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Conference aiag::dectree

Title:DECtree Notefile
Notice:Kit location information can be found in Note 3
Created:Mon Nov 07 1988
Last Modified:Wed Jan 31 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:142
Total number of notes:754
Number with bodies:0
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1.02JD::brennanMon May 15 1989Welcome to DECtree!
2.042JD::brennanMon May 15 1989Reader Registry
3.041JD::brennanMon May 15 1989Kit information
4.03JD::brennanMon May 15 1989Problem with the kit?
5.030AIAG::MEDOFFWed Jul 19 1989Field Test T1.
6.01PHOBOS::WICKERTWed Jul 19 1989How to install? Prereq software?
7.03PHOBOS::WICKERTWed Jul 19 1989NETED widget
8.01ZENO::SHELHAMERMon Jul 24 1989Examples?
9.01--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 01 1989Proposal for basic constructs in DECTree ...
10.0AIAG::BRENNANWed Aug 09 1989DECtree Technical Project Review 31 August
11.010BUSHIE::PETTERSENMon Aug 14 1989DECtree programming hints and kinks
12.01SUBURB::MCDONALDAMon Aug 21 1989ACCVIO, after five minutes!
13.01SUBURB::MCDONALDAMon Aug 21 1989Are Digital's AI products integrated?
14.04ABOX::PECKThu Aug 24 1989DECwindows V2 FT - DECtree broken
15.021AKOV11::SMITHWed Sep 06 1989DECtree V1.
17.09FAGEND::PARIETue Sep 12 1989DECtree crash
19.01KAPEC::brennanWed Sep 27 1989DECtree demo script
20.05AKOV11::SMITHThu Nov 30 1989Problems reports V1.1
21.04KERNEL::JAMESTue Dec 05 1989Memory Program
22.01STRIPE::WANGThu Dec 07 1989DECTREE run on VT34
23.04CIM::KAIRYSThu Dec 14 1989Is there a DECW V2 version of DECtree?
24.02STRIKE::REGISTERTue Jan 09 1990A different tree-based tool
25.01CGFSV3::OAKLEYFri Jan 12 199011-Jan version problems
26.01STRIPE::WANGTue Jan 30 1990CAN'T access DW1_DECTREE
27.02STRIPE::WANGThu Feb 01 1990Version mismatch+2 questions
28.02CSC32::M_POTEETFri Feb 09 1990Accvio on SAVE...
29.035RICARD::PARIEFri Feb 16 1990Field Test U2.
30.01AIAG::WISNERTue Feb 20 1990Expressions in DECtree
31.01AIAG::WISNERTue Feb 20 1990Known Problems List
32.03STRIKE::LENGYELWed Feb 28 1990Bug with DEMO.TREE and newly created trees
33.016AIAG::MEDOFFFri Mar 02 1990What applications are you building with DECtree?
34.025AIAG::MEDOFFFri Mar 02 1990DECtree Wish List
35.0AIAG::MEDOFFFri Mar 02 1990Looking for a good software engineer!
36.01STRIPE::WANGTue Mar 06 19901) run through net failed 2)When Call-out?
37.02RTL::MULHERENWed Mar 07 1990suggestions from NetEd devo
38.0AIAG::SCHWARTZWed Mar 14 1990Modify flag not set? & Documentation needs updating
39.07STRIPE::WANGTue Apr 17 1990call subtrees from other files
40.019AIAG::WISNERWed Apr 18 1990Comments on DECtree V2.
41.02AIAG::WISNERFri Apr 20 1990DECtree V2.
42.04AIAG::WISNERMon Apr 23 1990DECtree.dat resource talk
43.0AIAG::WISNERThu May 10 1990gdsclass.dat resource talk (resources for applications built by DECtree)
44.01KERNEL::JAMESThu May 24 1990Callout Nodes.
45.01THERDC::MURPHYJOHNTue May 29 1990How do you stop "Decguides" banner?
46.07KAOFS::C_MUTCHThu May 31 1990Dectree Applications on a VT terminal? When?
47.05UKCSSE::PLATTThu Jun 21 1990DECtree .vs. DECision Expert?
48.04UTRTSC::LUBBERSMon Jul 02 1990How to get external symbols?
