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Conference alien::vax11rsx

Title:VAX-11 RSX Notes
Notice:V2.5 kit -- note 272
Created:Fri Feb 14 1986
Last Modified:Sat Jun 15 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:318
Total number of notes:881
Number with bodies:0
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1.0ORAC::BUTENHOFWed Jan 25 1984Welcome to VAX-11 RSX notes
2.0ORAC::BUTENHOFThu Mar 15 1984VAX-11 RSX V1.
3.0ORAC::BUTENHOFThu Mar 15 1984VAX-11 RSX V2.
4.05SWIFT::CORNEWed Mar 21 1984SOS
5.0ORAC::BUTENHOFFri Mar 23 1984New GDVI$ directive for V1.
6.0ORAC::BUTENHOFFri Mar 23 1984Process name => task name
7.0ORAC::LEKASTue Apr 17 1984RMS-11 under VAX-11 RSX V1.
8.01ORAC::BUTENHOFTue Jun 05 1984VAX-11 RSX V1.
9.02ORAC::BUTENHOFTue Aug 28 1984Taskname changes for V2.
10.01ORAC::BUTENHOFWed Sep 26 1984VAX-11 RSX Version 1.
11.02ORAC::BUTENHOFThu Oct 18 1984VAX-11 RSX Internals
12.02THRINT::PILGRIMThu Oct 25 1984RSX & Common Cluster System Dis
13.05RANI::LEICHTERJSat Dec 08 1984ELEP$
14.0ORAC::CONTAWed Dec 12 1984VAX-11 RSX seminar
15.03GVASA::NGUYENFri Dec 21 1984"Sysgening" RSX-11S under VAX-1
16.02GVASA::NGUYENTue Jan 08 1985help?
17.05VRANX::COBBWed Jan 16 1985Problem with multiple disks
18.02ORAC::BUTENHOFFri Jan 25 1985VAX-11 RSX plans and specs
19.0STSat Mar 23 1985Info to Sales Product Training
20.0STSat Mar 23 1985Sales Product Training NOTE FIL
21.04BEANO::CORNEThu Apr 25 1985IS VAX11RSX compatable with RSX
22.01OVDVAX::LENNIGMon Apr 29 1985VAX-11 RSX V1 M+ sysgen probs
23.03ORAC::BUTENHOFTue May 14 1985VAX-11 RSX V2.
24.04SANFAN::WAKEMANLAWed May 15 1985Performance Problems
25.0ORAC::BUTENHOFTue May 21 1985VAX-11 RSX V2.
26.05STKTSC::NISSLERTWed Jun 05 1985User written driver support??
27.01BISTRO::VOGELEERWed Jun 12 1985privileged Cmode task
28.04VRANX::COBBThu Jun 13 1985RSX V2 bug on VMS X4.2
29.01VRANX::COBBThu Jun 13 1985HELP LINK/RSX
30.0VRANX::COBBThu Jun 13 1985Incompatible $MCR change in V2
31.0ORAC::BUTENHOFTue Jun 18 1985VAX-11 RSX "V1.1" (unofficial)
32.01HUMAN::SZETOWed Jun 19 1985MFT?
33.0ORAC::BUTENHOFWed Jun 19 1985VAX-11 RSX synonym directories
34.01SWIFT::WELSHFri Jul 05 1985How fast is the C-mode emulator
35.07LABATT::G_LIVERMANWed Jul 10 1985Process name returned as a prom
36.01LABATT::G_LIVERMANWed Jul 10 1985Problems with VAX-11 RSX parsin
37.03HGOVWed Jul 17 1985Login Problem
38.01STKMon Jul 29 1985difference between XX: and XX
39.01ORAC::BUTENHOFFri Aug 02 1985VAX-11 RSX V2.
40.0ORAC::BUTENHOFFri Aug 02 1985A belated V2.
41.02PYRITE::WEAVERSun Aug 04 1985RSX$FTKIT contains SDC V2?
42.0ORAC::BUTENHOFMon Aug 05 1985VAX-11 RSX on VAXstation II (!)
43.0ORAC::BUTENHOFTue Aug 06 1985VAX-11 RSX V2.
