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Conference abbott::teamlinks_windows

Title:TeamLinks for Windows
Notice:Kit and ECO locations: See replies to note 8.o note 8.
Created:Mon Aug 28 1995
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:2238
Total number of notes:9650
Number with bodies:1371
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1.01TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANMon Aug 28 1995Introduction
2.03TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANMon Aug 28 1995Notes conference announcements.
3.03TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANMon Aug 28 1995Procedures/keywords used in this conference.
4.05TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANMon Aug 28 1995Key TeamLinks contacts.
5.046TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANMon Aug 28 1995Who are you?
6.018TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANMon Aug 28 1995Related notes conferences.
7.01TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANMon Aug 28 1995SPD topic.
8.0+28TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANMon Aug 28 1995Kit announcements.
9.068TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANMon Aug 28 1995Kit problems, questions, suggestions, etc...
10.0+47TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANMon Aug 28 1995Documentation kits/updates.
11.0+2TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANMon Aug 28 1995Accessing the QAR system to report problems.
12.01TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANMon Aug 28 1995Deciding between the QAR or the IPMT system.
13.01TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANMon Aug 28 1995Competitive information.
14.07TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANMon Aug 28 1995Performance reports.
15.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANMon Aug 28 1995Demonstration kits for TeamLinks.
16.02TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANMon Aug 28 1995Presentations about TeamLinks.
17.0+14TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANMon Aug 28 1995TeamLinks Training/Courses
18.0+12BOOKIE::CHAYNA::EPPESWed Nov 01 1995The Official Dates topic (or "When is the next release?")
19.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANMon Aug 28 1995Reserved.
20.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANMon Aug 28 1995Reserved.
21.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANMon Aug 28 1995Reserved.
22.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANMon Aug 28 1995Reserved.
23.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANMon Aug 28 1995Reserved.
24.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANMon Aug 28 1995Reserved.
25.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANMon Aug 28 1995Reserved.
29.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANTue Aug 29 1995FAQ: Novell PerfectOffice
30.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANTue Aug 29 1995FAQ: Quattro Pro
31.0+6TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: WordPerfect
32.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Novell Presentations
33.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Lotus SmartSuite
34.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Lotus Ami Pro
35.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Lotus 1-2-3
36.02TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Lotus Word Pro
37.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Lotus Organizer
38.01TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Lotus Freelance Graphics
39.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Lotus Approach
40.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Lotus cc:Mail
41.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Lotus Notes
42.07TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Microsoft Office
43.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Microsoft Word for Windows
44.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Microsoft Excel
45.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Microsoft PowerPoint
46.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Microsoft Access
47.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Microsoft Mail
48.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Microsoft Exchange
49.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: TeamLinks Library Services (VTX)
50.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: TeamLinks Conferencing for Windows
51.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Russell Calendar Manager
52.02TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: TeamRoute
53.01TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: TeamLinks Information Manager
54.01TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: TeamLinks Setup (TLSETUP)
55.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: TeamLinks Message Notification
56.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Connecting with TLREMOTE (Asynchronous, Modem, LAT)
57.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Connecting with TCP/IP
58.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Connecting using DECnet.
59.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: TeamLinks Startup Configurations
60.04TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Password caching
61.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: ALL-IN-1 Office Server
62.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Mailworks VMS server
63.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: MailWorks UNIX server
64.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: OfficeServer
65.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: TeamLinks on the Windows for Workgroups platform.
66.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: TeamLinks on the OS/2 Warp platform.
67.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: TeamLinks on the Windows 95 platform.
68.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: TeamLinks on the Windows NT platform.
69.04TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Printing
70.04TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Document converters/viewers
71.01TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Automatic file format detection
72.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: File format tags
73.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Infoman File Launch function.
74.04TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Addressing
75.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: TeamLinks Customization.
76.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: TeamLinks Installation Procedure
77.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Simple MAPI in TeamLinks
78.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: MAPI-1 in TeamLinks
79.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: OLE2 in TeamLinks
80.05TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: ODMA in TeamLinks
81.01TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Spell checking in TeamLinks.
82.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Local File Cabinets
83.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Internet Mail support in TeamLinks
84.01TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: TeamLinks, the Internet and the World Wide Web.
85.01TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: TeamLinks SDK.
86.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: TeamLinks Scripting.
87.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: Rich Text Editing in TeamLinks Mail.
88.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANWed Aug 30 1995FAQ: User Preferences
89.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANThu Sep 07 1995FAQ: TeamLinks packaging/licensing.
90.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANThu Sep 07 1995Reserved
90.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::TAMARA::STJEANFri Apr 12 1996FAQ: TeamLinks and WinELF within Digital's messaging environment.
91.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANThu Sep 07 1995Reserved
92.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANThu Sep 07 1995Reserved
93.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANThu Sep 07 1995Reserved
94.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANThu Sep 07 1995Reserved
95.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANThu Sep 07 1995Reserved
96.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANThu Sep 07 1995Reserved
97.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANThu Sep 07 1995Reserved
98.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANThu Sep 07 1995Reserved
99.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANThu Sep 07 1995Reserved
100.0TAMARA::flymht.zko.dec.com::STJEANThu Sep 07 1995Reserved
101.02GIDDAY::SETHIMon Sep 11 1995ODBC LOCK FAILURE message in new mail notif.
102.05BRUMMY::MARTIN::BELLMon Sep 11 1995Tailor out TeamRoute from TeamLinks Office?
103.04GANTRY::HULLMon Sep 11 1995How to de-integrate MS Word from T/L 2.5?
104.03GIDDAY::SETHIThu Sep 14 1995How to add new template to "Add to" options in Dir. Services?
105.03HAACK::HAACKThu Sep 14 1995Big message header text?
106.0DUBGEN::REDMONDFri Sep 15 1995Monitoring TeamLinks connects to the FCS
107.08GANTRY::HULLFri Sep 15 1995Fatal crash accessing a document
108.02SNOFS1::BROUGHTONJSun Sep 17 1995newmail over PPP
109.02EVTAI1::MORVANMon Sep 18 1995TL 2.1 French: multiple attachment print problems
110.07EVTAI1::GODARDMon Sep 18 1995TeamLinks Remote and US ROBOTICS modem
111.04AIMTEC::LUCAS_AMon Sep 18 1995TL 2.5 Server (network) installation problems
112.09KERNEL::BROWNMMon Sep 18 1995TL 2.1 PW for WIn95 DECnet?
113.02KYOSS1::POLAKOWSKIMon Sep 18 1995How do I move users to a new PC?
114.01KAOFS::B_KELLYMon Sep 18 1995Run Executable from remote script.tls
115.01PCBUOA::pcbuimt7.ako.dec.com::swanstromMon Sep 18 1995Problem attaching WORD V7.
116.04PENSKE::SDATZMANMon Sep 18 1995Converting PC docs sent to VT users
117.012USCTR1::16.157.8Tue Sep 19 1995Problem in TeamLinks Notification
118.07NETRIX::"torbens@dmats2.dmo.dec.com"Tue Sep 19 1995Don't use : in document names....
120.03ROMOIS::FRISINATue Sep 19 1995TeamLinks Client and Internet messaging
121.05LISVAX::SEPULVEDATue Sep 19 1995DECnet problems connecting to server
122.03OASS::ANDRES_BTue Sep 19 1995File Save Icons appear multiple times for Excel
123.01WKOL1Tue Sep 19 1995monitor utility for extract attachment over dialup
124.013GENIE::floeti.ebo.dec.com::hubersTue Sep 19 1995Distribution list from attachment
125.05AIMTEC::LUCAS_ATue Sep 19 1995Unable to display or print DX documents
126.02KERNEL::COOPERTue Sep 19 1995AmiPro, TL2.5 and close current file setting
127.03CGOOA::PUTNAMTue Sep 19 1995MS word and TL 2.5 integration
128.03USCD::tisTue Sep 19 1995Windows 95 & LPS2
129.01VAXRIO::VALERIATue Sep 19 1995AIDA error - account exclusively locked
130.01MSAMWed Sep 20 1995customized installation for V2.1/V2.5 ?
131.02KERNEL::FORDRWed Sep 20 1995AmiPro Integration error after new installation
132.06DPDMAI::DAVIESWed Sep 20 1995Cannot load FILECAB.DLL problem?
133.03OASS::ANDRES_BWed Sep 20 1995X4
134.07AIMTEC::LUCAS_AWed Sep 20 1995Problems with the Autoreply feature for IOS
135.01OASS::ANDRES_BWed Sep 20 1995Cannot find AIDA server
136.04DYPSS1::MAXIWed Sep 20 1995GPF CFCX4
137.01AIMTEC::LUCAS_AWed Sep 20 1995Protecting folders in TeamLinks V2.5
138.07HOWICK::HOWARDThu Sep 21 1995MS-WORD, RCM and mailing lists
139.01GIDDAY::BURTThu Sep 21 1995Excel 'save as' to wrong format
140.05IOSG::LOCKWOODThu Sep 21 1995CFCDEBUG + Win95?
141.06UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Sep 21 1995update of muasprof.ini
143.016COPCLU::cpc253.dmo.dec.com::RiedelThu Sep 21 1995TL 2.5 problem when reading old messages
144.02RTOEU::KRICKSThu Sep 21 1995Client V2.5 and Svr V2.1
145.01KERNEL::FORDRThu Sep 21 1995Error Saving WP documents
146.03ODIXIE::JBROWNThu Sep 21 1995TeamLinks install with WP6.1
147.04ODIXIE::JBROWNThu Sep 21 1995win95 Office?
148.01GRITS::WILLIAMS_TThu Sep 21 1995TL V2.5: GPF when drag & drop with stb trio 64 video driver
149.015LAOSS1::UDICK_STThu Sep 21 1995TeamLinks and Office 95 Wordbasic Err 582 Library.
150.09FORTY2::NORRISFri Sep 22 1995Wrap on send - a wishlist item
151.010CHEFS::MARTIN_RFri Sep 22 1995ALL-IN-1 AIDA server access problems ?
152.05CHUECA::NIEVESFri Sep 22 1995error 676 reading text attachment
153.01CSOA1::FLOYDFri Sep 22 1995Customer request
154.03KERNEL::FORDRFri Sep 22 1995PC hanging with attachments
155.01AIMTEC::LUCAS_AFri Sep 22 1995NonTextPrinting and Application Associationsup
156.01PCPLOD::welFri Sep 22 1995File Cab connection fails with TCP/IP
157.0135772::TOKARFri Sep 22 1995LAN Workplace for DOS 4.1
158.05KERNEL::COOPERFri Sep 22 1995GPF at
159.01GRITS::BUSH_SFri Sep 22 1995Excel document being read instead of powerpoint
160.02AIMTEC::LUCAS_AFri Sep 22 1995Removing Shared Network Drawers
162.03HGOSPS::DENISLIMon Sep 25 1995TeamLinks 2.5 support Microsoft Client 3.
163.05LTIMA2::M_HOLLANDMon Sep 25 1995Install changes date/time of files.
164.01WKOLMon Sep 25 1995Setup problems with Ami Pro on a file share
165.02UTRTSC::SMEETSMon Sep 25 1995Distrib list from V1.1 to V2.5
166.02NCMAIL::clarkbMon Sep 25 1995Library Services via Remote Connection Manager (modem)?
167.03LEMAN::gizmo.geo.dec.com::SIMMONSMon Sep 25 1995Autorun VB program
168.01OASS::ANDRES_BMon Sep 25 1995RequireDisExtension= is removed by going into TLSETUP
169.02OASS::ANDRES_BMon Sep 25 1995Cannot Load Convert.dll
170.08CEOSS1::cuball.ceo.dec.com::SABINMon Sep 25 1995File Access Error when Creating Drawer ...
171.05OASS::ANDRES_BMon Sep 25 1995X4
172.01STKAI1::SPORSENTue Sep 26 1995pointer for TL 2.1 ECO 5
173.06OASS::ANDRES_BTue Sep 26 1995More Installation Problems
174.02OASS::ANDRES_BTue Sep 26 1995No Timer Available.
175.08OASS::ANDRES_BTue Sep 26 1995More Invalid Property Values with 2.5 and NT
176.05CSOA1::FLOYDTue Sep 26 1995Win95 & New MAIL Notify
177.03WROSS1::JONAS_ROWed Sep 27 1995How do you insert a formfeed/page break when creating a message??
179.02SNOFS1::WATTWed Sep 27 1995Wordperfect/VMS to TeamLinks/Word6 Migration questions?
180.04AIMTEC::LUCAS_AWed Sep 27 1995Setup has been modified or corrupted
181.03SNOFS1::WATTWed Sep 27 1995Tl SDK & MS Project GLOBAL.MPT
182.04SNOFS1::WATTWed Sep 27 1995RCM and TeamLinks Mail only kits
183.07HSOSS1::GARRETTWed Sep 27 1995Suppress TLRemote dialog box??
184.02NCMAIL::clarkbWed Sep 27 1995T/L 2.5 Filecab Attributes: MailWorks and PC Local
185.01WKOL1Wed Sep 27 1995need help with unwanted movement of mail objects
186.01KYOSS1::POLAKOWSKIWed Sep 27 1995File Cabinet Disconnect Winsock Error 1
187.012LAOSS1::UDICK_STWed Sep 27 1995Usability Wish List. What would make TeamLinks easier to use
188.06SNOFS1::snod14dgp6.gen.sno.dec.com::BroughtonWed Sep 27 1995132 col messages/ large txt reports
189.01GIDDAY::MASONThu Sep 28 1995Cannot load convert.dll ???
190.01BACHUS::LAROCHEThu Sep 28 1995Exclude TO addressees
191.03BEJVC::LKLEEThu Sep 28 1995Integrate application with TL mail + How ?
192.06ZPOVC::CHINGYUEThu Sep 28 1995How to rebuild *.NX of corrupted local drawer ?
194.03AIMTEC::LUCAS_AThu Sep 28 1995Win95 GPF in FCLIST.VBX
195.04VAXRIO::ABREUThu Sep 28 1995SetupSamples=
196.02PDBABY::bortoluzziThu Sep 28 1995Notification with 2.5
197.06AIMTEC::LUCAS_AThu Sep 28 1995Problems editing WK3 files from Lotus Version 5
198.02AIMTEC::LUCAS_AThu Sep 28 1995TLV2.5 / Win95 and Mailworks for Unix
199.02KERNEL::COOPERFri Sep 29 1995Rewrap Text when Opening a saved draft
200.02WKOL1Fri Sep 29 1995Request: New function in Create Message
201.0TUBGUN::PoonFri Sep 29 1995Warning to all Word6 Integration users.
202.01OLDBIL::COHENDMon Oct 02 1995Word V6 and AutoSave
203.04DYPSS1::MAXIMon Oct 02 19952.5 install customizations to remove icons
204.04GIDDAY::SETHITue Oct 03 1995How can you disable CONTROL_S ?
205.02MSAMTue Oct 03 1995use scripts to upload/download mails for LAN conn?
206.03BELFST::BVOFIT::FITZPATRICKTue Oct 03 1995Find text gives Internal CFC SP Error...
207.03BIS6::VANHOOSTETue Oct 03 1995W95 upgrade and TL/Word
208.02OASS::ANDRES_BTue Oct 03 1995Distribution list not found
209.01MKOTS3::TINIUSTue Oct 03 1995Errors from LOCALFIX?
210.08AKOCOA::DOUCETTETue Oct 03 1995Viewing/Editing Network Dist Lists
211.05VMSNET::J_COLBURNTue Oct 03 1995How to turn off address confirmation message?
212.01COPCLU::cpcWed Oct 04 1995TL 2.1 using XTIWINS from 2.5 ?
213.02CHEFS::gorard.hhl.dec.com::GorardWed Oct 04 1995ELF/DDS substitute problems
214.08OASS::ANDRES_BWed Oct 04 1995Printing from TL hangs PC
215.07OASS::ANDRES_BWed Oct 04 1995Problems launching Word from within TL
216.03NCMAIL::clarkbWed Oct 04 19952.5 VTX Print broken
217.012BACHUS::COLLARTThu Oct 05 1995TeamLinks Excel/XL conversion problem
218.05EVTAI1::MORVANThu Oct 05 1995TL 2.5:import dos file do not preserve 8 bits char
219.09UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Oct 05 1995TeamLinks V2.5 installation crashes on NT
220.02GIDDAY::MASONThu Oct 05 1995Mastersoft Viewer error listing?
221.08MSOTIS::LEFri Oct 06 1995Association using WPWIN 6.1 personal preference
222.03MSAMFri Oct 06 1995a number of queries for V2.5.....
223.0GIDDAY::LEHFri Oct 06 1995DCE used by IOS,TeamLinks,MailWorks.. - revisited
224.06BACHUS::COLLARTFri Oct 06 1995Crazy vertical scroll button in TL 2.5 ?
225.09SCASFri Oct 06 1995TeamLinks 2.1 and WordPerfect 6.1 - doesn't launch RO file.
226.01WKOL1Fri Oct 06 1995Need an update on FIND-TEXT
227.02DYPSS1::MAXIFri Oct 06 19952.5 install customizations for DL's and PAB's
228.02OHFSSun Oct 08 1995TCP/IP Win95 TL Problem Fix
229.05GIDDAY::MASONMon Oct 09 1995TL 2.1 Remote w/Win 95
230.04HTSC19::DENISLIMon Oct 09 1995MS Network Client 3.
231.04IOSG::PYEMon Oct 09 1995GPF when Password expired
232.03HLISMon Oct 09 1995New Mail, Again....
233.03ZURMon Oct 09 1995SLIP connection: Mail attachment doesn't launch application
234.01OASS::BURNAMAN_BMon Oct 09 1995Compression used in TeamLinks?
235.0AIMTEC::LUCAS_AMon Oct 09 1995Intermittent Problem with Newmail Notification
236.04LEMAN::gizmo.geo.dec.com::SIMMONSMon Oct 09 1995Viewing foreign attachments from IOS
237.03UTROP1::EIJS_SMon Oct 09 1995TeamLinks Remote: Conferencing & Library services
238.03AIMTEC::LUCAS_AMon Oct 09 1995Removing the Confirm Option from the Mail Profile
239.0CHEFS::JORDANMon Oct 09 1995Mastersoft and Viewer95
240.02STKAI1::OLSSON_JATue Oct 10 1995Files from drawers to disk.
241.05ZPOVC::CHINGYUETue Oct 10 1995Upgraded TML V2.5 on Win95 cannot connect to server
242.02WHOSTue Oct 10 1995PC hangs after remote dial TLNK$REMOTE.exe broker runs
243.02SNOFS1::snod14dgp6.gen.sno.dec.com::BroughtonTue Oct 10 1995TCP/IP - transport type changes
244.03GIDDAY::MASONTue Oct 10 1995Can you have 2.1 & 2.5 on same system
245.03OISVAX::ZINNIKERTue Oct 10 1995Problem connecting to TLNK$REMOTE
246.01SNOFS1::bucky.weo.dec.com::elmesWed Oct 11 1995Printserver 17, TL2.5 RC3, W95 problem
247.04MSOTIS::LEWed Oct 11 1995AIDA 3.1 in VMS 6.2 not expand TL system distrib list
248.01MSAMWed Oct 11 1995master PAB for remote PCs ? Dist List limit 1
249.027BACHUS::64734::larocheWed Oct 11 1995Drawer does not exist or access is denied
250.01ZURWed Oct 11 1995Documentation for TeamRoute tools needed
251.08XCUSME::SAVOYWed Oct 11 1995Library Services/Button Bar=No icons
252.02EVTAI1::GODARDWed Oct 11 1995directory service error
253.06VAXRIO::ABREUWed Oct 11 1995Distribution Lists created in TeamLinks
254.03DRAC::DSMAILWed Oct 11 1995Error calling FCI_LIST_OPENDRAWER
255.02TROOA::MSCHNEIDERWed Oct 11 1995problems with Trumpet TCP/IP ...
256.01GUIDUK::MCCANTAWed Oct 11 1995Local File Cab -> DOS name mapping?
257.02LAOSS1::UDICK_STWed Oct 11 1995Using a file share as a Local Mailbox.
258.02GIDDAY::BURTThu Oct 12 1995TeamLinks 2.5 - Addressing problems
259.02BRSVMS::PIGEONThu Oct 12 1995Excel integration blues...
261.03AIMTEC::LUCAS_AThu Oct 12 1995TeamLinks and Netrider Remote Network Software
262.01BACHUS::64734::larocheThu Oct 12 1995upgrade 2.
263.04MROA::MEYERThu Oct 12 1995Losing dates on forwarded mail
264.05CEOSS1::cuball.ceo.dec.com::SABINThu Oct 12 1995'Invalid Indexing' Error when Sending Mail
265.01MSOTIS::LEFri Oct 13 1995Invalid Property value in NT mail read - revisited
266.06GRITS::CARTER_AFri Oct 13 1995TeamLinks and DHCP
267.04BACHUS::COLLARTFri Oct 13 1995Why using PC clock for time stamp ?
268.015SNOFS1::16.171.2Sun Oct 15 199532 bit integration macros???
270.02PCBUOA::YOUNGMon Oct 16 1995'Invalid File Format' when starting up TL2.5
271.08AIMTEC::WICKS_AMon Oct 16 1995What's the deal with ECOs?
272.015OTOOA::BOGARTMon Oct 16 1995Customizing Addresses
273.02OASS::ANDRES_BMon Oct 16 1995Init String for Generic Modem
274.013VNABRW::EHRLICH_KTue Oct 17 1995TeamLinks V2.5 LLV and ECOs?
275.05PJLPC::PHILTue Oct 17 1995TL2.5 New Mail alerting for multiple users!
278.02GALVIA::imslow::emchaleTue Oct 17 1995problem reading winword2 attachment (X4
279.04VMSNET::M_NEVINSTue Oct 17 1995Users want a copy command from Inbox to Local
280.09GIDDAY::BACOTWed Oct 18 1995WordPerfect attachments that don't
281.08GIDDAY::pcbu42.snl.dec.com::LIELLWed Oct 18 1995Viewing Wide Documents
282.02YOGI::ABEARWed Oct 18 1995TCPWare and cluster alias
283.01HTSC19::DENISLIWed Oct 18 1995Which file records the network setting of TL 2.1?
284.03GRITS::SHEPPARD_JWed Oct 18 1995DDS lookups on shared PC?
285.03AIMTEC::WICKS_AWed Oct 18 1995TL V2.5 can't get to MAIL_ADDRESS in PAB
286.01TROOA::NAISHWed Oct 18 1995Bad Print Quality on LN
287.07SNOFS1::GERAGHTYWed Oct 18 1995READ messages not showing in INBOX folder
288.05GIDDAY::BURTThu Oct 19 1995WPWIN 6.1 and WordPerfect for VAX 5.1+ incompatability
289.04GRITS::CARTER_AThu Oct 19 1995Last entry in distribution list ignored
290.04BACHUS::LAROCHEThu Oct 19 1995Files in staging area appear in WORD last files opened list. Teamlinks V2.5
291.02BACHUS::LAROCHEThu Oct 19 1995Installing personal copies from Windows NT share.
292.02ROMEOS::WRIGHT_KEThu Oct 19 1995TLWE21
293.01BACHUS::COLLARTThu Oct 19 1995TeamLinks looping with error 232 in log file
294.02BACHUS::COLLARTThu Oct 19 1995Problem to create new PowerPoint file from IM
295.016OASS::BURGESS_SThu Oct 19 1995TeamLinks MSWORD want Launch with Print
296.07LJSRV1::KELLYThu Oct 19 1995TL Remote talking to a Digital Unix Server - help
297.020AIMTEC::WICKS_AThu Oct 19 1995ECO2, WIN 95 and OSF problem
298.02COPCLU::DMPCFri Oct 20 1995Excel V5.
299.02KERNEL::COOPERFri Oct 20 1995Word 2.
300.04ACISS1::LEMANFri Oct 20 1995X4
301.03GRANPA::RSHEINBERGFri Oct 20 1995Questions regarding TLVERCHK
302.0SCASFri Oct 20 1995Novell InForms Integration?
303.01ZURFri Oct 20 1995New mail notification with WFW and DMW 1.3A
304.011AIMTEC::WICKS_AFri Oct 20 1995World Bank very unhappy with the ECO
305.07BLANC::MASONMon Oct 23 1995Go into offline mode automatically when server connection lost?
306.02BACHUS::COLLARTMon Oct 23 1995TeamLinks and Norton Desktop ?
307.07LTIMA2::M_HOLLANDMon Oct 23 19952.5-ECO2 Hanging Bug on 95 and NT
308.06STOWOA::NORTON_KMon Oct 23 1995Printing from ALL-IN-1 IOS with TeamLinks 2.5
309.02PCBUOA::YOUNGTue Oct 24 1995CONNECT Dialog Box needed every time...
310.0MJBOOT::STONESIFERTue Oct 24 1995Authentication Problem
311.03MROA::MEYERTue Oct 24 1995Printing distribution lists
312.02HAACK::HAACKTue Oct 24 1995X.5
313.02GIDDAY::BURTTue Oct 24 1995Lotus Word Pro support query
314.03GIDDAY::pcbu42.snl.dec.com::LIELLTue Oct 24 1995Windows 95 and TeamLinks
315.03CHUECA::NIEVESWed Oct 25 1995Dr.WATSON
316.01STKAI1::WALLGRENWed Oct 25 1995Add new menus to InfoMan?
317.04UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTWed Oct 25 19952.5: CORRELATE info missing on printout ?
318.05VAXRIO::VALERIAWed Oct 25 1995DX format and bolded accented characters
319.01COPCLU::ELINWed Oct 25 1995AIK differences v2.5 & v2.1?
320.04FSATRA::H_ANDERSSONWed Oct 25 1995Swedish characters make receipt-notification fail
321.02OASS::BURNAMAN_BWed Oct 25 1995Auto Format Detection - how does it know?
322.02UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTWed Oct 25 1995"not enough memory or disk space", no c:\~tlinstd.t
323.06STUWed Oct 25 1995Problem with SDK IOSPRINT !
324.011GRITS::BUSH_SWed Oct 25 1995Error saving Word documents with ECO2
325.01FLYWAY::GUTDWed Oct 25 1995X4
326.01TROOA::DAL_MOLINWed Oct 25 1995Uninstall TeamLinks 2.5 ????
327.03SLICER::RODWed Oct 25 1995What are "required" standard Windows macros?
328.0AIMTEC::LUCAS_AWed Oct 25 1995Find feature/script msg queries problems
329.0CHEFS::CHEFS::MCMICHAEL_IWed Oct 25 1995WINSOCK error over MS TCP/IP and PPP link
330.01ODIXIE::CURLEWed Oct 25 1995Can TL Remote automatically copy file from VAX to PC?
