jan 24 1994crash in OSDRIVER
1237.0232Mon Jan 24 1994Issues IV -->V ???
1238.01GIDDAY::CHONGMon Jan 24 1994is V5.7 W3BLB6_B SSB ?
1239.03EEMELI::MOSERWed Jan 26 1994Routing startup problems on OpenVMS AXP T2.
1240.05Wed Jan 26 1994OSI transport local NSAP problem
1241.02441188::UKELLYWed Jan 26 1994What are the difference between Phase IV and V Network Objects ?
1242.06CSC32::M_ROSSWed Jan 26 1994crash in OSITP$CONSL_VALIDATE_QUEUE
1243.0234628::BIRMINGHAMWed Jan 26 1994NCB Offset for Call User Data ?
1244.02VELI::KORKKOThu Jan 27 1994FTAM screws up session control application FAL!
1245.04CSOA1::LENNIGThu Jan 27 1994In re Phase V alias FUD
1246.0VELI::KORKKOFri Jan 28 1994Loading DECserver 5
1247.04GOYA::JOSEFFri Jan 28 1994Support for the SCC line of Alpha?
1248.04COMICS::MUNSLOWFri Jan 28 1994EXECINIT-I-QIO with v2.
1249.01LARVAE::HOWLETT_TMon Jan 31 1994how to deteermine Clocking mode on DSV11? NCP?
1250.05WARNUT::2HMon Jan 31 1994FTAM error message mystery
1251.049166::VDKERCKHOVEMon Jan 31 1994Crash at NET$TRANSPORT_OSI+38FC
1252.025HACMAN::HACKMon Jan 31 1994Unsupported Option, how to diagnose?
1253.0COMICS::MUNSLOWMon Jan 31 1994manual entry to cover crash during install?
1254.02CSC32::L_MORSETue Feb 01 1994help on OSI & Cluster Alias
1255.04CSC32::ORTIZTue Feb 01 1994CTF problem with OSI_TRANSPORT PORT *
1258.01NAC::HARRINGTONWed Feb 02 1994Minor OSI Transport management thingy...
1259.053Thu Feb 03 1994Problem with excessive collision errors.
1260.04MARSFri Feb 04 1994node reachability questions ?
1261.010EICMFG::MMCCREADYFri Feb 04 1994How to run OSIT$IVP on VAX?
1262.07GOYA::JOSEFFri Feb 04 1994DTS without DECnet/OSI??
1263.017KONING::KONINGFri Feb 04 1994Why doesn't DNS cache work?
1264.0253171::MONJEMon Feb 07 1994About WAN Device Drivers, DECnet/OSI 5.7 & VMS 6.
1265.0BIGUN::WULFFMon Feb 07 1994Integrated IS-IS
1266.026BERNTue Feb 08 1994Dropping Phase IV after OpenVMS V6.1, yes, no, ??
1267.064348::BRANAMTue Feb 08 1994NET$MOP ACCVIO while managing MOP client
1268.07WARNUT::FOSSEYThu Feb 10 1994DECnet/OSI upgrades to large VAXclusters
1269.01754687::KNOPPERSThu Feb 10 1994Cluster alias and manual NET's
1270.0235276::EISENBRAUNThu Feb 10 1994Update failure from:
1271.012Thu Feb 10 1994NI-SCA VS CLUSTER...
1272.02EICMFG::MMCCREADYFri Feb 11 1994ncl help & nsap-address
1273.03WARNUT::FOSSEYFri Feb 11 1994DNS$ADVER: reducing consummed memory
1275.015CSOA1::LENNIGFri Feb 11 1994Area numbers?
1276.02121499::A_SANTANAFri Feb 11 1994IS-IS kit.. where?.
1277.06WARNUT::FOSSEYFri Feb 11 1994FDDI & Multi-circuit questions
1278.04GIDDAY::KINGSMILLFri Feb 11 1994MOP logicals lost
1279.05EEMELI::MOSERMon Feb 14 1994DECnet/OSI for OpenVMS AXP T6.1-FT4 ?
1280.05MLNTSC::DOMANESCHITue Feb 15 1994Info on OSI programming
1281.0245944::ECHRISTIETue Feb 15 1994Impact of MAILbus/AXP/ALL-IN-1/DECNET
1282.04853Tue Feb 15 1994NCL support for dialup V25bis (or Hayes) decnet (multi-)circuit on VMS hosts?
1283.03LATVMS::BRANAMTue Feb 15 1994Can't boot after upgrading DECnet/OSI V5.7
1284.01ZPOVC::SINSPSWed Feb 16 1994Invalid NPDU Version/protocol Id extension
1285.058112::ANDERSONWed Feb 16 1994Very slow response from some nodes
1286.0UTRTSC::KNOPPERSThu Feb 17 1994possible accvio while converting Ph. IV database
1287.026FROCKY::SCHUMACHERThu Feb 17 1994COPY/APPL=FTAM to Phase IV node , problem !
1288.0EEMELI::VESALAINENThu Feb 17 1994ORACLE V6 support?
1289.014EICMFG::MMCCREADYThu Feb 17 1994VAX/VMS Security Update VAXSMUP
1290.04Fri Feb 18 1994DNVOSI V5.6B ECO#6
1291.03HELP::CARSONFri Feb 18 1994Documentation is on TNPUBS::DECNETOSI_DOCS:
1292.047846::WEBERFri Feb 18 1994SYNONYMS or No SYNONYMS???
1293.01437296::HARDISONFri Feb 18 1994Net$configure - DNS could not be configured
1294.013GIDDAY::STANISLAUSMon Feb 21 1994Extension, Patches, CMIP, CTF, etc
1295.0435152::ARCHERMon Feb 21 1994DECnet/VAX Extensions and DECnet/OSI
1296.01SMAUG::GARRODTue Feb 22 1994DECnet/OSI refuses to log events
1297.06478Tue Feb 22 1994Address application from OSAK V2 to OSAK V3
1298.0SWTHOM::MAGENCTue Feb 22 1994area reachability problem on wanrouter9
1299.04FROCKY::OBELTue Feb 22 1994DNVOSI ECO #5 breaks PSI/LLC2...
1300.01FROCKY::OBELTue Feb 22 1994DNVAPP V5.6 ECO #5,6 FTAM USER abort problem...
1301.0ZPOVC::DAIVWed Feb 23 1994Sethost hang in cluster nodes
1302.014Wed Feb 23 1994OSI Toolkit ECO#4
1303.04BERNThu Feb 24 1994Asynchronous Circuits, Pathworks, Multicircuits ES
1304.03Thu Feb 24 1994Whys are the UICs limited to 3 digits?
1305.054625::DEMEYERThu Feb 24 1994SYSMAN hangs / Decnet/OSI 5.7 & VMS6.
1306.029761::MCCANCEThu Feb 24 1994openvms 1.5 applic problem
1307.08CVG::PETTENGILLFri Feb 25 1994Problem connecting to phaseIV node that was phaseV from a PhaseV node
1308.02EICMFG::ELLAMFri Feb 25 1994NET$CONFIGURE NSAP Verification Needed.
1310.01295Fri Feb 25 1994Fix available for QAR#
1311.017MU::PORTERFri Feb 25 1994Towering inferno
1312.047336::ANDERSONFri Feb 25 1994FT4 woes
1313.0123989::DAVIESSat Feb 26 1994Pipeline Quota?
1314.0954286::VDKERCKHOVEMon Feb 28 1994Q: DNS name for server application
1315.015887Mon Feb 28 1994V5.7 on March 94 CD's ???
1316.016Mon Feb 28 1994Can verification be disabled in session control ?
1317.03SWTHOM::NOBRETue Mar 01 1994Block event in ..extra_enable.ncl file
1318.021Tue Mar 01 1994OSI 5.7 cluster Satellite problems
1319.01023989::DAVIESTue Mar 01 1994DECnet/OSI v TCP/IP
1320.023Tue Mar 01 1994Asynchronous DECnet/ Strategic customers
1321.02LATVMS::BRANAMWed Mar 02 1994Continuous CSMACD frame check errors after installing DECnet/OSI T5.7-FT4
1322.02LATVMS::BRANAMWed Mar 02 1994NET$MOP hung in COM loop during CCR Connect
1324.0GIDDAY::CHONGThu Mar 03 1994ethernim and decnet/osi compatibility
1325.02UTOPIE::ROBERTThu Mar 03 1994Is the Cluster Alias broken with OpenVMS V6.
1326.02DPDMAI::DAVIESThu Mar 03 1994Migration docs/tools
1328.04TPOVC::EDWARDCHENFri Mar 04 1994Declare object number on OpenVMS AXP
1329.06EICMFG::ELLAMFri Mar 04 1994DECnet OSI 5.6B ECO 6 System Now Crashes.
1330.01CSC32::DUCHARMEFri Mar 04 1994AFI & IDI 47:
1331.011GIDDAY::KINGSMILLMon Mar 07 1994Poor DECnet/OSI benchmark
1332.01KERNEL::LOTAMon Mar 07 1994Task-to-Task and DNA$SessCtrl
1333.01CRONIC::ANTROBUSMon Mar 07 1994Deinstall Phase V ?
1334.01COMICS::WEBSTERCMon Mar 07 1994Need vots v2.
1335.0SWTHOM::MAGENCMon Mar 07 1994Phase IV area reachability pb on wanrouter9
1336.08COMICS::WEIRMon Mar 07 1994"SYS$REM_NODE" for Fullnames ??
1337.045Mon Mar 07 1994Proxies on T5.7 and OpenVMS T6.1(AXP)
1338.03ZURTue Mar 08 1994BUGCHECK: DECnet-VAX detected fatal error (V5.6B)
1339.0458633::FLOTNERTue Mar 08 1994Having problems with the NSAP prefix.
1340.01EICMFG::MMCCREADYTue Mar 08 1994DECnet/OSI V5.5 support?
1341.0EICMFG::MMCCREADYTue Mar 08 1994NAS 3
1342.0854474::MERTENSWed Mar 09 1994TASK object and cluster alias
1343.02FSTSC1::AURANDThu Mar 10 1994Unrecognized Attributes in OSI Trans. Templates
1344.04HELP::423Thu Mar 10 1994Taks to task - dual rail - network failover?????
1345.01LICAUS::LICAUSEThu Mar 10 1994Why no info available for physical layer LAN interconnects?
1346.04SWTHOM::HOThu Mar 10 19945.6B Eco 6 and Alias cluster Weight
1347.014LATVMS::BRANAMThu Mar 10 1994CCR$Receive routine returning SYSTEM-F-DEVOFFLINE intermittently
1348.01VNABRW::HAINZL_RThu Mar 10 1994strange dns failover behaviour
1349.04WARNUT::64Fri Mar 11 1994FTAM performance/tuning
1350.0VNABRW::HAINZL_RFri Mar 11 1994
1351.04THEWAV::GASSNERFri Mar 11 1994Selective redundant transmission
1352.021617Fri Mar 11 1994?Release Notes for ECO #5?
1353.03ZENDIA::WILKFri Mar 11 1994How to get rid of Synonyms?
1354.0221844::SCANLONFri Mar 11 1994DECnet/OSI T5.7 and OpenVMS T6.1 (VMS), KIt ????
1355.01SWTHOM::NOBREMon Mar 14 1994where is dns$server account ?
1356.06VELI::KORKKOMon Mar 14 1994DECnet/OSI V5.7 or OpenVMS V6.1 - which one to blame
1357.08THEWAV::GASSNERMon Mar 14 1994%SYSTEM-?-ILLSER, illegal service call number
1358.02ZENDIA::ROSSELLMon Mar 14 1994Kits and ECOs
1359.05ZENDIA::ROSSELLMon Mar 14 1994Kit for OpenVMS AXP V1.5
1360.03CSC32::BEACHMon Mar 14 1994CMISE API example program?
1361.02ROMTue Mar 15 1994NETDLLERR bugcheck (ERDRIVER problem?)
1362.07846::WEBERWed Mar 16 1994Announcing DQS T1.3-2 - DECnet/OSI Support
1363.011SWETSC::TORLINDWed Mar 16 1994Session control and DNS lookup ?
1364.0949633::EGGIMANNWed Mar 16 1994Cluster ALIAS state OFF after reboot ....
1365.0COMICS::WEIRThu Mar 17 1994Help with CMISE API responder startup ???
1366.0ZURThu Mar 17 1994Node synonym (SYS$NODE) changed after reboot
1367.026Fri Mar 18 1994LLC2 do I need a license ??
1368.01CHR27::YEUNGFri Mar 18 1994PMAD support still missing from 5.7 (SSB)
1369.053Mon Mar 21 1994%IPC-F-DCLSRVRFAIL on normal Session Control object startup
1370.02412363::JPMon Mar 21 1994DECnet/OSI installed, LAT & VTX access broken
1371.05LATVMS::BRANAMMon Mar 21 1994Byte ordering for MOP service passwords?
1372.06HELP::CARSONMon Mar 21 1994DECnet/OSI Installation and Configuration Talk
1373.05CERNIA::BELLONITue Mar 22 1994OSI Transport API, TCs multiplexing over TC2/CONS.
1374.0BRYAN::ARCHERTue Mar 22 1994DECnet Extension, Local Support
1375.012LISSYS::DOMINGUESTue Mar 22 1994Multi circuit ES, configuration questions
1376.0658633::LFUNGTue Mar 22 1994DECnet and DEQRA
1377.0345286::PAVITT_ATue Mar 22 1994Migration from 1V to V
1378.0158633::LFUNGTue Mar 22 1994More info please
1379.02HACMAN::HACKWed Mar 23 1994PSI$CONFIGURE does not work on dumb screen.
1380.05LICAUS::LICAUSEWed Mar 23 1994Where are Network logicals documented?
1381.04FORTY2::ROBERTSONThu Mar 24 1994Cannot start DECnet /OSI for OpenVMS AXP-FT5 to start
1382.06EICMFG::MMCCREADYThu Mar 24 1994Installing VMS V6.1 says DECnet is running
1383.026Thu Mar 24 1994"TUBA as IPng: A White Paper" - wouldn't it be wonderful...
1384.04HACMAN::HACKFri Mar 25 1994NCL counter documentation ?
1386.0248979::KAYIFri Mar 25 1994DECnet/OSI and X25 questions
1387.010BONNET::STRATMANFri Mar 25 1994MCC, DECNET-OSI, Alarming, -> SRP allocation problem
1388.02LEMAN::MAEUSLIFri Mar 25 1994LLC2/CONS relay on OpenVMS/VAX ???
1389.049761::MCCANCEFri Mar 25 1994full mail address on alpha box fails
1390.05EICMFG::MMCCREADYFri Mar 25 1994VMSmail directory with full nodenames
1391.0647651::CORBETTAMon Mar 28 1994a problem of quota
1392.02MARVIN::WATERSTue Mar 29 1994X25gateway status
1393.010MUNICH::KLOEPPERTue Mar 29 1994mailbus_4
1394.05Tue Mar 29 1994Directory entry not created
1396.034628::BIRMINGHAMTue Mar 29 1994Accounting file formats under V5.6B for P.S.I.
1397.05CSC32::R_RODRIGUEWed Mar 30 1994DTSS/DECdns problems.
1398.02CSC32::R_RODRIGUEWed Mar 30 1994MOP- Memory Allocation Error
1399.07CSC32::B_GOODWINWed Mar 30 1994Problems with fail-over with DECnet/OSI
1400.0165Thu Mar 31 1994Events lost in EVD , DNVOSI 5.6B ECO 6, VMS
1401.0753351::PAVLUPThu Mar 31 1994DNOSI, Cluster, Alias and Routing Licenses
1402.014IDEFIX::COWBURNThu Mar 31 1994Hidden system use of DEC:
1403.0445281::DAVIESThu Mar 31 1994AFI=38???
1404.012DPDMAI::DAVIESThu Mar 31 1994V6.2 and PIV
1405.06SMAUG::GARRODSat Apr 02 1994If it's not backwards compatible I say it is a BUG
1406.07PTOVAX::DANZAKMon Apr 04 1994PSI$CONFIGURE access violation V5.7 & OpenVMS 6.
1407.010HACMAN::HACKTue Apr 05 1994LNO to be larger than 19
1408.0429566::LASTOVICATue Apr 05 1994DECnet secure gate between PHV node and facility lan?
1409.015DELNI::LICAUSETue Apr 05 1994Can't enable circuit....MAC address?
1410.012SMAUG::PORCAROTue Apr 05 1994Link abort, no notification
1411.03PTOVAX::DANZAKWed Apr 06 1994DECnet/OSI V5.7 + VMS V6.1 = uugh, gotchas
1412.010BLKPUD::CHEETHAMDWed Apr 06 1994re-direct query
1413.010STKHLM::WEBJORNWed Apr 06 1994NSP ports stuck, cannot be deleted, only reboot helps
1414.0734628::BIRMINGHAMWed Apr 06 1994X29 Listener not notified of call disconnect
1415.05KERNEL::CORNISHPThu Apr 07 1994How much memory is needed for installation?
1416.05PRSSOS::DIETZFri Apr 08 1994Load Mop Client+Set Host /Mop=Limitation
1417.0741174::DMCWEENEYFri Apr 08 1994Phase V application upgrade questions
1418.018EEMELI::RUOTILAMon Apr 11 1994Station buffer size, how to change?
1419.01574Mon Apr 11 1994OSI NETWORK RESTART problems
1420.010GIDDAY::WANTue Apr 12 1994Configurating TTA2 on VS31
1421.08LEMAN::GABLERTue Apr 12 1994NET$ACP loops after upgrading to DNVOSI V2.
1422.01UTRTSC::KNOPPERSTue Apr 12 1994DNS servers and DECnet/OSI routing paths
1423.0228789::LASTOVICATue Apr 12 1994KMV11 running synch x.25 with decnet/osi?
1424.01349872::JRSTue Apr 12 1994some comments from a first-time installer
1425.02KOLFAX::WIEGLEBWed Apr 13 1994Config for router for Phase V cluster alias?
1426.0LEMAN::GABLERThu Apr 14 1994PROXY stop working when node became overloaded
1427.03FORTY2::FISKThu Apr 14 1994Re-Install for PSI, Machine problem?
1428.0749872::JRSThu Apr 14 1994SYSTEM-F-OPCDEC executing NET$CONFIGURE
1429.07VELI::KORKKOThu Apr 14 1994Strange MAC address
1430.02BULEAN::CHEFS::BUXTONRThu Apr 14 1994AXP - X.25 - X.4
1431.01ZENDIA::ROSSELLThu Apr 14 1994Determining which DECnet Phase to start
1432.0116577::LOPEZThu Apr 14 1994synonym problems
1433.01MUNICH::SCHALLERFri Apr 15 1994active/inactive links timing differences
1434.07VARESE::BIOTTIFri Apr 15 1994ACPCONTROL contrary
1435.02EICMFG::MMCCREADYSat Apr 16 1994Phase III -> IV -> V transition
1436.02ZURMon Apr 18 1994OSAK crash if the rejection code is 169!
1437.0MLNTSC::DOMANESCHITue Apr 19 1994CACHE corruption whit DECnet/OSI 5.6B
1438.0295Tue Apr 19 1994NETNOSTATE BUGCHECK DECnet OSI 5.6B ECO5 Mail_Server
1439.02CSC32::R_RODRIGUETue Apr 19 1994net$configure: assert error
1440.03TAVWed Apr 20 1994NCL consumes nonpagepool.
1441.0TRURL::porterWed Apr 20 1994Can't create decterm if node not in namespace
1442.0342926::LAYLANDThu Apr 21 1994LAN and WAN circuits in OSI 5.7
1443.05DELNI::LICAUSEThu Apr 21 1994PhaseIV data base conversion on upgrade?
1444.0441318::KILROYFri Apr 22 1994DECNET-VAX detected a fatal error in transport_osi
1445.010DUCATI::LASTOVICAFri Apr 22 1994proxies/back translation problems?
1446.05SWTHOM::DORNANOMon Apr 25 1994clarification on DNS fullnames
1447.01UTOPIE::RINGHOFER_MMon Apr 25 1994cluster alias outgoing default missing?
1448.04397Mon Apr 25 1994PSI Config - Upgrade from DECnet/VAX V5.4
1449.051651::KLASSONTue Apr 26 1994V5.6B ECO-7 and NSAP SELECTOR
1450.0251651::KLASSONTue Apr 26 1994OSI Transport via Vitalink bridges
1451.01KOLFAX::WIEGLEBTue Apr 26 1994Frame Check Error on two nodes
1452.08CSC32::B_GOODWINTue Apr 26 1994Can't get fddi to work on 45
1453.03GIDDAY::WANTue Apr 26 1994NET$MOP dropping response packet from terminal server
1454.0107296::RASPUZZIWed Apr 27 1994Circuit not used after LAN restart failure?
1455.03PRSSOS::GROSSETETEWed Apr 27 1994NCL = NCP disconnect link X ?
1457.01KERNEL::SANDYSPFri Apr 29 1994 Load fail status errors after VMS upgrade to v6.
1458.02LISVAX::ESTEVAOFri Apr 29 1994User Data in CR class 2 not received from VOTS !
1459.08EICMFG::MMCCREADYMon May 02 1994X transport via DECnet without full DNS availability
1460.01DPDMAI::DAVIESMon May 02 1994V5.5-2 to V6.
1461.02MUNICH::BAUMGARTNERTue May 03 1994still plans for rfc 1
1462.03LOOKIN::SCOBLETue May 03 1994"Invalid version" from NET$STARTUP
1463.01EEMELI::VIRNESTue May 03 1994DNS servers in cluster?
1464.0574Tue May 03 1994Connect to network object problem
1466.07GVAWed May 04 1994Use of Session Control Application Node Synonym attribute
1467.02GIDDAY::WANThu May 05 1994OSI/AXP V2.
1468.07ZURThu May 05 1994NSP does not like the DI after sending CI
1469.07DFSAXP::JPThu May 05 1994Product acceptance...
1470.01GIDDAY::WANFri May 06 1994OSI/AXP V2.
1472.0122533::KENNETHTOFri May 06 1994DMB32 Support Info ?
1473.0237Fri May 06 1994Globally assigned address prefix
1474.05BERNFri May 06 1994WANrouter9
1475.06ROMFri May 06 1994Please, help on CTF
1476.0239999::DESHMUKHFri May 06 1994Intermittent errors with Phase IV compatible call to find out host name
1477.01WARABI::CHIUANDREWSat May 07 1994Multi-Ethernets and FTAM qestions?
1478.0222558::SANGHOKIMMon May 09 1994Server connect rejected
1479.0258633::FLOTNERMon May 09 1994NCP> Connect Node ABCDE via .. and comments
1480.0133395::YANNIOSMon May 09 1994Help on MAJOR DECnet Phase IV to Phase V Migration
1481.03GOYA::JOSEFTue May 10 1994WANDD programming?
1482.0451268::KISU::SuihkonenTue May 10 1994is there ECO#7 for DNVOSI 5.6B?
1483.0142619::WILLIAMSHTue May 10 1994OSI transport corrupt counter?
1484.010ROMWed May 11 1994Protocol class negotiation
1485.01FORTY2::GRIFFITHSMWed May 11 1994Problem installing DECnet onto an SSB (6.1) VAX.
1486.03WARNUT::64Wed May 11 1994FTAM and lack of SSEL/PSEL??
1487.02F1Wed May 11 1994DUAL Rail FDDI performance problems
1488.02COMICS::WEBSTERCThu May 12 19945.6b installation fails, BADSPEC
1489.013737::LAVERDUREThu May 12 1994DECrouter 25
1490.03GIDDAY::WANFri May 13 1994QIO to NODriver and ASYDriver?
1491.0UTRTSC::EDERVEENSun Dec 27 1992TC_ID incompatible VOTS 2.
1492.0LEMAN::SCHEIDEGGERMon Dec 28 1992MRX checks the OSAKSHR image id, pre built required
1493.0758421::WALTERMon Dec 28 1992NETDLLERR bugcheck in EZDRIVER
1494.01WARNUT::64386::Jim_HuntMon Dec 28 1992V5.7 Synchronises VAX/AXP Vers No. only?
1495.021693Mon May 16 1994DTSS 1.
1496.08ZURTue May 17 1994MOP V3.
1497.0847439::BONORATue May 17 1994NULL INTERNET Configuration on DECNET/OSI 2.
1498.0DELNI::CROSSTue May 17 1994DECnet Phase IV Party Line
1499.013CSC32::M_MACGREGORTue May 17 1994'cost' of circuits, where is it???
1500.02WOTVAX::64Wed May 18 1994trace bug?
1501.04UTRTSC::EDERVEENWed May 18 1994 TC_ID incompatible VOTS 2.
1502.09DELNI::MEFORTIERWed May 18 1994DECnet/OSI Direct Mail Campaign!
1504.054831::GEORGESThu May 19 1994Unavailable User Bufer (CSMA-CD Station CSMACD-
1505.02DFSAXP::JPThu May 19 1994Phase V -> Phase IV Downgrade Problem
1506.0123716::GAMBYThu May 19 1994VMS V6.1 & ECO3
1507.012SMAUG::POSNERThu May 19 1994DECnet-OSI has a TCP/IP stack?
1508.04DUCATI::LASTOVICAThu May 19 1994verification errors between 2 phase V nodes one with local namespace and one with DEC:
1509.02WOTVAX::64Fri May 20 1994FTAM file versions?
1510.05UTRTSC::EDERVEENFri May 20 1994Hello...
1511.01SWETSC::TORLINDFri May 20 1994AXP with LNO BUGchecks !!!
1512.05VMSVTP::S_WATTUMFri May 20 1994async DECnet gives up too easily ???
1513.05DELNI::CROSSFri May 20 1994Internal Use Only - Commentary on the TGV ad
1514.0CSC32::C_NORMANMon May 23 1994Consumption of Paged Pool
1515.05NEURON::GONZALESTue May 24 1994Do you need a DTS Server??
1516.08EEMELI::PAKKANENTue May 24 1994insufficient resources using Null Internet
1517.0CHR27::YEUNGTue May 24 1994V5.7 memory requirements for VMS V6.1
1518.06CSC32::D_MILLERWed May 25 1994Can LNO and DNS be used at the same time?
1519.0323464::RICHARDLAMWed May 25 1994X25 for AXP
1520.0147389::VOLKMANWed May 25 1994DECnet OSI and LAVC don't mix with OpenVMS V6.1?
1521.01VELI::KORKKOWed May 25 1994Catching only ((Node, X25 access) Incoming call blocked)
1522.02BERNThu May 26 1994psi logical not working
1523.01BERNThu May 26 1994flow control policy = Segment Flow Control
1524.04HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWThu May 26 1994Need help in trouble shooting
1525.08CSC32::R_STEWARTThu May 26 1994delete NET$ACP
1526.04GIDDAY::KINGSMILLFri May 27 1994Proxy failures under VMS V6.1 and DNVOSI V5.7
1527.01SOS6::DIETZFri May 27 1994X25-DA + Address Unreachable PDU Discard
1528.01HGOVC::GUPTAFri May 27 1994Can I de-install Phase V ?
1529.0154625::SCHOLDISFri May 27 1994 set host/mop...privileges
1530.08EEMELI::VIRNESTue May 31 1994DLM between ES and Ph IV Area Router
1531.0VELI::KORKKOTue May 31 1994Configuration scripts on SYS$COMMON: side instead of SYS$SPECIFIC:
1532.06MARSTue May 31 199432 routers on a LAN, why ?
1533.04BERNTue May 31 1994OSI transport port/application ?
1534.0531481::MCCANTATue May 31 1994Phase IV needs to find DNS server
1535.01CSC32::M_VASKEWed Jun 01 1994Alpha and mop clients
1536.08SWTHOM::MAGENCWed Jun 01 1994INVEXCEPTN (5.6B eco 6) disable x25 static circuit
1537.051847::JENSWed Jun 01 1994TSDU size how to control this ?
1538.0252483::PIALETWed Jun 01 1994NCL or NET$CONFIGURE ?
1539.01GIDDAY::BOJOVICThu Jun 02 1994-SYSTEM-F-DEVNOTMBX, can not delete a port ?
1540.03COMICS::HESSThu Jun 02 1994PSI-E-NOSHUT shutdown message
1541.0KOLFAX::WIEGLEBThu Jun 02 1994Blocking "Port Terminated" events from X25gateway
1542.013261::MOSSONThu Jun 02 1994DECnet/OSI V5.7
1543.03ZUREDU::RWATSONFri Jun 03 1994DVNETEXT???
1544.0152336::MCGREGORMon Jun 06 1994QIO Level 2 I/F on AXP please!
1545.02TAEC::EYNAUDMon Jun 06 1994Dual Rail on VMS 5.5-2 DECnet 5.6
1546.03HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWTue Jun 07 1994Why this failure in OSIT$IVPINIT ?
1547.01254323::VANDYCKTue Jun 07 1994Error message with $SET HOST /MOP
1548.01UTRTSC::KNOPPERSTue Jun 07 1994locations for V5.7 for AXP?
1549.04KERNEL::LOTATue Jun 07 1994Adding an application using NET$CONFIGURE
1550.0551847::PALMANNTue Jun 07 1994DECnet EXT and MOM.LOG
1551.0UTRTSC::EDERVEENWed Jun 08 1994 X.25 NSAP and 14 digits limitation
1552.012KLAP::porterWed Jun 08 1994ELF_FIND broekn
1553.0131216::RIFKIN_DAWed Jun 08 1994OSI Addressing Schemes
1554.01SWTHOM::HOThu Jun 09 19945.7 eco3 and TASK
1555.04KERNEL::WEGGFri Jun 10 1994DECnet/OSI equivalent of OUTGOING CONNECT PRIVILEGE
1556.04COMICS::PRICECFri Jun 10 1994identifiers
1557.0PRSSOS::BERNARDMon Jun 13 1994DNS cache file out of a VMS system disk ?
1558.04VMSVTP::S_WATTUMMon Jun 13 1994BADMOPPROC from DR2
1559.0551847::EBCMon Jun 13 1994TPDU or TSDU ?
1562.01CSC32::ROZBORILTue Jun 14 1994NOGBLSEC installing ASYSWITCH
1563.05FORTY2::HASSANWed Jun 15 1994DEC-C or VAX-C ?
1564.04CX3PST::LUVYA::R_WILLIAMSWed Jun 15 1994RMS-W-RTB when setting host in com file from V to IV
1565.01FSTSC1::AURANDThu Jun 16 1994Loading WANrouter over FDDI and a bridge
1566.03THEPUB::JRSThu Jun 16 1994Why is my own nodename prepended to the "From:" field?
