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Conference allvax::pro_engineer

Title:Pro/ENGINEER Conference
Notice:Do a DIR/TITLE before writing a new note
Created:Fri Oct 07 1988
Last Modified:Thu Jun 05 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:426
Total number of notes:1446
Number with bodies:76
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2.0CADM::WEEDFri Oct 07 1988What is Pro/ENGINEER?
3.02CADM::WEEDFri Oct 07 1988Optional Modules
4.03CADM::WEEDFri Oct 07 1988License Information
5.02CADM::WEEDFri Oct 07 1988Training information
7.04GUPPY6::REINEMANNTue Oct 11 1988Printing/Plotting
8.0MECAD::NELSONWed Oct 12 1988Directory Error with Short Term files
9.02GUPPY6::REINEMANNWed Oct 12 1988System performance
10.01DEVIN::LUCASFri Oct 14 1988Modify User Def. Features?
11.0DEVIN::LUCASFri Oct 14 1988Tired of copying files around?
12.02JACKAL::REINEMANNTue Oct 25 1988Color selection problem
13.0DCC::NATHASINGHWed Oct 26 1988Enhancement reqs & error reporting
14.0MECAD::NELSONWed Nov 30 1988Pro/ENGINEER Support Procedure
15.0MECAD::NELSONWed Nov 30 1988Sample CONFIG.PRO default file
16.01CTCADM::REHMMon Dec 12 1988Pro/ENGINEER and 1
19.0EUCLID::WARFIELDTue Dec 20 1988Performance Info
20.0CTCADM::NELSONTue Dec 20 1988Remember - file Long Term for V3.
21.0MECAD::NELSONWed Feb 08 1989Pro/ENGINEER Version 3.
22.01MECAD::WEEDFri Feb 24 1989Installation Guide for PRO/Engineer
23.01CIM26::LYONSWed Mar 01 1989Pro Engineer and Version 5.1 VMS
24.0MECAD::NELSONMon Mar 13 1989Select Hidden now available in Modify
25.0CADSE::MONIZWed Mar 15 1989New Course at CTC - Pro/ENG V3.
26.0CADSE::VOWLESFri Mar 17 1989Pro/ENGINEER Training
27.0CADSE::VOWLESTue Mar 21 1989Update to note 25
28.0MECAD::DEGNANThu May 04 1989Software status report for April
29.01ICHI::HOWARDFri May 05 1989import /export PRO <>UG<>EUCLID<>IMAGE
30.0MECAD::DEGNANTue May 30 1989DEC formats for use within Pro/ENGINEER
31.01CIM26::LYONSMon Jun 05 1989Decimal Places
32.0MECAD::DEGNANWed Jun 07 1989Technical Review Meeting Highlights (held
33.0MECAD::WEEDWed Jun 07 1989PRO/Engineer discounts ....!
34.0ALLVAX::DEGNANThu Jun 15 1989Results of Pro/IMPORT testing @ CTC
35.0ALLVAX::DEGNANWed Jun 21 1989Letter sent to PTC concerning Pro/IMPORT
36.01GUESS::WOODRUFFMon Jun 26 1989Files with feature information????
37.0ALLVAX::WEEDTue Jun 27 1989Naming conventions for Pro/ENGINEER
38.0ALLVAX::DEGNANTue Jun 27 1989CTC requesting status of HCUIS output problems
39.0ALLVAX::DEGNANWed Jul 19 1989Creation of UIS files *COMING SOON*
40.09CADSE::VOWLESTue Aug 08 1989Pro-V4.
41.0ALLVAX::DEGNANMon Aug 28 1989Letter sent to PTC - Results of Pro Focus Mtg
42.05CUBICB::BARKERWed Oct 18 1989PRO on DECstation 31
43.03ALLVAX::DEGNANMon Oct 23 1989Weekly Onsite Support at CTC Provided by PTC
44.02AURIGA::DIGILIOWed Nov 22 1989can't pick stuff!
45.0AURIGA::DIGILIOTue Dec 05 1989PRE- and POST- PROmold
46.02AURIGA::DIGILIOTue Dec 19 1989Background colors?
47.01CADSE::VOWLESTue Dec 19 1989New character font for Pro
49.01HGOVC::BUCHHOLZThu Jan 04 1990Pro/ENGINEER Database
50.01THOTH::FILZTue Jan 09 1990problem with drawing mode
51.01THOTH::FILZWed Jan 10 1990Problems with cut out
52.04AURIGA::DIGILIOThu Jan 11 1990Enhancement request- PROdetail
54.0ALLVAX::HOTLINETue Jan 23 1990- PTC Program Manager Announcement -
55.0ALLVAX::DEGNANMon Jan 29 1990DEC STD Formats for Pro
56.01THOTH::FILZWed Feb 14 1990lcg
57.0ALLVAX::DEGNANMon Mar 05 1990Introducing PROCONVERT!!!