331.04SNOFS1::BOERSJACKWed Oct 25 1995DDS lookup from Word Doesn't
332.03GIDDAY::BURTThu Oct 26 1995Lotus Freelance Graphics inquiry
333.010KERNEL::jilly.uvo.dec.com::houldingThu Oct 26 1995TeamLinks & Conferencing with TCP/IP Cluster Alias
334.01ANGST::korbel.mse.tay.dec.com::chenisThu Oct 26 1995What happened to the auto-receipt fix in ECO2 ?
335.03NETRIX::"torbens@dmats2.dmo.dec.com"Thu Oct 26 1995Excel 5.
336.02AIMTEC::ZANIEWSKI_DThu Oct 26 1995Parameter too long, opening Word document
337.03AIMTEC::LUCAS_AThu Oct 26 1995Problems with Read Message Window
338.02CGOOA::PUTNAMThu Oct 26 1995Standalone TL 2.5 help
339.05BLANC::MASONFri Oct 27 1995Integration problems (XL5 & Word 6)
340.011BLANC::MASONFri Oct 27 1995Word macro problem after upgrade to 2.5
341.03GENIE::floeti.ebo.dec.com::hubersFri Oct 27 1995Windows 95 and TeamLinks Remote
342.03TROOA::NAISHFri Oct 27 1995Jetforms & TL Mail Integration Effort
343.03GRITS::WILLIAMS_TSat Oct 28 1995setup program files corrupt
344.011ZURMon Oct 30 1995Object cannot be moved to the destination...
345.013UTURBO::SCHOLLAERTMon Oct 30 1995TL 2.5 / WordPerfect Viewer: tabs and colums ?
346.04PCBUOA::YOUNGMon Oct 30 1995"Password" and MailProfile
347.06NWDMon Oct 30 1995DRVSPACE disk compression incompatibility?
348.05ZPOVC::MANOJKUMARMon Oct 30 1995Error when reading new mails in TL V2.5
349.01OASS::ANDRES_BMon Oct 30 1995Error Adding Objects
350.02HGOVC::PATRICKNGTue Oct 31 1995TeamLinks license upgrade???
351.0+25GENIE::floeti.ebo.dec.com::hubersTue Oct 31 1995Excel 5 file format unsupported
352.06GENIE::floeti.ebo.dec.com::hubersTue Oct 31 1995mail addressed to system dist list unreadable
353.03KERNEL::COOPERTue Oct 31 1995Distribution list funnies
354.01VAXRIO::RICARDOTue Oct 31 1995More on POP3
355.09LTIMA2::M_HOLLANDTue Oct 31 1995"Find" gives no author
356.01AIMTEC::LUCAS_ATue Oct 31 1995Printing under TL2.5/HP DJ 6
357.05CHEFS::ast186.olo.dec.com::Randall_MorrisonWed Nov 01 1995WPS+ Viewed with small fonts (revisited)
358.010GRANPA::RSHEINBERGWed Nov 01 1995MAIL Notification Complaint: TL V2.5
360.03AIMTEC::LUCAS_AWed Nov 01 1995TL Remote Phone Directory corruption TLV2.5
361.01STOWOA::NORTON_KWed Nov 01 1995Why are messages copied from VMSmail "drafts"?
362.01LAOSS1::UDICK_STWed Nov 01 1995How do I remove a drawer?
363.01COPCLU::RUNEWed Nov 01 1995DoConvert problem
364.06seorv14.seo.dec.com::Teerlink_daWed Nov 01 1995Define VTX port number for TCP/IP access to servers
365.01AIMTEC::LUCAS_AWed Nov 01 1995TeamLinks/Netcom/PATHWORKS and Winsock.dll
367.04USCTR1::apg19.cop.dec.com::LAMBWed Nov 01 1995dll errors in Excel and Word with office95 can't open any files
368.01BLANC::MASONThu Nov 02 1995Problem connect to server over X25 PAD
369.02BRUMMY::POLLARDNThu Nov 02 1995V2.5 and Excel
370.02TROOA::PIGGOTThu Nov 02 1995Can't Install ECO
371.05CHEFS::COHENDThu Nov 02 1995What is Offline
372.01AIMTEC::LUCAS_AThu Nov 02 1995Will TL maintain external links for Excel Workbooks?
373.04GRITS::WILLIAMS_TFri Nov 03 1995WordPefect 5.2+ integration
374.04NQOSFri Nov 03 1995Refiling from outbox loses addressee's name
375.01NQOSFri Nov 03 1995Challenge sorting a local inbox folder
376.03OASS::BURGESS_SFri Nov 03 1995Does TeamLinks require LOCAL access in Authorize?
377.05PCBUOA::YOUNGFri Nov 03 1995What's definitive word on TL2.5 and OFFICE95?
378.02CSOA1::FLOYDFri Nov 03 1995password cache and Windows 95
379.02TROOA::PIGGOTFri Nov 03 1995GPFs in VBRUN3
380.01STOSS1:: Nov 03 1995Hooking into TO: addressee to get fax phone number
381.01OASS::BURGESS_SSat Nov 04 1995How the Integration with WORD/EXCEL really works
382.03GIDDAY::pcbu42.snl.dec.com::LIELLMon Nov 06 1995WORD Default Style
383.02COPCLU::JACOBSENMon Nov 06 1995Anyone know telecom customers like these???
384.03KERNEL::ANDERSONLMon Nov 06 1995TLNK$REMOTE How do you stop it?...
385.01MUNDIS::64844::ErichMon Nov 06 1995TeamLinks/Lotus Notes info needed
386.04KERNEL::COOPERMon Nov 06 1995Office.ini - question about information stored within
387.05GIDDAY::BACOTMon Nov 06 1995WordPerfect 5.2 and TeamLinks 2.5, problems
388.02MSAMTue Nov 07 1995TeamLinks Office license - no PAKS ?
389.02PDBABY::bortoluzziTue Nov 07 1995LLV info
390.02XANADU::KINGTue Nov 07 1995Windows 95 supported by TeamLinks V2.5
391.02NQOSTue Nov 07 1995Run TeamLinks client on WinNT/Intel?
392.07UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Nov 07 1995Winsock errors due to wrong Wollongong version ?
393.01OTOOA::CHANDLERTue Nov 07 1995Acrobat / OLE v2.
394.04OTOOA::CHANDLERTue Nov 07 1995TeamLinks + DEC ACB implementation
395.03VCOUTue Nov 07 1995A1Mail for DOS to TeamLinks Version 2.5
396.02CHEFS::beeza.reo.dec.com::Jackson_SiWed Nov 08 1995XL 5 and TL 2.5 Integration problems
397.03HGOVC::WILSONPOONWed Nov 08 1995Multi-logon for read,create ... etc
398.01COPCLU::JACOBSENWed Nov 08 1995Annoying problems in TeamLinks
399.04MKOTS1::ENOSWed Nov 08 1995Losing Connection to File Cabinet
400.01PCBUOA::YOUNGWed Nov 08 1995Zip kit containing ECO2?
401.01OASS::ANDRES_BWed Nov 08 1995The reply prefix does not appear before each line
402.04GIDDAY::BURTThu Nov 09 1995TDE viewer problems revisited
403.04STKAI1::SPORSENThu Nov 09 1995strange choicebox when entering one addressee in To: field
404.05STKAI1::SPORSENThu Nov 09 1995TeamLinks Enable/Disable for WP 6.1 as for WP 5.2?
405.01GALVIA::JFEGANThu Nov 09 1995Does TeamLinks ECO2 contain patches for MailWorks ECO2 ?
406.09OASS::BURGESS_SThu Nov 09 1995MASS-11 documents cannot be read from TeamLinks
407.05OTOOA::otonThu Nov 09 1995Custom TeamLinks install
408.05GRANPA::RSHEINBERGThu Nov 09 1995SEND Attributes: Save Defaults
409.07SNOFS1::atoko.pc.sno.dec.com::KelmanSmithFri Nov 10 1995WinELF and TeamLinks
411.01HGOVC::WILSONPOONFri Nov 10 1995No AIDA server in other cluster node
412.03PCBUOA::ako_dialup4_7.ako.dec.com::SFAFri Nov 10 1995Local Cabinet & CFC problems
413.03LOTIMA::M_HOLLANDFri Nov 10 1995Create drawer issue with MailWorks
414.02BACHUS::COLLARTFri Nov 10 1995Show 1 recipient name when faxing to many recipients?
415.02GUIDUK::MCCANTAFri Nov 10 1995Control characters in connection scripts
416.02AIMTEC::LUCAS_AFri Nov 10 1995TLV2.5 Read Messages In Colors
417.01HGOVC::WILSONPOONFri Nov 10 1995Does Chinese Windows support TeamLinks?
418.04BLANC::MASONSun Nov 12 1995TeamLinks 2.1 locks up when create new message
419.0124313::floval.sto.dec.com::VogelMon Nov 13 1995Removal of the System Distribution Lists choice from the pull-down menu
420.03ICS::CLELANDTue Nov 14 1995local file cabinet storage error?
421.02CHEFS::HANCOCK_MTue Nov 14 1995Problems with Remote Connection ACB Script
422.06LTIMA2::M_HOLLANDTue Nov 14 1995Nicknames in Distribution lists
423.09PCBUOA::YOUNGTue Nov 14 1995PowerPoint file labeled AS EXCEL - it's BACK!
424.04OASS::ANDRES_BTue Nov 14 1995Spaces before x4
425.07OASS::ANDRES_BTue Nov 14 1995Attachment not Exported to Network Drive
426.03USCTR1::lexyfi.lex.dec.com::islerTue Nov 14 1995New Mail Notification on NT Alpha, with TL v2.5
427.01LJSRV2::DIMARZIOTue Nov 14 19953 teamlinks mail questions
428.07MAIL2::OSTTue Nov 14 1995Scripting no longer works
429.01BIS1::CARTENSWed Nov 15 1995Printing Remote Addressees
430.01MIMS::MIMS::maximous_sWed Nov 15 1995Importing win 95 fax viewer file corrupts connect
431.03SCASS1::BROOKSWed Nov 15 1995File Marked for no Printing!
432.03BAHTAT::ABEARWed Nov 15 1995UAF not updated by TeamLinks
433.0+13OASS::ANDRES_BWed Nov 15 1995Reply to message Cannot find file
434.04EVTAI1::LAMAREWed Nov 15 1995WINELF: unexpected response...
435.09AIMTEC::LUCAS_AWed Nov 15 1995PowerPoint (PPT) V4.
436.03OASS::ANDRES_BWed Nov 15 1995A1MAILPB.DAT being deleted during upgrade
437.01HGOVC::WILSONPOONWed Nov 15 1995How to use WPS editor for message creation
438.01HGOVC::WILSONPOONThu Nov 16 1995How to use system distribution list in offline mode?
439.04KERNEL::COOPERThu Nov 16 1995What drawer types to use in which situation?
440.03AIMTEC::LUCAS_AThu Nov 16 1995TLV2.5/Win-OS/2 V3.
441.09WOTVAX::FAITHFULLThu Nov 16 1995TeamLinks (Dis)Integration
443.02JULIET::HUNG_YUThu Nov 16 1995TeamLinks Mail on NT & XCD_TMPL.DAT
444.08GIDDAY::BURTFri Nov 17 1995Word 6.
445.06SNOFS1::snod16dp7.sno.dec.com::GERAGHTYFri Nov 17 1995TeamLinks 2.5-
446.03IOSG::LOCKWOODFri Nov 17 1995Spurious List call with RemoveDrawer
447.02CHEFS::ast164.lzo.dec.com::ScattergoodFri Nov 17 1995Cannot open file for move operation
448.0+11LTIMA2::M_HOLLANDFri Nov 17 1995Russell Calendar Manager problem.
449.07AIMTEC::BURDEN_DFri Nov 17 1995* in Subscribers
450.02SCASFri Nov 17 1995True Type Fonts and TeamLinks on NT
451.06OASS::BURGESS_SFri Nov 17 1995WFWG Password and EnableWfwCache=
452.0+8AKSELI::pumax.fno.dec.com::kpuumanenMon Nov 20 199532-bit TeamLinks. When?
453.03KERNEL::COOPERMon Nov 20 1995Various Customer Questions.
454.02KYOSS1::POLAKOWSKIMon Nov 20 1995Is There A Way to Merge File Cabinets?
455.04CSC32::COMULADAMon Nov 20 1995Upgrade to V2.5 TLO and stack overflow
456.07CHEFS::HANCOCK_MMon Nov 20 1995TeamLinks Remote,am I missing something here ?
457.02GRITS::CARTER_AMon Nov 20 1995How to get alternate, technical, non-english char
458.04ARAFAT::SANDGRENTue Nov 21 1995Sniffing documents in TeamLinks v2.5?
459.02STOWOA::buzz.ogo.dec.com::BROOKSTue Nov 21 1995DEFAULTS.INI/INIUpdate problems
460.02GALVIA::JFEGANTue Nov 21 1995Export TMR package from DMW ?
461.01TREES::HICKSONTue Nov 21 1995TL SDK for TL Mail v1.1?
462.06MKTCRV::essc9.ilo.dec.com::ewelchTue Nov 21 1995TCP / IP Mail notification problem
463.01LAOSS1::UDICK_STTue Nov 21 1995Addressing via Internet to AOL.
464.01MSAMWed Nov 22 1995can only see part of the InfoMan window ?
465.09ULYSSE::lembek.vbo.dec.com::VogeleerWed Nov 22 1995MAPI-1, and Simple MAPI vs. Full MAPI
466.011AIMTEC::LUCAS_AWed Nov 22 1995Unable to reset Wastebasket count TLV2.5
467.07LTIMA2::M_HOLLANDWed Nov 22 1995X4
468.03AIMTEC::LUCAS_AWed Nov 22 1995New Mail Notification V2.5-
469.06VAXRIO::VALERIAWed Nov 22 1995Microsoft TCP/IP 3.2 & TLW
470.014AKOCOA::DOUCETTEWed Nov 22 1995Printer Error
471.05OASS::BURGESS_SWed Nov 22 1995How does TeamLinks use TCP/IP for connections?
472.010GIDDAY::LEHThu Nov 23 1995General MailWorks filecab error on distribution list
473.03GALVIA::JFEGANThu Nov 23 1995Only clears one password
474.01BELFST::BVOFIT::FITZPATRICKThu Nov 23 1995TeamLinks integration problem with Ami Pro - cannot change style sheet
475.01SNOFS1::mrbeen.dao.dec.com::wattThu Nov 23 1995Connect error using WIN95 on D:\ drive
476.04MUNICH::AI1DOS::HAESTERSFri Nov 24 1995Out of disk space error w/ TL 2.5 German install on PATHWORKS share
477.02AIMTEC::WICKS_AFri Nov 24 19955
478.01WOTVAX::kelsae.edo.dec.com::LizFri Nov 24 1995Account and System quotas
479.01OTOOA::CHANDLERFri Nov 24 1995Remote/Mobilizer?
480.02OTOOA::CHANDLERFri Nov 24 1995voice annotated mail
481.06GIDDAY::JOYCESun Nov 26 1995ListOutbox button?
482.04GIDDAY::JOYCESun Nov 26 1995problem with addressing in TeamLinks/Word integration
483.07GIDDAY::LEHMon Nov 27 1995GPF happened to a complete-IP-nodename client
484.02HGOVC::WILSONPOONMon Nov 27 1995How to run script file at regular interval
485.05RDGENG::ANDYBUSHMon Nov 27 1995TeamLinks with DIALUP Networking on WIN 95
486.02CRIME::BIJAOUIMon Nov 27 1995Change MAIL or MAIN drawer display name
487.09SNOFS1::terryh.pc.sno.dec.com::HousemanMon Nov 27 1995"TeamLinks is busy..." message/no timeout
488.04AIMTEC::WICKS_AMon Nov 27 1995How to respond to a null prompt (TLremote)
489.02GIDDAY::BACOTMon Nov 27 1995CC Icon with ALL-IN-1 server??
490.09GIDDAY::pcbu42.snl.dec.com::LIELLTue Nov 28 1995Integration with MS Access
491.08KERNEL::FORDRTue Nov 28 1995Network error continued from old conference
492.01CHEFS::glnelg.reo.dec.com::fittonsTue Nov 28 1995Error 84
493.04UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Nov 28 1995Your program is making an invalid dynamic link call to a .DLL file
494.02KERNEL::COOPERTue Nov 28 1995Prompt for password every time?
495.02WOTVAX::HALLETTKTue Nov 28 1995IMAGE
496.07AIMTEC::BURDEN_DTue Nov 28 1995Can't use IOS nicknames from TeamLinks V2.1 and VMS V6.2
497.03CGOWGS::DREWTue Nov 28 1995eco2 fails install
498.04CHEFS::absip12.reo.dec.com::ScattergoodTue Nov 28 1995Restricting files transferred by size
499.05CXOSI::sfc2e.cxo.dec.com::FULLERTue Nov 28 1995Lotus 123WR5 and TeamLinks AIK problem with SmartIcons
500.03STOWOA::NORTON_KWed Nov 29 1995TeamLinks loses ALL-IN-1 IOS attachments
501.02HAN::FISCHER_HEWed Nov 29 1995XTI Transport not from Defaults.INI read
502.02AIMTEC::LUCAS_AWed Nov 29 1995Unable to run Infoman, TLSEtup or Newmail v2.5
503.02KERNEL::CROOKSWed Nov 29 1995Error Message box when initialising RCM.
504.03BOGUSS::CAPIKWed Nov 29 1995Requested improvements to TeamLinks
505.01SNOFS1::geragh.pc.sno.dec.com::GERAGHTYWed Nov 29 1995Attachments moved to READ folder unexpectedly
506.03ZPOVC::MANOJKUMARWed Nov 29 1995TeamLinks Customisation - Scripts.
507.013WOTVAX::kelsae.edo.dec.com::LizThu Nov 30 1995TeamLinks dropping link
508.08WOTVAX::kelsae.edo.dec.com::LizThu Nov 30 1995VTX and Notes using remote connection manager
509.03KYOSS1::POLAKOWSKIThu Nov 30 1995TeamLinks Remote Won't work on a Port Set to Autobaud
510.03OASS::BURGESS_SThu Nov 30 1995TeamLinks and FORM virus
511.02VAXRIO::ABREUThu Nov 30 1995Distrib. Lists shared with MAilW-VMS VT client ?
512.02WOTVAX::16.194.2Fri Dec 01 1995Wishlist: Don't turn off New mail notif. if not on
513.03DYPSS1::MAXIFri Dec 01 1995TL 2.5 customizing install questions
514.010BULAN::SPORSENFri Dec 01 1995VMS-mail into TL not a mail
515.02HAN::FISCHER_HEFri Dec 01 1995WinWord FILE SAVE dialog customizable?
516.015OUTHSE::HOLVENSTOTFri Dec 01 1995gpf in view.dll reading WPS+
518.04AIMTEC::LUCAS_AMon Dec 04 1995Infoman.exe runtime parameters v2.5-
519.01UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTMon Dec 04 1995influence diskspace check of setup ?
520.01KERNEL::xlserver.uvo.dec.com::harvey_pMon Dec 04 1995TeamLinks 2.5 and AmiPro 3.1
521.03DYPSS1::MAXIMon Dec 04 1995Clarification on turning off Customize Addressing button
522.03WOTVAX::HILTONMon Dec 04 1995TeamLinks auto front Windows?
523.015AIMTEC::LUCAS_AMon Dec 04 1995TLV2.5/WPV6.1 - Unwanted conversions
524.09SHOGUN::ssb14Mon Dec 04 1995Can't save personal address book.
525.01MXOCMon Dec 04 1995mail notification conflicts.......
526.01AKOCOA::LEWISMon Dec 04 1995Create Subwindow Failed. Gview.vbx
527.01AIMTEC::LUCAS_AMon Dec 04 1995How to remove TL references from Word Templates?
528.07NQOSMon Dec 04 1995EnablePasswordCaching not working
529.09IOSG::rj.reo.dec.com::MerewoodTue Dec 05 1995New mail notification window position/size?
530.08OSITEL::JOEHNKTue Dec 05 1995WINWORD6 Integration, how?
531.016UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTTue Dec 05 1995password in plain ascii in swapfile
532.08AIMTEC::BURDEN_DTue Dec 05 1995GPF when installing FT2.7 on Windows NT
533.05TOPONT::BBRADBURYTue Dec 05 1995Q: Word/TeamLinks/Windows NT/Alpha
534.01AIMTEC::LUCAS_ATue Dec 05 1995Mastersoft Error -2
535.04STKHLM::ZZTOP::falgardWed Dec 06 1995Installation problem DEFAULTS.INI
537.03LEXSS1::KELLEHERWed Dec 06 1995Postscript Print problems!!!
538.02NETRIX::"mayeur@bro"Wed Dec 06 1995TL 2.5 ECO2 / WIN95 printing problem
539.03WOTVAX::16.194.2Wed Dec 06 1995Minor bug in message notifier
540.01PCBUOA::YOUNGWed Dec 06 1995Excel 'VIEW' first -- HOW?
541.0OTOOA::BOGARTWed Dec 06 1995More than one PAB?
542.05GIDDAY::SETHIWed Dec 06 1995TeamLinks 2.5 problems printing from create message
544.04OSITEL::JOEHNKThu Dec 07 1995Add entire (shared) file cabinet?
545.02AIMTEC::LUCAS_AThu Dec 07 1995Adding x4
546.0BLANC::MASONThu Dec 07 1995Notification taking a long time.
547.01HAN::FISCHER_HEFri Dec 08 1995TLNWMAIL connect in AUTOSTART
548.08SNOFS1::snod16dp3.sno.dec.com::DAVIESFri Dec 08 1995T/L and Excel integration died - Excel error on save
549.02BIS6::dbc153.bro.dec.com::VANHOOSTEFri Dec 08 1995TL : to correlate or not to correlate, that's the question
550.03VYGER::ALLANKFri Dec 08 1995Lost Filecab Definitions
551.02ASABET::LEBLANCFri Dec 08 1995LLV's Available?
552.011HLISFri Dec 08 19952.7 EFT1 Invalid Indexing problem
553.02JULIET::SGTDCC::TAYLOR_STFri Dec 08 1995Is installation without customization possible??
554.05OASS::LUCAS_AFri Dec 08 1995Problems with TLRemote connection scripts
555.06COPCLU::cpc269.dmo.dec.com::RiisMon Dec 11 1995TL 2.7 EFT1 , problem report
556.01VNABRW::EHRLICH_KMon Dec 11 1995WNT+WIN95Shell+MSOffice f. WIN95...
557.02PCBUOA::YOUNGMon Dec 11 1995AutoReply from DECMailworks - latest?
558.0+16OASS::GIANNETTI_DMon Dec 11 1995Problem with large attachments w/TLnk2.5 Remote
559.01WOTVAX::kelsae.edo.dec.com::TODDMon Dec 11 1995Accessing ELF using remote connection manager
560.03HAN::FISCHER_HEMon Dec 11 1995Another way to SETUP TL
561.03HAN::FISCHER_HEMon Dec 11 1995TLWW6INST.DOT changes not saved?
562.07OASS::GIANNETTI_DMon Dec 11 1995Problem with WINNT since applying ECO2
563.01AIMTEC::BURDEN_DTue Dec 12 1995PAB missing from file cabinet?
564.09OASS::GIANNETTI_DTue Dec 12 1995Problem with Move operation
565.05OTOOA::ROUFTue Dec 12 1995Fax solutions for TL
566.01OASS::ANDRES_BTue Dec 12 1995Icon Text display for Send in Lotus 1-2-3 V5.
567.017GIDDAY::BURTTue Dec 12 1995WPS-PLUS viewing/printing problems
569.01DYPSS1::MAXIWed Dec 13 1995readmsg_pref settings and checkenvironment setting
570.03UTROP1::NIESSINK_PWed Dec 13 1995TeamLinks works over RAM Mobile Data !
571.04UTROP1::NIESSINK_PWed Dec 13 1995ALL-IN-1 accessible via WEB Server ?
572.07WOTVAX::kelsae.edo.dec.com::TODDWed Dec 13 1995How to change moderator of a conference?
573.03OASS::GIANNETTI_DWed Dec 13 1995Problem with subscript range error & create msg
574.02OASS::ANDRES_BWed Dec 13 1995Message Notification with OS/2 Warp
575.02MKOTS3::toppcb.mko.dec.com::SPENCERWed Dec 13 1995PF keys with TLS 2.5 on NT 3.51
576.012JULIET::HUNG_YUWed Dec 13 1995WPCORP old tag printing question
577.010USCTR1::16.158.8Thu Dec 14 1995Rich Text Editor
578.01OASS::ANDRES_BThu Dec 14 1995Error when running TLNK$REMOTE.EXE
579.07WOTVAX::HILTONThu Dec 14 1995Funny TCP/IP connect problems
581.07OASS::GIANNETTI_DThu Dec 14 1995Problem printing "intermittent" w/ 2.7 FT on Win 95
582.04OASS::GIANNETTI_DThu Dec 14 1995Problem with Reply Prefix and Rich Text (V2.7 EFT1)
583.02SUOSWS::64Fri Dec 15 1995GPF from X4
585.01HAN::FISCHER_HEFri Dec 15 1995API questions (FC fetch and convert)
586.015XANADU::laceup.zko.dec.com::FitzellFri Dec 15 1995Combining ACB and TL Remote button functions
587.011PCBUOA::YOUNGFri Dec 15 1995Access to Multiple file cabs by secretaries?
588.02OASS::ANDRES_BFri Dec 15 1995Error Exiting TeamLinks 2.7 EFT1
589.05OASS::GIANNETTI_DFri Dec 15 1995Problem with BCC and MailWorks VMS server
590.04OASS::ANDRES_BFri Dec 15 1995PC hang when attaching files TL 2.5
594.06STKAI1::SPORSENMon Dec 18 1995WordBasicError 158
595.014STOWOA::NORTON_KMon Dec 18 1995Can TL2.5 identify file formats sent thru VAXmail?
596.01LAOSS1::UDICK_STMon Dec 18 1995Empty wastebasket seems to take forever.
597.014BIGUN::dhcp176.cao.dec.com::andersonMon Dec 18 1995MS SCANPROT and TeamLinks MS Word Integration?
598.01HTSCTue Dec 19 1995Int14 on TeamLinks Remote
599.01OSITEL::JOEHNKTue Dec 19 1995Sharing LCLDRAW.INI ?
600.0CHEFS::BROWNSTONETue Dec 19 1995Multiple FCS's
601.04OASS::GIANNETTI_DTue Dec 19 1995Just where does this RTF viewer issue belong?
