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Conference akocoa::molecular-sciences

Title:Molecular and Biomedical Sciences
Created:Fri Oct 09 1992
Last Modified:Thu Nov 09 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:130
Total number of notes:263
Number with bodies:0
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1.0MR4SRV::SYSTEMFri Oct 09 1992Welcome
2.022MR4DEC::LOHFri Oct 09 1992SIGN IN PLEASE!
4.01MR4DEC::LOHFri Nov 13 1992Calendar of Events
6.0MR4DEC::LOHMon Oct 19 1992Overview
7.0MR4DEC::DESIMONETue Oct 13 1992comp. chem. market notes
8.0MR4DEC::LOHFri Oct 09 1992Molecular Graphics & Solutions - Description
9.0MR4DEC::LOHFri Oct 09 1992Crystallography & Solutions - Description
10.0MR4DEC::LOHFri Oct 09 1992NMR & Solutions - Description
11.0MR4DEC::LOHFri Oct 09 1992Genetics & Solutions - Description
12.0MR4DEC::LOHFri Oct 09 1992Bioimaging & Solutions - Description
13.03--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 14 1992Gaussian Alpha party line
15.02MR4DEC::LOHThu Nov 05 1992U Houston Alpha Loaner Experience
16.0MR4DEC::LOHFri Nov 13 1992Pointers to Alpha AXP products information
17.0MR4DEC::LOHFri Nov 13 1992Alpha AXP Product Performance Benchmarks
18.0MR4DEC::DESIMONETue Nov 17 1992Seed Experiene From Semichem Inc.
19.0MR4DEC::DESIMONEWed Nov 18 1992Seed Experience at U. Houston(ascii)
20.02--UnknownUser--Wed Nov 18 1992DECmpp ports
21.02MR4DEC::LOHFri Nov 20 1992Alpha Ad for Molecular Sciences - COPY to use
22.02MR4DEC::DESIMONEWed Nov 25 1992Parallel Chemistry Solutions
23.0MR4DEC::DESIMONEMon Dec 07 1992Public Alpha Port Info
26.06MR4DEC::DESIMONEWed Dec 30 1992Alpha Wins
27.05ESOA11::BRAMHALLThu Jan 21 1993Biotech 1
28.01SDTMKT::WALKERThu Feb 04 1993Doc Mgt, FDA, and Mfg
29.01ESOA11::BRAMHALLMon Feb 08 1993Analytical Instruments?
30.0MR4DEC::LOHWed Feb 10 1993WORKSTATION FARMS in the Molecular Sciences
31.01MR4DEC::LOHWed Feb 10 1993ACS Satellite Seminar on Modeling for Drug Design
32.01MR4DEC::LOHWed Feb 10 1993Digital Product Information Via Internet
33.03ESOA12::BRAMHALLTue Feb 16 1993Imaging in Biotech?
34.01MR4DEC::LOHTue Mar 02 1993Latest ACS Satellite Seminar Sites -all sites
35.02BAHTAT::BROWNIWed Mar 10 1993Turbo Frodo anyone?
36.0MR4DEC::LOHFri Mar 19 1993Crystallography benchmarks from Internet newsgrp
37.0MR4DEC::DESIMONETue Jun 22 1993alpha porting status
38.02MR4DEC::LOHTue May 11 1993Pointer to Applic listing - note 3.
39.02MR4DEC::DESIMONEThu May 27 1993Alpha OSF/1 Gaussian now available !
40.02TKOV5Fri Jun 04 1993DISCOVER,Insight
41.0MR4DEC::DESIMONEWed Jun 23 1993GAMESS Alpha Benchmarks (6/93)
42.0MR4DEC::DESIMONEWed Jun 23 1993Collaboratorators List
43.02AIAG::PRAKASHThu Jul 01 1993ALPHA for molecular simulation in India ...
44.03TKOV5Wed Jul 07 1993Blast,Fasta and Person on Alpha AXP ?
45.05OSANPO::TAKEUCHIMon Jul 12 1993what about 'vibrant' ?