58.04AURIGA::DIGILIOMon Mar 05 1990delete-last-created?
59.0ALLVAX::VOWLESTue Mar 13 1990Beta Test Results V5.
60.0ALLVAX::DEGNANThu Mar 15 1990New PostScript Functionality!!!
61.02AURIGA::DIGILIOTue Mar 20 1990What's in the code anyway?
62.03ALLVAX::DEGNANTue Mar 20 1990What is Pro/PROGRAM anyway? HUH???
63.01ELMST::GALGALIKARWed Mar 21 1990PRO/USERS meeting
64.02ROBOTS::PISUPATIThu Mar 22 1990PRO version 4.
65.02ALLVAX::NELSONTue Apr 17 1990Version 5.
66.018955::NELSONMon Apr 23 19904/2
67.018955::NELSONMon Apr 23 1990Version 5.
68.03DEVIN::LUCASThu May 03 1990V5.
69.0DEVIN::LUCASThu May 03 1990NLO Problems
70.01ALLVAX::DEGNANFri May 04 1990Fun with Formats - V5.
71.02ALLVAX::DEGNANThu May 10 1990Postscript Placement Fix - PSFIX.COM
72.02ELMST::GALGALIKARFri May 11 1990***** PRO/Concept S.O.S. *****
73.01MSHRMS::NELSONMon May 14 1990Pro & DECwindows - to be or not to be...
74.0ALLVAX::NELSONTue May 15 1990DECstations: 31
75.01MSHRMS::NELSONThu May 24 1990Pro UTILITY area for shared files
76.0ALLVAX::NELSONMon Jun 11 19901st Annual Pro/USER Group Mtg.
77.0ALLVAX::NELSONMon Jul 02 1990TOP 1
78.0ALLVAX::VOWLESMon Jul 02 1990New Configuration File 5.
79.0MSHRMS::NELSONMon Jul 16 1990View Menus Hidden by Graphics Window
80.0ALLVAX::NELSONWed Jul 25 1990Minor problem - Sketcher within Assembly mode
81.02DEVIN::LUCASFri Aug 03 1990UWS 2.2 on DECstations anyone?
82.0DEVIN::LUCASThu Sep 27 1990Unretrievable Assembly - "Stack Limit Exceeded"
83.01SHARE::MCGRATHWed Oct 03 1990Pro under Ultrix 4.
84.0MSHRMS::NELSONThu Oct 18 1990Version 6.
85.0ALLVAX::NELSONFri Nov 16 1990Product Description...V6 Modules
86.0ALLVAX::DEGNANMon Dec 10 1990Preping for V6.
87.0ALLVAX::DEGNANMon Dec 10 1990Pro/E Training Info for Jan '91
88.0THOTH::FILZWed Dec 19 1990family table in assembly
89.01METECH::DIGILIOFri Dec 28 1990to add draft or not to add..
90.03METECH::DIGILIOMon Jan 14 1991construction quandry?
91.0ALLVAX::DEGNANMon Jan 21 1991V6.
92.0ALLVAX::DEGNANMon Jan 21 1991More on the release of V6.
93.0ALLVAX::DEGNANMon Jan 21 1991Results of Pro/ENGINEER's Enhancement Survey
94.0ALLVAX::DEGNANMon Jan 28 1991Is a file Short term or Long term? Use PTELL!
95.0ALLVAX::DEGNANMon Feb 25 1991New V6.
96.02METECH::DIGILIOThu Mar 07 1991tips and pitfalls
97.01METECH::DIGILIOMon Apr 01 1991Enhancement request..
98.0JAWJA::GRESHMon Apr 01 1991Parametric Technology announces Release 7.
99.02ALLVAX::DEGNANTue Apr 16 1991New and Improves coming at you in V7.
100.0SHARE::MCGRATHTue Apr 23 1991Pro crashing my Decstation
101.0MSHRMS::NELSONWed Apr 24 1991Pro/USER Meeting Info
102.03METECH::DIGILIOWed Apr 24 1991PRO pains
103.01METECH::DIGILIOMon Apr 29 1991Shaded plot outputs?
105.0ALLVAX::ROUNDTREEFri May 17 1991Pro/SHEETMETAL Request for enhancements
107.03MIACT::RANKINEMon Jun 17 1991PRO/Engineer info reqd, please
108.0ALLVAX::DEGNANMon Jun 24 1991+++ Pro/USER Group Meeting '91 +++
109.01ALLVAX::DONAHUEWed Jul 24 1991MODEX - ECAD <-> MCAD Data Translator
110.0MSHRMS::NELSONMon Aug 26 1991Drafting - Roadblocks and Detours...
111.0ALLVAX::P_SULLIVANSat Sep 07 1991MCAD/CAE support announcement
112.04PIPE::GOODFri Sep 13 1991Virtual reality or Presence extensions?