1567.01LEMAN::BRUNNERThu Jun 16 1994MOP with DECnet 5.7 ?
1568.052Thu Jun 16 1994DTSS: How change the TIME on AXP.
1569.03LISSYS::DOMINGUESFri Jun 17 1994LLC2 & DECnet/OSI MUPAV5.7
1570.02COMICS::PRICECFri Jun 17 1994Cluster in Mixed Vendor Lan
1571.02BASEX::EISENBRAUNFri Jun 17 1994No node name on list exec using NCP emulator.
1572.04TAVSun Jun 19 1994Multi circuit FDDI with phase IV compatability
1573.05HGOVC::GUPTAMon Jun 20 1994VAX PSI & adding prefix
1574.012EICMFG::MMCCREADYMon Jun 20 1994Unreachable former Phase V node, now Phase IV
1575.05EASE::BARRELLMon Jun 20 1994MOP - specified Data Link entity does not exist + %MOP-E-XCREVCI error
1576.0351847::EBCTue Jun 21 1994TPDU size adjustment.
1577.01ZURTue Jun 21 1994NULL INTERNET incomming problems with V 5.7 DECnet/osi
1578.034364::COLLITONTue Jun 21 1994Cannot copy/replace with ftam running on BLADE
1579.02ZURTue Jun 21 1994Ibound and Loopback affect the direction!
1580.02EICMFG::ELLAMTue Jun 21 1994CTF Doesn't Display Data From Second Controller.
1581.04ZENDIA::ROSSELLTue Jun 21 1994Problem With NFB$C_FC_SHOW/NFB$C_DB_NDI
1583.035Wed Jun 22 1994Problem of using two phase commit (2PC) with Rdb in a DECnet/OSI environment
1584.0PHVQAR::WILLIAMSWed Jun 22 1994DECnet/OSI for OVMS Version Matrix
1585.024364::COLLITONWed Jun 22 1994this is the log file showwing the error
1586.0KERNEL::NICHOLSONAThu Jun 23 1994memory requirements for phasev
1587.01PRSSUD::JANSThu Jun 23 1994Limited access for a decnet node
1588.04CSC32::D_GARZANITIThu Jun 23 1994destination UIC of [
1589.05371Thu Jun 23 1994DNS Server can't be seen by clients on same LAN
1590.0161211::VETTEThu Jun 23 1994Extensions -> OSI V5.7 upgrade
1591.051847::PALMANNFri Jun 24 1994SSRVEXCEPT, Unexpected system service exception
1592.0189683::ROSCOEFri Jun 24 1994The command - NCL SHOW NODE MICROW - fails
1593.05HELP::CARSONFri Jun 24 1994New Release Stategy
1594.08DELNI::GOLDSTEINMon Jun 27 1994DNS fried? How to debug before I go back to F4?
1595.03SWETSC::TORLINDMon Jun 27 1994INVEXCEPTN,KRNLSTAKNV and DECnet/OSI 5.6B with ECO 8.
1596.0852246::LUCIAMon Jun 27 1994PhaseV --> PhaseIV problem
1597.01222533::LIKSANGCHOWMon Jun 27 1994system crash during MRX shutdown
1598.015HELP::CARSONMon Jun 27 1994Announcing DECnet/OSI for OpenVMS Version 5.8 Field Test
1600.0454474::MERTENSTue Jun 28 1994symbols in NCL
1601.02EICMFG::MMCCREADYTue Jun 28 1994DTSS server does not start properly
1602.031693Tue Jun 28 1994WAVE1: ERROR on CR-Remote Congestion
1603.02423Wed Jun 29 1994HDLC and OpemVMS/AXP
1604.03LEMAN::MAEUSLIWed Jun 29 1994DECnet applic. code compatib. between PhV/PhIV
1605.033374::PLUNKETTWed Jun 29 1994calls cleared with insufficient resources
1606.01GO4GUT::NASHTThu Jun 30 1994-noname-w-nomsg - caused by sysman load/connect net and osi driver ???
1607.0GOYA::JOSEFThu Jun 30 1994Multi-Home case study
1608.0654474::MERTENSThu Jun 30 1994configuration monitor
1609.0241318::KILROYThu Jun 30 1994NETNOSTATE @ NET$TRANSPORT_NSP+
1610.02VARESE::BIOTTIFri Jul 01 1994NFBDEF.H where is it?
1611.0123479::PANKAJFri Jul 01 1994pls help: VTP fails with OSI 5.6B.
1612.023Fri Jul 01 1994UNKNOWNENTRY, Requested name does not exist - Problem
1613.03ROMTue Jul 05 1994DNVAPP_ECO
1614.03SWTHOM::HOTue Jul 05 1994PhaseIV Maximum Hops
1615.02GIDDAY::YUWed Jul 06 1994X.29 programming question
1616.06BSS::AMBERThu Jul 07 1994SET HOST/MOP returns %SYSTEM-F-HANGUP from DEWGB session
1617.02UTRTSC::KNOPPERSThu Jul 07 1994x25gateway and osi routers
1618.011FSTSC1::AURANDThu Jul 07 1994Problem receiving x.25 mail from OSF/1
1619.07MGB::GILLOTTThu Jul 07 1994Problems deleting proxy database entry.
1620.010ZURThu Jul 07 1994AXP764
1621.0254474::MERTENSThu Jul 07 1994migration 5.6b ECO 8 to 5.7 ... of DECNET/OSI
1622.06GO4GUT::NASHTThu Jul 07 1994cluster alias questions in pure DECnet/OSI extended addressing network
1623.0123543::KENNETHFri Jul 08 1994Event, station halt by user?
1624.01ZURFri Jul 08 1994ECO3 for DECnet/OSI V5.7 AXP?
1625.054167Fri Jul 08 1994Access Control Violation on application session control connect
1626.03CSC32::B_GOODWINFri Jul 08 1994What parameter triggers an OSI ES Hello PDU?
1627.022HELP::CARSONFri Jul 08 1994Announcing DECnet/OSI for OpenVMS 5.9 Internal Field Test
1628.0WNOUFri Jul 08 1994DECnet/OSI , multiple circuits and the DECnis
1629.02EICMFG::MMCCREADYFri Jul 08 1994Remote shutdown via LAT stalls
1630.01AZTECH::LASTOVICASat Jul 09 1994did I miss something about 5.8 and 5.8 ft?
1631.06EICMFG::MMCCREADYSun Jul 10 1994Re-installing DNVAPP
1632.01WARABI::CHIUANDREWSun Jul 10 1994FTAM alias with multiple NSAPs/transports?
1633.01TAEC::URSCHMon Jul 11 1994System remote debugger and Decnet Phase V question
1634.010MUNICH::KLOEPPERMon Jul 11 1994DNVOSI57A / FDDI interface defqa
1635.02DEKVC::SANGHOKIMTue Jul 12 1994How to setup & test FTAM
1636.0951847::PALMANNTue Jul 12 1994No CSMA-CD after upgrade to 5.7
1638.01OBFSKT::G_THROWERTue Jul 12 1994How to turn of opcom messages in NET$SHUTDOWN???
1639.02GIDDAY::KULHALLIThu Jul 14 1994Printserver17 in Phase V
1640.010CSC32::ROZBORILThu Jul 14 1994multicircuit recovery time
1641.04BACHUS::DEMEYERFri Jul 15 1994Upgrade to V5.7A and MRX
1642.03WARABI::CHIUANDREWFri Jul 15 1994Is LLC2 a CONS for OSI transport template?
1643.0MARVIN::WALTERFri Jul 15 1994X32: Do you need it? (Cross posted in X25PSI)
1644.01SAC::KINDER_NFri Jul 15 1994Questions on v5.
1645.03STKHLM::EKLUNDFri Jul 15 1994Version W3BLB6_B ?
1646.015VELI::KORKKOSun Jul 17 1994Incoming connects do not work any more
1647.08ROMMon Jul 18 1994VOTS and AK TPDU
1648.03GAMBY::GAMBYMon Jul 18 1994Unavailable User Buffer II
1649.01XKOVTue Jul 19 1994Ref sites for third party systems with VTP/FTAM.
1651.02VELI::KORKKOTue Jul 19 1994NCP emulator - not quite compatible behaviour with Phase IV NCP
1652.02COMICS::WEBSTERCTue Jul 19 1994net$configure convert IV problem
1653.0TAVIS::SHEFTELWed Jul 20 1994Layered products and DECnet /OSI 5.7
1654.015OLCROW::MCCANCEWed Jul 20 1994outgoing connections fail
1655.01--UnknownUser--Wed Jul 20 1994Failure on the back translate address request
1656.012NECSC::HATCHWed Jul 20 1994decnet/osi version required for vms v5.5-2?
1657.01PRSSOS::DESINDESThu Jul 21 1994net$config.dat accvio ?
1658.01HGODCS::SUSANCHANThu Jul 21 1994PSI v4.3 feature on DECnet/OSI
1659.0CX3PST::HTKING::M_SHELDONThu Jul 21 1994$SET DISPLAY and %IPC-E-NOMSG, Message number
1660.04GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDFri Jul 22 1994Interop problem with Brouter and Int-isis
1661.05CSC32::D_GARZANITIMon Jul 25 1994DECnet/OSI v5.7A forces X.121 NSAP Mapping ???
1662.02COLTue Jul 26 1994Facilities using LLC2 DTE
1663.02KERNEL::CORNISHPTue Jul 26 1994netserver$timeout problem .. network partner exited
1664.0FILTON::GILLEN_FTue Jul 26 1994MAILbus 4
1665.01STAR::DSULLIVANWed Jul 27 1994DECnet/OSI for Open VMS Home Page
1666.08CSC32::S_CLOUGHESYWed Jul 27 1994PGFIPLHI Bugchecks using T5.8-EFT
1667.0MEO78A::BARNHOORNThu Jul 28 1994NCL files for a MRX (VOTS) system for DECnet/OSI 5.6
1668.0FORTY2::DIASThu Jul 28 1994What's the difference ... ?
1669.02HELP::CARSONThu Jul 28 1994XTI interest
1670.0OSLACT::BJORNThu Jul 28 1994DNS V2.
1671.02HACMAN::HACKThu Jul 28 1994How to define max TPDU under ECO #1
1672.08MUNICH::KLOEPPERThu Jul 28 1994incoming X.25 access problem (DNVOSI 5.7A)
1674.02BULEAN::MARVA2::CARNELLThu Jul 28 1994DNS server process bugcheck & net$shutdown system bugcheck
1675.023CSC32::R_RODRIGUEFri Jul 29 1994Async DECnet broke in v5.8/v5.9 on TT port?
1676.06VELI::KORKKOMon Aug 01 1994SMP system crashes at NET$TRANSPORT_OSI+2AFDC
1677.05GIDDAY::FLAWNMon Aug 01 1994VMS 6.1 + 5.7A ECO 6 NET$TRANSPORT_NSP crashes
1678.03GO4GUT::NASHTMon Aug 01 1994How to map net device, ultimately, to NSAP ?
1679.0VNABRW::SMOLNIKMon Aug 01 1994SS$_ABORT and PSI$C_ERR_UNKNOWN with PSI - DECnet/OSI for OpenVMS
1680.0DELNI::CROSSMon Aug 01 1994Synch Contoller card for AXP systems - supports DECnet/OSI
1681.03COMICS::EDMUNDSMon Aug 01 1994Problem with protections using FTAM
1682.05GLDOA::HACKMon Aug 01 1994modem connect device error counter
1683.01GO4GUT::NASHTTue Aug 02 1994Tuning advice sought for large ( >2
1684.04MLNORO::MALACRIDATue Aug 02 1994scc support on DNOSI 5.7
1686.02RPSTRY::CHAPMANTue Aug 02 1994expecting network object in sys$login
1687.04CSC32::D_GARZANITITue Aug 02 1994DNVAPP ECOs for DECnet/OSI v5.6B?
1688.06ZPOVC::DAIVWed Aug 03 1994Nodes database not load in LOCAL namespace
1689.01ZPOVC::SINSPSWed Aug 03 1994Can DECNET/OSI communicate over IP ?
1690.02GIDDAY::KINGSMILLWed Aug 03 1994dnvosia_eco
1692.06CVMS::DOTENWed Aug 03 1994NCL commands for asynch DECnet under Phase V
1693.03OZROCK::HARTWIGWed Aug 03 1994Where do customers find explanation of events?
1694.04HGOCS::ANDYNGThu Aug 04 1994WANDD-E-NOLOAD, dsv11
1695.01HGOCS::TONYLIUFri Aug 05 1994PSI & WANDD support in VMS V6.
1696.03COMICS::EDMUNDSFri Aug 05 1994X25-DA DECNIS to WR9
1697.01CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONFri Aug 05 1994How to Nonmonotonically change time on a DTSS server DECnet OSI 5.7
1698.02TAVIS::SHEFTELSun Aug 07 1994Event dispatcher filters
1699.04SCSSRN::NELSONMon Aug 08 1994Phase IV host based routing
1700.02SCSSRN::NELSONMon Aug 08 1994IS-IS routing for OpenVMS
1701.011BIGUN::WULFFTue Aug 09 1994Why so much investment in DECnet/OSI?
1702.01COMICS::PRICECTue Aug 09 1994vms 6.1 mail fullname
1703.0MEO78A::BARNHOORNTue Aug 09 1994VMS 5.5-2 mixed node Cluster, running Dnet IV and DN/OSI
1704.05LISTIM::ULTRIXWed Aug 10 1994Connection ID table is full
1705.05SWETSC::WELINWed Aug 10 1994Nodename disappearing
1706.03LISTIM::ULTRIXWed Aug 10 1994IPC-E-TIMEDOUT, no response from application
1707.03UTRTSC::VELZENWed Aug 10 1994X25 Access template and /TEMPLATE-qualifier ?
1708.04BIGUN::WULFFThu Aug 11 1994PID for DECnet/OSI
1709.09EICMFG::MMCCREADYThu Aug 11 1994Crash during NET$SHUTDOWN
1710.01SWETSC::WELINThu Aug 11 1994QAR #
1711.04ZURThu Aug 11 1994$COPY hangs only between two nodes
1712.0CSC32::R_STEWARTThu Aug 11 1994lexical for Phase V address
1713.0DFSAXP::JPThu Aug 11 1994How to de-configure the DNS server
1714.01DFSAXP::JPThu Aug 11 1994DTSS time corrections questions
1715.0CSC32::DUCHARMEThu Aug 11 1994Upgrade to V6.1 & OSI V5.7 %REM-F-NETERR on logout
1716.03KAOFS::D_STREETThu Aug 11 1994When the Data Link Header is NOT addresses.
1718.02GIDDAY::YUFri Aug 12 1994ex
1719.04HGODCS::SUSANCHANFri Aug 12 1994cmise support by DECnet/OSI for OVMS AXP?
1720.03WOTVAX::64Fri Aug 12 1994Strange behaviour with Brouter 9
1721.04EDUOZ::BOERSSat Aug 13 1994Frame Check Errors with remote event sink
1722.03OSLACT::BJORNTue Aug 16 1994Could OSAK/VOTS application be run on OpenVMS V6?
1723.0COPCLU::EBCTue Aug 16 1994Flow control error with negotiated Transport class 2
1724.02BERNTue Aug 16 19942 adjacencies to DECnis router
1725.010BERNWed Aug 17 1994FDDI Large Packets Configuration
1726.01LEMAN::SCHEIDEGGERWed Aug 17 1994Could we delete DECserver difinitions in LNO ?
1727.03FORTY2::SHARPEWed Aug 17 1994Back Translation Error in Net$configure.com
1728.03LEMAN::SCHEIDEGGERWed Aug 17 1994P.S.I over DSW42 with V35 connector ?
1729.01SWTHOM::MAGENCWed Aug 17 1994dns full nane and synonym pb (mail fal)
1730.06RTOAXP::SYSTEMThu Aug 18 1994Error during Backup
1732.09CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONThu Aug 18 1994HOw does LNO and DNS resolve node names
1733.01HACMAN::HACKFri Aug 19 1994OSI Transport Credit Window problem with Retix
1734.07PRSSOS::CAPAZZAFri Aug 19 1994alias cluster : %SYSTEM-F-UNREACHABLE
1735.01TUXEDO::FONSECAFri Aug 19 1994Important information for customers converting from DECdns V1 to V2 (mixed/interoperability problems)
1736.0GLDOA::HACKFri Aug 19 1994How does trace affect throughput performance?
1737.04GIDDAY::YUSun Aug 21 1994Interpretation of DTE class node
1738.02CSC32::MCFADDENMon Aug 22 1994When will RFC1
1739.02VELI::KORKKOMon Aug 22 1994Wrong filename somwhow on MOP
1740.01LYOISA::MARTINMon Aug 22 1994X25 routing circuit
1741.017HELP::CARSONMon Aug 22 1994Announcing V5.9 EFT
1742.01LEMAN::SCHEIDEGGERMon Aug 22 1994VPM on DEcnet 5.7 : no outgoing call (NSP,OSITP)
1743.09CSC32::YOUNGWIRTHMon Aug 22 1994NET$MOP process in COM state after a CCR connect attempt
1744.02MAASUP::PORAMBOMon Aug 22 1994Moving an ES between several ethernets
1745.03BIKINI::ADAETue Aug 23 1994NET$ALIAS_STARTUP.NCL fails
1746.09WELTM1::CRIDDLETue Aug 23 1994NCL$DW access violates when looking at DECnis 6
1748.0EICMFG::MMCCREADYTue Aug 23 1994Two sys$startup:NET$DTSS_SERVER_STARTUP.NCL files
1749.02CSC32::D_GARZANITITue Aug 23 1994List of profiles for public carriers ?
1750.04BREAKR::UDICKTue Aug 23 1994Can you have a local and a corporate name space
1751.0GIDDAY::SHCHIUWed Aug 24 1994BUGCHECK net$driver +4921 AT 5.6B eco5
1752.01ZURWed Aug 24 1994HELP ! Urgent ! Hanging DFS Decent link !!!
1753.01HOFMAN::HOPEWed Aug 24 1994set ncl default entity delay
1754.01BRSTR1::MERTENSWed Aug 24 1994CONS FILTER {"OSI Transport"} phantom ??
1755.02MXOCWed Aug 24 1994How to downgrade PhV V5.7A to Phase IV?
1756.01RULLE::KLASSONThu Aug 25 1994V5.6B ECO-1
1757.06BERNThu Aug 25 1994DTR performance Phase IV / Phase V ?
1758.03CSC32::D_HIGHLANDThu Aug 25 1994SET HOST/MOP on AXP hangs
1759.04LAOSS1::UDICK_STFri Aug 26 1994What is the management interface plans for PHV
1760.02COMICS::EDMUNDSFri Aug 26 1994Net$proxy or netproxy??
1761.02EICMFG::MMCCREADYMon Aug 29 19943 minutes wait after directory command
1762.02LISVAX::KALENGAMon Aug 29 1994-NCL-E-OVERFLOWBYTLIM error message
1763.01151847::PALMANNMon Aug 29 1994DNSserver on Open VMS Alpha. ?
1764.021GIDDAY::KINGSMILLMon Aug 29 1994FTSV copy job hung
1765.0124216::STEPHENSTue Aug 30 1994program control ALIAS INCOMING DISABLE
1766.0MRED::ROBBINSTue Aug 30 1994Wanted: People to Evaluate Network Mgr's Guides
1767.013TOPONT::BBRADBURYTue Aug 30 1994PDU Format Error on Routing
1768.01CSC32::J_HODGESWed Aug 31 1994NET$MOP Hang/Crash
1769.05FORTY2::ELLISWed Aug 31 1994urgent problem with Hawaii field test kit - the system hangs/ completely locks up
1770.01OLCROW::ROSCOEWed Aug 31 1994NET$ACP question
1771.046DELNI::CROSSWed Aug 31 1994TGV's Phase/IP and DECnet/OSI V6.
1772.07UTOPIE::VERONIKAThu Sep 01 1994peer server/Osi/alias
1773.01BIKINI::ADAEThu Sep 01 1994SET HOST
1774.0EVTAI1::LEGOUBEYThu Sep 01 1994CONS- Called DTE with
1775.04OGWV5Fri Sep 02 1994OSAK V2 Redirect Function
1776.03EICMFG::KORNMESSERFri Sep 02 1994Extra Support for DECnet/OSI V5.9 EFT1 at Customer Site?
1777.03KARI::SUIHKONENFri Sep 02 1994NSAP's, IPng and DECnet/OSI ??
1778.05KAOFS::D_STREETFri Sep 02 1994Can DECNET_MIGRATE be used prior to OSI install ?
1780.0BIGUN::WULFFMon Sep 05 1994DECnet/OSI over a network with long transition delays.
1781.011BIKINI::ADAEMon Sep 05 1994OSAK hangs up FTAM$COPY
1782.02SWTHOM::DORNANOMon Sep 05 1994Unrecognized Multicast PDU Destination
1783.01BIGUN::WULFFTue Sep 06 1994Connect to network object rejected.
1784.04NZOMIS::HOWARDTue Sep 06 1994MOP won't load X25 gateway, but DQS printing works
1785.08FROCKY::ROEDSZUSTue Sep 06 1994OSAK startup failed after Reboot
1786.05ANNECY::RARIVOTue Sep 06 1994OSAK / SPI for Open VMS AXP
1787.02COMICS::HESSTue Sep 06 1994is audit ncl possible
1788.01UTOPIE::VERONIKAWed Sep 07 1994block SNA LU event
1789.01SPACE2::MOESWed Sep 07 1994MODEM CONNECT : entity class not supported
1790.01TAEC::CONTIThu Sep 08 1994Urgent, need XTI for OpenVMS AXP
1791.02ISIDRO::ELSAThu Sep 08 1994VMS 6.1, Osi 5.7a and local namespace problem???
1792.0TLAVThu Sep 08 1994DNS server at WAN.
1793.0EASEW2::BARRELLThu Sep 08 1994Tower for NSP Transport - DNA Phase IV or V ?
1794.02CX3PST::CSC32::A_ANDERSONThu Sep 08 1994Net$MOP consumes 7
1795.04CSC32::D_GARZANITIThu Sep 08 1994Maximum size of LNO for DECnet/OSI AXP v2.
1796.02TRUCKS::COLVIN_AFri Sep 09 1994Additional sinks
1797.02COMICS::WEIRFri Sep 09 1994Out of date Manual on CDROM Distribution
1798.0542146::SCOBLEMon Sep 12 1994No NETPROXY.DAT on virgin install
1799.04ROMMon Sep 12 1994Manuals for DNA Phase V
1800.01BERFS4::NORDMon Sep 12 1994LPS32 and DECnet/OSI
1801.06VELI::KORKKOTue Sep 13 1994VMS V6.1, OSI V5.7A, add PW5 and crash....
1802.0BIKINI::DITETue Sep 13 1994X.25 access active port - interpretation ?
1803.01EDDF1Wed Sep 14 1994VAX image on HELP::[...AXP]
1804.02SWTHOM::NOBREWed Sep 14 1994node NAME into event phase V
1805.05USDEV::GWESTROPPWed Sep 14 1994Simulate inaccessible node?
1806.07BSS::AMBERWed Sep 14 1994how to control path splits on end system?
1807.07BOZEMN::ANDERSONWed Sep 14 1994Phase/IP vs. DECnet/IP
1808.01TARUGO::MAITEThu Sep 15 1994DECnet/OSI and ncp in PC side PWRKSv5
1809.08DPDMAI::DAVIESThu Sep 15 1994Getting an IDP address
1810.036932::SCOTTThu Sep 15 1994Customer listserv/news conference on Phase V
1811.04CSC32::R_RODRIGUEThu Sep 15 1994<decnet_migrate-node unreachable>
1812.01STLSEE::STALZERThu Sep 15 1994Help with simple address change please
1813.03CSC32::R_RODRIGUEThu Sep 15 1994<session control - alternate towers>
1814.03BASEX::EISENBRAUNFri Sep 16 1994Do you need applications toolkit license for OSAK?
1815.04METSYS::THOMPSONSat Sep 17 1994IP Strategy on VMS
1816.09VELI::KORKKOSun Sep 18 1994Remote node unreachable and T5.9...
1817.06DUCATI::LASTOVICATue Sep 20 1994problems with 5.9 on vms t6.2 - SYSTEM-F-PATHLOST, path to network partner node lost
1818.02CSC32::J_SHUMWAYTue Sep 20 1994FTAM directory oddity
1819.06UTRTSC::EDERVEENWed Sep 21 1994TPDU size negotiation problem
1820.01QCAVWed Sep 21 1994location of the docum. for decnet on ovms
1821.0341346::BARRELLWed Sep 21 1994T5.9 EFT1 node not translating synonym correctly
1822.01HGODCS::SUSANCHANThu Sep 22 1994DECnet IV routing upgrade to DECnet/OSI
1823.02IOSG::SPINDLERMThu Sep 22 1994ECO 6 - Any location or do I just need ECO 1
1824.03SSMPRD::SYS_167125Thu Sep 22 1994%NCL-E-INVALIDCMLDATA error
1825.0LEMAN::SCHEIDEGGERFri Sep 23 1994DECnet OSI and NSP 4.
1826.010LEMAN::GABLERFri Sep 23 1994Strange copy problem with DECnet/OSI V5.8
1827.0154363::RECHTMon Sep 26 1994DECnet Phase IV after OVMS V6.2 ??
1828.012PRSSUD::ABULIUSMon Sep 26 1994What DECnet Version on Sable ?
1829.012486Mon Sep 26 1994Does DECNET end node support dual rail Ethernet with automatic failover?
1830.015Tue Sep 27 1994decnet/osi license
1831.05FORTY2::SHARPETue Sep 27 1994-SYSTEM-F-UNREACHABLE, remote node is not currently reachable
1832.042Tue Sep 27 1994Phase V Presentation?
1833.015Wed Sep 28 1994psiconfig add remote dte
1834.01GIDDAY::REIDWed Sep 28 1994%PCSI-E-REFUNA error installing V5.8
1835.01HGODCS::SUSANCHANThu Sep 29 1994OVMS AXP X25 direct connect to PSDN?
1836.01TOSSUC::TOTAThu Sep 29 1994QAR update status infos needed
1837.0541346::BARRELLThu Sep 29 1994SET HOST, then %REM-F-NETERR, %REM-S-END, %SYSTEM-F-TIMEOUT,
1838.02GIDDAY::YUFri Sep 30 1994NET$CCR problem??
1839.01TAEC::URSCHFri Sep 30 1994Need a CTF registration number ... Help
1840.0ZUREDU::RWATSONSat Oct 01 1994Upgrading DECnet/OSI without all options.
1841.06CSC32::R_STEWARTSat Oct 01 1994help, DNA_OSInetwork & Area Addresses
1842.01FORTY2::BOYESTue Oct 04 1994decnet_version on V6.
1843.04BLKPUD::WARNESGWed Oct 05 1994Non-technical question.
1844.01HGOVC::BURANCELEUNGWed Oct 05 1994X.25 - DA circuit connect to DLM circuit
1845.02UTRTSC::KNOPPERSWed Oct 05 1994talk nice to DECnet/OSI?
1847.010COWBOY::MIRGHANEWed Oct 05 1994Compatibility between phase4 and phase5
1848.032Wed Oct 05 1994DSW42, Enet and DECnet-OSI
1849.01FORTY2::TSANGThu Oct 06 1994Encoding of 'Preferred maximum TPDU size'
1850.03PADNOM::MAILLARDFri Oct 07 1994NET$MOP high CPU time and ACCVIO (V5.7 AXP).
1851.04RUSFri Oct 07 1994Multi-circuit end system capabilities
1852.0+12RUSFri Oct 07 1994OSAK/PSI problem
1853.02DECPRG::PAVLUPFri Oct 07 1994set host hangs to DNOSI system
1854.02MQOSWS::MQOP61::s_charbonneaFri Oct 07 1994BLOCK problem
1855.0CSC32::SCHMALSTIEGFri Oct 07 1994DECNET, DECnet-VAX detected a fatal error
1857.014MARVIN::MORRELLMon Oct 10 1994Whats the difference between V5.8 & V5.9 DECnet/OSI??
1858.03HGOCS::TONYLIUTue Oct 11 1994Some compatibility questions
1859.01SAC::KINDER_NTue Oct 11 1994X.25 security file converter?
1861.01KOLFAX::WIEGLEBTue Oct 11 1994ETHERNET drivers (
1862.02LISVAX::KALENGATue Oct 11 1994OSI Transport supports PVCs?
1863.02CHR27::YEUNGTue Oct 11 1994Node specific .NCL script?
1864.06FSTSC1::AURANDWed Oct 12 1994Problem w/ OSITP expedited data/checksum negotiation
1865.02COMICS::PRICECWed Oct 12 1994LNO DNS Vapour ware ?
1866.04BONNET::GUILBERTWed Oct 12 1994DECnet/OSI 5.8 Kit location
1867.014318Wed Oct 12 1994Weird Problem with OSI Node...in MRO..
1868.04HELP::CARSONThu Oct 13 1994Engineer Openning
1869.06TOOK::MILLBRANDTThu Oct 13 1994Digital has it all...but still doesn't "get it"
1870.04COMICS::EDMUNDSThu Oct 13 1994crashes in NET$TRANSPORT_OSI
1871.03CSC32::D_GARZANITIThu Oct 13 1994TC-id / LIB$PARSE_NCB / IOSB[2]
1872.02TALER::GAISFORDThu Oct 13 1994Upgrade to DECnet/OSI on VMS AXP V6.1 breaks proxy?
1873.03DPDMAI::GALVINThu Oct 13 1994Is there a patch for OSI on OpenVMS AXP???
1874.03COMICS::EDMUNDSFri Oct 14 1994DTSS courier problem.
1875.06HGOM22::CKCHEUNGMon Oct 17 1994OSI V5.7 require VMS/axp X6.1-FT6
1876.0945464::SMITH_JMon Oct 17 1994Message Router over TCP/IP RFC 1
1877.0254625::DEMEYERMon Oct 17 1994Cl. alias & dns$clerk_cluster.ncl
1878.0KAOFS::P_SAVOIEMon Oct 17 1994delaying ACK , possible ?
1879.01CSC32::L_MORSEMon Oct 17 1994transport PDU error
1880.02SWTHOM::NOBRETue Oct 18 1994wandd installation only
1881.02KERNEL::KHANRTue Oct 18 1994DECNET_OSI V5.8
1882.05428Wed Oct 19 1994Null Internet set up
1883.02HERO::INNSThu Oct 20 1994Help with Security Update #94-
1884.054625::ROELANDTSThu Oct 20 1994dcp core dumps + copy unsuccesfull
1885.06HELP::CARSONThu Oct 20 1994Announcing 6.
