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Conference galvia::vtx_technical

Title:Technical discussions about DEC VTX & VTX/TR
Notice:Welcome to GALVIA::VTX_TECHNICAL. Read notes #1-4 for guidelines.
Created:Wed Jul 05 1989
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:2788
Total number of notes:11026
Number with bodies:49
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1.0CASEE::HAMNQVISTWed Jul 05 1989Welcome
2.06CASEE::HAMNQVISTThu Jul 06 1989Directory listings of CASEE::VTX.NOTE
3.05CASEE::HAMNQVISTThu Jul 06 1989Directory listinngs of CASEE::VALU.NOTE
4.033CASEE::HAMNQVISTWed Jul 05 1989Latest kit
5.02IAMOK::DELUCOMon Jul 10 1989Version 4.
6.06JENEVR::SILVATue Jul 11 1989PSI and VTX
7.01ZODIAC::WARDThu Jul 13 1989VTX vs Character Generator
8.01DWOVAX::LEARThu Jul 20 1989DECwrite and VTX
9.02NEEPS::NORRIEThu Jul 20 1989DECwindows & V 4.
10.02SOJU::MEAGHERThu Jul 20 1989Can RUSL and TCP coexist in VTX 4.
11.01WIENER::SCHOELLERMon Jul 24 1989V4.
12.01TALK::JARVISTue Jul 25 1989Upgrade to V4.
13.01SCENIC::JANEBTue Jul 25 1989VAS or ELK? Where else to get info?
14.02NEEPS::NORRIETue Jul 25 1989Decwindows cut & paste + Update problem
15.01COMICS::TALBOTWed Jul 26 1989change in functionality?
17.03COMICS::TALBOTThu Jul 27 1989remote pages and bookmarks
18.03WIENER::SCHOELLERThu Jul 27 1989Accounting/Logging
21.02MEO78B::LYONSTue Aug 01 1989Historical Data Update??
22.0IAMOK::DELUCOTue Aug 01 1989Looking for V4 Demo
23.02VIDEO::WALTHERTue Aug 01 1989UK VTX access from US
24.01SOFBAS::LAIWed Aug 02 1989VAS request/response buffer size
25.05DPDMAI::TROSPERWed Aug 02 1989One request many outputs???
26.01BISTRO::FOUBERTThu Aug 03 1989VTX server unavailable !
27.07KORIK::PERERAFri Aug 04 1989VTX search Facility ?
28.03TROPPO::JOHNKMon Aug 07 1989VTX CONcentrator and X.25
29.06SCOTMN::LOATMon Aug 07 1989Whats in a VISTA library file??
30.04BRSDVP::WAUTERSTue Aug 08 1989"Undeclared name" compilation error
31.03IAMOK::ROSENBERGWed Aug 09 1989VAS Design Philosophy Questions
32.03IAMOK::ROSENBERGWed Aug 09 1989Wish List Request
33.02TROPPO::JOHNKFri Aug 11 1989CONC and X.29 access through PSI Access node ?
34.05LAMHRA::WHORLOWFri Aug 11 1989What changed between v3.1 and v4 to stop me????
35.01IAMOK::ROSENBERGFri Aug 11 1989VAS Question
36.02SRFSUP::JARATue Aug 15 1989Upgrade for 3.
37.01RTPSWS::DUNCANWed Aug 16 1989Complex Infobase Development Problem
38.05WIENER::SCHOELLERFri Aug 18 1989Template Page display
39.05NEEPS::NORRIEFri Aug 18 1989Problem with LAT/dedicated terminal
40.01DWOVAX::LEARMon Aug 21 1989DDIF as FORM page?
41.02COMICS::TALBOTTue Aug 22 1989Buggy ACU utility!
42.0ACESMK::SILVAWed Aug 23 1989SET PM help pages?
43.0CSC32::K_JACKSONFri Aug 25 1989??? on RUSL$K_MAX_SESSIONS
44.02CVMS::DOTENMon Aug 28 1989What is changing my terminal characteristics?
45.02WILLEE::KALKUNTETue Aug 29 1989Scanned image in DECwrite = ??
46.03CURRNT::DAWTue Aug 29 1989Subscriber informed on page update ?
47.08SALEM::NAGARAJANThu Aug 31 1989*HELP* This a good VTX application?
48.06NHASAD::LUSTMANFri Sep 01 1989writing a kitinstall for a vas applications
49.02ALBANY::HEIGHTFri Sep 01 1989VTX and Optical Disk??????
50.0AKAMAI::KAWAKAMIFri Sep 01 1989NAPLPS Templates??
51.02HACMAN::HACKMon Sep 04 1989
52.01PRCSWS::CHARLESKWANMon Sep 04 1989PF3 after GOLD PF7
54.026CASEE::HAMNQVISTMon Sep 04 1989Sample applications
55.01UTROP2::BOSSINK_LTue Sep 05 1989VISTA 132 printer
56.01RT95::HEBERTTue Sep 05 1989Auto scan image to VTX code?
57.02DECWET::AURICHTue Sep 05 1989getting started
58.04ILO::MKEOHANEWed Sep 06 1989REBUILD function on very large volumes
59.01ACESMK::SILVAWed Sep 06 1989DDIF and VTX
60.05OSLThu Sep 07 1989Serious WBCL problems ! Need urgent help !
61.02ACESMK::BOGGISThu Sep 07 1989VMS upgrade to 5.2
62.01HERON::DEVRIESFri Sep 08 1989Size of .VTX files
63.05CASEE::HAMNQVISTFri Sep 08 1989Getting DDIF into VTX
64.010ACESMK::SILVATue Sep 12 1989Log files?
66.02LAIDBK::HAACKWed Sep 13 1989Partial DDIF support or full?
67.0CANOVA::ALLEGRIThu Sep 14 1989Public net simulation
68.03ACESMK::SILVAFri Sep 15 1989VTX server DECnet communication error?
69.03IAMOK::ROSENBERGFri Sep 15 1989A few 4.
70.01HSOMAI::EATONTue Sep 19 1989Dif in building an infobase with DDIF
71.05STKHUV::HALLGRENTue Sep 19 1989DDIF as IMAGE FILE in Workbench problem
72.04DUBTue Sep 19 1989VTX front-end to public databases?
73.01LOMBRD::SOORENKO_FETue Sep 19 1989How is the infobase file really organized?
74.02ACESMK::BOGGISTue Sep 19 1989account validation: login page vs. from DCL
75.08IAMOK::DELUCOWed Sep 20 1989Official Support
76.03MINDER::MCGRATHDThu Sep 21 1989Personal Magazine form
77.02GENIE::KRINERFri Sep 22 1989VTXUPD Page control record problem...
78.03EMASS::SICAFri Sep 22 1989How do I do Decwindows screen IO from VTX.
79.03MSAMFri Sep 22 1989Template pg forces ALL-IN-1 to numeric kp mode
80.04WIENER::SCHOELLERFri Sep 22 1989Installation & DECnet
81.01CSC32::K_JACKSONFri Sep 22 1989Possible LAT/CON pr. turning off terminals
82.07MILPND::GAUVINMon Sep 25 1989Need Graphics HELP
83.02DEOVAX::SYSTEMTue Sep 26 1989More input...DECwrite-->VTX 4.
84.01WIENER::SCHOELLERWed Sep 27 1989Unreferenced (VISTA) Page - How to get rid ?
85.02WARABI::JACOBSWed Sep 27 1989VTX server log file status
86.02MAGOS::GONZALEZWed Sep 27 1989Need help with WB
87.010HABS11::MASONThu Sep 28 1989How to gain access to VTX from a WS...
88.02DPDMAI::RITZCThu Sep 28 1989INGRES database access
89.04UTROP2::WERF_BFri Sep 29 1989VTX V4.
90.02MUTTON::LAMBSat Sep 30 1989Minimum VTX for ELF V2 and GETVTXLIB
91.01CSC32::K_JACKSONSun Oct 01 1989SNA LOGIN ???
92.03TENNIS::KAMTue Oct 03 1989Executing VTX commands from a command procedure
94.05KETJE::WARICHETWed Oct 04 1989VTX 4.
95.01GUIDUK::HUEWed Oct 04 1989ex
96.02HKFINN::FUThu Oct 05 1989How to dump vtx into an ascii file?
97.04KCBBQ::CHERRYFri Oct 06 1989Performance Concerns w DDIF infobases
98.01ULYSSE::DAUBYSat Oct 07 1989Problem PAGER with a WPSPlus file
99.04HERON::DEVRIESMon Oct 09 1989VTX Resource names
100.017CPDW::FADDENMon Oct 09 1989VAS/DECnet communication problem
101.01HBO::BACHELDERTue Oct 10 1989What graphics does VTX handle?
102.05COIT::REDMOND_NAWed Oct 11 1989DECwindows TCP over TCP/IP transport??
103.02KAZUBI::BISHOVThu Oct 12 1989Way to Download VTX Screens to PC Floppy?
104.012CASEE::MOTTERSHEADThu Oct 12 1989TSM Modifications
105.07MUDDIN::CHINNASWAMYThu Oct 12 1989convert
106.05CRLVMS::HALBERTThu Oct 12 1989What to install for VTXPAD only?
107.03MILKWY::MORRISONSun Oct 15 1989"Command" prompt & user reply in large type: Why?
108.01BISTRO::FOUBERTMon Oct 16 1989How many steps from VTX V2.
109.07R7NET::SYSTEMTue Oct 17 1989format of documentation????
110.02FACTLV::VTXOPER_CPWed Oct 18 1989URGENT!! Bug(?) w/ scan images in DECwrite -> VTX
111.03MILPND::GAUVINWed Oct 18 1989Subscriber limits?
112.01CBOSWS::FRYLANDWed Oct 18 1989Submit to VTX$QUEUE from DCL?
113.06WELKIN::STRONACHWed Oct 18 1989SAVE/ALL problem
114.010INFACT::HILGENBERGWed Oct 18 1989Performance/sizing/quota questions
115.01NCEIS1::CHOQUETThu Oct 19 1989VTX username sent by ELK to VTX
116.03POBOX::HACKMANThu Oct 19 1989VTX w. Scanned Images
117.0CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Oct 19 1989Printing, VTL record type, strange ACU behavior
118.03CASEE::HAMNQVISTFri Oct 20 1989Field Test sites for V4.1
119.01SHALOT::DROWNMon Oct 23 1989workbench server question
121.01SHALOT::DROWNWed Oct 25 1989template - workbench
122.05ZPOVThu Oct 26 1989WORD PERFECT --> VTX PAGE
123.0GUIDUK::HUEThu Oct 26 1989VTX, WPS+ and Graphics
124.03TELALL::ANTLEThu Oct 26 1989%VTX-I-BRKNOLI
125.01KBOMFG::MORODERThu Oct 26 1989VTX KEWORDS on a Cluster ?
126.03CSC32::P_PAPACEKFri Oct 27 1989Accessing Continuation pages
128.07YUCATN::LASTOVICATue Oct 31 1989extract/save binary data
129.0YUCATN::LASTOVICATue Oct 31 1989/SERVER switch suggestion
130.02YUCATN::LASTOVICATue Oct 31 1989What could change a PAD/SERVER connection
131.02OSTV14::N_NAKAMURATue Oct 31 1989VTX with ReGIS file
132.04--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 31 1989Installation Guide please?
133.03TROATue Oct 31 1989Sixel input to VTX
134.02OTOUTue Oct 31 1989View not Regis coding
135.01OTOUTue Oct 31 198998 ASCII hard copy?
136.02COIT::GARRISON_NAWed Nov 01 1989VTX w/ eXodus?
137.02ODIHAM::COHEN_DWed Nov 01 1989VAS - logging/ISAM files.
139.04THATIS::LINDLEYWed Nov 01 1989Very large infobase - questions
140.0CSC32::K_JACKSONWed Nov 01 1989Announcement of VTX 4.
141.010FACVAX::ICSWed Nov 01 1989Losing VAS Channels....
142.01COMICS::TALBOTThu Nov 02 1989VISTA is wonderful, but...!!
143.01CASEE::HAMNQVISTThu Nov 02 1989Announcement of VTX 4.
144.06CSC32::P_PAPACEKSat Nov 04 1989WBCL can't find STYLE files
145.08CSC32::K_JACKSONMon Nov 06 1989Elk with system setimr ???
146.01MJOSWS::FAGLEYTue Nov 07 19891
147.01CSC32::VELEZWed Nov 08 1989VAS transaction with EXIT/KEYWORD not working
148.03SCENIC::MORINWed Nov 08 1989how do I convert *.vtd files?
149.05CWBNGA::WONGThu Nov 09 19891
150.01KETJE::GORREMANSThu Nov 09 1989Suggestions for APMS?
151.02NCEIS1::CHOQUETThu Nov 09 1989DECvoice TSM is designed
152.02YUPPY::DJACKSONThu Nov 09 1989Does TDE work??
153.0COIT::GARRISON_NAThu Nov 09 1989VTX & MAC; not w/ eXodus
154.01CSC32::K_JACKSONFri Nov 10 1989LANDSCAPE qualifier revisited
155.09SHAPES::CAMPBELLSMon Nov 13 1989Invalid filename with IMAGE FILE.
156.02SHALOT::THOMASMon Nov 13 1989VAS hungup ...Working.... During Deposit
157.03SUPTue Nov 14 1989DECWINDOWS/TCP, Decwrite and LiveLink
158.01CSOA1::SMITH_JIMTue Nov 14 1989X.25 Concentrator Performance
159.03CSOA1::SMITH_JIMWed Nov 15 1989VTX, Images, and PCs
160.01CSC32::P_PAPACEKWed Nov 15 1989Cannot unreserve pages from Expired IP account
161.02HGOVC::DEREKLUIThu Nov 16 1989Is that possible to skip V3.1 and directly to V4.
162.01GIDDAY::KINGFri Nov 17 1989PRESTEL lvl 1 = NO FORM support ??
163.03SCOTMN::LOATMon Nov 20 1989Personal Magazine query.
166.011COMICS::TALBOTTue Nov 21 1989DECnet and remote page access
167.01EMASS::CHANTue Nov 21 1989PC's, VT terminals and workstations
168.08CTOAVX::STANKIEWICZWed Nov 22 1989Change CHOICE to ENTER #
169.015PANIC::DJACKSONThu Nov 23 1989VAS - Indexed files
170.03MALLET::BATESMon Nov 27 1989Prestel Pages on a VTXXX terminal ???
171.03ZPOVMon Nov 27 1989Application interface
173.0ZPOVWed Nov 29 1989VALU HELP NEEDED
174.02CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Nov 30 1989APMS with extra MORE>s
175.0WELKIN::ADOERFERThu Nov 30 1989New format of Digital's internal VTX Library
176.03TAOVFri Dec 01 1989One site no two VTX installed
177.03COPCLU::TINAFri Dec 01 1989Problem with VTX$QUEUE/132 char. wide documents
178.04DUBFri Dec 01 1989Multi-user ELK/Rdb
179.01DUBFri Dec 01 1989PC-based Prestel frame editors
180.03IAMOK::ROSENBERGFri Dec 01 1989VAS Application Bombing - help
181.01SCOTMN::LOATMon Dec 04 1989VTXACF query.
182.03CHOTI::MENARDMon Dec 04 1989Request for Info
183.01LUCCIO::MACCANITue Dec 05 1989Search string in VTX
184.01DUBWed Dec 06 1989Running Mail from VTX?
185.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed Dec 06 1989DSPI 1.4
186.01COMICS::TALBOYSThu Dec 07 1989multiple changes to ACF easily ??
187.01LAIDBK::HAACKFri Dec 08 1989VT34
188.03KID2::SOORENKFEFri Dec 08 1989WPS pagination: Create multiple VTUs at one time?
189.02DECXPS::COLBERTFri Dec 08 1989VTX server frequently goes down
190.04CBOSWS::FRYLANDFri Dec 08 1989Install Guide on-line???
191.02GIDDAY::LEHMon Dec 11 1989Modifying the account .VTA file
192.06WILARD::PANZERMon Dec 11 1989Determining Keywords for a VTX Page
193.03MNMS::LINIHANMon Dec 11 1989Max # of session_ids in an ELK?
194.02GLORY::TLUCZEKMon Dec 11 1989Modifying the Keyword Dynamic Menu
195.04LAMHRA::WHORLOWTue Dec 12 1989What page numbers are allowed?
196.03DUBTue Dec 12 1989Escape Seq with Elk?
197.07THATIS::LINDLEYTue Dec 12 1989LOGGING problem
198.01LISVAX::FRCHAVESTue Dec 12 1989Number of users?
199.09KCBBQ::ELLISTue Dec 12 1989ELK, databases and dynamic pages??
200.03THATIS::LINDLEYWed Dec 13 1989VTX in CAROUSEL mode ??
201.02ZPOVThu Dec 14 1989keyboard mapping for ALLIN1
202.02ZPOVThu Dec 14 1989Menu more than one page screen ?
203.02WILARD::PANZERThu Dec 14 1989VTX/PAGINATE Headers & Footers Problem
204.05WILARD::PANZERThu Dec 14 1989WORKBENCH - Selecting files using PAGE TEXT
205.02KCBBQ::ELLISThu Dec 14 1989Minitel config and setup
206.02GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDFri Dec 15 1989Problems with paginate
207.010GNYPIG::VTXOPERFri Dec 15 1989Base Page problem
208.02ZPOVMon Dec 18 1989program to chop text file into VTU pages ?
209.02EEMELI::POKKINENMon Dec 18 1989Page control record too large
210.0ZPOVTue Dec 19 1989consultant needed
212.05OSLWed Dec 20 1989"Problems with LINKPAD.COM"
213.04IJSAPL::KESSELSThu Dec 21 1989Lots of customer questions
214.0IAMOK::DELUCOThu Dec 21 1989Request to Update CVL Files
215.01ZPOVFri Dec 22 1989LOS source code
216.01MDVAX3::MADDENFri Dec 22 1989VTX MAIL Capability
217.02LUTECE::COSTEUXFri Dec 22 1989One channel and multi sub-channels.
218.01DECXPS::COLBERTThu Dec 28 1989VTX read/display database info?
219.019FRAGLE::EOS_SRVWed Jan 03 1990DASL completion error
221.0WIENER::SCHOELLERThu Jan 04 1990Serverlog: Record Layout in PASCAL wanted
222.02SCOTMN::LOATThu Jan 04 1990Servers not visable
223.04JURAN::DOWNESThu Jan 04 1990vtx-e-brknoli
224.01NANOOK::DAWSONFri Jan 05 1990IBM connection and performance?
225.04SCOTMN::LOATFri Jan 05 1990VTX servers 'owned' by starter ???
226.03OLYMP::VTXMGRFri Jan 05 1990VAS-Communication-Problem
227.04CSC32::P_PAPACEKFri Jan 05 1990Fatal Bugcheck and VTXCON
228.02NEWVAX::BHOWARDSat Jan 06 1990Toolkit widget class warning
229.01SCOTMN::LOATMon Jan 08 1990Help needed on modifying HELP.
230.02DUBMon Jan 08 1990Minitel page creation tools?
231.02RT95::LATTOTue Jan 09 1990Wierd problems - obsolete VTX
232.02CSC32::P_PAPACEKTue Jan 09 1990Display of British Pound sign
233.02SANTEE::GREENETue Jan 09 1990DOS VTX TCP
234.01STKAI1::BOHLINTue Jan 09 1990VTX & 327
235.02DUBTue Jan 09 1990What terminal type in asynch ELK?
236.04SOKO::SOKOLOWSKITue Jan 09 1990DNS and VTX: Is there an impact?
237.01STKAI1::BOHLINWed Jan 10 1990Where is MANANA::VTX ?
238.01GEMVAX::BERRYWed Jan 10 1990Direct Access?
239.02CSC32::P_PAPACEKThu Jan 11 1990Subscriber denied access with group codes
240.04SUBURB::KAVIAVThu Jan 11 1990VTX service on V3.1/V4.
241.01INFACT::GREENBERGThu Jan 11 1990Need guidance designing VTX application
243.03CASPRO::ACCT_ADMINThu Jan 11 1990SAVE or PRINT question...
244.01CSC32::M_POTEETFri Jan 12 1990Template page from ELK$KF_DSPLAY_KEYWORD
245.01SUBWAY::HOFFFri Jan 12 1990where is v3.1?
246.01MNMS::LINIHANSat Jan 13 1990ELK --> VAS
247.0STKHUV::CAJONSSONMon Jan 15 1990VTX -> ALL-IN-1 to edit?
249.02CHEFS::HOENIGATue Jan 16 1990Personal Mag/template problem
250.05CSC32::P_PAPACEKTue Jan 16 1990Disappearing files sent to VTX$QUEUE
251.03CSC32::P_PAPACEKThu Jan 18 1990VTX$QUEUE ALL-IN-1 & ---> More prompts
252.06COMICS::OTHENThu Jan 18 1990Deleting entire menu structure
253.01TAVThu Jan 18 1990Performance for a low-use VTX system
254.02SCOTMN::LOATThu Jan 18 1990Valid page numbers in 4.
255.07PTOVAX::WILSONThu Jan 18 1990WPSPLUS pagination problem
256.02CSSE32::SKABOFri Jan 19 1990Wanted: VTX training
257.03CSC32::P_PAPACEKFri Jan 19 1990More ALL-IN-1 & VTX$QUEUE problems
258.01AKAMAI::HILLSat Jan 20 1990Minitel M1B and ANTIOP Question
259.011BRSDVP::WAUTERSMon Jan 22 1990SAVE via concentrator ?
260.01PEKING::FIDOTMon Jan 22 1990Cannot open SYS$NET
262.02HUSQY::LASTOVICATue Jan 23 1990ELK application needs some more information from a transport
263.04SCOTMN::LOATTue Jan 23 1990VTX personal magazine query.
264.0CASEE::HAMNQVISTWed Jan 24 1990T4.1 is out!
265.02TROPPO::MURRAYThu Jan 25 1990Display fields on menu pages
266.05SRFSUP::RHODEWALTFri Jan 26 1990VAS question: Preventing duplicate logins
267.01LAIDBK::RHVMIIIMon Jan 29 1990VTX$QUEUE more prev problem using DO SCRIPT
268.01SRFSUP::RHODEWALTMon Jan 29 1990Concentrator-mode ASSIGN command question
270.08CSC32::P_PAPACEKTue Jan 30 1990More details on 132 collumn printing
271.01VOGON::CAMPBELLTue Jan 30 1990Pagination problem.
272.01LISVAX::MONTEZTue Jan 30 1990VTX and SECURITY
273.04CSC32::P_PAPACEKTue Jan 30 1990VTX$PADWAIT problem
274.01CSC32::P_PAPACEKWed Jan 31 1990DELETE/PAGE problem w/Update Serv
275.04TRCAWed Jan 31 1990Custom Graph Generation
276.02CSC32::K_JACKSONWed Jan 31 1990have you heard of DATABILITY
277.02HYEND::MMCDOWELLWed Jan 31 1990Press Help message and Sixel Graphics
278.02LISVAX::MONTEZWed Jan 31 1990How does VTX Workbench works ?
279.0AKAMAI::HILLThu Feb 01 1990Minitel M1B and Mixed Mode
280.02ULYSSE::SOULARDThu Feb 01 1990
281.04THEBAY::SOORENKFEThu Feb 01 1990Using VTX to point to and send binaries to users?
282.03AKOV11::THOMPSONFri Feb 02 1990Remote ISAM read problem
284.03CSC32::B_ALDERMANMon Feb 05 1990Paginating within VTX during display
285.01OFFPLS::BURKHARDTMon Feb 05 1990VAS error message
286.04CSC32::P_PAPACEKTue Feb 06 1990Vista - invalid page string length
288.04CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Feb 06 1990VAS displaying to wrong user
289.04CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Feb 06 1990327
290.01SUBURB::GRAHAMSTue Feb 06 1990Error message BRKNONYI
291.014CSC32::P_PAPACEKWed Feb 07 1990Elk Help pages
292.01STRIKR::KAVIAWed Feb 07 1990Where do the conversion files reside?..
293.06HAMPS::COHEN_DThu Feb 08 1990TCP Form Enter mods
294.04COMICS::LOATThu Feb 08 1990Help with modifying the TCP for ALL-IN-1.
295.02DECXPS::COLBERTThu Feb 08 1990VTX 3.1 and VMS 5.3
296.0IAMOK::DELUCOThu Feb 08 1990Corporate Videotex Page # Deletions
297.01VANDAL::WILKINSONFri Feb 09 1990VTX documentation for BOOKREADER ?
298.01KETJE::DEMOORMon Feb 12 1990PC VTX and ALL-IN-1 integration
299.01CSC32::P_PAPACEKMon Feb 12 1990IP access rights clarification
300.01CSC32::P_PAPACEKMon Feb 12 1990VTX-W-NOPCR Error messages
301.07MOCA::GONZALEZMon Feb 12 1990workbench and display pages
302.04CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Feb 13 1990Log out of VTX from VAS
303.01DELNI::EDDYTue Feb 13 1990Remote Updating Problem
304.0WHIRL::HCROWTHERTue Feb 13 1990page-log counts <> ACU
305.03ZPOVThu Feb 15 1990Keyword problem
306.06SWAM3::RHODEWALT_BRThu Feb 15 1990Locating current VTX subscribers
307.01SWAM3::RHODEWALT_BRThu Feb 15 1990Analyzing a VTL file
308.02CSC32::B_ALDERMANFri Feb 16 1990Group code determines page displayed
309.07UTROP2::WERF_BFri Feb 16 1990Another VTX$QUEUE/132 problem
310.02HALLES::COSTEUXMon Feb 19 1990Communication between Cobol (ELK) programs.
311.01GVAVTX::VTX243Mon Feb 19 1990ACU problem
312.02CSSE::MORRISTue Feb 20 1990how do I connect TO elk?
313.01VANDAL::WILKINSONTue Feb 20 1990Logging Page Access Problem - V3.
314.02ISOLA::DOMINICTue Feb 20 1990TOP_MARGIN is ignored
315.0MILPND::GAUVINTue Feb 20 1990/NUMGOAL to ELK
316.02STKHUV::HALLGRENWed Feb 21 1990WBGI: INCLUDEd pages disappear!
317.03MILPND::GAUVINWed Feb 21 19902 ELKS + 1 VTX SERVER on same NODE?
318.02SWTHOM::COSTEUXThu Feb 22 1990Logical names and VTXCTL
319.02POWDML::SILVERMANThu Feb 22 1990VAS read channel problem/kills subchannel
320.0CSC32::P_PAPACEKFri Feb 23 1990WPS & VTX 3.1 output file specifications
321.01STKHUV::HALLGRENFri Feb 23 1990Wide documents in VTX 4.
322.010OSLACT::OLAVFri Feb 23 1990VTX DECwindows interface???
323.01COMICS::TALBOTTue Feb 27 1990RUSLDEF.BAS modifications allowed?
324.02RTPSWS::ABEDTue Feb 27 1990VTX in batch stream?
325.01CSC32::P_PAPACEKWed Feb 28 1990Problems with PREFIX file
326.09GUIDUK::STEBBINSWed Feb 28 1990Workbench: override page number?
327.02ROVRUM::ROBINSONWed Feb 28 1990Little mention of IBM 327
328.04AUSTIN::GIAUQUEWed Feb 28 1990VTX/VALU with ALL-IN-1 & DECforms
330.04JOKUR::SMMGRFri Mar 02 1990ELK$_NOSID Problem
331.02IJSAPL::KESSELSMon Mar 05 1990Converting WORD PERFECT ??
332.01IJSAPL::KESSELSMon Mar 05 1990How to run Terminal-IO appl. ?
333.01ACESMK::SILVATue Mar 06 1990Frame creation for the VAX...
334.02WNOUWed Mar 07 1990Duplicate menu entries in VTX V4.
335.04ADOMV1::BAIRDThu Mar 08 1990Patches for V4.
336.06VAXSPO::PANTAROTTOThu Mar 08 1990IBM 327
337.01WIENER::SCHOELLERThu Mar 08 1990SPR
338.08SWTHOM::COSTEUXMon Mar 12 1990User buffer size problem with ADD/PAGE
339.06CSC32::B_ALDERMANMon Mar 12 1990VTXCON ASSIGN/SNA327
340.02ROVRUM::ROBINSONTue Mar 13 1990Problem getting V4 VTX Server started
341.02ANNECY::BLANCTue Mar 13 1990DDIF image and window size
342.05HYSTER::HITCHCOCKTue Mar 13 1990Go directly to another server?
343.01CSC32::P_PAPACEKTue Mar 13 1990Login questions - VMS Id
344.03SWTHOM::COSTEUXWed Mar 14 1990Concentrator X29 crashes
345.03SKYWAY::VTXMGRThu Mar 15 1990Problem WB reserved page message
346.01HYEND::STONEHAMFri Mar 16 1990Installation failure. Looking for UISSHR.EXE.
347.01IJSAPL::VANGEESTFri Mar 16 1990PAK issue?
348.02IJSAPL::VANGEESTFri Mar 16 1990Dispatch Table Pascal example
349.03SKYWAY::VTXMGRFri Mar 16 1990WB Stylefile define header
350.02ZPOVMon Mar 19 1990Presentation slides needed
351.03CSSE32::SKABOMon Mar 19 1990Problem exiting VTX....
352.01BAUCIS::HUMPHREYSMon Mar 19 1990VTX/VALU Training?
353.01GVAVTX::VTX243Wed Mar 21 1990Global keyword file problem
354.03SWTHOM::COSTEUXWed Mar 21 1990Record max. limit for IMAGE files ?
355.05CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed Mar 21 1990Disengaging the auto. NOBROADCAST while in VTX
356.01CYCLPS::PILGRM::BAHNThu Mar 22 1990VTX service for Hidden Area satellites ???
357.06CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Mar 22 1990327
358.04IJSAPL::KESSELSThu Mar 22 1990Workbench update fails : WHY?
359.013HYSTER::HITCHCOCKThu Mar 22 1990Display an Image Page First??
360.02ULYSSE::SOULARDFri Mar 23 1990failover servers
361.03MPO::LONGOFri Mar 23 1990DETACHED vs. BATCH for ELK
362.01IJSAPL::KESSELSSun Mar 25 1990Rotating monitorpages HOW ?