44.03ORAC::BUTENHOFFri Aug 09 1985BCK/RST (RMS21.5) problems...
45.01ORAC::BUTENHOFFri Aug 16 1985VAX-11 RSX V2.
46.01ORAC::BUTENHOFWed Aug 21 1985VAX-11 RSX V2.
47.03ORAC::BUTENHOFTue Aug 27 1985Goodbye and Farewell!!!
48.03SPOOKY::VANSCHENDELWed Sep 04 1985SPWN$ restriction and errors
49.05KRAKEN::FAULKNERWed Sep 11 1985Problem using Help from MCR
50.01ORAC::BUTENHOFThu Sep 12 1985VAX-11 RSX V2.
51.02PYRITE::BENSONThu Sep 12 1985How to VMR ?
52.01ORAC::CONTAFri Sep 13 1985Good bye Dave...
53.04ORAC::CONTAWed Oct 02 1985QIO's restricted on RMS-21
54.0ORAC::CONTATue Oct 08 1985Use of .PAUSE/RESUME
55.01ORAC::CONTATue Oct 08 1985Undefined symbol A.JUMP...
56.01TKTVWed Oct 09 1985VMS V4.1,VAX-11/RSX V1.
57.02ORAC::CONTAThu Oct 10 1985VAX-11 RSX Version 2.
58.04LABATT::G_LIVERMANTue Oct 15 1985Colorado Springs TBU Hotline
59.0ZURFCC::MANDACHTue Oct 22 1985AM I LATE ?
60.03SANFAN::GOYETTEPAThu Oct 24 1985Problem with ACE's?
61.02TKTVTue Oct 29 1985RQST$ directive in the VAX-11/R
63.08TKTVFri Nov 01 1985VAX-11/RSX V1.
64.01VAXRT::WORRALLMon Nov 04 1985Access violation
65.06SANFAN::GOYETTEPATue Nov 05 1985Prob w/ VMR SAV command
66.04FREMEN::SPT_SOJDAMon Nov 11 1985TKB fails if SYS$DISK Changed
67.05AKOV68::NORRISThu Nov 14 1985RST/BCK and No Terminal Echo
68.02BEANO::COBBOLDMon Dec 02 1985HELP with ERROR -26
69.0ORAC::CONTAMon Dec 02 1985VAX-11 RSX 2.1 FT kit available
70.06UTRTSC::SONNEVELDTue Dec 03 1985VMS or RSX error handling
71.08BEANO::COBBOLDWed Dec 04 1985VAX 11-RSX and VMS 4.1
72.02OCKER::HAGARTYMon Dec 16 1985MCR and LINK/RSX probs
73.0ORAC::CONTATue Dec 17 1985VAX-11 RSX FT2.1 TT driver bug
74.01OSLTue Jan 14 1986TKB - /DA lookup failure
75.01SWIFT::WELSHMon Jan 27 1986Error -55 using logical name
76.03OCKER::MCGINTYTue Jan 28 1986Not recognising EOF mark
77.03SWIFT::BYRNEWed Jan 29 1986RST on VAX from BCK on RSX+RSTS
78.0ORAC::CONTAThu Jan 30 1986VAX-11 RSX V2.1 kit
79.0ORAC::CONTAFri Feb 14 1986VAX NOTES installed on ORAC
80.01ORAC::CONTAFri Feb 14 1986VAX-11 RSX V2.1 SDC kit available
81.02APOLLO::CHAVISMon Feb 24 1986Basic+2 on VAX-11 RSX
82.01ORAC::CONTAFri Mar 07 1986TIMING problem with AST's
83.04PD75Tue Mar 18 1986VAX11 RSX vs 82
84.02CFIG1::EITZMANTue Mar 18 1986Need Info on Memory-Resident Overlays
85.06ORAC::CONTAFri Mar 21 1986ASN command may abort AME in VAX-11 RSX 2.1
86.05NONAME::MAHLERWed Apr 09 1986Please help me !!
87.01SWIFT::PITTThu Apr 10 1986Who cares what version this file is!
