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Conference abbott::mailworks-vms

Title:MailWorks for OpenVMS
Notice:kit info notes 3-6; policies note 2; reporting bugs note 7
Created:Wed Jul 28 1993
Last Modified:Mon Jun 02 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1583
Total number of notes:6814
Number with bodies:164
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1.0KOALA::PRINCIPIOSun Aug 01 1993Welcome to MAILWORKS-VMS
2.0KOALA::PRINCIPIOSun Aug 01 1993Policies and Procedures
3.021KOALA::PRINCIPIOSun Aug 01 1993Server/VMS Client Info
4.05KOALA::PRINCIPIOSun Aug 01 1993DOS Client Info
5.0KOALA::PRINCIPIOSun Aug 01 1993Windows Client Info (TeamLinks)
6.0KOALA::PRINCIPIOSun Aug 01 1993Mac Client Info (TeamLinks)
7.02KOALA::PRINCIPIOMon Aug 02 1993Problem Reporting Info
8.0KOALA::PRINCIPIOMon Aug 02 1993Related Notesfile Info
9.01KOALA::PRINCIPIOMon Aug 02 1993Language Variant Kit Announcements
10.016KOALA::PRINCIPIOMon Aug 02 1993Documentation Info
11.07KOALA::PRINCIPIOThu Aug 05 1993Miscellaneous Announcements
12.04KOALA::PRINCIPIOTue Aug 10 1993Wish List
13.05KOALA::PRINCIPIOTue Aug 10 1993ASE Performance and Configuration Guide
14.0KOALA::PRINCIPIOMon Aug 02 1993Reserved for Future Use
15.0KOALA::PRINCIPIOMon Aug 02 1993Reserved for Future Use
16.03BACHUS::COLLARTThu Aug 05 1993MRG bad license after upgrade ?
17.010KOLFAX::WIEGLEBThu Aug 05 1993Suggestion box for moderators
18.02CALLAO::MICMon Aug 09 1993Access to "remote" distribution lists
19.01BACHUS::COLLARTMon Aug 09 1993Undelete more than 1 mess from Windows client ?
20.0KOALA::LAVASHMon Aug 09 1993Common Local Language Problems
21.02LOOPBT::SOBELMon Aug 09 1993Erase on Delete for Security
22.02UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Aug 10 1993final reply topic 3736
23.03BALZAC::KUOCHTue Aug 10 1993Print a WordPerfect doc.
24.06OSLACT::OLAVWed Aug 11 1993Motif user interface?
25.05COMICS::HALFACREEWed Aug 11 1993Reading Wordperfect in DECWindows Client
26.02TRLIAN::MAYWed Aug 11 1993HELP!! with callable mail server and no password.
27.010BUSHIE::SETHIThu Aug 12 1993*WISH* Housekeeping routines and File Cabinet tools
28.02SNATCH::EGGIMANNFri Aug 13 1993MAC client and NDN for one of many valid X.4
29.03OSLACT::OLAVFri Aug 13 1993X.5
30.02GOIVIT::ALDENFri Aug 13 1993Unix vs. VMS server --> which clients can connect?
31.03BUSHIE::SETHIMon Aug 16 1993Questions about the internals of DMW's
32.01CGOOA::BARNABEMon Aug 16 1993Win Client crashes while creating new msg
34.02LEMAN::GOLON::BezenconMon Aug 16 1993DDE API documentation
36.01GLDOA::HOLBELMon Aug 16 1993Extension Id /Retix
37.02GIDDAY::BURTMon Aug 16 1993mempkg error mem_resize on exit
38.02KAOFS::R_OBASTue Aug 17 1993How can I suppress long DL when printing !
39.02UTRTSC::SMEETSWed Aug 18 1993incompatiblity DEC Mailworks/DECforms
40.03COPCLU::COPLE4::GLARGAARDWed Aug 18 1993V1.2: A1MAIL werb missing on vanilla installation
41.03BACHUS::COLLARTWed Aug 18 1993Do you still need a cleanup procedure ? see this.
42.0CTHP12::M_MORINWed Aug 18 1993Pathworks for MAC V1.2 and Pathworks Listener
43.02DELSWed Aug 18 1993two Dec MAilworks with Message Router
44.010TINNIE::SETHIThu Aug 19 1993MUAS$SERVER PAGE_FILE quota formual questions
45.012HGOVThu Aug 19 1993internal error 24
46.02KAOFS::M_BARNEYThu Aug 19 1993Submission Protocol Error 17
47.04BACHUS::COLLARTThu Aug 19 1993message sometimes lost after filing an attachment
48.011ZPOVC::WENDYLAIFri Aug 20 1993No privilege to DDS - revisited
49.04COPCLU::COPLE4::GLARGAARDMon Aug 23 1993Win_V1
50.015EPAVAX::CARLOTTIMon Aug 23 1993Problems with DECmailworks/Message Router setup
51.03WASCLY::HENNEMon Aug 23 1993Message Router - To install or not to install...?
52.02GIDDAY::LEHTue Aug 24 1993Objects A1M$CONNECT and A1M$MUAS disappeared
53.01KERNEL::PCIOF2::CHEWTERTue Aug 24 1993Get Folder error
54.02MINNY::ADDORTue Aug 24 1993DMW in hidden area using remote Mailbus
55.010WASCLY::HENNETue Aug 24 1993DOS Server (A1MDOS
56.03MSAMWed Aug 25 1993UCX V2.
57.02GIDDAY::LEHThu Aug 26 19931.1 DOS client crashed while adding a PAB entry
58.02TRIGG::VOGELThu Aug 26 1993Problem when ADMIN_DOMAIN field is blank
59.02HALIBT::MCCANTAThu Aug 26 1993X4man from ALL-IN-1 IOS
60.04GLDOA::HOLBELThu Aug 26 1993MAILworks? TEAMlinks?
62.03OSLACT::JOSTEINFri Aug 27 1993MAILworks/DECforms kit
63.04SNOCFri Aug 27 1993install probs
64.012HLDGFri Aug 27 1993MRIF_ITEM, MRIF_EIT what are they really?
65.03QMARY::RICKW::RickFri Aug 27 1993A1MAIL$CONNECT - rogue file connections remaining
66.08TINNIE::SETHISun Aug 29 1993DECUS '93 in Australia customer feedback
67.04SNATCH::EGGIMANNMon Aug 30 1993Problems sending WPS+ messages from A1 IOS to DMW
68.01OSLACT::OLAVTue Aug 31 1993Insufficient resources during a network connect to the mail server?
69.05CANOVA::CHIARANTINITue Aug 31 1993ROUTING or End Node server?
70.01STKHLM::ALINDGRENTue Aug 31 1993DMW DECwindow client, create window options ?
71.01HLDGTue Aug 31 1993Distributed folders?
72.0151847::COPLE4::GLARGAARDTue Aug 31 1993V1.2 connect_startup gives system-f-nologtab
73.06GIDDAY::SETHIWed Sep 01 19935 active links per MS-Windows client why ? DMW's 1.2
74.03HAMSC2::EBUSCHThu Sep 02 1993DM-windows breaks fonts???
75.05KAOFS::R_OBASThu Sep 02 1993Problem V1.2-b14 ft2 !
76.01KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLThu Sep 02 1993DX Packets?
77.05HYDRA::GERSTLEThu Sep 02 1993Digital Mail Survey - your help is requested!
78.02HTSC19::SIMONLAUFri Sep 03 1993A1 MAIL SVR vs A1 MAIL WAN SVR ?
79.0GLDOA::LEONARDFri Sep 03 1993Unisys terminal support???
80.06STKAI1::SBERGQUISTFri Sep 03 1993DECMAILworks --> VMSmail-->SMTP
81.01METZFri Sep 03 1993DEFENDER access control system
82.01METZFri Sep 03 1993Which vax for teamlinks in term of power
84.026Mon Sep 06 1993DMW's startup 1.2 %SYS-F-NOLOG error if UIC > 3 chars
85.0223535::SIMONLAUMon Sep 06 1993New mail notification in A1MAIL for Windows ?
86.0423535::SIMONLAUTue Sep 07 1993A1MAIL-WINDOWS "unable to connect to the file cabinent"
87.02UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTTue Sep 07 1993server SHUTDOWN on error ?
88.0251678::JNORRBOMTue Sep 07 1993Upgraded to version 1.2 SSI-error being logged
89.0129Tue Sep 07 1993Can we change title/icon name ?
90.0329Tue Sep 07 1993No icon image displayed
91.0LAIDBK::MATTHEWS_TITue Sep 07 1993MAILworks vs. VMSmail Performance/Sys. Resources
92.05BUSHIE::SETHITue Sep 07 1993Time Offset problems between DMW's and ALL-IN-1 IOS
93.02BACHUS::BHP64::VerbraekenWed Sep 08 1993Are all clients totally integrated or not ?
94.01BACHUS::BHP144::LarocheWed Sep 08 1993Disk space issues
95.04BUSHIE::SETHIThu Sep 09 1993Install procedure for 1.2, problems with VT client
96.02WEOOIS::TrickettThu Sep 09 1993STOP! Don't delete it. Where are the docs????
97.03EEMELI::VAINIKKAThu Sep 09 1993A1MAIL$CCT_MAIL crashed in sever node
98.011UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTThu Sep 09 1993SEND hangs PC's : ( create_body... ACCVIO )
99.02OSLACT::BJARNEC_PFri Sep 10 1993How use WordPerfect as Default (VMS) Editor?
100.0LUXFri Sep 10 1993X4
101.01STKAI1::JNORRBOMFri Sep 10 1993Installation-problem that you may be made aware of...
102.04WOTVAX::NUKVXA::Andy_DoranFri Sep 10 1993Problems running in a cluster with PATHWORKS
103.010FAILTE::LAAHSMon Sep 13 1993DDS Lookups and V1.2
104.07OASS::ANDRES_BTue Sep 14 1993DX attachment not being converted
105.01HGOSPS::DENISLIWed Sep 15 1993async connsee "out of network resource" error
106.02ISIDRO::ATTO44::MICWed Sep 15 1993Avoiding a profile field from being changed
107.02STKAI2::SWEWed Sep 15 1993Subjec info in delivery notification
108.0STKAI1::SBERGQUISTWed Sep 15 1993Revisited: DMW-->VMSmail-->SMTP
109.02KAOFS::R_OBASWed Sep 15 1993Can we Rename an account ?
110.02NZOMIS::ROBBINSThu Sep 16 1993DEC MailWORKS on Alpha etc
111.02SWTHOM::GRAMAINThu Sep 16 1993DIR WASTBASKET => deleted msg not shown
112.01BACHUS::WILLEMSHThu Sep 16 1993Async conn DMW/DOS not via lat ?
113.01PRSST4::HENONThu Sep 16 1993problem when changing the mail_directory field in profile
114.0MUDIS3::SCHAEFERFri Sep 17 1993examples for directory entries DDS - MS Mail ?
115.01BALZAC::KUOCHFri Sep 17 1993"Recipient: NONE SENT"
116.02ATYISA::GAUTHIERMon Sep 20 1993DECmailworks & DECnet Phase 5
117.014KAOTMon Sep 20 1993Phantom files !
118.02VAXRIO::ABREUMon Sep 20 1993A1mail conversion problems ...
119.029UTRTSC::EISINKMon Sep 20 1993Dying A1MAIL$direcr*** processes.
120.02NEOVMon Sep 20 1993DECforms asset
121.017BUSHIE::SETHIMon Sep 20 1993Mail server CPU bound %MSDE-I-MUAS_ROUTINE, MSDE-E-BADREQUEST
122.06CANOVA::47292::comettoTue Sep 21 1993MAPI support situation
123.02EPAVAX::EPAPC1::CARLOTTITue Sep 21 1993Forcing WPSplus conversion to TEXT upon receipt
124.02KAOFS::R_OBASTue Sep 21 1993Personal_name discrepancy !
125.01LEMAN::BAGNOUDTue Sep 21 1993Decmailworks & Ultrix
126.03BUSHIE::SETHITue Sep 21 1993A1MAIL$CONNECT leaves files open for too long
127.08TARUGO::LIDIAWed Sep 22 1993Read/receipt notification. Personal name
128.07HTSC19::TONYLIUWed Sep 22 1993A1M$DIRECT_nnnn access violation
129.01UTRTSC::SMEETSWed Sep 22 1993print/nohead on DOS client ?
130.06UTRTSC::SMEETSWed Sep 22 1993error in message body
131.03NYOSWed Sep 22 1993Addressing Internet
132.012Thu Sep 23 1993DEC MAILworks and Multinet TCP/IP
133.01TAKEOF::DELIPPEThu Sep 23 1993Print User Agent
134.02ULYSSE::CHOUKROUNThu Sep 23 1993Time_limit VS Message Router. ?
135.03BUSHIE::SETHIThu Sep 23 1993*WISH* to include new functionality in X4MAN
136.03UTRTSC::SMEETSFri Sep 24 1993Empty wastebasket and RMS files
137.08UTRTSC::SMEETSFri Sep 24 1993weird DOS client print problem
138.02KAOFS::M_BARNEYFri Sep 24 1993new mail notification in other apps
139.07TRNOI2::ASSELLEFri Sep 24 1993URGENT: foreign attachments
140.04HTSC19::SIMONLAUMon Sep 27 1993PW expired get misleading msg in MAILWORKS v1.2.
141.04STKAI1::SBERGQUISTMon Sep 27 1993DECMAILworks Janitor ?
142.02UTRTSC::DIENAARMon Sep 27 1993Delivery time in the future ?
143.01AUSSIE::GARSONMon Sep 27 1993MUAS$ routines for customers?
144.06STKAI1::SBERGQUISTTue Sep 28 1993DECMAILworks mail "accounting" ...
145.04HTSC19::DENISLIWed Sep 29 1993installation error SET-E-SYNTAX & CREATE-F-SYNTAX
146.01UTRTSC::EISINKWed Sep 29 1993%INT_EROOR_EVENT code 24
147.06RUMOR::STANPC::fosterWed Sep 29 1993Forcing a server to stop processing a particular message
148.01STKAI1::KLOKER::chperssonWed Sep 29 1993Local language - default language
149.01MLNTSC::DALPORTOThu Sep 30 1993General Protection Fault in MAIL1.DLL
150.01MLNTSC::DALPORTOThu Sep 30 1993not enough core ??
151.02GRITS::SHEPPARD_JThu Sep 30 1993LSE editor function
152.04KYOA::CHANGThu Sep 30 1993READ/EDIT-V1.2 no TPU?
153.03GRITS::SHEPPARD_JThu Sep 30 1993A1mail$connect and 24
154.08THEBAY::ECKMANLAThu Sep 30 1993Need help tracking elusive SSINeed help with error MSDE-I-UNA-EXPREF (SSI error)
155.01GIDDAY::SETHIThu Sep 30 1993*WISH* Shared File Cabinet funtionality require info.
157.0MUDIS3::SCHAEFERFri Oct 01 1993License/Kit question
158.017COPCLU::RUNEMon Oct 04 1993Correlation, How does it work ?
159.05EEMELI::PAKKANENTue Oct 05 1993Problems with MOVE
160.02GRITS::LAWYER_RTue Oct 05 1993am recipient not found
161.024HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWTue Oct 05 1993code 17
162.01OSLWed Oct 06 1993DEC MAILworks for Windows NT?
163.0GVPROD::64118::wengerWed Oct 06 1993MAILworks server management training ?
164.022KYPROS::DEMETRIOUThu Oct 07 1993Help!!New Mail Notification - Teamlinks
165.04COMICS::HALFACREEThu Oct 07 1993Unable to read mail with date of 2
166.05GIDDAY::LEHThu Oct 07 1993Unusual setup of users mail directory
167.07MALMThu Oct 07 1993MUAS$SERVER_??? process dies at startup
170.01GVPROD::WENGERThu Oct 07 1993Unwanted broadcasts - help
171.03NEPHI::COARFri Oct 08 1993
172.0BACHUS::WOODTue Oct 12 1993Print /recipient_list doesn't
173.02BACHUS::BHP64::VerbraekenWed Oct 13 1993first body part needs to be a binary file ? can we doit.
174.03HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWWed Oct 13 1993mail server not able to connect to MR
175.01MEOCThu Oct 14 1993Autoforward to a distribution list
176.01GIDDAY::SETHIThu Oct 14 1993*WISH* Add user MAIL_DIRECTORY field, too restrictive
177.01SHIPS::SMITH_JFri Oct 15 1993Changing node and disk names after installation
178.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKFri Oct 15 1993security/encryption in Mailworks?
179.02DELNI::ROSSMEISLFri Oct 15 1993Error "File Cabinet Unavailable"
180.03--UnknownUser--Fri Oct 15 1993Invalid Session I.D. DMWS 1.2 and UCS 2.
181.0KOALA::GRAFFFri Oct 15 1993"Field Test of new UNIX Server - same PC clients"
182.02CTHP12::M_MORINMon Oct 18 1993Move from MAIL to private drawer corrupts message.
183.010GIDDAY::LEHTue Oct 19 1993Internal errors 24
184.03TRNTue Oct 19 1993CON_14: how to deal with ?
185.03GIDDAY::SETHITue Oct 19 1993Diiferences between 1.1-c and 1.2 File cab. structure
186.09COMICS::MISTRYWed Oct 20 1993Rolling back from 1.2 to 1.1c
187.0KERNEL::PCIOF4::HORSEYCWed Oct 20 1993DecMailworks for Windows. CORE.DLL Error. Local File Cab Rebuild?
188.08ADO75A::BAIRDWed Oct 20 1993File Format of A1MAIL$NOTIFY.DAT
189.08TINNIE::SETHIThu Oct 21 1993How do you check Mail count of another user ?
190.02NSDC::HANBURYThu Oct 21 1993DMW server processes MUAS$SERVER and A1MAIL$CONNECT
191.05GALLOP::NUTKINSMThu Oct 21 1993FC compatability DMW FT1.2 & TeamLinks v2.
192.02SNOCThu Oct 21 1993restrict transfer by size ?
