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Conference allvax::ansys

Title:ANSYS Mechanical Analysis Software Conference
Created:Fri Jan 12 1990
Last Modified:Thu Oct 31 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:62
Total number of notes:154
Number with bodies:0
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1.01ALLVAX::STAATSThu Jan 18 1990Welcome
2.08ALLVAX::STAATSThu Jan 18 1990Introduce Yourself!
3.0ALLVAX::STAATSThu Jan 18 1990
4.0ALLVAX::STAATSThu Jan 18 1990Reserved
5.0ALLVAX::STAATSThu Jan 18 1990Reserved
6.0ALLVAX::STAATSThu Jan 18 1990Reserved
7.0ALLVAX::STAATSThu Jan 18 1990Reserved
8.0ALLVAX::STAATSThu Jan 18 1990Reserved
9.0ALLVAX::STAATSThu Jan 18 1990Reserved
10.0ALLVAX::STAATSThu Jan 18 1990Reserved
11.01ALLVAX::STAATSThu Jan 18 1990SASI Bulletin Board
12.02ALLVAX::STAATSThu Jan 18 1990ANSYS Class 3 Error Reports
13.05ALLVAX::STAATSThu Jan 18 1990Training Courses
14.03ALLVAX::STAATSThu Jan 18 1990ANSYS User's Group
15.03ALLVAX::STAATSFri Jan 19 1990Related Conferences
16.0ALLVAX::PHILBRICKTue Jan 23 1990ANSYS on RISC box's
17.06ALLVAX::STAATSThu Feb 01 1990ANSYS and DECwindows
18.05ENGINE::HEIKKILAWed Feb 14 1990ANSYS Plotting (softcopy)
19.0SIXPAK::PIERROWed Feb 21 1990ANSYS Title Usage
20.011ALLVAX::PHILBRICKWed Mar 07 1990Enhancements Please
21.06ALLVAX::PHILBRICKWed Mar 07 1990ANSYS Bugs?
23.0SIXPAK::PIERROSun Apr 08 1990Note Watcher Command File
24.01SIXPAK::PIERROSun Apr 08 1990JAR's E-mail Address
25.0SIXPAK::PIERROThu Apr 12 1990ANSYS Input Files Available
26.02EUCLID::PETERSONTue Jul 10 1990Experimental Modal Analysis
27.02CGOATue Jul 17 1990ANSYS on a 5
28.03ENGINE::HEIKKILAMon Oct 01 1990ABAQUS in general
30.011ENGINE::HEIKKILAWed Jan 09 1991PATRAN PCL routines...
31.0ALLVAX::PHILBRICKThu Jan 17 1991Results Interpreter Application
32.02ALLVAX::PHILBRICKThu Jan 31 1991Internal MCAE Papers, Reports and Research
33.02LTLKNG::DOUGHTYThu Mar 21 1991Vector Version of Ansys ?
34.02ZSAZSA::READINGSMon Apr 22 1991ANSYS benchmark on DS5
35.01SKETCH::MICHAELTue May 14 1991Time history animation?
36.01IOOVIK::WILCOXWed Jun 05 1991Parallel processing ? - benchmarks
37.01TENVAX::MIDTTUNTue Jul 16 19911:1 scale harcopy plots
38.0SIXPAK::PIERROMon Jul 22 1991ADINAT to ANSYS Translator
39.01MACNAS::MLAWLORThu Aug 22 1991ELF leadform analysis using Abacus ?
40.0SIXPAK::PIERROFri Sep 06 1991ProEngineer to ANSYS Translator Available
41.0VAOUThu Sep 12 1991Benchmark REV 4.4 ???
42.0SIXPAK::PIERROTue Oct 15 1991PATRAN User's Conference
43.0EMDS::GROSEMon Oct 28 1991ANSYS hardcopy output
44.01EMDS::MICHAELMon Nov 11 1991vector vs non vector 6
45.01CABOOS::LARSENTue Nov 12 1991VMS upgrades?
46.02GLDOA::GIVENMon Jan 13 1992ANSYS Benchmark HELP!
47.0ALLVAX::STAATSMon Jan 20 1992ANSYS Version 5.
48.01DEKPS1::DONGWONSHINMon Feb 24 1992The question in ANSYS benchmark results
49.0WHOME::RUTSCHOWThu Jun 25 1992Tuning recommendations?
50.01POBOX::RUTSCHOWFri Jan 22 19935.
51.0POBOX::RUTSCHOWMon Jan 25 1993VXT configuration?
52.0KOMRAD::PIERROWed May 05 1993Rasna Evaluation
53.01MINETue Sep 21 1993Alpha Benchmark?
54.0TAVMon Oct 04 1993Banchmark Results of Ansys on Alpha AXP Server
55.0MSBCS::CSGPERFTue Oct 12 1993Alpha AXP Perf. docs. w/ANSYS and ABAQUS results
56.01GLDOA::GIVENThu Nov 04 1993ALPHA OSF Status?
57.0LYOISA::BOIRINTue Dec 21 1993ANSYS with OSF/1 : high performer
58.0POBOX::RUTSCHOWTue Aug 23 1994ZLX-E1 problems
59.0TAVWed Aug 31 1994crash when reenter menu on VMS.
60.0POBOX::RUTSCHOWTue Apr 11 19954 CPU Sable experience?
61.01ROMTSS::PASCUCCIThu Jan 25 1996ansys 5.1 and alphastation 25
62.01ZPOVC::JASONCHANThu Oct 31 1996forrt1 error