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Conference abbott::java

Created:Mon Nov 13 1995
Last Modified:Wed Jun 04 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:236
Total number of notes:1251
Number with bodies:157
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1.03KOALA::CIOTMon Nov 13 1995Purpose
2.0+83KOALA::CIOTMon Nov 13 1995Self introduction
3.0KOALA::CIOTMon Nov 13 1995Reserved
4.0KOALA::CIOTMon Nov 13 1995Reserved for future use
5.014KOALA::CIOTMon Nov 13 1995Java related press articles
6.025KOALA::CIOTMon Nov 13 1995Post URL here
7.023KOALA::CIOTMon Nov 13 1995press announcements
8.04PRAGMA::GRIFFINTue Nov 14 1995Digital licensing Java?
9.017GVAWed Nov 15 1995Pardon my ignorance, but...
10.010BHAJEE::JAERVINENThu Nov 16 1995Problems with PS documentation
11.036TURRIS::gemnt3.zko.dec.com::winalskiThu Nov 16 1995Java interpreter for Alpha architecture?
12.01CIM::LORENFri Nov 17 1995Java FAQ
13.08KOALA::CIOTFri Nov 17 1995Setup information for the SDK
14.06BASEX::KAIRYSMon Nov 20 19951.
15.03KOALA::CIOTTue Nov 21 1995How to use the debugger ?
16.05KOALA::CIOTWed Nov 22 1995Java Development environment
17.0MARKB::BRAMHALLTue Nov 28 1995Smalltalk?
18.0KOALA::CIOTFri Dec 01 1995How to report bug to SUN
19.02KOALA::CIOTFri Dec 01 1995Netscape Beta3...
20.0+9PRAGMA::GRIFFINTue Dec 05 1995JavaScript
21.02LACSTue Dec 05 1995Hotjava setup with firewall
22.0KOALA::CIOTThu Dec 07 1995Java newsgroup position (in regards to number of postings)
23.02TLALOC::ALVEYTue Dec 12 1995I've put this notes file into a STARS database...
24.017XSTACY::MDUNPHYWed Dec 13 1995Any Java Publications
25.0HGOVC::TOMMULLANThu Dec 14 1995Applix Inc
26.07KOALA::CIOTThu Dec 14 1995JDK Beta 2 is here...
27.09SPEZKO::EARLEThu Dec 14 1995Getting "illegal operaton" when accessing some of the URLs referenced here
28.0KOALA::CIOTFri Dec 15 1995How to initialize a base class from derived class
29.02SPEZKO::EARLEWed Dec 20 1995Getting error trying to access example*.html
30.04SPEZKO::EARLEThu Dec 21 1995Java object oriented, yet I'm getting the procedural view
31.011GYRO::CAETANOFri Jan 05 1996Note on Java from Rose Ann Giordano - VP Internet Business Group
32.03SPEZKO::EARLEWed Jan 10 1996Javascript - can't execute functions using Netscape 2.
33.02WOTVAX::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSThu Jan 11 1996Problems with the JDK - files not found.
34.05TLE::MCKEEMANThu Jan 11 1996News from OSF on porting Java to alpha
35.0--UnknownUser--Fri Jan 12 1996
36.0GYRO::eps1.zko.dec.com::nozellWed Jan 17 1996IBGZKO's Java Web Page
37.03FORTY2::mrkiwi.reo.dec.com::hardingWed Jan 24 1996JAVA Applet in Netscape
38.09GYRO::eps1.zko.dec.com::nozellWed Jan 24 1996JavaSoft Ships Java 1.
39.03KOALA::CIOTFri Jan 26 1996Java Sun online tutorial available on askme.zko.dec.com
40.03WOTVAX::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSTue Jan 30 1996Can Java detect Browser capability?
41.010KOALA::CIOTWed Jan 31 1996Internet Appliances or Internet PCs discussion
42.03TUXEDO::KEEGANThu Feb 01 1996verifying form data
43.01KOALA::CIOTSat Feb 03 1996Java interest distribution list.
44.03KOALA::CIOTSun Feb 04 1996Netscape Navigator V2.
45.01KOALA::CIOTWed Feb 07 1996Using the Visual C++ IDE for Java Development
46.0+42TALLIS::SENDLOSKYWed Feb 07 1996Java Developer's Kit (JDK) V1.
47.0CECAMO::JAGERMANThu Feb 08 1996what happens with the java play() function in java in Unix Netscape V2?