193.04GIDDAY::SETHIFri Oct 22 1993Mail notification problems with TeamLinks client
194.01CTHP12::M_MORINFri Oct 22 1993Message Conversion option returns nothing - DOS client
196.02TARUGO::LIDIAMon Oct 25 1993New mail notification enable
197.01ULYSSE::ORSINIMon Oct 25 1993how not to have recipient personnal name using dds
198.0--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 25 1993Internal error 24
199.014CROWN::VELALOPOULOSTue Oct 26 1993Internal error code 24
200.01STKAI1::SBERGQUISTTue Oct 26 1993Internal error code 24
201.02MLNTue Oct 26 1993Mailworks Windows and TCP
202.0SHLSAM::BEANETue Oct 26 1993error: "A1MAIL$CONNECT version newer than client"
204.013CARTUN::EJONESTue Oct 26 1993MR mailbox problem, error code 15
205.01TENTO1::NUTKINSMTue Oct 26 1993Reflection & ALT keys
206.02MSAMTue Oct 26 1993x4
207.02BACHUS::BHP144::LarocheWed Oct 27 1993Async conn V1.2 EFT3 ; 'out of network resources' is now 'broker is not running'
208.01ATYISA::LAZERGESWed Oct 27 1993DMW 1.2, TL 2.
209.05GIDDAY::SETHIWed Oct 27 1993DMW's 1.2 upgrade problems and workarounds
210.02GIDDAY::SETHIWed Oct 27 1993DWM's 1.2 MANAGE USER control Z causes ACCVIO
211.04GIDDAY::SETHIThu Oct 28 1993 Distribution list, invalid entry causes ACCVIO
212.012GIDDAY::SETHIThu Oct 28 1993DOS clients unable to connect disconnect-cleanup
213.03MKOTS1::FRATTURELLIThu Oct 28 1993Cannot display WPSPLUS documents.
214.05BACHUS::BHP144::LarocheFri Oct 29 1993Mail goes to wastebasket, not to outbox. DOS client
215.02KERNEL::COOPERTue Nov 02 1993refile mail to another drawer error
216.07ATHINA::RAGHEBTue Nov 02 1993DOS and Windows clients. Any problems?
217.03RUMOR::STANPC::fosterTue Nov 02 1993MUAS server crashes when TCP/IP support is turned on
218.02BACHUS::BHP144::LarocheWed Nov 03 1993Insvirmem, insufficient virtual memory. V1.2
219.08KAOFS::R_RYANWed Nov 03 1993Mail notification and No response errors
220.01HGOSPS::DENISLIThu Nov 04 1993garbage in "print cover memo"
221.05ANNECY::BENDRISThu Nov 04 1993DMW (1.2) restart problem
222.03MIZZEN::DEMERSThu Nov 04 1993move VMSmail drawers/folders to DMW
223.02SAC::OLDNIC::COHEN_DThu Nov 04 1993Redirect and NoAlternate_Recipient
224.04GVPROD::PILOUI::PITTETMon Nov 08 1993Freeware: New Mail Count for Windows
225.01RUTILE::BARONNETMon Nov 08 1993Problem with starting server
226.01RIPPLE::GOODELL_MAMon Nov 08 1993WP Office & PATHWORKS Performance
227.01GRITS::BUSH_SMon Nov 08 1993Decwindows Motif A1mail
228.01NEOVMon Nov 08 1993DMW/DECforms asset product manager
229.0CGOOA::BARNABETue Nov 09 1993any poop on MS Enterprise Mess Systems
230.05GIDDAY::SETHITue Nov 09 1993Move user to another disk problem if ALL-IN-1 IOS used
231.013GIDDAY::SETHIWed Nov 10 1993Mail notification trouble shooters guide
232.028OSOEIC::MATSUOWed Nov 10 1993%LIB-E-KEYNOTFOU, ?
233.01NEWOA::65138::DRATHWed Nov 10 1993Can we change the DMW> prompt?
234.06GIDDAY::SETHIWed Nov 10 1993Tools to repair DOS and Server drawers
235.02GIDDAY::SETHIThu Nov 11 1993MUAS$SERVER hang server had to be stop/restart'd
236.01HGOVC::HGOM16::LIKSANGCHOWThu Nov 11 1993Only 12 characters for mail username
237.06TENTO1::COOPERMThu Nov 11 1993max time expired
238.02CHENG5::WIDMERFri Nov 12 1993Problem with DEC MAILworks access using LWP
239.03YUPPY::GORARDMMon Nov 15 1993NETBIOS/A1MAIL problems
240.012ZPOVC::CHINGYUETue Nov 16 1993Connection failure using DMW V1.2
241.0SWTHOM::GRAMAINTue Nov 16 1993DMW for MAC and WINDOWS / attachment pb
242.03VCOUTue Nov 16 1993Teamlinks/Teamroute Hangs using TCP/IP.
243.01MLNORO::LANCELLOTTIWed Nov 17 1993a1mail and pw tcp/ip
244.01CTOAVX::DESENAWed Nov 17 1993Config Options
245.01HTSC19::SIMONLAUWed Nov 17 1993Upgrade to MAILWORKS v1.2 get SYSTEM-F-NOLOGTAB !
246.0MXOVThu Nov 18 1993terminal servers and Non-DECnet Asyn Connections question.
247.01TRCOA::KUNAUSThu Nov 18 19932
248.03GIDDAY::SETHIThu Nov 18 1993%FIL_OP_ERROR, Disk space exhausted error.
249.01MEOCFri Nov 19 1993DDS and MailWorks
250.01YUPPY::GORARDMFri Nov 19 1993DS searching alphabetically sorted ...
251.01HTSC19::DENISLIMon Nov 22 1993A1MAIL for DOS - forward several messages w/o header
252.01KERNEL::PCIOF2::chewterMon Nov 22 1993
254.012GVAMon Nov 22 1993U: %LIB-E-ACTIMAGE, error activating image ! - Internal error code 24
255.03TROOA::BURGOSMon Nov 22 1993MUAS$SERVER not always starting
256.02QBOUMon Nov 22 1993French Notification
257.05HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWTue Nov 23 1993address template question
258.09HLDGTue Nov 23 1993MOTIF client and SSI errors?
259.02UTRTSC::EISINKTue Nov 23 1993KEYPAK/MUAS server conflict !!
260.03GREEN1::GIAMMARINITue Nov 23 1993DMW server doesn't send message but is running
261.01OSLTue Nov 23 1993Lots of blocks allocated, zero blocks used?
262.010GIDDAY::SETHIWed Nov 24 1993Problems with startup MUAS$SERVER_nnn, A1MAIL$CONNECT
263.03HTSC19::DENISLIWed Nov 24 1993DOS client cannot receive new mail notification
264.03HGOVC::CHIKAICHEUNGWed Nov 24 1993diff. between time stamp and received time
265.01CANOVA::SANTISIWed Nov 24 1993U:unable to expand reference and other errors
266.02MYSERV::HENRYThu Nov 25 1993EXT of WPL file get sharable image error
267.02GREEN1::GIAMMARINIThu Nov 25 1993DMW V1.2 servers run slowly and sleep
268.02WOTVAX::ROVRUM::McguireVThu Nov 25 1993Re-direct mail address query
269.01MLNOIS::COMISSOLIFri Nov 26 1993File Extension .NBS what is ?
270.01KERNEL::PCIOF2::chewterFri Nov 26 1993GPF in module BASE1.DLL????
271.01VAXRIO::BIANCOFri Nov 26 1993DEC MAILworks Server for OpenVMS AXP
272.04IDEFIX::NANNIK::GEOFFFri Nov 26 1993DEC MAILworks on DECnet/OSI impacts
273.01POLAR::HUTCHFri Nov 26 1993counter_filename_nnn de-install?
274.02GUCCI::PROSENBAUMSun Nov 28 1993? MAILworks OSF/1 Notes File Location?
275.02WEOOIS::TrickettSun Nov 28 1993NONAME-E-NOMSG, message number
276.03BACHUS::WOODTue Nov 30 1993What extension for /recover
277.03KERNEL::PCIOF2::chewterTue Nov 30 1993Word for Dos attachments
278.03ADO75A::BAIRDWed Dec 01 1993MS DRiver Questions
279.02KETJE::VANHOOSTEThu Dec 02 1993Auto unwanted receipt notification generation
280.02SUOSWS::SUOGS1::moogThu Dec 02 1993Print WPL attachments ?
281.01KERNEL::PCIOF2::chewterFri Dec 03 1993Text attachments getting translated..
282.03CTHP25::r_obasFri Dec 03 1993Cannot create asynchronous services
283.01KERNEL::LOTAFri Dec 03 1993Logical to replace PSI$DTE_TABLE?
284.04TRIGG::VOGELFri Dec 03 1993Programming interface / API
285.01GIDDAY::SETHISun Dec 05 1993Error allocating memory, Invalid Server Context, %RMS-F-UBF,
286.07COMICS::MISTRYMon Dec 06 1993delivery_notification & perosnalname
287.02MEOCMon Dec 06 1993Shared dist. lists & A1MAIL$DISTRIBUTION _LISTS?
288.0SUOSWS::SUOGS1::moogMon Dec 06 1993Accounting for each user ??
289.01SWING::ADAMSONBMon Dec 06 1993Mail Address question ....
290.01GUCCI::CWOODWARDMon Dec 06 1993x4
291.08OWLMED::gentileMon Dec 06 1993How do you set forwarding to DMW from other places?
292.01HSKPRF::TAURIAINENMon Dec 06 1993MAILworks & Message Router on a cluster with no alias
293.02BACHUS::WOODTue Dec 07 1993Toshiba portables and fonts in ALL-IN-1 Mail for Windows
294.02NODEX::MCGREALWed Dec 08 1993Kit location on the net ?
295.09UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTThu Dec 09 1993first message: NETBIOS problem
297.04GREEN1::GIAMMARINIFri Dec 10 1993postmaster and notify problems
298.04GREEN1::GIAMMARINIFri Dec 10 1993MDL and DCF meanings
299.01SIOG::B_RAFFERTYSat Dec 11 1993API to MAILWorks Profile
300.01MEOCSun Dec 12 1993Quota/EXQUOTA handling Q's
301.03GREEN1::GIAMMARINIMon Dec 13 1993%COM_PROT_ERROR while starting secondary MUAS$SERVER
302.02WSTENG::HICKMANMon Dec 13 1993Problem using CTI broker
303.02TKTVFS::HORIE_HMon Dec 13 1993Problem occured when upgrade 1.1c to 1.2
304.01KERNEL::PCIOF2::chewterMon Dec 13 1993Addressing Problem...
305.08DV78Mon Dec 13 1993dist list too big?
306.011GREEN1::GIAMMARINITue Dec 14 1993Notification VS Cluster Alias...problems?
307.01BACHUS::DBCTue Dec 14 1993Problem with asset called DEC PRINTMAIL
308.03NEWOA::MCMICHAELTue Dec 14 1993Plans for Mailworks over NetBeui on VAX?
309.03TAMARA::DFEDOR::fedorTue Dec 14 1993customer problem installing TGV Multinet
310.01GRANPA::FBOWLESTue Dec 14 1993TeamLinks + PATHWORKS = Mailworks?
311.02VNASWS::GACHWed Dec 15 1993PICS for TeamLinks available? (PICS = Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement)
312.08HLDGWed Dec 15 1993Is A1MAIL$DW_MAIL always installed in V1.2?
313.03MFRFMS::SUSANNEThu Dec 16 1993using redirection then no delivery notification
314.010BACHUS::WOODThu Dec 16 1993Am$direct_nnnn not starting
315.0SUOSWS::MOOGFri Dec 17 1993Viewing WPSPLUS on DECwindows
316.02UTRTSC::SMEETSFri Dec 17 1993DECmailworks and TEAMroute
317.015SHLSAM::BEANEFri Dec 17 1993A1MAIL$CONNECT retaining links after client exits
318.01GIDDAY::SETHITue Dec 21 1993DMW's and license names are causing confusion
319.02GIDDAY::SETHITue Dec 21 1993*WISH* nominate a user to read your mail and answer it
320.04SNATCH::EGGIMANNTue Dec 21 1993RESET MAIL_DIRECTORY command question ....
321.04MLNTSC::DALPORTOWed Dec 22 1993%SSI_ERROR , SSI error, Name NOTIFY, code 29
322.03ZURWed Dec 22 1993DECpc 425SL/e Notebook and asynchronous DECmailwo
323.08MRBEEN::WATTWed Dec 22 1993V1.2 Install IVP failure
324.0COMICS::MISTRYThu Dec 23 1993MRS and delivery notification
325.01KYOSS1::CHANGThu Dec 23 1993Batch Job for MUAS$SERVER Restart
326.01MEOCFri Dec 24 1993Control for printing address information required
327.01TOOIS1::LAGORIOFri Dec 24 1993PATHWAY FOR VMS and DECMailworks server 1.2
328.01COLLEX::SCARBOROTue Dec 28 1993Missing folders under VT Client
329.021UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTTue Dec 28 1993"Using Kermit Manually" in 1.2 . How ?
331.07GIDDAY::SETHIFri Dec 31 1993Tool to migrate OpenVMS mail users to DMW's
332.03CTHP12::M_MORINMon Jan 03 1994Internal error code 241
333.03GREEN1::GIAMMARINITue Jan 04 1994Error codes 24xxxxxx and 27xxxxxx-Insufficient memory
334.04SIOG::B_RAFFERTYTue Jan 04 1994Submission Protocol Error
335.01SNATCH::EGGIMANNTue Jan 04 1994X.4
336.08NEOVTue Jan 04 1994Folder !AD does not exist in this drawer
337.05UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTWed Jan 05 1994shared drawer internals ?
338.04GIDDAY::SETHIWed Jan 05 1994DMW's Voice Mail support ?
339.08GIDDAY::SETHIThu Jan 06 1994Error 24
340.08BIGUN::WULFFThu Jan 06 1994Mailworks and DECnet/OSI.
342.05KETJE::VANHOOSTEThu Jan 06 1994Non correlation of MR-TOPCALL delivery notifications ...
343.03NEWOA::MCMICHAEL_IFri Jan 07 1994Connection Auditing on Server?
344.01OSLACT::64135::JosteinFri Jan 07 1994Error code 24
345.01HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWMon Jan 10 1994Remote DDS from DOS client
346.03SOADC1::STREMICKWed Jan 12 1994Simultaneous access to file cabinet
347.02KERNEL::COOPERThu Jan 13 1994A1mail /dos 1.1a Move Message Problem
348.013MAOTAI::MIKAO::mullickThu Jan 13 1994"Fussy" Mail Servers on a cluster
349.02ZPOVC::CHINGYUEThu Jan 13 199412 char limitation on name and logicals
350.03VIVIAN::J_GILBERTFri Jan 14 1994Relocation of A1MAILPB.DAT (PAB)
351.01YUPPY::GORARDMFri Jan 14 1994DECnet & TCP/IP connections
352.02MROA::BUFTON::nbuftonFri Jan 14 1994The VT Client that isn't??
353.018GIDDAY::SETHISun Jan 16 1994Performance and configuration related issues
354.01NODEX::CLBMUD::Conferencing-UserMon Jan 17 1994Access to Directory Services ?
355.09VCOUMon Jan 17 1994Mail Tracking & Clean-up Utilities Needed.
356.04KERNEL::PCIOF2::chewterTue Jan 18 1994No Date on Printed Page...
357.06CTHP12::M_MORINTue Jan 18 1994ERRCREMES, Error occurred creating a message.
358.09OTOOA::PBALLWed Jan 19 1994Configuration/licensing question.
359.02BAHTAT::HILTONWed Jan 19 1994MSMail users to Mailworks?
360.017VAXRIO::MAURICIOWed Jan 19 1994Handling on bodypart 9 (Forwarded Message)?
361.07FAILTE::KELSAE::TODDThu Jan 20 1994reset mail counter for unopened mail
362.011GIDDAY::SETHIThu Jan 20 1994DEC MAILworks 1.2-
363.0DPDMAI::DAUGHERTYFri Jan 21 1994Needed: MAILworks for VT performance data!!
364.04SUOSWS::SUOGS1::moogMon Jan 24 1994DEC Mailworks and Personal Use licensing
366.01BACHUS::DBCMon Jan 24 1994DDIF attachment gives ACCVIO
367.03NWDMon Jan 24 1994Customer Questions
368.02HTSC12::MICKWIDLAMTue Jan 25 19944
369.0BACHUS::DBCTue Jan 25 1994No non-delivery received
370.02PTOVAX::WILSONWed Jan 26 1994Can the DDS search items from VT be modified?
371.01VAXRIO::ABREUWed Jan 26 1994recipients - doubt !
372.02BIGUN::TANNERWed Jan 26 1994Nato std ACP 123??
373.02ALOSLS::HEIGHTThu Jan 27 1994Dec Mailworks Resource Consumption - Any Truth!
374.02GIDDAY::SETHIThu Jan 27 1994Shutdown or stop does not remove all gblsections
375.04MUDIS3::AKLAMERThu Jan 27 1994REPLY/ANSWER problems with X4
376.01KOLFAX::WIEGLEBFri Jan 28 1994Customizing text of VT client
377.02UBOHUB::KNIGHTMon Jan 31 1994:DMW: how embed symbol?
379.025STKAI2::SNIKPC::cederhagTue Feb 01 1994Mailserver loops takes all cpu
380.02BREAKR::UDICKWed Feb 02 1994VMS install Error - no logical name table name match
381.01HGODCS::KENNETHTOThu Feb 03 1994Help on Customizing MW for DOS using PAD
382.09BACHUS::BERVOETSThu Feb 03 1994Error code 29
383.02SNATCH::EGGIMANNThu Feb 03 1994Message Headers and Delivery Notifications and Read Receipts ....
384.02CHOSRV::HORNUNGThu Feb 03 1994Cannot add or delete user
385.02OASS::PCMIKE::lamberson_mThu Feb 03 1994Disk space consumption ?
386.03BEBBI1::637Fri Feb 04 1994netbios problem
387.03ZPOVC::CHINGYUESun Feb 06 1994Windows Positioning in Windows client
388.01HGOVC::63612::francishungMon Feb 07 1994DMW DOS V1.2 overlaid version problem -- PC reboots itself
389.01FSTSC1::ELCHAMIMon Feb 07 1994EDT editor with specific edtini.edt
390.07UBOHUB::KNIGHTMon Feb 07 1994DMW v1.2 -max_working set : help
391.05DV78Mon Feb 07 1994ssi prot err#29
392.02KOLFAX::WIEGLEBMon Feb 07 1994No X.4
393.01KOLFAX::WIEGLEBMon Feb 07 1994Will DECnet/OSI be required for DMW V1.3?
394.013VAXRIO::ABREUTue Feb 08 1994MUAS$SERVER_
395.01MEDIA::MELVILLEMTue Feb 08 1994Is the OSF DMW server the same as the VMS one?
