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Conference aimhi::blended_families

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Created:Tue Jan 16 1990
Last Modified:Tue Apr 29 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:165
Total number of notes:1336
Number with bodies:0
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1.02SCAACT::COXTue Jan 16 1990Introduction
2.05SCAACT::COXTue Jan 16 1990Announcements
3.096SCAACT::COXTue Jan 16 1990Sign in here please...
4.011USEM::DONOVANThu Jan 18 1990How did you handle the Holidays
5.010SCAACT::COXThu Jan 18 1990Recommended books for blended families
6.011SCAACT::COXMon Jan 22 1990What is a fair will?
7.016ROULET::BARRYMon Jan 22 1990Family Gatherings and the ex
8.020SCAACT::COXThu Jan 25 1990Should they come live with us?
9.015MTADMS::RENDAThu Jan 25 1990Being a single step-parent
10.012FOOZLE::LUSSIERMon Jan 29 1990Being pulled in every direction!
11.011SCAACT::COXTue Jan 30 1990Differences in raising the kids
12.03SCAACT::COXTue Feb 06 1990Tax Return Trade-Off
14.01HEIDI::MCGUIREThu Feb 08 1990Stepmother blues
15.02HEIDI::MCGUIREThu Feb 08 1990Stepmother blues, Part II
16.06NEST::LOWFri Feb 09 1990Another different situation...
17.07MEMIT::MISSELHORNMon Feb 19 1990Stepkids in Wedding?
18.02--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 22 1990weary of the power struggle
19.06MTADMS::RENDATue Feb 27 1990What I would do differently is....
21.012WFOV12::MOKRAYTue Feb 27 1990Significant other mother needs help with 19 year old boy/man
22.016WJOUSM::MAYThu Mar 01 1990Mother has no rights!!
23.05SCAACT::COXThu Mar 01 1990Son Demanding Attention - Detiorating Relationship
24.09MTADMS::RENDAFri Mar 02 1990Step Family Develpoment
25.08AIAG::MERCHANTWed Mar 07 1990Child Support advice needed
26.05VUETOO::PILOTTEThu Mar 08 1990Child Games
27.04SCAACT::COXMon Mar 12 1990Calgon take me away!
28.01CAM::JOHNSONTue Mar 13 1990legal issues... the system isn't working
29.014DEVIL1::PILOTTEWed Mar 14 1990Splitting Visitation Costs?
30.04CAM::JOHNSONMon Mar 19 1990cure for self-centeredness???
31.05CAM::JOHNSONTue Mar 27 1990playing one against the other
32.014MILPND::BUCCIERIMon Apr 02 1990Disagreement on parenting styles
33.012SCAACT::COXMon Apr 02 1990Can you be an active parent remotely?
34.04CSSE::LEVINFri Apr 20 1990Step-parents support groups
35.06BPOV1Tue May 01 1990Styles in Discipline
36.05FSHQA1::AWASKOMTue May 01 1990How to get teen to call Dad?
37.010SCAACT::COXThu May 03 1990Can you have a normal life in step?
38.04BPOV1Fri May 11 1990Does it matter who left who???
39.020SCAACT::COXTue May 15 1990Idea on Child Support and Taxes
40.011RCA::PURMALMon May 21 1990Telling kids about divorce
41.03WFOV11::MOKRAYWed May 30 1990Can you adopt without marriage?
42.03VUETOO::PILOTTEWed May 30 1990Not Choosing to Visit, making excuses!
43.05WFOV12::MOKRAYThu May 31 1990Ex-wife staying with us for graduation
44.010SCAACT::COXTue Jun 05 1990Does it matter who shares good/bad news?
45.05CIMBAD::DAYWed Jun 06 1990Structure and Family Household Rules
46.04GIAMEM::MACKINNONMon Jun 11 1990Why can't mom and dad live together?
47.03ODIXIE::WILSONJThu Jun 21 1990Fiance, Ex- Baby, HELP!
48.03NUTMEG::GODINThu Jun 21 1990Whose Home Is It, Anyway?
49.02GIADEV::PILOTTEFri Jun 22 1990Legally Disowning
50.05OK4ME::PILOTTEWed Jun 27 1990Blended =lite=
51.06BPOVTue Jul 10 1990Shared bedrooms/Separate bedrooms??
52.012OK4ME::PILOTTETue Jul 10 1990Wicked Step-mother/Father
53.023SCAACT::COXMon Jul 16 1990Priorities of yours/ours
54.07BPOVMon Jul 16 1990Disciplining: Who does it?