113.0ALLVAX::VOWLESFri Oct 18 1991Pro Training Oct-Dec 1991
114.0ALLVAX::VOWLESFri Oct 18 1991New Product Release Notes V8.
115.0MSHRMS::NELSONMon Dec 16 1991THIN feature dimensioning bug in v8
116.0MSHRMS::NELSONMon Dec 16 1991Contacting users at other co's
117.0MR4DEC::SRINIVASANFri Feb 07 1992Pro/ENGINEER case study
118.0MSHRMS::NELSONWed Feb 12 1992Creating spring geometry...
119.0MSHRMS::NELSONWed Feb 12 1992Some Pro/USER '92 Presentation topics
120.01MSHRMS::NELSONThu Apr 09 1992Changing the Tolerance Setting in Existing Parts
121.015MSHRMS::NELSONThu Apr 09 1992Who's Using this Notes Conference??
122.0COGITO::BAKERTue May 19 1992Introduction
123.0MSHRMS::NELSONThu May 28 1992Dimensioning Arcs
124.0MSHRMS::NELSONTue Jun 09 1992Regen problems? You're not alone.
125.043D::DEGNANFri Jul 24 1992Am I in *tune*?
126.0COGITO::VOWLESWed Aug 12 1992Highlights of Pro/ENG Users Meeting
127.0MSHRMS::NELSONTue Sep 01 1992Renaming drawings and models easily
128.01MSHRMS::NELSONFri Sep 11 1992Enhancements for Sketcher??
129.01MSHRMS::NELSONFri Sep 11 1992Using IGES for Assemblies...
130.0MSHRMS::NELSONWed Sep 30 1992Layers - what about Layers??
131.03MSHRMS::NELSONFri Dec 11 1992Version 1
132.049ESOA11::CONDELLThu Feb 11 1993Alpha PORT STATUS
133.01RTPLThu Feb 18 1993V1
134.0MSHRMS::NELSONThu Feb 25 1993HOW TO...make isometric xsections
135.0ESOA12::CONDELLWed Mar 17 1993Pro-Engineer Demo Software
140.03POBOX::PREISTERTue Mar 23 19933d graphics capability
141.03GLDOA::BOELEMAWed Mar 31 1993What Graphics Cards for PRO/E & Alpha?
143.0CALS::VOWLESFri Apr 16 1993Dec's 1993 Enhancement list submitted to PTC
145.04DYOSW8::WILDERMon Apr 19 1993What is needed for Alpha system??
146.07ESOA12::CONDELLTue Apr 27 1993Pro-E Alpha/OSF SHIPPING ON MAY 5TH!!
147.01CTOAVX::WOERNERWed Apr 28 1993Installing PRO/E on Alpha OSF
148.04SWAM2::MARTIN_KEThu Apr 29 1993Benchmarks on ALPHA?
149.02INDYX::ramThu Apr 29 1993Swap over-consumption on ULTRIX
150.03MR4DEC::SRINIVASANFri Apr 30 1993ANSYS 5.
151.022MR4DEC::MGREENFIELDFri Apr 30 1993ProE Performance (OSF)
152.05RCOCER::ROLANDRTue May 11 1993ProE for Windows/NT?
153.08MSHRMS::NELSONWed May 12 1993AGENDA for Pro/USER '93 Conference...
155.01DYOSW8::WILDERFri May 14 1993Expected date for 3D support???
156.03DYOSW8::WILDERMon May 17 19935
157.02GLDOA::KATZMon May 24 1993Excursion and Pro E
158.02GLDOA::DBOSAKWed Jun 09 1993OKAY -- WHERE IS IT?!!
159.02MR4DEC::PASHAPOURThu Jun 10 1993Tell us about your experience!
160.016MR4DEC::MGREENFIELDTue Jun 15 1993tuning hints and tricks
161.08MSHRMS::NELSONTue Jun 15 1993Version 11 Bug(s)
162.01RCOCER::ROLANDRThu Jun 17 1993PROE/OSF/3D Running on Pelican!!
163.05DYOSW8::WILDERSun Jun 27 1993Kubota Pacific Graphics Card
164.0MSHRMS::MSHRMS::LAUWed Jun 30 1993problems plotting certain views of a part
165.03TASTY::CLARKThu Jul 01 1993Problems with Version 11 on OSF/1 with PXGT and PXGT+
166.02MR4DEC::MGREENFIELDFri Jul 16 1993performance update
167.07DYOSW8::WILDERTue Jul 20 1993Pro Engineer and R4
169.04GLDOA::DBOSAKWed Jul 21 19933/D Graphics SUpport?
170.05GLDOA::DBOSAKThu Jul 22 1993Other Engineering Note Conferences?
171.02ROWDY::PAINTERTue Jul 27 1993SUN IPX outperforms Pelican PXG+ system running PRO-E
172.02USFHSL::DBOSAKFri Jul 30 1993Windows N/T Performnce Comparisons?