396.0BACHUS::COLLARTWed Feb 09 1994DMW for DW 1.2 doesn't start as an icon
397.0COPCLU::COPLE4::GLARGAARDFri Feb 11 1994Tool: DECfax notification, customizable and all..
399.0KOALA::LAVASHMon Feb 14 1994Preserving Filename from TL to MSmail
400.01BACHUS::WOODMon Feb 14 1994User unable to send intermitantly; error code 114698
401.01GIDDAY::SETHITue Feb 15 1994*WISH* improve installation procedure and new logicals
402.03MLNOIS::COMISSOLITue Feb 15 1994A1mail
403.04HTSC19::DENISLIWed Feb 16 1994SHELL from Windows, PC hangs on starting A1MAIL
404.02STKAI2::SNIKPC::cederhagWed Feb 16 1994File open error muas$system_config.dat
405.05OSLACT::TORKILD_PThu Feb 17 1994A1M$DIREC_xxxx and DDS Maintenance jobs
406.01HAMSC3::EBUSCHFri Feb 18 1994more 24
407.06COPCLU::COPLE4::GLARGAARDFri Feb 18 1994DOS client crash on exit for one user on any PC
408.02CTOAVX::DESENAFri Feb 18 1994Converting to Text
409.05VMSNET::J_COLBURNSun Feb 20 1994No MAC TCP/IP Notification after CSCPAT_31
410.08GIDDAY::SETHISun Feb 20 1994DMW auto-forward to another user no receipts issued
411.06GIDDAY::BURTSun Feb 20 1994Receipt Requests via RETIX
412.02LEMAN::BLANCHARDMon Feb 21 1994Graphical file trough ARCOM
413.01PAPERS::MCINTOSHMon Feb 21 1994Manage user and access violation
414.0OTOOA::ROUFTue Feb 22 1994KIT for MAPI V
415.02ULYSSE::ROBERTTue Feb 22 1994Delivery notifications to be forwarded
416.01GVAWed Feb 23 1994From PC-to-IBM-to-Alpha (and back)
417.03BACHUS::DBCThu Feb 24 1994internal error code 24
418.03DV78Thu Feb 24 1994server resources?
419.07BACHUS::DBCThu Feb 24 1994create /type from VT, can it be done from DECwindows ?
420.04DPDMAI::DAUGHERTYThu Feb 24 1994Mail_Directory?
422.03GRITS::BUSH_SFri Feb 25 1994Purging of Wastebasket Broken!!
423.04--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 28 1994privileges to manager user account
424.06VAXRIO::ALCIDESMon Feb 28 1994DDS search problem (Teamlinks)
425.019KERNEL::COOPERTue Mar 01 1994A1MAILA.BAT problems
426.03UBOHUB::KNIGHTTue Mar 01 1994DMW> Missing OUTBOX hangs
427.02MTNMOM::MCGUFFINWed Mar 02 1994TeamLinks,allin1,message router
428.02WPOPTH::WADMWed Mar 02 1994Licensing Query - Confused!!!!
429.01GREEN1::GIAMMARINIWed Mar 02 1994%MUAS-E-CIF_ERR, MUAS call error...
430.04GREEN1::GIAMMARINIWed Mar 02 1994**URGENT**: MUAS servers stopped due Insufficient Memory
431.03OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTWed Mar 02 1994Submitted message not accessible
433.02PULMAN::ASHBIE::henryWed Mar 02 1994for v1.2 is SET DELIVERY THREADS = 1 still useful
434.04BACHUS::DBCThu Mar 03 1994Reset new mail count with X4MAN ? can it be done.
435.05GREEN1::GIAMMARINIThu Mar 03 1994Again about the PAGE_FILE_QUOTA
436.02VAXRIO::ALCIDESThu Mar 03 1994Problem installing DMW V1.2
437.02ODIXIE::RICHARDSONThu Mar 03 1994mail sending from SCO box
438.02MSAMMon Mar 07 1994send mails to local DEC Mailworks users only ?
439.01DEKVC::DAEHEEKIMTue Mar 08 1994Installaion Failure
440.015GIDDAY::BURTTue Mar 08 1994Mail server version & other problems
441.02SNATCH::EGGIMANNTue Mar 08 1994Address Template and VT Client ....
442.05SNATCH::EGGIMANNTue Mar 08 1994A1M$DIREC_xxxx processes die with ACCVIO ...
443.05FLYWAY::BICHSELWed Mar 09 1994Saving print attributes
445.04GREEN1::GIAMMARINIWed Mar 09 1994Does the 'automatic reply' exist in TeamLinks?
446.03ROMEOS::MULLICKDAWed Mar 09 1994VMS upgrade REQUIRES MailWorks reinstall?
447.04NODEX::CLBMUD::Conferencing-UserThu Mar 10 1994DDS$SHAR.EXE image ?
448.07CAPNET::PJOHNSONThu Mar 10 1994Is this aka A1MAIL?
449.02GIDDAY::SETHIThu Mar 10 1994DRAFTS and OUTBOX do not display the Addressee name
450.02GIDDAY::BURTFri Mar 11 1994Server connection problem
452.01VAXRIO::ALCIDESFri Mar 11 1994DECmailworks with TCP/IP - problems
453.02GIDDAY::BURTMon Mar 14 1994Network Timeout
454.02GIDDAY::SETHIMon Mar 14 199424
455.02MUDIS3::FISCALMon Mar 14 1994A1MAIL$STARTUP for TCP/IP wanted
456.05NODEX::CLBMUD::Conferencing-UserMon Mar 14 1994Message number
457.02OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTMon Mar 14 1994File Cabinet Verification & Repair perhaps ?
458.03ROMEOS::HARPHAM_LYMon Mar 14 1994MS Mail/TL Mail Ftrs
459.07RIPPER::SETHITue Mar 15 1994ERROR 662: Cannot connect to the mail server
460.02OFOSTue Mar 15 1994DMW + Multinet TCP/IP
461.02VAXRIO::ALCIDESTue Mar 15 1994DECmailworks with Open VMS AXP
462.04MRBEEN::WATTWed Mar 16 1994DECMailworks/DECForms Product Info/Status Plz !
463.03OASS::LAMBERSON_MWed Mar 16 1994Known Restriction?
464.03COPCLU::COPLE4::GLARGAARDThu Mar 17 1994What/where is TCP/IP cover memo?
465.02MEOCThu Mar 17 1994WordPerfect Docs as Attachments to X.4
466.05ISIDRO::TORRECILLAThu Mar 17 1994problems:server
467.02HLDEThu Mar 17 1994New Mail notification - TCP/IP problem
468.01HERON::NANNIK::Robb_GThu Mar 17 1994Drawers in subdirectories of [.A1MAIL$] - when ???
469.05WELCLU::LIThu Mar 17 1994Logfile - rollover
470.01MUDIS3::FISCALFri Mar 18 1994port [6161]
471.04ULYSSE::ORSINIFri Mar 18 1994How do we force body part type 14 with DMW
472.01ISIDRO::TORRECILLAMon Mar 21 1994deinstall
473.0KOALA::LAVASHMon Mar 21 1994X4
474.04SNATCH::EGGIMANNTue Mar 22 1994Internal error
475.01FRSCS::TSCHOENTue Mar 22 1994delete wastebasket
476.04GIDDAY::SETHIWed Mar 23 1994ERROR 614: Mail server submit error & 5
477.01DEITS1::GIAMMARINIWed Mar 23 1994Problems in customizing button bars
478.08DEITS1::GIAMMARINIWed Mar 23 1994** ERRORS 24
479.07ODIXIE::LAROEWed Mar 23 1994config questions
480.04BACHUS::DBCThu Mar 24 1994mail.x4m accessed multiple times by a1mail$connect ?
481.02KERNEL::COOPERFri Mar 25 1994Folder order is it client specific
482.02ODIXIE::RICHARDSONSun Mar 27 1994Shareable images for /outformat?
483.01BACHUS::VERBRAEKENMon Mar 28 1994Mail Timeout attribute ?
484.02UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTTue Mar 29 1994muas server looses titles of attachments ?
485.01EEMELI::ESKOLINTue Mar 29 1994DDS is not running in this server
486.04KETJE::VANHOOSTETue Mar 29 1994DMW DOS and TCP/IP
487.04FAILTE::LAAHSTue Mar 29 1994How to extract messages from INBOX programmatically?
488.03ODIXIE::JBROWNTue Mar 29 1994Customer questions: clean up mail?
489.014GIDDAY::SETHIWed Mar 30 1994Shared drawers, problems with ACL's not being checked
490.01BLGWed Mar 30 1994WINRCV LLV Problem
491.01EISYFI::LABWed Mar 30 1994Remote DDS available?
492.0MSAMWed Mar 30 1994MS-Mail and Wpsplus. Lan Workplace for DOS ?
493.02NYOSThu Mar 31 1994Remote Mail Xfer?
494.03ZPOVC::CHINGYUEWed Apr 06 1994How to set LOCAL_DISK ?
495.0BACHUS::BERVOETSThu Apr 07 1994Corruption of OUTBOX
496.02SUOSWS::MOOGThu Apr 07 1994NewMailNotification from X4MAN ?
497.0NEMAIL::GLICKMANThu Apr 07 1994Migrating to DEC MAILworks and ???
498.01KOLFAX::WIEGLEBThu Apr 07 1994Date not displayed when reading SENT messages
499.01GVPROD::MAGOUI::SIMMONSFri Apr 08 1994DW client window display problem
500.01KYOSS1::CHANGFri Apr 08 1994DMW and Message Router locations
501.02PAPERS::MCINTOSHTue Apr 12 1994SSI error 19
502.03SWETSC::MELKEWed Apr 13 1994Looping A1M$DIREC_nnnn processes...
503.02NODEX::CLBMUD::Conferencing-UserWed Apr 13 1994Can't add user
504.03VIVIAN::J_MORRISWed Apr 13 1994acl's on drawers
505.019GIDDAY::BURTThu Apr 14 1994SHARE.EXE
506.04DYPSS1::MAXIThu Apr 14 1994Distribution lists???
507.03GIDDAY::BURTThu Apr 14 1994DECfax Template Query
508.016ZURFri Apr 15 1994Mails are not Leaving.
509.02GVPROD::MAGOUI::SIMMONSFri Apr 15 1994Geni error codes
510.03GVPROD::MAGOUI::SIMMONSFri Apr 15 1994A1MAIL$CONNECT invalid state
511.01CSOA1::BRANSTEINMon Apr 18 1994Mail Messages handled counts
512.0GOYA::MICWed Apr 20 1994DMW V1.3 + remote Message Router
513.04EVTAI1::BOURDARIAS_SThu Apr 21 1994sens of research
514.05OSIBCO::ALTORFERThu Apr 21 1994A1M$DIRECTORY with DECnet/OSI, DDS access impossib
515.03WHOSFri Apr 22 1994DECfax Mail notification problems
516.01HTSC19::SIMONLAUFri Apr 22 1994ALL-IN-1 TeamLinks Connection V2.
517.02TROOA::DMUIRFri Apr 22 1994vms v6.
518.01DPDMAI::DAUGHERTYFri Apr 22 1994Large DDS lookups?
519.03GRITS::BUSH_SFri Apr 22 1994Decmailworks for Decwindows on ALpha Box
520.06HTSC19::SIMONLAUTue Apr 26 1994DMW>Exit get %A1MAIL-E-ERROPEDRA and accvio.
521.02BACHUS::DBCTue Apr 26 1994How to find out if ECO-2 or ECO-3 is installed ?
522.03WSTENG::HICKMANTue Apr 26 1994WPS-PLUS on VT client (Protection Violation)
523.01CGOOA::EMOPTue Apr 26 1994New Account Creation Question?
524.01RANGER::GOBLEWed Apr 27 1994Need X.4
525.02WDFFS2::SENAKWed Apr 27 1994Install failed... Any hints?
526.03TRIGG::VOGELThu Apr 28 1994Multiple server processes?
527.0MSAMThu Apr 28 1994MS-Mail with DEC Mailworks or OpenMail ??
528.04BACHUS::COLLARTFri Apr 29 1994A1MAIL$CONNECT ACCVIO errors....help!
529.01ZPOVC::CHINGYUETue May 03 1994Explanation on A1MILA$NOTIFY.DAT
531.02HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWWed May 04 1994authentication failure in DS
532.07MLNORO::GIAMMARINIWed May 04 1994How to find DEC Mailworks ecoed?
533.02GIDDAY::JOYCEThu May 05 1994LMT_xxx and SMT_xxx parameter values?
534.02MEOCThu May 05 1994_ALWAYS_ user Message Routre for message deliveruy
535.04BACHUS::WOODThu May 05 1994Submitted Message is not available, with Attatchments
536.0136194::MARTINThu May 05 1994DMW and Third Party IP
537.03CTHP12::M_MORINMon May 09 1994MUAS-E-UNASECR, Unable to secure submit request
538.04ABBEYS::KALINAMon May 09 1994MAILworks on ALPHA/OpenVMS????
539.03NODEX::CLBMUD::Conferencing-UserTue May 10 1994Connect problem from NT machine
540.03OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTTue May 10 1994Another WASTEBASKET question ...
541.01GRITS::BUSH_STue May 10 1994too many pages printing when print from MAilworks
542.01TROOA::LOBOWed May 11 1994msmail to mailworks or tgvmail
543.05BIGTOY::LEThu May 12 1994DDS lookup caused DDS server to crash
544.03OTOOA::ROUFFri May 13 1994Mailbus 4
545.02ILBBAK::PALUKA::lawtonMon May 16 1994Forward missing attachments
546.01GRITS::BUSH_SWed May 18 1994Another type of identifier used to Share a Drawer
547.01KERNEL::COOPERThu May 19 1994Wordperfect and Shared Drawers
548.01NEWOA::BOLAND_CThu May 19 1994Deleted Files
549.01EVTAI1::BOURDARIAS_SFri May 20 1994ECO ? for TCP/IP connection pbl
550.02UBOHUB::KNIGHTFri May 20 1994How identify and stop user development of an API
551.05ROMEOS::ROCH_VIFri May 20 1994cc:Mail and Mailworks
552.02GRITS::BUSH_SFri May 20 1994Notification from DEcfax
553.01ADOVMon May 23 1994Conversion from MS-Mail?
554.01GIDDAY::SETHIWed May 25 1994*WISH* Shared drawer update utility display required
555.02OSLACT::BJARNEC_PWed May 25 1994"From" field dissapears from DMW mail, but not from A1 mail
556.03KERNEL::PCIOF2::CHEWTERThu May 26 1994Directory structure..
558.07CROWN::VELALOPOULOSThu May 26 1994Mailworks and Stream-LF Files.
559.05UBOHUB::KNIGHTThu May 26 1994How stop mail being delivered to an account
560.01GIDDAY::SETHIFri May 27 1994DMW Compatibility information
561.02GIDDAY::BURTMon May 30 1994Convert all incoming mail/attachment to RTF format
563.06ZURTue May 31 1994Hanging A1MAIL$CONNECT process
564.02UBOHUB::KNIGHTTue May 31 1994How do you redirect mail and still retain an original?
565.01ISIDRO::COUTOTue May 31 1994I cannnot remove a subscriber from DDS
566.01SWAM2::MENDOZA_DATue May 31 1994Wollongong TCP/IP Support
567.0PCA112::BOEBINGERTue May 31 1994Lotus Notes/TeamLinks Connection Beta1 kit now available
568.02HGODCS::FRANCISHUNGWed Jun 01 1994message stuck
569.01HTSC19::DENISLIWed Jun 01 1994VIEW A1MAIL$CONNEC error log see %BACKUP-W-NOFILES, error
570.02SWTHOM::GRAMAINWed Jun 01 1994exeeded expected threshold
571.01NODEX::CLBMUD::Conferencing-UserWed Jun 01 1994DMW under ULTRIX ???
572.017OSLACT::BJARNEC_PThu Jun 02 1994Connect problems from Teamlinks / SSI Errors in MUAS$EVL_ERROR.LOG
573.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Jun 02 1994config & sizing info?
574.01DV78Thu Jun 02 199417
575.01HTSC19::DENISLIFri Jun 03 1994open local cabinet - file cabinet retrieval error
576.015GIDDAY::SETHIMon Jun 06 1994Unable to send a message, %A1MAIL-E-NOSRVAVA
578.02CTHP12::M_MORINMon Jun 06 1994Async and alternate login .COM file
579.02WELCLU::MARSHALLJMon Jun 06 1994Can't send non-textual attachments.
580.03AIMTEC::WYLES_NMon Jun 06 1994calling DMW from login.com
581.03NWGEDU::MACKNEYTue Jun 07 1994EXEC failed - reported by A1MAIL for DOS V1.2
582.02GIDDAY::SETHIWed Jun 08 1994Guide to manage large DMW sites and config. details
583.06UTRTSC::SMEETSWed Jun 08 1994muas$tidy behaviour
584.01BACHUS::BERVOETSThu Jun 09 1994SMTP addressing problem with UCX v2.
585.02SUBURB::VEALES::VEALESThu Jun 09 1994I think this is a "Templates" question
586.03SUOSWS::MOOGThu Jun 09 1994Manage drawers from X4MAN ???
587.01GRITS::BUSH_SMon Jun 13 1994change broadcast message and DMW prompt
588.02BLGMon Jun 13 1994Accounting
589.03GIDDAY::SETHITue Jun 14 1994X4MAN ACCESS VIOLATES if sys$output redirected
590.05UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTTue Jun 14 1994A1MAIL$PURGE.COM on fresh 1.2 server failes
591.03YUPPY::BAYLISSTue Jun 14 1994Error Acknowledging receopt notification
592.01SAHQ::LIVENGOODWed Jun 15 1994Acceptance Test Plan
593.02BIS6::THONNONWed Jun 15 1994DEC MAILworks configuration question
594.011YUPPY::BAYLISSWed Jun 15 1994read receipt correllation question
595.0CECEHV::HARVALA_MWed Jun 15 1994Migrate to Mailworks-Unix, how ?
596.09EMASS::HEALEYThu Jun 16 1994Will DMW 1.2, VMS 6.1, & PWRK 5.
597.01GJOVAX::GRAEFFThu Jun 16 1994What converters available for WP to TEXT?
