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Conference abbott::decreport

Title:DECreport product conference
Notice:For Network Kits see 4.*; For Submitting QARs see 7.*.
Created:Tue Nov 05 1991
Last Modified:Thu Mar 03 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:180
Total number of notes:624
Number with bodies:0
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1.0VIA::REALMUTOMon Nov 18 1991Welcome & Conference Policies
2.01VIA::REALMUTOFri Nov 15 1991Related Notes Conferences
3.03VIA::REALMUTOFri Nov 15 1991Product Announcements & Info
4.01VIA::REALMUTOMon Nov 18 1991Kits
5.065VIA::REALMUTOMon Nov 18 1991User Registry
6.01VIA::REALMUTOTue Nov 19 1991SPDs
7.01RAB::VLATASMon Jul 13 1992Reporting problems (QARs)
10.0VIA::VLATASMon Nov 18 1991RESERVED
11.02BIG::SCHOTTThu Nov 21 1991MSDOS - PC only??? What does the future hold?
12.08SUBURB::MCDONALDATue Nov 26 1991Boring! no colour, no charts.
13.02SUBURB::MCDONALDATue Nov 26 1991ATM fonts don't match.
14.04JEKYLL::HYDETue Nov 26 1991Please describe DECreport in real world terms
15.01HOTSPT::BARTELLTue Nov 26 1991CDA integration?
16.06NOWIT::THOMPSONMon Dec 02 1991Documentation comments
17.01CIMNET::BOURDEAUMon Dec 02 1991Datatype Incompatibilities
18.03RAB::BARONTue Dec 03 1991Competitive Analysis and Discussion
19.01AHIKER::EARLYWed Dec 18 1991DECreport HELP topics; Context Sensitive Help ?
21.04PTOVAX::DLUGOSZWed Dec 18 1991Can't get DECreport running
22.01KETJE::DESCHUYTERThu Dec 19 1991Can not access DECquery !
23.01VIA::ADAMSMon Dec 23 1991DECquery with DECreport support available
25.05SNOCThu Dec 26 1991DECQuery access almost there! (latest version)
26.05SNOCThu Dec 26 1991Totalling confusing
27.0NOVA::JACKSONFri Dec 27 1991Update: Registration Info for '92 DB/TP/EU Symposium
28.01CHEFS::HANSONNMon Jan 06 1992multiple data sources ?
29.04MSBCS::HARRINGTONMon Jan 06 1992DECquery Can't find DECReport
30.03SUBURB::MCDONALDAWed Jan 08 1992DECrpt/DECquery can't do report.
31.03AHIKER::EARLYMon Jan 20 1992Problem: C RUNTIME ERROR (Unrecoverable Error)!
32.02CGOOA::ANDREWSThu Jan 23 1992How to add headers? + help = poor
33.01QUIPU::KULVETEFri Jan 31 1992two misc questions
34.01SAC::EXTON_MWed Feb 05 1992DECreport platform plans?
35.01AHIKER::EARLYWed Feb 05 1992Problem:CALCULATED Field calculation/conct in FORMS
36.07HYDRA::ALDENWed Feb 05 1992Futures?
37.02DNEAST::WHEELER_SCOTThu Feb 06 1992UAE when opening a Layout File.
38.0EPOCH::JOHNSONMon Feb 10 1992Looking for implementation info
39.01PAFREY::VANPROOYENFri Feb 14 1992Selecting multple fields on Columnar Reports
40.06KETJE::BHP49::CASHFri Feb 21 1992SSB kit problems
41.01ZPOVC::CORE_KYCThu Feb 27 1992Installation failed
42.01MQOSWS::MQOPThu Feb 27 1992Questions about the fonctionalities
43.01EVTDD1::BOURGOINGThu Feb 27 1992Is it possible to design two differente pages on a same report ?
44.01DNEAST::WHEELER_SCOTFri Feb 28 1992SSB Version problems.
45.02EVTDD1::BOURGOINGMon Mar 02 1992Is it possible to read DECMACRO.XLA ?
46.02CSSE32::RAWDENTue Mar 03 1992Documentation Questionnaire, please respond
47.02STOHUB::DSCGLF::SOCHAThu Mar 05 1992Need scheduled reports
48.01STOHUB::DSCGLF::SOCHAMon Mar 09 1992Support for OLE?
49.05CGOOA::BCYCAWed Mar 11 1992Printing Fixed????
50.06VARSTY::Conferencing-UserMon Mar 16 1992Expert Training lab
51.05ATLJEB::Conferencing-UserWed Mar 18 1992Bugs in DECreport
52.02CLO::MOLLEYThu Mar 19 1992DECreport for MAC?
53.04LOEDGE::TAUBENFELDMon Mar 23 1992DECreport UAE when no printer
54.0PTOVAX::TYRRELLWed Mar 25 1992Third Parties for MAC ?
55.01OASS::ADAMS_SThu Apr 02 1992Paradox,Lotus as data sources?
