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Conference abbott::windows_office

Title:TeamLinks for Windows
Notice:The new TeamLinks conference is ABBOTT::TEAMLINKS_WINDOWS!
Created:Wed May 01 1991
Last Modified:Fri Oct 27 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:6609
Total number of notes:31043
Number with bodies:0
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1.08XANADU::BOEBINGERWed May 01 1991Introduction
2.0315JOHNPC::BOEBINGERSat May 04 1991Who are you?
3.016HUMOR::EPPESThu Oct 28 1993Related notes files/conferences
4.053JOCKEY::SHARKEYATue May 07 1991FT sites yet ?
5.01HSKPRF::TAURIAINENWed May 08 1991Character sets...
6.012GENIE::STUKERTue May 14 1991Overview ?
7.012GENIE::STUKERWed May 29 1991We need Infos
8.03ROMThu May 30 1991Any "proof-concept"?
9.012HERON::DEVRIESFri May 31 1991Plans for ACA from DDE/OLE?
10.02BLZBUB::bulkaTue Jun 04 1991clarification
11.08KALISE::BURGESSMon Jun 10 1991The Home Office - Protocols ?
13.021A1VAX::GRIFFINFri Jun 14 1991Let's talk
14.034SEDOAS::DAVIES_GTue Jun 18 1991More Questions
15.016MANIOK::BERLINGHOFMon Jul 01 1991Internationalization (I18N) ?
16.06HXOUMon Jul 08 1991PID Available ?
17.01FULMER::LAAHSMon Jul 08 1991How many servers and which platforms?
18.0MERIDN::JENNINGSTue Jul 09 1991When can I come up?
19.01PCA112::BoebingerThu Jul 11 1991System Overview document available
20.011MERIDN::JENNINGSFri Jul 12 1991Initial Questions re:Overview
21.06IOSG::VANDENBONSat Jul 13 1991(When) will you (or have you already) published the DDEs and DLLs?
22.04KETJE::VANHOOSTETue Jul 16 1991LOTUS ?
23.04GLDOA::RAOFri Jul 19 1991Windows_Office Win/Loss
24.01COPCLU::BIRGERTue Jul 23 1991Performance revisited
25.03OLYMP::RUEFFTue Jul 23 1991Positioning vs LotusNotes & NewWave(HP)?
27.09HUMOR::EPPESMon Jul 29 1991It's "Windows," not "MS-WIndows"
28.01GUCCI::RJENKINSWed Jul 31 1991Mail for MS-windows kit
29.04GLDOA::DISHNEAUThu Aug 01 1991Questions On Windows Office System and Novell and Toekn Ring
30.02COPCLU::BIRGERThu Aug 01 1991All-In-1 mail for DOS??
31.05MANFri Aug 02 1991DECnet error at startup
32.017SEDOAS::DAVIES_GWed Aug 07 1991Windows Office/PathworksPlus
33.03GLDOA::RAOThu Aug 08 1991ISV Support?
34.03SUOSW4::MOOGThu Aug 08 1991Customer's ideas
35.0IOSG::FREERFri Aug 09 1991Introducing the TBS Server Notes file
36.03OSLSun Aug 11 1991What about ULTRIX server?
37.02LEMAN::PITTETWed Aug 14 1991Messaging part = ALL-IN-1 Mail for Windows ?
38.0242855::thorntondFri Aug 16 1991BUG : unexpected application error on print current window?
39.0342855::thorntondFri Aug 16 1991suggestion - ease of use
40.0142855::thorntondFri Aug 16 1991Address/nodename confusion? (well I'm confused!)
41.016GUIDUK::TREMBLAYTue Aug 20 1991Product Differentation? -
42.02CCIIS1::64Mon Aug 26 1991Workgroup Document sharing : IOS & no-IOS
43.02TKTS::Expo-TeamWed Aug 28 1991Where does MS-Windows VTX fit
44.03SUOSW4::6361Fri Aug 30 1991Office wishes and ideas
45.02OSLACT::JENSHFri Aug 30 1991LinkWorks support for Windows Office?
46.04ARRODS::CARTERWed Sep 11 1991Documentation about Programming in Windows
47.031KETJE::VANHOOSTEFri Sep 13 1991About File Cabinets
48.01KETJE::VANHOOSTEMon Sep 16 1991Server <-> Client communication questions
49.07KETJE::VANHOOSTEMon Sep 16 1991CONvertors ...
50.02GUIDUK::HAIRMon Sep 16 1991AST, EMS and DNP problems
51.07ARRODS::CARTERTue Sep 17 1991Terminal Emulation, VMSmail, DDE
52.05VISUAL::BEIGELWed Sep 18 1991Confused about VMS Open Office Server!
53.01OSLSun Sep 22 1991What about the CDD/Repository or CDMS?
54.05KETJE::VANHOOSTETue Sep 24 1991Which server to what client ?
55.03KETJE::VANHOOSTETue Sep 24 1991Password question
56.01BERNWed Sep 25 1991ls
57.0OSLFri Sep 27 1991What about CBRS?
58.02FSOA::KOZUCHMon Sep 30 1991Third Party Support for 'Office/Windows'
59.03AI1DOS::HABEREDERTue Oct 01 19912 questions
60.0DMSSThu Oct 03 1991New conference on PATHWORKS-Plus available
61.03ABSISG::BIRDSALLThu Oct 03 1991Gladys
62.04SHALOT::ELLISThu Oct 03 1991"Threat to ALL-IN-1 IOS Sales" - Girish Naik
63.06GENIE::STUKERMon Oct 07 1991WP and DECwrite
64.010TIMCHZ::VANDEHEYMon Oct 07 1991Current Time & Task Product?
65.02SUBWAY::LOUIETue Oct 08 1991Network Support
66.09ROMWed Oct 09 1991Info on Time and Task Management
67.03DPDThu Oct 10 1991Product and Marketing managers
68.01SHIPS::BRENNAN_DFri Oct 11 1991Additional Servers?
69.0SHALOT::WEIRFri Oct 11 1991MS-Windows TTM Funding
70.0447211::MAREGAMon Oct 14 1991Teamlinks and Windows apps on OS/2
71.015SHALOT::LAMPSONTue Oct 15 1991Time & Task Manager UI Prototype
72.02OTOPFri Oct 18 1991EBD and Forms Packages
73.01OLYMP::RUEFFFri Oct 18 1991Integrating non_Microsoft apps for filing?
74.010ROMWed Oct 23 1991Teamlinks, TIM and WorkScape
75.02MRKTNG::AUSTINWed Oct 23 1991DRAFT document on other Personal Productivity Tools
76.010MRKTNG::AUSTINWed Oct 23 1991Positioning T4P & TL4P (PW+ & TL) versus competition
77.04MRKTNG::AUSTINTue Oct 29 1991PID - .PS works on LN
78.0COPCLU::COPME2::WALINWed Oct 30 1991OLE - what's our message?
79.08CCPC::mottersheadWed Oct 30 1991Announcing Team Information Manager BL3A
80.015ARRODS::CARTERWed Oct 30 1991Teamlinks and ALL-IN-1
81.04AIMTEC::ZANIEWSKI_DWed Oct 30 1991Some installation bugs on ALL-IN-1 v2.4 system
82.03GENIE::STUKERThu Oct 31 1991DOS and Pathwork Version
83.05EEMELI::JUPPI::POKKINENThu Oct 31 1991Positioning against HP New Wave
84.012GENIE::STUKERMon Nov 04 1991connection KIT to A1 2.4
85.09YUPPY::CARTERMon Nov 04 1991Using LAPTOPS with Teamlinks
86.04ONEDGE::TAUBENFELDMon Nov 04 1991Calling Teamlinks mail services from applications
88.07ARRODS::CARTERTue Nov 05 1991Mainframe connections - 327
89.04SIOG::DALYTue Nov 05 1991Visual Basic/SQL HELP needed !
90.03IPWDEV::MACOMBERTue Nov 05 1991EXCEL/TEAMLINKS help needed
91.010COPCLU::COPME2::WalinWed Nov 06 1991New names (again)
92.01IPWDEV::MACOMBERWed Nov 06 1991DocumentOpenSession
93.021LAVGOD::LOWThu Nov 07 1991Teamlinks under Windows 3.
94.03IW::WARINGThu Nov 07 1991October '91 Video
95.02IOSG::BILSBOROUGHFri Nov 08 1991DECQUERY access to Ingres?
96.074--UnknownUser--Fri Nov 08 1991TeamLinks kit announcements
97.016HUMOR::EPPESThu Jun 17 1993The Official Documentation Kit Topic
98.025HUMOR::EPPESFri Feb 25 1994Application Integration Kit (AIK) / macros kit announcements
99.010STKAI1::LJUNGBERGMon Nov 11 1991TeamLinks licensing
100.011HUMOR::EPPESTue Jul 13 1993Official SPD topic
101.043HUMOR::EPPESWed Mar 08 1995The Official "Kit Problems" Topic
102.04UTROP1::KOMEN_AMon Nov 11 1991IFT2 and Connection Package problems
103.01FRUST::SPALTTue Nov 12 1991BL2 or IFT2 ?
104.07SHALOT::LUNDBERGTue Nov 12 1991Uses of the File Cabinet DLL
105.01OTOOA::LYONSTue Nov 12 1991The official training/courseware information topic
106.010DRLSGT::JENNINGSTue Nov 12 1991VTX?
107.02AI1DOS::HABEREDERWed Nov 13 1991How to support all these products?
108.08SHALOT::GEERDESWed Nov 13 1991Notes Icon (cross posted)
109.05KETJE::DESCHUYTERWed Nov 13 1991New MAIL notification ?
110.01MANWed Nov 13 1991Conversion via Connection Package
112.0WELCLU::LIWed Nov 13 1991Installation guide for Developer Tools
113.07OSLACT::DORTHEThu Nov 14 1991Converting files from IOS FC to PC format
114.0OSLACT::DORTHEThu Nov 14 1991Sending documents from ALL-IN-1 OIS to the PC
115.03ARTLIB::GOETZEThu Nov 14 1991Digital-specific versions of Microsoft products?
116.0RCORDF::PAYNEFri Nov 15 1991ddif to rtf conversion
117.01RCORDF::PAYNEFri Nov 15 1991SSb kits available on net?
118.01ROMMon Nov 18 1991Help URGENT: new mail notification
121.02FPTVX1::ORASINMon Nov 18 1991Where can I find DECreport for Windows
122.0MRKTNG::BOEHMTue Nov 19 1991Keys for opening drawers etc.
123.04IW::WARINGTue Nov 19 1991Announcement Day!
124.0VIA::VLATASWed Nov 20 1991DECreport V1.
125.0MRKTNG::AUSTINThu Nov 21 1991MICROSOFT Relationship (Sales Update Copy)
126.049711::DESCHUYTERThu Nov 21 1991Connection Package problem
127.0ALFPTS::RCWK1::HARRISONThu Nov 21 1991questions about converters/viewers
128.02ALFPTS::RCWK1::HARRISONThu Nov 21 1991TeamLinks with other mail systems
129.010OTOPThu Nov 21 1991Location of DDEs and DLLs
130.03FRUST::SPALTFri Nov 22 1991migaration of mail from a1mail dos->win
131.05MRKTNG::AUSTINFri Nov 22 1991Selling Problem
132.0DRLSGT::JENNINGSFri Nov 22 1991Server Requirements
133.0CGOSFri Nov 22 1991TeamLinks Security Features
137.0LAVGOD::LOWSat Nov 23 1991Server installation Woes?
138.03ARRODS::CARTERMon Nov 25 1991Processing a document in parts using EBD
139.02HERON::VOGELEERMon Nov 25 1991TeamRoute - Cannot run the default application
140.01SEDOAS::DAVIES_GMon Nov 25 1991Does TeamRoute work with teamLinks yet!
141.0147211::SANTISIMon Nov 25 1991EBDRTL and EBD applications
143.0ROMMon Nov 25 1991Managing file extension, formats and actions
144.01HAMPS::SKEEN_CTue Nov 26 1991documentation required
146.07PDVWed Nov 27 1991help on asynchronous connections
149.02STKAI1::BRUNNERThu Nov 28 1991Auto reply - important!
150.01STKHLM::KLOKER::LINDGREN_HMon Dec 02 1991Reply/edit function
151.02FRUST::TREFFERMon Dec 02 1991IOS attributes required for TL ?
152.0SHALOT::LAMPSONMon Dec 02 1991FYI: GroupWare '92 announced
153.04FRUST::TREFFERMon Dec 02 1991WordPerfect-Integration in TL needed !
154.014SHALOT::GD::GozaloffMon Dec 02 1991RMS access from Windows
155.07EVENS::NUTKINSMMon Dec 02 1991Word for Windows V2.
156.05YOSMTE::SOORENKO_FEMon Dec 02 1991What parts of TeamLinks can be accessed remotely?
157.01JOCKEY::MARSHALLJTue Dec 03 1991Problems connecting to ALL-IN-1 V3.
158.09YUPPY::CARTERWed Dec 04 1991VTX/GPC - CTI
159.03JOCKEY::MARSHALLJWed Dec 04 1991Problem viewing IOS files
160.013OTOPWed Dec 04 1991Unix support
161.06SHALOT::LUNDBERGWed Dec 04 1991Package Puzzle
162.04AUNTB::JUDDWed Dec 04 1991GLAXO questions
163.03FRUST::SPALTThu Dec 05 1991RESDRV.DLL not found
164.01ROMThu Dec 05 1991DASL ???
165.07SCAACT::BARRThu Dec 05 1991Attach mail function in teamlink
166.0JOCKEY::SHARKEYAThu Dec 05 1991freeze on exit from windows
167.0TROOA::WEAVERFri Dec 06 1991Windows Network Login?
168.04BELFST::BURGESSFri Dec 06 1991WordPerfect-- MS-Windows (PC) - ALL-IN-1 (VT)
169.01MQOOA::GAVOUYEREFri Dec 06 1991TeamRoute documentation?
172.010VISUAL::DIAMONDMon Dec 09 1991Connection Package
173.024LAVGOD::LOWMon Dec 09 1991Server/Filing questions...
174.04FRUST::SPALTTue Dec 10 1991folders in folders ??
177.04GUCCI::RJENKINSWed Dec 11 1991ALL-IN-1 file cabinet Server ?
178.01SUOSW4::MOOGWed Dec 11 1991wr
179.07GUCCI::RJENKINSWed Dec 11 1991TIM vs. teamlinks
180.03PJWL::LAMBThu Dec 12 1991Macintosh MS-WORD to DDIF converter needed
181.01ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGThu Dec 12 1991How to ...
182.01OSPREY::LAAHSThu Dec 12 1991What do I get by installing the EBD server?
183.011SEDTU5::DAVIESThu Dec 12 1991RTF to DDIF Conversion
184.05NZOMIS::SWALESFri Dec 13 19912
185.0ALFPTS::ALFOIS::HARRISONFri Dec 13 1991Status of TeamLinks components
186.018DELSFri Dec 13 1991Competitive information
187.0EISKVP::VANPATTENFri Dec 13 1991error 42 when creating mail msg
188.0STOHUB::MAIL::SHAHNAMFri Dec 13 1991x.4
192.05SHALOT::GEERDESMon Dec 16 1991documentation for VB needed
193.03ALFPTS::RCWK1::HARRISONMon Dec 16 1991Joint sales calls with Microsoft
194.013OTOPTue Dec 17 1991Tested forms packages
195.0JEAVES::CHRISTue Dec 17 1991FIND menu/icon option - CBR or name-based
198.05HAMPS::ROBERTS_RWed Dec 18 1991ObjectWorks (?)
199.02NZOMIS::SWALESWed Dec 18 1991Engineering - Marketing Conflict
200.06KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLWed Dec 18 1991Customer Questions
202.01DELSThu Dec 19 19916
203.04BELFST::DEANThu Dec 19 1991Do we need converters
204.01CGOOA::DANCHOThu Dec 19 1991FT3 When & Where?
205.0CCPC::CarlillFri Dec 20 1991Team Information Manager Bl3b now Available
206.05CAADC::SOBELThu Dec 26 1991TeamLinks Ordering Questions
208.08OGOMTS::HENRYThu Jan 02 1992IFT3 INFOMAN startup error "Control array element '16' does not exist"
209.05OGOMTS::HENRYFri Jan 03 1992IFT3: INFOMAN ALL-IN-1 MAIL delete problems
210.012LAVGOD::LOWFri Jan 03 1992IFT3 Feedback/Comments/Bugs
211.0CSTEAM::TURBETTFri Jan 03 1992CDA Filters NOW?
212.01GUCCI::RJENKINSSun Jan 05 1992Browser questions
213.05ROVRUM::ROBINSONDMon Jan 06 1992File Cabinet and MS Word/Excel questions
214.03GUCCI::RJENKINSMon Jan 06 1992Teamlinks Questions
215.02MUDIS3::SCHAEFERTue Jan 07 1992Do I have the right idea ?
216.05SAC::JORDANTue Jan 07 1992Access to shared drawers?
217.010MRKTNG::TRIPPIERTue Jan 07 1992IFT3 Mail problems
218.020SOTT::NAULTTue Jan 07 1992IFT3 - EBD Issues
219.020TROOA::WEAVERTue Jan 07 1992official 'Presentation Materials' note
220.01MUDIS3::UKERSTINGWed Jan 08 1992Mobilizer Features
221.0FRUST::SPALTWed Jan 08 1992tons of minor bugs (IFT3) - great work !!
222.01RCORDF::FITTERThu Jan 09 1992EBDMAN Start Agent Problem
223.01OTOOA::GORMANThu Jan 09 1992Browser functionality
224.0MUDIS3::SCHAEFERFri Jan 10 1992IFT3 looks good + some questions
225.03ROMFri Jan 10 1992Can't work with IFT3 (another behaviour)
226.0TRCOA::ALWILLIAMSSat Jan 11 1992broken windows
227.03NZOMIS::LOOMANSun Jan 12 19922
228.09WARNUT::DORANMon Jan 13 1992TEAMLINKS + ALL-IN-1 IOS V2.4
229.07T31Mon Jan 13 1992Customization of Teamlinks components
230.013MUDIS3::SCHAEFERTue Jan 14 1992how to create/edit ?
231.02SHALOT::GEERDESTue Jan 14 1992Cannot find RESDVR.DLL
232.02SOTT::NAULTTue Jan 14 1992File Formats
233.0145Wed Jan 15 1992O.k with networked Windows ?
234.034273Wed Jan 15 1992Index filter /?
235.02T31Wed Jan 15 1992Feature matrix matched with Server Requirements needed
236.07SCNDRL::HUNTWed Jan 15 1992TeamLinks As A DDE SERVER ???
237.0GRANMA::PTHUMANThu Jan 16 1992"Works" input format?
238.03MUDIS3::SCHAEFERFri Jan 17 1992Hide the MAIL folders ?
240.0MSBCS::HARRINGTONFri Jan 17 1992File Cabinet on a floppy ?
241.0ROMFri Jan 17 1992List of experienced problems/solutions
242.05WARNUT::DORANMon Jan 20 1992Accessing any accounts...
243.05TROOA::WEAVERMon Jan 20 1992Document Management?
244.03BELFST::DEANMon Jan 20 1992What do we need
245.0DPDMAI::RITZCMon Jan 20 1992TeamRoute - Application Distribution?
246.01SUBWAY::LOUIETue Jan 21 1992New Product Prices/Packages - Plz Review
247.03KETJE::CAPPELLEMANSTue Jan 21 1992ALL-IN-1 V3.
248.01MRKTNG::TRIPPIERTue Jan 21 1992IFT3 Installation problem on 433
249.06GNOJP::PORELLTue Jan 21 1992VAXnotes client for MAC
250.08COPCLU::COPBRI::RIISWed Jan 22 1992VMS name not equal to ALL-IN-1 name , How ?
251.03TENNIS::KAMWed Jan 22 1992SSB Status of TeamLinks et al.?
252.01AI1DOS::HABEREDERThu Jan 23 1992Control array '16' missing ..
253.03THEWAV::BRADLEYThu Jan 23 1992I cannot get Teamlinks to run-Helllllp!!!!
254.02FRUST::SPALTFri Jan 24 1992ebd only without mailbus ?
255.0DRLSGT::JENNINGSFri Jan 24 1992I will wait
256.0WARNUT::2HFri Jan 24 1992CTI and TP4 transport questions
257.02WARIOR::GIANNETTI_DFri Jan 24 1992Prob. W Teamlinks IFT3 Cannot read but one file in cabinet per session
258.029CHOVAX::EHRLICHFri Jan 24 1992Do we have MS-Windows Calendar Package?
259.03TKOV51::MATTHEWSSat Jan 25 1992Using TeamLinks as IOS-->MAIL Migration Tool?
260.02OTOPSat Jan 25 1992Conversion confusion...
261.0MUDIS3::SCHAEFERMon Jan 27 1992Naming/Packing confusion...
262.011MRKTNG::FLOWMon Jan 27 1992STACKER and TEAMLINKS, Findings
263.05JOHNPC::BOEBINGERMon Jan 27 1992EFT1 kits are available.
264.04PRIAM::OESTREICHERMon Jan 27 1992Shared Drawers
265.02MUDIS3::SCHAEFERTue Jan 28 1992Clarify please
266.08KETJE::VANHOOSTETue Jan 28 1992OUTGOING conversion ?
267.01MS31Tue Jan 28 1992Using Browser converters with DECwrite?
268.01OSLACT::JOSTEINTue Jan 28 1992Server kit where?
269.020BEBBI::SCHWYNTue Jan 28 1992Problem with EFT1 install
270.04MUDIS3::SCHAEFERTue Jan 28 1992TextViewer gone ?
271.04STKAI1::LJUNGBERGTue Jan 28 1992EFT1 File Cab problems
272.02THEWAV::BRADLEYTue Jan 28 1992Does Teamlinks run under VMS 5.5
273.01OSLACT::JOSTEINWed Jan 29 1992PATHWORKS Links Converters - how?
274.05MAIL::SHAHNAMWed Jan 29 1992teamlinks connection programs and SM form problems
275.02MUTTON::LAMBWed Jan 29 1992Mail Sensitivity Labeling
276.010MUTTON::LAMBWed Jan 29 1992WPS files in shared file cab
281.02IDEFIX::GEOFFFri Jan 31 1992BOOKREADER Client for MS/Windows ?
282.07MSAMSun Feb 02 1992A1MGRLANs removes PATHWORKS requirement ?
283.03EDWIN::TAGTue Feb 04 1992First Time Install for EFT1 software, Help!
284.022OTOPWed Feb 05 1992ALL-IN-1 IOS File Cabinet connection problem
286.078PRIAM::OESTREICHERWed Feb 05 1992Word and Excel Macros
287.09ZPOVC::JIMMYTANThu Feb 06 1992IDEAS needed for Project!!
288.011STKAI1::LJUNGBERGThu Feb 06 1992Going on a packaging jungle safari...
289.03ALFPTS::RCWK1::HARRISONThu Feb 06 1992Integrator's Workbench Stand-alone?
290.03FULMER::LAAHSFri Feb 07 1992TEAMROUTE and EFT1 sanity check
293.017WOTVAX::MORRISONMon Feb 10 1992Wordperfect Integration
294.0PRSST4::BELACHIKMon Feb 10 1992CDA convertors for WinWORD and Excel , when?????
295.04PRSST4::BELACHIKMon Feb 10 1992Windows 3.1 and Teamlinks products
296.04CST22::TURBETTMon Feb 10 1992Use by the field, for the field.
297.012GNOJP::PORELLMon Feb 10 1992Novell and TeamLinks
298.07GNOJP::PORELLMon Feb 10 1992TeamLinks Status on OS/2
299.02XNOGOV::WESTERNTue Feb 11 1992TeamRoute Attachment Problem
300.02ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGTue Feb 11 1992Customizing TeamRoute demofiles
301.03EPS::CAETANOWed Feb 12 1992What to modify to allow TeamLinks to work on a B&W monitor??
302.01SHALOT::JANCULAWed Feb 12 1992Recommended PC configuration for TL?
303.07ZPOAC3::SYSTEMThu Feb 13 1992Some comments on EFT1
304.02TRCOA::MACWILLIAMSThu Feb 13 1992EBDV1.
305.02FULMER::LAAHSThu Feb 13 1992DECdirect information causing confusion
306.0353131::VogeleerThu Feb 13 1992Accessing ALL-IN-1 IOS FC problems
307.02TRCOA::DMUIRThu Feb 13 1992invoking applications/EXITS?
308.0SHALOT::JANCULAThu Feb 13 1992TeamLinks colors customizable?
309.013UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTFri Feb 14 1992Language dependant IOS Drawer Names ?
310.013LEMAN::WENGERFri Feb 14 1992Teamlinks vs. Lotus Notes
311.05LEMAN::CLAVELFri Feb 14 1992Transparent conversions DX/WinWord/MacWord/Word for DOS ?
312.04WR2FOR::FIELDS_JEFri Feb 14 1992Asynch/generic questions
314.011GVAMon Feb 17 1992TeamLinks Mail with Conferencing
315.0HSKPRF::TAURIAINENTue Feb 18 1992EBD .h files?
316.0445232::MCMICHAELTue Feb 18 1992Teamlink, Teamroute and Diamond?
317.08VNABRW::KOCHTue Feb 18 1992Mailing to Lotus Notes ?
318.016SHALOT::GEERDESTue Feb 18 1992QAR?
319.07GNOJP::PORELLTue Feb 18 1992General file cabinet error
320.02EISKVP::VANPATTENWed Feb 19 1992VTX MSWIN CLient: install problem
321.02EISKVP::VANPATTENWed Feb 19 1992error reading messages
322.04GNOJP::PORELLWed Feb 19 1992Missing VTXDEC.FON, but its really there
323.02EISKVP::VANPATTENWed Feb 19 1992Browser/VTX problem
324.0SUBWAY::BUONOMOWed Feb 19 1992EFT and PC433 problems
325.02SUBURB::DUCEPThu Feb 20 1992WORD for WINDOWS V2.
326.04PROSE::HABERThu Feb 20 1992Technical Marketing Guide - Request for Input
327.03ARRODS::CARTERFri Feb 21 1992Urgent: Are the convertors ours??
328.0EISKVP::VANPATTENFri Feb 21 1992Reading TeamLinks: System Hangs
329.012A1VAX::GRIFFINFri Feb 21 1992Schedule Extension for TeamLinks
330.0ROMFri Feb 21 1992Find features and cutomization
331.05MSAMMon Feb 24 1992Client-to-Client Services
332.09OSPREY::LAAHSMon Feb 24 1992Wish List
333.02DRAC::BOSCHMon Feb 24 1992epc$shr.exe not found ...
334.0STKHLM::KULING::AhgrenMon Feb 24 1992TL 433 W problem?
335.02MSAMTue Feb 25 1992MS-Mail on PATHWORKS?
336.02GOTA1::SBERGQUISTWed Feb 26 1992Teamlinks access to ALL-IN-1 IOS 2.3 ?
337.01MAIL::SHAHNAMThu Feb 27 1992teamlinks / PW 4.1 / Token Ring problem
338.0MRKTNG::LIGHTMon Mar 02 1992Local File Cabinet Problem
339.09WOTVAX::DORANAMon Mar 02 1992Next (after EFT1) version?
340.016STKAI1::LJUNGBERGTue Mar 03 1992Vivace & TeamLinks?
341.01IRONIC::PIECIULTue Mar 03 1992Server Installation Woes
342.03SUBURB::VEALESWed Mar 04 1992Messed up IOS filecab index
343.01YUPPY::63657::GORARDMWed Mar 04 1992Insert/Retreive aswell as just "save"
344.02YUPPY::63657::GORARDMWed Mar 04 1992Filecabinet pointers consistency ??
345.01CSOA1::CSOPC2::mckennaThu Mar 05 1992General File Cabinet Error
346.0DR::BLINNThu Mar 05 1992Update on Product Ship Dates (from Terry Riddle)
347.06ZPOVC::PECKKONGSun Mar 08 1992Voice Integration
348.02BIS6::VANNESTEMon Mar 09 1992copy macro's
349.0GUIDUK::FLYFIS::hairMon Mar 09 1992Teamlinks server out of memory
350.0DRLSGT::JENNINGSTue Mar 10 1992Wait for EFT2? or go with WIN 3.1?
351.05ROVRUM::ROBINSONDWed Mar 11 1992Status of Lotus integration?
352.0MS31Wed Mar 11 1992EFT1 Kit no longer on XANADU??
353.0DRAC::BOSCHWed Mar 11 1992FC does not support attribute
354.05WPOPTH::BEESONWed Mar 11 1992Install on shared network drive?
355.05NZOMIS::LOOMANWed Mar 11 1992CDA Converters??
356.03NZOMIS::LOOMANThu Mar 12 1992Excel SQL calls from TeamLinks
358.01TRHPC1::JOARThu Mar 12 1992ERROR 414, when attaching a WORD-doc.
359.03DRLSGT::JENNINGSThu Mar 12 1992Demo Capability from OIS Marketing
360.02KYOA::BOYLEThu Mar 12 1992Visual Basic and Communications?
363.0GALVIA::CBECKETTMon Mar 16 1992IFT 1 announcement: CDA Converter Library, T2.
364.05SHALOT::LANPHEARMon Mar 16 1992Change control, or customization management?
365.02ROMTue Mar 17 1992FORMAT ISSUES: White Paper needed!!!
366.0PCA112::BOEBINGERWed Mar 18 1992IMPORTANT - Do NOT install from XANADU kit area
367.0A1VAX::GRIFFINWed Mar 18 1992DECworld Doings ...
368.0RUMOR::STANPC::fosterWed Mar 18 1992Asynch connection woes
369.011VOITTO::COPBRI::RIISWed Mar 18 1992Error 432 when creating MAIN drawer
370.09OSLThu Mar 19 1992
371.01SNFLWR::JUDEMThu Mar 19 1992VTX 'Save' function
372.05CEDSWS::BRIERLEYThu Mar 19 1992TCP/IP supported by TeamLinks?
373.03STKAI1::LJUNGBERGThu Mar 19 1992Mail server in use?
374.06WPOCS1::EMMANUELFri Mar 20 1992BL6 install prob CMDIALOG.VBX
375.05EEMELI::KOIRA::TSTFri Mar 20 1992DDE problems with the ALL-IN-1 MAIL
376.01TRHPC1::JOARFri Mar 20 1992BL6 error: Control array element '16' does not exist
377.0TROOA::BURGOSFri Mar 20 1992NCR's Cooperation Product
378.02CCPC::CarlillFri Mar 20 1992TIM Baselevel 4 now available
379.01CSOA1::CSOPC2::mckennaFri Mar 20 1992Disk 1 to large for floppy
380.02UPROAR::WATSONRMon Mar 23 1992'Network connect failed'... then 'Memory Allocation Failure'
381.02SOTT::NAULTMon Mar 23 1992VB Add-Ons / Custom Controls
382.022UPROAR::WATSONRMon Mar 23 1992"Error getting SpecialFolderIDs".
383.032SOTT::NAULTMon Mar 23 1992Associations
384.02SOTT::NAULTMon Mar 23 1992TeamLinks Setup Comments
385.05MARSMon Mar 23 1992Problem during BL6 INSTALLATION
386.07UPROAR::WATSONRMon Mar 23 1992Server wont let go of DOCDB.DAT
387.013UPROAR::WATSONRMon Mar 23 1992Invalid authentication information received by the File Cabinet Server
388.08TODDLR::SYSTEMMon Mar 23 1992GRID.VBX???
389.06WPOPTH::TOLLIDAYTue Mar 24 1992Info on CTI/ASYNC required.
390.06KETJE::DE_BOEVERTue Mar 24 1992Size of a1mailpb.dat
391.03VOGON::AWILLIAMSVTue Mar 24 1992A1 File Cabinet Server not available OA$DATA_SHARE:SYMAN1$SERVER73_TRACE.DAT
392.03YUPPY::63657::GorardTue Mar 24 1992Saved changes to Winword documents
393.03BINARY::OSTTue Mar 24 1992IS DNS REQUIRED?????
394.017IOSG::TALLETTWed Mar 25 1992How do you prepare mail offline?
395.02LARVAE::JORDANWed Mar 25 1992More thoughts on TeamLinks and BL6
396.01SUBWAY::LOUIEWed Mar 25 1992Netwark Global Messaging Server
397.06OTOPWed Mar 25 1992Addressing templates?
398.03CHEFS::ZOEZOE::ScarrWed Mar 25 1992Problem - BL6 and Distribution Lists
399.0CHEFS::ZOEZOE::ScarrWed Mar 25 1992Problem - BL6 - RMS error encountered by A1 FCS
400.020LARVAE::COHEN_DWed Mar 25 1992New Mail Notification
401.010ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGWed Mar 25 1992Customize DDS directory?
402.04JOCKEY::SHARKEYAWed Mar 25 1992Are we allowed to do this ?
403.04IOSG::DUTTWed Mar 25 1992Drag 'n drop
404.04MSBCS::HARRINGTONWed Mar 25 1992Can only see local cabinets when I connected to the server
405.02A1VAX::GRIFFINThu Mar 26 1992Least common denominator ...
406.01KETJE::DE_BOEVERThu Mar 26 1992Local file cabinet ?
407.01SAHQ::LICHTENThu Mar 26 1992Different ALL-IN-1 username
408.04OTOOA::PRIEURThu Mar 26 1992Latest on Scheduler???
409.03RUMOR::FOSTERThu Mar 26 1992Getting the full sender information
410.014TROPPO::HUNTThu Mar 26 1992Novell support?
411.05KETJE::MONTEFri Mar 27 1992ULTRIX - TEAMlinks
412.01OSLFri Mar 27 1992Lotus Notes a good product!!
413.05SHALOT::GEERDESFri Mar 27 1992Team route, SAVE AS template
414.04MSBCS::HARRINGTONFri Mar 27 1992Can't get the CTI/ASYNC connection to work.
415.0DR::BLINNSat Mar 28 1992Technical seminar on Microsoft's Windows NT
416.03LARVAE::COHEN_DMon Mar 30 1992Can't read TMR package
417.05WOTVAX::DORANAMon Mar 30 1992ICL TEAM OFFICE . . .
418.014SHALOT::JANCULAMon Mar 30 1992How does PW-Links browser help TeamLinks?
419.03SHALOT::JANCULAMon Mar 30 1992TeamLinks can't handle Windows via Network?
420.05ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGTue Mar 31 1992Mail Delegation?
421.02RCORDF::PAYNETue Mar 31 1992No TeamRoute Icon
422.01SHALOT::JANCULAWed Apr 01 1992X.4
423.06UPROAR::WATSONRWed Apr 01 1992TAB key doesn't work in "Create Message" ?
424.02UPROAR::WATSONRWed Apr 01 1992Buttons get all confused on window maximise
425.06UPROAR::WATSONRWed Apr 01 1992IOS return status not OafcNormal
427.01UPROAR::WATSONRWed Apr 01 1992"No Priviledge" to delete a 2
428.0A1VAX::GRIFFINWed Apr 01 1992User Survey - rsvp.
429.04KETJE::BHP54::meertThu Apr 02 1992DDS and Distribution list
430.03KETJE::DESCHUYTERThu Apr 02 1992Please, set expectations right !!
431.02SANTEE::GREENEThu Apr 02 1992Leave read mail window around...
432.03SUBURB::STRANGEWAYSThu Apr 02 1992Problem - BL6 - No document names displayed
433.02PADIS2::RIGAULTFri Apr 03 1992PB with BL6 and PC316
434.010TEMOLO::MLNPC1::MERONIFri Apr 03 1992addind field to DDS window
435.01EPAVAX::CARLOTTISun Apr 05 1992PATHWORKS/Links ?
436.01MUDIS3::UKERSTINGMon Apr 06 1992eXcursion?
437.02SUOSWS::MOOGMon Apr 06 1992Teamroute: Error on open
438.01SUOSWS::MOOGMon Apr 06 1992Problems/Wishes for Teamlinks
439.03STKAI1::LJUNGBERGMon Apr 06 1992Local file cabinets - philosophy, functionality?
440.02SANTEE::GREENEMon Apr 06 1992Move does not always move...
441.0ROMMon Apr 06 1992Architectural issues
442.0YOSMTE::RILEY_ELMon Apr 06 1992PC Hangs when reading mail.
443.09UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTTue Apr 07 1992Is the field ready to support TEAMlinks ?
444.01TRCOA::BALSDONTue Apr 07 1992BL6 template access problems
445.03GUCCI::PROSENBAUMTue Apr 07 1992Does Tracking work in BL6?
446.03ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGWed Apr 08 1992Indexing capability
447.01SAC::JOYCEWed Apr 08 1992 Two questions
448.0ROMWed Apr 08 1992
449.02A1VAX::GRIFFINWed Apr 08 1992FIRE SALE ... Well, almost ...
450.02NUTMEG::BOEHMWed Apr 08 1992mail a note?
451.03GUIDUK::HUEWed Apr 08 1992Client Useage Time
452.06LARVAE::ROBERTS_RThu Apr 09 1992Word: The Official Story ??
453.03SANFAN::BRENNAN_JIThu Apr 09 1992Install question w/BL6
454.0SUOSWS::MOOGThu Apr 09 1992BL6 as readonly disk service
455.02SUOSWS::MOOGThu Apr 09 1992Teamlinks/route wishes and problems
456.04SANFAN::BRENNAN_JIThu Apr 09 1992PC hangs after exit from Windows/TeamLinks
457.03SANFAN::BRENNAN_JIThu Apr 09 1992Where are the Converters?
458.03PCA112::BOEBINGERFri Apr 10 1992Word Perfect announces TeamLinks support
459.03TROOA::WEAVERFri Apr 10 1992Teamroute filecab 598 error?
460.02ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGMon Apr 13 1992how to share file cabinet?
461.01ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGMon Apr 13 1992TeamLinks Specs??
462.04SQGUK::LEVYMon Apr 13 1992staging, attribute, file server
463.04SLICER::RODTue Apr 14 1992ISAM Create error on converting A1 Mail FC
464.06WOTVAX::MORRISONTue Apr 14 1992EXCEL V4.
465.07FAILTE::LAAHSTue Apr 14 1992Cannot import large files
466.03SFSCV1::BRENNANJITue Apr 14 1992File Cabinet connect problems
467.01DPDTue Apr 14 1992Microsoft Relationship
468.08SFSCP2::Conferencing-UserTue Apr 14 1992How to view WPS mail message
469.03UKCSSE::RICHARDSWed Apr 15 1992FILE CAB Status codes
470.04UKCSSE::RICHARDSWed Apr 15 1992ERROR 414
471.01TROP65::BellWed Apr 15 1992quick functionality questions
472.03KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLWed Apr 15 1992TeamLinks Packages?
473.01FLYWAY::CHAOT::WIEDLERThu Apr 16 1992Good product photos available ?
474.0DPDMAI::RITZCThu Apr 16 1992Possible customizations to TeamLinks?
475.03SUOIS2::ADAUMThu Apr 16 1992Teamlinks BL6 and A1 V2.4 IOS
476.06ANGLIN::PRENTISS_SThu Apr 16 1992TeamLinks Supported PC Products
477.014UTROP1::KOMEN_AFri Apr 17 1992Connection Package without ALL-IN-1 IOS Possible??
478.03ROMFri Apr 17 1992Illegal function call from Teamroute
479.01KYOA::LAMMFri Apr 17 1992EFT2?
480.01MAIL::VOGELFri Apr 17 1992Janitor function ???
481.01WEOFSH::JONESTue Apr 21 1992Error connecting to Mail and FIle Cabinets
482.03FLYWAY::CHAOT::WIEDLERTue Apr 21 1992Correct product name/spelling/typing/trademark
483.04SOTT::NAULTTue Apr 21 1992Creating a message - Without a Cover Memo
484.09VEGAS::GURALNIKTue Apr 21 1992IOS File Cabinet management with Connect. Pkg.?
485.01MINDER::WRIGHTWed Apr 22 1992Multiple Remote Drawers -> Error getting SpecialFolderIDs
486.02FAILTE::LAAHSWed Apr 22 1992How do you decide which viewer to use?
487.010SHALOT::JANCULAWed Apr 22 1992Working Models?
488.0DRLSGT::JENNINGSWed Apr 22 1992Missed Again
489.01TROOA::GILBERTWed Apr 22 1992Listing available distribution lists
490.02OROILF::HIPPWed Apr 22 1992Help - Error 598 for Local
491.0TROOA::GILBERTWed Apr 22 1992Add Attachment asks for diskette
492.01DURDUR::MONGE::Conferencing-UserThu Apr 23 1992Pointer to Teamroute BL6B kit
493.03CAADC::SOBELThu Apr 23 1992TeamLinks Info Mgr shipping now DECdirect.
494.06SHALOT::RHLPC::LUNDBERGThu Apr 23 1992Form and Field Limits for TeamRoute Templates?
495.01SHIPS::SMITH_JFri Apr 24 1992Copying documents folder-->folder?
496.01BELFST::DEANFri Apr 24 1992Questions on TeamLinks
497.03TROOA::GILBERTFri Apr 24 1992Creating mail w/o network connection
498.04SOTT::NAULTFri Apr 24 1992Can't reenter TeamLinks after exiting
499.0DRLSGT::JENNINGSSat Apr 25 1992Microsofts Groupware Apps
500.07ARRODS::CARTERMon Apr 27 1992Multi-lingual TeamLinks??
501.03ROVRUM::ROBINSONDMon Apr 27 1992New Mail notification on Token Ring please
502.010ROVRUM::ROBINSONDMon Apr 27 1992Wish List - filter on mail notification
503.0FAILTE::LAAHSMon Apr 27 1992Problem if mail drawer not = "MAIL"
504.01593Mon Apr 27 1992KEYpak pointer in OFFICE.INI???
505.01TROOA::GILBERTMon Apr 27 1992Can I show multiple addresses for single DDS subscriber?
506.01THEBAY::SOORENKFEMon Apr 27 1992Just how can the Info man button bar be customized
507.0MINGUS::WILSONTue Apr 28 1992I cannot find the document I want!
508.06QMARY::CHRISTue Apr 28 1992Passwords, importing, VMS mail and WinRCV...
509.013AIMTEC::MAXIMOUS_STue Apr 28 1992Invisible fonts?
510.0WELCLU::MASONTue Apr 28 1992EFT2: Upgrade & Duplicate Files questions
511.03SFSCV1::GARRISONNATue Apr 28 1992TL Extensions in MS Products?
512.05SFSCV1::GARRISONNATue Apr 28 1992Teamlinks for MAC?
513.0ATLABC::CurleTue Apr 28 1992TeamRoute over CTI Async ????
514.0STKAI1::LJUNGBERGWed Apr 29 1992Partners would like to know
515.012STKAI1::LJUNGBERGWed Apr 29 1992Thoughts on EFT2 - and TeamLinks so far
516.033WELCLU::63945::MASONWed Apr 29 1992EFT2 UAE on opening IOS file cabinet drawer
518.04VAXRIO::MAFRAWed Apr 29 1992TeamLinks/DECnet/MSW Enhanced Mode
519.02MRKTNG::DIONWed Apr 29 1992Problems Connecting to IOS
520.03VNABRW::ENGEL_WWed Apr 29 1992Win 3.1 and BL7
521.0PCA112::BOEBINGERWed Apr 29 1992New version of broker for non-DECnet async connections
522.0REDBUD::garrisonnaThu Apr 30 1992IOS FC Integration; MASS-11 & TeamLinks
523.04MRKTNG::BOEHMThu Apr 30 1992High and inconsistent TeamRoute times
524.01TAMARA::CHRISTOPHERThu Apr 30 1992TeamRoute QAR Application
525.03CAADC::HOBSONThu Apr 30 1992View DDIF in BL7?
526.015BRUMMY::MARTIN::BELLFri May 01 1992X4
527.02MEO78B::FLAHERTYSun May 03 1992Tfr of docs via A1 not working??