598.014GIDDAY::SETHIFri Jun 17 1994Housekeeping routines for DMW
599.0COPCLU::GLARGAARDFri Jun 17 1994Goodbye and thanks for all the fish
600.0VIVIAN::J_MORRISFri Jun 17 1994A1MAIL$CONNECT using all CPU
601.02SAC::KINDER_NSun Jun 19 1994VT Client Licensing
602.04UBOHUB::KNIGHTMon Jun 20 1994Moving accounts to different disks - drawer issue
603.01MANMTue Jun 21 1994<Available Notes/docs file for OSF/1 version?
604.09LISVAX::SEPULVEDATue Jun 21 1994DDS Search
605.08LISVAX::CORUJA::SEPULVEDATue Jun 21 1994A1M$DIRECT_nnnn will not start
607.06CROWN::VELALOPOULOSWed Jun 22 1994extract Message and record size
608.01SWTHOM::GRAMAINWed Jun 22 1994local drawer on a1mail window 1.1 corrupted
609.02OSOEIC::NAKAOKAThu Jun 23 1994[A1MAIL$]MAIL was not found.
610.05UBOHUB::KNIGHTThu Jun 23 1994How set LMT_NORMAL to retry for 3
612.03PCIGAT::TilleyThu Jun 23 1994Error load DEC MailWorks on a VMS 6.1 SYSTEM...
613.01WARABI::ZORBASThu Jun 23 1994redirecting mis-addressed messages
614.01HTSC19::TONYLIUFri Jun 24 1994problem with mail.x4m ?
615.0MEOCFri Jun 24 1994Cover Memo wrongly tagged as WordPerfect format?
616.01BACHUS::WILLEMSGFri Jun 24 1994Which version of ALL-IN-1 Mail is supported on VMS 6.1
617.03UBOHUB::KNIGHTFri Jun 24 1994Is it possible to merge two mail accounts?
618.02UBOHUB::KNIGHTMon Jun 27 1994DMW CLI - possible to refile and individual attachment?
619.01UTRTSC::DIENAARMon Jun 27 1994Security problem of define/user sys$output ?
620.02COMICS::DONNELLYMon Jun 27 1994looking for 1.3 documentation
621.0OTOOA::HXOU14::FEINDELMon Jun 27 1994E-Mail Business Planning
622.05GIDDAY::SETHITue Jun 28 1994*WISH* message expiration date required
623.02BOLINA::GADALETAMWed Jun 29 1994DEC MAILworks and MAILbus
624.05UBOHUB::KNIGHTWed Jun 29 1994Availability of DMW v1.2 echo 4?
626.04PTOVAX::WILSONSun Jul 03 1994How does notification work in this environment???
627.02ZPOVC::CHINGYUEMon Jul 04 1994Auto_Purge - How does it work ?
628.01KERNEL::NAYLERMMon Jul 04 1994MUAS-E-FILE_ERROR Help neede.
629.01GIDDAY::BURTMon Jul 04 1994MS Mail Driver Problem
630.08UPROAR::PLATTPTue Jul 05 1994DDS on PC to VAX over TCP/IP?
631.02FAILTE::42Tue Jul 05 1994File protection on ECO?
632.03TRIGG::VOGELTue Jul 05 1994UCX (TCP/IP) V3.1 support?
633.05UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTWed Jul 06 1994A1MAIL$TEST:A1MAIL_mumble.TMP ?
634.08SNATCH::EGGIMANNWed Jul 06 1994Messages Stuck in MUAS Server (for a while) ....
635.01HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWThu Jul 07 1994TCP/IP Service V2.
636.01WOTVAX::ROVRUM::McguireVFri Jul 08 1994Problems with the CTI Broker
637.015UBOHUB::KNIGHTFri Jul 08 1994Shutdown/restart DMW TCP/IP - templates sockets?
638.05GIDDAY::SETHIMon Jul 11 1994MUAS$SERVER not starting System error 842
639.03EVTAI1::MORVANTue Jul 12 1994Mails stay in reserved state for only one user.
640.02GRANMA::RCOLLINSTue Jul 12 1994Postscript attachment / DECBODY14
641.01HGOCS::DENISLIThu Jul 14 1994startup parameter vs # of clients
642.010HGOVC::BURANCELEUNGThu Jul 14 1994Process in RWSCS
643.02FILTON::GILLEN_FThu Jul 14 1994SERVER Won't Start
644.01HGOVC::CHIKAICHEUNGFri Jul 15 1994consequence of insufficient fillm
645.05UTRTSC::SMEETSFri Jul 15 1994Error messages
646.02ZURFri Jul 15 1994DW Client and reading DDIF attachment
647.02HGOCS::SIMONLAUMon Jul 18 1994How to Backup/Restore mails stored in local PC ?
648.011SNATCH::EGGIMANNMon Jul 18 1994Delivery Notification Subject ...
649.01VAXRIO::63Mon Jul 18 1994DMW on Windows NT?
650.03GIDDAY::SETHIMon Jul 18 1994 Problems with 1.2-
651.01HGOCS::TONYLIUTue Jul 19 1994No new mail notification
652.03SNATCH::EGGIMANNTue Jul 19 1994Error Codes 24
653.03MOSCOW::JOUVINWed Jul 20 1994Pb with DDA and SET REDIRECT
655.011ROMEOS::BATESON_MAThu Jul 21 1994General DMW help?
656.04HGOCS::SIMONLAUFri Jul 22 1994Pointer of documentation of DELIVERY_THREADS ?
657.02STKHLM::LUNDSTEDTFri Jul 22 1994Difference between FORWARD and SEND??
658.02EVTAI1::BOURDARIAS_SFri Jul 22 1994Informations on MAIL.X4M
659.03UTRTSC::SMEETSMon Jul 25 1994Question about attachments
660.01MLNTSC::DALPORTOMon Jul 25 1994Mail Notification not working
661.02BACHUS::64737::LarocheTue Jul 26 1994Postscript and DDIF attachment problems
662.01HGOCS::TONYLIUTue Jul 26 1994Server crash ???
664.09UBOHUB::KNIGHTWed Jul 27 1994Shared drawers across different nodes?
665.04UBOHUB::KNIGHTWed Jul 27 1994Moving DMW accounts across different nodes
666.04UBOHUB::KNIGHTWed Jul 27 1994When will DMW be supported with UCX v3.1 - issue
667.03ZURWed Jul 27 1994DCA RFT attachments to IBM 327
668.07GIDDAY::SETHIThu Jul 28 1994PAB and DL addressing problems
669.04GIDDAY::SETHIThu Jul 28 1994Standby mail server question
670.04UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Jul 28 1994CDA and Extract/Print troubles
671.03CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Jul 28 1994Stopping A1M$DIRECT_nnnn?
672.02ROMEOS::LOUIE_JAThu Jul 28 1994OVMS/AXP, DMW, MS MAIL, Internet, X4
673.03UBOHUB::KNIGHTThu Jul 28 1994Did RO shared drawers make eco 4?
674.02BACHUS::COLLARTFri Jul 29 1994Customize VT client for auto DDS search ?
675.02QCAVThu Aug 04 1994 DECMailworks with PAthworks across WAN(X.25)configgg
677.01ADOVMon Aug 08 1994DECforms Asset for VT interface
678.013STKAI1::SBERGQUISTTue Aug 09 1994Directory services processes and DECnet/OSI ...
679.01HGOCS::SIMONLAUWed Aug 10 1994Problem in LCLFCCVT and LOCALFIX.
680.02GVAWed Aug 10 1994V1.2 install problem.
681.03SEND::MCNULTYWed Aug 10 1994problem with installation
682.05HYDRA::ALDENFri Aug 12 1994How can I reset the unopened count?
683.01HGOCS::DENISLISat Aug 13 1994Healthy range of internal queue length
684.01HGOCS::DENISLIMon Aug 15 1994how to enable disk quota with ECO4 patch?
685.03USCD::HEUSSMon Aug 15 1994Problems connecting via TCP/IP, Insufficient resources
686.01GIDDAY::SETHITue Aug 16 1994*WISH* Archive mail messages required by customer
687.0CTHP12::M_MORINTue Aug 16 1994Receiving a save-set via MRGATE
688.04ISIDRO::TORRECILLAWed Aug 17 1994NBS files and no messages
689.012HGOCS::DENISLIThu Aug 18 1994More than 2
690.04TRNThu Aug 18 1994How A1mail fills X4
691.03PEARS::SCHOELLHORNMon Aug 22 1994Invalid session id, %MSDE-I-CONNECT_FAIL, -MSDE-I-GENI_STAT
692.09USIMT::SPENCERMon Aug 22 1994Cluster Alias -> DECMailworks server stopped working
693.014OTOOA::HXOU14::FEINDELTue Aug 23 1994Recipient List and Storage Size Questions
694.01SEDSWS::CLIFFEWed Aug 24 1994All Users SUDDENLY unable to send X4
695.01QPCFS::GRADYWed Aug 24 1994V1.2-
696.01OSLThu Aug 25 1994TCP/IP Client licence for MAILworks server?
697.01HGOCS::DENISLIThu Sep 01 1994how to reset A1M/DOS 1.1c local folder's counter
698.06BACHUS::COLLARTThu Sep 01 1994A1m$direct using 1
699.01GIDDAY::BURTThu Sep 01 1994Selection & Extraction inquiry
700.03HERON::NATURE::CLOKEFri Sep 02 1994PS as TEXT or DECbody7?
701.02ZEKE::DOUCETTEFri Sep 02 1994New mail notification?
702.06GIDDAY::SETHISun Sep 04 1994Large number of files in [MUAS$SERVER_nnn.DMP]
703.01GIDDAY::SETHIMon Sep 05 1994TCP/IP host name different to DECnet MUAS$SERVER problem
704.01HGOCS::SIMONLAUMon Sep 05 1994How to rebuild the MAIL.X4M ?
705.06STKAI1::SBERGQUISTMon Sep 05 1994MAILworks and DDAs - status ?
706.04BACHUS::LAROCHEWed Sep 07 1994SUN keyboard hangs using TAB to move from TO to CC field
707.01EVTAI1::MORVANWed Sep 07 1994Error message in muas$evl_error.log
708.03GIDDAY::SETHIThu Sep 08 1994Mail Notification only works on one node in a cluster
709.03BELFST::TURBVO::MCCORRYThu Sep 08 1994IMPORT into MAILworks
710.01OTOOA::AUBINThu Sep 08 1994Detail on DMW document tagging
711.01HGOCS::TONYLIUFri Sep 09 1994Forward message,as attachment,lost
712.01GIDDAY::SETHIMon Sep 12 1994DL's taking up a large amount of disk space
713.01BIGUN::WULFFMon Sep 12 1994Migration Documentation?
714.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANMon Sep 12 1994DEC MAILworks & other mail products??
715.03ZURTue Sep 13 1994URGENT: System error 842
716.03AKOCOA::INGRAHAMTue Sep 13 1994Network error 148
717.03KERNEL::COOPERTue Sep 13 1994A1m$netdrv connect not being reestablished after a disconnet re-connect
718.04GIDDAY::SETHIWed Sep 14 1994DEC MAILworks does not startup after a reboot
719.02HGOCS::TONYLIUWed Sep 14 1994Word6:cant launch application
720.01PAPERS::MCINTOSHWed Sep 14 1994ALL-IN-1/Default template and wastebasket
721.01YUPPY::MORRISJWed Sep 14 1994A1M$DIREC* dies
722.02BACHUS::COLLARTThu Sep 15 1994Non-delivery with short distribution list !
723.03STKAI1::SBERGQUISTThu Sep 15 1994DMW and address parsing/validation ...
724.02BACHUS::COLLARTFri Sep 16 1994What means TRANSPORT_TRACE for MUAS ?
725.04GOIVIT::ALDENFri Sep 16 1994Problems configuring new DMW server
726.02QUICKP::KEHOETue Sep 20 1994Help with mail-enabled project
727.01ABBEYS::KALINATue Sep 20 1994IPX support???
728.0GIDDAY::SETHIWed Sep 21 199413
729.04LEMAN::MARIET::MARIETWed Sep 21 1994TCP/IP srv. connect fails in error 23
730.01AKOCOA::INGRAHAMWed Sep 21 1994corrupted folder?
731.02BACHUS::COLLARTWed Sep 21 1994Doc to tune DEC MAILworks ?
732.01OTOOA::HXOU14::FEINDELWed Sep 21 1994Distribution List Limitations Possible?
733.01COPCLU::MELSTEDFri Sep 23 1994Product to blind collegue
734.0GIDDAY::SETHIWed Sep 28 1994Mac's using AppleTalk couldn't connect to server
735.01KETJE::VANHOOSTEThu Sep 29 1994Why is my from = "xmr" ?
736.06ZURThu Sep 29 1994Where is A1MAIL$DIRECTORY_EVL_node.LOG ?
737.04TRNThu Sep 29 1994Error when opening a folder
738.01SHIPS::SMITH_JThu Sep 29 1994ORGUNIT switch OU1 and OU2 from XMR
739.01COPCLU::TRIERFri Sep 30 1994How to check for active/unactive TeamLinks users
740.01GVAFri Sep 30 1994New mail notifier startup problem.
741.03UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTFri Sep 30 1994SET NOFORM still /form=default ?
742.0ROMEOS::WRIGHT_KEFri Sep 30 1994Need Help With a Pilot
743.01UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTMon Oct 03 1994Progressive as default DDS search type ?
744.01MRBEEN::WATTTue Oct 04 1994DMW V1.2 & VMS V6.1 supported ?
745.010MOSCOW::JOUVINTue Oct 04 1994Pb with install without Decwindows
746.02YUPPY::DEWINTERTue Oct 04 1994MAILworks/DDS lookup using LOCATION
747.05CAPNET::PJOHNSONWed Oct 05 1994Unsupported document type
748.01ULYSSE::CHOUKROUNWed Oct 05 1994Unable to attach message ?
749.04GIDDAY::SETHIWed Oct 05 1994*WISH* prevent users from opening drawer twice
750.01NEWOA::65138::DRATHFri Oct 07 1994Talking mailbox?
752.016BACHUS::COLLARTMon Oct 10 1994Cut and Paste problem with Decwindows client
753.01GRITS::BUSH_SMon Oct 10 1994Search Dir service instead of PAB
754.09DIBDIB::DBATESWed Oct 12 1994New mail notification and TCP/IP
755.01GIDDAY::SETHISat Oct 15 1994*WISH* routine to interrogate TeamLinks
756.06ZURMon Oct 17 1994NETWORK access needed for A1M$DIRECT processes when starting up
757.0GIDDAY::BURTTue Oct 18 1994EBD Filing Selection problem
758.01SCAMIN::BROWNTue Oct 18 1994DECmailworks/TeamLinks and SMTP
759.023TRNWed Oct 19 1994PROBLEMS...HELP NEEDED !!!
760.04STKHLM::LUNDSTEDTWed Oct 19 1994%FIL_OP_ERROR, FLUSH error
761.04UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Oct 20 1994Remove PAB entries in VT-client
762.02ZURThu Oct 20 1994Upgrade directly to DMW V1.2-4 possible?
763.01ZURThu Oct 20 1994%A1MAIL-E-ERROPEDRA when sending and reading at the same time
764.01ASPORT::TIMTPC::twomey_timThu Oct 20 1994Problem with reply from VMSmail user
765.04GIDDAY::BURTFri Oct 21 1994Module: CAB_SELECT, Error: 2
766.013MOSCOW::JOUVINFri Oct 21 1994Problem with DOS client - URGENT
767.02ZURMon Oct 24 1994-MUAS-E-INVBODYTYP when sending WinWord attachment
768.04MOSQUE::JOUVINTue Oct 25 1994DMW startup error 24
769.01COPCLU::TRIERTue Oct 25 1994Store-and-forward in Remote MR setup?
770.012GVAWed Oct 26 1994SSI error.
771.03HGODCS::FRANCISHUNGWed Oct 26 1994support under Pathworks 5.
772.03MLNORO::MALACRIDAThu Oct 27 1994DMW v1.3 ?
773.03HGOCS::TONYLIUThu Oct 27 1994Cant send message
774.03SHIPS::SMITH_JThu Oct 27 1994AXP DECMAILworks client?
775.01HGODCS::FRANCISHUNGFri Oct 28 1994remote MS-Mail clients
776.011BALZAC::KUOCHFri Oct 28 1994How to improve the performance ?
777.02FRSCS::TSCHOENTue Nov 01 1994TeamLinks & DECnet-link
778.01BETCHA::BOETTCHERTue Nov 01 1994Admin Management utilities for MAILworks?
779.08HGOCS::TONYLIUWed Nov 02 1994Problem sending both mail & fax
781.03NEWOA::MITCHELL_AThu Nov 03 1994Error Sending Mail
782.09KERNEL::COOPERThu Nov 03 1994How do I fix drawer indexes if localfix doesn't work?
784.02HGOCS::TONYLIUFri Nov 04 1994A1mailcleanup
785.02BALZAC::KUOCHFri Nov 04 1994DEC MAILworks / DECforms
786.02GLDOA::GLD5Mon Nov 07 1994Quick Reference CARDS??
787.01WOTVAX::PCTue Nov 08 1994Problems with CTI
788.02RDGENG::COBBTue Nov 08 1994Bad From: address sending to Internet
789.06ZURWed Nov 09 1994Copy VMS Mails into DMW DECwindows Client?
790.01BACHUS::LAROCHEWed Nov 09 1994DDS search from VT client.
791.02KERNEL::COOPERWed Nov 09 1994Printing via Windows for workgroups to remote printer
792.08GIDDAY::SETHIWed Nov 09 1994Sales and marketing information
793.0KOALA::DEFELICEThu Nov 10 1994DEC MAILworks for DOS V1.2-1 has been released
794.01HGOCS::TONYLIUFri Nov 11 1994Many 24
795.03HGOCS::TONYLIUFri Nov 11 1994Drawer creation
797.04LAOSS1::UDICK_STMon Nov 14 1994inbox has mail that I can not see
799.01TKTVFS::TKTV2Tue Nov 15 1994After send a mail, ghost message appear in OUTBOX
800.02ULYSSE::CHOUKROUNTue Nov 15 1994%FIL-OP-ERROR,Disk Space exhausted error
801.03AIMHI::HAHNThu Nov 17 1994Configuration Question
802.02GIDDAY::BURTFri Nov 18 1994Conversions again
803.09TRNFri Nov 18 1994DISK AND DOCUMENT QUOTAS ?!?
804.06FORTY2::WILKINSTue Nov 22 1994New name for DEC MAILworks on VMS ?
