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Conference abbott::on_help

Notice:This conference has been archived until further notice
Created:Thu Sep 06 1990
Last Modified:Fri Jul 16 1993
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:144
Total number of notes:732
Number with bodies:0
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1.05MIDI::DANThu Sep 06 1990Welcome to ON_HELP
2.049MIDI::DANThu Sep 06 1990Who's Who in ON_HELP?
3.011MIDI::DANThu Sep 06 1990DECWindows Help Committe Meeting Announcements
4.023MIDI::DANThu Sep 06 1990Notes from DECWindows Help Committee Meetings
5.06--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 24 1990Kit Announcements
6.011MIDI::DANWed Oct 24 1990HyperHelp Documentation
7.0CLOSET::DANWed Sep 12 1990Reserved for future use...
8.0CLOSET::DANWed Sep 12 1990Reserved for future use...
9.0CLOSET::DANWed Sep 12 1990Reserved for future use...
10.03262Mon Sep 24 1990Proposal for HyperHelp in OOTBs
11.02BOOKIE::HARRISTue Sep 25 1990Motif Help on Help topic for review
12.012SMURF::BREAUThu Sep 27 1990about "About"
13.012554::RAVENTue Oct 09 1990HyperHelp Authoring Guidelines Outline
14.011VAXUUM::SHINDLERThu Oct 18 1990Mod Info Design Roundtable
15.05MIDI::DANWed Oct 24 1990Review of Authoring Guidelines V1.
16.01MIDI::DANWed Oct 24 1990HyperHelp Engineering Issues
17.012MIDI::DANWed Oct 24 1990HyperHelp User issues
18.07EPIK::DONOHUEThu Oct 25 1990Announcing Proto-1: DECwrite Bookreader Prototype
19.0EPIK::DONOHUEThu Oct 25 1990Create Graphic Hotspots in Bookreader w/ DECwrite
20.0MINETT::BEABESTue Oct 30 1990Help buttons in dialog boxes
21.03DECWET::HUNTTue Oct 30 1990opinions on info/status lines?
22.01SMURF::CORCORANWed Oct 31 1990Some Modular Info Design Questions
23.02MINETT::BEABESWed Oct 31 1990How do users use help in general?
24.012VIA::EPPESMon Nov 05 1990What about products that run on PC platforms?
25.02MKFSA::SYSTEMMon Nov 12 1990Progress Junkie needs help
26.0VAXUUM::SHINDLERFri Nov 16 1990Proposed HH design ideas for consideration.
27.08GALVIA::JBROWNETue Nov 20 1990Hyperhelp Link problem
28.01GALVIA::JBROWNEWed Nov 21 1990Positioning the hyperhelp window
29.07MIDI::DANMon Nov 26 1990Draft of V2.
30.02SMURF::MANDELLFri Nov 30 1990Fonts and ULTRIX
31.06BOOKIE::MATHERSTue Dec 04 1990Default Link to Title Page
32.04MIDI::DANTue Dec 11 1990Comments on Latest Guidelines (11-DEC-199
33.01DISORG::GILLISWed Dec 19 1990HOTSPOTS: several issues for discussion
34.02BOOKIE::BAECHTOLDMon Jan 07 1991Bookreader Issues
35.010DECWET::TENGTue Jan 15 1991HyperHelp API Questions
36.06XLSIOR::OTTEMon Jan 21 1991The customer must be able to build HyperHelp files before we can use Hyperhelp
37.014GALVIA::HENRYFri Jan 25 1991HyperHelp for multiplatform products
38.05DISORG::GILLISMon Jan 28 1991Books, articles, videos and other resources...
39.01MINETT::BEABESThu Jan 31 1991Quality Checking for Motif---Start a new tradition if you haven't already
40.0METAFR::MEAGHERMon Feb 11 1991IBM's InfoExplorer online info system
41.0KOBAL::RAVENWed Feb 13 1991Worthwhile research to read
42.07BOOKIE::MATHERSFri Feb 15 1991review comments for ON_HELP file
43.02CLOSET::BEABESMon Feb 18 1991Help Menu discussion
44.012MIDI::DANWed Feb 20 1991New name for HyperHelp?
45.024MIDI::DANWed Feb 20 1991Menus, menu items, and menu item order
46.02KOBAL::RAVENThu Feb 21 1991interview guidelines
47.08DISORG::GILLISFri Feb 22 1991Proposed Menu item: Product Information
48.012BOOKIE::EPPESWed Mar 20 1991Multiplatform Help Subcommittee
49.03FORTY2::ABRAHAMSFri Apr 05 1991Writing converted secondary file - assign channel system service request failed - no I/O channel available
50.03AZTECH::ALVEYFri Apr 12 1991trying to start...