602.04NIOSS1::THOMPSONTue Dec 19 1995TeamLinks transport not saving to TCPIP. Decnet
603.07HGOM22::VISITORTue Dec 19 1995TLNK$REMOTE "ident mismatch" on OpenVMS V6.1
604.01SUOSWS::64Wed Dec 20 1995TL 2.5 SDK and AIDA$PENDING form problem
605.01USCTR1:: Dec 20 1995Message Creation Woes!
606.01RDGENG::HAQUEWed Dec 20 1995Pasting from VTstar into TeamLinks
607.02COPCLU::JACOBSENWed Dec 20 1995Sending offline mails, and address verification
608.03CHEFS::CRIDDLEWed Dec 20 1995Non-receipt notification?
609.03GRITS::WILLIAMS_TWed Dec 20 1995part of operation completed
610.03KERNEL::FORDRThu Dec 21 1995"Object no longer available" on restored archived documents
611.03KERNEL::COOPERThu Dec 21 1995Opening DOS then the TeamLinks File Cabinet from macros
612.01UTESThu Dec 21 1995TeamLinks and access to DDS via ALL-IN-1 IOS?
613.06OASS::BURGESS_SThu Dec 21 1995TeamLinks Remote and Rotary Phones
614.03MKTCRV::esscThu Dec 21 1995Launching viewers from TeamLinks
615.06MKOTS3::TINIUSThu Dec 21 1995Problem with dist list editor
616.02OUTHSE::HOLVENSTOTThu Dec 21 1995X4
617.019RDGENG::HAQUEFri Dec 22 1995Is this a fixed font or not?
618.01UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTFri Dec 22 1995Can't load Custom Control DLL: 'c:\teamlink\tlnotify.vbx'
619.02BACHUS::COLLARTFri Dec 22 1995Direct access to address template ?
620.03BACHUS::COLLARTFri Dec 22 1995Drawer name truncated on Move/Copy !
621.02USCTR1::16.158.8Mon Dec 25 1995Incorporating VAXmail into TeamLinks
622.03AIMTEC::LUCAS_ATue Dec 26 1995TeamLinks and PW V6.
623.08AIMTEC::LUCAS_ATue Dec 26 1995TLV2.5/AIKs and UNCs
624.0HKOSTue Dec 26 1995TL Backup Question
625.03HTSCWed Dec 27 1995How to restore the drawers and mail for users?
626.04STKAI1::SPORSENWed Dec 27 1995Looking for info on AIK macros
627.01MOSCOW::BOB::moscow::KurachyovWed Dec 27 1995Question on COPY behavior in InfoMan scripts
628.06CRONIC::argyle.hlo.dec.com::lemonsWed Dec 27 1995Calendar Manager gives 'Unable to login' message
629.01AIMTEC::LUCAS_AWed Dec 27 1995GPF when running the SpellCheck V2.5/V2.5-2
630.0VMSNET::J_COLBURNWed Dec 27 1995Reset Mail count from TeamLinks needed
631.02VMSNET::J_COLBURNWed Dec 27 1995Problems sending attachments
632.0+74XANADU::POPCRN::campbellWed Dec 27 1995ECO Distribution List
633.01CHUECA::NIEVESThu Dec 28 1995Problem with S3 driver and TeamLinks 2.1
634.02GRITS::WILLIAMS_TThu Dec 28 1995Change network transport using batch file?
635.0OASS::GIANNETTI_DThu Dec 28 1995User defined error when click create msg eft1v27
636.03NETRIX::"gustavo.cadiz@sqo.mts.dec.com"Fri Dec 29 1995How to read a Netscape document?
637.01OASS::BURGESS_SFri Dec 29 1995Importing Multiple DOS files into TeamLinks
638.05KDX2Fri Dec 29 1995Error accessing remote notebook, using local HELP!
639.03AIMTEC::BURGESS_SFri Dec 29 1995PS_ENUM.DLL Could not initialize Enumerator
640.019CHUECA::NIEVESTue Jan 02 1996Change default transport in startup configuration?
641.014KERNEL::COOPERTue Jan 02 1996Opening WPS-PLUS document in WORD
642.08GRITS::WILLIAMS_TTue Jan 02 1996Cannot run in 16 bit windows on Win NT 3.51
643.04MSAMTue Jan 02 1996mail, conf on ALpha, TeamRoute on VAX ??
645.03AIMTEC::LUCAS_AWed Jan 03 1996Problems with TL, Win/OS2 and WP 6.1
646.010GRANPA::RSHEINBERGWed Jan 03 1996Problem with TL Remote
647.02ACISS1::LEMANWed Jan 03 1996Compressed file error on TeamLinks startup
648.08ASABET::DOUCETTEWed Jan 03 1996Message Notification Problem
649.01GLRMAI::CHOWWed Jan 03 1996TeamLinks and 32 bit VB4 development
650.04NIOSS1::THOMPSONThu Jan 04 1996Install fails writing TEAMLINK.HLP file
651.0GRANPA::BARABIAThu Jan 04 1996Conferencing on Win95 over PPP from HOME ?'s
652.02UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Jan 04 1996Close PAB minimizes the Create Message window
653.0AIMTEC::LUCAS_AThu Jan 04 1996TL/AIKS on server; Word/Excel on Client vs. WIN95
654.07HYDRA::goivit::ALDENThu Jan 04 1996Close create window/send problem with 2.7 eft1
655.0HYDRA::goivit::ALDENThu Jan 04 1996Only return worked on dialog OK box in 2.5
656.04HYDRA::goivit::ALDENThu Jan 04 1996file cab connect/disconnect state broken.
657.03SCASS1::HANSONLThu Jan 04 1996TeamLinks vs POP3 clients?
658.01HYDRA::goivit::ALDENThu Jan 04 1996What happened to size window to wrap value in 2.7?
659.04TENNIS::KAMThu Jan 04 1996How do I tie OpenVMS mail in TeamLinks Mail?
660.04HYDRA::goivit::ALDENThu Jan 04 1996wrap value unchecked - how to check it with 2.7?
661.011AIMTEC::LUCAS_AThu Jan 04 1996TLremote and the Telnet protocol
662.02DEKVC::SUNGJIJOOThu Jan 04 1996U: OpenMail & TeamLinks
663.06TAKEOF::KAUFMANNFri Jan 05 1996AIK Word Problem (German)
664.01HGOSPS::DENISLIFri Jan 05 1996Unable to search multiple word DDS entry
665.01LEMAN::gizmo.geo.dec.com::SIMMONSFri Jan 05 1996TL 2.5 Office LLVs what's going on ?
666.01WOTVAX::HILTONFri Jan 05 1996Long file name support?
667.02GRITS::CARTER_AFri Jan 05 1996gpf in pointer.dll
668.01GRITS::CARTER_AFri Jan 05 1996Mass-11 documents have extra >> prompt
669.09KERNEL::FORDRFri Jan 05 1996TL 2.1 - "insufficient resources during network connect"
670.02BBIVSat Jan 06 1996Is TeamLinks available on NT?
671.01TAVSun Jan 07 1996TeamLinks V2 Hebrew: EMM386 Error:6 ...???
672.02TPOVMon Jan 08 1996
673.01UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTMon Jan 08 1996Can't load Custom Control DLL: tlnotify.vbx
674.04TAKEOF::KAUFMANNMon Jan 08 1996TL V2.5 (GERMAN) Excel (V5) german
675.01AIMTEC::LUCAS_AMon Jan 08 1996Unable to read WPS-PLUS docs. WNT 3.51
676.02GIDDAY::BURTMon Jan 08 1996Remote Win95 users and PPP (re-visited)
677.07WMOIS::GRAMERMon Jan 08 1996Unable to connect via modem
678.02HGOSPS::DENISLITue Jan 09 1996how to disable warning msg when access RO drawer?
679.01HGOSPS::DENISLITue Jan 09 1996Possible to use TLVERCHK to update personal copy?
680.03STKAI1::OLSSON_JATue Jan 09 1996TeamRoute AND MailWorks UNIX
681.012BACHUS::COLLARTTue Jan 09 1996SDK via FTP info needed
682.014IOSG::GRIFFITHSMTue Jan 09 1996X4
683.03CHUECA::NIEVESTue Jan 09 1996report bugs?
686.04FIREBL::LEEDSTue Jan 09 1996load failure of CFCIOS.DLL ???
687.01STKAI1::SBERGQUISTTue Jan 09 19962.5 ECO-2 and i18n ...
688.01BELFST::BVOFIT::FITZPATRICKTue Jan 09 1996Does TeamRoute support complex parallel routing?
689.05GIDDAY::SETHITue Jan 09 1996TeamLinks 2.5-
690.03STKAI1::SPORSENWed Jan 10 1996Path needed for TL 2.5 on NT ??
691.02DIBDIB::DBATESWed Jan 10 1996New mail notification going to the wrong person (MailWorks)
692.02HGOVC::CECILIACHENGWed Jan 10 1996WORD6 EXCEL5 (Chinese) cannot integrate with TeamLinks
693.08AKOCOA::kenspc.ako.dec.com::kaminskyWed Jan 10 1996Help connecting to ALL-IN-1 account
694.0435772::TOKARWed Jan 10 1996MAPI 1.
695.07MSAMWed Jan 10 1996network copy - cannot configure PC ????
696.08CHEFS::welThu Jan 11 1996Add Attachmnent dialogue box display gets corrupted
697.03CHEFS::welThu Jan 11 1996Attached Word doc picks up title from another object
698.09CHEFS::welThu Jan 11 1996MAILworks created drawer not added to list
699.010VAXRIO::ABREUThu Jan 11 1996OA$PCBDCST_MBX is full ???
700.05DUBGEN::REDMONDThu Jan 11 1996Releases of the TeamLinks SDK
701.02PCBUOA::YOUNGThu Jan 11 1996Drawer Deleted...BUT IT'S BACK AGAIN!
702.02USCTR1::K_MARTINThu Jan 11 1996PS formatted mail only
703.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Jan 11 1996X4
704.04LAOSS1::UDICK_STFri Jan 12 1996Win95/Word 7 gets attached as a TXT Attachment
705.03LAOSS1::UDICK_STFri Jan 12 1996Takes 3
706.01LISVAX::MAIAFri Jan 12 1996TeamLinks CBT where???
707.05LTIMA2::M_HOLLANDFri Jan 12 1996VB4 + TeamLinks on Win95 = No Icons
708.01VAXRIO::ABREUFri Jan 12 1996CfcAddDrawer to include an existing drawer ???
710.0635571::HULLSun Jan 14 1996A1 Cab connect ok for WinNT, fails w/Win95
711.03GIDDAY::SETHISun Jan 14 1996*WISH* for an add-on to TL an electronic whiteboard
713.05UTRTSC::SMEETSMon Jan 15 1996Viewer and odd scaling behaviour
714.01SCASS1::hapy.sca.dec.com::Lora_HansonMon Jan 15 1996Access PAB w/o starting TL?
715.01IAGO::dhcp64_159.ljo.dec.com::lovingMon Jan 15 1996X4
716.03IBMon Jan 15 1996Searching by Folder
717.04BACHUS::COLLARTMon Jan 15 1996Mail seen as document
718.02BACHUS::COLLARTMon Jan 15 1996Cursor and Backspace keys stop working in WP
719.01ASABET::nqsrv346.nqo.dec.com::clabaughTue Jan 16 1996does TeamLinks throw away work prior to confirming a send????
720.04AIMTEC::LUCAS_ATue Jan 16 1996Object wasn't loaded, TLNewmail Notification
721.02DYPSS1::MAXITue Jan 16 1996network error listening for incoming connections
722.01OASS::ANDRES_BTue Jan 16 1996Selected Font for Print Not being Used
723.01CHEFS::COHENDTue Jan 16 1996Attachment tagging when sending to HP OpenMail
724.01ANNECY::debackix.aeo.dec.com::debackerTue Jan 16 1996Address validation: stopping on first match
725.04ASABET::alpha4.ogo.dec.com::LeBlancTue Jan 16 1996Language-Variant Patches
726.01TENNIS::KAMWed Jan 17 1996Russell Calendar Manager: Simultaneous updates & notification?
727.03ZPOVC::CHINGYUEWed Jan 17 1996Mass convert/export document ?
728.01VAXRIO::VALERIAWed Jan 17 1996Pointer doesn't change to hourglass at startup (TL 2.1 Portuguese)
729.01STKAI1::SPORSENWed Jan 17 1996specialfolder for a drawer could not be found (TL2.1 Swedish)
730.01SCASS1::hapy.sca.dec.com::hansonlWed Jan 17 1996Change Font Color in WPS Viewer?
731.08OSITEL::POLZINWed Jan 17 1996attachment not piped into launched application
732.01AIMTEC::GIANNETTI_DWed Jan 17 1996Problem "attaching files" if tcp/ip is trnsprt
733.01AIMTEC::GIANNETTI_DWed Jan 17 1996Question about domain name service in oa$pc_notify.dat
734.03HGOVC::WILSONPOONWed Jan 17 1996Does it work under HANGUL ALL-IN-1?
735.04KERNEL::COOPERWed Jan 17 1996X4
736.01KERNEL::COOPERWed Jan 17 1996Error 6
737.01HYDRA::catherine.crl.dec.com::ALDENWed Jan 17 1996problems with printing embedded PS with 2.7t1
738.06GANTRY::HULLWed Jan 17 1996Need info on these customer requirements
739.01VMSNET::M_NEVINSWed Jan 17 1996TeamLinks script for querying less than 2K
740.03OASS::ANDRES_BWed Jan 17 1996Incorrect Prompt in TLREMOTE
741.04GIDDAY::JOYCEThu Jan 18 1996TLREMOTE funnies...
742.01KERNEL::FORDRThu Jan 18 1996Question on a1mail$connect and authorize
743.02ODIXIE::VANESSOThu Jan 18 1996Addressing Problem
744.01AIMTEC::LUCAS_AThu Jan 18 1996Questions regarding the TLRemote Broker
745.01NCMAIL::DESENAThu Jan 18 1996disk space requirements
746.03NETRIX::"torbens@dmats2.dmo.dec.com"Fri Jan 19 1996Drawer sorting algorithm changed in 2.7
747.03IAGO::wort1.ljo.dec.com::CUMMINGSFri Jan 19 1996Infovbx picture button
748.011SWING::WALSHFri Jan 19 1996Viewing System Distribution lists problem
749.02CHEFS::MARTIN_RFri Jan 19 1996missing button bar icon
750.02STOWOA::NORTON_KFri Jan 19 1996Inbox missing in TeamLinks 2.5
751.02GIDDAY::BURTSun Jan 21 1996Document corruption (intermittent)
752.01LATINA::NIEVESMon Jan 22 1996TL 2.5 ECO 2 SPANISH
753.01GALVIA::ECULLENMon Jan 22 1996Problem installing 2.7 on NT...
754.04NETRIX::"torbens@dmats2.dmo.dec.com"Mon Jan 22 1996Winword .DOT files not supported??
755.02ZURMon Jan 22 1996Novell TCP/IP V4.12 and TL V2.5
756.02GENIE::epcMon Jan 22 1996Windows 95, Office 95 & TL 2.5-
757.010OASS::GIANNETTI_DMon Jan 22 1996Does anyone know about Win95 128 bit password
758.01XSTACY::OKEEFFEMon Jan 22 1996WINNT Word 6 Problem
759.03MIMS::alf_dial1_port4.alf.dec.com::maximous_sMon Jan 22 1996TL 2.7, dial-up network - problems with line going to sleep
760.03LEXSS1::KELLEHERMon Jan 22 1996Support Documentation Needed!
761.01LAOSS1::UDICK_STMon Jan 22 1996Remove Drawer - 2 drawers called MAIL.
762.03GRANPA::RSHEINBERGMon Jan 22 1996File Access Errors
763.07LEXSS1::KELLEHERMon Jan 22 1996Unable to Save Word Documents to File Cabinet!
764.04MKOTS1::cragms.mko.dec.com::SharonMon Jan 22 1996Cannot open drawer - Access denied
765.01MPGS::SCALIMon Jan 22 1996X5
766.01AIMTEC::LUCAS_AMon Jan 22 1996How to view 2
767.02LAOSS1::UDICK_STMon Jan 22 1996PAB - Import/Export is difficult. Recommendations?
768.03HTSCTue Jan 23 1996Win95 and TeamLinks V2.5
769.07RDGENG::HAQUETue Jan 23 1996T2.7, X4
770.02NETCAD::shedde.mro1.dec.com::SIMONTue Jan 23 1996Remove Excel Integration?
771.0BOUGY::BRAUNTue Jan 23 1996screen repaint
772.02CHUECA::NIEVESTue Jan 23 19962.
774.05GRITS::SHEPPARD_JTue Jan 23 1996TeamLinks Remote via Terminal Server
775.01OASS::ANDRES_BTue Jan 23 1996Adding initials from DDS to PAB
776.04GIDDAY::MASONTue Jan 23 1996File Not Valid in Dist List Editor
777.09GIDDAY::BURTWed Jan 24 1996Long ALL-IN-1 username problems
778.05STKAI1::SPORSENWed Jan 24 1996integrating TL & minicall
779.03PDBABY::bortoluzziWed Jan 24 1996unable to read WPS-PLUS attachment
780.08HOWICK::NZOVWed Jan 24 1996Encryption of mail (Create mail processing)?
781.02KERNEL::HOULDINGJWed Jan 24 1996Same memory leak fix in TL2.5-2 and TL2.1-6?
782.01CHUECA::NIEVESWed Jan 24 1996TL 2.1C Spanish
783.02GRITS::WILLIAMS_TWed Jan 24 1996modifying address templates
784.06VMSNET::J_COLBURNWed Jan 24 1996Integration of TeamLinks with POP Mail?
785.01MKTCRV::esscWed Jan 24 1996TeamLinks Remote performance problem
786.04GRANPA::RSHEINBERGWed Jan 24 1996ERROR 826: File cabinet server error.
787.04LISVAX::SEPULVEDAWed Jan 24 1996Remove Word & Excel macros
788.03STOWOA::NORTON_KWed Jan 24 1996Information Manager is gone, but TL is running?!
789.06SLICER::RODWed Jan 24 1996Does V2.7 handle MIME yet?
790.03OASS::BURGESS_SWed Jan 24 1996Connect with 7 bit Even and then go to 8 bit
791.05GIDDAY::BURTWed Jan 24 1996Problems distinguishing status of printed messages
792.01VAXRIO::ABREUThu Jan 25 1996INternet mail with attachments
793.02BULAN::SPORSENThu Jan 25 1996TL and routed TCP/IP
794.0+12STOWOA::bufton.ogo.dec.com::NBUFTONThu Jan 25 1996Tunnel from TeamLinks at home to ALL-IN-1 server at Digital
795.03OASS::ANDRES_BThu Jan 25 1996Viewing HTML files
796.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Jan 25 1996Target Hotline, TeamLinks & MAPI
797.08HAACK::HAACKThu Jan 25 1996octet,base64 how to handle?
798.01OASS::GIANNETTI_DThu Jan 25 1996X4
799.01OASS::ANDRES_BThu Jan 25 1996Setting for Double Click Action (Launch or View)
800.01OASS::ANDRES_BThu Jan 25 1996Corrupted Local File Cabinet
801.02KERNEL::COOPERFri Jan 26 1996NT problem with Print setup, paper size
802.012OASS::GIANNETTI_DFri Jan 26 1996Problem with new mail notification window
804.02NETRIX::"torbens@dmats2.dmo.dec.com"Mon Jan 29 1996National chars not supported in TL2.5 with Win95
805.01UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTMon Jan 29 1996TLREMOTE: Wait time for "Startup Response" ?
806.01GRITS::CARTER_AMon Jan 29 1996French version of TeamLinks
807.01WKOL1Mon Jan 29 1996problem send mail to customer via internet
808.01OASS::ANDRES_BTue Jan 30 1996X4
809.01AIMTEC::LUCAS_ATue Jan 30 1996TLV2.5 and TOKEN RING CARDS
810.02GRITS::WILLIAMS_TTue Jan 30 1996No DDA field in X4
811.01HGOSPS::DENISLIWed Jan 31 1996Possible to exit windows automatically after SETUP?
812.01SUOSWS::BARKERWed Jan 31 1996migration from cc:mail to TeamLinks/MailWorks
813.028FSTSC1::SCHOENWed Jan 31 1996GPF in VIEW.DLL
814.02LEMAN::gizmo.geo.dec.com::SIMMONSWed Jan 31 1996Question about upgrading to TL Routing
815.02HOWICK::PCDEM1::howardWed Jan 31 1996Tools needed to customise SDK ?
816.02GIDDAY::pcbu44.snl.dec.com::LiellDavidWed Jan 31 1996Delete a File Cabinet?
817.02HGOVC::WILSONPOONThu Feb 01 1996Can't use IP to connect to a node, Decnet is OK.
818.06VNOMCS::TIMA_2Thu Feb 01 1996Convert WP 5.2 doc with Winword 6.
819.02GVPROD::max433.geo.dec.com::wengerThu Feb 01 1996Problems with WPS+ documents over modem connection
820.05ROCCER::DRJONESThu Feb 01 1996Dist List Extension ".dis" how do I set the default?
821.011OASS::ANDRES_BThu Feb 01 1996GPF in TLINSTAL.EXE
822.03OASS::ANDRES_BThu Feb 01 1996Find Text in Distribution Lists
823.04AIMTEC::WICKS_AThu Feb 01 1996ECO 3 Escapes?
824.01SNOFS1:: Feb 02 1996Integrate with Document Management S/W
825.04FSTSC1::SCHOENFri Feb 02 1996AIK & DISKSPACE
826.01VAXRIO::VALERIAFri Feb 02 1996problem printing DX files
827.01NCMAIL::DESENASun Feb 04 1996CMC Support
828.02HGOVC::MANJREKARSun Feb 04 1996TeamLinks for Windows-NT and MS-Word
829.01WOTVAX::yogi.lzo.dec.com::ABEARMon Feb 05 1996TeamLinks Remote Unreliable?
830.06PDBABY::bortoluzziMon Feb 05 1996Error: Control array element 'xxxxx' doesn't exist
831.01WOTVAX::NAYLORMon Feb 05 1996Smartsuite 96 and 2.7 TeamLinks
832.07RDGENG::hill16.reo.dec.com::oneillsMon Feb 05 1996General file cabinet error runnng InfoMan script
833.0STKAI1::OLSSON_JAMon Feb 05 1996Forward without creating attachment?
834.0CHEFS::gorard.hhl.dec.com::GorardMon Feb 05 1996TeamLinks as the Netscape mail client ...
835.03OASS::GIANNETTI_DMon Feb 05 1996Prob with sub or function not defined
836.03OASS::ANDRES_BMon Feb 05 1996X4
837.09KERNEL::COOPERMon Feb 05 1996Installation woes
838.07NWDMon Feb 05 1996Printing problem - 2.7 eft
841.02AIMTEC::LUCAS_ATue Feb 06 1996Probs printing more than 2 attachments TLV2.5-
842.07AIMTEC::LUCAS_ATue Feb 06 1996Reading mail message launches NOTEPAD.EXE
843.03GRANPA::RSHEINBERGTue Feb 06 1996Automatic ECO installs
844.01JUGHED::JOHNTue Feb 06 1996Can't print portrait!
845.01AIMTEC::STDBKR::Burden_dTue Feb 06 1996No program group with network install
846.01OASS::ANDRES_BTue Feb 06 1996View Attachments on Thinkpads
847.02RDGENG::HAQUEWed Feb 07 1996T2.7 loses PAB access?
848.03STKAI1::SPORSENWed Feb 07 1996word 7.
849.07STKAI1::SPORSENWed Feb 07 1996Word templates have wrong papersize in 2.5 Swedish
850.03STKAI1::WALLGRENWed Feb 07 1996Run a script on startup?
851.04OASS::GIANNETTI_DWed Feb 07 1996Problem with staging.dat not being created
852.03OASS::ANDRES_BWed Feb 07 1996WordPerfect 6.1 Integration Not Saving Changes
853.01GRITS::CARTER_AWed Feb 07 1996Customizing defaults.ini adds extra lines
854.02AIMTEC::WICKS_AWed Feb 07 1996Mitre claim major security breach after ECO 2
855.01MKOTS3::TINIUSThu Feb 08 1996Username@am.node.mko.mts?
857.01FSATRA::H_ANDERSSONThu Feb 08 1996Saving WW-document fails in TL V2.5 (Swedish)
859.05MXOCThu Feb 08 1996API?
860.03BELFST::BELCOO::HOUSTONThu Feb 08 1996Conferencing over TCP/IP ?
861.02ASABET::nqsrv326.nqo.dec.com::clabaughThu Feb 08 1996Conferencing: DIRECTORY-UNREAD is broken
862.05TROU52::GREENALLThu Feb 08 1996TeamLinks over slow links via Internet tunnel
863.0HTSCFri Feb 09 1996Private Address Book VS Public Address Book
864.06HGOVC::WILLIAMNGFri Feb 09 1996Notification & TIFF questions
865.011COPCLU::cpc683.dmo.dec.com::larsen_bFri Feb 09 1996Integration Word 7.
866.01AIMTEC::STDBKR::Burden_dFri Feb 09 1996GPF when exiting TL V2.5-3
867.05GIDDAY::BACOTMon Feb 12 1996EMM386 has detected error
868.01MOSCOW::BOBEER::moscow::kurachyovMon Feb 12 1996Printing document to file?
869.04UTRTSC::SMEETSMon Feb 12 1996IP & UA fields still empty with TeamLinks V2.5
870.06DRAC::DSMAILMon Feb 12 1996WINSOCK error: accept()=1
871.07BALZAC::61469::chesnotMon Feb 12 1996Winword6 French, TL 2.5, and Windows 95
872.06HTSCTue Feb 13 1996Installation customization problem
873.03BLANC::MASONTue Feb 13 1996Excel integration problems
874.04NETRIX::"torbens@dmats2.dmo.dec.com"Tue Feb 13 1996Problems w/ Word integration in 2.5 ECO-
875.03AIMTEC::LUCAS_ATue Feb 13 1996Too Many Files when using a Distribution List
876.02LEMAN::gizmo.geo.dec.com::SIMMONSTue Feb 13 1996Empty converted docs on network drive
877.02GRITS::CARTER_ATue Feb 13 1996Does TeamLinks require LAT; unable to create socket
878.01KERNEL::FORDRWed Feb 14 1996UIC question when changing group
879.01STKHLM::LUNDSTEDTWed Feb 14 1996Tagging for some applications
880.0+5OASS::ANDRES_BWed Feb 14 1996Have Phone number Printed in Header
881.02RICKS::MANIONWed Feb 14 1996send preference / in box ?
