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Conference allvax::pdes

Title:Discussions on ISO STEP Standard
Created:Thu Jul 19 1990
Last Modified:Sat Oct 29 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:185
Total number of notes:798
Number with bodies:0
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1.02CFSCTC::SMITHSat Mar 07 1992Welcome to the PDES Conference
3.03--UnknownUser--Thu Aug 02 1990PDES/STEP Interest Distribution List
4.03CADSE::SMITHFri Aug 10 1990Related Conferences
5.0CFSCTC::SMITHFri Jan 24 1992Digital Policy on Standards Participation
6.01CADSE::SMITHTue Aug 07 1990Conference administration and announcements
7.0CADSE::SMITHTue Aug 07 1990Reserved for future use
8.0CADSE::SMITHTue Aug 07 1990Reserved for future use
9.0CADSE::SMITHTue Aug 07 1990Reserved for future use
10.03CADSE::SMITHMon Jan 21 1991IPO, ISO, and PDES, Inc. meeting schedules
11.050EDRON1::ROTHSTEINFri Aug 03 1990Trip Reports
12.05CADSE::MUDGETTMon Aug 06 1990new EXPRESS version is out for ballot
13.018ALLVAX::PETERSThu Aug 02 1990WordPerfect use and news
14.01CADSE::MUDGETTTue Aug 07 1990PDES Inc Electrical project - trip report
15.02CADSE::MUDGETTMon Aug 13 1990Weekly SDAI status
16.03CADSE::MUDGETTTue Aug 14 1990EDIF information, discussions
18.0CADSE::SMITHFri Aug 24 1990****** Virus Alert!!! ******
19.01CADSE::MUDGETTTue Sep 04 1990PDES SDAI/CAM*I AIS workshop Oct 4,5 St Louis
20.022ALLVAX::PETERSTue Sep 04 1990SDAIS - Step Data Access Interface Specification
21.03ALLVAX::BRETThu Sep 06 1990PDES Acronym Dictionary anyone?
22.0CADSE::MUDGETTFri Sep 14 1990PDES offsite, Aug 21-31 trip report
23.010CADSE::SMITHSun Sep 16 1990IPO Electrical Committee Agendas and Minutes
24.02GRFVAX::WINFREYMon Sep 24 1990LSE template for EXPRESS
25.0CADSE::MUDGETTMon Sep 24 1990DEC C, C++ compilers for PDES, Inc.
26.01CADSE::MUDGETTWed Sep 26 1990Looking for IGES electrical spec
27.02MAIL::SPENCEFri Sep 28 1990PDES National Initiative meeting
28.04CADSE::SMITHFri Sep 28 1990ANSI Harmonization Council
30.0EDRON1::ROTHSTEINThu Oct 11 1990NIST Toolkit Being Removed to Free up Disk Space
32.01CADSE::MUDGETTThu Oct 18 1990PDES Inc visit to DEC to hear about DBMS products
33.0CADSE::SMITHMon Oct 22 1990ISO/IEC Directives document
34.01KBOMFG::PIEPERWed Nov 07 1990PDES Toolkit on VMS, Help!
35.0ALLVAX::PETERSWed Nov 14 1990STEP Implementaton: Vendor Feedback
36.0CADSE::MUDGETTWed Nov 21 1990Comparison of CATIA model and STEP model
37.02ALLVAX::GLASERFri Nov 23 1990The NIST Bulletin Board
38.017BYENGFri Nov 30 1990EXPRESS - OSI - ASN.1
39.04CSDPIE::BONNEAUWed Dec 05 1990Latest version of PSCM Document Available
41.03MR4DEC::REICHFri Dec 07 1990PDES Mission Meeting
43.02ALLVAX::CHENGMon Dec 10 1990Transfer Autocad geometry file through MCI mail
44.05CESARE::ACTIS_DATOThu Dec 13 1990Activity in ISO TC184 (Step)
46.0TLE::CHAPMANTue Dec 18 1990CASE Integration Services Meeting Minutes
47.03ALLVAX::GLASERWed Dec 19 1990Important IPO (Sub)Committees
48.02CADSE::MUDGETTFri Jan 04 1991PDES Inc database arch paper out for review
49.02CADSE::SMITHThu Jan 10 1991Travel Advisory (re: Upcoming ISO TC184 meetings)
51.0TLE::CHAPMANTue Jan 15 1991CDIF
52.06ALLVAX::GLASERWed Jan 23 1991PDES Parts List
53.02MR4DEC::REICHThu Jan 24 1991PDES Requirements Report
54.02CADSE::SMITHTue Jan 29 1991CFI officially adopts EXPRESS - tutor needed
55.02CADSE::SMITHWed Jan 30 1991How long will it take? STEP schedules.