56.06ROMMon Apr 06 1992System Error on Print Preview
57.01SUBURB::MCDONALDATue Apr 07 1992Demo disk for DECreport?
58.01MUDIS3::RBOEDEKERWed Apr 08 1992Character Set Problem
59.04MEIS::WALKERMon Apr 13 1992How to access Time from DECquery DATE field
60.01MAIL::SHAHNAMMon Apr 13 1992customer questions
62.01SHALOT::JANCULATue Apr 21 1992DECreport working model?
63.02COLFri Apr 24 1992Searching slides!
64.03LARVAE::SKEEN_CMon Apr 27 1992Opening DECReport with a reort layout
65.01JOCKEY::NUTKINSMMon Apr 27 1992Calculated field operands same as R&R
66.05JOCKEY::NUTKINSMMon Apr 27 1992Can large field be wrapped within column
67.01SAACTX::HarrisonFri May 01 1992Customer concerns during evaluation
68.04FHOPAS::OHFMV1::DORNBUSHFri May 01 1992I can't print the Docs
69.01WARNUT::PICKERINGSWed May 06 1992Changing between data sources?
70.01OASS::ADAMS_SThu May 14 1992Identifier for reports with common data?
71.02WLW::BROOMEMon May 18 1992Can't select/move fields....
72.01CNTROL::DGAUTHIERFri May 22 1992Need On-Line documentation
73.03SAACTX::HarrisonTue May 26 1992Can't copy kit.
74.01DPDMAI::SMITHDFri May 29 1992Windows GP Fault "replacing" spreadsheet reference
75.02WLW::BROOMEMon Jun 01 1992Problem with DECreport and Dbase File...
76.03HGOVC::SAMTSEWed Jun 03 1992Failed to print report under Windows
77.01CSC32::MCCRACKENThu Jun 04 1992SPD for DECreport
78.06WARNUT::TPCASE::PICKERINGSTue Jun 09 1992DECreport & DECquery interfacing problems
79.04JENRAN::RBROWNWed Jun 10 1992Format of Floating Point
80.01STAR::KAPLANWed Jun 10 1992How do we stack up against Microsoft Q&E
81.05OASS::GREEN_WFri Jun 12 1992build index & use index
82.03NYEM1::JAWORSKYJFri Jun 12 1992Can't read report file
83.05KYOA::SCHERERMon Jun 15 1992VT32
84.03KYOA::SCHERERMon Jun 15 1992Sample software kits
85.03SAACTX::HarrisonMon Jun 15 1992Displaying Null values and appending different data types
86.03NYEM1::JAWORSKYJTue Jun 16 19923-way sort problem
87.04MSBCS::YOUNGTue Jun 16 1992Excel 4.
88.02ELIS::CATSBURGWed Jun 17 1992Printer Driver not found when starting DECReport
89.0OASS::ADAMS_SWed Jun 17 1992Sharing violation
91.01KETJE::SCHREURSWed Jun 24 1992Display a LOGO on a report ??
92.09OASS::ADAMS_SFri Jun 26 1992screen doesn't paint headers/footers
93.04OASS::ADAMS_SMon Jun 29 1992UAE on 2/3 systems
94.01UTROP1::WALSTIJN_MTue Jun 30 1992integration information ?
95.05BTOVT::FOSSI_DThu Jul 02 1992Can I put multiple forms on 1 page?
96.03OASS::ADAMS_SThu Jul 02 1992Overstriking print problem
97.0WARNUT::TPCASE::PICKERINGSFri Jul 03 1992DECreport glossy sheet available?
98.01SOTT::NAULTMon Jul 06 1992Languages?
99.03CGOOA::IUSMon Jul 06 1992no totals on 2nd page
100.01JENRAN::RBROWNTue Jul 07 1992Moving to the Right
101.01RVRKWI::BEDIGIANMon Jul 13 1992Any fully functional kits?
102.02OASS::ADAMS_STue Jul 14 1992Gaps not closing using Label template
103.03VAXRIO::NOVELLOThu Jul 16 1992More than 1 set of propagate fields...
104.05ALICAT::ROBERTSFri Jul 17 1992Propagate Fields Across
105.04BTOVT::FOSSI_DFri Jul 17 1992Unable to start DECrpt
106.01OASS::GREEN_WFri Jul 17 1992page # and date in the footer?
107.01OASS::GREEN_WFri Jul 17 1992centered totals do not display.
108.02OASS::ADAMS_SThu Jul 23 1992Create - Open File limitation or problem
109.01OASS::ADAMS_SMon Jul 27 1992Preview Printed. Invalid Handle?
110.02ALICAT::ROBERTSWed Jul 29 1992Group Breaks and Header text
111.01OASS::ADAMS_SFri Jul 31 1992UAEs de-selecting group Headers
112.05OASS::GENUS_VTue Aug 04 1992Attempt to export a query failed.
113.03SANFAN::BROWN_DAThu Aug 06 1992Selection Criteria Problem
114.0MONSTA::COLLINSFri Aug 07 1992Microsoft SQL Server
115.01HANThu Aug 13 1992DECreport: 1 report from 2 data sources ?