882.01GRITS::WILLIAMS_TWed Feb 14 1996ucx connection
883.01AIMTEC::LUCAS_AWed Feb 14 1996Infoman screen disappears after f/c connection
884.07AIMTEC::LUCAS_AWed Feb 14 1996Word/Excel will not integrate w/ TL V2.5-
885.0STKHLM::LUNDSTEDTThu Feb 15 1996WP and TeamLinks AIK
886.06MSBCS::MORINThu Feb 15 1996X4
887.03DRAC::DSMAILThu Feb 15 1996File Cabinet not available if DECnet on Win95
888.03DYPSS1::MAXIThu Feb 15 1996standard and custom setups needed 'simultaneously'
889.03DYPSS1::MAXIThu Feb 15 1996updating user configs using TLVERCHK capabilities
890.01GRANPA::RSHEINBERGThu Feb 15 1996How do I tell TeamLinks Connections?
891.03DYPSS1::MAXIThu Feb 15 1996WINSOCK error: send() = 1
892.01HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGFri Feb 16 1996How can use DDA in TeamLinks
893.01STKAI1::SPORSENFri Feb 16 1996word macros changing the way old macros work
894.06RDGENG::HAQUEFri Feb 16 1996X4
895.05VNABRW::EHRLICH_KFri Feb 16 1996Winword AIK, twice in memory?
896.02BRAT::mk1d25p12.mko.dec.com::SmithFri Feb 16 1996Associate a .WAV file with New Mail Notification?
897.010COMICS::SUMNERCFri Feb 16 1996TeamLinks, passwords, blanks and SYS$HASH_PASSWORD
898.05PRMSFri Feb 16 1996DECbody-Type-7 - not recognized by Eudora
899.02FSATRA::H_ANDERSSONMon Feb 19 1996Still 32k buffer limit in Create Message window?
900.09RDGENG::HAQUEMon Feb 19 1996Checkpointing/journalling for the editor?
901.04GALVIA::JFEGANMon Feb 19 1996Moved folder into new drawer - contents disappeared
902.01BIS5Mon Feb 19 1996TeamLinks Remote and Windows 95 (TxRx icon)
903.02ZURMon Feb 19 1996How can I set some mail profile attributes read-only?
905.03NOODLE::DEMERSMon Feb 19 1996Passing thru original sender on forwarded mail
906.03LJSRV2::DIMARZIOMon Feb 19 1996WINELF/PAB TL question
907.06XANADU::cul8tr.zko.dec.com::CAMPBELLMon Feb 19 1996TLINSTAL.EXE Patch for TeamLinks V2.5 (DisplayDialogs=
908.05FORTY2::KINGSNORTHTue Feb 20 1996Removing TeamLinks reference from an Excel file?
909.02UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Feb 20 1996Expired password and invalid password
910.01RICKS::MANIONTue Feb 20 1996extract/append possible?
911.07EVTAI1::BOURDARIASTue Feb 20 1996TeamLinks and WINWORD.OPT
912.02WKOLWed Feb 21 1996Print List of Drawer Contents?
913.01UTESWed Feb 21 1996Multiple %PROMPT in one 'Response' field?
914.02TROOA::PIGGOTWed Feb 21 1996TeamLinks Client on ALPHA NT?
915.03RICKS::MANIONWed Feb 21 19962 read windows active ?
916.08GIDDAY::BACOTThu Feb 22 1996ignore WPSPlus margins?
917.01HGOSPS::DENISLIThu Feb 22 1996Are Folder Aliases portable?
918.05LTIMA2::M_HOLLANDThu Feb 22 1996Reply Doesn't include Text!!
919.07OASS::ANDRES_BThu Feb 22 1996Unexpected Error 28661
920.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Feb 22 1996Missing mail messages (INBOX) after power outage
922.03CHEFS::MARTIN_RFri Feb 23 1996TL2.5 performance issues
923.07UTESFri Feb 23 1996Problems connecting MAILworks via Remote Services
924.01EVTAI1::PCBSYB::BOURDARIASFri Feb 23 1996display drawers after moving mailworks account
925.04OASS::GIANNETTI_DFri Feb 23 1996Prob win95 taskbar, auto hide with TeamLinks install
926.02KERNEL::COOPERFri Feb 23 1996Document Icons changed
927.02NEWVAX::GOMEZFri Feb 23 1996unsupported file type
928.04HGOSPS::DENISLISat Feb 24 1996How to compose address from DDS items?
929.03TROOA::CSULLIVANSun Feb 25 1996Associating a file format problem
930.09GIDDAY::pcbu44.snl.dec.com::LiellDavidMon Feb 26 1996Show ALL-IN-1 File Cabinet Space from TeamLinks?
931.08OSLLAV::BJARNEC_PMon Feb 26 1996TL 2.7 EFT2: What is meant by MIME support???
933.02AIMTEC::LUCAS_AMon Feb 26 1996"Out of memory"
934.01NIOSS1::THOMPSONTue Feb 27 1996Personal Address Book merge/replace (PAB)
935.05STKAI1::SPORSENTue Feb 27 1996Mail in outbox without recipient
936.01OASS::ANDRES_BTue Feb 27 1996GPF in module CFCIOS.DLL @
937.03GRITS::WILLIAMS_TTue Feb 27 1996MailWorks drawers deleted from TL reappear
938.01ZPOTS1::JUSTINWed Feb 28 1996WIN95 w/ service pack 1 & TL AIK prob?
940.0UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTWed Feb 28 1996Losing TLremote connections
941.01OSANPO::TA_TANAKAWed Feb 28 1996what language variants (L1
942.01STKAI1::goran1.fsc.dec.com::eriksson_gWed Feb 28 1996LPS17/net TL2.5 Swedish Win95 works NOT
943.01STOWOA::NORTON_KWed Feb 28 1996WPS-PLUS/DOS into TeamLinks File CAbinet?
944.03STOWOA::NORTON_KWed Feb 28 1996Excel within TeamLinks prints row @ column heads
945.05MSAMWed Feb 28 1996how to add drawers back without prev info kept ?
946.0HGOVC::MICHAELWANThu Feb 29 1996Is X.28 connection supported?
947.02WRAFLC::WOODALLThu Feb 29 1996can't create drawer after ECO-3
949.04BACHUS::COLLARTThu Feb 29 1996Dutch AIK with English TeamLinks ?
950.018TROOA::PIGGOTThu Feb 29 1996Changing Print Options on WPS-PLUS
951.03ALCALA::LOURDESThu Feb 29 1996Can't read some attachments after ALL-IN-1 transfer to Alpha
952.02RDGENG::HAQUEThu Feb 29 1996"Add sender to PAB" should use phone number
953.09BACHUS::COLLARTThu Feb 29 1996Excel document date changed even when no modif !
954.07HYDRA::goivit::ALDENThu Feb 29 1996reply/create is VERY slow in 2.7 eft1
955.07BACHUS::COLLARTThu Feb 29 1996ODMA problem with WP 6.1 and filecab
956.02HGOVC::EDDYWANGFri Mar 01 1996After installed EC
957.03han.hao.dec.com::FISCHER_HEFri Mar 01 1996ADDFILES in Setup
958.04LOTIMA::M_HOLLANDFri Mar 01 1996Conferencing note
959.03TROOA::CSULLIVANFri Mar 01 1996Message body missing in ECO3
960.02TROOA::CSULLIVANFri Mar 01 1996Sensitivity options unexpected behaviour
961.03AIMTEC::STDBKR::Burden_dFri Mar 01 1996Invalid file format
962.04KERNEL::FORDRMon Mar 04 1996Folder object count mis-match question
963.01BALTMD::GATESMon Mar 04 1996Converter/Viewer support for Powerpoint for Mac V3.
964.08DYPSS1::MAXIMon Mar 04 1996MSOCKLIB.DLL conflict with apps using SQL*Net
965.01KERNEL::xlserver.uvo.dec.com::harveypTue Mar 05 1996Running INFOMAN.EXE with /NOCUSTOM switch
966.01FSTSC1::SCHOENTue Mar 05 1996again : Newmail notification
967.02OASS::GIANNETTI_DTue Mar 05 1996TL2.1 newmail starts compuserve dialer?
968.09OASS::ANDRES_BTue Mar 05 1996Device Attached to system is not functioning
969.09ALFSS1::WOLFETue Mar 05 1996Error creating drawer w IOS server
970.022SNOFS1::WATTTue Mar 05 1996TL V2.7 availability ?
971.06LTIMA2::M_HOLLANDWed Mar 06 1996Network I\O Recursion
972.02KERNEL::COOPERWed Mar 06 1996Problem with Word macro after installing eco 3
973.02OASS::ANDRES_BWed Mar 06 1996Save Window Size and Placement for Select Recipients
974.02CSC32::COMULADAWed Mar 06 1996Disconnecting Port seems to be a problem for TLS
975.09OASS::ANDRES_BWed Mar 06 1996PowerPoint 7 and TeamLinks 2.5-
976.01AIMTEC::LUCAS_AWed Mar 06 1996x4
977.02HGOVC::CECILIACHENGThu Mar 07 1996TeamLinks on OS/2 Windows
978.06GRITS::CARTER_AThu Mar 07 1996Unable to create drawer with 2.5-3
979.09OGRI::63536::BELLThu Mar 07 1996TeamLinks, ALL-IN-1 and NETWORK.DAT
981.03GRITS::CARTER_AThu Mar 07 1996Wrong name validated at to field in teamlinks
982.01NCMAIL::DESENAThu Mar 07 1996Support for Deferred Mail
983.03BLAZER::MIKELISThu Mar 07 1996email in a heterogeneous environment
984.012NETRIX::"torbens@dmats2.dmo.dec.com"Fri Mar 08 1996TeamLinks Remote-> TLNK$REMOTE starts but no TL communication
985.03KYOSS1::ERICKSENFri Mar 08 1996ALL-IN-1 Svr - Duplicate OA$SHAREx filenames
986.09ICS::CLELANDMon Mar 11 1996Library Services, Servers Defined?
987.06OASS::GIANNETTI_DMon Mar 11 1996Problem with GPF in cfcx4
988.07MKOTS1::cragms.mko.dec.com::SharonMon Mar 11 1996Compose Character
989.04GIDDAY::SETHIMon Mar 11 1996DECnet error: send()=3D 32 "Broken pipe", what is it ?
990.03VAXSPO::RP_SATOMon Mar 11 1996Pathworks DECnet/Novell and TeamLinks
991.06SWING::WALSHTue Mar 12 1996large font size with wordperfect integration
992.03ZURTue Mar 12 1996
993.02MKOTS3::TINIUSWed Mar 13 1996Address validation problem
994.01USPS::FPRUSSThu Mar 14 1996? Deskjet Printing.
995.01EVTAI1::ROUX_PThu Mar 14 1996WORD7 to WPS-Plus converter ?
996.015WKRP::HENRYThu Mar 14 1996Help with IP and Conferencing 2.5
997.09GRITS::CARTER_AThu Mar 14 1996SETUP.EXE gives results of typing SETUP /?
998.04VAXSPO::RP_SATOThu Mar 14 1996Support for PathWay v3.
999.06AIMTEC::LUCAS_AThu Mar 14 1996Probs Printing from TL to 325
1000.04KERNEL::FORDRThu Mar 14 1996WPWIN error saving selected text, WordPerfect 6.
1001.06PERPLE::TSGARP::MartinThu Mar 14 1996Customers Evaluation Questions
1002.0ODIXIE::VANESSOThu Mar 14 1996Accounting/Chargeback
1003.01HGOVC::PATRICKNGFri Mar 15 1996Send/Receive Internet Mail from TeamLinks?
1004.02SNOFS1::hrg18Sun Mar 17 1996File conversion problems 2.5-3
1005.01MSDOA::REEDSun Mar 17 1996MAC format attachments from AOL-Internet?
1006.03OGRI::63536::BELLMon Mar 18 1996X.4
1007.03KERNEL::HOULDINGJMon Mar 18 1996Accessing X.5
1008.01AIMTEC::LUCAS_AMon Mar 18 1996Unable to read WP documents Tlv2.5
1009.09AIMTEC::WICKS_AMon Mar 18 1996V2.7 EFT2 Broker Cover Letter?
1010.03MRKTNG::LOVELUCKMon Mar 18 1996tlremote hangs on connect - too many folders?
1012.04KERNEL::FORDRTue Mar 19 1996Printing differences between Word and TeamLinks
1015.04SCASS1::pcigat.hso.dec.com::TilleyTue Mar 19 1996Windows 95 (32 bit apps.) and TeamLinks macros of Excel problem!!
1016.03VAXRIO::ABREUTue Mar 19 1996new format type and icons associated .. question
1017.06MKOTS4::uidiot.mko.dec.com::SmithTue Mar 19 1996Can't print Landscape with Windows NT
1018.01ADOVWed Mar 20 1996Delphi version of SDK?
1019.05GIDDAY::SETHIWed Mar 20 1996No TeamLinks Mail 2.5 eco3 kit at ftp site
1020.01DECBAH::BABJIWed Mar 20 1996TeamLinks and PATHWORKS DECnet Link problem.
1021.02TROOA::CSULLIVANWed Mar 20 1996Find GPF
1022.01KERNEL::FORDRWed Mar 20 1996Different DLL versions causing problems
1023.01imslow.ilo.dec.com::ECULLENWed Mar 20 1996DDE Mail create message and send attribute problem
1024.05GIDDAY::SETHIWed Mar 20 1996Customer feedback on 2.5-
1025.05HGOVC::MANJREKARThu Mar 21 1996Autoreply with TEamlinks MAil ?
1026.04KERNEL::FORDRThu Mar 21 1996Excess error 7125
1027.08WOTVAX::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSThu Mar 21 1996EFT2 and MIME and Word macro virus scanner?
1028.03SNOFS1::terryh.pc.sno.dec.com::housemanThu Mar 21 1996Migrating customisations across versions?
1029.02HKOSFri Mar 22 1996No option for PC Local Drive in TL 2.5 Setup
1030.06STKAI1::SPORSENFri Mar 22 1996GPF when starting
1031.06PONDA::pb.mso.dec.com::pbennettFri Mar 22 1996Object Variable Not Set error?
1032.02UTRTSC::SMEETSFri Mar 22 1996autosave functionality in create message editor
1033.02NZOVSun Mar 24 1996Server updates?
1034.05SIOG::E_CUSACKMon Mar 25 1996Word 6.
1035.015OASS::ANDRES_BMon Mar 25 1996New Mail Notification with DHCP
1036.07SCASS1::pcigat.hso.dec.com::TilleyMon Mar 25 1996Problem with Netscape and PowerPoint after 2.7 EFT2 install
1037.02VEGAS::GEORGESMon Mar 25 1996Two MAIL Drawers = User Confusion
1038.07GIDDAY::SETHIMon Mar 25 1996TL Export Word 2.
1039.05GIDDAY::BACOTTue Mar 26 1996your program is making an invalid dynamic link call to a .dll file
1040.02MKOTS1::cragms.mko.dec.com::SharonTue Mar 26 1996Can You Edit a WPSPLUS file
1041.03MKOTS4::uidiot.mko.dec.com::SmithTue Mar 26 1996Creating Buttons for non-Executables
1042.09ALFSS2::LUCAS_ATue Mar 26 1996Unable to print CustomCoverMemo Header
1043.06GIDDAY::SETHITue Mar 26 1996*WISH* Servers enabled to interrogate TL
1044.01EVTAI1::PCBSYB::BOURDARIASWed Mar 27 1996Use DEFAULTS.INI to install files in user's personal directory?
1045.016COPCLU::cpc683.dmo.dec.com::larsen_bWed Mar 27 1996WPS-PLUS convert to Word
1046.02STKAI1::SPORSENWed Mar 27 1996problems saving to dos on a network drive with NT
1047.0STKAI1::SPORSENWed Mar 27 1996word basic error 7 when opening file on wrong drive
1048.01OASS::ANDRES_BWed Mar 27 1996Multi Sheet Lotus File Opened in Excel
1049.02AIMTEC::LUCAS_AWed Mar 27 1996Unable to connect to server via TLRemote
1050.04OSITEL::POLZINWed Mar 27 1996postscript viewer gsview missing ?
1052.02GIDDAY::SETHIWed Mar 27 1996CFC error invalid parameter and RCM
1053.04GIDDAY::BURTWed Mar 27 1996 Network Recursion error
1054.01HKOSThu Mar 28 1996TL Mail Object/Message Question ?
1055.03OASS::ANDRES_BThu Mar 28 1996Address validation behavior based on Mail Profile Addressing settings
1056.06DYPSS1::MAXIThu Mar 28 1996multiple anomalies w/TL 2.5-
1057.05GIDDAY::BURTThu Mar 28 1996Master documents et al
1058.02GIDDAY::BURTThu Mar 28 1996Oracle / TeamLinks .DLL conflict
1059.013CHEFS:: Mar 29 1996Dropping to Teamlinks connection...
1060.0KERNEL::FORDRFri Mar 29 1996Teamlinks, NT and DX format question
1061.02RICKS::MANIONFri Mar 29 1996watchmail???
1062.0imslow.ilo.dec.com::ECULLENFri Mar 29 1996XTI question on XTILIB and XTIWINS
1063.04DYPSS1::MAXIFri Mar 29 1996TL 2.5 and anti-virus macros 'broke'?
1064.02AYRMIS::LSSMon Apr 01 1996Create, send, delete in one go
1065.03CHOWDA::GLICKMANMon Apr 01 1996FIND on TO:???
1066.02VMSNET::R_HARRISMon Apr 01 1996Converter problem with WORD 95 doc
1067.06ALFSS2::LUCAS_AMon Apr 01 1996Unable to open the MAILPROFILE under 2.5-
1068.07GIDDAY::BACOTTue Apr 02 1996print only cover memo?
1069.03GVPROD::FITZGERALDTue Apr 02 1996File Cabinet Connect / WINSOCK error
1070.01FSATRA::H_ANDERSSONTue Apr 02 1996Sorting DDSlookupresults
1071.01TAKEOF::KAUFMANNTue Apr 02 1996TL WIN95 and AIK
1072.01FRUST::STEINMETZTue Apr 02 1996Automatic include of text file as cover memo
1073.05OSLLAV::BJARNEC_PTue Apr 02 1996Unable to view/read/export attachment. Rec form=STREAM_LF
1074.0TAVENG::WEISSBREMTue Apr 02 1996ECO3 Translated
1075.05KERNEL::FORDRTue Apr 02 1996Pathworks version 6 DECNET
1076.03COPSTue Apr 02 1996Printing: Missing, mangled chars under Win95
1077.02GIDDAY::JOYCETue Apr 02 1996Problem with Folder Aliases
1079.04KERNEL::FORDRWed Apr 03 1996Is V2.1 officially supported on NT?
1080.04imslow.ilo.dec.com::ECULLENWed Apr 03 1996create send mail with message failing
1081.07OASS::GIANNETTI_DWed Apr 03 1996Problem with new mail notification & windows 3.1
1082.01GIDDAY::BACOTThu Apr 04 1996can't access address field in pab
1083.07OASS::ANDRES_BThu Apr 04 1996Error after Launching Word 7.
1084.0NEWVAX::MZARUDZKIThu Apr 04 1996Visual Basic, TeamLinks 2.7 and NT 4.
1085.03CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Apr 04 1996Anyway to exclude a Sensitivity option?
1086.05AIMTEC::LUCAS_AThu Apr 04 1996Prob adding association line with parameters
1087.02OASS::ANDRES_BThu Apr 04 1996TLREMOTE through MUX32
1088.0MXOCFri Apr 05 1996TLXFER with OpenVMS 6.x?
1089.01HAACK::HAACKFri Apr 05 1996sdk help - connected? file message?
1090.04PCBUOA::CARVILLMon Apr 08 1996TeamLinks connecting to ALL-IN-1 error
1091.0426Mon Apr 08 1996Problems printing .PS attachments from TeamLinks?
1092.02GIDDAY::SETHIMon Apr 08 1996Questions about POP/MIME/SMTP, PageMaker and Adobe Acrobat
1093.01HGOVC::WILLIAMNGTue Apr 09 1996Text display differences btw TeamLinks & ALL-IN-1
1094.01UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Apr 09 1996Enhancement request: Reset Unopened in TeamLinks
1095.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Apr 09 1996Article in NetworkWorld -- Digital moving to Exchange
1096.03GIDDAY::SETHITue Apr 09 1996AmiPro, 123 error Cannot establish dde link to 123w for
1097.011LEXSWed Apr 10 1996Encode and Decode for TeamLinks
1098.04ALCALA::LOURDESWed Apr 10 1996Local drawer missing
1099.09ABBEYS::KALINAWed Apr 10 1996TeamLinks/Teamroute called from Netscape
1100.05GRANPA::RSHEINBERGWed Apr 10 1996Problem Reading Cover Message in INBOX
1101.07VAXRIO::ABREUWed Apr 10 1996PATHWORKS 6.
1102.05KERNEL::FORDRThu Apr 11 1996Duplicate Drawers in MailWorks
1103.02KERNEL::FORDRThu Apr 11 1996Remove AIK (TLINTREM) in 2.1?
1104.02WOTVAX::kelsae.edo.dec.com::Liz_ToddThu Apr 11 1996When can I put the Word integration back into TL
1105.07KERNEL::FORDRThu Apr 11 1996RCM TeamLinks 2.5 question
1106.04GRANPA::RSHEINBERGThu Apr 11 1996X4
1107.03ICS::CLELANDThu Apr 11 1996Network protocol disappearance?
1108.04UTRTSC::SMEETSFri Apr 12 1996viewing of distribution lists and comment lines
1109.07OASS::GIANNETTI_DFri Apr 12 1996Prob Error While setting value $vexpwrn
1110.03VAXRIO::RICARDOFri Apr 12 1996GPF in S3TRIO.DRV at
1111.02GRITS::CARTER_AFri Apr 12 1996gpf in module excel.exe when saving attachment
1112.01BACHUS::COLLARTFri Apr 12 1996TeamLinks on Multia ?
1113.01GIDDAY::BACOTMon Apr 15 1996error 4
1114.03WOTVAX::WALLS_TMon Apr 15 1996Accessing Files in local File Cabinet
1115.01TAVMon Apr 15 1996TeamLinks setup and Vb's VBXs and DLLs
1116.0GRITS::BUSH_SMon Apr 15 1996File copy operation failed in network install
1117.05OASS::ANDRES_BMon Apr 15 1996Hangup and Disconnect In Infoman Script
1118.0OASS::GIANNETTI_DMon Apr 15 1996Problem with address template dda
1119.01TAVTue Apr 16 1996Using LOGINOUT callable interface
1120.06BIGUN::BRUCETue Apr 16 1996defaults.ini issues in 2.7
1121.05MSDOA::STETSONTue Apr 16 1996TL V2.7 Installation Problem
1122.0MSDOA::STETSONTue Apr 16 1996TL V2.7 - Printing Question
1123.0BARNA::DSMAILTue Apr 16 1996CONVERT into WordPerfect Data?
1124.01GRANPA::RSHEINBERGTue Apr 16 1996MAIL Notification taking a long time
1125.04OASS::ANDRES_BTue Apr 16 1996Error enabling new mail notification
1126.01PTOJJD::DANZAKTue Apr 16 1996New location for OFFICE_PUBLIC directory on XANADU
1127.01LEXSWed Apr 17 1996Outside Customer Communications! Word & Excel
1128.07OASS::ANDRES_BWed Apr 17 1996EFT2 does not detect Word and Excel to Install Integration.
1129.04KYOSS1::POLAKOWSKIThu Apr 18 1996Intermittently Cannot Refile Documents?
1130.06GRITS::CARTER_AThu Apr 18 1996Conflict between TeamLinks and other apps
1131.03STOSS1::HORVATHThu Apr 18 1996connect to A1 server probs
1132.03CANOVA::PESCA::demicoFri Apr 19 1996X.4
1133.07CSC32::COMULADAFri Apr 19 1996TLS (TeamLinks Library Services) for Win95?
1134.02CHEFS:: Apr 19 1996Max size of recipient field?
1135.01KAOFS::kap894.kao.dec.com::avelarFri Apr 19 1996WPS vlen create error
1137.011USNCG::NIKOLICSun Apr 21 1996Server installation - cannot connect to remote cabinets
1138.03UTESMon Apr 22 1996Convert object results in 'File not found'
1139.06GIDDAY::SETHIMon Apr 22 1996PC hangs when attaching a document from DOS
1140.02AIMTEC::NEWMAN_JMon Apr 22 1996New Mail Notification - Multiple Domains?
1141.0LISALF::SEPULVEDAMon Apr 22 1996PCMCIA Modems with TeamLinks REMOTE
1142.01DYPSS1::YINGLINGMon Apr 22 1996VBRUN3
1143.03ALCALA::LOURDESTue Apr 23 1996overquota again
1144.01CHEFS::HARWOODJTue Apr 23 1996Can you mail from an application in memory ?
1146.02BELFST::BVOFIT::belfst::fitzpatrickTue Apr 23 1996TeamLinks 2.7 , Word V7.- File Save problems
1147.01COPCLU::RUNETue Apr 23 1996Pointer to TEAMLINK\TEMPLATE directory ?
1148.01PCBUOA::pceb.wro.dec.com::burke_edTue Apr 23 1996Faxing from TeamLinks via MCI
1150.01KERNEL::FORDRWed Apr 24 1996Close TLRemote Broker on exit?
1151.014KERNEL::FORDRWed Apr 24 1996TLFORMAT.INI question
1152.03OGRI::63536::BELLWed Apr 24 1996Problems launching 1-2-3 documents
1153.03PCBUOA::pceb.wro.dec.com::burke_edWed Apr 24 1996PostScript and TeamLinks
1154.04BELFST::BVOFIT::belfst::fitzpatrickThu Apr 25 1996Cannot connect using TCP/IP
1155.03KYOSS1::POLAKOWSKIThu Apr 25 1996Cannot Reset UNOPENED Mail Count
1156.0MSDOA::STETSONThu Apr 25 1996Bug sighting?? TeamLinks V2.7 EFT2
1157.05AIMTEC::LUCAS_AThu Apr 25 1996TeamLinks Driver for Lotus Notes?
1158.02KERNEL::CLEVELANDBThu Apr 25 1996Beyond CFS 33819 - Application launch for FGN
1159.03DYPSS1::MAXIThu Apr 25 1996UNC name and TeamLinks setups/TLVERCHK don't work
1160.01MSAMFri Apr 26 1996v2 to V2.5 upgrade - local cabinets intact ?
1161.02SIOG::1HFri Apr 26 1996WPS+ Viewer problem
1162.02BULAN::calmar.soo.dec.com::sporsenFri Apr 26 1996directory services add to.
1163.010LEMAN::libp49.zuo.dec.com::WENGERFri Apr 26 1996Problem with server based client installation
1164.05RDGENG::HAQUEMon Apr 29 1996Location of cached files
1165.06VNABRW::EHRLICH_KMon Apr 29 1996Folder with a beginning UMLAUT...
1166.01COPCLU::cpc348.dmo.dec.com::syberg_eMon Apr 29 1996Field length limit in Address Template ?