805.01GVPROD::MAGOUI::SIMMONSTue Nov 22 1994Operating DMW in an LAVC
806.07KERNEL::COOPERTue Nov 22 1994Decmailworks for dos 1.2 missing text when viewing document
807.03HGOCS::SIMONLAUTue Nov 22 1994How can sender get the non-delivery notification?
808.0ZURWed Nov 23 1994Can RETIX 4
809.02HGOCS::TONYLIUWed Nov 23 1994No new mail notification
810.0KETJE::VANHOOSTEThu Nov 24 1994Office forum announcement, Brussels, Jan 95
811.01EVTAI1::MORVANThu Nov 24 1994TL 2.1 eco 2 print pb with WPS-PLUS message
812.01MEOCFri Nov 25 1994Dist List expands to addressees. Why?
813.05DUBGEN::REDMONDFri Nov 25 1994MailWorks and VMS i/o channels
814.03WEOVIL:: Nov 27 1994MailWorks Server 1.2 and UCX 3.1?
815.03SMD72J::DEDONOVANMon Nov 28 1994muas$server process consumes cpu & buffered I/O
816.07ZPOVC::CHINGYUEMon Nov 28 1994Logicals and remote mailing
817.07GIDDAY::SETHITue Nov 29 1994MailWorks and TL ASN.1 numbers do not match
818.01OSOSPS::NAGAOWed Nov 30 1994A1M$DIREC_xxxx Process die
819.0EVTAI1::MORVANTue Dec 06 1994[.dmp] file. How to retrieve mail?
820.03CSOA1::FLOYDTue Dec 06 1994muas$evl_error.log errors
821.02IOSG::ECHRISTIEWed Dec 07 1994Customer with pound sign problem
822.0GVPROD::MAGOUI::SIMMONSMon Dec 12 1994Correlation and cluster-alias
823.02TLE::BOWERMon Dec 12 1994Going from A1MAIL to VMS MAIL
824.01HGOCS::TONYLIUTue Dec 13 1994Any update to note 698
825.04GIDDAY::BAYESTue Dec 13 1994Printing Profile Details
826.04HGOCS::TONYLIUWed Dec 14 1994Misleading nondelivery message report
827.01OSOSPS::NAGAOThu Dec 15 1994Problem for personal use license
828.03BIS1::VANKERKHOVEFri Dec 16 1994Remote MR and correlation problem
829.03BACHUS::COLLARTMon Dec 19 1994Trouble with DECNET on startup ...
830.01TAVIS::ALTERMon Dec 19 1994CCITT 1988 do we support it?
831.07GIDDAY::SETHITue Dec 20 1994Problem with DOS client incorrect password hangs PC
832.02UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Dec 20 1994GPF in XCD_EXT.EXE In V1.2-1DE DOS client
833.01GVPROD::MAGOUI::SIMMONSTue Dec 20 1994Forcing DMW to use MR
834.01KETJE::VANHOOSTETue Dec 20 1994V1.3 and header size
835.01WEOVIL:: Dec 20 1994MailWORKS Server for Windows NT?
836.02MEOCWed Dec 21 1994Startup:NOLOGTAB error on DECW$LOGICAL_NAMES
837.02TRNWed Dec 21 1994Internal error code 241
838.011BACHUS::COLLARTThu Dec 22 1994MUAS$SERVER crashes (accvio) !
839.07AUSSIE::GARSONTue Dec 27 1994SSI VAX->Alpha gives "bad image file"
840.01COPCLU::ELINWed Dec 28 1994TeamLinks mail notification from MAILworks - docs?
841.02HGODCS::SUSANCHANThu Dec 29 1994cc:Mail Connection for Mailwork ?
843.03HGOCS::TONYLIUThu Jan 05 1995Problem in notes 73,317 fixed
844.03KERNEL::COOPERFri Jan 06 1995DMW for Dos 1.2 changing form that display DDS search information
845.02UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTMon Jan 09 1995UCX 3.x and new mail notification ?
846.04BACHUS::COLLARTMon Jan 09 1995Why MSDE-E-FTTLOOKUPFAIL occurs ?
847.01MARVA1::PERKINSMon Jan 09 1995What files are accessed when MAIL drawer is opened
849.03MKLC::ENOSWed Jan 11 1995VTX to DECMailWorks
850.01KYOSS1::POLAKOWSKIThu Jan 12 1995MSMAIL on Netware to MAILWORKS?
851.08GIDDAY::JOYCEFri Jan 13 1995Loop detected
853.01COMICS::HALFACREEMon Jan 16 1995Problem with limitation to PROFILE...
854.05OSLMon Jan 16 1995Our VMS support staff needs help to get mail server running?
855.014BACHUS::COLLARTTue Jan 17 1995Non-delivery if X4
857.03MXOCWed Jan 18 1995Delete old messages
858.01HGOCS::DENISLIWed Jan 18 1995A1MAIL$CONNECT_OUTPUT error STS=99932
859.03BACHUS::COLLARTThu Jan 19 1995DMW and Distel-MR fax gateway problem
860.02HGOCS::TONYLIUFri Jan 20 1995Read receipt notification ?
861.01IOSG::PYEFri Jan 20 1995MAIL.X4M file format?
862.0DECPRG::PAVLUPFri Jan 20 1995CITY network information wanted...
864.02PAPERS::MCINTOSHMon Jan 23 1995Mail not received/no non delivery
865.06TRNMon Jan 23 1995DIKQUOTA IMPLEMENTATION: help needed
866.02DPDMAI::HANSONLMon Jan 23 1995Can Profile be located in non-SYS$LOGIN directory?
867.03ISLNDS::SCHWABEMon Jan 23 1995Cannot keep MUAS$SERVER process running
868.01HGOCS::TONYLIUTue Jan 24 1995Any suggestion
869.02EVTAI1::KUOCHTue Jan 24 1995Pb. creating 46th drawer.
870.03MARVA1::PERKINSWed Jan 25 1995SAVE /RESTORE goof
871.01MSAMThu Jan 26 1995DMW OVMS to DMW OSF/1 ??
872.01HGOCS::DENISLIThu Jan 26 1995Message Transfer Agent congestion
873.03HAMSC2::EBUSCHThu Jan 26 1995DMW,ALL-IN-1,MR and ALPHA again
874.03BACHUS::WILLEMSHThu Jan 26 1995DEC MAILworks Server V1.3 A solves all CPU problems ?
875.05ZURThu Jan 26 1995Strange configuration: Help needed!!!
876.04BACHUS::COLLARTThu Jan 26 1995MailWorks 1.3A and Keypak min version
877.02BACHUS::COLLARTThu Jan 26 1995MailWorks VMS 1.3A Release Notes questions
878.01DPDMAI::HANSONLThu Jan 26 1995Control USER_PROFILE.DAT Creation?
879.04MKOTS3::HAHNThu Jan 26 1995VMS/AXP Functionality
880.01FAILTE::42Fri Jan 27 1995can a1mail$cti_broker run on its own without all the software
881.02LAOSS1::UDICK_STTue Jan 31 1995Access violation, reason mask=
882.03LAOSS1::UDICK_STTue Jan 31 1995When will we be able to do a Send/last
883.04AIMHI::TINIUSTue Jan 31 1995 %RMS-E-WLK, device currently write locked
884.01YUPPY::HOLLANDMWed Feb 01 1995SYstem error 842
885.01GRANPA::RJENKINSWed Feb 01 1995Callable interface with Mailworks ?
886.02GIDDAY::SETHIWed Feb 01 1995Another reason for MUAS$SERVER consuming CPU/looping
888.07TRIGG::VOGELThu Feb 02 1995Socket 6161 not getting created
890.02TRNThu Feb 02 1995MSDE-I-GENI_ERR
891.05GIDDAY::SETHIThu Feb 02 1995A1->MR->MW, hidden text being included in WPS+
892.02STKAI1::SPORSENFri Feb 03 1995Unread mails doesn't count down.
893.01GRITS::BUSH_SFri Feb 03 1995Attachments will not print after print 1st one
894.0LACNT1::MezzettiFri Feb 03 1995
895.0ULYSSE::CHOUKROUNFri Feb 03 1995DMW - MR max time expired
896.0GIDDAY::SETHIMon Feb 06 1995MUAS$SERVER unable to deliver messages
897.01ZURMon Feb 06 1995Direct Addressing and Page_file Quota
899.01NZOVMon Feb 06 1995One document in Two places - Possible?
900.05BACHUS::COLLARTTue Feb 07 1995MailWorks 1.2-
901.04BBIVWed Feb 08 1995question on decmailworks
902.01KYOSS1::ERICKSENThu Feb 09 1995MailWorks and cluster alias AFTER installation
903.0LAOSS1::UDICK_STMon Feb 13 1995Can you have folder on DAD/DFS device drive
904.07MARVA1::PERKINSMon Feb 13 1995MUAS not starting at SYS startup w/ VMS 6.1
905.03YUPPY::HOLLANDMTue Feb 14 1995What should MUAS BYTLM quota be?
906.01MANIOK::BERLINGHOFTue Feb 14 1995'Wrong' records in MUAS$PROFILE.DAT
907.01BBIVWed Feb 15 1995store/forward capability of DMW
908.03EVTAI1::PCBSYB::BOURDARIASWed Feb 15 1995local version of mailworks
909.01KETJE::GEESSELSThu Feb 16 1995Default printer DECW itf
910.04ATHINA::KARVOUNIS_AThu Feb 16 1995A1mail/DOS & communication error
911.0HAACK::HAACKFri Feb 17 1995pmdf mta, x.4
912.03GRANPA::RJENKINSMon Feb 20 1995MailWorks and Library Calls
913.011YUPPY::KENNEDYETue Feb 21 1995A1MAIL$CONNECT Hangs
914.02ZPOVC::CHINGYUEWed Feb 22 1995Where to find A1mail for Windows client v1.1 ?
915.05USCTR1::K_MARTINWed Feb 22 1995Disabling print headers
916.01WOOK::LEEFri Feb 24 1995A funny thing happened while I was exiting from MailWorks
917.02MROA::HEIER_LFri Feb 24 1995DECMAILWORKS process disappears with UCX
918.01HGOCS::DENISLISun Feb 26 1995Exception code
919.05MSOTIS::LEMon Feb 27 1995Some comments on Manager Guide of 1.3A OpenVMS
920.03BBIVMon Feb 27 1995DMW 1.3 kit on AXP OpenVMS
921.0BBOMon Feb 27 1995User auditing PATHWORKS v4.2/Mailworks
922.07BACHUS::COLLARTMon Feb 27 1995What happens to MailWorks 1.3 ?
923.06STKAI1::SPORSENMon Feb 27 1995Read & Delivery receipt on strike
924.04LAOSS1::UDICK_STMon Feb 27 19951995
925.05BACHUS::BERVOETSTue Feb 28 1995A1M DDS processes problem with DECnet/OSI v6.1
926.03HERON::LEMBEK::VogeleerWed Mar 01 1995MW 1.3 & ALL-IN-1 MAIL for WINDOWS 1.1
927.012BACHUS::COLLARTWed Mar 01 1995Error changing MAIL drawer name from VT
928.05STKAI1::SPORSENWed Mar 01 1995Muas$server in RWAST/Suspend
929.01GIDDAY::SETHIWed Mar 01 1995*WISH* we need a configration file for server proc. quotas
930.08BIGUN::WULFFThu Mar 02 1995Loosing Mail.
931.01BIGUN::WULFFThu Mar 02 1995MailWorks V1.3 and clustering.
932.013HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWThu Mar 02 1995MR V3.3A and MW V1.3A
933.02AIMHI::USIMT::SPENCERFri Mar 03 1995a1mail$connect .DMP file
934.01BIGUN::WULFFSun Mar 05 1995Has the MAIL.X4M chnaged over the years?
935.0RIGI::TEAMC2::KurthWed Mar 08 1995Install on Alpha AXP: GBLPAGES?
936.02COPCLU::ELINThu Mar 09 1995Edit A1MAIL$SSI_MESSAGES.MSG - and what then?
937.01VAXRIO::ABREUThu Mar 09 1995ADD ENTRY/VERIFY ... customize the questions ?
938.02KYOSS1::POLAKOWSKIFri Mar 10 1995A1MAIL$DIREC_nnn Page Faulting Uncontrollably
939.07UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Mar 14 1995Printproblem in DECmailworks DOS V1.2-1
940.0BIGUN::WULFFTue Mar 14 1995MS-Mail-Driver issues from a customer view. Cross posted MWU and ms-mail-driver.
941.01DEKVC::SUNJOOHAWed Mar 15 1995training material for DEC MAILworks for VMS ?
943.01YUPPY::KENNEDYEWed Mar 15 1995Progress window
944.03COPCLU::ELINWed Mar 15 1995SHOW HEADER - confusing expressions
945.01PCBUOA::CARVILLThu Mar 16 1995System error 8436
946.03KOALA::CIOTThu Mar 16 1995cc:Mail Connection FT announcements
947.024IJSAPL::BROUWER_DMon Mar 20 1995A1MAIL$direct process /entry 678 cont.
948.01HGOCS::DENISLIMon Mar 20 1995How to disable A1MAIL user temporaly?
949.04UTRTSC::SMEETSMon Mar 20 1995VT client installation error DMW V1.2ECO5
950.09GIDDAY::JOYCEThu Mar 23 1995DECfax/Mailworks connection broken
951.01UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTThu Mar 23 1995System Management Guide 1.3 ?
952.018GIDDAY::BURTFri Mar 24 19951.3a install fails on AXP
953.01EVTAI1::GODARDFri Mar 24 1995QUEUE_LENGTH_DEFERRED question
954.03SHRMSG::HOWARDFri Mar 24 1995Permanent talker causes MR$TIDY errors on remote node
955.03MKOTS3::RAYMONDMon Mar 27 1995File Cabinet Disconnects
956.01GIDDAY::SETHIMon Mar 27 1995*WISH* Distribution List server
957.03BACHUS::COLLARTTue Mar 28 1995Read notification to a wrong user !
959.03BACHUS::COLLARTThu Mar 30 1995Server slow, strange configuration with UCX
960.04DRAC::DSMAILThu Mar 30 1995Correlate fails for DMW for DOS
961.03MLNCSC::DALPORTOFri Mar 31 1995SSI_ERROR, status 141316
962.02ROMEOS::MIKAO::mullickFri Mar 31 1995V1.2 DOS kit install problems
963.01GIDDAY::SETHIMon Apr 03 1995USE_MR and the inconsistant behaviour of MailWorks
964.01HGOSPS::DENISLIMon Apr 03 1995How to extract Excel attachment from VT client?
965.01ZPOVC::BIJUJOHNMon Apr 03 1995X4
966.01GLDOA::MAGLIONEMon Apr 03 1995e-mail etiquette
967.01NZOVMon Apr 03 1995MAPI and MS-Mail integration
968.01NZOVTue Apr 04 1995Integrating MS-Mail
969.02YUPPY::LISTue Apr 04 1995Mail priorities
970.03TYCOCH::WILLIAMSGTue Apr 04 1995DMW1.2 & UCX 3.2 PROBLEM
971.011LEMAN::BOTHNERWed Apr 05 1995How to get from DMW-VMS to X.4
972.02ISIDRO::TORRECILLAWed Apr 05 1995encrip mail files
973.03SWAM1::SEELEY_JEWed Apr 05 1995VMSmail apps to DMW calls
974.0GIDDAY::SETHIThu Apr 06 1995*WISH* Multiple A1MAIL$CONNECT processes
975.09BACHUS::BERVOETSThu Apr 06 1995A1M$DI... not started with DMW v1.3A
976.06WARIOR::ANDRES_BThu Apr 06 1995New Mail Notification with 1.3
977.01TREES::THOMASThu Apr 06 1995licenses required?
978.02EVTAI1::PCBSYB::BOURDARIASFri Apr 07 1995mailworks for dos and attribut archive on directory
980.01LARVAE::GALLAGHER_DMon Apr 10 1995MS Mail 3.2 & DECMailworks Driver 1.
981.04HGOCS::WILLIAMMANTue Apr 11 1995Minimum disk space to send message
982.01MRKTNG::LOVELUCKTue Apr 11 1995forward /cover=filename ignores filename
983.02KOALA::LAVASHWed Apr 12 1995Troubleshooting DS Servers starting up
984.03KERNEL::COOPERWed Apr 12 1995Changing expired password gives Invalid password
985.01LIOSThu Apr 13 1995DEC MAILworks OSF/1 Training Opportunity
986.01EVTAI1::PCBSYB::BOURDARIASFri Apr 14 1995FCI error
987.01HGOSPS::TONYLIUWed Apr 19 1995cant move read message to mail folder?
988.04BACHUS::BACHUS::LAROCHEThu Apr 20 1995Correlate and Return-Content do not work...
989.01WARABI::ZORBASFri Apr 21 1995WinWord6 cannot be launched
990.01HGOSPS::DENISLIMon Apr 24 1995ECO5 sees SYSTEM-F-NOLOGTAB error
991.06LAOSS1::UDICK_STMon Apr 24 1995RMS Error on Mail.x4m
992.04LISVAX::SEPULVEDAMon Apr 24 1995Security breakin
993.010OASS::ANDRES_BMon Apr 24 1995Multinet and MAILworks 1.3A
994.01TAKEOF::DELIPPEWed Apr 26 1995System error 842
995.01BOSEPM::OGILBYWed Apr 26 1995Mixed Cluster??
996.01HTSC19::TONYLIUThu Apr 27 1995Detail required:move user
997.03HTSC19::TONYLIUThu Apr 27 1995ALL-IN-1 for DOS V1.1 kit request
998.01LEMAN::63844::wengerThu Apr 27 1995SunOS client questions
999.02GRITS::WILLIAMS_TThu Apr 27 1995dec mailworks for dos configuration
1000.01COPCLU::ELINMon May 01 1995MAILworks V1.2-5 RESTORE corrupts MAIL_DIR info
1001.06RIGI::KURTHTue May 02 1995MailWorks configuration: DDS Distributor, DDS Concentrator (Guide wrong?)
1002.022GIDDAY::BAYESWed May 03 1995Slow message notification using TeamLinks
1003.05BACHUS::WILLEMSHWed May 03 1995Installation V1.3A on AXP fails on "undefined symbol"
1004.05YUPPY::ZELEZINSKIJWed May 03 1995Mailworks & Mixed Clusters
1005.02OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTThu May 04 1995Can't copy two files from KOALA::V13A$KIT ..
1006.09HGOSPS::TONYLIUFri May 05 1995Odd symptom on moving user
1007.05LEMAN::BAGNOUDFri May 05 1995rms patch ?