173.02PAOIS1::HUETFri Aug 06 1993Migration and Mixed Environment
174.02HOLZER::HOLZERWed Aug 11 1993Time to report WINS!
175.03MR4DEC::PASHAPOURTue Aug 17 1993To run 3D!
177.03GLDOA::SIEMBORThu Aug 19 1993CADAM to Pro-E Translation
178.0MSHRMS::LAUThu Aug 26 1993Configuration File Option: iconify_entire_pro
179.0MR4DEC::PASHAPOURWed Sep 01 19939334! New malloc is released.
180.02GLDOA::BOELEMAWed Sep 08 1993Anyone using OSF 1.3 and a PXG+?
181.01ROWDY::PAINTERFri Sep 10 1993Video of Pro-E comparing us to Sun, HP and SGI
182.03SWAM2::MARTIN_KESat Sep 11 1993Pro/E Costs?
183.02MR4DEC::MGREENFIELDTue Sep 14 19939334 performance results
184.01MUNK::DOIRONWed Sep 15 1993Help on VMS / Pro Performance / Bugs
185.0MR4DEC::PASHAPOURWed Sep 15 1993Availability of PRO/ENGINEER on ALPHA VMS V1.5
186.02SWAM2::MARTIN_KEFri Oct 01 1993PTC frustration
187.02HOLZER::HOLZERFri Oct 15 1993AUTOFACT is coming
188.05MLNORO::BELLENCHIAThu Oct 21 1993Suggestion for a benchmark against IBM, HP and SGI
189.01FHOHUB::EYAK::DEVINEMon Nov 01 1993invalid assembly - axp 15
190.03SWAM2::MARTIN_KEMon Nov 01 1993PTC Power Package
191.0RCOCER::ROLANDRTue Nov 02 1993Version Mismatch 9334 w/Ultrix 4.2a??
192.0HPCGRP::TASARWed Nov 03 1993DECpc AXP/15
193.0GLDOA::DBOSAKTue Nov 16 19933/D Performance Help?
194.02SWAM2::MARTIN_KEThu Nov 18 1993Power of Change Package
195.01ROCKS::CAMPFri Nov 26 1993Price for PTC software?
196.011BLGTue Nov 30 1993Is the release 12 good for DEC ?
197.03IVOSTue Dec 14 1993Alpha NT Problem
198.0DRLSGT::COZZOLONGOWed Dec 22 1993Free Memory for Pro/E
199.01ANGLIN::BROWNMon Dec 27 1993Trouble with an installed site
200.01CALS::STAATSTue Jan 04 1994Configuration for best performance?
201.02FILTON::STEVENS_MWed Jan 05 1994ZLX slower than PXG or is it the S/W ?
203.06CIGRBX::OCONNORThu Jan 13 1994Less-than-expected performance on 3
204.02UNYEM::LEFFLERMMon Jan 17 1994#9 graphics vs Compaq
205.0SYOMV::NELSONMon Jan 17 1994Pro/Ultrix/4.3a
207.09HDLITE::PASHAPOURThu Jan 27 1994tuning/benchmarking guide for Alphs systems!
208.0MSHRMS::LAUThu Jan 27 1994Pro/USER Group Enhancement Ballot
209.012FILTON::STEVENS_MTue Feb 01 1994Still have performance problem on ZLX
210.01IVOSFri Feb 04 1994PTC AE says Alpha is Best
211.0LEDS::ACCIARDIFri Feb 11 1994Pro/E on PC/Excursion
212.01SHARE::MCGRATHTue Feb 15 1994Pro/Surface question
213.0HDLITE::PASHAPOURTue Mar 01 1994Attaching plotters to AOSF systems!
214.01UNYEM::LEFFLERMWed Mar 09 1994poor performance on AXP NT
215.06TRNOI2::POLETTIFri Mar 25 1994Pro_engineer and OSF 2.
216.08GLDOA::BOELEMAWed Mar 30 1994performance and config questions
217.01GLDOA::DBOSAKThu Mar 31 1994SGI Information needed!
218.01UKVWed Apr 13 1994AXP VMS Configuration for PRO/E
219.01UNYEM::LEFFLERMThu Apr 21 1994AXP NT - use HPFS
220.04INDYX::ramMon Apr 25 1994Pro/E and "swap below 1
221.05SWAM2::MARTIN_KEThu Apr 28 1994Pro V13
222.0MSHRMS::LAUMon May 02 19941994 Pro/USER Conference
223.02FAILTE::TAYLORFri May 06 1994URGENT: Alpha/Kubota reference?
224.04IVOSS1::MCINTYRE_JATue May 17 1994IGES to Pro Sketcher
225.07CAPNET::BAUCOMMon May 23 1994High Performance Graphics for AXP15
226.06IVOSS1::MCINTYRE_JAFri Jun 03 1994OSF/1 2.