46.02TLE::FOSTERMon Jul 12 1993Max Perutz's new book
47.0MINNY::HEUSIWed Jul 14 1993GROMOS availableon AXP: OSF/1 and OVMS
48.02TKOV5Fri Aug 27 1993MSI X-PLOR for Alpha/OSF1
49.0AKOCOA::DESIMONETue Aug 31 1993DECstation Gaussian92 bug patch
50.0AKOCOA::ROBERAITue Aug 31 1993Genetics Benchmarks - Aug 93.
51.0AKOCOA::ROBERAITue Aug 31 1993Genetics Software (MPP,Farms, etc), Wins. Update
52.0AKOCOA::ROBERAITue Aug 31 1993Biomed / Genetics Applications list - ALPHA
53.0AKOCOA::ROBERAITue Aug 31 1993Biomed / Genetics Collaborations with researchers
54.0AKOCOA::ROBERAIThu Sep 02 1993Smith-Waterman benchmarks
55.0AKOCOA::DESIMONEFri Sep 03 1993Gaussian 92 At Alpha BM centers !
56.0AKOCOA::DESIMONEFri Sep 03 1993Competive WS Prices Ptr.
57.01AKOCOA::LOHThu Sep 09 1993MSI can demo QUANTA on Alpha
58.0AKOCOA::UMINAThu Sep 09 1993Macromolecules, Genes and Computers - trip report
60.02FRUST::FUKSThu Sep 16 1993ISIS from MDL
61.02TKOV51::MIKAMIFri Sep 17 1993Does Lander-Mesirov support for BLAZE
62.0AKOCOA::DESIMONEFri Sep 17 1993ATM Tutorial
63.0AKOCOA::DESIMONETue Sep 21 199332 Gbyte file Alpha advantage
64.0AKOCOA::UMINAWed Sep 22 1993Biomed / Genetics Calendar of Events
65.0AKOCOA::LOHMon Sep 27 1993Chemistry Benchmark, off the Internet
66.0AKOCOA::LOHMon Sep 27 1993Planned Events in the Molecular Sciences - FY94
67.01AKOCOA::LOHWed Oct 06 1993Alpha AXP Farm version of CHARMm NOW available!
68.02TKOVOA::NAKATA_AWed Oct 13 1993HONDO8, MOTECC available ?
70.01CHOVAX::DANYLUKMon Oct 18 1993Varian on ALPHA OSF/1?
71.02TLE::FOSTERWed Oct 20 1993Performance numbers
72.0AKOCOA::ROBERAIWed Oct 20 1993Genetics/Molec.Bio. Computer Workshop-Salestool
73.0AKOCOA::LOHThu Oct 21 1993New Molecular Garphics Tool from U Edinburgh
74.01TKOVOA::NAKATA_AFri Oct 22 1993BLAZE documentations
75.0AKOCOA::ROBERAIFri Oct 22 1993Japan-Alpha demo/Mouse Genome Conf.
76.0AKOCOA::ROBERAIFri Oct 22 1993Genetics Conferences/Alpha demos
77.01TKOV5Wed Oct 27 1993Need info about MOPAC 93
78.0AKOCOA::DESIMONEThu Oct 28 1993Gaussian Alpha AXP Support
79.0AKOCOA::DESIMONEMon Nov 01 1993New Comp. Chem. Alpha Benchmarks (DGEOM)
80.0AKOCOA::LOHTue Nov 02 1993New Benchmarks vs SGI of Receptor code
81.0AKOCOA::DESIMONEThu Nov 04 1993Gaussian 92/DFT info
82.0AKOCOA::ROBERAIThu Nov 04 1993Benchmarks Alpha6
83.0AKOCOA::DESIMONEFri Nov 05 1993GAMESS ordering info (both US and UK versions)
84.01AKOCOA::DESIMONEWed Dec 01 1993new Gaussian 92 Alpha Benchmarks (Vs HP, IBM)
85.0AKOCOA::DESIMONEWed Dec 01 1993Important OpenGL/PXG Doc. (.PS)
87.0AKOCOA::DESIMONEMon Dec 06 1993Matlab (Mathworks) AXP Porting status
88.01FRUST::FUKSWed Dec 08 1993Applikations needed
89.0AKOCOA::DESIMONEWed Dec 08 1993Published G92 Performance Info
90.01FRUST::FUKSThu Dec 16 1993thanks
91.0AKOCOA::LOHMon Dec 20 1993Benchmarks for DEC 3
92.02CHOVAX::DANYLUKTue Jan 04 1994clintrial status?