1886.014Thu Oct 20 1994MOP server terminating when booting lots of satellites over 4 LAN adapters
1887.02UTOPIE::BRAUN_RFri Oct 21 1994Ph.V-OSI-documentations
1888.0LISVAX::KALENGAFri Oct 21 1994Tracing OSF/1 events from OVMS AXP doesn't work
1889.06EICMFG::MMCCREADYFri Oct 21 1994Access Violation in PCSI
1890.0345266::REID_DFri Oct 21 1994Phase IV to V proxy access
1891.0LOOKIN::SCOBLEFri Oct 21 1994Alias with declared network objects
1892.0853698::JOUVINFri Oct 21 1994X25 static outgoing circuit restart pb
1893.0553698::JOUVINFri Oct 21 1994Pb with cluster alias
1894.03SWETSC::ALBINSSONFri Oct 21 19944xDSV11 and 4
1895.01EICMFG::MMCCREADYFri Oct 21 1994Temporarily lost backtranslation softlink
1896.0CSC32::ROZBORILFri Oct 21 1994loop mop circuit inconsistencies
1897.0249437::ERIKSat Oct 22 1994Correct vers of X.25 for EFT2 V6.
1898.01BIGUN::WULFFMon Oct 24 1994Copy Fails after a while.
1899.02COMICS::EDMUNDSMon Oct 24 1994ECO1 install fails.
1900.0251847::PALMANNMon Oct 24 1994NCP> set node 1.2 access none
1901.06KERNEL::KHANRMon Oct 24 1994osif$fal/ACCVIO
1902.0125Mon Oct 24 1994MOP not starting under 5.8
1903.01957456::VAUGHANMon Oct 24 1994Failure on the back translate address request OpenVMS VAX V6.1 OSI V5.8 ECO1
1904.0EICMFG::MMCCREADYMon Oct 24 1994UCX CONFIGERROR duplicate key detected
1906.02CSC32::SCHMALSTIEGTue Oct 25 1994Bugcheck when starting Asynchronous DECnet
1907.051592::JOHANSSONTue Oct 25 1994Help on %DNSREG-E-NOOVER wanted
1908.0551592::JOHANSSONTue Oct 25 1994Help on %dns-w-cannotauthentic wanted
1909.0322533::SUSANCHANWed Oct 26 1994NI and FDDI configuration
1911.08FORTY2::BRIDPORTWed Oct 26 1994Enable MAC Address failure.
1912.04BHT362::KNEUTSWed Oct 26 1994Corrupted PhaseIV Routing Packet Received from: Node :. Routing Circuit *
1913.02EICMFG::MMCCREADYWed Oct 26 1994No help or DTSS for NCL$DW
1914.032876Wed Oct 26 1994DECnet/OSI WAN drivers, Routing?
1915.04EICMFG::KORNMESSERThu Oct 27 1994Simultaneous Parallel FTAM-Copy from single node fails?
1916.02CSC32::D_GARZANITIThu Oct 27 1994Process looping when querying CSMA-CD stations ?
1917.011UTOPIE::BRAUN_RThu Oct 27 1994set host
1918.0KAOFS::D_STREETFri Oct 28 1994DNS startup delay
1919.09KOLFAX::WIEGLEBMon Oct 31 1994"File Open Error" MOP client Load Request Failed
1920.0VELI::KORKKOMon Oct 31 1994Now on DECnet/OSI V5.8 and still crashings...
1922.08VELI::KORKKOMon Oct 31 1994DECnet/OSI T6.
1923.07SWETSC::NORDSTROMMon Oct 31 1994DDCMP link problems....
1924.04Mon Oct 31 1994Is it too late to get net$configure support for multiple LAN adapters?
1925.044Mon Oct 31 1994New NET$NODEUPDATE.COM ????
1926.0DAIVMon Oct 31 1994What has to be bought ?
1927.01DECPRG::PAVLUPTue Nov 01 1994SYS$NODE and node name lost after reboot
1928.01LOOKIN::SCOBLETue Nov 01 1994Proxy fullname support under AXP?
1929.08CSC32::S_CLOUGHESYTue Nov 01 1994ASYNC DDCMP links and MODEM control
1930.07COMEUP::SIMMONDSTue Nov 01 1994Is the UCX T3.2 kit Ok?
1931.03DUCATI::LASTOVICAWed Nov 02 1994incoming access from phase iv to phase v (6.
1932.0222533::RICHARDLAMWed Nov 02 1994De-configure DNS server to run as DNS client
1933.05EVTAI1::LEGOUBEYWed Nov 02 1994OSITP Class 2 dnvosi
1934.01VARESE::IALLOWed Nov 02 1994WANDD on AXP?
1935.036Thu Nov 03 1994what version of VAX/VMS does DECnet/OSI 5.X run on?
1936.03GIDDAY::BRODRIBBThu Nov 03 1994Reproducible crash at OSITP$CREATELSPENTITY+
1937.0COWBOY::MIRGHANEThu Nov 03 1994Dual Ethernet DECstation with VXT2
1938.013589Thu Nov 03 1994Migration Consulting Group??
1940.0154625::GOOVAERTSFri Nov 04 1994VAXELN BOOT or LOAD MOP CLIENT=>Process Failure
1941.0ZURFri Nov 04 1994connect to network object rejected
1942.02WWDEV2::MISTRETTAFri Nov 04 1994Problem using DECnet Phase V object
1943.0158633::TIPPERFri Nov 04 1994BackTranslation/ALIAS/Transition Question
1944.02TOOK::TARANTOFri Nov 04 1994How is PWIP ACP supposed to get started?
1945.04CSC32::SCHMALSTIEGSat Nov 05 1994NAK messages when using Asynchronous DECnet
1946.01EICMFG::MMCCREADYSun Nov 06 1994CDI - Just amazing!
1947.03EICMFG::MMCCREADYSun Nov 06 1994Explicit BIND name service?
1948.05ZURMon Nov 07 1994Timing problem in NET$SERVER ?
1950.0UMEJNK::JOHANSSONMon Nov 07 1994%SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO using ncp
1951.03UTRTSC::VROOIJMon Nov 07 1994Cross-arch. satellite booting and OSI ???
1952.0458633::TIPPERMon Nov 07 1994Oddities while transitioning a small network
1953.04DV78Mon Nov 07 1994OpenVMS6.1 and DNS version?
1954.0254625::DEMEYERTue Nov 08 1994Stuck nsp ports
1955.01KAHALA::FOREMANTue Nov 08 1994Help with Data Distributor proxy access
1956.02HELP::CARSONTue Nov 08 1994Announcing V6.
1957.03291Wed Nov 09 1994problems with LLC2
1958.03SWTHOM::MAGENCWed Nov 09 1994%system-f-reject connect to network object rejected
1959.04PRSSUD::CARRAYROUWed Nov 09 1994DQS and NO IP backtanslation
1960.01PRSSUD::CARRAYROUWed Nov 09 1994DNA Tower with IP address in LNO
1961.01EICMFG::MMCCREADYWed Nov 09 1994PCSI "Terminating is strongly recommended"
1962.03EICMFG::MMCCREADYWed Nov 09 1994FTAM remove disables FAL
1963.0MLNCSC::PARACCHIThu Nov 10 1994%SYSGEN-E-CREPARFIL booting satellite
1964.02119Thu Nov 10 1994Show-stopper DECnet problems, please help
1965.09SEDSWS::LEARMOUTHThu Nov 10 1994Segmented and aliases
1966.01CSC32::D_GARZANITIThu Nov 10 1994%SYSTEM-F-DUPLNAM, Event: code 2, and Event: Deleted Maintained Object???
1967.01SUBURB::HARWOODJThu Nov 10 1994Can a mixed cluster have just one alias ?
1968.01HGOVC::WILSONWONGFri Nov 11 1994set host to node a but go back to node a
1969.01STKAI1::SBERGQUISTFri Nov 11 1994CR problem (TPDU size ?) at transport level during MTA connection attempt
1970.01CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONFri Nov 11 1994NET$MOP runs out of VM
1971.03BIKINI::DITEFri Nov 11 1994OSI Transport disabled at startup ?
1972.02EICMFG::MMCCREADYFri Nov 11 1994show nsp local nsap remote nsap hangs
1973.05TKTV2Sat Nov 12 1994session control ap 42 ?
1974.05DPDMAI::GALVINSun Nov 13 1994help with OSI response/maintenance
1975.05LYOISA::MASSETMon Nov 14 1994HANG with DNV
1976.0354323::VANDYCKTue Nov 15 1994LIst of all events available ?
1978.01CSC32::COLTERTue Nov 15 1994 SSRVEXCEPT, NET$ALIAS+
1979.06MSDOA::LOVETue Nov 15 1994Verification of dual controller config
1980.02CERN::JRSTue Nov 15 1994Need documented short-cuts for upgrading large VMSclusters
1981.0154842::KNEUTSTue Nov 15 1994nodename is
1982.03CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONTue Nov 15 1994Question on time to respond to incoming clear
1983.0GOYA::JOSEFWed Nov 16 1994DLM in DECnet/OSI for Alpha AXP?
1984.0SWTHOM::NOBREWed Nov 16 1994"decnet_migrate>sho path"/Wanrouter9
1985.02KOLFAX::WIEGLEBWed Nov 16 1994Questions on NSAPs and CLNS Full Internet connections
1986.05TROU36::J_PLUGERSWed Nov 16 1994%CCR-E-NORESOURCE with TSM & DECnet/OSI
1987.011693Wed Nov 16 1994DECNET, DECnet-VAX detected a fatal error
1988.0123543::TONYLIUThu Nov 17 1994DSV11 data error
1989.0154323::VANDYCKThu Nov 17 1994Cannot access newly created account through network
1990.07FORTY2::ABRAMThu Nov 17 1994SET DISPL/NODE=ZEBEDI /CRE don't work :-(
1991.02FSTSC1::AURANDThu Nov 17 1994Question about X.25 hunt groups
1992.0HGOVC::BURANCELEUNGFri Nov 18 1994DOUBLDEALO when using "mc ncp sho known node"
1993.054625::BUGGENHOUTFri Nov 18 1994Nonpaged pool - VCRP usage and OSI 5.8
1994.0722533::PETERJONESFri Nov 18 1994NCL equivalent interface for DECnet IV hosts
1995.02UTRTSC::VROOIJFri Nov 18 1994DEFAA dual attached and DECnet/OSI?
1996.054625::DEMEYERFri Nov 18 1994No MSG$NETSHUT in mailbox
1997.05CSC32::B_GOODWINFri Nov 18 1994Problems w/display of NET$MGMT to an OSF station
1998.08Fri Nov 18 1994Duplicate Process Name
1999.05TLAVMon Nov 21 1994Where's X25PSI license in DECnet/OSI?
2000.02PRSSOS::LEGOUBEYMon Nov 21 1994KRNLSTAKNV with Monitor cluster
2001.02TIKVAH::ARTHURMon Nov 21 1994DECnet Security Gateway Equivalent?
2002.0CSC32::P_RAVIXMon Nov 21 1994dns$server hanging on SYS$IPCW call
2003.08COLA1::DPPSTue Nov 22 1994Modifications in OSI Transport behaviour
2004.07FORTY2::SHARPETue Nov 22 1994Memory used up by reinstalling DECnet
2005.01XSTACY::MAHERTue Nov 22 1994fail to complete logical link using transparent task to task
2006.04EICMFG::MMCCREADYWed Nov 23 1994NML access denied
2007.0VNABRW::KARTNER_MWed Nov 23 1994differences in OSI AXP/OSI VAX concerning PSI
2008.01VNABRW::KARTNER_MWed Nov 23 1994Nonpaged pool problems with OSI V5.8?
2009.02TEVIOT::NAYLORWed Nov 23 1994Null Internet to ICL (FTAM)
2010.01IJSAPL::ROLINGWed Nov 23 1994How to migrate 2 DECnets with DECatg to DECnet/OSI?
2011.01EICMFG::MMCCREADYWed Nov 23 1994doc_quality is in hiding
2012.01BWTEAL::W_MCGAWWed Nov 23 1994DECnet channel error on logout
2013.02ROMThu Nov 24 1994End system routing cache corruption
2014.07MARVIN::RIGBYThu Nov 24 1994NET$MGMT and new/updated entities
2015.03BERNThu Nov 24 1994FTAM, strange NSAP ?
2016.07EICMFG::MMCCREADYThu Nov 24 1994show path to cluster alias
2017.04EEMELI::SUIHKONENFri Nov 25 1994Unknown parameter F
2018.04BBOVFri Nov 25 1994y
2019.01COMICS::EDMUNDSMon Nov 28 1994nsp max transport connections
2020.0NQOPS::THIBODEAUMon Nov 28 1994Help tuning
2021.0LISVAX::ESTEVAOMon Nov 28 1994OSI Transport Problem , INCOMING CALLS
2022.02UTOPIE::BRAUN_RMon Nov 28 1994FTAM: %FTAM-E-INVAEI-error
2023.0MINOTR::NOBLEMon Nov 28 1994CISG Security Advisory
2024.0TKTVFS::HAYAKAWATue Nov 29 1994Crash at SYS$ERDRIVER_NPRO+156B8
2026.04BONNET::WLODEKTue Nov 29 1994need latest dtss$provider.c
2027.01OFOSTue Nov 29 1994DECnet/OSI,PSI versions?
2028.01MINNY::BOELSTERLIWed Nov 30 1994COPY Problem
2029.05KERNEL::JONESGWed Nov 30 1994DECnet OSI installation fails due to UIC
2030.0254625::DEMEYERWed Nov 30 1994X25/ no outgoing call
2031.01HACMAN::HACKThu Dec 01 1994Best "Default DECnet" account settings?
2032.02PRSSOS::LEGOUBEYThu Dec 01 1994Problem with Cluster Alias
2034.02EVTAI1::LEGOUBEYThu Dec 01 1994Crash in CTF$CP DNVOSI 5.8
2035.05UTOPIE::BRAUN_RThu Dec 01 1994rather simple to crash VMS
2036.01MSAMThu Dec 01 1994Vax761
2037.02TAEC::EYNAUDFri Dec 02 1994no more WANDD with DECnet /OSI V6.
2038.01KERNEL::EVANSNFri Dec 02 1994Illegal FDDI station NCL command ??
2039.0DGOIS1::GUESDONFri Dec 02 1994can't print specs documents
2040.02EICMFG::MMCCREADYFri Dec 02 1994Comments on V6.
2041.0123Fri Dec 02 1994DNS$SHARE.EXE must be installed?
2042.06VNOTSC::KARASEKMon Dec 05 1994Can somebody help me on that trace ?
2043.01OFOSS1::HEBERTJMon Dec 05 1994Privs on ECO#7?
2045.02PACWH::RIGAUXMon Dec 05 1994%IPC-E-UNKNOWNENTRY, name does not exist in name space
2046.013HELP::CARSONMon Dec 05 1994Announcing V6.
2047.01EICMFG::MMCCREADYMon Dec 05 1994nerve-racking OSAK installation with PCSI
2048.01LEMAN::MAEUSLITue Dec 06 1994MAX. REMOTE NSAPS setting question
2049.07ROMTue Dec 06 1994FTAM and multiple DTE addresses
2050.08VELI::KORKKOTue Dec 06 1994DECnet/OSI V6.
2051.07CSC32::DUCHARMETue Dec 06 1994MOP does not start CIRCUIT or CLIENTS at boot time
2053.02HGOCS::ANDYNGWed Dec 07 1994FTAM copy hangs !!
2054.01STUWed Dec 07 1994pathworks version
2055.0TEVIOT::NAYLORWed Dec 07 1994Share LOCAL: namespace in a cluster
2056.02TEVIOT::NAYLORWed Dec 07 1994LOCAL: namespace in a cluster
2057.0PRSSOS::PEYRACHEWed Dec 07 1994Crash in NET$DRIVER+
2058.01CSC32::DUCHARMEWed Dec 07 1994Enlightenment on Cluster Aliasing Phase IV & V
2059.05ZURWed Dec 07 1994DECNET_DNS_REGISTER can't access root dir , why ?
2060.04CSC32::SCHMALSTIEGWed Dec 07 1994Inhibiting EVD messages is failing
2061.04COLA1::DPPSWed Dec 07 1994PSI and Local Naming
2062.01FOUNDR::COLLITONWed Dec 07 1994looking for list of new features
2063.02VELI::KORKKOWed Dec 07 1994X25 client on AXP and "two level" name for server node
2064.0DELNI::MEFORTIERWed Dec 07 1994Announcing DECnet/OSI V6.
2065.05MSDOA::LOVEWed Dec 07 1994OSAKSHR version mismatch on linking application
2066.0GIDDAY::LEUNGThu Dec 08 1994Upg. from V5.5-2 and Ext. To V6.1 and OSI V5.7/5.8
2067.0854625::GOOVAERTSThu Dec 08 1994Copy with outgoing alias=no performance
2068.05ZURThu Dec 08 1994Logicals for 'entity'_startup ?
2069.01SUOSWS::GRAMMERThu Dec 08 1994function ipc$k_fc_receive_event ?
2070.01COLA1::DPPSThu Dec 08 1994FTAM over CONS with 6.
2071.0KERNEL::LOTAThu Dec 08 1994%MOP-E-RETRYEX and CCR problem
2072.022DUCATI::LASTOVICAThu Dec 08 1994mail much slower after installing v6
2073.01DELNI::CROSSFri Dec 09 1994SPDs in VTX IR
2074.01WOTVAX::64Fri Dec 09 1994remote entity congestion at connect request time
2075.01METSYS::THOMPSONFri Dec 09 1994Problems connecting to Object
2076.015STKAI1::SBERGQUISTFri Dec 09 1994Urgent: Inbound X.25 CONS problem (DECnet/OSI 5.6B)
2077.03CSC32::DUCHARMEFri Dec 09 1994Information on X.29 Extended PAD Parameters
2078.01BERNSat Dec 10 1994EVD-W-IPCFAIL
2079.01TIKVAH::ARTHURSun Dec 11 1994Does Oracle have any problems with DECnet/OSI?
2080.08RUSMon Dec 12 1994NET$MESSAGE from DNVOSI 5.6B causes crashing at reboot
2081.04BLKPUD::CHEETHAMDMon Dec 12 1994Upgrade query
2082.05WOTVAX::64Mon Dec 12 1994more inbound CONS problems, CONS NSAP ADD??
2083.0654625::GOOVAERTSTue Dec 13 1994Ftam V2.
2084.0PRSSOS::DIETZTue Dec 13 1994DNVO 6.
2085.01COMICS::PRICECTue Dec 13 1994nosuchobj or reject ????
2086.01CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONTue Dec 13 1994High interupt stack time on DECnet osi 5.6B-1
2087.0GIDDAY::SHCHIUTue Dec 13 1994decnet DECtect fatal error in LES$ACP_V3
2088.04ISIDRO::ELSAWed Dec 14 1994how re-install ctf ???
2089.03LEMAN::GABLERWed Dec 14 1994%REM-F-NETERR, DECnet channel error (again)
2090.06HDLITE::SCHAFERWed Dec 14 1994could not open NET$CONFIG.DAT
2091.02UPROAR::LEMPThu Dec 15 1994DECnet Phase V config problems
2092.02COMICS::EDMUNDSThu Dec 15 1994 NETWORK By Software-AG okay with OSI?
2093.014VELI::KORKKOThu Dec 15 1994WQEs are "killing" my system!
2094.02MUNICH::SCHALLERThu Dec 15 1994access denied - when enabling routing circuit
2095.03HITEKS::PEERThu Dec 15 1994Help OSI & phasIV
2096.071189Fri Dec 16 1994"Infinite forwarding detected" to DECnet-OSI cluster?
2097.03LUXMon Dec 19 1994DECnet transported by TCP/IP ?
2098.02COMICS::EDMUNDSMon Dec 19 1994PSS and fast select problem
2099.02SWTHOM::DORNANOMon Dec 19 1994PDU Format Error
2100.08CSOA1::LENNIGMon Dec 19 1994VMSmail can't recognize 'local' PhIV nodenames
2101.09COMICS::WEIRTue Dec 20 1994V6.
2102.03CSC32::K_ROCHFORDTue Dec 20 1994Final questions on GBLPAGFIL and DNS Cache
2103.06SIOG::P_HARRINGTONTue Dec 20 1994OSI over Ph IV routers?
2104.01UFHIS::WERBERWed Dec 21 1994support for ISDN?
2105.07LISVAX::KALENGAWed Dec 21 1994set ncl def entity to WANrouter doesn't work
2106.0+26SWTHOM::HOWed Dec 21 1994NET$SHUTDOWN doesn't send anymore MSG$_NETSHUT ??
2107.01KOLFAX::WIEGLEBWed Dec 21 1994What should NMA version vs. "DECNET_VERSION" be?
2108.01CX3PST::MOUTNS::D_WILDERWed Dec 21 1994DEC X.25 for OpenVMS AXP v1.
2109.01GIDDAY::PARSONSWed Dec 21 1994SYSTEM-F-REMRSRC & ACCVIO from Alpha system
2110.0UTOPIE::BRAUN_RThu Dec 22 1994wrong description of CHECKSUM
2111.02BLKPUD::CHEETHAMDThu Dec 22 19945.8 Installation Blues
2112.04UTOPIE::BRAUN_RThu Dec 22 1994X.25 and multiple AXPs --> mutex
2113.0UMEJNK::JOHANSSONFri Dec 23 1994Strange hanging system
2114.01KAOFS::D_STREETFri Dec 23 1994NET$LOGICALS over written by NET$STARTUP
2115.01UTOPIE::BRAUN_RFri Dec 23 1994Dnet/OSI 6.
2116.02BERNFri Dec 23 1994Off LAN DNS Server
2117.03DPDMAI::GALVINFri Dec 23 1994DNS vs OSI?
2118.0CSC32::SCHMALSTIEGFri Dec 23 1994NET_CALLOUTS confusion
2119.02ZPOVC::SINSPSTue Dec 27 1994DECNIS on a DECNET/PHASE IV network, how ?
2120.03LISVAX::KALENGATue Dec 27 1994X25-DA hangs (Brouter 9
2121.0STKAI1::SBERGQUISTTue Dec 27 1994DECnet/OSI 5.6B ECO-11 - transport: still problems with "odd nr of byte" dte numbers ?
2122.03ZPOVC::SINSPSTue Dec 27 1994Where is WANROUTER 25
2123.01DELDPN::M_MUNOZWed Dec 28 1994Pathwork V5.
2124.08CX3PST::WSCWed Dec 28 1994DECNET bugcheck with DECnet/OSI v6.
2125.05HGOCS::KENNETHThu Dec 29 1994DTSS not start?
2126.0DBCIC1::BOCONNORFri Dec 30 1994V6 GUI blue...blue...blue.....but I like it
2127.03HELP::CARSONMon Jan 02 1995Announcing T6.1 EFT-1
2128.03JOBURG::METCALFTue Jan 03 1995Droppd Links since V6.
2129.05KOLFAX::WIEGLEBTue Jan 03 1995Why UIC [1,3] for NET$STARTUP processes?
2130.0AURVAX::PETTENGILLTue Jan 03 1995Cluster common files issues
2131.06CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONTue Jan 03 1995Problem with DECnet osi 6.
2132.02OSLACT::BJORNWed Jan 04 1995Any new presentation on DECnet/OSI Migration?
2133.06EEMELI::PAKKANENWed Jan 04 1995Verification Failure question
2134.02KAOFS::D_STREETWed Jan 04 1995LES$ACP_V3
2135.028HELP::CARSONWed Jan 04 1995Procedure to Convert a PhaseIV data base.
2136.0SWTHOM::DEGAGEThu Jan 05 1995NET_EXTERNALS.ADA does not compile
2137.03VARESE::IALLOThu Jan 05 1995Problem with inactivity control procedure
2138.0254625::DEMEYERThu Jan 05 1995Upgrade Decnet/OSI & DNS server
2139.02DBCIC1::BOCONNORThu Jan 05 1995NCL GUI no X25 information for Clients
2140.0654625::GOOVAERTSThu Jan 05 1995Framing errors on multicircuit ES
2141.0SWTHOM::NOBREThu Jan 05 1995ipc return status
2142.06KAOFS::D_STREETThu Jan 05 1995Unavailable Station Buffers, How to get rid of them.
2143.01DFSAXP::JPFri Jan 06 1995Problem since RANGER area change DECnet/OSI V5.8
2144.01CX3PST::WSCFri Jan 06 1995"Rolling" upgrade of VMScluster?
2145.02VAXRIO::CONDEFri Jan 06 1995OSI V6.
2146.01WOTVAX::64Fri Jan 06 1995DAP errors and DECps files?
2147.04BERNFri Jan 06 1995No Resource
2148.01CSC32::COLTERFri Jan 06 1995%PCSI-E-FEFUNA, DECNET_OSI V5.7 is required by DECAXPVMS X25 V1.
2149.0HAMSUP::SONNENTAGSun Jan 08 1995System crash at SYS$NAME_SERVICES+1
2150.03COWBOY::MIRGHANEMon Jan 09 1995DECNET end node and 2 Ethernet ports trouble
2151.02TKTV2Tue Jan 10 1995Q:Where is document?
2152.054625::ROELANDTSTue Jan 10 1995Dynamic Asynch DECnet but only once ?
2153.04NQOPS::THIBODEAUTue Jan 10 1995Max service names
2154.01CX3PST::WSCTue Jan 10 1995NETNOSTATE bugcheck with v6.
2156.09CSC32::DUCHARMETue Jan 10 1995Remote Transport Disc Reason=Mismatched references
2157.01CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONTue Jan 10 1995Proxy and security server on ALpha VMS 6.1
2158.01DPDMAI::GALVINTue Jan 10 1995CSMACD failures...?
2159.03BIGUN::WULFFWed Jan 11 1995DECnet/OSI 5.8 Patches.
2160.04ZURWed Jan 11 1995dangling logical links
2161.07CX3PST::HTKING::M_SHELDONWed Jan 11 1995HELPLIB.HLB problems during Installation of DECnet/OSI V6.
2162.03MGB::GILLOTTWed Jan 11 1995Help with DECNET_MIGRATE and WANrouter 9
2163.03LISVAX::KALENGAWed Jan 11 1995NCL command interpreter problem?
2164.03CSC32::MACGREGORWed Jan 11 1995alias synonym does not work in mail
2165.01OOTOOL::XIAWed Jan 11 1995Availability of DECnet on some platforms
2166.03GIDDAY::LEUNGWed Jan 11 1995decnet/osi hangs on startup
2167.08GOYA::JOSEFThu Jan 12 1995DECnet/IP - implications & restrictions?
2168.05LEMAN::MAEUSLIThu Jan 12 1995P.S.I. and DNVOSI V6.
2169.04CLOUD9::WEIERThu Jan 12 1995Version matrix (VAX and AXP)
2170.02FIRSC1::CASINIFri Jan 13 1995MOP Client with two eth. circuit
2171.0154625::GOOVAERTSFri Jan 13 1995Protocol 9
2172.02DELDPN::M_MUNOZFri Jan 13 1995FDDI & Ethernet performance...
2173.02CSC32::J_SHUMWAYFri Jan 13 1995changing name/address on multiple nodes...again
2174.01CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONFri Jan 13 1995NCP Emulator Access violation
2175.02TAVIS::SHEFTELSun Jan 15 1995DECnis, FDDI, Ethernet,OSI Transport, DECnet ....
2176.0DAIVMon Jan 16 1995Accounting system for PSI's user
2177.010FORTY2::ELLISMon Jan 16 1995Installation of IDAHO kit fails can you help ?
2178.02TPOVC::MOBBYLINMon Jan 16 1995X.25 Clear=
2179.07ECFAMon Jan 16 1995How to configure DLM in Decnet/OSI ?
2180.05KLAP::porterMon Jan 16 1995Phase V to Phase IV migration strategy
2181.02UTOPIE::BRAUN_RMon Jan 16 1995%PAD-E-CLR_NA, access to remote DTE barred
2182.05GIDDAY::KINGSMILLTue Jan 17 1995Program fails after upgrading to DECnet/OSI
2183.0BLKPUD::WILLIAMSHTue Jan 17 1995NCP emulator on 6.
2184.0CLOUD9::WEIERTue Jan 17 1995TUNING Docs? AXP and VAX /VMS
2185.01WOTVAX::64Tue Jan 17 1995TP4 bis over CLNS over X.25??
2186.02CSC32::B_GOODWINTue Jan 17 1995Local Namespace and DECnet/OSI V6
2187.01USCD::HEUSSTue Jan 17 1995No tower set object
2188.03CSOA1::LENNIGTue Jan 17 1995net$server "crossed" links problem?
2190.04SAWA::63594::SOBOLEWSKITue Jan 17 1995RTR 2.2B and DECnet/OSI 5.8 - NET$ACP prblem
2191.03KAOFS::D_STREETTue Jan 17 1995Enable MAC address, but SCSSYSTEMID ok and no duplicate nodes
2192.013TAVIS::BOAZWed Jan 18 1995Proxy proccesing takes forever.
2193.0BIGUN::WULFFWed Jan 18 1995Disabling Routing circuit shuts down SCS.
2194.04TPOVC::MOBBYLINWed Jan 18 1995disable checking the NSAP?
2195.05452Wed Jan 18 1995%DTSS-W-OPENETHER, can not open ethernet port
2196.0JOBURG::METCALFWed Jan 18 1995DECros version for DECnet/OSI V6.
2198.0GIDDAY::YUWed Jan 18 1995CTF - remote trace to local file problem
2200.01AURVAX::PETTENGILLWed Jan 18 1995Why doesn't backtranslate return success?
2201.08TPOVC::MOBBYLINThu Jan 19 1995Insufficent Memory for X.25 CONS?
2202.06HELP::CARSONThu Jan 19 1995Notice V6.
2203.0CSC32::DUCHARMEThu Jan 19 1995Cannot start detached trace %CTF-E-MBXREAD
2204.0854625::ROELANDTSFri Jan 20 1995lot of EVENTS LOSTS , what can I do ?
2205.04PRSSUD::ABULIUSFri Jan 20 1995HELP on NCL for DSW32/LAPB
2206.03CSC32::L_MORSEFri Jan 20 1995NET$MGMT access violation
2207.014TLSEFri Jan 20 1995DECNET osi config for 2 Ethernets
2208.01CSC32::SCHMALSTIEGSun Jan 22 1995Bugcheck code is ... -9
2209.03GIDDAY::CHONGMon Jan 23 1995mop enabled on 2 circuits but only one is usable !