48.0TLE::JCCThu Feb 08 1996Java Remote Compiler
49.01CECAMO::SALEM_HFri Feb 09 1996Filtering JAVA and Java Applets
50.010USCTR1::WALTENSPIELFri Feb 09 1996Netscape 2.
51.03CECAMO::SALEM_HMon Feb 12 1996Transparent background with JAVA Applets
52.06SPEZKO::EARLEMon Feb 12 1996Time to download Java applets is long
53.02GYRO::eps1.zko.dec.com::nozellThu Feb 15 1996Borland's Java Debugger?
54.08KOALA::CIOTThu Feb 15 1996A sample client/server all written in java
55.07CECAMO::JAGERMANFri Feb 16 1996Speaker on Java from Digital?
56.04ULYSSE::DOROSHFri Feb 16 1996Install procedure for Ext. Viewer - Can Java Help?
57.0KOALA::CIOTSat Feb 17 1996HTML parser for JDK V1.
58.05DECCXX::AMARTINMon Feb 19 1996AT&T's Inferno - a Java rival?
59.032SUBPAC::FARICELLITue Feb 20 1996How "safe" are Java applets (really)
60.0KOALA::CIOTTue Feb 20 1996A free java newsletter
61.020KOALA::CIOTFri Feb 23 1996Internet Appliances - Internet Terminals - IAD
62.03KOALA::CIOTFri Feb 23 1996Java and database access
63.0DTENG1::CARTYWed Feb 28 1996CORBA IDL to Java Binding, ORBIX rewite in Java, courses aswell
64.03EDWIN::MACHONWed Feb 28 1996Very large frames :-)
65.01STAR::PCLARKWed Feb 28 1996is Java allowed for sw that customers receive?
66.0KOALA::CIOTWed Feb 28 1996FrIJDE (Free Integrated Java Development Environment
67.0KOALA::CIOTWed Feb 28 1996JPad, a Java Editor
68.07KOALA::CIOTThu Feb 29 1996Syntax for automatic document generation
69.05KOALA::CIOTThu Feb 29 1996Complete applet TAG syntax from JDK V1.
70.02EVOCDG::MHAMDIThu Feb 29 1996Java & Windows 3.11
71.03ENGPTR::SULLIVANFri Mar 01 1996Class not constructed properly message
72.0KOALA::CIOTSun Mar 03 1996JFactory: a visual application builder and code generator
73.02DECWET::SDYMon Mar 04 1996Action event handler arguments
74.07CALDEC::GOETZETue Mar 05 1996Java on the Mac
75.010KOALA::CIOTTue Mar 05 1996Topic about Java books
76.0MICROW::ZIMMWed Mar 06 1996True range of Math.random()?
77.02DECWET::SDYThu Mar 07 1996Java Streams Summary
78.01KOALA::CIOTFri Mar 08 1996ADA and Javabyte code
79.02KOALA::CIOTFri Mar 08 1996Finding Java applets with altavista...
80.03PERFOM::NRAJANFri Mar 08 1996Segmentation fault (core dump) when running Java applets
81.0KOALA::CIOTFri Mar 08 1996WinGEN for Java from PRO-C
82.03KOALA::CIOTMon Mar 11 1996SNMP Package
83.02PEACHS::GHEFFMon Mar 11 1996Need a sample with Frames and images.
84.041KOALA::CIOTMon Mar 11 1996An HTTP Server written in Java
85.0DECWET::SDYMon Mar 11 1996Applet development & Netscape
86.0CECAMO::SALEM_HTue Mar 12 1996You want JavaApplets ... !
87.01AOSF1::krasTue Mar 12 1996Getting JDK kit inside dec?
88.016TALLIS::GORTONFri Mar 15 1996Java machine ideas sought
89.0DECWET::SDYFri Mar 15 1996Sun's Advanced Java Class
90.0KOALA::CIOTMon Mar 18 1996JDK V1.
91.0DECWET::SDYWed Mar 20 1996Netscape's Security Patch, and CLASSPATH
92.0TALLIS::SENDLOSKYThu Mar 21 1996Java class and library management - a potential nightmare?
93.0DECWET::SDYThu Mar 21 1996Patrick Naughton Notes (SeaJUG meeting 3/2
94.0KOALA::CIOTWed Mar 27 1996JOE from Sun
95.0UCROW::GIBSONThu Mar 28 1996JavaScript calling C code?