363.05NCEIS1::CHOQUETMon Mar 26 1990Customization of srvmsg.msg
364.036577::HELVEMon Mar 26 1990VTX, ALL-IN-1 Mail, and WordPerfect
365.06CSC32::P_PAPACEKMon Mar 26 1990French & English TCP messages
366.07LILAC::HITCHCOCKTue Mar 27 1990Defining VTX$Server Temporarily
367.02RBW::WICKERTTue Mar 27 1990Getting started with VALU?
368.02LVOVAX::WAITSTue Mar 27 1990DECwindows & Image size - VTX 4.
369.05SHALOT::ANDERSONWed Mar 28 1990VTX Parts
370.02HACMAN::HACKMon Apr 02 1990VTX, DECwindows, and keyboard input.
371.0GLORY::STREKTue Apr 03 1990SAVVY/TRS text search with VTX
374.06CANOVA::RUSSOWed Apr 04 1990An infobase read by an application
375.05AUNTB::HAASThu Apr 05 1990V4.
376.08HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWSun Apr 08 1990Cluster alias in VTXACU
377.02ZPOACT::VTXOPERMon Apr 09 1990Accessing VMS Mail from within the TCP
378.05KETJE::HOFMANMon Apr 09 1990327
379.02TENERE::SAFFACHEMon Apr 09 1990Dispatch Table example in VAX-C
380.0IJSAPL::KESSELSMon Apr 09 1990DDIF-files wanted
381.01IJSAPL::KESSELSMon Apr 09 1990VTX/PAGINATE fails : Why ?
382.05HYSTER::HITCHCOCKTue Apr 10 1990Tool Called Tide?
383.03CUJO::DANEKTue Apr 10 1990TEMPLATE slow to display
384.0MEO78B::LYONSTue Apr 10 1990Difficult challenge
385.01NAVIA::MARTINTue Apr 10 1990What is 'Front end .......' ???
386.0SRFSUP::RHODEWALTTue Apr 10 1990Need SNA 327
387.01IJSAPL::KESSELSWed Apr 11 1990@LINKCON and @LINKPAD fails
388.01KETJE::VERSCHUERENThu Apr 12 1990327
389.07MNMS::LINIHANFri Apr 13 1990VTX log file: record too big
390.01CLO::HOLLERANSat Apr 14 1990Logo's anyone?
391.02NHASAD::SHELDONMon Apr 16 1990workbench - how does it work??
392.01CSC32::VELEZTue Apr 17 1990How to Assign LAT Port to Concentrator
393.02SCAACT::HOPKINSTue Apr 17 1990PC to VTX Concentrator question
394.0ROMTue Apr 17 1990VAX RDB and IBM STAIRS data visible to subscribers
395.05WIENER::SCHOELLERThu Apr 19 1990WB: Page cannot be unreserved
396.0CSC32::VELEZFri Apr 20 1990Displaying Broadcast Messages on Line 25
397.01MANUEL::BRYANFri Apr 20 1990Prestel support over X.25 ?
398.03CSC32::P_PAPACEKSat Apr 21 1990VTX object doesn't exist
399.0FULMER::TAYLORTue Apr 24 1990VTX -> PRESTEL terminals over a WAN?
400.02SUBURB::GRAHAMSTue Apr 24 1990V3.1 V4.
401.01TENERE::SAFFACHETue Apr 24 1990Infos need on IBM and SNA327
402.01GLORY::HULLWed Apr 25 1990$VTX/PAGINATE page breaks?
403.0FENNEL::DEROSIERFri Apr 27 1990FT for Macintosh VTX TCP
404.02HAMPS::JOYCE_AWed May 02 1990VTX on SEVMS
405.04NEEPS::NORRIEThu May 03 1990Performance/configuration guidelines ??
407.02CEDSWS::RELYEAFri May 04 1990WPS_INVLPPVAL error
408.0OLYMP::VTXMGRFri May 04 1990Another WPS Paginating Problem
409.02CEDSWS::MYERSWed May 09 1990help with CICS/VTX concentrator ASSIGN
410.03INFACT::NORTHERNWed May 09 1990VTX as a Service off of LAT
411.01SUBWAY::NATTERWed May 09 1990Connecting PC to VTX Concentrator via DECnet
412.0NANOOK::FOXThu May 10 1990Looking for VALU examples...
413.02ODIXIE::SILVERSThu May 10 1990Moving VTX...
414.01NANOOK::FOXThu May 10 1990VTX Docs in Bookreader on CDROM??
415.05CEDSWS::MYERSThu May 10 1990slow performance on menu display
416.01FULMER::TAYLORThu May 10 1990VTX for beginners
417.01FSHQA2::PBAYLIESFri May 11 1990PRINT/SAVE-->Local Printer
418.02CEDSWS::MYERSSat May 12 1990CICS/VTX concentrator communications problems
419.03STRIKR::LINDLEYMon May 14 1990Workbench: Menu question
420.04SCRUZ::THOMPSON_TAMon May 14 1990VTX v3.1 & v4.
421.04CSC32::K_JACKSONTue May 15 1990VTX/PAGINATE problem with DDIF
423.0NEEPS::NORRIETue May 15 1990/user needed to connect to update server??
424.04COMICS::TALBOTTue May 15 1990VTX/PAGINATE problems using it.
425.01CHEFS::A1_STEVEWed May 16 1990%VTX-E-NOTPAGFIL Help!!!!
427.01VANDAL::WILKINSONThu May 17 1990VALU Expert needed
428.06BACHUS::DEWILDEThu May 17 1990preferred language
429.02RTPSWS::LEONARDFri May 18 1990What does VTX expect from an IBM 327
430.02CIVAGE::DANIELSMon May 21 1990Estimating disk requirements
431.01HGOVC::SIMONYTCHANTue May 22 1990VTX on PC DECwindows
432.06UTRTSC::BUIJSTue May 22 1990sample valu application in the manual
433.0DWOVAX::ROSENBERGWed May 23 1990TCP Form Field Improvements
434.06TKOVOA::HIRAYAMAWed May 23 1990How offen a page is looked ?
435.02CASEE::HAMNQVISTWed May 23 1990vtx v3.
437.05MEO78B::LYONSThu May 24 1990Enhancement plans
438.04NOBHIL::DRUMMOND_ROThu May 24 1990VTX Access to Wire Service
439.01HYSTER::MINUTITue May 29 1990VAS DISPLAY statement
440.03RTPLWed May 30 1990Reading Server Log Files
441.0STKAI1::BOHLINWed May 30 1990IBM 327
442.01NANOOK::FOXThu May 31 1990Can't customize Dynamic Menu template with VAS??!!
444.01BRSDVP::WAUTERSThu May 31 1990Use of /REQUEST ?
445.02POCUS::TLEEFri Jun 01 1990A little help from my VTX friends
446.02POCUS::BOESCHENTue Jun 05 1990Need help, customer will pay!
447.03CSC32::P_PAPACEKWed Jun 06 1990x29 concentrator help
448.03COMICS::LOATWed Jun 06 1990REPLY messages displayed on screen?
449.09JEREMY::GABIWed Jun 06 1990Batch VTX?
450.016NANOOK::FOXThu Jun 07 1990Open 2 ISAM channels with different records??
451.02BACHUS::WAUTERSThu Jun 07 1990Help to analyze .VTE file
453.01PADIS2::BOUFFANDEAUFri Jun 08 1990Help on Minitel + transpac + vtx
454.01GLDOA::DISHNEAUFri Jun 08 1990Using VTX on a DECstation 316 running Reflections
455.05USWAV1::FOXFri Jun 08 1990VASCTL SHOW SESSION output explanation?
456.02WIENER::KOELBL_HTue Jun 12 1990ID-String in WORKBENCH
457.04NANOOK::FOXTue Jun 12 1990Need to add users to ACU by name ONLY!
458.0CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed Jun 13 1990ELK application hanging after more memory added
459.03IJSAPL::KWAAKMon Jun 18 1990ELK$KF-BREAK
460.02OTOOMon Jun 18 1990Automated keyword search
461.02COPCLU::TINATue Jun 19 1990VTX Protocol Error
462.02TAVIS::LANDAUTue Jun 19 1990FMS-to-ReGIS Page Translator
463.0PADIS2::BOUFFANDEAUWed Jun 20 1990Modifying VTDDEC.B32 ?
464.01NAVIA::MARTINWed Jun 20 1990Infobase and user records format???
465.07RTPLFri Jun 22 1990MS-DOS displaying 132 columns?
466.09CEDSWS::MYERSFri Jun 22 1990?? ELK$_BUFSIZ after ELK$DELETE_SCB
467.07CEDSWS::MYERSFri Jun 22 1990?? Login did not succeed
468.03IJSAPL::WILHELMFri Jun 22 1990VTX V3.1 and VMS 5.3???
469.01GAUDI::DIANAMon Jun 25 1990VTX integration for PC documents & graphics
470.0COPCLU::TINAMon Jun 25 1990Directly to personal magazine menu
472.04AISG::NITSCHKEMon Jun 25 1990?? Startup VTX after TCP install on Workstation???
474.07STRIKR::ARJUNATue Jun 26 1990Rolling VTX Demo
475.02SCAACT::ZIPPTue Jun 26 1990Spawned or 'secondary' VTX action?
477.0SUBWAY::CLARKETue Jun 26 1990Pricing Information for VTX Accounting Package
478.04CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed Jun 27 1990DECtalk problems
479.01TROPPO::CLAIREThu Jun 28 1990Compatible with VMS V5.4?
480.01CLO::MARESThu Jun 28 1990How does DEC do print menu choices?
481.01PADIS2::BOUFFANDEAUFri Jun 29 1990Still me and TSM changes..
482.02SED75Fri Jun 29 1990VTX-E-NOTTERM! - Help!
484.02STRIKR::ARJUNAMon Jul 02 1990VAS Field Validation
485.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANMon Jul 02 1990VALU to extract pages from VTX
486.02SHALOT::LUNDBERGTue Jul 03 1990Maximum error count Message
487.01STRIKR::LINDLEYThu Jul 05 1990Slow creation of large .VTK files
488.01HAMPS::NORTON_AThu Jul 05 1990TCP/CON queries
489.04WOOF::HUANGFri Jul 06 1990All fields are protedted
490.0COMICS::TALBOTMon Jul 09 1990Next Release date
491.01CPDW::PALLIESMon Jul 09 1990SHOW/KEYWORD problem
492.01ULYSSE::BODINIERTue Jul 10 1990page number ?
493.02CSC32::P_PAPACEKThu Jul 12 1990Concentrator access to remote nodes
494.04CSSE32::SKABOThu Jul 12 1990Installing VTX V4.1
495.02IJSAPL::KWAAKFri Jul 13 1990Disconnect from VTX through anm ELK application
496.02AKOVFri Jul 13 1990
497.03WR2FOR::HARPHAM_LYFri Jul 13 1990MACs and VTX
499.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANFri Jul 13 1990SYS$INPUT definition during VTXSRV.EXE
500.011WELMTS::MASONMon Jul 16 1990Sony Prestel + X29 concentrator questions
502.05IJSAPL::KWAAKTue Jul 17 1990Interactive password change within a VTX session
503.0CIVIC::BROUILLETTETue Jul 17 1990Job openings available in MKO...
504.02SELL3::MISG_DEVWed Jul 18 1990Question & Comment on file ELK$LIB:VTXELKDEF.COB
505.0CANOVA::RUSSOWed Jul 18 1990IIS Gateway: dead or alive ?
506.03YUPPY::HOWGThu Jul 19 1990VTXaccounting Asset?? Details please...
507.02WELKIN::ADOERFERThu Jul 19 1990Workbench: Choice to a continuation page?
508.04CRBOSS::LEMONSFri Jul 20 1990Iconify VTX on startup?
509.06TROAFri Jul 20 1990Vax Document & VTX
510.01MOCA::RAMONFri Jul 20 1990Paperless operation questions.
511.015CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Jul 24 1990VTXACF cluster alias not working
512.0CSC32::K_JACKSONTue Jul 24 1990?? on Volume shadowing
513.01SUBURB::GRAHAMSTue Jul 24 1990Local Command PRINT ???
514.02CAFEIN::PFAUWed Jul 25 1990Log File I/O Problem
515.01SAC::WHITAKER_AWed Jul 25 1990VTX /UPDATE question
516.05NUTMEG::MILLETTWed Jul 25 1990Problem with WBCL
517.07CUJO::DANEKThu Jul 26 1990How to install client/server like
518.04ULYSSE::JORDANThu Jul 26 1990Dynamic menu and a variable sub-title.
519.02CAFEIN::PFAUThu Jul 26 1990VTX Accounting Problems
520.01VANDAL::GRIFFITHThu Jul 26 1990v3.1/ v4 compatability.
521.04SHALOT::DROWNFri Jul 27 1990vtx/dev=a1
522.09NANOOK::FOXFri Jul 27 1990How does VAS DISPLAY/MENU work???
523.06COMICS::TALBOTFri Jul 27 1990Printing of wide screen pages!
524.06NCEIS1::CHOQUETFri Jul 27 1990Source page in VTXBASE.TXT ??
525.08SHIRE::TONINATOFri Jul 27 1990VTX Accounting
526.02BOSACT::KAPLANFri Jul 27 1990Workbench or editor?
527.0WJOUSM::BILLSTue Jul 31 1990conversion to 4.1 didn't work
528.01ABSISG::LASSENTue Jul 31 1990network location of installation guide
529.01NANOOK::FOXWed Aug 01 1990Suggestions needed on VTX Password Change Function
530.01ZPOVWed Aug 01 1990VTX usages by pages and time?
531.0RTPSWS::LEONARDWed Aug 01 1990Trace of a CICS VTX session needed
532.0CSC32::P_PAPACEKThu Aug 02 1990Installation Fails - Wordperfect
533.01RTPLThu Aug 02 1990Choice 1-N invalid on IBM OV/MVS, Why?
534.03BACHUS::WILLEMFri Aug 03 1990VT42
535.015PEKING::FIDOTMon Aug 06 1990Network Object not created
536.02SUBURB::GRAHAMSMon Aug 06 1990VAS says 2.1 in .LIS files
537.010BOSACT::KAPLANTue Aug 07 1990Privs. to start server?
538.0KAOFS::LOCKYERTue Aug 07 1990NAPLPS Decoder For Rainbow
539.03CUJO::DANEKWed Aug 08 1990VTX error after upgrade from 4.
540.03UTROP2::KALDENHOVENWed Aug 08 1990Wordperfect support planned?
541.03RTPSWS::FLACKWed Aug 08 1990VTX/PAGINATE futures request
542.01RTPLThu Aug 09 1990APMS behaves strangely
543.04GLORY::STREKThu Aug 09 1990SPAWN TO Application
545.06NANOOK::FOXFri Aug 10 1990Subprocess running VTXACU via mailboxes...
546.07WELMTS::MASONFri Aug 10 1990MS-DOS TCP displays escape sequences
547.04REDMR2::RAVAGNOFri Aug 10 1990Another novice needs help
548.01ULYSSE::SOYEZMon Aug 13 1990Need HELP on Selection Criteria
549.01TROAMon Aug 13 1990Assembler code for TCP?
550.01INFACT::GREENBERGTue Aug 14 1990Questions about modifying TCP
551.05HLISTue Aug 14 19909
552.01SHIPS::FARROW_STue Aug 14 1990VTX 3.
553.011INFACT::BEVISWed Aug 15 1990Images, VTX and incongruities
554.05SIEVAX::PACKWed Aug 15 1990time out and restart?
555.0ZMAN::BOWLESWed Aug 15 1990Dialcom Info and Teletype TCP's
557.07QCAVThu Aug 16 1990disable menu options in vtx
558.02GLORY::HULLThu Aug 16 1990VTX/DDIF on char-cell terminals?
559.01SADSThu Aug 16 1990PC Memory Requirements?
560.03VANDAL::BAILEYFri Aug 17 1990VTX programmers guide
561.01DPDMAI::RITZCFri Aug 17 1990WORM compatible with VTX?
562.05COMICS::LOATMon Aug 20 1990
564.07ARRODS::CARTERTue Aug 21 1990Problem with VTX Accounting
565.05SUBWAY::SAPIENZATue Aug 21 1990DDIF images and menus...
566.01CSOA1::BARNARDWed Aug 22 1990VTX and SAVVY/TRS?
567.0CSOA1::BARNARDWed Aug 22 1990Need a 'canned' demo, QUICK!
568.01ZPOVWed Aug 22 1990SAVEd .tds file doesn't have right extension
569.06AUSSIE::WHORLOWThu Aug 23 1990%VTX-E-HOHUMM, - is this stopping me??
571.01BOSACT::KAPLANThu Aug 23 1990Wordperfect 5.
572.01CANOVA::RUSSOFri Aug 24 1990License Puzzle
573.01DRIVE::HANAMMon Aug 27 1990Problem with ELK example written in vaxc
574.03NAVIA::MARTINTue Aug 28 1990Restrictions in v4.1 to modify TCP's???
575.010BRSIS3::BOKORWed Aug 29 1990DSL$SHR image
576.01MUSKIE::MELINEWed Aug 29 1990Password Protection?
577.03WELMT2::MASONWed Aug 29 1990Configuration/Performance experience with X.29
578.0LOWLIF::VANBUSKIRKWed Aug 29 1990What nodename is used when accessing VTX from CICS
579.05MSDSWS::NESTERThu Aug 30 1990node::user for X29 connection?
580.02UTROFF::UTES44::VANDERNIETFri Aug 31 1990Chaining to other application
581.03AKOV13::JOHNSONPFri Aug 31 1990Personal mag form not found query
582.02GIDDAY::BRODRIBBMon Sep 03 1990VTX/UPD CONNECT/USER=... different with V4.1 ?
583.01WELMT2::MASONMon Sep 03 1990Auto refresh page being viewed?
584.02IJSAPL::KWAAKTue Sep 04 1990Prestel Gateway in combination with Workbench
585.0IJSAPL::KWAAKTue Sep 04 1990Prestel Edit Terminals
586.02DEOWS2::MELINEWed Sep 05 1990Expiration dates?
588.01COMICS::TALBOTMon Sep 10 1990Where are the ELK return code values?
589.0GIDDAY::ROWETue Sep 11 1990feedback needed on vtx --> 327
590.05JETSAM::GILFOYWed Sep 12 1990Defining a server node...
591.04DRIVE::HANAMWed Sep 12 1990failing to find keyword at vtx$server
592.01SUBWAY::SAPIENZAFri Sep 14 1990Non-sequential menu choices?
593.01ZMAN::BOWLESFri Sep 14 1990How detailed can we get?
594.01SUBWAY::SAPIENZASat Sep 15 1990DECterm/DECwindows problem with line-drawing characters...
595.0ISIDRO::CABELLOMon Sep 17 1990exi
596.0ISIDRO::CABELLOMon Sep 17 1990Support of graphics in a CEPT1 terminal
597.04WELMT2::MASONTue Sep 18 1990Interlink Gateway / new Commands
598.01COMICS::TALBOTTue Sep 18 1990WORKBENCH & id-string funnies!
599.01ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGWed Sep 19 1990Help needed for novice user on WORKBENCH
601.02MSDSWS::DUNCANThu Sep 20 1990Node name changed, pages still reserved!!
602.03CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Sep 20 1990system page file being used heavily by WB server
603.07MSDSWS::DUNCANFri Sep 21 1990VTX upper case work-arround
604.0RTPSWS::LEONARDFri Sep 21 1990vtam to vtx
605.02MSDSWS::DUNCANMon Sep 24 1990VTXB
606.04ICS::GLDTue Sep 25 1990Any DDIF page creation tools around?
607.04SUBWAY::SAPIENZAWed Sep 26 1990Menu choices without destination pages...
608.01WELMT2::MASONWed Sep 26 1990Wish: IVU displays Workbench page name
609.03SUBWAY::SAPIENZAThu Sep 27 1990REVEAL page info to a VAS/ELK application?
611.04REDMR2::RAVAGNOThu Sep 27 1990Remote Applications - Need Advice
613.03CLO::MARESThu Sep 27 1990Does 327
614.01ROMFri Sep 28 1990Prestel terminal via LAT?
615.0NEWOA::WILKINSONFri Sep 28 1990VTX and EMA/DECmcc
616.02UNTADA::ALBERTERFri Sep 28 1990VAS transact. qual. /ENTRY problem
617.01NEWOA::WILKINSONMon Oct 01 1990Common Keypad question?
618.01FSTVAX::GATTERMANMon Oct 01 1990VTX V4.1 and VMS V5.2?
619.02HOTBED::TUNGMon Oct 01 1990Can subscriber extract from infobase non-interactively?
620.02NEEPS::NORRIEThu Oct 04 1990Text searching/retrieval in VTX??
621.09WELMT2::MASONThu Oct 04 1990Print "/NOWAIT" TSM mod
622.01CIVAGE::DANIELSThu Oct 04 1990VTX Technical Spec Reference?
623.04NEWVAX::SHEINBERGFri Oct 05 1990VTX IBM Connection, VTX V3.
624.01CTOAVX::EGERTONFri Oct 05 1990VAXserver OK with VTX/DOS/Mac?
625.01IJSAPL::KWAAKMon Oct 08 1990VAP/Field lengths
626.01UTRUST::DRIESSENMon Oct 08 1990Question about licensing
627.0336896::KIMMELMon Oct 08 1990Documentation on the NET?
628.0UNTADI::ALBERTERTue Oct 09 1990What does '%VAS-W-TRACENF, Transaction not found' mean?
629.0THEWAV::HARRISONWed Oct 10 1990Effect of RMS Network Block Count
630.0ROMWed Oct 10 1990Question about VDT.
631.05ROVRUM::ROBINSONWed Oct 10 1990can't find options file in VTX/PAGINATE
632.01NEWVAX::SHEINBERGWed Oct 10 1990WB: The menu page cannot be reserved
633.04AKOV13::JOHNSONPThu Oct 11 1990VTX timing out problem
634.03QCAVThu Oct 11 1990creating a database in VTX
635.02CSC32::P_PAPACEKThu Oct 11 1990VTX DECwrite Performance
636.03CSC32::P_PAPACEKThu Oct 11 1990disconnecting idle users
637.0OSLACT::OLAVFFri Oct 12 1990Simple DOS TCP question
639.04EMASS1::ISLERFri Oct 12 1990How to send mail from VTX?
640.01EMASS::MARTINMon Oct 15 1990AP News Service in VTX
642.02XLIB::WORRALLMon Oct 15 1990Online Documentation ... please
643.05CSC32::M_POTEETMon Oct 15 1990Limit retry count for connection to Server? (ATTRCNCT)
646.08TRCAWed Oct 17 1990VTX/ELK/VAS...Help needed for building application
647.01REDMR2::RAVAGNOWed Oct 17 1990Help on HELP
648.01BOSTRN::KAPLANWed Oct 17 1990VTX 4.1 id-strings
649.01COPCLU::PERJHThu Oct 18 1990Gateway for Videotex - Prestel etc ?
650.04BEEZER::TALBOTThu Oct 18 1990Concentrator assign/sna327
651.01VAXRIO::EZEQUIELThu Oct 18 1990VMS 5.1 AND DECNET 5.
652.0SUBWAY::CARREONThu Oct 18 1990'Captive' LIB$SPAWN from VTX
653.0ROCHE6::LOESCHFri Oct 19 1990Performance VTX vs BASIS
654.05SARALN::SHEPROFri Oct 19 1990Submit command
655.02VAXWRK::HANSONMon Oct 22 1990C language ELK examples
656.02AKOFIN::JOHNSONMon Oct 22 1990ISAM read shareable file?
657.03REDMR2::RAVAGNOMon Oct 22 1990Help on Display pages
659.0TAVTue Oct 23 1990Must CALLPADLNK be used to link applications
660.0MSDOA::HEFNERTue Oct 23 1990Application Help Needed For Hospital
661.06HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWWed Oct 24 1990PC slides on VTX -- Possible ?
662.05UNTADI::ALBERTERWed Oct 24 1990DECwindows VTX with iconified startup?
663.02TROAThu Oct 25 1990327
664.01GLORY::HULLThu Oct 25 1990Cannot CONNECT to Update Server
665.01WELKIN::VTXPROGOPSat Oct 27 1990Workbench library file prolog
666.05WPOPTH::BEESONMon Oct 29 1990Macintosh TCP - What's it called
667.01FROSTY::HAYSTue Oct 30 1990location request
669.01AVNGRS::BOELKEWed Oct 31 1990Another cry for help
670.02ROCHE6::LOESCHWed Oct 31 1990Fast Access to VTX from ALL-IN-1
671.01NEWVAX::SHEINBERGWed Oct 31 1990VTX hangs in Version V4.
673.01COMICS::TALBOTThu Nov 01 1990Stop server - closing files?
674.01YUPPY::PAUThu Nov 01 1990MS-DOS TCP Soruce Code
675.02VAXWRK::HRONIKFri Nov 02 1990How many IBM 327
676.02UTROP2::WERF_BFri Nov 02 1990VTX and NETMBX priv.
677.01COMICS::TALBOTFri Nov 02 1990Concentrator set-up over LAT guide.
679.03SAGE::BROWNKFri Nov 02 1990No pagination from WPS-PLUS pagination.
680.01WIENER::MOSER_RMon Nov 05 1990Combine keywords?
682.02TAVIS::LANDAUMon Nov 05 1990Workbench - Duplicate Pages ?
683.01KERNEL::LOATMon Nov 05 1990MS-DOS TCP question.
684.01SUSI::SIROTue Nov 06 1990SRVNORES & ATTFOVER errors
685.01LEMAN::JOSHITue Nov 06 1990327
686.04NUTMEG::BROWNKWed Nov 07 1990Scratch Pad Unscratched
687.01VAXWRK::HANSONWed Nov 07 1990Pascal language ELK example
688.0WILARD::DIONNEWed Nov 07 1990MS-DOS TCP "hot key" ready?
689.04VAXWRK::HRONIKWed Nov 07 1990327
690.01NUTMEG::BROWNKWed Nov 07 1990VTX/DECwindows: Copy to where?
691.0AUNTB::FRYLANDWed Nov 07 1990I need to print the page(s) I'm on? How do you do this?
692.0CGOOWed Nov 07 1990Disk to install on
693.03OSLThu Nov 08 1990FORM FIELD LENGHT
694.01SUBWAY::SAPIENZAThu Nov 08 1990Use of TCP$K_REQ_CALL_APPL...
695.01AKOV13::GCLIFFORDFri Nov 09 1990DEC's RALLY and VTX
696.02NEWVAX::SHEINBERGFri Nov 09 1990date/time on a VTX page
697.02HAMPS::COHEN_DMon Nov 12 1990Distributed vs. Replicated Infobase
699.013COMICS::TALBOTWed Nov 14 1990VAS - 'C' - DECnet problem
700.0SANTEE::GREENEWed Nov 14 1990Demo infobase?
701.05SCADMN::DISMUKEWed Nov 14 1990VTX/DECwrite/Grayscale Images
702.01CTOAVX::KENNEDYThu Nov 15 1990Convert DW4 files?
703.02YOMUNY::CSC32::K_JACKSONThu Nov 15 1990ACL/file ownership woes...
704.01TARDS::HELGEM_PFri Nov 16 1990Menu type: MENU --> LISTMENU
705.0JOKUR::BOICEFri Nov 16 1990Internal VTX Infobase Creation Service
706.06EEMELI::HUTTUNENTue Nov 20 1990Terminal I/O problem with vtx/327
707.01CEDSWS::MYERSTue Nov 20 1990Video Attributes to APMS problem
708.01CEDSWS::MYERSTue Nov 20 1990?? re WPS-PLUS two dimensional editor
709.01GIDDAY::BOJOVICWed Nov 21 1990how to modify dynamic keyword menu ?
710.01KERNEL::CROOKSWed Nov 21 1990TYPE 21 RECORDS...what,where,how,why...??
711.01CASEE::EISENBERGWed Nov 21 1990Poll on PC Graphics Formats
712.02NEPHI::COARWed Nov 21 1990`$ VTX keyword' says `no base page'
713.02CBROWN::COLBERTMon Nov 26 1990Exceeding continuation page limits
714.01BOSOX::COLBERTMon Nov 26 1990printing screen display
715.01SNOCTue Nov 27 1990IMAGES TO PC's USING VTX
716.02AYOU86::ISMITHWed Nov 28 1990Embedded Form Feeds in VTX pages?
717.0CEDSWS::MYERSThu Nov 29 1990?? re /more after APMS processing
718.0HSKPRF::KOKKOThu Nov 29 1990Redefine Function Keys; what are the issues
719.014GLORY::STREKThu Nov 29 1990327
721.04UNTADI::ALBERTERTue Dec 04 1990Multiple OPEN's on infobase files?
722.02OSLTue Dec 04 1990VTX /DEV = A1
723.01UTROP2::WERF_BTue Dec 04 1990Workbench and remote pages Corporate VTX library
725.0CASEE::EISENBERGFri Dec 07 1990Announcing VTX V5.
726.02UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTMon Dec 10 1990PRINT from VTX on MS-DOS ?
727.01CSMET2::STUBBEMon Dec 10 1990Accessing Notes from VTX?
728.04CSC32::P_PAPACEKTue Dec 11 1990Workbench IP quotas
729.04HGOVC::ANNAHUIWed Dec 12 1990WORKBENCH : problem with detached page
730.01HSOMAI::KISERWed Dec 12 1990Overriding an IMAGE FILE in a load file.
731.02GLORY::A_PROPOSALSThu Dec 13 1990dynamic pages disk or memory requirement
732.09CASEE::CIOTThu Dec 13 1990Printer market info needed.
733.01REDMR2::RAVAGNOThu Dec 13 1990Cannot get application started
734.04WAYOUT::LOATThu Dec 13 1990VTX Vista/Workbench query.
735.012CSC32::VELEZThu Dec 13 1990VTX V4.1 Patch KIt C Available
736.0ROMFri Dec 14 1990Prestel menu' choices.
737.02AUSSIE::WHORLOWMon Dec 17 1990$keyword - any significance
738.0BODRUM::OZILMon Dec 17 1990rolling updates and conf. guidelines
740.01VNASWS::GEROLDMon Dec 17 1990License changed from 4.