2210.03DFSAXP::JPMon Jan 23 1995Set host gives network object unknown at remote node
2211.06COLA1::DPPSMon Jan 23 1995CONS with V6.
2212.02LNZTIA::MUHRMon Jan 23 1995DNosi 6.
2213.02ZURTue Jan 24 1995transmit/receive verifier vs. phase iv password ?
2214.01MUNICH::BAUMGARTNERTue Jan 24 1995NSP: Erroneous Transport PDU
2215.0MUNICH::SCHALLERTue Jan 24 1995decnet object with more than 6 char fails
2216.054625::GONZALEZTue Jan 24 1995FAL hangs when backup to remote disk gets full
2217.07COWBOY::MIRGHANETue Jan 24 1995Problem with loop command
2218.01GIDDAY::YUWed Jan 25 1995Padding for called dte address
2219.01254831::63911::mylleWed Jan 25 1995Cluster alias again, sorry
2220.01GIDDAY::DANIELWed Jan 25 1995Set host from OSI cluster node to Phase IV thru Cisco fails
2221.04CURRNT::AGOBERTWed Jan 25 1995$assign system service
2222.0TKTVFS::SATOH_HIRWed Jan 25 1995Memory Tuning for DECnet/OSI
2223.0+14HELP::CARSONWed Jan 25 1995Announcing V6.1
2224.010TAVIS::SHEFTELWed Jan 25 1995DECnet adds extra byte in the optional field ? GAP
2225.03MARVIN::MUNSLOWThu Jan 26 1995How to register a node from a program?
2226.02SWCAThu Jan 26 1995 network object is unknown at remote node
2227.0CSC32::L_MORSEThu Jan 26 1995NCL omitions
2228.02AURVAX::PETTENGILLThu Jan 26 1995When will we have OpenVMS DECnet OSI systems on the Internet
2229.05BHT362::KNEUTSFri Jan 27 1995troubleshooting sys-f-reject, connection to network object rejected. (again)
2230.06EICMFG::MMCCREADYFri Jan 27 1995(Almost) happy user
2231.01MUNSBE::WERBERFri Jan 27 1995dcl error in net$configure ?
2232.07447::SCHAFERFri Jan 27 1995Management API
2233.0CSC32::J_SOBECKIFri Jan 27 1995Cleanup V5.8 images after V6.
2234.06USCD::HEUSSFri Jan 27 1995Where is node name attribute stored for the Node
2235.06CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONFri Jan 27 1995More X25 GAP problem OSI 6.
2236.01HGODCS::RICHARDLAMSun Jan 29 1995load balance or path split ?
2237.02CENPCS::BIRMINGHAMSun Jan 29 1995X.29 PAD-to-PAD calls disconnecting
2239.02SWETSC::EKLUNDMon Jan 30 1995How to get rid of boot msg ?
2240.03KDDID::DABAREINERTue Jan 31 1995Startup Files
2241.05OLCROW::MCCANCETue Jan 31 1995pcsi install problem...
2243.01MINNY::SCHUMACHERWed Feb 01 1995PCSI Installation trap
2244.03MOSCOW::JOUVINWed Feb 01 1995How to identify a session control port from Link ID
2245.04GIDDAY::BOJOVICWed Feb 01 1995non-paged pool expansion, VCRP & LKID
2246.04GOYA::JOSEFWed Feb 01 1995SET HOST/APP=RTERM ?
2248.0454625::GOOVAERTSWed Feb 01 1995PMAD controller and Hardware errors
2249.03CSSE::KUMARWed Feb 01 1995Help Required : Phase IV->V Conversion and NML/CML
2250.01LISVAX::KALENGAWed Feb 01 1995Running large numbers of SVCs on AXP
2251.03GNDALF::ROSCOEWed Feb 01 1995Help needed with OSAK errors
2253.03CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONWed Feb 01 1995Reasons for sending an RNR
2254.03ZURThu Feb 02 1995trace in v6.1 not working ?!
2255.01ZURThu Feb 02 1995dynamic asynchronous problem with passwords
2256.0ZURThu Feb 02 1995dynamic asynchronous not for nonpriv user
2257.02SWTHOM::NOBREThu Feb 02 1995node-level access control ?
2258.02MLNCSC::DOMANESCHIThu Feb 02 1995P.S.I. Access doesn't start
2259.02VELI::KORKKOThu Feb 02 1995Is DNVOSI V5.8 eco 4 really eco 4 - system identifies still itself as ECO 3 after insta.
2260.01GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDThu Feb 02 1995wandriver documentation?
2261.01SWTHOM::DORNANOFri Feb 03 1995reject with reason = 41
2262.04ULYSSE::CHOUKROUNFri Feb 03 1995Decnet/OSI tuning and error creating network link
2263.02OSLLAV::WENCHEJ_PFri Feb 03 1995Problem with DECterm and DECnet OSI.
2264.01TKOV51::EGAWAFri Feb 03 1995X.25 access VCs
2265.09AMCFAC::RABAHYFri Feb 03 1995avoiding upgrade
2266.04TAVIS::BOAZMon Feb 06 1995Slow response time. DECNET-OSI 6.
2267.02CSC32::D_HIGHLANDMon Feb 06 1995Block Event for IP
2268.05CHR27::YEUNGTue Feb 07 1995SBU question
2269.016MOSCOW::JOUVINTue Feb 07 1995Decnet/OSI 6.1 : CDI generating a lot of DNS clerck timeout
2270.05ROMTue Feb 07 1995Splitting and Recombining
2271.01DPDMAI::GALVINTue Feb 07 1995RVR Level 1 vs LSP level 2
2272.05EICMFG::MMCCREADYTue Feb 07 1995Problems reaching nacqar
2273.04DELDPN::M_MUNOZTue Feb 07 1995SET HOST/MOP failed in DECServers using AXP-ECO4...
2274.055469Wed Feb 08 1995LLC2 via Cisco, hints pls?
2275.01DGOIS1::GUESDONWed Feb 08 1995Inactive address and multiple interfaces
2276.03BERNWed Feb 08 1995DECrouter 25
2277.011CERN::JRSThu Feb 09 1995node unknown, valid DNS cache, off-LAN server?
2278.0BERNThu Feb 09 1995CONS NSAP, DECnet OSI 6.1 & MB 4
2279.017SHRMSG::HOWARDThu Feb 09 1995SET NODE
2281.02MLNCSC::DOMANESCHIFri Feb 10 1995Problem to open VC with PSI access
2282.0254625::ROELANDTSMon Feb 13 1995Where is PSI$CONFIGURE.COM ?
2283.02VELI::KORKKOMon Feb 13 1995WITH clause handling on NCL
2284.02LISVAX::KALENGAMon Feb 13 1995X4
2285.0SHIPS::SMITH_JMon Feb 13 1995Appalling TYPE performance over CLNS/X.25
2286.04CSC32::J_CORDONMon Feb 13 1995LOCREG-E-CACHE
2287.0152913::GAISFORDMon Feb 13 1995Can't reconfigure in hidden area?
2288.01MQOOA::PELLANDMon Feb 13 1995DECnet/OSI documentation question ?
2289.02GIDDAY::LILICTue Feb 14 1995EXEC MAX BUFFERS - OSI Equivalent?
2290.09DRAC::DSMAILTue Feb 14 1995Crash during NET$SHUTDOWN
2291.03COLA1::DPPSTue Feb 14 1995LES$ACP_V3
2292.04VELI::KORKKOTue Feb 14 1995ECO 4 for VAX changed - what are the differences?
2293.03CSC32::J_SOBECKITue Feb 14 1995expedited data using IO$M_INTERRUPT
2294.02BIGRED::THOMPSONTue Feb 14 1995circuit costs again!!!
2295.06CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONTue Feb 14 1995DNS$ADver does not go away on a NET$Shutdown
2296.08HGODCS::RICHARDLAMWed Feb 15 1995Does our CMISE implement full ISO 9595 ?
2297.0354625::ROELANDTSWed Feb 15 1995define/user problem
2298.03TAVIS::SHEFTELWed Feb 15 1995NULL INTERNET and insufficient resources on AXP
2299.03PMESE::ABBOTTWed Feb 15 1995Clarification Please VOTS <-> DECnet/OSI
2300.01BLKPUD::CHEETHAMDWed Feb 15 1995The V5.8 Installation Blues AGAIN
2301.01TUXEDO::ROSENBAUMWed Feb 15 1995new version of CDI$TRACE with output to file
2302.01BERNThu Feb 16 1995V 6.1 no new Namespace!
2304.01FORTY2::GEDDESThu Feb 16 1995Erroneous Transport PDU?
2305.04BRSTR1::MERTENSFri Feb 17 1995checksumming of ncl FILES
2306.03LFOIS1::MOUSSUFri Feb 17 1995DECbrouter 9
2307.02OSLLAV::HALVORV_PFri Feb 17 1995Session Control apps response times
2308.01BRAT::BUKOWSKIFri Feb 17 1995SET host name vrs. address
2309.0MOSCOW::JOUVINFri Feb 17 1995Name Translation performance pb... (Decnet/OSI 6.1)
2310.02CSC32::WSCFri Feb 17 1995Support status for DECnet/OSI v5.6B?
2311.0COSBY::TIBBERTFri Feb 17 1995NETSERVER$SERVERS_<username>, process re-use, & proxy
2312.02DFSAXP::JPFri Feb 17 1995Intermittent Backtranslation/Nodename problems
2313.0DPDMAI::6362Fri Feb 17 1995Need help on OSI X25 Configuration !!!
2314.02CSC32::D_HIGHLANDFri Feb 17 1995MOP "process failure"
2315.03COMICS::GLEDHILLSat Feb 18 1995extended addressing for sldriver for 5.8
2316.06COLA1::DPPSMon Feb 20 1995DECnet/OSI 6.1 and TP
2317.05UTRTSC::VROOIJMon Feb 20 1995CDI backtranslation?????
2318.03BULEAN::YAGERMon Feb 20 1995fixed images available
2319.01BRSVMS::REMANSMon Feb 20 1995DECnet V5.6B, Pathworks performance
2320.0CSC32::R_STEWARTTue Feb 21 1995alias incoming & outgoing false ?
2321.01LEMAN::MAEUSLITue Feb 21 1995'visit count' value ???
2322.0DEKVC::YOUNGSEOBLEETue Feb 21 1995Time difference between CTF and system
2323.01MOSCOW::JOUVINTue Feb 21 1995CDI$TRACE through SET HOST/LAT
2324.0CSC32::D_JANSENTue Feb 21 1995MOP Client Database not immediately updated
2325.01CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONTue Feb 21 1995Another X25 Gateway GAP problem
2326.04MEO78A::BARNHOORNWed Feb 22 1995VAX sees DECNIS, DECNIS doesnt see VAX, + DNS
2328.03BRADEC::BOJTOSWed Feb 22 1995Configuring DECdns in DECnet/OSI V6.1
2329.01MEO78A::BARNHOORNWed Feb 22 1995DECnet/OSI (IP RFC1
2330.03TAVThu Feb 23 1995DEC 3
2331.03TAVIS::BOAZThu Feb 23 1995NET$ACP/DNS$ADVER consume cpu when there are netwo
2332.02CSC32::D_HIGHLANDThu Feb 23 1995NET$MOP_CLIENT_STARTUP.NCL format
2334.02CERN::JRSFri Feb 24 1995DNS$ADVER hangs after memory upgrade trying to get huge cache
2335.04MARSFri Feb 24 1995HUGE XLAN Questions
2336.08MOSCOW::JOUVINMon Feb 27 1995URGENT : Connection to network object rejected - 5.8 ECO4
2337.04KERNEL::SCOBLEMon Feb 27 1995Unknown transport selector
2338.02MEO78A::BARNHOORNMon Feb 27 1995What User Names can be used to OSIT$IVP? Rather that SYSTEST.
2340.08SWTHOM::HOTue Feb 28 1995A Decnet COPY is blocked with UIC=[
2341.034CSC32::DUCHARMETue Feb 28 1995Dynamic Asynch DDCMP limited to 24
2342.01BOSMNP::PICARDTue Feb 28 1995Netupdate outdated in Phase V ?
2343.09LEMAN::SCHEIDEGGERWed Mar 01 1995Trace OSAK on VMS/AXP ? and FTAM + DTF ?
2344.0CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONWed Mar 01 1995PSi mail process hang under DECnet osi 6.1
2345.04GIDDAY::YUThu Mar 02 1995NET$SERVER processes
2347.02GIDDAY::DANIELThu Mar 02 1995CTF error %CTF-E-CONFAIL on VMS V6.1 Decnet/OSI 6.1 on Alpha
2348.0144Thu Mar 02 1995dns problems again: ehqdns with session v3 towers????
2349.07STKHLM::NORDSTROMThu Mar 02 1995ROSE-result and CMISE error ?
2350.0SWTHOM::HOThu Mar 02 1995NET$ACP loops
2351.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGThu Mar 02 1995Have we talked to ISO CMIP successfullY?
2352.05BERNFri Mar 03 1995OSI & Excursion
2353.02MLNCSC::DOMANESCHIFri Mar 03 1995LES$ACP_V3
2354.02CSC32::DUCHARMEFri Mar 03 1995ACCOUNTING/PSI shows garbage chars in NSAPs
2355.04CSC32::J_SOBECKIFri Mar 03 1995Breakout of 'Additional Info' error?
2356.06CSC32::D_HIGHLANDFri Mar 03 1995NCL> enable OSAK...error
2357.04STKHLM::DUFVAMon Mar 06 1995DECnet v6.
2358.01HGOCS::MASCOTTANGTue Mar 07 1995LES$ACP_V3
2359.02HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGTue Mar 07 1995Need DNVOSI OVMS Programming Manual
2360.0AZUR::DURIFTue Mar 07 1995I use DTSS$SHR in a product.
2362.0VELI::KORKKOTue Mar 07 1995DECnet sick on one node of cluster
2364.04TAVIS::BOAZWed Mar 08 1995A method to periodically load phase-4 node databas
2365.0MLNCSC::DOMANESCHIWed Mar 08 1995Info about BROADCAST
2366.010OSLLAV::HALVORV_PWed Mar 08 1995DECnet/OSI v.6.1 response problems
2367.0254474::MERTENSWed Mar 08 1995LOCAL NAMING OPTION
2368.01DAVIDF::FOXWed Mar 08 1995DECnet/OSI V6.
2369.01CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONWed Mar 08 1995Cannot start mop on DECnet osi 6.
2370.03GVAThu Mar 09 1995European node synonym work in progress
2371.012OSLACT::BJORNThu Mar 09 1995NOCOMM messages after upgr to V6.1
2372.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGThu Mar 09 1995ISO CMISE API samples?
2373.03TAVThu Mar 09 1995wancontroller 72
2374.02KAOFS::D_STREETThu Mar 09 1995PCSI install of OSI 6.1 recommends termination.
2375.09BBIVFri Mar 10 1995CAn not set host to PhaseIV
2376.07HELP::CARSONFri Mar 10 1995Announcing 6.2 EFT1
2377.03LISTIM::ULTRIXFri Mar 10 1995mn ncl sho node xpto, fails
2378.026BERNMon Mar 13 1995ECO 1 no boot!
2379.0TAVIS::SHEFTELMon Mar 13 1995osi transport (tp4) help
2380.01KERNEL::LOTAMon Mar 13 1995Defining a LOCAL NSAP?
2381.03MUNICH::KLOEPPERTue Mar 14 1995CML-E-OVERFLOW - EMAA response > 8192 bytes
2382.01SWTHOM::HOTue Mar 14 1995Wrong message SYSTEM-F-UNREACHABLE
2383.03ATYISA::ESTKOWSKITue Mar 14 1995ES with mixed X25 DA and DLM DNVOSI61
2384.0VELI::KORKKOTue Mar 14 1995routing circuit disabled after cluster reconfig
2385.05GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDWed Mar 15 1995show path on easynet?
2386.0MARVA1::DISNEYWed Mar 15 1995DTF, DECnet/OSI performance problem
2387.0ZURThu Mar 16 1995Autoconfigure DECnet ?
2388.04BERNThu Mar 16 1995Autoconfig off; strange adjacencies
2389.01ULYSSE::CHOUKROUNThu Mar 16 1995DECserver2
2390.02CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONThu Mar 16 1995DECnet osi 6.x and sys$node logical
2392.01MUNICH::KLOEPPERFri Mar 17 1995parudf - dnvosi 6.
2393.024PTOJJD::DANZAKFri Mar 17 1995DECnet-DECnet via IP RFC1
2394.01CSC32::B_GOODWINFri Mar 17 1995How to register a PhaseV only node in DECdns
2395.02CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONFri Mar 17 1995Set host hangs OSI 5.8
2396.02VELI::KORKKOSun Mar 19 1995DEC: namespace really sick?
2397.0TKOV51::EGAWASun Mar 19 1995Bay Networks and Alias routing
2398.01GIDDAY::STANISLAUSSun Mar 19 1995DEFAA in internal loopback
2399.01COMICS::WEIRMon Mar 20 1995ECO-1 for V6.1 crashes in OSI Transport
2400.012AZTECH::LASTOVICAMon Mar 20 1995net$server process never re-used for STARS server
2402.011BLKPUD::CHEETHAMDMon Mar 20 1995OSI CONS problems
2403.010KAOFS::D_STREETMon Mar 20 1995Some general DTSS questions
2404.01TAVIS::SHEFTELTue Mar 21 1995DNS$SERVER bugchecked at net$configure time
2405.01BERNTue Mar 21 1995>1 OSI CLNS transport templates ?
2406.05BERNTue Mar 21 1995Osak application template change
2407.01BERNTue Mar 21 1995osak startup information
2408.04COMICS::PRICECTue Mar 21 1995V5.8-4 NSP ports hanging around
2409.02KAOTTue Mar 21 1995c2 security compliance
2410.05FSTSC1::AURANDWed Mar 22 1995P.S.I chapter removed from manual
2411.06GALVIA::TMULLIGANWed Mar 22 1995Some Programming information
2412.01CERN::JRSWed Mar 22 1995Need a hybrid of DNS and local...
2413.012HANNAH::KAMATHWed Mar 22 1995LIB$COMPARE_NODENAME : Fails to compare if node not in the name space
2414.07CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONWed Mar 22 1995%sys-f-reject DECnet osi
2415.0CSC32::DUCHARMEThu Mar 23 1995Memory allocated for PVC's on X25GATEWAY
2416.03CHEFS::DAVIDSONSThu Mar 23 1995XTI one more time...
2417.06COMICS::WEIRFri Mar 24 1995Converting protocol analyzer files to CTF or IRIS
2418.02MLNCSC::DOMANESCHIFri Mar 24 1995Invalid login at remote node
2419.0RDGENG::GREIDFri Mar 24 1995Transmit Error on EWS Mop request
2420.0253822::TSAKALOSFri Mar 24 1995MVII/DELQA & OSI 5.8 csma-cd hungup
2422.01CSC32::S_STAHLMANSat Mar 25 1995Net$shutdown hangs with fddi controller
2423.010SWETSC::EKLUNDMon Mar 27 1995Logical NET$LOCAL_NAME_DATABASE ?
2424.0+3STKHLM::WEBJORNMon Mar 27 1995SYNC options for Alphastation 2
2425.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGMon Mar 27 1995Looking for training materials
2426.05DPDMAI::DAVIESMon Mar 27 19952 PCI ethernet cards
2427.06DPDMAI::DAVIESMon Mar 27 1995Token Ring and V6.1
2428.04CSC32::K_ROCHFORDMon Mar 27 1995delete routing circuit FDDI hangs
2429.01CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONMon Mar 27 1995Constraint Vioaltion with session control application
2430.02ISIDRO::ELSATue Mar 28 1995dtss clerks and not change the time?
2431.08COMEUP::SIMMONDSWed Mar 29 1995Slow VCRP "leak" eating NPAGEDYN V6.1 VAX
2432.01LYOISA::MASSETWed Mar 29 1995Decnet-vax crash @ACT$S_INSFMEM
2433.09HELP::CARSONWed Mar 29 1995T6.2 EFT Update Volunteers
2434.02BIKINI::DITEThu Mar 30 1995What happened to 'destination cache' ?
2435.0DRAC::DSMAILThu Mar 30 1995DECnet-OSI 5.8 online documentation where?
2436.01WOOK::LEEFri Mar 31 1995Installing OSAK V3.
2437.01CAM3::LINDSEYFri Mar 31 1995where to find entire 5.6B kit?
2438.01UMEJNK::JOHANSSONMon Apr 03 1995One hour missing with, DTSS and early date.
2439.02LATINA::MAJOSEMon Apr 03 1995DEC 3
2440.04ROMTue Apr 04 1995Updating DCLTABLES ?
2441.04OSLACT::BJORNTue Apr 04 1995Which CONS NSAP prefix, /1
2442.04KERNEL::WEBSTERCTue Apr 04 1995Equivalent of "ncp>set exec stat shut" ?
2443.01AUBER::HOTue Apr 04 1995OSAK 3.
2444.05VELI::KORKKOTue Apr 04 1995SMP system crashed at LES$PPI_INVOKE+1B
2445.03BERNTue Apr 04 1995ES cache lifetime ?
2446.0DELNI::MEFORTIERTue Apr 04 1995Great Press!
2447.05COMICS::WEIRWed Apr 05 1995TGV MULTINET and DECnet/OSI
2448.02EEMELI::HUOVINENWed Apr 05 1995Problem with Monitor Cluster?
2449.0ULYSSE::CHOUKROUNWed Apr 05 1995Explanations on creation of network process ?
2450.0FILTON::DAVIES_JWed Apr 05 1995dnet/osi v6.1 fails to start
2451.010TALER::GAISFORDWed Apr 05 1995Node stays unreachable after reconnection to Ethernet?
2452.06HELP::CARSONThu Apr 06 1995Quarterly Releases
2453.05CSC32::KLIMASThu Apr 06 1995deaccess and lost data
2454.01PILCH::HELMUTFri Apr 07 1995event 354.14 local system error
2455.04MLNCSC::DOMANESCHIFri Apr 07 1995%PCSI-E-FAILCONF on 6.
2456.04SUBSYS::STONEHAMFri Apr 07 1995Invalid device name encountered, Phase-IV -> DECnet/OSI
2457.0BRIEIS::BARKER_EFri Apr 07 19956.
2458.04MUZICK::FLYNNFri Apr 07 1995Looking for DECNET messages
2459.011VELI::KORKKOFri Apr 07 1995About amount of stuff stored in DECnet naming caches
2460.0UBOHUB::MARSHALL_NSat Apr 08 1995set host/mop problem
2461.02CSC32::SCHMALSTIEGSun Apr 09 1995OSAK tracing wiht Mailbus
2462.03GIDDAY::FLAWNSun Apr 09 1995AXP DECNET crash, NET$TRANSPORT_OSI+56578, 6.1-1
2463.02KERNEL::LOTAMon Apr 10 1995Line reset request **POSTED IN SYNC_DRIVERS ALSO**
2464.05ZURMon Apr 10 1995Ethernet and FDDI on the same AXP with DECnet/OSI.questions
2465.0SWTHOM::DORNANOMon Apr 10 1995Remote Protocol Error, Invalid Message Format
2466.01OLCROW::MCDERMOTTMon Apr 10 1995exit
2467.01AMCFAC::RABAHYTue Apr 11 1995multi-circuit vs. Ethernet switch 9
2469.02KERNEL::DAVIESPWed Apr 12 1995%EVD-F-CMLPARSEFAIL after crash......
2470.04GIDDAY::STANISLAUSWed Apr 12 1995DECnet OSI and ISDN dialup
2471.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGWed Apr 12 1995How to get RFC1
2472.01ALBANY::BEATONWed Apr 12 1995NCL equivalent of NCP>set line dsv-
2473.0METZFI::DOMINIQUEWed Apr 12 19952 problems
2474.02EEMELI::MOSERThu Apr 13 1995IPC status: INVALIDTOWER
2475.0BACHUS::GOOVAERTSThu Apr 13 1995Cluster -alias the mechanism behind the mystery??
2476.01BRADEC::BOJTOSThu Apr 13 1995DECnet/OSI vs. Proxy vs. Cluster
2477.0KERNEL::DAVIESPThu Apr 13 1995X29 and VMS V6.1 intrusion records....
2478.03HGOCS::IVANCHENGFri Apr 14 1995How to setup OSI network ? (various AFI)
2480.0MLNORO::MALACRIDAFri Apr 14 1995set time and OSI Transport question
2481.06CHR27::YEUNGTue Apr 18 1995SET HOST problem
2482.0SUOSWS::SCHMITTTue Apr 18 1995Migrate VOTS to DECnet/OSI
2483.01KERNEL::DAVIESPTue Apr 18 1995X29 logins and VMS intrusion records....
2484.05CSC32::D_MAHDERTue Apr 18 1995Shutdown hanging at DNS clerk
2485.02KAOFS::D_STREETTue Apr 18 1995OSI 5.8 ECO5, is there one for OSI 6.x ?
2486.01GIDDAY::LEUNGWed Apr 19 1995PSCI-E-FAILCONF when installing V5.8 ECO4 on AXP
2487.01LEMAN::NEUWEILERWed Apr 19 1995Invalid exception NET$TRANSPORT_NSP+12698
2488.01OFOSS1::HEBERTJWed Apr 19 1995vms5.5-2,OSIv5.6b->vms6.1,osiv6.1 upgrade
2489.01UTOPIE::FRUEHWIRTH_MWed Apr 19 1995what happend with clusteralias
2490.013HGOCS::IVANCHENGWed Apr 19 1995How to set local transport selector ?
2491.01SHIPS::SMITH_JJThu Apr 20 1995Effect of maximum broadcast nonrouters?
2492.02RDGENG::WATSONThu Apr 20 1995Problems display applications via decnet "can't open display" errors
2493.03HAN::HALLEThu Apr 20 1995crashes: DECNET @NET$TRANSPORT_OSI+A84E V5.7A
2496.04TKOV6Fri Apr 21 1995DECnet/OSI on Sable(VMS/AXP)
2497.01COMICS::WEIRFri Apr 21 1995Bug with NSP Maximum Receive Buffers > 32767
2499.0CSC32::J_SOBECKIFri Apr 21 1995OSI vs. Phase IV memory usage?
2500.01TPOVC::MOBBYLINSat Apr 22 1995Program to monitor the event?
2501.02GIDDAY::STANISLAUSSun Apr 23 1995DECnet/OSI Fatal Error detected 6.1 ECO #1
2502.05ZURMon Apr 24 1995dtss$ntp_provider.c where ?
2503.02ROMMon Apr 24 1995NSAP address in X.25 calls with MRX 2.3
2504.0+9HTSC19::KENNETHTue Apr 25 1995How to disable the startup of DECNET/OSI?
2505.01DECBAH::BABJITue Apr 25 1995How to register node names in PhaseV database?
2506.02EVTAI1::LEGOUBEYTue Apr 25 1995NSP seems dumb for incoming connects
2507.0UHUH::MARISONTue Apr 25 1995Questions from the DECset team at EDS
2508.0ISIDRO::ELSAWed Apr 26 1995process failure and x25gateway
2509.03GIDDAY::STANISLAUSWed Apr 26 1995DECnet/OSI and Proxy Access
2511.08TIKVAH::ARTHURThu Apr 27 1995It takes too long to set up a link!
2512.06ZUREDU::RWATSONThu Apr 27 1995Congested Networks ... and CLNS
2513.06COMEUP::SIMMONDSThu Apr 27 1995VAX V6.1 ECO
2514.05GENIE::KALBERERFri Apr 28 1995Client/server works with DECnet phase IV, with phase V not
2515.02COMEUP::SIMMONDSFri Apr 28 1995version vigilance
2516.03MUGGER::WILLIAMSHFri Apr 28 1995DNS & Nonpaged pool leak in V6.1 ?
2517.01UTRTSC::KNOPPERSFri Apr 28 1995how to calculate quota
2518.03VNAED2::SEIDLERFri Apr 28 1995Problems with Ethernet and FDDI on a AXP21
2519.01BACHUS::WILLEMSGFri Apr 28 1995NOMSG
2520.012OSLACT::BJORNFri Apr 28 1995NET$MGMT do not support MB4
2521.03FORTY2::TSANGFri Apr 28 1995RFC1
2522.05CSC32::J_CORDONSun Apr 30 1995Cluster alias -- Wrong environment error
2523.01CSC32::J_SOBECKIMon May 01 1995NET$TRANSPORT_NSP+875C AXP V6.1 crash
2524.02LEMAN::MAEUSLITue May 02 1995Performance figures "DECnet over OSI vs IP"
2525.04KELVIN::DEVANEYTue May 02 1995hw for decnet/osi
2527.03STKHLM::NORDSTROMTue May 02 1995Mail discrepancy, phase IV, phase V
2528.015HELP::CARSONTue May 02 1995Announcing DECnet/OSI for OpenVMS V6.2
2529.02HTSC19::KENNETHWed May 03 1995what is the function of NET$ROUTING_VCM.EXE?
2530.02RDGENG::WATSONWed May 03 1995Problems with NMAIL after DECNET/OSI Upgrade
2531.04LARVAE::HANCOCK_MWed May 03 1995Namespace problem whilst upgrading DNVEXT to DECnet/OSI
2532.0SUBSYS::STONEHAMWed May 03 1995NET$CONFIGURE application_delete, works how ?
2533.010KERNEL::DAVIESPWed May 03 1995SYS$NODE problem after nodename change...
2534.01BIKINI::DITEThu May 04 1995AXP extended licence scope ?
2535.03SHIPS::SMITH_JJThu May 04 1995decnet_migrate collect with a 3Com router in the way
2536.0KERNEL::EVANSNThu May 04 1995Crash at SYS$NAME_SERVICES+
2537.0FSTSC1::AURANDThu May 04 1995Question about NET$SHUTDOWN
2538.04CSC32::R_RAKOFFThu May 04 1995can alpha 21
2539.011PYRO::RONThu May 04 1995PATHWORKS and DECnet/OSI problems
2540.02HTSC19::MASCOTTANGFri May 05 1995Cannot balance loading in dual ethernet
2541.0HTSC19::MASCOTTANGFri May 05 1995LAN design
2542.01HGOSPS::TONYLIUFri May 05 1995set host/mop problem after VAX reboot
2543.02UTOPIE::ROBERTFri May 05 1995DNVAPP_ECO
2544.01KAOFS::D_STREETFri May 05 1995Force use of Phase IV proxy records
2545.02ZURMon May 08 1995X25 Access Port's Reference Time
2546.01GADWAL::W_MCGAWMon May 08 1995DECnet/OSI and VMS release information needed.