528.010MAIL::SHAHNAMMon May 04 1992Lotus/Windows and Share/Teamlinks conflict
529.0BUDDIE::GIAUQUEMon May 04 1992DDS to PAB for address validation
530.02SNOGUM::BLAIRTue May 05 1992Image strategy for Teamlinks???
531.03STKAI1::LJUNGBERGTue May 05 1992Wish -"quick read mail"
532.02WELCLU::63945::MASONTue May 05 1992How do I install EFT2 "cleanly"?
533.0SQGUK::LEVYTue May 05 1992save errors on A1MAIL FC
534.026FAILTE::LAAHSTue May 05 1992How to set up a shared filing cabinet?
535.012OASS::ANDRES_BTue May 05 1992General protection error - krnl386.exe
537.02SQGUK::LEVYTue May 05 1992setting up for many users
538.01MSAMWed May 06 1992UAE using CTI
540.011ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGWed May 06 1992MAIL problem with WORD & EXCEL
541.01TRCOA::MCCORMACKWed May 06 1992Some customer questions
542.01DPDMAI::RITZCWed May 06 1992ALL-IN-1 MAIL V1.1A different from V1.1-6?
543.010VS2K::GENTILEWed May 06 1992Suprise! There's OLE in TeamLinks!
545.0134463::HarrisonWed May 06 1992Price/Packaging changes?
546.05PRESS1::HOWARDWed May 06 1992Installation fails trying to copy files to A:
547.01TPACT1::MOBBYLINThu May 07 1992to/from UCX SMTP mail gateway?
548.02UTROP1::KOMEN_AThu May 07 1992problems opening TMRLOCAL TeamRoute apps.
549.06MRKTNG::DIONThu May 07 1992UNABLE TO SEND - CODE 32
551.0134463::HarrisonThu May 07 1992Adding TeamRoute templates
553.02DPDMAI::RITZCThu May 07 1992BL7 TeamRoute Supplementals - where are they?
554.04ROKCTR::SYSTEMFri May 08 1992HELP-Invalid Property value error
555.01HAMCL3::ROEBENFri May 08 1992TTM-Client for WINDOWS
556.01IOSG::LAWRENCEFri May 08 1992Errors creating local FC
557.02IOSG::LAWRENCEFri May 08 1992Async won't connect
558.04SHALOT::RHLPC::LUNDBERGFri May 08 1992Limitations when editing TeamRoute Templates?
559.01MUDIS3::SCHAEFERMon May 11 1992Date with Wordperfect (may,19)
560.03ZPOVC::KUMARMon May 11 1992Voice support for Teamlinks ?
561.02TROOA::BURGOSMon May 11 1992Browser and Notes Client
562.03VNABRW::ENGEL_WMon May 11 1992Teamlinks and Win 3.1
563.04CHOVAX::EHRLICHMon May 11 1992Problem with installing Teamlinks - networked MS-Windows
564.011MUDIS3::RBOEDEKERTue May 12 1992Teamlinks over TCP/IP or Novell
565.06ARRODS::CARTERTue May 12 1992Convertors
566.01SUBWAY::LICATAWed May 13 1992Tags and Associations
567.01MUDIS3::SCHAEFERWed May 13 1992Associate command passing problem
569.02SEWS::SHAHNAMWed May 13 1992Error after converting unknown format
570.017YUPPY::INZANIWed May 13 1992IOS file problem
571.011AIMTEC::MAXIMOUS_SWed May 13 1992IOS Mail reply from Teamlinks
572.0AIMTEC::WICKS_AWed May 13 1992ALL-IN-1 Mail becomes DEC Mailworks
573.02WPOPTH::TOLLIDAYThu May 14 1992Teamlinks System Capacity?
574.06FAILTE::ARD::BjarneThu May 14 1992Disconnecting from IOS file cab
575.04FAILTE::ARD::BjarneThu May 14 1992What does Browse DOS attempt to do?
576.01FAILTE::LAAHSThu May 14 1992Converting STREAM files using KEYPAK on VMS?
577.011BERNThu May 14 1992Migration
578.016GVAADG::RITCHIEThu May 14 1992Invalid user authentication on connect to IOS
579.011TROP65::BellFri May 15 1992Viewers on again, off again
581.06TIGEMS::PALUKA::LawtonMon May 18 1992Mail from PATHWORKS Conferencing?
582.0534463::HarrisonMon May 18 1992Edit received message?
583.0MUDIS3::SCHAEFERMon May 18 1992Converter architecture needs to be clarified
584.01OTOPTue May 19 1992Field display for sender and recipient
585.02MUDIS3::SCHAEFERTue May 19 1992Problems with SECOND installation
586.07WEOFSH::woolstonTue May 19 1992URGENT: IOS/InfoMan attachment conversion
587.05LARVAE::NEWNIC::Burford_aWed May 20 1992Connection Package and registered drawers
588.03HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWWed May 20 1992Attach mail/doc from file cab ?
589.01LARVAE::COHEN_DWed May 20 1992Cannot read profile
590.01ROMThu May 21 1992Unknown application link error
591.0LARVAE::NEWNIC::Burford_aThu May 21 1992Printing form TeamLinks Problem
592.03MUDIS3::SCHAEFERThu May 21 1992PATHworks not included ?
593.0134463::HarrisonThu May 21 1992Early customer evaluation?
594.0134463::HarrisonThu May 21 1992Attaching Graphics file
596.02LARVAE::WESTThu May 21 1992Style Guides or Development Standards ?
597.02BIGRED::SPARKSFri May 22 1992async with dec notebook hangs
598.01VOGON::READINGFri May 22 1992Sporadic Hangs with Teamlinks T1.
599.05OGOMTS::HENRYFri May 22 1992New CTI broker gets %SYSTEM-F_OPCDEC error
600.01OGOMTS::HENRYFri May 22 1992In viewer get RESDVR.DLL not found
601.03RTPLFri May 22 1992TeamLinks in OS/2 2.
602.01ROMCSA::BIANCHINIMon May 25 1992TeamRoute Template Designer prob
603.0LARVAE::WEST18::Skeen_cTue May 26 1992Teamroute supplement problems
604.04SUBWAY::CATANIATue May 26 1992Whats required for FT2?
605.02MAINST::HURSKAINENTue May 26 1992TMR: Urgent need for simple datafile manipulation
606.0MAINST::HURSKAINENTue May 26 1992TMRDSIGN - Application Error
607.04WPOCS1::EMMANUELWed May 27 1992Browser or File Manager?
608.01OTOOA::GORMANWed May 27 1992View vs Launch By Default
609.01HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWWed May 27 1992attachement tagging in ALL-IN-1 Mail
610.0MAINST::HURSKAINENWed May 27 1992Configuration and memory TMR for Windows
611.01ARRODS::CARTERWed May 27 1992Tagging between IOS and TEAMLINKS
612.05ARRODS::CARTERWed May 27 1992File attachment?
613.01ARRODS::CARTERWed May 27 1992Converting attachments...
614.03POWDML::AYOUNIEThu May 28 1992Deleting User Profile - error!
615.01GUCCI::RJENKINSThu May 28 1992Cfc Create Drawer error
616.01CAADC::SOBELThu May 28 1992Unable to Route on 1 Server.
617.01ARRODS::CARTERThu May 28 1992WPSPLUS either unsupported or losing attributes
618.02BLOFLY::GORDONThu May 28 1992Error sending Teamroute package
619.0GLIND1::BURNSFri May 29 1992DDS access from Routing list window
620.01SQGUK::LEVYFri May 29 1992Pathworks, Windows 3.1 and EFT Teamlinks install
621.06CHEFS::64794::BobFri May 29 1992Extract/Export kills by PC!
622.02MSAMSat May 30 1992Conferencing under MS-Windows not working
623.08TIMMII::RDAVIESSat May 30 1992INBOX's in every IOS drawer!
624.012MRKTNG::BOEHMSun May 31 1992Connection Package stopped working
625.02BIGUN::BAKERSun May 31 1992Teamlinks slip?????
626.03EWBIBM::Conferencing-UserMon Jun 01 1992IOS drawer not displayed
627.01MSAMMon Jun 01 1992Browser in TM = Browser in PW LINKS ??
628.0XNOGOV::WESTERNMon Jun 01 1992TeamLinks/TeamRoute Problem
629.02COPCLU::GRYNNERUPMon Jun 01 1992Problem doint OLE with Chart
630.06COPCLU::GRYNNERUPMon Jun 01 1992Find cross folder/drawer
631.02COPCLU::GRYNNERUPMon Jun 01 1992Remote access to Teamlinks
632.01ROMCSA::RMPC18::BIANCHINIMon Jun 01 1992WPS and Winword
634.0CAADC::SOBELMon Jun 01 1992Mail works fine-no routing
635.0593Mon Jun 01 1992IBM FUD on TeamLinks and OS/2
636.01OASS::GIANNETTI_DMon Jun 01 1992Mail Notification Questions?
637.02MUDIS3::FISCALMon Jun 01 1992Connection Package error message
638.06CADSYS::LEMONSMon Jun 01 1992Documentation? (TeamLinks Handbook)
639.01SEWS::VOGELMon Jun 01 1992Change mail folder names ???
640.01TIGEMS::PALUKA::LawtonMon Jun 01 1992WINRCV Stopped Working
641.08TRHPC1::JOARTue Jun 02 1992Some general Questions.
642.01KAOFS::M_MORINTue Jun 02 1992Teamlinks at DECUS and DECworld
643.031TIMMII::RDAVIESTue Jun 02 1992InfoMan OVERFLOW?
644.09TRCOA::BARTLETTTue Jun 02 1992Can't read created templates - error 5423937
645.06SHALOT::LUNDBERGTue Jun 02 1992Room for a Standalone Button?
646.07AXEL::FOLEYWed Jun 03 1992How about VMS Mail?
648.03CGOOA::HOMMENWed Jun 03 1992Whats in the latest bundle?
649.01TIGEMS::PALUKA::LawtonWed Jun 03 1992Forward Message No longer Works
650.0TRCU11::WEISSWed Jun 03 1992CTI in Version 1.
651.07UTROP1::KOMEN_AThu Jun 04 1992Problem opening IOS folder.
652.01WOTVAX::MORRISONThu Jun 04 1992TeamLinks File Cabinet vs Windows File Manager
653.016ROVRUM::ROBINSONDThu Jun 04 1992How big an ALL-IN-1 IOS license for TeamLinks server?
654.03593Fri Jun 05 1992DDIF support in WordPerfect?
655.03POBOX::DMAYFri Jun 05 1992Teamlinks in OS/2 2.
656.05LAVGOD::LOWMon Jun 08 1992DECNET error 65 connecting to file cabinet
657.09CGOSMon Jun 08 1992CTI Questions
658.012LARVAE::JORDANTue Jun 09 1992File Cabinet error 32
659.03TIMMII::RDAVIESTue Jun 09 1992TeamLinks and IOS Distributed Shared Drawers
660.02STKAI1::DECXP2::LJUNGBERGTue Jun 09 1992CTI for asynch connection
661.01GUCCI::RJENKINSTue Jun 09 1992Has the ship date slipped ?
662.04INFACT::BEVISTue Jun 09 1992Definitive/current convertor position?
663.05MANIOK::BERLINGHOFWed Jun 10 1992Connection Package
664.02TRCOA::BARTLETTWed Jun 10 1992Invalid File Res. Ident. in LOCAL File Cabinet
665.010SUBWAY::BUONOMOWed Jun 10 1992Launching Excel Attachement
666.03WPOPTH::TOLLIDAYThu Jun 11 1992Distribution List operation
667.04TPLAB::NICOLASThu Jun 11 1992Teamlinks - Languages supported
668.0TPLAB::NICOLASThu Jun 11 1992Teamroute - "Deadline" for packages
669.0TPLAB::NICOLASThu Jun 11 1992Teamroute - "nesting"
670.02TPLAB::NICOLASThu Jun 11 1992Teamroute - Sending to multiple addressees
671.02TPLAB::NICOLASThu Jun 11 1992Teamroute - Generic destination
672.0TPLAB::NICOLASThu Jun 11 1992Teamroute - Common drawer
673.01TPLAB::NICOLASThu Jun 11 1992Teamroute - Restrictions...
674.02TRCOA::HAIMOVITZThu Jun 11 1992Routing mail Folder ?
675.01ANGLIN::PRENTISS_SThu Jun 11 1992COMPLETE Part Numbers Requested!
676.06SQGUK::LEVYThu Jun 11 1992install failure with SHELL.DLL
677.01--UnknownUser--Thu Jun 11 1992Teamlinks release date?
678.04SUBWAY::BUONOMOFri Jun 12 1992BL8 @ LotusWorld
679.03SQGUK::LEVYFri Jun 12 1992Disk full - which one?
680.08SMOOT::CSOSFri Jun 12 1992INFOMAN caused a Gereral Protection Fault (Help please...)
681.03A1VAX::GRIFFINMon Jun 15 1992New Technical Marketing Guide Available
682.07AQOPAS::CONEJO::GLOVERMon Jun 15 1992Empty WordPerfect Viewer
683.03NJOPC1::WilliamsMon Jun 15 1992SVNewMD error
684.01MSAMTue Jun 16 1992CTI "Network error"?
685.037TIMMII::RDAVIESTue Jun 16 1992BL8 first impressions
686.04UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTTue Jun 16 1992READ unsent IOS message refiles to READ ?
688.013BERNTue Jun 16 1992missing WPSPlus convergter in BL8 ?
689.02SUBWAY::BUONOMOTue Jun 16 1992BL8 Valid Sign Master
690.06SUBWAY::BUONOMOTue Jun 16 1992Sharing Templets
691.012BIGRED::SPARKSTue Jun 16 1992Team Document Library doesn't fit
692.03MRKTNG::TRIPPIERTue Jun 16 1992Interoperability Info
693.05AIMTEC::WICKS_ATue Jun 16 1992TOOLS - more info please
694.07WOTVAX::MCGUIREVWed Jun 17 1992WordPerfect/Lotus Integration Timescales
695.02LARVAE::WESTWed Jun 17 1992Problem Deleting folder from local drawer
696.09YUPPY::63657::GORARDMWed Jun 17 1992File not found for viewers
697.02SUBWAY::BUONOMOWed Jun 17 1992AutoReply
698.05MRKTNG::GOLDMANWed Jun 17 1992Invalid Document name (after copying folder)
699.01BINARY::OSTWed Jun 17 1992shared PC's
700.05BASCAS::KNIGHTThu Jun 18 1992PC hangs on IOS FC disconnect
701.02MRKTNG::NASDOS::Gary LightThu Jun 18 1992Viewers not working ...
702.02LARVAE::JORDANThu Jun 18 1992TeamRoute in BL7?
703.02SIOG::T_REDMONDThu Jun 18 1992WPS-PLUS IOS messages arriving as DX
704.03SUBWAY::BUONOMOThu Jun 18 1992WINWORD & Excel viewers
705.07A1VAX::GRIFFINThu Jun 18 1992Upping the ante a little
706.0134463::HarrisonThu Jun 18 1992Intermittent problems sending mail with attachments
707.01LARVAE::SKEEN_CThu Jun 18 1992Problem with windows 3.1 and document viewing
708.02SIOG::T_REDMONDFri Jun 19 1992User Profile files
709.0RLAV::MURPHYFri Jun 19 1992audit trailing
711.01ATLABC::CurleFri Jun 19 1992Incorrect file formats after moving files
712.06YUPPY::CARTERFri Jun 19 1992Printing mail messages?
713.03SIOG::T_REDMONDFri Jun 19 1992TeamLinks and PATHWORKS disk and file services
714.01SHALOT::RHLPC::LUNDBERGFri Jun 19 1992Plans for TeamRoute Supplemental Kit?
715.0WPOPTH::WPOAJB::BeesonMon Jun 22 1992File cabinet access problem with BL7
716.02LARVAE::JORDANMon Jun 22 1992Error exprting to a floppy
717.02LARVAE::JORDANMon Jun 22 1992Do I like "Click to save changes" form?
718.02LARVAE::JORDANMon Jun 22 1992Double click choice?
719.013SUBWAY::BUONOMOMon Jun 22 1992BL8 Memory Problems
720.05LARVAE::JORDANMon Jun 22 1992Corrupt File Cabinet...?
721.03LARVAE::WESTMon Jun 22 1992Resource Code 42 problem
722.0PCA112::BOEBINGERMon Jun 22 1992Local file cab problem in BL8
723.01TAMARA::CHRISTOPHERMon Jun 22 1992QAR App for BL8 is available!
724.02LARVAE::JORDANTue Jun 23 1992Icons for bitmap documents
725.05CCIIS1::BOUVERATTue Jun 23 1992How to print a Postscript message
726.06PCAE::RHINO1::REEDTue Jun 23 1992Did not create Teamroute Template Drawers
727.01OAXCEL::BENNETTTue Jun 23 1992Sample Appl Folder Blown Away
728.05KETJE::VANHOOSTEWed Jun 24 1992About the server and certain mail clients
729.03TIMMII::TOMMII::RDAVIESWed Jun 24 1992Transferring large (PS) files to IOS looses the end
730.08WPOPTH::WPOAJB::BeesonThu Jun 25 1992Different ALL-IN-1/VMS Username clarification
731.0IOSG::TALLETTThu Jun 25 1992Sender is Mr. Sent from TeamLinks X.4
732.05SIOG::B_RAFFERTYThu Jun 25 1992ALL-IN-1 IOS file cabinet connect error
733.03BER::RAMMThu Jun 25 1992Connection Package PAK about to expire
734.07SQGUK::LEVYThu Jun 25 1992BL8 installation failure on COMMDLG.DLL
735.0BIGRED::SPARKSThu Jun 25 1992Can't convert A1mail file cabinets
736.0TAMARA::PROUTYThu Jun 25 1992BL8 Template Designer that saves to file cab
737.02RUMOR::FOSTERThu Jun 25 1992Setting the correct local_routing_address in a1mail
738.03LSVAX::SALZMANNThu Jun 25 1992PC hangs and message gets locked
739.04WOTVAX::MORRISONFri Jun 26 1992Lotus Notes & Wordperfect
741.0ARRODS::CARTERFri Jun 26 1992Suppressing Addressees
742.01SHALOT::LUNDBERGFri Jun 26 1992Cross-Filing?
743.013SHALOT::LUNDBERGFri Jun 26 1992Please Explain the File, Read Option
744.03SHALOT::LUNDBERGFri Jun 26 1992File Cabinet Display: An Editorial
745.01WLW::BROOMEFri Jun 26 1992CTI Kit Available ?
746.03TKOV51::TANAKAMon Jun 29 1992Relation between MAILworks and IOSmail
747.01IOSG::LONGMon Jun 29 1992Connection Package PAKs - new one avail.
748.05WOTVAX::MORRISONMon Jun 29 1992TeamLinks product name confusion.
749.02LARVAE::JORDANMon Jun 29 1992OFFICE.INI topic
750.03SUOSWS::MOOGMon Jun 29 1992DDS addressing missing
751.017MFRFMS::SUSANNEMon Jun 29 1992convert WPSplus Documents
753.03ICS::COSEL::PIECIULMon Jun 29 1992Seeding of Drawers in TLC
754.02WOTVAX::MORRISONTue Jun 30 1992TeamLinks vs Vivace.
755.02ICS::COSEL::PIECIULTue Jun 30 1992IUID, what is it?
756.016NOLE::WOODINGTue Jun 30 1992blank screen, hang -> help!?
757.02ICS::COSEL::PIECIULTue Jun 30 1992TLC and reservation.dat
758.01SHALOT::LUNDBERGTue Jun 30 1992TeamRoute View History Gives the Wrong Hour
759.03CSOA1::FLOYDTue Jun 30 1992LN
760.07GOBAMA::BROOKSTue Jun 30 1992Is recursive conversion/viewing supported?
761.01SHALOT::LUNDBERGTue Jun 30 1992Tracking Report vs. Active Master
762.07MSAMWed Jul 01 1992Cannot read WORD attachment
763.01MUDIS3::FISCALWed Jul 01 1992Browser V2.
765.04NOLE::WOODINGWed Jul 01 1992TIGA anyone?
766.01KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLWed Jul 01 1992MAILworks Support
767.04TRIGG::VOGELWed Jul 01 1992Paper Mail addressing?
768.01GRANPA::GTHOMASThu Jul 02 1992ALL-IN-1 MAIL Macintosh packet differences?
769.02SUOSWS::MOOGFri Jul 03 1992Questions/Problems w/ TL UI
770.05SUOSWS::MOOGFri Jul 03 1992General problems
771.01SUOSWS::MOOGFri Jul 03 1992Teamroute Problems
772.03PLAYER::TAVERNIERFri Jul 03 1992BL8 worse than BL7 ?
773.01DECPC1::LawrenceMon Jul 06 1992VTX client quit working.
774.01MUDIS3::FISCALMon Jul 06 1992Licensing Guidelines required
775.02MUDIS3::FISCALMon Jul 06 1992Conversion Mechanism
776.03TIGEMS::PALUKA::LawtonMon Jul 06 1992BL8 Messageing Problem
777.0SUOSWS::MOOGMon Jul 06 1992ENFIn as TRP application
778.01SHALOT::LUNDBERGMon Jul 06 1992/CDA Directory Tree
779.04TYFYS::SLATERTue Jul 07 1992PARADOX SQL LINK w/TeamWorks??
780.01PAULUS::HARTNAGELTue Jul 07 1992Teamlinks also running in Real-Mode
781.02PLAYER::TAVERNIERTue Jul 07 1992Does Dev. kit include links with Teamroute Packages ?
782.04SEDOAS::DAVIES_GTue Jul 07 1992Launching/Viewing message attachments
783.02ROMA::TEPEP1::Conferencing-UserTue Jul 07 1992Mailing from Browser and Notes using Teamlinks
784.02COSEL::PIECIULTue Jul 07 1992TLC Trace questions
785.06TRCOA::TRCP57::SHEUWed Jul 08 1992IOS file cabinet with ALL-IN-1 WPCORP integrated
786.04KETJE::VANHOOSTEPWed Jul 08 1992DDS lookups containing () give problems
787.01TROOA::GILBERTWed Jul 08 1992OAFC and mismatched VMS/ALL-IN-1 names
788.03SHALOT::LUNDBERGWed Jul 08 1992Selecting Drawers in the Template Designer
789.01SHALOT::LUNDBERGWed Jul 08 1992Template Designer Can't Fetch 3 Sample Templates
790.02TRCOA::BARTLETTWed Jul 08 1992IMPORT from floppy problem
791.04TRCOA::BARTLETTWed Jul 08 1992Install problem with .DLL and .VBX files.
792.04SHALOT::LUNDBERGWed Jul 08 1992Slightly Modified Sample Template Blows Up
793.06COPCLU::COPRUG::RUNEThu Jul 09 1992Viewing WordPerfect documents from TeamLinks
794.05AIMTEC::LAMBERSON_MThu Jul 09 1992Connection Package 'tracing' fails
795.04EISKVP::VANPATTENThu Jul 09 1992BL8 Error: Copying file \DEFSTYLE.DDF
796.01TKOV5Fri Jul 10 1992Exporting attachments
797.04QMARY::CHRISFri Jul 10 1992LOGON, then log in... (how many times?)
798.0STKAI1::SWE152::AnnLjungberg@SOOFri Jul 10 1992DECnet and Windows help!!!
799.08OTOPFri Jul 10 1992TCP/IP support and IOS file cabinet
800.02MUDIS3::SCHAEFERFri Jul 10 1992switch off "save to FC" box ?
802.02SHALOT::LUNDBERGFri Jul 10 1992Template Designer Grab Bag
803.0OTOOA::ANDERSONFri Jul 10 1992CONAUDIT.EXE info
804.04PCOJCT::JAWORSKYJMon Jul 13 1992TeamLinks/ALL-IN-1 simultaneous FC access
805.03CITYFS::WATTTue Jul 14 1992Distribution lists in Teamlinks
806.06CITYFS::WATTTue Jul 14 1992Mail futures questions
807.07WARNUT::2HTue Jul 14 1992BL8 - problems printing WPS mail attachments ?
808.011AIMTEC::GIANNETTI_DTue Jul 14 1992File Cabinet Service is not Available
810.0134RUMOR::STANPC::fosterTue Jul 14 1992TeamLinks ELF access, pre-release kit for testing
811.011MUDIS3::SCHAEFERWed Jul 15 1992WordPerfect again, sorry
812.01MUDIS3::SCHAEFERWed Jul 15 1992Problem with Browser V2Bl4r5
813.05SIOG::T_REDMONDWed Jul 15 1992General FC Error - even with SHARE installed
814.010SIOG::T_REDMONDWed Jul 15 1992Converting ALL-IN-1 nicknames to a TeamLinks PAB
815.03BLGWed Jul 15 1992ALL-IN1 V2.4 or ALL-IN-1 3.
816.024SIOG::T_REDMONDWed Jul 15 1992The Remove Attachment option
817.03SIOG::T_REDMONDThu Jul 16 1992How is the wastebasket emptied?
818.08COPCLU::COPRUG::RUNEThu Jul 16 1992Printing WordPerfect from TL gives error
820.01BER::RAMMThu Jul 16 1992Little bug simulating offline work
821.02PCOJCT::JAWORSKYJThu Jul 16 1992TMRDSIGN Problems/Suggestions
822.01MRKTNG::BOEHMThu Jul 16 1992Cannot route - try again later....
823.01CAADC::HOBSONThu Jul 16 1992Pass filename w/ click-to-launch
824.06HALFDM::SULLIVANThu Jul 16 1992Competitive Pricing Scheme
825.013SF433W::garrisonnaThu Jul 16 1992TEAMLinks Write-up/Overview
826.05FAILTE::CHRISTENSENFri Jul 17 1992Teamroute EFT5 kit urgently required
827.011SIOG::T_REDMONDSat Jul 18 1992How to send to Internet from TeamLinks?
829.02CITYFS::WATTMon Jul 20 1992Autoreply and autoforward in Teamlinks?
830.04COPCLU::COPRUG::RUNEMon Jul 20 1992Can't use 'include' in create message
831.01SIOG::T_REDMONDMon Jul 20 1992Message Tracing
832.09KOMAIL::VALASEKMon Jul 20 1992File Cabinet Not Available ! but IT IS to A1MAIL for Windows etc.
833.06LARVAE::JORDANTue Jul 21 1992UI without a mouse
834.06FAILTE::LAAHSTue Jul 21 1992Questions on CTI.
835.02MUDIS3::SCHAEFERTue Jul 21 1992Some strange things
836.04MUDIS3::SCHAEFERTue Jul 21 1992WP Filemanager for Browse DOS ?
837.01QMARY::CHRISTue Jul 21 1992TeamRoute Tracking Request - Insufficient Resources
838.01DURDUR::MONGE::Conferencing-UserTue Jul 21 1992TeamRoute parallel routing lists
840.01EPERNA::HummerstonTue Jul 21 1992Inconsistancy in deleting folder
841.07VITARA::REDMONDWed Jul 22 1992TeamLinks hangs on local FC
842.03VANINE::VANPC3::BULLWed Jul 22 1992Two ENtries for ALL-IN-1 IOS Drawers
843.02ZURWed Jul 22 1992Browser- and Conferencing-kit
844.05CADSYS::LEMONSWed Jul 22 1992CDA Converter Library for DOS?
845.06CATON::Conferencing-UserWed Jul 22 1992Reading an unsent message with attachments
846.03FAILTE::LAAHSWed Jul 22 1992Problems with Draft Mode Viewer in Pre-SSB
847.02PARVAX::RUPARELIAThu Jul 23 1992OpenVMS PASSWORD change from MS Windows
848.06LJOHUB::D_KENNEYThu Jul 23 1992Help w/Conferencing Problem
849.01GLUEON::LONGNEYFri Jul 24 1992Controlling IOS Drawer access from TeamLinks
850.0SEDTU5::Glyn-DaviesFri Jul 24 1992UK release same as US?
851.01GLUEON::LONGNEYFri Jul 24 1992Number of passwords required
852.01IDNTCR::REDMONDFri Jul 24 1992DECwrite/DDIF viewer error in Pre-SSB kit
853.03JEAVES::RICKW::RickFri Jul 24 1992Read-only access to Shared File Cabinets ?
854.019JEAVES::RICKW::RickFri Jul 24 1992Limit on number of IOS drawers viewed from InfoMan ?
855.05SUBWAY::BUONOMOFri Jul 24 1992VMSmail import and stuff
856.04A1VAX::GRIFFINFri Jul 24 1992TeamLinks Goes To SSB !
857.02CSOHUB::644Sun Jul 26 1992Where are current ALL-IN-1 MAIL kits?
858.08TRHPC1::JOARMon Jul 27 1992Could not print document of type "WINWORD2"; unsupported format
859.03YUPPY::CARTERMon Jul 27 1992CTI using a terminal server?
860.05PCOJCT::JAWORSKYJMon Jul 27 1992Team Document Library?
861.03RUMOR::FOSTERTue Jul 28 1992TeamLinks advertising
862.03BIGUN::SANTSINGHTue Jul 28 1992Interface to CBR sevices
863.03WPOPTH::TOLLIDAYTue Jul 28 1992Attachments and Network Configuration
864.01MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichTue Jul 28 1992technical info for customer ?
865.01OASS::GIANNETTI_DTue Jul 28 1992Error opening Application
867.08FAILTE::LAAHSTue Jul 28 1992Does pre-SSB REALLY require new server versions?
868.03BREAKR::POURZIATue Jul 28 1992SSB Kit Installation Guide?
869.014OASS::GIANNETTI_DTue Jul 28 1992Broadcast Message Receiver Pre-SSB Kit??
870.02BELMNT::ETEAM2::RootsTue Jul 28 1992Attendee view of LOTUS-NOTES seminar !!!!!
871.01WPOPTH::WPOAJB::BeesonWed Jul 29 1992SUB or Function not found?
872.014SIOG::T_REDMONDWed Jul 29 1992What's the best conversion strategy to take?
873.0XANADU::STJEANWed Jul 29 1992Warning about creating ALL-IN-1 IOS V3.
874.05MUDIS3::SCHAEFERThu Jul 30 1992How to order Connection Package?
875.01ZURThu Jul 30 1992Browser an multiple Columns bug
876.0TRCOA::MCCORMACKThu Jul 30 1992Browser/NW Coexistance/TRN/NDIS?
877.07MSBCS::MSD616::HarringtonThu Jul 30 1992Error creating remote drawers
878.011SUOSWS::MOOGThu Jul 30 1992no WPSPLUS viewing ?
879.08SUOSWS::MOOGThu Jul 30 1992WPS->RTF in Mailworks
880.01JEAVES::RICKW::RickThu Jul 30 1992WARNING about V1.1c MAILworks server version
881.08KORU::SCHRODERThu Jul 30 1992Migrating IOS users - any routines?
882.05KORU::SCHRODERThu Jul 30 19924Mb memory instead of 5?
883.04NANTES::FARNEFri Jul 31 1992Shared Drawer & locking documents
884.05TRIGG::VOGELFri Jul 31 1992Does server need to be multi-user?
885.04SANFAN::LESLIE_DAFri Jul 31 1992No need for Office Windows (yet) just Browser
886.011NANTES::FARNEMon Aug 03 1992TMR:No response from teamroute service agent
887.07COMPO::BatesMon Aug 03 1992File Cabinets and passwords
888.05KETJE::VANHOOSTEMon Aug 03 1992Some general async questions ...
889.01ZPOVC::KUMTONGMon Aug 03 1992What are the fields inside DDS$PERM_DB.DAT ?
890.02ODIXIE::EVGONZALEZMon Aug 03 1992InfoMgr.Mail Drawers Screwy
892.07GIDDAY::HUMMERSTONTue Aug 04 1992Change default editor
893.09GIDDAY::HUMMERSTONTue Aug 04 1992Install TeamLinks on a server?
894.03MRKTNG::SKINNERTue Aug 04 1992Local FC and CTI connection problems
895.07GLUEON::LONGNEYTue Aug 04 1992Viewing WordPerfect documents revisited
896.0A1VAX::GRIFFINTue Aug 04 1992Audit Team Report Results ...
897.011ANGLIN::PRENTISS_STue Aug 04 1992TeamRoute and ALL-IN-1 IOS?
898.04SQGUK::LEVYTue Aug 04 1992can't read WPS-PLUS doc when DECwrite installed
899.01ATLABC::CurleTue Aug 04 1992Printing Multiple Copies
900.01CGOSTue Aug 04 1992CTI performance slow?
901.0GLUEON::LONGNEYWed Aug 05 1992IOS Drawer not being seen
902.01EVTAI1::LECADETWed Aug 05 1992Display more information on the drawer line (like the node)
903.01SQGUK::LEVYWed Aug 05 19923 errors with the TL viewer on WPS-PLUS docs
904.07MRKTNG::GOLDMANWed Aug 05 1992Unable to send mail from notebook w/Xircom
906.01YUPPY::CARTERWed Aug 05 1992Network timeout? or PC model?
907.06OASS::GIANNETTI_DWed Aug 05 1992View attachment to "create message"
908.01STKHLM::TCPCThu Aug 06 1992Microsoft macro Word, Excel!
909.02MUDIS3::FISCALThu Aug 06 1992Cannot connect to server node
910.05LARVAE::JORDANThu Aug 06 1992User view of folders.
911.01LARVAE::JORDANThu Aug 06 1992TeamRoute Template building
913.06MUDIS3::FISCALFri Aug 07 1992Fcserver Failed on CfcOpenCabinet
914.02CCPC::CarlillFri Aug 07 1992Announcing Carrel (ex-TIM) BL5
915.06COMPO::BatesFri Aug 07 1992Distribution of Teamroute templates
916.05COMPO::BatesFri Aug 07 1992Reading attachments with no viewer
917.05GUCCI::HERBSat Aug 08 1992Teamlinks Video?
918.04NZOMIS::WOOLSTONMon Aug 10 1992Error connecting to IOS v3
919.02AKOBTF::FLANAGANMon Aug 10 1992Varying time to print WordPerfect attachment
920.02AKOBTF::FLANAGANMon Aug 10 1992Adding addressees to "cc:" field
921.01AKOBTF::FLANAGANMon Aug 10 1992Ability for user to set defaults
922.0OASS::GIANNETTI_DMon Aug 10 1992Problem converting local file cabinet
923.0A1VAX::GRIFFINMon Aug 10 1992What the trade has to say ....
924.06KYOA::LAMMMon Aug 10 1992List of converters/viewers included?
925.04KYOA::LAMMMon Aug 10 1992Connection Package SSB Kit Location?
926.05TROOA::BURGOSMon Aug 10 1992RMS TO Excel interoperability
927.01GUIDUK::CAMPBELL_MOMon Aug 10 1992Do you know "Beyond Mail" product for filtering
928.03GLIND1::BURNSTue Aug 11 1992DDS API Documentation Needed!
929.03MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichTue Aug 11 1992How to setup multiple users in network env. ?
930.01GRANPA::GTHOMASTue Aug 11 1992Notification: No Message when already Logged in?
931.0RUMOR::FOSTERTue Aug 11 1992General Filecab Error
932.03ODIXIE::EVGONZALEZTue Aug 11 1992BROWSER Documentation?
933.03WEOFSH::dmprodWed Aug 12 1992Urgent:System-wide and Personal distribution lists
934.02SHIRE::MAGOUI::SIMMONSWed Aug 12 1992Cant find answer in doc.
935.01MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichWed Aug 12 1992Excel V 4.
936.09PLAYER::TAVERNIERWed Aug 12 1992Teamlinks Appl. Dev. Workshop & Toolkit ?
937.06PETRUS::TRINHWed Aug 12 1992How to modify TeamLinks and A1MAIL DW UI?
938.04MUDIS3::SCHAEFERThu Aug 13 1992some comments on the Beta 2.2 macros
940.0PADIS::LUCASThu Aug 13 1992conversion WPSPLUS->WINWORD with TEAMLINKS tools
941.04SAACTX::HarrisonThu Aug 13 1992Editor does not wrap properly
942.09SAACTX::HarrisonThu Aug 13 1992DOS path
943.01RUMOR::STANPC::fosterThu Aug 13 1992Correlating non-deliveries
944.03RBW::WICKERTFri Aug 14 1992PCs without DECnet
945.05BIGUN::BAKERFri Aug 14 1992File Cabinet Server security handling and TeamLinks?
946.01WEOFSH::dmprodFri Aug 14 1992NEEDED: Script to convert WPS to RTF in IOS
947.011FAILTE::CHRISTENSENFri Aug 14 1992Do Teamlinks/Teamroute + DEC Mailworks clients require Pathworks for VMS on server ??
948.03SHLSAM::BEANEFri Aug 14 1992123 Viewer problems
949.04PLAYER::TAVERNIERFri Aug 14 1992How do attached applications work ?
951.06ODIXIE::SILVERSFri Aug 14 1992Charlotte EIC closing?
952.02LARVAE::JORDANFri Aug 14 1992Windows "Interrupt" Form
953.01SUBWAY::BUONOMOFri Aug 14 1992TLQAR for SSB
954.04SANTEE::GREENEMon Aug 17 1992Printing Problems in TeamLinks V1.
955.01TRCP53::MacWilliamsMon Aug 17 1992changing document attributes
956.02GJOVAX::GRAEFFMon Aug 17 1992CAD file viewers and converters available?
957.0A1VAX::GRIFFINMon Aug 17 1992TeamLinks Ships from SSB!
958.01OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mMon Aug 17 1992IOS to Local File loses Header info?
959.01POBOX::KOCHMon Aug 17 19921.1C before 1.1-6?
960.01WPOPTH::TOLLIDAYTue Aug 18 1992Printing Prob with 3rd party WP's
961.03TROPPO::WARDTue Aug 18 1992Notes Client Kit
962.01DCVMT2::NIESSINKTue Aug 18 1992Problems with Macro for WORD
963.03DCVMT2::NIESSINKTue Aug 18 1992Mail-registration / Teamlinks
964.01KETJE::BHP83::bidonnetTue Aug 18 1992OLE objects don't print...
965.05FAILTE::LAAHSTue Aug 18 1992Is DDS always accessed via mail server?
966.03FAILTE::LAAHSTue Aug 18 1992Mail not being refiled?
967.04OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mTue Aug 18 1992Default DOS setting for ADD ATTACHMENT?
968.0SANFAN::BRENNAN_JITue Aug 18 1992SEVERE error while installing
969.01STKAI1::LJUNGBERGWed Aug 19 1992winning in future Windows?
970.0KETJE::CAPPELLEMANSWed Aug 19 1992Running Teamlinks with 3 stacks (Decnet,TCP/IP, IPX)
971.01IOSG::TALLETTWed Aug 19 1992ALL-IN-1 IOS migration to TeamLinks
972.01OASS::ANDRES_BWed Aug 19 1992Symbols in front of mail messages
973.02UTROP1::STEENIS_MThu Aug 20 1992Launch problem pre-SSB
974.01HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWThu Aug 20 1992I'm given what I won't want to accept. Why ?
975.01SUOSWS::MOOGThu Aug 20 1992Hang after exit with viewer open
976.02SUOSWS::MOOGThu Aug 20 1992ShowAttributes for Attachments
977.02SUOSWS::MOOGThu Aug 20 1992SaveAttachment to File Cab
978.02SUOSWS::MOOGThu Aug 20 1992RTF viewer ?
979.0MSAMFri Aug 21 1992DOS SHARE
980.09MEDINA::MAFri Aug 21 1992Windows 3.1 CRITICAL BUG
981.04UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTFri Aug 21 1992TeamLinks Installation checks ?
982.03GUCCI::RJENKINSFri Aug 21 1992Unable to route TeamRoute documents
983.018MSAMMon Aug 24 1992insufficient resouce and server not reachable ??
984.01MSAMMon Aug 24 1992change editor, invoke mail from wins appli, x4
985.06FAILTE::LAAHSMon Aug 24 1992What limits PAB size?
986.02UTRTSC::SSO486::SchollaertMon Aug 24 1992Tima STARS database for TeamLinks ?
987.06KYOA::LAMMMon Aug 24 1992Some wierd problems.
988.03INFACT::BEVISMon Aug 24 1992Please explain "macro"s
989.01NZOMIS::WOOLSTONTue Aug 25 1992For the Unsung Heros - you're good!!!
990.02NZOMIS::WOOLSTONTue Aug 25 1992Automatic recognition of doc types?
991.03NZOMIS::WOOLSTONTue Aug 25 1992Launch assoc. app. - don't ask me!!?!?!
992.01NZOMIS::WOOLSTONTue Aug 25 1992Integration Kit - how to own it?
993.01MSAMTue Aug 25 1992macros cannot be installed ?? beta3 ??
994.01PHDVAX::JPOWER::JenkinsTue Aug 25 1992TeamLinks and Converters
995.02KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLTue Aug 25 1992SBS on Net?
996.03SUOSWS::MOOGTue Aug 25 1992Problem with LocalFileCab conversion
997.016SWETSC::LAB1::GRANLUNDTue Aug 25 1992Error connecting to A1MAIL$CONNECT
998.0NZOMIS::WOOLSTONWed Aug 26 1992General Protection Error-wrong place, wrong time!
999.03VNASWS::GACHWed Aug 26 1992Browser V2.b does not support viewing of Excel V4.
1000.02ZPOVC::WENDYLAIWed Aug 26 1992How to launch TeamRoute
1001.02SANTEE::GREENEWed Aug 26 1992TeamLinks with PC Talker
1004.08OSLACT::JENSHThu Aug 27 1992Customizability scrapped?
1005.01UTROP1::63748::Hofland_eFri Aug 28 1992FC connections and Windows StartUp
1006.01STKHLM::ALINDGRENFri Aug 28 1992Teamlinks/MAILworks - tool for mail based applic ?
1007.01SUOIS3::RIESSFri Aug 28 1992can't define a local file cabinet
1008.0PCA112::BOEBINGERFri Aug 28 1992Required information for problem reporting
1009.03TROOA::PIERCEFri Aug 28 1992DOS file name for document in file cab?
1010.06FAILTE::LAAHSMon Aug 31 1992Where do I report issues?
1011.02HERON::SPALTMon Aug 31 1992MS/DEC/Mail Strategy/MAPI/XAPI
1012.09KAOFS::M_MORINMon Aug 31 1992Illegal function call on all SETUP options
1014.03WEORD::Conferencing-UserMon Aug 31 1992What's the minimum config - we're talking reality not marketing!
1015.02WEORD::Conferencing-UserMon Aug 31 1992Read message loses "readability" if moved...
1016.08WEORD::Conferencing-UserMon Aug 31 1992Disappearing shared IOS file cabs
1017.01MSAMTue Sep 01 1992SEND_MAIL not working
1018.03GIDDAY::LILICTue Sep 01 1992Teamlinks + Enhanced Redirector = Slow Performance
1019.0ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGTue Sep 01 1992Bye to New Wave Office ?
1020.011MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichTue Sep 01 1992Questions on Beta 3 macros
1021.04TEGAN::GUYTONTue Sep 01 1992Installation can't find c:\windows\digital.bmp
1023.0CCIIS1::MARIETTue Sep 01 1992Time stamp from TL to IOS
1024.02TRCOA::BARTLETTTue Sep 01 1992Word Beta3 macro saves to \STAGING\
1025.08GJOVAX::GRAEFFTue Sep 01 1992EXCEL, TEAMLINKS and filenames that are too long.
1026.05GJOVAX::GRAEFFTue Sep 01 1992TeamRoute errors with EXCEL and WORD attachments
1027.017MSAMWed Sep 02 1992dds lookup/release resource/reinstall TML ??
1028.03OASS::GIANNETTI_DWed Sep 02 1992Problem printing multipage document
1029.01TAMARA::DFEDOR::fedorWed Sep 02 1992TeamLinks custom controls available
1030.02BIGUN::PARKERThu Sep 03 1992TL MS App Integ Kit install problem
1031.03WELCLU::LIThu Sep 03 1992Reply-to list - confirm?