741.0WELPUT::CHONGMon Dec 17 1990Mass-11 and VTXprep
742.01SARALN::SHEPROMon Dec 17 1990Server Crashes and leaves VTXBUGCHK.DMP
743.0CASEE::HAMNQVISTTue Dec 18 1990No need to translate VTX?
744.02HOCUS::TLEEWed Dec 19 1990VTX Keyword Usage
745.01HGOVC::ANNAHUIThu Dec 20 1990paginating 132 col file
747.03QCAVThu Jan 03 1991NO BASE PAGE ERROR in VTX ?
748.02KERNEL::CROOKSThu Jan 03 1991VTX/WORKBENCH hangs process.
749.01CASEE::HAMNQVISTFri Jan 04 1991FWD: Touch me, baby
750.02MSDOA::KNIGHTLYMon Jan 07 1991Regis images, wps+, vt34
751.02OSLWed Jan 09 1991Global unreserve ??
752.03ALICAT::LONGNEYFri Jan 11 1991DOS TCP and Keypad problems
753.01WAYOUT::LOATFri Jan 11 1991"Page currently locked" in WBGI.
754.01AKOLD1::WARRENFri Jan 11 1991Priviliged installed images
755.02BEAGLE::REZUCHAMon Jan 14 1991Extract list of all vtx keywords?
756.012GBUSTA::LUSTMANMon Jan 14 1991inspect, network objects and VAS backends
757.02SELL3::BOSSVTX_DEVTue Jan 15 1991VAS input trans field question
758.05GIDDAY::SPEEDYTue Jan 15 1991APMS and charging/billing
759.03ULYSSE::DAUBYTue Jan 15 1991VTXaccounting error
760.01TROAWed Jan 16 1991Userid level security for IBM users of VTX
761.02CEDSWS::MYERSFri Jan 18 1991TSM for Common Keypad?
762.04BOSACT::KAPLANFri Jan 18 1991DDIF problem
763.0KETJE::GORREMANSMon Jan 21 1991French TCP anyone?
764.01TROAMon Jan 21 1991Entire DCL key map changed to ALL-IN-1 key map??
765.03ROMTue Jan 22 1991Problem with tcp$k_req_call_appl
766.05OSLTue Jan 22 1991.PS to Sixel or Regis conversion
768.0MSDSWS::DUNCANWed Jan 23 1991Moving part of VTX
769.05COMICS::CLARKEWed Jan 23 1991%DSL-F-MAXSESSCOMP Maximum sessions per component exceeded.
770.02NEEPS::NORRIEWed Jan 23 1991Wordperfect import to VTX.
771.03OSLThu Jan 24 1991WBCL - last page - last on menu ???
772.02RTPSWS::LEONARDThu Jan 24 1991327
773.03UTROP2::BOSSINK_LFri Jan 25 1991no "Update Successfully Completed"
775.03CASEE::EISENBERGWed Jan 30 1991Announcing VTX V5.
776.0IJSAPL::VANGEESTWed Jan 30 1991VAS PRESTEL form input garbage
777.011SIOG::SPENCERThu Jan 31 1991Concentrator with direct terminals problem
778.03KBOMFG::MORODERFri Feb 01 1991Remote VTX access
779.02BRSADV::STAESFri Feb 01 1991VT1
780.04INFACT::BEVISTue Feb 05 1991DOS TCP question
781.04TEGAN::GUYTONWed Feb 06 1991Can't connect to server - object doesn't exist
782.02NEEPS::NORRIEWed Feb 06 1991DX format into VTX
783.02GBIWed Feb 06 1991MINITEL specs.
784.01DENVER::WOODWed Feb 06 1991VTX & Wordperfect
785.02CGOAFri Feb 08 1991WORKBENCH questions
786.02OSLACT::OLAVFMon Feb 11 1991Workbench loadfile limit ?
787.012KYOA::MESTERTue Feb 12 1991Can a user's prog. replace the conc.?
788.013TROPPO::CLAIRETue Feb 12 1991Limits on ELK$KF_OUTPUT_PRESENT?
789.03AKOLD1::WARRENTue Feb 12 1991VTX required privs?
790.06AUSTIN::GIAUQUEWed Feb 13 1991Print controls using ALL-IN-1 IOS
791.02AUSSIE::WHORLOWWed Feb 13 1991update server not responding to connects from application
792.07HGOVC::ANNAHUIWed Feb 13 1991VTX$QUEUE supports 132 column MORE Line
793.02MSDSWS::DUNCANWed Feb 13 1991Shutdown caused a problem
794.04GEMVAX::BARBUTOThu Feb 14 1991pm
795.03POMPEO::PAPIFri Feb 15 1991U: db -> VTX info required
796.01POMPEO::PAPIFri Feb 15 1991U: Videotel -> VTX
797.01TROAFri Feb 15 1991Standard UNIX Editor VI????
798.02SNOCMon Feb 18 1991WordPerfect Support and also Word Search
799.02MRKTNG::CURTISTue Feb 19 1991Cobol/debug with VAS?
800.0DPDMAI::NORTONTue Feb 19 1991Austin, TX Consulting opportunity
801.03KERNEL::LOATTue Feb 19 1991Routing concentrator help needed.
802.014MSDSWS::DUNCANTue Feb 19 1991help with WORKBENCH
804.02WARABI::ZORBASWed Feb 20 1991Printing a WORKBENCH structure
805.01ROMThu Feb 21 1991VTX in Cluster environment?
806.03GIDDAY::KINGFri Feb 22 1991stop ses/id=
807.03DPDMAI::RITZCFri Feb 22 1991VMS manuals available in VTX?
808.0HSKPRF::KOKKOMon Feb 25 1991Control-U and the COMMON Keypad
810.06GEMVAX::VTXSPDHLDMon Feb 25 1991Security
812.012NOBHIL::RILEY_ELTue Feb 26 1991Product Manager??
813.01DECXPS::COLBERTTue Feb 26 1991VTX paginate error
814.04ADO75A::BAIRDWed Feb 27 1991Pointing Users to different base pages
815.02EEMELI::AMANNISTOWed Feb 27 1991Can we handle term. type request?
816.03ILKKA::KORKKOThu Feb 28 1991VTX licensing issues, what license should I really have?
817.02CEMENT::VANBUSKIRKThu Feb 28 1991VTX to IBM application via SNA and X.25
818.04BEEZER::CROOKSThu Feb 28 1991Can you specify a remote file specification for update server to access.
819.04MSDSWS::DUNCANFri Mar 01 1991Move from one server to another?
820.01AZUR::FARRUGIAFri Mar 01 1991How do you customize the VAS keyboard ?
822.05EEMELI::AMANNISTOMon Mar 04 1991Closed group number 2
823.05COMICS::TALBOTMon Mar 04 1991.VTL log file blues
824.02WELPUT::MASONTue Mar 05 1991V4.1 VTX/UPDATE IP connect to V4.
825.04TRCOTue Mar 05 1991Printing in VTX - remove tags?
826.03HOTAIR::WENDERLICHFri Mar 08 1991Customizing Image Display
827.01VNASWS::GEROLDMon Mar 11 1991'Reserved' revisited
828.01MRKTNG::CURTISMon Mar 11 1991Quesion on Keyword search
829.0CTHQ2::ALLENDOERFERTue Mar 12 1991CVP distribution node/failver server down
830.0MRKTNG::CURTISWed Mar 13 1991Deleting Expired Pages
831.04SNOCWed Mar 13 1991VTX on ULTRIX?
832.01NAC::R_HUANGWed Mar 13 1991VAS log file
833.0HAACK::HAACKWed Mar 13 1991VTX from Hardcopy Terminal - need VTXPAD.EXE
834.01NANOOK::BREITNERFri Mar 15 1991Definitive DECtalk config needed
835.0MSDSWS::DUNCANFri Mar 15 1991Change Prefix and Page Numbers??
836.09TROPPO::CLAIREMon Mar 18 1991Synchronizing REQUEST_TOKEN with prev page
837.01ULYSSE::DAUBYTue Mar 19 1991VTX/UPDATE SHOW/MENU generates blank lines
838.01WARABI::ZORBASTue Mar 19 1991Implementation Strategies for Large Sites
840.05CSC32::P_PAPACEKWed Mar 20 1991callable vtx cobol example
841.07SOFBA1::ANTHONYWed Mar 20 1991SERVER time out routine on In-active connects
842.03RUTILE::SCHALKThu Mar 21 1991DDIF files displayed in VTX
843.02NAVIA::MARTINThu Mar 21 1991Server crash with ACCVIO
844.03BRSDVP::WILLEMFri Mar 22 1991Concentrator stopping/running state - help !
845.02BUDDIE::GOSSELINMon Mar 25 1991No text for continuation page on second page
846.0CASEE::BALLADELLIWed Mar 27 1991Announcing VTX V5.
847.0REDMR2::RAVAGNOWed Mar 27 1991Channel Problem
848.01SOPH::JUDEMWed Mar 27 1991CBR capabilities in VTX?
849.01ICS::PALLIESThu Mar 28 1991Which .VTD file gets updated?
851.01NANOOK::FOXTue Apr 02 1991Excess Packaging of Documentation?
852.02COMICS::TALBOTTue Apr 02 1991327
853.0EEMELI::HUTTUNENWed Apr 03 1991VTX/327
854.01CSC32::K_JACKSONThu Apr 04 1991Help on 327
855.03BRSSWS::WAUTERSFri Apr 05 1991Can you help me to give a good VTX training ?
856.01DPDMAI::NORTONFri Apr 05 1991Page file limitations per server
857.01NEMAIL::PRABHUSat Apr 06 1991VTX V4.1 Release Notes--HELP
859.02HYSTER::MINUTITue Apr 09 1991Understanding how to use VAS$GROUP
861.01BRSSWS::WAUTERSTue Apr 09 1991Patch "C" doesn't care about customizations
862.0ODIXIE::DONOVANTue Apr 09 1991327
863.05SCAM::GRADYTue Apr 09 1991What will a VAXserver 651
864.015LIBNAN::ABEDWed Apr 10 1991Any V4.1 servers out ther??
865.04IJSAPL::HUIJGEVOORTWed Apr 10 1991Design distributed interactive application
866.04NAVIA::MARTINThu Apr 11 1991How SCB flags are set?
867.0CASEE::HAMNQVISTFri Apr 12 1991Call for V5.
868.06BTOVT::HARAMUNDANISFri Apr 12 1991Looking for VTX search/find application
870.01MERIDN::LUSTENBERGERMon Apr 15 1991NOTTERM revisited
873.02MNMS::MARGULISWed Apr 17 1991ELK Problem/Invalid buffer
874.03CHEFS::ADAMSDThu Apr 18 1991Restrict keyword searches?
875.07DASXPS::COLBERTThu Apr 18 1991WPS-plus paginate problem
876.01AUNTB::HYMESFri Apr 19 1991Need info on PSI/VTX Concentrator/Userdata fld
877.02MJBOOT::SCOTTFri Apr 19 1991Re-Install to get /DEV=Common Functionality ?
878.03CSC32::B_ALDERMANMon Apr 22 1991Can VTX$QUEUE run on node VTX not installed on
879.02HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWTue Apr 23 1991One of the server keep failing in a VAXcluster
880.02CSC32::P_PAPACEKTue Apr 23 1991DECterm sessions disconnected
883.0GBIMon Apr 29 1991minitel2
884.04EISLMC::COHENMon Apr 29 1991wordperfect into VTX
885.06DECXPS::COLBERTMon Apr 29 1991Defining Keyboard keys
886.01EISYFI::ISLERTue Apr 30 1991exit
887.01BOSOX::COLBERTMon May 06 1991VTX/PAGINATE display --VTX/PAGINATE display --
888.01DRAGON::VTXPROGOP2Tue May 07 1991Foreign Exchange? infobase?
889.02COGITO::LANKIEWICZWed May 08 1991v5 install failed
891.012CRONIC::PAGEThu May 09 1991Can VTX terminate idle links?
894.01ZPOVC::LCLEEMon May 13 1991VTX User License
895.01YAWKEY::BYRNEMon May 13 1991Questions on VTX Accounting.
896.04CANYON::GEORGESMon May 13 1991VTX and Excalibur's Text Retrieval S/W?
898.06BRSSWS::WAUTERSWed May 15 1991Base page determination with remote access
899.03ANNECY::HUMANWed May 15 1991Setting up VTX Infobase
900.05MAJORS::HANSONWed May 15 1991%DSL-F-INVSPEC, Invalid component specification
901.02CSC32::B_ALDERMANFri May 17 1991Error status in UPDATE utility
902.04MRKTNG::TOMASWICKSat May 18 1991WORKBENCH-Upper/Lower Case Titles
903.02COPRKY::NEUMANNTue May 21 1991Macintosh client
904.03BRSSWS::WAUTERSTue May 21 1991/NOTRUST not OK ?
905.01GANTRY::HULLWed May 22 1991Can't run VTXPAD
906.01ISIDRO::JCLOPEZWed May 22 1991VAS does not receive values
907.02VAXWRK::HANSONWed May 22 1991Clean shutdown of ELK servers
908.02UFHIS::GVIPONDFri May 24 1991DDIF & Decwrite live links
909.05HSKPRF::TAURIAINENTue May 28 1991PCR somewhere??
910.01CTHQ3::ROSENBERGTue May 28 1991Any problem with user not going to VTX 4.
911.01MSAMWed May 29 1991Font Size under PC DECwindows
912.03LEDS::DUVALThu May 30 1991Question on VTXACC and username field.
913.01GVMIND::VASICThu May 30 1991
914.06VAXWRK::HANSONFri May 31 1991PAGFILCNT is to low?
915.03COMICS::TALBOTMon Jun 03 1991X.29 logicals?
916.01LNKHUB::HALLBERGTue Jun 04 1991Planned improvements?
917.01EISYFI::ISLERTue Jun 04 1991VALU Training for customers?
918.03A1VAX::NALLETTTue Jun 04 1991VTX V5.
919.01IJSAPL::HUIJGEVOORTWed Jun 05 1991VAS: message-type A
920.01ULYSSE::DAUBYWed Jun 05 1991VAS - unexpected exit on RETURN key
921.01YUPPY::GORARDMWed Jun 05 1991Changing Keyboard mapping DOS client
922.0BAHTAT::BEAUMONTThu Jun 06 1991support for PS/2s
923.01SELL1::BOSSVTXFri Jun 07 1991Help on Aging
924.03POLAR::YUILLTue Jun 11 1991Accessing Remote Applications
925.03AUSSIE::WHORLOWWed Jun 12 1991VTXPAD Application and protocol error problem
926.04ISIDRO::JCLOPEZWed Jun 12 1991VTX & DECwindows preseting
928.02SWSCHZ::THOMPSONMon Jun 17 1991Read VTX top to bottom?
929.04RIPPLE::JOHNSON_JOMon Jun 17 1991VTX prod. man? Demos avail.?
930.01KEATNG::CIOFFIMon Jun 17 1991backing up to previous page
931.04VNABRW::MOSER_RTue Jun 18 1991Concentrator Question
932.0EISKVP::MARTINTue Jun 18 1991VTX v5 PID?
933.0PENUTS::DESRUISSEAUXTue Jun 18 1991Not recognizing the B/U servers....
934.02CAVLRY::BUCKWed Jun 19 1991VTX Instruction?!?
935.0TIGEMS::GRANTThu Jun 20 1991Give away code and it will make you feel better
936.02SALSA::ABELSONFri Jun 21 1991Data /into/out of/access to/ Infobase
937.0VAXRIO::BIANCOMon Jun 24 1991Too expensive to have a remote VTX server ...
938.02MAIL::HAYDENTue Jun 25 1991CROSSTALK? PC Setup?
940.07CRACKR::RITZTue Jun 25 1991VTX from a command file?
941.03ANNECY::VISSIO_RThu Jun 27 1991Multiple displays at # locations?
942.01CANOVA::RUSSOThu Jun 27 1991If the network change ...
943.02JURAN::WATSONFri Jun 28 1991Scrolling in VTX - Questions
944.01JUMBLY::RUSSMon Jul 01 1991VTX VALU product training plan
945.0BOSTON::DAGOSTINOSTue Jul 02 1991Need a VTX/ELK programmer in Boston
946.01CECVTue Jul 02 1991Can VAS Pass Multiple Pages?
947.0ODIXIE::LAROEWed Jul 03 1991327
948.07CASEE::BALLADELLITue Jul 09 1991Announcing VTX V5.
949.01ICS::REICHTue Jul 09 1991VTX V5 demo & advice avaible?
950.0VAXRIO::BIANCOThu Jul 11 1991DDIF image display on DOS client ?
951.02OTOAThu Jul 11 1991DOS client - v4.1 vs v5.
952.0CPDW::CONGDONThu Jul 11 1991save/all is working... working...
953.02ANNECY::LAMIROY_BThu Jul 11 1991VTX V5.
954.0OTOPFri Jul 12 1991V5.
955.01VAXRIO::BIANCOFri Jul 12 1991DECwindows TCP display colors ?
956.01ICS::REICHFri Jul 12 1991PC Client & asynch connect to server ?
957.01YNGSTR::LAFLAMMESat Jul 13 1991failover to other servers
958.01OTOOTue Jul 16 1991PC DECWindows
959.04ARRODS::SCOTTBAKERGWed Jul 17 1991Issue with VTXaccounting
960.0CSC32::P_PAPACEKFri Jul 19 1991MS-DOS TCP keypad problems
961.011BRSSWS::WAUTERSMon Jul 22 1991PRINT and SAVE enhancements in 5.
962.05ANNECY::LAMIROY_BMon Jul 22 1991Running External Applications
963.0BSS::PARKSMon Jul 22 1991ASAP please - Help with VTX system sizing
964.03MERIDN::SIMONIANMon Jul 22 1991Remote access without license or VTX software
965.01GIDDAY::KINGTue Jul 23 1991vtx/work/load fails with WBCL_IMAGE_RMSE ??
966.0RTOISB::SUPPORT_RHWed Jul 24 1991Keywords lost/VTK file RESTORE
967.01BRSSWS::WAUTERSWed Jul 24 1991LAT/CON terminal hangs
968.01COPCLU::BIRGERThu Jul 25 1991Dos Client - VTX V5.
969.0UEOIS1::WODLIThu Jul 25 1991Converting VAS to ELK
970.01STOHUB::GOLFNG::DONOVANFri Jul 26 1991Automatically load the Infobase via workbench tools
971.010ANNECY::LAMIROY_BMon Jul 29 1991U: VTX/upd Security Problems !!!
972.03CSC32::B_ALDERMANMon Jul 29 1991VAS - Start Channel
973.03AUNTB::CLARKMon Jul 29 1991DECwindow infobase
974.05KERNEL::LOATWed Jul 31 1991Terminal hangs when network links exhausted.
975.04TRCOA::GENDRONWed Jul 31 1991Printing a diagram from VTX on HP LaserJet II
976.01CAADC::TRAINISOBELWed Jul 31 1991CBR Hook or Program?
977.02MUDIS3::EHEUTEFri Aug 02 1991VTX frontend <-> ACMS backend
978.02FDCV14::WILLIAMSFri Aug 09 1991VTXPATCHC - VTPDEC.B32 cannot be parsed
979.02PRSIS4::CHUZELTue Aug 13 1991unexpected listmenu in WB
980.01CSC32::P_PAPACEKWed Aug 14 1991RUSL$CONNECT Wait for Connect
981.02ROMTSS::SERAFINIWed Aug 14 1991RUSL-F-INTLOGIC extracting menu pages
982.05KERNEL::LOATWed Aug 14 1991Delete from WB?
983.01KERNEL::LOATWed Aug 14 1991Problem with Enter key in 327
984.03HSKPRF::TAURIAINENWed Aug 14 1991Exiting from a VAS application; VT/PRESTEL
985.02DPDMAI::RITZCThu Aug 15 1991Overlay text and graphics?
986.06EEMELI::MANNISTOFri Aug 16 1991Graphics on MS-Windows?
987.08ANNECY::LAMIROY_BMon Aug 19 1991Printing out a /SCREEN=WIDE page
988.06ANNECY::LAMIROY_BMon Aug 19 1991Window resizeing
989.04DECWET::STAMSWed Aug 21 1991SAVE/ALL for entire "document"
990.03ANNECY::VTXMGRWed Aug 21 1991U: Can't get VAS working...
991.06VAXRIO::BIANCOWed Aug 21 1991Is there a touch-screen interface to VTX ?
992.04ELBERT::K_OGLESBYFri Aug 23 1991Doc pointer please
993.01UFP::KELLYSun Aug 25 1991Terminal Recommendations?
994.01GHAZAL::SORRENTINOMon Aug 26 1991HELP Needed creating new VTD
995.06ARRODS::HOONHOUTTue Aug 27 1991Rdb access from VTX update
996.02WELKIN::ADOERFERFri Aug 30 1991Titles as choices on WORKBENCH menus?
997.01UTROP2::BOSSINK_LMon Sep 02 1991COMMON keypad in application mode???
998.04SNOCWed Sep 04 1991Continuation pages for FORM pages?
999.0THAVWed Sep 04 1991Dumping Base Page Info on Memory?
1000.05VNABRW::KOELBL_HWed Sep 04 1991VTX under VMS 5.4
1001.05AIMHI::MINUTIWed Sep 04 1991Error message running VTXSRV.EXE & VTXUPDSRV.EXE
1002.04ANNECY::VTXMGRThu Sep 05 1991Adding Keywords ?
1003.0KAOFS::L_HOUGHTONFri Sep 06 1991Urgent VTX/RUSL expertise Required !!!!
1004.0ULYSSE::DAUBYWed Sep 11 1991Closed User Group list required
1005.03DPDMAI::RITZCFri Sep 13 1991Guidelines for estimating customer's request?
1006.02CSC32::P_GARVINWed Sep 18 1991IGES graphics with VTX V3.
1007.09XNTRIK::MAGOONFri Sep 20 1991V4.1 install works, VTX doesn't. HELP!!!
1008.07CSC32::P_PAPACEKFri Sep 20 1991TCPHLPMSG.MSG adding help text
1009.01VAXWRK::HANSONSun Sep 22 1991ELK application needing installed images
1010.02EEMELI::TUURIMon Sep 23 1991TCPIP connections ?
1011.01VOGON::MONAHANThu Sep 26 1991DEC Share Prices
1012.0TRCOA::ALWILLIAMSThu Sep 26 1991HR Applications/Org charts?
1013.02DEMING::HASSETTFri Sep 27 1991Help with Request Token
1014.02AUNTB::BOUDREAUXFri Sep 27 1991Am I correct?
1015.0ROMMon Sep 30 1991Problems with Prestel forms pages.
1016.02JUNG::LASSITERMon Sep 30 1991VTX with Optical?
1017.0TRMPTN::GRIFFITHDMon Sep 30 1991
1018.01SNOCTue Oct 01 1991Elk/dynamic pages/page numbers
1019.03HSKPRF::TAURIAINENFri Oct 04 1991Access info in DOS client?
1020.04LEMAN::REGINAMon Oct 07 1991PF1 Enter crashed VAS server
1021.01--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 07 1991Still looking for a solution
1022.03ULYSSE::DAUBYMon Oct 07 1991Server does not start (V4.1)
1023.02SLICER::RODMon Oct 07 1991Legal Keyword characters?
1024.03KERNEL::LOATTue Oct 08 1991Printing from a dedicated terminal (concentrator)?
1025.0CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Oct 08 1991Record layouts of .VTI and .VTP files
1026.02EEMELI::MALMIWed Oct 09 1991ELK and VTX 5.
1027.04CASEE::BALLADELLIWed Oct 09 1991Announcing DEC VTX T5.
1028.0DPDMAI::GIAUQUEThu Oct 10 1991VTX Resource and Performance Considerations
1029.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Oct 10 1991DSL$SHR and UI$SHR installed sharable
1030.01WELCLU::LIThu Oct 10 1991REMOTE & Cluster alias
1031.05XAPPL::RICOFri Oct 11 1991Failed installation of DEC VTX T5.
1033.02SELL3::BOSSVTX_DEVMon Oct 14 1991Workbench Question
1034.01CASEE::CIOTTue Oct 15 1991 Help with VAS-W-TDT-INVVER ??
1035.03HAMPS::JORDANThu Oct 17 1991CDA and DDIF documents in VTX - Retrieval?
1036.0ZPOVC::SEOWHURNFri Oct 18 19913
1037.05DEMING::HASSETTFri Oct 18 1991Help with ELK$V_DSP_SERVER_HELP
1038.02CASEE::BALLADELLIMon Oct 21 1991Announcing DEC VTX V5.1 EFT-3
1040.0CSC32::B_ALDERMANMon Oct 21 1991TCP/IP on NOVELL network
1041.03SCAACT::GRIFFITHMon Oct 21 1991Corporate Server node information???
1042.0OTOOA::ANDERSONTue Oct 22 1991VTX/EDCS solutions
1043.01ETPCWed Oct 23 1991Help !!! Where is the EFT3 for MS-Windows Client.
1044.04VOGON::FRYWed Oct 23 1991V5 EFT character cell Ultrix/RISC client?
1045.01LEMAN::REGINAWed Oct 23 1991Cluster alias again
1046.02DRAC::ROSThu Oct 24 1991Cobol language ELK example
1047.0EEMELI::MALMIThu Oct 24 1991CUR-examples in Fortran and C
1048.0EEMELI::MALMIMon Oct 28 1991VAS & remote C-applications ?
1049.01STKHUV::HALLGRENTue Oct 29 1991VTX from IBM
1050.010BIGRED::SPARKSTue Oct 29 1991Workbench vs update which is better?
1051.01BAHTAT::BEAUMONTWed Oct 30 1991how to get colums into VTX?
1052.04COMICS::TALBOTThu Oct 31 1991ELK and empty IN_BUFF
1053.0TRNAF1::BARBERISMon Nov 04 1991Log personal infobase pages and remembers the last
1054.04SUOSW3::RHEINSCHMITTMon Nov 04 1991urgent help needed! ('hyper-VTX')
1056.02HKOVC::WARRENTue Nov 05 1991Run VTX in cluster environment?
1057.01YUPPY::DEWINTERTue Nov 05 1991Stylefiles and workbench
1059.06VAXWRK::HANSONTue Nov 12 1991ELK unable to connect - goto failover
1060.0CSC32::P_PAPACEKTue Nov 12 1991Mac or PC emulator VTX session Hangs
1061.09OSLTue Nov 12 1991PF3 - BACKUP IN VAS SCREEN
1062.03CACT34::BLAIRTue Nov 12 1991Async connection to VTX
1063.03MXOVWed Nov 13 1991Error in Copy DRAGON::[...]infobases.vtu
1064.03KERNEL::LOATWed Nov 13 1991Problem using CTL in VTX 4.1 - VTX$DSLSHR.EXE
1065.0BLGWed Nov 13 1991WORKBENCH questions
1066.01BAHTAT::BEAUMONTWed Nov 13 1991Support for PS/2s in V5.
1067.01GIDDAY::BOJOVICThu Nov 14 1991PRINT Q to attach one file to more then one page?
1068.01BLGFri Nov 15 1991Minitel page creation tools?
1069.07MCIS2::J_TRIPPFri Nov 15 1991help getting started
1071.02NHASAD::BYRNEMon Nov 18 1991Connecting to remote application in elk question.
1072.01JUMBLY::RUSSTue Nov 19 1991VAS/ELK functionality
1073.01HAMPS::ROBERTS_RTue Nov 19 1991ALL-IN-1/VTXprep as a service application?
1074.0SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Nov 19 1991DowVision: now in VTX
1075.014CANOVA::RUSSOWed Nov 20 1991What kind of Teletel concentrator support ?
1076.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed Nov 20 1991Graphics and VTX 5.
1077.02CTHQ3::ROSENBERGThu Nov 21 1991Up-Arrow = PF3?
1078.02CSLALL::COLBERTFri Nov 22 1991VTX/paginate
1079.01STRIKR::LINDLEYMon Nov 25 1991URGENT: V5 PC Client question
1080.01JOKUR::CIOFFIMon Nov 25 1991help with remote page
1081.01SNOCTue Nov 26 1991Some ACU changes for groups
1082.05KETJE::GORREMANSTue Nov 26 1991Underscores in user names????
1083.02BEAGLE::PAPIATTue Nov 26 1991%E, QIO failed in VTXCON.VTE
1084.01KETJE::GORREMANSTue Nov 26 1991Crash in print option
1085.01CTHQ1::DELUCOTue Nov 26 1991VTX V5.
1086.01OSLTue Nov 26 1991Rebuilding context sensitive keyfiles
1087.02CHEFS::LABRAMMFri Nov 29 1991%SYSTEM-F-IVDEVNAM, .. \tt\
1088.01OSLACT::OLAVFWed Dec 04 1991two languages in one infobase ?
1089.01STKHUV::HALLGRENWed Dec 04 1991VTX/PAG and HELP?
1090.01CECVWed Dec 04 1991Some Simple Questions
1091.02CSC32::P_PAPACEKWed Dec 04 1991User's Group Info
1092.02SELL1::BOSSVTXThu Dec 05 1991V5.
1093.01DWOVAX::ACQUAVIVAThu Dec 05 1991VTX Access from HP Systems
1094.02ADO75A::BAIRDThu Dec 05 1991CTLPAGES high for V5.1?
1095.02EEMELI::MALMIThu Dec 05 1991VAS request/response buffer > 512 ?
1096.05FDCV14::WILLIAMSThu Dec 05 1991SSB date for VTX V5.
1097.03TAYSSG::WARRENMon Dec 09 1991MAC's and VTX V5.
1098.0TAYSSG::WARRENMon Dec 09 1991Case tools and VTX
1099.02CASEE::BALLADELLITue Dec 10 1991Announcing the VTX V5.
1100.04TKTS::ETEAMWed Dec 11 1991SSB kit and CBR from Field Test V5.1 ??????
1101.01NHASAD::BYRNEWed Dec 11 1991Adding menu choices dynamically
1102.05IJSAPL::HUIJGEVOORTWed Dec 11 1991Supported display protocols
1103.01OSPREY::LAAHSThu Dec 12 1991.FON file missing for Windows client?