227.0SYOMV::NELSONWed Jun 15 1994V2.
228.0GLDOA::GSORENSENWed Jun 15 19948 plane PXG display issue
229.01GLDOA::BOELEMAFri Jun 17 1994crashes with "Floating Point Exception Err"
231.09KETJE::DIERICKFri Jun 24 1994Urgent support needed for bench, we're loosing
232.0LEDS::ACCIARDIFri Jun 24 1994Pro/E on Intel PC
233.01MUCTEC::WENDLWed Jun 29 1994please install ln
234.02MUCTEC::WENDLWed Jun 29 1994Xprotocol error: BadValue ... X_SetFontPath ...
235.04GYPOS3::EIBLThu Jun 30 1994unsmooth rotating objects with AXP + ZLX-M1
236.01GLDOA::DBOSAKWed Jul 13 1994ZLX/E3 or PXG+ -- Which one?
237.02DRLSGT::COZZOLONGOThu Jul 14 1994Current Status
238.01CSOA1::FULLERFri Jul 22 1994Configuration advice for a workgroup environment
239.01SWAM1::VELIJANIA_FRThu Jul 28 1994Kubota Denali and wireframe?
240.01SWAM1::VELIJANIA_FRThu Jul 28 1994What version of Open3D
241.06ECCGY4::PARETIFri Jul 29 1994problems on AOSF
242.01UKARC1::READINGSMon Aug 08 1994Can ZLX-M series provide an acceptable alternative for Denali?
243.013GLDOA::DBOSAKTue Aug 16 19943
244.03UFHIS::WSEEMAYERWed Aug 24 1994Standard Benchmarks for Pro/E ?
245.01PCBUOA::PLOURDEMon Aug 29 1994Any DEC formats out there?!
246.04GLDOA::DBOSAKTue Aug 30 1994Power Channel Program (?)
247.04SHARE::MCGRATHWed Aug 31 1994Any ideas on flow analysis software
248.03ARAFAT::SANDGRENWed Sep 14 1994PEX? problems with Pro-E on 33
249.0TOPTEN::WOODWed Sep 28 1994Hanging and core dumps
250.01OSLFri Oct 21 1994Experience with Pro Engineer on OSF/1?
251.0OSLFri Oct 21 1994How popular is Pro/ENGINEER?
252.0REMO::AMOSSOTue Oct 25 1994PTC PRO/ENG v 13 on Alpha OSF/1 reference needed
253.02HDLITE::PASHAPOURWed Nov 09 1994Status of PRO on OSF 3.
254.02ODIXIE::MURDOCKTue Nov 15 1994Performance benchmarks anyone -- please..!!
255.03WRKSYS::WILSONMon Nov 21 19943D gfx tuning for Pro/E benchmarks
256.0GYPOS3::EIBLMon Nov 28 1994bad value (integer parameter out range for operation)
257.01JULIET::THOMPSON_SAMon Nov 28 1994OSF/1 3.
258.01JULIET::THOMPSON_SAMon Nov 28 1994Pex, Phigs, or OpenGL?
259.03GYPOS3::EIBLTue Dec 06 1994fatal PEX protokoll error on ZLX-M1
260.02HOLZER::HOLZERThu Dec 08 1994Pro/Junior is about to emerge...
261.0ZPOVC::HANTIONGSat Dec 24 1994pro/eng on Avant-WNT
262.0GLDOA::COKEFri Jan 20 1995How Goes the Battle?
263.0MLNORO::BELLENCHIAFri Jan 20 1995PROEngineer v14 and Open3D v2.5 on AlphaStation
264.01ROWDY::PAINTERFri Jan 20 1995Any idea when support for AlphaStation and ZLX-E* support
265.04SHARE::MCGRATHMon Jan 30 1995Questions in moving Pro from Ultrix to NT
266.02SLOSS1::SATTERTHW_DEThu Feb 09 1995E3 performance
267.06--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 09 1995Pro & ZLX-E; update
268.08INDY5Wed Feb 15 1995OSF/1 V3.2 support?
269.02OSLACT::BJORNAUWed Feb 22 1995Which model to choose?
270.011VAXSPO::TOMEWed Feb 22 1995Rotation - Bad performance
271.03UKARC1::READINGSTue Feb 28 1995ZLX-L1 support and performance
272.0TKOVOA::NISHIZAKAWed Mar 08 1995ICAM available on Alpha ?
273.08UTROP1::OLTMANS_BWed Mar 08 1995Alphastation 25
274.03SYOMV::NELSONThu Mar 09 1995Poor PC Display Performance?
275.02INDYX::ramWed Mar 15 1995PTC dropping HX support!
276.02UTROP1::OLTMANS_BWed Mar 15 1995SUN interoperability
277.07UTRTSC::DRUMMENWed Mar 22 1995Problem with ZLXp-E3 & V2.