56.0CADSE::SMITHWed Feb 06 1991Bryan Martin
57.0CADSE::SMITHWed Feb 06 1991Overview of ISO TC184 SC4
58.0CADSE::MUDGETTWed Feb 27 1991Report to EDIF Tech Comm..Harmonization Wrkshp
59.01CESARE::ACTIS_DATOFri Mar 01 1991ballot on ISO/STEP conformance testing
60.02ALLVAX::GLASERMon Mar 04 1991PDES Inc Block Point Release Info
61.04ALLVAX::GLASERMon Mar 04 1991PDES Library
62.07GRFVAX::WINFREYTue Mar 05 1991Misc MCI mail
63.01ALLVAX::GLASERFri Mar 08 1991SCL - STEP Class Library
64.01ALLVAX::GLASERTue Mar 12 1991Application Protocols
65.03CFSCTC::MACKINMon Mar 25 1991DECdesign representation of AP2
66.0--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 28 1991Postcript PDES INC Level 3 Strategy document
67.04CADSE::MUDGETTThu Mar 28 1991PDES INC Database Strategy doc available
68.06ZUSE::WENZELSat Mar 30 1991EXPRESS Documentation in Electronic Form
69.03DPE::LEMAIREFri Apr 05 1991Looking for EXPRESS parser.
70.0CIMNET::MJOHNSONFri Apr 12 1991Comments on 8 March EXPRESS Language Ref. Manual
71.08ALLVAX::PETERSWed Apr 17 1991STEP Part 21: Exchange file encoding
72.016ALLVAX::APPELWed Apr 17 1991Part 31 - Conformance testing
73.05ALLVAX::PETERSWed Apr 24 1991Needed: TeX word processor for the VAX
74.0SNOBRD::CONLIFFEWed Apr 24 1991PSCM (Part 44) Express Schema?????
75.0CADSE::SMITHTue Apr 30 1991IEC/ISO Directives
76.01ALLVAX::GLASERTue Apr 30 1991Desperately Seeking Part 43
77.03ALLVAX::PETERSThu May 02 1991PDES, Inc. BBS file downloading - how to
78.01ALLVAX::PETERSThu May 02 1991NIST Mail Server: Using it to get STEP info
79.0GRFVAX::WINFREYMon May 06 1991PDES/STEP Environment by 1999?
80.0GRFVAX::WINFREYThu May 09 1991Sapporo Info
81.0ALLVAX::PETERSMon May 13 1991VMS MAIL to Fax & Postal addresses via MTS X.4
82.03MR4DEC::REICHWed May 15 1991PDES Toolkit (PTK) Phase
83.05CADSE::MUDGETTFri Jun 07 1991I participated in PDES presentation at SIGMOD
84.0CADSE::MUDGETTWed Jun 19 1991Minutes of PDES Inc L3/SDAI meeting Jun 11-13
85.043ALLVAX::PETERSWed Jun 19 1991WG7 mailings
86.02ALLVAX::GLASERWed Jul 03 1991PDES/STEP Library
88.0GOEDEL::WENZELFri Jul 19 1991Digital's EXPRESS V2 Requirements Workshop
90.0CADSE::MUDGETTThu Jul 25 1991PDES Inc BPR 2.2 is available
91.0COGITO::FROSTThu Jul 25 1991Prototypes demoed to PDES, Inc a success
92.0COGITO::FROSTTue Jul 30 1991R Reschke reports on July 1
93.01CESARE::ACTIS_DATOTue Aug 27 1991Step ballots
94.0CESARE::ACTIS_DATOThu Aug 29 1991CIM and repositories
95.0ADDSTue Sep 03 1991EXPRESS Specific Notes Conference
96.0CADSE::LOTTTue Sep 03 1991TAC meeting trip report
97.01ALLVAX::ROTHSTEINThu Sep 05 1991Aug 28-29 TAC Meeting
99.03ALLVAX::GLASERWed Sep 11 1991Discussions on Paradigm Independence
100.0ALLVAX::GLASERWed Sep 11 1991ATIS/IRDS Work Flow Issues
101.0KBOMFG::RESCHKEMon Sep 16 1991PDES INC Phase II closure
102.0SYSSTD::LEBLANCTue Sep 17 1991PDES... Can anyone help me?