96.05SCASS1::DAVIS_RThu Mar 28 1996Java Browser?
97.03GYRO::eps1.zko.dec.com::nozellThu Mar 28 1996Sun's Java Workshop?
98.01PERFOM::NRAJANMon Apr 01 1996New moz2_
99.08FBEDEV::KYZIVATMon Apr 01 1996Will Java talk to DEC's ORB?
100.0KOALA::CIOTTue Apr 02 1996License tracking software - LicenseTrack monitors Java
101.0KOALA::CIOTWed Apr 03 1996List of changes between 1.
102.0KOALA::CIOTMon Apr 08 1996Examples about Threads and synchronization on askme.zko.dec.com
103.0KOALA::CIOTTue Apr 09 1996a 3D rendering library
104.01AOSF1::krasWed Apr 10 1996Java compile using netscape jvm
105.05JAMMER::JackThu Apr 11 1996JIT starting to crank over
106.02KOALA::CIOTThu Apr 11 1996Size limit on Javabytecode
108.05DECWET::SDYMon Apr 15 1996Native Methods Summary
109.0KOALA::CIOTWed Apr 17 1996Netscape Licenses Borland Java Just in Time Compiler
110.0KOALA::CIOTWed Apr 17 1996license-management software
111.013TALLIS::SENDLOSKYThu Apr 18 1996JDK V1.
112.0PEACHS::GHEFFFri Apr 19 1996For sale - To buy
113.03DV78Fri Apr 19 1996Remote applet display to DS31
114.06DECWET::SDYMon Apr 22 1996Java Tech in OS?
115.04WOTVAX::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSTue Apr 23 1996Java Workshop - anyone?
116.03CECAMO::SALEM_HWed Apr 24 1996Java and Ada95 !!!!!!
117.0DECCXX::AMARTINFri Apr 26 1996Call for Java Development Environment FT sites
118.01DRDAN::KALIKOWSun Apr 28 1996Intranetters: Please help with ISBU's launch website
119.01TALLIS::SENDLOSKYThu May 02 1996HotJava V1.
120.0KOALA::CIOTSat May 04 1996Server based support for Java ?
121.09CECAMO::SALEM_HWed May 08 1996Looking for applets : SCrollingTextVertically !!!! ???
122.0KOALA::CIOTThu May 09 1996Javaone conference, anyone going ?
123.04DECWET::SDYThu May 09 1996Netscape 2.
124.09OSLMR::MARTINR_PFri May 10 1996Java technology licensed by DIGITAL?
125.0HOUBA::MEHERSWed May 15 1996New: Java Applet <-> VaxMail
126.010FUTURS::CROSSLEYThu May 16 1996Displaying the next HTML page from a JAVA program
127.03DECWET::SDYFri May 17 1996Seattle Java Users Group Reports
128.03WOTVAX::WILLOUGHBYDWed May 22 1996How do I use special characters ?
129.01MKOTS3::EARLETue May 28 1996Creating new window with client side image map
130.02DV78Fri May 31 1996Java equivalent of XtAppAddInput?
131.01MARX::FLEMINGTue Jun 04 1996scale widget?
132.0STAR::JMURPHYThu Jun 06 1996Netscape Navigator V2.
133.01FORTY2::isaiah.reo.dec.com::simsMon Jun 10 1996Security violation
134.05TLE::JCCTue Jun 11 1996What'swrong with Java
135.01DECC::MORSHEDWed Jun 12 1996My trip report from JavaOne
136.03MFOIS1::ARNAUDMon Jun 17 1996security problem...
137.02FUTURS::CROSSLEYWed Jun 19 1996Disable the option to move to a previous page
138.02FUTURS::CROSSLEYFri Jun 21 1996removing and adding panels
139.03EDSCLU::BLATTMon Jun 24 1996JAVA + Linux queries
140.0+17ACISS1::TSUCHIYAMATue Jun 25 1996JAVA for OVMS?
141.0FUTURS::CROSSLEYWed Jul 03 1996Forcolor on objects ??
142.01FORTY2::SKEETTue Jul 09 1996Trying to do a status bar
143.01FORTY2::SKEETFri Jul 12 1996Bugs in input streams (buffered/datainputstream)
144.05FORTY2::SKEETFri Jul 12 1996How to quit an Applet
145.02PERFOM::NRAJANWed Jul 17 1996How to create link to download .doc file
146.024FORTY2::isaiah.reo.dec.com::simsThu Jul 18 1996J++
147.0FORTY2::SKEETThu Jul 18 1996Internet Explorer 3.