1008.02GRITS::WILLIAMS_TFri May 05 1995mailworks v1.3 axp a1m$direc
1009.07SHRMSG::HOWARDFri May 05 1995Invalid Message-id sending to Internet
1010.0BBIVSat May 06 1995smtp mail and VMSmail over WAN
1011.01HGOM11::LKLEESun May 07 1995Ordering information for Mailworks AXP
1012.01RIGI::KURTHMon May 08 1995Meaning of Transaction Event Log File Codes
1013.01BACHUS::WILLEMSHMon May 08 1995Network Type Decnet or Netbios. What's the difference ?
1014.03ROMA::NOGUERONTue May 09 1995Teamlinks clients unable to do DDS look-ups
1015.04MEMIT::HANSONTue May 09 1995Overallocating Blocks
1016.01EVTAI1::BOURDARIASWed May 10 1995RMS error MAIL.X4M STS=99
1017.01VANINE::SMITHMRWed May 10 1995Large message directories, compression/reclaim ?
1018.011EVTAI1::BOURDARIASThu May 11 19951.3A and MOTIF
1019.01HAN::HAEUSSERThu May 11 1995TEAMLINKS to MW V1.3a on AXP ?
1020.05BACHUS::BERVOETSFri May 12 1995MUAS$SERVER crash - Message discarded
1021.01RIGI::KURTHFri May 12 1995HELP text missing?
1022.01DRAC::DSMAILMon May 15 1995Re-install DEC MAILWORKS 1.2 fails
1023.01HGOVC::JOLENEWONGTue May 16 1995InfoBroker license with MailWorks
1024.010STKHLM::ANDERSSON_HTue May 16 1995A1MAIL$CONNECT producing SYSTEM ERRORS 84..
1025.01RIGI::KURTHTue May 16 1995VIEW TRACE and VIEW DS resutls in File currently locked
1026.03SWETSC::2HWed May 17 1995Problem using distlist and keep sent to other drawer
1027.01WELSWS::NUTKINSMWed May 17 1995Mailworks v1.3a OpenVMS support for A1MAIL clients
1028.01MLNCSC::ZAGHIThu May 18 1995Teamlinks connection problem
1030.08ZPOVC::WENDYLAIFri May 19 1995Mailworks on Windows NT ?
1031.02UTRTSC::SMEETSMon May 22 1995DMW V1.3A + Wollogong + notification
1032.0BACHUS::COLLARTWed May 24 1995VT client and internet address in the PAB...
1033.02MSOTIS::LEThu May 25 1995DOS client sorting message in local folders
1034.03PENSKE::SDATZMANThu May 25 1995MailWorks Include Files (*.h)
1035.02JRDVFri May 26 1995ACC-VIO when reading new VMSmail
1036.03RANGER::shyf.lkg.dec.com::karrfaltTue May 30 1995Problem with kit
1037.03SDOGUS::MORINWed May 31 1995Doc online in PS?
1038.03FSATRA::H_ANDERSSONWed May 31 1995MUAS$SERVER terminates with RMS-F-BUG
1039.06ISIDRO::TORRECILLAWed May 31 1995mailworks 1.3/m router 3.3
1040.03OTOOA::PDONOGHUEWed May 31 1995Multinet & DMW 1.3a
1041.03HGOSPS::TONYLIUThu Jun 01 1995Contradict action between TL & DMW
1042.01GVAFri Jun 02 1995Minor: V1.3a ECO says its 1.2 at startup.
1043.06WARS::CALKAMon Jun 05 1995Mailing for OpenVMS/ALPHA
1044.01OTOOA::CHANDLERMon Jun 05 1995vms decwindows client on axp?
1045.011OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTTue Jun 06 1995Installation failed, V13A-I1 ..
1046.01EVTAI1::BOURDARIASWed Jun 07 1995MW 1.3A startup
1047.03EVTAI1::BOURDARIASWed Jun 07 1995COMPRESS from management
1048.02TROOA::BARTLETTWed Jun 07 1995Dynamic IP addressing and NewMail Notification?
1049.04HTSC19::WILLIAMMANThu Jun 08 1995Network Time out for TeamLinks clients
1050.02OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTThu Jun 08 1995Network timeout error - Version 1.3A-I, DECNET OSI
1052.03WOTVAX::ROVRUM::McGuireVMon Jun 12 1995MAILbus 4
1053.03HGOSPS::TONYLIUTue Jun 13 1995A1MAIL$CONNECT disappear/crash,V1.2-5
1054.0MUCCS1::64676::ErichWed Jun 14 1995correct SNADS addressing ?
1055.01OTOOA::BELLONIWed Jun 14 1995InfoWeek June12
1056.02MLNCSC::DALPORTOWed Jun 14 1995socket device 6161 not created
1057.010OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTWed Jun 14 1995MUAS Server keeps dying, won't run
1058.02USOPS::RBROWNWed Jun 14 1995Does MAILWORKS UPDATE THE UAF Last Login ?
1059.02WKOLThu Jun 15 1995Questions re:addressing schemes
1060.02MALThu Jun 15 1995DMW, Teamlinks Questions
1061.03GIDDAY::SETHIThu Jun 15 1995Lack of automatic recovery when network outage MR
1062.07UTRTSC::DIENAARMon Jun 19 1995Network access ?
1063.03COPCLU::TORBENHMon Jun 19 1995Poor Performance and Notify error 29
1064.02ZURWed Jun 21 1995%RMS-F-DME and %RMS-F-CHN and A1MAIL$CONNECT hangs
1065.01WAGGIS::FREPPELWed Jun 21 1995A1MAIL V1.2 ok for OpenVMS V6.1?
1066.03IJSAPL::BROUWER_DThu Jun 22 1995notification to several accounts
1068.02DRAC::DSMAILFri Jun 23 1995SYSTEM-F-NOLOGTAB with VMS 6.1
1069.04MALTue Jun 27 1995Mailworks V1.3 questions
1070.03GIDDAY::SETHITue Jun 27 1995*WISH* delete command need to tidy up display
1071.0KERNEL::COOPERWed Jun 28 1995Mailworks for dos 1.2-1 and tcp/ip hangs on exit
1073.05LISVAX::SEPULVEDAWed Jun 28 1995New Mail Notification... one more...
1074.04HGOVC::JOLENEWONGThu Jun 29 1995MS Exchange and MailWORKS
1075.02GIDDAY::SETHIFri Jun 30 1995%MSDE-F-ABNORMAL, upgrading from 1.2-5 to 1.3a-1
1076.01EVTAI1::PCBSYB::BOURDARIASFri Jun 30 1995mw motif and dump
1077.07VELI::KORKKOSat Jul 01 1995Hanging Mailworks server - A1MAIL$CONNECT in LEF state
1078.05LTIMA2::M_HOLLANDMon Jul 03 1995A1mail-e-invmsgnum
1079.04EVTAI1::MORVANTue Jul 04 1995DMW 1.2-5 : batch start problem
1080.018UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTTue Jul 04 1995%SSI_ERROR NOTIFY, code 29
1081.01PEARS::ROWOLDWed Jul 05 1995Installation of V1.3A failed during MR V3.3-313 initialization phase
1082.01SIOG::B_RAFFERTYWed Jul 05 1995V1.1C to V1.3A ?
1083.01EVTAI1::MORVANThu Jul 06 1995dmw 1.3a: dds search fail.
1084.01KERNEL::ANDERSONLThu Jul 06 1995Winsock error using DDS & DMW
1085.02GIDDAY::BAYESThu Jul 06 1995Error 414 and 5
1086.0LEMAN::SCHEIDEGGERFri Jul 07 1995How to change PAB entries of all users ?
1087.012RCOSS1::KKPC::KINGSLEYMon Jul 10 19951.3Aeco-1 Internal Error 24
1088.01ISIDRO::NIEVESTTue Jul 11 1995network access fails
1089.06EVTAI1::BOURDARIASTue Jul 11 1995local print in MW for DOS
1090.01STOWOA::NORTON_KWed Jul 12 1995Errors opening DMW
1091.02GIDDAY::MASONWed Jul 12 1995MailWorks 1.3a/MS Mail 3.2 access problem.
1092.01HGOSPS::TONYLIUFri Jul 14 1995Odd symptom at password expiration
1093.02HGOSPS::TONYLIUFri Jul 14 1995cant delete message in wastebasket
1094.02EVTAI1::BOURDARIASMon Jul 17 19951.3a and Remote DDS
1095.03NIOSS1::THOMPSONMon Jul 17 1995Mail Server not running when using TCPIP access
1096.01HGOSPS::TONYLIUTue Jul 18 1995comment on checklist required
1097.01MROA::HEIER_LTue Jul 18 1995Auto Reply ability?
1098.04HGOSPS::TONYLIUWed Jul 19 1995locate .X4h etc from mail notification
1099.04OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTWed Jul 19 1995Prevent users from creating profiles ...
1100.01OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTWed Jul 19 1995Refile from DMW to VMSMAIL ..
1101.06TAKEOF::DELIPPEThu Jul 20 1995MAILworks for VMS/AXP and Motif clients?
1102.01MSDOA::MORGANRThu Jul 20 1995internet mail access via MAILworks
1103.03EVTAI1::PCBSYB::BOURDARIASThu Jul 20 1995MAIL.X4M and counter of new mail
1104.01UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Jul 20 1995Intermittend correlation problems
1105.04OASS::ANDRES_BFri Jul 21 1995Using Find in TeamLinks for Text and Author Value
1106.07BIS6::CAPPELLEMANSMon Jul 24 1995Internal Error 241
1107.02KYOSS1::POLAKOWSKIMon Jul 24 1995Can I use both DECNET and TCP/IP to Access the same server>
1108.01UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTTue Jul 25 1995messages DISCARDED due to error 24
1109.02BIGUN::grange.cao.dec.com::HAVERFIELDWed Jul 26 1995MW 1.3A, DECnet OSI v6.2, VAX VMS v6.1 - any know problems ??
1110.01YUPPY::HOLLANDMWed Jul 26 1995Drawer Sharing in DMW?
1111.07NETRIX::"lehl@frs.mts.dec.com"Thu Jul 27 1995Problems setting the language of DECmailworks-DECW to German
1112.01NETRIX::"lehl@frs.mts.dec.com"Thu Jul 27 1995When will DECmailworks DECwindows be available for Alpha-VMS ?
1113.0KETJE::DESCHUYTERThu Jul 27 1995DECnet Phase V Again ...
1114.03AKOCOA::INGRAHAMThu Jul 27 1995NOTIFY errors - what do they mean?
1115.02HGOVC::PATRICKNGFri Jul 28 1995Does DMW on AXP support X435?
1116.01BRUMMY::MITCHESONKFri Jul 28 1995MAILworks V2.x, What Next ?
1117.015DUBGEN::REDMONDMon Jul 31 1995Digital's OfficeServer: MailWorks Next
1118.01MSE1::MANZELLAMon Jul 31 1995Exceeded global page file limit error while processing commands in X4MAN
1119.01YUPPY::HOLLANDMTue Aug 01 1995Help with config for Mailworks server hardware?
1120.01MKTCRV::essc9.ilo.dec.com::ewelchTue Aug 01 1995Problems after DECmailworks upgrade
1121.06LOTIMA::M_HOLLANDMon Aug 07 1995EXBYTLM problem?..
1122.08SHRMSG::HOWARDMon Aug 07 1995A1M$MUAS object not set - uses TASK
1123.01GIDDAY::SETHIWed Aug 09 1995Compatibility chart and questions
1124.08BACHUS::64739::CAPPELLEMANSWed Aug 09 1995Server is shutdown state
1125.03GIDDAY::MASONThu Aug 10 1995File access conflict while installing 1.3A-1/VMS 6.2
1126.07LTIMA2::M_HOLLANDThu Aug 10 1995SSI_ERROR, code 29
1127.02LTIMA2::M_HOLLANDThu Aug 10 1995A1M$direc_x die during state transistion
1128.02DPDMAI::HANSONLThu Aug 10 1995MB4
1129.013UTRUCK::SCHOLLAERTTue Aug 15 1995FIND /UACID : How does it work ?
1130.04HTSC19::WILLIAMMANTue Aug 15 1995Cannot connect from TeamLinks
1131.02IJSAPL::BROUWER_DTue Aug 15 1995New MAIL message & language attribute
1132.04GIDDAY::VELDWed Aug 16 1995Client disconnect - exceeded open folder limit
1133.04NETRIX::"torbens@"Wed Aug 16 1995Remote Mailworks via X.25 problem!
1134.04CHUECA::NIEVESWed Aug 16 1995when ECO 2?
1135.01COPCLU::OLSSONThu Aug 17 1995Taqgging - do you know?
1136.01STKAI1::63661::cederhagFri Aug 18 1995oa$pc_br and oa$pcbdc for alpha????
1137.03CHUECA::NIEVESMon Aug 21 1995urgent:muas$server stops!!
1138.03GIDDAY::MASONTue Aug 22 1995MailWorks and TeamLinks Remote Connection?
1139.02BACHUS::COLLARTThu Aug 24 1995Address Template problem like note 441
1140.01MROA::HEIER_LThu Aug 24 1995Import Vaxmail into decmailworks?
1141.06EVTAI1::PCBSYB::BOURDARIASFri Aug 25 19951.3A message router install problem
1142.012BACHUS::LAROCHETue Aug 29 1995DS_server not starting. Message number
1143.08HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGFri Sep 01 1995How can I configure remote DDS
1144.02STRASB::HONOREFri Sep 01 1995teamlinks and Windows 95 ?
1145.01HAACK::HAACKFri Sep 01 1995if "slow" then do what?
1146.02BACHUS::6467Mon Sep 04 1995Template for internet doesn't work
1147.01BLOWUP::AHMADEUSTue Sep 05 1995%MSDE-F-ABNORMAL, Abnormal completion
1148.03CHUECA::NIEVESTue Sep 05 199529
1149.04GALVIA::JFEGANTue Sep 05 1995ACCVIO on VAX using VMSmail mode
1150.06GIDDAY::MASONWed Sep 06 1995HP Open Mail message rejection...
1151.01MMOAXP::MHENSONWed Sep 06 1995Resource Error - Remote Connection
1152.06MSOTIS::LEThu Sep 07 1995Failed to list DS servers in a cluster
1153.01ZPOAC3::ALLIN1Thu Sep 07 1995Upgrade License to ALL-IN-1 IOS??
1154.08STKAI1::WALLGRENThu Sep 07 1995Notification not working
1155.02STKAI1::WALLGRENThu Sep 07 1995Resource problem?
1156.011CHUECA::NIEVESFri Sep 08 1995URGENT error 834
1157.03HGOVC::PATRICKNGWed Sep 13 1995Is DMW1.3/MR + MAILBUS 4
1158.04LTIMA2::M_HOLLANDWed Sep 13 1995DS servers partially starting
1159.03HYDRA::catherine.crl.dec.com::ALDENWed Sep 13 1995When will we have SMTP support in VMS version?
1160.01MALMThu Sep 14 1995Password encryption?
1161.01MSOTIS::LEThu Sep 14 1995*WISH* MUAS$NODE_CHECK to monitor stale servers
1162.01OTOOA::CHANDLERFri Sep 15 1995"New ALL-IN-1" Server development language
1163.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Sep 15 1995Performance of [.A1MAIL$]??
1164.07EVTAI1::MORVANMon Sep 18 1995DMW 2.1: security problem
1165.01MEMIT::HANSONMon Sep 18 1995DMW command, hangs
1167.010IBTue Sep 19 1995a1m$dir not starting!!
1168.01FAILTE::NORRIE::hallettkWed Sep 20 1995Novell's Groupwise & MailWorks Alpha/OVMS
1169.02KYOSS1::POLAKOWSKIWed Sep 20 1995Memory Leak V1.3A ECO1?
1170.01KERNEL::FORDRWed Sep 20 1995Unusual Teamlinks Mail Notification problem
1171.03UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Sep 21 1995Update of muasprof.ini
1172.09BACHUS::COLLARTThu Sep 21 1995DECwindows client questions
1173.011UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Sep 21 1995Error allocating memory in V1.3A ECO1
1174.06HGOSPS::DENISLIFri Sep 22 1995Notification to PC not work on 1.3A-1 & DECnet/OSI
1175.02BACHUS::LAROCHETue Sep 26 1995Upgrade at customer. Feedback needed.
1176.01BACHUS::LAROCHETue Sep 26 1995System error 1
1177.011FSTSC1::SCHOENWed Sep 27 1995TL/DMW & 14
1178.01COPCLU::VAGNWed Sep 27 1995Mailworks hanging - error codes 34
1179.01ASABET::absWed Sep 27 1995cc:mail conn cannot connect to MW 1.3A - DNET
1180.03GIDDAY::SETHIFri Sep 29 1995New Mail Notification taking a long time
1181.01OSANPO::TA_TANAKAFri Sep 29 1995Page_File Quota, again
1182.08KERNEL::TALBOTFri Sep 29 1995New mail notification problem
1183.02MKTCRV::essc9.ilo.dec.com::ewelchFri Sep 29 1995Mail Notification problem
1184.01COMICS::MCINTOSHMon Oct 02 1995customization ?
1185.03ZURMon Oct 02 1995MUAS$NODE_CHECK on Alpha AXP always submits startup procedure
1187.04GIDDAY::SETHITue Oct 03 1995A1MAIL$CONNECT seems to hang or timeout
1188.01ZPOAC3::ALLIN1Tue Oct 03 1995DEC MAILworks for OVMS in ALPHA and Internet
1189.0CXOSI::sfc2e.cxo.dec.com::FULLERTue Oct 03 1995MailWorks and CDA WPS+ converter problem
1190.02CANOVA::CHIARANTINIWed Oct 04 1995Mailbus 4
1191.06BACHUS::COLLARTThu Oct 05 1995DECwindows client, the PAB and CC: field ?
1192.05COPCLU::TORBENHFri Oct 06 1995Why is socket 6161 disappearing
1193.04EISYFI::ISLERFri Oct 06 1995Mailworks for VMS AXP and Internet Mail
1194.01GIDDAY::SETHIMon Oct 09 1995Read receipt hidden behind MailWorks window
1195.01VAXRIO::ABREUMon Oct 09 1995TCP/IP name and Decnet name must be the same ?
1196.01EVTAI1::MORVANMon Oct 09 1995DMW 1.2-5: restart pb in batch mode on a cluster
1197.02NZOVTue Oct 10 1995autoforwarding to a distribution list?