103.04ALLVAX::APPELThu Oct 10 1991STEP part 43 out for CD ballot
104.02ALLVAX::APPELMon Oct 28 1991Step part 44 out for CD ballot
105.03ALLVAX::APPELThu Oct 10 1991STEP part 1
106.0ALLVAX::BRETMon Oct 14 1991Glossary definitions anyone?
107.02ALLVAX::APPELMon Oct 28 1991Step part 2
108.011CESARE::ACTIS_DATOMon Oct 21 1991STEP news
109.0COGITO::FROSTThu Oct 24 1991Malcolm Spence report on 5 SEP PDES Inc BoD mtg
110.0ALLVAX::APPELMon Oct 28 1991STEP part 2
111.03ALLVAX::APPELMon Oct 28 1991Step part 41 out for CD ballot
112.03ALLVAX::APPELMon Oct 28 1991Step part 46 out for CD ballot
113.03CALS::BONNEAUWed Nov 06 1991CD Ballot Review Meetings for Parts 43, 44, and 2
114.01CIMNET::BARATZTue Nov 12 1991Step recommendations
115.0CESARE::ACTIS_DATOWed Nov 20 1991STEP as a European standard
116.06ALLVAX::APPELWed Nov 20 1991AP Interoperability Committee
117.03CIMNET::KYZIVATTue Nov 26 1991solicitation to participate in SC4/WG8
118.0MR4DEC::LYSAKOWSKITue Nov 26 1991Conformance Testing and Validation
119.07CIMNET::KYZIVATTue Dec 03 1991anybody IN CHARGE of DEC positions on STEP stds?
120.0CFSCTC::SMITHThu Dec 05 1991Discussion of 85.25 et al. (PCTE/ATIS/...)
121.03CESARE::ACTIS_DATOThu Dec 05 199192 workplan for step. Suggestions?
122.02PAOIS::HUETWed Dec 11 1991STEP documents format.
123.0ZUSE::WENZELFri Dec 13 1991
124.0ZUSE::WENZELFri Dec 13 1991Trip Report Houston Oct. 1991
125.01ALLVAX::GLASERMon Dec 16 1991Typesafety Issues
126.01CALS::NIXONTue Dec 17 1991ATIS changes to support EXPRESS
127.0ECADSE::HALLENBECKTue Dec 17 1991PDES/STEP Migration Guide, phase
128.09CESARE::ACTIS_DATOFri Jan 03 1992proposed vote for ballot on NWI : software products
129.0CESARE::ACTIS_DATOMon Jan 27 1992SC4 strategic policies. My reply to B. Smith
130.0CFSCTC::SMITHMon Jan 27 1992How the U.S./international organizations fit together
131.02CESARE::GODIOFri Jan 31 1992Data Modeling Standard Coordination
132.0CFSCTC::SMITHTue Feb 04 1992EXPRESS training
133.0CALS::GLASERTue Feb 11 1992PTK View of Composite Objects
134.0ALLVAX::APPELWed Feb 12 1992Issue submitted to PMAG in Oslo, Feb 1992
135.03CALS::GLASERWed Feb 19 1992Qeustions on SC4 Resolutions at Feb 1992 STEP Meeting
137.0CIMNET::BARATZSat Feb 29 1992Harmonization of STEP with OSI
138.0ZUSE::WENZELMon Mar 02 1992ISO/TC184/SC4(/WGs) in Oslo trip Report
139.0CFSCTC::CHEWMon Mar 09 1992Express Select clause for aggregate
140.0CFSCTC::CHEWMon Mar 09 1992Information modeling on SELECT type
141.01CALS::GLASERWed Mar 11 1992SDAI Transactions and Validation