55.02WFOV12::MOKRAYMon Jul 16 1990Romanian adoption complete
56.010AIMHI::RENDAFri Jul 27 1990Portrait of the New American Family
57.012ODIXIE::WILSONJTue Jul 31 1990Sharing the kids...
58.015OK4ME::PILOTTEMon Aug 06 1990How do you know what is best?
59.05OK4ME::PILOTTEMon Aug 20 1990Fact or Fiction?
60.04SUBSYS::MISNERWed Aug 29 1990Second Wedding--Split Reception
61.01WFOV12::MOKRAYFri Sep 14 1990Transition from Stepmom to Mom
62.02MEMIT::MISSELHORNFri Sep 21 1990"Togetherness"
63.07OK4ME::PILOTTEFri Sep 28 1990Lawyors
64.04POGO::ROSKELLEYThu Oct 04 1990Adoption Procedures
65.05SCAACT::COXMon Oct 08 1990Individual time with each child
66.07--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 10 1990Child feels I love SO more...
67.05OK4ME::PILOTTETue Oct 16 1990Religion
68.012HAVOC::MCGUIREFri Nov 02 1990CUSTODIAL stepparents?
69.03--UnknownUser--Fri Nov 30 1990VISITATION RIGHTS ???
70.010OK4ME::PILOTTEMon Dec 10 1990Teenage Issues
71.020BENONI::JIMCTue Dec 18 1990blended? how about cuisinart on dice?
72.01AIMHI::RENDAFri Dec 21 1990Merry Christmas!
73.02MUGSY::PAUWed Dec 26 1990Trans-continental custody
74.02MEIS::LEVINMon Jan 07 1991Etiquette Camp ? Any ideas?
75.018OK4ME::PILOTTEWed Jan 09 1991Visitation that isnt Enjoyable
76.02SCAACT::COXThu Jan 10 1991Holiday Stories
77.03FTMUDG::REINBOLDFri Jan 18 1991SAA phone #?
78.011STRATA::WHITEHAIRWed Jan 23 1991 What do you think?
79.05MRKTNG::GODINThu Jan 24 1991Why DID I marry her/him?
80.04MEIS::LEVINFri Jan 25 1991Family Works
81.06SONATA::ARDINISat Mar 09 1991house rights???!!!
83.03TERZA::ZANEThu Mar 21 1991Child Stealing and other Difficult Issues
84.010SCAACT::COXMon Apr 01 1991Where does the ex fit in?
85.010MJBOOT::BRUMBAUGHMon Apr 08 1991Help/Hug needed! frustrated person writing...
86.07HKFINN::STEWARTTue Apr 16 1991Absent parent doesn't care about child
87.04MRKTNG::GODINWed Apr 24 1991Where is Non-Custodial Parents?
88.014OK4ME::PILOTTETue Apr 30 1991Does support end at 18?
89.09--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 30 1991Spoiled step-child
90.01SMURF::HAECKThu May 02 1991About this "united front" notion ...
91.09SMURF::BECKERThu May 02 1991Disfunctional family ...
92.02--UnknownUser--Thu May 09 1991Calling all eager ears...!
93.011ROULET::WHITEHAIRThu May 23 1991help with the 7 yr old itch...
95.0524853::SANTOSThu Jun 06 1991Step fathers and punishing
96.04VCSESU::LIZOTTEMon Jun 17 1991Beneficiaries
97.01GEMVAX::SANTOSMon Jun 24 1991non_custodial_parent
98.05SCAACT::COXMon Jun 24 1991Recently Discovered Blended Family - Mixed Feelings
99.07SRATGA::SCARBERRY_CIMon Jun 24 1991Cultural script
100.05OK4ME::PILOTTETue Jul 30 1991Medical Costs
101.014OK4ME::PILOTTEThu Aug 01 1991Blended =lite= "Whats your beef?"
102.017PENUTS::HNELSONSat Aug 17 1991Are step-parents obliged to pay for college?
103.01USCTR1::RTRUEBLOODTue Oct 01 1991Sandwiched Relationships
104.05PENUTS::HNELSONMon Oct 21 1991Divorce within a blended-family
105.011GBMMKT::VINCENTThu Nov 07 1991Adoption - how do you tell a child?
106.03TERZA::ZANETue Nov 12 1991When You've Got to be Out of Town
107.021OK4ME::PILOTTETue Nov 19 1991Support goes to Age 23 here in Mass.