1198.06BACHUS::BERVOETSTue Oct 10 1995MUAS Invalid session id
1199.02VNABRW::GRZTIA::KOCHTue Oct 10 1995TCPware / New Mail Notification
1200.02UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Oct 10 1995Garbage in A1MAIL$NOTIFY.DAT
1201.01CXOSI::sfc2e.cxo.dec.com::FULLERTue Oct 10 1995Problems adding DCL based converter
1202.05BACHUS::64734::larocheThu Oct 12 1995ACCVIO at the extract command.
1203.011ROMOIS::GIGLIOSAThu Oct 12 1995What do I sell??
1204.0MOOZY::HAVERFIELDPFri Oct 13 1995Problem sending large number of messages from Mail Driver to Mailworks server
1205.02FSATRA::H_ANDERSSONFri Oct 13 1995DS_SERVERS in a cluster ????
1206.03KYOSS1::POLAKOWSKIFri Oct 13 1995Shorcut for Addressing From VMSMAIL
1207.0ZURFri Oct 13 1995Compressing MUAS$PROFILE.DAT with Convert?
1208.01OTOOA::ROUFSat Oct 14 1995Routing address query
1209.01NETRIX::"declan.lennon@ilo.mts.dec.com"Mon Oct 16 1995No Message Router for VMS/Alpha
1210.02GIDDAY::SETHIWed Oct 18 1995Upgrade to 1.3a-1 %SYSTEM-F-OPCDEC old MUAS$TABLE_SHARE.EXE
1211.03EDDF1Fri Oct 20 1995Strange drawer problem / MAIL.X4M?
1212.03ZURFri Oct 20 1995Newmailnotification TL with WFW and DMW 1.3A
1213.02BACHUS::64734::larocheTue Oct 24 1995DOS client; TSR remains in memory + PW5 printing hangs PC
1214.01COMICS::MCINTOSHTue Oct 24 1995problem attaching
1215.02ZURTue Oct 24 1995Useful procedure which dynamically displays connect information DMW_DISPLAY_CONNS.COM
1216.01HTSCWed Oct 25 1995PC hanged when sending DECmail attached with binary file
1217.05ISTWI1::ASLANTEKINWed Oct 25 1995SSI_ERROR, code 29
1218.03GIDDAY::SETHIThu Oct 26 1995Menu driven interface for X4man
1219.04HTSC19::DENISLIFri Oct 27 19951.3A-1 notification suddenly not work
1220.014UTURBO::SCHOLLAERTMon Oct 30 1995explanation for local drawer corruption DOS V1.2-1
1221.03CHUECA::NIEVESMon Oct 30 1995Portuguese mailworks
1222.03GIDDAY::SETHITue Oct 31 1995Some hints and tips when upgrading to 1.3A-
1223.05CSOA1::FLOYDTue Oct 31 1995Doc for V1.3
1225.02FSTSC1::ELCHAMIFri Nov 03 1995a1mail$connect in PFW status
1226.01GALVIA::kiah2.ilo.dec.com::dmccabeMon Nov 06 1995Nested folder plans ?
1227.03MSAMTue Nov 07 1995DMW V1.3A & MR V3.3A - err, MR not installed/conf?
1228.02GRITS::CARTER_ATue Nov 07 1995Can't connect to server via Multinet
1229.01VCOUTue Nov 07 1995Migrating from A1Mail for DOS to TeamLinks Version 2.5
1230.04MSAMWed Nov 08 1995port from DMW VAX to DMW AXP - lic, media, doc ??
1231.04HGOSPS::DENISLIWed Nov 08 1995DDS distributor fails with FAILOG_TALK_N error
1232.0PCBUOA::crypts.ako.dec.com::durkeeWed Nov 08 1995TMG files accumulating
1234.03NEWVAX::PEGANThu Nov 09 1995Using a flat file instead of DDS for Directory
1235.05LOTIMA::M_HOLLANDMon Nov 13 1995Create Draw - Subdirectory?..
1236.01NQOSMon Nov 13 1995Migrating from VAX to AXP and then to Office Svr??
1237.04RDGENG::therml.reo.dec.com::BAKERSWed Nov 15 1995Identification of delivery failures - how?
1238.02GALVIA::JFEGANThu Nov 16 1995Problem with purge/reclaim in ECO2
1239.04IJSAPL::BROUWER_DFri Nov 17 1995MUAS$SERVER priority change
1240.02PMESU::ABBOTT::pmesu::abbottFri Nov 17 1995FIL_OP_ERROR on MUAS$SYSTEM_CONFIG.DAT
1241.03KERNEL::TALBOTMon Nov 20 1995Upgrades and profiles
1242.011OSLLAV::BJARNEC_PMon Nov 20 1995DDS lookup from Teamlinks clients fail. DECnet OSI probl?
1243.03OTOOA::BOGARTMon Nov 20 1995TL 2.1 under MW 1.3A
1244.01TAENG4::VCMGTTue Nov 21 1995How to send mail to non-digital people
1245.010GIDDAY::LEHTue Nov 21 1995SSI error on NOTIFY and disconnected TeamLinks sessions
1246.01MKOTS3::toppcb.mko.dec.com::SPENCERTue Nov 21 1995sudden DDIF problem
1247.01PCBUOA::crypts.ako.dec.com::durkeeWed Nov 22 1995ECO
1248.06GIDDAY::LEHThu Nov 23 1995General MailWorks filecab error on distribution list
1249.02EVTAI1::BOURDARIASThu Nov 23 1995dds request and CTIDN_V.C error
1250.02OSLLAV::BJARNEC_PMon Nov 27 1995MSDE-F-INSUFFICIENT_ME + Internal error code: 24
1251.02BACHUS::COLLARTTue Nov 28 1995Locking problem at startup....
1252.02BXBTNG::SYSTEMWed Nov 29 1995No queue contexty
1253.01GRANPA::nqsrv422.nqo.dec.com::Robert JenkinsWed Nov 29 1995Mailworks APIs
1254.03MUNICH::MATTHESThu Nov 30 1995IP clients not disconnected
1256.014KYOSS1::POLAKOWSKIThu Nov 30 1995Memory Leak ECO2?
1257.010BXBTNG::SYSTEMThu Nov 30 1995MUAS$SERVER_
1258.01RDGENG::VAUGHANFri Dec 01 1995Sharable image must be installed
1259.01TROOA::LOBOFri Dec 01 1995TeamLinks connect to MailWorks AND Exchange: when?
1260.03CGOOA::ZALESKIFri Dec 01 1995Help with Configuration Please
1261.02QCOCAL::POOLAKMon Dec 04 1995Mail :: PC ( with pworks ) <--> VMS users
1262.02MROA::HEIER_LMon Dec 04 1995Purge help needed
1263.01SCASS1::HANSONLTue Dec 05 1995MailWorks Futures and DECnet/OSI Questions?
1264.07HGOSPS::DENISLIWed Dec 06 1995Excel conversion problem through Message Router
1265.02GIDDAY::SETHIFri Dec 08 1995%MRMAN-W-NOMRMANINF, error during installation and solution
1266.01BACHUS::64734::larocheFri Dec 08 1995Cluster aliases. Automatic connection to other node.
1267.011MUNMCC::READFri Dec 08 1995TCP/IP disconnections
1268.01HGOSPS::DENISLITue Dec 12 1995BYTLM required by TeamLinks users
1269.04GIDDAY::SETHIWed Dec 13 1995DDS search very slow on a system with 5 odd users
1270.01BACHUS::64734::larocheWed Dec 13 1995DX to TEXT conversions.
1271.02PAMSIC::STEPHENSWed Dec 13 1995external request - /NOADDRESSEE on SEND
1272.05BULAN::63661::cederhagWed Dec 13 1995muas server restarts when to many notify errors
1273.01HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGThu Dec 14 1995internal error code.
1274.01--UnknownUser--Fri Dec 15 1995RMSBUG in error log
1275.07CEOSS1::SABINMon Dec 18 1995QUEUE_LENGTH_NORMAL Backed Up
1276.0DUBGEN::REDMONDTue Dec 19 1995OfficeServer White Paper
1277.01BOHIO::ADIAZTue Dec 19 1995Problem with MS Mail Driver for Mailworks
1278.012GUESS::DOUCETTE_PTue Dec 19 1995Network error 444; XTI error 21 (MUAS crashed on AXP)
1279.02CGOOA::ZALESKIWed Dec 20 1995RS6
1280.0IOSG::HOLTDThu Dec 21 1995New Alpha Migration option that may appeal to your customers
1281.01BACHUS::64734::larocheFri Dec 22 1995Password change from Teamlinks.
1282.04STKAI1::SBERGQUISTFri Dec 22 1995Question about DDS distributor ...
1283.03CHUECA::NIEVESFri Dec 29 1995no expired message?
1284.01GIDDAY::SETHITue Jan 02 1996Problems with senders address if SMTP/Internet mail
1285.01EEMELI::ESKOLINWed Jan 03 1996Mailworks / concurrent users?
1286.08KERNEL::jilly.uvo.dec.com::houldingWed Jan 03 1996Another New Mail Notification problem
1287.08HGOSPS::DENISLIThu Jan 04 1996fetch msg from MR see err 24
1289.012TENNIS::KAMThu Jan 04 1996components needed to move from VMSmail to MailWorks?
1290.03GIDDAY::SETHIFri Jan 05 1996$ DMW causes %SYSTEM-F-OPCDEC
1291.02VAXRIO::ABREUFri Jan 05 1996Mailbus MTA and Mailworks-VMS .. doubts ?
1292.05GIDDAY::SETHITue Jan 09 1996The display for the OUTBOX is incorrect
1293.04UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTTue Jan 09 1996reply to the attached message ?
1294.02EVTAI1::PCBSYB::BOURDARIASTue Jan 09 1996save, backup and transfert
1295.03LTIMA2::M_HOLLANDWed Jan 10 1996A1mail$connect went balistic!!
1296.0CHEFS::welThu Jan 11 1996Created drawer from TL doesn't get added to display
1297.02CHEFS::welThu Jan 11 1996Attachment tagging when sending to HP OpenMail
1298.07PCBUOA::YOUNGThu Jan 11 1996"Watch_a1mail.COM" that's really being used?!?!
1299.04FSATRA::H_ANDERSSONFri Jan 12 1996MailWorks doesn't accept more TCP/IP-connections
1300.010MXOCFri Jan 12 1996How many users are currently connected?
1301.03CGOOA::ZALESKIFri Jan 12 1996X5
1302.03CGOOA::ZALESKIFri Jan 12 1996Comm Protocol Error 23
1303.06UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTMon Jan 15 1996large attachment size incorrect ?
1304.01HTSCMon Jan 15 1996SVR> error checking ALLIN1-MAIL-SERVER license, status=1
1305.04SHRCTR::PJOHNSONMon Jan 15 1996Delete multiple lessages in same folder
1306.01CHEFS::KENNEDYETue Jan 16 1996Alpha ovms v6.2 mailworks
1307.05GIDDAY::BURTThu Jan 18 1996insufficient resources during network connect - revisited
1308.02LTIMA2::M_HOLLANDThu Jan 18 1996Use of MUAS$MDL_MAIN.EXE doc's?
1310.02CHEFS::JORDANThu Jan 18 1996Migration to Exchange?
1311.01GRITS::BUSH_SSat Jan 20 1996Nested distribution list
1312.011HTSCWed Jan 24 1996VT client question
1313.01GRITS::WILLIAMS_TWed Jan 24 1996No name message
1315.01HKOSTue Jan 30 1996DDS$CACHE currently locked by another user
1316.06HGOSPS::DENISLITue Jan 30 1996send mail sees %RMS-E-CRE error, re-send OK
1317.06MXOCThu Feb 08 1996dynamic IP and mail notif revisited
1318.05ZPOVC::CHINGYUEFri Feb 09 1996SLow mail delivery. Why ?
1319.02BACHUS::COLLARTFri Feb 09 1996All Teamlinks users hanging !
1320.02EVTAI1::BOURDARIASMon Feb 12 1996counters CNT_*
1321.06VCOUMon Feb 12 1996Remote DDS failure
1322.02GIDDAY::LEHTue Feb 13 1996Collecting process dump for specific events
1323.01ZPOVC::NWEThu Feb 15 1996MUAS Server Stopped
1324.02HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGFri Feb 16 1996Can dda support in mailworks
1325.02GANTRY::HULLFri Feb 16 1996Reply addressing problem
1326.011ABACUS::CROSBYMon Feb 19 1996unable to transfer Invalid parameters
1327.02GIDDAY::SETHIMon Feb 19 1996Current errno translation is: not owner
1328.03ZURTue Feb 20 1996SSI error: 29
1329.03UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Feb 20 1996Expired password and invalid password
1330.012ASABET::DOUCETTEWed Feb 21 1996Can't compress mail.x4m
1331.05HGOSPS::DENISLIThu Feb 22 1996questions on 24
1332.01CGOOA::ZALESKIThu Feb 22 1996Server
1333.01EVTAI1::PCBSYB::BOURDARIASFri Feb 23 1996move account and display drawers
1334.03GRITS::SHEPPARD_JFri Feb 23 1996A1m$direc_xxx not starting.
1335.05BARNA::DSMAILWed Feb 28 1996Upgrading to 1.3A return status 126
1336.03MXOCWed Feb 28 1996Mailworks - WAN - how many Message Router do I need
1337.01GRITS::SHEPPARD_JThu Feb 29 1996A1mail$connect_event_log size?
1338.06BACHUS::COLLARTThu Feb 29 1996MailWorks 1.3A-3, when ?
1339.01KERNEL::HOULDINGJMon Mar 04 1996Mifgration from VAX to Alpha ...again
1340.01EVTAI1::GODARDTue Mar 05 1996Counters ?
1341.02ZPOVC::NWEWed Mar 06 1996INET devices allocated by MUAS$SERVER
1342.02HGOSPS::DENISLIFri Mar 08 1996DMW$COLLECT_INFO.COM fails on UCX statements
1344.04OASS::BURGESS_SFri Mar 15 1996MAILWORKS from UNIX Xterminals
1345.08GRITS::BUSH_STue Mar 19 1996Error when sending from Dist List fr Microst Mail
1346.01GRITS::SHEPPARD_JTue Mar 19 1996Disable Notification
1347.010CGOOA::dhcpTue Mar 19 1996Server not starting
1348.03WOTVAX::pcWed Mar 20 1996Upgrade from ALL-IN-1 Mail v1.1C
1349.010BACHUS::CAPPELLEMANSThu Mar 21 1996DMW/DW user looping
1350.0BACHUS::CAPPELLEMANSThu Mar 21 1996MUAS$NODE_CHECK.COM disappearing.
1351.04GRITS::WILLIAMS_TThu Mar 21 1996EXQUOTA
1352.01HKOSFri Mar 22 1996DECMAILWORKS 's Remote Startup/Shutdown log ?
1353.01TKTVFS::TKTV2Sun Mar 24 1996DMW the procedure to delete old mails
1354.04BACHUS::CAPPELLEMANSMon Mar 25 1996Errors 22
1355.09LISVAX::SEPULVEDAMon Mar 25 1996Delivery Notification not working
1356.03HDLITE::LNARAYANWed Mar 27 1996cannot connect via Teamlinks
1357.01GRITS::BUSH_SFri Mar 29 1996MAilworks questions
1358.04BACHUS::COLLARTMon Apr 01 1996Delivery notification badly reported !
1359.0EVTAI1::GODARDTue Apr 02 1996 Delivery notifications to be forwarded
1360.01HAACK::HAACKTue Apr 02 1996dds synch w/x.5
1361.02UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Apr 09 1996Enhancement request: Reset Unopened in TeamLinks
1362.01BACHUS::COLLARTTue Apr 09 1996Address template question
1363.04GIDDAY::SETHIWed Apr 10 1996Unread mail count is not updated by TeamLinks
1364.07BACHUS::COLLARTFri Apr 12 1996ECO #3 doesn't with wollongong Pathway !
1365.02VELI::KORKKOMon Apr 15 1996A1MAIL$CONNECT running out of BYTLM
1366.02KERNEL::HOULDINGJTue Apr 16 1996Internal errors
1368.01VMSNET::J_COLBURNThu Apr 18 1996Messages not being fetched from remote mbx
1369.01GIDDAY::SETHISat Apr 20 1996DDS_LOOKUP,Authentication failure, Network access denied
1370.01GIDDAY::SETHISun Apr 21 1996COMPRESS and missing ACL's
1371.02GALVIA::JFEGANTue Apr 23 1996Can't copy ECO3 from KOALA::V13A$KIT:
1372.03STKAI1::SPORSENWed Apr 24 1996notification over IP
1373.010VMSNET::J_COLBURNWed Apr 24 1996implicit conversion not registered
1374.01GRITS::BUSH_SMon Apr 29 1996Lost file cabinet
1375.03GIDDAY::SETHIMon Apr 29 1996Question about the new mail notification table
1376.01GALVIA::JFEGANTue Apr 30 1996Wrong version number in ECO 3 help?
1377.01UTESWed May 01 1996How should I register a new format (officially)?
1378.04GIDDAY::SETHIThu May 02 1996How can you tell if a user has read a message ?
1379.01ZPOVC::CHINGYUEThu May 02 1996Not able to make known A1mail FC in Teamlinks V2.5
1380.01NQOSThu May 02 1996MailWorks to remote message router over TCPip
1382.0726Tue May 07 1996DMW forwarded read receipt chokes PMDF gateway
1383.03MLNCSC::ZAGHIFri May 10 1996DECmailworks accounting
1384.02AIMTEC::LUCAS_AFri May 10 1996Sents Messages move to WASTEBASKET not OUTBOX
1385.08GIDDAY::SETHISun May 12 1996MailWorks and UCX on Alpha problem INET$ACP loops
1386.0NETRIX::"jan-ake.olsson@ugo.mts.dec.com"Mon May 13 1996Differences MAILworks VMS/UNIX
1387.05MXOCMon May 13 1996Mailworks/Ms-mail driver/Teamlinks/fax server
1388.01MXOVFri May 17 1996RMS errors on MAIL.X4m file?
1389.011BARNA::DSMAILFri May 17 1996%SSI_PROT_ERROR, Routine code 18
1390.06BACHUS::COLLARTMon May 20 1996Doc on INTERNAL_OPTION values ?