1167.04GRITS::CARTER_AMon Apr 29 1996Wastebasket count from TeamLinks
1168.04LAOSS1::UDICK_STMon Apr 29 1996Device Unavailable
1170.02USNCG::NIKOLICMon Apr 29 1996Equivalence of TeamLinks docset and on-line help?
1171.01SNOFS1::IPSSG_FLTue Apr 30 1996Primary Mail System - No Internet Mail ??
1172.03GIDDAY::VELDTue Apr 30 1996Recursive Distribution Lists revisited
1173.04EEMELI::RASANENTue Apr 30 19962.5 Installation problem with Lotus files
1174.0VAXRIO::LORENATue Apr 30 1996TeamLinks V2.1 Portuguese+PWV4.2Eco5+PWV6.
1175.0CHEFS::gorard.hhl.dec.com::GorardTue Apr 30 19962.5 upgrade questions
1176.01NETRIX::"catubig@cop.dec.com"Tue Apr 30 1996TeamLinks integration with LinkWorks client 3.
1177.02GRITS::WILLIAMS_TTue Apr 30 1996windows95 timeout
1178.05AIMTEC::GIANNETTI_DTue Apr 30 1996Problem with file cabinet disappear/reappear
1179.0HGOVC::CECILIACHENGWed May 01 1996TeamLinks + MW UNIX over asyn non IP/DECNET
1180.0+14OGRI::63536::BELLWed May 01 1996TeamLinks allows Delete UNREAD mail
1181.03OGRI::63536::BELLWed May 01 1996Mark Attachments?
1183.02CHEFS:: PiesleyThu May 02 1996Display Details Incorrect?
1184.03KERNEL::FORDRThu May 02 1996Problem printing Word attachments
1185.01AIMTEC::STDBKR::Burden_dThu May 02 1996Divide by zero error when printing
1186.04LAOSS1::UDICK_STThu May 02 1996Cabinet Fixup log. Errors? What is happening.
1187.01ZPOVC::dhcp-zpo-54.zpo.dec.com::HEERJEEThu May 02 1996Converters for Word Documents
1188.02ZPOVC::CHINGYUEThu May 02 1996Not able to make known A1mail FC in TeamLinks V2.5
1189.08GIDDAY::BACOTFri May 03 1996Problems after installing odma
1190.05LAOSS1::UDICK_STFri May 03 1996Web Access to kits?
1192.01STKAI1::SPORSENFri May 03 1996RCM and CC-mail ??
1193.011STKAI1::SPORSENFri May 03 1996Using an Excel spreadsheet in a TeamRoute template
1194.04AIMTEC::LUCAS_AFri May 03 1996Beta WNT V4.
1195.07SNOFS1:: May 03 1996Not refiling Reads despite correct setting
1196.01CGOOA::PUTNAMFri May 03 1996Update PAB automatically with subscribers list?
1197.02RCHSS1::DESENASat May 04 1996GPF in CFCX4
1198.02ASABET::oro_dial2_port7.oro.dec.com::CannonMon May 06 1996File attribute can't be set
1199.010NQOSMon May 06 1996Disappearing Folders?
1200.08GIDDAY::SETHIMon May 06 1996GPF's when printing from Word, Excel, etc, TL 2.5-
1201.03GIDDAY::SETHITue May 07 1996Word 2.
1202.05COPCLU::cpc683.dmo.dec.com::larsen_bTue May 07 1996ECO 4 on the way ?
1203.0GENIE::kadi.ebo.dec.com::ruffieuxTue May 07 1996UA Content ID, MailWorks, and Exchange
1204.016PCBUOA::YOUNGTue May 07 1996Custom Cover memos - 1)commands? and 2)Username?
1205.0118233::NIKOLICTue May 07 1996Novell WINSOCK and message notification
1206.04GALVIA::EGREYTue May 07 1996Problem with shared drawer
1207.03AIMTEC::LUCAS_AWed May 08 1996TLV2.5-2 utilizing the HPJETADMIN Network Service
1208.01VAXRIO::63Wed May 08 1996Can't load TX4VBB.VBX after v2.7 EFT2 upgrade
1209.05BOOKIE::GENTWed May 08 1996missing file cabinet DLLs in 2.7EFT2
1210.020GRITS::WILLIAMS_TWed May 08 1996word basic error 1
1211.05KERNEL::CLEVELANDBThu May 09 1996Ref QAR 3694 - Attach DOS file path screwed
1212.01SNOFS1::LINCOLNRThu May 09 1996Remote Connection Scripts & Carriage Returns
1213.01LABC::PENNThu May 09 1996print subject line and from who?
1214.05GIDDAY::SETHIFri May 10 1996Adding converters
1215.02PEARS::16.2Fri May 10 1996Customer Q: WNT, TML V 2.5 and DECnet ?
1216.03CHEFS::MARTIN_RFri May 10 1996"waiting for Client to Start" errors ..again
1217.09HEAVEN::THORPFri May 10 1996Internet mail address questions/issues
1218.03HEAVEN::THORPFri May 10 1996Font selection
1219.04MSDOA::STETSONMon May 13 1996How does TeamLinks work with Exchange?
1220.0CHEFS::gorard.hhl.dec.com::GorardMon May 13 1996Large number of folders
1221.01CHEFS::gorard.hhl.dec.com::GorardMon May 13 1996Keyword and moving messages around
1222.0OASS::ANDRES_BMon May 13 1996GPF in W4W31F.DLL when viewing MASS-11 documents
1223.02AIMTEC::LUCAS_AMon May 13 1996Compaqs dropping connections intermittently
1224.02OTOOA::AUBINMon May 13 1996Kit location for TeamLinks V2.1 French
1225.01GRITS::BUSH_SMon May 13 1996Can't print from TeamLinks 2.1
1226.05HGOSPS::DENISLITue May 14 1996General File Cabinet error & DDS_Open error
1227.0+8OASS::ANDRES_BTue May 14 1996PowerPoint Viewer Information
1228.01WOTVAX::pervy.mco.dec.com::gilbertTue May 14 1996Message status changes, TL 2.7 EFT2, ALL-IN-1 3.1
1229.02SNOFS1::LINCOLNRWed May 15 1996Automatically Insert Start Time?
1230.03GIDDAY::LEHThu May 16 1996GPF when printing multiple msg with WINWORD attachments
1231.01VAXRIO::63Thu May 16 1996Attachment from Lotus Notes tagged as FGN
1232.0426Thu May 16 1996How to display new remote drawer in Infomanager
1233.07VAXRIO::ABREUThu May 16 1996Printing to HP Deskjet 6
1235.01CHEFS::CHEFS::GorardFri May 17 1996Size of PAB
1236.01CHEFS::COLWELL_DFri May 17 1996Mail notification on Windows 95 client
1237.03STPMon May 20 1996Fonts when creating memo in EFT2 ?
1238.05AKOCOA::MCGINNESSMon May 20 1996Addressing problem
1239.01SNOFS1:: May 21 1996Out of memory and printer errors in TL 2.7 EFT2
1240.0WOTVAX::kelsae.edo.dec.com::Liz_ToddTue May 21 1996VBRUN3
1241.01AKOCOA::akodhcp176-122.ako.dec.com::poscoTue May 21 1996X4
1242.03AIMTEC::LUCAS_ATue May 21 1996Problems with Excel 5.
1243.04COPCLU::cpc683.dmo.dec.com::Larsen_bWed May 22 1996GPF in excel.exe
1244.03HGOVC::WILLIAMNGWed May 22 1996SETUP TCP/IP on TeamLinks 2.5
1245.04KERNEL::FORDRWed May 22 1996Mail Send Problem
1246.02EVTAI1::BOURDARIASWed May 22 1996large ALL-IN-1 document not available
1247.0SCASS1::mike.sca.dec.com::DAUGHERTYWed May 22 1996Is a completely silent installation possible?
1248.01ZPOVC::16.158.8Wed May 22 1996Converter Woes
1249.01SNOFS1:: May 22 1996STAGING directory not being purged in TL2.7 EFT2
1250.0GIDDAY::BURTWed May 22 1996RCM print is joyless
1251.0KERNEL::FORDRThu May 23 1996Menu editor run after success problem
1252.02COPCLU::cpc348.dmo.dec.com::SYBERG_EThu May 23 1996Word 7.
1253.01AIMTEC::STDBKR::Burden_dThu May 23 1996Sort order of files for attachments
1254.02SCASS1::HANSONLThu May 23 1996Questions
1255.011EDDF1Fri May 24 1996No error status available
1256.02KERNEL::HOULDINGJFri May 24 1996Search for Directory entries in another country
1257.014WOTVAX::PUGWSH::gilbertFri May 24 1996Time format, 2.7EFT2
1258.0FSATRA::H_ANDERSSONTue May 28 1996Account without password on MW/UNIX.
1259.03BULAN::calmar.soo.dec.com::sporsenTue May 28 1996DIsk space usage
1260.03BACHUS::LAROCHETue May 28 1996Correct object library not found launching Excel (TL V2.5 French)
1261.02SIOG::THOMPSONTue May 28 1996Hinote, Win95 and TeamLinks 2.5
1262.02COPCLU::cpc683.dmo.dec.com::Larsen_bWed May 29 1996Multiple import, HOW ?
1263.0COPCLU::cpc348.dmo.dec.com::SYBERG_EWed May 29 1996Crashes on infoman with xtiwins.dll
1264.04OGRI::63536::BELLWed May 29 1996Expand Selected message not consistent with Read Message
1265.02OGRI::63536::BELLWed May 29 1996Extract attachment addressees into a DL?
1266.02WKOL1Wed May 29 1996Need Cost Comparison
1267.034FLYWAY::krokus.zuo.dec.com::gassmannWed May 29 1996TL2.7 and Winword 7 Integration
1268.01OASS::ANDRES_BWed May 29 1996Explanation for CFCIOS reverting to slow list
1269.02MUNICH::ufcnt2.ufc.dec.com::ErichThu May 30 1996MIME and UCX ?
1270.02STOWOA::ashbie.ogo.dec.com::henryThu May 30 1996Create Message gets INVALID PROPERTY error
1271.02WOTVAX::kelsae.edo.dec.com::Liz_ToddThu May 30 1996AmiPro convertors for TeamLinks V2.5
1272.02BARNA::DSMAILThu May 30 1996Server
1273.01VAXRIO::RICARDOThu May 30 1996X4
1274.06AIMTEC::LUCAS_AThu May 30 1996Combining 2.5/2.5-
1275.08GRITS::CARTER_AThu May 30 1996Dos filespec was not found in Doc Registration
1276.04AIMTEC::LUCAS_AThu May 30 19962.7 EFT2 - Importing Multiple Files
1277.03ES3Sat Jun 01 1996Sending Off-Line Mail Goes to Wrong Folder
1278.07MLNOI1::BORTOLUZZIMon Jun 03 1996remote connection and PAD+ X25
1279.03WOODY::FABBRIMon Jun 03 1996Word 2.
1281.01WOODY::FABBRITue Jun 04 1996ADDRESS.DLL GetNextDOSDistList: Error getting directory
1282.04GIDDAY::BURTTue Jun 04 19962
1283.01OGRI::63536::BELLWed Jun 05 1996Create Message does NOT lock document!
1284.02GIDDAY::BURTThu Jun 06 1996 Excel error 1
1285.04HGOVC::WILSONPOONThu Jun 06 1996Word 7 attachment can't display the right symbol
1286.0BACHUS::64734::larocheThu Jun 06 1996Asynch DECnet ; timeout errors
1287.0BARNA::DSMAILThu Jun 06 1996Modifying X.4
1289.02SNOFS1::redgum.pc.sno.dec.com::craikesFri Jun 07 1996X.4
1290.02BACHUS::COLLARTFri Jun 07 1996Crashed to Dos prompt when moving message
1291.02BACHUS::bobonn.bro.dec.com::bervoetsFri Jun 07 1996TeamLinks v2.5 and Windows/NT - problems ??
1292.07KYOSS1::kyoa19.kyo.dec.com::SmalleyFri Jun 07 1996Unable to connect to ALL-IN-1 server
1293.02WOODY::FABBRIFri Jun 07 1996Winword NORMAL .DOT and AIK
1294.02KERNEL::ANDERSONLMon Jun 10 1996Mastersoft Address
1295.03GRITS::WILLIAMS_TMon Jun 10 1996general portection module cfc dll error
1296.03DYPSS1::MAXIMon Jun 10 1996unable to connect due to network error
1297.0BBIVTue Jun 11 1996WordBAsic Error=1517.
1298.03GRITS::CARTER_ATue Jun 11 1996DECnet Links with TeamLinks
1299.01BACHUS::COLLARTTue Jun 11 1996Strange black boxes in X4
1300.04CHEFS::gorard.hhl.dec.com::GorardTue Jun 11 1996Alta Vista Internet POP3 server
1301.04OASS::ANDRES_BTue Jun 11 1996GPF in KRNL386.EXE using TL 2.7 EFT2
1302.04KYOSS1::ERICKSENTue Jun 11 1996? Migration of ALL-IN-1 customization to TeamLinks
1303.03VAXRIO::RICARDOTue Jun 11 1996Accents are lost on Internet mail
1304.01OASS::ANDRES_BTue Jun 11 1996Error using Infoman Script.
1305.06STARCH::cmonia.shr.dec.com::moniaTue Jun 11 1996Problem with AmiPro-TeamLinks Integration
1306.04AIMTEC::LUCAS_ATue Jun 11 1996Install only the MS Excel/Word AIK automatically
1307.01PCBUOA::akodhcp192-211.ako.dec.com::KURTAJWed Jun 12 1996PWCONF Moderator Privileges
1308.01ACISS2::BERGERWed Jun 12 1996Moving Drawers From Mailworks to Office Server?
1309.08OGRI::63536::BELLWed Jun 12 1996AmiPro AIK problem with DOSGetFileAttr
1310.02OASS::ANDRES_BWed Jun 12 1996When is path statement updated for NT
1311.07NETRIX::"john gretton@ctu"Wed Jun 12 1996Invalid user name or password, T2.7 on NT 3.5, ALL-IN-1 server
1312.02AIMTEC::LUCAS_AWed Jun 12 1996Converting to NTFS, Novell, or NT server volumes
1313.06HGOVC::PATRICKNGWed Jun 12 1996Requirement for SMTP/MIME/Pop3 support?
1314.0MLNORO::MALACRIDAThu Jun 13 1996physical delivery attributes via templates?
1315.01STOSS1::HORVATHThu Jun 13 1996CTIBroker Valid? And format of exported file?
1316.01EVTAI1::BOURDARIASThu Jun 13 1996Lotus AmiPro and TeamLinks Integration
1317.03OASS::GIANNETTI_DThu Jun 13 1996Problem when two clients have msg open fr inbox
1318.01STKHLM::HORNBLADThu Jun 13 1996Address validation
1319.05RIVOLI::MENICACCIFri Jun 14 1996TeamLinks V2.5 and OpenVMS V6.2 and logfailures
1320.03ZURFri Jun 14 1996Printing an index of Cabinet Contents
1321.01TAKEOF::EGGIMANNFri Jun 14 1996TeamLinks and Exchange ...
1322.02AIMTEC::STDBKR::Burden_dFri Jun 14 1996Folders in the wrong order
1323.03AIMTEC::LUCAS_AFri Jun 14 19962.5-
1324.01ZPOVC::16.158.8Sun Jun 16 1996Auto Select of Mail Transport
1326.06STOWOA::NORTON_KMon Jun 17 1996Can Library Services run when TeamLinks isn't running?
1328.03KERNEL::ANDERSONLMon Jun 17 1996No Group names matched for Distribution List named @IS
1329.01GIDDAY::LEHTue Jun 18 1996IOS mail notif using PATH, not NODE info
1330.03TAVTue Jun 18 1996Can value be set for PASSWORD
1332.01TAVTue Jun 18 1996After password back to DOS
1333.01ACTP15::FJAEGERTue Jun 18 1996getting DDS entry with MailWorks username
1334.03GRITS::CARTER_ATue Jun 18 1996Read mail not being moved with 2.7 EC
1335.03MLNCSC::ZAGHITue Jun 18 1996problem copying multiple messages on a file cabinet
1336.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Jun 18 1996TeamLinks performance??
1337.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Jun 18 1996New mail notification arrives after message
1338.05MEOCWed Jun 19 1996Distribution List Favorite/Edit entries - turn them off?
1339.05EVTAI1::BOURDARIASWed Jun 19 1996TeamLinks, eco3 and PAB new problem
1340.010TROOA::rasWed Jun 19 1996Reverse video effect when printing 2.5-
1341.05WOODY::FABBRIWed Jun 19 1996Printing unread message does not change the icon
1342.05BACHUS::COLLARTWed Jun 19 1996Full header problems....
1343.01NETRIX::"torbens@dmats2.dmo.dec.com"Thu Jun 20 1996TL25 integration with Danish Lotus 1-2-3 gives GPF.
1344.0GENIE::kadi.ebo.dec.com::ruffieuxThu Jun 20 1996WPS-Plus Viewer DLL
1345.02KANATA::kap755.kao.dec.com::camposThu Jun 20 1996"Invalid property value" problems reading new mail
1346.09ALEF::NIKOLICThu Jun 20 1996VMS broadcast messages and TeamLinks
1347.02ROMThu Jun 20 1996TeamLinks and ISOCOR
1348.04THEBAY::WIEGLEBThu Jun 20 1996X4
1349.03SNOFS1::16.172.16Fri Jun 21 1996Printed headers and attachments
1350.04WKOL1Fri Jun 21 1996Windows 95 & Clearing Passwords
1351.02KERNEL::FORDRFri Jun 21 1996Conversion of WP doc to Word doc problem
1352.0NQOSSat Jun 22 1996Invalid ALL-IN-1 Account.
1353.01GANTRY::HULLSun Jun 23 1996Annoying printing behaviour
1354.013BIGUN::KEOGHMon Jun 24 1996TeamLinks and Internet Explorer
1355.06TAVMon Jun 24 1996Print disregards paper source ...
1356.02KERNEL::ANDERSONLMon Jun 24 1996TeamLinks .PDF for Microsoft SMS
1358.02IOSG::PYETue Jun 25 1996Too trival to QAR!
1359.03AIMTEC::LUCAS_ATue Jun 25 1996Reserving docs on WNT fileshare
1360.01MOSCOW:: Jun 26 1996WPS+ first character disappears
1361.04WOTVAX::kelsae.edo.dec.com::Liz_ToddWed Jun 26 1996Install failing with TLINSTAL error in MSDETSTF.DLL
1362.05HGOM11::THOMASWANGWed Jun 26 1996kit for win95
1363.01AIMTEC::LUCAS_AWed Jun 26 1996TL2.5 working with long filenames
1364.03OGRI::63536::BELLWed Jun 26 1996Convert WPS-PLUS to AmiPro (Styles)
1365.05POLAR::TOMKINSWed Jun 26 1996Invalid Property Value, Major BUG!
1366.04VAXRIO::RICARDOWed Jun 26 1996The ideal email client
1367.03OASS::ANDRES_BWed Jun 26 1996Reading user profile
1368.01VAXRIO::63111::WILLECKEWed Jun 26 1996TeamLinks/TeamRoute forms development
1369.04VAXRIO::NOVELLOWed Jun 26 1996TeamLinks on NT...
1370.04UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Jun 27 1996Clearing Time field in Display Details doesn't stick
1371.0CHEFS::SMITH_JJThu Jun 27 1996X5
1372.02KERNEL::FORDRThu Jun 27 1996'Unusual' GPF in X4
1373.06UTESThu Jun 27 1996Double-click, view first. Why regarded as 'Edit'?
1374.07GRITS::CARTER_AThu Jun 27 1996possibility to add mime encoding with 2.5
1375.02KERNEL::ANDERSONLThu Jun 27 1996ERROR 112
1376.013OGRI::63536::BELLThu Jun 27 1996Lotus 1-2-3 temp hang on File.Save
1377.02BACHUS::COLLARTThu Jun 27 1996Another TeamLinks header problem
1378.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Jun 27 1996Status box like Netscape on reads and sends??
1379.04TKTV2Fri Jun 28 1996wrong item count in wastebasket on local
1380.01JULIET::HARRIS_MAFri Jun 28 1996Look-And-Feel of W95?
1381.0BACHUS::COLLARTFri Jun 28 1996Address template help request
1382.03AIMTEC::LUCAS_AFri Jun 28 1996Cannot print WPS Docs to a HPDESKJET 82
1383.02KERNEL::FORDRMon Jul 01 1996Windows 95 printing GPF
1384.02a-12.tunnel.crl.dec.com::scheer_rMon Jul 01 1996Slow via Internet
1385.01KERNEL::ANDERSONLMon Jul 01 1996Addressee details on index in 2.7
1386.0OGRI::63536::BELLMon Jul 01 1996Other user INBOXes cause confusion
1387.03DYPSS1::MAXIMon Jul 01 1996readmsg_wraptext=yes causes reply text not included
1388.02TKTV2Mon Jul 01 1996forward mail DMW -> IOS
1389.04UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Jul 02 1996Looking for solution for known problem
1390.02WOODY::FABBRIWed Jul 03 1996Excel help window opened when opening an Excel attachment
1391.04MSOTIS::BURTWed Jul 03 1996Print problems with 2.7 eft2
1392.02GIDDAY::BACOTThu Jul 04 1996exchange in startup config
1393.02GIDDAY::JOYCEThu Jul 04 1996Word Save causes filename to be listed
1394.03ADCAThu Jul 04 1996GPF in view.dll for WPS+ attchments
1395.06MOSCOW:: Jul 04 1996TL 2.7 won't change font script in Read window
1396.02UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Jul 04 1996Raising a current limitation ?
1397.02GIDDAY::SETHIFri Jul 05 1996G'bye to you all
1398.02BARNA::DSMAILFri Jul 05 1996EXCEL AUTO_OPEN fails with AIK Spanish
1399.06UTESFri Jul 05 1996MasterSoft Error 2
1400.0VIVIAN::D_BONOFri Jul 05 1996Authorizing User radio button
1401.01ADCASat Jul 06 1996TLC
1402.03ESSB::JNOLANMon Jul 08 1996
1403.02CUSTOM::HULLMon Jul 08 1996Looking for performance tuning info
1404.02RDGENG::ONEILLSMon Jul 08 1996Exchange and TeamLinks on same PC?
1405.0ACISS2::TMAXIMon Jul 08 1996distribution list error; anyone seen it?
1406.03OTOOA::ROUFTue Jul 09 1996API to WPS converters
1407.04KERNEL::FORDRTue Jul 09 1996Attribute cannot be modified or the attribute is not valid for this object.
1408.01AIMTEC::LUCAS_ATue Jul 09 1996x4
1409.01GIDDAY::BACOTWed Jul 10 1996error 344, bad number of indices
1410.03SNOFS1::WATTWed Jul 10 1996RCM and TLV2.7
1411.0VNABRW::EHRLICH_KWed Jul 10 1996Our PMDF-Gateway and RTF2 MIME tag wrong ???
1412.01OSITEL::ufcnt2.ufc.dec.com::ErichWed Jul 10 1996PAB printing with different font ?
1413.03KERNEL::FORDRWed Jul 10 1996Another tlinstal.exe\defaults.ini problem?
1414.01AIMTEC::LUCAS_AWed Jul 10 1996Question about the PostScript converter
1415.01COPCLU::cpc683.dmo.dec.com::Larsen_bThu Jul 11 1996Error in sending mail ?
1416.01SCASS1::HANSONLThu Jul 11 1996Attaching Long File names?
1417.01ZPOVC:: Jul 11 1996PAB Problems
1418.01ZPOVC:: Jul 12 1996PostScript Printing Problems
1419.0STKHLM::LUNDSTEDTFri Jul 12 1996Can't find addressee with National char. in first name
1420.01HTSCFri Jul 12 1996Mastersoft Viewer Error and Out of common file cabinet memory
1421.02USPS::FPRUSSFri Jul 12 1996How to use File Cabinets on File Service?
1422.01BRSVMS::VDKERCKHOVEFri Jul 12 1996MIME not reognized when received from Mozilla
1423.01VMSNET::R_HARRISFri Jul 12 1996 Passing VMS User Name from TeamLinks to Jetform
1424.02AIMTEC::GIANNETTI_DFri Jul 12 1996Problem printing 2.7eft3 rtf msgs fr VT interface
1425.04WKOL1Fri Jul 12 1996Where'd the ZIP go?
1426.03USPS::FPRUSSSun Jul 14 1996EFT3 "ALT-TAB" ICON problem?
1427.05HGOVC::JOELBERMANMon Jul 15 1996Help to a beginner
1428.03UTESMon Jul 15 1996X.4
1429.02MASS1Mon Jul 15 1996Minor problems with T2.7 EFT2
1430.01VAXRIO::63Mon Jul 15 1996Customization fails with TL 2.5
1431.0DYPSS1::MAXIMon Jul 15 1996vbrun3
1432.06ASABET::sto1Tue Jul 16 1996AutomaticMIME decoding when using MailWorks?
1433.02BRADEC::MOLNARTue Jul 16 1996X4
1434.01WOODY::FABBRITue Jul 16 1996From: field not printed in offline disconnected mode
1435.0GRITS::WILLIAMS_TTue Jul 16 1996confirmation
1436.03LACVWed Jul 17 1996TeamLinks, X.25 and Mailbus Telex
1437.05BULAN::calmar.soo.dec.com::sporsenWed Jul 17 1996Problems addressing the internet
1438.03VAXRIO::6323Wed Jul 17 1996Change font size when printing a WPS-PLUS document
1439.03SCASS1::pcigat.hso.dec.com::TilleyWed Jul 17 1996Where do I get MIME for Digital Alpha running UNIX....
1440.02HAMIS3::SENGWed Jul 17 1996Error 8
1441.02AIMTEC::LUCAS_AWed Jul 17 1996NASI (Novell) and TLREmote
1442.04GRITS::CARTER_AWed Jul 17 1996ASN1 number for pagemaker or calendar plus
1443.0AIMTEC::LUCAS_AWed Jul 17 1996x4
1444.07BIGUN::caod11dgp3.cao.dec.com::bruceThu Jul 18 1996Additional File copy installation
1445.03WKOL1Thu Jul 18 1996Win95 Taskbar covers dialog box buttons on notebook/laptop
1446.0UTESThu Jul 18 1996TLRemote, access DDS fails after successfull one before
1447.02AIMTEC::GIANNETTI_DThu Jul 18 1996Prob with vmsmail import in IOS & reading fr TL
1448.02GRITS::CARTER_AThu Jul 18 1996WordPerfect Integrated with TeamLinks
1449.04GIDDAY::BACOTFri Jul 19 1996rumour?