1104.05CASEE::BALLADELLIThu Dec 12 1991Announcing DEC VTX T5.1-4 field test kit
1105.03TROOA::KTOWNSENDFri Dec 13 1991Template overlays Menu
1106.02HOTAIR::WENDERLICHFri Dec 13 1991VTXPREP, workbench, or ACMS?
1107.0DRAC::COLLMon Dec 16 1991Security and P.S.I.
1108.07HBAHBA::HAASMon Dec 16 1991Changing keypads, keyboards, messages with V5.
1109.0JUMBLY::RUSSTue Dec 17 1991Simple ELK program wanted
1110.015BOSWKG::GARDNERTue Dec 17 1991V5.
1111.0CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed Dec 18 1991VTX-CONNECTS license with VTX 5.
1112.01CTHQ2::DELUCOWed Dec 18 19915.
1113.01NHASAD::BYRNEWed Dec 18 1991Dynamic Template Page possible?
1114.01SMAUG::RITZWed Dec 18 1991modified vtpsna327
1115.01GUIDUK::HUEWed Dec 18 1991Teamlinks/printing
1116.01JUMBLY::RUSSThu Dec 19 1991VAS versus ELK again!
1117.0IJSAPL::HUIJGEVOORTThu Dec 19 1991VAS process hangs
1118.03CTHQ2::DELUCOThu Dec 19 19915.
1119.0EEMELI::LAAMANENFri Dec 20 1991RUSL & MAX Page Size ?????
1120.01VAOUTue Dec 24 1991aging/archiving
1121.01JUNG::LASSITERThu Dec 26 1991How do you make the server run?
1122.01MSDSWS::DUNCANThu Dec 26 1991SPAWN?
1123.06COPCLU::COPBRI::RIISFri Dec 27 1991MSwindows VTX as a Network Installation ?
1124.06POCUS::MORGASENMon Dec 30 1991MS Windows VTX TCP Ver. 5.x HELP !!!
1125.010TRNAF1::BARBERISMon Dec 30 1991Vtx unusual capabilities ?
1126.03CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Jan 02 1992How to delete ELK communication
1127.04LNDRFR::ADOERFERThu Jan 02 1992LMF questions
1128.06DJOVThu Jan 02 1992Cant start VTX SERVER.
1129.0CSLALL::COLBERTFri Jan 03 1992VTX paginate and use of <START HEADER>
1130.03CTHQ1::ROSENBERGFri Jan 03 1992VAS$NAME and Ultrix Client?
1133.04TRCOA::GENDRONMon Jan 06 1992VTX using TCP/IP protocol ?
1135.01MEO78B::LYONSWed Jan 08 1992TCP/IP Socket Number??
1136.02PCL::JAMESWed Jan 08 1992detached VTX client
1137.03CSC32::P_PAPACEKThu Jan 09 1992Set priority of VTXCON process
1138.01AYOV27::BMCHATTIEThu Jan 09 1992VTX Query....
1139.01DUCK::FIDOTFri Jan 10 1992VAS DISPLAY/DMENU - options disappear
1140.03KERNEL::LOATMon Jan 13 1992VTX-E-HOHUMM!!
1141.03ESSB2::EMCGUINNESSTue Jan 14 1992Any chance of a look at a demo ?
1142.04OSLTue Jan 14 1992VTX and CDA.
1143.0ZPOVC::PETERDINGWed Jan 15 1992This version of VTX is now obsolete
1144.02DYOSW8::WILDERWed Jan 15 1992Problems with RISC/ULTRIX V5.1EFT4
1145.01TRNAF1::BARBERISThu Jan 16 1992HELP : Logical name into valu transaction
1146.05TRNAF1::BARBERISThu Jan 16 1992HELP : Gather subscriber name into VAS appl.
1147.03OSLACT::OLAVFThu Jan 16 1992WordPerfect -> VT escape sequences
1148.013GOOEY::WWALKERFri Jan 17 1992How do I get a PAK from VTX the VTX way?
1149.01BUYDEC::KENNEDYFri Jan 17 1992Access violation with SSB version - recreatable
1150.01BUYDEC::KENNEDYFri Jan 17 1992Problem with Print function - SSB version
1151.02OSLACT::OLAVFMon Jan 20 1992Simple demo : ALL-IN-1/VTX/WorkBench
1152.0TRNAF1::BARBERISMon Jan 20 1992Some questions of workbench utility
1153.01TRNAF1::BARBERISMon Jan 20 1992Is the workbench file corrupted ?
1154.09WMOIS::MCDONALD_GMon Jan 20 1992WPSPLUS 4.
1155.02SAC::EDMUNDSMon Jan 20 1992VTX from a hidden area?
1156.01BUYDEC::KENNEDYMon Jan 20 1992Problem with BACKUP function - SSB version
1157.01BUYDEC::KENNEDYTue Jan 21 1992Minor nit with Motif client
1158.03LEMAN::REGINATue Jan 21 1992SH/menu * after connect loops
1159.0ULYSSE::MUGNIERTue Jan 21 1992DEC VTX V5.
1160.04GLDOA::LINDBLADWed Jan 22 1992VTX/DECwrite Text Flows
1161.08CHEFS::ADAMSDWed Jan 22 1992LAT Conc on VMS 5.4-2 ?
1162.07CTHQ1::ROSENBERGThu Jan 23 1992Confusing VTX V5.
1163.01MUTTON::LAMBFri Jan 24 1992Using VTX 5.1 and CBR to solve the mail mess!!
1164.02MXOVFri Jan 24 1992ELF information is not available
1165.02NHASAD::BYRNEFri Jan 24 1992Template page problems
1166.03ODIXIE::KOZAKSat Jan 25 1992VTX V5.
1167.0LEMAN::REGINAMon Jan 27 1992Missleading restricted access message
1168.01MAJORS::HANSONMon Jan 27 1992DECmessageQ, DECforms to VTX VALU or ELK ???
1169.07GLDOA::LINDBLADMon Jan 27 1992VTX 5.
1170.02ZARDOZ::howeTue Jan 28 1992VTX 5.
1171.02ODIXIE::KOZAKTue Jan 28 1992CBR Capability for V5.1?
1172.0JUMBLY::RUSSTue Jan 28 1992VALU gotyas wanted
1173.08CASEE::CIOTTue Jan 28 1992Full text retrieval VTX server for demo.
1174.06RICKS::PHIPPSWed Jan 29 1992REGIS output at VTX Startup annoying at best.
1175.03OSLACT::OLAVFWed Jan 29 1992Menu order using VTX WBCL
1176.02VAXRIO::ALCIDESWed Jan 29 1992Old x New SUBS interface
1177.04SWAM2::RHODEWALT_BRThu Jan 30 1992Lingering keywords and continuation pages
1178.01UTROP2::BOSSINK_LThu Jan 30 1992Wordperfect on PC's - VTX
1179.04MAJORS::REVELLThu Jan 30 1992Help debugging application needed.
1180.02CSC32::P_PAPACEKThu Jan 30 1992PRINT while in VTX
1181.04SRPSWS::WILLIAMSThu Jan 30 1992print postscript file
1183.0HSKPRF::KOKKOFri Jan 31 1992Callable VTXCTL & Error handling in VTXCTL
1184.01KITYKT::GITAFri Jan 31 1992Help us compare existing page processors...
1185.01NAVIA::MARTINMon Feb 03 1992Tranlating WORKBENCH???
1186.0VAXRIO::MAURICIOMon Feb 03 1992VTX V5.
1187.013HSKPRF::KOKKOMon Feb 03 1992TCP for VTX 5.
1188.0CASEE::BALLADELLIMon Feb 03 1992Color pages on 4 plane systems
1189.06CHOVAX::LEARTue Feb 04 1992Display images on PCs
1190.02AYOV27::BMCHATTIEWed Feb 05 1992VTX PROBLEM...!!!
1191.04TROPPO::CLAIREWed Feb 05 1992Wishlist for VTX V5.n
1192.01KISHOR::VARGASWed Feb 05 1992VTX as a cient only, should I update i ?
1193.0ZPOVC::JIMMYTANThu Feb 06 1992IDEAS needed for project!!
1194.0ROMThu Feb 06 1992QIO failed in VTXCON.
1195.02VAXRIO::ALCIDESThu Feb 06 1992Clients V5.
1196.01CTHQ1::ROSENBERGThu Feb 06 1992VAS Back-end LIB$SPAWN FTSV problem
1197.0SRPSWS::WILLIAMSThu Feb 06 1992mods to the TCP
1198.01ROMThu Feb 06 1992Connection to VTXCON with modem.
1199.05MQOSWS::J_DUBOISThu Feb 06 1992DDIF slide show?
1200.01SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Feb 07 1992Menu points to continuation page
1201.02SAC::ANDREWS_SMon Feb 10 1992Notification on the PC under MS-Windows
1202.02MAJORS::REVELLMon Feb 10 1992Problem with continuation form pages
1203.01SRPSWS::WILLIAMSMon Feb 10 1992bliss syntax in a TCP
1204.02MSDSWS::DUNCANMon Feb 10 1992VT1
1205.0EPOCH::JOHNSONMon Feb 10 1992Looking for implementation info
1206.02AYOV27::BMCHATTIETue Feb 11 1992Failure to update using 32k vtu file
1207.02EEMELI::ATUOVINENWed Feb 12 1992LAT/Modem/Concentrator link stopping state?
1208.019MRKTNG::GOLDMANWed Feb 12 1992Setting up VTX for asynch?
1209.02ECAMV4::HULLWed Feb 12 1992Pre-size Motif window?
1210.05CAPNET::AGULEWed Feb 12 1992A call for Support/Help
1211.0TRNAF1::BARBERISThu Feb 13 1992Vas on different remote nodes
1212.05VAXRIO::BIANCOFri Feb 14 1992FCS date for DEC VTX version 5.
1213.01BELFST::DOGGARTFri Feb 14 1992ULTRIX VTX client and DDIF
1214.0SIOG::ORRMon Feb 17 1992problem deleteing pages in workbench
1215.01CIVIC::HEWLETTMon Feb 17 1992VTX V5.1 CBR Demo
1216.03SALES::JAMESMon Feb 17 1992%VTX_E_BRKNOLI
1217.03SNFLWR::JUDEMWed Feb 19 1992VTX V4.x and V5.x compatibility - advice please
1218.01LJOHUB::MTNCUS::Conferencing-UserWed Feb 19 1992Windows/4.1 and 5.
1219.01MAJORS::HANSONThu Feb 20 1992Differentiating between users accessing VTX over X29
1220.0MAJORS::REVELLThu Feb 20 1992DECmessageQ / ELK problem
1221.03SUBWAY::PIETRONIGROThu Feb 20 1992VTX on Ultrix server?
1222.012FLYWAY::SCHORNORFri Feb 21 1992Changed disk logicals, problem w/ VTXACF
1224.02UIST::TODDMon Feb 24 1992copy startup files from node v4.1 to node running v5. is it OK?
1225.01YUPPY::DEWINTERMon Feb 24 1992Is PM using templates for remote subscribers?
1226.02SADVS2::LASSITERMon Feb 24 1992High Performance VTX?
1227.05SNFLWR::JUDEMTue Feb 25 1992Documentation for VTX.INI?
1228.0SALES::JAMESTue Feb 25 1992help on remote/commad size
1229.03FULMER::TODDWed Feb 26 1992VTX-E-HOHUMM, trying to return a license unit never allocated
1231.0YUPPY::DEWINTERThu Feb 27 1992VTD file sizes and performance
1232.03LARVAE::JORDANThu Feb 27 1992V5.1-4 and Windows-3 - not readable
1233.04CASEE::EISENBERGThu Feb 27 1992Announcing the DEC VTX/CBR T1.
1235.05OSLACT::OLAVFThu Feb 27 19925.
1236.01PENUTS::WCOLBERTThu Feb 27 1992Removing an infobase from memory
1237.0TINCUP::S_ROSCIOThu Feb 27 1992How to disable reconnect attempts
1238.0GIDDAY::BOJOVICFri Feb 28 1992how to check if patchc is applied
1239.0ZPOVC::JEFFREYCHOYFri Feb 28 1992Transmission thru the Air
1241.0CASEE::CIOTMon Mar 02 1992Notesfile for reporting VTX CBR performance
1242.02DSTEG::FOXMon Mar 02 1992DECUS is Looking for Some VTX/ELK Knowlegeable People...
1243.03TOLKIN::MAILHOTMon Mar 02 1992Access VTX via a Program, instead of via a terminal
1244.02NAVIA::MARTINWed Mar 04 1992ELK licensing in VAX VTX v4.
1245.02ICS::REICHWed Mar 04 1992help shut-off SAVE & PRINT
1246.01ESMAIL::GATTERMANThu Mar 05 1992Passing DCL Symbols to Update
1247.02JOCKEY::COOPERMThu Mar 05 1992pc vtx client run from lad disk ?
1248.0AUNTB::WILLIAMSGThu Mar 05 1992Help with APMS
1249.0TOLKIN::MAILHOTMon Mar 09 1992? passing values to VTX
1250.0KAHALA::DOLEMon Mar 09 1992Need to Generically Disable SAVE
1251.01SNFLWR::JUDEMTue Mar 10 1992SAVE function from MS-Windows client
1252.0LNGBCH::SCHNEIDERTue Mar 10 1992delay in LAT terminal connect!
1254.05HIGEAR::AVERYWed Mar 11 1992DECstation lost PF1 key
1255.04AUNTB::WILLIAMSGWed Mar 11 1992Very important - TCP Help
1256.04DEVOTN::NTTDA::MENARDWed Mar 11 1992Your comments and suggestions
1257.0OTOOA::PONDThu Mar 12 1992VAS to create a remote terminal session?
1258.01STUFri Mar 13 1992VTX V5.
1259.0LNDRFR::ADOERFERFri Mar 13 1992possible lead from comp.os.vms, don't everybody reply to them
1260.01CSC32::B_LITTINSat Mar 14 1992$USAGE in 5.
1261.0BODRUM::GUVENERMon Mar 16 19922
1262.0CSC32::B_LITTINMon Mar 16 1992.VTU Files for sample??
1263.0VANSVN::GRIFFITHTue Mar 17 1992Problems with X29 Concentrator
1264.0OSLACT::OLAVFTue Mar 17 1992VTX accessing textTV-information ?!
1265.05EPAVAX::CARLOTTITue Mar 17 1992Bookreader Formatted Docs Available over net?
1266.0WAYOUT::CROOKSThu Mar 19 1992LAT concentrator with port access-type set DYNAMIC.
1267.02JOKUR::JOKUR::BOICEThu Mar 19 1992Menuize Keypad Functions?
1268.08OSLFri Mar 20 1992Deleting pages created through Workbench using VTXUPD
1269.01PIPPER::STUBBEFri Mar 20 1992Accessing one infobase from another?
1270.08KAHALA::DOLEFri Mar 20 1992Info on VTX.INI sought
1271.02CSC32::B_ALDERMANMon Mar 23 1992VTX 5.
1272.08CSC32::B_ALDERMANMon Mar 23 1992VTX 5.
1273.01BEAGLE::PAPIATTue Mar 24 1992CON->SRV1->SRV2 Problem with V5.
1274.07CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Mar 24 1992VTX 5.
1275.01COMICS::TALBOTTue Mar 24 1992/SCREEN=WIDE not working on PC
1276.012ESSB::MCKNIGHTWed Mar 25 1992Comments on VTX as a solution
1277.03SUBWAY::BUONOMOWed Mar 25 1992MS-WIndows Printing
1278.05VARSTY::HarrisonWed Mar 25 1992Can't navigate after requesting file be mailed
1279.06WLW::FLMOON::BENSONThu Mar 26 1992Displaying 48 lines x 132 Char of text with VTX
1280.0WAYLND::HOWARDThu Mar 26 1992Installation: Can't pick a new disk for clients if first choice is full
1281.04WAYLND::HOWARDThu Mar 26 1992Installation fails on VTXWPSSMB if WordPerfect is installed
1282.01TRCU11::WEISSFri Mar 27 1992VTX Cusomisation for Printing WordPerfect Docs
1283.0CSC32::B_ALDERMANFri Mar 27 1992misleading info in IVU report
1284.04TENNIS::KAMFri Mar 27 1992Why PF1 Enter and not just Return?
1285.02WELKIN::ADOERFERFri Mar 27 1992DDIF converters, viewing printing and VTX
1286.02CSC32::VELEZSat Mar 28 1992ABORT, When Accessing Remote Servers via UCX
1287.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Mar 31 1992modify/eliminate VTX 5.
1288.01TOOHOT::POWERSTue Mar 31 1992VTX keypad escape codes??
1289.0VAXWRK::HANSONWed Apr 01 1992UAT of ALS
1290.04HGOVC::ANNAHUIWed Apr 01 1992How to control all update through update server
1291.0CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed Apr 01 1992MS-DOS Client, LK25
1292.03CLIPR::LEMKEWed Apr 01 1992Missing image for DECWINDOWS?????
1293.01OSLThu Apr 02 1992VTX/CBR and Mail
1294.02MASALA::CMACDONALDThu Apr 02 1992Installed client on RISC system, what now?
1296.03SUBWAY::LOUIEFri Apr 03 1992Incorporate Pagemaker into VTX
1297.01XLIB::CVMGRMon Apr 06 1992/NOSAVE doesn't work..
1298.011XLIB::CVMGRMon Apr 06 1992no failover wanted
1299.03YOSMTE::RILEY_ELMon Apr 06 1992Clients and TCP/IP confusion...
1300.0TINCUP::S_ROSCIOTue Apr 07 1992How to get DECnet Link # to Client
1301.08CEDSWS::MYERSTue Apr 07 1992PSI Concentrator Hung
1302.01WAYOUT::CROOKSWed Apr 08 1992Why isn't Unreserve available in WBCL?
1303.04MJBOOT::SCOTTWed Apr 08 1992WPS/VTX$QUEUE incorrectly paginates
1304.0DEVMKO::FULLERWed Apr 08 1992Help Pages
1305.01OTOOA::GORMANWed Apr 08 1992Update while viewing
1306.01GUIDUK::SOKOLOWSKIThu Apr 09 1992DOS client logging
1307.04CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Apr 09 1992non-DEC graphic protocols
1308.07OSLFri Apr 10 1992Create INDEX fails!
1310.02KITYKT::GITAFri Apr 10 1992Any TPU programmers out there????
1311.023FDCV14::WILLIAMSMon Apr 13 1992VTX V5.1 SSB Kit
1312.01STKHLM::KJELLBERGMon Apr 13 1992Pagemaker DDIF-support mentioned in the SPD
1313.08ZPOVC::SINSPSTue Apr 14 1992HOW TO TEST PC's VTX TO VAX ?
1314.0VAXRIO::CARDOSOWed Apr 15 1992VTX-ELK status code return, help need
1315.01CSC32::VELEZThu Apr 16 1992Assigning Concentrator Port Causing, VTX-W-TERMIO
1316.03POBOX::SZILVASYFri Apr 17 1992MSWINDOWS V3.1 problems with VTX V.5
1317.01AUNTB::FRYLANDFri Apr 17 1992live links through the paginator??
1318.02ODIXIE::GARABOMon Apr 20 1992Installation bug in V5.1 kit
1319.04CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Apr 21 1992Errors after install of ULTRIX-RISC
1320.05STRIKR::LINDLEYTue Apr 21 1992Maximum record size in VAS ??
1321.0WR1FOR::DISMUKEMOWed Apr 22 1992VTX Consultancy Documents
1322.0QCAVThu Apr 23 1992implementing infobase using WORKBENCH HELP!!!
1323.02OSLThu Apr 23 1992PROBLEM CREATING INDEX!!!!
1324.02CSC32::B_ALDERMANFri Apr 24 1992What is CTI used during the DOS install?
1325.02PEKING::FIDOTFri Apr 24 1992Dont want to use SYS$LOGIN
1326.01AVIVA::NEUMANSat Apr 25 1992Defining Key to Print
1327.06OSLSun Apr 26 1992Problem starting CBR !
1328.02ICS::SHERMANMon Apr 27 1992Looking for advice
1329.01WR1FOR::DISMUKEMOTue Apr 28 1992VTX System Configuration Guide?
1330.02CEDSWS::MYERSTue Apr 28 1992?? re GEScan and datafeeds
1331.07LEMAN::PITTETWed Apr 29 1992ALL-IN-1 Mail and VTX ?
1332.0OTOOA::BIMMWed Apr 29 1992Programming RUSL routines???
1333.02BIGUN::BAKERThu Apr 30 1992VTX/CBR indexes and Topic??
1334.02LEMAN::PITTETThu Apr 30 1992Harrys obj=156 gone ?
1335.01ICS::SHERMANMon May 04 1992Need Service Provider's Guide
1336.05AUNTB::MAGENHEIMMon May 04 1992Questions from a (potential) customer
1337.07CASEE::CIOTMon May 04 1992VTX Text retrieval training
1338.0SWAM2::THAI_MIMon May 04 1992IBM files into VTX Infobase.
1339.02ROMCSA::ALLEGRITue May 05 1992Page Contents update
1340.02CEDSWS::MYERSTue May 05 1992Novell client?
1341.01UEOIS1::WODLIWed May 06 1992VTX5.
1342.05CEDSWS::MYERSThu May 07 1992Problems with VAS sample appl
1343.0ZPOVC::JEFFREYCHOYThu May 07 1992Help..Sizing Guideline
1344.0CSC32::VELEZFri May 08 1992REMOTE Server Access Via INTERNET Causing ABORT
1345.01LUXFri May 08 1992Problem installing VTX for MS-windows
1346.01SNFLWR::JUDEMFri May 08 1992Version Identification for VTX 5.1 executables?
1347.0PDMARY::BombiFri May 08 1992Workbench Duplicate Numbers
1348.01BEAGLE::PAPIATMon May 11 1992VAS and Dynamic Menu Template Page
1349.04YOSMTE::ADRIANI_ROTue May 12 1992Can't connect to server - object doesn't exist!
1350.03BAHTAT::BELLTue May 12 1992V5 Access to V4
1351.03TINCUP::S_ROSCIOWed May 13 1992Request for assistance (informal approach)
1352.01MADBAS::BMCHATTIEWed May 13 1992Further education in VTX required
1353.0SMAUG::SODDERThu May 14 1992VTX for 327
1354.02NEEPS::NORRIEThu May 14 1992Licence problem with VTX V5.1
1355.012RDGENG::LYNDONFri May 15 1992Problem with VTX for MS-windows
1356.07LEMAN::REGINATue May 19 1992Parameters for VMS convert?
1357.01OSLTue May 19 1992Future of Rdb/VTX integration?
1358.03KURTAN::WESTERBACKTue May 19 1992Menu alternative
1359.02KURTAN::WESTERBACKTue May 19 1992VTX$QUE stops
1360.02KYOA::LAMMTue May 19 1992Users guide?
1361.05BAHTAT::ABEARTue May 19 1992UNIX Servers - Latest Situation?
1362.0SWAM2::THAI_MIWed May 20 1992reference account needed
1363.02ZPOVC::YEECHINThu May 21 1992VTXSRV.VTX log file records extract ???
1365.01CSC32::VELEZMon May 25 1992How to Define Key to Perform as BACKUP/EXIT
1366.0CSC32::VELEZMon May 25 1992Problems Trying to Match USER_DATA on X29 Call
1367.08ZPOVC::YEECHINMon May 25 1992VTX 5.
1368.01NEWTWS::ALLANTue May 26 1992SCB References/Access Violations
1369.01GANTRY::HULLWed May 27 1992Can't SAVE screens any more?
1370.02SRPSWS::WILLIAMSWed May 27 1992VTX 5.1 questions
1371.08SMAUG::GARIKAPATYThu May 28 1992access control to vtx
1372.01MADBAS::BMCHATTIEFri May 29 1992The tide has gone out :-(
1373.03CSC32::C_NORMANSat May 30 1992Command prompt modification
1374.0CSC32::VELEZTue Jun 02 1992How to Talk to X.29 Conentrator Via SET HOST/X29
1375.02TROPPO::CLAIRETue Jun 02 1992VTX.INI keydef functions and ELK sub-msg codes
1376.0SMAUG::GARIKAPATYTue Jun 02 1992concentrator thru network connection
1377.04CECVTue Jun 02 1992Main Menu with ELK (PF1 PF3?)
1378.013SISDA::JUDEMWed Jun 03 1992Error "Cannot find CFC.DLL"
1379.03KITYKT::GITAWed Jun 03 1992Interested in an ELK course?
1380.04ISLNDS::DOUCETTEThu Jun 04 1992VTX$QUEUE Problem
1381.05CSC32::M_ONEILThu Jun 04 1992Slave Printer Option in VTX Dialogue Box
1382.02AUNTB::DAVISSTThu Jun 04 1992VTX for "interactive" menu?
1383.02CSC32::D_ARCHULETAFri Jun 05 1992"VTX Command>", can we change the other info
1384.01SWETSC::WESTERBACKFri Jun 05 1992Looking for MAC client
1385.0COMICS::TALBOTFri Jun 05 1992MOV_CHOICE blanks out 1st page.
1386.07UTRTSC::BOSMANFri Jun 05 1992Concentrator stack dumps
1387.01TIGRA::SCHORNOFri Jun 05 1992VTX-TXT-RET license
1388.04SUBWAY::OLOFSONFri Jun 05 1992VTX, DECwrite & VT Display
1389.03GLDOA::TRANFri Jun 05 1992Latest ULTRIX client?
1390.02MAIL::CHASESat Jun 06 1992ULTRIX MOTIF Client in COLOR?
1391.0MADBAS::BMCHATTIEMon Jun 08 1992Password Entry
1392.01TRNAF1::BARBERISMon Jun 08 1992Question about VTX Motif Fonts
1393.015TANJ::JONMon Jun 08 1992MS WINDOWS VTX51 ERRORS
1394.03WARNUT::DORANWed Jun 10 1992MS-Windows font problem
1395.07CSC32::M_ONEILThu Jun 11 1992Bugcheck Dump VTX-F-NOMEM
1396.0STKHLM::KJELLBERGThu Jun 11 1992Printing .PS-files from DOS client
1397.01AUNTB::FRYLANDThu Jun 11 1992VTX/INTER=DECW on MAC problem??
1399.03DWOVAX::ROSENBERGThu Jun 11 1992VTX CC Client - Privs Needed?
1400.01XLIB::CIOFFIThu Jun 11 1992problem with v4.
1401.01OTOOA::BELLONIFri Jun 12 1992VTX AND DISOSS Library
1402.07TBJVTue Jun 16 1992Can't start/connect to server
1403.0STUTue Jun 16 1992Problem with VAS$NAME in VTX V5.
1404.03ZURWed Jun 17 1992LICENSE PUZZLE
1405.0BACHUS::WILLEMWed Jun 17 1992NVA device offline,qio failed,connecting state ?
1406.013LEMAN::REGINAWed Jun 17 1992CBRNOTOP Could not open CBR index
1407.02SUBURB::WILLIAMSJWed Jun 17 1992ALL-IN-1 and VTX 5.1
1408.0CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed Jun 17 1992VTX 5.
1409.0LVOVAX::DERBYT::MEYERThu Jun 18 1992VTX 327
1410.01WELCLU::LIThu Jun 18 1992Validating Prefix number
1411.06LUXThu Jun 18 1992VTX.ini for MS-WINDOWS
1412.03LEMAN::REGINAThu Jun 18 1992Are alphanumeric pages allowed in V5.1
1413.01CSC32::M_ONEILFri Jun 19 1992Ultrix ?
1414.01ISLNDS::DOUCETTEFri Jun 19 1992VMS 5.5 and VTX 3.1?
1415.0CROWN::SAELYFri Jun 19 1992can't start the windows version of vtx51
1416.04ADO75A::BAIRDMon Jun 22 1992Cannot find XTIDNW.DLL
1417.02PERPLE::MARTINMon Jun 22 1992VTX Conductor? What is it??
1418.03ADO75A::BAIRDTue Jun 23 1992Questions on TRS from demo.
1419.0PARVAX::SMALLEYTue Jun 23 1992VTX Connect Part number needed
1420.0CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed Jun 24 1992New ELK generating bugcheck
1421.02CEDSWS::MYERSWed Jun 24 1992?? re PC documents/graphics
1422.02AWARD::VENKATESHWed Jun 24 1992VTX/PAGINATE..132 col Format?
1423.01VOGON::AWILLIAMSVWed Jun 24 1992Which ELK routine
1424.03AUNTB::WILLIAMSGWed Jun 24 1992RUSL question
1425.013NEEPS::NORRIEThu Jun 25 1992MS Windows and Sixel
1426.011STUThu Jun 25 1992U: ^e-char in username !!!
1427.09NEEPS::NORRIEThu Jun 25 1992CBR Problem - open/index
1428.0XCUSME::CROSBYThu Jun 25 1992Workbench question/problem
1429.03NEEPS::NORRIEFri Jun 26 1992CBR problem - API: 538
1431.02NHASAD::BYRNETue Jun 30 1992Problem using Elk$kf_break
1433.02NEEPS::NORRIETue Jun 30 1992selecting indexes with CBR
1434.01CECVWed Jul 01 1992TCP Username of "*"
1435.0CRUISE::HCROWTHERThu Jul 02 1992change default style values?
1436.05SNOMAN::AARONThu Jul 02 1992Cut&Paste w/ MOTIF I/F?
1437.02NEEPS::NORRIEThu Jul 02 1992CBR - No sixel/regis display
1438.01TENNIS::KAMFri Jul 03 1992DEC VTX Text Retrivial System vs DEC VTX?
1439.01CSC32::VELEZSun Jul 05 1992VTX-E-NODEVMATCH, NOLANGMATCH - Starting Server
1440.02SEDTU5::Glyn-DaviesTue Jul 07 1992Problem with V5.1 MS Windows Client
1441.02MADBAS::BMCHATTIETue Jul 07 1992Calling all VTX Guru,s
1442.01CASEE::CIOTTue Jul 07 1992VTX server to search through vtx notesfile
1443.02HIGEAR::AVERYTue Jul 07 1992Obtaining a List Keywords & Descriptions
1445.01CTHQ4::DELUCOWed Jul 08 1992VTX/TR Detailed Report
1446.02CANOVA::RUSSOWed Jul 08 1992-VTX-E-CBRDIREXI But the index is no more there !