278.0BLKPUD::STOCKMANSThu Mar 23 1995Pro/Eng on OSF1 V2.1 giving pex errors
279.02OSLACT::BJORNAUTue Mar 28 1995Competing with SGI......
280.01MPGS::LAUTue Mar 28 1995Customers who retrieve large assemblies
281.03BLOFLY::SMITHPTue Mar 28 1995Information on AccelGraphics and PowerGL cards ?
282.03UKARC1::READINGSMon Apr 03 1995Dimension lines not erased when moved
283.01BAHTAT::WALLS_TWed Apr 05 1995PRO_ENGINEER Licensing
284.0POBOX::DITTMERThu Apr 06 1995Question re: THRESHHOLD on DEC3
285.0MUNK::DOIRONFri Apr 07 1995NT: Major TCP/IP Performance Problems?
286.0MLNORO::BELLENCHIAWed May 03 1995Support for 12-bit visuals.
287.05ODIXIE::MURDOCKWed May 03 1995PRO/E and CDE..!?!?
288.02GLDOA::KDEVINEFri May 05 1995multiple re-draw upon re-sizing window
289.06DPDMAI::MARIATue May 16 1995MALLOC Resolusion?
290.01ODIXIE::MURDOCKSun May 21 19953D rotation using ZLXp-E3 in AS25
291.01DRAC::POTINTue May 23 1995Spinning with GL
292.02TKOV5Thu May 25 1995NotePC(HiNote Ultra) Design Gr is Pro/E user?
293.01POBOX::GHAHRAMANIFri May 26 1995PROE Seminar in Illinois????
294.01ODIXIE::MURDOCKFri Jun 02 1995Is anyone OFFICIAL reading this conference..??
296.01SYOMV::NELSONMon Jun 12 1995Poor Alpha 2
297.0LYOISA::BOIRINTue Jun 13 1995Version update ?
298.0BBIVFri Jun 23 1995ATI MACH/DEC864 GRAPHICS
299.0MLNORO::BELLENCHIATue Jun 27 1995A customer is looking for a place to purchase AlphaStation
300.02GYPOS3::EIBLThu Jul 06 1995ProE 14 does not start with OpenGL interface
301.01SWAM1::VELIJANIA_FRTue Jul 11 1995V15 differences
302.02MAIL2::WOODThu Jul 27 1995NT NFS Problem
303.05TKOVOA::NISHIZAKAFri Jul 28 1995When Pro/E support AlphaSt.6
304.01ODIXIE::MURDOCKWed Aug 02 19953.
305.03CSOA1::SMITHFri Aug 04 1995Pro/E File I/O Performance Problems
306.0ZPOVC::HANTIONGMon Aug 07 1995NFS server for PRo/ENG clients
307.02OHFSS1::KDEVINETue Aug 08 1995PRO15 / o3d3
308.01BGSDEV::ROZMOVITSThu Aug 17 1995Speech recognition with ProEngineer
309.06NCMAIL::DOIRONTue Aug 22 1995Dream Machine Support?
310.04ODIXIE::PULSIFERWed Aug 23 1995Large Assemblies and WNT
311.0GYPOS3::EIBLWed Aug 30 1995GL_DEPTH_RGB_RANGE messages
312.01ALLVAX::LAUWed Aug 30 1995USE PRO/E V15 9528 CD
313.01BAHTAT::WALLS_TFri Sep 01 1995E3 dropping into wireframe
314.01TPOVC::JOHNNYHOWed Sep 06 1995Segmentation fault when SHOW ALL
315.0UTROP1::OLTMANS_BThu Sep 07 1995No CUE_DEPTH in NT version of Pro/E
316.0SAYER::ELMORETue Sep 26 1995ProJR and ZLXP-E3 driver issues
317.02LILCPX::THELLENWed Sep 27 1995Need Digital to contact a potential customer
318.01ZPOVC::HANTIONGThu Sep 28 1995Graphic not clear in Pro/Eng v15
319.01NETRIX::"poletti@caron.trn.dec.com"Tue Oct 10 1995Product requirements
320.02ALFAM7::BAUMERTFri Oct 13 1995Help: Optimum config for Pro/E?
321.03ALLVAX::LAUMon Oct 16 1995WNT CD OpenGL Drivers Missing
322.05ALLVAX::LAUWed Oct 25 1995Pro/E configuration on XLs
323.0NETRIX::"hantiong@zpsbWed Nov 22 1995CV EDM supported ?
324.01EEMELI::TRASANENWed Nov 29 1995V15 AS6
325.07ZPOVC::JASONCHANThu Nov 30 1995Too slow to believe it's true!
326.01ZPORDS::SONGHUATSun Dec 03 1995logout problem ?