49.016AIAG::LATHAMTue Jul 03 1990DECtree V2.1 Comments
50.016AIAG::WISNERMon Jul 09 1990DECtree ULTRIX issues
51.01AIDA::TOGNAZZIMon Jul 16 1990support of motif ?
52.03AIAG::LATHAMFri Jul 27 1990DECtree V2.1-1 Comments
53.02PROXY::DEVOEWed Sep 05 1990VDE vs DECTREE? Comp/link from DCL prompt in debug?
54.01PROXY::DEVOEMon Sep 10 1990Char string variables... long trem support
55.02MASALA::AWEATHERHEADTue Oct 09 1990arguments on a callout node
56.010AIAG::LATHAMWed Oct 10 1990DECtree U2.2 Field Test
57.01AIAG::DESENBERGWed Oct 17 1990Suggestions on printing
58.01KERNEL::JAMESWed Nov 07 1990STRINGS....
59.03KERNEL::JAMESWed Nov 07 1990HEX Input.
60.01AIAG::LUTZTue Nov 13 1990JOB: Seeking another DECtree S/W Engineer
61.02AIAG::LATHAMFri Nov 16 1990DECtree V2.2 Comments
62.05KERNEL::JAMESWed Nov 28 1990Passing Variables to Code node.
63.05BEEZER::JAMESThu Nov 29 1990Prob with Cmd File/CC Terminal
64.01AUSSIE::BAKERWed Dec 12 1990Shareable images - Build Modules tacks on an .obj
65.01MRCSSE::BONOMOTue Dec 18 1990Callout Node problems
66.03AIAG::LATHAMThu Jan 03 1991Sharing your trees
67.03HOO78C::63526::RIDDERThu Jan 10 1991Symbols not changed?
68.01KERNEL::JAMESFri Jan 18 1991Transporting Output.
69.03HOO78C::63526::RIDDERMon Jan 21 1991HELP? HELP!
70.01HERON::SPALTTue Jan 22 1991Tree aborts DECtree V2.2
71.03KERNEL::JAMESFri Jan 25 1991Log File Creation
72.07KERNEL::JAMESMon Jan 28 1991Restarting Trees.
73.02KETJE::VANDEVYVERWed Jan 30 1991How about DECTREE marketing
74.03KERNEL::JAMESFri Feb 01 1991Complex Trees
75.04HERON::SPALTWed Feb 06 1991tree is printing wrong style
76.03COMICS::HOUGHThu Feb 14 1991Unable to load .tree file
77.01THERDC::CAMPBELLJTue Mar 05 1991process crash using callout nodes. help
79.01THERDC::CAMPBELLJSun Mar 10 1991ARC with HEX value less then greater then.
80.013AIAG::LUTZMon Mar 11 1991Announcing Field Test Release of DECtree U2.3
81.04RUTILE::SAEZTue Mar 26 1991 Error while linking : 2 undefined symbols
82.01HOO78C::63526::RIDDERThu Apr 04 1991Ctrl/W and refreshing screen
83.01RDGENG::FITTONThu Apr 25 1991DEFRAG breaks DECtree on building program
84.03SHAWB1::ACHESONMon May 13 1991DCL error - HELP!!
85.06SHAWB1::ACHESONWed May 15 1991Dectree on VT12
86.02TOPTEN::GREENWed May 15 1991cannot create message?
87.01RUTILE::SAEZThu May 23 1991Calling-in from a Pascal pgm ?
88.01KAOFS::K_MAINSat Jun 22 1991DECtree integration with databases (Rdb?)
89.06RIPPLE::BRENNAN_JEMon Jul 01 1991DECtree/Motif V2.3
90.06AIAG::LATHAMThu Jul 18 1991DECtree Wish List for FY92
91.04RIPPLE::BRENNAN_JEMon Aug 12 1991Max name length?
92.02RIPPLE::BRENNAN_JEMon Aug 12 1991Max number of nodes?
93.0RIPPLE::BRENNAN_JEWed Sep 11 1991Print Tree problem
94.02ASDS::DIOTALEVITue Oct 29 1991Problem installing DECtree
95.01EPOCH::ELDRIDGEWed Nov 13 1991I can make DECtree crash at will - please help.