88.0WHYVAX::STARKGRAFMon Apr 14 1986FORTRAN-77 Resident Libraries on VAX-11 RSX
89.03DSSDEV::COLLINSMon Apr 14 1986Speed of emulation versus Hardware
90.02SWIFT::MEGARITYTue Apr 22 1986VAX11RSX v2/v1 compatibility
92.0ORAC::CONTATue May 06 1986VAX-11 RSX FT2.2 kit available
93.01TKOV51::HIROSETue May 13 1986RSX prog. in CLUSTER environment
94.02REX::MINOWSun May 18 1986Confused about FCS macros
95.0CRVAX1::KAPLOWTue May 27 1986C-mode hardware and software performance
96.01SWIFT::BAKERWed May 28 1986V2.1 = V2.
97.01EKBVMon Jun 02 1986Proplem with V2.
99.06SWIFT::MITCHELLMon Jun 09 1986Assigning a logical name V2.
100.02SWIFT::BYRNETue Jun 10 1986Reserved Instruction?
101.07SMAUG::GARRODWed Jun 11 1986DEFINE/USER causes odd address trap
102.02TUBORG::C_DAVISFri Jun 13 1986VMS RST reading tapes created by RSX - tape labels
103.01TKTV2Wed Jun 18 1986EDT in the Indirect with SPWN$ directive
104.0ORAC::CONTAThu Jun 19 1986VAX-11 RSX V2.2 FT2 kit available
105.02SWIFT::BAKERFri Jun 20 1986ASN query.
106.05USHSSat Jun 21 1986novice VAX-RSX question...
107.01SKYLRK::RICHARDFri Jun 27 1986TSX to RSX
108.03TKTV2Mon Jun 30 1986Created file in SY:[1,1
109.02TSCWed Jul 02 1986Using a TK5
110.01BRSDVP::CAERELSMon Jul 14 1986ICM - UIC problem ???
111.01NIPPER::HAGARTYMon Jul 21 1986RENAME and Invalid backlinks.
113.01AKOV68::CHAIKOWSKIWed Jul 23 1986RSX-M-PLUS -> uRSX
114.04SHEILA::DRANSFIELDWed Jul 23 1986tkb access violation
115.04TKTV2Tue Jul 29 1986F77 /CO:99 switch
116.08CANYON::PHOENIXWed Jul 30 1986?? T2.2 BRU problem ??
117.03SWIFT::BAKERThu Jul 31 1986NOSUCHDEV after 2.1 upgrade.
118.02ORAC::CONTAFri Aug 01 1986Welcome to the new moderator!!!
119.03NZOVMon Aug 04 1986">" or "MCR>"
120.02LYOThu Aug 07 198685
121.0TKTV2Wed Aug 20 1986FLX and ANALYZE utility
122.02TKTVWed Aug 20 1986VMR on VAX RSX V2.1
123.02NMGVMon Aug 25 1986DECNET FOR RSX11M
124.02CSC32::CARROLLTue Aug 26 1986Accessing VMS system global sections
125.0CEDSWS::SCHELLThu Sep 04 1986Looking for Performance #'s
126.03MUDIS3::SPOIDAFri Sep 19 1986RSX Conference - not VAXRSX -?-
127.01JON::CHARCHAFLIANTue Sep 30 1986VMS/File_11
128.02UTRTSC::SONNEVELDTue Oct 21 1986ODS2 and bru, supported ??
129.01VNAThu Oct 30 1986differences in speed with FED
130.0951599::TIBELLThu Nov 06 1986Error parsing 'confirm'
131.02STUSWS::HARDTFri Nov 07 1986RSX-11S build up.
132.05GLORY::FORDPROJFri Nov 07 1986RSX to VMS Transition Guide
133.0551599::TIBELLFri Nov 14 1986Bad stack when entring "AST"
134.034158::MCGORRILLWed Nov 26 1986bug installing vax11rsx
135.0WKRP::LENNIGSat Dec 06 1986PDP11 Cluster Satellite Conference
136.03TMCUK2::SURPLICEMon Dec 15 1986I&D space for beginners
137.02EIGER::HOURIETTue Dec 16 1986HELP hangs in direct mode
138.04MAY2Wed Dec 17 1986Process Name Hacking?