1447.011RUTILE::TUSK::BUSTOSWed Jul 08 1992Not able to access server's data on the client
1448.010EPS::WISERWed Jul 08 1992VTX V5.
1449.03WAYLND::HOWARDThu Jul 09 1992error parsing 'DEC5' under V5.1
1450.01STRIKR::ARJUNAThu Jul 09 1992VTX v4.1 - Pc Hangs
1451.04CASEE::CIOTFri Jul 10 1992How we use
1452.03MSDSWS::DUNCANFri Jul 10 1992Problem getting VTX to work with TCP/IP
1453.03MSDSWS::DUNCANFri Jul 10 1992What type of TCP/IP for DOS
1454.0LEMAN::MORETTue Jul 14 1992VTX licence compatible ?
1455.01MADBAS::BMCHATTIETue Jul 14 1992I think I will stop My VAS server !!!
1456.011SIOG::SPENCERTue Jul 14 1992VTX related demos
1457.0DEVMKO::BYRNETue Jul 14 1992elk$kf_break with global keyword
1458.01AUNTB::WILLIAMSGWed Jul 15 1992VAS help
1459.02VIPVAX::SYSTEMWed Jul 15 1992DOS/CC client and mouse support
1460.01WAYOUT::CROOKSWed Jul 15 1992SAVE to ALL-IN-1 Scratch Pad.
1461.0OAXCEL::PEDICINIThu Jul 16 1992Help on VTX Client on the PC
1462.04PERPLE::MARTINThu Jul 16 1992VTX V5.1 & VTX/TR V1.
1463.02SHIRE::WENGERThu Jul 16 1992LK25
1464.0CSC32::B_ALDERMANFri Jul 17 1992keypad modification restrictions
1465.01HGTAI1::MICHAELKWANMon Jul 20 1992Multi-byte character support
1466.0COMICS::TALBOTMon Jul 20 1992%DCL-W-MAXPARM, too many parameters - reenter
1467.03DECAUX::SAT27::KOELBLTue Jul 21 1992VTX 5.1 and VTX TR running problem - what's wrong ?
1468.0JOCKEY::MCCAFFREYJTue Jul 21 1992VTX CBR/VTX 5.1 clarification
1469.01DWJNES::DAVISWed Jul 22 1992Problems running VTXTR
1470.0CSC32::M_ONEILWed Jul 22 1992ALL-IN-1
1471.016ICS::ANTLEWed Jul 22 1992VTX Concentrator problem
1472.06TALE::PILOUI::DominiqueWed Jul 22 1992Colors in Infobase
1473.02MRALN1::DISMUKE_MOThu Jul 23 1992Installation Failure - DCL HELP??
1474.01SCAMIN::BROWNThu Jul 23 1992327
1475.01CEDSWS::MYERSThu Jul 23 1992SNA327
1476.01CTOAVX::SFOSTERFri Jul 24 1992Is PRINT/ALL in V5.1?
1477.04SANFAN::LESLIE_DASun Jul 26 1992InfoProvider Automation Application
1478.08SANFAN::LESLIE_DASun Jul 26 1992Application Launcher Application
1479.01GLDOA::LINDBLADMon Jul 27 1992DECwrite/VTX Problem - URGENT!
1480.03UTRTSC::BOSMANWed Jul 29 1992VTX$WB_SERVER definition?
1481.03COMICS::TALBOTWed Jul 29 1992How to install CBR or VTX TR?
1482.0WR1FOR::DISMUKEMOThu Jul 30 1992VTXCTI Hangs & No VTX/Windows
1483.05GIDDAY::BURTThu Jul 30 1992Urgent help req'd - VTX 5.1 VTXprep
1484.01WAYOUT::CROOKSThu Jul 30 1992SAVE to Scratch Pad has not improved.
1485.06COPCLU::FLEMMINGCFri Jul 31 1992How to automate load of (many) pages ?
1486.08BACHUS::WILLEMTue Aug 04 1992vtx 5.1 kitinstal bug + how to stop a session
1487.03RDGENG::POVEYWed Aug 05 19925.1 Ultrix motif client over internet
1488.04SANFAN::LESLIE_DAThu Aug 06 1992Improvement Request for the "Save As" operation
1489.04PRIMES::ZIMMERMANNThu Aug 06 1992VTX ver 5.1 + VTX/CBR = ???
1490.02MADBAS::BMCHATTIEThu Aug 06 1992Inspect is a pain
1491.09EVTAI1::CHARLES_MThu Aug 06 1992vtxacf record structure
1492.0WMOIS::HAKKARAINENSat Aug 08 1992Help Please! ELK Programming Coach Needed
1493.02CSC32::B_ALDERMANSat Aug 08 1992Keypad COMMA in VTX.INI
1494.0INDEBT::TAUBENFELDMon Aug 10 1992VTX Couldn't activate printer port error
1495.02MRKTNG::MURRAYMon Aug 10 1992ALL-IN-1 3.
1496.03JOCKEY::MCCAFFREYJTue Aug 11 1992VTX TR/MS-Windows Blank Screen
1497.02TRCOA::MCCORMACKTue Aug 11 1992windows peculiarities
1498.03WR1FOR::DISMUKEMOWed Aug 12 1992CBR Service Will Not Start
1499.02IJSAPL::HUIJGEVOORTWed Aug 12 1992SAVE problem
1500.01TRCU11::WEISSThu Aug 13 1992V5.1 Printing without 24 line page breaks??
1501.02WLW::FLMOON::BENSONThu Aug 13 1992Is VTX the right product for this application?
1502.02STRIKR::ARJUNAFri Aug 14 1992BTX terminals in Germany
1503.07QUICHE::PITTFri Aug 14 1992Personal Magazines - they have beaten me
1504.01MELEE::DREICHERTFri Aug 14 1992Statistical packages?
1505.01WR1FOR::DISMUKEMOTue Aug 18 1992Granting Rights Id Problem for VTXMGR account
1506.03SCAPAS::HULK::VelezTue Aug 18 1992Can't Find key Binding Section
1507.01VNABRW::KOITZTue Aug 18 1992Guide to Modifying TCP ?
1508.0HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWTue Aug 18 1992VTX PRESTEL with Hanzi, and more ...
1509.01ODIXIE::SHILLINGWed Aug 19 1992BANYAN VINES client access to VTX?
1510.016TRCOA::MCCORMACKWed Aug 19 1992WINDOWS Prints Blobs for <esc>characters
1511.0HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWWed Aug 19 1992What's PRESTEL ?
1512.01VNABRW::KOITZWed Aug 19 1992VTX TR Multi-Lingual ?
1513.01EVTAI1::CHARLES_MWed Aug 19 19925.1 CLASSIC ALLIN1 client & 4.1 vtx server ?
1514.01JUNG::NEUMANWed Aug 19 1992Display DDIF on MS-Windows Client?
1515.0LNDRFR::ADOERFERThu Aug 20 1992For non-decnet Digital use
1516.05OTOOA::WALTHERThu Aug 20 1992Can not open CBR index - error
1517.02LNDRFR::ADOERFERSun Aug 23 1992Internet transport in initialization file?
1518.0WAYOUT::TALBOTMon Aug 24 1992Source code required.
1519.05KID2::ROZYCKITue Aug 25 1992Problem using $LOGIN
1520.01KID2::ROZYCKITue Aug 25 1992No guest account considerations
1521.06EEMELI::KUPARSAARIWed Aug 26 1992Only three queues in PRINT ?
1522.01UPROAR::WATSONRWed Aug 26 1992Couldn't initialise the network connection
1524.02MINNY::PFISTERWWed Aug 26 1992Intro to VTX
1525.03MLNTSC::RESNATIWed Aug 26 1992%vtx-e-wbcl_no_vtd_fil
1526.05PCPULS::MR4SRV::DPULSWed Aug 26 1992Windows Init file doesn't seem to work......
1527.0UNTADI::WILCOCKSONThu Aug 27 1992VAS DISPLAY statement
1528.01UTROP1::KEUKENS_LThu Aug 27 1992Experience keypak?
1529.03OBLADI::ROBINSONThu Aug 27 1992ELK$KF_DSPLAY_KEYWORD won't display second screen of keyword menu.
1530.03CSC32::M_ONEILFri Aug 28 1992Show/Menu in update.
1531.09CASEE::CIOTFri Aug 28 1992 Announcing DEC VTX V5.2 EFT-1 and DEC VTX TR V1.1 EFT-1
1532.0EEMELI::TOUKKARIMon Aug 31 1992APMS remove/page is not working??
1533.01CASEE::HAMNQVISTMon Aug 31 1992VTX/TR -- customers and evaluations (cross posting)
1534.02PDVMon Aug 31 1992VTX 5.
1535.04WMOIS::TOMASZEWICZMon Aug 31 1992VAS/DECnet problem
1536.03CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Sep 01 1992Option to eliminate the SAVE or PRINT function
1537.03SIOG::P_HARRINGTONTue Sep 01 1992VTX TEXT Retrieval, licence problem!
1538.02HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWWed Sep 02 1992PC hung after search operation
1539.0TRCOA::MCCORMACKWed Sep 02 1992Problems with Windows Client
1540.0CPDW::BISHOVWed Sep 02 1992ELK$KF_DSPLAY_FORM on SAVE/ALL won't initialize
1541.01AVIVA::NEUMANWed Sep 02 1992SAVE or PRINT in two strokes or less
1543.04MXOVWed Sep 02 1992NO BASE PAGE
1544.02CSC32::M_ONEILThu Sep 03 1992Can't read VAS file.
1546.01TRCOA::MCCORMACKThu Sep 03 1992Bookmarks in Windows
1547.01YUPPY::63657::GORARDMThu Sep 03 1992Guidelines on installing WIN VTX Client on PATHWORKS service
1548.04SAACTX::HarrisonFri Sep 04 1992Disappointed with Windows version
1549.04DWOVAX::ROSENBERGFri Sep 04 1992VTXTR Little and Big Questions
1550.02DISCO::BURKETTMon Sep 07 1992Server not starting...
1551.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Sep 08 1992Install on disk other than system disk
1552.03VAXRIO::CARDOSOWed Sep 09 1992VTX/CBR V1.
1553.02FAILTE::EWE::LAAHSThu Sep 10 1992Using mouse on First VTX Page?
1554.05LEMAN::PUNKIE::REGINAThu Sep 10 1992update/index finds no active pages,
1555.02DECAUX::SAT27::KOELBLFri Sep 11 1992Rebuild infobase
1556.01CANOVA::RUSSOFri Sep 11 1992Server guided query
1557.014MSAMFri Sep 11 1992DDIF from VTX for DOS
1558.01CSC32::M_ONEILFri Sep 11 1992HOW to handle ELK$KB_STATUS
1559.01CSC32::M_ONEILSat Sep 12 1992Install of TR 1.
1560.011WAYOUT::TALBOTMon Sep 14 1992%VTX-E-NOCBR, Cannot use CBR features from this VTX component
1561.02EVTPUB::COUILLAULTTue Sep 15 1992Displaying Powerpoint
1562.05TRCOA::MCCORMACKTue Sep 15 1992MEMORY problem in Windows clietn
1563.08CASEE::BALLADELLITue Sep 15 1992Announcing VTR TR T1.1-1B
1564.012DWOVAX::ROSENBERGWed Sep 16 1992VTX TR problems with Drug Application
1565.01REDBCK::tomWed Sep 16 1992vtxupdsrv accvio at
1566.02EEMELI::KUPARSAARIWed Sep 16 1992Multi-selection list above item #2
1567.01WOTVAX::JOYWed Sep 16 1992Simple DCL back end application required
1568.0MJBOOT::COLEMANWed Sep 16 1992VTX$queue and pagination
1569.03TRCOA::MCCORMACKThu Sep 17 1992Re-inventing the viewer!
1570.02WAYOUT::TALBOTThu Sep 17 1992CBR search - can it be done from A1 tcp?
1571.03FAILTE::CHRISTENSENThu Sep 17 1992Can not get VTXT52 Windows kit to work .....
1572.03TRCOA::HAIMOVITZFri Sep 18 1992Some more Flames for VTR T1.1
1574.07CSC32::M_ONEILSat Sep 19 1992vtx/interface=decw problem.
1575.03HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWMon Sep 21 1992Rolling display on VTX ?
1576.02DPDMAI::RITZCWed Sep 23 1992Icon interface planned for GUI desktops?
1577.01FAILTE::TODDWed Sep 23 1992command line showing in V5.
1578.04NEPHI::COARWed Sep 23 1992`Can't find font' from VTX V4.1 in a DECterm
1579.0CAATS::CAATSB::TamThu Sep 24 1992Need help for pilot
1580.03OTOOA::GRIFFITHSThu Sep 24 1992VTX/TR User Problems
1581.05WAYOUT::TALBOTThu Sep 24 1992/coding=cbr_query on a remote page?
1582.06CEDSWS::MYERSFri Sep 25 1992VTX 5.1 Bookreader files?
1583.08INFACT::BEVISFri Sep 25 1992Please suggest security ideas
1584.02HSKPRF::TAURIAINENFri Sep 25 1992
1585.04CSC32::B_ALDERMANSat Sep 26 1992VTX and Dow Jones
1586.0CSC32::M_ONEILSat Sep 26 1992Gold I, All-In-1 printing
1587.0LNDRFR::ADOERFERMon Sep 28 1992vtx-plus?
1588.02SNOCTue Sep 29 1992How to prevent IPs masquerading?
1589.03PECOS::IM_DBATue Sep 29 1992Need Digital logo escape sequence example
1590.01ANDREW::OSTROMTue Sep 29 1992Problem acceessing LEROUF::VTX$ACCESS:
1591.021VARDAF::CHURCHTue Sep 29 1992Searching for "words" like P.S.I.
1592.07FAILTE::CHRISTENSENTue Sep 29 1992Windows Client not able to view graphics
1593.03MSAMWed Sep 30 1992132 screens with VTX client for DOS
1594.017NHASAD::SORRENTINOWed Sep 30 1992VTX/TR 1.
1595.04VARDAF::CHURCHFri Oct 02 1992VPA: system wide window turn rate exceeded threshold
1596.01VIPVAX::SYSTEMFri Oct 02 1992Screen notification and timed updates
1597.01CSC32::M_ONEILFri Oct 02 1992Page format and Queue boxes.
1598.0ODIXIE::CAIRNSFri Oct 02 1992VTX Questions
1599.02CSC32::D_COHNSat Oct 03 1992Help redefining the "SEARCH" function
1600.01CHEFS::FRYFMon Oct 05 1992Spawning out from VTX??
1601.06HILLST::MARTINMon Oct 05 1992There is no page with that keyword
1602.05TROOA::WNOELMon Oct 05 1992VTX/TR customization??
1603.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANMon Oct 05 1992REVEAL remote information
1604.03UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Oct 06 1992diacritical characters/VTX@QUEUE/WORKBENCH
1605.01MILPND::BENHAMTue Oct 06 1992Deperately seeking help
1606.02CASEE::CIOTWed Oct 07 1992Support for color and tranmission equipment ?
1607.04FDCV14::WILLIAMSWed Oct 07 1992VTX V5.2 SSB KIT
1608.02UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Oct 08 1992workbench question getting started...
1609.06DWOVAX::ROSENBERGThu Oct 08 1992VTX operations without SYSNAM priv?
1610.05KERNEL::LOATThu Oct 08 1992Error creating CBR index.
1611.03WMOIS::TOMASZEWICZThu Oct 08 1992VTX v5.
1612.0SNOCFri Oct 09 1992Command file to help open/close infobases
1613.0USDEV1::DREICHERTFri Oct 09 1992WORKBENCH Pass 3
1614.0CPDW::BISHOVFri Oct 09 1992Handling of tab character by TCP, ELK application
1615.01CADSYS::LEMONSMon Oct 12 1992MicroVAX 31
1616.05DV78Mon Oct 12 1992Problem starting VTX on 1 cluster node
1617.03OTOOA::WNOELTue Oct 13 1992VTX/TR customer problems!?
1618.03HGOVC::ANNAHUITue Oct 13 1992Tool to reclaim disk space?
1619.02CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Oct 13 1992NETSERVER.LOG is very large
1620.03DV78Tue Oct 13 1992"any word" RETURN -> unexpected behavior
1621.01MSDOA::FRYLANDTue Oct 13 1992ERRORs under MACX and DECterm???
1622.05MSDOA::WILLIAMSGTue Oct 13 1992CDA converter ?
1623.03CHENG6::IMERWed Oct 14 1992access violation for nonprivileged users
1624.01COPCLU::LINERWed Oct 14 1992ALL-IN-1 / VTX
1625.02CSC32::M_ONEILWed Oct 14 1992APMS Pre-processor program.
1626.03CSC32::M_ONEILWed Oct 14 1992VAS errors on runtime.
1627.012ODIXIE::CAIRNSWed Oct 14 1992Any answers to these questions?
1628.03VOGON::HYATTAFri Oct 16 1992VTX v4.1 for workbench - display on v5 problem
1629.01GLUEON::LONGNEYMon Oct 19 1992VTX & PC Office Implementations
1630.01VANPYR::BULLMon Oct 19 1992Problem Clearing Screen using VT Emulator
1632.01CSC32::M_ONEILTue Oct 20 1992Using TCP/IP with MS-DOS
1633.04RUSVAX::RUSSELLTue Oct 20 1992VTX API for MS-Windows Client?
1634.05ODIXIE::LAROETue Oct 20 1992required files for windows client?
1635.0CSC32::M_ONEILTue Oct 20 1992vtx/work/load=file.wlf
1636.02KERNEL::LOATWed Oct 21 1992New VTX interface with concentrator?
1637.01HSKPRF::TAURIAINENThu Oct 22 1992Pages flagged wide/Windows client
1638.02MSDOA::GRAYDThu Oct 22 1992Why does VTX do a DNS lookup?
1639.02PENUTS::WCOLBERTThu Oct 22 1992There is no page with that keyword
1640.0SALES::MARTINThu Oct 22 1992Message displayed during startup
1641.03WMOIS::TOMASZEWICZFri Oct 23 1992Personal Magazine
1642.04SUBWAY::SRINIVASANFri Oct 23 1992AUTOCAD,Wordprocessing & VTX
1643.01SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Oct 23 1992RUSL$ADD_PAGE: what ends line?
1644.01KERNEL::LOATMon Oct 26 1992VTX$PADWAIT with new interface?
1646.04GRANPA::STJUDE::GARYMon Oct 26 1992Macintosh to DDIF VTX Solution Needed
1647.04CSC32::M_ONEILTue Oct 27 1992MS-Windows 3.
1648.01SANFAN::LESLIE_DATue Oct 27 1992Solution to create/index internal CBR API error 769
1649.04CASEE::CIOTTue Oct 27 1992Announcing DEC VTX V5.2 EFT-2 and DEC VTX TR V1.1 EFT-2
1650.01KERNEL::LOATTue Oct 27 1992Stopping and starting CBR causes problems.
1651.03BREAKR::FRANKTue Oct 27 1992VTX/Mofit Client re-display to SUN
1652.0ODIXIE::CAIRNSTue Oct 27 1992VTX Boilerplate?
1653.02NYEM1::FRANZIWed Oct 28 1992Can MS-Windows interface display Autocad Drawings?
1654.0LNDRFR::ADOERFERWed Oct 28 1992VTX/CLASSIC on any corporate infobases?
1655.07HLDEThu Oct 29 1992TCPIP SUPPORTED BY VTX 5.1 ?
1656.01DRAC::DSMAILThu Oct 29 1992Messages Translation to local language in V5.
1657.0OTOOA::PILGRIMThu Oct 29 1992VTX RUSL programming help required
1658.02HAACK::HAACKFri Oct 30 1992context returns in V5.2??
1659.0CTHQ1::CVPFri Oct 30 1992Microsoft information incorrect in some infobase?
1660.03FIRFri Oct 30 1992Keywords List
1661.02LAPO::RIGAFri Oct 30 1992How delete keywords from command procedure?
1662.07SIOG::PHARRINGTONTue Nov 03 1992VTX V5 startup speed problems
1663.01UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Nov 03 1992VTD file size and performance
1664.02CSC32::M_ONEILTue Nov 03 1992PF3 Backup
1665.01CSC32::M_ONEILTue Nov 03 1992DOS Emulator & keypad functions.
1666.01CSC32::M_ONEILWed Nov 04 1992Cannot open keypad file error ?
1667.03UTROP1::KEUKENS_LWed Nov 04 1992VTX V5.1 and @INFOBASES.V2
1668.01WAYOUT::CROOKSWed Nov 04 1992Logical names for print queues not picked up.
1669.02CSC32::VELEZThu Nov 05 1992PORT_NUMBER in DOS TCPIP, Which Number?
1670.04SUOSW4::SUOGS1::moogThu Nov 05 1992V.4.1 Server and MS-Win Client ?
1671.06ADO75A::BAIRDFri Nov 06 1992vtx 4.
1672.05HIGHD::SUMMERSFri Nov 06 1992How to display 23 lines of a DDIF file?
1673.01MILPND::BENHAMFri Nov 06 1992Need help deleting
1674.02PERPLE::MARTINSat Nov 07 1992Scroll/NoScroll with CBR
1675.010CSC32::VELEZTue Nov 10 1992ACCVIO, from PRINT with Continuation pages
1677.02SIOG::SPENCERTue Nov 10 1992Remote page - That information is not available
1678.01MSDOA::FRYLANDTue Nov 10 1992VTX, CDA & Live-links???
1679.02CEDSWS::MYERSThu Nov 12 1992MSWindows Copy Page/Paste
1680.01CEDSWS::MYERSThu Nov 12 1992TIFF to DDIF to VTX
1681.01CSC32::M_ONEILFri Nov 13 1992Reveal + Scratch Pad
1682.01SUOSW3::SUOLIX::felixFri Nov 13 1992DOS-Routing node
1683.03PRIMES::64633::THOMASFri Nov 13 1992Client Holes? Plans? Questions? Consistancy?
1684.01MSDOA::FRYLANDSat Nov 14 1992Why differences in appearence under DECwrite & VTX?
1686.01ULYSSE::MILES::MilesTue Nov 17 1992Windows Client Installation - first impressions
1687.0STKHLM::LORENTZITue Nov 17 1992VTX and external info sources (Reuter, AP, TT etc...)
1688.02WAYOUT::CROOKSTue Nov 17 1992Failover server and DOS client
1689.018PCOJCT::FRANZIWed Nov 18 1992VTX on Alpha?
1691.03CSC32::M_ONEILThu Nov 19 1992WYSE terminals + VTX ?
1692.010SONATA::HENRYFri Nov 20 1992VTXt52 PAK to expire 3
1693.02JOCKEY::NUTKINSMSun Nov 22 1992VTXTR Performance & Sizing Info wanted
1694.01CSC32::M_ONEILMon Nov 23 1992Reverse Video problem.
1695.04STUTue Nov 24 1992pc-client, V5-Server, V4-Server
1696.01STRIKR::THATCHERThu Nov 26 1992Dynamic menu from the $ prompt.
1697.01HSKPRF::KOKKOFri Nov 27 1992Stop session/id=nnnnn-zzzzzzzz-
1698.06TROOA::RFODORTue Dec 01 1992VTX Form Page Freeze-up
1699.03CANOVA::RUSSOTue Dec 01 1992Form field support for Minitel
1700.05DWOVAX::ROSENBERGWed Dec 02 1992VTX TR V1.1 comments, questions, wishlist
1701.01GVPROD::5Thu Dec 03 1992Mouse click doesn't always work
1702.01DWOVAX::ROSENBERGThu Dec 03 1992Errors adjusting CC_CLIENT for EPC keypad
1703.02ADO75A::BAIRDFri Dec 04 1992URGENT! Cannot create index.
1704.01MUDIS3::FISCALFri Dec 04 1992Login syntax ??
1705.02CSC32::M_ONEILFri Dec 04 1992rms-f-chn problem.
1706.02CSC32::M_ONEILMon Dec 07 1992open/index - RMS-E-ACC ACP file access failed
1707.03ADO75A::BAIRDTue Dec 08 1992Problem with escape sequences.
1708.06STRIKR::LINDLEYTue Dec 08 1992VTX Access via Touch Screens ??
1709.0HSKPRF::KOKKOTue Dec 08 1992TELNET TCP/IP concentrator
1710.010UTRTSC::SMEETSWed Dec 09 1992ELK behaviour
1711.06WOOK::LEEWed Dec 09 1992Using Directory and Naming Services
1712.07SANFAN::LESLIE_DAWed Dec 09 1992$LOGIN with /%%%GOAL usage?
1713.04SISDA::DONESKIThu Dec 10 1992 4.1 Server being recognized as 4.
1715.02CSC32::M_ONEILThu Dec 10 1992WPS-PLUS bolding + underlining.
1716.01CSC32::M_ONEILFri Dec 11 1992Word Perfect graphics.
1717.01ALICAT::LONGNEYFri Dec 11 1992MS-Windows display width and bolding
1719.01SANFAN::LESLIE_DAFri Dec 11 1992Impact of complete VTXSRV logging on subscriber performance
1720.04JOCKEY::63993::Andy-BushMon Dec 14 1992CDA and graphics support in MS windows client
1721.01USHSTue Dec 15 1992Help with VTX and MS Windows
1722.02BLOFLY::DESGOR::gordonWed Dec 16 1992XTIDNSW.DLL not found error
1723.01CSC32::M_ONEILWed Dec 16 1992Page name problem in WBCL
1724.01JUNG::COCHRANWed Dec 16 1992Basis+/TDL/VTR
1725.02VMPIRE::POWERSThu Dec 17 1992Customer looking for help
1727.03COKPIT::BMCHATTIEThu Dec 17 1992Problem with help file
1728.03REDBCK::tomTue Dec 22 1992VTX server records ??when/what ??
1729.04VELI::KORKKOMon Dec 28 1992Persistent core dump when invoking vtx_motif
1731.04EEMELI::HUTTUNENTue Dec 29 1992327
1732.03MSDOA::FRYLANDTue Dec 29 1992Can VTX display postscript files?
1733.05DEVMKO::RAJUWed Dec 30 1992Can we integrate .EXE/.COM with VTX ?
1734.011KERNEL::LOATThu Jan 07 1993Installing Windows client on PCSA disk service?
1735.08CASEE::HAMNQVISTThu Jan 07 1993VTX future
1736.02DEVMKO::SORRENTINOThu Jan 07 1993.AAA files?
1738.09EEMELI::TOUKKARITue Jan 12 1993Help me! Windows and APMS not working
1739.02AUSSIE::WHORLOWTue Jan 12 1993Running user applications from VTX
1740.08QECS1::QECPC1::systemWed Jan 13 1993Language Not Specified VTX for Windows
1741.013CSC32::M_ONEILWed Jan 13 1993Remove/index command.
1742.08COKPIT::BMCHATTIEThu Jan 14 1993Choice [2] for easy access.
1744.01CSC32::M_ONEILFri Jan 15 1993Remote pages loop.
1745.08JOKUR::JOKUR::CIOFFIFri Jan 15 1993CBR index access problems
1746.013CSC32::M_ONEILFri Jan 15 1993TR 1.1 concerns.
1747.05LISVAX::DAVIDMon Jan 18 1993Eliminate/change initial display?
1748.08WR1FOR::DISMUKEMOMon Jan 18 1993WordPerfect Document to WPS to VTX
1749.02CSC32::M_ONEILMon Jan 18 1993PREV + NEXT prompts missing
1750.0LNDRFR::ADOERFERTue Jan 19 1993What in .ini for dec 45
1751.01JOKUR::JOKUR::CIOFFITue Jan 19 1993Change VTX command line.
1752.04CSC32::M_ONEILWed Jan 20 1993Problem with TR and Regis documents.
1753.013UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTThu Jan 21 1993GOLD * ALL-IN-1 missing
1754.02DRLSGT::SERVThu Jan 21 1993DASL - V1.
1755.05ODAY4Thu Jan 21 1993VTX callable from windows? ( .dll, dde )
1756.05STKHUV::HALLGRENFri Jan 22 1993Base page for PC?
1757.03VAXRIO::CARDOSOFri Jan 22 1993VTX V5.1 messages customization question
1758.02CASEE::CIOTMon Jan 25 1993Users Disconnected without messages
1759.02ADO75A::BAIRDTue Jan 26 1993Title on continuation page?
1760.03DEVMKO::BLAISDELLTue Jan 26 1993ELKS w/page help and keypad help
1761.01RDGENG::POVEYWed Jan 27 1993question on accounting info
1762.0VSDDWed Jan 27 1993C example for asynchronous ELK backend application
1763.03CSC32::M_ONEILThu Jan 28 1993VTXAPMS questions.
1764.02CSC32::M_ONEILThu Jan 28 1993deleting expired workbench pages ?
1765.02MSDOA::WILLIAMSGThu Jan 28 1993VINES TCP/IP VTX Support
1766.02THEBAY::ROZYCKIThu Jan 28 1993Server Log CONNIN, NEWSESS, SID?
1767.012JOKUR::JOKUR::CIOFFIThu Jan 28 1993rename an index?
1768.0CPDW::BISHOVMon Feb 01 1993When will applicationson 3.1 servers become unreachable?
1769.03VAXRIO::VITORMon Feb 01 1993Slave printer option ?
1770.0VAXRIO::VITORMon Feb 01 1993Composed characters problems.
1771.02REDBCK::tomTue Feb 02 1993RUSL problems ???
1772.01REDBCK::tomTue Feb 02 1993License queries ?
1773.01COKPIT::BMCHATTIETue Feb 02 1993exit
1774.0CTHQ::DELUCOTue Feb 02 1993New Registry System
1775.01CSC32::M_ONEILTue Feb 02 1993add/page /options title problem
1776.0VIA::HILLERICHTue Feb 02 1993Upgrades...
1777.01REDBCK::tomWed Feb 03 1993vtx/x29 and decnet vax extensions ??
1778.08XCUSME::LAPERLEWed Feb 03 1993VTX 4.1 licence bug, or so I'm told. Can someone please help!
1779.04MSDOA::WILLIAMSGWed Feb 03 1993SUN access ?