1032.04WELCLU::LIThu Sep 03 1992Expiry and Reply dates - information only?
1033.010STKAI1::SWE152::AnnLjungberg@SOOThu Sep 03 1992Unique names, confused users
1034.05STKAI1::SWE152::AnnLjungberg@SOOThu Sep 03 1992File cab list in print
1035.0UTRTSC::UTRTSC::BATSThu Sep 03 1992Shared PC drawers. Why so slow ?
1036.01PRESS1::PAULTERThu Sep 03 1992A1 IOS WordPerfect to MAILWORKS for Windows WordPerfect
1037.04MRKTNG::BOEHMThu Sep 03 1992PC comparisons running TeamLinks
1038.013MRKTNG::BOEHMThu Sep 03 1992A.S.E Performance and Configuration Guide avail.
1039.01DPDMAI::RITZCThu Sep 03 1992ALL-IN-1/TRS accessed by TeamLinks?
1040.02GJOVAX::GRAEFFFri Sep 04 1992A couple of questions from a potential customer.
1041.01KAOFS::M_MORINFri Sep 04 1992French/German kits on the net.
1042.06SIOG::T_REDMONDFri Sep 04 1992Mail Janitor Utility for TeamLinks (DEC MAILworks)
1043.01VAXRIO::AVILAFri Sep 04 1992Pointer to the TL SSB version needed !
1044.01OASS::GIANNETTI_DFri Sep 04 1992Broadcast Message Receiver Info
1045.01BIGUN::BAKERSat Sep 05 1992Driving the Info. Man. via DDE?
1046.02MLNOIS::COMISSOLIMon Sep 07 1992TMR error occurred adding att. to FC
1047.02GLUEON::LONGNEYMon Sep 07 1992Error sending (esp. draft) mail
1048.02WELCLU::63941::LIMon Sep 07 1992Add object - how?
1049.04TRCOA::HAIMOVITZTue Sep 08 1992Fgate doesn't recognize attachments..
1050.07YUPPY::CARTERTue Sep 08 1992Customising Mail Message - like MAILMEMO.BLP?
1051.0OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mTue Sep 08 1992V1.
1052.0RUTILE::MUTZIG::MutzigWed Sep 09 1992MUAS.DLL - Invalid program
1053.03YUPPY::63657::GORARDMWed Sep 09 1992Error connecting to ALL-IN-1 IOS v3.
1054.01FAILTE::EWE::LAAHSWed Sep 09 1992Obeservations
1055.01TROOA::BURGOSWed Sep 09 1992CTI Questions
1056.03CAADC::HOBSONWed Sep 09 1992IOS v2.4 shared folder; IMPORT defaults
1057.05MSAMThu Sep 10 1992"Invalid file cabinet service" when connecting to IOS
1058.0GJOVAX::GRAEFFThu Sep 10 1992Customer wish list from a successful demo
1059.07CGOOA::HOMMENThu Sep 10 1992Pathworks-links and ONTIME for Windows?
1060.01GLUEON::LONGNEYFri Sep 11 1992More customer wishes & comments
1061.06VNASWS::GACHFri Sep 11 1992CVCDEBUG.LOG ERROR: 558
1062.01FAILTE::EWE::LAAHSFri Sep 11 1992How to do multiple read?
1063.0FAILTE::CHRISTENSENFri Sep 11 1992Utility for invoking TCP$UNLOCK from PC ??
1065.04MSAMMon Sep 14 1992Editing detached WPS-PLUS attachments with WINWORD
1066.010AZUR::GEERDESMon Sep 14 1992Teamlinks Project Potential, reply here
1067.04MSAMTue Sep 15 1992viewing DDIF in TEAMLINKS V1.
1068.01MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichTue Sep 15 1992Beta 3.2 does not like D:\ ?
1069.01ALICAT::WATTTue Sep 15 1992Status of IWB ?
1070.03SIOG::T_REDMONDTue Sep 15 1992New home for IWB conference
1071.01MLNOIS::COMISSOLITue Sep 15 1992VirScan question
1072.02TRCOA::MCCORMACKTue Sep 15 1992Replacing MS Mail for DOS
1074.02YUPPY::CARTERTue Sep 15 1992Update on DECwrite for Windows?
1076.06ISIDRO::CANDIDOThu Sep 17 1992Wordperfect 5.1 document with WP tag
1077.06MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichThu Sep 17 1992Customer comments/quetions on TL V 1.
1078.02LARVAE::BURFORD_AThu Sep 17 1992Connect. Pkg. with A1 2.4 adn V3 in parallel?
1079.05YUPPY::63657::GORARDMThu Sep 17 1992Shared installation of Excel Macros ....
1080.02BEBBI1::STUKERFri Sep 18 19922.4->3.
1081.02A1VAX::GRIFFINFri Sep 18 1992For Reporting Bugs, Please ....
1082.026TEGAN::DTOP2::GuytonFri Sep 18 1992Setup and Info Mgr will not execute
1083.02TENNIS::KAMSun Sep 20 1992can't get TeamLinks V1.
1084.01PRSSUD::PERUCHOTMon Sep 21 1992TEAMLINKS Documentation
1085.0FAILTE::EWE::LAAHSMon Sep 21 1992How to get IOS SUBSCRIBERS mail delivered to TL.
1086.05GBIWS7::RadaelliMon Sep 21 1992Setup fails with latest msmacro?
1087.02RBW::WICKERTMon Sep 21 1992PATHWORKS file service for transfers?
1088.03RBW::WICKERTMon Sep 21 1992IOS vs. MAILworks
1089.09BINARY::OSTMon Sep 21 1992Just how customizable?
1090.06SEDTU5::Glyn-DaviesTue Sep 22 1992TeamRoute Questions
1091.07KETJE::DESCHUYTERTue Sep 22 1992ASYNC problem sending saved messages !
1092.01KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLTue Sep 22 1992Out of 12MB Memory?
1093.01LARVAE::JORDANTue Sep 22 1992Bitmap viewer in V1.
1094.01DPDMAI::RITZCTue Sep 22 1992Icon interface planned for VTX & Notes in TL?
1095.03SIOG::T_REDMONDWed Sep 23 1992Reserving documents in ALL-IN-1 shared drawers
1096.01ODIXIE::EVGONZALEZWed Sep 23 1992Converters for TeamLinks/IOS etc.
1097.02BINARY::OSTWed Sep 23 1992MAIL/copy questions
1098.02BINARY::OSTWed Sep 23 1992Another mail question
1099.0POBOX::DAYWed Sep 23 1992RTEAMROUTE Sales Support
1100.012SHIRE::MAGOUI::SIMMONSThu Sep 24 1992IOS pending.dat not updated
1101.02OSLACT::OLAVFThu Sep 24 1992Serious conserns, TL-> Two steps back ?
1102.03DAIMIO::BEAUThu Sep 24 1992Random error with WPS + documents
1103.06DAIMIO::BEAUThu Sep 24 1992Cust. Perf. Requirements
1104.04LMOADM::MAILLETThu Sep 24 1992TeamLinks for Mail-11???
1105.06OASS::GIANNETTI_DThu Sep 24 1992Problem sending messages
1106.010BEBBI1::STUKERThu Sep 24 1992Windows editors !!
1107.03TRCOA::TRCP6Thu Sep 24 1992Attachment Problems
1108.04PCOJCT::FRANZIThu Sep 24 1992Shared PAB on a PATHWORKS File Service?????
1109.05BIS1::DEWILFri Sep 25 1992VT terminal emulator for Windows
1110.03EVOIS7::FOLLYSun Sep 27 1992Message created by the Editor partially lost
1111.04SHIRE::MAX333::WENGERMon Sep 28 1992Encrypted message service ?
1112.06YUPPY::63657::GORARDMMon Sep 28 1992Message Adressing Templates
1113.024MUDIS3::MFRPC1::FiscalMon Sep 28 1992MACROS failure
1115.03A1VAX::GRIFFINMon Sep 28 1992New Marketing Collateral Materials
1116.04TRCOA::MCCORMACKMon Sep 28 1992reactivating an application
1117.01BRIVAX::DOWN_JTue Sep 29 1992Teamlinks
1119.01FAILTE::CHRISTENSENTue Sep 29 1992WPCORP doc format handled by MailWorks server
1120.01FAILTE::CHRISTENSENTue Sep 29 1992Objects in folder reversed when moved out/back
1121.01GUCCI::RJENKINSTue Sep 29 1992Reading a sent TeamRoute document
1124.05WOTVAX::PCWed Sep 30 1992MACRO problem on Excel
1125.0WOTVAX::PCWed Sep 30 1992Addressing translation
1126.02WOTVAX::PCWed Sep 30 1992DDS from TeamLinks Message Addressing?
1127.013STKAI1::SWE152::AnnLjungberg@SOOWed Sep 30 1992Upgrades, performance
1128.01MUDIS3::FISCALWed Sep 30 1992installation restriction
1129.04RCORDF::PAYNEWed Sep 30 1992TeamLinks and cc:mail?
1130.05XANADU::STJEANWed Sep 30 1992Any feedback specifically on the Microsoft DEC Macro Setup/Installation?
1131.05KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLWed Sep 30 1992TeamLinks Vs Lotus NOTES
1132.0STKAI1::SWE152::AnnLjungberg@SOOWed Sep 30 19922
1133.010FAILTE::CHRISTENSENWed Sep 30 1992Loosing part of Word for Win in IOS F.C.
1134.04WOTVAX::PCWed Sep 30 1992Mail server problems
1135.02GLUEON::LONGNEYThu Oct 01 1992Attaching an IOS document
1136.0IOSG::TALLETTThu Oct 01 1992Lift up foot, take aim, and....blam!
1137.01OSLACT::JOSTEINThu Oct 01 1992Error setting up Mail Profile
1138.06DEALIN::DARUWALAThu Oct 01 1992Windows Office / Visual Basic Application Integration
1139.04MSAMFri Oct 02 1992"No viewer is available" for IOS WPS-PLUS documents
1140.09BEBBI1::STUKERFri Oct 02 1992Wordperfec Macro
1141.024PRIAM::OESTREICHERFri Oct 02 1992Windows for Workgroups
1142.0SANTEE::GREENEFri Oct 02 1992Pen computing & TeamLinks routing
1144.06JEAVES::RICKW::RickMon Oct 05 1992Some TeamLinks questions
1145.03MSAMMon Oct 05 1992Connection Mechanism?
1146.04TAMARA::PROUTYMon Oct 05 1992TeamLinks QAR Application Updates
1148.011SUOSW4::MOOGTue Oct 06 1992Future !!!!????????
1149.06GRANPA::MELO::fbowlesTue Oct 06 1992SoftSolutions for Windows - Friend or Foe?
1150.05VMSMKT::NASDOS::Gary LightTue Oct 06 1992TeamLinks Scenario Demo Comments Go Here
1151.03SUBWAY::BUONOMOWed Oct 07 1992CTI specs for modification
1153.02CTOAVX::PYERSWed Oct 07 1992WordPerfect/Windows with TeamLinks...
1154.0COPCLU::JACOBSENThu Oct 08 1992Asset: TeamLinks Spawner.
1155.02BIS6::BHP49::DESCHUYTERThu Oct 08 1992Use filename extention in TLFORMAT.INI
1157.01MS31Thu Oct 08 1992Duplicate msgs sent/rcv from TeamLinks
1158.03ODIXIE::LAROEThu Oct 08 1992TeamRoute supp disk for V1.
1159.05SUBWAY::BUONOMOThu Oct 08 1992Where did the MACROS go ?
1160.02GLOVES::339Thu Oct 08 1992ASN.1/DOS SHARE command
1161.06CHENG5::WIDMERThu Oct 08 1992TeamLinks for Motif - any dates?
1162.0KETJE::VANHOOSTEFri Oct 09 1992TL, UNIX file services and ... ARCHIVING !
1163.011EVOAI2::DIFANTFri Oct 09 1992URGENT - Problem FC server
1164.01FAILTE::CHRISTENSENFri Oct 09 1992WP Macro Problem
1165.08AIMTEC::MAXIMOUS_SFri Oct 09 1992WPS viewer disappears
1166.02SWETSC::WILHELMSSONFri Oct 09 1992Hang on ALL-IN-1 IOS 3.
1167.04SLICER::RODFri Oct 09 1992Different node for IOS FC/MailWorks Server?
1168.0CTOAVX::DESENATue Oct 13 1992QuickRoute DDE for TeamLinks?
1169.03ARRODS::STUBBSWed Oct 14 1992Teamroute's via cc:MAIL
1170.03COPCLU::GRYNNERUPWed Oct 14 1992Teamlink,Ultrix and TCP/IP
1171.01WOTVAX::MCGUIREVWed Oct 14 1992Any Benchmarks?
1172.04MSBCS::MSD616::HarringtonWed Oct 14 1992Floppy file cabinet questions/problems
1173.01MRKTNG::LIBERTYBWed Oct 14 1992WordPerfect Integration
1174.04FAILTE::CHRISTENSENThu Oct 15 1992Automatic printing of incoming mail
1175.035MUSIK::ParkerFri Oct 16 1992MS DEC Macros - Excel problem
1176.0GLUEON::LONGNEYFri Oct 16 1992DDS Results Window --> PAB bug
1177.03EEMELI::TOUKKARIFri Oct 16 1992Problems to open document via DDE macros
1178.08FAILTE::CHRISTENSENFri Oct 16 1992How to modify IOS Drawer names???
1179.05OASS::GIANNETTI_DMon Oct 19 1992Problem with OLE's
1180.03DEALIN::DARUWALAMon Oct 19 1992MS - DEC Toolkit and Word for Windows Save Command problem.
1181.02JOCKEY::COOPERMTue Oct 20 1992Invalid file cabinet resource id on startup
1182.03NOLE::GONZALEZ_ETue Oct 20 1992TeamLinks VTX Client/Escape Sequences
1183.0BINARY::OSTTue Oct 20 1992Routing a folder
1184.07VAULT::CRAMERTue Oct 20 1992Introduction needed for potential internal use
1185.01HGOVC::CARLOCHOIWed Oct 21 1992TL/TR documentation?
1186.01CSOA1::FLOYDWed Oct 21 1992Viewer problems
1189.06SUOSW4::SUOGS1::moogWed Oct 21 1992Tabs and printing from mail editor
1190.04ROMA::PORTER_TWed Oct 21 1992Mail DDE syncronisation
1191.010BINARY::OSTWed Oct 21 1992Network Shared IOS File Cabinets
1192.0TLAVC::NILKUHAThu Oct 22 1992PC hang when try to connect to server
1193.0SUOSW3::MOOGThu Oct 22 1992Searching TRPs ?
1194.0SUOSW3::MOOGThu Oct 22 1992User Management ???
1195.08KERNEL::COOPERThu Oct 22 1992Teamlinks/ios v3.
1196.010COLBIS::LUCASThu Oct 22 1992WPSplus and WinWord "integration" ?
1197.02COLBIS::LUCASThu Oct 22 1992Other platforms
1198.02COLBIS::LUCASThu Oct 22 1992Convert Stream file format in A1 IOS
1199.05COLBIS::LUCASThu Oct 22 1992APIs ?
1200.04COLBIS::LUCASThu Oct 22 1992WPSplus printing from Teamlinks
1201.02ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGThu Oct 22 1992TeamLinks password DLL?
1202.04WOTVAX::MCGUIREVThu Oct 22 19921.
1203.05LFOIS1::DEMEESTEREThu Oct 22 1992A1 2.4 STARTER and Teamlinks ???
1204.09OASS::GIANNETTI_DThu Oct 22 1992Problems with viewing TeamLinks drawers fr VT Term
1205.02WEORLD::WOOLSTONFri Oct 23 19929 Oct Integ Kit Excel XLA start problem - URGENT
1206.06SUOSW4::SUOGS1::moogMon Oct 26 1992HELP!!! Local File Cab conversion (3rd try)
1207.02TALE::PILOUI::PITTETMon Oct 26 1992French macros for Excel and Winword
1208.0ATLABC::CurleMon Oct 26 1992Using VSHARE.EXE instead of SHARE.EXE
1209.04RUMOR::STANPC::fosterMon Oct 26 1992PC Week review, Send via drag to outbox ?
1210.08WEORD::Pete_WoolstonMon Oct 26 1992DECnet error code=32 ... what is it?? Error code list?
1211.02FILTON::DAVISSMon Oct 26 1992Int. Workbench & Network Protocol Availability?
1213.02FSSB::LILJATue Oct 27 1992Uppgrading to lokal language.
1214.03ODIXIE::HIPPTue Oct 27 1992Lotus with Allways or WYSIWYG?
1215.06COPCLU::GRYNNERUPWed Oct 28 1992Lotus 1-2-3 Win proto-integration to Teamlinks
1216.03FAILTE::LAAHSWed Oct 28 1992Problems with TEXT objects
1219.06TRCOA::BARTLETTWed Oct 28 1992Read-only FileCab Access - Possible?
1220.04LGRANG::ShahnamWed Oct 28 1992need help in assisting customers evaluate TeamLinks
1221.0HAACK::HAACKWed Oct 28 1992licensing rules - concurrent or per user?
1222.04DEALIN::DARUWALAWed Oct 28 1992Maximum number of A1MAIL File Cabinets ?
1223.05OASS::GIANNETTI_DWed Oct 28 1992Problem running TeamLinks on Notebook
1224.01SMAC1Wed Oct 28 1992WPS-Plus viewer
1227.04ODIXIE::EVGONZALEZThu Oct 29 1992WPS for Windows w/TeamLinks?
1228.05MSAMFri Oct 30 1992Connection Package license.
1229.020OASS::GIANNETTI_DFri Oct 30 1992Problem using CTIbroker connection
1230.08OASS::GIANNETTI_DFri Oct 30 1992Problem with WINRCV.EXE
1231.07WOTVAX::MORRISONFri Oct 30 1992Works for Windows
1232.07TAVMon Nov 02 1992TeamLinks general overview document
1233.04MUDIS3::FISCALMon Nov 02 1992Deadend - WordBASIC Err=124
1234.02ROMA::TEPTAP::PORTER_TMon Nov 02 1992Associate to BAT file?
1235.01KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLMon Nov 02 1992Visual Basic "Professional"?
1236.06SNOCMon Nov 02 1992Creating & Saving Objects in TeamLinks Index
1237.021FAILTE::CHRISTENSENTue Nov 03 1992Windows running out of (Low?) Memory
1238.01FAILTE::EWE::LAAHSTue Nov 03 1992Experiences of coexistence between IOS and LAN
1239.018COPCLU::RIISTue Nov 03 1992Only see 3 first drawers in IOS
1240.01YUPPY::CARTERTue Nov 03 1992Broadcast message not as expected
1242.04SIOG::T_REDMONDWed Nov 04 1992File Error: XTIDNSW.DLL
1243.03A1VAX::GRIFFINWed Nov 04 1992Remote Sales Support for U.S.
1244.02SAHQ::LIVNGD::LIVENGOODWed Nov 04 1992Accessing DDS questions
1245.02JULIET::FREEMAN_RIWed Nov 04 1992WPSplus / WordPerfect / Teamlinks ??
1246.02MUDIS3::FISCALThu Nov 05 1992PAK Termination Date 3
1247.02PRIMES::64633::THOMASThu Nov 05 1992Scenario_V2 demo: Excel Problems
1248.010COPCLU::JACOBSENThu Nov 05 1992New revised TeamLinks Spawner asset.
1249.05BCOM38::BrudererThu Nov 05 1992IOS 3.
1250.04MRKTNG::MDPER::paraisonThu Nov 05 1992TeamLinks and Printer Fonts
1251.03FAILTE::LAAHSThu Nov 05 1992How is possible output formats determined?
1252.06JURA::MUTZIK::MackFri Nov 06 1992Cannot view WPSPLUS documents
1253.02FROSTY::UIDIOT::SmithFri Nov 06 1992Who/what in the heck is TMR$SERVICE?
1254.02CHGVFri Nov 06 1992RCV notification through DEC router 25
1255.02DPDMAI::RITZCFri Nov 06 1992LOTUS / EXCEL viewer & handling problems
1256.05INFACT::BEVISFri Nov 06 1992---FLAME--
1257.01SANTEE::GREENESat Nov 07 1992A Common PAB?
1258.05BIGUN::TRODON::PLEMELMon Nov 09 1992V1.
1259.03EVTAI1::PROTMon Nov 09 1992Connection Package install fails
1260.010HLIS52::63748::hofland_eMon Nov 09 1992Wrong count of Wastebasket
1261.01EVTAI1::PROTMon Nov 09 1992MICROSOFT relationship
1262.01OASS::GIANNETTI_DMon Nov 09 1992System Violation when Exit Windows w/o Cl TL
1263.02MFRFMS::SUSANNEMon Nov 09 1992ALL-IN-1 V3.
1264.0BELFST::DEANMon Nov 09 1992Do any of these applications exist already
1265.04VSSPC::MSD524::EstesMon Nov 09 1992333c hangs with Teamlinks ASYNC CTI connection process
1266.01RUMOR::STANPC::fosterMon Nov 09 1992Problems observed during the V1.
1267.02WOTVAX::6379Mon Nov 09 1992MACROS and Word strange problem
1268.02BELFST::DEANMon Nov 09 1992Emptying Waste Causes Error
1269.05AIMTEC::MAXIMOUS_SMon Nov 09 1992DDIF attachment problem
1270.09BINARY::OSTMon Nov 09 1992Question for marketing
1271.06NANTES::FARNETue Nov 10 1992Integration KIT & Keywords
1272.03FAILTE::LAAHSTue Nov 10 1992Loading PAB at startup time?
1273.02OSPREY::LAAHSTue Nov 10 1992How does printing 'work'?
1275.01HELLO::CUMMINGSWed Nov 11 1992Experienced Windows programmer available
1276.04SOADC::MCCARNWed Nov 11 1992Customization services, anyone ?
1277.01ATLABC::CurleWed Nov 11 1992Are the Viewers callable?
1278.07ATLABC::CurleWed Nov 11 1992Using the Information Manager
1279.05GLIND1::BURNSWed Nov 11 1992Mail Filtering (X.4
1280.011ODIXIE::HIPPWed Nov 11 1992Word Perfect Beta Macros Problems
1281.0COPCLU::JACOBSENThu Nov 12 1992Request for ref-sites.
1282.01MSAMThu Nov 12 1992cannot connect to MAIL overnight ????
1283.02SUOSW4::SUODB2::moogThu Nov 12 1992UU: Where are macros for Wordperfect ?
1284.02COPCLU::GRYNNERUPThu Nov 12 1992Client/server and network programming interface
1285.04OSLACT::JOSTEINThu Nov 12 1992Does V1.
1286.015EEMELI::TOUKKARIThu Nov 12 1992TeamLinks & Visual Basic 2.
1287.01SUOSW4::SUOGS1::moogThu Nov 12 1992Macros for AmiPro
1288.08YUPPY::CARTERThu Nov 12 1992Urgent: Mail not moved to OUTBOX only COPIED
1289.01TROOA::BURGOSThu Nov 12 1992Microsoft Mail/X.4
1291.04WOTVAX::DORANAFri Nov 13 1992TeamLinks V1.
1292.02GRANPA::BSPECTORFri Nov 13 1992"Reliable Workflow Manager" for Routing?
1293.03WARNUT::2HSat Nov 14 1992FILECAB.DLL question
1294.06SWETSC::WILHELMSSONSat Nov 14 1992Tagging DTIF files from Excel 4.
1295.04FAILTE::LAAHSMon Nov 16 1992STERAM_LF files give error when accessed.
1296.012FAILTE::LAAHSMon Nov 16 1992Staging, launching and synchronization.
1297.01GVPROD::5Mon Nov 16 1992Where is HSIITIF.DLL ?
1298.0YUPPY::63657::GorardMon Nov 16 1992Set password over async kermit connection
1299.02TROOA::BURGOSMon Nov 16 1992MUAS$SERVER process doesn't start
1300.02MINNY::WIDMERMon Nov 16 1992CTI and IBM World ?
1301.04CSOA1::FLOYDMon Nov 16 1992Teamlinks V1.
1302.04YUPPY::CARTERTue Nov 17 1992DDS not being used???
1303.03TRCOA::BARTLETTTue Nov 17 1992MACROS - Teamlinks only?
1304.01TROOA::BURGOSTue Nov 17 1992Converters available
1305.05SAC::ISRAID::gooding_gTue Nov 17 1992Problem deletin A1 mail
1306.05NEOVTue Nov 17 1992BPR & TeamRoute
1307.07OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mWed Nov 18 1992Can I DEinstall Connection Package?
1308.04FAILTE::MURRAYWed Nov 18 1992ALL-IN-1 MAIL DOS bad counts
1309.01WOTVAX::63748::mcguireWed Nov 18 1992Problem mailing text attachments
1310.03HXOUWed Nov 18 1992Cannot find .dll files
1311.04RUMOR::STANPC::fosterWed Nov 18 1992Spurios confirm-move events since 1.
1312.0GIDDAY::LEHWed Nov 18 1992Product Registration Card
1313.015MSAMWed Nov 18 1992some feedback from customer... ???
1314.03WPOPTH::MINEThu Nov 19 1992WordPerfect Macro Problems
1315.07YUPPY::63657::GorardThu Nov 19 1992Lotsu 123 W 1.1 / TeamLinks / SHARE ????
1316.02MRKTNG::HORTONThu Nov 19 1992WordPerfect Announces TeamLinks Integration
1317.01MRKTNG::HORTONThu Nov 19 1992WordPerfect/TeamLinks Users Needed
1318.03AIMTEC::MAXIMOUS_SThu Nov 19 1992Latest Macros - interesting results
1319.03HSKPRF::TAURIAINENFri Nov 20 1992Installing Connection Package and WP OA?
1320.08WOTVAX::6379Fri Nov 20 1992DisplayWrite 4 and TeamLinks
1321.01UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTMon Nov 23 1992Forwarded message becomes type BINARY ?
1322.04YUPPY::63657::GorardMon Nov 23 1992Networked installed Wordperfect and the macros...
1323.02MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichMon Nov 23 1992TMRSUP only likes C: (V 1.
1324.02MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichMon Nov 23 1992NS3 german version ??
1325.05MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichMon Nov 23 1992Staging.dat private in net-installation ?
1327.04MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichMon Nov 23 1992Success with W4W macros but one problem
1328.07ISTWI1::DARUGERMon Nov 23 1992Time Management in Teamlinks?
1329.0NYTAXI::SYSTEMMon Nov 23 1992IOS/TeamLinks/Word and WORDPERFECT HELP!!
1330.0YUPPY::CARTERTue Nov 24 1992Removing full address from message header
1331.06ROMOIS::BENEDUCETue Nov 24 1992Which Image for teamlinks?
1332.09ATLABC::CurleTue Nov 24 1992Printing of the Distribution List
1333.011HXOUTue Nov 24 1992Connection Package server won't start/run
1334.03NYEM1::JAWORSKYJTue Nov 24 1992Word, WP <-> WPS+ Conversions
1335.02COPCLU::COPRUG::RUNEWed Nov 25 1992Connection Package problem on IOS V2.4
1336.01DCPC1::NIESSINKWed Nov 25 1992Error when modifying "Route to Gateway" in V.1
1337.01ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGWed Nov 25 1992MakeNetworkConnection?
1338.01CHEFS::SCARR::BobWed Nov 25 1992Attaching messages AND their attachments?
1339.02OASS::GIANNETTI_DWed Nov 25 1992Problems with Default Template
1340.01LSNCSC::AKERETWed Nov 25 1992Fig 3-6 converters blues
1341.01LSNCSC::AKERETWed Nov 25 1992VIEW <> NO cut & Paste
1342.02VEGAS::GURALNIKWed Nov 25 1992Time Stamp Problems Fix
1343.02CHENG5::WIDMERWed Nov 25 1992German integration macros
1344.06EPAVAX::EPAPC1::CARLOTTIWed Nov 25 1992File cabinet in subdirectory a problem?
1345.08BELFST::65212::deanThu Nov 26 1992What can I tell customer?
1346.02BELFST::65212::deanThu Nov 26 1992Image?
1347.01GVPROD::GVPROD::PETERThu Nov 26 1992Asynch access to "remote" file cabinet
1348.01ZPOVC::LCLEEThu Nov 26 1992Delivery Notification Issue
1349.05ZPOVC::LCLEEThu Nov 26 1992Distribution again!!
1351.0TKOV51::MATSUSHITAThu Nov 26 1992New name for the future ?
1352.05NANTES::FARNEFri Nov 27 1992WINWORD 2.
1353.01LARVAE::OLDNIC::COHEN_DFri Nov 27 1992TeamForm field lengths
1354.08BOOZE::SCHOELLHORNFri Nov 27 1992Binary attachment file size modifications
1355.010ZPOAC3::ALLIN1Mon Nov 30 1992How to order integration macros?
1356.08OASS::GIANNETTI_DMon Nov 30 1992Installation Clarification
1358.03WOTVAX::63748::mcguireTue Dec 01 1992Problem with HP printers
1359.01DEALIN::DARUWALATue Dec 01 1992Teamroute File Associations in Teamlinks
1361.08CAADC::SOBELTue Dec 01 1992Network timeout
1363.02MAIL::SEITZWed Dec 02 1992Does Lotus Notes route documents?
1364.05OTOPWed Dec 02 1992Scanning for Viruses
1365.01WEODGE::ROBBINSWed Dec 02 1992Need to migrate from ALL-IN-1/DECpage to TeamLinks?
1366.01MSAMWed Dec 02 1992Document Conversion with Macros?
1367.02SIOG::B_RAFFERTYThu Dec 03 1992MS Word Macros Find File option
1368.02OTOPThu Dec 03 1992Encoding messages and attachments
1369.01OASS::ANDRES_BThu Dec 03 1992Saving Drafts Messages in Local Drawer
1370.02OASS::ANDRES_BThu Dec 03 1992Generate Receipt Options
1371.0SWETSC::WILHELMSSONThu Dec 03 1992TL and Windows for Workgroups discussion
1372.02STOHUB::SLRVMS::RELIFORDThu Dec 03 1992Recipient Based Conversion
1373.02STOHUB::SLRVMS::RELIFORDThu Dec 03 1992Selling Strategies
1374.06CHENG5::WIDMERThu Dec 03 1992Customer feedback for V1.
1375.01MSAMFri Dec 04 1992TeamLinks De-installation Procedure?
1376.07WELCLU::63945::MASONFri Dec 04 1992Problem with MS Macro installation
1377.05BEBBI1::STUKERFri Dec 04 1992FC future
1379.01--UnknownUser--Fri Dec 04 1992RGDI causes crashing
1380.015JOCKEY::AL35Fri Dec 04 1992TL seems slow
1381.08FAILTE::EWE::LAAHSFri Dec 04 1992DX to Word For Windows converter available
1382.01FAILTE::EWE::LAAHSFri Dec 04 1992Plnas for viewing Word For Windows?
1383.04JOCKEY::NUTKINSMSat Dec 05 1992MS Apps OPEN slow when using TeamLinks File Cabine
1384.02ZPOVC::LCLEEMon Dec 07 1992ALL-IN-1 IOS File Cabinet Access problems
1385.06KETJE::VANHOOSTEMon Dec 07 1992Sensitivity
1386.013TRCOA::AHMEDMon Dec 07 1992Cost of MS-Mail
1387.02VSSPC::MSD524::EstesMon Dec 07 1992Transfer Address Book?
1390.02CSOA1::SMARACKOMon Dec 07 1992CTI Async Blues....
1391.03ALICAT::LONGNEYTue Dec 08 1992Blank Broadcast Receiver
1393.03KETJE::BHT85Tue Dec 08 1992CC-field when reading mail
1394.01PLAYER::TAVERNIERTue Dec 08 1992Difference between V1
1395.06JOCKEY::COOPERMTue Dec 08 1992teamlinks and autoapp ?
1396.01TENNIS::KAMTue Dec 08 1992Is TeamLinks a front-end for ALL-IN-1 IOS to be Client/Server-based?
1397.0TRCOA::MCCORMACKTue Dec 08 1992Local Inbox again
1398.02ZPOVC::WENDYLAIWed Dec 09 1992Cannot view WPS-PLUS doc with CARREL already installed
1399.02OSLACT::JOSTEINWed Dec 09 1992Problem viewing old WPS documents
1400.06SUOSW4::SUOGS1::moogWed Dec 09 1992Conversion nin networked environment ?
1401.015SUOSW4::SUOGS1::moogWed Dec 09 1992Login at system startup, before Teamlinks
1402.02JOCKEY::COOPERMWed Dec 09 1992Rename ios account ?
1403.06M45Wed Dec 09 1992TeamLinks launch problem - DLL damaged ?
1404.0MSDOA::PORELLThu Dec 10 1992Can we sell watch_a1mail.com?
1405.07MSDOA::PORELLThu Dec 10 1992Mail ?s - status, defer send, distribution lists
1406.0COPCLU::BIRGERThu Dec 10 1992Microsoft X4
1407.08JOCKEY::63989::SHARKEYAThu Dec 10 1992bug ? read window won't stay full screen
1408.0SUOSW4::SUOGS1::moogThu Dec 10 1992Automatically update new mail counter in INBOX ?
1409.01SUOSW4::SUOGS1::moogThu Dec 10 1992DDS search in V.1.
1410.02WOTVAX::MORRISONThu Dec 10 1992ALL-IN-1 IOS licences required
1411.01GUCCI::RJENKINSThu Dec 10 1992Pc shared file cabinet
1412.0GNOJP::PORELLThu Dec 10 1992Who uses TeamRoute internally?
1413.02OTOP25::SACHARENThu Dec 10 1992TeamLinks and Netware/IPX
1414.06COLSER::LUCASFri Dec 11 1992A1 IOS mails not visible/Mailcount wrong
1415.02JOCKEY::COOPERMFri Dec 11 1992Some network questions
1416.08UBOHUB::KNIGHTFri Dec 11 1992HELP - dial-up from Teamlinks
1417.03WR2FOR::SMALE_JOFri Dec 11 1992ms-word to wips_plus today?
1418.03JOCKEY::SHARKEYASun Dec 13 1992How do you find out filenames for restore?
1419.01GIDDAY::WANSun Dec 13 1992Is DECNet/OSI for VMS (Wave2) compatible with Teamlink
1420.01HAM::HBOPC6::HADLERMon Dec 14 1992Automatic Connection on Windows Startup?
1421.01MSAMMon Dec 14 1992Uniplex Competitive Information?
1422.07AIMTEC::MAXIMOUS_SMon Dec 14 1992Cannot access WORD documents in IOS file cab
1423.03TROOA::BARTLETTMon Dec 14 1992URGENT documentation request (96 is broken).
1424.0XANADU::TENGMon Dec 14 1992TMR for VB API available
1425.072PHDVAX::JPOWER::JenkinsMon Dec 14 1992official TeamLinks and TCP/IP protocol note
1426.01PRIMES::64633::THOMASMon Dec 14 1992Bone-Head Deleations!!!!
1427.02TENNIS::KAMMon Dec 14 1992An error has occurred in you application & General Protection Fault
1428.01LARVAE::JORDANTue Dec 15 1992V.1
1429.02LARVAE::JORDANTue Dec 15 1992V.1
1430.0LARVAE::JORDANTue Dec 15 1992Ami Pro and CDA and TeamLinks
1431.02BELFST::PRMCC::McClintockTue Dec 15 1992Corrupted MAIL Drawer!
1432.0A1VAX::GRIFFINTue Dec 15 1992Banking Application
1433.01OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mTue Dec 15 1992Protection of Teamlinks Drawers ?
1434.01CGOOA::SCHNEIDERTue Dec 15 1992KEYPAK Converter questions
1435.010WINEO::DOILIBIWed Dec 16 1992Applications with TeamLinks integration
1436.03FAILTE::LAAHSWed Dec 16 1992Can app be automatcillay launched on attachments?
1437.05UBOHUB::KNIGHTWed Dec 16 1992Problem with CTI_BROKER and VT32
1438.03CSOA1::FLOYDWed Dec 16 1992Teamlinks and Internet mail
1439.03TENNIS::KAMWed Dec 16 1992TeamLinks and ALL-IN-1 IOS Mail folder?
1440.07NEEPS::EDOMCC::NorrieThu Dec 17 1992Has V1.
1442.019COPCLU::GRYNNERUPThu Dec 17 1992launching a vb app instead of excel
1443.03UBOHUB::KNIGHTThu Dec 17 1992Urgent help for VTX Async
1444.03COLSER::LUCASFri Dec 18 1992List of known bugs in TL V1.
1445.01A1VAX::GRIFFINFri Dec 18 1992Season's Greeting From The TeamLinks Team
1446.06OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mFri Dec 18 1992Illegal Function Call errors
1447.017ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGMon Dec 21 1992Secondary passwords?
1448.017OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mMon Dec 21 1992Reject by Microsoft Mail Gateway?
1449.02SIOG::B_RAFFERTYMon Dec 21 1992URGENT! Mail Access Problem
1450.05USHSMon Dec 21 1992Sharing Local PC Drawer
1451.03KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLMon Dec 21 1992PAB still 64K max?
1452.02OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mMon Dec 21 1992Wordperfect V5.2 Teamlinks integration?
1453.019BIGUN::BRUCEMon Dec 21 1992Problem sending IOS attachment
1454.01JOCKEY::COOPERMTue Dec 22 1992excel can't save dos file into filecab
1455.01ZPOVC::LCLEETue Dec 22 1992WordPerfect Macro Integration Problem
1456.01ZPOVC::LCLEEWed Dec 23 1992Mail Exchange between DEC MAILworks and DaVinci
1457.01AIMTEC::MAXIMOUS_SWed Dec 23 1992Windows crashes when Teamlinks invoked
1458.04ICS::OAVAX1::BennettWed Dec 23 1992Types Accepted List Not the Same
1459.01BIGUN::PARKERMon Dec 28 1992MS Macros, Excel and external references
1460.0GIDDAY::LILICTue Dec 29 1992Local or PC Shared File Cabinets seem incredibly SLOW.
1461.01MSAMWed Dec 30 1992Local File Cabinet Mail Drawer?
1462.01MSAMThu Dec 31 1992When is Header Info Downloaded?
1463.0WINEO::DOILIBIThu Dec 31 1992Conversion from Uniplex to TeamLinks
1464.0WINEO::DOILIBIThu Dec 31 1992Customer question about TeamLinks
1465.01MAIL::SEITZThu Dec 31 1992status reports on multiple TeamRoute docs?
1466.04MSAMSat Jan 02 1993Printing MS Macro docs from VMS to DEC PS Printers?
1467.04ZPOVC::LCLEEMon Jan 04 1993WordPerfect Viewer Issue Re-visited
1468.015YUPPY::CARTERMon Jan 04 1993Changing INBOX order??
1469.01FAILTE::LAAHSTue Jan 05 1993WK3 support?
1470.03MEOCTue Jan 05 1993Network install for WORD macros
1471.05TALE::PILOUI::PITTETWed Jan 06 1993Winword Autosave + crash + staging mechanism
1472.08TALE::PILOUI::PITTETWed Jan 06 1993MS-Macros LLV - Staging Mechanism
1473.05ISTWI1::DARUGERWed Jan 06 1993Simple, short, start for the installation, etc.
1474.011JOCKEY::SHARKEYAWed Jan 06 1993bugs in AMIPRO macros (so far)
1475.03BACHUS::BHP64::VerbraekenWed Jan 06 1993DDS lookup restriction of 125
1476.01SANFAN::BRENNAN_JIWed Jan 06 1993Storing mail to DOS vs. TL file cab?
1477.01SUBWAY::BUONOMOWed Jan 06 1993PAB refresh agains DDS ??
1478.05AIMTEC::MAXIMOUS_SWed Jan 06 1993mail print problems
1479.03MORGIE::JENNEYWed Jan 06 1993Separate Teamroute kit for DECmailworks????
1480.0JARETH::MCKAYWed Jan 06 1993TeamLinks Guide to Info Man Wins an STC Award
1481.02BIS6::VANNESTEThu Jan 07 1993A1MAIL_MACRO
1482.02COPCLU::GRYNNERUPThu Jan 07 1993Cross-referencing Teamlinks documents
1483.0BOSEPM::GRIFFINThu Jan 07 1993TeamLinks and ALL-IN-1 Futures
1484.07SCAACT::RESENDEThu Jan 07 1993Importing Batches of Files?
1485.02ZASVAX::PORELLThu Jan 07 1993Mass loading of PAB?
1486.03ZASVAX::PORELLThu Jan 07 1993Read Receipt - work thru MR SNADS?
1487.05OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mFri Jan 08 1993Force CDA reinstall ?
1488.02GJOVAX::GRAEFFSat Jan 09 1993Can't connect to File Cabinet over CTI connection!
1489.0SMAC1Sun Jan 10 1993Available Fonts
1490.0CSOA1::FLOYDMon Jan 11 1993Read Previous Attachment
1491.018ODAY4Mon Jan 11 1993Can't find LIBCDA.DLL, but it's there!
1492.0JITTue Jan 12 1993Wish: reply-reqd mark should disappear
1493.02JITTue Jan 12 1993Wish: Address Validation with Server info
1494.02LARVAE::WEST17::SKEEN_CTue Jan 12 1993Problems on exit when connecting to an IOS server
1495.0UBOHUB::KNIGHTTue Jan 12 1993Any plans to add batch communication
1496.02PRESS1::MARSHALLTue Jan 12 1993Directory Lookup Displays wrong Messaging Address
1498.06SOBEL::SharynTue Jan 12 1993Cannot Connect to A1IOS File Cabinet
1499.04TENNIS::KAMTue Jan 12 1993Is TeamLinks a 3rd party product?
1500.01BERNWed Jan 13 1993Integration Macros and TL V.1
1501.01FAILTE::EWE::LAAHSWed Jan 13 1993Wp V5.2 and macros?
1502.02COLWed Jan 13 19932 customer wishes
1503.08COPCLU::VAGNWed Jan 13 1993Problem reading STREAMED_LF WPSPLUS files
1504.01OASS::GIANNETTI_DWed Jan 13 1993Problem with Printing Excel from TeamLinks
1505.01SCAACT::RESENDEWed Jan 13 1993EXPORT bug - Type mismatch
1506.05EPAVAX::EPAPC1::CARLOTTIWed Jan 13 1993v1.
1507.011STKAI1::SWE152::AnnLjungberg@SOOThu Jan 14 1993TeamLinks on Windows NT??
1508.0OSLACT::OLAVFThu Jan 14 1993Tools and apps's collection- >> avoid anarcy ?
1509.03HERON::LEMBEK::VogeleerThu Jan 14 1993Sorting Drawers Names
1510.0TRHPC1::JOARFri Jan 15 1993Exit Teamlinks --> PC Hang.
1511.0UTRUST::63817::BUITENENFri Jan 15 1993Draft mode viewer problems
1512.02MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichFri Jan 15 1993Adress-templates only online ?
1513.01TRCOA::TRCP49::Aryeh_HaimovitzFri Jan 15 1993Template Designer Problem
1514.01ALICAT::LONGNEYMon Jan 18 1993Some TeamLinks problems
1515.02ALICAT::LONGNEYMon Jan 18 1993Bad PAB entries revisited
1516.01IJSAPL::NIESSINKMon Jan 18 1993Excel & Macro's, general protection fault
1517.03STKAI1::JNORRBOMMon Jan 18 1993Slimmed TeamLinks - slimmed Pathworks?
1518.0STKAI1::JNORRBOMMon Jan 18 1993PAB-update when Mail Directory is updated?
1519.0ICS::COSEL::PieciulMon Jan 18 1993TeamLinks Update Workshop offering
1520.08CSSE::RUSSELLMon Jan 18 1993How to interpret message sending failures???
