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Conference abbott::office_filter

Title:Office Filter Prototype, from BOSE A/D
Created:Mon Feb 19 1990
Last Modified:Thu Dec 07 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:92
Total number of notes:438
Number with bodies:0
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1.0LGP3Thu Oct 26 1995What is the "Office Filter"?
2.059XANADU::POSTMon Feb 19 1990OFFICE FILTER Introductory Note - New Readers Please Reply
3.01XANADU::POSTFri Feb 23 1990VMS 5.1 Error Messages
4.04XANADU::POSTFri Feb 23 1990Command line invocation problem
5.07XANADU::POSTTue Feb 27 1990Tips on developing powerful Rule Sets
6.02XANADU::POSTTue Feb 27 1990General Information including Network Installation Kit and Documentation Information
7.06XANADU::POSTTue Feb 27 1990General Information
8.03XANADU::POSTTue Feb 27 1990Some VMS Performance Information
9.02XANADU::POSTTue Mar 06 1990Using OFFICE FILTER to filter the NEWMAIL folder on VMS
10.02IOSG::DAWSONTue Mar 13 1990Edit session lost!
11.03SUBURB::MCDONALDAThu Mar 15 1990It works, and some questions.
12.0XANADU::POSTThu Mar 15 1990Editing Rule Sets from the OFFILTER window
13.06BCSE::KREFETZMon Mar 19 1990V2.
14.0XANADU::POSTMon Apr 02 1990Description of OFFICE FILTER technology to Digital Patent Committee
15.0CASP::SEIDMANThu Apr 05 1990NEWMAIL flag option
16.01MEIS::FONSECAThu Apr 19 1990Batch jobs which dream
17.01XANADU::POSTFri Apr 20 1990Bug with "Exact Text" Fieldtype
18.01MEIS::FONSECAMon Apr 30 1990How to get file name inside shell script?
19.0XANADU::POSTThu Jul 12 1990Network Installation Instructions - Version 2.1
20.08XANADU::POSTWed Jul 25 1990Version 2.1 Quirks and Misc Info
21.0XANADU::POSTFri Nov 02 1990Version 3.
22.0XANADU::POSTMon Nov 05 1990Some of the New Features in Version 3.
23.014GOLONG::JUITTTue Nov 06 1990V3.
24.04XANADU::POSTWed Nov 07 1990Suggestions for the Next Release - Version 3.1
25.010BREAKR::FRANKWed Nov 14 1990VMS V5.4 DECW V3 IFT?
26.01HERON::DEVRIESThu Nov 15 1990Passing Parameters?
27.05BAVIKI::GOODWed Dec 05 1990Want to filter multiple folders/containers at a time
28.05XANADU::POSTFri Dec 07 1990OFFICE FILTER and Message Templates
29.02IOCTL::zemonMon Dec 10 1990Suggestions for ULTRIX version
30.0XANADU::POSTWed Dec 12 1990VMS V3.
31.01UKCSSE::PLATTThu Jan 17 1991Filter for ALL-IN-1 yet?
32.01SANTEE::GREENEMon Jan 21 1991V3.1 availability?
33.0XANADU::POSTFri Jan 25 1991OFFICE FILTER V3.1 Announcement and Kit Installation Instructions
34.020XANADU::POSTFri Jan 25 1991OFFICE FILTER V3.1 Bugs
35.01PHLACT::BROWNEThu Jan 31 1991USIS Toolkit and "The Filter"
36.031XANADU::POSTFri Feb 01 1991OFFICE FILTER V3.2 Suggestions requests
37.04HERON::DEVRIESWed Feb 06 1991Office Filter on VMS V5.3?
38.01SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Mar 07 1991Announce this conference in EASYNET_CONFS?
39.01PUTTER::WARFIELDFri Mar 15 1991Problems filtering
40.02HERON::DEVRIESThu Mar 21 1991A Notes Agent....
41.03XANADU::LESLIETue Apr 23 1991Questions about OFFICE FILTER prototype By: XANADU::POST Only my mother calls me Dr.....
