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Conference abbott::grammar_checker

Title:VAX Grammar Checker
Created:Tue Aug 30 1988
Last Modified:Tue May 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:142
Total number of notes:529
Number with bodies:0
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1.0SCRIBE::MORSETue Aug 30 1988Introduction
2.01SCRIBE::MORSETue Aug 30 1988Moderation Issues
3.02SCRIBE::MORSETue Aug 30 1988Conference Directory
4.014SCRIBE::MORSETue Aug 30 1988Network Kit Information
5.0SCRIBE::MORSETue Aug 30 1988Brief Product Description
6.04SCRIBE::MORSETue Aug 30 1988Not Intended for British English
8.07VAXWRK::SWARDTue Aug 30 1988A great product but...
9.01ADVAX::HOMTue Aug 30 1988Latest kit?
10.06FOOBAR::KABELTue Aug 30 1988Why does GCS work this way?
11.024LDYBUG::FULLERTONTue Aug 30 1988nice product, but not useful yet
12.01CARMEL::HARVEYTue Aug 30 1988Can't process Document files into ascii???
13.01TENNIS::KAMTue Aug 30 1988Possible error in Installation manual
14.08BEING::POSTPISCHILWed Aug 31 1988Interface Suggestions
15.02FOOBAR::KABELWed Aug 31 1988TPU Error on exit
16.05SCRIBE::MORSEWed Aug 31 1988Release Notes
17.01LISP::DERAMOWed Aug 31 1988Pointers to other Notes Conferences
18.014CLARID::TURNBULLThu Sep 01 1988Some Initial Comments on VGC
19.0SCRIBE::MORSEThu Sep 01 1988Relocated from JOKUR::GRAMMAR
20.02MUNICH::IONESCUFri Sep 02 1988What about ALL-IN-1??
21.02SDOGUS::DRAKEWed Sep 07 1988Comments and Support!
22.01EAGLE1::DANTOWITZThu Sep 08 1988A bug
23.03EXIT26::STRATTONThu Sep 08 1988Document /DICTIONARY qualifier
24.06EXIT26::STRATTONThu Sep 08 1988When will WPS-Plus/VMS V3 be available?
25.01EXIT26::STRATTONThu Sep 08 1988Will there be DCL-level HELP?
26.07SUPER::MATTHEWSFri Sep 09 1988GRAMMAR clobbers EVE help, or my mistake?
27.01FLAGYL::GREENFIELDSat Sep 10 1988alternate dictionary location
29.01EAGLE1::DANTOWITZWed Sep 14 1988Bug with alternate spelling selection
30.01XANADU::FLEISCHERWed Sep 14 1988recognizing what's not there
31.0317593::JARVISThu Sep 15 1988Acronyms???
32.03XANADU::FLEISCHERThu Sep 15 1988"pass" should "pass on all passes"
33.02BEING::POSTPISCHILThu Sep 15 1988Infinite Loop and Funny Capitalization
34.05AKOV88::SHEPROMon Sep 19 1988System consistantcy
35.04TOWNS::VALENTINEMon Sep 19 1988DCL doesn't recognize 'GRAMMAR'
36.05KAOM25::TOMKINSMon Sep 19 1988Why not test the user base first?
37.04AKOV88::RIGGTue Sep 20 1988"MANY" / "MOST" as subjects
38.01COOKIE::JOHNSTONTue Sep 20 1988No go on a DOCUMENT TXT file
39.012AIAG::CARIFIOTue Sep 20 1988using components of vgc elsewhere
40.01JBSVAX::BARNWELLWed Sep 21 1988problem with sept 21 kit
42.010DARTS::STRYKERMon Sep 26 1988Possible solution for VAX Document sources?
43.03SMEGIT::BROUILLETTETue Sep 27 1988When will it be released
44.09SCRIBE::MORSEWed Sep 28 1988WPS-PLUS/VMS V3.
45.04MARVIN::COBBFri Sep 30 1988More sentences VGC didn't like
46.04DROO::WEYMOUTHMon Oct 03 1988VAXDocument / Grammar Checker incompatible?