1521.02DECWET::BINGHAMMon Jan 18 1993DMTF, Desktop Management Task Force
1522.0GALVIA::PFEHINTue Jan 19 1993New Book on Usability Available
1523.04OSLACT::OLAVFTue Jan 19 1993DDS display wrong infomation, SWAP of PRMD/ADMD
1524.05EEMELI::RASANENTue Jan 19 1993Problem with Excel password protection
1525.04KAOTTue Jan 19 1993Performance connecting to IOS File Cabinet
1526.03ODIXIE::SHILLINGTue Jan 19 1993NS3 - TeamLinks "Ready" product shipping?
1527.02ODAY4Tue Jan 19 1993Callable?
1528.05COPCLU::JACOBSENWed Jan 20 1993ERROR 558
1529.02YUPPY::GORARDMWed Jan 20 1993DDS seaching problem
1530.01OSLACT::JOSTEINWed Jan 20 1993Experiences with server installation?
1531.01NANTES::FARNEWed Jan 20 1993Teamroute template designer doc
1532.010RCOCER::MICKOLWed Jan 20 1993Documentation
1533.04IJSAPL::NIESSINKWed Jan 20 1993Async connection disconnects on connection !
1534.04YUPPY::GORARDMWed Jan 20 1993Lotus 123 Integration Question
1535.010CSOA1::SMARACKOWed Jan 20 1993Variety of TL Questions
1536.03COLSER::LUCASThu Jan 21 1993DOS Viewer for DDIF-Image available?
1537.03FAILTE::LAAHSThu Jan 21 1993DAPOINTER = 'A' causes probs.
1538.01FAILTE::LAAHSThu Jan 21 1993What can be in VIEW.OPT?
1539.01FAILTE::LAAHSThu Jan 21 1993Remvoing need for copy to staging area.
1540.04FAILTE::LAAHSThu Jan 21 1993A way to distribute a 'Master' PAB.
1541.01LARVAE::ROBERTS_RThu Jan 21 1993Strange behaviour with some FileCab Title ?
1542.0ARRODS::GORARDMThu Jan 21 1993A printing "funny"
1543.02YUPPY::CARTERThu Jan 21 1993Reading a mail causes reboot!!!
1544.011YUPPY::CARTERThu Jan 21 1993Teamlinks problems over asynch decnet...
1545.03MORGIE::JENNEYThu Jan 21 1993converters not converting
1546.03DPDMAI::RITZCThu Jan 21 1993Expense Report TeamRoute template?
1547.08TENNIS::KAMThu Jan 21 1993Anyone know what happened to Browser/PATHWORKS Links?
1548.03COLFri Jan 22 1993Browser and PLNETLAD?!?!
1550.010VAXRIO::AVILAFri Jan 22 1993Viewer for DX and DDIF files ?
1551.01MEOCMon Jan 25 1993Available TEXT formats in WORD?
1552.04BELFST::MCCORRYMon Jan 25 1993DECMAILworks Questions
1553.02MEOCMon Jan 25 1993Multiple 'Connect to..' prompts
1554.013BEBBI1::5Mon Jan 25 1993New TL Mail Package
1555.01TRHPC1::JOARTue Jan 26 1993Problems with Teamlinks viewer / LAD-disk-inst.
1557.03WELCLU::LITue Jan 26 1993Deleting MS Macros
1558.03FAILTE::EWE::LAAHSTue Jan 26 1993Changing title bar in Word for Windows
1559.01DPDMAI::RITZCTue Jan 26 1993"Test Drive" demo diskette?
1560.01DPDMAI::RITZCTue Jan 26 1993KEAterm useable for asynch connection?
1561.02TRCOA::HAIMOVITZWed Jan 27 1993TeamRoute Template Conversion ??
1562.02HERON::LEMBEK::VogeleerWed Jan 27 1993Mail Templates Question
1563.04IJSAPL::NIESSINKWed Jan 27 1993Cannot send Mail using Asynchronous connection!
1564.06VIVIAN::J_GILBERTWed Jan 27 1993Teamlinks and VMSmail?
1565.02MLNTSC::DALPORTOWed Jan 27 1993Each clients with his own server ??
1566.01FILTON::DAVISSWed Jan 27 1993TMR: Redirecting docs to diff Active_Master folders
1567.01OASS::ANDRES_BWed Jan 27 1993Viewing Windows Remains Open
1568.03SANFAN::BRENNAN_JIWed Jan 27 1993Network Sched 3 and TeamLinks
1569.03SANFAN::BRENNAN_JIWed Jan 27 1993What doc. comes with V1.
1570.07WELLIN::HARRINGTONThu Jan 28 1993DECCVTVU.INI - cause of performance problem ??
1571.08LARVAE::JORDANThu Jan 28 1993Cut-down TeamLinks - no mail.
1572.04342Thu Jan 28 1993LOTUS Macro's and TeamLinks V1.
1573.04OTOP14::RiceThu Jan 28 1993INBOX messages not moved when READ
1574.01MALMFri Jan 29 1993Printing and viewing messages with TABS
1576.07EISYFI::ISLERFri Jan 29 1993Wordperfect Office V4.
1577.04MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichMon Feb 01 1993no priv for DDS..?
1578.01MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichMon Feb 01 1993Wordperfect + which TML version ?
1579.01ODAY4Mon Feb 01 1993PAB Entries mis-aligned for viewing
1580.04JOCKEY::COOPERMMon Feb 01 1993deleting files in pc filecabs - cfc.dll ?
1581.02COPCLU::RUNEMon Feb 01 1993DLL specifications for customers ?
1582.03MRBEEN::WATTTue Feb 02 1993Teamlinks memory allocation ?
1583.01DAOVAX::DAONWS::HodgesTue Feb 02 1993IOS File Cabinet will not connect
1584.06STKHLM::HORNBLADTue Feb 02 1993Invalid property type
1585.03SUOSW4::SUOGS1::moogTue Feb 02 1993Problems in TL 1.
1586.02SUOSW4::SUOGS1::moogTue Feb 02 1993Microsoft macros and converter ?
1587.08WOTVAX::64354::PC_NotesTue Feb 02 1993Mail Bagging facility...?
1588.01HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWTue Feb 02 1993Questions on TeamLinks Packaging
1589.010ODAY4Tue Feb 02 1993TeamLinks Setup won't run on Install - can't copy DIGITAL.BMP
1590.01MUDIS3::SCHAEFERTue Feb 02 1993WINword (not RTF) <--> DX ?
1591.042PCA112::BOEBINGERTue Feb 02 1993Prototype Mailbagging facility
1592.01YUPPY::CARTERTue Feb 02 1993General Prot Fault in 1.
1593.02TRCOA::MCCORMACKTue Feb 02 1993A Blatant Solicitation
1594.01WLW::64Tue Feb 02 1993Choice of Editor
1595.09SIOG::T_REDMONDWed Feb 03 1993"Working with TeamLinks" from Digital Press
1596.04COLWed Feb 03 1993Competitiv Infos against LOTUS NOTES needed!!
1597.01BIGUN::FEIGLEWed Feb 03 1993Is TL V1.
1598.04TALE::PILOUI::PITTETWed Feb 03 1993TeamLinks (Winword) <--> ALL-IN-1 (WPS-PLUS)
1599.03OSLACT::OLAVFWed Feb 03 1993Access from DOS to TL filecab
1600.06WOTVAX::63748::mcguireWed Feb 03 1993WordPerfect integration frustrations
1601.03MEOCWed Feb 03 1993InfoMan issues in MS-Windows environment
1602.02JOCKEY::COOPERMThu Feb 04 1993mail statistics ?
1603.05MSAMThu Feb 04 1993TCP access from Token Ring over TCP/IP?
1604.04SUOSW3::REHHORNThu Feb 04 1993Browser cancelled and now??
1605.04SUBURB::PHILLIPSSThu Feb 04 1993Teamlinks - How long to install?
1606.06MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichThu Feb 04 1993TeamLinks for Windows NT ?
1607.01CGOOA::NIXONThu Feb 04 1993Teamlinks for MAC?
1608.01WOTVAX::63748::McGuireFri Feb 05 1993location of 1.
1609.08ARRODS::WOOLLEYFri Feb 05 1993A customer's view
1610.03WOTVAX::6379Fri Feb 05 1993Using TeamLinks in a dial up world/
1611.02HXOUFri Feb 05 1993Association problem
1612.03OASS::ANDRES_BFri Feb 05 1993Adding DDS Lookup to PAB
1613.04SIOG::T_REDMONDSun Feb 07 1993TeamOFFICE from ICL (UK)
1614.04MSAMMon Feb 08 1993Receipt send error
1615.02ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGMon Feb 08 1993Who is supporting conferencing Windows client?
1616.04UTRUST::63817::BUITENENMon Feb 08 1993Weird font problems
1617.03AIMTEC::ROSIEP::Terry_PorterMon Feb 08 1993@con = Reboot
1618.02KERNEL::PCIOF3::horseycMon Feb 08 1993Upgrading teamlinks 1.
1619.03BOSEPM::MACDONALDMon Feb 08 1993Image-Enabled teamlinks,anyone??
1620.05KOMAIL::VALASEKMon Feb 08 1993File problems -attachments - Help !!
1621.02EVTAI1::PROTTue Feb 09 1993New migration/conversion tool TMLCV
1622.01COLSER::LUCASTue Feb 09 1993Config. for TL network installation
1623.01VNASWS::GACHTue Feb 09 1993File Cabinet Server can't handle STREAM_LF?
1624.0EVTAI1::PROTTue Feb 09 1993Mail send protocol question
1625.01GUCCI::PROSENBAUMTue Feb 09 1993?Wait for 1.1 for major deployment?
1626.05MSDOA::FRYLANDTue Feb 09 1993A customer scenario - Can teamlinks help??
1627.05FSOA::SJAWAHRANIWed Feb 10 1993File Cabinet Server problem
1628.01STKAI1::JNORRBOMWed Feb 10 1993TeamLinks Motif?
1629.01ZPOAC3::SYSTEMWed Feb 10 1993We need site/volume/concurrent licenses!
1630.02FLYNHI::FLYNHI::SIMONSONWed Feb 10 1993TeamLinks Mail kit?
1631.07IJSAPL::NIESSINKThu Feb 11 1993Can't create AutoRedraw image - ERROR MSG
1632.01ARRODS::WOOLLEYThu Feb 11 1993A customers view of performance
1633.03MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichFri Feb 12 1993wordperfect mailing TML <-> A1 IOS /how setup ?
1634.09JOCKEY::COOPERMFri Feb 12 1993new mail notification at login ?
1635.05UTRUST::DCVMT2::NIESSINKFri Feb 12 1993V1.1, Invalid File Format on INFOMAN startup
1636.08SIOG::T_REDMONDFri Feb 12 1993FC connections going away -- TL V1.1 FT
1637.06STKAI2::SKOTTE::AdolfssonFri Feb 12 1993Problem converting local MAILworks cabinet
1638.06UTROP1::STEENIS_MFri Feb 12 1993Integration idea
1639.03MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichFri Feb 12 1993Where ist the list of avail. formats from ?
1641.04JOCKEY::NUTKINSMSun Feb 14 1993Suggested enhancements for future versions
1642.01COPCLU::JACOBSENMon Feb 15 1993FIX V1.
1643.0A1VAX::GRIFFINMon Feb 15 1993Utrecht "Integration Days" Success!
1644.03LARVAE::JORDANMon Feb 15 1993Tooo long to delete a message / document in IOS
1645.02BIGUN::FEIGLEMon Feb 15 1993Customer Post Pilot/Project Review
1646.03ZPOAC3::SYSTEMMon Feb 15 1993We have share file cabinet but ...
1647.01TPLAB::NICOLASTue Feb 16 1993Receipt notification problem
1648.05IOSG::TALLETTTue Feb 16 1993TeamLinks Mail V1.1 installation problems
1649.02KAOTTue Feb 16 1993Async using KERMIT with DOS prompt
1650.06OTOPTue Feb 16 1993Default attachment format
1651.01SNOCWed Feb 17 1993Changing document Icons
1652.03TALE::PILOUI::PITTETWed Feb 17 19935
1653.06SUOSW4::MOOGWed Feb 17 1993What logic is used to display things ?
1654.05WELCLU::NICHOLLSun Feb 20 1994Question on Pathworks conferencing
1655.05WELCLU::LISun Feb 20 1994Multiple access corrupt Shared File Cabinet
1656.08WELCLU::LIFri Feb 19 1993Shared DEC MAILworks account - FileCabinet error 448
1657.0KAOTFri Feb 19 1993Error exporting large attachment over async with modem
1658.04ABBEYS::KALINAFri Feb 19 1993TeamLinks Mail only Client location?
1660.02ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGFri Feb 19 1993Remove TDT from installation?
1661.0ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGFri Feb 19 1993Lotus Notes Mac Client?
1662.0ADO75A::BAIRDSat Feb 20 1993Visit to Nashua
1663.07ISTWI1::DATCA::darugerSun Feb 21 1993A1 IOS V3 Distribution Lists in TeamLinks?
1664.03RUTILE::MUTZIG::MackSun Feb 21 1993Remote 'Reply' problem
1665.07IJSAPL::NIESSINKSun Feb 21 1993Problem when viewing of MR and RTF2 attachments
1667.08IJSAPL::NIESSINKSun Feb 21 1993V1.1 network installation considerations
1670.013LARVAE::SHOREMon Feb 22 1993Question list
1671.06KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLSun Feb 21 1993Reference Sites? / EDCS II
1672.01DPDMAI::RITZCSun Feb 21 1993Sizing TeamLinks with IOS?
1673.04CIVIC::COOPERMon Feb 22 1993Misc. Questions
1674.03CGOOA::NIXONMon Feb 22 1993MSWord/DECwrite
1675.05SUPTue Feb 23 1993Problem with DDS
1676.01MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichTue Feb 23 1993Looking for Vaxes...
1677.03GVPROD::JORHAT::BOWERSTue Feb 23 1993V1.1 Install to a disk service fails
1678.02TALE::PILOUI::PITTETTue Feb 23 199363 viewers available from Third Party
1679.013ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGTue Feb 23 1993Personalise OFFICE.INI
1680.01SCAMIN::BROWNTue Feb 23 1993Teamlinks--->IOS converters and veiwers
1681.02ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGTue Feb 23 1993don't show full mail address
1682.02KETJE::GEESSELSTue Feb 23 1993TL/Netware coexistence
1683.03CGOOA::WNOPTue Feb 23 1993redirect mail to print queue
1684.06DEBUG::GALLOTue Feb 23 1993Internet addressee too long for inbox scan
1685.05PROSE::ORION::HEMBERTTue Feb 23 1993Wanted: your feedback on existing doc set, and input for the RoadRunner information set
1686.010SUPWed Feb 24 1993File cabinet deletion in TeamLinks Setup
1687.03UTRUST::63817::BUITENENWed Feb 24 1993General Protection Fault when converting !!!!!
1688.0PETRUS::JULNIC::THIMMWed Feb 24 1993Notes file for TeamLinks localized versions
1689.04WOTVAX::MORRISONWed Feb 24 1993Commitment to TeamLinks
1690.02CIVAGE::PRIM13::arabiaWed Feb 24 1993CTI_ASYNCH Problem
1691.06AIMTEC::MAXIMOUS_SWed Feb 24 1993Mail-only client comments
1692.02ODAY4Wed Feb 24 1993WPS-Plus to TEXT conversion, why not all the time?
1693.0WPOPTH::WPONT::TOLLIDAYThu Feb 25 1993Document Recovery
1694.01BERNThu Feb 25 1993wps conv. pack:error selecting menu convert
1695.02IOSG::SMITHFThu Feb 25 1993Network Scheduler 3 (NS3) SSB kits now available
1696.04GVPROD::GVPROD::PETERThu Feb 25 1993Another CTI problem
1697.06MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichThu Feb 25 1993Will MS-Mail be the winner ???
1698.02CMOTEC::AUSTINThu Feb 25 1993Windows for Workgroups
1699.016XANADU::GRIEPThu Feb 25 1993TeamRoute SDK For Windows/EFT1 Available
1700.078MDCRAB::MARSHALLThu Feb 25 1993ObjectWorks Again!?
1701.015BUSHIE::SETHIFri Feb 26 1993TCP - Duplicate unique name or display name
1702.05BACHUS::BHP64::VerbraekenFri Feb 26 1993QAR first launch then view is not done by TL1.1ft
1703.01ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGFri Feb 26 1993Network Scheduler supporting 3
1704.0POESY::CloutierFri Feb 26 1993PATHWORKS_CONFERENCING has Moved (again!)
1705.06HGOVC::JONASLEUNGSun Feb 28 1993CTI over PSDN x.25
1706.05HERON::LEMBEK::VogeleerMon Mar 01 1993Postscript Printing
1707.01MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichMon Mar 01 1993TeamLinks Mail to replace DEC MAILworks for Windows?
1708.01KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLMon Mar 01 1993Workgroup Computing Conference?
1709.02OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mMon Mar 01 1993Attribute change on launch?
1710.03MEOCTue Mar 02 1993Print DRAFT/UNREAD mail uses small font
1711.03OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mTue Mar 02 1993Timing problem on startup!
1712.02OASS::GIANNETTI_DTue Mar 02 1993When does MAC TeamLinks go to EXternal Field Test?
1713.04STKAI1::BRUNNERTue Mar 02 1993V1.1 - customer input!!
1714.01SUBWAY::OLOFSONTue Mar 02 1993Help - TMRSUP Install
1715.03HALIBT::MCCANTATue Mar 02 1993WPS converter installation problem
1716.04WELCLU::LIWed Mar 03 1993Deferred Mail in TL
1717.06ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGWed Mar 03 1993TeamLinks on Netware
1718.04WELCLU::LIWed Mar 03 1993File Cabinet arrangement
1719.03SLICER::RODWed Mar 03 1993Question on mailbagging through Micom
1720.03BINARY::OSTWed Mar 03 1993WPS->WORD WORD->WPS conv. working?? SORTA
1721.08BRUMMY::BIOPC5::Angela HopeThu Mar 04 1993General Protection Fault converting from WPSPLUS
1722.03MUDIS3::MFRPC1::FiscalFri Mar 05 1993VMS upgrade kills OBJ_73
1723.08TRCOA::TRCP9Fri Mar 05 1993WPS-PLUS viewer stopped working
1724.01JUPITR::STEWARTFri Mar 05 1993AmiPro and .TIFF files
1725.09OASS::ANDRES_BFri Mar 05 1993Limit on the number of File Cabinets
1726.03BINARY::OSTFri Mar 05 1993Mail Notification/Association "problems"
1727.05KOMAIL::VALASEKFri Mar 05 1993Conferencing and Teamlinks
1728.03SANTEE::GREENESat Mar 06 1993OLE support Questions
1729.01CMOTEC::AUSTINSun Mar 07 1993TeamLinks and its viewers
1730.04LARVAE::COHEN_DMon Mar 08 1993Role Message when attachment invoked
1731.02ROMMon Mar 08 1993Delivery and Conversion problems
1732.07STKHLM::MELKER::LANDERSSONMon Mar 08 1993Wastebasket in every drawer?
1733.01STKHLM::MELKER::LANDERSSONMon Mar 08 1993TeamLinks <-> sendmail
1734.04OTOPMon Mar 08 1993Viewers and Printing Attachments
1736.025SUBURB::MUNCHR::DaveTue Mar 09 19932
1737.02OTOPTue Mar 09 1993Extracting attachments
1738.05STKHLM::MELKER::andersson_lTue Mar 09 1993Adding X.4
1739.05STKHLM::MELKER::andersson_lWed Mar 10 1993Archiving attachements without export/import?
1740.04LEMAN::PUNKIE::REGINAWed Mar 10 1993No viewer for DEC MAILworks object
1741.010FRANZC::Christopher_FranzWed Mar 10 1993Mail Notification Not Working
1742.02BONNET::BONNET::WILLYWed Mar 10 1993File Attachment and Reading Attachment Questions
1743.010ODAY4Wed Mar 10 1993PostScript Attachments arrive as text
1744.05ODAY4Wed Mar 10 1993Insufficient Server Resource --- Which one???
1745.01MJPRWed Mar 10 1993Installation options for TeamLinks
1746.011OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mWed Mar 10 1993Password issues with TeamLinks
1747.04OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mWed Mar 10 1993Messaging with NO icon
1748.02OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mWed Mar 10 1993Update on "count" problem ?
1749.01HURRU::SIEWERTWed Mar 10 1993Wollongong on the server?
1751.02GENIE::SPIESThu Mar 11 1993NS3 - Layout improvement of printed calendars ?
1752.04TAVENG::BENZIThu Mar 11 1993Internationalization (I18N) revisited
1753.02ROMThu Mar 11 1993Limit number of documents in file cabinet?
1754.014VAXRIO::ABREUFri Mar 12 1993error when creating local drawer /318/684
1755.011GVPROD::JORHAT::BOWERSFri Mar 12 1993No PAB after V1.1 network installation
1756.017VAXRIO::ABREUFri Mar 12 1993TMR error when adding attrib.
1757.05LARVAE::SHOREFri Mar 12 1993LOTUS 1-2-3 Multiple file handling
1758.012TAVENG::BENZISun Mar 14 1993TL and integration with other Windows applications
1759.09SNOCSun Mar 14 1993List of Converters..
1760.04SNOCMon Mar 15 1993Write access to file service required!!
1761.0TALE::PILOUI::PITTETMon Mar 15 1993Viewer for DDIF Images available
1762.09TNODNS::SPELTA::Angelo_SPELTA_@TNOMon Mar 15 1993TeamLinks & ALL-IN-1 MAIL, Windows & Mac
1763.02ISIDRO::RODRIGUEZMon Mar 15 1993TeamLinks Mail package requirements
1764.06MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichMon Mar 15 1993DX <--> WordPerfect/Windows converter on VMS ?
1765.017BACHUS::BHP144::LarocheMon Mar 15 1993Viewing a WK1 format. How ?
1766.07TPLAB::KLEIO::NICOLASMon Mar 15 1993Add object in new mail
1767.01COMICS::65182::HORSEYCTue Mar 16 1993Error creating Remote drawer. TL 1.
1768.07OSLTue Mar 16 1993Font selection
1769.04ZPOVC::SEOWHURNTue Mar 16 1993CTI_BROKER - File cabinet ok but mail fails !
1770.02MONTEZ::MONTEZTue Mar 16 1993why TeamLinks ? why OBJECTworks ?
1771.04WOTVAX::MORRISONTue Mar 16 1993CDA WPS Plus Conversion Pack fidelity level
1772.07BEBBI1::BCOM38::BrudererTue Mar 16 1993GPF with WPS+ Mail-Attachments containing Control Blocks
1773.01OASS::GIANNETTI_DTue Mar 16 1993Problem in 1.
1774.02LARVAE::WESTTue Mar 16 1993Why does TeamLinks report there are no Converters available
1776.04JOCKEY::NUTKINSMTue Mar 16 1993ALL-IN-1 IOS to TeamLinks Distribution Lists
1777.01KORU::SCHRODERWed Mar 17 1993Monitoring links to A1MAIL$CONNECT
1778.08ZPOVC::WENDYLAIWed Mar 17 1993Read-only documents in IOS drawer being updated
1779.02ZPOVC::WENDYLAIWed Mar 17 1993Is A1MAIL$T.TXT used ?
1780.03RUTILE::MUTZIG::MackWed Mar 17 1993Cannot view a memo copied from TL to A1/ios
1781.02HLDGWed Mar 17 1993DDS updates from Windows?
1783.03LARVAE::SHOREWed Mar 17 1993Memory usage when reading a document
1784.04LARVAE::SHOREWed Mar 17 1993DECNET.DLL available?
1786.02TRUCKS::WALTON_BWed Mar 17 1993Help with NOTE or Conferencing licenses
1787.08GLIND1::BORDENKECHERWed Mar 17 1993Files Created/Modified with TLinks Install?
1788.03GRANPA::STJUDE::THOMASWed Mar 17 1993NS3 Problem
1789.014IDEFIX::HEMMINGSThu Mar 18 1993Not emptying wastebasket
1790.02WOTVAX::MORRISONThu Mar 18 1993V1.1 is wonderful
1791.06CGOOA::NIXONThu Mar 18 1993Hardware Requirements??
1792.01TAMARA::HOVEYThu Mar 18 1993Sale Update 15-mar-93 TeamLinks Update
1793.0TAMARA::HOVEYThu Mar 18 1993Sales Update 15-mar-93: WordPerfect Modules
1794.0TAMARA::HOVEYThu Mar 18 1993Sales Update 15-mar-93: DECMailWorks and TeamLinks
1795.0TAMARA::HOVEYThu Mar 18 1993Sales Update 15-Mar-93:Intro TeamLinks Mail.
1796.01ZPOAC3::ALLIN1Fri Mar 19 1993TeamLinks Information Manager Package
1797.02OSLFri Mar 19 1993TRM Client installation fails - "Can not create Folder C:\\TRMLOKAL
1798.02ROMEDU::NEBBIAFri Mar 19 1993WordBASIC Err=5 during installation
1799.04CHENG5::WIDMERFri Mar 19 1993Association problem
1800.02ROMEDU::NEBBIAMon Mar 22 1993TeamRoute ALL-IN-1 integration
1802.03KAOTMon Mar 22 1993Exiting Teamlinks Messaging automatically
1803.016QMARY::CHRISMon Mar 22 1993Invalid File Format - TeamLinks v1.1 failure
1804.010ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGMon Mar 22 1993Customer problem/question on 1.
1805.06EPAVAX::EPAPC1::CARLOTTIMon Mar 22 1993Can't see my drawer anymore !
1806.04CHENG5::WIDMERMon Mar 22 1993Network Installation
1807.013CHENG5::WIDMERMon Mar 22 1993Read New Mail from WINRCV
1808.05KAOTMon Mar 22 1993WordPerfect Macros and TeamLinks Mail
1809.01TEGAN::61477::GuytonMon Mar 22 1993TL Documentation...again?
1810.03VNASWS::GACHTue Mar 23 1993ELF DLL internally available?
1811.0PETRUS::JULNIC::THIMMTue Mar 23 1993Request for (Practical) Testing Help
1812.02WELCLU::WELPC3::LITue Mar 23 1993Export Attachment: Option button
1813.025ZPOAC3::LCLEETue Mar 23 1993Message ID in Delivery/Receipt Notification
1815.08PDVTue Mar 23 1993TeamLinks and Disk Quota
1816.03ODIXIE::SILVERSTue Mar 23 1993What needs to be where????
1817.03GRANPA::STJUDE::THOMASTue Mar 23 1993DEC Mail Backbone: How To Do Addressing... Best Way?
1819.0MUDIS3::FISCALWed Mar 24 1993Selling channnels ?
1821.013COLBIS::SCHAWOWed Mar 24 1993TL asynchr. connection & IOS V3.
1822.03VIVIAN::J_GILBERTWed Mar 24 1993CTI Broker at >96
1823.04OASS::ANDRES_BWed Mar 24 1993GPF when adding attachment
1824.0CGOOA::NIXONWed Mar 24 1993TeamRoute Uses/Applications?
1826.0LEMAN::64652::REGINAThu Mar 25 1993PC316 keep device icons
1827.06STKAI1::SBERGQUISTThu Mar 25 1993Urgent: Network installation, TeamLinks Mail 1.1
1828.01JOCKEY::MARSHALLJThu Mar 25 1993Mail Server won't start - license problem ??
1829.05LARVAE::WESTThu Mar 25 1993File Cabinet Service not avilable
1830.08TEGAN::61477::GuytonThu Mar 25 1993File Cabinets vs Drawers: Questions from a new user.
1831.06TRIGG::VOGELThu Mar 25 1993Why the 2K blank message
1832.014OASS::GIANNETTI_DThu Mar 25 1993Undetermined Network Errors
1833.01SANTEE::GREENEThu Mar 25 1993V1.1 minor install glitch?
1834.01GJOVAX::GRAEFFFri Mar 26 1993PROFS, TeamLinks and NS3 coexistance possible?
1835.06MDCRAB::MARSHALLFri Mar 26 1993WinSocks/WinSockets/Windows Sockets?
1836.06GVPROD::JORHAT::BOWERSFri Mar 26 1993V1.1 network client fails
1837.01342Fri Mar 26 1993Need help on Async Recommendation
1838.01KAOTFri Mar 26 1993WordPerfect Macros with TeamLinks Mail
1839.02SNOCMon Mar 29 1993PATHWORKS Browser converters...
1840.015LARVAE::SHOREMon Mar 29 1993TeamLinks v1.2 and ALL-IN-1 v?
1841.09BIS6::BHP49::DESCHUYTERMon Mar 29 1993Novell Lan Workplace support ????
1842.05HLIS52::63843::whitaker_aMon Mar 29 1993TeamRoute Questions: Para &Condit Routing
1843.02CSOA1::FLOYDMon Mar 29 1993Comments requested
1844.010EPAVAX::EPAPC1::CARLOTTIMon Mar 29 1993General Protection Fault in CFCIOS.DLL
1845.04GRANPA::STJUDE::THOMASMon Mar 29 1993Questions?
1846.05HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWMon Mar 29 1993Multi-page TIFF viewer ?
1847.02OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mMon Mar 29 1993TeamLinks Mail V1.1 not exiting
1848.05BUSHIE::SETHIMon Mar 29 1993Mail notifications stops working all of a sudden
1849.02SNOCTue Mar 30 1993Converting UNIPLEX docs for use in TeamLinks
1850.01PAULUS::HARTNAGELTue Mar 30 1993Maximum number of docs in folder?
1851.01SHERIF::KERRTue Mar 30 1993TeamRoute Template to Install Products
1852.02CHENG5::WIDMERTue Mar 30 1993Organisational recommendations...
1853.02BUSHIE::SETHITue Mar 30 1993DEC MAILworks tool called CHKMAIL
1854.04ZPOVC::WENDYLAITue Mar 30 1993Option to disable Wastebasket display
1855.04ZPOVC::WENDYLAITue Mar 30 1993Disable File Staging
1856.09BIGUN::FEIGLEWed Mar 31 1993WordPerfect support of TeamLinks:Australia
1857.01SNOCWed Mar 31 1993KEYpak contact anyone..
1858.06CECEHV::CECH22::VREMAN_PWed Mar 31 1993Problems with PAB using TeamLinks and A1MAIL
1859.09ODIXIE::SILVERSWed Mar 31 1993Some advice needed.
1860.01GVAWed Mar 31 1993Automated archiving ?
1861.03OASS::GIANNETTI_DWed Mar 31 1993Problems with WordPerfect for Windows 5.2
1862.06MEOCThu Apr 01 1993WORD 'File Open' very slow
1863.01FAILTE::64551::LAAHSThu Apr 01 1993Customer feedback
1864.01MSDOA::COPPOCKThu Apr 01 1993Wordperfect 8
1865.029RUMOR::STANPC::fosterThu Apr 01 1993Enhancing TeamLinks with external tools
1866.09GIDDAY::COLEMANFri Apr 02 1993WordPerfect - Selected file could not be opened!
1867.01IJSAPL::NIESSINKFri Apr 02 1993Mailing attachments from TL-IOS problem
1868.04SEDOAS::DEMOPC::AMon Apr 05 1993Teamlinks converters source code needed
1869.06COPCLU::GRYNNERUPMon Apr 05 1993TeamLinks use MicroSoft Mail
1870.01RUTILE::MUTZIG::MackMon Apr 05 1993Storing Teamlinks messages on A1/IOS
1871.03MUDIS3::SCHAEFERMon Apr 05 1993TeamLinks on ALPHA ?
1872.01MUDIS3::SCHAEFERMon Apr 05 1993Is async broker multipurpose ?
1873.03BEANO::PEWTERMon Apr 05 1993GENIWIN.DLL
1874.06TODDLR::SYSTEMMon Apr 05 1993TeamLinks Support of IPX???
1875.02HALIBT::SYSTEMMon Apr 05 1993TeamLinks vs IOS resource usage
1876.08SEDPCW::DAVIES_GTue Apr 06 1993Word wrap when creating mail
1877.03VAXRIO::ABREUWed Apr 07 1993export attachment ?????
1878.05WOTVAX::64354::DoranWed Apr 07 1993V1.1 Outbox display change?
1880.03MR4DEC::ADESAIWed Apr 07 1993V 1.1 Installation problem...
1882.05HERON::LEMBEK::VogeleerThu Apr 08 1993controlling the printing of recipient lists
1883.02STKAI1::BRUNNERThu Apr 08 1993OS/2 support TeamLinks!
1884.04STKAI1::SBERGQUISTThu Apr 08 1993Network installation problems, TeamLinks Mail 1.1 cont'd
1885.01TENTO1::COOPERMThu Apr 08 1993turn on mail notification automatically ?
1886.01BIS1::PECEKE::VANKERKHOVEThu Apr 08 1993Another "General Protection Fault"
1887.03--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 08 1993up to 1
1888.03SUOSW4::SUOGS1::moogThu Apr 08 1993thousand of objects ????
1889.0TPLAB::KLEIO::NICOLASThu Apr 08 1993Backup/Restore issue
1890.04TUXEDO::MOLSONThu Apr 08 1993Help! People can't reply to me
1891.03DPDMAI::RITZCThu Apr 08 1993TeamLinks in PATHWORKS V5.
1892.016TEGAN::61477::GuytonMon Apr 12 1993"Cannot open the drawer"
1893.01LARVAE::SHORETue Apr 13 1993TeamRoute scenario wanted
1894.0LARVAE::WESTTue Apr 13 1993Network Upgrades - Clarification ?
1895.01GJOVAX::GRAEFFTue Apr 13 1993TL V1.1 and 433w causes General Protection Faults!
1896.01LARVAE::JORDANTue Apr 13 1993WPS-PLUS / AmiPro editing
1897.05VCOUTue Apr 13 1993TeamLinks support for Banyan??
1898.0152127Tue Apr 13 1993can't read ddif from teamlinks
1899.02IDEFIX::CLOKEWed Apr 14 1993EKS?
1900.01EVOAI2::DAN_MWed Apr 14 1993TeamLinks Technical Documentation
1901.01KAOTWed Apr 14 1993WordPerfect on MAC (MAILworks) to WordPerfect /TeamLinks
1902.04BIGUN::TRODON::PLEMELThu Apr 15 1993Unable to access viewers with network install of Windows
1905.02BINKLY::JOHNThu Apr 15 1993WINNT mail to VAX??
1906.04MAIL::WYMANThu Apr 15 1993Address Templates from PAB
1907.012FAILTE::64551::LAAHSFri Apr 16 1993This sort of thing really depresses me...
1908.01FAILTE::64551::LAAHSFri Apr 16 1993Create Message Button....
1909.09XANADU::SUITSFri Apr 16 1993Proposal for PC based routing agent
1910.01PAOIS::LAZERGESFri Apr 16 1993Problems with TeamLinks 1.1
1911.04EISYFI::ISLERFri Apr 16 1993Calendaring that Supports PC's and VT's?
1912.04GUCCI::RJENKINSFri Apr 16 1993Question on RCV and ALL-IN-1 Filecab connection
1913.01DPDMAI::RITZCFri Apr 16 1993MS-DOS V6.
1914.0NEOVFri Apr 16 1993Any "Impacting" workgroup case study?
1915.03KORU::SCHRODERMon Apr 19 1993Integration with MS Project, Access, or Improv
1916.05BUSHIE::SETHIMon Apr 19 1993Unable to create msg check directory or protection
1917.013IJSAPL::NATERMon Apr 19 1993\STAGING cleanup
1918.04IJSAPL::NATERMon Apr 19 1993Viewer/char/disabling viewing/mailsender/receiver
1919.02MUDIS3::SCHAEFERMon Apr 19 1993V1.1 is fast !!
1920.01WOTVAX::DORANAMon Apr 19 1993Changes to directory structure?
1921.03COLMon Apr 19 1993TeamLinks and VMS password security
1922.01ZPOAC3::LCLEEMon Apr 19 1993Multiple Users sharing single PC client
1923.06VAXRIO::ABREUMon Apr 19 1993ddif file generated from decimage ...
1924.02JULIET::SOORENKO_FEMon Apr 19 1993Corrupted sender field in mail message header
1925.02MSAMMon Apr 19 1993DECfax and TeamLinks ??
1927.011SIOG::B_RAFFERTYTue Apr 20 1993Distributing Custom Controls
1928.05ISTWI1::DATCA::darugerTue Apr 20 1993PROFS and TeamLinks?
1929.0LARVAE::64Tue Apr 20 1993EXCEL slow to start after TeamLinks install
1930.04WELCLU::WELPC3::LITue Apr 20 1993TL Mail with Windows as READ-ONLY service
1931.0DPSWTue Apr 20 1993Application Errors in Network Scheduler
1932.02WELCLU::WELPC3::LITue Apr 20 1993Unable to connect to file cabinets
1933.01BBOTue Apr 20 1993Excel not running decexcel.xla
1934.01SNOCWed Apr 21 1993Plans for TDL/TeamLinks Integration?
1935.03ZPOAC3::WENDYLAIWed Apr 21 1993TLFORMAT overwritten after V1.1 upgrade
1936.01WOTVAX::63748::McGuireWed Apr 21 1993WordPerfect to TEXT problems
1938.09QUICKP::KEHOEWed Apr 21 1993Upgrade paths
1939.02DPDMAI::RITZCWed Apr 21 1993V1.1 "Application Execution Error" ??
1940.05GIDDAY::BURTThu Apr 22 1993Unread attachment query
1941.02MEOCThu Apr 22 1993Invalid format type for WPS attachment
1942.06MEOCThu Apr 22 1993File size query
1943.04OASS::ANDRES_BThu Apr 22 1993Read New Mail Occassionally Gets A1mail Window
1944.01MILPND::WILLIAMSONThu Apr 22 1993A1M$CONNECT links not disconnected
1945.06GLIND1::BURNSThu Apr 22 1993"Exceed Segment Bounds" from Async DLL
1946.02MSAMFri Apr 23 1993problems upgrading from V1.
1947.012ZPOVC::WENDYLAIFri Apr 23 1993Last IOS drawer missing
1948.05COPCLU::TRIERFri Apr 23 1993TeamLinks Async and INT14
1949.08TRIGG::VOGELFri Apr 23 1993Need Page Breaks
1950.05CHGVFri Apr 23 1993TL Installation - Slow
1951.06OTOOA::PLAMONDONMon Apr 26 1993Automatic Upgrade to V1.1 ???
1952.02WOTVAX::64354::DoranMon Apr 26 1993Export attachment error
1953.018WOTVAX::64354::DoranMon Apr 26 1993Urgent - MS Macro update please
1954.07WOTVAX::64354::DoranMon Apr 26 199365534 docs in a folder?
1955.08FAILTE::64538::mackay_nMon Apr 26 1993Change VMS password from Windows??
1956.03ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGMon Apr 26 1993Quick Route bug?
1957.02VAXRIO::ABREUMon Apr 26 1993Directory services - message : Need more info
1958.03MAIL::WYMANMon Apr 26 1993Customized Security Label?
1959.011TRCT11::WINUSERMon Apr 26 1993Invalid File Format - Uprgading from 1.
1960.01KAOTTue Apr 27 1993"Teamlinks product is already installed on your system"
1961.05GLOVES::ALLERTONTue Apr 27 1993!Parameter too long message and Word Macro
1962.02KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLTue Apr 27 1993TeamLinks Messaging?
1963.05OASS::GIANNETTI_DTue Apr 27 1993Sometimes descending, sometimes ascending
1964.02TINNIE::SETHIWed Apr 28 1993Procedure to move TeamLinks client to another disk
1965.05ROMWed Apr 28 1993Installation problem with 1.1
1966.02MLNOIS::COMISSOLIWed Apr 28 1993Teamlinks Shared File Cabinet problems
1967.05ODIXIE::SILVERSWed Apr 28 1993ALL-IN-1 IOS as MAIL server?
1968.03OASS::GIANNETTI_DThu Apr 29 1993Implicit conversion not registered
1969.05SCAPAS::BUCEYE::wilsonThu Apr 29 1993TL/Mail on PW V5
1970.02DEKVC::DAEHEEKIMThu Apr 29 1993Error occurred on the CTI ASYNC environment
1971.05TANJ::JONFri Apr 30 1993Dos browser gone US with V11.
1972.04TENTO1::MCCAFFREYJFri Apr 30 1993Renaming of MAIL drawer
1973.01COLFri Apr 30 1993shared file cabinet performance
1974.02TALE::PILOUI::PITTETFri Apr 30 1993WordPerfect Macro gives an error message
1975.06GUCCI::RJENKINSSun May 02 1993File access error
1976.0IJSAPL::BROUWER_DMon May 03 1993viewing RTF format messages
1977.06LARVAE::JORDANTue May 04 1993A trivial question on the EXIT button :-)
1979.01MRKTNG::SKINNERTue May 04 1993Install problem with network windows
1980.05OASS::ANDRES_BTue May 04 1993Path Not Found error launching Word for Windows
1981.01IDEFIX::CLOKEWed May 05 1993HP "PCL" coversion?
1983.03ZPOVC::CHINGYUEWed May 05 1993What is A1MAIL$SERVER_LIST ??
1984.02ZPOVC::CHINGYUEWed May 05 1993Transaction log needed
1985.011FAILTE::LAAHSWed May 05 1993A futures question
1986.01DEKVC::DAEHEEKIMThu May 06 1993SIMPLE SCRIPT to invoke CTI connection using CTI
1987.03MSAMThu May 06 1993TeamLinks Customization Modules ?
1988.04SNOCThu May 06 1993TeamRoute Template Designer Forms to ALL-IN-1 T/R
1989.01ODIXIE::SILVERSThu May 06 1993access mail from VT and PC?
1991.05DAOVAX::ASHLEYThu May 06 1993WordPerfect TL integration not sending mail
1992.07OASS::GIANNETTI_DThu May 06 1993OFFICE.INI not being updated properly
1993.03MELKOR::RUDDYThu May 06 1993Urgent Flag on TMR packages
1994.03OASS::GIANNETTI_DThu May 06 1993Why can't we use the files on the server????
1995.05OASS::GIANNETTI_DThu May 06 1993Problem redirecting DISTLIST during Installation
1996.02OASS::GIANNETTI_DThu May 06 1993TMRSUP there's more than just a name
1998.013HLIS52::WHITAKER_AFri May 07 1993Add Existing Drawer...I've tried everything?
1999.02COLFri May 07 1993Printing -> Conversion to Text Format
2000.06LARVAE::SHOREFri May 07 1993List of questions
2001.03BACHUS::COLLARTFri May 07 1993Error Submitted message not accessible in TL 1.1
2002.01UPROAR::PLATTPFri May 07 1993X4
2003.02TROPPO::HUNTFri May 07 1993Document Management Systems
2005.01PIECES::ENGOPS::BurnleyMon May 10 1993TeamLinks and the clipboard
2006.02WOTVAX::DORANAMon May 10 1993Drawer display - alphabetical please...?
2007.04ZPOVC::CHINGYUEMon May 10 1993Problem with Auto forward
2008.0LARVAE::JORDANMon May 10 1993WishList: Text Reader and search for text
2009.02COLA1::COLPC3::stalzMon May 10 1993Why DOS share command???
2011.03PULMAN::HENRYMon May 10 1993V1.1 Export attachments to a print queue breaks
2012.01GUCCI::RJENKINSMon May 10 1993broadcast works but not winrcv
2013.01TENTO1::MCCAFFREYJMon May 10 1993Drag,Drop,Notify,Beep.
2014.04TRIGG::VOGELMon May 10 1993TeamRoute and IOS mail engine (Roadrunner)
2015.03ANGLIN::SHAHNAMMon May 10 1993Site Customized Installation?
2016.04SAHQ::CURLEMon May 10 1993TeamLinks and Netware Co-Existence
2018.02MUDIS3::SCHAEFERTue May 11 1993Office strategy event ?
2019.03OASS::GIANNETTI_DTue May 11 1993Out of Memory with PAB
2020.01OASS::ANDRES_BTue May 11 1993Error during conversion
2022.07YUPPY::CARTERTue May 11 1993Compulsory reply requested??