108.01OK4ME::PILOTTEThu Dec 05 1991Getting out from Under
109.07SKI2DY::REEBENACKERMon Dec 16 1991Teenager and schoolwork
110.09CSCMA::PEREIRAWed Dec 18 1991Son Idolizes/Step Detests..Biological Dad
111.04VERGA::STEWARTThu Jan 02 1992Angry 9.5 year old - HELP!
112.05SCAACT::COXMon Jan 06 1992Anonymous - How would you treat your steps iff you had it to do over again?
113.04OK4ME::PILOTTETue Jan 14 1992What is 'Act your age'??
114.08CSC32::L_MEIERWed Jan 15 1992Rock the Boat, Don't rock the Boat Baby!
115.04VINO::MACNEILFri Feb 07 1992Colledge Student Child support in Mass.?
116.03--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 13 1992Cross-posted from Parenting Conference
117.05SCAACT::COXWed Feb 19 1992But are you happpy?
118.02VERGA::STEWARTMon Mar 09 1992Wills and guardians
119.011KAHALA::CAMPBELL_KMon Mar 16 1992Child Support Violation Hearing in NH
120.05ROYALT::J_DEWITTTue Mar 31 1992When you're willing and the step-daughter isn't...
122.02SCAACT::COXSun Apr 05 1992Anon - Financial division of assets
123.03MADMXX::BETCHANWed May 27 1992Time is the ticket
124.08OK4ME::PILOTTEMon Jun 22 1992Organizations
125.03SCAACT::COXMon Jul 06 1992Anon - Why am I not as important as THEM?
126.02PCCAD2::DINGELDEINTue Jul 07 1992Parental Bill of Rights Needed?
127.04VERGA::STEWARTTue Jul 07 1992Venting some steam
128.015CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Jul 14 1992What's with all the teenaged girls having babies?
129.014SCAACT::COXThu Jul 16 1992Anon - child support issue
130.02SCAACT::COXSat Jul 25 1992Anon - doesn't really care for kids
131.04PCCAD::DINGELDEINThu Jul 30 1992National Organization for Men
132.012TNPUBS::CDAYTue Aug 04 1992Trying to Find the Answer
133.04ASDS::GORINGTue Aug 11 1992stepdaugher Moving in
134.02GEMVAX::SANTOSWed Aug 19 1992any ideas
135.04FLYWAY::VERLOOPTue Sep 15 1992How long did you wait?
136.019GEMVAX::SANTOSWed Sep 16 1992moving to another state
137.03CGVAX2::THIBODEAUWed Oct 14 1992new reader needs advice
138.07SCAACT::COXSun Oct 25 1992Relationships affect on children
139.02MARLIN::L_MCCARTHYTue Jan 12 1993Marrying a Divorced Dad - is my income at stake?
140.02SCAACT::COXWed Jan 20 1993Anon - Relationship going sour
141.012CSLALL::MCOGANSat Jan 30 1993Think Twice !!!
142.04--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 09 1993Will I become a free babysitting service???
143.04WHEEL::POMEROYThu Mar 11 1993Legal custody???
144.05CSC32::P_GARVINFri Mar 19 1993Does having an "ours" child change things?
145.0SCAACT::COXWed Mar 31 1993Child Support Changes
147.01AKOVFri May 14 1993Visitation "Space"
148.01SCAACT::COXMon Jun 14 1993Parental Relationship Comes First
149.03SCAACT::COXThu Jun 17 1993Child Support/Custody Battle
151.02AKO588::PILOTTETue Sep 21 1993Advice on Change in Custody/How to talk with the ex...
152.0SCAACT::COXThu Dec 16 1993Happy Holidays
154.05MAYES::SKOWRONEKWed Jan 19 1994Physical Custody -Help!
155.03ASABET::DOWNSThu Jan 20 1994"I am mother first not a step"
156.0ASABET::DOWNSFri Jan 21 1994reply
157.05SCAACT::COXSun Feb 27 1994Up for adoption
158.09CSCMA::SMITHTue May 23 1995child support, I need advice
159.012WRKSYS::BEATRICETue Jun 06 1995My stepson hates me
160.03ROWLET::AINSLEYThu Jun 15 1995How to divide up the income and expenses?
161.09ADISSW::HAECKTue Aug 01 1995visitation: how much "stuff" comes and goes?
162.01SOLVIT::JAFFEWed Aug 09 1995Ghosts from the past
163.03--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 09 1995How is visitation decided?
164.014MPGS::PHILLFri Feb 23 1996Jealousy
165.01BUSY::DOMINICKWed Dec 04 1996Visitation Problem