327.01NETRIX::"poletti@caron.trn.dec.com"Wed Dec 06 1995Graphics Support
328.03EEMELI::TRASANENFri Dec 22 1995Performance problem ZLXp-L2 spin
329.04ZPOVC::JASONCHANTue Dec 26 1995ProE 15 hangs screen
330.09SCASS1::MARIAFri Jan 05 1996Matrox certified w/Pro/JR?
331.02TPOVC::JOHNNYHOWed Jan 17 1996Pro/E "Manufacture" can't run on Alpha NT?
332.013STKAI1::MALMC1::FehrmWed Jan 17 1996Problems with Unix3.2c and ProE v16
333.0WRKSYS::CHALTASThu Jan 25 1996more info
334.03WRKSYS::CHALTASThu Jan 25 1996Graphics Performance on NT
335.01LYOISA::BOIRINWed Jan 31 1996E3 / Transparent mode ?
336.07OSLLAV::JENSHThu Feb 01 1996ZLXp-L1 slow on WNT with large model
337.02STKAI1::FEHRMFri Feb 02 1996ProE benchm XL vs Ultra v P Pro etc
338.01TPOVC::JOHNNYHOMon Feb 05 1996No shading during spinning
339.0ALLVAX::LAUTue Feb 06 1996manage_memory error
340.06WRKSYS::CHALTASFri Feb 09 1996Windows NT graphics twiddling
341.01TROOA::MSCHNEIDERWed Feb 21 1996NT config suggestions....
342.03MLNORO::CAMPICEThu Feb 29 1996Is the ZLXp-L1 qualified for PRO/E ?
343.02INDYX::ramMon Mar 04 1996PXG --> ZLX-E1 transition
344.03NCMAIL::DOIRONWed Mar 06 1996PowerStorm Support?
345.03SWAM1::VELIJANIA_FRWed Mar 13 1996Crash with V16, UNIX 3.2c, Open3D 3.2, CDE
346.03BIS1::GILLISWed Mar 13 1996PRO v16 performance data.
347.06STKAI1::MALMC1::FehrmThu Mar 14 1996ProE 16 performance on P Pro
348.0PCBUOA::UTZTue Mar 19 1996Windows NT graphics errors
349.0+1ALLVAX::STAATSThu Mar 21 1996Search/Retrieve Network slowdown
350.09ODIXIE::PULSIFERMon Mar 25 1996Pro/E Mag benchmarks!
351.0OHFSS1::KDEVINEMon Mar 25 1996v16 and Alpha ?
352.02SWAM1::VELIJANIA_FRMon Apr 01 1996Error in V15 and V16, Alpha/NT only
353.04USCTR1:: Apr 08 1996Grid line appears dashed not dotted on Pro/E, E1 or Matrox, WNT
354.09ALLVAX::STAATSFri Apr 19 1996Alphastation 255 certified?
355.01MLNORO::BELLENCHIAMon Apr 22 1996Pro/MECHANICA doesn't start on UNIX v3.2C
356.0+5HDLITE::DONSBACHMon Apr 22 1996Digital Unix certification information
357.0+18HDLITE::DONSBACHMon Apr 22 1996Microsoft Windows NT Certification Information
358.06STKAI1::MALMC1::FehrmThu May 02 19964D2
359.02ALLVAX::UTZFri May 03 1996WinNT Display Problems w/ E3 Drivers
360.0BLOFLY::SMITHPSun May 05 1996Help! 3D performance problem with MSC/PATRAN
361.03ALLVAX::UTZTue May 07 1996WinNT Screen Capture Bad
362.017TPOVC::JOHNNYHOFri May 10 1996V16 drawing lines not correctly displayed
363.0+4MUNICH::ERNSTMon May 13 1996ProE crashes with "Out of virtual memory"
364.05ALLVAX::STAATSTue Jun 04 1996CDRS/Industrial Design Software
365.015INDYX::ramThu Jun 06 1996UNIX V4.
368.07OSLLAV::JENSHMon Jul 08 1996Graphics performance: ZLXp-L1=ZLXp-L2?
369.01ALLVAX::DONAHUEThu Jul 18 1996Sluggish graphics performance w/ Mechanica on NT
370.03UNITED::GOODMANTue Jul 23 1996No depth cue available
371.0TPOVC::MIKELIThu Jul 25 1996Performance difference between UNIX and NT
372.06ALLVAX::UTZTue Jul 30 1996Powerstorm 4D/2
373.0WRKSYS::CHALTASWed Jul 31 1996Mapkey crash in rev 17
374.04ALLVAX::UTZThu Aug 01 1996CRC errors on zlxv31.zip
375.01TPOVC::MIKELIMon Aug 05 1996Performance difference between NT and Digital UNIX
376.05TAVTue Aug 06 1996PDM and PhotoRender on ANT ?