1780.06PENUTS::WCOLBERTWed Feb 03 1993Paginating postscript files
1781.01CSC32::VELEZThu Feb 04 1993Concentrator Disconnecting from DECTALK Device
1782.03CSC32::M_ONEILThu Feb 04 1993vtx.ini defining key functions.
1783.0WELKIN::ADOERFERFri Feb 05 1993For DEC IPs running a mailer or file transfer infobase
1784.03ZPOVC::JEFFREYCHOYSun Feb 07 1993Prestel Gateway with Rdb
1785.01KETJE::VERVAENENMon Feb 08 1993NRCS 7bit caharacter set and MS-Windows Client
1786.02XCUSME::LAPERLEMon Feb 08 1993Is current licence for VTX from (VTX PAK) down ward compatable to VTX 4.1-
1787.02CSC32::M_ONEILMon Feb 08 1993VTX to VAS question
1788.03LEMAN::PUNKIE::REGINATue Feb 09 1993Filtering PC users in VTXBASE
1789.012CANOVA::RUSSOTue Feb 09 1993DDIF for Windows UI on EFT ?
1790.014CASEE::CIOTTue Feb 09 1993DEC VTX/TR T1.1-4 is now available
1791.024ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGWed Feb 10 1993Questions on launchable applications
1792.06ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGThu Feb 11 1993Mail integration ?
1793.06GIDDAY::KINGFri Feb 12 1993VTXCON/X29 and %guest% account ??
1794.01PDVFri Feb 12 1993Help on Workbench Duplicate Numbers
1795.02EVTDD1::MOUREAUXFri Feb 12 1993Trace user's course and cut & paste
1796.018WAYOUT::TALBOTFri Feb 12 1993Weird failover problem!
1797.04TIGRA::SCHORNOFri Feb 12 1993TR T1.1-4 questions/problems
1798.02CSC32::M_ONEILSat Feb 13 1993TCPIP ?
1799.09MEOCMon Feb 15 1993Defaulting to English
1800.01ZPOVC::SEOWHURNMon Feb 15 1993Sizing information for VTX Text retreival system
1802.09ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGTue Feb 16 1993Windows client interface
1803.01KETJE::VERVAENENTue Feb 16 1993What is the planned SSB for TR1.1 ?
1804.04LAVGOD::SIMONIANWed Feb 17 1993Keyword reveal for a given page
1805.09MEOCWed Feb 17 1993Demonstration Infobases available?
1806.06TIGRA::SCHORNOWed Feb 17 1993Modify display of LISTMENU
1807.04TIGRA::SCHORNOThu Feb 18 1993CBR query box modification
1808.02ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGThu Feb 18 1993Problems with Windows client EFT4
1809.07ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGThu Feb 18 1993Launchable pages title not in CBR
1810.01SNOCFri Feb 19 1993Callable VTX?
1811.05CHMPNS::LAMBMon Feb 22 1993Can't access Corporate VTX by page
1812.04SRPSWS::WILLIAMSMon Feb 22 1993TCP/IP access
1813.01TKTV2Tue Feb 23 1993can't delete the index
1814.02KETJE::VERVAENENTue Feb 23 1993Bookmark Problems
1815.03KETJE::GORREMANSTue Feb 23 1993European VTX provider... HELP
1816.01CSC32::M_ONEILWed Feb 24 1993TR 1.
1817.01RTOEU::KRICKSWed Feb 24 1993VTX next release requirements
1818.06COKPIT::BMCHATTIEWed Feb 24 1993Serious VTXACCOUNTING problem
1819.03KETJE::VERVAENENWed Feb 24 1993Latest Documentation
1820.010ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGThu Feb 25 1993EPS viewer not working
1821.02WLDBIL::KILGOREFri Feb 26 1993Need info on VTX licenses
1822.0GBIMon Mar 01 1993Minitel editor needed...
1823.010UTROP1::KEUKENS_LMon Mar 01 1993Training DEC/VTX available?
1824.05ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGMon Mar 01 1993VTX TR 1.1 presentation materials?
1825.03COKPIT::BMCHATTIETue Mar 02 1993:-(
1826.06WOTVAX::MCGRATHDTue Mar 02 1993Internet Comm Problem
1827.01CSC32::M_ONEILTue Mar 02 1993%E, QIO timing window seen
1828.01HITIT::TATAROGLUWed Mar 03 1993VTX-TR Imaging configuration?
1829.01LNDRFR::ADOERFERWed Mar 03 1993What page did workbench use?
1830.02TIGRA::SCHORNOThu Mar 04 1993CBRERR, internal CBR API error: 23
1831.06UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Mar 04 1993losing line after VTX$QUEUE processing
1832.04CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Mar 04 1993VTX-STARTER license, one for each user?
1833.02CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Mar 04 1993TEMPLATE pages with VTX 5.x
1834.03ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGMon Mar 08 1993Banyan Vines support?
1836.016NEWTWS::ALLANTue Mar 09 1993Can we change the Index Server Limits
1837.09KITYKT::GITATue Mar 09 1993Limit to menu choices???
1838.02ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGWed Mar 10 1993VTX history info?
1839.02CASEE::CIOTWed Mar 10 1993VTXPREP Support
1840.010JUNG::NEUMANWed Mar 10 1993VIDEOTEX Logical in 5.1?
1841.03RDGENG::POVEYThu Mar 11 1993keyword access to remote page OK but menu option fails
1842.01ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGMon Mar 15 1993What should I tell customer?\
1843.03COPCLU::LINERMon Mar 15 1993Translation
1844.07COPCLU::LINERMon Mar 15 1993Which tool ?
1845.01BOSMCH::NOCELLAMon Mar 15 1993Can the query result screen be bypassed?
1846.01FAILTE::TODDThu Mar 18 1993Continuous print without the logos
1847.02MSDOA::WILLIAMSGThu Mar 18 1993Selecting with mouse
1848.03AYRPLN::KISERThu Mar 18 1993CBR API error: 538
1849.02EEMELI::KOKKOFri Mar 19 199332 max simultaneous users per VAS process
1850.01MSDOA::WILLIAMSGMon Mar 22 1993When
1851.03BONNET::PAPIATMon Mar 22 1993APMS>mod/index /help=
1852.09MSDOA::WILLIAMSGMon Mar 22 1993printing
1853.02GIDDAY::KINGTue Mar 23 1993concentrator access via IP ? ( telnet )?
1854.015WELKIN::ADOERFERTue Mar 23 1993Version 4.1 MAY not load the corp. library
1855.02STKHUV::HALLGRENWed Mar 24 1993Can't open CBR index
1856.01CSC32::D_MAHDERWed Mar 24 1993SHRIDMISMAT invoking VTX 5.1
1857.03FURFCE::GAUVINWed Mar 24 1993Valid VTX.INI keystrokes?
1858.010TRCOA::DMUIRThu Mar 25 1993vtx accounting reports
1860.0EPAVAX::EPAPC1::CARLOTTIFri Mar 26 1993FontName = VTX causing goofy character set?
1861.01OSLACT::OLAVFFri Mar 26 1993Congratulations - putting VTX/VTR on a new track !!!
1862.03OSLACT::OLAVFMon Mar 29 1993How to launch DOS program from WIndows ?
1863.01GVAMon Mar 29 1993MS-Windows 5.2 FT questions
1864.05KERNEL::LOATMon Mar 29 1993Selective index searching?
1865.01XLIB::CIOFFIMon Mar 29 1993What exactly are launchable pages and Where are they documented?
1866.01OSLACT::OLAVFTue Mar 30 1993PC examplefiles ??
1867.01BACHUS::WOODTue Mar 30 1993help/Dos Client/ mult lines/ 3 problems
1868.05POCUS::MORGASENTue Mar 30 1993Installation Problems with VTX TR Version 1.1-4
1869.01OSLACT::OLAVFWed Mar 31 1993
1870.04MERIDN::GOLDSTEINThu Apr 01 1993DOS/WINDOWS Async client
1871.07DPDMAI::RITZCThu Apr 01 1993DEC VTX required for DEC VTX Text Retrieval?
1872.06GANTRY::HULLThu Apr 01 1993Can't get PC set up
1873.02MCIS2::DEDIUThu Apr 01 1993Need documentation on line to copy
1874.04SIBILO::BARBERISFri Apr 02 1993LISTMENU question
1875.04KERNEL::LOATTue Apr 06 1993VTX license query
1876.03CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Apr 06 1993Upgrade from 2.1 to 5.1
1877.01424Wed Apr 07 1993Keystroke functions
1878.07WPOPTH::WPONIS::HARDIEThu Apr 08 1993MS-Word into VTX
1879.02BACHUS::WILLEMThu Apr 08 1993VTX$SERVER logical name ?
1880.0CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Apr 08 1993Non-ASCII Shell Script error, when invoking ULTRIX CC Client
1881.01MAIL::SEITZFri Apr 09 1993SS for 5.2 & lerouf::?
1882.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANFri Apr 09 1993Defining port for VTX in UCX
1883.0CSC32::M_ONEILMon Apr 12 1993Documentation errors
1884.0MAIL::SEITZMon Apr 12 1993LEROUF down - desperately need doc set
1886.0STKHUV::HALLGRENTue Apr 13 1993Can't start CBR
1887.0STKHUV::HALLGRENTue Apr 13 1993UPDATE server problem
1888.0CASEE::CIOTTue Apr 13 1993notes file being moved...
1889.02WAYOUT::TALBOTFri Apr 16 1993APMS and keywords
1890.0FAILTE::64551::LAAHSFri Apr 16 1993Ou est LEROUF?
1891.05PENUTS::DESRUISSEAUXFri Apr 16 1993VTX$QUEUE problem
1892.0BACHUS::WILLEMMon Apr 19 1993VTXUPD and NOPCR messages ?
1893.02TROOA::SLEUNGTue Apr 20 1993VTX Accounting ASSET problem
1894.01MEOCWed Apr 21 1993Customise the MS-Windows TCP?
1895.0RDGENG::POVEYWed Apr 21 1993VTX/TR training course in the UK, 17-19 May 1993
1896.08STKHUV::HALLGRENWed Apr 21 1993VERY long pages?
1897.01MAIL::SEITZWed Apr 21 1993Identifiers instead of NODE::USERNAME?
1898.03FAILTE::64538::mackay_nThu Apr 22 1993LEROUF has gone walkies!!
1899.0STKHUV::HALLGRENThu Apr 22 1993Print problem
1900.04FAILTE::LAAHSThu Apr 22 1993V5.2 Windows client hangs with text retrieval
1901.03FAILTE::LAAHSThu Apr 22 1993Problems with temporary file names
1902.012RDGENG::POVEYFri Apr 23 1993Temporary location for docs and kits
1903.01MAIL::SEITZFri Apr 23 1993print some contin pages/ goto end?
1904.01MKOTS1::MINUTIMon Apr 26 1993Multiple NETSERVER.LOGs for VAS Remote channel?
1905.0CSC32::M_ONEILTue Apr 27 1993Connecting to Concentrator
1906.0CSC32::M_ONEILTue Apr 27 1993Concentrator + /device_type=VT22
1907.01TIGRA::SCHORNOWed Apr 28 1993internal CBR API error: 23 / Can't open CBR index
1908.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Apr 29 1993Help line on dialog boxes
1909.05AIAG::LINDSEYFri Apr 30 1993vtx- cannot open help file
1910.05CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue May 04 1993MS-WINDOWS 3.
1911.0NEWOA::FIDO_TTue May 04 1993DECNet Phase 5 - any problems ?
1912.01NEWOA::FIDO_TTue May 04 1993FIND / GOLD-L functionality
1913.01GLIND1::BORDENKECHERWed May 05 1993CBI Training for VTX
1914.03LEMAN::PUNKIE::REGINAThu May 06 1993V5.2-4: Page Help stack dump
1915.0KETJE::GORREMANSThu May 06 1993VTX-ACMS and other questions
1916.01KITYKT::GITAThu May 06 1993DECUS in Atlanta, June 5-11, 1993
1917.0134315::SFOLEYThu May 06 1993Scan/WP
1918.01SIOG::LOGANThu May 13 1993VTX ELF ===> NO BASE PAGE ERROR
1919.03TKTV2Fri May 14 1993VTX-E-BRKNOBPAGE
1920.01SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri May 14 1993VTX/TR implements what CBR features?
1921.04LEMAN::PUNKIE::REGINAFri May 14 1993Base page determ. with source server
1922.02CSC32::B_ALDERMANFri May 14 1993RUSL application eating Page File Quota
1923.0CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu May 20 1993TGV MULTINET with VTX
1924.02WAYOUT::TALBOTFri May 21 1993Page range's don't work as documented.
1925.01VIVIAN::J_GILBERTFri May 21 1993MS windows documention ?
1926.0BUOVAX::SEWARDFri May 21 1993ELK KEYPAD Problem: only IBMPC recognized
1927.03ZPOAC3::SYSTEMMon May 24 1993VTX Mrktng Manager
1928.0WELKIN::ADOERFERMon May 24 1993anyone with ULTRIX?
1929.01CSC32::M_ONEILMon May 24 1993Modifying Help with 5.1
1930.0ZTOIS1::DISCHLIWed May 26 1993X29 connection problem ?
1932.0TIGRA::SCHORNOWed May 26 1993Problems with X29 concentator (PSI client & VTX/TR 1.1-4)
1933.01CSC32::M_ONEILFri May 28 1993vtx/paginate with /wait bombs
1934.05CSC32::M_ONEILFri May 28 1993Support for VTPDEC.B32 ?
1935.01YUPPY::DEWINTERWed Jun 02 1993question about APMS and one about VTD /VTK files
1936.02EVOAI2::CHARLESWed Jun 02 1993urgent : vtx -g pagenumber
1937.04MIZZEN::DEMERSWed Jun 02 1993can't find vtx.ini on windows version
1938.013UMASK::BALLADELLIThu Jun 03 1993Indexed Notes Conferences and available indexes
1939.04STKHUV::HALLGRENThu Jun 03 1993CBR can not be started
1940.03CSC32::M_ONEILFri Jun 04 1993create/index w/remote qualifier
1941.02VULCN1::BROOKSTue Jun 08 1993Using other TCP/IP prod. on PC with VTX5.2
1942.0CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Jun 08 1993Help 'command' on VTX command line
1943.07STKHUV::HALLGRENWed Jun 09 1993PRINT /HEADER request
1944.01TIGRA::SCHORNOWed Jun 09 1993VTXACU- specified language has no affect
1945.03CSSE::FRANGIADAKISWed Jun 09 1993Documentation / Elk and launchable pages
1946.02--UnknownUser--Thu Jun 10 1993VTXprep to VTX ..ERRORS
1947.05DNEAST::BRYANT_RICHAThu Jun 10 1993Is downgrading possible?
1948.01BACHUS::BHP144::LarocheFri Jun 11 1993/concept_set and Page already loaded questions
1949.06IAMOK::GENTILEFri Jun 11 1993Windows Client Questions
1950.01HERON::LEMBEK::VogeleerFri Jun 11 1993%ELK-E-EXPAND, ELK Message expansion is greather then ELK$K_VAP_LEN
1951.0CSC32::M_ONEILMon Jun 14 1993Cannot get into vtx/work with 4.1
1952.02MIZZEN::DEMERSTue Jun 15 1993VTX startup error
1954.02MKOTS1::MINUTIThu Jun 17 1993VAS error message, %NONAME-E-NOMSG, Message Number nnnnn
1955.03EEMELI::KOKKOFri Jun 18 1993That information is not available under heavy load, remote
1956.09KXOVAX::ISAACMon Jun 21 1993ELK application questions-parameter passing
1957.014JOKUR::CIOFFIMon Jun 21 19931 index pointing to many
1958.02JOKUR::CIOFFIMon Jun 21 1993Video attributes lost.
1959.09FERRET::CIOTMon Jun 21 1993VTX T5.2-5 & VTR T1.1-5 are available
1960.0LEMAN::PUNKIE::REGINATue Jun 22 1993Repetitive queries
1961.03LEMAN::PUNKIE::REGINATue Jun 22 1993CBR started on more than one server?
1962.03CSC32::VELEZTue Jun 22 1993Invoking VTX causing: Segmentation fault
1963.02MSAMWed Jun 23 1993Initial Page on MS-DOS/Windows Client Startup?
1964.02CSC32::M_ONEILWed Jun 23 1993Bugcheck/Server died.
1965.04UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Jun 24 1993Shipdate VTX V5.2
1966.04FLYWAY::SCHORNORThu Jun 24 1993Search command with date restriction
1967.010OSLThu Jun 24 1993/Screen=Wide not working with VTX/interface=decwindows ?
1968.01KITYKT::JOYCEFri Jun 25 1993Problem with VTX-TXT-RET license in VTX PAK?
1969.06HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWSat Jun 26 1993Installation problem (VTXTR
1970.03CEDSWS::MYERSTue Jun 29 1993how to access CBR of VTX notes?
1971.06COKPIT::BMCHATTIETue Jun 29 1993Printer Escape Problems
1972.05KXOVAX::ISAACWed Jun 30 1993Sample ELK in C wanted
1973.01--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 30 1993account-logging ??
1975.04UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Jul 01 1993status newletters
1976.01CLANS::TOMMYThu Jul 01 1993Livewire terminal not displaying
1977.03HAACK::HAACKThu Jul 01 1993install ft - cannot start server?
1978.03NEWOA::FIDO_TMon Jul 05 1993VAS problems with VTX/TR V1.
1979.01LEMAN::PUNKIE::REGINAMon Jul 05 1993very intermittent failover
1980.0ROMWed Jul 07 1993CUR and translation logical name problem
1981.02GBIThu Jul 08 1993Pc-kermit client ?
1982.03UTROP1::63793::BoerhoutThu Jul 08 1993DOS client, launchable pg, memory avail?
1983.06ANGLIN::CLAYTONMon Jul 12 1993VTX 5.2 Customer Question
1984.09VIA::HAMNQVISTTue Jul 13 1993Registering Launch formats
1985.04MCIS2::SILBERBERGTue Jul 13 1993Can we use DECforms screens with VTX?
1987.03INFACT::DATZMANWed Jul 14 1993need basic assistance
1988.01WHOSWed Jul 14 1993ELK altname field incorrect in connect buffer
1989.07FAILTE::64538::mackay_nThu Jul 15 1993Dates and functionality of next Windows client?
1990.04COKPIT::BMCHATTIEThu Jul 15 1993Control Centre Alert Display Required.
1991.02WHOSThu Jul 15 1993Converting special graphics characters to ASCII
1992.03LNDRFR::ADOERFERFri Jul 16 1993Help requested on visibility range ranges
1993.0CSC32::M_ONEILFri Jul 16 1993DECnet/OSI requirement ?
1994.02KXOVAX::ISAACMon Jul 19 1993undocumented status from tcp$k_jump_to_remote
1995.06SNOCWed Jul 21 1993Kit for DEC VTX for MSwindows
1996.09CANOVA::RUSSOWed Jul 21 1993Cannot install Windows client
1997.01INFACT::DATZMANWed Jul 21 1993CBR engine for VTX
1998.0BIGBOS::$BERTHOUTThu Jul 22 1993Pb using vtx.ini with minikeypad
1999.01STKMTS::VTXOPRThu Jul 22 1993Printer connected to terminal?
2000.03KXOVAX::ISAACThu Jul 22 1993PC clients
2001.02SNOCFri Jul 23 1993Version Control?
2002.01SWAMPD::ZIMMERMANNFri Jul 23 1993PC client, CD-ROM server, CBR?
2003.0INFACT::DATZMANFri Jul 23 1993Problem with the Classics Example Infobase
2005.01CSC32::M_ONEILFri Jul 23 1993TR performance
2006.06OSLACT::OLAVFTue Jul 27 1993ALL-IN-1 3.
2007.01MR4MI2::PWOLFFWed Jul 28 1993VTX/TR, what are the .AAA files?
2008.04ADO75A::BAIRDThu Jul 29 1993FT1.1-5 anyone?
2010.06YEOLD::BISHOVFri Jul 30 1993Message #
2012.04LOOPBT::BARTHMon Aug 02 1993VTX RET v1.1-3 dumps with Ultrix
2013.01LOOPBT::BARTHMon Aug 02 1993Spurious 2's on command line with T1.1-3
2014.023ICS::SKINNERFri Aug 06 1993CBR for JOBS_US
2015.05STOWOA::CROWTHERFri Aug 06 1993Using VTX as a survey tool . . .
2016.03WHOSFri Aug 06 1993Forms Page Processing
2017.04PARVAX::NEUMANTue Aug 10 1993Eliminate SAVE Dialog
2018.09KERNEL::LOATTue Aug 10 1993Slow server startup?
2019.09OSLACT::OLAVWed Aug 11 1993Windows client network transport?
2020.07VELI::KORKKOWed Aug 11 1993VTX on a AXP
2021.01UTRTSC::SMEETSWed Aug 11 1993BGdriver and UCX and WOLLONGING
2022.04SIOG::ESBECKFri Aug 13 1993max slaves/ms-word and scanned input etc.
2023.03VAXRIO::VALERIATue Aug 17 1993132 columns and graphics with client
2024.06FAILTE::64538::mackay_nWed Aug 18 1993Storing TIFF and subsequently viewing it??
2025.02UTRTSC::WIJKAMPThu Aug 19 1993Rms-f-dup error on submit VTX-APMS.
2026.07EEMELI::KOLARIThu Aug 19 1993'... inappropriate request' error
2027.07ICS::SIMONEAUFri Aug 20 1993OpenVMS AXP and VTX
2029.05LODGE::WVCFri Aug 20 1993Motif client uses line drawing characters?!
2030.04MUNSBE::CHEQUERMon Aug 23 1993Setting up a PC in a hidden area
2032.03CSC32::M_ONEILTue Aug 24 1993Scratch Pad lines-per-page
2033.01CSC32::M_ONEILTue Aug 24 1993TR highlighting
2034.01CSC32::M_ONEILWed Aug 25 1993vtx-e-srvnowrite
2035.02CSC32::M_ONEILWed Aug 25 1993VTX Temp files
2036.05KITYKT::GITAThu Aug 26 1993Performance Stats for V5 Needed
2037.04UTROP1::KEUKENS_LFri Aug 27 1993Result after DDIF --> VTX/PAGINATE?
2038.05ZPOVC::WENDYLAIMon Aug 30 1993Customer questions
2039.02AZUR::JORDANWed Sep 01 1993Can we avoid to put a filename in the SAVE command ?
2040.05TRUCKS::COLWELL_DWed Sep 01 1993Launchable Pages & Update Server
2041.01EEMELI::KOKKOThu Sep 02 1993Requests queueing for the first few VAS subchannels
2042.02CSC32::VELEZTue Sep 07 1993VTX from CROSSTALK, Garbled Screen
2043.02MEOCWed Sep 08 19931.1 Client with 1.
2044.02CSC32::B_ALDERMANFri Sep 10 1993TCP/IP support for VTX/TR 1.1
2045.04ZGOVMon Sep 13 1993Cannot open Keypad file from non-privileged account
2046.01STKMTS::VTXOPRMon Sep 13 1993Preserve <FF> in printouts?
2047.01NR75Wed Sep 15 1993file is not of proper version ?
2049.02NR75Wed Sep 15 1993Couldn't find key binding section ?
2050.02NR75Wed Sep 15 1993Launchable page saving looping
2051.01RDGENG::POVEYWed Sep 15 1993FYI: Pathworks CTERM problem affects VTX VMS CC client
2052.01NR75Thu Sep 16 1993Format and use for .WIN launch files ?
2053.0NR75Thu Sep 16 1993VMS launchable pages use unique names with spaces
2054.01KETJE::HAENTJENSMon Sep 20 1993Does VTX/TR have an API?
2055.01TRUCKS::COLWELL_DMon Sep 20 1993DECstation using dlogin to VTX
2056.05RIXRAX::jptMon Sep 20 1993VTX/TR - integrating images and text ?
2057.03MYGURU::TCCTSS::peterMon Sep 20 1993Search Problems with VTX/TR
2058.06EPAVAX::EPAPC1::CARLOTTITue Sep 21 1993Windows client - overstrike mode?
2059.03MSDOA::FRYLANDWed Sep 22 1993Alternatives to using CDA Viewer for DDIF docs??
2060.03NR75Thu Sep 23 1993Launchable pages with asynch client ?
2061.0CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Sep 23 1993Terminal I/O error with assign to LAT device
2062.04AUSSIE::LISTERFri Sep 24 1993VTX client on AXP crashes
2063.02CSC32::M_ONEILFri Sep 24 1993Using both DECNET + INTERNET
2065.01SIBILO::BARBERISMon Sep 27 1993Help about a good VTX/TR system configuration
2066.06SIBILO::BARBERISMon Sep 27 1993Launch Keyword or CBR index search from a Menu Choice
2067.012SIOG::VTXOPERMon Sep 27 1993< Kit for V4.
2068.02LACVThu Sep 30 1993VTX resource needed for Puerto Rico
2069.04SOS6::RICHARDFOYMon Oct 04 1993I Need pak for VTXTR 1.1
2070.02SIBILO::BARBERISTue Oct 05 1993HELP : about Apms and Lauchable pages
2071.01LARVAE::JORDANTue Oct 05 1993VTX V5.1 and TeamLinks problem
2072.04CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Oct 05 1993PASTE.TMP default SAVE file
2073.01HSKPRF::TAURIAINENWed Oct 06 1993Wind down errors in concentrator
2074.08SWAM2::RHODEWALT_BRThu Oct 07 1993VTX Training Materials Sought
2075.03SIBILO::BARBERISThu Oct 07 1993Help - about select the range update of pages
2076.03STKHUV::HALLGRENFri Oct 08 1993PCs and ACU and Basepage
2077.010SWAM2::RHODEWALT_BRFri Oct 08 1993Windows kit not working
2078.04TINCUP::VERMATue Oct 12 1993help rqd for VTX/ELK routines
2079.05OSLWed Oct 13 1993New Windows client, Win32s?
2080.06VAXRIO::VALERIAWed Oct 13 1993communication error when accessing VTXTCPIP
2081.04DOTZ::AS_BRETTThu Oct 14 1993VMS v6.
2082.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANFri Oct 15 1993/screen=wide with VTX$QUEUE
2083.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANMon Oct 18 1993132 wide on PC via VT emulator
2084.0WAYOUT::TALBOTWed Oct 20 1993VTX needs KERMIT to use DOS CC with ASYNC
2085.02CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed Oct 20 1993when a page access is written to the .vtl file
2086.0GRANMA::SGOLDSTEINWed Oct 20 1993Format for VTXACF.VTL of Version 4.
2087.08MEOCFri Oct 22 1993Excessive time to create an index
2088.0CSC32::B_ALDERMANFri Oct 22 1993Print Wide screen to default LANDSCAPE printer
2089.01UTRTSC::SMEETSMon Oct 25 1993Invoke VTX from ALL-IN-1 with keyword
2090.01GIDDAY::WANMon Oct 25 1993Data forwarding setting for VTX X29 concentrator
2091.02ZPOVC::WENDYLAITue Oct 26 1993Statistics on VIA 134 needed
2092.03ZPOVC::WENDYLAITue Oct 26 1993Could not open CBR , insufficient priv
2093.02ZPOVC::WENDYLAITue Oct 26 1993Key Binding error
2094.0DRAC::BOSCHWed Oct 27 1993VAS Application V4.1 to V5.
2095.05ZPOVC::WENDYLAIWed Oct 27 1993How to view pcx in DOS
2096.08SUBURB::PEGGVThu Oct 28 1993Where now for Mac Clients?
2097.01YAKNOW::MCHIASSONFri Oct 29 1993VTX server bombing out on PC
2098.022HOT::BALLADELLISun Oct 31 1993Announcing VTX for Windows X5.2-6 Alpha test kit 2
2099.06UKBETA::AS_TOMKINSTue Nov 02 1993Scratchpad producing single column output
2100.04CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Nov 02 1993All-in-1 3.
2101.05SIBILO::BARBERISWed Nov 03 1993Congratulation for the new VTX/TR Ms Client
2102.02HGOVC::FREDSHEUWed Nov 03 1993Live datafeed to VTX
2103.02OSLACT::OLAVFThu Nov 04 1993MAIL, new Windows client etc
2104.03ROMMon Nov 08 1993MSWINDOWS docs in VTX.
2106.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANMon Nov 08 1993.ps of IP Guide missing pages
2107.02TPOVC::BARRYCHANGTue Nov 09 1993MS-Window Client via TCP/IP
2108.03JGO::LANSDAALTue Nov 09 1993number of queues in VTX.ini
2109.01SNOCWed Nov 10 1993VTX Workbench Problem, the customer is waiting!
2110.0MSAMWed Nov 10 1993videotext on Ultrix or OSF/1 platform ?
2111.06WHOSWed Nov 10 1993OS/2 Support?
2112.0MSDOA::FRYLANDWed Nov 10 1993no file passed on LAUNCH ??
2113.04SIBILO::BARBERISThu Nov 11 1993Benchmark on VTX/TR for Customer (12
2114.01VMSNET::WSAFri Nov 12 1993VTX startup position
2115.02ROMMon Nov 15 1993Workbench and launchable pages
2116.01SIBILO::BARBERISMon Nov 15 1993Start a local or a server application by Launchable pages, is it possible ?
2117.03FHOHUB::JAMBE::JAMBETue Nov 16 1993What next Mate?
2118.01YUPPY::DEWINTERWed Nov 17 1993$USAGE and maximum number display!
2119.03DEVLPR::WATSONWed Nov 17 1993ELK / Backup Problem
2120.07AKOCOA::MINEZZIFri Nov 19 1993DSL-W-SHUT, Network Shutdown error
2121.04SOADC1::STREMICKFri Nov 19 1993Command Line for PC Client
2122.05CVMS::DOTENFri Nov 19 1993ELK$LIB logical name not defined
2123.02COKPIT::BMCHATTIETue Nov 23 1993Would all users now proceed to Gate 2
2124.06UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Nov 23 1993RMS error creating page
2125.06SOADC1::STREMICKTue Nov 23 1993OLE?
2126.016OSLTue Nov 23 1993Need a VTX server with TCP/IP support?
2127.01CSC32::M_ONEILWed Nov 24 1993Dedicated terminal problem.