139.02ZURFCC::MANDACHWed Dec 17 1986Compatibility mode servers availiable ?
140.01ZURFCC::MANDACHWed Dec 17 1986C-Mode servers availiable ?
141.0BEING::FRANZINITue Dec 23 1986V2.2 Known Problems
142.03COMICS::MENDELSOHNFri Jan 23 1987Lack of SET NOON ?
143.09NBOIS::JOOSSMon Jan 26 1987Differences F77/RSX to F77/VAX-RSX ??
145.01BALZAC::ROGGEBANDThu Feb 05 1987Kit Availability + Other questions
146.02BASHER::RHASKINGMon Feb 09 1987MCR DEF -filenames generated
147.03BASHER::HASKINGWed Feb 11 1987MCR holding PW lock on RIGHTSLIST
148.02NIPPER::HAGARTYThu Feb 19 1987Process names -> NOPRIV and SHMNOTCNCT
149.011COMICS::CROSBIEWed Mar 11 1987Spawn failures and quotas
150.03BALZAC::ROGGEBANDTue Mar 17 1987Bad Device Name with RSX 2.2
151.04COMICS::MENDELSOHNMon Mar 30 1987Problems installing FORTRAN IV
153.0BEING::FRANZINIMon Mar 30 1987Conf moving to ALIEN
154.01NUHAVN::HOMon Mar 30 1987Corrupted save set ???
155.01GOTSWS::VIKTORSSONWed Apr 01 1987fortran where?
156.0SERPNT::THULINThu Apr 02 1987Decus C and VAX11-RSX V2.2
157.0ALIEN::FRANZINIThu Apr 02 1987Kits moved to ALIEN
158.0ALIEN::FRANZINIThu Apr 02 1987T2.3 field test kit available
159.02OCKER::BALMERWed May 06 1987Cluster Library Use on VAx11rsx
160.0ALIEN::FRANZINIWed May 20 1987Conference now on ALIEN
162.01HANWed Jun 10 1987BRU backups to muti-volumes under VMS
163.03PRIMES::UEBERSAXWed Jun 10 1987DBMS-11 Application to VAX
164.03THAVFri Jul 03 1987Cross-Reference on VAX 11RSX
165.01ALIEN::FRANZINITue Jul 07 1987V2.3 SDC kit available
166.01SRFSUP::LONGOTue Jul 14 1987Where is V11RSX_CMODE_REF.MEM?
167.01MUHTSC::MARTINWed Jul 15 1987wrong identifier in rsx
168.01MAY2Thu Jul 23 1987Reading BRU tapes on VMS?
169.01MUHTSC::MARTINFri Jul 24 1987Indirect gives wrong identifier
172.03MARVIN::COBBThu Aug 27 1987VMS V5.
173.09CANYON::YOUNGMon Aug 31 1987FORTRAN-77 for uVAX-11 RSX!!!
174.01ALIEN::HORNTue Sep 08 1987T2.4 field test kits available
175.01CHOVAX::KYLESun Sep 13 1987Detached process under V2.2
176.0TPOVFri Sep 18 1987TKB-assigned device not found TI
177.04VAXWRK::SIMONTue Sep 22 1987BRU /IMAGE:RESTORE to VAX from 11M+
178.03COMICS::BAKERThu Oct 01 1987"Bad directory syntax" fixed?
179.01BARTLS::PATTERSONMon Oct 05 1987Variable send/receive support?
180.0VAXWRK::SIMONWed Oct 21 1987RSX-11 Migration Tools/Headaches
182.02COMICS::MENDELSOHNFri Nov 06 1987CRRG$ and ATRG$ problems
183.01AUSTIN::KAUFFMANMon Nov 16 1987F77 Max Arguments under VAX-11-RSX?
184.03GLORY::DOUGLASMon Dec 07 1987Level of RSX with VMS4.6??