142.01CALS::GLASERWed Mar 11 1992SDAI Transactions: Models and Interfaces
143.01ALLVAX::APPELThu Mar 12 1992Meetings to resolve STEP ballot comments
144.051CALS::NIXONMon Mar 16 1992Official mail from WG7 - SDAI working group
145.04CESARE::ACTIS_DATOMon Apr 06 1992STEP news brief - # 5 from B. Smith
146.0CESARE::ACTIS_DATOWed Apr 15 1992Review of STEP for GMC4
147.03ALLVAX::APPELWed Apr 22 1992St. Simons, Georgia First Release team meeting
148.0ALLVAX::APPELFri Apr 24 1992Part 42 as of April 16, 1992
149.01ZUSE::WENZELWed Apr 29 1992Trip Report on German STEP Experts Meeting
153.013CALS::NIXONMon Jun 01 1992WG7/SDAI - ITERATORS
154.01CALS::NIXONMon Jun 01 1992WG7/SDAI - CREATE->DELETE state
157.02FRMWRK::SMITHMon Jun 08 19921
158.0COGITO::YELTONMon Jun 15 1992PDES, Inc & EDIF Partnership
159.03CALS::NIXONWed Jun 24 1992WG7/SDAI Data Model & Operations
160.05CALS::NIXONWed Jun 24 1992WG7/SDAI - Inheritance
161.03CALS::NIXONWed Jun 24 1992WG7/SDAI Error Handling
162.01CALS::NIXONWed Jun 24 1992WG7/SDAI Performance Hints
163.04ALLVAX::APPELThu Jun 25 1992Integration team changes for Part 46
164.01COGITO::KOSTASMon Jun 29 1992All SDAI E-mail is now avail from SOLIS server ...
165.01CALS::GLASERTue Jul 21 1992STEP Implementation Letter No. 1
166.0ALLVAX::APPELTue Aug 04 1992The results from the AP2
167.01PIPE::GOODWed Aug 12 1992Information for software vendors?
168.01PIPE::GOODWed Aug 12 1992Virtual reality and PDES/STEP
169.0CALS::NIXONThu Sep 10 1992Trip report on SDAI meeting at NIST Aug 24-28
170.07ALLVAX::APPELWed Sep 16 1992Yuhwei Yang's respons to complaints about STEP
171.03ALLVAX::APPELSun Sep 20 1992New SDAI spec available
172.01ALLVAX::APPELThu Sep 24 1992"Unofficial" version of new CD for part 1
173.07CALS::GLASERThu Oct 01 1992Implementation Schema Committee
174.02ALLVAX::APPELWed Oct 07 1992Neal Laurance, Ford Motor Co. says "STEP ain't ready"
175.0CALS::NIXONMon Nov 02 1992Trip report on EUG and WG7 at Dallas Oct 17-24
176.01TKOV51::KAJITANITue Nov 17 1992Document of PART21
177.0COGITO::DOREAUMon Nov 23 1992PDES Electrical information
178.0ZUSE::WENZELThu Dec 10 1992DECexpress Graphical Editors field test feedback requested
179.0CALS::NIXONSat Mar 13 1993Trip report of Turin ISO WG7 meeting
180.01CALS::YELTONWed Mar 17 1993STEP V1.
181.0CALS::NIXONTue Apr 20 1993Trip report for Nashville IPO
182.0CALS::YELTONFri May 28 1993STEP Parts 11 & 31 DIS Approved
183.03STKHLM::STENSTROMWed Sep 15 1993Documents over STEP/EXPRESS
184.0CALS::YELTONMon Sep 20 1993PDES Conference Moves
185.0ZUSE::WENZELFri Oct 15 1993Berlin Trip Report