93.02LUPO::SIMINOMon Jan 10 1994Felix (Hare Res. Inc) migration status
94.0AKOCOA::ROBERAITue Jan 25 1994Genetics, Alpha Benchmarks, 1/94
95.05AKOCOA::LOHThu Feb 03 1994Grant Program for ACS Satellite Seminar on Modeling for Drug Design
96.02LUPO::SIMINOFri Feb 04 1994DISCOVER/INSIGHT Who sells it?
97.04TASTY::BATESFri Feb 11 1994Gausian 92 on farms ??
98.01AKOCOA::LOHWed Feb 16 1994Calendar of Events - for rest of FY94
99.01SNOCSun Feb 27 1994Reference sites????
100.04OSANPO::TAKEUCHIWed Mar 02 1994Where and How to get?
101.03LUPO::SIMINOFri Mar 04 1994SYBYL on Alpha AXP?
102.02WOTVAX::MORRISONFri Mar 18 1994Spartan performance comarisons
103.0AKOCOA::LOHWed Mar 23 1994A mini-step ahead with Tripos
104.02TKOVOA::NAKATA_AFri Apr 08 1994Can I get paralleized softwares ?
105.0AKOCOA::DESIMONEFri Apr 22 1994AMBER Alpha AXP Farm Benchmark
106.0AKOCOA::DESIMONETue May 03 1994New G92 BM's to use with customers
107.0AKOCOA::ROBERAIWed May 25 1994SMITH-WATERMAN-GOTOH Alpha performance
108.0AKOCOA::ROBERAIWed May 25 1994Integrated Genomic Database - Write-up
110.0AKOCOA::ROBERAIWed May 25 1994ex
111.0AKOCOA::DESIMONEThu Jun 02 1994Molecular Sciences Application List
112.01AKOCOA::DESIMONEThu Jun 09 1994G92 Test 178 Alpha AXP bencharks
113.0OSLMR::MARTINR_PThu Jun 16 1994So, who is interested in a parallel G92 version?
114.02AKOCOA::LOHThu Jun 16 1994FIVE New customer collaterals specifically for Molecular Sciences
115.02AKOCOA::DESIMONEFri Jul 01 1994Computational Chemistry Presentation
116.01FRUST::FUKSFri Jul 08 1994polyflow
118.03FRUST::FUKSTue Aug 16 1994Benchmarks on Sable
119.0AKOCOA::LOHWed Sep 07 1994Biophysical Society Mailing to U.S. Membership
120.0AKOCOA::LOHMon Sep 26 1994Parallel GAMESS benchmarks found on the Internet
121.0AKOCOA::LOHMon Sep 26 1994Digital at Materials Research Society Meeting
123.01PRSSUD::PRONIERFri Sep 30 1994"O" still available ??
124.0AKOCOA::LOHThu Oct 06 1994NOTESFILE IS MOVED _PLEASE change over to new node!
125.01AKOCOA::LOHWed Oct 12 1994X-PLOR benchmarks from Dr. Axel Brunger of Yale U
126.01AKOCOA::LOHMon Oct 24 1994Direct Mailing to American Crystallography Association membership
127.01AKOCOA::DESIMONETue Oct 25 1994Research Reading Room WWW Server
128.0AKOCOA::DESIMONETue Oct 25 1994Current Trends in CC Meeting Announcement
129.0TKOVOA::MIZOGUCHIThu Jul 27 1995Mulliken?
130.01FRUST::FUKSWed Nov 08 1995software alternatives