47.06DROO::WEYMOUTHMon Oct 03 1988Quota exceeded
48.01AKO619::SYKESTue Oct 04 1988Can VGC be called from my EVE?
49.01EAGLE1::DANTOWITZThu Oct 06 1988Defining keys
51.02FORTY2::TATHAMWed Oct 19 1988Need special treatment for dates?
52.05DPDMAI::DRABICKYMon Oct 24 1988GC under ALL-IN-1
53.04SRFSUP::LABBEEWed Oct 26 1988Price?
54.01NANOOK::COOPERTue Nov 01 1988Shipping?
55.02LENITA::SCHAFERWed Nov 09 1988Using Grammar Checker from NOTES
56.03LENITA::SCHAFERWed Nov 09 1988Using Grammar Checker from MAIL
57.04DR::BLINNWed Nov 16 1988DECwindows TPU/EVE/Notes and Grammar Checker?
58.03HAZEL::MELLITZFri Nov 18 1988Dictionary problem.
59.01HAZEL::MELLITZFri Nov 18 1988Manual Location?
60.03DLOACT::RESENDEThu Dec 08 1988DECspell & Grammar Checker - tradeins?
61.06CHIMP::JOHNSONFri Dec 16 1988Mouse doesn't work with Grammar Checker?
62.0ANT::MORRISONTue Dec 27 1988This is NOT a usage checker
63.05AKOV68::SHEPROWed Dec 28 1988SDC KIT
64.02SUOSW1::STEIGERWALDMon Jan 02 1989Does GRAMMAR CHECKER run multinational environment ?
65.05SUOSW1::STEIGERWALDMon Jan 09 1989Grammar Checker dictionary questions
66.03HOO78C::ATTEMAMon Jan 09 1989Looking for the SPD
67.03SUOSW1::MOOGThu Jan 19 1989GC and German A1 V.2.3
68.01ZPOVSun Jan 22 1989Capitalization Bug????
69.04CACTTue Jan 24 1989You must specify a folder?
70.01DR::BLINNWed Jan 25 1989What does the Grammar Checker say?
71.02LAIDBK::BERGSTEDTTue Feb 07 1989medical lexicon
72.014POBOX::CROWEFri Feb 10 1989ADD a Bug
73.02LARVAE::HUGHESMon Feb 13 1989How can I see what's it like?
74.04STRATA::QRISDEVFri Feb 24 1989How to use GRAMMAR CHECKER?
75.03LARVAE::HUGHESTue Feb 28 1989Oppotunities for this Product
76.06CASVTue Feb 28 1989Personal Dictionary full ...
77.02DPDMAI::GIAUQUEFri Apr 14 1989Grade Level Grammar
78.01DIEGO::GASSNERMon Apr 17 1989Convincing GCS that a noun is singular
79.07DEMING::DOWNESThu Apr 20 1989can you Grammar from TPU?
80.01ODIXIE::KOZAKWed Apr 26 1989More on Readability Checking
81.01OSAVThu Apr 27 1989DEMO KIT?
82.01MILLER::TURNBULLWed May 03 1989VMS V5.1 Compatibility?
83.05SQM::ROYMon May 15 1989Procedure to automaticly GRAMMAR DOCUMENT?
84.03AYOU49::CHARLESTue May 16 1989Explain message on use of "your" please
85.01DEC25::ROBERTSThu May 18 1989Emphatic Pronouns
86.01MTA::COMAROWWed Jun 21 1989Grammar VS. DSR
87.01AULTPK::BROOMEMon Jun 26 1989...And DOCUMENT Files ?
88.04LACVThu Jul 13 1989Grammar Checker Unavailable?
89.0MAIL::LUCIDOMon Jul 24 1989Reference Sites for GC??
90.02HKOVThu Jul 27 1989Callable routines?
91.01YUPPY::BERKOFFTue Aug 15 1989British English dates?!
93.03CANYON::GURALNIKWed Sep 13 1989GC and Word Perfect??