185.0ALIEN::HORNTue Dec 15 1987coming soon - VAX-11 FT2 internal kit
186.0ALIEN::HORNTue Dec 22 1987VAX-11 RSX T2.4 rebuilt AME available
187.02COMICS::KEYTue Jan 05 1988Spawned CLI from offspring task - workaround?
188.0WINERY::DICKEYWed Jan 06 1988VAX-11 RSX & LAVc's?
189.01COMICS::JUDDWed Jan 13 1988V2.3 TKB 'library references overlaid library'
190.0WARSAW::SUDDICKWed Jan 27 1988overwriting existing record
191.01KAOFS::P_MATHIEUMon Feb 01 1988VAX-11 RSX V2.3 => @SYSGEN/TR
192.0COMICS::CROSBIETue Feb 02 1988error number 1
193.01ALIEN::HORNThu Feb 11 1988T2.4 FT2 kits available
194.01COMICS::JUDDMon Feb 22 1988Compatibility with RSX-11M plus V4.
195.0COMICS::JUDDFri Mar 11 1988Restoring files with DSC1
196.01BRILLO::BIRCHWed Mar 16 1988RSX in EXEC mode?
197.02CHEFS::HAIGHAMon Apr 11 1988VAX-11-RSX and LMF
198.0ALIEN::HORNTue Apr 12 1988T2.4 FT3 kits available
199.07LENNIG::DAVEFri Apr 15 1988CP/RSX?
200.0ALIEN::HORNTue Apr 19 1988FT3 kit rebuilt for VMS NK2
201.01USHSFri Apr 22 1988Multi-vol BRU restore problem
202.06MERIDN::LAGROTTATue Apr 26 1988RSX update from VAX/VMS
203.0MERIDN::LAGROTTATue Apr 26 1988rsx update from VAX?VMS
204.04SDOGUS::COHENThu Apr 28 1988FCS for VAX-11 RSX and VMS 5.
205.01BRILLO::BIRCHFri May 06 19882mb per user??
206.02GIDDAY::BALMERWed May 11 1988BRU complains when using a tape drive on HSC
208.01CSOA1::HRIADILMon May 16 1988?? CFE ??
210.02MSAVFri May 20 1988RSX to VMS + TOTAL DB
211.0KYOA::MIANOTue May 24 1988RWAST emulation process hang
212.01BMT::MONASCHMon Jun 13 1988Disk binding
213.01SKYLRK::SHERMANThu Jun 16 1988Downloading standalone systems over Ethernet
214.0ALIEN::REALMUTOThu Jun 23 1988VAX-11 RSX V2.4 (SDC) is available
215.0BRSDVP::VERCAMMENFri Jul 08 1988Cross reference generation on VAX11RSX.
217.02NZOVWed Jul 20 1988read RSX BRU tapes from VMS?
218.0KERNEL::BIRKINSHAWThu Jul 21 1988$RCVD is not receiving mbx message.
219.0MSCSSE::BERENSTue Jul 26 1988CSSE Corporate Support
220.0VAXWRK::SIMONThu Jul 28 1988Will Sort-11 Work?
221.02CANYON::GURALNIKThu Jul 28 1988RSX-11S SYSGEN Requirements?
222.0GIDDAY::CHANThu Aug 04 1988DLL 11S crash
223.01HSKWed Aug 17 1988Limiting access on clusters
224.0VAXWRK::SIMONTue Sep 06 1988Buffered Byte Count Quota...
225.03CRACKR::SYSTEMTue Sep 06 1988BAD problems
226.02DGC::COCHRANEThu Sep 29 1988LAVc => Device not in system
227.0CSOA1::HRIADILMon Oct 03 1988? Effect of Priority ?
228.02LOOKIN::JUDDMon Oct 17 1988V2.4 Memory overlay locking problem
229.02KERNEL::BRADSHAWWed Oct 26 1988
230.05WACKOS::SYSTEMWed Oct 26 1988link ver mismatch with vms 5.
231.02DRFIX::HANNAFINTue Nov 01 1988RTEM Looking for VAX11RSX files??
232.03GIDDAY::GILLARDThu Nov 10 1988error 65 in BRU
233.02WIENER::RANISCHWed Nov 30 1988DEF/TR=CONC doesn't work
234.0GUIDUK::BURKETue Dec 06 1988Documentation?