2547.010OSOSPS::HIRAIWATue May 09 1995Cluster Alias Question.
2548.01EVTAI1::LEGOUBEYTue May 09 1995License and Wandd API
2549.013MSDOA::LOVETue May 09 1995Where is WANDD?
2550.03VELI::KORKKOTue May 09 1995DECnet_register and phase IV prefix
2551.02CSC32::DUCHARMETue May 09 1995REJECT RECIEVED event with Reason=136
2553.01OSLACT::BJORNWed May 10 1995FTAM and OSAK fails to install in certain modes.
2554.05BULEAN::OLSONWed May 10 1995More info...
2555.0ELANSE::PLENTWed May 10 1995Proxy problem between VMS and OSF/1
2556.07TPSPS8::SYSTEMWed May 10 1995DDCMP btwn DSW42 & DR25
2557.09TPSPS8::SYSTEMThu May 11 1995LOCAL namespace & X.25 ?
2558.01BAHTAT::62644::NAYLORThu May 11 1995PROXY problem on 5.6B
2559.02MQOU18::M_HUELThu May 11 1995DECnet in OpenVMS installation
2560.04HTSC19::MICKWIDLAMFri May 12 1995DECnet-VAX extension + DECnet/OSI on one cluster?
2561.03MSDOA::LOVESun May 14 1995Where is X.25 and WANDD?
2562.08VELI::KORKKOSun May 14 1995DECnet/OSI V6.2 VAX: SSRVEXCEPT bugcheck whilst reconfiguring (WAN stuff)
2563.03DRAC::COLLMon May 15 1995send error threshold on async DDCMP
2565.02CSC32::J_SOBECKIMon May 15 1995Event: Deleted Maintained Object using LNO
2566.01UTRTSC::KLEINTue May 16 1995Will it or won't work ?
2567.05SWTHOM::HOTue May 16 1995Change of CSMA-CD station csmacd-
2569.03LISVAX::TEIXEIRA_DTue May 16 1995DEFPA-DA report's as SAS type, but is config. as DAS
2570.02CSC32::MCFADDENTue May 16 1995Bugfixes in DNVOSI_ECO
2571.02CSC32::J_SOBECKITue May 16 1995OSI V6.2 on May 95 CONDIST?
2572.01BERNWed May 17 1995ES Hello Cluster node
2573.01LISVAX::RAMOSWed May 17 1995$copy/app=ftam/DELETE exists ???
2574.03MICROW::MATUZAWAWed May 17 1995OSAK requires that T-selector is unique
2575.01TAVIS::BOAZThu May 18 1995Proxy access strange behaviour
2576.01TAVIS::BOAZThu May 18 1995Using LOCAL,DECDNS improves response time only one
2577.02SWTHOM::HOThu May 18 19956.1 Eco1 - MONITOR CLUSTER again ?
2578.08BIS5Thu May 18 1995DECNET_DNS_REGISTER and hidden area
2579.02HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGFri May 19 1995PDU format error
2580.03BRADEC::BOJTOSFri May 19 1995Task to task comm. after DECnet/OSI upgrade
2581.02TKTV2Fri May 19 1995%LOCREG-E-CACHE
2582.02UTOPIE::BRAUN_RFri May 19 1995PCSI-install. can be disastrous
2583.01PEAKS::NIXDORFFri May 19 1995Login information invalid problem
2584.0SUBSYS::GOLDMANFri May 19 1995Field Test of Desktop Backup/Archver
2585.01CSC32::C_TAPPINFri May 19 1995mop client resource error
2586.04KOLFAX::WIEGLEBFri May 19 1995Ethernet vendor?/Pointer to LAN Registry doc?
2587.02VELI::KORKKOSun May 21 1995Decnet/OSI V6.2 on OpenVMS X7.
2588.04TAVIS::BOAZSun May 21 1995Defining node synonyms in CDI$SYSTEM_TABLE with OS
2589.01BRADEC::BOJTOSMon May 22 1995Some acounts work, some don't ...
2590.03KIMBLE::JMELODYMon May 22 1995Translating Application Names to Numbers
2591.04HTSC19::KENNETHMon May 22 1995DNS startup looks hang after upgrade to V6.1
2592.01OSLACT::BJORNTue May 23 1995Doc for V6.n?
2593.05LEMAN::NEUWEILERTue May 23 1995Hang in loginout IPC call
2594.03DESTES::ESTESTue May 23 1995DNS Not Working Right After Backup/Restore
2596.04DECPRG::PAVLUPTue May 23 1995How to backup WAN-connected DNS clerks????
2597.0SWTHOM::NOBRETue May 23 1995accounting decnet/osi
2598.03KERNEL::DAVIESPWed May 24 1995DTSS time drifting........
2599.01HGOVC::LKLEEWed May 24 1995Command file for starting X.25 application ?
2600.05CSC32::DUCHARMEThu May 25 1995SET HOST works one way over WR9
2601.06CSC32::D_PERRINThu May 25 1995MOP error message
2602.01CSC32::P_YOUNGMEYERThu May 25 1995RMS-F-CHN on mop load attempt
2603.02NZOVFri May 26 1995OpenVMS and Phase IV support
2604.09NZOVFri May 26 1995Decnet/Osi for Vms5.5-2 and support
2605.04BROUGH::DAVIESFri May 26 1995changing node names on OSI ?
2606.01KERNEL::LOTAFri May 26 1995NET$EVD process disappears in DECnet/OSI V6.1!!!
2607.04COMICS::WEIRFri May 26 1995NET$ACP compute bound with V6.1 ECO-3
2608.01MUNICH::SCHALLERTue May 30 1995INCREASE of system params cause DECnet startup failure
2610.05OSLACT::BJORNWed May 31 1995Calling address extension on Alpha
2611.08UTOPIE::BRAUN_RWed May 31 1995DECNET very, very slow
2612.01CSC32::K_ROCHFORDWed May 31 1995NodeName Not Translated
2614.0CSC32::D_JANSENWed May 31 1995Network COPY using cluster alias fails intermittently
2615.02NZOVThu Jun 01 1995Layered product - OSI support
2616.01MOSCOW::JOUVINThu Jun 01 1995How to identify faulty node responsible for "Late Collisions"
2617.0DECPRG::PRNET::PilarThu Jun 01 1995Global timeserver advertisement problem
2618.0NBOFS1::LEIKAMThu Jun 01 1995set host hang
2619.02TAPE::STONEHAMThu Jun 01 1995Trouble installing V6.2 using PCSI. PCSI-E-APPLYTOERR.
2620.0+26BWTEAL::W_MCGAWFri Jun 02 1995%LIB-F-INVARG, invalid argument on SET HOST
2621.01CHEFS::CANTYFri Jun 02 1995DECnet/OSI to DECnet VAX Extensions X25 upgrade query
2622.04TROOA::TIPPERSat Jun 03 1995OSI App Config for Dummies...
2623.0+4HTSC19::KENNETHMon Jun 05 1995DECnet/OSI trace will get NETTRACE>.
2624.03TIKVAH::ARTHURMon Jun 05 1995Memory leaks fixed in DECnet/OSI V6.2?
2625.0KAOFS::D_STREETMon Jun 05 1995Cache Size ceiling exceeded, "fix" not working.
2626.04KAOFS::D_STREETMon Jun 05 1995SYS$REM_NODE not correct (OSI 6.2)
2627.02SWTHOM::MAGENCTue Jun 06 1995DECNET_REGISTER rename keeps old node name
2628.01BSS::mwc3Tue Jun 06 1995Thousands of Unavailable User Buffer after VMS 6.2 upgrade
2629.02GLDOA::HOLBELTue Jun 06 1995Phase IV name table limits & mixed cluster?
2630.02HTSC19::MASCOTTANGWed Jun 07 1995upgrade decnet/oSI from V5.6B to V6.1
2631.07SWETSC::EKLUNDWed Jun 07 1995How can this be with ECO
2632.02YUPPY::SEDTU6::KORMANWed Jun 07 1995How to modify DECnet identity on new node without running NET$CONFIOGURE
2633.01GIAMEM::BYRNEWed Jun 07 1995Proxies and Cluster alias not working v6.1-eco4
2634.0BIKINI::DITEWed Jun 07 1995Event: Inbound Template Not Found ?
2635.02COPCLU::KNUDSENFri Jun 09 1995FTAM Ver. 3.2 will not copy large file to IBM
2636.06LISTIM::ULTRIXFri Jun 09 1995set h/mop hangs
2637.02VELI::KORKKOSun Jun 11 1995NET$MOP using extensively resources after DECnet/OSI V6.2 (eco 1)
2638.0SWTHOM::HOMon Jun 12 1995dsv$configure and net$ncp_mop_clients
2639.02UTRTSC::VROOIJMon Jun 12 1995CDI-backtrans. and search-order?
2640.03MLNORO::MALACRIDATue Jun 13 1995how to force class 2 only?
2641.07KIMBLE::JMELODYTue Jun 13 1995Checking OSI Version as part of Installation Proc.
2642.01COLA1::DPPSTue Jun 13 1995CONS with X.25 V1.
2644.02UMEJNK::JOHANSSONWed Jun 14 19956.* documentation
2645.07VELI::KORKKOWed Jun 14 1995$mc ncp show node ... crashes system running DECnet/OSI V6.2 [eco 1]
2646.0244Wed Jun 14 1995What versions of OSI between now and xmas ?
2647.07ZURWed Jun 14 1995Session control reject PhIV vs. PhV
2648.01MLNORO::MALACRIDAWed Jun 14 1995from VOTS 2.
2649.0354625::DEMEYERWed Jun 14 1995NET$MANAGE & remote NCL commands
2650.0254625::GOOVAERTSThu Jun 15 1995NET$MOP_CLIENT_STARTUP not update by x25$gwy_host_config
2651.03KERNEL::DAVIESPThu Jun 15 1995X25 security and RAP's..........
2652.02ZURFri Jun 16 1995Where is SMAUG::'s USER$67:[SUPPORT_KITS] ?
2653.01LEMAN::MAEUSLIFri Jun 16 1995X.25 Relay funct. status on DNVOSI-VAX
2654.06GESSUB::BAGNASCOFri Jun 16 1995SSRVEXCEPT Decnet OSI V6.2 ECO1
2656.02PRSSOS::LEGOUBEYFri Jun 16 1995Segment Size=1459?
2657.04ESSB::JNOLANFri Jun 16 1995BLOCK 'Unrecognized Multicast' on FDDI Station FDDI-
2658.02HTSC19::MASCOTTANGMon Jun 19 1995how to change phase IV old address.
2659.03COPCLU::BENNYMon Jun 19 1995PGFIPLHI in DNS$ADVER.EXE during DECNET/OSI start
2660.03FSTSC1::AURANDMon Jun 19 1995How to copy a DECnet/OSI DNS node DB to a PC ?
2661.03GIDDAY::LEUNGTue Jun 20 1995system won't boot after installing V5.8 ECO 5
2662.01KIMBLE::JMELODYTue Jun 20 1995Update decnet_version matrix.
2663.0EASE::BARRELLTue Jun 20 1995
2664.0SWETSC::NORDSTROMTue Jun 20 1995
2666.02MUNICH::SCHALLERWed Jun 21 1995psi with local name space in OSI 6.1
2667.08HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGWed Jun 21 1995Difference b/w VAX/AXP implementation?
2668.02HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGWed Jun 21 1995Is OSI router needed w/o Alias?
2669.0KAOFS::D_STREETWed Jun 21 1995Docs and Support for shutdown_minor_applic_control_loop
2670.02CSC32::J_SHUMWAYWed Jun 21 19956.2, no boot after install
2671.01LATINA::JMGUERRAWed Jun 21 1995DECnet crash with NET$TRANSPORT_OSI+5
2672.0DAVIDF::FOXWed Jun 21 1995Maybe this should be the "Official" Presentation topic?
2673.01RMULAC.DVO.DEC.COM::S_WATTUMFri Jun 23 1995intermittant CDI lookup failures
2674.02UTOPIE::BRAUN_RFri Jun 23 1995DNS$ADVER hangs with size calc.
2675.03CSC32::ROZBORILFri Jun 23 1995PSI$C_ERR_FACLNG error after upgrading to OSI v6.1
2676.01SWTHOM::MAGENCMon Jun 26 1995SYS$node and SYS$node_fullname strategy ?
2677.05TAVIS::SHEFTELMon Jun 26 1995DECnet/OSI 6.2over TCP?IP
2678.0SWTHOM::MAGENCMon Jun 26 1995Area router and reachability questions
2679.06BERNMon Jun 26 1995Crash DECnet/OSI 6.2 + ECO1 (routing cir type FDDI)
2680.0844Mon Jun 26 1995OSAK errors during X5
2681.06VELI::KORKKOMon Jun 26 1995V6.2-1: Crash at PARSEINCOMINGCIMSG+77c
2682.02BERNMon Jun 26 1995PC + Endsystem without Router
2683.02GOYA::JOSEFTue Jun 27 1995PSI licensing
2684.01SNOFS1::BOERSJACKTue Jun 27 1995LAT-F-NOACTLINKS, DECnet/OSI v6.1, VMS 6.1
2685.03RTP4ME::WILLIAMSTue Jun 27 19955.8 doc location
2686.02OLCROW::MCCANCETue Jun 27 1995set host incoming limit..
2687.01CSC32::T_ABDELLATue Jun 27 1995hello messages and absolute time
2688.02ANNECY::NEYROUD_NWed Jun 28 1995Reverse Path caching question
2689.04KNEIPE::KRAMERWed Jun 28 1995Transport Segmentation Question
2690.03CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONWed Jun 28 1995X25 Statis circuit on DECnet OSI 6.2
2691.04PLAYER::VANPAMELWed Jun 28 1995Q: DECnet /OSI Cluster alias only seems to use NSP protocol
2693.01UTRTSC::VROOIJThu Jun 29 1995X.25 products, VAX/AXP and DECNIS, and sub-address.
2694.01--UnknownUser--Thu Jun 29 1995Bugcheck at NET$TRANSPORT_OSI+
2695.09GENIE::FUCHSThu Jun 29 1995Extracting Node data out of DECdns
2696.02DEKVC::SEUNGJOOSONFri Jun 30 1995"Active Inbound Session Connection"
2697.02VARESE::IALLOFri Jun 30 1995DR-TPDU from HP rejected by DECnet/OSI
2699.03TAVIS::SVIFri Jun 30 1995Decnet Alpha & Vax - poor connection
2700.01ANNECY::NEYROUD_NMon Jul 03 1995MAx number of active connections?
2701.0KERNEL::JONESGRMon Jul 03 1995Current DECnet Phase V book?
2702.07MARVIN::MILLSTue Jul 04 1995Help needed with DECNET OSI Transport Selector numbers.
2703.011TAVIS::BOAZTue Jul 04 1995CDI cache growth bug under osi 6.2
2704.01ZURWed Jul 05 1995Descriptor for $QIO different vs. Phase IV
2705.05BIS1::APPELMANS_JWed Jul 05 1995OSI Transport Cons Filters
2706.03DEKVC::SEUNGJOOSONThu Jul 06 1995%REM-F-NETERR on logout
2707.01COWBOY::MIRGHANEThu Jul 06 1995One Computer on 2 bridged Ethernets?
2708.04KERNEL::DAVIESPThu Jul 06 1995Snapshot to a file?
2709.0CSC32::VISAGEThu Jul 06 1995Remote Transport Disconnection with reason code of
2710.05PROXY::OPPFri Jul 07 1995SSRVEXCEPT bug in LES - known or unknown?
2711.0DELNI::CROSSFri Jul 07 1995DECnet/OSI for OpenVMS Release Policy - Revised
2712.03OSLLAV::BJORNFri Jul 07 1995PSI_MAIL problems in V6.1
2713.0WNOUFri Jul 07 1995Can't turn off network login failure messages
2714.05TKTV2Sat Jul 08 1995FAL process status LEF hang??
2715.01GIDDAY::STANISLAUSSun Jul 09 1995Register a Phase V node in Local Namespace
2716.0GIDDAY::STANISLAUSSun Jul 09 1995DNS Node Registration - No Tower Defined
2717.01TAVIS::SHEFTELSun Jul 09 1995DECnet/OSI hangs at boot time
2718.01HTSC19::KENNETHMon Jul 10 1995Need help on OSITP trace.
2719.08DAIVC::DANIEL_HMon Jul 10 1995DNSES drived Software ?
2720.02297Mon Jul 10 1995INVEXCEPTION due to pool allocation failure??
2721.0COMICS::HESSMon Jul 10 1995psi$configure extra NCL
2722.02COMICS::WEIRMon Jul 10 1995TCPware versions and DECnet/OSI
2723.01MSDOA::LOVETue Jul 11 1995LAN controller number limit, is there any?
2724.0CSC32::L_MORSETue Jul 11 1995TSAP coding event message
2725.0ipng.ucx.lkg.dec.com::CARSONTue Jul 11 1995Interesting toy to get fullname from synonym (Fullname.Com)
2727.03QBUS::M_ADKISONTue Jul 11 1995Need a contact for U.S. Authority for AFI's...
2728.04ROMTSS::DESIDERIWed Jul 12 1995Invexceptn with les$acp_v3
2729.09UTOPIE::BRAUN_RWed Jul 12 1995Multilink-ES and Phase IV
2730.03ANNECY::NEYROUD_NThu Jul 13 1995DECNET/OSI management and DECNET IV product
2731.06IMPERO::BELLONIThu Jul 13 1995Truble using PCSI installation
2732.01HTSC19::KENNETHThu Jul 13 1995How to eliminate the "too few servers detected" msg
2733.0454625::RIJMENANTSThu Jul 13 1995ssrvexcept in sys$name_services (6.2)
2734.02CSC32::ROZBORILThu Jul 13 1995DECNET_REGISTER hang
2735.08RICKER::STRAUBFri Jul 14 1995Synonym doesnt work when using Local and DNS
2736.02CSC32::G_THROWERSun Jul 16 1995Dfferences in IO STATUS codes returned in DECnet/O
2737.02SQUALO::BONAITIMon Jul 17 1995hdlc nis5
2738.03DPDMAI::WISEEMon Jul 17 1995DECnet areas 1.* and 3.* can't see each other!
2739.0NEOVMon Jul 17 1995How to minimize file server processes (x-posted in RMS notes)
2740.01PLAYER::VANDENEYNDETue Jul 18 1995do not want DNS (V6.2)
2741.02KNEIPE::KRAMERTue Jul 18 1995NSAP - local nsap in cons transport template (OpenVMS)
2742.0CSC32::VISAGETue Jul 18 1995Can OSI programming files be deleted after install?
2743.02ADOVWed Jul 19 1995AT&T
2744.06THEPUB::JRSWed Jul 19 1995Why does DECnet using IP syntax think a node is unreachable when PING shows that it is?
2745.0PRSSOS::LEGOUBEYWed Jul 19 1995ANother DAP CRC error
2746.0CSC32::EMRICKWed Jul 19 1995IOSB unsucc 3rd word OSIT$reason equate to codes?
2747.02CSC32::MAULUCCIWed Jul 19 19956.2 AXP OVMS DDCMP question
2748.010ATYISA::JANSThu Jul 20 1995CREATE DTE CLASS missing with Decnet/OSI 6.1
2749.02PRSSOS::HOFFMANNThu Jul 20 1995Pb of PROXY decnet/osi 6.1 on vax/vms 6.1
2750.05NIOSS1::THOMPSONThu Jul 20 1995Unable to see some nodes and can't set host out
2751.02KERNEL::KHANRThu Jul 20 1995Sess Contrl & DECnet-OSI 6.2 ECO2
2752.07UTOPIE::BRAUN_RThu Jul 20 1995cluster alias and DNS?
2753.08CSC32::KLIMASThu Jul 20 1995how can I get 4 towers?
2754.04CSC32::K_MARTINThu Jul 20 1995DECNET/OSI & STARTUP_P1=MIN
2755.04WARFUT::CHEETHAMDFri Jul 21 1995V6.2 problems
2756.05BWTEAL::W_MCGAWFri Jul 21 1995DECnet/OSI support for async ddcmp on a VS4
2757.02GIDDAY::SHCHIUSun Jul 23 1995 Cache sizing discrepancy found DNS$ADVERT 6.2
2758.010OSLLAV::BJORNMon Jul 24 1995CONS NSAP ADDRESS not valid?
2759.0VAXRIO::ROLFMon Jul 24 1995bibliography for DECNET IV
2760.03QBUS::M_ADKISONMon Jul 24 1995UID incorrectly reported...All works fine???
2761.07ISIDRO::ELSATue Jul 25 1995system-f-linkabort and set host
2762.02TAEC::GALLERITue Jul 25 1995Dual Rail config for DECnet/OSI under DEC/UNIX V3.
2763.01TKTV2Wed Jul 26 1995TP4 window timer & display of sda??
2764.0OSLLAV::BJORNWed Jul 26 1995DTSS$CLERK crashing system in OLD ECO#4/AXP.
2765.0EIGER::FEERWed Jul 26 1995 DECtrade on DNS V2.
2766.03EVTAI1::LEGOUBEYWed Jul 26 1995V6.2 and session control
2767.04BWTEAL::W_MCGAWWed Jul 26 1995Tool to look at LOCAL naming option?
2768.0353822::TSAKALOSThu Jul 27 1995ES and X25 DA circuits questions
2770.0153822::TSAKALOSThu Jul 27 1995UID format
2773.09CSC32::FASANOThu Jul 27 1995Problem configuring two Phase IV routing circuits
2774.0CSC32::J_SOBECKIThu Jul 27 1995asymmetrical topology/disjointed networks
2775.02GIDDAY::STANISLAUSThu Jul 27 1995DECnet/OSI Migration - To do or not to do ?
2776.07DECPRG::KUPKAFri Jul 28 1995Version 6.2 ECO2 release notes
2778.01CSC32::T_ABDELLAFri Jul 28 1995CML and NML exit codes
2779.02HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGMon Jul 31 1995DECNET/OSI V6.2 upgrade consideration
2780.01SMAUG::GARRODMon Jul 31 1995Can Phase V/Phase IV share a cluster alias?
2781.0UTOPIE::FISCHER_JMon Jul 31 1995decnis:ncl:invalidcommand
2782.0TOSSUC::TOTATue Aug 01 1995Hp transport reject, corrected in v6.1?
2783.04COMICS::PRICECTue Aug 01 1995CTF trace on V6.1 looks broke
2784.02AUBER::MAGENCTue Aug 01 1995Seesion control application address case-sensitive
2785.01ALEF::NIKOLICTue Aug 01 1995ctf does not display packet info or data
2786.0UTOPIE::FISCHER_JWed Aug 02 1995DT-TPDU size calculat??
2787.05RDGENG::GREIDWed Aug 02 1995Excessive Collisions exceed 8
2788.0KERNEL::EVANSNWed Aug 02 1995ftam with invalid password and intruders
2789.0EEMELI::MOSERThu Aug 03 1995%RMS-F-RER, file read error
2790.02ATYISA::JANSThu Aug 03 1995X25 Decnet/OSI 6.1: here comes the DNIC
2791.0DECPRG::PILARThu Aug 03 1995WCB meaning for NET device
2792.0GIDDAY::CHONGFri Aug 04 1995no set directive for FDDI station link entity ?
2793.04TKTV2Fri Aug 04 1995TP4 window timer & sda indicate question??
2794.01FSTSC1::AURANDFri Aug 04 1995Problem with Phone under DECnet/OSI AXP V6.2
2796.01CHR27::YEUNGSat Aug 05 1995Rediect/Path Spliting Problem
2797.05PRIVAT::MISAKMon Aug 07 1995Disable/enable DTIME or DNAME protocol
2798.02ULYSSE::CHOUKROUNMon Aug 07 1995OSAK V3.
2799.02MSDOA::WILLIAMSGMon Aug 07 1995Again - Too few servers...
2800.01BAHTAT::TAYLORTue Aug 08 1995 Cluster Alias behaviour ?
2801.02FSTSC1::AURANDTue Aug 08 1995Some problems with NET$MGMT under DEcnet/OSI V6.2
2802.02VNABRW::BACHNER_HTue Aug 08 1995can I have STREAM format for incoming files ?
2805.02DELNI::CROSSTue Aug 08 1995Product Management changes
2806.01KERNEL::JONESGRTue Aug 08 1995DECNET MIGRATE >collect..still broken?
2807.09VAXRIO::MAUROTue Aug 08 1995NCP/NCL equivalent commands
2808.0CSC32::FASANOTue Aug 08 1995Help identifying the version of DECnet/OSI using the image file identifiers
2809.0FSTSC1::AURANDWed Aug 09 1995Strange routing packet during boot process
2810.0ULYSSE::CHOUKROUNWed Aug 09 1995PSi accounting V4.3 vs V5.*
2811.01KERNEL::KHANRWed Aug 09 1995%CCR-E-NORESOURCE, insufficient resources
2812.05DEWEYD::LEONARDWed Aug 09 1995VCRPS strike again?? Pool consumption
2813.03HAN::ULRICHThu Aug 10 1995Cluster Alias Performance Problem
2814.01CHR27::YEUNGFri Aug 11 1995What is reverse reachability?
2815.0FORTY2::DOVEFri Aug 11 1995Request for Field Test sites for OSI Session Programming Interface
2816.08BERNSun Aug 13 1995OSF 'segragated' VMS 'integrated'
2817.02IOSG::STANDAGEMon Aug 14 1995DTSS$SHRD.EXE only there when DTSS installed ?
2818.04SWTHOM::MAGENCMon Aug 14 1995disabling dtss clerk ?
2819.03OSLLAV::BJORNMon Aug 14 1995Segregated vs. net$routing_filter?
2820.03UTRTSC::VROOIJTue Aug 15 1995Special IP-names for DECnet/OSI ???
2821.09ZURTue Aug 15 1995absolute maximum alias links?
2822.01HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGWed Aug 16 1995problem in FTAM copy file to IBM
2823.02HTSC19::IVANCHENGWed Aug 16 1995How to remove ECO kit using $product utility ?
2824.04SHIPS::SMITH_JJWed Aug 16 1995ES Cache Width?
2825.02CHEFS::HATTWed Aug 16 1995NET$NCP_MOP_CLIENTS.COM x 2
2826.02RTP4ME::WILLIAMSWed Aug 16 1995Show NODE problem
2827.02SAVEME::SYSTEMWed Aug 16 1995checksum errors running net$configure after upgrade
2828.06WMGEN1::absWed Aug 16 1995DECnet OSI integration with IP
2829.02ROMThu Aug 17 1995LLC2 connection to a Brouter
2830.04ANNECY::KLING_CThu Aug 17 1995DECnetOSI 6.2 and VMS 6.2
2831.01LATINA::MERCEDESThu Aug 17 1995ssrvexcept at sys$name_services+12cb
2833.03SHIPS::SMITH_JJFri Aug 18 1995Odd adjacencies with 3COM routers
2834.01HTSC19::IVANCHENGFri Aug 18 1995Does DECnet/OSI v6.1 support VMS AXP 6.2 ?
2835.01UTOPIE::FRUEHWIRTH_MFri Aug 18 1995pathworks + DNOSI ???
2836.0BWTEAL::W_MCGAWFri Aug 18 1995Translate NSAP of Phase IV node in NCL?
2837.02PRSSOS::HOFri Aug 18 1995NOSUCHOBJ when activate from a phase IV
2838.03MIG25::BROWNINGFri Aug 18 1995How to locate cause of carrier check failure?
2839.03SWTHOM::MAGENCTue Aug 22 1995net$shutdown does'nt stop net$acp les$acp_v3
2840.01HGOM22::CKCHEUNGWed Aug 23 1995SET HOST fail with DECnet channel eorror
2841.01FORTY2::LENNIGWed Aug 23 1995SET HOST oddity
2843.01CSC32::FASANOWed Aug 23 1995V6.1 ECO 5 show ECO 4 for version identifiers
2844.01FSTSC1::AURANDThu Aug 24 1995Changing the physical ethernet address with NCL ?
2847.06VNABRW::KARTNER_MThu Aug 24 1995How to set up DTSS systems as timeprov. for NTP?
2849.02SWTHOM::MAGENCFri Aug 25 1995session control application alias outgoing incoming
2850.010SOS6::BERNARDFri Aug 25 1995DECnet/OSI and OpenVMS V7.
2851.01ZUREDU::RWATSONSun Aug 27 1995DECdns & DECnet/OSI Fault Isolation
2852.0HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGMon Aug 28 1995send X4
2853.0TKTV2Mon Aug 28 1995struct of DNA session layer's PDU??
2854.02PRSSOS::HOMon Aug 28 1995Maximum Transport Connections and constraint violation
2856.0LYOISA::MARTINMon Aug 28 19953COMM performance
2857.0PRSSOS::HOMon Aug 28 1995net$searchpath_startup.ncl HANG
2858.0KOLFAX::WIEGLEBTue Aug 29 1995Major bug in DECNET_REGISTER_LNO and aliased cluster
2859.07HTSC19::KENNETHTue Aug 29 1995Call being cleared after change template name
2860.01EVTISA::ES_CARCELTue Aug 29 1995Eco 5 or 6 for 6.1 available ?
2861.0YUPPY::CRIDDLETue Aug 29 1995Support for callable I/F to NET$CONFIGURE
2862.03MUNICH::SCHALLERWed Aug 30 1995Sequenz# in TPDU-> Siemens to VAX fails
2863.03YUPPY::CRIDDLEWed Aug 30 199525 Access Max active ports
2864.03SWETSC::NORDSTROMWed Aug 30 1995No decnet over x25 question...
2865.02SWETSC::NORDSTROMWed Aug 30 1995X25 on vax configuration ?
2866.0LYOISA::MARTINFri Sep 01 1995instal x25 1.
2867.04SHIPS::SMITH_JJFri Sep 01 1995Address change seems to need cache flush
2868.03TALER::GAISFORDFri Sep 01 1995NET$ACP stuck in LEF?
2869.0HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGFri Sep 01 1995Does it support this configuration
2870.01TKTV2Tue Sep 05 1995TP4 port status??