2024.08KETJE::VANHOOSTEWed May 12 1993API's between TL Client and DMW Server ???
2026.04FORTY2::TATHAMWed May 12 1993Recipient shown in index display
2027.03OASS::GIANNETTI_DWed May 12 1993Installation without a subdirectory
2028.02BIGUN::BRUCEWed May 12 1993Upgrading clients from 1.
2029.06COLThu May 13 1993Tools diskette for customers?
2030.05ZPOVC::WENDYLAIThu May 13 1993Customer feedback
2031.01TENTO1::COOPERMThu May 13 1993DNP without netbios ok for TL ?
2032.0MLNOIS::COMISSOLIThu May 13 1993Question on SHARE.exe
2033.03MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichThu May 13 1993adr-templates still not working offline
2034.06ICS::OAVAX1::BennettThu May 13 1993Mail Notification
2035.03KETJE::VANHOOSTEThu May 13 1993DDS concerns
2036.06DELSThu May 13 1993Error writing to the file
2037.0ZPOVC::WENDYLAIFri May 14 1993export OLE attachment
2038.05EPERNA::HUMMERSTONFri May 14 1993WINWORD 2 Converter?
2039.01COPCLU::OVESENFri May 14 1993GPF when using remote session manager (DECW$MWM)
2040.05ESTASI::COMISSOLIFri May 14 1993Issues from AGIP (Italian oil company)
2041.03FAILTE::MUCKRT::LAAHSFri May 14 1993Is it possible to define access levels without IOS?
2042.03STKAI1::BRUNNERFri May 14 1993Browser - TeamLinks Mail?
2043.08OASS::GIANNETTI_DFri May 14 1993Problem with local drawer
2044.01MDCRAB::MARSHALLFri May 14 1993Status of SuperPAB?
2045.01COLMon May 17 1993Wrong entries in Connect to Host Dialog Box
2046.03TEGAN::61477::GuytonMon May 17 1993Wastebasket emptying needs streamlining
2047.08HLISC1::EDDYMon May 17 1993file cabinet service is stopped,disabled or not running..
2048.01UTRTSC::SMEETSMon May 17 1993TeamLinks doesn't accept qualifiers
2049.01VAXRIO::ABREUMon May 17 1993TeamLinks Mail and TeamLinks for Windows ???
2050.01RUMOR::STANPC::fosterMon May 17 1993Mail filter rules editor ?.
2051.01ZPOVC::LCLEETue May 18 1993TeamRoute startup failed with process quota limit exceeded
2052.0NEWOA::SUTCLIFFEJTue May 18 1993TeamLinks and OLE Packaging
2053.05UTESTue May 18 1993WordPerfect V5.2 Integration 'problems'?
2054.0GALVIA::UKELLYTue May 18 1993Are you interested in DTIF->Excel V5 converter?
2056.07MSAMWed May 19 1993Integrate TeamLinks Mail into Windows for Workgroups?
2058.01IDEFIX::CLOKEWed May 19 1993Netware and ISDN (pointer?)
2059.08MKOTS3::COOPERWed May 19 1993Conversions Again!!
2060.06RUMOR::STANPC::fosterWed May 19 1993Another option for Time management with TeamLinks ?
2061.01NEWOA::SUTCLIFFEJWed May 19 1993WPv.51
2062.02OASS::ANDRES_BWed May 19 1993Job Title in DDS does not displayed
2063.013WKOLWed May 19 1993TeamLinks V2.
2064.07DPDMAI::RITZCWed May 19 1993Touch Screen / Dynamic Icons / WordPerfect EM edit
2065.02NEWOA::SUTCLIFFEJThu May 20 1993Documentation Pointers
2066.02BRUMMY::MARTIN::BELLThu May 20 1993File cabinet on disk service?
2069.04FSOA::CKELLEHERThu May 20 1993V2.4 vs. V3.
2070.02BPSPC4::kiralyFri May 21 1993POSTMASTER Conf. and kit?
2071.03BELFST::FITZPATRICKFri May 21 1993Problems opening TeamRoute attachment
2072.04UPROAR::PLATTPFri May 21 1993I can't spell...
2073.01GALLOP::SWINEY::John-MSun May 23 1993Local File Cab. mail problems.
2074.02HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWMon May 24 1993AIDA problem.
2075.05OSLACT::OLAVFMon May 24 1993New mail notification (WINRCV) and TCP/IP
2076.018OSLMon May 24 1993Competetive info URGENTLY needed
2077.0UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTMon May 24 1993Two DECnet links to A1MAIL$CONNECT ?
2078.06SUBURB::MUNCHR::DaveMon May 24 1993Saving Excel Workbooks in TeamLinks
2079.010MIZZEN::DEMERSMon May 24 1993TeamLinks for a VMS oldtimer
2080.01CODS::ESBECKMon May 24 1993TeamLinks Demos
2081.03ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGMon May 24 1993Can't find TeamLinks screen!! (InfoMan window off screen)
2082.02MKOTS3::COOPERMon May 24 1993WPW <->WPSPLUS
2083.02OASS::GIANNETTI_DMon May 24 1993I'm confused with what Find is supposed to do
2084.0NEWVAX::SPANNMon May 24 1993TeamLinks Mail and Cluster Alias
2086.02OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mMon May 24 1993No CDA installation questions request
2087.0BUSHIE::SETHITue May 25 1993MS-Mail, MAC client and Windows MACbinary,binary prob.
2088.08MEOCTue May 25 1993MAILworks/TeamLinks/timeframe questions???
2091.0EVOAI2::MAKOMBOTue May 25 1993Can anyone explain DECCVTVU.INI ?
2092.02KAOATue May 25 1993Wastebasket thinks he's my outbox
2093.06KAOFS::R_OBASTue May 25 1993Can't do Asynch connection !
2094.05WOTVAX::64354::DoranWed May 26 1993A1 PID is protected ;^(
2095.08SUOSW4::FELIXWed May 26 1993wrong fileformat ?
2096.0WELCLU::WELPC3::LIWed May 26 1993PC hung when exit WIN with TL iconized
2097.01OTOPWed May 26 1993Integrated File Cabinet problems
2098.06EPS::BOEHMWed May 26 1993TeamLinks V1.1 Performance Chapter available
2099.03WR1FOR::MEYERS_NAWed May 26 1993TeamLinks Perf with Large Dis Lists
2100.02SHERIF::KERRWed May 26 1993VB to ODBC to RDB example
2101.02MEOCWed May 26 1993IOS File Cabinets and Cluster Aliases
2102.02PIECES::ZAWINL::snowlingThu May 27 1993Error from POSTMASTER - TMR$SERVICE - unrecognized recipient name
2103.01VIVIAN::J_GILBERTThu May 27 1993A1MAIL$CONNECT process hanging ??
2104.04TANJ::JONThu May 27 1993MS-MACROS TMLNKS V1.1, WORD 2.
2105.04ICS::OAVAX1::BennettThu May 27 1993A 1 next to some IOS messages??
2106.05FAILTE::MUCKRT::LAAHSThu May 27 1993Workgroup Computing White Paper on the net?
2107.06OASS::GIANNETTI_DFri May 28 1993problem with cda supplemental conv wps to rtf
2108.01KAOFS::R_OBASFri May 28 1993Attachments from TeamLinks,ignored by IOS !
2109.016EISYFI::ISLERFri May 28 1993TeamLinks on Diskless PCs?
2111.01ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGMon May 31 1993Microsoft workflow product?
2112.01TARUGO::LIDIAMon May 31 1993Conversion (RTF,WPSPLUS) again
2113.010TROOA::BARTLETTMon May 31 1993TeamLinks - can it print message headers?
2114.01VAXRIO::ANDREAPENAMon May 31 1993Halcyon Converters & TL Packages
2115.01DAOVAX::ASHLEYTue Jun 01 1993VB connect program
2116.08WOTVAX::64354::DoranTue Jun 01 1993Change to DDS lookup...?
2117.08NEWVAX::SPANNTue Jun 01 1993Distribution List Not On Client
2118.05UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTWed Jun 02 1993RTF tagging
2119.02BIGUN::FEIGLEWed Jun 02 1993TeamLinks Works on a 386DX w/8MB memory
2120.06OSLACT::BJARNEC_PWed Jun 02 1993MS Macros + LLV's questions
2121.03COLWed Jun 02 1993TeamLinks security
2122.01MKOTS3::COOPERWed Jun 02 1993WPSPLUS Viewer
2123.01CHENG5::WIDMERWed Jun 02 1993Restrict FC functionality
2124.05KETJE::VANHOOSTEThu Jun 03 1993LARGE traffic on wire when opening TL folder
2125.01MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichThu Jun 03 1993Customer wants a bid for customization
2126.03ZPOVC::CHINGYUEThu Jun 03 1993"what is muas$server_
2127.04OSLACT::BJARNEC_PThu Jun 03 1993Customer questions and requirements
2129.06OSLACT::OLAVFFri Jun 04 1993Freelance Graphics integration ?
2130.02KAOAFri Jun 04 1993URGENT!! wp5.2 integration kit
2131.03WR1FOR::MEYERS_NAFri Jun 04 1993Mail not moving after reading
2132.0BIGTOY::ROGERSDMon Jun 07 1993WordPerfect attachments, RMS_TO_BIN
2133.05NZOMIS::MITCHELLMon Jun 07 1993PC Productivity Surveys?
2134.03HAMSC1::EBUSCHMon Jun 07 1993TLWIN,TLMAIL,SSBkit
2135.02ZPOVC::CHINGYUEMon Jun 07 1993How to de-install TCP
2136.0GOYA::YARBOC::MiguelAGarciaMon Jun 07 1993WordPerfect tags not working
2137.01LVOVAX::FMSLVO::GephartMon Jun 07 1993Does Informs/Word Perfect work with TeamLinks
2138.07KAOFS::R_OBASMon Jun 07 1993Insufficient server resources,can't connect to TeamLinks !
2139.09ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGTue Jun 08 1993Planning for TeamLinks V2.
2140.04SCAMIN::BROWNTue Jun 08 1993size/limitation questions
2141.04OSLACT::BJARNEC_PTue Jun 08 1993"Invalid recipient name" error message
2142.0MDCRAB::MARSHALLTue Jun 08 1993DECtransporter and TeamLinks?
2143.03TENTO1::MCCAFFREYJTue Jun 08 1993GPF in CFC.DLL on reply to mail
2144.01SUOSWS::MOOGWed Jun 09 1993Resources problem
2146.03TROPPO::HUNTWed Jun 09 1993Selective restore from Backup
2147.02GJOVAX::GRAEFFWed Jun 09 1993Team Computing justifications needed...
2149.06JULIET::FREEMAN_RIWed Jun 09 1993RMS file access?
2150.01OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mWed Jun 09 1993Custom SENSITIVITY types
2151.05TENTO1::MARSHALLJWed Jun 09 1993Conferencing (licensing and setup problems)
2152.04MEOCThu Jun 10 1993TMR package -errno is EZERO
2153.01KETJE::GEESSELSThu Jun 10 1993TL TCPIP upgrade from DECnet
2154.03OSLACT::OLAVFThu Jun 10 1993Misc. customer Quesions rgrd. File Cab, MS-Macro etc
2156.01OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mThu Jun 10 1993Problems changing Accepted File Types
2157.03GUCCI::RJENKINSThu Jun 10 1993Possible bug (involves WinWord macros)
2158.05SUBWAY::BUONOMOThu Jun 10 1993DX again...
2159.04TROPPO::HUNTThu Jun 10 1993Phone Messages
2160.01VBV1A::SYSTEMThu Jun 10 1993More MS Macro problems
2161.02MEOCFri Jun 11 1993DEC MailWorks auto DDS lookup in V2.
2162.03MEOCFri Jun 11 1993Many AmiPro macro problems
2163.0SIOG::T_REDMONDFri Jun 11 1993TeamLinks V2.
2164.04FAILTE::MUCKRT::LAAHSFri Jun 11 1993How to use NewMailCount?
2165.04UFP::62649::whalenFri Jun 11 1993Customer Concerns
2166.04SIOG::B_RAFFERTYSun Jun 13 1993WPS - RTF Converter Error
2167.02TALE::PILOUI::PITTETMon Jun 14 1993For N users you need N+2 Client/Server licenses
2169.06LARVAE::SKEEN_CWed Jun 16 1993Converter + Viewers
2170.0UPROAR::PLATTPWed Jun 16 1993Connection failed - network objects?
2171.0TENTO1::MCCAFFREYJWed Jun 16 1993Import error message query
2174.03BIGUN::FEIGLEThu Jun 17 1993TeamLinks Program Management Change
2175.01GENIE::OESCHGERThu Jun 17 1993WORD Macro Error: Faile Cabinet Services are not available
2176.08SHIPS::SMITH_JThu Jun 17 1993Dial-up TeamLinks viable?
2177.0THEBAY::LOUIEJAFri Jun 18 1993MAILbus4
2178.01STKAI2::SWEFri Jun 18 1993Upgrade from TeamLinks Mail to TeamLinks?
2179.01VIVIAN::J_GILBERTFri Jun 18 1993Backwards Compatability ?
2180.03OASS::GIANNETTI_DFri Jun 18 1993Problem with PathWorks mail coming to TL users
2181.01OASS::ANDRES_BFri Jun 18 1993TCP/IP and new mail notification
2182.0GALLOP::MARSHALLJFri Jun 18 1993Mobile ALL-IN-1
2183.02GUCCI::MPETERSONFri Jun 18 1993GDI and USER Ssystem Resources Limit
2184.02KORU::SCHRODERSun Jun 20 1993Lotus 1-2-3 V4.
2185.02BLOFLY::DESGOR::gordonMon Jun 21 1993Word for Windows/Teamlinks
2186.09ROCHE::EAGLEMon Jun 21 1993Settings/functionality questions of V1.1
2187.0FSOA::CKELLEHERMon Jun 21 1993Word Crashes on Save or Exit
2188.02GIDDAY::SETHITue Jun 22 1993HP printers and DYNALINK problems TeamLinks solved them ?
2189.012HPOPTue Jun 22 1993Where is TeamLinks password stored?
2191.02UPROAR::PLATTPTue Jun 22 1993PostScript printing with Roadrunner?
2192.02OSLACT::BJARNEC_PWed Jun 23 1993Various TCP/IP and LM questions
2194.01RUMOR::DSTR14::SchuhmacherWed Jun 23 1993embedding AVIs clips
2195.04GANTRY::HULLWed Jun 23 1993V1.1 install problems
2196.08XANADU::GRIEPWed Jun 23 1993Test WPS-Plus Viewer Program Available
2197.05COPCLU::JACOBSENThu Jun 24 1993DocumentSave fails!!!
2198.01OSLACT::OLAVFThu Jun 24 1993Problem creating drawers
2199.06FSOA::CKELLEHERThu Jun 24 1993Autoforward problem
2200.02MEOCThu Jun 24 1993full message header issues
2201.03MEOCThu Jun 24 1993InfoMan EXIT vs CLOSE and EW's
2202.0TENTO1::MCCAFFREYJThu Jun 24 1993Error opening shared drawer
2203.02PRAVDA::JacksonThu Jun 24 1993Two entries for every drawer- Teamlinks/DECmailworks
2204.01USHSThu Jun 24 1993CDA Coversion Question ????????
2205.05OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mFri Jun 25 1993Cover Memo missing, feature or bug?
2206.02ROCHE::EAGLEFri Jun 25 1993Hot keying back to TeamLinks give wrong window.
2207.02BREW11::BIOPC5::HOPEFri Jun 25 1993EXPORT and CONVERT not highlighted in Info Manager
2208.01OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mFri Jun 25 1993TeamLinks Mail required files?
2209.08RUMOR::STANPC::fosterFri Jun 25 1993Problems moving from Wastebaskets
2210.01PHDVAX::JPOWER::mickeyFri Jun 25 1993Newest copy of rcv
2211.04OASS::ANDRES_BFri Jun 25 1993Error with KWVIEWER.EXE
2212.01TROPPO::WARDFri Jun 25 1993A1 Shared File Cabinet from TeamLinks
2213.043RUMOR::STANPC::fosterSun Jun 27 1993Roadrunner (X2.
2214.03WOTVAX::64354::DoranMon Jun 28 1993More RoadRunner problems...(on install)
2215.05BIS6::THONNONMon Jun 28 1993TL asynch: two problems/two questions
2216.01LARVAE::JORDANMon Jun 28 1993WPS-PLUS Viewer executable
2217.08LARVAE::JORDANMon Jun 28 1993X2.
2218.01LARVAE::JORDANMon Jun 28 1993X2.
2219.03PRAVDA::JacksonMon Jun 28 1993Turn off delete confirmation?
2220.08LARVAE::JORDANMon Jun 28 1993X2.
2221.01MANANA::CUMMINGSMon Jun 28 1993Opinions about Export Message?
2222.01TENTO1::NUTKINSMMon Jun 28 1993X2.
2223.02FSOA::CKELLEHERMon Jun 28 1993-Word Problems...
2224.03CGOOA::VAOP13::pdonoghueMon Jun 28 1993SHARE.EXE & Using IOS Distrib. Lists
2225.01WELCLU::WELPC3::LITue Jun 29 1993Changing font size
2226.02KETJE::VANHOOSTETue Jun 29 1993V1.
2227.07ICELAN::SNOMAN::AaronTue Jun 29 1993EFS & TeamLinks together?
2228.05WELCLU::WELPC3::LITue Jun 29 1993TL Setup - Path not found
2229.01FAILTE::64538::mackay_nWed Jun 30 1993Word and Excel macros fail
2230.01MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichWed Jun 30 1993OLE and Filecab - question
2231.0RT93::EISMAC::nicholsWed Jun 30 1993Support for P22
2232.0VNASWS::RANZINGERThu Jul 01 1993Licensing (again!!!)
2233.02EPS::BOEHMThu Jul 01 1993TLC problem with OA$SM_VALIDATE_CLUSTER_NODE.COM
2234.012EPS::BOEHMThu Jul 01 1993tlc - mailbox not recognized
2236.01OASS::GIANNETTI_DThu Jul 01 1993Problem with installation of office products
2237.01LARVAE::JORDANThu Jul 01 1993TeamLinks Setup X2.
2238.07MXOVThu Jul 01 1993Redirecting Incoming Mail to different Folders
2239.06VNABRW::ATZPC2::HUSCHKA_AThu Jul 01 1993callable viewer/converter question
2240.016DVOPAS::WRANGL::KerrThu Jul 01 1993TeamLinks Mail and OpenVMS Alpha AXP
2241.05TKOV51::ASAMI_TFri Jul 02 1993Where is tlv2
2242.02OASS::GIANNETTI_DFri Jul 02 1993problem viewing files
2243.0CHEFS::65277::ChrisFri Jul 02 1993Feedback on TeamLinks v2.
2244.0YUPPY::BAYLISSFri Jul 02 1993template designer problem
2245.02OASS::GIANNETTI_DFri Jul 02 1993Can you change the PAB font????
2246.06MR4DEC::EWITHEEFri Jul 02 1993INVALID File Format message
2247.04TROPPO::WARDSun Jul 04 1993TeamLinks and ALL-IN-1 IOS Integration
2248.03MEOCMon Jul 05 1993Create empty folders supported?
2249.07TAVMon Jul 05 1993Any Marketing material on RoadRunner?
2250.0HAN::FISCHER_HEMon Jul 05 1993MS Integration Macro Error
2251.08CHEFS::RYBAK::ChrisMon Jul 05 1993Creating New Documents/Objects - query
2252.02HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWMon Jul 05 1993format tag within Word Macro
2253.01ROMMon Jul 05 1993Questions on Teamlinks Mail
2254.04CHEFS::65277::ChrisMon Jul 05 19933 questions on v2.
2255.07TENTO1::COOPERMMon Jul 05 1993a1mail$notify.dat - editible ?
2256.03HAMSC2::EBUSCHMon Jul 05 1993where's the TCP-Kit
2258.01ZPOVC::CHIKLIAKMon Jul 05 1993Help ON ASYNC connection???
2259.09VIVIAN::J_GILBERTMon Jul 05 1993How do you add address templates ?
2260.06CHEFS::RYBAK::ChrisMon Jul 05 1993Questions on customisation - new buttons
2261.0BLGTue Jul 06 1993async connection questions
2262.03BIGUN::MAYNEWed Jul 07 1993Insufficient resources - TCP/IP
2265.02FAILTE::64538::mackay_nWed Jul 07 1993VTX client information
2266.02GJOVAX::GRAEFFWed Jul 07 1993Parallel routing...when?
2267.05TROPPO::BBOJOE::tilbyThu Jul 08 1993Word Integration Kit Questions/Problems
2268.04LARVAE::WESTThu Jul 08 1993TL X2.
2269.05SNOCThu Jul 08 1993Application launching to read Attachments
2270.03FSOA::CKELLEHERThu Jul 08 1993NCP failed subprocess
2271.04CODS::ESBECKThu Jul 08 1993Telephone Links?
2272.02GUCCI::RJENKINSThu Jul 08 1993Problems with new Server
2273.01HAMSC3::EBUSCHFri Jul 09 1993change format of attachment --> convert ???
2274.01GVPROD::KIRKBY::JSequeiraFri Jul 09 1993Involuntary SEND & button placement in create window
2275.01BLGFri Jul 09 1993Dynamic Routing List in Template?
2276.01BIS1::PECEKE::VANKERKHOVEFri Jul 09 1993Global handles ?
2277.014EPS::BOEHMFri Jul 09 1993Roadrunner and TCP/IP???
2278.02VAXRIO::A1BRPC::EbrenzFri Jul 09 1993SIXEL to PC formats. And where is CDA 2.
2279.02MSAMFri Jul 09 1993Show Addressees in Outbox Index Display?
2280.04TENTO1::MCCAFFREYJMon Jul 12 1993ERROR 668: cannot open input file
2281.03MRBEEN::WATTMon Jul 12 1993V1.1 Max num dist lists ??
2283.011ICS::63492::YOUNGMon Jul 12 1993Can't mail from TeamLinks Conference
2284.02HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWMon Jul 12 19933 issues on MS macros
2285.05YUPPY::63657::GorardMon Jul 12 1993Error opening Wordperfect file in IOS drawer
2287.05TENTO1::MCCAFFREYJTue Jul 13 1993Storing PMW files in Teamlinks
2288.03TRIGG::VOGELTue Jul 13 1993View DDIF Images (for inbound FAXes)?
2289.04ROMTue Jul 13 1993Teamlinks 2.
2290.07MEXPTue Jul 13 1993TL V2.
2291.02TROPPO::WARDWed Jul 14 1993Fully Functional WORD Macros Please!
2292.04ICS::COLLIERWed Jul 14 1993Missing mail messages
2293.09KERNEL::OTHENJWed Jul 14 1993Access to ALL-IN-1 drawer not granted
2294.012COLWed Jul 14 1993TeamLinks performance <-> ALL-IN-1 IOS
2295.03DELNI::STACKWed Jul 14 1993LK25
2297.01ZPOVC::WENDYLAIThu Jul 15 1993Customize field display
2299.03EPS::BOEHMThu Jul 15 1993Send with attachment fails
2300.08CHGVThu Jul 15 1993Best way to call DCL proc
2301.02LARVAE::IVES_JFri Jul 16 1993windows document management questions
2302.02ISIDRO::SWASSOPFri Jul 16 1993PATHworks TCP/IP for DOS, what version?
2303.01KAZAN::CHALLALMon Jul 19 1993TeamLinks V1.1 and COMMDLG
2304.06COPCLU::JACOBSENMon Jul 19 1993TeamLinks Tools freeware...
2305.03MEOCMon Jul 19 1993Export Attachment failures
2306.04MEOCMon Jul 19 1993IOS drawer creation/unique name differences
2307.06BLGMon Jul 19 1993license... this is the problem
2308.010NEOVTue Jul 20 1993Performance problems: Tlinks, Pwks, PCsupport?
2309.01DELBOY::PCTue Jul 20 1993X.4
2311.01EPS::BOEHMTue Jul 20 1993Handle INBOX count different from other folders.
2313.05YUPPY::CARTERTue Jul 20 1993URGENT: CRASH when sending mail from INFOMAN
2314.02NWGEDU::MACKNEYTue Jul 20 1993How to delete a file cabinet entry in setup
2316.03EVOAI2::BOURDARIASWed Jul 21 1993PATH NOT FOUND and browse DOS option
2317.02IW::ChrisWed Jul 21 1993Find UnRead doesn't work
2318.0136324::HICKSONWed Jul 21 1993TeamLinks Mail DDE interface - no foreign application responded
2319.02LARVAE::WESTThu Jul 22 1993TL2, Create New Document questions
2321.0BLGThu Jul 22 1993Teamlinks 2.
2322.04CGOOA::NIXONThu Jul 22 1993Lan Manager Messenger Service/Coexist - Use for new mail?
2323.09KAZAN::CHALLALFri Jul 23 1993TeamLinks functional questions
2324.01MRBEEN::WATTFri Jul 23 1993Auto-attach doc using mail templates?
2325.02CGOOA::NIXONFri Jul 23 1993TeamLinks - PC-NFS 5.
2326.04JGO::DS_KLEINFri Jul 23 1993Teamlinks v2.
2327.03FSOA::CKELLEHERFri Jul 23 1993Viewer ( Font ) Default Settings????
2328.02FAILTE::MUCKRT::LAAHSFri Jul 23 1993Is supplying the fc object only available per command?
2329.04FSOA::CKELLEHERFri Jul 23 1993Save Conferencing note to TeamLinks FC???
2330.05HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWMon Jul 26 1993Launching an EXE attachment
2331.04FAILTE::MUCKRT::LAAHSMon Jul 26 1993Can we have a Re-send button?
2332.04YUPPY::CARTERMon Jul 26 1993Urgent: TL needs share, 123 hates it!
2333.04AKOCOA::NOTVMS::cleggMon Jul 26 1993Read New Mail under IOS?
2334.02BINARY::OSTMon Jul 26 1993questions from customer
2335.0FAILTE::MUCKRT::LAAHSMon Jul 26 1993Address validation/escalation comments
2337.09STKAI2::SWETue Jul 27 1993Problems with installing TL2
2338.02PRSST4::HENONTue Jul 27 1993Viewer Excel in Teamlinks Mail V1.1 ????
2340.03NEWVAX::RJURANEKTue Jul 27 1993Mailing w/i MS Word
2341.06SUOSWS::SUOGS1::moogTue Jul 27 1993TL X.2.
2342.03OASS::LAMBERSON_MTue Jul 27 1993Printing with Windows Printing System?
2343.01VAXRIO::ABREUTue Jul 27 1993folder names..how to get them from the files ?
2344.09CHGVTue Jul 27 1993Max Links & Connects
2345.0VCOUTue Jul 27 1993Auto Time-out or Disconnect of Clients??
2346.04BUSHIE::SETHITue Jul 27 1993Your ALL-IN-1 file cabinet has no registered drawers
2347.03SUOSWS::MOOGWed Jul 28 1993Mailbagging, max filecabs, read-only filecabs in RR?
2348.03KAZAN::CHALLALWed Jul 28 1993What does TL do when sending a message ?
2349.02LARVAE::WESTWed Jul 28 1993ASYNC DECNET new mail notification?
2350.01OASS::ANDRES_BThu Jul 29 1993TCP/IP connection with TeamLinks
2351.01STKAI1::JNORRBOMFri Jul 30 1993MCS and TeamLinks Mail
2352.06SIOG::T_REDMONDFri Jul 30 1993Creating drawers in separate directories
2353.02YUPPY::CARTERFri Jul 30 1993Reciepts when not connected to server?
2354.02HERON::LEMBEK::VogeleerFri Jul 30 1993TeamLinks Issues
2355.0HUMOR::EPPESFri Jul 30 1993Roadrunner external field test date to be announced August 18
2356.02MUNSBE::CHEQUERSat Jul 31 1993TLWIN IFT V2.
2357.0SUOSWS::SUOGS1::moogMon Aug 02 1993FIND and Templates in PAB
2358.04MEOCMon Aug 02 1993Updated .FM3 format file not saved to IOS FC
2359.04KAZAN::CHALLALMon Aug 02 1993Scroll bar when reading a message
2361.02MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichTue Aug 03 1993TeamLinks V2 new features
2362.08HUMOR::EPPESTue Aug 03 1993Comments/feedback on V2 TeamLinks User's Guide
2363.04ALOSLS::HEIGHTWed Aug 04 1993Create New Document Feature in IFT v2.
2364.0GUCCI::RJENKINSWed Aug 04 1993Problems with WPL-to-RTF converter
2366.01MEOCThu Aug 05 1993cannot access abbott:: directories etc
2367.011STKAI1::JNORRBOMThu Aug 05 1993More CTI-problems...
2368.05PULMAN::HENRYThu Aug 05 1993*.PS attachments tagged as UNIPLEX II Plus
2370.036Fri Aug 06 1993Word doc not being updated
2371.0ISIDRO::CANDIDOFri Aug 06 1993File Cabinets not found when installed in different drives
2373.02FAILTE::MUCKRT::LAAHSFri Aug 06 1993How to indicate success/failure
2374.01KAZAN::CHALLALFri Aug 06 1993TeamLinks and deferred mails
2375.042TAMARA::HESSFri Aug 06 1993New mail notification -- the whole story
2376.073324::UIDIOT::SmithFri Aug 06 1993Can you use NM% in TeamLinks?
2377.03CERN::BOTHNERMon Aug 09 1993Comparison of Workflow routing in TeamRoute vs. Objectworks?
2378.01ODIXIE::STUMPFMon Aug 09 1993Corporate visit for TL/TR?
2379.02TENTO1::MCCAFFREYJMon Aug 09 1993Vertical Bars on Reading
2380.014CAATS::TAMMon Aug 09 1993Questions and Feedback from pilot
2381.0YUPPY::CARTERTue Aug 10 1993DDS stopped and restarted, busy message not cleared
2382.03OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mTue Aug 10 1993Accounting services for Server usage?
2383.05ARNOLD::SWARDENTue Aug 10 1993Images and TeamLinks/TeamRoute?
2384.01RT95::MYMAC3::nicholsTue Aug 10 1993MS Word for MAC file format
2385.015FSOA::CKELLEHERTue Aug 10 1993Problem converting RTF to WPS
2386.08OSLACT::OLAVWed Aug 11 1993How to setup for Windows NT TCP/IP?
2387.01LARVAE::JORDANWed Aug 11 1993Buttons and Legends in XFT2
2388.05ZPOVC::CHINGYUEWed Aug 11 1993cc:Mail and TeamLinks connectivity
2389.06RAB::KMAC::MORAROSWed Aug 11 1993Looking for IFT users for TCP/IP for Conferencing for Mac, Windows.
2390.01MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichThu Aug 12 1993Automated Conversion ?
2391.01ZGOVThu Aug 12 1993TLCP for ALL-IN-1 IOS V2.4 location ?
2392.011OSLACT::OLAVThu Aug 12 1993X2.
2393.010MDCRAB::MARSHALLThu Aug 12 1993TeamLinks SDK?
2394.01ROCHE::EAGLEThu Aug 12 1993Inconsistent display in FROM field.
2395.01OSLACT::OLAVThu Aug 12 1993Address Template, Operation not supported?
2396.07TALE::PILOUI::PITTETThu Aug 12 1993Save as default send attributes
2397.02OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mThu Aug 12 1993Custom address template ?
2398.015OSLACT::OLAVThu Aug 12 1993Drag and drop attachments?
2399.01OSLACT::OLAVThu Aug 12 1993Send with OLE object => hang?
2400.08MLAD18::FALSINAFri Aug 13 1993Read only Shared Drawer with no ALL-IN-1 IOS
2401.03FAILTE::LAAHSFri Aug 13 1993What is MakeNetworkConnection?
2402.01OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mFri Aug 13 1993Default DOS dir for add attachment ?
2403.01SUOSWS::MOOGMon Aug 16 1993Questions/Problems TL X.2.
2404.0SUOSWS::MOOGMon Aug 16 1993Templates accessible from everywhere
2405.03KERNEL::COOPERMon Aug 16 1993TeamLinks storing WordPerfect documents in IOS problem
2406.02ISTWI1::OZILMon Aug 16 1993WANG-MS-WORD
2407.01COPCLU::GERTMon Aug 16 1993%COM_PROT_ERROR from the mailserver
2408.01SOADC1::THESINGMMon Aug 16 1993OK in MAIL drawer but not anywhere else
2409.04SNOCTue Aug 17 1993A1 name & VMS name different
2410.02MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichTue Aug 17 1993TML is client for DMW OSF/1...notes ?, TeamRoute ?
2412.06KAZAN::CHALLALTue Aug 17 1993Printing multiple messages with long DL
2413.06TRIGG::VOGELTue Aug 17 1993Some V2 questions, launch multiple copies of Word, etc
2414.02CTHP12::M_MORINTue Aug 17 1993Automatically move Read msgs to non-MAIL drawer
2416.05USHSTue Aug 17 1993Attchment Problems.....
2417.03GIDDAY::BURTWed Aug 18 1993MS Word behaviour is strange
2418.01KAZAN::CHALLALWed Aug 18 1993Recipient type field
2420.06LEMAN::GOLON::BezenconWed Aug 18 1993DDE question from a CSO
2421.016CGOOA::HOMMENWed Aug 18 1993TLV2.
2422.02SNOCWed Aug 18 1993Word integration problems
2423.01SNOCWed Aug 18 1993Support Docs
2424.02TIMAMD::ANTONIOTINThu Aug 19 1993TeamRoute and WordPerfect Macro
2425.02COPCLU::BIRGERThu Aug 19 1993TL <> MSMAIL plus...
2426.01COPCLU::BIRGERThu Aug 19 1993E-MAIL ON ALPHA - POSSIBLE IN 1993???
2427.02VNASWS::GACHFri Aug 20 1993Could you directly include/open a WPS-PLUS document in your WinWord document with the MS-Macros?
2429.0COPCLU::GERTFri Aug 20 1993TeamRoute over Token Ring problem
2430.01EXHUME::GABRIELIFri Aug 20 1993Compatibility question.
2431.03FSOA::CKELLEHERFri Aug 20 1993function not defined!
2432.05HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWMon Aug 23 1993Customer feedback on TeamLinks
2433.05EVTAI1::63219::MEHEUTMon Aug 23 1993TL 2.
2434.0COLMon Aug 23 1993TL and document retrieval
2435.01VIVIAN::J_GILBERTMon Aug 23 1993Difference between the DDS search Options.
2436.03QMARY::RICKW::RickMon Aug 23 1993Release date for EFT ??
2437.02ISLNDS::HEIERMon Aug 23 1993Client vs Standalone?
2438.02HERIAM::FOREVR::YOUNGMon Aug 23 1993Moving Teamlinks from one PC to another.
2439.03CHENG5::WIDMERMon Aug 23 1993PAB validation
2440.04CAATS::TAMMon Aug 23 1993Password changes and expiration notification
2441.03CGOOA::VAOP13::pdonoghueMon Aug 23 1993Refile on Print ?
2442.07WEOOIS::TrickettMon Aug 23 1993MAILworks to TeamLinks client ????
2443.08SNOCTue Aug 24 1993V1.1 Patch kit info
2444.02KAOATue Aug 24 1993Problem with reply...v 1.1
2445.01MSAMWed Aug 25 1993will MS-Schedule+ integrate with Teamlinks ?
2446.04SNOCWed Aug 25 1993NT servers? - IOS or MAILworks ?
2447.04RUTILE::MUTZIG::MackWed Aug 25 1993TLC / AIDA / MUPA - Help...
2448.08MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichWed Aug 25 1993LOTUS integration package ?
2449.010OSLACT::OLAVWed Aug 25 1993X2.
2450.01OASS::GIANNETTI_DWed Aug 25 1993Displaying images inside Word for Windows????
2451.08FSOA::CKELLEHERWed Aug 25 1993WPS-PLUS for DOS Integration
2452.02SNOCThu Aug 26 1993Integrating Quattro Pro
2453.027LARVAE::WESTThu Aug 26 1993TeamLinks FT issues - pre-EFT version
2454.02TKOV51::NAKANO_MAThu Aug 26 1993VTX for Windows kit location??
2455.01TRIGG::VOGELThu Aug 26 1993Problem when the ADMIN_DOMAIN field is blank
2456.02OASS::GIANNETTI_DThu Aug 26 1993Format type for WAV files???????
2457.02WOODRO::RIVIEREThu Aug 26 1993MS-Office installation check workaround?
2458.07POBOX::FEIGLEThu Aug 26 1993TeamLinks SWAT team
2459.027OASS::ANDRES_BThu Aug 26 1993Error replying to x.4
2460.02QBOUThu Aug 26 1993Wordperfect MACROS in french !!!
2461.01CGOOA::HOMMENThu Aug 26 1993V2.
2462.03EEMELI::RAISKINENFri Aug 27 1993Bulletin board, is it possible ?
2463.08FSOA::CKELLEHERFri Aug 27 1993Default Printer Problem...
2464.02GOYA::ANGELMon Aug 30 1993? Consider path length
2465.04GVPROD::PILOUI::PITTETMon Aug 30 1993Include message text in reply
2466.01GVPROD::PILOUI::PITTETMon Aug 30 1993InfoMan does not want to exit
2467.04OSLACT::OLAVFMon Aug 30 1993TL extended services, Database access, archive, journals etc
2469.0MOURS::SUPMon Aug 30 1993User question and suggestion
2470.01GVPROD::PILOUI::PITTETMon Aug 30 1993Pb with COMMDLG.DLL and HP LaserJet IIP
2471.01GVPROD::PILOUI::PITTETMon Aug 30 1993Pb with HP Laserjet IV
2472.01KAOAMon Aug 30 1993OSF/1 ....server?
2473.014MS31Mon Aug 30 1993TL 2.
2474.03KAOAMon Aug 30 1993OSF/1 client plans?
2475.01UNITED::THORNTONDTue Aug 31 1993Clarification on TeamLinks viewing and FAX capability
2476.0242326::HOULDINGJTue Aug 31 1993Accessing Subscriber info in TeamLinks V2 FT
2478.0151887::JOSTEINTue Aug 31 1993Launching Ami Pro to read WP doc
2479.03NZOMIS::VDPLASTue Aug 31 1993sizing for V2.
2480.012OSLACT::OLAVWed Sep 01 1993Attachment as Word 2.
2481.05HAMSC2::EBUSCHWed Sep 01 1993breaking fonts?
2482.0PAOXCS::LAZERGESWed Sep 01 1993TL 1.1 and TCP/IP UB
2483.01COLWed Sep 01 1993TL via Proteon Router
2484.02KOYOTE::StroikWed Sep 01 1993TL v2.
2486.02DEKVC::DAEHEEKIMThu Sep 02 1993ASYNC ERROR(I checked many things , but I can't ..)
2489.0TAMARA::HESSThu Sep 02 1993Debugging CTI Async Problems
2490.04OASS::GIANNETTI_DThu Sep 02 1993RSC SFT not in SFT list SHARE: internal error
2491.030AIMTEC::WICKS_AThu Sep 02 1993Russell Calendar Manager Announcement
2492.02GIDDAY::SETHIFri Sep 03 19935 active links per MS-Windows client why ? DMW's 1.2
2493.02ULYSSE::GUINEA::BALLETTAFri Sep 03 1993Client crash when move-msg to drawer w/o folders
2494.05OASS::GIANNETTI_DFri Sep 03 1993File is too large for buffer when include file
2495.05OASS::GIANNETTI_DFri Sep 03 1993Disappearing device=printer line from WIN.INI
2496.0342Fri Sep 03 1993Network Client using TCP/IP
2497.01METZFri Sep 03 1993SECURITY and TeamLinks
2498.01POBOX::FEIGLEFri Sep 03 1993TeamLinks, ALL-IN-1, and LinkWorks
2499.02161132::LIMMon Sep 06 1993Convert all incoming mail/attachment to RTF format
2500.0449438::RIEDL_DTue Sep 07 1993TL 2.
2501.07OTOOA::ROUFTue Sep 07 1993Making a message revisable?
2502.01SUBWAY::OLOFSONWed Sep 08 1993NS3 Quest. from Customer
2503.01PAPERS::MCINTOSHWed Sep 08 1993Intermittent Async connection problem
2504.06BELFST::TURBVO::McCorryWed Sep 08 1993WordPerfect WP5 tagging problem
2505.0SCAMIN::BROWNWed Sep 08 1993Converters, IOS Integration and sanity checks
2507.010DEKVC::DAEHEEKIMWed Sep 08 1993It's too difficult to use TEAMLINKS on the ASYNC
2508.02LARVAE::JORDANThu Sep 09 1993Lotus 1-2-3 viewers?
2509.06STKHLM::ANNEROTHThu Sep 09 1993Is there any Image integration we can sell ?
2511.02FSOA::CKELLEHERThu Sep 09 1993Power Builder (program tool)
2512.06BUSHIE::SETHIFri Sep 10 1993Empty wastebasket ERROR 598: General file cabinet error
2513.08TROPPO::WARDFri Sep 10 1993MS Macros - Bug fixes?
2514.02WESTFri Sep 10 1993questions about macros
2515.06PRSST4::HENONFri Sep 10 1993bug in Teamlinks SPD 37.36.
2516.06KERNEL::PATELAFri Sep 10 1993TeamLinks MOVE of msgs DMW -> IOS folders prob
2517.03CHENG5::WIDMERSat Sep 11 1993Launch from TeamRoute...
2518.04NEMAIL::MARCORELLESat Sep 11 1993attachments/Tlinks/cc:Mail
2519.06HGTAI1::LKLEEMon Sep 13 1993TeamLinks thru x.25 network ?
2520.06KETJE::CAPPELLEMANSMon Sep 13 1993WordPerfect Macro problems
2521.03KETJE::CAPPELLEMANSMon Sep 13 1993ASSOCIATION without qualifiers???
2522.0DPSWMon Sep 13 1993Local Routing Address with AIDA ?
2523.01LUXMon Sep 13 1993DDE error with French version
2524.01FAILTE::LAAHSMon Sep 13 1993DDS lookups with V1.2 as a server?
2525.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Sep 13 1993TCP/IP and TLmail IP-address resolve problem
2526.01MSAMMon Sep 13 1993Object type KEYPAK ...????
2528.03EEMELI::RASANENTue Sep 14 1993WPS-PLUS/WORD converter
2529.02CLARID::MALKOWIAKTue Sep 14 1993Print a PS file with a double click from Filemanager
2530.01ZGOVTue Sep 14 1993Control array element '14' doesn't exist
2531.0LAVGOD::ALLENTue Sep 14 1993DBASE IV emailed from MAC to TL Windows
2533.03FROTHY::FullerWed Sep 15 1993attaching to file cab with different user names ?
2534.05FAILTE::KELSAE::TODDWed Sep 15 1993Problems moving messages
2535.02WEAR::BODDYWed Sep 15 1993Can you still use ALL-IN-1 ?
2536.02EEMELI::RASANENThu Sep 16 1993TL<->IOS and WP printing problem
2537.07OSLThu Sep 16 1993How to rename a mail folder?
2538.02HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWThu Sep 16 1993When designing attachment into my TMR template...
2539.01ZPOAC8::SYSTEMThu Sep 16 1993Example needed to Customise TeamLinks thro VB 3.
2540.01SWTHOM::GRAMAINThu Sep 16 1993pb on MAIL.X4M update and WASTEBASKET
2541.02UNITED::THORNTONDThu Sep 16 1993Can MAILWORKS WAN package work on DECnet OSI syste
2542.0TENTO1::MCCAFFREYJThu Sep 16 1993Drag/Drop - customer request
2543.03TENTO1::MCCAFFREYJThu Sep 16 1993Force user to refile on SEND/REPLY/FORWARD
2544.01QBOUThu Sep 16 1993French Lotus macros for Teamlinks !!