148.01FUTURS::CROSSLEYTue Jul 23 1996Fixed Sized Fonts ?
149.01BGSDEV::MORRISTue Jul 30 1996OSF releases JDK 1.
150.04ZPOVC::SIRCARThu Aug 01 1996Applet running but not displaying!
151.02ULYSSE::CATTOLICOFri Aug 02 1996applet and local dll
153.0KOALA::CIOTTue Aug 06 1996ObjectBroker and JAva announcement
154.03TOHOPE::VORE_STue Aug 13 1996Java vs ActiveX
155.0UHUH::JRICHARDSMon Aug 19 1996Netscape3.
156.01HOUBA::MEHERSWed Aug 21 1996Ever wonder what happened to Taligent?
157.04DELNI::MURPHYThu Aug 22 1996socket connection b/w applet and application
158.03ISTWI1::OZILFri Aug 23 1996UNIX and Java
159.0KOALA::CIOTWed Aug 28 1996Java on Windows 3.1
160.011HELIX::SONTAKKETue Sep 03 1996Mocha Decompiler Binary
161.011WRKSYS::DOTYSun Sep 08 1996Run Programs from Java?
162.01CHEFS::HARRISONMon Sep 16 1996Java on Alpha NT WWW Server
163.01HOBBLE::ANDERSONTue Sep 17 1996Java/JDBC Question
164.01HOUBA::MEHERSFri Sep 20 1996Classes to use DMQ from Java
165.02AZTECH::SANBORNFri Sep 20 1996Any way to change the color of a button?
166.01SALEM::ADEYMon Sep 23 1996Visual Cafe'
167.0TPSPS8::TSCMGRWed Sep 25 1996Post my web site for Java resource and experience sharing
168.03TPE17::WANGWed Sep 25 1996Compile error: "out of memory, exiting"
169.0BHAJEE::JAERVINENThu Oct 03 1996Java on System V?
170.02MSDOA::HICKSTMon Oct 07 1996Weird java CLASSPATH annoyance
171.01IRNBRU::JWESTERMANTue Oct 08 1996Definition of Hjava_lang_Integer ?
172.0TLE::JRICHARDThu Oct 10 1996Java 1.1 and AWT
173.018SUBSYS::WIHLTue Oct 15 1996Marimba
174.03UNXA::PATELTue Oct 15 1996JDK1.
175.02RUMOR::ogodhcp-124-96-22Fri Oct 18 1996How do I resize an applet to suit the browser window dimensions ?
176.04TALLIS::SENDLOSKYFri Oct 18 1996JavaOS and StrongARM
177.02SUBSYS::WIHLFri Oct 18 1996CorelOffice for Java
179.0BIGUN::nessus.cao.dec.com::MayneThu Oct 24 1996Java sponshorship?
180.03KOALA::CIOTFri Oct 25 1996picoJava
181.0+3HOUBA::MEHERSMon Oct 28 1996WWW AD&I using Java & Objectbroker
182.01MXOCMon Oct 28 1996JDK released version for Digital UNIX WHEN...???
183.01PERFOM::NRAJANTue Oct 29 1996Is there Java support for Digital UNIX 4.
184.06TLE::DDAVISThu Oct 31 1996Java Development Kit V1.
185.02TLE::JRICHARDTue Nov 05 1996convertion to byte[] ?
186.07CFSCTC::HUSTONMon Nov 11 1996Linking native methods library
187.05CFSCTC::HUSTONTue Nov 12 1996What can be assumed about threads?
188.0COLThu Nov 14 1996Catch Window shutdown?
189.0COLThu Nov 14 1996Applet in ELF Profile
190.0PERFOM::PSMITHMon Nov 18 1996Looking for Candidates for SPECjava97
191.0METSYS::GOODWINWed Nov 20 1996Executing commands ('exec')
192.03BIGUN::nessus.cao.dec.com::MayneWed Nov 20 1996Can applets fetch data through proxies/firewalls?
193.04TAEC::BALLADELLIThu Nov 28 1996Visual J++ on Windows NT ALPHA?
193.0TAEC::BALLADELLIWed Nov 27 1996Visual J++ on Windows NT ALPHA?