2871.0WPOPTH::WADMWed Sep 06 1995Customer query about SPD meaning
2872.0VNABRW::ARCH_RWed Sep 06 1995Diff.Results with $DASSGN
2873.01GIDDAY::CHONGWed Sep 06 1995X29 call data value query
2874.01SHIPS::SMITH_JJWed Sep 06 1995net$configure stack dump
2876.01MLNCSC::DOMANESCHIWed Sep 06 1995Again on Unrecognized Multicast Destination
2877.05BERNWed Sep 06 1995RdB support over RFC 1
2878.04MSDOA::LOVEWed Sep 06 1995Defaulte DECnet problem
2879.0MAASUP::PORAMBOWed Sep 06 1995"No Resources" revisited
2880.02NBOFS1::ESCHALLERWed Sep 06 1995Procsss hangs for 48 sec after DASSGN in OSI
2881.07HANNAH::MAIWed Sep 06 1995"Standard Operating System" in boot message
2882.02QCAVThu Sep 07 1995error during commu b/w decnet V and decnet IV
2883.03AEOLUS::DAIGNEAULTThu Sep 07 1995How to identify decnet phase?
2884.0SSSAXP::LIVINGSTONEThu Sep 07 1995Functionality problems after upgrading DECnis software to V2.3-14 (crosspost from NOTED::DECNIS)
2885.03HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGFri Sep 08 1995X4
2886.01UKARC1::WOOD_JFri Sep 08 1995Remote booting of X-Terminals ?
2887.01PLAYER::VANPAMELFri Sep 08 1995Intermittent DECdns errors return fatal NOSUCHNODE and UNREACHABLE
2888.05SWTHOM::HOFri Sep 08 1995Decnet_register, problem to update towers
2889.0SWTHOM::HOFri Sep 08 1995MEMALLOCFAIL, Memory allocation failure ???
2891.06MSDOA::LOVEMon Sep 11 1995Supressing display of startup events.
2892.02NEWENG::BOWERMon Sep 11 1995Failure on the back translation address request..
2893.01FSTSC1::AURANDTue Sep 12 1995Problem with the Domain name service
2894.0LUTECE::MAGENCTue Sep 12 1995deleted maintained object event and localfile
2895.02LUTECE::MAGENCTue Sep 12 1995Remote PCL buffer errors LNA-
2896.010ROMTue Sep 12 1995Clerk cache not initialized at bootstrap on AXP satellites
2897.0WOTVAX::64Tue Sep 12 1995V6.1 docs not there?
2898.01MUNTue Sep 12 1995cdi cache adjustable?
2899.03DECPRG::LUFTWed Sep 13 1995RMS-F-SYS, QIO system service request failed
2900.06STKHLM::WEBJORNWed Sep 13 1995What's wrong with this NSAP / wr configurator?
2902.04UTRTSC::KNOPPERSThu Sep 14 1995LES$ACP_V3
2903.02YUPPY::CRIDDLEThu Sep 14 1995FAL$LOG and DECnet/OSI?
2904.0154625::WILLEMSThu Sep 14 1995Bugcheck at NET$TRANSPORT+OSI+2C
2905.0953822::TSAKALOSThu Sep 14 1995X25 DA Reachable address config
2906.01COPCLU::EBCFri Sep 15 1995VAX Vots product still available?
2907.01CSC32::D_WILDERFri Sep 15 1995$IPC connections in a cluster?
2908.01VELI::KORKKOSun Sep 17 1995DECnet/OSI T7.
2909.03STKHLM::DUFVAMon Sep 18 1995NSP transfer to Ph.IV hangs on bad line
2910.04WPOPTH::WADMMon Sep 18 1995License Question
2911.02BHT362::KNEUTSMon Sep 18 1995OSI Transport excessive retransmits:
2912.05YUPPY::CRIDDLEMon Sep 18 1995Forcing 'Local NSAP' in call
2913.02FSTSC1::AURANDTue Sep 19 1995NET$CONFIG.DAT not found during boot process
2914.01LEMAN::LA_GIOIATue Sep 19 1995show server all hung
2915.016ADOVWed Sep 20 1995Why pay for OSI if Happy with Phase 4?
2916.07CHEFS::SMITH_JJWed Sep 20 1995Reboot hang in net$searchpath_startup.ncl
2917.03COWBOY::MIRGHANEWed Sep 20 1995How Decnet signal a lost of circuit?
2918.04TKTVFS::SAKAMOTO_KWed Sep 20 1995Rolling upgrade and Cluster alias
2919.0MSDOA::LOVEWed Sep 20 1995How to limit the number of FAL processes?
2920.02VELI::KORKKOWed Sep 20 1995A1mail$connect in LEF, busy channel to NETxxxx: --> any way to find out NSP port from NETxxxx:
2921.0354625::GOOVAERTSWed Sep 20 1995Time under NCL is +13hours in future
2922.02KOALA::BRIGGSWed Sep 20 1995Time-out with QIO call aborting link
2923.03SWETSC::NORDSTROMThu Sep 21 1995LNO problem with OSI addresses
2924.05ESSB::JNOLANThu Sep 21 1995FTAM V3.
2925.03CHEFS::SMITH_JJThu Sep 21 1995SYS$REM_NODE value question
2926.01SWTHOM::HOThu Sep 21 1995Disable Alias Port disconnects alias links ?
2927.02KAOFS::D_STREETThu Sep 21 1995setting of searchpath causes hang (OSI 6.2 ECO2)
2928.04OSLLAV::BJORNFri Sep 22 1995Invalid TPDU Size in V5.8?
2929.02MSDOA::LOVEFri Sep 22 1995Suggested modifications to NET$CONFIGURE
2930.01ROMMon Sep 25 1995Backtranslation using LOCAL Namespace
2931.07PLUNDR::LAWRENCEMon Sep 25 1995DECnet failover on FDDI & Ethernet
2932.07NEWENG::BOWERMon Sep 25 1995Satellite will not start DECNET even though it was configured
2933.0254625::GOOVAERTSTue Sep 26 1995NSP window size 57 between vaxeln and OSI
2934.05CSC32::B_GOODWINTue Sep 26 1995config error setting up x25 relay pvc
2935.04MSDOA::LOVETue Sep 26 1995Increasing NSP links, How?
2936.01HGOVC::TIMOTHYKOWed Sep 27 1995Kit pointer for DECnet/OSI 5.6b ?
2937.01GIDDAY::CHONGWed Sep 27 1995PCSI Install problem - DNVOSIECO
2939.0KYPROS::MICHAELIDESWed Sep 27 1995DECnet appl. over OSI vs over IP
2940.02CSC32::PRICEWed Sep 27 1995DNVOSI 6.2 Session control constraint violation
2941.06HGOVC::BURANCELEUNGWed Sep 27 1995Disconnect the link
2943.02HTSC19::IVANCHENGThu Sep 28 1995Cannot run DECW$DWT_DECNET ...
2944.04ROMTSS::PASCUCCIThu Sep 28 1995decnet crash at act$s_insfmem+
2946.08COPCLU::EBCThu Sep 28 1995NET$ACP looping.
2947.01STPFri Sep 29 1995New VAX P.S.I. X29 PROG GUIDE location ?
2948.03528Fri Sep 29 1995CMIPPROB && decnet osi 6.1,vms 6.1
2949.0SWTHOM::NOBREFri Sep 29 1995csma-cd station buffer (one more time)
2950.02::TAYLORFri Sep 29 1995Announcement for DECnet/OSI V6.2 ECO
2951.0MEO78A::BARNHOORNMon Oct 02 1995Event Dispatcher and Unavailable Station Buffers
2952.0TAEC::GALLERIMon Oct 02 1995Troubles with CTF on OSF V3.
2953.02CSC32::EMRICKMon Oct 02 1995OSI 6.2, PSI Outg X29 call shows channel is OFF
2954.06MLNCSC::DOMANESCHITue Oct 03 1995NCP crash
2955.03SWCATue Oct 03 1995System hangs during startup of Version T7.
2956.07NEMAIL::GODFREYTue Oct 03 1995Checking for hidden node from command file
2958.01LEMAN::NEUWEILERWed Oct 04 1995NETNOSTATE bugcheck
2959.0SWTHOM::HOWed Oct 04 1995MOP circuit csmacd-
2960.01528Wed Oct 04 1995useless information from sda
2961.02KERNEL::CORNISHPWed Oct 04 1995ncl commands returning, no resources available
2962.01WCVAX2::HADESWed Oct 04 1995Does DECNET_LOC_REGISTER still work?
2963.05HGOVC::BURANCELEUNGThu Oct 05 1995How to match the RTA device in DECnet/OSI
2964.02QDOVThu Oct 05 1995"missing right bracket" any remedy?
2965.06FSTSC1::AURANDThu Oct 05 1995RFC1
2966.013VAXRIO::HENRIQUEThu Oct 05 1995Copy over FDDI between phase IV and OSI node, hangg
2967.01HTSC19::IVANCHENGThu Oct 05 1995Fatal Error ... (PSI$configure.com)
2968.01FORTY2::SUTTONFri Oct 06 1995Qar Error
2969.04ROMTSS::MATTIANGELIFri Oct 06 1995SSRVEXCEPTN Crash-Vms 6.1 OSI 6.2 ECO1
2970.02GIDDAY::YUTue Oct 10 1995DNS$SERVER crash - DNVOSI V6.1 ECO 5
2971.06EVTAI1::LEGOUBEYTue Oct 10 1995Another problem with alias
2972.0UTOPIE::ROBERTThu Oct 12 1995Problem with T
2973.02ROMThu Oct 12 1995FDDI station link with strange characteristics
2974.01ROMThu Oct 12 1995FTAM copy gets an error
2975.02MUNICH::KLOEPPERThu Oct 12 1995VAX multihost and X.25 GAP via OSI Transport
2976.02MUNICH::KLOEPPERThu Oct 12 1995AXP/VMS dnvosi 6.2 eco
2977.02ISIDRO::ANGELThu Oct 12 1995FTAM ABORT reason unexpected-ppdu-parameter
2978.09CHEFS::SMITH_JJThu Oct 12 1995NSAP and hardware address?
2979.04KAOFS::D_STREETThu Oct 12 19956.2 ECO's all in 6.3 ?
2980.03CHEFS::SMITH_JJFri Oct 13 1995Cluster alias and traffic routes
2981.06DECPRG::PAVLUPFri Oct 13 1995OSI: Erroneous transport, reject cause 133 ??!!
2982.04UTOPIE::BRAUN_RFri Oct 13 1995FDDI events???
2983.01TAKEOF::DELIPPESun Oct 15 1995psi$configure on DECnet/OSI V6.2
2984.04STAR::DANTONISun Oct 15 1995Distinguishing local address from alias address in a towerset
2985.01HGOSPS::MICKWIDLAMMon Oct 16 1995PC CTERM link not timeout
2986.02HTSC19::KENNETHMon Oct 16 1995Where is the ECO kits for V6.1 now?
2987.0254625::KNEUTSMon Oct 16 1995assynch ddcmp between WR25
2988.02TKTV2Tue Oct 17 1995DECnet/OSI's LNO size?
2989.0254625::DEMEYERTue Oct 17 1995Failed to read symbol
2990.014KAOFS::D_STREETTue Oct 17 1995NET$ACP exausts PAGEFILE quota in OSI 6.2+ECO2
2991.03BBIVWed Oct 18 1995DB_Requester????
2992.04UTOPIE::BRAUN_RWed Oct 18 1995cluster alias from other area
2993.01SWANDC::MAUTZWed Oct 18 1995Multiple NCLs and SNMP???
2994.0254625::ROELANDTSThu Oct 19 1995DNS on ALPHA VMS - still not implemented ?
2995.01AZUR::HUREZThu Oct 19 1995Task-to-task comm. hanging in QIOW Access on AXP!
2996.02CHEFS::SMITH_JJThu Oct 19 1995Different phase IV prefixes?
2997.01MIMS::WELLONS_TThu Oct 19 1995DNSES and X.25 lines
2998.04BIKINI::KRONERFri Oct 20 1995Can't restart UCX if DECnet over TCP/IP is used.
2999.01DUCAT::ROSCOEFri Oct 20 1995Can't open display error message
3000.0UTOPIE::BRAUN_RFri Oct 20 1995PSI-accounting: RMS-F-IFI
3001.03LEDDEV::SOKARIFri Oct 20 1995Problem starting DECnet after upgrade to Theta G7.
3002.01KERNEL::GRIFFITHSJSat Oct 21 1995DNS only runs on one ethernet device
3004.04NEWENG::BOWERMon Oct 23 1995connect to network object rejected
3005.04KERNEL::CORNISHPTue Oct 24 1995SET HOST /MOP V6.1-ECO3 Problem
3006.01ROMTue Oct 24 1995NET$ACP loops on DECnet/OSI 5.6B ECO 12
3007.0CHEFS::SMITH_JJTue Oct 24 1995Hang in NET$SEARCHPATH_STARTUP.NCL (again)
3008.04RUPERT::BROWNTue Oct 24 1995another cluster alias problem - I think ?
3009.04BERNTue Oct 24 1995Failover DECnet -> IP ?
3010.01NETRIX::"declan.lennon@ilo.mts.dec.com"Wed Oct 25 1995PSI functionality in DECnet/OSI
3011.01KOALA::BRIGGSWed Oct 25 1995Configuration questions...
3012.02CSC32::PRICEWed Oct 25 1995CTF file version limit
3013.014GRANPA::FPRUSSWed Oct 25 1995eft for 7.
3014.02GRANPA::FPRUSSThu Oct 26 1995REMOVE/DELETE all traces of DECnet-OSI?
3015.03IAMOSI::LEUNGThu Oct 26 1995AXP DECNET/OSI V6.2 hangs and/or crashes on bootup when in cluster
3016.05EVTAI1::AJZENBERGThu Oct 26 1995DECnet phae IV - DECnet/OSI
3018.04GRANPA::FPRUSSFri Oct 27 1995NOTES: Invalid Item Length
3019.07OUTBCK::YUFri Oct 27 1995DECnet-W-NOREAD for NET$CONFIG.DAT
3020.01UTOPIE::BRAUN_RFri Oct 27 1995object vs. sess contr. appl
3022.01NZOVMon Oct 30 1995What version of OSI for OpenVMS VAX 6.1
3023.02OSLLAV::BJORNMon Oct 30 1995Product Manager?
3024.03OSLLAV::BJORNMon Oct 30 1995Bull-OSI (SAP=2
3025.02TAVIS::SHEFTELMon Oct 30 1995dns server stopped functioning
3026.04VNABRW::WALDHERRMon Oct 30 1995Bug in PSI$Configure.com (OSI 6.2)
3027.01twick.nio.dec.com::PETTENGILLMon Oct 30 1995Excessive retransmits [to Print Server] and duplicates received
3028.0KERNEL::CORNISHPTue Oct 31 1995DECNET_MIGRATE need DNS running ?
3029.02CHEFS::SMITH_JJTue Oct 31 1995Alias and autoconfigure addresses off?
3030.03CSC32::PRICEWed Nov 01 1995es cache , which circuit ?
3031.01HTSC19::KENNETHWed Nov 01 1995How to show "Hello Timer" in DECnet P5?
3032.01CHEFS::SMITH_JJThu Nov 02 1995Proxy and synonym questions
3033.03BACHUS::ROELANDTSThu Nov 02 1995DECnet/osi via IP ==> local data base used ?
3034.05LEMAN::MAEUSLIThu Nov 02 1995DECnet/OSI over ATM future plan ???
3035.012528Thu Nov 02 1995sys$node , sys$node_fullname, dnsroot
3036.01BACHUS::WILLEMSGThu Nov 02 1995NET$MANAGE question/problem
3037.05AIRAT::CHAINIKOVThu Nov 02 1995Phase V node crashing when using NCP
3038.03STKAI1::SBERGQUISTFri Nov 03 1995VMSmail and cluster alias
3039.0453822::KARVOUNIS_AFri Nov 03 1995OSAK message hangs system!?
3040.01OPCO::TSG_TMSMon Nov 06 1995Assertion failure: SFTREFNOTFND: software reference not found
3041.05EVTAI1::LEGOUBEYMon Nov 06 1995DECnet/OSI and Interlink
3043.03KAOFS::D_STREETTue Nov 07 1995OSI 6.3 release date ?
3044.03BRIB::FOXTue Nov 07 1995NET$FDDI loaded on system without FDDI interface!
3045.012PENUTS::DSULLIVANTue Nov 07 1995Upgrade path question
3046.02KAOFS::D_STREETTue Nov 07 1995address unreachable pdu discard (osi 6.1)
3047.01ATYISA::JANSWed Nov 08 1995missing object gives Network intrusions
3048.03KERNEL::KHANRWed Nov 08 1995DECnet/OSI 6.2 & Open VMS 6.2
3049.0UTOPIE::BRAUN_RFri Nov 10 1995X.25: lots of network resets
3050.02KAOFS::D_STREETFri Nov 10 1995PC changes name, SHOW USER does not see it.
3051.014IAMOSI::DANIELSun Nov 12 1995System hang on Net$shutdown after fddi disable routing
3052.05GVPROD::MSTEINERMon Nov 13 1995phase iv and v in the same cluster ?
3053.01FREEBE::MACLEANMon Nov 13 1995Need SLdriver listings...
3054.0VFOVAX::STRONGMon Nov 13 1995Where is psilib.* ?
3056.0NETRIX::"@ILO (Gee Bee)"Tue Nov 14 1995P.S.I. or X.25 in product name for QL-
3057.01RULLE::WELINTue Nov 14 1995node synonym changes in cluster
3058.03HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGTue Nov 14 1995Can PHASE IV router talk with PHASE V node
3059.04ZPOVC::SINSPSWed Nov 15 1995AXP crashed when copy over static circuit
3060.02SMOKEN::BRUNELLEWed Nov 15 1995MOP Loads for general servers
3062.01CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONWed Nov 15 1995MRX-E-RTSVOSINE error when second MRX process is started
3063.01LUTECE::MAGENCThu Nov 16 1995node secondary names
3064.07FORTY2::TSANGThu Nov 16 1995Fatal error in dtss_service_main.c
3065.02FORTY2::TSANGThu Nov 16 1995system crash on decnet copy
3066.09LISVAX::ESTEVAOThu Nov 16 1995U: FTAM - Error status Implementation Problem
3067.01ZPOVC::SINSPSThu Nov 16 1995any patch for this version ?
3068.0ANNECY::HARRISON_NFri Nov 17 1995Problems with DECnet on DE436
3069.03TAEC::URSCHFri Nov 17 1995How to track the creation of a decnet object with CTF
3070.03MARVEL::PATELAFri Nov 17 1995v6.2-eco4 crash in net$routine_es ?
3071.0CSC32::L_MORSEFri Nov 17 1995PDU discard errors at boot time OSI 6.2
3072.03CHR27::YEUNGSat Nov 18 1995V6.3 Problem and Congestion Avoidance
3073.05GIDDAY::KINGSMILLMon Nov 20 1995CDI Cache searh order
3074.08CHEFS::KORMANMon Nov 20 1995Multi-circ ES, Phase V and Phase IV routers
3075.03EVTAI1::RONSSINMon Nov 20 1995DECnet/OSI T7.
3076.02LATINA::FLORIANTue Nov 21 1995CTERM behaviour
3077.06--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 21 1995MOP doesn't start and ACCVIO
3078.01KAOTTue Nov 21 1995NCL equivalent of SHOW MODULE X29-SERVER....
3079.01DRAC::DSMAILTue Nov 21 1995multiple circuits, routing or bridging?
3080.01ZURWed Nov 22 1995NSP local nsap remote nsap with WITH-clause
3081.02MOVIES::BRANKINWed Nov 22 1995DECNET/OSI for Theta X658-SSB?
3082.0CHEFS::SMITH_JJWed Nov 22 1995Update on node level access control?
3083.01535Thu Nov 23 1995FDDI large packets rules
3084.04FORTY2::TSANGThu Nov 23 1995CTF on AXP 7.
3085.0CECUNX::BACHNERThu Nov 23 1995slow network operations after upgrading DECnet/OSI to V6.2 and V6.3 with FDDI configuration
3086.03COMICS::GLEDHILLThu Nov 23 1995how to use net$debug??
3087.01RHODOS::BRAUN_RFri Nov 24 1995select. weight not working?
3088.02SWTHOM::HOMon Nov 27 1995Why RFC 1
3089.02BIGUN::WULFFMon Nov 27 1995How do I clean nameserver entries.
3090.07AMCFAC::RABAHYMon Nov 27 1995documentation on Alpha CDROM?
3091.010AMCFAC::RABAHYMon Nov 27 1995changing session control naming search path
3092.03CSC32::R_RAKOFFMon Nov 27 1995NET$ACP process taking more memory after upgrade
3093.01BACHUS::KNEUTSTue Nov 28 1995Odd datalink header
3094.01BACHUS::KNEUTSTue Nov 28 1995maximum # entries in local naming
3095.03ZURWed Nov 29 1995alias selection - incorrect round-robin ?
3096.0ZURWed Nov 29 1995alias selection weight dynamic ?
3097.02IAMOSI::LEUNGWed Nov 29 1995DTSS startup failing, decdts-e-failed
3098.010CHR27::YEUNGThu Nov 30 1995More FDDI/Ethernet Questions
3099.01LISTIM::ULTRIXThu Nov 30 1995connect phase V and not phase IV
3100.011HAN::HALLEThu Nov 30 1995Sys hangs - loop in 64 byte lookaside list - OSAK?
3101.05CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONThu Nov 30 1995X.25 Wild goose chase
3102.02RULLE::KLASSONFri Dec 01 1995Change Phase IV prefix with NET$CONFIGURE
3103.0TAVIS::BOAZSun Dec 03 1995Is the dynamic expanding CDI cache available ?
3104.04528Mon Dec 04 1995Alphaserver 21
3105.05EVTVMon Dec 04 1995Crash DECNET, DECnet-VAX detected a fatal error DECNET/OSI 6.2
3106.0SWTHOM::MONZONMon Dec 04 1995RMS-F-SYS, QIO system service request failed
3108.0HTSC19::KENNETHTue Dec 05 1995Cannot remove old proxy after VMS & DECnet upgraded
3109.01CHEFS::LONG_JTue Dec 05 1995alias not correct on reboot
3110.01PRSSOS::NOBRETue Dec 05 1995CCR-F-UNRCMIPRSP error
3111.01BACHUS::DEMEYERWed Dec 06 1995NSP retransmissions
3112.05DBOTWed Dec 06 1995PRODUCT INSTALL of DECnet/OSI V6.3 failed (%PCSI-E-REFUNA) due to OSAK dependanc
3113.015JALOPY::CUTLERWed Dec 06 1995Installing DECnet OSI in Cluster
3114.0254764::YMMon Dec 11 1995DECNET/OSI and FDDI controllers
3115.03MUNICH::KLOEPPERMon Dec 11 1995UNKRESULT message ?
3116.02TAVIS::SHEFTELMon Dec 11 1995FTAM over CONS fail to work
3117.01HGOVC::BURANCELEUNGTue Dec 12 1995Details in setup NCL stuff for X25 application
3118.04CHEFS::SMITH_JJTue Dec 12 1995Large RSM backups failing
3119.04CSC32::KLIMASTue Dec 12 1995when will nwdriver return a devoffline?
3120.01ZPOVC::SINSPSWed Dec 13 1995How to define NCP object in NCL equivalence ?
3121.02VELI::KORKKOWed Dec 13 1995Problems with DECnet/OSI V7.
3122.06SWTHOM::HOWed Dec 13 1995ncp>show known circuit gives ACCVIO
3123.04UPSAR::IP$16.65.8Thu Dec 14 1995Does CDI only query the first bind server?
3124.01FORTY2::SUTTONFri Dec 15 1995Event dispatcher sink stream seems not to work
3125.0LUTECE::MAGENCMon Dec 18 1995enable/disable x25 access appli needs OPER
3126.01FORTY2::LEAVERMon Dec 18 1995Congestion at connect time
3127.02CSC32::SCHMALSTIEGMon Dec 18 1995What determines the forwarding node in the Alais
3128.01TALER::GAISFORDMon Dec 18 1995Bugcheck: DECNET, DECnet-VAX detected a fatal error???
3129.01KNAUST::STENBORGTue Dec 19 1995Links hanging in DECNET phase IV and AXP SMP system.
3130.02KAOFS::D_STREETTue Dec 19 1995PROXIES from VMS 4.7 to VMS/OSI 6.2 don't work
3131.01CSC32::EMRICKTue Dec 19 1995Limit for MAXIMUM DECLARED OBJECTS for OSI
3132.09CECUNX::BACHNERWed Dec 20 1995Bugcheck DECNET with failing address NET$SESSION_CONTROL + 12D48
3133.03GIDDAY::REIDWed Dec 20 1995Status of 5.6 ECO12
3135.016PRSSOS::NOBREThu Dec 21 1995crash in ncl.exe
3136.02MLNCSC::DOMANESCHIThu Dec 21 1995Session Control Application Timer
3137.04CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONThu Dec 21 1995Skulk fails on root dir with %DNS-E-NONSRESOURCES, Insufficient local resources at the server node
3138.01CSC32::SCHMALSTIEGSat Dec 23 1995Multiple Alias Nodes for the VMS Cluster
3139.010VELI::KORKKOSat Dec 23 1995V7.
3140.06CSC32::J_SOBECKITue Dec 26 1995NCL hangs on SHOW SESS CONTROL PORT *
3141.01BACHUS::LEENWed Dec 27 1995OpenVMS Alpha V7.
3142.0CHR27::YEUNGThu Dec 28 1995DNS$SERVER crash (IVWSETLIST)
3143.0CSC32::SCHMALSTIEGThu Dec 28 1995 DECnis not seeing two adjacencies for the Alias
3144.03BSS::MI_BAKERThu Dec 28 1995When Remote NSAP is a cluster alias
3145.01GIDDAY::KINGSMILLTue Jan 02 1996Remote Protocol Error
3147.01CSC32::SCHMALSTIEGWed Jan 03 1996Alias -- STARS Article
3148.0154625::ROELANDTSWed Jan 03 1996why different psi$
3150.02KAOFS::D_STREETWed Jan 03 1996PCSI reconfig fails if ECOs installed.
3151.0PRSSOS::LEGOUBEYWed Jan 03 1996RSX and Decnet/OSI
3153.011COMEUP::SIMMONDSThu Jan 04 1996V7.
3154.04HTSC19::KENNETHThu Jan 04 1996CTF output file not growth even there is network traffic?
3155.0MOENCH::SCHNEIDERThu Jan 04 1996declared over defined nework application
3156.03KAOFS::D_STREETThu Jan 04 1996HP OPENVIEW, CMIP and RFC# 1238
3157.0+4LATINA::MAJOSEThu Jan 04 1996INVEXCEPTN with NET$MOP,DECNETOSI 6.1,OVMS 6.1???
3158.01CSC32::SCHMALSTIEGThu Jan 04 1996What is the range for Alias Link IDs?
3159.0454764::YMFri Jan 05 1996LLC2 on FDDI
3160.0KERNEL::CORNISHPFri Jan 05 1996net$mgmt and invoking connections to remote node
3161.07GIDDAY::YUMon Jan 08 1996Inbound Template Not Found causes X25 clear
3162.03SWTHOM::MAGENCMon Jan 08 1996AXP 6.3 : Pool leak , exhausted spawning ncl
3163.01BACHUS::DOBBENIMon Jan 08 1996Problems running net$configure with local,decdns
3164.02MOENCH::SCHNEIDERMon Jan 08 1996DEC-HDLC on PBXDI <Yes,No>
3165.0FSTSC1::AURANDTue Jan 09 1996OSI TP4 conn/ seems to hang, if credit is raised
3166.05KERNEL::CHOPRAATue Jan 09 1996%TSM-S-NO_RSP_DATA, No characters left in CCR response buffer
3167.0CHEFS::DAVIES_JTue Jan 09 1996remote node no longer accepting requests
3168.01COMEUP::SIMMONDSWed Jan 10 1996event sink missing detail (V7.
3169.01FSASET::SYSTEMWed Jan 10 1996Entity not supported on MOP
3170.0+3SWTHOM::MAGENCThu Jan 11 1996RFC1
3171.02VAXRIO::ESPINHAThu Jan 11 1996OSI/NCL command equivalent to NCP command
3172.04--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 11 1996Pointer for OSI V6.2 ECO 2?
3173.03NAC::LICAUSEThu Jan 11 1996LNO broken on V6.3?
3174.01CSC32::J_SOBECKIFri Jan 12 1996DECnet/OSI V6.3 supported on VMS V6.1?
3175.0UPSAR::IP$16.65.8Fri Jan 12 1996OpenVMS Alpha - FTAM API library problem
3176.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Jan 12 1996Down line load question
3177.0UTOPIE::BRAUN_RMon Jan 15 1996dis/enabling X25 DTE stops CTF trace
3178.04SWTHOM::MAGENCTue Jan 16 1996NCL message file for $status ?
3179.0853822::TSAKALOSTue Jan 16 1996DAP & FTAM problems after upgrade from Wave2 to Wave3
3180.01MLNCSC::DOMANESCHITue Jan 16 1996Problem with ENABLE ALIAS PORT
3181.01SWTHOM::HOWed Jan 17 1996COPY gives RMS-E-CRC and RMS-F-WBE
3182.01LEMAN::NEUWEILERThu Jan 18 1996Crash in OTS$MOVE, NET$ACP current
3183.015CPEEDY::COOKThu Jan 18 1996Why can't I 'NCP DEFINE NODE...'?
3184.06SWTHOM::HOThu Jan 18 1996NSP and keepalive timer problem in 6.3 ?
3185.012GIDDAY::KINGSMILLFri Jan 19 1996decnet_migrate fails after installing decdnso
3186.01--UnknownUser--Fri Jan 19 1996How to detect duplicated node address ?
3187.02VAXRIO::63224::souzaFri Jan 19 1996How to detect duplicated PC address using DECNET-OSI
3188.010CHEFS::KORMANFri Jan 19 1996DECnis/RVR/DDCMP and DNA address format FALSE!
3189.02528Fri Jan 19 1996Does $PRODUCT REMOVE axp-osi work?
3190.03MOENCH::SCHNEIDERFri Jan 19 1996outgoing OSITP links stopped by alias
3191.07SWETSC::EKLUNDFri Jan 19 1996Some IPC help please
3192.01GIDDAY::SIMMONDSSat Jan 20 1996NET$MGMT.EXE (V7.
3193.010TIMABS::OBERLEMon Jan 22 1996DECnet IV to DECnet/OSI V6.3 -> DNS-E-NOCACHE
3194.01BACHUS::DEMEYERMon Jan 22 1996Netserver.log filling up
3195.01UTRTSC::WIJKAMPMon Jan 22 1996DTSS and shadowpatch problem.