235.02CAADC::TRAINVESTUTOTue Dec 13 1988KMC device and RSX-11M vs3.2
236.0LOOKIN::BUNNMon Dec 19 1988Image overlay not working
237.02CAADC::TRAINVESTUTOFri Dec 30 1988Guidelines of performance/VAX-11 RSX
238.01KAOU49::T_ROSSFri Dec 30 1988On-line SDC kits ; where ?
239.0JGO::MEHIGHENDFri Jan 27 1989SPAWNing in GR2272 software, somebody an idea?
240.02ISGVAX::HUWed Feb 15 1989SYS$SYSTEM logical name disappear ?
241.0DORIS::WARINGMon Feb 20 1989VMS/RSX Compatibility Book?
242.01ALIEN::HORNTue Feb 21 1989HELP - your migration feeback needed!
243.0BEING::REALMUTOMon Mar 20 1989VAX-11 RSX V2.5 Project Plan is Available
244.0CRACKR::SYSTEMTue Mar 21 1989F77,PASCAL...
245.01ANNECY::ROUXTue Jun 06 1989HELP on FORM11 RSX11M...
246.02MUNICH::SCHALLERWed Jun 14 1989PIP/FR versus SHOW DEV/full
247.0CSOA1::HRIADILMon Jun 26 1989problem downloading after VMR
248.01EIGER::PEDRIOLIThu Aug 17 1989MicroRSX-CoProcessor
249.0BEING::REALMUTOThu Sep 07 1989VAX-11 RSX T2.5 Field Test Kit is Available
250.01NBOIS2::JOOSSTue Sep 26 1989VAX-11 RSX on VAX 63xx ??
251.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANMon Oct 30 1989RSX directory structure out??
252.02KERNEL::LYNEMon Jan 08 1990Installing RSX image with priviliges
253.01CRACKR::SYSTEMMon Jan 15 1990VAX11->uRSX->11M ?
254.01CUJO::TOBIASSENThu Jan 25 1990How Many Lines of Source Code?
255.0448978::OZILFri Jan 26 1990VAX-11 RSX on VMS V5.2
256.01COMICS::SHELLEYRWed Feb 21 1990Needs more priv in v5.n vms
257.01THAVThu Feb 22 1990OPEN$R - PROBLEM ?
258.01MAJORS::CORALMon Feb 26 1990HELP please.
259.03JETSAM::MADONIATue Apr 03 1990Checksum NOT valid???
260.04USWAV1::LOEWWed Apr 11 1990C compilers under Emulator?
261.03CANYON::LEEDSMon Apr 23 1990does MAC/TKB use NATIVE mode ?
262.01TRCOTue Apr 24 1990VAX-11 RSX V2.4 okay on VMS V5.3?
263.0ALIEN::REALMUTOTue Apr 24 1990VAX-11 RSX V2.5 FT2 Kit Available
264.01VAXWRK::TKTV2Wed Apr 25 1990BSO under VAX-11/RSX on Micro/VMS.
265.01TRCAFri May 04 1990RSX 2.4 Installation Guide Location
266.02BUSHIE::CHANWed May 09 1990PAK for VAX11RSX v2.4?
267.02TINKTU::SCHOFIELDMon May 21 1990TKB fails in KITINSTAL
268.01CACIQE::FONSECAThu Jun 07 1990Driver for the DRV11-WA ?
269.01PRSOIS::BAUDELOTThu Jun 28 1990Need V2.2 kit
270.05MUNICH::MESSERMon Jul 02 1990MOUNT doesn't work (VMS 5.3-1)?!?
271.03CACIQE::FONSECAWed Sep 05 1990Remote queues shared RSX-VMS ???
272.0ALIEN::FRANZINIMon Sep 10 1990V2.5 SSB kit available
274.03KAOFS::S_BROOKTue Sep 18 1990VAX-11/RSX Performance revisited
275.02RSNTue Jan 22 1991boot pdp through enet?