51.05WTPOOH::TRAPASSOThu Apr 25 1991How do customers create window-based online help?
52.01KOBAL::RAVENMon Apr 29 1991Menu Recommendations to the OSF
53.03OPHION::FURBUSHMon May 13 1991Separate Information Set?
54.05GLASS::FISCHERFri Jun 07 1991Example(s) Requested
55.0BOOKIE::BAECHTOLDTue Jun 25 1991Revised Guidelines Available
56.04BROKE::LEEWed Jul 17 1991Problem with quotas
57.04BROKE::LEEThu Jul 18 1991Context Information On Menu Items
58.013BROKE::LEEThu Jul 18 1991Home Grown Widget and HyperHelp
59.02AZTECH::RYERTue Jul 23 1991%SCN-F-TRENODNOT error using CONVERT_HELP
60.0BOOKIE::BAECHTOLDWed Jul 24 1991Announcing Help Writer Workshops
61.01BOOKIE::BAECHTOLDMon Aug 12 1991PRETTY does Ugly things to <HOTSPOT> tags
62.0EPIK::DONOHUEWed Aug 14 1991DECwrite/Bookreader Hyperinformation Prototype
63.04BICYCL::RYERWed Sep 11 1991Multiple widgets accessing the same help text
64.04CASEE::BALLADELLIThu Sep 12 1991Where is the book supposed to be ?
65.02CASEE::BALLADELLIFri Sep 13 1991Error opening directory in book
66.01CASEE::BALLADELLIFri Sep 13 1991ACCVIO when requested topic does not exist
67.0GUESS::PEPINTue Sep 17 1991Stacked LIST doesn't work in HELP.ONLINE Doctype
68.02GRUBER::RODGERSThu Sep 19 1991Some confirmation please, and request for doc pointer
69.0CASEE::BALLADELLIWed Oct 09 1991Announcing VTX T5.
70.013COOKIE::SANDERSONTue Oct 15 1991HH fails if Bookreader running
71.01COOKIE::D_BERRYMon Oct 21 1991NULL filename on DXmHelpSystemDisplay does not work
72.01COOKIE::D_BERRYMon Oct 21 1991Doesn't translate search lists
73.034GL::KIRKThu Oct 24 1991Using DXmHelpSystemOpen and tag argument.
74.024GL::KIRKFri Nov 01 1991Request for Work-in_progress window when activating help.
75.024GL::KIRKFri Nov 01 1991Bring up help in new window.
76.05GNUVAX::FLESSATue Nov 05 1991Will Motif Help System always be B&W..??
77.02MSBVLS::FSULLIVANMon Nov 18 1991Trying to Build Old VMS Library Help Into Product
78.01DISORG::GILLISWed Nov 20 1991question makr pointer ? doesn't appear...
79.01COOKIE::D_BERRYMon Nov 25 1991Multiple librarias created
80.02XLIB::CHANGFri Dec 06 1991DECwrite and MOTIF HELP SYSTEM
81.02CRAYON::GENTMon Dec 09 1991Macintosh System 7 Balloon Help
82.011WTPOOH::GILLISTue Dec 10 1991Numbered headings for HELP.ONLINE doctype?
83.02MARX::BARFIELDTue Dec 17 1991On-line Help for Ultrix?
84.0ORION::BAECHTOLDFri Dec 20 1991Polling all HyperHelp Writers
86.07COOKIE::D_BERRYMon Jan 06 1992INDEX menu option in HELP menu
87.081Thu Jan 23 1992Popup glossary terms
88.021Thu Jan 23 1992Hotspotting graphics in VAX DOCUMENT
89.04ASDS::MICOZZIFri Jan 24 1992Questions on Help behavior on an Ultrix System
90.01ISOISA::HAKKARAINENFri Jan 24 1992Using Motif Help from VUIT?
91.03MTVIEW::SILKTue Jan 28 1992Instructions for engineers?
92.02TNPUBS::MICOZZIThu Feb 06 1992Problems writing on VMS and running on Ultrix
93.02VISUAL::FALLETThu Feb 06 1992Bolded Table hotspots
94.03CUPTAY::BRADFORDTue Feb 25 1992"Coding" DECwrite source for Motif help?
95.01MARX::SHARPWed Feb 26 1992tags, tags, and more tags!
96.011ASDS::MICOZZIThu Feb 27 1992Questions about HH return code
97.05KASINO::ALTENHOFENFri Feb 28 1992How do I get the "topics" out of a book ?