95.01BAGELS::MCMAHONThu Oct 19 1989Can't locate the install kit
96.01RIPPLE::PEARSONCHThu Nov 02 1989Removing "Grammar" option
97.01WMOIS::G_MCDONALDFri Nov 17 1989String greater than 65535
98.02AUNTB::LAROEMon Nov 20 1989to, too, or two?
99.01DENVER::SUTHERLANDWed Nov 22 1989Caps, hyphens & Spell Chk.
100.03CSC32::J_FELDMANMon Nov 27 1989can't get at kit
101.05AUNTB::KELLYThu Nov 30 1989Help - Customer Questions
102.01DENVER::SUTHERLANDFri Dec 01 1989Clarify Customer Issues
103.01MOVIES::GROSSMITHMon Dec 04 1989Grammar Checker with DECwrite?
104.02CUJO::CAROLEThu Dec 07 1989GRAMMAR CHECKER and WordPerfect/VMS???
105.02MQOSWed Dec 13 1989Master dictionary not found error
106.01SWSCHZ::HASSELMANWed Dec 20 1989Dictionary Size Limitation
107.01ZANNA::SANINOCENCIOWed Dec 27 1989Help - Need Documentation
109.02DICKNS::SNOWSat Mar 03 1990change GRAMMAR DOCUMENT?
110.01CRBOSS::COLBATHTue Apr 10 1990New version of GRAMMAR CHECKER??
111.01HPSRAD::LINDSEYWed Apr 18 1990can't locate kit on VIA
113.01RDVAX::RICHARDSONWed Aug 29 1990crash out of grammar v1.
114.02HSOMAI::KISERThu Sep 06 1990One Dictionary for VMS and ALL-IN-1
115.02YUPPY::SANDYWed Sep 26 1990With British ALL-IN-1?
116.0VICE::JANZENWed Nov 21 1990termination of edit mode
117.01ELWOOD::JUDGEWed Nov 28 1990GCS file sizes
118.0ZGOM13::COMMON_USERWed Dec 19 1990Help !!!
119.02PUBS::DUBEThu Jan 31 1991ULTRIX version?
120.0XCUSME::LAPERLEThu Feb 14 1991Can't add words to International Dic.
121.0TKTV2Tue Aug 13 1991Maintenance of dictionary
122.02TKTV2Mon Aug 19 1991ADDed word is not effective immediately
123.05FLYNHI::SIMONSONWed Aug 21 1991can't get to kit
124.04ULY2::FLYNNWed Sep 18 1991Linguistic services...if interested..help
125.01SUBWAY::KABELFri Feb 28 1992Is the checker still saleable?
126.02GLDOA::LINDBLADMon Mar 09 1992still a product???
127.01MCIS2::CLAYBROOKWed Apr 29 1992Version 1.1
128.01XCUSME::CROSBYMon Jun 15 1992Grammar and LSE
129.01NCBOOT::HARRISMon Jun 15 1992Savesets on CD ?
130.0GJOVAX::GRAEFFWed Aug 05 1992VMSINSTAL BADSPEC error while installing GCS. HELP
131.0SUBURB::A1_CRANWed Oct 28 1992CMD dic. being auto reset..??
132.01MSDOA::SABINWed Dec 16 1992ERROR Closing PERSONAL Dictionary
133.01I8BEVO::FINDLEYTue Feb 02 1993Where did DECspell Go?
134.0TOMK::KRUPINSKIFri Feb 05 1993Need help in using Grammar Checker
135.01TKTVFS::SEKIGUCHI_KTue Mar 09 1993can't get to the kit on MAGIC ...
136.0CTOAVX::ALLENMon Jul 26 1993Versrion of GC for A1 V3.
137.0PENUTS::NOLANThu Sep 23 1993V1.
138.0OTOOA::WEISSFri Oct 08 1993French (Cdn) version?
139.0SKTUTue Dec 07 1993Grammar Checker on OpenVMS/Alpha?
140.03GALVIA::HOGANMon Nov 21 1994pointer to kit
141.0GALVIA::HOGANThu Dec 01 1994Grammar checker has been retired.
142.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Feb 01 1995Support on OpenVMS 6.1 VAX?