1450.01AIMTEC::LUCAS_AFri Jul 19 1996WNT and the BROWSE TO DOS..... feature
1451.08DUBGEN::REDMONDMon Jul 22 1996TeamLinks V2.7 Technical Review
1452.0+16ACISS2::FLOYDMon Jul 22 1996Unchangeable font in Rich Text V2.7
1453.02VAXRIO::6323Mon Jul 22 1996Printing without form feed between header/attachments
1454.01GRITS::CARTER_AMon Jul 22 1996Incorrect wastebasket count on client only
1455.01BRAT::ulearn.mko.dec.com::enosMon Jul 22 1996RCM Unknown Error
1456.05WDFFS2::SENAKMon Jul 22 1996Install 2.7 EFT 3 fails on aida.dll
1457.01MLNCSC::ZAGHITue Jul 23 1996problem importing an X.5
1458.01GIDDAY::BACOTTue Jul 23 1996forwarded mail recipient confusion
1459.04GIDDAY::BACOTTue Jul 23 1996read large files across a 64k link
1460.03KERNEL::FORDRThu Jul 25 1996Difference between PC Local Drive and PC Shared Network Drive?
1461.01GRITS::WILLIAMS_TThu Jul 25 1996read new mail
1462.01USPS::FPRUSSSun Jul 28 1996Kudos for Memo design in 2.7
1463.01USPS::FPRUSSSun Jul 28 1996Slow printing EFT2.7 on WNT 4?
1464.05GIDDAY::JOYCEMon Jul 29 1996TL/Excel integration problem
1465.02GIDDAY::BACOTMon Jul 29 1996TeamLinks over PPP and attachments
1466.02OASS::GIANNETTI_DMon Jul 29 1996Messages remain in the Created folder after send
1467.011ULYSSE::nannik.vbo.dec.com::ROBB_GMon Jul 29 1996TeamLinks and Exchange clients on same system?
1468.02VMSNET::J_COLBURNMon Jul 29 1996Virus files stored on VAX- how to fix
1469.02KERNEL::CLEVELANDBTue Jul 30 1996Repeating drawer corruption
1470.01HGOSPS::DENISLITue Jul 30 1996How to customize WORD to invoke TeamLinks directly?
1471.03OASS::GIANNETTI_DTue Jul 30 1996Problem w/TeamLinks on WIN OS/2
1472.05BABAGI::walt.shr.dec.com::clarkTue Jul 30 19962.7 EFT3 and Postscript
1474.0UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTWed Jul 31 1996unattended setup for ECO's ?
1475.06VIVIAN::D_BONOWed Jul 31 1996X4
1476.02CXOSI::snowWed Jul 31 1996Problem deleting multiple files via drag-n-drop
1477.01COPCLU::cpc683.dmo.dec.com::Larsen_bThu Aug 01 1996ECO's question
1478.02HGOVC::JOELBERMANThu Aug 01 1996cannot get mail notification to start.
1479.06OASS::GIANNETTI_DThu Aug 01 1996Problem with files opening Read/only
1480.01AIMTEC::LUCAS_AThu Aug 01 1996Tlv2.1 and Winword 6.
1481.01WOTVAX::pervy.mco.dec.com::gilbertThu Aug 01 1996Networking performance problem
1482.01BIGUN::KEOGHFri Aug 02 1996Support for multiple users on NT workstation?
1483.0ACISS2::FLOYDFri Aug 02 1996V2.7 and Directory error
1484.0VIVIAN::D_BONOFri Aug 02 1996X4
1485.02GRANPA::RSHEINBERGFri Aug 02 1996TeamLinks NT via Pathworks DECNET
1486.01GIDDAY::BACOTMon Aug 05 1996can't create new document in folder
1487.02GRITS::CARTER_AMon Aug 05 1996#68 in V2.5 ECO4 readme not fixed (backslash problem)
1488.02VAXRIO::VALERIAMon Aug 05 1996same font for different viewers?
1489.03WKOL1Mon Aug 05 1996TL V2.7 EFT3 - Login Problems
1490.03AIMTEC::ANDRES_BMon Aug 05 1996New Mail Notification with Latest Novell Stack
1491.02ZPOVC::SIRCARTue Aug 06 199632bit Infovbx
1492.04ACISS2::FLOYDTue Aug 06 1996X4
1494.01SLICER::RODTue Aug 06 1996Anyone looking at the Distribution List Editor?
1495.0OGRI::63536::BELLTue Aug 06 1996Cover Memo Styles - wishes ...
1496.03ABACUS::mkodhcp-4612868.mko.dec.com::NAROTue Aug 06 1996Disk Quota Exceeded
1497.02CHEFS::GAYTue Aug 06 1996EFT3 Crash: X4
1498.05GIDDAY::JOYCEWed Aug 07 1996Word Find File broken
1499.03BULAN::calmar.soo.dec.com::sporsenWed Aug 07 1996
1500.03ZURWed Aug 07 1996AIK: WinWord 6.
1501.0CHEFS::GAYWed Aug 07 1996TeamLinks Remote Problem - Help Please!
1502.01GRITS::CARTER_AWed Aug 07 1996Support with TL 2.7 and new products
1503.0USPS::FPRUSSWed Aug 07 1996uuencoded rfc822 headers in forwarded msg?
1504.010BIGUN::chmeee::MayneThu Aug 08 1996Windows NT Alpha 3.51, TL 2.7 EFT3 crashes
1505.01OSITEL::rtont2.rto.dec.com::ErichThu Aug 08 1996WP 5.1 and TML V 2.5 (german) ?
1506.01KERNEL::ANDERSONLThu Aug 08 1996ERROR 11
1507.03MKOTS3::RAYMONDThu Aug 08 1996TL Mail Folders to Exchange?
1508.01OASS::ANDRES_BThu Aug 08 1996^M or %CHR
1509.03FRUST::frlms2.frs.dec.com::frais1::mstelterFri Aug 09 1996Automatic Format Detection
1510.01UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTFri Aug 09 1996MIME between TeamLinks 2.7 EFT3 and Exchange ?
1511.02GRITS::CARTER_AFri Aug 09 1996How to use Teamlinks Mail within word w/out integra
1512.0VIVIAN::D_BONOMon Aug 12 1996Disable CNT^D ?
1513.04MARVIN::WATERSTue Aug 13 1996Problems receiving replies to Internet mail routed through VMS
1514.01ACISS2::FLOYDTue Aug 13 1996V2.5-
1515.02THEBAY::WIEGLEBTue Aug 13 1996Schedule+ and Forms integration via MAPI?
1516.05SIOG::1HWed Aug 14 1996Maximum number of Drawers in Local File Cabinet?
1517.02GIDDAY::BACOTWed Aug 14 1996nt, teamlinks, word, can't find decwrd26.dll
1518.03SIOG::FITZMAURICEWed Aug 14 1996ATTACH long file names ?
1519.01BIGTOY::MASONThu Aug 15 1996TeamLinks converters/viewers info...
1520.011ZPOVC::NWEThu Aug 15 1996TL 2.7 EFT3 Window NT 3.51
1521.0ALFSS2::alf_dial6_port3.alf.dec.com::maximous_sThu Aug 15 1996TeamLinks for the Internet Announcement- Your Assistance Needed!
1522.03STKHLM::HORNBLADThu Aug 15 1996TeamLinks Remote Connection hangs on Set term/inq?
1523.02GECThu Aug 15 1996TL-to-DMW TCPIP Protocol Exchange - HELP!
1524.01OSLLAV::BJARNEC_PFri Aug 16 1996MIME decode and UUdecode problems in TL 2.7-ECO3
1525.03WOTVAX::HILTONFri Aug 16 1996Can't remove TeamLinks Integration!
1526.02VAXRIO::RICARDOFri Aug 16 1996Question about CONNECT.DLL
1527.01GRITS::WILLIAMS_TMon Aug 19 1996notification not being disabled
1528.01THEBAY::WIEGLEBMon Aug 19 1996How do you force an exit?
1529.01SNOFS1:: Aug 20 1996Internal CFC error
1530.01STOSS1::DPROSETue Aug 20 1996need concept virus fix
1531.06TROOA::PIGGOTTue Aug 20 1996Drawer does not exist or access is denied (again)
1532.02UTRTSC::SMEETSWed Aug 21 1996Upgrade from V2.1 -> V2.7 questions
1533.01HKOSWed Aug 21 1996Teanlinks Support Issue on Windows 95
1534.02GIDDAY::BACOTWed Aug 21 1996word7 and teamlinks v2.7 eft3
1535.01CUSTOM::HULLWed Aug 21 1996How to obtain Client version info?
1536.02USPS::FPRUSSWed Aug 21 1996File Cabinet Access speed question
1537.03BACHUS::COLLARTWed Aug 21 1996Solution for QAR #25
1538.05OASS::ANDRES_BWed Aug 21 1996Error connecting to AIDA via TL Remote
1539.02WKOL1Wed Aug 21 1996Need README for TL V2.7
1540.02BACHUS::COLLARTThu Aug 22 1996Confirmed solution for QAR #1
1541.0ALFETA::MAURICIOThu Aug 22 1996Network Bandwidth for remote Teamlinks?
1542.01HKOSFri Aug 23 1996CFCDEBUG on Windows 95
1543.01GIDDAY::BACOTFri Aug 23 1996WordPerfect 5.2, TeamLinks and save new document
1544.04GIDDAY::LEHFri Aug 23 1996No viewer available for certain IOS mail message
1545.01THESUN::CLEVELANDBFri Aug 23 1996PAB location
1546.0GRITS::WILLIAMS_TFri Aug 23 1996view.dll
1547.05OASS::GIANNETTI_DFri Aug 23 1996Problem installation failed no apparent reason
1548.0+5SUOSWS::64Mon Aug 26 1996conversion: file not found...
1549.08PCTEAM::pscsMon Aug 26 1996DELETE after COPY command
1550.05OASS::ANDRES_BMon Aug 26 1996English TeamLinks with French Word and Excel
1551.04OASS::ANDRES_BMon Aug 26 1996Printing to IBM 4
1553.02GRITS::CARTER_AMon Aug 26 1996Office with Teamlinks
1554.01GIDDAY::BACOTTue Aug 27 1996cross file or file message ?
1555.01TAVTue Aug 27 1996Customization of network installation
1556.05MSAMTue Aug 27 1996Can't print attachment directly on 2.5?
1557.01GIDDAY::JOYCETue Aug 27 1996TL 2.5 Cover Memo Margins
1558.07GIDDAY::JOYCETue Aug 27 1996TL V2.7 EFT3 Cover Styles
1559.09ACISS2::FLOYDTue Aug 27 1996Is Teamlinks history?
1560.01SIOG::1HTue Aug 27 1996Can you print Header + cover memo - attachments?
1561.01OASS::ANDRES_BTue Aug 27 1996English TeamLinks under French Windows
1562.01OASS::GIANNETTI_DTue Aug 27 1996Problem with Viewing messages from TL client
1563.01DECPRG:: Aug 28 1996Will InfoMan supply file extensions in attachment export?
1564.01OASS::ANDRES_BWed Aug 28 1996CC
1565.04OASS::ANDRES_BWed Aug 28 1996CC and Reply Requested Icons
1566.02STKAI1::calmar.soo.dec.com::stkai1::sporsenThu Aug 29 1996PC hangs at export attachment
1567.01BELFST::16.2Thu Aug 29 1996Create message problems (TL 2.7, NT 4.
1568.02WOTVAX::johnn.rkg.dec.com::warins.olo.dec.com::naylorThu Aug 29 1996Word 7 hangs when TL not running
1569.01OASS::ANDRES_BThu Aug 29 1996Font List Location
1570.05AIMTEC::BEKELE_DThu Aug 29 1996TL Remote hangs when baud exceeds 96
1571.04GIDDAY::LEHThu Aug 29 1996deleting selected doc delete whole folder - tl2.7eft3/ios3.2
1572.0GIDDAY::BACOTFri Aug 30 1996TeamLinks busy...
1573.04OASS::ANDRES_BFri Aug 30 1996ODMA under WNT 3.51
1574.01GRITS::CARTER_AFri Aug 30 1996Teamlinks DDE
1575.01SCASS1::hapy.sca.dec.com::hansonlFri Aug 30 1996DDS vs X.5
1576.04NETRIX::"thilo.keller@suo.mts.dec.com"Mon Sep 02 1996Printing an Excel5.
1577.01UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTMon Sep 02 1996partial address problem: AIDA or TeamLinks ?
1578.05GIDDAY::LEHTue Sep 03 1996Selecting A4 paper size in integrated WINWORD ?
1579.02BIGUN::caod11dgp6.cao.dec.com::bruceWed Sep 04 1996Different versions of tx4vbb.vbx and txb.dll
1580.02FSTSC1::SCHOENWed Sep 04 1996TL & Intrusion Record
1581.0NETRIX::"bill.ross@"Wed Sep 04 1996pc support (swb)
1582.0PCTEAM::pscsThu Sep 05 1996$VautoR Value not set, TL 2.5-3 and autoforward address in DDS
1583.03BACHUS::DBCThu Sep 05 1996Multiple attachments launch
1584.04OSLLAV::BJARNEC_PThu Sep 05 1996TL 2.7-EFT3. Problem with POP3 Mail Retriever
1585.03NETRIX::"thilo.keller@suo.mts.dec.com"Thu Sep 05 1996attaching imported winword7.
1586.05GIDDAY::LEHFri Sep 06 19962.7 File.Find To: against a large mail folder
1587.02KERNEL::FORDRFri Sep 06 1996Create Drawer fails after upgrade to ALL-IN-1 3.2
1588.04BPSOF::LOVASFri Sep 06 1996EFT3 local install overwrites shared service
1589.01HTSCSun Sep 08 1996MS-Office and TeamLinks
1590.01STKAI1::calmar.soo.dec.com::stkai1::sporsenMon Sep 09 1996printing problems
1591.0WOTVAX::SHARKEYAMon Sep 09 1996Access not granted - help ????
1592.04GIDDAY::BACOTTue Sep 10 1996this is *not* a problem
1593.0MSAMTue Sep 10 1996directory service - general file cab error
1594.01EVTAI1::GODARDTue Sep 10 1996ALL-IN-1 Nicknames - file not found
1595.01GALINA::SSMITHTue Sep 10 1996Save Created message locally?
1596.01TAVIS::LANDAUTue Sep 10 1996Very Tiny Font Size Printing Exchange Dist.List
1597.02BELFST::mko-ras-port-8.mko.dec.com::belfst.bvo.dec.com::mccorryTue Sep 10 1996POP3 and Passwords
1598.0KETJE::dbc139.bro.dec.com::VannesteWed Sep 11 1996GPF in FCLIST.VBX
1599.0CHUECA::NIEVESWed Sep 11 1996win 95/unix/tl25 shared network directory
1600.01NETRIX::"rod@mpo.dec.com"Wed Sep 11 1996Document's format/org not supported.
1601.01OASS::ANDRES_BWed Sep 11 1996Remove DL from View pull down in DL editor
1602.02ATYISB::LANZAWed Sep 11 1996MasterSoft converters
1603.06GALVIA::kiah2.ilo.dec.com::dmccabeWed Sep 11 1996Announcing CFCMAPI prototype
1604.02KYOSS1::POLAKOWSKIWed Sep 11 1996Wordperfect Attachment Shown as HP Advancewrite?
1605.04ALFSS2::BEKELE_DWed Sep 11 1996No Help on Teamlinks Integration in Word
1606.06ODIXIE::SIMPSONTWed Sep 11 1996Can't connect to A1 server node!
1607.01HTSCThu Sep 12 1996Teamlink library Services question.
1608.03GIDDAY::LEHThu Sep 12 1996Unable to unreserve/remove an orphan local filecab doc
1609.03GIDDAY::LEHThu Sep 12 1996Disabling all but Send TL mail in Excel integration?
1610.02DECPRG:: Sep 13 1996Colors of the notification icon in Windows 95
1611.04EVTAI1::16.189.24Fri Sep 13 1996TeamLinks /VTX and integration with pentium 166
1612.02OASS::ANDRES_BFri Sep 13 1996Difference in double click action
1613.04CHEFS::tiger2.reo.dec.com::rdge21::gooddFri Sep 13 1996Printing, V2.7 and Windows 95
1614.02ALFETA::MAURICIOFri Sep 13 1996TeamLinks as Netscape mail application??
1615.0+17BIGUN::BRUCEMon Sep 16 1996WPS-PLUS font size in 2.7 SSB
1616.0WOTVAX::kelsae.edo.dec.com::Liz_ToddMon Sep 16 1996Error 826 when read receipt being generated
1617.0VNABRW::pscsMon Sep 16 1996Installation Problems 2.7
1618.01CHEFS::mutara.uvo.dec.com::fordrTue Sep 17 1996To: field problem
1619.01ZPOVTue Sep 17 1996Cannot SEarch based on 'size' using Mailworks
1620.07WOTVAX::SHARKEYATue Sep 17 1996PWCONF v2.7 GPF's on me
1621.02STKHLM::KNORNTue Sep 17 1996Error when reading WPS-documents in 2.7
1622.011STKAI1::calmar.soo.dec.com::stkai1::sporsenWed Sep 18 1996customized office.ini not copied
1623.03MOSCOW::bobeer.mow.dec.com::moscow::KurachyovWed Sep 18 1996Cannot install SCANPROT with Word 7
1624.04ZURWed Sep 18 1996Auto_Close macro in EXCEL V7.
1625.03SCASS1::STILLINGSWed Sep 18 1996TL 2.7 EFT to Internet??
1626.04WOTVAX::SHARKEYAWed Sep 18 1996Setup suggestion ?
1627.06GANTRY::HULLThu Sep 19 1996Best solution?
1628.04HGOVC::CECILIACHENGThu Sep 19 1996TeamLinks + POP3 server
1629.01WOTVAX::SHARKEYAThu Sep 19 1996GPF in InfoMan 2.7
1630.01OASS::ANDRES_BThu Sep 19 1996Installation on Dual Boot system
1631.05TROOA::PIGGOTThu Sep 19 1996Can't Empty Wastebasket - Document locked?
1632.01UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTFri Sep 20 1996DDAs/IOS/Templates in V2.7 ?
1633.02WOTVAX::16.194.2Fri Sep 20 1996Adjusting left margin on printing ?
1634.09LEMAN::LAMONFri Sep 20 1996lost pointer for Local File cab
1635.03GRITS::CARTER_AFri Sep 20 1996Save Word Perfect to DOS by Default
1636.02ABACUS::mkodhcp-461128Mon Sep 23 1996A Kit for building V2.7SSB diskettes?
1637.01GRITS::CARTER_AMon Sep 23 1996Problem with Merge
1638.02STKAI1::calmar.soo.dec.com::stkai1::sporsenWed Sep 25 1996Problem with NT4 & TeamLinks 2.7
1639.03KERNEL::FORDRWed Sep 25 1996Transport Error with WP AIK
1640.01JALOPY::CUTLERWed Sep 25 1996Access to drawer or document not granted
1641.04KERNEL::FORDRWed Sep 25 1996Failed to get interface charactistics table
1642.01GANTRY::HULLWed Sep 25 1996v2.7 ssb crashing on me
1643.03GANTRY::HULLWed Sep 25 1996Can't reply to POP3 mail w/v2.7
1644.02NETRIX::"terry.mccauley@nyo.mts.dec.com"Wed Sep 25 1996Text format in File/New launches Word, not Notepad
1645.02STKHLM::HORNBLADThu Sep 26 1996LOTUS/AMIPRO integration error
1646.09VIVIAN::D_BONOThu Sep 26 1996Create Message & NT V4.
1647.04OTOOA::dhcpThu Sep 26 1996SDK
1648.0+11OASS::ANDRES_BThu Sep 26 1996TeamLinks ignores SYS$IOS_X5
1649.01WKOL1Fri Sep 27 1996Document conversion question...
1650.0WOTVAX::kelsae.edo.dec.com::Liz_ToddFri Sep 27 1996TL remote but with direct dial
1651.02OTOOA::dhcpFri Sep 27 1996Clients/drivers/servers confusion!
1652.0TAVENG::WEISSBREMMon Sep 30 1996V2.5 ECO4 translated to Danish, Dutch, French and German.
1653.04GRITS::CARTER_AMon Sep 30 1996To field gives different results with spaces dds
1654.05BULAN::ccsras5.soo.dec.com::.Mon Sep 30 1996Problem with local printer and TL 2.5
1655.07PTOJJD::DANZAKTue Oct 01 1996win95/TL2.7 password-change-noconnect etc
1656.02STKAI1::calmar.soo.dec.com::stkai1::sporsenTue Oct 01 1996notification and NT & WIN95 problems
1657.01SCASS1::auodial1_port2.auo.dec.com::kornsTue Oct 01 1996Same problem in Texas
1658.08ALFSS2::LUCAS_ATue Oct 01 1996Unable to locate Teamlinks in EC
1659.0WOODY::FABBRITue Oct 01 1996Addressee field contains "==> " instead of the addressee name
1660.03GRITS::BUSH_STue Oct 01 1996Limiting the size of binary attachments
1661.03CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Oct 02 1996Exchange Client for MailWorks???
1662.011OASS::ANDRES_BWed Oct 02 1996On NT, Spell Check Removes data from TO CC and SUBJECT
1663.03GANTRY::HULLWed Oct 02 1996questions on 2.7 features, etc
1664.0AIMTEC::STDBKR::Burden_dWed Oct 02 1996Excel locking files with OS/2
1665.01MUDGEE::ZORBASWed Oct 02 1996Install files remain after 2.7 install
1666.04ZURThu Oct 03 1996NT 4.
1667.02VELI::KORKKOThu Oct 03 1996TeamLinks V2.7 evaluation/demo/trial kit?
1668.03AIMTEC::FARMER_CThu Oct 03 1996Printing under TeamLinks v2.7
1669.02AIMTEC::STDBKR::Burden_dThu Oct 03 1996Can't show non-modal form when modal form is displayed
1670.01HGOSPS::DENISLIFri Oct 04 1996In viewer, how to print formatted Lotus printout?
1671.03CSC32::COMULADAMon Oct 07 19962.7 on Win95 with VMS (server)/TCPIP
1672.03NWDTue Oct 08 1996Uninstall TLmail?
1673.04GIDDAY::LEHTue Oct 08 1996making WINWORD as default "List Objects of Type"
1674.0STKAI1::calmar.soo.dec.com::stkai1::sporsenWed Oct 09 1996Directory services customizable ??
1675.01STKAI1::calmar.soo.dec.com::stkai1::sporsenWed Oct 09 1996login problem via ALL-IN-1
1676.03imslow.ilo.dec.com::ECULLENWed Oct 09 1996sent/unsent status in Find dialog...
1677.06MUDGEE::kalori.sno.dec.com::snofs1::ZorbasstuartThu Oct 10 1996There are no converters for this object format
1678.03ASHAM::H_ANDERSSONThu Oct 10 1996VMS$PASSWORDS_POLICY through Teamlinks ?
1679.02MOSCOW:: Oct 10 1996TeamLinks for Russia?
1680.0NETRIX::"bodenstedt@suo.mts.dec.com"Thu Oct 10 1996RTF and not RTF ?
1681.05NETRIX::"bodenstedt@suo.mts.dec.com"Thu Oct 10 1996MIME problems
1682.0NETRIX::"bodenstedt@suo.mts.dec.com"Thu Oct 10 1996RTF6 and printing
1683.01VAXRIO::63Thu Oct 10 1996Planned features for Teamlinks
1684.01MLNCSC::ZAGHIThu Oct 10 1996remote directory service lookup ....
1685.03SHRMSG::HOWARDThu Oct 10 1996No such ALL-IN-1 account. The ALL-IN-1 account is not valid
1686.01TUXEDO::FERREIRAThu Oct 10 1996.wpl to MS Word conversion
1687.01GIDDAY::JOYCEThu Oct 10 1996Launched apps still running?
1688.0+5LEMAN:: Oct 11 1996Problem with script to move mails to Local Cabinet
1689.02MLNORO::MALACRIDAFri Oct 11 1996can we select an editor when creating a message?
1690.0+5SLICER::RODFri Oct 11 1996Unable to start DDE communication with Program Manager
1691.0GRANPA::PETERSONSun Oct 13 1996Doesn't respond to lost connection
1692.0STUMon Oct 14 1996Faxing from TeamLinks with address templates ?
1693.03KERNEL::FORDRMon Oct 14 1996Adobe Pagemaker 6 problem
1694.01OASS::ANDRES_BMon Oct 14 1996Using 32 bit file access in WFW with TeamLinks
1695.01NETRIX::"FarmerC@mail.dec.com"Mon Oct 14 1996TeamLinks 2.5/Excel 2.
1696.02FRSTSC::64786::schoenTue Oct 15 1996TLSAVE and other functions
1697.08VAXRIO::6323Tue Oct 15 1996Error launching application using registration database ??
1698.0VAXRIO::6323Tue Oct 15 1996Hang with tcpip during address validation
1699.04NETRIX::"gerard.flamion@lvg.mts.dec.com"Tue Oct 15 1996WPS+ to WinWord 6.
1700.01AIMTEC::STDBKR::Burden_dTue Oct 15 1996Error 14 while installing V2.5-
1701.01BRADEC::lucia.mil.brc.dec.com::MolnarWed Oct 16 1996New mail notification WAV sound file on WNT 4.
1702.03GRITS::WILLIAMS_TWed Oct 16 1996POINTER
1703.07GIDDAY::JOYCEThu Oct 17 1996TL network setup fails
1704.02NETRIX::"bodenstedt@suo.mts.dec.com"Thu Oct 17 1996"..not supported by server on host
1705.03GIDDAY::LEHFri Oct 18 1996ISDN clients poll at regular intervals ?
1706.0+11VNABRW::EHRLICH_KFri Oct 18 1996Internet browser, SendTo and TeamLinks Mailclient...
1707.02CHEFS::tiger2.reo.dec.com::rdge21::gooddFri Oct 18 1996V2.7 - Failure moving messages
1708.03OASS::ANDRES_BFri Oct 18 1996Save As from Word 6 opens DOS file box on NT 3.51
1709.0SNOFS1::stylia.sno.dec.com::snofs1::stylianouaMon Oct 21 1996INFOVBX license
1710.01GIDDAY::JOYCEMon Oct 21 1996GPF when printing CREATED msg w/ atts
1711.01AIMTEC::LUCAS_AMon Oct 21 1996Unable to change the display font in TL2.7
1712.0USPS::FPRUSSMon Oct 21 1996Running TeamLinks against IOS via WinGate?
1713.02USCTR1::mrodhcp-35-144-145.mro.dec.com::BLOOMMon Oct 21 1996Problem accessing drawer on network drive
1714.01TAINO::JRIVERAMon Oct 21 1996Teamlinks & MS office for Windows 95
1715.01THESUN::FORDRTue Oct 22 1996Excel AIK with Read-only server installation?