98.0POBOX::TSUCHIYAMAFri Mar 20 1992Including images in a bookreader file?
99.0WEORG::ROGOFFThu Mar 26 1992Building for multiple destinations
100.02WEORG::ROGOFFThu Mar 26 1992Finding this conference isn't easy
101.030VNASWS::GEROLDWed Apr 22 1992HH for ULTRIX ??
102.0GALVIA::MCHALETue May 12 1992Multiple Help Files - pulling in a help file at runtime?
103.01KID2::BOSWELLBRWed May 13 1992Faster pointer acceleration?
104.09KAMPUS::ALTENHOFENMon May 18 1992On-line help should be more than text and graphics
105.03VISUAL::FALLETTue May 26 1992Problem with trademark symbol
106.03COSBY::TIBBERTFri May 29 1992Successive calls to DXMHelpSystemDisplay return status 1??
107.05COSBY::TIBBERTFri May 29 1992Cold start of Bookreader gives Library but no topic
108.01CHIPS::SYSTEMTue Jun 02 1992Useless DECTERM
109.0CUPTAY::BRADFORDWed Jun 17 1992TP WORKcenter design strategy for Motif help - how we're doing it.
110.03DOD2::PARKERWed Jun 17 1992How do you capture a screen
111.04--UnknownUser--Fri Jun 19 1992Node name in window.
112.011CUPOLA::DITSONThu Jul 09 1992help glossary hotspots?
113.0WEORG::GILLISThu Jul 30 1992Looking for solution to icon-in-table-problem...
114.01ANGLIN::GAINESFri Jul 31 1992Window buff dump to file, then print?
115.03DSSDEV::SCHANTue Aug 04 1992Can hotspots be highlighted by default?
116.0JULIET::DRUMMOND_ROFri Aug 07 1992URGENT - References Needed
117.02XNOGOV::GEEMon Aug 17 1992ULTRIX HyperHelp - API routines
118.05GRUBER::RODGERSMon Aug 17 1992Controlling order of help topics
119.02R2ME2::RODGERSTue Aug 25 1992Underlining table headings in Help widget?
120.01TAEC::WEBERThu Aug 27 1992does widget used for help constraints help file size ?
121.04CUPOLA::DITSONFri Aug 28 1992<part> vs. <chapter> ????
122.01WEORG::GILLISWed Sep 02 1992Next Visually Speaking Newsletter: Online Information
123.02OTOOA::ATTFIELDTue Oct 13 1992Specifying Alternate fonts for bookreader
124.02DSSDEV::SCHANThu Oct 29 1992HyperHelp on Alpha AXP?
125.0ASD::RAMANWed Nov 18 1992MOTIF help system problems....
126.0LJOHUB::VERRILLIThu Dec 03 1992PATHWORKS Help Guidelines
127.02COPCLU::WAGTBERGTue Dec 08 1992DXmCreateHelpDialog
128.01CAMONE::CUNHAMon Dec 14 1992Source files for Bookeader's Help book?
129.03CADSYS::BRIX::KINMONTHWed Dec 16 1992DXmHelpSystemOpen acting as no-op??
130.0WEORG::GILLISMon Jan 11 1993Don't use LMF tags with the HELP.ONLINE doctype
131.01MLNTSC::PARACCHIMon Jan 18 1993how i can print a graphic window?
132.03PEACHS::BELDINMon Jan 18 1993Troubleshooting hyperhelp/overview of startup
133.01WEORG::GILLISWed Jan 20 1993DECUS presentation on Motif Help System
134.01XLSIOR::OTTEWed Jan 27 1993What platforms have hyperhelp support?
135.011Tue Mar 09 1993Creating help buttons on dialog boxes
136.02ZORO::PRADHANWed Mar 10 1993Invalid object type
137.01VINO::HOFFMANMon Mar 22 1993Local error/warning routines not called.
138.01MIDI::DANFri Mar 26 1993End of an era...
139.01TNPUBS::GOVONITue Apr 06 1993<online_popup> question
140.02CHEEKO::MICOZZITue Apr 13 1993Problems building w/ultrix 4.3
141.03PLAYER::HERICKXThu Apr 15 1993Icon Box options not working as expected
142.0ODIXIE::SAMUELSThu May 06 1993Users cannot run DECW$ENDSESSION
143.0TOOK::FLETCHERWed Jun 09 1993HyperHelp on ULTRIX doesn't start up when invoked from application
144.0TOOK::FLETCHERWed Jun 09 1993How is DxMHelpSystem* routines implemented on ULTRIX?