2545.01MRBEEN::WATTFri Sep 17 1993RTF/AMI-PRO/File Cab
2546.03OSLACT::BJARNEC_PFri Sep 17 1993How do I best disable WordPerfect viewer?
2547.04LARVAE::WESTFri Sep 17 1993Problem with MAIL DDE and TeamLinks V2 ?
2548.01STKAI1::SBERGQUISTFri Sep 17 1993Customizing delivery & receipt notification
2549.02STKAI1::JNORRBOMFri Sep 17 1993Book on TeamLinks?
2550.05MROA::CKELLEHERFri Sep 17 1993ALL-IN-1 IOS Password
2551.04OSLSat Sep 18 1993Path/File access error
2552.02ZPOAC8::SYSTEMSun Sep 19 1993Using MS-Mail at PC with VMS host runing TeamLinks on DECnet
2553.02GOYA::ANGELMon Sep 20 1993Duplicated doc names in folder
2554.01LARVAE::JORDANMon Sep 20 1993EFT Inbox loop? DEC MAILworks server
2555.06OSLACT::DORTHEMon Sep 20 1993TeamLinks/LinkWorks coexistence??
2556.01BACHUS::BHP144::LarocheMon Sep 20 1993Changing Granularity under MS WINDOWS
2557.01TARUGO::LIDIAMon Sep 20 1993Personal name on read/receipt notification?
2558.03BINARY::OSTMon Sep 20 1993Problems with printing??
2559.04OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTMon Sep 20 1993Export Attachment question ..
2560.03WEOOIS::TrickettMon Sep 20 1993MOVING from ALL-IN-1 to TeamLinks
2561.04MEOCMon Sep 20 1993DEC MAILworks as Mail Server
2562.01LARVAE::JORDANTue Sep 21 1993DECTECH.TTF file missing from TL Mail EFT1 kit?
2563.01TARUGO::LIDIATue Sep 21 1993...from ALL-IN-1 DESKtop to TeamLinks
2564.01MRBEEN::WATTTue Sep 21 1993EFT1 - Questions
2566.0NEWVAX::MZARUDZKITue Sep 21 1993Rolodex, PAB and CardFile, anyone?
2567.012JENRAN::RBROWNTue Sep 21 1993V2.
2568.01BINARY::OSTTue Sep 21 1993Using DDS from MAILworks
2569.01ZPOAC8::SYSTEMWed Sep 22 1993TeamLinks API for VB 3.
2570.05TAVWed Sep 22 19933.
2571.026MRBEEN::WATTWed Sep 22 1993More on EFT1 (9-SEP)
2572.09WOTVAX::NUKVXA::Andy_DoranWed Sep 22 1993'Exceed Segment Bounds' errors reported by Dr Watson
2573.01MR4SRV::EWITHEEWed Sep 22 1993How to set up DDS on TL 2.
2574.02JENRAN::RBROWNWed Sep 22 1993My Humble Suggestions for TL2+
2575.011OSLWed Sep 22 1993TeamLinks has detected that the default printer is setup incorrectly?
2576.05TENTO1::COOPERMWed Sep 22 1993eft 1 sep
2577.03CHEFS::RYBAK::ChrisWed Sep 22 1993Customisation continuity after upgrade to EFT1
2578.05CHEFS::RYBAK::ChrisWed Sep 22 1993Duplicating Customisations/Preferences on another PC
2579.02NEWVAX::SOFT14::SHEINBERGWed Sep 22 1993Unable to look at MAIL Drawer or SEND Mail
2580.04329Wed Sep 22 1993Documentation part numbers
2581.0358812::TAMWed Sep 22 1993TL/Lotus Module didn't find Lotus
2582.058635::NIXONWed Sep 22 1993Help in converting MAILworks to TeamLinks - please!!
2583.046Wed Sep 22 1993 A1MAIL$CONNECT problem, customer request for change
2584.07OSLThu Sep 23 1993T2.
2585.03BGOThu Sep 23 1993The application could not be executed
2586.04OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mThu Sep 23 1993Cisco Router for TeamLinks Token Ring ?
2587.02KERNEL::COOPERThu Sep 23 1993TL 1.1 TCP/IP and Host is down error
2588.02STKAI1::SBERGQUISTThu Sep 23 1993Urgent: Delivery / Receipt notification problem
2589.01EPS::BOEHMThu Sep 23 1993Display Details tabs wrong
2590.01RUMOR::STANPC::fosterThu Sep 23 1993Dislpay of control codes in Subject and Content
2591.02RYBAK::ChrisThu Sep 23 1993TLxfer working with EXISTING async connection..? Help?
2592.07RYBAK::ChrisThu Sep 23 1993Document format types - where do the mini-icons come from?
2593.0XANADU::CHIASSONThu Sep 23 1993To enter a QAR on V2.
2594.010NEOVThu Sep 23 1993TeamLinks & ALL-IN-1 & TCP/IP?
2595.03RUMOR::STANPC::fosterThu Sep 23 1993Address validation question
2596.08OSLACT::BJARNEC_PFri Sep 24 1993Can't connect to ALL-IN-1 FC (no DMW server inst.)
2597.02SEDADY::DAVIES_GFri Sep 24 1993WordPerfect and ALL-IN-1 IOS problem
2599.02KETJE::VANHOOSTEFri Sep 24 1993TL Messaging busy, try again later
2600.01PRSST4::HENONFri Sep 24 1993PAB shared between PC and VT clients
2601.04OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mFri Sep 24 1993Address Validation with IOS server?
2602.012TENTO1::COOPERMFri Sep 24 1993file cabinet error 6
2603.022XANADU::EBDPC::MORSEFri Sep 24 1993TeamLinks Application Associations - new for V2
2604.01OSLMon Sep 27 1993EFT1: General Protection Fault in GENIWIN.DLL
2605.03TROPPO::WARDMon Sep 27 1993TL Drawer Index Structure
2606.01FAILTE::KELSAE::TODDMon Sep 27 1993document count
2607.02BIS6::THONNONMon Sep 27 1993AIDA server problems
2608.04TENTO1::COOPERMMon Sep 27 1993Winrcv extra button ?
2609.01MUCCS1::64676::ErichMon Sep 27 1993Which Version do I need ?? (DMW + TMR)
2610.04EEMELI::TIUHTI::RASANENMon Sep 27 1993Info about REPLY features
2611.02BACHUS::BHP64::VerbraekenMon Sep 27 1993NS3 version 2.
2612.03BELFST::MCCORRYMon Sep 27 1993Blind CC:s in TeamLinks
2613.09OASS::ANDRES_BMon Sep 27 1993Viewing WPS-PLUS TDE files
2614.013ABACUS::UIDIOT::SmithMon Sep 27 1993Deleting from View Window in Distribution List Editor?
2616.02TENTO1::COOPERMTue Sep 28 1993connect.dll not working any more
2617.01IJSAPL::64Tue Sep 28 1993Using ELF in TLv2 no longer works
2618.06BIGMAC::KARPELTue Sep 28 1993Questions EFT1 - Unique/AUTOEXEC
2620.0VIA::KMAC::MORAROSTue Sep 28 1993Announcing Conferencing for WIndows IFT1 V1.2 with TCP/IP
2621.01OASS::ANDRES_BTue Sep 28 1993DECTECH.TTF missing from DISK6 of TeamLinks Mail kit
2622.02NYOSTue Sep 28 1993PW V5
2623.03PETRUS::HAGENWed Sep 29 1993International TeamLinks Order Numbers
2624.02BOOZER::MARTIN::BELLWed Sep 29 1993v2.
2625.04FILTON::DAVISSWed Sep 29 1993INBOX problem with A1IOS Server
2626.02SEDPCW::MCMICHAELWed Sep 29 1993EFT1 (13 SEP) Problems Encountered
2627.03ROMWed Sep 29 1993EFT1 TeamLinks 2.
2628.02OASS::GIANNETTI_DWed Sep 29 1993problem with winword2 and reflections
2629.01STKAI1::KLOKER::chperssonWed Sep 29 1993Word started again and again
2630.04KAOAThu Sep 30 1993Server Capacity Guidelines for TL
2631.013KAOFS::R_OBASThu Sep 30 1993Wrong format after upgrade DMW to TL !
2632.05MUDIS3::SCHAEFERThu Sep 30 1993contact person for TML/WordPerfect Integration ?
2633.01BELMNT::QUEENS::Man from the BronxThu Sep 30 1993Questions !!! Teamlinks future direction
2634.02MROA::CKELLEHERThu Sep 30 1993MS-Word - WordPerfect Converters
2635.07NANTES::FARNEThu Sep 30 1993Question on IOS Drawer
2636.03KAOAThu Sep 30 1993WFW Problem when sending without NEtbeui loaded
2637.06GIDDAY::LEHFri Oct 01 1993"Invalid file cabinet service" in EFT1 2.
2638.02MRBEEN::WATTFri Oct 01 1993WPS printing prob V2eft1
2639.022GIDDAY::SETHIFri Oct 01 1993Why does TL not have a field for ALL-IN-1 IOS username ?
2640.01MRBEEN::WATTFri Oct 01 1993V2 Eft Cust Feedback
2641.06LARVAE::WESTFri Oct 01 1993Customer Quote; Removing TL Setup Options
2642.02LARVAE::WESTFri Oct 01 1993Possible File Import display error
2643.01NEWVAX::RJURANEKFri Oct 01 1993auto "cc:" for everything sent
2644.01VNASWS::GACHFri Oct 01 1993WinWord doesn't open a second Window
2645.07TENTO1::COOPERMFri Oct 01 1993Can delete unseen in tl , not in VT IOS
2646.03TENTO1::COOPERMFri Oct 01 1993Cover memo not displayed right away
2647.0XANADU::KINGFri Oct 01 1993TeamLinks Product Evaluation License
2648.09AIMTEC::ROSIEP::PORTER_TFri Oct 01 1993Date Format?
2650.011GALLOP::SWINEY::John-MSat Oct 02 1993Constant GPF problems when upgrading/installing V2.
2651.03STKAI2::SWEMon Oct 04 1993TCP/IP new mail notification not using NETBIOS
2652.05TROPPO::WARDMon Oct 04 1993TL Version Compatibility
2653.03SUOSWS::SUOGS1::moogMon Oct 04 1993Problem adding existing IOS drawer
2654.04TLKOS::KULIGMon Oct 04 1993Objectvision dead?
2655.015CHOVAX::HORNUNGMon Oct 04 1993Error using DDS in EFT1 w/IOS transport
2656.01HLDGMon Oct 04 1993TeamRoute and TeamLinks/TeamLinks Mail mix ...
2657.02CTHP12::M_MORINMon Oct 04 1993MS-Mail 4 MAC EXCEL attachment to ALL-IN-1 MAIL 4 Windows.
2658.0A1VAX::HEDMANMon Oct 04 1993TeamLinks Database??
2659.08OASS::LAMBERSON_MMon Oct 04 1993V2.
2661.04DELNI::STACKMon Oct 04 1993Reply button and INBOX
2662.01LARVAE::JORDANTue Oct 05 1993VTX V5.1 and TeamLinks - problem
2663.03LARVAE::JORDANTue Oct 05 1993Corrupting? TLFORMAT.INI??
2664.07KERNEL::COOPERTue Oct 05 1993Add Attach file format
2665.03KAOATue Oct 05 1993MS Macros
2666.02CGOOA::NIXONTue Oct 05 1993Problems with Mail Server Connections.
2667.04OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mTue Oct 05 1993Chameleon TCP/IP support with TeamLinks?
2668.05ROMTue Oct 05 1993Mail Printing
2669.03WOTVAX::DORANATue Oct 05 1993Reboot on moving doc to IOS???
2670.03MROA::CKELLEHERTue Oct 05 1993Word to WPS converter problems
2671.03SUOSWS::SUOGS1::moogWed Oct 06 1993Some questions on EFT1
2672.03GIDDAY::LEHWed Oct 06 1993Form routing with MS EFORMS DESIGNER
2673.06SUOSWS::SUOGS1::moogWed Oct 06 1993More questions on EFT1
2675.06BLOHRD::HIPPWed Oct 06 1993Installation Questions
2676.03OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mWed Oct 06 1993TeamLinks V2.
2677.04CAPNET::PJOHNSONWed Oct 06 1993Should I use TeamLinks?
2678.02LARVAE::JORDANWed Oct 06 1993?locking on local?
2679.08NZOMIS::VDPLASWed Oct 06 1993V2.
2680.06HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWWed Oct 06 1993automatical format detaction for .EXE attachment
2681.013KYPROS::DEMETRIOUThu Oct 07 1993Help!!New Mail Notification - Teamlinks
2682.024POLAR::KCHEUNGThu Oct 07 1993Dial-in remote access mail
2683.03OASS::GIANNETTI_DThu Oct 07 1993Error calling gethostbyname TCPIP transport
2684.0EPS::BOEHMThu Oct 07 1993Microsoft patch wanted - vtd.386
2685.03CGOOA::NIXONThu Oct 07 1993Improved Dial-up in V 2.
2686.06OASS::LAMBERSON_MThu Oct 07 1993FT customer questions
2687.03OASS::ANDRES_BThu Oct 07 1993Async connection to DEC MAILworks and IOS
2689.01MINNY::SICOIS::NueeschFri Oct 08 1993Mailcounter for Windows
2690.06WAYOUT::CLARKEFri Oct 08 1993TeamLinks cannot see one IOS drawer.
2691.016KAOTFri Oct 08 1993File Cab Server fails since the MUPA and TLC install
2692.01TARUGO::LIDIAFri Oct 08 1993MUAS$SERVER ACE and read receipt
2693.010KERNEL::OTHENJFri Oct 08 1993Protection fault on KRNL386.EXE
2694.02QMARY::RICKW::RickFri Oct 08 1993Updating documents within the IOS FC
2695.03RYBAK::ChrisFri Oct 08 1993Multiple import - this will make a difference to sales...
2696.06CTHQ::GHOSHFri Oct 08 1993Does TL V 2.
2697.012TAMARA::BAHABA::STJEANFri Oct 08 1993Some info about the TL Application Integration Kits...
2698.02USHSFri Oct 08 1993tlc$ivp
2699.04SNOCFri Oct 08 1993TeamLinks/MS Mail & Excel macro
2700.02HSKPRF::TAURIAINENMon Oct 11 1993AIDA vs. DMW?
2701.06ZPOVC::CHINGYUEMon Oct 11 1993MRLISTEN, RWMBX & Connect
2702.03KERNEL::COOPERMon Oct 11 1993MSword stored in IOS FC Problem
2703.03MANANA::CMPOSE::CUMMINGSMon Oct 11 1993QAR 21
2704.0MANANA::CMPOSE::CUMMINGSMon Oct 11 1993QAR warning
2705.06OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mMon Oct 11 1993More EFT functionality questions
2706.08MRBEEN::WATTTue Oct 12 1993File Cabinet Reservation
2707.06TENTO1::MCCAFFREYJTue Oct 12 1993Attachments to IOS - date problems
2708.020TANJ::JONTue Oct 12 1993Mail Notifcation problems in V2
2709.02QBOUTue Oct 12 1993Teamlinks logo
2710.010TANJ::JONTue Oct 12 1993V2 Installation errors
2711.011CGOOA::NIXONTue Oct 12 1993Problems viewing WordPerfect tables/graphics
2712.05OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mTue Oct 12 1993Word Templates to File Cabinet ?
2713.05OSLWed Oct 13 1993Reboot of network share server causes "Sub or Function not defined"?
2714.01STKAI1::SBERGQUISTWed Oct 13 1993Urgent: TCP/IP (PC NFS) problem
2715.07POCUS::MORGASENWed Oct 13 1993Unorthodox CTI Support
2716.04KAOAWed Oct 13 1993A Bug in the Display Details?
2717.06USHSWed Oct 13 1993Reloading of Message Router and MRgate
2718.03ROMWed Oct 13 1993EFT1 and TeamRoute
2719.01KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLWed Oct 13 1993TL - ALL-IN-1: Processes?
2720.05SNOCWed Oct 13 1993TL2/Excel Macro problem
2721.04CAPNET::PJOHNSONWed Oct 13 1993Why does .bat come up as Uniplex?
2722.03MRBEEN::WATTThu Oct 14 1993Customer Feedback - MACBINARY handling
2723.04SUOSWS::SUOGS1::moogThu Oct 14 1993TL V.2.
2724.02ZPOVC::SEOWHURNThu Oct 14 1993TeamLinks Mail to ALL-IN-1 V2.4 questions .
2725.04KERNEL::COOPERThu Oct 14 1993Network Server Timeout error
2726.04ZURThu Oct 14 1993TLC 2.
2727.04KERNEL::OTHENJThu Oct 14 1993No inbox folder name if run TeamLinks first
2728.02ALKAID::TISThu Oct 14 1993problems with File Cabinet attachments in EFT1
2729.02USWRSL::ROCH_VIThu Oct 14 1993Migration from cc:Mail to TeamLinks
2730.01KAOFS::R_OBASThu Oct 14 1993Cannot print attachments after MAILworks upgrade
2731.01OASS::GIANNETTI_DThu Oct 14 1993WordPerfect Integration
2732.03AKOCOA::CONNAUGHTONThu Oct 14 1993AIDA problem
2733.03SUOSWS::SUOGS1::moogFri Oct 15 1993ROUTE always disabled
2734.03COPCLU::TORBENHFri Oct 15 1993TeamLinks v 1.1 compared to V 1.
2735.01TRIGG::VOGELFri Oct 15 1993Connection Package on VMS V5.5
2736.09IDEFIX::GEOFFFri Oct 15 1993MUPA questions
2737.02UTROP1::STEENIS_MFri Oct 15 1993Inside/Out viewers
2738.01EPAVAX::EPAPC1::CARLOTTIFri Oct 15 1993Printing Problem - V2 EFT
2739.03EPAVAX::EPAPC1::CARLOTTIFri Oct 15 1993Questions/Observations about TeamLinks
2740.0KOALA::GRAFFFri Oct 15 1993Field Test of TL Windows with UNIX Server
2741.02MEOCSun Oct 17 1993NS3 V1 -> V2 differences??
2742.02MEOCSun Oct 17 1993NS3 and Russell? Positioning...
2743.02MRBEEN::WATTSun Oct 17 1993TeamLinks / 2
2744.02ZGOVSun Oct 17 1993DECinspect and account inactivity
2745.03FAILTE::LAAHSMon Oct 18 1993Run Application from viewer?
2746.02EPS::BOEHMMon Oct 18 1993PAB issues with V2 -eft-1
2747.03EISYFI::ISLERMon Oct 18 1993Teamlinks V2.
2748.01NEWVAX::SHEINBERGMon Oct 18 1993MUPA, alternate disk for install problem
2749.03ZPOAC3::LCLEEMon Oct 18 1993MAPI and Russell Information issues again!!
2750.06QUICKP::KEHOEMon Oct 18 1993TeamLinks introductory 1
2751.05FAILTE::HUTCHESONTMon Oct 18 1993V2 EFT connect to older ALL-IN-1 Server?
2752.06NEWVAX::SHEINBERGMon Oct 18 1993Problems installing MUPA
2753.01GIDDAY::SETHITue Oct 19 1993Difference between TL and DMW's MS-Windows FC structure
2754.02TROPPO::WARDTue Oct 19 1993MS MACROS v1.1 setup problem
2755.05TENTO1::COOPERMTue Oct 19 1993Share drawer accross nodes ?
2756.08ZPOVC::CHINGYUETue Oct 19 1993DDS search hangs process
2757.02VNOAPP::TIMA_2Tue Oct 19 1993Saving a WordPerfectfile to the ALL-IN-1 IOS FC > always new version created
2758.01VNASWS::GACHTue Oct 19 1993WPS-PLUS printing problem (multinational characters and renditions)
2759.05KERNEL::COOPERTue Oct 19 1993Order of folders in MAIL Drawer
2760.04NEWVAX::MZARUDZKITue Oct 19 1993What do you all think about this?
2761.04TAMARA::HOVEYTue Oct 19 1993QAR2
2762.03KERNEL::KENDER::HouldingjWed Oct 20 1993Converters provided?
2763.03WOTVAX::DORANAWed Oct 20 1993ALL-IN-1 IOS Archiving and TeamLinks
2764.03SUOSWS::SUOGS1::moogWed Oct 20 1993WPS-PLUS on VT
2765.07OTOOA::OTOP19::AndersonWed Oct 20 1993Viewer locks with large files
2768.05SUOSWS::MOOGWed Oct 20 1993Questions on menu editor
2769.01SUOSWS::MOOGWed Oct 20 1993"Dummy" Menu group item ?
2770.01USWRSL::ROCH_VIWed Oct 20 1993Prolinc
2771.07TINNIE::SETHIWed Oct 20 1993AmiPro and TeamLinks 1.1 problems document pad locked
2772.02TENTO1::COOPERMThu Oct 21 1993Aida server (and/or dds) falls over
2773.0XANADU::GRIEPThu Oct 21 1993Note to TeamRoute SDK Users
2774.03BACHUS::BHP64::VerbraekenThu Oct 21 1993intapps.ms.disk1 has corrupt SETUP.exe ?
2775.04ODDONE::KNIGHTThu Oct 21 1993Storage Area for the file cabinet service may be full : TMR
2776.01TAMARA::HOVEYThu Oct 21 1993TL doesn't understand formats Mailworks, wps plus.
2777.08STKHLM::MELKER::andersson_lThu Oct 21 1993Conversion with TL 2.
2778.02SAC::JORDANFri Oct 22 1993WordPerfect issues
2779.03SAC::JORDANFri Oct 22 1993Electronic Mail issues
2780.01SAC::JORDANFri Oct 22 1993InfoManager Issues
2781.02SAC::JORDANFri Oct 22 1993Other general issues
2782.01SAC::JORDANFri Oct 22 1993Distribution List issues
2783.01CTOAVX::DESENAFri Oct 22 1993Personal Assistant contact
2784.01QBOUFri Oct 22 1993English message in French version ??
2785.01QBOUFri Oct 22 1993Prevent users to create folders ???
2786.02TROOA::LFUNGFri Oct 22 1993ALL-IN-1 IOS V2.x and TeamLinks V1.x ?
2787.06USHSFri Oct 22 1993Problems with EFT1 (2)
2788.03OTOOA::OTOP19::AndersonFri Oct 22 1993TLv1.1 (& v2.
2789.03HTSC19::MICKWIDLAMMon Oct 25 1993A1 mail server problem
2790.09TARUGO::LIDIAMon Oct 25 1993New mail notification to enable
2791.03BIS6::THONNONMon Oct 25 1993DDS validation problems TL v2.
2792.02MSAMMon Oct 25 1993network client installation error
2793.03MSAMMon Oct 25 1993pathworks_conference notesfiles ?????
2794.01MSAMMon Oct 25 1993how to see the MS-integration after install ?
2795.05CAPNET::65Mon Oct 25 1993The Official Portable TeamLinks Topic
2796.01SEDMTS::DAVIES_GMon Oct 25 1993Problem installing WordPerfect Macro's
2797.02SEDMTS::DAVIES_GMon Oct 25 1993Customising WordPerfect macro's
2798.01BACHUS::BHP64::VerbraekenMon Oct 25 1993Application Integration Kit 1.1 -- QAR --
2799.03UPROAR::PLATTPMon Oct 25 1993A setup question...
2800.02STKAI1::KLOKER::jnorrbomMon Oct 25 1993Encrypting functionality from Partner?
2801.01OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mTue Oct 26 1993EFT1 errors logged but none displayed
2802.03SHLSAM::BEANETue Oct 26 1993error: "A1MAIL$CONNECT newer than client"
2803.02CARTUN::EJONESTue Oct 26 1993MUAS protocol error
2805.04STKAI1::SBERGQUISTTue Oct 26 1993TeamRoute - folder names, i18n issue ...
2806.01BIS6::THONNONTue Oct 26 1993TL Async and PROCOMM terminal emulator
2807.02EPS::BOEHMTue Oct 26 1993CTRL functions stop working
2808.07TRIGG::VOGELTue Oct 26 1993Receipt Option - On Delivery ???
2809.05VCOUTue Oct 26 1993Use Viewers outside of TL Info Manager
2810.010TENTO1::COOPERMWed Oct 27 1993Auto reply TL V2.
2811.03OSLWed Oct 27 1993How to reply to attached mail?
2812.08IDEFIX::NANNIK::Geoff RobbWed Oct 27 1993DMW drawer created in VT not visible in TeamLinks
2813.04IDEFIX::NANNIK::Geoff RobbWed Oct 27 1993A1MAIL$CONNECT holding drawer files open
2814.02CAPNET::65Wed Oct 27 1993Sending Word for Windows to VT users
2815.04STKAI1::SBERGQUISTWed Oct 27 1993Another TeamRoute issue
2816.02IOSG::HOLTDWed Oct 27 1993New ALL-IN-1 Sales Update in support of Client-Server computing
2817.014PULMAN::HENRYWed Oct 27 1993EFT2.
2818.03HYLNDR::FORTIERWed Oct 27 1993Problem with routing packages in demo drawer
2819.03CHENG5::WIDMERWed Oct 27 1993COMMDLG.DLL problem
2820.03TENTO1::NUTKINSMWed Oct 27 1993TL v2.
2821.01GIDDAY::LEHThu Oct 28 1993MS macro 1.1 deletes DOS file upon Close Word doc
2822.06HTSC19::DENISLIThu Oct 28 1993"Who" is TeamLinks Mail for Windows?
2824.01STKAI1::SBERGQUISTThu Oct 28 1993Is there a patch ECO #
2825.017EEMELI::TIUHTI::RASANENThu Oct 28 1993WordPerfect (WP) 5.2 and regedit
2826.02EEMELI::RASANENThu Oct 28 1993WP 6 and Teamlinks
2827.01FAILTE::HUTCHESONTThu Oct 28 19932
2828.05MEOCThu Oct 28 1993TMLLOAD for V2.
2830.01YAKNOW::MCHIASSONThu Oct 28 1993Need help in attemting to install Teamlinks
2831.03HALIBT::MCCANTAThu Oct 28 1993Customize display with MS macros
2832.04MEOCFri Oct 29 1993FAX directly from MS-WORD document??
2833.02IDEFIX::NANNIK::Geoff RobbFri Oct 29 1993TeamLinks can't read message received on DMW
2834.02IDEFIX::NANNIK::Geoff RobbFri Oct 29 1993FC error in VMS password expiry/verification
2835.04A1VAX::BRAUNFri Oct 29 1993Invitation to try Conferencing FT2
2836.03MUDIS3::SCHAEFERFri Oct 29 1993Is TLC separate to A1-ECOS and FIXes ?
2837.09TREES::HICKSONSat Oct 30 1993Problems with DDE interface - calling from C
2838.011OSLSat Oct 30 1993EFT2: Local Demonstration Drawer setup incorrecly?
2839.03SIOG::T_REDMONDSat Oct 30 1993TeamLinks Software Development Kit
2840.062HOT::BALLADELLISun Oct 31 1993Announcing VTX for Windows X5.2-6 Alpha test kit 2
2841.03OSLACT::OLAVFMon Nov 01 1993CFC for Notes/Conferencing ?
2842.03TAVMon Nov 01 1993Cannot save Word docs into local FC
2843.09PIECES::ZAWINL::snowlingMon Nov 01 1993v2.
2844.03OASS::ANDRES_BMon Nov 01 1993Dynalink error using newer M3OPEN.EXE
2845.03MSDOA::STETSONMon Nov 01 1993Need 5
2846.08GIDDAY::LEHMon Nov 01 1993MS macro 1.1 EFT2 - various problems
2847.041TALE::PILOUI::PITTETTue Nov 02 1993Freeware : New Mail Count for Windows
2848.04UTESTue Nov 02 1993Delete documents with 'Delete=N' via Teamlinks?
2850.09SIOG::T_REDMONDTue Nov 02 1993Excel and the AIK (EFT2)
2851.021ESMGK::GRADYTue Nov 02 1993EFT2 Application Error - Local Drawers
2852.07OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mTue Nov 02 1993Problems installing AIK
2853.03DEKVC::KINAMLEETue Nov 02 1993Is there any limitation ?
2854.04SIOG::T_REDMONDWed Nov 03 1993The AIK and CTL3L.DLL: Old version?
2855.033EPS::BOEHMWed Nov 03 1993eft2 - operation was partially successful....
2856.08TENTO1::NUTKINSMWed Nov 03 1993List of files installed/updated needed
2857.01BAHTAT::6262Wed Nov 03 1993TCPIP and teamlinks URGENT!!!!!
2858.02CAPNET::65Wed Nov 03 1993I'm confused
2859.06AIMTEC::WICKS_AWed Nov 03 1993A way to keep the bug count down
2860.04FAILTE::LAAHSWed Nov 03 1993QAR this please. Can't send PC files with EFT2.
2861.02WKOL1Wed Nov 03 1993TLC on VMS V5.3 or Remote Node?
2862.010OSLACT::BJARNEC_PThu Nov 04 1993Mail Notification with ALL-IN-1 as server
2863.029MEOCThu Nov 04 1993TeamLinks Connection (TLC BL32) install problem
2864.07HLISC1::64Thu Nov 04 1993General protection fault with AIDA.DLL
2865.02KETJE::DESCHUYTERThu Nov 04 1993Reservations in Network drawers ?
2866.04HAN::FISCHER_HEThu Nov 04 1993EFT1 network installation problems
2867.03HAMSC2::EBUSCHThu Nov 04 1993please help wps+ -> Wordperfect conversion
2868.01SUOSWS::MOOGThu Nov 04 1993Wordperfect question
2870.08FIXER::HOULDINGJThu Nov 04 1993Receiving new mail with TL and ALL-IN-1
2871.03HAN::FISCHER_HEThu Nov 04 1993Associations and parameter passing
2872.02SAC::OLDNIC::COHEN_DThu Nov 04 1993Wish List: Default Export Location
2873.07OSLACT::BJARNEC_PThu Nov 04 1993Want to access NETWORK.DAT from Teamlinks
2874.04CAPNET::65Thu Nov 04 1993Please provide your informed opinions
2875.01SUOSWS::SUOGS1::moogThu Nov 04 1993Questions EFT2
2876.06OASS::ANDRES_BThu Nov 04 1993EFT 2.
2877.03LISVAX::SEPULVEDAThu Nov 04 1993TLC EFT2 Problems
2878.03SAC::OLDNIC::COHEN_DThu Nov 04 1993V2 EFT2 Installation - disk space
2879.01SAC::OLDNIC::COHEN_DThu Nov 04 1993Wish List - Deinstall
2880.03OSLACT::BJARNEC_PThu Nov 04 1993WPS-PLUS to WINWORD2 Converter ?!?
2881.0COPVX2::SHEINBERGThu Nov 04 1993Any Lotus Notes Certified Engrs???
2882.06OASS::GIANNETTI_DThu Nov 04 1993Point to Point protocol and TeamLinks?????
2883.09OASS::GIANNETTI_DThu Nov 04 1993Problem with EFT2 moving read messages
2884.05MUDIS3::FISCALFri Nov 05 1993installation fails at 8
2885.01STKAI1::KLOKER::jnorrbomFri Nov 05 1993Disconnect before being able to connect...
2886.04TROOA::LFUNGFri Nov 05 1993Nicknames and PAB
2887.01XANADU::GRIEPFri Nov 05 1993Partial matching of dist lists and groups
2888.01STKAI1::KLOKER::jnorrbomFri Nov 05 1993Recipient instead of author in OUTBOX
2889.09MROA::CKELLEHERFri Nov 05 1993Wordperfect to WPS (ALL-IN-1) Print Problems!
2890.03STKAI1::KLOKER::jnorrbomFri Nov 05 1993Size of messages not shown i 2.
2891.04TARUGO::LIDIAFri Nov 05 1993To ordering the drawers
2892.0TENTO1::COOPERMFri Nov 05 1993Goodbye EMS ...
2893.09MROA::CKELLEHERFri Nov 05 1993TIME on Mail (Incorrect)
2894.01OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mFri Nov 05 1993TLFORMAT.INI "synonym" section?
2895.01UTRTSC::BATSFri Nov 05 1993Small nit with installing EFT2
2896.01GIDDAY::LEHMon Nov 08 1993GPF while View/Expand Select EFT2 doc with attach
2897.04KETJE::DESCHUYTERMon Nov 08 1993DEC Mailworks V1.1c support ?
2898.05TENTO1::COOPERMMon Nov 08 1993pc to ios interface via aida ?
2899.07SEDPCW::MCMICHAELMon Nov 08 1993More EFT2 Comments and/or Bugs
2900.01WOTVAX::ROVRUM::McguireVMon Nov 08 1993Release date for v2.
2901.05SEDPCW::MCMICHAELMon Nov 08 1993Roadrunner EFT2 unloads XTI DLLs
2902.01COPCLU::JOHNSENMon Nov 08 1993TeamRoute Templates - can't modify
2903.017OSLMon Nov 08 1993TeamLinks does not run on Alpha PC?
2904.01SAC::OLDNIC::COHEN_DMon Nov 08 1993Performance - Write + Bitmaps
2905.01LARVAE::WGCMon Nov 08 1993DOS-based applications?
2906.03EPS::BOEHMMon Nov 08 1993no cover memo causes problems
2907.06GUCCI::RJENKINSMon Nov 08 1993TCP/IP support in V2 field test kit
2908.06MSDOA::FRYLANDMon Nov 08 1993Need MASTERSOFT information???
2909.06GALLOP::MARSHALLJMon Nov 08 1993WinWord and WPSPLUS integration issues
2910.05GALLOP::MARSHALLJMon Nov 08 1993Changing viewer fonts (size) ?
2911.03OSLACT::BJARNEC_PMon Nov 08 1993View system distribution lists in ALL-IN-1
2912.016VCOUMon Nov 08 1993Teamlinks Mail/Teamroute Hangs!!!!
2913.010NYOSMon Nov 08 1993Button broken in EFT2
2914.02GRANPA::SFAIRCLOTHMon Nov 08 1993MAILWORKS SERVER/Pointers to documents???
2916.03KYOSS1::LAMMMon Nov 08 1993Description of TeamLinks APIs?
2917.02MSAMTue Nov 09 1993time stamp for teamroute fix ?
2918.05SEDPCW::MCMICHAELTue Nov 09 1993New Local Cabinet gives General Error
2919.01OASS::GIANNETTI_DTue Nov 09 1993Invalid Parameter logged in Dr. Watson
2920.03USHSTue Nov 09 1993Russell Calendering with Windows Client???
2921.02ACESMK::MEYERTue Nov 09 1993TL v. LW v. LN????
2922.04HTSC19::SIMONLAUWed Nov 10 19935M RAM required for Teamlinks for Window ?
2923.01LISVAX::SEPULVEDAWed Nov 10 1993
2924.024OSLWed Nov 10 1993How to set up TeamLinks users to be independent of the machine?
2925.010TENTO1::COOPERMWed Nov 10 1993viewer problems
2926.02LARVAE::JORDANWed Nov 10 1993An update to QAR 2381
2927.07OSLWed Nov 10 1993An error was encountered while saving this message?
2928.010USHSWed Nov 10 1993Notepad instead of the Teamlinks editor??
2929.02LMOPST::AUDIO::MCGREALWed Nov 10 1993What do I need to ...
2930.012SUOSWS::MOOGWed Nov 10 1993read only file cab on OS/2
2931.02SUOSWS::MOOGWed Nov 10 1993Wordperfect Viewer with long tables
2932.03BIRMVX::KALLUWed Nov 10 1993 Various problems with EFT2 Oct27
2933.03NEOVWed Nov 10 1993TeamLinks performance: Thinwire vs twisted pair
2934.06OSLACT::BJARNEC_PWed Nov 10 1993AIDA Server hangs when accessed
2935.03USHSWed Nov 10 1993Process from EFT1 --- EFT2 ???????????????
2936.06TENTO1::COOPERMThu Nov 11 1993grant mail access?
2937.05HAN::FISCHER_HEThu Nov 11 1993Retrieval of Header Attributes
2938.013QMARY::RICKW::RickThu Nov 11 1993Messaging Questions with TeamLinks and TLC V2.
2939.01ODIXIE::SILVERSThu Nov 11 1993Removing wordperfect macros?
2940.013CSOA1::HOLLERANThu Nov 11 1993LOTUS Organizer and TL?
2941.03STKAI1::KLOKER::jnorrbomThu Nov 11 1993Reply included in reply included in repy...???
2942.06QMARY::RICKW::RickThu Nov 11 1993Reading WPS messages from TeamLinks EFT-2
2943.02GMTNET::SYSTEMThu Nov 11 1993How should we demonstrate Teamlinks?
2944.03ICS::168Thu Nov 11 1993Macro ?? and observations
2945.0TAMARA::BAHABA::STJEANThu Nov 11 1993DocumentDelete params changing in SSB.
2946.019NYTAXI::SYSTEMThu Nov 11 1993WORD - WPS conversions UGH
2947.04GIDDAY::SETHIFri Nov 12 1993Customer questions about TL 2.
2948.013ARRODS::WILLIAMSONFri Nov 12 1993VIM support for TeamLinks Mail
2949.08--UnknownUser--Fri Nov 12 1993Problem exiting TeamLinks if Apps had been opened
2950.02LISVAX::SEPULVEDAFri Nov 12 1993A1mail -> TLmail
2951.017CLAVIS::TEMP1::MANUELFri Nov 12 1993X4
2952.01BREW11::NOTPC5::WIDDOWSONFri Nov 12 1993EFT2 Address Validation
2953.02LARVAE::WGCFri Nov 12 1993Next Version Thoughts. Comments??
2954.02SUOSWS::SUOGS1::moogFri Nov 12 1993General pro fault in CFCIOS.DLL
2956.04ICS::168Fri Nov 12 1993WP macro and INI files
2957.03YUPPY::GORARDMMon Nov 15 1993Suitable TM system from TCP/IP client & TeamLinks
2958.03KERNEL::COOPERMon Nov 15 1993Can't read Wordperfect attachment. TL 1.1
2959.02CTHP12::M_MORINMon Nov 15 1993TeamLinks licensing with PATHWORKS
2960.010VAXSPO::SATOTue Nov 16 1993Bulletin Board served on OSF/1 ?
2961.09GROUPE::MARIETTue Nov 16 1993Binary Att. EFT2 / DMW 1.2 (286
2962.04YUPPY::GORARD::GorardTue Nov 16 1993"Off-line" working
2963.04KERNEL::COOPERTue Nov 16 1993New mail Notification Query
2964.011JGODCL::SHERLOCKWed Nov 17 1993Saving & sending draft messages/memos from IOS
2965.09IDEFIX::NANNIK::Geoff RobbWed Nov 17 1993Setup File Cabinets corrupts the OFFICE.INI "DLL" entry
2966.03BAHTAT::BAHTAT::HILTONWed Nov 17 1993Wrong IOS version..NOT!
2967.06TENTO1::COOPERMWed Nov 17 1993ms word integration - name on title bar ?
2968.01VAXRIO::BIANCOWed Nov 17 1993TeamLinks Mail on OSF/1 Alpha Server
2969.0FAILTE::LAAHSWed Nov 17 1993Viewing embedded draw/graph objects
2970.010IOSG::TALLETTWed Nov 17 1993This warning no longer applies, see .7
2971.0GALVIA::CBECKETTWed Nov 17 1993CDA FT3 Update, GUI converter app, prototype Sixel & BMP converters
2972.04GRANPA::FBOWLESWed Nov 17 1993TeamLinks Questions...
2973.06CHENG5::WIDMERWed Nov 17 1993LanWorkplace problems
2974.09CHOVAX::HORNUNGWed Nov 17 1993DDS lookups not working w/MAILworks, EFT1
2975.07342Wed Nov 17 1993Microsoft Word Macros
2976.06ZPOVC::SEOWHURNThu Nov 18 1993Questions on TeamLinks Mail V2.
2977.01ZPOVC::WENDYLAIThu Nov 18 1993TLC installation loops
2978.02JGODCL::SHERLOCKThu Nov 18 1993Draft msgs status unsent
2979.03SEDPCW::MCMICHAELThu Nov 18 1993TeamLinks -> DEC MAILworks via NetBeui
2980.02TENTO1::COOPERMThu Nov 18 1993Comments on creating a button to launch Word
2981.02MLNOIS::COMISSOLIThu Nov 18 1993TL 1.1 Patch for Italian Version
2982.010UPROAR::PLATTPThu Nov 18 1993Save As... to a local drawer/folder gives error
2983.013OSLACT::BJARNEC_PThu Nov 18 1993Good/bad points for DMW vs. ALL-IN-1 as Server!?!
2987.0TRCOA::KUNAUSThu Nov 18 1993Messaging RFP 2
2988.02LARVAE::WGCFri Nov 19 1993Memory problem in the viewer?
2989.01USHSFri Nov 19 1993TL MAC Where Are You?????
2990.06OSLFri Nov 19 1993TeamLinks crash on invalid file name?
2991.03OASS::GIANNETTI_DFri Nov 19 1993Has anyone tried Reflections 4 Terminal Emulator for async?
2992.02ODIXIE::LAROEFri Nov 19 1993more pre-sales questions
2993.01YUPPY::GORARDMFri Nov 19 1993Alphabetical order of results of search in DDS
2994.05VAXRIO::ALCIDESFri Nov 19 1993TeamLinks V2.
2995.03XANADU::HOVEYFri Nov 19 1993List of Converters and Viewers for TeamLinks 2.
2997.05TRCOA::MOKBELFri Nov 19 1993Sorting and Security questions
2998.04OASS::ANDRES_BFri Nov 19 1993No converters for object format
2999.06OASS::GIANNETTI_DFri Nov 19 1993Limit to IOS drawers????
3000.06WOTVAX::DORANAFri Nov 19 1993Bug - New Macros + Word 'save as'
3001.0TAMARA::HESSSun Nov 21 1993TCP/IP release notes for V2.
3002.01TROPPO::WARDMon Nov 22 1993MS Word Int Macros Print Problem
3003.01BIGUN::BRUCEMon Nov 22 1993LPT1.DOS workaround questions
3004.05DELBOY::DORANAMon Nov 22 1993'invalid destination...' on deleting shared document
3005.04LARVAE::WGCMon Nov 22 1993IOS Server crash...
3006.03PCPLOD::LDNMon Nov 22 1993TL macros for WORD V6.
3007.03SUOSWS::MOOGMon Nov 22 1993Comments and questions on EFT2
3008.01OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mMon Nov 22 1993Explanation of MasterSoft Fonts needed
3009.015OSLMon Nov 22 1993Save Distribution List, "FileCab..." => error "Parameter too long"
3010.03FAILTE::MUCKRT::LAAHSMon Nov 22 1993System Defined and DOS dialogues
3011.01LEMAN::BAGNOUDMon Nov 22 1993Client macintosh 1.2
3013.08TLE::FELDMANMon Nov 22 1993Another server connection problem
3014.01STKAI1::KLOKER::jnorrbomMon Nov 22 1993WPS-PLUS forms and TeamLinks
3015.01CTHP12::M_MORINMon Nov 22 1993Converting MS-Word pictures (WMF) to DDIF
3016.06RDGENG::PRATTMon Nov 22 1993Teamlinks EFT2.
3017.02ESMGK::GRADYMon Nov 22 1993REPLY doesn't carry sender's address ?
3018.07OTOOA::OTOP19::AndersonMon Nov 22 1993Message header/wp macros/read-only attachments
3020.04TROOA::BURGOSMon Nov 22 1993sort/search within message?
3021.01TROOA::BURGOSMon Nov 22 1993NS3 app. integration
3022.09CAATS::TAMTue Nov 23 1993DDS Server not available
3023.05IDEFIX::SIRENTue Nov 23 1993MS Word attachement problem with MAILworks v. 1.1C
3024.03OASS::LAMBERSON_MTue Nov 23 1993CTI ASYNC mail problem
3025.01COPCLU::BIRGERTue Nov 23 1993Whitepaper...and adresses
3026.03FSATRA::GULLBERGTue Nov 23 1993TLC T2.