1717.0BARNA::DSMAILTue Oct 22 1996Migrate drawers to TeamLinks 2.5
1718.0THESUN::FORDRTue Oct 22 1996Error 8
1719.0+23OGRI::63536::BELLTue Oct 22 1996Exclude My Mail Address fails in Reply
1720.02OASS::ANDRES_BTue Oct 22 1996Validation in the PAB
1721.022VAXRIO::6323Tue Oct 22 1996GPF in CFCIOS during printing
1722.0AIMTEC::LUCAS_ATue Oct 22 1996TL2.7 SDK on the Internet?
1723.09GRITS::WILLIAMS_TTue Oct 22 1996program error
1724.09FSTSC1::SCHOENWed Oct 23 1996TL & ECO4 & WINWORD
1725.05SCASS1::HANSONLWed Oct 23 1996No Sound on New Mail Notification w/ TL2.7SSB
1726.02FORTY2::KALUSWed Oct 23 1996can't change menus, can't connect to shared file cab
1727.02EEMELI::LAITINENThu Oct 24 1996TeamLinks for both office and home use (license)
1728.0BULAN::calmar.soo.dec.com::stkai1::sporsenThu Oct 24 1996Reply problems with TL 2.5 & ALL-IN-1 3.1
1729.04COMICS::CORNEJThu Oct 24 1996Can't start TeamLinks 2.7 on Win 95
1730.0WOTVAX::BELLThu Oct 24 1996MIME decoding multiple attachments fails
1731.02UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTMon Oct 28 1996invalid page fault in GDI.EXE
1732.0MLNORO::MALACRIDAMon Oct 28 1996how to trigger automatic processing?
1733.02OASS::ANDRES_BMon Oct 28 1996Difference in Nicknames and PAB behavior
1734.01TKTV2Mon Oct 28 1996print error : Resume without error
1735.04FSTSC1::SCHOENTue Oct 29 1996GPF in W4W45F & ECO4
1736.02AIMTEC::STDBKR::Burden_dTue Oct 29 1996How to show receive date, not create date
1737.0GRITS::WILLIAMS_TTue Oct 29 1996TeamLinks/integration strips page numbering
1738.0MXOCTue Oct 29 1996teamlinks parameters...
1739.0GIDDAY::BACOTWed Oct 30 1996infodll.dll and rcm
1740.0+8GIDDAY::BACOTWed Oct 30 1996Ultra HighNotes and printing
1741.01STARCH::cmonia.shr.dec.com::moniaWed Oct 30 1996TL 2.7 SSB -- Minor text formatting problem
1742.02BULAN::calmar.soo.dec.com::stkai1::sporsenThu Oct 31 1996X4
1743.06BULAN::dcwThu Oct 31 1996e-mail adress-problem: @ or (a)
1744.02CGOOA::ZALESKIThu Oct 31 1996Modify Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) behavior?
1745.08GRITS::CARTER_AThu Oct 31 1996Problem with 2.7 Shared Network Install
1746.01STUThu Oct 31 1996Minimum version of TeamLinks for WNT 3.51 ???
1747.04BARNA::DSMAILThu Oct 31 1996Clients using UCX 4.1
1748.01VIVIAN::D_BONOThu Oct 31 1996X4
1749.01AIMTEC::LUCAS_AThu Oct 31 1996Doing Save As... in TL2.7 w/ Win95 VS. Win3.1
1750.01AIMTEC::LUCAS_AThu Oct 31 1996Unable to Decode Messages from the Internet V2.7
1751.03GIDDAY::LEHFri Nov 01 19962.7 Internet Mail filecab sending error 553
1752.09OSLLAV::BJARNEC_PFri Nov 01 1996Macro problem? Excel "window close" terminates Excel itself!
1753.05CHEFS:: Nov 01 1996TL Remote, cannot connect
1754.06SNOFS1::JOYCEJENNYSun Nov 03 1996OLE Automation Server cannot create object
1755.09EINE::ANDERSONSun Nov 03 1996Sending MS Word b/w L Notes and TL : MIME breakdown?
1756.04GIDDAY::VELDMon Nov 04 1996Problem with buttons and 256 colours in TL2.7
1757.01GRITS::WILLIAMS_TMon Nov 04 1996tcpware
1758.01VMSNET::J_COLBURNMon Nov 04 1996Users want old 2.5 editor back
1759.0MSAMTue Nov 05 1996TeamLinks/DMW Unix for internal/internet mailing ?
1760.01DECIDE::LANGFELDTTue Nov 05 1996Lost Address book
1761.0FRSTSC::64786::schoenWed Nov 06 1996TL & convert & spellchecker
1762.01COPSWed Nov 06 1996TL2.5 BROKE AFTER UCX 4.1 UPGRADE
1763.03UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTWed Nov 06 1996Read new mail launches notepad ?
1764.01OASS::ANDRES_BWed Nov 06 1996GPF in module TLADDR.DLL
1765.02GIDDAY::LEHThu Nov 07 1996about 2.7 integration of Word7/Excel7
1766.01053459::CALKAFri Nov 08 1996Right Alt+z shortcut?
1767.04STPMon Nov 11 1996Clear Password to start Conferencing ?
1768.0+26GRITS::CARTER_AMon Nov 11 1996WSOLE2.VBX when exiting Team Links
1769.01SCASS1::DAVIESMon Nov 11 1996Not enough network links
1770.0VAXSPO::RP_PANTAMon Nov 11 1996Teamroute supports DDE or OLE ???
1771.02SEFITue Nov 12 1996TeamLinks 2.7 demo crashes when reading RTF example
1772.02MANMTue Nov 12 1996TeamLinks for Windows 95?
1773.0+5COPCLU::ELINTue Nov 12 1996TeamLinks 2.5 ServiceName= ?
1774.03OSLLAV::BJARNEC_PTue Nov 12 1996TL 2.7 SSB - gpf in cfcimail.dll when sending attachment!
1775.03PEARS::jazroc.fkr.dec.com::PEARS.muh.dec.com::rowoldTue Nov 12 1996TeamLinks cannot decode MIME messages that come from Netscape or MailWorks UNIX
1776.01CHEFS::mutara.uvo.dec.com::bulan.soo.dec.com::sporsenTue Nov 12 1996New mail notification and separate memory on NT
1777.03AIMTEC::LUCAS_ATue Nov 12 1996Unable to use the MS SanSerif Font in 2.7
1778.04TLAVWed Nov 13 1996Lost characters in Word V6 with TL 2.5-
1779.0VNABRW::EHRLICH_KWed Nov 13 1996MS InternetExplorer and Mailto (again!)...
1780.0ALFSS2::LUCAS_AWed Nov 13 1996Problems with Teamlinks and MATLAB
1781.0VAXRIO::ABREUWed Nov 13 1996Inserting form feeds during message creation ??
1782.05VAXRIO::6323Thu Nov 14 1996WINSOCK error: send() = 1
1783.01KERNEL::CLEVELANDBThu Nov 14 1996Rich Text format query
1784.0VAXRIO::6323Thu Nov 14 1996CustomCovermemoDll ... and printing accents
1785.09CHEFS::mutara.uvo.dec.com::stkone.soo.dec.com::sporsenThu Nov 14 1996takes long time to exit read new window
1786.01OASS::ANDRES_BThu Nov 14 1996Convert - File Not Found
1787.02SCASS1::DAVIESFri Nov 15 1996PWCONF Protection Fault
1788.03CHEFS::mutara.uvo.dec.com::stkone.soo.dec.com::sporsenFri Nov 15 1996error writing file IENC931.DAT during inst of 2.7
1789.01AIMTEC::LUCAS_AFri Nov 15 1996x.5
1790.02GRITS::CARTER_AFri Nov 15 1996GPF in CFCx4
1791.010BACHUS::COLLARTFri Nov 15 1996Header not printed in bold ?
1792.01BELFST::FITZPATRICKFri Nov 15 1996AIK corrupting MS-Office
1793.0GIDDAY::LEHSun Nov 17 1996maintain distrib list on shared system - revisited
1794.0+5OASS::GIANNETTI_DMon Nov 18 1996Problem with dirty flag in pab problem saving
1795.03OASS::ANDRES_BTue Nov 19 1996CoverMemoStyle Default Back to Text
1796.05ALFSS2::GIANNETTI_DTue Nov 19 1996Problem with Lotus Macro when doing file open
1797.02OASS::ANDRES_BTue Nov 19 1996Device Attached to the System is Not Functioning
1798.0HTSCTue Nov 19 1996File cabinet services is not available when remote pc user try to config the send/receive option on mail profile
1799.0SNOFS1::GERAGHTYWed Nov 20 1996TL 2.7 duplicate distribution list on export or forward
1800.0ALFSS2::LUCAS_AWed Nov 20 1996x4
1801.03GRITS::CARTER_AThu Nov 21 1996Sending from Word as Text document does not wrap
1802.09MLNCSC::CASAROTTIThu Nov 21 1996TL 2.5 GPF with VLM
1803.07AIMTEC::GIANNETTI_DThu Nov 21 1996Question about x.5
1804.02AIMTEC::STDBKR::Burden_dThu Nov 21 1996Reading RTF files in ALL-IN-1
1805.01BELFST::ras5.wro.dec.com::belfst.bvo.dec.com::mccorryThu Nov 21 1996TL2.7 network install problems.......
1806.02GUIDUK::SOMERFri Nov 22 1996Unable to read eXcel spreadsheet attachments
1808.02TAVSun Nov 24 1996Errors 8
1809.04SWING::WALSHMon Nov 25 1996TeamLinks to VMS MAIL with underscore !!
1810.03OASS::ANDRES_BMon Nov 25 1996Error sending mail Alta Vista from TL
1811.05GIDDAY::LEHMon Nov 25 1996different fonts used by Create Message TEXT ?
1812.0BULAN::goran1.fsc.dec.com::eriksson_gTue Nov 26 1996winelf TL 2.7 addressing option customize
1813.01GRITS::WILLIAMS_TTue Nov 26 1996known issues with vbrun3
1814.03OASS::ANDRES_BTue Nov 26 1996Blank entries in Select Recipients
1815.02STOWOA::msodhcp-124-216-85.mso.dec.com::corkumTue Nov 26 1996How to Deinstall Teamlinks
1816.0+3GIDDAY::BACOTWed Nov 27 1996Excel, TeamLinks, and opening files on shares
1817.01GIDDAY::LEHWed Nov 27 1996upgrade install of 2.7 using SMS
1818.02BULAN::calmar.soo.dec.com::bulaN::sporsenWed Nov 27 1996reserve & pointer problems
1819.0SCASS1::DAVIESWed Nov 27 1996"error opening file" +WinELF/WinVTX
1820.05KERNEL::CLEVELANDBThu Nov 28 1996TLFC32.DLL - missing cabinet functions?
1821.01BULAN::calmar.soo.dec.com::bulaN::sporsenThu Nov 28 1996teamlinks in reserved memory on NT 3,51
1822.01KERNEL::CROOKSThu Nov 28 1996TL v2.7 - Windows NT v3.51 - Pathworks DECnet v4.1b
1823.053459::waldek.rpw.dec.com::placek::calkaThu Nov 28 1996Restrictions?
1824.0FLASK2:: Nov 29 1996CFCLOCAL and CFCX4
1825.0GIDDAY::LEHMon Dec 02 1996TL 2.7 unable to send MailWorks mail in TEXT mode
1826.045862::16.194.2Mon Dec 02 1996Duplicate entries when scrolling large folders
1827.0+9AIMTEC::LUCAS_AMon Dec 02 19962.7 and the MAPI Driver
1828.03RIPPER::JOYCEMon Dec 02 1996TL V2.7 send options
1829.01NZOVMon Dec 02 1996TL and MAPI Complience
1830.03SNOFS1::LINCOLNRMon Dec 02 1996Remote Connection Manager & Mailworks 1.3A
1832.0ZURTue Dec 03 1996New Mail Notification with Windows95
1833.01NETRIX::"FarmerC@mail.dec.com"Tue Dec 03 1996What .INI gets updated with new mail notification info?
1834.01OASS::ANDRES_BTue Dec 03 1996WordPerfect 7.
1835.05GIDDAY::JOYCETue Dec 03 1996UUENCODE and WPCORP
1836.04GIDDAY::JOYCEWed Dec 04 1996TL 2.7 install/integration error
1837.02HTSCWed Dec 04 1996Closing MS-application problem.
1838.06GIDDAY::JOYCEWed Dec 04 1996Problem with MIME decoding
1839.01BACHUS::LAROCHEWed Dec 04 1996Correlation information in printout.
1840.03STUWed Dec 04 1996TL V2.5 + WW7 ???
1841.06KERNEL::CLEVELANDBWed Dec 04 1996CustomCoverMemoTitle usage
1842.01GRITS::WILLIAMS_TWed Dec 04 1996Wordperfect Tabs not linning up
1843.02NZACLO::COTONE::farinaThu Dec 05 1996Directory structure empty?
1844.02ZURThu Dec 05 1996TeamLinks Integration on Windows NT
1845.0248542::BOURDARIASThu Dec 05 19964
1846.02OASS::ANDRES_BThu Dec 05 1996Error Sending Attachment
1847.0SNOFS1::JOYCEJENNYThu Dec 05 1996Experiences installing 2.7
1848.01SEFIThu Dec 05 1996Any way to access multiple POP3 servers?
1849.03GIDDAY::JOYCEThu Dec 05 1996Word 2 macros
1850.0STUFri Dec 06 1996X4
1851.01OASS::ANDRES_BTue Dec 10 1996Inbox count off if reading tm message
1852.0+9AIMTEC::LUCAS_ATue Dec 10 1996x4
1853.02AIMTEC::GIANNETTI_DTue Dec 10 1996Problem with x4
1854.03GIDDAY::LEHWed Dec 11 1996SMU undesirable effects under 2.7
1855.02UTRTSC::SMEETSWed Dec 11 1996DL editor cause a GPF in X4
1856.01AIMTEC::BRASWELL_AWed Dec 11 1996Suppressing Prompt Message in TeamLinks
1857.05HTSCThu Dec 12 1996CFCX4
1858.01UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Dec 12 1996Newmail window disappears behind other windows
1859.0+5AIMTEC::LUCAS_AThu Dec 12 1996Problems with FCLIST.DLL
1860.01RHETT::STDBKR::BurdenThu Dec 12 19964
1861.01SNOFS1::JOYCEJENNYThu Dec 12 1996ADDFILES directory and customised templates
1862.02ZURFri Dec 13 1996X.5
1863.03FSTSC1::SCHOENFri Dec 13 1996TL german & SCANPROT english
1864.0FSTSC1::SCHOENFri Dec 13 1996answering a TL mail
1865.03KERNEL::CLEVELANDBFri Dec 13 1996Menu customisation questions
1866.05AIMTEC::LUCAS_AFri Dec 13 1996Sub or function not defined with reading mail
1867.02MASS1Fri Dec 13 1996When is a 32-bit version going to be available
1868.0+10GIDDAY::LEHMon Dec 16 1996 WINWORD windows not appear on screen after launch
1869.01WOODY::FABBRIMon Dec 16 1996how to print full header
1870.0KERNEL::HOULDINGJMon Dec 16 1996DECnet Links
1871.0+3BARNA::DSMAILTue Dec 17 1996HP 66
1872.01EVTAI1::FREULONTue Dec 17 1996ERROR 576
1873.01TAVTue Dec 17 1996Use ALT-TAB to get personal phone dir
1874.0+6WOTVAX::BELLTue Dec 17 1996TeamLinks users can mail SUBSCRIBERS:!
1875.04ALFSS2::BEKELE_DTue Dec 17 1996Editing mail in RTF6 format
1876.0ALFSS2::BEKELE_DTue Dec 17 1996Company LOGO file for cover memo
1877.05WOTVAX::BELLWed Dec 18 1996Missing attachments "break" TeamLinks!
1878.01SUOSWS::BARKERWed Dec 18 1996tl2.8 with schedule+ and ms-exchange
1879.02NQOSWed Dec 18 1996Calendar manager with 4.1 of UCX
1880.0CHEFS::codWed Dec 18 1996A1-MAPI gpf x4
1881.0+6SNOFS1::JOYCEJENNYWed Dec 18 1996TNEF
1882.01TROOA::LOBOWed Dec 18 1996Cannot delete "Document is not available" "currently locked"
1883.0VAXRIO::6323Fri Dec 20 1996Illegal Function Call error ...
1884.02MASS1Mon Dec 23 1996Tabs and spaces
1885.02OASS::ANDRES_BMon Dec 23 1996Printing WPCORP using Print to Server
1886.02MROA::AHEARNMon Dec 23 1996How to print Exchange Mail Attachments
1887.03GUAMA::JriveraMon Dec 23 1996Prob. With Mail notification - no mail wating
1888.02HTSCFri Dec 27 1996attached document name displayed as "5539"
1889.0+5ALFSS2::LUCAS_AMon Dec 30 1996Tl2.7 and Office 97....
1890.05GRITS::BUSH_STue Dec 31 1996Making Full size win the default window.
1891.0+3NCMAIL::DESENAThu Jan 02 1997GDI Resource Issues
1892.0OASS::ANDRES_BThu Jan 02 1997TL Remote - OK prompt not being received
1893.0OASS::ANDRES_BThu Jan 02 1997FIXEDSYS font with 2.7
1894.01GIDDAY::VELDThu Jan 02 1997Changing tag using File->Attribute doesn't work
1895.01GIDDAY::JOYCEMon Jan 06 1997IMAP support?
1896.0+5GIDDAY::LEHTue Jan 07 1997TeamLinks as default mail client to Internet Explorer
1897.0NETRIX::"torbens@dmats4.dmo.dec.com"Tue Jan 07 1997Print stops when printing mail with more attachements.
1898.0STKHLM::HORNBLADTue Jan 07 1997Turn off TL server connection check??
1899.0+6AIMTEC::LUCAS_ATue Jan 07 1997New Mail Notification Polling errors
1900.01TENNIS::KAMTue Jan 07 1997Give away - FREE TeamLinks V2.7 kits
1901.01AEOENG::16.4Tue Jan 07 1997you must install share.exe (TL 2.7 NT 3.51)
1902.05HTSCTue Jan 07 1997Outbox and X4
1903.023213::SYSTEMTue Jan 07 1997Mail Profile Problem on receive option
1904.03KERNEL::HOULDINGJWed Jan 08 1997Local drawer corruption
1905.01VNABRW::EHRLICH_KWed Jan 08 1997Printing problems with an attached .ZIP file...
1906.01TROOA::dhcpWed Jan 08 1997TL 2.5 -> 2.7 upgrade Word integration problem
1907.01MAIL2::EVERETTWed Jan 08 1997No timer available error.
1908.02WOTVAX::fluffybunny.bvo.dec.com::warins::fitzpatrickThu Jan 09 1997Code works for ALL-IN-1 V3.
1909.03NETRIX::"Peter Struve @.dmo"Thu Jan 09 1997Teamlinks Public folder capacity
1910.0OTOOA::PILGRIMThu Jan 09 1997PAB a problem in Calendar Manager
1911.03ALFSS2::BEKELE_DThu Jan 09 1997Auto-convert on Send
1912.01HTSCFri Jan 10 1997MS-Word V7.
1913.0+7NETRIX::"torbens@dmats4.dmo.dec.com"Mon Jan 13 1997DOS filespec. not found in document reg. table
1914.01BULAN::calmar.soo.dec.com::bulaN::sporsenMon Jan 13 1997oa@pcbdcst_mbx is full from Teamlinks only
1915.0+11NETRIX::"torbens@dmats4.dmo.dec.com"Mon Jan 13 1997Saving attachments to network path fails....
1916.0+6COLTue Jan 14 1997Error : TL crashes when choosing import file
1917.03VIVIAN::D_BONOTue Jan 14 1997Pulldown edit menu + delete attachment?
1918.0OASS::LUCAS_ATue Jan 14 1997Overstrike VS. Insert Mode TL2.7 w/ WIN95
1919.0SNOFS1::JOYCEJENNYTue Jan 14 1997wps+ page breaks ignored in TL 2.7
1920.04SLICER::RODWed Jan 15 1997Error 454 from Create Drawer
1921.0+5MLNORO::MALACRIDAWed Jan 15 1997X4
1922.0OASS::LUCAS_AWed Jan 15 1997TL2.7 and Mail Address Customizations
1923.0LEXSS1::HEGGEWed Jan 15 1997printing burst page
1924.01THEBAY::WIEGLEBWed Jan 15 1997TL V2.7/Windows NT/ODMA/Simple MAPI/Office97
1925.0THEBAY::WIEGLEBWed Jan 15 1997Problems with "Move" performance
1926.0+2OASS::ANDRES_BWed Jan 15 1997Cannot Load Custom Control dll C:\TL\TLADDR.DLL
1928.01BACHUS::LAROCHEThu Jan 16 1997No Addresses Were Found That Match the Recipient Name
1929.02AIMTEC::LUCAS_AThu Jan 16 1997Teamroute Template issues after 2.7 upgrade
1930.02MSBCS::MORINFri Jan 17 1997TeamLinks (VAX side) startup issues ...
1931.0STUFri Jan 17 1997Lost connection to FileCabinet !!!
1932.02RCOSS1::KINGSLEYFri Jan 17 1997Separate VTX/Notes kits
1933.0+4ZURMon Jan 20 1997Install TL 2.5 without A: drive
1934.03VMSNET::J_COLBURNMon Jan 20 1997Inbound from microsoft.com attach problems/
1935.0+7GLRMAI::horzempa.tay1.dec.com::glrMon Jan 20 1997Removing TL Integration after installing Office 97
1936.02GIDDAY::JOYCEMon Jan 20 1997"hands-off" TL install?
1937.02TAGEIN::SCHOENTue Jan 21 1997Tl & TCP/ip & Newmail Notification
1938.01OASS::ANDRES_BTue Jan 21 1997TL 2.7 and HP Laserjet 5si/5si mx
1939.0OASS::BURNAMAN_BTue Jan 21 19972.7 RTF left margin on read/print
1940.0+3HTSCTue Jan 21 1997posted date is later than delivered date?
1941.0+6DELNI::lexser3.lex.dec.com::DECNA.LKG.DEC.COM::emsleyWed Jan 22 1997TeamLinks 2.7 Crash (X4
1942.0+3KERNEL::CLEVELANDBWed Jan 22 1997Problem with TL Overflow and Word focus on NT 4
1944.0+2OASS::GIANNETTI_DWed Jan 22 1997Problem with char. spacing in heading and end files
1945.02OASS::GIANNETTI_DWed Jan 22 1997Problem launching attachments, any ideas?
1946.01OASS::LUCAS_AWed Jan 22 1997TL V2.5 Client PC running TL V2.7 on Network Server
1947.0+11ALFSS2::GIANNETTI_DWed Jan 22 1997Customer questions on MAPI in TL V2.7
1948.0+1OASS::GIANNETTI_DWed Jan 22 1997Question on customizing the Create Msg options
1949.0+3SNOFS1::JOYCEJENNYWed Jan 22 1997Delete UNREAD message doesn't change status
1950.0+2TAVThu Jan 23 1997Blank pages and NO copies ...
1951.01CHUECA::NIEVESThu Jan 23 1997problems connecting from NT
1952.0KERNEL::ANDERSONLThu Jan 23 1997read receipts, teamlinks & ALL-IN-1 V3.2
1953.0+15OASS::ANDRES_BThu Jan 23 1997Request for MAPI help
1954.0+1USPS::FPRUSSThu Jan 23 1997CFCMAPI - Invisible Exchange Folders!
1955.0 *+1OASS::LUCAS_AFri Jan 24 1997Wordperfect 7.
1956.0 *OASS::LUCAS_AFri Jan 24 1997TL2.7, WNT 4.
1957.0 *+2NETRIX::"FarmerC@mail.dec.com"Fri Jan 24 1997Harvard Graphics Attachments with TLV2.7
1958.0 *+2BULAN::calmar.soo.dec.com::bulaN::sporsenFri Jan 24 1997problem with distribution lists
1959.0 *+7OASS::ANDRES_BFri Jan 24 1997Error 65535 with Send Action from Infoman Script
1960.0 *OASS::ANDRES_BFri Jan 24 1997TL Remote with US Robotics Sportster 33.6.
1961.0 *+1ALFSS2::GIANNETTI_DMon Jan 27 1997problem with IBM S3 driver and TeamLinks
1962.0 *VAXRIO::6323Mon Jan 27 1997DDS search delays a lot
1963.0 *+3SNOFS1::HARVEYCHRISTue Jan 28 1997Not achieving real WYSIWYG in TL2.7 ??
1964.0 *+1ZPOVC::HEERJEEWed Jan 29 1997Uninstall Kit
1965.0 *+3TAGEIN::SCHOENWed Jan 29 1997Move doc & wrong day and time
1966.0 *+3AIMTEC::GIANNETTI_DWed Jan 29 1997Problem with original names of attach on MIME
1967.0 *+18ZPOVC::HINSIONGTANThu Jan 30 1997Sub or functions not define for TeamLinks 2.7!
1968.0 *+1UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTThu Jan 30 1997POP3: Error 34: Error 3 accessing housekeeping file
1969.0 *+9SIOG::CAVERLYFri Jan 31 1997V2.7 - Cannot save Word - Dos file cannot be opened
1970.0 *+1VAXRIO::6323Fri Jan 31 1997Program that uses Teamlinks Viewers
1971.0 *+3AIMTEC::LUCAS_AFri Jan 31 1997Using the LU (IOS) option in TLV2.7
1972.0 *+7TROOA::rasFri Jan 31 1997CTL3D32.DLL wrong version
1973.0 *+6TROOA::rasFri Jan 31 1997Word -> T/L -> Word Perfect
1974.0 *GRITS::SHEPPARD_JFri Jan 31 1997Printing text message.
1975.0 *+6HGOM3Sun Feb 02 1997TEAMLINK for WinNT
1976.0 *+1OASS::ANDRES_BWed Feb 05 1997Disabling TeamLinks Setup Icons with TL 2.7
1977.0 *+3GIDDAY::BACOTWed Feb 05 1997Russell Calendar Manager Server support retired?
1978.0 *+9TAVThu Feb 06 1997No connect via router diff area
1979.0 *+1WOHOSS::hossfeldFri Feb 07 1997eco install fails
1980.0 *+5OASS::GIANNETTI_DFri Feb 07 1997Problesm w/spontaneous disconnects see details...
1981.0 *+5ACISS2::FLOYDTue Feb 11 1997Users want text fonts back
1982.0 *+1han.hao.dec.com::FISCHER_HETue Feb 11 1997Using 2.7 API under WinNT 4.