377.0SSDEVO::RENNOLETWed Aug 07 1996Pro/PDM - create new admin_db & fix language problem
378.04ALLVAX::STAATSThu Aug 08 1996Pro Trail Crashes Alphastion 5
379.01GYPOS3::EIBLMon Aug 12 1996ProE slow on ZLXp-L1 with small objects
380.02ALLVAX::UTZFri Aug 16 1996V17 Installation problems on UNIX
381.03ALLVAX::STAATSWed Aug 21 1996Graphics dropping out on an XL3
382.04WOTVAX::WALLS_TThu Aug 22 1996Open Inventor and PRO-FLYthrough
383.01WOTVAX::WALLS_TTue Aug 27 1996Depth Cueing functionality
384.05INDYX::ramFri Aug 30 1996Benchmark for shaded spin?
385.04OSLLAV::JENSHSat Aug 31 1996PTC products & multi-threading?
386.01TOLOSA::SCHLUMBERGERTue Sep 03 1996Update News ?
387.01TKOVOA::NISHIZAKAThu Sep 05 1996Pro/PDM Server needs OpenGL ?
388.0WOTVAX::WALLS_TThu Sep 05 1996PRO/E SYSTEMS Integration
389.01WOTVAX::WALLS_TThu Sep 05 1996UNIX Trail files on NT
390.01ALLVAX::UTZFri Sep 06 1996Graphics issues w/ v17 (9626)
391.02NQOSThu Sep 26 1996Kauai hangs running V17 for NT Bench95 test
392.0HYDRA::DONSBACHMon Sep 30 1996problem with CDE and TGA/TGA2 24 bit cards
393.03OSLLAV::JENSHWed Oct 02 1996Certification notification?
394.02HYDRA::DONSBACHMon Oct 07 1996a word or two on certification...
395.0HYDRA::DONSBACHTue Oct 15 1996Turn off Backing Store/Save Under on DU 4.
396.02WOTVAX::WALLS_TTue Oct 29 1996CDE PROE/E Integration ?
397.03ZPOVC::JASONCHANThu Oct 31 1996On Pentium Pro 2
398.01BGSDEV::GREGGMon Nov 04 1996Can a user specify the visual type?
399.04ESSC::KMANNERINGSTue Nov 12 1996PRO/E on WNT alpha XL3
400.01GYPOS3::EIBLTue Nov 12 1996corrupt display on ULTRIX 4.5
401.01LILCPX::THELLENWed Nov 20 1996Workstation review by Pro/E: The Magazine
402.03TKOVOA::NISHIZAKAWed Nov 27 1996AlphaStation5
403.0ZPOVC::JASONCHANMon Dec 02 1996DELL and Kauai
404.01OSLLAV::JENSHSat Dec 07 1996Pro/E & NT 4.
405.0WRKSYS::CHALTASFri Jan 03 1997PS 4D2
406.04DAIVC::WIYANTOMon Jan 06 1997SGI vs NT
407.0DAIVC::WIYANTOWed Jan 08 1997Q4 for CDRS
408.0+17OHFSS1::KDEVINESat Jan 11 1997miata hangs w/proe and AG25
409.05WRKSYS::CHALTASTue Jan 14 1997FX!32 & Pro/Engineer performance interaction
410.04BLOFLY::SMITHPThu Jan 16 1997Prob with random colours on faces of rendered models
411.04ODIXIE::VANESSOMon Jan 20 1997Pro/E reference sites
412.0 *+15NETRIX::"Jose maria marin@sqo.mts.dec.com"Wed Jan 29 1997Workstation Sales
413.0 *+8OSLLAV::JENSHThu Feb 06 1997Kauai hangs with Pro/E & AccelPRO 2
414.0 *+1NETRIX::"bar@zko.dec.com"Tue Feb 11 1997Speech Interface for ProE
415.0 *+2WOTVAX::WALLS_TWed Feb 12 1997REV 18 Multithreaded ???
416.0 *LILCPX::THELLENMon Feb 17 1997Computer Graphics World article
417.0 *+5WRKSYS::CHALTASThu Feb 27 1997"slow" spin problem resolution
418.0 *HYDRA::DONSBACHFri Mar 14 1997ZLX[p]-E3/PS 4D2
419.0 *+1HYDRA::DONSBACHFri Mar 14 1997Configuring a workstation for Overlay support
420.0 *+3ALLVAX::STAATSWed Apr 09 1997FlyThrough and Photorender issues
421.0 *+2ZPOVC::MIKEYUNWed Apr 16 1997X protocol error with Pro E v18
422.0 *+1NNTPD::"utz@allvax.enet.dec.com"Tue Apr 29 1997Mouse Trails?
423.0 *+3ALLVAX::UTZTue May 13 1997Transparency of objects
424.0 *+2ALLVAX::UTZTue May 20 1997au-series Certification?
425.0 *+3NNTPD::"utz@allvax.enet.dec.com"Wed May 28 1997Bad Colors on 4D/2
426.0 *+1SSDEVO::RENNOLETWed Jun 04 1997Tuning for WindowsNT w/ProV18?