96.01ESKIMO::ALANOMon Nov 25 1991access to dectree?
97.01RIPPLE::BRENNAN_JEMon Dec 09 1991%CC-F-READERR, error reading ...
98.05KIRKTN::AWEATHERHEADFri Feb 07 1992Postscript print error
99.01TLAVC::EDDYBULLTue Feb 11 1992DECTREE installation problems.
100.0TLAVC::EDDYBULLSat Feb 22 1992Local customization requirements
101.02GUIDUK::BRENNAN_JEThu Mar 12 1992Problems on DECstation 5
102.0GUIDUK::BRENNAN_JEMon Mar 23 1992X Server: BadImplementation Error
103.01GUIDUK::BRENNAN_JEMon Mar 23 1992Restrictions on text in Output Node?
104.02COSBY::TIBBERTThu May 21 1992Any supported way to get the Motif toplevel_widget id?
105.03CLADA::CHAMBERSWed Jun 03 1992Problem Running Application
106.02AZUR::TARANTOLAThu Jun 11 1992Xtx and BadAccess
107.01CLADA::CHAMBERSTue Jun 16 1992Problem Calling DECtree from MOTIF Based UI
108.05KETJE::VANDEVYVERMon Jul 06 1992DECtree for customers
109.0REOSV2::HUGHESAThu Jul 09 1992Looking for more examples ?
110.02KETJE::VANDEVYVERMon Jul 13 1992PC runtime possible
111.06AIAG::LATHAMMon Jul 13 1992Field Test of DECtree V3.
112.026COSBY::TIBBERTMon Aug 17 1992DECtree FT1 3.
113.08AIAG::LUTZFri Oct 02 1992DECtree V3.
114.02OSITEL::BRITTAINThu Oct 15 1992Where's the Quick Help pic ?
115.0GALVIA::PFEHINMon Dec 07 1992New Book on Usability Available on-line or hard copy
116.0RUTILE::LELEX::BOURGEOISTue Feb 09 1993DECtree V3.
117.08OSITEL::BRITTAINFri Feb 19 1993Build crash: "killed on an unaligned access"
118.03GENVA1::RIPOLLTue Feb 23 1993DECtree on Aplha platforms?
119.03KAOOA::MGREENFri Mar 05 1993Pblm in reverse display of queries
120.05OSITEL::BRITTAINFri Apr 16 1993Dynamic tree modification ??
121.0VMSNET::STEIDLE_SSun Apr 18 1993Wishlist item: Spell check a tree
122.01VMSNET::STEIDLE_SMon Apr 19 1993WishList: Compose Characters
123.03OSITEL::BRITTAINTue Apr 27 1993Quickie help on Callout please
124.01BIGUN::BAKERWed Apr 28 1993DECtree and eXcursion software
125.01BIGUN::BAKERWed Apr 28 1993More than 1 value for SQL input node?
127.01GENVA1::RIPOLLThu May 13 1993Use of international characters with DECtree
128.03OSITEL::BRITTAINWed May 19 1993Ultrix 4.3 DECtree 3.
129.01OSITEL::BRITTAINThu May 27 1993Iterating over vars in arrays
130.01RUTILE::BERNATTFri May 28 1993DCL output not reported
131.01BIGUN::BAKERTue Jun 01 1993Terminal interface using questionaires?
133.04KAOTTue Jul 20 1993LinkWork's support?
134.0AIAG::LATHAMMon Jul 26 1993The DECtree/DECguides/Picasso project has been CANCELLED
135.0LARVAE::RICHARDSON_JWed Oct 20 1993Help with software for MSDOS/Windows
136.01TAVSun Jan 02 1994In search of a tool
137.01PNTAGN::BRYANTFri Apr 22 1994Where's the KIT now.
138.04YIELD::SLAMBERTTue Aug 22 1995Problem using SQL input node
139.02YIELD::SLAMBERTThu Sep 07 1995Converting String Var to Numeric
140.01YIELD::SLAMBERTThu Sep 07 1995Commercially available equivalent to DECTREE
141.0YIELD::SLAMBERTWed Oct 18 1995Numeric expressions ignore ()
142.0LNKUGL::D_HOHMWed Jan 31 1996DECtree->HTML converter?