3196.0KERNEL::CHOPRAAMon Jan 22 1996NET$MOP crashes with %MOP-F-CRETHDF, failed to create new LoadServer thread -SYSTEM-F-INSFMEM, insufficient dynamic memory
3197.01FORTY2::SUTTONTue Jan 23 1996x25 ---- Access only
3198.0CSC32::J_RYERTue Jan 23 1996CTF tracing on VMS still restricted to one session?
3199.09PASSES::WSC31Tue Jan 23 1996Help, cannot load loadable routing image get %LES-E-PRODERR...
3200.07LATINA::SOENGASWed Jan 24 1996set host/mop and hungs and 6.3
3201.05CHEFS::SMITH_JJThu Jan 25 1996Hang after NET$CONFIGURE flushing selected cache entries
3202.02528Thu Jan 25 1996dnvosieco
3203.05ROMThu Jan 25 1996FTAM copies slooooow down
3204.05BERNThu Jan 25 1996Path splitting and ES cache
3205.0CSC32::EMRICKThu Jan 25 1996NSP Protocol Errors, trace shows NO SUCH OBJECT
3206.010CSC32::MACGREGORThu Jan 25 1996SYSTEM-F-UNREACHABLE to the cluster alias
3207.02COWBOY::MIRGHANEFri Jan 26 1996OSI conformance test manager utility available?
3209.0CX3PST::HTKING::M_SHELDONFri Jan 26 1996Old Release Notes IN DECnet/OSI V7.
3210.04GENIE::DURANDFri Jan 26 19966.2 + CONS NSAP mapping
3211.01CSC32::SCHMALSTIEGFri Jan 26 1996Qualified bit not set in X25 call
3212.0FSTSC1::AURANDMon Jan 29 1996MTA/MTS Modules ar removed from the NCL Help File
3213.02KETJE::STEUKERSMon Jan 29 1996DECNET/OSI event signalling
3214.01PRSSOS::LEGOUBEYMon Jan 29 1996Correction for CFS.3
3215.014HTSC19::IVANCHENGMon Jan 29 1996FDDI link dropped
3216.03UTRTSC::VELZENMon Jan 29 1996NSP Dack behaviour ?
3217.03GIDDAY::JOYCETue Jan 30 1996PCSI install of OSAK "hangs"
3218.03TPSP11::SYSTEMTue Jan 30 1996proxy access from v4.5 to decnet/osi 6.2 failed
3219.03CLUSKI::MAGENCTue Jan 30 1996RFC1
3220.05FSTSC1::AURANDTue Jan 30 1996Why do we use OSI TP2 for RFC1
3221.02MLNCSC::DOMANESCHITue Jan 30 1996Help about PROXY
3222.02SWTHOM::HOWed Jan 31 1996VAX V7.
3224.02CHEFS::CRIDDLEWed Jan 31 1996NCP emulator ACCVIOs when SHOW KNOW CIRC
3225.0OSOSPS::KAGEYAMAThu Feb 01 1996PhaseV to PhaseIV proxy access
3226.0TAVIS::SHEFTELThu Feb 01 1996Consecutive set host/mop cause net$mop to hang
3227.01KNEIPE::KRAMERFri Feb 02 1996NSAP - local nsap in cons transport template (VMS only /again)
3228.02SHRMSG::HOWARDFri Feb 02 1996Nodename synonym changed on reboot
3229.01SHRMSG::HOWARDFri Feb 02 1996MOP requests on console (REPLY/ENABLE)
3230.03MEO78A::BARNHOORNSun Feb 04 1996Help with DECnet/OSI and DNS upgrade..
3231.03BACHUS::KNEUTSMon Feb 05 1996undefined DTSS error?
3232.01TRNMon Feb 05 1996Abort with FTAM
3233.01HGOSPS::FEYNMANLOTue Feb 06 1996Circuits with different capacity not support??
3234.0CECUNX::BACHNERTue Feb 06 1996SPD on Dec95 ConDist CD is in DOCUMENT format instead of PostSript
3235.01RULLE::KLASSONTue Feb 06 1996X25 Hunt Group - Called cleared
3236.05USPS::FPRUSSWed Feb 07 1996Keep LOCAL: up to date?
3237.06SWETSC::NORDSTROMWed Feb 07 1996Backtranslation problem again...
3238.08CAADC::LENNIGWed Feb 07 1996DNS config problem
3239.04HGOSPS::IVANCHENGThu Feb 08 1996How to set L1 and L2 costs on routing circuits ?
3240.06CLUSKI::MAGENCThu Feb 08 1996ncl enable circuit era-
3242.01GIDDAY::KINGSMILLFri Feb 09 1996net$configure.com problems
3243.0+9SWTHOM::HOFri Feb 09 1996V7.
3244.0KERNEL::WEGGFri Feb 09 1996$IPC and Node Synonym
3245.03FSTSC1::AURANDMon Feb 12 1996NET$CHECKSUM_NCL.DAT is missing after a system crash
3246.01MEO78A::BARNHOORNMon Feb 12 1996Tracepoints for RFC 1
3247.01BERNTue Feb 13 1996Blocksize:FDDI, fddi Type = CSMA-CD
3248.02UTRTSC::VELZENTue Feb 13 1996VCRP's and V6.2 ECO
3249.04SWETSC::NORDSTROMTue Feb 13 1996OSI transport SLOOOW with more then 225 links
3250.03UTOPIE::BRAUN_RTue Feb 13 1996X.3 parameterfile?
3251.02UTOPIE::BRAUN_RTue Feb 13 1996X.25 trace incomplete?
3252.06KOALA::BRIGGSWed Feb 14 1996LIB-F-INSEF error appears in NET$SERVER.LOG
3253.03OSLWed Feb 14 1996NSP connection problem
3254.02UTOPIE::BRAUN_RWed Feb 14 1996downgrade to Dnet/OSI 6.1 ?
3255.04CHTIThu Feb 15 1996net$config.dat size problem
3256.0+4GADWAL::W_MCGAWThu Feb 15 1996DTSS issue on OSI V6.2 and 6.3 on Alpha
3257.03SWETSC::NORDSTROMFri Feb 16 1996INVEXCEPTN NET$TRANSPORT_NSP and 6.2 eco7 crash ?
3258.01EVTAI1::LEGOUBEYFri Feb 16 1996Max prferrered TPDU Size negotiation
3259.02ROMTue Feb 20 1996No flow control using OSI TP2?
3260.08ZURTue Feb 20 1996V7.
3261.0ESSB::JNOLANTue Feb 20 1996MOP-E-TXERR, FDDI, V6.3 on Alpha
3262.08PEAKS::NIXDORFTue Feb 20 1996"Login invalid" problem, 48+ nodes
3263.04NETRIX::"tshort@ilo.mts.dec.com"Wed Feb 21 1996XTI yet again...
3264.03CLUSKI::MAGENCWed Feb 21 1996Manual data link sdu size decnet fddi question
3265.07KAOFS::D_STREETWed Feb 21 1996REMOTE PROTOCOL ERROR explaination of HEX value.
3266.0CLUSKI::MAGENCThu Feb 22 19966.3 fail to load routing after successfull upgrade
3267.01HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGThu Feb 22 1996Where is DECNET/OSI V7.
3268.04CLUSKI::MAGENCThu Feb 22 1996fal link fails : device timeout
3269.07CSC32::D_SHAVEYThu Feb 22 1996LANCP and DECnet?
3271.04PAMSRC::KLOVIA::MICHELSENThu Feb 22 1996Lost link transition events in V6.3...
3272.01PRSSOS::DESINDESFri Feb 23 1996net$shutdown problem
3273.03CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Feb 23 1996Is DECNET/OSI 6.3 ECO2 on DEC 1995 CONDIST?
3274.03NEWVAX::JJOHNSONTue Feb 27 1996Documentation on [ASY]DYNSWITCH
3275.01ZURWed Feb 28 1996Upgrade sequence ?
3276.0IAMOSI::LEUNGThu Feb 29 1996VAX OSI V6.1-2 crash in net$transport_osi
3277.03KAOFS::D_STREETThu Feb 29 1996Configuring cluster script locations does not supp all clusters
3278.0LATINA::GREGORIOThu Feb 29 1996 Crash with very devices ucbdelete (NET*, EXA*) !!!
3279.0VNASWS::WILFRIEDFri Mar 01 1996callable NCL - does it exist?
3280.05SWTHOM::HOFri Mar 01 1996Why SET HOST uses DnsBind rather than DecDNS ?
3282.0JOBURG::METCALFMon Mar 04 1996No Adjancies from some nodes
3283.0UTOPIE::BRAUN_RMon Mar 04 1996hanging sessions with Dnet/OSI 6.2
3284.04ANNECY::HAVARD_PTue Mar 05 1996failover with dual ethernet and task to task communication
3285.02SWTHOM::HOTue Mar 05 1996DIR using proxy doesn't give always the same result ?
3286.01UTOPIE::BRAUN_RTue Mar 05 1996unable to connect to X-Server
3287.02LEMAN::SCHEIDEGGERWed Mar 06 1996DEC session layer implmentation problem with rfc1
3288.01KOALA::BRIGGSWed Mar 06 1996Cluster alias and Appletalk gateway
3289.02VNABRW::VNAED2::SEIDLERWed Mar 06 1996LES$ACP
3290.03STKHLM::NORDSTROMThu Mar 07 1996DECnet-VAX detected a fatal error, bugcheck
3291.02STKHLM::NORDSTROMThu Mar 07 1996CML problems in Decnet/OSI 6.3 eco2 ?
3292.01CSC32::MACGREGORThu Mar 07 1996login information invalid works but should fail
3293.08BOBINS::PUNSHONFri Mar 08 1996Cluster alias failure - wrong environment
3294.01LEMAN::GABLERFri Mar 08 1996DECnet proxies and DECdns ?
3295.0244Fri Mar 08 1996DNA Error=Unknown transport selector
3296.03KAOFS::D_STREETFri Mar 08 1996Can't see namespace when server is on the same node
3297.09CTHU56::L_PELLANDFri Mar 08 1996Problem on instal with PSI...
3298.03KOLFAX::WIEGLEBFri Mar 08 1996Event: Invalid Message Format/Erroneous Transport PDU
3299.02HGOVC::LKLEEMon Mar 11 1996Controlling the size of incoming/outgoing psimail ?
3300.0UTOPIE::FRUEHWIRTH_MMon Mar 11 1996DEFQA questions
3301.01ZGOVTue Mar 12 1996Boot node reboot when a satellite starts ...
3302.05ALFSS1::WOLFETue Mar 12 1996Another Proxy Problem
3304.01SWTHOM::HOTue Mar 12 1996Decnet COPY gives SYSTEM-F-TIMEOUT ?
3305.01GECTue Mar 12 1996DECnet Upgrade Questions
3307.01HGOVC::PATRICKNGThu Mar 14 1996MAX limit of routing nodes on the lan?
3308.02HTSC19::IVANCHENGThu Mar 14 1996DTSS problem ...
3309.01GIDDAY::YUFri Mar 15 1996NCL problem - NET-E-BUFFERTOOSMALL
3310.01KERNEL::CORNISHPFri Mar 15 1996 %NCL-E-CMLSENDFAILED, error sending command request
3311.0FSTSC1::AURANDFri Mar 15 1996NET$MGMT 'Change to remote node' option doesn't work
3312.0NETRIX::"feynmanlo@hgovc.enet.dec.com"Sun Mar 17 1996DECnet/OSI Routing Overview
3313.01MOVIES::BRANKINMon Mar 18 1996Location of DECNET/OSI kit for alpha OpenVMS version 6.1
3314.01FSTSC1::AURANDMon Mar 18 1996RFC17
3315.01MUNICH::SCHALLERTue Mar 19 1996excursion to OSI (works only if account < 8 char??)
3316.07MICROW::MCCANCEThu Mar 21 1996can't print to printservers via osi
3317.023QUARK::LIONELThu Mar 21 1996Enlarge local namespace size to allow for Easynet node capacity
3318.02NZOVThu Mar 21 1996Possible to Disable OSI and reenable Phase IV
3319.014LEMAN::GABLERFri Mar 22 1996add/proxy sequence problem with osi V6.3
3320.01ZURFri Mar 22 1996MOP does not see loadrequests
3321.01LATINA::NIEVESDFri Mar 22 1996HELP DVNOSIECO1 6.3
3322.04CSC32::SCHMALSTIEGSun Mar 24 1996CDI trace shows "lookup reissued by session:
3323.0TNPUBS::MILGROMMon Mar 25 1996Suggestions for Updating Network Management Guide?
3324.0HGOVC::PATRICKNGMon Mar 25 1996Routing nodes on FDDI network
3325.02SWTHOM::HOTue Mar 26 1996COPY takes a long time in the opposite direction
3326.01EEMELI::VAINIKKATue Mar 26 1996Is logical NET$LOCAL_NAME_DATABASE supported?
3327.04LEMAN::GABLERTue Mar 26 1996Problem with net$configure V6.3
3328.03COPCLU::EBCWed Mar 27 1996Phase IV autoconfigured NSAP with Hardware ID.
3329.02FSTSC1::AURANDWed Mar 27 1996OSI TP DNA Error 'Illegal conn. request rejected'
3330.01KYOONE::MIGDALWed Mar 27 1996Multihomed End System Failover?
3331.01BACHUS::KNEUTSWed Mar 27 1996sending phase IV events to phase V sink?
3332.01GBIWed Mar 27 1996DDCMP on Alpha
3333.01HGOSPS::FEYNMANLOThu Mar 28 1996Proxy fails in OpenVMS 6.1
3334.02SWTHOM::HOThu Mar 28 1996IPMT for Cluster Alias Selection Weight dynamic
3335.01SWTHOM::HOThu Mar 28 1996Customer asks for ECO8 for 6.2 ???
3336.02PRSSOS::MAGENCThu Mar 28 1996X25 local subaddress in transmitted call packet
3337.02TLE::LIONELThu Mar 28 1996Unable to copy entries to local namespace
3340.01COMICS::WEIRFri Mar 29 1996LES$ACP_V3
3341.02QUARK::LIONELFri Mar 29 1996Unreachable and mail addressing problems
3342.0LISTIM::ULTRIXMon Apr 01 1996compiling and link errors with OSI
3343.03CSC32::B_GODWINTue Apr 02 1996NCP DEFINE NODE causes %SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO
3344.06FSTSC1::AURANDTue Apr 02 1996NSP Port disappeared, sc port still exists
3345.01UTOPIE::BRAUN_RTue Apr 02 1996DECnet/OSI and TCPware: X-Window
3346.06DRYFLI::BYRNETue Apr 02 1996Cannot delete objects
3347.02ICS::BARRYTue Apr 02 1996Unavailable User Buffer
3348.0FSTSC1::AURANDWed Apr 03 1996Retransmit Timer for NSP
3349.02CAMINO::MCCANCEWed Apr 03 1996frame check error, alignment errors
3350.07UTOPIE::BRAUN_RWed Apr 03 1996OSI no, NSP yes, DECNIS Phase IV???
3351.01SWETSC::WELINThu Apr 04 1996crash on event stream
3352.0UPSAR::IP$16.65.8Thu Apr 04 1996OSAK is moving
3353.01SWTHOM::HOFri Apr 05 1996Why the look up is done in all databases ?
3354.05QUARK::LIONELFri Apr 05 1996Name is forgotten over reboot
3355.02DEKVC::SANGHOKIMMon Apr 08 1996Network object is unknown at remote node
3356.03CHUECA::JMGUERRAMon Apr 08 1996MAIL_nnnnnnn collapse machine
3357.010MICROW::MCCANCEMon Apr 08 1996set host won't work with synonym only..
3358.03HGOVC::LKLEEMon Apr 08 1996PSI mail problem
3359.07COMEUP::SIMMONDSTue Apr 09 1996VAX V7.
3360.02CSC32::FASANOTue Apr 09 1996NSP / TP4 protocol issue
3361.04PRSSOS::MAGENCTue Apr 09 1996NCL access denied with net$manage needs OPER priv!
3362.029QUARK::LIONELTue Apr 09 1996One bad time server - chaos on the net
3363.01CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONTue Apr 09 1996DNS clerk reports Remote Protocol Error Reject Cause=Invalid Message Format
3364.04IAMOSI::LEUNGWed Apr 10 1996multicircuit end-system, EShello timer
3365.04KAOTWed Apr 10 1996Testing applications for Year 2
3366.02CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONWed Apr 10 1996DNAS name space osi 7.
3367.06TAVIS::BOAZThu Apr 11 1996Pagefile quota depletion. OSI 6.3 eco2
3368.01LATINA::MERCEDESThu Apr 11 1996AXP crash NET$TRANSPORT_OSI+55c88
3369.0+8TUXEDO::FONSECAThu Apr 11 1996The infamous %DNS-E-NOCOMMUNICATION, Unable to communicate with DNS server msg
3370.0154625::ROELANDTSFri Apr 12 1996DNSNOTCONFIG on osi 6.2ECO4 but why ?
3371.029QUARK::LIONELFri Apr 12 1996Local node prepended to address in received mail
3372.06TKOV51::EGAWAFri Apr 12 1996Primitive network configuration Question
3373.05RULLE::KLASSONMon Apr 15 1996TPDU size negotiation problem
3374.0KAOFS::D_STREETMon Apr 15 1996NET$EVD_ERROR.LOG has stack dump for ACCVIO
3375.0IAMOSI::LEUNGTue Apr 16 1996File copy to OSI V6.3-2 fails but works with OSI V6.1-2
3376.017LEMAN::PAIVATue Apr 16 1996delete old DNS$CACHE.nnn files?
3377.05LEMAN::PAIVATue Apr 16 19966.3 AXP release notes, where?
3378.04EVTAI1::LEGOUBEYTue Apr 16 1996Class 2 and withholding Acks
3379.03MSAMWed Apr 17 1996FTAM expertise required
3380.01VNABRW::KARTNER_MWed Apr 17 1996How to change time on multiple timeservers ?
3381.01EDDF1Wed Apr 17 1996DCF77 time provider?
3382.0KAOFS::D_STREETThu Apr 18 1996ncl error produces "junk" in text
3384.01AZUR::HUREZThu Apr 18 1996System Watchdog provokes errors on ESA
3385.02VNABRW::VNAED2::SEIDLERFri Apr 19 1996ncl$globalsection.dat
3386.0554625::KNEUTSFri Apr 19 1996FDDI controller configured as CSMA-CD station: system crash in net$fddi
3387.0VNABRW::VNAED2::SEIDLERFri Apr 19 1996Address mapping with two network adapters
3388.02MLNCSC::MISLERFri Apr 19 1996cmsacd-
3389.01VAXRIO::MAUROFri Apr 19 1996SSRVEXCEPT. Where to find the ECO
3390.01FSTSC1::AURANDMon Apr 22 1996Final status code '1
3391.03QCAVMon Apr 22 1996pointer for decnet osi kit
3392.02CAADC::SDATZMANMon Apr 22 1996DECnet/OSI Management ?
3393.01BLGMon Apr 22 1996$QIO on DNSES for HDLC on AXP
3394.02SCASS1::GALVINMon Apr 22 1996V7.
3395.02FSSB::GUSTAFSSONTue Apr 23 1996Problem with MOP and DECnet/OSI 7.
3396.02EVTAI1::LEPAULTue Apr 23 1996Event dispacher ans FATAL BUGCHECK
3397.02SWTHOM::COSTEUXTue Apr 23 1996PHONE problem since DECnet/OSI Phase V ??
3398.01PACKED::VOGEL_WTue Apr 23 1996File spec length limit w/Phase V?
3399.02PRSSOS::MAGENCWed Apr 24 1996AXP 6.3 - NSP link hang after DisI Timeout
3401.01ROMTSS::DESIDERIWed Apr 24 1996SSRVEXCEPT @NET$SESSION_CONTROL+145bc net$acp current
3402.03PTOSS1::RCOLLINSWed Apr 24 1996poor mans routing available?
3403.0PTOSS1::RCOLLINSThu Apr 25 1996thanks
3404.05EVTVFri Apr 26 19966.3 ECO#3 ??
3405.02CSC32::T_ABDELLAFri Apr 26 1996increase # of Routing Circuits
3406.01HGOVC::ERICSIUFri Apr 26 1996routing circuit keeps state OFF
3407.02GIDDAY::YUMon Apr 29 1996CMISE API - transport template used??
3408.01EVTAI1::FREULONMon Apr 29 1996session provider is congested with FTAM V3.
3410.0CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONWed May 01 1996Is there customer training for DECnet osi avaialbe
3411.02MAGUEY::JRIVERAThu May 02 1996How can I change the time in a DTSS clerk
3412.02KERNEL::FRYMThu May 02 1996Conversion causes SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO
3413.01HACMAN::HACKSat May 04 1996Is there a NCL GUI?
3414.02MARVIN::WELCHSun May 05 1996MOP problems with OpenVMS VAX V6.2 and DECnet/OSI V6.3
3416.02NETRIX::"feynmanlo@hgovc.enet.dec.com"Mon May 06 1996csma-cd station user buffer
3417.01QCAVMon May 06 1996decnet phase IV and x.25
3418.0TORETE::BRUNAMon May 06 1996Difference between NSP and OSITP
3419.06SCASS1::TURNERGMon May 06 1996DECserver Download question
3420.02GIDDAY::KINGSMILLTue May 07 1996V6.3 ECO3 INVALIDCOMMAND \Reserved\
3421.0443746::GRAVESTue May 07 1996TCP & DECnet/OSI interdependancy?
3422.04HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEEWed May 08 1996How to set "Maximum Receive Buffers" and wanted guideline.
3423.08MOVIES::POTTERThu May 09 1996Resolving names with local naming option
3424.06PRSSOS::MAGENCThu May 09 1996eco 3 - Access control Violation -
3426.01BBIVFri May 10 1996dpv11 support on vms v6.1 and decnet-osi v 5.7
3427.03CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONFri May 10 1996Osak error 2
3428.05HGOSPS::FEYNMANLOMon May 13 1996FDDI routing circuit as type CSMA-CD
3429.01TAVMon May 13 1996INVEXCEPTN at NET$ROUTING_ES_NPRO Alpha Decnet/OSI 6.3
3430.03TAMIR::BOAZMon May 13 1996 DECnet/OSI ECO 3 and DECNET_CDIVAX
3432.02LATINA::SOENGASTue May 14 1996Cache and entry not found but there is
3433.0EVTAI1::LEGOUBEYTue May 14 1996VAX 6.3 ECO3 and X25 Access
3434.0+5VELI::KORKKOTue May 14 1996X25 access has "hanging" ports
3435.04PRSSOS::MAGENCTue May 14 1996net$configure pb x25-da reachable address prefix
3436.01PRSSOS::MAGENCWed May 15 1996dummy fddi ncl script with database conversion ?
3437.03CHEFS::KORMANThu May 16 1996Reachable Address Filter - MultiCircuit ES?
3438.0DECPRG::PILARThu May 16 1996NET$MGMT crash
3439.03GIDDAY::JOYCEFri May 17 1996questions about SESSION CONTROL APPLICATION
3440.07JOBURG::HARRISFri May 17 1996Invalid NPDU Version/Protocol ID Extension
3441.01KAOFS::D_STREETFri May 17 1996OSI V6.3 ECO 3 has processes going RWAST
3443.06ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSMon May 20 1996FTAM problem: application entity invocation is invalid
3444.0TKTV2Mon May 20 1996I want a trace data of ES multi circuit
3445.0HTSC19::KENNETHMon May 20 1996PGFIPLHI bugcheck caused by NET$MOP
3446.0SWTHOM::MAGENCTue May 21 1996Invalid access NSP if remote username > 12 char
3447.07NEWVAX::MURLEYTue May 21 1996RFC1
3448.02GADWAL::W_MCGAWWed May 22 1996? on converting netobject.dat to .NCL script
3449.03REQUE::BOWERWed May 22 1996application hang
3450.02ZURThu May 23 1996Disconnect because `Max connection already active`
3451.02PRSSOS::NOBREFri May 24 1996session control application and PID
3452.01JOBURG::RYANFri May 24 1996Missing X.25 Gateways
3453.01KAOTFri May 24 1996Limitations of DTSS local time dif'rntial factor
3454.03BARNA::DSMAILTue May 28 1996FTAM supports .FRM files?
3455.01FUNYET::ANDERSONTue May 28 1996AppleTalk/DECnet link doesn't drop
3456.07GUIDUK::SOMERTue May 28 1996Using CMIP to monitor node status
3457.02CHR27::YEUNGWed May 29 1996CDI search path for multiple namespaces
3458.02CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONWed May 29 1996Unable to enable Loop Requester on MOP circuit
3459.05VNZVWed May 29 1996Routing Problems.
3460.02LATINA::ANTONIOCThu May 30 1996VMS 4.7 proxies
3461.03VNACO1::KARASEKThu May 30 1996V6.2-ECO8 NET$TRANSPORT_NSP+2AB1 crash solved ?
3462.010SWTHOM::MAGENCThu May 30 1996fddi/ethernet failover : another question .
3463.01MLNAD8::LONGONIThu May 30 1996ASN.1 missing in DECnet/OSI V7.
3464.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri May 31 1996License question (DECnet v DECnet/OSI)?
3465.02CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONFri May 31 1996DIV32 and DECnet osi V6.2 /psi
3466.08CRONIC::LEMONSMon Jun 03 1996Dual FDDI, non-routing configuration concerns
3467.04CHEFS::HARVEYMon Jun 03 1996FDDI packet size
3468.0153842::PATSALIDISTue Jun 04 1996Access denied while NET$MANAGE granted
3469.04CHEFS::HARVEYTue Jun 04 1996RFC1
3470.01UTOPIE::BRAUN_RTue Jun 04 1996cluster alias temporarily not o.k?
3471.04TBJPST::TBJUST::KURAMITUWed Jun 05 1996DECdns server process dump, OSI V6.3-ECO
3472.06LYOISA::MARTINWed Jun 05 1996DSW timing startup problem
3473.02KAOFS::D_STREETWed Jun 05 1996Threads package bugcheck in DNS
3474.01MARSWed Jun 05 1996MOP circuit + Routing circuit on DECnet/OSI host Y/N ?
3475.03MXOCWed Jun 05 1996Problems with NFT in PWNT...
3476.01HGOVC::FEFSSPSThu Jun 06 1996FTAM to at&t can't up
3477.012CHR27::YEUNGThu Jun 06 1996ES Cache Holding Timer
3478.06SWETSC::TORLIND_LThu Jun 06 1996NSP problem between PhaseIV and PhaseV
3479.04KAOFS::D_STREETThu Jun 06 1996OSI 7.
3480.02HANNAH::KAMATHThu Jun 06 1996What is the impact of Network Priority on an object ?
3481.03HGOSPS::FEYNMANLOFri Jun 07 1996System hangs at DELETE ROUT CIR *
3482.0EVTAI1::LEGOUBEYFri Jun 07 1996AXP GAP very slow
3483.01MSAMMon Jun 10 1996set host between two decnet/osi slow
3484.03WOTVAX::BALMFORTHKMon Jun 10 1996Selection weight limit ??
3485.02SWETSC::ALBINSSONMon Jun 10 1996DECNET/OSI 6.3 eco#3 NSP problem.
3486.02HGOVC::BURANCELEUNGTue Jun 11 1996SET HOST/MOP hang connect to X25router 2
3487.08SWTHOM::MAGENCTue Jun 11 1996net$server.log and number of connections served
3488.0UTRTSC::EISINKWed Jun 12 1996System buffers unavailable
3489.05TAVIS::SHEFTELWed Jun 12 1996TP4 rejects incoming calls after few hours
3490.06KERNEL::LOTAThu Jun 13 1996NET$EVD process access violating
3491.0GIDDAY::CHONGThu Jun 13 1996NET$ACP quota calculation
3492.05VNZVThu Jun 13 1996Q: Two circuits running DECnet on Alpha?
3493.0+4CITYFS::STUCKEYFri Jun 14 1996Event: code 2 from: Node LOCAL:.CSSWS2
3494.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Jun 14 1996Turning off console messages??
3495.02UTOPIE::BRAUN_RMon Jun 17 1996alias system-wide default ?
3497.06SWTHOM::MAGENCMon Jun 17 1996DPV11 or synchronous board on VAX 4
3498.07UTOPIE::BRAUN_RMon Jun 17 1996off-LAN clearinghouses permanently?
3499.04VAXRIO::MAUROMon Jun 17 1996Question about OSI 6.3 upgrading...
3500.02VAXRIO::HENRIQUETue Jun 18 1996Copy over network fails - RMS-F-SYS
3501.012STEVMS::PETTENGILLWed Jun 19 1996Ok, what's an NSAP when decdns is trying to find the initial clearinghouse?
3502.01OSOSPS::HIRAIWAWed Jun 19 1996SS$_REJECT
3504.03PRSSOS::MONZONWed Jun 19 1996pb with processes using decnet object
3505.0UTOPIE::BERG_WWed Jun 19 1996Question on DISABLE FDDI Station!!
3506.03CSC32::J_SOBECKIWed Jun 19 1996ECO
3507.01CSC32::D_SHAVEYWed Jun 19 1996OPCOM message.....?
3508.07VNABRW::STEINER_PThu Jun 20 1996Access Control Violation event
3509.0COMICS::WEIRThu Jun 20 1996DECNET_REGISTER fails to register nodes
3510.04UTOPIE::BRAUN_RThu Jun 20 19962 DNS-servers in a cluster
3511.01UTOPIE::BRAUN_RThu Jun 20 1996DNS-cache: remote clearinghouses forever?
3512.08VNABRW::WALDHERRFri Jun 21 1996OSI/ES to DECNIS question
3513.022ALFETA::MAURICIOFri Jun 21 1996DECnet/OSI multi-homed to FDDI & Ethernet ??
3514.09HGOVC::FEFSSPSMon Jun 24 1996can't copy file from at&t to VMS
3515.05535Mon Jun 24 1996FTAM over CONS/X25 - VAX to 5ESS (AT&T)
3516.03CHEFS::SMITH_JJMon Jun 24 1996Timeout after 3
3517.0TIMABS::FREPPELMon Jun 24 1996how to monitor AppleTalk ports?
3518.04SWTHOM::HOTue Jun 25 1996How Area address autoconfigured ?
3519.02UTOPIE::BRAUN_RTue Jun 25 1996.DNA_NodeSynonym and SYS$NODE
3520.0+7ZURTue Jun 25 1996hang after shutting down TRANSPORTS
3521.0112485::MCDERMOTTTue Jun 25 1996Performance problem with DECNet-OSI V7.