3027.03BELFST::THOMPSONTue Nov 23 1993Integration Macros for Ami-Pro V2.
3028.01RDGENG::PRATTTue Nov 23 1993Building MS Installation kits - what does Teamlinks use?
3030.01WOTVAX::ROVRUM::McguireVTue Nov 23 1993Performance issues with Excel macros
3031.04KERNEL::COOPERWed Nov 24 1993CTI Async - Network error on send
3032.03SCAMIN::BROWNWed Nov 24 1993Russell and TeamLinks Mail only?
3033.01XANADU::CMPOSE::CUMMINGSWed Nov 24 1993MOREPOPT.EXE - More Print Options for V2
3034.0LACAXP::SYSTEMWed Nov 24 1993Short Term Job for consultant in Puerto Rico
3035.04MQOSWS::MQOP36::m_lemayWed Nov 24 1993Translation of the TO field
3036.02OASS::GIANNETTI_DWed Nov 24 1993problem with GPF and local drawers
3037.07JGO::HOEKThu Nov 25 1993Can't read ALL-IN-1 msgs on notebook / WordBASIC error
3038.09YUPPY::GORARD::GorardThu Nov 25 1993X4
3039.02KERNEL::COOPERThu Nov 25 1993PAB address problem
3040.01GMTNET::SYSTEMThu Nov 25 1993MUPA Installation fails
3041.03MARSThu Nov 25 1993PB with TML 2.
3043.03LISVAX::SEPULVEDAFri Nov 26 1993Customize Button Bar-VTX+Kterm
3044.02STKAI1::SBERGQUISTFri Nov 26 1993Urgent: When will PC NFS 5.
3045.01OTOOA::OTOP19::AndersonFri Nov 26 1993Changing DDS screen field names & order
3046.06VNASWS::GACHFri Nov 26 1993Why are Address Templates with ALL-IN-1 IOS as Server not possible?
3047.02LARVAE::WGCFri Nov 26 1993pre-SSB Installation Problems
3048.01ZPOVC::LCLEEMon Nov 29 1993TeamLinks V2.
3049.02RUTILE::MUTZIG::MackMon Nov 29 1993Message cut when copied from MAILWORKS to IOS
3050.01SCAMIN::BROWNMon Nov 29 1993word perfect 5.2 vs. 6.
3051.02MRBEEN::WATTTue Nov 30 1993WPS viewing in Pre-SSB
3052.04JOCKEY::MCCAFFREYJTue Nov 30 1993Autoforward - header translation
3053.011ROMTue Nov 30 1993TeamLinks 2.
3054.04OSLACT::BJARNEC_PTue Nov 30 1993Info Mgr Err Msg: Please close appl before exiting
3055.03USHSTue Nov 30 1993Problem with CONNECT.DLL and Calendar Manager???
3056.03OASS::GIANNETTI_DTue Nov 30 1993We want the cute little icons
3057.01MEOCTue Nov 30 1993Can't print Russell PS doc??
3058.02ROMWed Dec 01 1993Error setting up reference to TMR component
3059.01FAILTE::MUCKRT::LAAHSWed Dec 01 1993Can we still execute commands synchronously?
3060.09OASS::GIANNETTI_DWed Dec 01 1993New Mail moves to Wastebasket
3061.01KERNEL::HOULDINGJWed Dec 01 1993Problems installing MUPA on BRITISH system
3062.01NYOSWed Dec 01 1993The Lotus Agreement ??
3063.02GRANPA::SHORNUNGWed Dec 01 1993WordPerfect, EFT1, missing file/document
3066.02IJSAPL::64Thu Dec 02 19933e party viewers Outside In
3067.02FAILTE::MUCKRT::LAAHSThu Dec 02 1993Blank folders in IOS cabinet...
3068.010GIDDAY::LEHThu Dec 02 1993TL 2.
3069.05SUOSWS::MOOGThu Dec 02 1993Wishes/Ideas for next version
3070.01SUOSWS::MOOGThu Dec 02 1993Calendar - when LLV ?
3071.02BIGMAC::KARPELThu Dec 02 1993PC hangs when change username
3072.01IJSAPL::64Thu Dec 02 1993Removing attachments when reading
3073.02JOCKEY::MCCAFFREYJThu Dec 02 1993DECnet error 9 - what does this mean?
3074.01LEMAN::GOLON::BezenconThu Dec 02 1993Comma (",") in the address field / Alt+Tab doesn't bring up InfoMan window
3076.01CTHP12::M_MORINThu Dec 02 1993Explanation of TLCVTVU.INI
3077.05GUAMA::SEPULVEDAThu Dec 02 1993Invoking WordPerfect when it is already running
3078.03BEBBI1::STUKERThu Dec 02 1993error sending attachment !
3079.06MQOSWS::MQOP36::m_lemayThu Dec 02 1993Doc. lost when changing Drawer
3080.05USHSThu Dec 02 1993Error launching Window App. from Button Bar
3081.07SCAMIN::BROWNThu Dec 02 1993urgent- RFP questions about WP integration
3082.05WOTVAX::DORANAFri Dec 03 1993Running on NT ;^)
3083.01OSLFri Dec 03 1993Send mail from an application?
3084.03BERNFri Dec 03 1993automatic opening of folders
3085.07JOCKEY::COOPERMFri Dec 03 1993program to set notify fails
3086.037OASS::GIANNETTI_DFri Dec 03 1993Problem with green display
3088.03WEORLD::TRICKETTSun Dec 05 1993Too many files!!
3089.07GIDDAY::SETHIMon Dec 06 1993Error allocating memory, Invalid Server Context, %RMS-
3090.02GRNBUS::MMITCHELLMon Dec 06 1993Documentation
3091.0SUOSWS::SUOGS1::moogMon Dec 06 1993Accounting in client server ??
3092.08ODIXIE::HIPPMon Dec 06 1993Demo Floppy?
3093.04RDGENG::RAKSHIT_UTue Dec 07 1993AIDA server install failed due to incorrect version of CMA
3094.07MUDIS3::SCHAEFERTue Dec 07 1993explanation on shared drawers pls
3095.02KERNEL::COOPERTue Dec 07 1993Default local mail drawer when using CTI Async
3096.02LAIDBK::MATTHEWS_TITue Dec 07 1993Addressee questions and UNSEND
3097.04MEOCTue Dec 07 1993TeamLinks & TeamRoute compatability
3099.01NWGEDU::MACKNEYWed Dec 08 1993cant create local drawers
3100.03BACHUS::WOODWed Dec 08 1993Crash when trying to connect to Server
3101.02IOSG::DUTTWed Dec 08 1993Your input invited on future ALL-IN-1 func. via TeamLinks
3102.016EPS::BOEHMWed Dec 08 1993No priority on Send Attributes window
3103.01NODEX::CLBMUD::Conferencing-UserWed Dec 08 1993Mail notif. to a PC in a hidden area
3104.0SNOCThu Dec 09 1993Pres. on implementing TeamLinks/MAILbus?
3105.02KERNEL::JILLY::HouldingThu Dec 09 1993DECTECH.TTF
3106.06ROMA::PARLINSKIThu Dec 09 1993Character set conversion (Central Europe)
3107.03LARVAE::JORDANThu Dec 09 1993WordPerfect/Win and pre-SSB release problem
3108.01LARVAE::JORDANThu Dec 09 1993pre-SSB comments...
3109.07HXOU14::BALLThu Dec 09 1993DDE between TeamLinks and Lotus Notes
3110.01NSDC::GEORGEThu Dec 09 1993Attached W4W doc causes Filecab corruption
3111.012SIOG::T_REDMONDThu Dec 09 1993TeamLinks V2.
3112.06MAGIC::MCCLUNGThu Dec 09 1993problem loading CFCLOCAL.DLL?
3113.03BROKE::ALEXANDERThu Dec 09 1993Integrating Conferencing and other apps with TeamLinks
3114.01VAXRIO::ALCIDESThu Dec 09 1993CDA for DOS 1.1 kit?
3115.03WEORLD::TRICKETTThu Dec 09 1993What does DNETHEAPSIZE do??
3116.04RUTILE::MUTZIG::MackFri Dec 10 1993Cannot view WPSPLUS messages
3117.02OSLFri Dec 10 1993V2.
3118.0UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTFri Dec 10 1993WPS-PLUS viewer remarks
3119.02FPTMEO::orasinFri Dec 10 1993Location of Teamlinks V2.
3120.04EVTAI1::CHALLALFri Dec 10 1993MAS option and customized SM$MAIN2 form
3121.020SUBURB::VEALES::VEALESFri Dec 10 1993CTI Async connection fails
3122.010LARVAE::WGCFri Dec 10 1993[AUTORUN] and IM_Close and turn off notification
3123.0RESTRT::LATIMERFri Dec 10 1993Workgroup Systems White Papers
3124.05LAIDBK::MATTHEWS_TIFri Dec 10 1993Both TCP/IP and DECnet?; TGV Multinet?
3126.06MROA::NBUFTONFri Dec 10 1993Dial-up/Reflection help for the novice, please
3127.04DEKVC::SUNJOOHASun Dec 12 1993DEC MAILworks for OpenVMS v1.2 kit location
3128.04HGODC1::LIKSANGCHOWSun Dec 12 1993Broadcasting in Calendar Manager
3129.05MEOCMon Dec 13 1993Mail Notification - lock failure error message
3130.01MRBEEN::WATTMon Dec 13 1993WPS+ Printing HP Laserjet TL V2 SSB
3131.01BRUMMY::NOTPC5::WIDDOWSONMon Dec 13 1993Export Attachment Button
3132.04COPSER::COPBRI::RIISMon Dec 13 1993All folders starting with same letters are deleted !
3133.01BACHUS::WOODMon Dec 13 1993Mac, DDS, An error occured while trying to lookup the specified address
3134.01VNASWS::GACHMon Dec 13 1993PICS for TeamLinks ? (PICS = Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement)
3135.05MIMS::ANDRES_BMon Dec 13 1993ERROR 324 and ERROR 314 from CFCDEBUG.LOG
3136.0AIMTEC::PCMIKE::lamberson_mMon Dec 13 1993Limiting TeamLinks use of Resources?
3137.03GNOJP::PORELLMon Dec 13 1993TeamLinks as transfer software (non-MAPI)
3138.011LAVGOD::DESENAMon Dec 13 1993PostScript Viewer?
3139.03AIMTEC::WICKS_AMon Dec 13 1993Any known problems with ACCESS or FILECAB?
3140.01SNOCTue Dec 14 1993General Protection Fault with PCSA.DRV
3141.03DAOVAX::YUENTue Dec 14 1993sharing distribution list
3142.01MEOCTue Dec 14 1993custom mail message solution
3143.06SIOG::B_RAFFERTYTue Dec 14 1993TeamLinks SDK for customers
3144.02KERNEL::COOPERTue Dec 14 1993CTI Async modem connection drop problem
3145.06YUPPY::DEWINTERTue Dec 14 1993TeamLinks/DDS using IOS returns NO MATCHING RECORD
3146.022WKOLTue Dec 14 1993Word for Windows V6.
3147.02GRANPA::FBOWLESTue Dec 14 1993TeamLinks + Asynch PATHWORKS = MAilworks c?
3148.03VAXRIO::ALCIDESWed Dec 15 1993TeamLinks and Office Vision
3149.04DV78Wed Dec 15 1993automAtic launch util
3150.0LARVAE::JORDANWed Dec 15 1993Convert WPS to Ami with SSB kit
3151.03OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mWed Dec 15 1993Font questions for V2.
3152.05USHSWed Dec 15 1993Quesions on X.4
3153.01BEBBI1::STUKERWed Dec 15 1993ALL-IN-1 / MUPA, Connection (TLC) SW
3154.02LAIDBK::MATTHEWS_TIWed Dec 15 1993P7, DDA, Filtering, Custom Templates
3155.01JOCKEY::COOPERMThu Dec 16 1993Multiple instances again
3156.02YUPPY::DEWINTERThu Dec 16 1993libcda file for EXCEL not found after integration
3157.02FAILTE::MACKAY_NThu Dec 16 1993TL TeamRoute and ALL-IN-1 IOS?
3158.05MEOCThu Dec 16 1993IOS password entry fails
3159.011SWETSC::MELKEThu Dec 16 1993Stream format on attachments causes problems
3160.02MROA::BUFTON::nbuftonThu Dec 16 1993Linking winrcv to TeamLinks
3162.03YEOLD::HOVEL::CUMMINGSThu Dec 16 1993Does pwmail.dll live?
3163.03ODIXIE::HIPPThu Dec 16 1993TeamLinks Backup/Restore ?
3165.03MEOCFri Dec 17 1993Searching for documents and refiling
3166.0KERNEL::PCIOF2::chewterFri Dec 17 1993cfcios.dll problem
3168.01KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLFri Dec 17 1993Mastersoft Converters?
3169.03KERNEL::MACOFF::horseycFri Dec 17 1993Printing TABS in TL 2.
3170.04LARVAE::JORDANFri Dec 17 1993FETCH.DLL in the SDK
3171.010FAILTE::64538::mackay_nFri Dec 17 1993Must you use DECnet for ALL-IN-1 IOS and TeamLinks
3172.01NYOSFri Dec 17 1993Any Chgs to OLE in V2.
3173.06NYOSFri Dec 17 1993Does CTI compress files xfered?
3176.05BELFST::THOMPSONMon Dec 20 1993Error copying TLWIN Files
3177.012ZURMon Dec 20 1993Problems Deinstalling MUPA BL52
3178.05VAXRIO::ALCIDESMon Dec 20 1993Problems reading DDIF document
3179.02TROOA::BURGOSMon Dec 20 1993PC hangs with wrong Password
3180.02FAILTE::64538::mackay_nMon Dec 20 1993VT access to IOS as Mail server.
3181.08CCOFMon Dec 20 1993Application Error on client installation
3182.016COPCLU::JACOBSENTue Dec 21 1993Error sending mail on IOS
3183.04JGODCL::SHERLOCKTue Dec 21 1993EFT2 Local File Cabinet
3184.05COPCLU::BIRGERTue Dec 21 1993Document standard like DDIF???
3187.0SUOSWS::MOOGTue Dec 21 1993Meeting Maker ???
3188.02ALKAID::dfhaxp.mko.dec.com::HEUSSTue Dec 21 1993Printing problems with NT and Pathworks V5.
3189.05FAILTE::64538::mackay_nTue Dec 21 1993ALL-IN-1 IOS support for Wollongong TCP/IP
3190.04MKLC::ENOSTue Dec 21 1993TeamLinks for MAC/ALL-IN-1 IOS connection
3191.02MDCRAB::MARSHALLTue Dec 21 1993Two Copies of a Saved then Sent message
3192.04MDCRAB::MARSHALLTue Dec 21 1993OUTBOX not friendly
3193.03KETJE::VANHOOSTEWed Dec 22 1993Saving docs in TL using Word macros
3194.02YUPPY::BPACGP::mccarthyWed Dec 22 1993Is TLC & 3.
3196.05MROA::BUFTON::nbuftonWed Dec 22 1993v2 Performance over dial-up
3197.05TAVThu Dec 23 1993Difference between TeamLinks Mail and TeamLinks products
3199.02OASS::ANDRES_BThu Dec 23 1993GPF when connecting or going to Mail Profile
3200.03ANGLIN::SEITZThu Dec 23 1993demo copy for customers?
3201.02POBOX::DECAPPThu Dec 23 1993Network Install still needs diskettes
3202.03OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mTue Dec 28 1993Mail deleted by lost connection?
3203.0ATYISA::LAZERGESThu Dec 30 1993Log events from Russell Calendar Manager?
3204.03WOTVAX::DORANAFri Dec 31 1993Moving to V2.
3205.09GNOJP::PORELLMon Jan 03 1994Dates for TeamRoute with ALL-IN-1 IOS mail server
3206.02MDCRAB::MARSHALLMon Jan 03 1994TeamLinks/ALL-IN-1 memory leak
3207.07UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTTue Jan 04 1994first TLC
3208.0MRBEEN::WATTTue Jan 04 1994OLE in TL V3 Customer comments
3209.06BLGTue Jan 04 1994Word for Windows Converters
3210.02MXOVTue Jan 04 1994Some DLL files not copied properly
3211.01OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mTue Jan 04 1994Intermittent hang on macros Save...
3212.011TARUGO::LIDIAWed Jan 05 1994Error 3
3213.02OSLACT::BJARNEC_PWed Jan 05 1994Multiple select when Adding Attachment to mail messages
3214.04HLDGWed Jan 05 1994Quick Lookup Guide?
3215.05OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mWed Jan 05 1994Imbed ASCII control characters?
3216.05NYOSWed Jan 05 1994SSB Client error on install
3217.014CTHP12::M_MORINWed Jan 05 1994TL V2.
3218.01BOUGY::LE_VIETThu Jan 06 1994QuarkXPress for Windows & LK 45
3219.06COPCLU::COPRUG::RUNEThu Jan 06 1994WordPerfect V6.
3220.0YUPPY::GORARDMThu Jan 06 1994TeamLinks and Netware/IP stack
3221.03GVPROD::64121::wengerThu Jan 06 1994Invalid source object type ...
3222.0LOOPBT::SOBELThu Jan 06 1994What versions are shipping in each Package?
3223.04NYOSThu Jan 06 1994TL V2 and New VTX help
3224.011HDLITE::PREP99::WILLISThu Jan 06 1994Sending Mail to the Internet
3225.06NZOMIS::ROBBINSFri Jan 07 1994Where's WPO compet analysis?
3226.02FLYWAY::ARESFri Jan 07 1994Converter for DECforms -> MS Windows wanted !
3228.05MEOCFri Jan 07 1994Drawers 'lost' when IOS MDK is run
3229.01STKAI1::SBERGQUISTFri Jan 07 1994Windows default printer is lost when printing from TeamLinks 1.1
3230.06COPCLU::JACOBSENFri Jan 07 1994QuickRoute reports error 22/24
3231.016BEBBI1::637Fri Jan 07 1994error with IOS FC / Mail profile
3232.011MR4SRV::PHAFri Jan 07 1994Spell Checker ???
3233.06MROA::NBUFTONFri Jan 07 1994TLXFER Scripting Issues
3234.04VCOUSun Jan 09 1994How can you print the PAB??
3235.07KERNEL::COOPERMon Jan 10 1994New Mail Notification, TL 2.
3236.044WSTENG::HICKMANMon Jan 10 1994Word 6.
3237.02VNASWS::GACHMon Jan 10 1994Tool for removing some options from TeamLinks Setup available!
3238.08USCTR1::BEATLS::jonesMon Jan 10 1994Format is FORWARDED????
3239.03COMICS::HALFACREEMon Jan 10 1994A1 IOS v2.4 to DMW using MOVE command
3240.014IOSG::RJ::MerewoodMon Jan 10 1994Local> ??!!@#*&^!
3241.01BACHUS::DBCMon Jan 10 1994V1.1 client problems connecting to MAILworks file cabinet
3242.04STKAI1::SBERGQUISTMon Jan 10 1994Local FCs lost when upgrading to TeamLinks 2.
3243.03TLKOS::KULIGMon Jan 10 1994Workflow / WAN
3244.06MQOSWS::MQOP36::m_lemayMon Jan 10 1994Changing ownership of file cabinet
3245.06OASS::GIANNETTI_DMon Jan 10 1994Prob w/WFW 3.1.1 and TeamLinks 2.
3246.013PIYUSH::RUPARELIATue Jan 11 1994PATHWORKS v5.
3247.02NODEX::CLBMUD::Conferencing-UserTue Jan 11 1994X4
3248.07OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mTue Jan 11 1994Mastersoft WordPerfect V6.
3249.07ZPOVC::WENDYLAITue Jan 11 1994Can't zoom-in dBase IV file
3251.05EVOAI2::DAN_MWed Jan 12 1994WordPerfect & TeamLInks -Question from Digital Partner Network
3252.01COPCLU::COPLE4::GLARGAARDWed Jan 12 1994TeamLinks V1.1 connect to server other that SRV73?
3253.04OASS::ANDRES_BWed Jan 12 1994Install macros for V2.
3254.08BEBBI1::637Wed Jan 12 1994questions
3255.05SOJU::AICWed Jan 12 1994Excel integration problems; file format; viewer
3256.03FPTMEO::orasinWed Jan 12 1994TeamLinks Unable to create New WordPerfect Doc
3257.09KAOFS::R_OBASWed Jan 12 1994TL V1.1 cannot view WPSPLUS document !
3258.011SOJU::AICWed Jan 12 1994Launching apps from IM; different behaviors; cure?
3259.03OASS::ANDRES_BWed Jan 12 1994Change margins and tabs in default editor
3260.014SUOSWS::MOOGThu Jan 13 1994SET REDIRECT ADDRESS from w/in InfoMan
3262.03WELCLU::WELPC3::LIThu Jan 13 1994Cannot access old drawer in local FC
3263.01MUDIS3::MFRPC1::FiscalThu Jan 13 1994WinRMS + other tools - location
3264.020LARVAE::WGCThu Jan 13 1994V2.
3265.01NOTPC9::WiddowsonThu Jan 13 1994PAB display order
3266.03ISTWI1::DARUGERThu Jan 13 1994AIDA network location?
3267.07BEBBI1::637Thu Jan 13 1994convert WPS-PLUS to WordPerfect 5.2 automatically?
3268.03STKAI1::SBERGQUISTThu Jan 13 1994TCP/IP and TeamLinks 2.
3269.01SOJU::AICThu Jan 13 1994PostScript viewer problem: Not finding it when reading ps
3271.02342Thu Jan 13 1994Automatically changing TeamLinks Connection Type
3272.03MRBEEN::WATTFri Jan 14 1994A1 Mail Srvr mail profile etc
3273.03BERNFri Jan 14 1994DDS lockup failed with TeamLinks using the AIDA server
3274.01ZPOAC3::LCLEEFri Jan 14 1994TeamLinks V2.
3275.02WOTVAX::BELLRFri Jan 14 1994JetForms abyone ?
3276.01BERNFri Jan 14 1994word 6.
3277.02SHIPS::SMITH_JFri Jan 14 1994MAILworks Windows, TeamLinks Mail and macros
3278.0523179::WENDYLAIFri Jan 14 1994Issues of DMW -> IOS server
3279.03BELFST::THOMPSONFri Jan 14 1994Installing TeamLinks on a PC Server
3280.0TAMARA::BAHABA::STJEANFri Jan 14 1994Using WordPerfect for Windows 6.
3281.02DEKVC::DAEHEEKIMMon Jan 17 1994Hangup and RECEIVER doesn't work
3282.01STKHLM::SWE381::johansson_oMon Jan 17 1994PowerPoint integration into TeamLinks
3283.01ZURMon Jan 17 1994Curreny symbol with EXCEL macros in TL 1.1
3284.02COPCLU::JACOBSENMon Jan 17 1994DECTMR fails when storing attributes RPVARSAVE
3285.010OSLACT::BJARNEC_PMon Jan 17 1994Cannot connect to server using TCP/IP network protocol
3286.03RDGENG::WANDAKMon Jan 17 1994TeamLinks WPS-PLUS Font Sizes
3287.03SOJU::AICMon Jan 17 1994.tmp files in staging directory
3288.03TLKOS::KULIGMon Jan 17 1994TL 2.
3289.03TLKOS::KULIGMon Jan 17 1994Customers with TeamRoute?
3290.02KERNEL::PCIOF2::chewterTue Jan 18 1994File Transfer over x25 using TeamLinks
3291.0928922::GIANNETTI_DWed Jan 18 1995Problem with Excel AIK installation w/UNC
3292.02KERNEL::PCIOF4::HORSEYCWed Jan 18 1995TL 1.1 to TL 2.
3293.010KERNEL::COOPERWed Jan 18 1995TL 1.1 Storage area is full
3294.02WOTVAX::BELLRWed Jan 18 1995TeamRoute Prog Guide ?
3295.02LISVAX::SEPULVEDATue Jan 18 1994UA Content ID
3296.01SAC::WGCTue Jan 18 1994Novell LAN Workplace Converter problem
3297.03MQOSWS::F_BOURGAULTTue Jan 18 1994Launching appl. with parameters
3298.01KERNEL::MAIDMENTKWed Jan 19 1994Optimum Status..
3299.07GIDDAY::COLEMANWed Jan 19 1994Wordperfect macro prob starting without infoman
3300.03ZURWed Jan 19 1994TL V2.
3301.04TLKOS::KULIGWed Jan 19 1994Microsoft macros and translation to German?
3302.02FAILTE::KELSAE::TODDWed Jan 19 1994X4
3303.02OASS::GIANNETTI_DWed Jan 19 1994Problem with Mail Profile/Address not updating
3304.02KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLWed Jan 19 1994EasyLink and MCI connectivity
3305.01ZPOVC::WENDYLAIWed Jan 19 1994Quotation for mixed IOS & DMW server ?
3307.09BRUMMY::MARTIN::BELLThu Jan 20 1994Free TeamLinks with every PC?
3308.07ZPOVC::WENDYLAIThu Jan 20 1994How does TeamLinks guess the format
3309.01COPCLU::JACOBSENThu Jan 20 1994CfcFetchDocument locks file!!!! in V2.
3310.01KERNEL::PCIOF2::chewterThu Jan 20 1994LocalFix Status
3311.06PRAVDA::JacksonThu Jan 20 1994General Protection Fault - GENIWIN.DLL
3312.03SALEBT::MARTINThu Jan 20 1994Directory Sorting
3313.01SALEBT::MARTINThu Jan 20 1994DDS Synchronizer?
3314.0MROA::BUFTON::nbuftonThu Jan 20 1994When saving window placement doesn't
3315.011MEOCFri Jan 21 1994Performance - lots of IOS FC shared drawers
3316.02JGODCL::SHERLOCKFri Jan 21 1994Wishlist LOCALFIX.EXE
3317.03MLNCSC::MISLERFri Jan 21 1994PC Client in Hidden Area and Server on other Lan?
3318.02OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mFri Jan 21 1994One of required DLLs INVALID?
3319.06PRAVDA::JacksonFri Jan 21 1994How do I edit mail to forward?
3320.01SALEBT::MARTINFri Jan 21 1994Save Max Headroom (save maximized window placement?)
3321.01OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mFri Jan 21 1994PACKING.LST for V2.
3322.05SALEBT::MARTINFri Jan 21 1994Can't Get No System Dist. Lists
3323.08OSLACT::OLAVFFri Jan 21 1994Unique Document identifier from Word for Windows
3324.05SALEBT::MARTINFri Jan 21 1994I Need WYSIWYG
3325.04WAYOUT::CLARKEFri Jan 21 1994Cannot see ALL-IN-1 IOS attachments from TeamLinks
3326.06SCHOEN::OLOFSONFri Jan 21 1994TL V2 w/ALL-IN-1 V3.1 okay?
3327.05KYOSS1::MURPHYLFri Jan 21 1994TeamLinks via mux server
3328.03SUOSWS::SUOGS1::moogMon Jan 24 1994Converters (WinWord, Excel to PS ) ?
3329.04LISVAX::PIPOKA::SepMon Jan 24 1994DDE interface for RCM (Russell Calendar Manager)
3330.05SEDOAS::DAVIES_GMon Jan 24 1994Incorrect file extensions in IOS file cabinet
3331.01OASS::ANDRES_BMon Jan 24 1994Lotus 4.
3332.02OTOOA::AUBINMon Jan 24 1994BINARY attachements
3333.05FAILTE::HUTCHESONTMon Jan 24 1994Voicemail with TeamLinks
3334.01NZOMIS::ROBBINSTue Jan 25 1994Support for RAS in TeamLinks
3335.02ZGOVTue Jan 25 1994Error code is 98954 during TLC
3336.01SIOG::B_RAFFERTYTue Jan 25 1994TeamLinks V2.
3337.02TLKOS::KULIGTue Jan 25 1994FTP PC/TCP and DEC MAILworks/VMS
3338.06KERNEL::PCIOF2::chewterTue Jan 25 1994TeamLinks does not like footnotes in WPS-PLUS
3339.02CSOA1::MENFROYTue Jan 25 1994AIDA server problems during TLC 2.
3340.02STKAI1::JNORRBOMTue Jan 25 1994Word and IOS... again
3341.011STKAI1::JNORRBOMTue Jan 25 1994Electronic Forms Desgner from Microsoft - MAPI
3342.01SALEBT::MARTINTue Jan 25 1994TL on the Road
3343.013VCOUTue Jan 25 1994Async Performance SLOW!!!!
3344.01JOCKEY::COOPERMWed Jan 26 1994recursive distribution lists
3345.06SALEBT::MARTINWed Jan 26 1994Bogus error messages from DDS lookups
3346.09SALEBT::MARTINWed Jan 26 1994Show Me..More DDS fields
3347.08MUDIS3::64676::ErichWed Jan 26 19942 problems found by customer
3348.02SALEBT::MARTINWed Jan 26 1994DDS Search fails
3349.05KERNEL::COOPERWed Jan 26 1994.INI files and Convertor questions
3350.01ACESMK::MEYERWed Jan 26 1994How to print LN
3351.04SALEBT::MARTINWed Jan 26 1994No Logos Please (RE Word and Excel macros)
3352.03MROA::BUFTON::nbuftonWed Jan 26 1994Inexact custom button mapping to custom menu [moved from 3345]
3353.04GIDDAY::SETHIThu Jan 27 1994DSHELL caused a stack fault in modual KRN386.EXE
3354.02SWETSC::MELKEThu Jan 27 1994TLSETUP.EXE, disk not ready
3355.02MINNY::SICOIS::NueeschThu Jan 27 1994Start TeamLinks with username and password
3356.09BRAT::UIDIOT::SmithThu Jan 27 1994Can the AIK be Un-installed (removed)?
3357.03GUCCI::RJENKINSThu Jan 27 1994Qar database ?
3358.03GUCCI::RJENKINSThu Jan 27 1994Differences Document
3359.03GIDDAY::COLEMANThu Jan 27 1994WordPerfect 5.2 BUGS when network installed...
3360.04OSLACT::BJARNEC_PFri Jan 28 1994Users VMS account login details not updated at connect time
3361.02LARVAE::WGCFri Jan 28 1994Installation Issues
3362.02LARVAE::WGCFri Jan 28 1994Security Issues
3363.05LARVAE::WGCFri Jan 28 1994Customisations - secure from users?
3364.04OASS::GIANNETTI_DFri Jan 28 1994Problem with excel spreadsheet in 2.
3365.02BERNFri Jan 28 1994Problem to see remote shared IOS drawers (via DSO)
3366.01OASS::LAMBERSON_MFri Jan 28 1994DEC MAILworks setting for TeamLinks?
3367.01MINNY::SICOIS::NueeschFri Jan 28 1994Filecablist for backup and restore
3368.04OASS::ANDRES_BFri Jan 28 1994Cannot find XTIDNW.DLL
3369.02MEOCMon Jan 31 1994Environment Variables and Associations
3370.03OASS::GIANNETTI_DMon Jan 31 1994Problem w/async at 19,2
3371.013KERNEL::PCIOF2::CHEWTERMon Jan 31 1994Printing WPS-PLUS docs to HP LaserJet
3372.01MUDIS3::64676::ErichMon Jan 31 1994Timeframe for TML V 2.1 ?
3373.03OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mMon Jan 31 1994VMSmail/DEC MAILworks disk space
3374.03VIVIAN::J_GILBERTMon Jan 31 1994problems with address templates ?
3375.05AIMTEC::WICKS_AMon Jan 31 1994WHy doesn't AIDA like my password?
3376.01FAILTE::LAAHSTue Feb 01 1994Any knowledge on OS/2, TCP/IP & Winsockets?
3377.01TARUGO::LIDIATue Feb 01 1994Errors using the WordPerfect macro
3379.01SIOG::T_REDMONDTue Feb 01 1994Strange information in template WINWORD.DOC
3380.010KAOATue Feb 01 1994Send Attributes (read receipts) changing when saving drafts
3381.01GNOJP::PORELLTue Feb 01 1994netware broadcast features for new mail notification
3382.01CAATS::TAMTue Feb 01 1994File Cab Service lost over FTP's TCP/IP
3383.020IJSAPL::BROUWER_DWed Feb 02 1994Customers wishlist
3384.07JOCKEY::COOPERMWed Feb 02 1994header on separate page or not ?
3385.08DJOVWed Feb 02 1994Looking for some kits
3386.02LARVAE::COHEN_DWed Feb 02 1994LOCALFIX - what and how?
3387.05BD31Wed Feb 02 1994Common PABs and Distribution Lists across multiple DECmailworks User Interfaces
3388.09JOCKEY::COOPERMWed Feb 02 1994Problem dragging and dropping between IOS drawers
3389.08JOCKEY::COOPERMWed Feb 02 1994printer initialization error
3390.03FAILTE::KELSAE::TODDWed Feb 02 1994Housekeeping procedures for Teamlinks
3391.08OASS::LAMBERSON_MWed Feb 02 1994General file cabinet error?
3392.012OASS::ANDRES_BWed Feb 02 1994Exiting Windows PC hangs
3393.014MDCRAB::MARSHALLWed Feb 02 1994Word 6.
3394.02SNOCThu Feb 03 1994Install from network instead of floppies?
3396.01SALEBT::MARTINThu Feb 03 1994Dr Watson Fails
3397.01SALEBT::MARTINThu Feb 03 1994MAC APPS Mail Enabled?
3398.01KETJE::CAPPELLEMANSThu Feb 03 1994TLNWMAIL problems
3399.07ISIDRO::COUTOThu Feb 03 1994/NOACCESS qualifier
3400.02ISIDRO::COUTOThu Feb 03 1994Columns changed in the editor
3401.02OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mThu Feb 03 1994Documents are FORWARDED
3402.06BEBBI1::STUKERThu Feb 03 1994broadcast (netbios) problem
3403.02TROOA::COUILLARDThu Feb 03 1994WordPerfect v6.
3404.010DEVLPR::MAINSThu Feb 03 1994How do you forward VAXMAIL to DMW?
3405.011GIDDAY::SETHIThu Feb 03 1994Drag and drop from DMW to IOS ERROR 47
3406.0ACESMK::MEYERFri Feb 04 1994Feedback Needed! TeamLinks Services
3407.01DEKVC::TAESIKKIMSat Feb 05 1994error: MS-Word attach. in TMR
3408.0WEORLD::TRICKETTSat Feb 05 1994NS3 the OFFICIAL story!
3409.01DEKVC::DAEHEEKIMSun Feb 06 1994ALL-IN-1/TEAMLINKS - Can I use this configuration?
3410.02DEKVC::DAEHEEKIMSun Feb 06 1994OSF/1 DMW / TL ????
3411.01DEKVC::DAEHEEKIMSun Feb 06 1994TMR SERVER 1.
3412.02SUOSWS::SUOGS1::moogMon Feb 07 1994Templates with A1 IOS server
3413.06SUOSWS::SUOGS1::moogMon Feb 07 1994Lotus 1-2-3 V4 viewer problems with mail
3414.03SUOSWS::SUOGS1::moogMon Feb 07 1994Any news on WP 6 ?
3415.03SIOG::B_RAFFERTYMon Feb 07 1994TeamLinks message Illegal Function Call
3416.01HERON::NANNIK::Robb_GMon Feb 07 1994"Basic" notification changed to "Full" when using distribution list
3417.07USHSMon Feb 07 1994TeamLinks Addressing using OSF/1 Server
3419.02JOCKEY::COOPERMTue Feb 08 1994tl integration send mail fails when tl not running
3420.04GENIE::STADELMANNJTue Feb 08 1994TL/Mail V2.
3421.0354625::DBCTue Feb 08 1994Winsocket option causes TL problem to start
3422.03OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mTue Feb 08 1994New Mail Notification with PATHWORKS V5.
3423.01MEOCTue Feb 08 1994TeamLinks/TeamRoute SDK questions
3424.01OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mTue Feb 08 1994Where's the exit bitmap?
3425.022OASS::GIANNETTI_DTue Feb 08 1994problem with Word for Win and fclist
3426.0OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mTue Feb 08 1994Off-line mail documentation?
3427.07LISVAX::SEPULVEDATue Feb 08 1994Problem TL connect to AIDA
3428.01MLNWed Feb 09 1994TEAMLINKS PERFORMANCE problems
3429.010GLIND1::BURNSWed Feb 09 1994TLXfer V1.2A (TeamLinks Transfer Utility)
3430.03NODEX::CLBMUD::Conferencing-UserWed Feb 09 1994CompuServe addressing
3432.04FAILTE::HUTCHESONTWed Feb 09 1994WPS-PLUS DOS to WordPerfect translation?
3433.012BRAT::UIDIOT::SmithWed Feb 09 1994How do I address Mail for best efficiency?
3434.06SALEBT::MARTINWed Feb 09 1994Buttons in Distribution List Editor disappear
3435.02SALEBT::MARTINWed Feb 09 1994File selection should not overwrite title in Import
3436.02USCD::HEUSSWed Feb 09 1994Tricks for tuning the CTI broker??
3437.02HUMOR::EPPESWed Feb 09 1994Wanted: Feedback/input for Coyote user information set
3438.01MLNOIS::COMISSOLIThu Feb 10 1994DECTMR.VBX for TL 1.1.
3440.04COPCLU::BIRGERThu Feb 10 1994MSmail/x.4
3441.03KERNEL::COOPERThu Feb 10 1994PAB address validation
3442.02KERNEL::COOPERThu Feb 10 1994General Protection Fault in various .dll files
3443.09ZURThu Feb 10 1994Different Local Filecabinet problems
3444.01COPCLU::JOHNSENMon Feb 14 1994Shell Infoman.exe - windowstyle parameter
3445.01BACHUS::WOODMon Feb 14 1994Invalid authentication information received by the file cabinet server
3446.07CTOAVX::DESENAMon Feb 14 1994TeamLinks, Macros, and Faxing
3447.09GANTRY::HULLMon Feb 14 1994TCP/IP and TGV Multinet questions
3448.011FAILTE::KELSAE::TODDTue Feb 15 1994winrcv not working after upgrade to V2
3449.01SUOSWS::SUOGS1::moogTue Feb 15 1994Problems with 3rd party appl and WinWord 6 macros
3450.06RDGENG::LYNDONTue Feb 15 1994TeamLinks V2 Read Mail Problems
3451.07LARVAE::JORDANTue Feb 15 1994MAIL is GREAT. But WP??
3452.03FAILTE::LAAHSWed Feb 16 1994cfcDeleteDocument and DeleteImmediate?
3453.01ATHINA::FENNYWed Feb 16 1994Automatic Launch in TL V1.1
3454.03OTOOA::OTOP19::AndersonWed Feb 16 1994WPS-PLUS to WordPerfect document conversion
3455.06COPCLU::COPLE4::GLARGAARDWed Feb 16 1994IOS drawer ok from VT but not from TeamLinks?
3457.05GUCCI::FORBESWed Feb 16 1994TeamLinks support of TCP/IP from TGV (Multinet)
3458.07GIDDAY::BURTWed Feb 16 1994problem with printing using TrueType fonts
3459.03GIDDAY::BURTThu Feb 17 1994Delivery notification failures not generated
3460.011COPCLU::JACOBSENThu Feb 17 1994Problems printing mailheaders on attachments
3462.01JRDVThu Feb 17 1994TeamRoute ! icon
3463.01SEDPCW::MCMICHAELThu Feb 17 1994WPS-PLUS viewer breaks with BitFax driver
3464.01TROOA::TROTTIThu Feb 17 1994WINRCV/RCV with Windows for Workgroups
3465.04RUMOR::stanpc.mso.dec.com::fosterThu Feb 17 1994Unsolicited read receipts ?
3466.07GIDDAY::SETHIFri Feb 18 1994Forwarding OpenVMS Mail to TeamLinks clients/IOS server
3467.035GIDDAY::BURTFri Feb 18 1994Problem Reading Attachments
3468.02ANNECY::KIRKHAMFri Feb 18 1994Directory for external users - do I have have DDS around?
3469.011LISVAX::SEPULVEDAFri Feb 18 1994Portuguese ALL-IN-1 as TL server
3472.02FAILTE::64538::mackay_nFri Feb 18 1994TeamRoute for TL and remote message router
3473.017GNOJP::PORELLFri Feb 18 1994Need integration macros for Word 6.
3474.05BIRMVX::LONERGANFri Feb 18 1994Can't send attachments from drawers with long names
3475.06QMARY::ACBREO::Rick WilsonFri Feb 18 1994Problems converting W4W tables -> WPS-PLUS
3476.01ISIDRO::COUTOFri Feb 18 1994KWVIEWER and WordPerfect problem
3477.06FAILTE::64538::mackay_nFri Feb 18 1994DEC MAILworks and Asynch S/W??
3478.03OASS::GIANNETTI_DFri Feb 18 1994Problem with Reservations from Infoman & Apps
3479.05NUKVXA::Andy_DoranMon Feb 21 1994Error "28661" when printing from Read Message window
3480.02BLGMon Feb 21 1994create a Folder/Drawer from OpenVMS
3481.08LARVAE::JORDANMon Feb 21 1994Expired password problem?
3482.01LARVAE::JORDANMon Feb 21 1994Auto Forward address validation
3483.07QMARY::RICKW::RickMon Feb 21 1994Mastersoft Viewer - Setting default font
3484.06ATLLSA::CURLEMon Feb 21 1994Launching attachments should check to see application is running
3485.03ATLLSA::CURLEMon Feb 21 1994Export Attachment to the button bar
3486.05KETJE::VANHOVETue Feb 22 1994Mastersoft converters, WPS+ to Winword2 using LETTER format
3487.03BAHTAT::HILTONTue Feb 22 1994Very Bad Performance Problems
3489.09OASS::GIANNETTI_DTue Feb 22 1994Results return different if added from DDS Lookup
3491.0KOALA::PRINCIPIOTue Feb 22 1994Problem with DEC MAILworks V1.2 ECO1 kit
3492.0ZPOAC3::LCLEEWed Feb 23 1994Multi-media Integration with TeamLinks products
3493.02WELCLU::LLOYD::LIWed Feb 23 1994Excel V4.
3494.02EVTAI1::BERTHENETWed Feb 23 1994error 69
3495.05GVPROD::JORHAT::BOWERSWed Feb 23 1994access to IOS within a WAN
3496.04ISIDRO::TORRECILLAWed Feb 23 1994teamlinks & ms-mail
3497.03NETRIX::thomasWed Feb 23 1994Does TeamLinks support subfolders?
3498.03SCAMIN::BROWNWed Feb 23 1994Status of non-IOS document reservations?
3499.07EEMELI::RASANENWed Feb 23 1994Saving problem after viewer launch application
3500.01VFOVAX::PERKINSWed Feb 23 1994Integrating TeamLinks w/ other MS-Windows apps
3501.03ZURThu Feb 24 1994Printing WinWord Document (Landscape)
3502.01KETJE::GALLOYThu Feb 24 1994Default printer set to blank after printing.
3503.04ZURThu Feb 24 1994Connect from TL 2.
3504.06OSLACT::BJARNEC_PThu Feb 24 1994MS Macro Integration questions
3505.0TAMARA::BAHABA::STJEANThu Feb 24 1994Using the TL 2.
3506.07ISLNDS::HEIERThu Feb 24 1994TeamLinks to VAXmail problem
3507.01OASS::ANDRES_BThu Feb 24 1994WPS-PLUS page breaks ignored printing from TeamLinks
3508.02EISYFI::LABThu Feb 24 1994WPS-PLUS viewer chops off tails of letters
3509.01HPOPThu Feb 24 1994ALIAS name for TeamLinks user
3510.012TRACTR::CATD1Thu Feb 24 1994Printing PostScript Files
3512.04ELIS::TBARRETTFri Feb 25 1994TABS in TeamLinks screw up document's format
3513.09FAILTE::LAAHSFri Feb 25 1994Display first addressee in V2.1?