1983.0 *+1SIOG::16.6Tue Feb 11 1997DDS lookup problem with (a) and pretty name
1984.0 *+1OASS::GIANNETTI_DWed Feb 12 1997Problem printing with HP 87
1985.0 *+2WOTVAX::16.194.2Wed Feb 12 1997NT4 and TL2.7 can't send messages
1986.0 *+5OASS::ANDRES_BThu Feb 13 1997(Draft) printed if message is COPIED
1987.0 *+9OASS::ANDRES_BThu Feb 13 1997Closing POP3 blanks screen
1988.0 *ALFSS2::BEKELE_DThu Feb 13 1997Permanently delete commands
1989.0 *+5FLASK2::SYSTEMFri Feb 14 1997Fixed/Variable Record Lengths
1990.0 *+3ALFSS2::BEKELE_DFri Feb 14 1997Switching primary drawer & current drawer indicator
1991.0 *+2GIDDAY::BACOTMon Feb 17 1997spell checking block of text causes hang??
1993.0 *+3TAVMon Feb 17 1997Out of file cabinet memory
1994.0 *+1VMSNET::R_HARRISMon Feb 17 1997Space admd
1995.0 *+1KERNEL::ANDERSONLTue Feb 18 1997Thumb on Vertical Scroll bar in Distribution Lists
1996.0 *+2XANADU::trcker.zko.dec.com::XANADU::OUELLETTETue Feb 18 1997Error message displaying Create Message window
1997.0 *+2GENIE:: Feb 18 1997German Version of TLO V2.7 ??
1998.0 *+1ATHINA::KARVOUNISWed Feb 19 1997Instruction on using MAPI Driver for ALL-IN-1
1999.0 *+1DEKVC::JINSUNPARKWed Feb 19 1997usage asyn with dialup thru psdn
2000.0 *+1TIMAMD::VICTORWed Feb 19 1997Mailing from Web Browsers
2001.0 *+4OTOOA::BELLONIWed Feb 19 1997TL 2.7 French availability
2002.0 *+6GIDDAY::BACOTWed Feb 19 1997InVircible steps on TeamLinks word integration
2003.0 *TAGEIN::SCHOENThu Feb 20 1997TeamLinks and DDS search
2004.0 *+2CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Feb 20 1997TeamLinks & hour glass for extended period of time
2005.0 *+2SNOFS1::WATTFri Feb 21 1997Pathworks32 & DECNET
2006.0 *+1VAXRIO::6323Mon Feb 24 1997Schedule+ and TeamLinks
2007.0 *+2AIMTEC::LUCAS_AMon Feb 24 1997Staging files being properly deleted....
2008.0 *+1VELI::KORKKOMon Feb 24 1997GPF at FCLIST.DLL at
2009.0 *+13AIMTEC::GIANNETTI_DMon Feb 24 1997Changing the "author" field in Word 7
2010.0 *+3ZURTue Feb 25 1997TL 2.7-1, Windows NT 4.
2011.0 *+3BEORN::MACKTue Feb 25 1997Lost MP, NX and ST files - Fix?
2012.0 *+2COPCLU::ELINTue Feb 25 1997Error 61
2013.0 *+4UTRTSC::SMEETSWed Feb 26 1997GPF in module CFCX4
2014.0 *+4SNOFS1::BOERSJACKThu Feb 27 1997Blank messages sent using TeamLinks
2015.0 *OASS::ANDRES_BThu Feb 27 1997DDS entries listed in different order
2016.0 *+3OASS::ANDRES_BFri Feb 28 1997Printing RTF message print To: value incorrect
2017.0 *GIDDAY::BACOTMon Mar 03 1997x4
2018.0 *GIDDAY::LEHMon Mar 03 1997Can't load Custom Control DLL on TX4VBB.VBX
2018.0 *+1GIDDAY::LEHMon Mar 03 1997Can't load Custom Control DLL on TX4VBB.VBX
2019.0 *+1BERGIL::MACKMon Mar 03 1997Excel launched to read WPS+
2020.0 *+4BACHUS::CLEVELANDMon Mar 03 1997DLLs on network drive
2021.0 *+1KERNEL::BURDENIMon Mar 03 1997File Cabinet repair and copy
2022.0 *+2AIMTEC::GIANNETTI_DMon Mar 03 1997Lotus 97 and TeamLinks 2.7?
2023.0 *VAXRIO::WILLECKEMon Mar 03 1997TeamRoute and Exchange
2024.0 *+1GRITS::WILLIAMS_TMon Mar 03 1997invalid password
2025.0 *+2GIDDAY::BACOTMon Mar 03 1997WordPerfect Viewer in TeamLinks 2.7
2026.0 *+4NZOVMon Mar 03 1997TeamLinks clients to MS-Exchange server
2027.0 *+3KERNEL::BURDENITue Mar 04 1997IOS normalization format table not set
2028.0 *+12OASS::ANDRES_BTue Mar 04 1997Error encountered while saving this message
2029.0 *+1NETRIX::"staebler@suo.dec.com"Wed Mar 05 1997TeamLinks V2.7-
2030.0 *+1BACHUS::CAPPELLEMANSWed Mar 05 1997TeamLinks 2.7 POP3 and Lotus-Notes
2031.0 *+4OSITEL::rtont2.rto.dec.com::rtoms1::schaefereWed Mar 05 1997Q: sending wordperfect through XMR/MB4
2032.0 *+6UTRTSC::SMEETSWed Mar 05 1997Reply insert spaces in front of TO addresss
2033.0 *+3NETRIX::"staebler@suo.dec.com"Wed Mar 05 1997TL V2.7 + Office '95 and '97
2034.0 *+5UTRTSC::SMEETSWed Mar 05 1997misleading contents in the inbox
2035.0 *+2HTSC19::DENISLIThu Mar 06 1997Local drawers are imaged after upgrade to 2.7
2036.0 *+10ALFSS2::GIANNETTI_DThu Mar 06 1997Problem with merge and ODMA w/Wordperfect 6.1
2037.0 *+3KERNEL::BURDENIFri Mar 07 1997Problems sending large files
2038.0 *+1OASS::ANDRES_BFri Mar 07 1997Underscore on Digital VP5
2039.0 *+8WKOL1Sat Mar 08 1997TL V3 EFT1 Problem Note
2040.0 *+6KERNEL::BURDENIMon Mar 10 1997DEFAULTS.INI and v2.7
2041.0 *+5VAXRIO::6323Mon Mar 10 1997Spell Checker - additional databases
2042.0 *+1GIDDAY::VELDTue Mar 11 1997GPF in CFCX4
2043.0 *KERNEL::BURDENITue Mar 11 1997V2.7 ECO1 on a Shared network service (Netware)
2044.0 *+1STKHLM::LUNDSTEDTWed Mar 12 1997MAC 7.6 and TL 2.1 & 2.5
2045.0 *+1OASS::ANDRES_BWed Mar 12 1997Sort Order and PAB
2046.0 *+2AIMTEC::LUCAS_AWed Mar 12 1997TLV2.5-
2047.0 *+4GIDDAY::BACOTWed Mar 12 1997V3 EFT1 - NumConverters=
2048.0 *+1SNOFS1::JOYCEJENNYWed Mar 12 1997SSelect Recipient box displayed with only one conte
2049.0 *+5DEKVC::JINSUNPARKThu Mar 13 1997handling 2 byte character on v2.7
2050.0 *+19WKOL1Thu Mar 13 1997V3 EFT1 - Problem launching Create Message Window
2051.0 *+5WKOL1Thu Mar 13 1997V3.
2052.0 *+1MASS1Thu Mar 13 1997V3.
2053.0 *+4MASS1Thu Mar 13 1997V3.
2054.0 *+3NETRIX::"staebler@suo.dec.com"Thu Mar 13 1997Search a folder ???
2055.0 *+2WKOL1Thu Mar 13 1997V3 EFT1 - Message Reply causes GPF
2056.0 *+5KERNEL::BURDENIThu Mar 13 1997File Association problems
2057.0 *+3WKOL1Thu Mar 13 1997V3 - EFT1 - Startup Error with CFCDEBUG
2058.0 *+3MASS1Thu Mar 13 1997V3.
2059.0 *+1OSLLAV::BJARNEC_PThu Mar 13 1997Q: Which DLL to use with CMFileAttach in Menu Cusomization?
2060.0 *+1BACHUS::CLEVELANDFri Mar 14 1997CR/LF display & print problem from HPOM via X4
2061.0 *+4KERNEL::BURDENIFri Mar 14 1997Problems printing WORD and EXcel
2062.0 *+7MLNORO::MALACRIDAFri Mar 14 1997Teamlink and Cisco Remote Plus
2063.0 *+2ACISS2::FLOYDFri Mar 14 1997NT V4.
2064.0 *+14OASS::ANDRES_BFri Mar 14 1997Viewing Org Unit 1-4 if using X5
2065.0 *+2COPCLU::TRIERSat Mar 15 1997File Cabinet Extract Tool?
2066.0 *WOTVAX::16.194.2Tue Mar 18 1997Why do UUENCODED attachments take so long to send?
2067.0 *+2OASS::ANDRES_BTue Mar 18 1997\d command in WPS-PLUS file not printing date
2068.0 *+3KERNEL::BURDENITue Mar 18 1997TeamLinks and NT
2069.0 *+2TEAMLK::alfras1_port2.alf.dec.com::teamlk::maximousWed Mar 19 1997V3-EFT1 - Clear Password does not work
2070.0 *+1TEAMLK::alfras1_port2.alf.dec.com::teamlk::maximousWed Mar 19 1997V3-EFT1 - cannot open public folder
2071.0 *+4WOTVAX::HILLISWed Mar 19 1997Another Password Cache question
2073.0 *+10STPWed Mar 19 19972.7 cannot connect to ALL-IN-1
2074.0 *+2CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Mar 19 1997Spell Checker seems slow...
2075.0 *+3OTOOA:: Mar 19 1997SP2 for Exchange Client V4?
2076.0 *+9AIMTEC::GIANNETTI_DWed Mar 19 1997Problem launching OFFICE97 files
2077.0 *+6GRITS::WILLIAMS_TWed Mar 19 1997marcro vba32.dll
2078.0 *+2ICS::BONVALLATWed Mar 19 1997One user gets hourglass when connecting
2079.0 *+2BARNA::DSMAILFri Mar 21 1997GPF module CFCLOCAL.DLL at
2080.0 *+4OASS::ANDRES_BFri Mar 21 1997PrintDistLists= in office.ini
2081.0 *+2ALFSS2::GIANNETTI_DMon Mar 24 1997Question about RAS and TeamLinks
2082.0 *+1NETRIX::"Peter.Struve@dmo.mts.dec.com"Mon Mar 24 1997cfc.dll - 32-bit version
2083.0 *+2DEKVC::JINSUNPARKTue Mar 25 1997large file send problem under slip mode
2084.0 *+6WOTVAX::rasmodem8.reo.dec.com::warbly::bellTue Mar 25 1997DEFAULTS.INI with no user interaction at all??
2085.0 *+1GRITS::WILLIAMS_TTue Mar 25 1997a1mail$connect.dmp
2086.0 *+2BIGUN::nessus.cao.dec.com::MayneWed Mar 26 1997Install failure on Windows NT 4.
2087.0 *+2HGOVC::WILSONPOONWed Mar 26 1997New Mail Notification option has no effect
2088.0 *+2KERNEL::BURDENIWed Mar 26 1997Directory Services additional Fields
2089.0 *ALFSS2::LUCAS_AWed Mar 26 1997Probs moving files w/ the MailWorks UNIX server
2090.0 *+2BACHUS::COLLARTWed Mar 26 1997Double-click differentiated action ?
2091.0 *+2ALFSS2::LUCAS_AWed Mar 26 19972.7-1, Scanprot and Winword 6.
2092.0 *+1OASS::ANDRES_BWed Mar 26 1997Vshield and TL 2.7 network installation
2093.0 *+6BACHUS::COLLARTThu Mar 27 1997Reservation problem from Infoman
2094.0 *CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Mar 28 1997Couple of questions about find
2095.0 *+3KYOSS1::ERICKSENMon Mar 31 1997ALL-IN-1 Kanji&English/TeamLinks English client
2096.0 *+4KERNEL::ANDERSONLTue Apr 01 1997POP3 Teamlinks 2.7 and Firewall
2097.0 *+10UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Apr 01 1997Another occurence of GPF in FCLIST.VBX
2098.0 *+3OASS::ANDRES_BTue Apr 01 1997Values for Dept: and Tel No when printing
2099.0 *+2KERNEL::BURDENIWed Apr 02 1997Moving mail to a local drawer.
2100.0 *+2KERNEL::BURDENIWed Apr 02 1997Teamlinks for Macintosh patches
2101.0 *--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 02 1997Deleted by moderator
2102.0 *+4ALFSS2::GIANNETTI_DWed Apr 02 1997Problem with Excel with ESSBASE integrated
2103.0 *+5KERNEL::BURDENIThu Apr 03 1997GPF in VBRUN3
2104.0 *+2KERNEL::BURDENIThu Apr 03 1997Addr family not supported by prot family
2105.0 *+3CHEFS::annep.uvo.dec.com::tayloraThu Apr 03 1997Using TLVERCHK to upgrade from 2.5 to 2.7
2106.0 *+7CXOSI::58seo.seo.dec.com::cxosi.cxo.dec.com::baschalThu Apr 03 1997Disconnect/On-Offline Question
2107.0 *+1WOTVAX::rasmodem7.reo.dec.com::warbly::bellFri Apr 04 1997Send PAPER MAIL via TeamLinks?
2108.0 *+1GRITS::WILLIAMS_TFri Apr 04 1997printing from Teamlinks
2109.0 *+7AIMTEC::GIANNETTI_DFri Apr 04 1997Field Test 3.
2110.0 *+1GIDDAY::BACOTMon Apr 07 1997Word/Excel attachments through LMS
2111.0 *+2ATZIS2::EHRLICH_KMon Apr 07 1997Invalid Session-ID within an Application
2112.0 *+2WOODY::FABBRIMon Apr 07 1997Availibility of TeamLinks 2.7 in French
2113.0 *+11GIDDAY::JOYCEMon Apr 07 1997Mail Profile update DDS/X.5
2114.0 *CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Apr 08 1997FIND TEXT abc in WASTEBASKET - General file cabinet error
2115.0 *+6AIMTEC::GIANNETTI_DTue Apr 08 1997? about UseDisplayFont
2116.0 *+2VAXRIO::6323Wed Apr 09 1997Local username shown twice
2117.0 *+4VMSNET::J_COLBURNWed Apr 09 1997How to add automatic format detection
2118.0 *+1VMSNET::J_COLBURNWed Apr 09 19975 Char password fails in Teamlinks
2119.0 *+3GIDDAY::JOYCEThu Apr 10 1997TL V3, MAPI and Outlook?
2120.0 *+3AIMTEC::LUCAS_AThu Apr 10 1997Installing TL on large drives
2121.0 *+5GIDDAY::JOYCEFri Apr 11 1997Some questions re: TL SDK
2122.0 *+1MEOCMon Apr 14 1997TeamLinks and WORKMAN - any info available??
2123.0 *+3MSAMMon Apr 14 1997file cabinet not found on sending ?
2124.0 *+2VNOMC2::TIMA_2Mon Apr 14 1997NT 4.
2125.0 *+8VNOMC2::TIMA_2Mon Apr 14 1997NT 4.
2127.0 *+12AIMTEC::GIANNETTI_DMon Apr 14 1997Problem with reading SOME msgs from NT
2128.0 *XANADU::x4Mon Apr 14 1997Fixed in V2.7
2129.0 *+3OASS::ANDRES_BMon Apr 14 1997Stop the reboot after installation
2130.0 *+2STKHLM::HORNBLADTue Apr 15 1997TL filecab converts WP6 documents to WP5
2131.0 *+3MLNCSC::ZAGHIWed Apr 16 1997Problem finding on format with remote MailWorks drawer
2132.0 *+2UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Apr 17 1997How to relocate office.ini
2133.0 *+7OASS::ANDRES_BThu Apr 17 1997To: field not always printing
2134.0 *+1OASS::ANDRES_BThu Apr 17 1997Strange behavior when reading new mail
2135.0 *+8GRITS::CARTER_AThu Apr 17 1997Printing to Lantronics print server
2136.0 *+3KERNEL::BURDENIFri Apr 18 1997Error 1
2137.0 *+4VAXRIO:: Apr 18 1997Teamlinks and Year 2
2138.0 *+4ALFSS2::GIANNETTI_DFri Apr 18 1997Problem Viewing from TeamLinks 2.7-1 VW error
2139.0 *+2SCASS1:: Apr 19 1997VTX - Genral protection Fault
2140.0 *+3CHEFS::annep.uvo.dec.com::tayloraMon Apr 21 1997Losing Excel docs when losing connection to file cabinet
2141.0 *+14GRITS::CARTER_ATue Apr 22 1997Can't create or reply with V2.7 ECO1
2142.0 *+1OASS::ANDRES_BTue Apr 22 1997Characters Sets and TeamLinks
2143.0 *+6OASS::ANDRES_BTue Apr 22 1997Reservation not being cancelled with WP 7.
2144.0 *+8WOTVAX::16.194.2Tue Apr 22 1997Text mail message makes system crash
2145.0 *+5SIOG::rasmodem3.dbo.dec.com::dubTue Apr 22 1997LDAP support ?
2146.0 *+7SLICER::RODTue Apr 22 1997FC cannot be accessed, disk may not be mounted
2147.0 *+2ALFSS2::GIANNETTI_DWed Apr 23 1997Problem with TeamLinks in Startup Win95
2148.0 *+1WOTVAX:: Apr 23 1997No Mail Notification with TeamLinks on NT
2149.0 *+2WOTVAX::16.194.2Wed Apr 23 1997APIs for POP3 and SMTP ?
2150.0 *+3GIDDAY::BACOTWed Apr 23 1997what is causing drawer corruption?
2151.0 *+3ZPOVC::HINSIONGTANThu Apr 24 1997Wrong Count in Wastebasket folder!
2152.0 *+1ZURThu Apr 24 1997Spell checking long words under Windows NT
2153.0 *+3VIVIAN::D_BONOThu Apr 24 1997V2.7-1 & WNT V4.
2154.0 *+2OASS::ANDRES_BThu Apr 24 1997TeamLinks hangs if CD is playing
2155.0 *+7ALFSS2::GIANNETTI_DFri Apr 25 1997Problem with out of memory errors
2156.0 *+3ALFSS2::BEKELE_DFri Apr 25 1997Archiving + TeamLinks + ALL-IN-1
2157.0 *+3EVTAI1::5dhcp14Mon Apr 28 1997teamlinks and pwd v5 server
2158.0 *+7OASS::ANDRES_BMon Apr 28 1997Blank space for folders and file titles in Drawers
2159.0 *+1BACHUS::COLLARTMon Apr 28 1997Word-wrap on NT 4.
2160.0 *+1OASS::ANDRES_BTue Apr 29 199755
2161.0 *+2GRITS::CARTER_ATue Apr 29 1997Time out with Hour Glass
2162.0 *+1GIDDAY::BACOTWed Apr 30 1997SmartSuite 96, FreeLance and TeamLinks V2.7
2163.0 *+3VIVIAN::D_BONOWed Apr 30 1997V2.7 print & reply questions
2164.0 *+1MUDIS3::FISCALWed Apr 30 1997notification - what is the difference
2165.0 *+3NQOSWed Apr 30 1997Can't see Exchange PAB from TeamLinks V3.
2166.0 *+2SLICER::RODWed Apr 30 1997GPF in CFCMAPI on TL V3.
2167.0 *+7ALFSS2::GIANNETTI_DWed Apr 30 1997Problem with TLremote & 7bit
2168.0 *+10GIDDAY::BACOTFri May 02 1997how to disable or remove BCC in TeamLinks
2169.0 *+5GIDDAY::BACOTFri May 02 1997storage area for the file cabinet service may be full
2170.0 *+1ATZIS2::EHRLICH_KFri May 02 1997PrintOptions causes TeamLinks to hang!
2171.0 *+3AIMTEC::LUCAS_AFri May 02 1997Print-To-Server PrintStyle not retaining values
2172.0 *+5ALFSS2::GIANNETTI_DMon May 05 1997Problem sending xls mime encoded to exchange
2173.0 *TAGEIN::SCHOENTue May 06 1997TL 2.7 & Breakpoint encountered
2174.0 *+2ZURTue May 06 1997include tables in message text inserts spaces
2175.0 *+9ALFSS2::GIANNETTI_DTue May 06 1997Problem printing from JetForms if TL client/srvr
2177.0 *+1AIMTEC::GIANNETTI_DTue May 06 1997Problem running TeamLinks Setup from 3.
2178.0 *+3WOTVAX:: May 06 1997Cannot save html file to file cabinet
2179.0 *+3NNTPD::"jacobsenp@mail.dec.com"Wed May 07 1997Automatic installation
2180.0 *+1BACHUS::CLEVELANDWed May 07 1997Umlaut, = & MIME combination
2181.0 *+1ALFSS2::GIANNETTI_DWed May 07 1997Viewers for Word, Excel and WordPerfect7?
2182.0 *+2KERNEL::BURDENIThu May 08 1997Login with a blank username
2183.0 *+1AIMTEC::LUCAS_AThu May 08 1997Unable to Deleted MSG from Teamlinks V2.7
2184.0 *+2ACISS2::BERGERThu May 08 1997How Does The Script Editor Store DMW Folder Aliases
2185.0 *+1TRNOI2::ASSELLEFri May 09 1997Max Size for a Local FIle Cab.
2186.0 *+1KYOSS1::POLAKOWSKIFri May 09 1997GPF in VIEW.DLL When Printing from V2.7
2187.0 *+4STUMon May 12 1997No STAGING directory...
2188.0 *+1NNTPD::"Struve@mail.dec.com"Mon May 12 1997Problem with ODMA and Excel7.
2189.0 *+1XANADU::trcker.zko.dec.com::XANADU::OUELLETTEMon May 12 1997'Hurricane" and TeamLinks, feedback requested.
2190.0 *+1KERNEL::BURDENIMon May 12 1997Infovbx.vbx
2191.0 *+2BACHUS::COLLARTMon May 12 1997Sorting with ODMA ?
2192.0 *+134Mon May 12 1997Notification to an NT box
2193.0 *+3ATZIS2::EHRLICH_KTue May 13 1997RTF editor and problem with Font-Size
2194.0 *+2NNTPD::"jacobsenp@mail.dec.com"Tue May 13 1997Using VMS mail adressing from TeamLinks
2195.0 *+3VIVIAN::D_BONOTue May 13 1997Printing on Nt 3.51 and TL V2.7-
2196.0 *+1ALFSS2::GIANNETTI_DTue May 13 1997Problem with WordBasic Err=543
2197.0 *+1AIMTEC::GIANNETTI_DTue May 13 1997FYI on Create Message speed with eco2 2.7 on a 33mhz system
2198.0 *+7BACHUS::COLLARTTue May 13 1997keyword length shorter in 2.7 than in 2.1
2199.0 *NNTPD::"thomas.staebler@suo.mts.dec.com"Thu May 15 1997Add Existing Drawer problem with IP-Alias
2200.0 *+2AIMTEC::LUCAS_AThu May 15 1997General questions about x4
2201.0 *+4NNTPD::"schnabel@mail.dec.com"Thu May 15 1997EFT1 3.
2202.0 *+4KERNEL::BURDENIThu May 15 1997AMIPRO Integration file cabinet error
2203.0 *+1VIVIAN::D_BONOFri May 16 1997Spell Check i) gives problems
2204.0 *+1WOTVAX:: May 19 1997RTF editor......
2205.0 *+1GIDDAY::BACOTTue May 20 1997V2.7 Create Message Window init is slow
2206.0 *+1TAVTue May 20 1997MAIN drawer appears EMPTY ...
2208.0 *+3TAVTue May 20 1997X4
2209.0 *+1WKOL1Wed May 21 1997We need an update from CAB!
2210.0 *+1HTSC19::DENISLIWed May 21 1997How to compress a MailWorks drawer's index file?
2211.0 *+1BACHUS::bro-ws-1565.bro.dec.com::brssws::VANDENBOSSCHWed May 21 1997Change layout of printed cover memo
2212.0 *+7BACHUS::bro-ws-1565.bro.dec.com::brssws::VANDENBOSSCHWed May 21 1997Routing address missing after decoding a message
2213.0 *+1ALFSS2::GIANNETTI_DWed May 21 1997It installs Word integration anyway on NT
2214.0 *+1MSAMFri May 23 1997TeamLinks V2.7 with Office97 - save as DOS ?
2215.0 *+1GIDDAY::BACOTFri May 23 1997Information Manager Window jumps in front of Read Message
2216.0 *+3ZPOVC::LAICHANFri May 23 199732-bit DLLs??
2217.0 *+4WOTVAX::HALLETTKFri May 23 1997Sales Resources?
2218.0 *+2ALFSS2::GIANNETTI_DFri May 23 1997? about local file cabinets and other files
2219.0 *+5COPCLU::ELINMon May 26 1997Deletion of empty folders?
2220.0 *+5VAXRIO::DJOVMon May 26 1997Mime and teamlinks 2.7
2221.0 *+1ALFSS2::LUCAS_ATue May 27 1997French Dictionary or Lexicon in TLV2.7
2222.0 *+7KERNEL::BURDENIWed May 28 1997No spell checking of WPS in WORD
2223.0 *+1034Thu May 29 1997PAB validation against network.dat
2224.0 *+1CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu May 29 1997Problem trying to do receipt notification
2225.0 *+234Fri May 30 1997Startup Configuration not displaying if run minimized
2226.0 *+434Fri May 30 1997Problem reading BIN HEX attachment sent from MAC
2227.0 *+1ALFSS2::GIANNETTI_DFri May 30 1997Problem for customer with TeamLinks hanging
2228.0 *+3NNTPD::"torbens@dmats4.dmo.dec.com"Mon Jun 02 1997XTIDNW: Internal error - Network I/O recursion detected.
2229.0 *+334Mon Jun 02 19973.
2230.0 *+2VAXRIO::VALERIAMon Jun 02 1997printing with HP JetDirect card
2231.0 *+1SWATTue Jun 03 1997ALL-IN-1 access requirements
2232.0 *+2KERNEL::BURDENITue Jun 03 1997Remote TeamLinks connection
2233.0 *+134Wed Jun 04 1997Moving Unread from Local Mail to Server Inbox
2234.0 *+2GIDDAY::BACOTThu Jun 05 1997PowerBraille and 'non-editable cursors'
2235.0 *+3VIVIAN::D_BONOThu Jun 05 1997<VT> characters in messages
2236.0 *34Thu Jun 05 1997SEND BLANK COVER MEMOS in IOS
2237.0 *CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Jun 05 1997Mail Notification and PC computer name > 11 chars
2238.0 *ALFSS2::GIANNETTI_DThu Jun 05 1997Illegal Function Call with Distribution List