2128.011RAB::HAMNQVISTWed Nov 24 1993T5.2-6 kit soon to be called VTX Six-O
2129.06WAYOUT::TALBOTThu Nov 25 1993PC keypad problem
2130.04UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Nov 25 1993Is hacking possible
2131.07HTSC19::KENNETHTue Nov 30 1993Questions in setting page range
2132.02LUXTue Nov 30 1993TCP/IP client problem
2133.011FAILTE::KELSAE::TODDTue Nov 30 1993Printing without title in Version T5.
2134.0BACHUS::WOODWed Dec 01 1993Client unable to reconnect with tcp/ip
2135.032HOT::HAMNQVISTWed Dec 01 1993BookReader version of VTX doc
2136.02LARVAE::WGCWed Dec 01 1993Network Install?
2137.02SMAUG::BRAGAWThu Dec 02 1993How can I tell its a recent VTX?
2138.04SIBILO::BARBERISFri Dec 03 1993GHOFER & VTX/TR Gateway functionality
2139.09CSC32::B_ALDERMANFri Dec 03 1993Documentation for launchable pages
2140.0UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Dec 07 1993Workbench not strategic anymore ?
2141.01VNABRW::KOITZTue Dec 07 1993Guide to Modifying TCP ??
2142.03PRLVMS::PATATTue Dec 07 1993VTX-Gateway for Mosaic
2143.04UKBETA::AS_TOMKINSTue Dec 07 1993Problems with Phase V and VTX
2144.01ULYSSE::THIOLLET_VThu Dec 09 1993T5.2-6 intallation problem
2145.05KITYKT::GITASun Dec 12 1993VTX V6.
2146.0ROMTue Dec 14 1993VMS/SNA support?
2147.01RDGENG::PRATTTue Dec 14 1993Problems with T5.2-6 and WINsocket
2148.01ICS::MORNINGThu Dec 16 1993more than 1 version
2149.09FAILTE::MACKAY_NThu Dec 16 1993Rolling screens in VTX??
2150.0VIA::HAMNQVISTThu Dec 16 1993Announcing T6.
2151.062HOT::BALLADELLIThu Dec 16 1993Announcing VTX for Windows T2.
2152.01UTROP1::WOLFEREN_RFri Dec 17 1993DEC VTX questions for dutch customer
2153.09FAILTE::64538::mackay_nFri Dec 17 1993WORD documents and launchable pages??
2154.01SIBILO::BARBERISMon Dec 20 1993Tuning problem with more VTX server and CBR indexes on the same node
2155.0DOTZ::AS_BRETTMon Dec 20 1993License problem
2156.02CSC32::M_ONEILMon Dec 20 1993APMS + Page Tags
2157.03CSC32::M_ONEILTue Dec 21 1993Slow access on 5.1
2158.02ZARDOZ::howeTue Dec 21 1993Whither OSF/1 kit?
2159.02BIGUN::chmeee::MayneWed Dec 22 1993Windows NT AXP and TCP/IP
2160.07NEWOA::FIDO_TWed Dec 22 1993VAS servers in a cluster
2161.03GIDDAY::COOKThu Dec 23 1993WINRCV fails with VTX Clinet
2162.03FAILTE::KELSAE::TODDFri Dec 24 1993DDIF page saying nor viewable on PC
2163.04OSLMon Dec 27 1993Line-drawing problem on Windows?
2164.08CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Dec 28 1993Allow multiple page ranges on Insert/Visibility
2165.03CSC32::M_ONEILTue Jan 04 1994Adding a Query Page ?
2166.02WHOSTue Jan 04 1994ELK question: restoring form data after help page
2167.01BLOFLY::DESGOR::gordonTue Jan 04 1994Windows V2.
2168.03VNABRW::KOELBL_HWed Jan 05 1994Winword, Excel, Powerpoint and VTX
2169.01PEKING::MANLEYGWed Jan 05 1994Accessing remote servers using keywords
2170.03LISVAX::ANSELMOWed Jan 05 1994VTXACU - show/all return SYSTEM-F-IVTIME
2171.03CSC32::M_ONEILThu Jan 06 1994VAS and object numbers
2172.01MONIA::MONIAThu Jan 06 1994Is there an SSB version of DECwindows VTX yet?
2173.02CSC32::M_ONEILFri Jan 07 1994Problem with TCPIP communication
2174.01USCD::DOTENMon Jan 10 1994What are ELK$KB_STATUS calls for?
2175.03FRIDYS::MCCAINTue Jan 11 1994External API to VTX ?
2176.01MSDOA::FRYLANDTue Jan 11 1994Update on MAC Client???
2177.05YUPPY::CHIGLY::CHORLEYWed Jan 12 1994Mobile Version Of VTX MS-Client
2178.08HERON::LEMBEK::VogeleerFri Jan 14 1994What's next ?
2179.01VNABRW::KOITZMon Jan 17 1994Tool for Direct VTX Update From PC ??
2180.04EEMELI::KOKKOWed Jan 19 1994VAS access violates
2181.07ULYSSE::THIOLLET_VWed Jan 19 1994spawn application from VTX
2182.01VNABRW::KOITZWed Jan 19 1994Win Client with Winsockets ??
2183.013WASHDC::SARASINWed Jan 19 1994Decmigrate successfully translated VTX from the Ultrix kit
2184.014SAC::WGCThu Jan 20 1994VTX and OSI status?
2185.01NODEX::MCGREALFri Jan 21 1994What is XNIDNW.DLL ?
2186.02CSC32::B_ALDERMANFri Jan 21 1994OLE or DDE with MS-WINDOWS
2187.06STKAI2::SNIKPC::cederhagWed Jan 26 1994MS-Win client and Pathworks v5
2188.01NEWOA::FIDO_TWed Jan 26 1994How to provide page-level help
2189.07VAXRIO::VALERIAWed Jan 26 1994vtx doesn't start with time out.
2190.02CSC32::M_ONEILWed Jan 26 1994Queries with accents
2191.01CSC32::M_ONEILWed Jan 26 1994CBR Query Sort ?
2192.04FAILTE::KELSAE::TODDThu Jan 27 1994Launchable pages faile with type MSW extensions
2193.01LARVAE::WGCThu Jan 27 1994Windows IP tool needed!
2194.02BIGUN::JRSVM::BAKERThu Jan 27 1994Time to "open up" Windows client?
2195.01LARVAE::WGCFri Jan 28 1994FOCUS and keyboard usage
2196.01ULYSSE::THIOLLET_VFri Jan 28 1994special privilege to launch pages ?
2197.07FAILTE::64538::mackay_nMon Jan 31 1994CBR on Word Documents + DEMO facilities on network?
2198.03WHOSMon Jan 31 1994Team Route integration with VTX
2199.01TROOA::LFUNGMon Jan 31 1994Do we need UCX or DECnet or Both ?
2200.01MILPND::NAGLETue Feb 01 1994t5.2-6: Testing for entry from all-in-1 accounts
2201.02CSC32::M_ONEILTue Feb 01 1994Submit in APMS
2202.0172HOT::HAMNQVISTTue Feb 01 1994V6.
2203.01SAC::WGCWed Feb 02 1994WB library not open ?
2204.02WASHDC::SARASINWed Feb 02 1994VTX T6.
2205.01USCD::DOTENThu Feb 03 1994Ambiguous field coordinates documentation
2206.01FURFCE::BUSKYFri Feb 04 1994VTX Windows (V2.
2207.0CSC32::B_ALDERMANFri Feb 04 1994concentrator ACCVIO's with LU62 on IBM
2208.0USCD::DOTENSat Feb 05 1994VALUE attribute missing in ELK$LIB:VTXELKDEF.PAS
2209.01GIDDAY::BROOKSSun Feb 06 1994Clarification on User Based Licensing required
2210.06ROMTue Feb 08 1994.DOC .XLS and Viewer
2211.04USCD::DOTENTue Feb 08 1994QAR for VTX?
2213.03SAC::WGCWed Feb 09 1994Topics & Relevance Ranking ???
2214.02LISVAX::ANSELMOWed Feb 09 1994Concentrator return an ABORT message when trying to access a remote page
2215.01SOADC1::STREMICKThu Feb 10 1994Products that can not be integrated.
2216.03ROMMon Feb 14 1994How exclude menus from indexing?
2217.04FAILTE::SYSTEMMon Feb 14 1994Insufficient network resource
2218.01GINVAX::CYLON::ANASTASTue Feb 15 1994VTX/DOS Documentation
2219.02LARVAE::JORDANTue Feb 15 1994VTXALLIN1.INI?
2220.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Feb 15 1994suggestion on SEARCH dialog box
2221.0USCD::DOTENTue Feb 15 1994Explanation of DEALLOCATE paramter to ELK$FREE_BUFFER
2222.02LEMAN::MAX333::wengerWed Feb 16 1994Doc on VIA:: is still 5.1 ....
2223.04CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed Feb 16 1994purge [.vtx]vtx.pi% files??????
2224.05OTOOA::ROUFThu Feb 17 1994Demo infobase and presentation slides
2225.05VAXRIO::VALERIAFri Feb 18 1994IVP has failed !!!
2226.03SYMAN1::VTXDEVMon Feb 21 1994HELP - /userdata query
2227.01FURFCE::GAUVINMon Feb 21 1994ACU and/or BASE PAGE problem
2228.05IAGO::BISHOVTue Feb 22 1994Bugcheck dump on create/index for cbr with vtx6.
2229.03MARIO::MELEX::DEC_TNO_DSWed Feb 23 1994VTX & TeamLinks File Cabinet
2230.0438338::gauvinWed Feb 23 1994Problem Restoring Windows Kit...
2231.01HGOVC::DEREKLUIThu Feb 24 1994VTX and pull out document by VMSmail ?
2232.0CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Feb 24 1994Reverse video of VTX Command>
2233.04TROOA::ENGThu Feb 24 1994Launchable page in front?
2234.01ZPOVFri Feb 25 1994How to setup VTX queues & use VTX print ?
2235.05ANGLIN::SEITZFri Feb 25 1994TCP with DOS & MS Windows
2236.01CSC32::M_ONEILMon Feb 28 1994Launchable page access ?
2237.0254687::SCHOLLAERTTue Mar 01 19945.1 DOS client display questions
2238.01CSC32::M_ONEILTue Mar 01 1994Invalid choices
2239.02DRAC::MEMBRADOWed Mar 02 1994VTX 4.1 and VMS 6 compatibility?
2240.02USCTR1::CADORETWed Mar 02 1994DEC VTX/TR V1.
2241.03BAHTAT::HILTONWed Mar 02 1994Disable logo?
2242.02ROMThu Mar 03 1994VTX MSWin and fonts.
2243.01CSC32::M_ONEILThu Mar 03 1994MS-Windows client
2244.02LARVAE::JORDANFri Mar 04 1994Async Windows client is needed
2245.0STKHUV::HALLGRENFri Mar 04 1994CBR Problems
2246.0SIBILO::BARBERISMon Mar 07 1994About the dots in CBR query espression
2247.05KETJE::CAUDRONMon Mar 07 1994Security on Windows client
2248.03STUTue Mar 08 1994default language german?
2249.04ANGLIN::SEITZTue Mar 08 1994are launch pages stored in infobase?
2250.02STUWed Mar 09 1994VAS.COM after inst T6.
2251.01BLGWed Mar 09 1994TCP messages translation
2252.02VAXRIO::FREDFri Mar 11 1994Kits & Docs?
2253.02ATHINA::FENNYFri Mar 11 1994PC formats (Excel, Powerpoint, Word) in VTX
2254.01VAXRIO::VALERIAFri Mar 11 1994vtx 4.1 to vtx 6.
2255.03VAXRIO::VALERIAMon Mar 14 1994Can I translate the VTX messages??
2256.08NGNEER::BalladelliMon Mar 14 1994VTX for Windows X2.1-
2258.04CPDW::ADAMEKMon Mar 14 1994Need a help with VAS
2259.0FURFCE::ADOERFERTue Mar 15 1994Anyone want to help an internal user on Ultrix?
2260.03BAHTAT::HILTONWed Mar 16 1994Change Transport without running setup?
2261.05CECVThu Mar 17 1994Missing installation files???
2262.04CSC32::M_ONEILThu Mar 17 1994TCP/IP with 6.
2263.02CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Mar 17 1994ELK using concurrent sessions
2264.0BIS1::STESFri Mar 18 1994Looking for high level information
2265.01ZPOVC::CHINGYUETue Mar 22 1994Problem upgrading from v4.
2266.04WHOSTue Mar 22 1994Compressed images launchable using viewer?
2267.022HOT::HAMNQVISTTue Mar 22 1994A sign of life
2268.07BLGWed Mar 23 1994VTX and DECnet phase V
2269.01NJOPC4::smalleyWed Mar 23 1994Mouse buttons Locked
2270.03SIBILO::BARBERISThu Mar 24 1994Is MOSAIC a competitor of VTX/TR ?
2271.02LARVAE::JORDANThu Mar 24 1994Whats the PAK name??
2272.02HGODCS::SUSANCHANThu Mar 24 1994VTX on DEC OSF/1?
2273.01ZPOVC::WENDYLAIMon Mar 28 1994VTX accounting in V6
2274.02WAYOUT::TALBOTTue Mar 29 1994Workbench file layouts
2275.06CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Mar 29 1994Clear search text command
2276.06DEVMKO::BELKNAPTue Mar 29 1994TCP/IP server needed
2277.010AUSSIE::LISTERWed Mar 30 1994V6.
2278.03MSDOA::FRYLANDWed Mar 30 1994probs with Windows client menu pages???
2279.03SAC::WGCWed Mar 30 1994PC security and other questions
2280.0LARVAE::OCONNOR_JWed Mar 30 1994VTX Mailer problem
2281.015MSDOA::FRYLANDWed Mar 30 1994?? around Launchable pgs and Windows Client
2283.09LNDRFR::ADOERFERThu Mar 31 1994No matter where you go, there we are - on the internet
2284.01PKDEV1::KRISHNAThu Mar 31 1994VTX appl development environment
2285.02BLOHRD::HIPPThu Mar 31 1994PATHWORKS for VMS Required?
2286.03FURFCE::GAUVINFri Apr 01 1994ex
2287.07WARNUT::JOYSun Apr 03 1994VTX V5 & VTXTR
2288.01CSC32::M_ONEILMon Apr 04 1994Problem starting CBR
2289.017LNDRFR::ADOERFERWed Apr 06 1994on renew 94
2290.01UTRTSC::VLERKENWed Apr 06 1994Prestel gateway and VMS 6.
2291.01BAHTAT::HILTONFri Apr 08 1994How to autostart a VTX server?
2292.06CSC32::M_ONEILFri Apr 08 1994.ini file precedence
2293.06KITYKT::JOYCEFri Apr 08 1994Server can't access message file
2294.01CSC32::M_ONEILSat Apr 09 1994Why SYSNAM + DETACH ?
2295.0SYMAN1::VTXDEVTue Apr 12 1994Don't get hung up on this one
2296.05WHOSTue Apr 12 1994Launchable continuation pages supported?
2297.02VNABRW::KOELBL_HWed Apr 13 1994VTX 6.
2298.02ANGLIN::SEITZThu Apr 14 1994How to change keyboard?
2299.04WAYOUT::TALBOTTue Apr 19 1994Server log file and interpretation
2300.035VIA::BALLADELLIWed Apr 20 1994VTX for Windows T2.1-1 now available
2301.01OTOOA::ROUFThu Apr 21 1994CBR error in VTX V6.
2302.03WHOSFri Apr 22 1994Use .ini file to login to VTX?
2303.0SIBILO::BARBERISFri Apr 22 1994Listmenu problem on Entries menu title lengh more than 6
2304.07TROOA::ENGMon Apr 25 1994V5.1 infobase running under V6.
2305.06DEVMKO::SORRENTINOTue Apr 26 1994Server has Exited
2306.03HAACK::HAACKTue Apr 26 1994licensing? VT client only
2307.07ZPOVC::WENDYLAIWed Apr 27 1994Can we upgrade from V3.x to V6 ?
2308.03WAYOUT::TALBOTWed Apr 27 1994WBSRV not stopping
2309.0CSC32::VELEZWed Apr 27 1994Wollongong TCP/IP on SERVER Node
2310.0GIDDAY::BOJOVICThu Apr 28 1994ACCVIO PC=
2311.03CSCRIO::VALERIAThu Apr 28 1994VTX Windows with DECgraph screens.
2312.01GIDDAY::JOYCESun May 01 1994Upgrade path V4.
2313.05USCTR1::CADORETMon May 02 1994DEC VTX/TXT RET V1.
2314.04VAXRIO::MALICEMon May 02 1994Subscriber can not access VTX6.
2315.08VAXRIO::WILLECKETue May 03 1994Translating messages
2316.02WAYOUT::TALBOTWed May 04 1994Change list of Page conversion formats
2317.02CRAMTB::BOICEThu May 05 1994Forms Misbehaving on ULTRIX Client
2318.02WAYOUT::TALBOTFri May 06 1994WORKBENCH on v6.
2319.01HTSC19::DENISLIMon May 09 1994text color affect printout to HP LaserJet
2320.02HTSC19::DENISLIMon May 09 1994Fail to VTX
2321.03CECEHV::pcipTue May 10 1994Configuring V1.1 VMS for TCP/IP clients
2322.01USCD::WILLIAMSTue May 10 1994VTX V6.
2323.02PENUTS::SKASTBERGTue May 10 1994VTX#QUEUE Stops
2324.03NOTAPC::SEGERWed May 11 1994VTX and the PC keyboard
2325.0VAXRIO::MALICEWed May 11 1994VTX 6.
2326.03LISVAX::ANSELMOThu May 12 1994That is an inappropriate request
2327.0CSC32::VELEZMon May 16 1994Wildcard in Search Causes Delay FROM RESULTS Menu
2328.02CPDW::ADAMEKMon May 16 1994Dynamic menu template
2329.04IVOSS1::MOKHTARI_KAMon May 16 1994%DSL%-W-SHUT
2330.01OTOUWed May 18 1994License/Product name issue
2331.01BUSSTP::BMCHATTIEThu May 19 1994Helpdesk on VTX
2332.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANMon May 23 1994Wollongong on VMS server node
2333.02VAXRIO::VALERIAMon May 23 1994undefined symbol CDA$CONVERT during installation
2334.0VAXRIO::VALERIAMon May 23 1994VAS application 6.
2335.01VAXRIO::MONICAMon May 23 1994Command LOAD/CUR doesn't recognize logical name
2336.010SIBILO::BARBERISTue May 24 1994VTX for Windows and login page for accounting
2337.04SUBURB::PEGGVTue May 24 1994V5.1 documentation question
2338.02CECEHV::cech13.cec.uto.dec.com::SPAANJAARS_JTue May 24 1994network partner exited
2339.01HDLITE::WNNT29::WILLISTue May 24 1994Is there a VTX for Windows NT?
2340.02CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue May 24 1994Improve performance of updates
2341.07USCD::DOTENWed May 25 1994VTX for VMS V6.
2342.05PRGRMR::ROBINSONFri May 27 1994VTX AXP client
2343.02CTHQ::DELUCOFri May 27 1994Minutes, RENEW Technology Review
2344.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri May 27 1994Training??? VTX 6.
2345.05VAXRIO::ALCIDESMon May 30 1994VTX windows client and Teamlinks
2346.03MEOVS1::HARRIDGEThu Jun 02 1994Can't create CBR index
2347.02SHRMSG::GAUVINThu Jun 02 1994ELK$K_VAR_A1 problem?
2348.01SHRMSG::GAUVINMon Jun 06 1994Default field values lost
2349.0MEOVS1::HARRIDGEWed Jun 08 1994Wishlist item for MS-Windows Client
2350.04PKHUB3::VANKONYNENBUWed Jun 08 1994Upgrading from V5.1 to V6.
2351.01VAXRIO::63Thu Jun 09 1994VTX server for OpenVMS/AXP?
2352.0ATYISA::OLERON::JAFFREMon Jun 13 1994VTX on Windows an keyboard conf.
2353.016VIA::HAMNQVISTTue Jun 14 1994VTX for Macintosh
2354.01FAILTE::42Wed Jun 15 1994Questions on launchable page support
2355.01MXOCWed Jun 15 1994Doc kit is not available now
2356.010GIDDAY::GILLINGSThu Jun 16 1994VAPDEF.L32 => Bliss V4.6 fatal compiling VTPDEC.B32
2357.03BERIS3::BEOPC9::JJUDETZKIThu Jun 16 1994VTX for Windows with PC in a hidden area
2358.04GIDDAY::CANTLONMon Jun 20 1994MS Windows and double height/width chars
2359.05FAILTE::42Mon Jun 20 1994Numeric keywords and double-clicking for FIND
2360.06SIBILO::BARBERISMon Jun 20 1994URGENT HELP about : %VTX-E-V_LCROVRFLW, Listmenu too large at entry..
2361.03CFSCTC::PAGETue Jun 21 1994Random garbled error
2362.03RDGENG::LYNDONFri Jun 24 1994Windows VTX Transport Probem
2363.0LNDRFR::ADOERFERFri Jun 24 1994Launching from vms captive account
2364.01BACHUS::WILLEMTue Jul 05 1994Is VTX Still supported ? HELP
2365.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANMon Jul 11 1994Character font change to 1
2366.04LNDRFR::ADOERFERMon Jul 11 1994VTX seems ok w/winsock on intel NT
2367.02KERNEL::LOATTue Jul 12 1994Windows obscured by main window?
2368.05ADOVWed Jul 13 1994Max Sockets Limits message.
2369.06WAYOUT::TALBOTWed Jul 13 1994STACK DUMP when using Text Retrieval Search
2370.05WAYOUT::CROOKSWed Jul 13 1994VTX server goes into MUTEX state.
2371.05ADOVFri Jul 15 1994NCP Links and Memory Problems with Windows Vers'n
2372.03CECEHV::cech13.cec.uto.dec.com::CECFri Jul 15 1994VTX for OSF/1
2373.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANFri Jul 15 1994Additional functionality with the SAVE function
2374.07SUODS2::SCHWIEZERMon Jul 18 1994Launchable pages to print information?
2375.04VAXRIO::63Mon Jul 18 1994paintbrush files as a page of infobase
2376.01VAXRIO::WILLECKETue Jul 19 1994VTX in a cluster
2377.06CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Jul 19 1994printing format types
2378.0KITYKT::HARPINWed Jul 20 1994Videotex Services Group expanded services
2379.04ZPOVC::SINSPSThu Jul 21 1994few trivial questions
2380.02CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Jul 21 1994WPWINFIL error on WordPerfect launchable page
2381.04MSE1::COOLIDGETue Jul 26 1994Kit for OpenVMS AXP
2382.02LARVAE::JORDANThu Jul 28 1994VTX for Windows futures?
2383.02LARVAE::JORDANThu Jul 28 1994VTX into remote offices?
2384.0UBOHUB::KNIGHTFri Jul 29 1994Chameleon using Win Sockets TCP/IP ?
2385.04SIBILO::BARBERISWed Aug 03 1994HELP : %RMS-F-DUP, duplicate key detected (DUP not set)
2386.011VIA::HAMNQVISTWed Aug 03 1994T6.1-3/T2.1-3 kits and new disk location for kits
2388.01VEGAS::GURALNIKThu Aug 04 1994Help finding VTX for Windows
2389.03GIDDAY::SHCHIUWed Aug 10 1994CBRNOTOP cout not open CBR index
2390.02YUPPY::CHIGLY::CHORLEYWed Aug 10 1994VTX 2.1-3 Window pops in front of launched apps
2391.05SIBILO::BARBERISFri Aug 12 1994Questions about available CBR index restriction definitions
2392.01STKAI1::HALLGRENFri Aug 12 1994VTX on a SUN??
2393.0VAXRIO::VALERIATue Aug 16 1994PM functions with 327
2394.03GIDDAY::SHCHIUTue Aug 16 1994SEARCH problem with A1 keypad
2395.05GIDDAY::JOYCEWed Aug 17 1994Text Search from A1 Classic Client?
2396.05VAXRIO::VALERIAWed Aug 17 1994FAST launchable pages
2397.01GUOVWed Aug 17 1994time out when starting vtx WIN
2398.06GALVIA::EGREYTue Aug 23 1994!!!Attention all conference users!!!
2399.03SHRMSG::DEVITue Aug 23 1994Problem printing to HP LaserJet printers
2400.01BAHTAT::62641::ABEARWed Aug 24 1994VTX and Mosaic
2401.02SHRMSG::DEVIWed Aug 24 1994Performance question
2402.03GIDDAY::SHCHIUWed Aug 24 1994lat port not reset when idle and VTXCON crash prob
2403.01SIBILO::BARBERISThu Aug 25 1994HELP : BIG PROLEM about CBR & Group security
2404.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Aug 25 1994odd font display with launchable pages
2405.03SIBILO::BARBERISFri Aug 26 1994BUG ? CBR doesn't work if the number group is more the 255
2406.01COPCLU::LINERWed Aug 31 1994Ways to load info ?
2407.07GIDDAY::JOYCEThu Sep 01 1994VTX$QUEUE Header not found
2408.02SIBILO::BARBERISFri Sep 02 1994BUG ? Too many CBR log files for each CBR index.
2409.01UROVTX::POVEYFri Sep 02 1994Customer request to support printing of dynamic menus
2410.02BIGUN::BAKERTue Sep 06 1994Demo infobases kaput??
2411.02LARVAE::JORDANThu Sep 08 1994CPU limit reached??
2412.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Sep 08 1994VAP documentation/information
2413.0CODS::ESBECKThu Sep 08 1994Win32API
2414.03STOPC2::FOREVR::YOUNGMon Sep 12 1994%VTX-E-CBRS_UNKERR, unexpected error in CBR subsystem - 1
2415.01STOPC2::FOREVR::YOUNGMon Sep 12 1994Strange search results from UBS
2416.01MQOSWS::M_HUELMon Sep 12 1994Client installation hint.
2417.01STKAI1::SWE574::HALLGRENTue Sep 13 1994CBR scissors?
2418.01STKAI1::SWE574::HALLGRENTue Sep 13 1994Nice-to-have: /PASSWORD
2419.01LOOPBT::BARTHTue Sep 13 1994Ultrix vtx_motif won't accept typed commands
2420.05CPDW::ADAMEKTue Sep 13 1994Keywords in VTX 5.1
2421.02UROVTX::POVEYWed Sep 14 1994question qbout login page and PC/windows client
2422.03GALVIA::DUKEWed Sep 14 1994VTX$PUBLIC directory moved to HNGOVR::VTX$PUBLIC:
2423.01LNDRFR::ADOERFERWed Sep 14 1994Things on the move VIA:: obj 134
2424.04SIBILO::BARBERISThu Sep 15 1994Help APMS : creation page date different of system date during add pages
2425.02VAXRIO::WILLECKEThu Sep 15 1994Choices greater than 99
2426.01IAGO::BISHOVWed Sep 21 1994Any documentation on role of profile.ini and related files for CBR?
2427.03CSSE::KUMARWed Sep 21 1994Starting a VTX server at system startup
2428.03BACHUS::LAROCHEThu Sep 22 1994VTX on OpenVMS V6.1
2429.01ZPOVC::SINSPSFri Sep 23 1994VTX upgrade procedures from 3.1
2430.0MEOVS1::HARRIDGEMon Sep 26 1994Set keypad to numeric ?
2431.02SIBILO::BARBERISMon Sep 26 1994HELP : Is possible define a KEYBOARD button to save a page without display the menu save?
2432.01MXOCMon Sep 26 1994Access to SAP
2433.04SIBILO::BARBERISMon Sep 26 1994Problem about SAVE from a server called from another
2434.02VLNVAX::MGRACEFFAThu Sep 29 1994Upgraded VTX server to V6.
2435.0SIBILO::BARBERISFri Sep 30 1994HELP : about arrow keys cutomizing
2436.01SIBILO::BARBERISFri Sep 30 1994HELP : SAVEALL for italian language
2437.01RTOIC::SUPPORT_RHThu Oct 06 1994VTX Concentrator
2438.06GALVIA::DUKEFri Oct 07 1994VTX kit for AXP ?
2439.02DIBDIB::DBATESFri Oct 07 1994VTX and NT
2440.03BACHUS::LAROCHEFri Oct 07 1994internal CBR API error: 41
2441.01AUSSIE::WHORLOWMon Oct 10 1994Best way to treat low-end terminal?
2442.04VELI::KORKKOMon Oct 10 1994VTXpage (asset?)
2443.0STKAI1::SWE574::HALLGRENTue Oct 11 1994Launch WINDOWS programs?
2444.02TIMAMD::VICTORThu Oct 13 1994more documentation about RUS and ELK
2445.01DEVLPR::WATSONMon Oct 17 1994VTX Server Crashes With ACCVIO
2446.01DEVLPR::WATSONMon Oct 17 1994Inappropriate "Inappropriate Request" Message?
2447.02SHRMSG::GAUVINTue Oct 18 1994Touch Screen with VTX
2448.01BACHUS::COLLARTTue Oct 18 1994VTX internal CBR API error 538
2449.07VNABRW::KOELBL_HThu Oct 20 1994SAVEALL in VTX.INI
2450.05HGODCS::SUSANCHANMon Oct 24 1994VIA unreachable? Where is the doc?
2451.01HGOCS::TONYLIUTue Oct 25 1994Hang when invoke the 2nd time
2452.04GALVIA::EGREYWed Oct 26 1994VTX 6.
2453.03CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed Oct 26 1994OSI and VTX compatibility
2454.04SUBSYS::PICARDWed Oct 26 1994VTX software/doc access????
2455.01GALVIA::EGREYThu Oct 27 1994VTX on ALPHA - keyword / VT51
2456.01BACHUS::64633::VerbraekenFri Oct 28 1994CBR query, how to questions ?
2457.01CSCRIO::VALERIAFri Oct 28 1994eliminating CBR index
2458.01SHRMSG::KUMLINMon Oct 31 1994Problem with Launchables with upgrade to VMS 6.
2459.03HGOCS::MASCOTTANGTue Nov 01 1994FIND KIT LOCATION and problem in X2.1
2460.01BACHUS::LAROCHEThu Nov 03 1994VTX hangs on a help page that contains a non-existing help page.