3514.05FAILTE::LAAHSFri Feb 25 1994End-user differences between IOS and DMW.
3515.04HAN::FISCHER_HEFri Feb 25 1994LLV installation problems
3516.05SALEBT::MARTINFri Feb 25 1994Can't Correlate to Wastebasket
3517.01SALEBT::MARTINFri Feb 25 1994Deselect on List New Message, just a thought.
3518.011KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLFri Feb 25 1994Invalid Uname/PW - WordPerfect AIK
3519.010BIGTOY::LESun Feb 27 1994How to avoid print jobs interspersed amongst themselves ?
3520.04GIDDAY::SETHISun Feb 27 1994TeamLinks 2.
3521.03BAHTAT::6249Mon Feb 28 1994TeamLinks Cross Filing?
3522.01ANNECY::BESSEASMon Feb 28 1994Sharing Files and Peripherals
3524.01BAHTAT::HILTONMon Feb 28 1994Fonts and Printers
3525.05BAHTAT::HILTONMon Feb 28 1994Folder Bugs?
3526.01BAHTAT::HILTONMon Feb 28 1994Cache Opened Drawer Info?
3527.03VAXRIO::ANDREAPENAMon Feb 28 1994NS3 on hold ?
3529.02VAXRIO::ALCIDESMon Feb 28 1994DDS search problem
3530.010WPOPTH::WADMMon Feb 28 1994Customer Problem List !!!
3531.04WPOPTH::WADMTue Mar 01 1994AIDA Server Tech Paper
3532.03BAHTAT::ABEARTue Mar 01 1994Reorg file cabinet/send express/rename folder?
3533.01LARVAE::JORDANTue Mar 01 1994TeamLinks and multiple customisations?
3534.02BLGTue Mar 01 1994OFFICE.INI description
3535.05OSLACT::BJARNEC_PTue Mar 01 1994KEYWORD in "Summary Info" doesn't update KEYWORD in "SaTL Save As"
3536.08NYOSTue Mar 01 1994Is 1st Class Mail possible?
3537.06OASS::GIANNETTI_DTue Mar 01 1994Menu Editor questions
3538.07STKTRE::jnorrbomTue Mar 01 1994NEW - what decides which formats/applications I can use from Infoman?
3539.03OASS::GIANNETTI_DTue Mar 01 1994CFC return error value 314
3540.01MTNMOM::MCGUFFINWed Mar 02 1994TeamLinks,MAILworks,Message Router
3541.06BAHTAT::ABEARWed Mar 02 1994Create Message with recipient name deleted
3542.0KERNEL::PCIOF2::CHEWTERWed Mar 02 1994Choose a specific Mastersoft or Keypak converter?
3543.03STKTRE::jnorrbomWed Mar 02 1994Confirmations not being saved
3545.02STKTRE::jnorrbomWed Mar 02 1994WPS-PLUS documents included in reply - national characters
3546.012SWTHOM::BOURDARIASWed Mar 02 1994Move DMW file to local folder
3547.04HGOVC::FRANCISHUNGWed Mar 02 1994Install TeamLinks on a Novell server?
3549.08MILBRN::HILTONWed Mar 02 1994Turn off logo at startup?
3550.07FAILTE::KELSAE::TODDWed Mar 02 1994printing 2up duplex from TeamLinks
3551.06RT93::EISMAC::nicholsWed Mar 02 1994Passwords btw TL and Server encrypted ?
3552.02OTOOA::CHANDLERWed Mar 02 1994TL Windows 1988 compliant?
3553.07JOCKEY::NUTKINSMWed Mar 02 1994MS Macro AutoNew bug & access to TL functions
3554.0NYOSWed Mar 02 1994MAILbus/Postmaster/TeamLinks
3555.0MQOSWS::MQOP44::M_LEMAYWed Mar 02 1994Problem printing with TeamLinks V1.1 French version
3556.08OASS::GIANNETTI_DWed Mar 02 1994Problem with attaching a jetform DAT file
3557.01EZLCHZ::EZZELLWed Mar 02 1994Russell on AXP?
3558.02CROCKE::YUENThu Mar 03 1994AIDA server
3559.08CROCKE::YUENThu Mar 03 1994ALL-IN-1 file server
3560.04WELCLU::LIThu Mar 03 1994Converting XLS4 to Excel V4.
3561.03SUOSWS::MOOGThu Mar 03 1994Lotus and its FM3/4 files
3562.01SUOSWS::MOOGThu Mar 03 1994RCV is not working correctly
3563.06SUOSWS::MOOGThu Mar 03 1994WinWord and WordPerfect integration questions
3564.02TROOA::LFUNGThu Mar 03 1994TeamLinks and Token Ring
3565.08UBOHUB::KNIGHTThu Mar 03 1994Geniwin.dll error -
3566.04UBOHUB::KNIGHTThu Mar 03 1994Password expiration date: problem
3567.04OASS::LAMBERSON_MThu Mar 03 1994Problems internet mail thru MRGATE
3568.06OASS::ANDRES_BThu Mar 03 1994Reading IOS mail from TeamLinks hangs PC
3569.01ODIXIE::VANESSOThu Mar 03 1994TeamLinks over 56kbs line
3570.04GIDDAY::SETHIFri Mar 04 1994TeamLinks and MS Access - CTL3D.DLL compatibility issue
3571.05GIDDAY::BURTFri Mar 04 1994Mail server version & other problems
3573.012MEOCFri Mar 04 1994distribution list locations inaccessible
3574.02PLAYER::RDNZL::TAVERNIERFri Mar 04 1994TL, TMR on Softwindows, Does it run ?
3575.03BIS6::DBC139::vannesteFri Mar 04 1994TeamLinks and OS/2
3576.05SUOSWS::SUOGS1::moogFri Mar 04 1994Problem with DDS World Search
3577.09SUOSWS::SUOGS1::moogFri Mar 04 1994WINRCV is crashing the whole PC
3578.03SUOSWS::SUOGS1::moogFri Mar 04 1994.TMP files - security problem ?
3579.017UTRTSC::DIENAARFri Mar 04 1994Saving Word doc to filecab: "This is not a valid file name"
3580.02OASS::GIANNETTI_DFri Mar 04 1994Excel AIK - "revert to saved loaddec.xla"
3581.09KERNEL::COOPERFri Mar 04 1994Intermittent Viewer Problem
3582.02MARIO::MELEX::DEC_TNO_DSFri Mar 04 1994VTX, Conferencing, & TeamLinks File Cabinet
3583.02KAOFS::W_VIERHOUTFri Mar 04 1994WP GPF saving to TL MAIL
3585.02TROOA::TROTTIFri Mar 04 1994TLC V2.
3587.05NZOMIS::ARTHURMon Mar 07 1994Capturing a Screen's Output as an attachment
3588.03NZOMIS::ARTHURMon Mar 07 1994Sent Mail as another user?
3590.02TROPPO::BOUREE::WARDMon Mar 07 1994MAILworks vs. ALL-IN-1 for TeamLinks
3591.01ISIDRO::COUTOMon Mar 07 1994V1.1 Printing problems
3592.01JOCKEY::NUTKINSMMon Mar 07 1994Menu Edit command & environment variables
3593.01UBOHUB::KNIGHTMon Mar 07 1994Printing of WPS+ documents
3594.03CECEHV::SPAANJAARS_JMon Mar 07 1994Install kit on file service
3595.01OSLACT::BJARNEC_PMon Mar 07 1994How add attachment created by MS Project??
3596.05GVPROD::MAX333::wengerMon Mar 07 1994UDKs or similar in TeamLinks ?
3597.03STKTRE::jnorrbomMon Mar 07 1994MAPI DLL?
3598.01TLKOS::KULIGMon Mar 07 1994MAILbus 4
3599.01TLKOS::KULIGMon Mar 07 1994TeamLinks and Non-Digital X.4
3600.06TLKOS::KULIGMon Mar 07 1994TLC 2.4 still available?
3601.02ROMEOS::ROCH_VIMon Mar 07 1994MS Mail vs TeamLinks Mail Features
3602.05HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWTue Mar 08 1994on Windows NT ?
3603.07GIDDAY::HUMMERSTONTue Mar 08 1994Cannot connect to ASYNC broker
3604.03UBOHUB::KNIGHTTue Mar 08 1994READ only access required for DMW shared drawers
3605.01KERNEL::COOPERTue Mar 08 1994Certification List
3606.03UBOHUB::KNIGHTTue Mar 08 1994Cannot write to PAB - TCP/IP and Netware environment
3607.01JOCKEY::NUTKINSMTue Mar 08 1994Suppress TeamLinks Integration screen in EXCEL
3608.04NYOSTue Mar 08 1994Desktop and TeamLinks?
3609.07BELFST::TURBVO::McCorryTue Mar 08 1994GPF connecting to IOS V2.4 FC
3610.0HAN::HAEUSSERTue Mar 08 1994Converting PC Text4 to WinWord ??
3611.01LARVAE::JORDANTue Mar 08 1994Hidden .INI files = SLOW
3612.0SALEBT::MARTINTue Mar 08 1994Extricating PW BROWSER v1.
3613.04USHSTue Mar 08 1994NetBUEI and TeamLinks???
3614.02MRBEEN::WATTWed Mar 09 1994Tag assignments list ?
3615.02OSLACT::BJARNEC_PWed Mar 09 1994Reservation probl when saving Word doc as Text format
3616.04KERNEL::COOPERWed Mar 09 1994Hanging PC when connecting to DEC MAILworks server
3617.02OSLACT::OLAVFWed Mar 09 1994Sample drawers, .MP, .NX, .ST ???
3618.01VAXRIO::ALCIDESWed Mar 09 1994DDS lookup problem
3619.04QPCFS::GRADYWed Mar 09 1994Read Receipt on unopened moved to Local from IOS Forward
3621.011DELNI::STACKWed Mar 09 1994Cannot open drawer
3622.02HOCUS::OSTWed Mar 09 1994Editing documents sent from WORD to WPS?? HELP
3623.01GVPROD::MAGOUI::SIMMONSWed Mar 09 1994Russell Calendar Mgmt questions
3624.020GLIND1::BURNSWed Mar 09 1994TLXfer V1.3 (*New Version*) TeamLinks Transfer Utility
3625.03OASS::GIANNETTI_DWed Mar 09 1994Format Filter of Application Integration
3626.03BIGTOY::LEThu Mar 10 1994File Attributes Keywords of IOS FC documents
3627.03BIGTOY::LEThu Mar 10 1994Invalid attach. from DOS Select Attach dialog box
3628.01HTSC19::SIMONLAUThu Mar 10 1994General protection fault - WINRCV
3629.01DPSWThu Mar 10 1994Pagemaker Converter ??
3630.01ATH853::FENNYThu Mar 10 1994VTX and TL
3631.03MUDIS3::64676::ErichThu Mar 10 19943 Problems with TML V2.
3632.02LISVAX::SEPULVEDAThu Mar 10 1994TL App.Integr. Word6.
3633.03ZURThu Mar 10 1994Where is TeamLinks V2.
3634.05OSLACT::BJARNEC_PThu Mar 10 1994There are no converters for this object format!
3635.03BEBBI1::637Thu Mar 10 1994Tool/menu item that tells free disk space?
3636.01CECEHV::SPAANJAARS_JThu Mar 10 1994Problem installing VTX for Windows v2.
3637.01GVPROD::SHANDY::PENETThu Mar 10 1994TeamLinks before WORD6, why???
3638.03EVTAI1::BOURDARIAS_SThu Mar 10 1994PC hang with invalid password
3639.0CHENG5::WIDMERThu Mar 10 1994Converter API
3640.02OASS::ANDRES_BThu Mar 10 1994Device Unavailable with TeamLinks Setup
3641.02SCAMIN::BROWNThu Mar 10 1994russell V5.
3642.01--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 10 1994What happened to elf/vtx when I switched mail servers?
3643.01DEVLPR::ROBINSONThu Mar 10 1994word hanging with aik t2.
3644.013GIDDAY::BURTThu Mar 10 1994problem with shared documents
3645.02GIDDAY::SETHIThu Mar 10 1994DRAFTS and OUTBOX do not display the Addressee name
3646.05WEORLD::TRICKETTFri Mar 11 1994Sending mail from TL2.
3647.03WEORLD::TRICKETTFri Mar 11 1994Problems with RCV and Tl 2.
3648.01BIGTOY::LEFri Mar 11 1994Customize client print template on mail
3649.06SUOSWS::MOOGFri Mar 11 1994Questions on TeamLinks 2.
3651.03SUBURB::JAMIES::PHILLIPSSFri Mar 11 1994Empty Wastebasket Problems with TeamLinks
3652.08ZPOVC::CHINGYUEFri Mar 11 1994Print 132 columns from TML v2.
3653.09OASS::ANDRES_BFri Mar 11 1994New Mail Notification from IOS
3654.03VNASWS::GACHFri Mar 11 1994Russell V5.
3656.01POCUS::OSTFri Mar 11 1994WORDBASIC ERR=5
3657.01VAXRIO::ALCIDESFri Mar 11 1994TeamLinks with TCP/IP - problems
3658.01VEGAS::GEORGESFri Mar 11 1994Old Version of OLECLIEN.VBX ?
3659.02DPDMAI::GRESSSun Mar 13 1994TeamLinks replace Mobilizer?
3660.0GIDDAY::SETHIMon Mar 14 1994Mail notification troubleshooters guide
3661.0GIDDAY::SETHIMon Mar 14 1994OS/2 client and disappearing local drawers
3662.0JRDVMon Mar 14 1994TeamRoute Read & Acknowledge template
3663.01MUDIS3::FISCALMon Mar 14 1994A1MAIL$STARTUP for TCP/IP wanted
3664.02OASS::GIANNETTI_DMon Mar 14 1994Problem designating drawer other than MAIL
3665.04LARVAE::JORDANMon Mar 14 1994Dr Watson from TeamLinks - mail read
3666.05LARVAE::JORDANMon Mar 14 1994ALL-IN-1 FCS crashes once a fortnight
3667.03VFOVAX::PERKINSMon Mar 14 1994Word v6.
3668.03VCOUMon Mar 14 1994BINHEX & MIME Decoder???
3669.01KERNEL::OTHENJTue Mar 15 1994TeamLinks v2.
3670.08STKTRE::jnorrbomTue Mar 15 1994Problems with IOS and DIST LIST
3671.04GIDDAY::BURTTue Mar 15 1994ALL-IN-1, MJU & TeamLinks
3672.0GUCCI::MPETERSONTue Mar 15 1994Netmanage can be a big problem
3673.01VCOUTue Mar 15 1994T/L Support for MS TCP/IP & PPP ???
3674.03STKTRE::jnorrbomWed Mar 16 1994Confirmation when creating entries in PAB
3675.04COPCLU::COPLE4::GLARGAARDWed Mar 16 1994Unfriendly message when clearing passwords twice
3676.0FILTON::BRIDOS::DAVISSWed Mar 16 1994MS Winpopup with TeamLinks?
3677.03ZURWed Mar 16 1994Problem reading a DX attachment
3678.04STKTRE::jnorrbomWed Mar 16 1994Create drawer on server from client?
3679.04UBOHUB::KNIGHTWed Mar 16 1994Sharing of group accounts
3680.01TROOA::LFUNGWed Mar 16 1994Adobe Acrobat ?
3681.02GIDDAY::JOYCEWed Mar 16 1994Inconsistent printing of IOS mail from TL
3682.02SDOGUS::MORINWed Mar 16 1994Hook the Exec Offices?
3683.01GIDDAY::SETHIWed Mar 16 1994TL client changes Notification Receipt to Full
3684.0POCUS::OSTThu Mar 17 1994general protection fault /decword6.dll
3685.01BEBBI1::637Thu Mar 17 1994problems and sugestions
3686.04GVPROD::MAGOUI::SIMMONSThu Mar 17 1994Cannot open file IM~....
3687.01GRANMA::RSHEINBERGThu Mar 17 1994Teamlinks V2.
3688.03MIMS::OKIE::QUINN_JFri Mar 18 1994KRNL386 Gen. Prot. Fault on TLXFER Setup
3689.02OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTFri Mar 18 1994TeamLinks SDK: error loading INFOVBX.VBX
3690.04KERNEL::COOPERFri Mar 18 1994Strange character at end of each text line.
3691.02OSLACT::BJARNEC_PFri Mar 18 1994How do I replace a UDP in A1 with a button in TL?'
3692.02OASS::ANDRES_BFri Mar 18 1994X4
3693.02DELNI::VASSELLFri Mar 18 1994TeamLinks hangs when connecting to a remote file cabinet
3695.01GUCCI::MPETERSONFri Mar 18 1994Assistance for Generic Installations?
3696.03GUCCI::MPETERSONFri Mar 18 1994How to fix corrupted local drawer?
3697.01GIDDAY::RALLINGSSun Mar 20 1994Future Methods of Mail Notification
3698.03BIGTOY::LEMon Mar 21 1994DMW drawers created by TL clients
3699.04SNOFS2::ARTHURMon Mar 21 1994Quattro pro for Dos - .wk1 not recognised
3700.02SNOFS2::ARTHURMon Mar 21 1994How much memory does TeamLinks consume?
3701.01SNOFS2::ARTHURMon Mar 21 1994DDS entry only from directory search
3702.04OSLACT::BJARNEC_PMon Mar 21 1994Trouble accessing the SUBSCRIBERS: Dist List from TL
3704.0LARVAE::JORDANMon Mar 21 1994Drag and drop usage??
3705.01LARVAE::JORDANMon Mar 21 1994Printing issues and viewing
3707.0ILBBAK::PALUKA::LawtonMon Mar 21 1994Sending from Word for Windows
3708.0RDGENG::OWENSMon Mar 21 1994Document Title NOT transferred to TL Filecab in V2
3709.01ROMOIS::COLAISMon Mar 21 1994File Cabinet Problem with TeamLinks 2.
3710.02GRANMA::SGOLDSTEINMon Mar 21 1994more documentation questions...
3711.0MARSMon Mar 21 1994TEAMLINKS V2.
3712.010GOIVIT::ALDENMon Mar 21 1994GPF with X4
3713.05GRANMA::RSHEINBERGMon Mar 21 1994TeamLinks V2.
3714.07USHSMon Mar 21 1994TL/Macros and CompuServ????
3715.03GIDDAY::SETHITue Mar 22 1994Import option does not allow you to create a folder
3716.02BIGTOY::LETue Mar 22 1994PC hung upon multiple prints on MSWORD doc
3717.01KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLTue Mar 22 1994Hourglass won't go away...
3718.09KERNEL::COOPERTue Mar 22 1994UNC client installation Problem
3719.01CHEFS::SDPC1::daviessTue Mar 22 1994Cannot launch TeamLinks on my PC anymore
3720.01OASS::GIANNETTI_DTue Mar 22 1994Prob with internet address and dist list
3721.02KERNEL::COOPERTue Mar 22 1994Dos Receiver TSR
3722.05UBOHUB::KNIGHTTue Mar 22 1994GPF in module FCLIST.VBX at
3723.01UBOHUB::KNIGHTTue Mar 22 1994Russell Calendar Manager Support
3724.05UBOHUB::KNIGHTTue Mar 22 1994Windows for Workgroups and TeamLinks coexistence
3725.01HTSC19::SIMONLAUWed Mar 23 1994V2.
3726.01ZPOVC::WENDYLAIWed Mar 23 1994how to remove TeamRoute totally ?
3727.03SOADC1::THESINGMWed Mar 23 1994Custom AND DDS validation of TO/CC fields
3728.03YUPPY::DEWINTERWed Mar 23 1994bad tag in function OAFC message after TLC installation
3729.04FAILTE::64538::mackay_nWed Mar 23 1994IPX support???
3730.03OSLACT::OLAVFWed Mar 23 1994Internet addressing via X.4
3731.010UBOHUB::KNIGHTWed Mar 23 1994Printing problem - bold line at top of page
3732.02FAILTE::LAAHSWed Mar 23 1994How to change text of button labels.
3733.01GVPROD::GVPROD::PETERWed Mar 23 1994Address syntax problem!
3734.01TROOA::LFUNGWed Mar 23 1994DEQRA+DECnet V5.52+VMS V5.52+PWV5.
3735.03FAILTE::LAAHSWed Mar 23 1994A tool for accessing ALL-IN-1 entry forms.
3736.07DEITS1::GIAMMARINIWed Mar 23 1994Unable to customize Button Bars
3737.06OASS::ANDRES_BWed Mar 23 1994PC hangs or loses connection
3738.01OASS::LAMBERSON_MWed Mar 23 1994Alternate IOS DDS server allowed?
3739.04MRBEEN::WATTThu Mar 24 1994Viewing of FOREIGN attachments
3740.04NR75Thu Mar 24 1994Can the OFFICE.INI file be moved ?
3741.03NR75Thu Mar 24 1994TeamLinks dir in path vs. Borland resource editor
3742.013LARVAE::COHEN_DThu Mar 24 1994Permission Denied / Reserve This Object
3743.01BACHUS::DBCThu Mar 24 1994Print dist lists of attached messages?
3744.01OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mThu Mar 24 1994TCP/IP common distribution list area?
3746.04ZPOVC::YORKSIEWFri Mar 25 1994OSF/1 Server vs DOS-based server?
3747.04WOTVAX::MORRISONFri Mar 25 1994Use of ALL-IN-1 format and print queues.
3748.05GVPROD::BOJOLA::PowellFri Mar 25 1994TeamLinks V2 and ALL-IN-1 V2.4?
3749.01WEORLD::TRICKETTFri Mar 25 1994Disappearing buttons/menu items.
3750.05KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLFri Mar 25 1994Confused about Conversions
3751.02MROA::BUFTON::nbuftonFri Mar 25 1994MW -> A1 -> MW = Read -> Created
3752.06BEBBI1::637Mon Mar 28 1994printing bug
3753.02GIDDAY::SETHIMon Mar 28 1994CTIASYNC: INPUT: Timeout waiting for ACK
3754.01BEBBI1::637Mon Mar 28 1994bug in menu editor / unaccepted chracteristic
3755.04CECEHV::SPAANJAARS_JMon Mar 28 1994X4
3756.05KERNEL::PCIOF2::CHEWTERMon Mar 28 1994Saving Write docs...
3757.06BACHUS::VERBRAEKENMon Mar 28 1994Cannot send attachment.
3758.09WELCLU::LIMon Mar 28 1994Empty Wastebasket problem continued
3759.03NYTAXI::SYSTEMMon Mar 28 1994Tuning the AIDA server?? HOW?
3760.016UBOHUB::KNIGHTMon Mar 28 1994GPF VBRUN3
3761.03BIGTOY::LETue Mar 29 1994Couldn't rebuild index with LOCALFIX 2.
3762.02KERNEL::PCIOF2::CHEWTERTue Mar 29 1994Modem queries
3763.01WEORLD::TRICKETTTue Mar 29 1994Another GPF, X4
3764.07OASS::GIANNETTI_DTue Mar 29 1994TeamLinks XS error 5
3765.05VAXRIO::BIANCOTue Mar 29 1994Current status of NS3 product
3766.01ZIGLAR::FPRUSSWed Mar 30 1994CTI startup from KEAterm?
3767.06EEMELI::TIUHTI::RASANENWed Mar 30 1994WP mail message printing problem
3768.02SAC::WGCWed Mar 30 1994TCP/IP performance - Novell and UCX
3769.02CECEHV::SPAANJAARS_JWed Mar 30 1994Conferencing for Windows V1.2- "Error accessing remote notebook"
3770.01BLGWed Mar 30 1994winrcv llv problem
3771.03CECEHV::SPAANJAARS_JWed Mar 30 1994Latest server kits (VMS) for Notes and VTX
3772.01OASS::ANDRES_BWed Mar 30 1994Help description for Use Standard Settings
3773.01SAC::WGCWed Mar 30 1994Mass-11 and TL/MAILworks
3774.05OASS::GIANNETTI_DWed Mar 30 1994File Formats in Mail Profile
3775.05TAMARA::BAHABA::STJEANWed Mar 30 1994What to do about the "Include Conversion in Filter" function.
3776.03GVPROD::MAGOUI::SIMMONSWed Mar 30 1994MR and read receipts
3777.06YUPPY::DEWINTERThu Mar 31 1994RCM login from PC doesn't work
3778.05KERNEL::COOPERThu Mar 31 1994Documents automatically converted to ddif
3779.05FAILTE::MUCKRT::LAAHSThu Mar 31 1994TEXT attachments when forwarded remotely thru IOS?
3780.02SALEBT::MARTINThu Mar 31 1994WINRCV gone after PWv5upgrade
3781.08LARVAE::COHEN_DThu Mar 31 1994WPS Viewer scales at 5
3782.03ICS::PIECIULThu Mar 31 1994TCP/IP and undefined services
3783.02VAOP28::RiceThu Mar 31 1994File Cabinet Service Provider error
3784.01OASS::ANDRES_BThu Mar 31 1994List New Mail from [AutoRun] not working
3785.04IOOSRV::HITTENMILLERFri Apr 01 1994Customer questions
3786.02OASS::GIANNETTI_DMon Apr 04 1994Problem with general file cabinet error
3787.05OTOP14::GORMANMon Apr 04 1994Transparent Conversion
3788.03NYOSMon Apr 04 1994TeamLinks Internals
3789.01STKTRE::jnorrbomTue Apr 05 1994Unable to switch on New Mail Notification!
3790.02KERNEL::PCI1OF::COOPERTue Apr 05 1994Associations adding Paramters
3791.013ZPOVC::CHINGYUETue Apr 05 1994X4
3792.05KERNEL::PCIOF2::CHEWTERTue Apr 05 1994receipt notification..
3793.02LARVAE::COHEN_DTue Apr 05 1994dds lookup on empty field takes 3
3794.04MQOSWS::MQOP36::m_lemayTue Apr 05 1994File Cabinet Index - Print
3795.03BAHTAT::ABEARTue Apr 05 1994Is it feasible??
3796.01ROMEOS::ROCH_VITue Apr 05 1994DDS Lookup customization
3797.01GIDDAY::JOYCEWed Apr 06 1994Inconsistent sharing between IOS and TL
3798.02MSAMWed Apr 06 1994approval with signature attached ?
3799.07LARVAE::JORDANWed Apr 06 1994Ami Pro macro and FILECAB.DLL
3800.02LARVAE::JORDANWed Apr 06 1994special account for CTI_BROKER ??
3801.02CAPNET::PJOHNSONWed Apr 06 1994How can/should *we* use these products?
3802.02WELCLU::WELSAU::LIWed Apr 06 1994TL V1.1a EXCEL macro problem
3803.01BACHUS::WOODWed Apr 06 1994Install of V2.
3804.03WELCLU::WELSAU::LIWed Apr 06 1994'Missing' drawers
3805.02GRANPA::FBOWLESWed Apr 06 1994Asynch. TeamLinks, No PATHWORKS & Printing
3806.05AIMHI::RAYMONDWed Apr 06 1994List of MasterSoft Converters
3807.02SHLSAM::BEANEWed Apr 06 1994Some customization questions from a customer
3808.08OASS::LAMBERSON_MWed Apr 06 1994Changes not saved to document
3809.03MEOCThu Apr 07 1994URGENT/EXPRESS messages with IOS mail server
3810.05LARVAE::COHEN_DThu Apr 07 1994non text printing clarification
3811.014SEDOAS::DAVIES_GThu Apr 07 1994Handling DCA/RFT attachments
3812.03TRUCKS::QUANTRILL_CThu Apr 07 1994On-Line Documentation Needed Urgently Please
3813.013BELFST::TURBVO::McCorryThu Apr 07 1994Customizing DocumentSaveAsDialog
3815.03TRUCKS::QUANTRILL_CThu Apr 07 1994ALL-IN-1 vs TeamLinks View - Problems - Help!
3816.01WOTVAX::ROVRUM::McguireVThu Apr 07 1994Dialup - When???
3817.02USHSThu Apr 07 1994Mail Notification and TCP/IP!!!!!!!
3818.08UBOHUB::KNIGHTThu Apr 07 1994Major Issue - Migration from VMS MAIL
3819.01BAHTAT::HILTONThu Apr 07 1994Remove convertors?
3820.04TAVThu Apr 07 1994TeamLinks, DSAB and conversion
3821.03MARSThu Apr 07 1994TML 2.
3822.01ATHINA::PAGEFri Apr 08 1994Info Manager/WIN and licensing
3823.01ZURFri Apr 08 1994TeamLinks 1.1 Error 458
3824.03BERNFri Apr 08 1994Strange error message in German version of TeamLinks V2
3825.01DIBDIB::DBATESFri Apr 08 1994Should the AIK for Word6 be local or on the server?
3826.03UBOHUB::KNIGHTFri Apr 08 1994NEWS & BROADCAST facility for TeamLinks users
3827.03KERNEL::COOPERFri Apr 08 1994Connection timed out
3828.04HALIBT::MCCANTAFri Apr 08 1994Excel V5 Integration macro trouble
3829.03LARVAE::COHEN_DFri Apr 08 1994Aida server falls over for no reason
3831.02TAMARA::DFEDOR::fedorFri Apr 08 1994Adding New Columns to the Personal Address Book
3832.03MKLC::ENOSFri Apr 08 1994ALL-IN-1 IOS Document Number
3833.01MSAMMon Apr 11 1994personal license question....
3834.04GIDDAY::SETHIMon Apr 11 1994Problems with drag and drop
3835.01EVOAI2::PERUCHOTMon Apr 11 1994Faster way for multi installations
3836.05UBOHUB::KNIGHTMon Apr 11 1994IM hangs when enter incorrect password
3837.01FAILTE::LAAHSMon Apr 11 1994Is T2.
3839.03LARVAE::COHEN_DMon Apr 11 1994suppress options box when printing ?
3840.01ISIDRO::PCSOPMon Apr 11 1994Info about INFOVBX.VBX
3841.03FAILTE::LAAHSMon Apr 11 1994W4W hangs after title-bar updated?
3842.07OASS::LAMBERSON_MMon Apr 11 1994Problem with replying to SMTP addresses
3843.02MSAMTue Apr 12 1994word6 to postscript b4 sending? no delete capability
3844.01CECEHV::SPAANJAARS_JTue Apr 12 1994TeamLinks for Windows V2.
3845.011FAILTE::LAAHSTue Apr 12 1994TL, NT and DECNET?
3846.02LARVAE::WGCTue Apr 12 1994AIDA Server Crashes...
3847.04QMARY::RICKW::RickTue Apr 12 1994TeamLinks V2.1 Questions...
3848.01OFOSTue Apr 12 1994TeamLinks client hang during update of mail profile
3850.02LARVAE::JORDANTue Apr 12 1994AUTORUN and more than one application
3851.01SLICER::RODTue Apr 12 1994Information on TeamForm
3852.01SWTHOM::GRAMAINTue Apr 12 1994CFCDEBUG.LOG error with ARPA HP tcp/ip stack
3853.01SWTHOM::GRAMAINTue Apr 12 1994CFCDEBUG.LOG error with pathworks V5
3855.07VAXRIO::VALERIATue Apr 12 1994problem with DX format
3856.0CHENG5::WIDMERTue Apr 12 1994TeamLinks SNA Transport
3858.01MEOCWed Apr 13 1994Viewing WPS-PLUS
3859.04WAYOUT::TALBOTWed Apr 13 1994AIDA server not starting after re-boot.
3860.04UBOHUB::KNIGHTWed Apr 13 1994PC hangs when exit Windows - TCP/IP/Netware environment
3861.02TRUCKS::QUANTRILL_CWed Apr 13 1994DEC MAILworks File Cabinet for Router - How?
3862.03STKAI2::SNIKPC::cederhagWed Apr 13 1994Old All-in-1 mail client and dds lookup server v1.2
3863.01OSLACT::OLAVFWed Apr 13 1994WPS+ -> WORD2.
3864.01WELSWS::NUTKINSMWed Apr 13 1994Examples of Excel macros calling FILECAB.DLL functions
3865.03VAXSPO::CRISTINAWed Apr 13 1994... DECTECH.FOT not find ...
3866.04UBOHUB::KNIGHTWed Apr 13 1994Is it a documented facility?
3867.03EISYFI::LABWed Apr 13 1994Printing WPS documents from Novell LAN WorkPlace
3868.02TROPPO::WARDThu Apr 14 1994TeamLinks Drawer Corruption
3869.01GVPROD::MAGOUI::SIMMONSThu Apr 14 1994Listing of file names
3870.02MEOCThu Apr 14 1994no viewer for WordPerfect/MAC available
3871.06BIS1::CARTENSThu Apr 14 1994stays UNREAD
3872.02OASS::ANDRES_BThu Apr 14 1994Moving Object causes PC hang
3873.09SNATCH::EGGIMANNThu Apr 14 1994DDS search with null string ....
3874.01LARVAE::JORDANThu Apr 14 1994V2.1 to a pre-MUPA system??
3875.010ZURThu Apr 14 1994Problem with DX Format and AIDA Server?
3876.05SUOSWS::MOOGThu Apr 14 1994Questions for TL V.2.
3877.0TAMARA::TEAMLK::HullThu Apr 14 1994Fix for problems with SETUP for MS AIKs Word 6.
3878.03OASS::ANDRES_BThu Apr 14 1994Adding CLOSE option to button bar
3879.09STKTRE::jnorrbomThu Apr 14 1994Urgent problem with WINSOCKETS PCTCP 2.3
3880.08VEGAS::GEORGESThu Apr 14 1994Interface to DDS lookup in TeamLinks?
3881.03NYTAXI::OSTThu Apr 14 1994Benchmark results
3882.03SNOCFri Apr 15 1994VMS disk quota & IOS
3883.09GVPROD::MAGOUI::SIMMONSFri Apr 15 1994Item counter problems
3884.02KERNEL::PCIOF2::CHEWTERFri Apr 15 1994Function not defined..
3885.05ZPOVFri Apr 15 1994Delete key disabled when WinWord launched from InfoMan
3886.02WSTENG::HICKMANFri Apr 15 1994Wastebasket not emptying
3887.01WELCLU::WELSAU::LIFri Apr 15 1994Creating/Deleting drawers from IOS/TL
3888.07NR75Fri Apr 15 1994T2.1 install can't write ...\CVTVU\W4W6
3889.01GVPROD::MAGOUI::SIMMONSFri Apr 15 1994GENI error codes
3890.010LARVAE::JORDANFri Apr 15 1994V2.1 and the AIK
3891.03KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLFri Apr 15 1994Help with IOS/TL Connection
3892.03HOFMAN::HOPEMon Apr 18 1994Multiple document deletion in an ALL-IN-1 IOS folder
3894.01ROMMon Apr 18 1994DDS API info?
3895.02MUDIS3::FISCALMon Apr 18 1994downsizing papers
3896.01VAXRIO::VALERIAMon Apr 18 1994default editor
3898.017KYPROS::PARELLISMon Apr 18 1994TeamLinks v2 / Word v2 integration kit
3900.01CODS::ESBECKMon Apr 18 1994TIFF Converter/Viewer hangs PC
3901.01OASS::ANDRES_BMon Apr 18 1994Extracting message to VMS with Variable Rec Format
3902.06EPAVAX::EPAPC1::CARLOTTIMon Apr 18 1994TLv2
3904.02GUCCI::MPETERSONMon Apr 18 1994Chameleon NFS?
3905.01OASS::GIANNETTI_DMon Apr 18 1994XS error 6
3906.07DEKVC::TAESIKKIMTue Apr 19 1994TL setup for TCP/IP async. ???
3907.07NR75Tue Apr 19 1994MS Word 'FileFind' in V2.1 AIK
3909.03OSLTue Apr 19 1994Win32 version of TeamLinks?
3910.01GVPROD::MAGOUI::SIMMONSTue Apr 19 1994Various Qs
3911.04NR75Tue Apr 19 1994Large scale Word document import macro ?
3912.06MROA::BUFTON::nbuftonTue Apr 19 1994V2.1 and large small buttons
3913.01ZURTue Apr 19 1994What does cause: %MCC-E-EXISTENCE_ERROR ?
3914.04UBOHUB::KNIGHTTue Apr 19 1994Filter on search for .DIS files
3915.04UBOHUB::KNIGHTTue Apr 19 1994TeamLinks under Windows for Workgroups
3916.04OASS::ANDRES_BTue Apr 19 1994Where is Keypak viewer coming from?
3917.02WAYOUT::CLARKETue Apr 19 1994WPS-PLUS -> Word for Windows V2.* Conversion Problem
3918.04OASS::ANDRES_BTue Apr 19 1994Adding attachments from shared drawer
3919.01THEDGE::DWAYNETue Apr 19 1994distribution lists and white spaces
3920.01TROOA::DMUIRTue Apr 19 1994macros/winword errors
3921.05FAILTE::MUCKRT::LAAHSWed Apr 20 1994Wordperfect for Windows V6.
3922.02FAILTE::MUCKRT::LAAHSWed Apr 20 1994Problem with W4WAIK ECO
3923.05GVPROD::MAGOUI::SIMMONSWed Apr 20 1994Word 2 and 6 concurrently used
3924.06OSLACT::TORKILD_PWed Apr 20 1994OARTL-W-DDSPRC_FAILED from AIDA server
3925.02WELCLU::WELSAU::LIWed Apr 20 1994Problem with Add Attachment
3926.04SUOSWS::MOOGWed Apr 20 1994Wishes of customers ...
3927.07WELCLU::WELSAU::LIWed Apr 20 1994Creating drawer with TL V2.
3928.06NYOSWed Apr 20 1994Customize TL mail header?
3929.02NYOSWed Apr 20 1994TeamLinks on DSNLINKS?
3930.04OASS::GIANNETTI_DWed Apr 20 1994Cannot write file e:\windows\system\vbrun3
3931.0A1VAX::62Wed Apr 20 1994bug in Calendar Manager TeamLinks V5 Beta client
3933.08GIDDAY::BURTThu Apr 21 1994Print problem with IOS msgs
3934.010OSLThu Apr 21 1994TeamLinks crashes on Windows NT V3.5 (Daytona)?
3935.02ZURThu Apr 21 1994AIDA Server setup and abnormal termination
3936.02SUBURB::JAMIES::PHILLIPSSThu Apr 21 1994Reading Mail - "error with launched application"
3937.03SEDOAS::DAVIES_GThu Apr 21 1994Where is the TeamLinks Migration Toolkit?
3938.02DPSWThu Apr 21 1994GRID.VBX expired
3939.02NJOPC4::smalleyThu Apr 21 1994ALL-IN-1 IOS Distribution Lists -> TeamLinks
3940.02TAVThu Apr 21 1994Unable to connect to ALL-IN-1 server
3941.01IJSAPL::BROUWER_DThu Apr 21 1994integrating editor
3943.06OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mThu Apr 21 1994TCP/IP create drawer problem
3944.020MEDIA::MELVILLEMThu Apr 21 1994What generates "Overflow" dialog box?
3945.01BEBBI1::STUKERThu Apr 21 1994no path -> OK?
3946.07MROA::BUFTON::nbuftonThu Apr 21 1994Postscript - Encapsulated or not encapsulated
3947.018GIDDAY::BURTFri Apr 22 1994General Protection Faults
3948.01SUOSWS::MOOGFri Apr 22 1994Winword Macros and MS section of WIN.INI?
3949.01SEDOAS::DAVIES_GFri Apr 22 1994Choosing a TeamRoute forms package?
3950.03KERNEL::PCIOF2::CHEWTERFri Apr 22 1994Another Invalid Property Value
3951.04OASS::GIANNETTI_DFri Apr 22 1994Prob repairing local file cabinet
3952.08OASS::GIANNETTI_DFri Apr 22 1994Dshell error when installing TL 2.
3953.08OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mFri Apr 22 1994Windows NT, mail attach format issue
3954.04CGOOA::HOMMENMon Apr 25 1994SMTP, IMAP, MIME?
3955.03CLOYCE::carlenMon Apr 25 1994Non-Interactive Login for Async TeamLinks Mail
3956.01ZPOVC::CHINGYUETue Apr 26 1994DRAFT mesage Notification Changed with IOS
3957.01SEDOAS::DAVIES_GTue Apr 26 1994TeamRoute template saved as a Master
3958.01FAILTE::MUCKRT::LAAHSTue Apr 26 1994[.DOCn] files not cleaned up?
3959.03ISIDRO::LOURDESTue Apr 26 1994Diskquota & Overquota
3960.02BIGUN::BRUCETue Apr 26 1994Restrict use of Create Drawer?
3961.01WAYOUT::CLARKETue Apr 26 1994FCS Tuning for TeamLinks Clients Onlly
3963.09BRAT::UIDIOT::SmithTue Apr 26 1994Can't view other Distribution List recipients of a message
3964.02SEDPCW::MCMICHAELTue Apr 26 1994CFCLOCAL crashes opening network shared drawer
3965.02BAHTAT::HILTONTue Apr 26 1994Unknown Rights Identifier
3966.01BAHTAT::62724::ABEARTue Apr 26 1994How do you control access?
3967.03GRANMA::RSHEINBERGTue Apr 26 1994Viewers for JPEG, FAX and TIFF
3968.02HAACK::HAACKTue Apr 26 1994WFW, RCV, "wsname is not yet set!"?
3969.07CSCRIO::VALERIATue Apr 26 1994edit a WPS-PLUS message
3970.01OASS::GIANNETTI_DTue Apr 26 1994Prob with WordPerfect 6.
3971.015VNOAPP::TIMA_2Wed Apr 27 1994TL 2.
3972.015USHSWed Apr 27 1994DX...DX... DX.... Problems........
3973.03ISIDRO::COUTOWed Apr 27 1994KWVIEWER errors again.
3974.05ISIDRO::COUTOWed Apr 27 1994Search in DDS
3975.01ISIDRO::COUTOWed Apr 27 1994DOS version
3976.01RDGENG::ZAWINL::SnowlingWed Apr 27 1994Excel 5 - save as 4.
3977.05LARVAE::JORDANWed Apr 27 1994DDE into TL - No UI error?
3978.07SEDPCW::MCMICHAELWed Apr 27 1994T2.1 (IFT1) Observations
3979.06OASS::LAMBERSON_MWed Apr 27 1994WP Macro, Error 342 saving to FileCab
3980.02MSAMThu Apr 28 1994Reset Message ?
3981.06KERNEL::COOPERThu Apr 28 1994Order of header and attachment mixed up on muliple prints
3982.03KERNEL::PCIOF2::CHEWTERThu Apr 28 1994invalid argument
3983.06SIOG::T_REDMONDThu Apr 28 1994Working with TeamLinks (again)
3985.03GRANMA::RSHEINBERGThu Apr 28 1994Common File Cabinet Memory Error
3986.02EVTAI1::BOURDARIAS_SThu Apr 28 1994ALT-X CTIBROKER and asynchrone
3987.04SDOGUS::MORINThu Apr 28 1994TL Connection and PW V5
3988.02AIMTEC::MORABITO_PThu Apr 28 1994WPWIN 6.
3989.03GLDOA::STREKThu Apr 28 1994WPS+ to Winword Font conversion
3990.02WEORLD::TRICKETTFri Apr 29 1994Where is TLDEVO.LIC
3991.08SEDPCW::MCMICHAELFri Apr 29 1994AmiPro crashes when Windows exits
3992.03MXOVFri Apr 29 1994TeamLinks diskless installation problem
3993.01KUZZY::LEBLANCFri Apr 29 1994Inserting Form_Feeds
3994.03KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLFri Apr 29 1994CFCDEBUG.LOG codes?
3995.07SNOCSun May 01 1994TL 2.
3996.05GIDDAY::JOYCEMon May 02 1994Problem with ALT-X in CTI Broker
3997.02ZURMon May 02 1994UNC supported for local cabinets?
3998.02MRBEEN::WATTMon May 02 1994MAPI Support in IFT V2.1 TeamLinks Windows
3999.08MEOCMon May 02 1994