3522.04CSC32::MAULUCCITue Jun 25 1996show node coke not working
3523.0354625::KNEUTSWed Jun 26 1996Event: Reject Received Reason=No Resources
3524.0254625::KNEUTSWed Jun 26 1996SYS$NAME_SERVICES.EXE. only available in separe kits?
3525.03UTOPIE::BRAUN_RWed Jun 26 1996TDF-change in Europe '96?
3526.03UTOPIE::BRAUN_RWed Jun 26 1996proxies not working????
3527.01CROWN::HILLThu Jun 27 1996How does NET$ACP_ERROR.LOG work?
3528.05KYPROS::TOMISThu Jun 27 1996decnet on dual backbone
3529.06COMEUP::SIMMONDSFri Jun 28 1996OSI VAX V7.
3530.03TBJVOA::HASEGAWA_MFri Jun 28 1996Access control violation
3531.03VAXRIO::HENRIQUEFri Jun 28 1996PDU format error in DLM Static circuit.
3532.02SWTHOM::HOFri Jun 28 19966.3 ECO3 , AXP crash during shutdown
3533.02UTOPIE::BRAUN_RFri Jun 28 1996recreate an "existing" clearinghouse
3534.02EWBVMon Jul 01 1996How can I a RA with type=filer??
3535.02OHFSS1::MALOTTMon Jul 01 1996Serious MOP Loading/Dumping Issue
3536.0UTOPIE::BRAUN_RMon Jul 01 1996SYSTEM-F-IVDEVNAM with Dnet/OSI 6.2, ECO7
3537.01KERNEL::HANCOCKMMon Jul 01 1996MOst Stable version of DECnet/OSI please ?
3538.02CSC32::J_RYERMon Jul 01 1996nsp and session control port tracing via CTF
3540.01QCAVTue Jul 02 1996system crashing at les$acp_v3
3541.02UTOPIE::BERG_WTue Jul 02 1996osi6.3-3 decnet eats up memory ??
3542.0154625::HUWAERTTue Jul 02 1996NET$TRANSPORT_OSI hanging the system
3543.0UNTADE::WALKERWed Jul 03 1996Cannot stop process in LEF
3544.0154625::DOBBENIWed Jul 03 1996ASYNC qio problem with decnet osi multhreaded program
3545.01PRAHA::PRNET::PILARThu Jul 04 1996How to get amount of data transfered over NSP or OSI TRANSPORT port
3546.08KAOFS::D_STREETThu Jul 04 1996Proxy Failure, recreate fixed it.
3547.05MLNORO::MALACRIDAFri Jul 05 1996MRX session hang ...
3548.01UTOPIE::BRAUN_RFri Jul 05 1996NSP,OSI performance ?
3549.0653842::PATSALIDISSat Jul 06 1996Ph IV connections slow in a Dual rail config.
3550.01CHEFS::CARSE_DMon Jul 08 1996DEVOFFLINE problem
3551.04STKAI1::IS_SVENSSONMon Jul 08 1996SYSTEM-W-UNKRESULT to ALL-IN-1 sender from MR
3552.02GADWAL::W_MCGAWMon Jul 08 1996File transfer prob under OSI V6.3-eco
3553.02STEVMS::PETTENGILLWed Jul 10 1996DECdns Courier prototype
3554.0VIRGIN::DEMETRIOUWed Jul 10 1996OSI V7.
3555.01KERNEL::HANCOCKMWed Jul 10 1996How do I test the sync port of a DMB32 online ?
3556.06UTOPIE::BRAUN_RWed Jul 10 19966.3, ECO4 no more set h/x ?
3557.0ROMWed Jul 10 1996NET$SERVER.COM
3558.02UTOPIE::BRAUN_RWed Jul 10 1996Header Syntax Error from Routing ?
3559.01VAXRIO::PEIXOTOWed Jul 10 1996Please help me copy DECDNSECO
3560.0JOBURG::BERETTAThu Jul 11 1996Fatal decnet error since VAXSHAD
3561.01ZURThu Jul 11 1996FDDI Port FDDI$FXA_
3562.02MLNCSC::DOMANESCHIThu Jul 11 1996Could not open NET$CONFIG.DAT
3563.01CSC32::J_CORDONSat Jul 13 1996OpenVMS V6.1 DECnet/OSI v6.2 ECO8 EVD problem
3564.0TNPUBS::MILGROMMon Jul 15 1996Have you suggestions or corrections for Network Management Guide?
3565.0SWTHOM::MAGENCTue Jul 16 1996proxy access from vms 4.6 4.7 ignored
3566.01QCAVTue Jul 16 1996cfs.41375
3567.01KAOTTue Jul 16 1996PSI v4.3->OSI: Reconfiguration needed?????
3568.0ULYSSE::REVEMANWed Jul 17 1996Synch DDCMP on Alpha
3569.0+2JOBURG::BARNESThu Jul 18 1996INVEXCEPTN - NET$ROUTING_ES+1584C / V6.3 ECO4
3570.02EVTAI1::LECLERCThu Jul 18 1996NSP problems, VMS 6.2, DECnet 6.3 eco#4 ??
3571.01JOBURG::HARRISFri Jul 19 1996OSI V6.1 AXP Which CD Release
3573.01CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONFri Jul 19 1996Diagnostic code of F1 and a Reason code of 5
3574.01SIOG::DOOLEYMon Jul 22 1996Install X25 component Only ??
3575.0544Tue Jul 23 1996Can't SET HOST <NODE>
3576.07DUCAT::ROSCOETue Jul 23 1996Question on sys$dns call
3577.01HGOSPS::KENNETHWed Jul 24 1996How to install FTAM and OSAK ECOs?
3578.0MLNCSC::DOMANESCHIWed Jul 24 1996%CCR-E-NORESOURCE, insufficient resources
3579.05SMAUG::GARRODWed Jul 24 1996Nodename lengths and valid characters
3580.0GIDDAY::YUFri Jul 26 1996MAIL inc. proxy TRUE by phase IV database conversion
3581.02ZPOVC::YONGLEEFri Jul 26 1996Area router
3582.06QUARK::LIONELFri Jul 26 1996D++?
3584.01NZOVMon Jul 29 1996DTSS, End System performance
3586.02BBPBV1::CARTERMon Jul 29 1996Bit-stuffing on DSW21 using ZTDRIVER ?
3587.08BEET::EAGANMon Jul 29 1996local (not local:) visibility only
3588.0CTHU56::L_PELLANDMon Jul 29 1996Problem with host name when SET HOST
3589.0NZOVTue Jul 30 1996expedited data
3590.01NZOVTue Jul 30 1996set host/vt cheatsheet
3591.01KYPROS::TOMISTue Jul 30 1996ECO
3592.0TAVIS::SHEFTELTue Jul 30 1996system-f-illser when trying to start dns$adver
3593.05FSTSC1::AURANDTue Jul 30 1996Access a system over RFC1
3595.0BULEAN::TROOA::rasTue Jul 30 1996NPAGDYN very rapidly growning - 6.3-
3596.0DECBAH::SCONETTIWed Jul 31 1996Siemens Exchange with DEC Alpha.
3597.0454625::ROELANDTSWed Jul 31 1996where is the sysgen connect command ?
3598.02CSC32::MACGREGORWed Jul 31 1996NCL> loop loop app address ... agent is invalid
3599.04KERNEL::FRYMThu Aug 01 1996LLC2 ISO query..
3601.04UTOPIE::FISCHER_JMon Aug 05 1996Header Syntax Error Event
3602.01EVTAI1::GIRAUD_CMon Aug 05 1996Presentation Decnet over TCP/IP
3603.0TAVIS::SHEFTELTue Aug 06 1996Crash in NET$CONFIGURE
3604.01CHEFS::HATTTue Aug 06 1996Install OSI 6.3 onto Phase IV?
3605.07UTRTSC::KNOPPERSWed Aug 07 1996ttt looses data since upgrading to OSI
3606.01NEWENG::BOWERWed Aug 07 1996Problem with change from LOCAL: to DEC: namespace
3607.0HACMAN::HACKWed Aug 07 1996DTSEND partner exited (v6.3 ECO#4)
3608.05DECPRG::PRNET::PILARWed Aug 07 1996DECnet-Plus - why?????
3609.05KAOFS::D_STREETWed Aug 07 1996CSMA-CD station state when disconnected from net
3610.0519Thu Aug 08 1996Code=
3611.0ZURThu Aug 08 1996transport port name ?
3612.04EEMELI::EINAMOThu Aug 08 1996how to make DTSS get the time from DUnix sustem (NTP)
3613.0EWBVFri Aug 09 1996PH4 es cache VS DECNET-PLUS es cache
3614.03SALEM::FOXSat Aug 10 1996Looking for Multicast Address List that DECnet Uses
3615.03LISTIM::ULTRIXMon Aug 12 1996set h/x working for 3
3616.01VIVIAN::D_BONOWed Aug 14 1996DNS$ADVER process ???
3617.01HGOSPS::FEYNMANLOThu Aug 15 1996FTAM protocol error when making association
3618.03STAR::KEENANThu Aug 15 1996DTS/DTR Problems
3619.0SWTHOM::MAGENCFri Aug 16 1996AlphaServer 21
3620.0BOBINS::PUNSHONFri Aug 16 1996NET$CMISE V6.3 'tighter' than V6.2
3621.01HGOSPS::IVANCHENGSat Aug 17 1996Phase IV code base ...
3622.01CSC32::J_RYERMon Aug 19 1996SYS$REM_NODE not defined on failure to backtranslate
3623.0PRSSOS::CAPAZZATue Aug 20 1996Idle connection timed out
3626.02WMGEN1::nqsrv217.nqo.dec.com::LOVEWed Aug 21 1996NET$CONFIGURE error -SYMOVF why?
3627.03EWBVThu Aug 22 1996Question of V5.8 later ES cache ?
3628.0HGOVC::BILLDICKENSThu Aug 22 1996INVEXECPTN crash in V6.3 (no ECO) - ECO5 patch status?
3629.02COMEUP::SIMMONDSSat Aug 24 1996What's happened to our DTSS Global Servers?
3630.0UTOPIE::BERG_WMon Aug 26 1996Pathworks: Convert DNS - Entry for Phase IV ?
3631.0VIRGIN::DEMETRIOUMon Aug 26 1996Problems with activation of OSIT transport applications
3632.02ZURMon Aug 26 1996Problems with OSI Transport application activation?
3633.09MARSMon Aug 26 1996synchronous + Ethernet without routing/VMS ?
3634.0ZPONTU::YONGLEETue Aug 27 1996OSI on JVMS
3635.01SWTHOM::MAGENCTue Aug 27 1996NET$ACP COM consumes 1
3636.01ZPONTU::SINSPSWed Aug 28 1996How to configure & test FTAM over TCP/IP ?
3638.03HGOSPS::IVANCHENGFri Aug 30 1996FTAM problem ...
3639.02HGOSPS::FEYNMANLOFri Aug 30 1996FTAM provider abort
3640.02MSAMFri Aug 30 1996 Decnet/osi routing problem
3641.01HTSC12::MICKWIDLAMFri Aug 30 1996SSRVEXCEPT bugcheck in LES$PPI_INVOKE+1B
3642.02ROMFri Aug 30 1996FTAM PICS
3643.06QCAVSat Aug 31 1996Crash with DECnet/OSI V6.3 with ECO3
3644.010VELI::KORKKOSun Sep 01 1996FTAM and resolving app_address
3645.01SWTHOM::MAGENCMon Sep 02 1996VAX 6.2 eco 8 , INVEXCEPTN in NPP+c1696e
3646.01EVTAI1::LEGOUBEYMon Sep 02 1996ACCVIO with set h and Failure on the back translate address
3647.01EVTAI1::LEGOUBEYMon Sep 02 1996ES Cache Size = 128
3648.0VAXRIO::NOVELLOMon Sep 02 1996Documentation on differences between V and IV...
3649.0IAMOSI::LEUNGTue Sep 03 1996Access control violation, incoming decnet connections fails but set host works
3650.01SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWTue Sep 03 1996DECnetPlus talk to IV via IV routers?
3651.0MUGGER::BALMFORTHKTue Sep 03 1996SYS$NODE undefined occasionally
3652.03KAOFS::D_STREETWed Sep 04 1996Are the RIGHTS identifiers still needed ?
3653.0SALUD::ORTIZWed Sep 04 1996Getting Transmit errors w/ SET HOST/MOP
3654.01TAEC::ZANNINThu Sep 05 1996load sharing rule on dual ethernet
3655.03UTOPIE::FRUEHWIRTH_MThu Sep 05 1996required patches for OVMS V6.1 to run DNOSI V6.3?
3656.0UTOPIE::FISCHER_JThu Sep 05 1996X.25 illegal packet received --> Decnet link ???
3657.0MUNICH::STEFANThu Sep 05 1996GET_ENVIRONMENT and network topology?
3658.02UTOPIE::BRAUN_RThu Sep 05 1996DECnet/OSI and DECforms/327
3659.014ZURFri Sep 06 1996DECnet maintenance sold?
3660.08VELI::KORKKOSat Sep 07 1996missing all those "X25 port terminated" events
3661.04MEO78A::BARNHOORNMon Sep 09 1996can not start CDI$TRACE
3662.03SWTHOM::HOMon Sep 09 1996show session control app * Process Identifiers
3663.02LEMAN::RINDERKNECHTMon Sep 09 1996STC execute command and DECnet V6.3 ECO 3,4 and 5
3664.01TAEC::SAFFACHEWed Sep 11 1996DECnet-Plus V7.1 mandatory for OVMS V7.1 ?
3665.0+18MAYDAY::DOLANWed Sep 11 1996DECNET_MIGRATE error
3666.015QUARK::LIONELThu Sep 12 1996NOTES on an OSI node doesn't do node names
3667.04CHUECA::JMGUERRAFri Sep 13 1996Another crash with DECnet/OSI 6.1
3668.08UTOPIE::FISCHER_JFri Sep 13 1996show dtss local server does't work
3670.03BULEAN::OLSONFri Sep 13 1996DECnet-Plus Engineering in Barcelona
3671.08VELI::KORKKOSun Sep 15 1996some session control apps fail
3672.01MLNCSC::DOMANESCHIMon Sep 16 1996DECnet/Osi 6.3 eco 5 SET H/X
3673.0CHUECA::JMGUERRAMon Sep 16 1996Need help. Looking for DECNET/Osi 6.2 eco 3
3674.01THESUN::HEGARTYPMon Sep 16 1996problem with product remove OSAK
3675.0KAOTMon Sep 16 1996X25 shutdown errors on AXP 6.3 ECO5
3676.09CSC32::J_RYERTue Sep 17 1996endnode adjacencies to router in different area
3677.06CSC32::D_MILLERWed Sep 18 1996Alphastation 255 and problems with DE2
3678.01528Wed Sep 18 1996intra ethernet bit processing
3679.02LATINA::GREGORIOThu Sep 19 1996NET$SHUTDOWN force a crash in < disable node
3680.06TROOA::GREENALLThu Sep 19 1996dtss consistantly dying
3682.03BIKINI::ADAEFri Sep 20 1996matching NSAPs, incomming calls
3683.03NIONIO::NIKOLICMon Sep 23 1996DECnet OSI crash INVEXCPTN after install
3684.0CGOSMon Sep 23 1996Network interfaces in a 21
3685.03ONOIS1::GAIRNSTue Sep 24 1996Why do I have 2 paths for a single session?
3686.01HGOVC::PATRICKNGWed Sep 25 1996Urgent. Filtering function???
3687.01CSC32::SHEEHYWed Sep 25 1996Confirming cause of rem-f-neterr
3688.02BIKINI::DITEWed Sep 25 1996RFC1
3689.03CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONWed Sep 25 1996RNR's and restes on X.29 call.
3690.0CHUECA::JMGUERRAThu Sep 26 1996Broute & wanrouter cluster alias question
3691.01SWTHOM::HOThu Sep 26 1996SYSTEM-F-DUPLNAM When start MOP
3692.0TIMAMD::JMPAZThu Sep 26 1996Pathworks slowdown
3693.02HGOVC::PATRICKNGThu Sep 26 1996Separation IP and DECNET on a OVMS host?
3694.01QCAVThu Sep 26 1996Does decnet/osi V7.
3695.05ZURThu Sep 26 199619
3696.0SWTHOM::HOFri Sep 27 1996UNHANDCOND and ACCVIO with NET$EVD 7.
3697.04ZURFri Sep 27 1996Token Ring Support fot DECNET ???
3698.0PRSSOS::MONZONFri Sep 27 1996OSI V6.3 ECO5 has process going RWAST
3699.0UTOPIE::BRAUN_RFri Sep 27 1996no routing events in v6.3 (ECO5) ?
3700.09GIDDAY::STANISLAUSTue Oct 01 1996Host Based Routing
3701.02SWTHOM::HOTue Oct 01 1996Strange MOP DUMP process, V7.
3702.0ROMTue Oct 01 1996multiplex more links onto same transp..datalink?
3703.0ZURTue Oct 01 1996S C Tower Maintenance entity ?
3704.01EVTAI1::GIRAUD_CTue Oct 01 1996Login information invalid at remote node intermittently
3706.03ZURThu Oct 03 1996NET$EVD.DMP desirable for problem-reporting
3707.06CHR27::YEUNGThu Oct 03 1996V6.2+ECO
3708.01PRSSOS::KOENIGThu Oct 03 1996new nsp files for 6.3 eco5 !!
3709.010HTSC19::IVANCHENGFri Oct 04 1996FTAM problem ...
3710.04UTOPIE::BRAUN_RFri Oct 04 1996adding own sess. contr. applications
3711.05EVTAI1::LEGOUBEYFri Oct 04 1996V6.3 ECO5 hanging
3712.0TAEC::BEROUDMon Oct 28 1996Help: Ethernet loopback programs not working when DECnet OSI is running
3713.03CHR27::YEUNGSat Oct 05 1996Bad Performance with Phase IV area routers
3714.0MSDOA::LOVETue Oct 08 1996VMS 6.1 DECnet OSI v6.2 DESQA problem
3715.05SWTHOM::HOWed Oct 09 1996System hanged with NCL>disable NSP
3716.0UTRTSC::VROOIJThu Oct 10 1996OSIT$NAMES world writeable?
3717.03MSAMThu Oct 10 1996How disable the facitlity code on FTAM call
3718.0UTOPIE::BRAUN_RFri Oct 11 1996DTS NULL-provider
3719.0UTOPIE::BRAUN_RFri Oct 11 1996no route ?
3720.01CSC32::ROSSFri Oct 11 1996Fix kits for VMS/VAX 7.
3721.01CUJO::SAMPSONMon Oct 14 1996where is the fix in 3359.3?
3722.02SWTHOM::MAGENCTue Oct 15 1996crash invexceptn alpha 6.3 eco 2 net$routing_es+432c8
3723.015CAMINO::MCCANCETue Oct 15 1996flush won't get rid of old synonym info?
3724.01CSC32::MAULUCCITue Oct 15 1996net$mop resources
3725.01PMESD::ABBOTTWed Oct 16 1996Upgrade to Phase V
3726.08OTOOA::JPONDThu Oct 17 1996DECnet/OSI licence for X.25 circuit?
3727.04CHR27::YEUNGThu Oct 17 1996DTSS OPENETHER OPCOM message
3729.0554625::ROELANDTSFri Oct 18 1996Cluster shutdown hangs - OSI V6.3-ECO5
3730.08STKHLM::WEBJORNMon Oct 21 1996Where does the 512 SVC limit come from?
3731.01CHEFS::MARSHALL_NTue Oct 22 1996tdf change
3732.04BOBINS::PUNSHONWed Oct 23 1996Problems with backup root clearinghouses
3733.01CTHU56::L_PELLANDWed Oct 23 1996Version of OSI for AlphaServer 41
3734.010CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONThu Oct 24 1996what is PAD-E-SECSTS, secondary status = 17
3735.03NEWVAX::MURLEYMon Oct 28 1996Problems Configuring with FDDI
3737.01QCAVTue Oct 29 1996Unrecognised node name
3738.02ZURWed Oct 30 1996DTSS$SERVICE.DMP on VAX
3739.02UTOPIE::BERG_WWed Oct 30 1996OSI 6.3-ECO 5 Shutdown hangs at transport
3740.02AEOENG::DEPARDONWed Oct 30 1996does DECnetOSI 6.3 (+ECO5) include DNSECO1
3741.03ILOVWed Oct 30 1996SJA
3742.01AEOENG::DEPARDONThu Oct 31 1996Fatal bugcheck INVEXCEPTN - Phase IV address
3743.06SWTHOM::MAGENCThu Oct 31 19962 last digits of even called dte add are zeroed
3744.03UTOPIE::BERG_WThu Oct 31 1996OSI 6.3-ECO 5 Startup hangs at enable alias port
3745.01SWTHOM::HOThu Oct 31 1996REMACP in the RWAST
3746.04RUPERT::BROWNThu Oct 31 1996set host not using alias
3747.02HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGThu Oct 31 1996service code 66 error
3748.03ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSSun Nov 03 1996x25 fallover required
3749.0154625::DOBBENIMon Nov 04 1996another shutdown problem
3750.0553842::PATSALIDISMon Nov 04 1996Problems on OSI DECss7 platform
3751.01HGOSPS::FEYNMANLOTue Nov 05 1996OPCOM message - unknown class
3752.03HGOSPS::FEYNMANLOTue Nov 05 1996Device ZTA
3753.01ALCALA::ECSO_LTHTue Nov 05 1996proxy, osi,phase iv
3754.03CSC32::J_RYERTue Nov 05 1996backtranslation on incoming $SET HOST ?
3755.09ZURTue Nov 05 1996X25 ACCESS PORT * does not match the WITH clause
3756.01KERNEL::SMITH_PTue Nov 05 1996x25 load share dsw42 single dte address
3757.0HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGTue Nov 05 1996set receive buffer
3758.06BIKINI::DITEWed Nov 06 1996Problems starting P.S.I. DECnet+ Version K7.1-EFT4
3759.02EEMELI::VIRNESThu Nov 07 1996NSP Flow Control in V6.2 ECO8?
3760.03MARVIN::WALTERTue Nov 12 1996X.25 and ISDN? ...
3761.06COMICS::WEIRWed Nov 13 1996VAXPHV
3762.0+8COMICS::WEIRWed Nov 13 1996VA exapansion in NET$ACP, DNS$Server, DTSS, etc
3763.01COMICS::WEIRWed Nov 13 1996Proxy fixes (?!) in VAXLOAD
3764.03CSC32::J_RYERWed Nov 13 1996Flow control on X.25 GAP connections
3765.03SPICSS::DESIDERIWed Nov 13 1996NSP port not Deallocated
3766.02ATYISA::LEBRUNWed Nov 13 1996Need of an X25 license to support an X4
3767.02HGOM11::HELENZHOUThu Nov 14 1996Asynch DDCMP support status with V6.3,V7.
3768.01HGOSPS::KENNETHThu Nov 14 1996UIC from session control port get confuse again
3769.01MLNORO::MALACRIDATue Nov 19 1996wich kind of API to OSI Transport?
3771.04535Tue Nov 19 1996FTAM DIR to 5ESS AT&T cont.
3772.0ZURTue Nov 19 1996DECnet missing after reboot
3773.04ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSThu Nov 21 1996dte subaddresses and decnet/osi
3774.04ICS::BARRYThu Nov 21 1996Upgrade Question?
3775.018RTOAL2::MAHERFri Nov 22 1996Zero length network reads
3776.02CSC32::B_GODWINMon Nov 25 1996system hangs in osi startup
3777.02TALER::GAISFORDMon Nov 25 1996Back translation problem & NET$49
3778.01HTSC19::IVANCHENGTue Nov 26 1996 DHS32 for BISYNC and X.25 ?
3779.01QCAVWed Nov 27 1996decnet not recognised..
3780.01LATINA::JMGUERRAWed Nov 27 1996%UAF-E-NAFREMERR deleting proxies
3781.07QCAVWed Nov 27 1996DECnet/OSI V5.7,OpenVMS VAX 5.5-2,DECnet link not coming up after breakdown...
3782.01POMPY::LESLIEWed Nov 27 1996LOGFAILs by the million
3783.03ANNECY::LEMMAWed Nov 27 1996End node or full functions
3784.02DECPRG::MRKVAThu Nov 28 1996OSI 5.7a -> 6.3 on VAX is possible ?
3785.05LATINA::JMGUERRAMon Dec 02 1996Looking for clues when routing is gone
3786.04SWTHOM::HOMon Dec 02 1996To be notified when a wrap happens ?
3787.0QCAVTue Dec 03 1996set host/dte TNAXXX: hangs some times...
3788.01SWTHOM::NOBRETue Dec 03 1996accvio into net$evd(DN/OSI 6.3ECO5 on AXP)
3789.012SQUALO::ASTRUATue Dec 03 1996OSAK V.1.1 versus OSAK V.3.
3790.0MEO78A::BARNHOORNTue Dec 03 1996DEFPA-DA report's as SAS type still
3791.05LATINA::SOENGASWed Dec 04 1996doc,course,osi
3792.01BACHUS::GOOVAERTSThu Dec 05 1996TPDU with ROA not ACKED
3793.03BACHUS::DEWILDEFri Dec 06 1996%PSI-E-NOSHUT with DECnet/OSI V6.3-ECO
3794.0DECPRG::1Fri Dec 06 1996Restricted token timeout ?
3795.03KAOTMon Dec 09 1996Require status on QAR from May/96
3796.02CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONMon Dec 09 1996Customer question on Mailbox depth,
3797.02TIKVAH::ARTHURTue Dec 10 1996Host-based Routing Documentation?
3798.02EDSCLU::GAVINTue Dec 10 1996DNS Portable Interface on AXP ?
3799.05QCAVThu Dec 12 1996DECnet/OSI V6.3 ECO5,OpenVMS VAX V6.2, routing problem...
3800.03DECPRG::1Thu Dec 12 1996CSMA-CD station receive buffers ?
3801.01SALUD::ORTIZThu Dec 12 1996X25 UPGRADE TO 1.
3802.03VAXRIO::MAUROMon Dec 16 1996DECnet crash. CAN_SERVER already used...
3803.01MICROW::ROSCOEMon Dec 16 1996crash in net$session_control
3804.01QCAVTue Dec 17 1996Trace utility document on net?...
3805.05ATYISA::CHAFFAUT_CTue Dec 17 1996AS4
3806.0CHEFS::MARSHALL_NTue Dec 17 1996cdi entry timeout
3807.01DECPRG::1Tue Dec 17 1996psi access problem on DNOSI6.3,OVMS6.2
3808.08COMEUP::SIMMONDSTue Dec 17 1996PCSI DTSS Server ReConfig. woes V6.3ECO
3809.01HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGWed Dec 18 1996how to enable OSAK trace log
3810.03SOS6::MONZONWed Dec 18 1996LOAD BALANCING through two lines
3811.02ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSWed Dec 18 1996ftp problem
3812.01HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGThu Dec 19 1996net$configure problem
3813.0AMCFAC::RABAHYThu Dec 19 1996DNA Session Control issue?
3814.0+3NSDPThu Dec 19 1996Invalid Message Format
3815.07KAOTFri Dec 20 1996NET$EVD disappears in OSI v6.2 ECO8
3816.01BACHUS::ROELANDTSMon Dec 23 1996X25 acceess filter priority
3817.01TUXEDO::BAKERMon Dec 23 1996
3818.02BACHUS::ROELANDTSTue Dec 24 1996DECnet OSI V6.3-ECO5 & DNS problems
3819.0CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONFri Dec 27 1996Looking for old WS15
3820.0AUBER::HOTue Dec 31 1996sys$cluster_node and several ALIAS PORTs
3821.01UTRTSC::PRINSENThu Jan 02 1997CMISE API programming
3822.0HGOVC::CHRISTSANGMon Jan 06 1997DECnet/OSI documentation
3823.01EVTAI1::LEGOUBEYTue Jan 07 1997V7.1 crash in mode router QAR 2735
3824.01EVTAI1::LEGOUBEYTue Jan 07 1997Multiple cluster aliases
3826.05BLUFSH::ROSCOEWed Jan 08 1997Unrecognized Individual Destination PDU
3827.01RULLE::KLASSONThu Jan 09 1997Inbound CONS connections to OSI Transport
3828.04CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONMon Jan 13 1997Mop cir fddi-
3829.01CSC32::B_GODWINTue Jan 14 1997osi v63 eco3 install fails with accvio
3830.0+2ATZIS3::5Tue Jan 14 1997enable/disable MOP by node with cluster-common MOP client database
3831.03TAGAUS::AURANDWed Jan 15 1997CML-E-INVALID_PDU Problem with NCL
3832.0+1AUBER::HOWed Jan 15 1997NOSUCHOBJ agains LINKEXIT
3833.01ZURThu Jan 16 1997routing circuit event info missing
3834.0KAOTThu Jan 16 1997decnet_register> update node question
3835.0+1JOBURG::HARRISFri Jan 17 1997OSIv6.2 and ECO2 ??? !!!!
3836.0+3CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONFri Jan 17 1997PCSI-E-OBJDES error on DECnet /OSI 6.3 ECO 6 install
3837.0+2VIRGIN::BASSIMon Jan 20 1997DNVOSI 7.
3838.03PRSSOS::MONZONMon Jan 20 1997Crashes INVEXCEPTN in LES$ACP_V3
3839.0+2UTOPIE::BERG_WTue Jan 21 1997%SYSTEM-F-IVDEVNAM at connecting a link
3840.02GADWAL::W_MCGAWTue Jan 21 1997two questions on DECnet/OSI startup.
3841.0+2MUNICH::SCHALLERThu Jan 23 1997file already accessed on channel (Alpha?)
3842.01OHFSS1::MALOTTThu Jan 23 1997Console output during startup & MOP client starts
3843.0 *+4ZURFri Jan 24 1997NSP Flow control ?
3844.0 *+3GRUFFY::ZAHORAFri Jan 24 1997network login failures with new DECnet Plus node
3845.0 *AUBER::HOFri Jan 24 1997Why IP hostname must be added in ALF since Eco6 6.3 ?
3846.0 *+1ITARES::IT_122823Mon Jan 27 1997Crash on NET$TRANSPORT_OSI +
3848.0 *+1ANNECY::KLING_CMon Jan 27 1997Shutdown / Cut OFF
3849.0 *+3HGOVC::CHRISTSANGMon Jan 27 1997DECnet phase 4 to DECnet/OSI migration
3850.0 *SOS6::MONZONWe