276.0BEING::FRANZINIMon Feb 04 1991Running RMS DEF from MCR
277.01TRCOTue Feb 26 1991VMS 5.4-1A, RSX 2.4?
278.01KERNEL::MCCULLAGHATue Mar 05 1991RA82 Support
279.01LEMAN::MOINETFri Apr 26 1991VAX-11/RSX with VAX4
280.01UBOHUB::HOWLETT_TMon Apr 29 1991drx11 driver built for rsx11 on vax?
281.02GIDDAY::BOJOVICTue Aug 06 1991%SYSTEM-F-FILESTRUCT, current status please.
282.0NYUK::JBRUENTue Aug 06 1991Online copy of Compatibility Mode Ref. Man. ?
283.01QCAVSat Sep 07 1991Help needed
284.01TKTVFS::HAMADA_TMon Oct 07 1991rsx11m+ tape copy on vms
285.01NEWVAX::SPANNWed Nov 13 1991Installing Clusterwide
286.02DORIE::COMPTONWed Dec 11 1991VAX-11/RSX on VMS 5.5?
287.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANMon Jan 06 1992Removed RSX from VMS, still see ref [
288.06TAVTue Jan 07 1992compatibility Mode under VAX 641
289.03ANGLIN::ORTHOBERMon Jan 27 1992DSC tapes to VAX, How?
290.0ANGLIN::KIRKMANTue Feb 04 1992Unable to spawn installed task
291.01WELSWS::LEDGERWed Mar 11 1992Problems VAX11RSX 2.5 Installation
292.01SSDEVO::FIALAFri Mar 27 1992RSX access via DFS??.
293.01DIODE::CROWELLThu Apr 09 1992Why not port to ALPHA/VMS
294.02TYFYS::DAVIDSONWed Jul 15 1992Competitive Migration Services
295.02WNRWHO::SCAMPTue Nov 10 1992Can't access V2.5 kit.
296.0CROWN::WEISSWed Dec 09 1992positioning error with bru VAX-11/RSX VMS
297.01XKOVTue May 18 1993help need with VMR -- VAX11RSX version 2.5
298.0BREW11::HAQUEFri May 28 1993V11 RSX supported on 4
299.01MSDOA::LOVEThu Jun 03 1993Future of VAX-11 RSX support
300.02TROOA::DLOTENTue Aug 03 1993TKB -- *FATAL*-Incompatible OTS module
301.0SSUPD::DELORENZOMon Aug 23 1993mcr> set doesn't accept keywords
302.0RIMMR::SUDDICKTue Oct 19 1993V2.5 strips trailing zeros off logical names
303.0ASIC::RDAIGLEMon Nov 08 1993Looking for RSX book...A Guide for Users
304.01XKOVThu Dec 30 1993help require copying file from VMS --> RSX
305.04WEOPSS::SYSTEMFri Feb 04 1994VAX-11 RSX BRU - Instructions please
306.01EWBV51::YAMAZAKI_YWed Mar 16 1994BRU restore except [
307.01KAOAThu Mar 17 1994ERROR 32 on 11/23
308.01KAOAThu Mar 17 1994Triggering a node from within MCR command file
309.01HGOVC::XKOVTue Apr 12 1994help required ... BRUSYS.SYS on TK5
310.0OSOSPS::KITAYAMAFri May 13 1994supported on V6.1 ?
311.01QUARK::LIONELThu Jun 09 1994VAX RSX a "royalty product"?
312.01WELCLU::ZELEZINSKIMon Jul 18 1994RSX11 to VAX/VMS Migration!!!
313.0HITIT::BAKIRThu Sep 08 1994VAX-11 RSX on VAX 44
314.02TROOA::DCHENGThu Nov 24 1994VAX CoProcessor/RSX V1.2
315.0WARFUT::LEDGERDWed Aug 02 1995VMS 6.1 and VAX-11-RSX 2.4
316.02MURE::SYLVESTERFri Aug 18 1995VAX-11 RSX kit location and VMS V6.2
317.02WARFUT::LEDGERDThu Oct 12 1995Future Of VAX11-RSX 2.5
318.01ICELAN::BLUNTTue Jun 04 1996Still working, but...