42.01XANADU::POSTWed Apr 24 1991Filtering MAIL messages and entering them into Notes Conferences - No PAN required
43.03XANADU::POSTFri May 24 1991OFFICE FILTER V3.2 Announcement and Kit Installation Instructions
44.0XANADU::POSTFri May 24 1991OFFICE FILTER V3.2 Release Notes
45.025XANADU::POSTTue May 28 1991OFFICE FILTER V3.2 Bugs
46.022FLY::gabrielThu Aug 15 1991Customization
47.011HIGEAR::AVERYWed Oct 23 1991Processing Mail Message Headers
48.01IOSG::WDAVIESMon Nov 11 1991ALL-IN-1 (IOS) Connection ?
49.06HAMPS::JORDANMon Nov 18 1991ALL-IN-1 Personal Assistant
50.03SWVAX::MCCRUDDENWed Dec 04 1991Supported Teamlinks and X.4
51.04EVENS::NUTKINSMSun Dec 29 1991Advice on ALL-IN-1 Personal Assistant
52.01AKOVMon Jan 20 1992How to check for EMPTY message bodies
53.01AKOVMon Jan 20 1992bug: m_replace(key="Current-Folder",value="UNFILTERED")
54.08HIGEAR::AVERYThu Feb 06 1992MAIL - REPLY WITH & FORWARD TO problems
56.0EPOCH::JOHNSONMon Feb 10 1992Looking for implementation info
57.01YUPPY::BOE2::GORARDMTue Feb 11 1992Mail notification for DOS users ...
58.04XANADU::POSTFri Feb 14 1992OFMONITOR: can I start it from a batch job?
59.03TAEC::JOHNSONFri Feb 28 1992ultrix problem
60.0ADMIRL::HAZLETONTue Mar 03 1992Foreign Formats used with Office Filter
61.03CERN::HOBBSThu Mar 26 1992WATCH_MAIL replacement, rules and procedures
62.02IOSG::PYEMon Jun 01 1992Anyone want old conferences on IOSG?
63.02SHINER::D_HOHMFri Jun 05 1992Can OF move a message to a new mail *file*?
64.0XANADU::POSTFri Jul 24 1992The Personal Newspaper Service Announcement
66.06STAR::DICKERSONThu Aug 06 1992Using OF to filter MAIL into Notes
67.02AIRG::BIG_MARQUESThu Feb 04 1993Different folders for each rule?
68.02IOSG::BILSBOROUGHMon Mar 15 1993OF and VMS V6.
69.03CLARID::JOERG::JOERGTue Mar 16 1993'intelligent' selection criteria?
70.0112Mon Mar 29 1993Cannot match text in message body lines with : in them
71.0CLARID::JOERG::JOERGTue Apr 27 1993DECtree?
73.01TAMARA::POSTWed Sep 15 1993OF V4.
74.01TAMARA::POSTWed Sep 15 1993OF V4.
75.02TAMARA::POSTWed Sep 15 1993OF V4.
76.0TAMARA::POSTThu Sep 16 1993OF V4.
77.06PTOVAX::SCOTTMon Sep 20 1993slocal comparison ?
78.0TAMARA::POSTTue Sep 21 1993Internal Sentinel News Service Announcement
79.0TAMARA::POSTTue Sep 21 1993Sentinel Product Information References
80.0TAMARA::POSTTue Sep 21 1993OFEDIT V4.
81.0TAMARA::POSTWed Sep 22 1993OF V4.
82.0SALMON::FERJULIANFri Sep 24 1993Net-Install suggestion...
83.02CAIMAN::BOLENE::TurndalTue Sep 28 1993Trying to print form OFEDIT and RULE window Fails
84.0CERN::JRSMon Dec 06 1993OF_VMS_INSTALL.COM doesn't like <> in SYS$LOGIN
85.01IOSG::BILSBOROUGHWed Feb 09 1994ALL-IN-1 Personal Assistant slow!!!!
86.03AUSSIE::TONGThu Mar 10 1994date comparison?
87.03HLDEMon Mar 21 1994EFT FilterWorks V1.
88.0TAMARA::POSTTue Mar 29 1994OFFICE FILTER Personnel Change
89.02THEPUB::JRSThu Jul 28 1994Office Filter for OpenVMS AXP?
90.01TNSG::LESLIEMon Mar 20 1995OpenVMS AXP Version of Office Filter available
91.03QUABBI::"berthold@zko.dec.com"Sat May 27 1995Is there a version for Digital Unix?
92.02FBEDEV::MARALIGAWed Oct 25 1995Location of the kits ????