2461.02BACHUS::LAROCHEThu Nov 03 1994VTX Windows Goalstring in vtxwin.ini
2462.02CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Nov 03 1994search actual launchable document
2463.0BACHUS::LAROCHEFri Nov 04 1994Continuation pages with help page
2464.04BACHUS::LAROCHEMon Nov 07 1994VTX T6.1 Kit
2465.02SUOBOS::SCHWIEZERTue Nov 08 1994VMS V6.1 upgrade and VTX V5.
2466.01METZThu Nov 10 1994migrat. VTX VMS-->OSF/1
2468.0LNDRFR::ADOERFERMon Nov 14 1994vtx$clent_cc and vaxcrtl
2469.02TROOA::PIGGOTTue Nov 15 1994VTX.PRA Required
2470.06HGOCS::MASCOTTANGThu Nov 17 1994exit
2471.0XANADU::BRAUN::BraunThu Nov 17 1994VTX V6.1 Sales Update
2472.019LNDRFR::ADOERFERFri Nov 18 1994ALPHA clients (openvms) test kit
2473.02KITYKT::JOYCEFri Nov 18 1994VTX and Sixel files
2474.02COLA1::COLPC3::stalzThu Nov 24 1994VTX for Windows Kit location?
2475.02BACHUS::LAROCHEFri Nov 25 1994ACCVIO of VTX process
2476.03LGP3Mon Nov 28 1994Where are the CBRS (sans VTX) kits moved from VIA::?
2477.02MXOCTue Nov 29 1994Keyword and CBR Problem
2478.011TFOSS1::sultry.tfo.dec.com::DALTONWed Nov 30 1994TCP/IP Server Needed (Again)
2480.05WEOVIL:: Dec 02 1994Windows TCP/IP Clients and VMS DECnet gateway
2481.01BACHUS::LAROCHEMon Dec 05 1994Maximum Socket reached - MS Windows client
2482.03LARVAE::JORDANTue Dec 06 1994VTX and Win-95
2483.017MSAMWed Dec 07 1994sample database to use for demo purposes ?
2484.018GALVIA::DUKEWed Dec 07 1994Patch kits available: VTX V6.
2485.01HGOCS::MASCOTTANGWed Dec 14 1994VTX X2.1-5 for MS WIN PROBLEM
2486.03WELCLU::MCCAFFREYJWed Dec 14 1994Standalone environment?
2487.02MEOCTue Dec 20 1994VTX version for ALL-IN-1 IOS V?.?
2488.0GALVIA::DUKEWed Dec 21 1994CBR demo on IMBUSY object 134 unavailable from 5pm GMT till tomorrow am GMT
2489.0HGOCS::MASCOTTANGFri Dec 23 1994VIEWDIB caused protection fault in VGA.DRV
2490.01LNDRFR::ADOERFERThu Dec 29 1994Release notes for the ALPHA kit (6.
2491.04WELCLU::MCCAFFREYJWed Jan 04 1995Customer comments...
2492.02MARSTue Jan 10 1995VTX with minitel and DECNET/OSI ?
2493.04SUOBOS::SCHWIEZERThu Jan 12 1995VAS problem with REQUESTs larger than 512 bytes
2494.01VNABRW::EHRLICH_KThu Jan 12 1995API for Text Retrieval available?
2495.03BACHUS::WILLEMSHFri Jan 13 1995%VAS-E-TOOMANY, Too many parameters in statement
2496.05GALVIA::EGREYTue Jan 17 1995Searching in multiple indexes and selecting indexes
2497.04SEDPCW::MCMICHAELTue Jan 17 1995VTX over TL Remote transport?
2498.04SIBILO::BARBERISWed Jan 18 1995%VTX-I-CHKSYSG, *** checking SYSGEN parameters for CBR subsystem ***
2499.015NQOPS::THIBODEAUThu Jan 19 1995VAS after OSI/VMS upgrade
2500.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Jan 19 1995Unable to Start Comm/trans=internet
2501.05SIBILO::BARBERISMon Jan 23 1995HELP : SALVATUTTI (Italian version of SAVEALL) in VTX.INI
2502.01LNDRFR::ADOERFERTue Jan 24 1995Backbone down Feb 5th (tell your users)
2503.04NEWPA1::griffithThu Jan 26 1995Problem %VTX-E-BRKNOLI etc.
2504.02AYOV2Fri Jan 27 1995Remote infobase problem
2505.01VNABRW::KOELBL_HMon Jan 30 1995modifying print menu
2506.06SHRMSG::DEVIMon Jan 30 1995VTX/Internet White paper
2507.04LACVMon Jan 30 1995Windows CLient and Wide Screen text
2508.01BLOFLY::COCAM::GORDONTue Jan 31 1995Single height/ double width in windows
2509.02HERON::NATURE::CLOKETue Jan 31 1995Looking for VT-based VTX/Mail
2510.02SHRMSG::DEVITue Jan 31 1995Announcing DEVI::VTX_ALPHA conference
2511.01RTL::CNTRT2::RYANTue Jan 31 1995Old RISC/ULTRIX DASL
2512.03PCIGAT::TilleyTue Jan 31 1995VTX with WinSocks and Process Software's TCPWare
2513.03PCIGAT::TilleyTue Jan 31 1995Who is in CHARGE??????
2514.04VNABRW::KOELBL_HWed Feb 01 1995VTX$QUEUE and special character formatting
2515.05STKAI1::SWE574::HALLGRENThu Feb 02 1995TCP/IP and open links
2516.0124313::VOGELThu Feb 02 1995Mac/VTX protocol support?
2517.04JOKUR::BOICEMon Feb 06 1995Far East to USA Mainland Response Times
2518.02AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LTue Feb 07 1995VTX licensing with ALL-IN-1 V3.1?
2519.07ZGOVWed Feb 08 1995no main page to display
2520.03BACHUS::COLLARTWed Feb 08 1995Problem with UCX 3.2 (port not created)
2521.02PCIGAT::TilleyThu Feb 09 1995VTX causing me to REBOOT my PC......bad bad bad
2522.02GVPROD::ZONING::PENET_TThu Feb 09 1995From VTX 4.1 to 6.
2523.06NEWVAX::MURRAYThu Feb 09 1995VTX <destination> dosen't
2524.03PROXY::OPPThu Feb 09 1995VTX servers for PKO1??
2525.05CHEFS::GEORGEMMon Feb 13 1995Need to create VTX doc.
2526.02KITYKT::JOYCEMon Feb 13 1995Does VTX need DECnet??
2527.07KITYKT::JOYCEMon Feb 13 1995Connect to server - show remote/all - problem
2528.01KITYKT::JOYCEMon Feb 13 1995Phantom VTX page info. in VTXUPD
2529.09SUMMET::WARRENTue Feb 14 1995Insufficent network resource (link or socket or memory) VTX V2.
2530.010BACHUS::64734::larocheWed Feb 15 1995CBR error 538
2531.05BACHUS::64734::larocheWed Feb 15 1995internal CBR API error: 41
2532.04HGOCS::MASCOTTANGThu Feb 16 1995VTX for MS windows X2.1-5 access failure
2533.01ZPOVC::CHINGYUEFri Feb 17 1995Move VTX files to new disk. Any precaution to take ?
2534.03BACHUS::BACHUS::LAROCHEMon Feb 20 1995VTX V5.1 on OPENVMS V6.1
2535.05VAXRIO::VALERIATue Feb 21 1995personal magazine and DEC VTX for Windows.
2536.0GALVIA::DUKEThu Feb 23 1995Non-writeable default directory gives strange error: Cannot open help file. Please verify your installation.
2537.05UKBETA::AS_TOMKINSThu Feb 23 1995WINELF
2538.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Feb 23 1995printing suggestions
2539.01UTRTSC::SMEETSFri Feb 24 1995Questions VTX_ALPHA
2541.0KITYKT::JOYCEFri Feb 24 1995TCP/IP users and RESTRICTED infobase
2542.0LNDRFR::ADOERFERMon Feb 27 1995VTX PROFILE moved Feb 27th, 1995
2543.02ZPOVC::YORKSIEWWed Mar 01 1995VTX V6.2 and OpenVMS 6.1?
2544.06CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed Mar 01 199548 hours to Update/Index 18
2545.0SIBILO::BARBERISTue Mar 07 1995About range of date in CBR search
2546.02BACHUS::BACHUS::LAROCHETue Mar 07 1995Adding CBR_Query pages
2547.02SIBILO::BARBERISThu Mar 09 1995Urgent HELP : APMS sort problem
2548.01HGODCS::EDMONDLEUNGWed Mar 15 1995VTX 2.
2549.01YUPPY::LISWed Mar 15 1995VTX with VMS V6.1 and DECnet/OSI
2550.02UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Mar 16 1995Workbench and VTX/UPD question
2551.01WARABI::ZORBASFri Mar 17 1995VTX and UCX devices
2552.08ZPOVC::WENDYLAIMon Mar 20 1995Selective dissemintation of Info ?
2553.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANMon Mar 20 1995VTX 6.
2554.05SHRMSG::GAUVINTue Mar 21 1995Update Indexes through Update Server?
2555.03SIBILO::BARBERISTue Mar 21 1995VTX T62 : %VTX-I-SRVCBUGFIL, VTX creating a bugcheck file
2556.03BACHUS::BACHUS::LAROCHEWed Mar 22 1995KIT T6.2 ; 'no privilege' on savesets vtx
2557.02SIBILO::BARBERISWed Mar 22 1995HELP : APMS Build menu function doesn't alline menu choices
2558.0SHRMSG::GAUVINThu Mar 23 1995CBr Query string maximum length?
2559.04SNOFS1::HOMULOSALLANFri Mar 24 1995Couldn't find message file: vtx_motif
2560.01VTXPCE::DUKEFri Mar 24 1995VTX V6.2 EFT available...
2561.03SIBILO::BARBERISMon Mar 27 1995VTX T6.2-4 and Cbr output bold words finded
2562.022GALVIA::ECULLENTue Mar 28 1995TLS T2.5 Windows Client available...
2563.01VAXRIO::63Tue Mar 28 1995Changing the EXIT key
2564.01WELKIN::ADOERFERMon Apr 03 1995FEEDBACK - TLS windows looks like it's not doing anything
2565.01WELKIN::ADOERFERMon Apr 03 1995FEEDBACK - TLS creating odd page type
2566.01WELKIN::ADOERFERMon Apr 03 1995Feedback - Mastersoft viewer doesn't even have a save?
2567.02WELKIN::ADOERFERMon Apr 03 1995feedback - large/small (no difference) icons off screeen
2568.0448212::BORDAGETue Apr 04 1995documentation tcpip on vax vms/ucx
2570.05KERNEL::CROOKSWed Apr 05 1995CBR and jumping to the next hit.
2571.04SAYER::ELMOREThu Apr 06 1995DEFINING VTX$SERVER Objects ??
2572.0CSC32::B_ALDERMANFri Apr 07 1995VTX 6.
2573.0CECAMO::JAGERMANTue Apr 11 1995Conversion from Prestel to X.29, how?
2574.0WELKIN::ADOERFERWed Apr 12 1995Spawn/batch -> %SYSTEM-F-FILNOTACC, file not accessed on channel
2575.04VAXSPO::RP_PANTAWed Apr 12 1995"VTXWIN -g <page>" bug
2576.04KITYKT::JOYCEThu Apr 13 1995CBR & strange search results??
2577.02VAXRIO::63Thu Apr 13 1995VTX for Windows docs?
2578.01BACHUS::BACHUS::LAROCHETue Apr 18 1995vtx$cbr_profiles issue ; ACL needed
2579.03MXOCWed Apr 19 1995Extract & Print
2580.03HGOCS::SIMONLAUWed Apr 19 1995Teamlink Library Services T2.5-
2581.05WARABI::ZORBASFri Apr 21 1995Missing icons for Windows client
2583.02VAXSPO::RP_PANTAMon Apr 24 1995T2.5-Initial Dialog-disabled ??
2584.0WELKIN::ADOERFERWed Apr 26 1995Digital VTX for OpenVMS Alpha V6.2
2585.0KITYKT::JOYCEFri Apr 28 1995Defining VAS channels in NCL
2586.0STAR::BISHOVTue May 02 1995Information on writing a VTX client available?
2587.02ICS::BARRYTue May 02 1995VTX server problem
2588.01SHRMSG::GAUVINTue May 02 1995ELK in C language?
2589.04STAR::BISHOVThu May 04 1995VTX vs. Gopher
2590.02VNABRW::KOELBL_HWed May 10 1995VTX and ALL-IN-1 - printing
2591.01HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGWed May 10 1995Where can I get Teamline library service
2592.06KERNEL::TALBOTThu May 11 1995VTX for Windows and TCP/IP blues
2593.05GALVIA::DUKEThu May 11 1995VTX V6.2 for OpenVMS VAX/Alpha; V1.
2594.02NETRIX::"trewitt@pa.dec.com"Tue May 16 1995VTX 6.2/Ultrix fails when displaying to OSF/1 3.2a
2595.014BACHUS::COLLARTTue May 16 1995WTSPX problem from Windows client (TCP/IP)
2596.0WELKIN::ADOERFERTue May 16 1995If you're running a site server, consider upping /MAXSESS
2597.0VAXRIO::VALERIAWed May 17 1995Launchable pages viewer
2598.0BIS6::GEESSELSFri May 19 1995VTX display Motif SunOS
2599.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANMon May 22 1995vas-w-chan_not_start on VAS application
2600.01WELSWS::ALLENKMon May 22 1995VTX.SCP with V6.2 on Alpha Incorrect
2601.02MINNY::ZUMBUEHLTue May 23 1995Statistical Data ?
2602.02LISVAX::SEPULVEDAThu May 25 1995VTX and Images (PCs)
2603.01ZPOVC::WENDYLAIFri May 26 1995Can't Launch application in TLS
2604.01ARNIES::RYDERPTue May 30 1995Calling RALLY from VTX
2605.09BACHUS::WILLEMWed May 31 1995HTML support ?
2606.02BACHUS::BACHUS::LAROCHETue Jun 06 1995Cannot find CFC.DLL - Attempting to connect to failover server
2607.06CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Jun 06 1995Insufficient Network Resource Error on Windows Client
2608.01HGOVC::BURANCELEUNGWed Jun 07 1995TLS - problem to activate application
2609.02CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Jun 08 1995WEB Server on ULTRIX BOX accessing a VAX infobase.
2610.0GALVIA::DUKETue Jun 13 1995Server process quota BYTLM: how it affects concurrent usage; how to change it
2612.02KERNEL::ANDERSONLWed Jun 14 1995No infobase section
2615.0SHRMSG::KUMLINThu Jun 15 1995LOC VTX 6.2 KIT/DOCS
2616.09SHRMSG::DEVIFri Jun 16 1995Page number length problem
2617.02AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LMon Jun 19 1995Can Wps-plus pages be used in VTX?
2618.05GVAVTX::VTX_MGRFri Jun 23 1995Many questions T1.1-5, 6.
2619.02GALVIA::EGREYFri Jun 23 1995VTX V6.2 on VMS V6.2
2620.03DRAC::DSMAILMon Jun 26 1995two NRI?
2621.0ORAN::SYSTEMFri Jun 30 1995VAP/Field lengths
2622.01VAXRIO::VALERIAFri Jun 30 1995Login page and goalstring
2623.020TIMAMD::VICTORMon Jul 03 1995vtx text retrieval for windows 2.
2624.03VNABRW::EHRLICH_KWed Jul 05 1995RC3 and RCM/TLS connection problems!
2625.02CECAMO::JAGERMANThu Jul 06 19954
2626.03WELKIN::ADOERFERTue Jul 11 1995FYI - quotes in VMS CC SEARCH command line
2627.05BACHUS::BACHUS::64734::larocheFri Jul 14 1995Customization guide of VTX
2628.02RTOIC::SUPPORT_RHTue Jul 18 1995TCP/IP Port/UCX
2629.03BRUMMY::MARTIN::BELLWed Jul 19 1995TLS for Microsoft Windows (VTX) kit
2630.02DRAC::DSMAILTue Jul 25 1995Double access?
2631.05CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Jul 25 1995PC terminal emulator different since 4.1 to 6.2
2632.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed Jul 26 1995a DEFAULT index.
2634.05MXOCTue Aug 01 1995C to SRV fails
2635.02GIDDAY::SHCHIUWed Aug 02 1995vtx for axp v6.2 kit not on jun 95 CD ?
2636.03GIDDAY::BURTThu Aug 03 1995Keyword file problems - VT & MS Windows
2637.09YOGI::ABEARFri Aug 11 1995WWW Access to VTX Infobase
2638.02GVAVTX::VTX_MGRFri Aug 11 1995%VTX-W-SRVNOTRESP, and so what???
2640.02WELKIN::ADOERFERFri Aug 11 1995Updated position, anyone (everyone)
2641.04USOPS::FEMINOTue Aug 15 1995Server command fails with VTX-W-SRVNOTRESP error messagmes
2642.0DRAC::DSMAILThu Aug 17 1995Problems accessing v25-
2643.03GVAVTX::VTX_MGRThu Aug 17 1995Help Closed User Group
2644.0349514::OFENSCHFri Aug 18 1995VAX-AXP mix / Licensing ?
2645.01GVAVTX::VTX_MGRFri Aug 18 1995!! HELP, HELP, HELP !!
2646.03BACHUS::LAROCHETue Aug 22 1995VTX indexation slow.
2647.01AEOENG::AUCLAIR_MTue Aug 22 1995Help on VTX V4.
2648.05BACHUS::LAROCHEThu Aug 24 1995AXP VMS 6.2 issues
2649.04AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LFri Aug 25 1995VTX upgrade questions?
2650.03DEBUG::GALLOTue Aug 29 1995Extracting Whole Infobase to separate ASCII files
2651.02BACHUS::WILLEMWed Aug 30 1995Concentrator/LAT not working
2652.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Sep 06 1995NOSRVCOM when starting up a server
2653.02SHRMSG::DEVIWed Sep 06 1995VTX Mac client on DECnet
2654.03HGOSPS::DENISLIFri Sep 08 1995Nothing shows up when starting TLS 2.5 on Win95
2655.05CSC32::B_ALDERMANFri Sep 08 1995/CLASSIC won't work because UISSHR.EXE not found.
2656.01DIEHRD::ODONNELLTue Sep 12 1995where's the ssb kit?
2657.02CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Sep 14 1995VTX and it's interaction with UCX.
2658.0264739::CAPPELLEMANSFri Sep 15 1995VTX/DECWIN using ressources without use activity
2659.03WOHOSS::HossfeldFri Sep 15 1995NT Version?
2660.03VAXRIO::VALERIAFri Sep 15 1995VTXCON in RWMBX
2661.03CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Sep 21 1995Another emulator problem with 6.2.
2662.017CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Sep 26 1995Winsock and ACU restrictions for PCs.
2663.02SHRMSG::KUMLINWed Sep 27 1995VTX PRINT - double-space problem on local port
2664.08SIBILO::BARBERISFri Sep 29 1995Help : How is possible change "help diagram" ?
2665.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed Oct 04 1995VTX on Windows NT.
2666.04CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Oct 05 1995TLS 2.5 Kit and Release Notes
2667.04CSC32::B_ALDERMANFri Oct 06 1995General Protection Fault when invoking TLS 2.5 VTX
2668.03OASS::ANDRES_BMon Oct 16 1995Word 6.
2669.02WADMTue Oct 17 1995Mail Address with Windows Client
2670.02SLICER::RODWed Oct 18 1995Need for separate keyword find?
2671.03CSC32::COMULADAThu Oct 19 1995TLS 2.5
2672.0128234::REFDEV1Thu Oct 19 1995Delay in Displaying VTX Page
2673.03BACHUS::COLLARTFri Oct 20 1995problem printing french characters (accented)
2674.03BACHUS::COLLARTFri Oct 20 1995How to change printout font size ?
2675.01ALOSLS::HEIGHTSat Oct 21 1995Moving from "CA ForWords" to VTX?
2676.012GALVIA::ECULLENMon Oct 23 1995Proposing a change to SVC$K_MENUBORDERS...
2677.03SLICER::RODMon Oct 23 1995Loop on Print-continuation in Windows 95
2678.05MARVEL::ANDERSONLTue Oct 24 1995VTX$SECUR locking problem
2679.04VAXRIO::VALERIATue Oct 24 1995VTX for Windows viewer and accented characters
2680.05MARVEL::ANDERSONLTue Oct 24 1995Concentrator performance with VTXPREP updates
2681.0GALVIA::AMANNIONWed Oct 25 1995Specifying an INTERNET port number.
2682.02BERNIS::MARTIN_RThu Oct 26 1995Where are they ?
2683.04WRKSYS::ROSENBLUMFri Oct 27 1995Problem finding MSOCKLIB.DLL on WindowsNT
2684.07KERNEL::ANDERSONLMon Oct 30 1995tcpip alias & invalid login information
2685.0SHRMSG::DEVIMon Oct 30 1995RHYME::VTX_GATEWAY conference
2686.011CSC32::COMULADAMon Oct 30 1995Insufficient Privileges??
2687.06CSC32::COMULADAWed Nov 01 1995Search not highlighting first occurence
2688.03USCTR1::CADORETWed Nov 01 1995V6.
2689.02CSC32::B_KNECHTFri Nov 10 1995Quota minimums needed - LOWQUOTA
2690.02CSC32::B_KNECHTFri Nov 10 1995ACU grant VTX$CBR_PROFILES ?
2691.04RTOIC::SUPPORT_RHWed Nov 15 1995TCP/IP access to VTX server
2692.03KITYKT::HARPINMon Nov 20 1995Windows install problem??
2693.04KERNEL::CROOKSTue Nov 21 1995VTX and TCPware
2695.05WELKIN::ADOERFERTue Nov 28 1995Auditing changes to an infobase?
2696.014RCOLCM::CUMBERLANDTue Nov 28 1995"/classic still with v6.2?"
2697.04CSC32::N_WINGWed Nov 29 1995UISSHR_TV.EXE
2698.03AYOV2Wed Nov 29 1995VTX is Puffed, I think ?
2699.01CSC32::N_WINGMon Dec 04 1995Workbench - WBGI Problem
2700.08GIDDAY::BURTWed Dec 06 1995error parsing 'dec5'
2701.02IBTue Dec 12 1995VXT utilities ??
2702.02RCOLCM::CUMBERLANDTue Dec 12 19955.1 release notes?
2703.05ORAN::BROWNEMon Dec 18 1995Processing...
2704.06chmeee::MayneFri Dec 29 1995NT: Can't install Windows T2.7-
2705.012KERNEL::ANDERSONLMon Jan 08 1996RUSL-E-COMERR, internal communication error
2706.0RCN42A::NUSBAUMThu Jan 11 1996TLS 2.5-
2707.04FLYWAY::WALKERNFri Jan 12 1996VTX Client for OSF?
2708.03MPGS::LAVINFri Jan 12 1996Is there an NT or UNix client for VTX
2709.01TENNIS::KAMMon Jan 15 1996Library Services - to double-click or not?
2710.07STKAI1::HALLGRENThu Jan 18 1996Launching is too slow?
2712.01SHRMSG::DEVIFri Jan 19 1996CBR not indexing past column 8
2713.09LATINA::NIEVESMon Jan 22 1996vtx for windows 95
2714.05CSSE::KUMARMon Jan 22 1996Looking for specs for a VTX client
2715.01CSC32::LANIER_RWed Jan 24 1996VTXCON V6.
2716.09CHUECA::NIEVESWed Jan 24 1996problems calling vtx
2717.01JULIET::LESLIE_DAFri Feb 02 1996Exiting Digital . . .
2718.0MLNORO::MALACRIDAMon Feb 05 1996Prestel based provider from networked PC?
2719.02USPS::FPRUSSWed Feb 07 1996VTXA 6.2 and OpenVMS 7.
2721.04CSC32::COMULADAThu Feb 08 1996Workbench output
2722.04AYOV2Fri Feb 09 1996Internet Headache ????
2723.010CSC32::N_WINGTue Feb 13 1996Another internet problem
2724.0423468::SYSTEMFri Feb 16 1996Where is latest VTX kit for VMS V5.5 ?
2725.03NEWVAX::GOMEZTue Feb 20 1996VTX/Appletalk?
2726.01DAVIDF::FOXWed Feb 21 1996Disappearing "VTX command" prompt text
2727.01WELKIN::ADOERFERMon Feb 26 1996Query page as base page, what visability range?
2728.03BACHUS::WILLEMTue Feb 27 1996Lat concentrator delay
2729.02PDBABY::bortoluzziMon Mar 04 1996Tools for page creation?
2730.0BARNA::DSMAILWed Mar 06 1996VTXPAD Status 1
2731.03BUMP::CCONLEYThu Mar 07 1996Need to access different Rdb Databases
2732.01KITYKT::JOYCEMon Mar 11 1996ACCVIO during CBR index update
2733.01BUMP::CCONLEYMon Mar 11 1996How do VTX requests get queued?
2734.02UTESTue Mar 12 1996Utility to delete pages according to certain criteria?
2735.0+7BLOFLY::COLDRICKFri Mar 15 1996TLS for Mac startup problems
2736.03TRNOIS::TESTASun Mar 17 1996CBR problems ..!
2737.04PDBABY::bortoluzziWed Mar 20 1996Alpha and VTX some problem
2738.02NETRIX::"$chuzel@bigbos.aty.dec.com"Tue Apr 02 1996defining default language for dedicated port terminal
2739.0ALFSS1::GIVENWed Apr 10 1996Proposal Boilerplate Via VTX
2740.03STKAI1::HALLGRENTue Apr 16 1996Web interface to VTX
2741.02VAXRIO::VALERIAWed Apr 17 1996VTX 6.
2742.01CSC32::N_WINGMon Apr 22 1996VTX in Mixed Cluster with ALL-IN-1
2743.01KITYKT::JOYCEMon Apr 22 1996TLS v. T2.7 upgrade - Problems..
2744.03SHRMSG::DEVITue Apr 23 1996Can someone help interpret a bugchk.dmp?
2745.01CSC32::COMULADAFri May 03 1996TLS 2.5 Install on Win95
2746.03CSC32::COMULADAMon May 13 1996Remote node unkown
2747.01ALBANY::PEPLOWSKITue May 14 1996VTX not able to connect
2748.0216.65.176.1Fri May 17 1996Can't access WINTL27 kit
2749.01EVTAI1::LAMAREWed May 22 1996A communication error has occured - 259
2750.09BACHUS::CAPPELLEMANSMon Jun 03 1996VTX 6.2 and VT51
2751.011GIDDAY::BURTTue Jun 04 1996Alternating between TCP/IP and DECnet
2752.01thebe.ilo.dec.com::rawlingsTue Jun 11 1996T2.8-
2753.02CSC32::COMULADATue Jun 25 1996Captive account gives message....
2754.0EEMELI::ATUOVINENThu Jun 27 1996DECnet links (SRV/VAS) stopping state?
2755.01ICS::BARRYFri Jun 28 1996VTX and OSI?
2756.01RANDLF::MRSDEVTue Jul 16 1996VTX Doc Set
2758.04ICS::CROUCHFri Aug 02 1996Phase V object needed
2759.03CSC32::B_KNECHTMon Aug 05 1996TLS 2.5 gets 'connection to server timed out'
2760.05LGP3Fri Aug 30 1996Motif client access violates after VMS V7.
2761.01LJSRV1::mse_chenis.mse.tay.dec.com::chenisWed Sep 04 1996T27 == EFT3 ??
2762.0+6BACHUS::COLLARTThu Sep 12 1996DSL-W-DUPOBJ when starting internet communication
2763.0123111::WILLIAMCHANFri Sep 13 1996Teamlink Library Services and "Package" problem.
2764.0WELKIN::ADOERFERFri Sep 20 1996we'd tell you of vtx problems...but
2765.03NHASAD::WILLIAMSMon Sep 23 1996VTX for windows kit
2766.02CSC32::B_KNECHTMon Sep 23 1996VTXCTL_TV to stop server, in ...Working... loop
2767.01DEVMKO::WATERMANTue Sep 24 1996remote node unknown
2768.02GIDDAY::LEHTue Sep 24 1996Intermittent ACCVIOs on VTX update server
2769.05AYOV2Wed Sep 25 1996Wot not update files ! ! !
2770.0MIRAG::DUKEFri Oct 18 1996Teamlinks Library Services V2.7 standalone kit
2771.05CSC32::B_KNECHTFri Oct 25 1996%vas-e-ctl_vas_fail
2772.04ZPOAC3::ALLIN1Thu Nov 07 1996VTX infobase access with different versions
2773.01STAR::ASWINMon Nov 11 1996Where is TOOLSHED on VTX?
2774.04ESOSRV::ADAMEKThu Nov 21 1996Cannot display base page (VTX v6.2)
2775.01ZPOAC3::ALLIN1Fri Nov 22 1996Support in AlphaServer 3
2776.03BACHUS::CAPPELLEMANSWed Nov 27 1996VTX6.2 and UCX 4.
2777.02CSC32::COMULADAMon Dec 23 1996Notes for installing TLS27 as client
2778.0 *+5UTRTSC::SMEETSMon Mar 17 1997VTX$WBSRV_WCF.VTX inconsistancy
2779.0 *+12BACHUS::COLLARTThu Mar 27 1997TLS 2.7 fonts screwed in SVGA
2780.0 *+226112::ODONNELLFri Mar 28 1997UDFSYM, CDA$CONVERT
2781.0 *+1VAXRIO::6323Thu Apr 03 1997VTX and Year 2
2782.0 *+2VAXRIO::63Tue Apr 08 1997VTXSRV on another node
2783.0 *SCASS1:: Apr 22 1997GPF when Installing VTX on W95
2784.0 *+2CSC32::COMULADAWed Apr 30 1997License use on VTX-TCP
2785.0 *+3CSC32::COMULADAFri May 02 1997vtxbugchk dmp help
2786.0 *+4STOSS1::DPROSETue Jun 03 1997How do I get the rest of the stuff!???!!
2787.0 *+3CSC32::COMULADATue Jun 03 1997How to de-install VTX
2788.0 *+1CSC32::COMULADATue Jun 03 1997Year 2