1391.011BACHUS::COLLARTMon May 20 1996System error 83
1392.02KERNEL::TALBOTTue May 21 1996Teamlinks and drag and drop behaviour question using DMW filecabs
1393.03GRITS::CARTER_ATue May 21 1996RWAST waiting for lock on muas$server_main_lock
1394.03HGOSPS::DENISLIThu May 23 1996free pages entries in A1MAIL$CONNECT_EVL.LOG
1395.02BACHUS::COLLARTThu May 23 1996Accvio with 24
1396.04UTESFri May 24 1996Change from 1999 to 2
1397.06EDDF1Fri May 24 1996No error status available
1398.01VIVIAN::D_BONOTue May 28 1996Settup of Mailworks Cluster ?
1399.01HTSCWed May 29 1996Problem on DDS after upgraded the MailWork from V1.2 to V1.3AECO3
1400.02VMSNET::J_COLBURNThu May 30 1996Problems sending from VMSMAIL to Teamlinks-SMTP
1401.02BARNA::DSMAILThu May 30 1996Server
1402.01PCBUOA::YOUNGThu May 30 1996Virus id'ed in DMW msg file, can you $DELETE it?
1403.02HAN::HAEUSSERFri May 31 1996OBJECT 2
1404.02COPCLU::TORBENSFri May 31 1996When support for mixed cluster?
1405.02TAKEOF::EGGIMANNMon Jun 03 1996VMSmail to DMW migration tool?
1406.04BEHORN::PLATTNERMon Jun 03 1996Comparing EPS::ASEPG$common:[ASEPG.x], X=guide,ASEPC5
1407.03GIDDAY::BURTWed Jun 05 1996Notification problems re-visited
1408.01CHEFS::gorard.hhl.dec.com::GorardWed Jun 05 1996Sanity check - remote Message Router
1409.02BACHUS::64734::larocheThu Jun 06 1996Supported version on Digital UNIX V3.2E
1410.07HGOSPS::DENISLIFri Jun 07 1996%SYSTEM-F-VASFULL, virtual address space is full
1411.01EPS::REDDYTue Jun 11 1996Older Mailworks version?
1412.01EISYFI::ISLERTue Jun 11 1996Questions and Concerns about MAILCVT.exe
1413.02NETRIX::"lucia.alvarez@sqo.mts.dec.com"Thu Jun 13 1996Migration to ALL-IN-1
1414.04VMSNET::J_COLBURNThu Jun 13 1996probelsm deleting teamlinks msg from wastebasket
1416.01GRITS::BUSH_STue Jun 18 1996Posted date not shown when mess is forward
1417.02GRITS::BUSH_STue Jun 18 1996NOn-fatal bugcheck error when connect proce disap
1418.03FORTY2::HASSANThu Jun 20 1996Loss of folder data after a crash
1419.04GRITS::BUSH_SFri Jun 21 1996Connection loss when creatig lenghty mail message
1420.02GIDDAY::SETHIMon Jun 24 1996MailWorks and HSM (Hierarchical
1421.02GIDDAY::BACOTMon Jun 24 1996Mailworks server hangs TeamLinks users
1422.01SWING::WALSHMon Jul 01 19961.1c Compatibility Question
1423.04FORTY2::YUILLEWed Jul 03 1996Can DIR/FU list all INBOX at one go, when >14 mails?
1424.06GIDDAY::SETHIFri Jul 05 1996G'bye ......
1425.01COMICS::HALFACREEMon Jul 08 1996muas$server.dmp ????
1426.01GRITS::WILLIAMS_TWed Jul 10 1996set no error log rollover
1427.0UTESThu Jul 18 1996TLRemote, access DDS fails after successfull one before
1428.0NQOSThu Jul 18 1996Format Dection Problem
1429.02HGOSPS::DENISLIFri Jul 19 1996Meaning of REPORTREQ in MUAS$CNT_xxxx.NBS
1430.09BACHUS::COLLARTMon Jul 22 1996Session exceeded open folder limit in VT client
1431.02BACHUS::COLLARTThu Jul 25 1996DW client crash
1432.01GRITS::BUSH_SThu Jul 25 1996a1mail$connect hogging the system
1433.04EVTAI1::GODARDMon Jul 29 1996decnet link and A1M$DIRECTORY
1434.03GRITS::BUSH_STue Jul 30 1996Node path
1435.01EVTAI1::63Fri Aug 02 1996no control on new password when password expired
1436.01GRITS::BUSH_STue Aug 06 1996French version of Mailworks
1437.0NETRIX::"roger.harvey@gmt.mts.dec.com"Wed Aug 07 1996TCPware & SMTP ?
1438.01AIMTEC::LUCAS_AWed Aug 14 1996TL2.5, Pathworks V4.2 and mail notification
1439.01GRANPA::CULBERTSONThu Aug 15 19961 to 2 messages
1440.01HGOVC::EDDYWANGFri Aug 16 1996Digital Driver for Microsoft Mail kit
1441.02OASS::ANDRES_BMon Aug 19 1996Character limit in nodename field of a1mail$notify.dat
1442.01UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTTue Aug 20 1996UCX 4.1 tested/supported ?
1443.09HYDRA::catherine.crl.dec.com::ALDENTue Aug 20 1996need help in fixing modified cluster.
1444.03HKOSWed Aug 21 1996How to recover the DECMailWorks Mail Folder/Mail
1445.0UCXAXP::ZIELONKOThu Aug 22 1996Is anyone working on IMAP4?
1446.01VAXRIO::MAURICIOThu Aug 22 1996Network Bandwidth for remote Teamlinks?
1447.02VMSNET::J_COLBURNThu Aug 22 1996NCD XWindows Terminals fonts too small in V1.3
1448.0MUDIS3::FISCALMon Aug 26 1996current documentation set online ?
1449.05COPCLU::ELINTue Aug 27 1996VT clients: Insufficient privilege for DDS lookups
1450.01KERNEL::HOULDINGJFri Aug 30 1996Directory lookup performance
1451.0KERNEL::HOULDINGJFri Aug 30 1996Wordperfect via MAILworks to MRGATE
1452.02HGOSPS::DENISLIMon Sep 02 1996cannot receive delivery and receipt notifications
1453.03KESAKO::CHAMEROYMon Sep 02 1996Server HUNG on an AXP -
1454.01HGOSPS::DENISLITue Sep 03 1996Does 1.3A notification contain mail subject?
1455.01ZPOVC::NWEThu Sep 05 1996Login info
1456.01GRITS::SHEPPARD_JFri Sep 06 199648 drawer limit?
1458.04MXOVWed Sep 11 1996DECmailworks to Exchange Migration strategy...
1459.02ZPOVC::CHINGYUETue Sep 17 1996Cannot base search on "size" from Teamlinks
1460.01GRITS::BUSH_SWed Sep 18 1996Bytlm decreasing
1461.02BARNA::DSMAILThu Sep 19 1996MUAS$SERVER takes all CPU
1462.03GRITS::BUSH_SThu Sep 19 1996
1463.01ZPOAC3::ALLIN1Tue Sep 24 1996DEC MAILworks V1,2 ECO
1464.01OTOOA::dhcpTue Sep 24 1996OfficeServer
1465.05BACHUS::COLLARTThu Sep 26 1996UU - Cannot start MUAS$SERVER
1466.01BARNA::DSMAILFri Sep 27 1996Using DECSERVER 9
1467.01BEEZER::HOULDINGJWed Oct 02 1996High I/O rate
1468.01LISALF::SEPULVEDAMon Oct 07 1996Change Remote Mailbox name
1469.04ZURTue Oct 08 1996Hopcount
1470.03RDGENG::COBBTue Oct 08 1996Command procedure for filing outgoing mail?
1471.03KYOSS1::ERICKSENFri Oct 11 1996? on A1MAIL$SERVER_LIST logical
1472.02SCASS1::HANSONLMon Oct 14 1996On node mail only - Need MR?
1473.0TAKEOF::EGGIMANNTue Oct 15 1996DMW and MAPI 32-bit calls ...
1474.01BEEZER::HOULDINGJThu Oct 17 1996Foreign File format
1475.03ASHAM::H_ANDERSSONMon Oct 21 1996NewMailNotification functionality.
1476.03KERNEL::TALBOTTue Oct 22 1996Strange error on first send of mail in the MUAS$EVL_ERROR.LOG
1478.01GRITS::BUSH_SWed Oct 23 1996Disabling Binary attachmets when printing
1479.01GRITS::BUSH_SFri Oct 25 1996Why deos Bytlm decrease?
1480.0ACISS2::LENNIGTue Oct 29 1996MAILbus 1 Retirement process has started
1481.02BARNA::DSMAILWed Oct 30 1996Notifications pending
1482.02PEARS::jazroc.fkr.dec.com::PEARS.muh.dec.com::rowoldWed Oct 30 1996Access Violation after internal errors 24
1483.01PEARS::jazroc.fkr.dec.com::PEARS.muh.dec.com::rowoldThu Oct 31 1996Another MailWorks crash ....!
1484.01GRITS::CARTER_AMon Nov 04 1996What determins node path
1485.0GRITS::WILLIAMS_TMon Nov 04 1996tcpware
1486.03IJSAPL::BROUWER_DMon Nov 04 1996Wordperfect attachment
1487.07BACHUS::dbc623.bro.dec.com::brsdvp::debockWed Nov 06 1996idle timer ast
1488.04ZPOVC::NWEThu Nov 07 1996Mailworks Performance
1489.017GRITS::WILLIAMS_TThu Nov 07 1996TCPWARE
1490.01AIMTEC::LUCAS_AThu Nov 07 1996Ques. About IP/Decnet connections for MWKS/VMS
1491.03CHEFS::CRIDDLEMon Nov 11 1996Mailworks to Office Server?
1492.04GRITS::BUSH_SMon Nov 11 1996Better Performance
1493.01GRITS::BUSH_SMon Nov 11 1996Bypassing the Re-direction feature
1494.02CVCMon Nov 11 1996DECmailworks Forwarding Report
1495.01ZURThu Nov 14 1996URGENT: Server requirements
1496.01ZPOVC::NWEMon Nov 18 1996WASTEBASKET mail counter
1497.03GRITS::CARTER_AThu Nov 21 1996Not getting notification
1499.01HTSCThu Nov 28 1996internal error at line 2185
1501.0KERNEL::CLEVELANDBThu Nov 28 1996ICF36 installation procedure
1502.03BACHUS::CAPPELLEMANSSun Dec 01 1996New Mail Notification saga
1503.01GRITS::BUSH_SMon Dec 02 1996Error code 13
1504.01HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGThu Dec 05 1996MAILWORK mirgate to ALPHA
1505.01GRITS::SHEPPARD_JThu Dec 05 1996How to disable A1mail$notify.dat
1506.04ZURFri Dec 06 1996New Mail Notification
1507.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Dec 06 1996%MSDE-E-TRANS_ERROR, Error translating bodypart
1508.01ASHAM::H_ANDERSSONTue Dec 10 1996A1MAIL$CONNECT crashed
1509.01EVTAI1::BOURDARIASThu Dec 12 1996counters informations
1510.0KERNEL::HOULDINGJFri Dec 13 1996DECnet Links
1511.02ZURMon Dec 16 1996SSI error code 29
1512.01VMSNET::J_COLBURNTue Dec 17 1996problems with diskquotas
1513.0UTRTSC::SMEETSThu Dec 19 1996A1MAIL_FIX
1514.02NETRIX::"bodenstedt@suo.mts.dec.com"Fri Dec 20 1996SSI error codes 29
1515.01HGOVC::DENISLIMon Dec 23 1996Can MailWorks 1.3A ECO3 runs on UCX 3.3 and 4.
1516.01GRITS::BUSH_STue Dec 31 1996Mail received 8 hrs later
1517.07NETRIX::"torbens@dmats4.dmo.dec.com"Thu Jan 02 1997No newmail over TCP/IP Notify ... again.
1518.02TALAMH::DEMPSEYMon Jan 06 1997Mailworks Support under OpenVMS VAX 7.1
1519.01MLNCSC::ZAGHIWed Jan 08 1997A1MAIL$CONNECT randomly crashes
1520.04KYOSS1::POLAKOWSKIWed Jan 08 1997Free Pages Drop Then Error Allocating Memory V1.3a-2
1521.01HTSCThu Jan 09 1997a1mail$janitor for Mailworks V1.3-A
1522.01HTSC19::DENISLIFri Jan 10 1997What is MUAS$TABLE_SHARE.EXE for?
1523.01TKTVFS::SAKAMOTO_KMon Jan 13 1997MUAS$SERVER crashed on Alpha (Network error 28)
1524.02MUDIS3::FISCALMon Jan 13 1997RMS error STS=114762, STV=232
1525.03MUDIS3::FISCALWed Jan 15 1997several users with the same UIC
1526.09UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTWed Jan 15 1997MUAS server ACCVIO'S
1527.0THEBAY::WIEGLEBFri Jan 17 1997Granting access to mailbox from multiple accounts?
1528.01GRITS::CARTER_AWed Jan 22 1997Problem forwarding, forwarded message to X4
1529.0 *+1IOSG::REESAFri Jan 24 1997Alpha ICF36 Problems - Do not install!
1530.0 *+2GALVIA::JFEGANTue Jan 28 1997Causes of %MUAS-E-SVRUNAACC ?
1532.0 *+1BACHUS::LAROCHEThu Jan 30 1997Code 29
1533.0 *+2OSITEL::dpaxThu Jan 30 1997exchange client <-> mailworks for vms
1534.0 *GRITS::CARTER_AFri Jan 31 1997Problem with Processing Msgs ICF36 VAX
1535.0 *+5DV78Wed Feb 05 1997Is this the last release?
1536.0 *+1GIDDAY::LEHThu Feb 06 1997mail notif on DHCP clients
1537.0 *+10MLNCSC::ZAGHIThu Feb 06 1997A1MAIL$CONNECT and MUAS$SERVER crash...
1538.0 *+2CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Feb 11 1997Moving DEC Mailworks/TeamLinks directories (diff disk)
1539.0 *+2GRITS::CARTER_AWed Feb 12 1997Does Mailworks adhere to priorities or not?
1540.0 *+1NQOSThu Feb 13 1997Latest Versions to work with VMS V5.5-2
1541.0 *+1KERNEL::ANDERSONLTue Feb 18 1997System error 842
1542.0 *+1TAGEIN::SCHOENWed Feb 19 1997access violation & A1MAIL$CONNECT
1543.0 *IOSG::HOLTDThu Feb 20 1997*Draft* DIGITAL Office Server Sales Update
1544.0 *+1NETRIX::"torbens@dmats4.dmo.dec.com"Fri Feb 21 1997Diagnostic Parameters invalid (11)
1545.0 *+3VMSNET::J_COLBURNMon Feb 24 1997how to keep mail from going to VMSMAIL?
1546.0 *+1GRITS::CARTER_AMon Feb 24 1997Invalid Message Number
1547.0 *+1HGOVC::CECILIACHENGTue Feb 25 1997How to obtain drawer list for each user?
1549.0 *+2EVTAI1::BOURDARIASFri Feb 28 1997241
1550.0 *+1LEMAN::SCHEIDEGGERFri Mar 07 1997Digital Office Server and VMS/AXP DCL procedures
1551.0 *+1TRNOIS::ASSELLEMon Mar 10 1997Multiple users moved across disks
1552.0 *+3WOODY::FABBRIMon Mar 10 1997wrong title
1553.0 *+1HSOSS1::GARRETTMon Mar 10 1997SMTP mail to Mailworks VMS???
1554.0 *+4KYOSS1::POLAKOWSKITue Mar 11 1997A1mail$connect at 95% CPU, generating thousands of Buffered I/Os
1555.0 *+4IOSG::REESAThu Mar 13 1997Patch Announcements
1556.0 *+2VMSNET::J_COLBURNFri Mar 14 1997System error 652 (in V13C:[BUILD]CTIDN_V.C;1 at line 956)
1557.0 *+5GRITS::CARTER_AMon Mar 17 1997Reading Attachment hangs PC with UCX 4.1
1558.0 *+5COMICS::HALFACREETue Mar 18 1997Mailworks rejecting mail from Internet via x.4
1559.0 *+1GIDDAY::LEHWed Mar 19 1997AXP system crash upon clients INBOX opening
1560.0 *+1MUDIS3::FISCALFri Mar 21 1997new mail notification
1561.0 *GRITS::CARTER_AFri Mar 21 1997Problem with DECnet OSI and Connect Process
1562.0 *+3GRITS::WILLIAMS_TTue Mar 25 1997a1mail$connect.dmp
1563.0 *+3HTSC19::DENISLIWed Mar 26 1997What factors may contribute to disk fragmentation?
1564.0 *+8VMSNET::J_COLBURNWed Mar 26 1997WARNING and CONTEXT errors from V2.7 of Tlins?
1566.0 *+1CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Apr 02 1997Using FIND in DEC MAILworks
1567.0 *+1CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Apr 08 1997Problem removing drawers
1568.0 *+1COMICS::HALFACREEThu Apr 10 1997Problem with 'AT' word in x.4
1569.0 *+2GIDDAY::BACOTThu Apr 17 1997local file cabinets on file shares
1570.0 *+2ULYSSE::CHARLEMAGNEFri Apr 18 1997MUAS$
1571.0 *+1SUOSWS::BARKERWed Apr 23 1997where do I get the ECO-3 ??for the customer
1572.0 *CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Apr 24 1997Impact of A1MAIL$.DIR directory size -- one or all?
1573.0 *+1GRITS::CARTER_AFri Apr 25 1997Print/noindex the default
1574.0 *+5GIDDAY::LEHTue Apr 29 1997msde-e-fisbad muas-e-unasecr after icf#39 upgrade
1575.0 *GIDDAY::BACOTFri May 02 1997tstorage area for the file cabinet service may be full
1576.0 *OTOOA::ROUFMon May 05 1997DMW support the Spiralog FS?
1577.0 *+1MLNCSC::DALPORTOTue May 06 1997Are there any info on hardware dimentioning
1578.0 *+2VMSNET::J_COLBURNMon May 12 1997How to use new TCP Logicals
1579.0 *GIDDAY::BACOTThu May 22 1997internal error - current not enough core
1580.0 *33998::WILLIAMS_TThu May 22 1997A1mail$connect dmp file
1581.0 *23111::WILLIAMCHANMon May 26 1997How to empty the Wastebasket in Teamlink client.
1582.0 *+1BARNA::DSMAILWed May 28 1997SYSTEM ERROR 66
1583.0 *BARNA::DSMAILMon Jun 02 1997URGENT: DMW hangs reading mail