194.02GTDANE::GOYETTETue Dec 03 1996Printing Applet Output ?
195.06ECADSR::MBLAKETue Dec 03 1996No Java console or applets. OSF V3.2 and Netscape Gold V3.
196.0+3TLE::JRICHARDWed Dec 04 1996RMI
197.03CAMINO::BAAFIWed Dec 04 1996Java to C++ Translator
198.0HOUBA::MEHERSWed Dec 11 1996Netscape Internet Foundation Classes (IFC)
199.02KOALA::CIOTThu Dec 12 1996Security exception when connected with dial up
200.01SOS6::BERNARDMon Jan 13 1997Digital plans for Java support ?
201.0ANGST::RAGHAVANWed Jan 15 1997? Server-side Java Code for IIS 3.
202.0EBONS1::bep139.ebo.dec.com::schaeferaThu Jan 23 1997Scrolls Event in TextArea
203.0 *+4HGOVC::ANDREWFUNGTue Jan 28 1997Capture e-mail address
204.0 *+1OSLMon Feb 10 1997JAVA V1.1/DUNIX??
205.0 *+12MALMMon Feb 10 1997Java JDK v1.1 - When ??
206.0 *+3CSTMSO::SDAVISThu Feb 13 1997Looking for Visual Basic -> Java tools
207.0 *+3CECAMO::SALEM_HMon Feb 17 1997How to calculate the exact age in Javascript?
208.0 *--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 18 1997Pull down menu not displayed
209.0 *TKTVFS::KOMORI_HWed Feb 19 1997[FYI]JDK1.1 & HotJava1.
210.0 *+35CAIRN::HARRISThu Feb 20 1997Debate in numeric-interest mailing list
211.0 *BIGUN::nessus.cao.dec.com::MayneFri Feb 21 1997CACAO
212.0 *+1HOUBA::MEHERSFri Feb 21 1997Java for OO programmers
213.0 *SNOFS1::MACHERRWed Feb 26 1997Unsigned status bar warning inconsistant
214.0 *+11DECWET::PERRYWed Feb 26 1997JVM Deficiencies
215.0 *+7TLE::JRICHARDMon Mar 03 1997Does Digital support 1
216.0 *+1WRKSYS::UTZIGWed Mar 05 1997Performance issues w/ Alpha/NT JVM?
217.0 *+2OSLMon Mar 10 1997Customer Q on JDK /UNIX 3.2g
218.0 *TLE::JRICHARDWed Mar 26 1997Aglets
219.0 *+2LYOVWed Apr 02 1997java and Ultrix ???
220.0 *+2DECWET::wilbur.zso.dec.com::ballengerWed Apr 16 1997Package naming
221.0 *+2SCAMP::SMITHThu Apr 17 1997Can you loop on a document.write() command?
222.0 *AVANT::CHOUFri Apr 18 1997Event Handling
223.0 *PEACHS::GHEFFTue Apr 22 1997Xelfi - Java IDE written in Java
224.0 *+2COOKIE::MARTINFri Apr 25 1997security for applets, not applications
225.0 *+1CIRCUS::GOETZEFri Apr 25 1997Easy to use structured graphics for Java (Ezd)
226.0 *NNTPD::"jm@uvo.dec.com"Mon May 12 1997Digital UNIX JDK 1.1 (+JIT) Beta Kit Announced
227.0 *+5TLE::DDAVISMon May 12 1997DIGITAL JDK V1.1 Beta Kit Now Available
228.0 *+1CADSYS::BOGDANOVWed May 14 1997Is Java a good coffee?
229.0 *B17::NORMANThu May 15 1997JDBC driver for Alpha NT
230.0 *+6MARVIN::GOODWINFri May 16 1997Top Five Java Myths!
231.0 *AIAG::KIMThu May 22 1997MS VM bug on multi-processor system ?
232.0 *+3MUNICH::WWERNERTue May 27 1997AWT problem on OpenVMS VAX
233.0 *TLE::DDAVISWed May 28 1997JDK V1.1.1 Beta Kit Released for Digital UNIX V4.
234.0 *STAR::TCARRWed May 28 1997Java programming question
235.0 *HOUBA::MEHERSTue Jun 03 1997Java and CORBA in Netscape's latest Web Server
236.0 *+1ESSB::DCSU_SUPPORTWed Jun 04 1997Java + Ultrix