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Conference abbott::neural-networks

Title:The New Neural Networks Conference
Created:Fri May 25 1990
Last Modified:Sun May 04 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:82
Total number of notes:276
Number with bodies:6
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2.02TLE::CONTIThu Jun 28 1990Related Notes Conferences
3.03LGP3Fri May 29 1992Meeting, conference, seminar, and course announcements
4.0LGP3Fri May 29 1992Archive of past announcements
9.01XANADU::FLEISCHERFri May 25 1990Reserved
10.012RISKS::CARLSONThu Jun 28 1990books on neural nets
11.0BUCKY::MPALMERTue Jul 10 1990looking for SDM simulator
12.05SUBWAY::RAYMANWed Jul 11 1990let's get quibbling
13.02TLE::CONTIWed Aug 15 1990Woods Hole Demos
14.04KAOFS::R_VIERICHTue Sep 04 1990determining the hidden layer dimension
15.02CQ::REHBERGThu Sep 06 1990An ADA generic package for simple neural nets
16.011MARX::ANDERSONThu Sep 13 1990Educational - Courses, seminars etc
17.03GNARLY::SYSTEMSun Sep 16 1990Propagation Delay in Neural Nets
18.02LEARN2::MUTHMon Sep 24 1990Handwritten Digit Recognition Demo using NN
19.015FASDER::MTURNERMon Nov 12 1990Cascade-Correlation Method
20.03YIPPEE::ROACHFri Nov 30 1990tlearn, ndimag, n-net, genesis, condela pointers
21.0LEARN2::MUTHSat Dec 08 1990Neuron Digest pointer
22.06DENVER::FRASERThu Dec 20 1990Looking for Demonstration Software
23.01FASDER::MTURNERTue Jan 22 1991Locations of ftb-able Simulators
24.02SAIPAN::MCCOLLUMWed Jan 30 1991a NN application in Manufacturing
25.0DORA::MAYNARDMon Feb 18 1991how about N-N Hardware
26.04FASDER::MTURNERThu Feb 28 1991Neural-Net with Spreadsheet
27.03CFSCTC::PALMERThu Mar 28 1991seek papers on NN for data compression
28.01KAOU93::VIERICHThu Jun 06 1991information on backpercolation
29.01HGRDFri Jun 14 1991Character pattern recognition, help !
30.09BUFFER::CANFIELDFri Jun 21 1991Announcing ICR software for customer applications
31.01HGOVC::JOHNSUMMon Jun 24 1991Synatic and Back Proprgation
32.02HGOVC::JOHNSUMWed Jul 03 1991Higher Degree on Connectionism/Neural Network
33.02HLODEC::CLARKWed Jul 31 1991Help needed re claims applcation
34.0HGOVC::TONYLOThu Aug 08 1991Neural Nets for seismic or exploration applications?
35.05EVOAI1::RIPOLLFri Aug 23 1991NN on DECmpp (MASSPAR)?
36.01EVOAI1::RIPOLLThu Sep 05 1991Nestor on Digital?
37.01BUFFER::LEEMon Sep 16 1991Machine Learning Position in DEC
38.0MGOSTue Oct 22 1991Neur.-Nets in Power Distribution?
39.05NAVIER::LONGMon Nov 04 1991Tierra Presentation in Hudson???
40.07SAIPAN::MCCOLLUMTue Dec 03 1991how to handle missing inputs ?
41.0HGRDFri Jan 17 1992ABOUT OCR
42.0NAMSTE::PATELTue Feb 11 1992NNs into Work Flow
44.07ADO75A::MCSHANEThu Mar 12 1992VAX NN Solution please (vs. SUN)
45.0SHIRE::MORANDTue Mar 24 1992ATREE2.ZIP free NN for Win3.
46.0FASDER::MTURNERWed Apr 15 1992IJCNN '92
47.0BOLTON::PLOUFFFri Apr 24 1992Neural Network Patent Watch
48.0PARITY::KLEBESTue Apr 28 1992Neural Networks & Signature Analysis Research
49.02HGRDMon May 04 1992Applicable in the Speech Domain ?
50.02FASDER::MTURNERMon May 18 1992MPP Implementations
51.0CAPTIN::KIRKWed May 27 1992NN & Realtime Control course: 6/2/92
52.03RANGER::PATTERSONFri Jul 17 1992tierra?
53.010MR4DEC::VANTREECKMon Jul 27 1992Unsupervised nets in Digital?
54.0SHARE::STARVASKITue Aug 04 1992Seminar, No registration required /pjs
55.01DKAS::QUIGLEYFri Sep 04 1992Other NN conferences?
56.01CAPTIN::KIRKMon Oct 05 1992NN Course in Marlboro, Nov. 1
57.0SUBWAY::KABELTue Oct 20 1992Neural nets in trading
58.01WOTVAX::COOKERTue Nov 17 1992Your help Please?
59.0SHARE::STARVASKIFri Nov 20 1992Seminar: Synapshot for SCo
60.05MR4DEC::VANTREECKTue Dec 01 1992Using genetic algorthms to design nets
61.0XSTACY::JLUNDONWed Feb 10 1993ICANN in Netherlands
62.02PIKOFF::RONANWed Mar 10 1993Info needed RE financial world
63.0SNOFS1::ZANOTTOThu May 06 1993Spreadsheet, or not to !
64.0TKOV58::NAKASHIMAThu Jun 17 1993Looking for NN on Alpha AXP (DEC OSF/1)
65.0KAU116::VIERICHFri Jun 18 1993Looking for paper on Self-Teaching Backgammon Program
66.011SNOFS1::ZANOTTOMon Jul 05 1993Up-to-date information !
67.01VFOVAX::BELLWed Aug 18 1993XOR via nn: how?
68.04NAMSTE::PATELWed Nov 03 1993Neural Nets in Investements
69.06SNOFS1::ZANOTTOFri Dec 03 1993Grouping software
70.03CSOA1::SHIVVTue Dec 07 1993New kid on the block
71.0CSOA1::SHIVVSun Dec 12 1993Genetic algorithms and NN
72.05SNOFS1::ZANOTTOWed Feb 02 1994Class clustering !
73.0TAVIS::NSIVMon Apr 04 1994Looking for internal document about neural systems.
74.0RTOEU::ESELBACHThu Apr 28 1994Synapse Neural computer?
75.01HGOM11::BRENDACAOWed May 18 1994NN s/ws on DEC OSF/1?
76.02HANNAH::LANDAUWed Jun 22 1994Fuzzy logic: new important technology
77.07STKAI1::T_ANDERSSONThu Jan 05 1995Who cares?
78.0HUMAN::SUPNIKFri Jan 06 1995Mitsubishi samples NN chip
79.01COMICS::SUMNERCTue Oct 03 1995Example code/program requested
80.0 *+3SUBSYS::POIRIERFri Mar 28 1997Does anybody still read this conference?
81.0 *SUBSYS::POIRIERSun May 04 1997Image recoginition with artificial neural nets
82.0 *SUBSYS::POIRIERSun May 04 1997Source code for Windows 95 Application, Neural networks for image recognition