116.02CHEST::CLARKMMon Aug 17 1992DECREport from VAX?
117.03LEMAN::DELLAPUPPAFri Aug 21 1992Bad performance sorting data
118.01VAXRIO::MICHELFri Aug 28 1992Problem accessing Rdb using DECquery
119.07OASS::BURDEN_DThu Sep 03 1992double precision vs quadword(2)
120.02UNITED::MCCAMBRIDGEMon Sep 07 1992Crosstab example required
121.01VAXRIO::MICHELFri Sep 11 1992Changing lines to columns
122.09COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDTue Sep 15 1992Unable to EXPORT a query from DECquery ?
123.06ULYSSE::VARAPE::SAMOUNThu Sep 17 1992Areas for impovements ?.....
124.09JOCKEY::63953::John-BoyTue Sep 22 1992Multiple lines with Subtotals??? Urgent for demo
125.02YUPPY::CARTERWed Sep 23 1992=MONTH() function - problems
126.02BAGLEY::FOSTERMon Oct 05 1992Lookup table problem
127.01IJSAPL::OLTHOFTue Oct 06 1992Query and Report from OS/2
128.01GRANPA::MCAHILLTue Oct 06 1992DECreport as backround task?
129.04ROLAID::REGANTue Oct 13 1992Can't copy the kits
130.01TROOA::LFUNGTue Oct 20 1992Comments from customer..
131.02TPLAB::DACHSBECKWed Oct 21 1992Formatting problems when Calling DECQUERY through DECREPORT
132.02OASS::GENUS_VWed Nov 04 1992Can DBase III files be use in form report.
133.0RUMOR::ROBBINSSun Nov 08 1992Apparent bug handling control breaks.
134.01MACE::Conferencing-UserWed Nov 11 1992DECquery on Orcale on OS/2?
135.01ROMFri Nov 13 1992Documents available or not ?
136.01ROMFri Nov 13 1992DECreport and Excel graphics....
137.01JENRAN::RBROWNWed Nov 18 1992Edit Strings
138.03OASS::GENUS_VMon Nov 23 1992Word Perfect for Window?
139.0YAZ8::GUARINOWed Nov 25 1992Bold typeface on the fly?????/
140.01STKHLM::TCHANGFri Dec 04 1992Formating Textfield containing trailing Zeroes
141.01CGOOA::IUSMon Dec 07 1992Doesn't work after moving application.
142.01DBOTThu Dec 10 1992BUGS in DECREPORT Version 1
143.01KERNEL::LIVESEYPFri Dec 11 1992Bugs in DECReport V2.
144.02BACHUS::DEKEYSERWed Dec 16 1992Some subtotal problems
145.010OASS::GREEN_WThu Dec 17 1992GP fault when printing
146.0BACHUS::DEKEYSERTue Dec 29 1992Fields not displayed in layout.
147.0BACHUS::DEKEYSERTue Dec 29 1992Total can not be selected
148.01GLDOA::RBROWNTue Dec 29 1992Record Selection By Date
149.01GUIDUK::HEALYThu Jan 07 1993DECreport equivalent on MAC?
150.0LARVAE::PALMER_MThu Jan 14 1993Multi-Character Set Support
151.01OASS::BURDEN_DThu Jan 14 1993DECreport from bat file?
152.02VAOUMon Jan 18 1993UAE at
153.01COMICS::HISCOCKTue Feb 16 1993Another query failing in 1.
154.01VAXRIO::NOVELLOTue Feb 16 1993Urgent-installation failure
155.02COMICS::HISCOCKWed Feb 24 1993Duplicate field names in report
156.01OASS::BURDEN_DThu Feb 25 1993Response very slow through DECquery
157.01CPDW::LALIBERTESat Mar 06 1993ascii files ??
158.04COMICS::HISCOCKMon Mar 08 1993error 41
159.01MJPRTue Mar 09 1993Subtotal Features available? Workarounds?
160.01LFOIS1::BOQUETWed Mar 10 1993Is DECreport PHASE-OUT ?
161.01RAB::VLATASMon Mar 15 1993DECreport and leap year (moved from DECquery notesfile)
162.01OASS::ADAMS_SWed Mar 17 1993"Save" does not save changes
163.06MJBOOT::TENHUISENWed Mar 31 1993Problems in merging multiple queries
164.01VAXRIO::AZEVEDOTue Apr 13 1993Error when accessing DECquery from DECreport
165.01OASS::ADAMS_SFri Apr 16 1993Limit prompts for parameters?
166.01OASS::FLASHE::BURDEN_DFri Apr 30 1993cannot Print Preview twice
167.01AIMTEC::WOODY_SWed May 12 1993multiple input files?
168.03AIMTEC::WOODY_SMon May 17 1993Decreport from Decquery?
169.03OASS::FLASHE::BURDEN_DFri May 28 1993Wrong fonts to HP printers
170.02OASS::ADAMS_STue Jun 22 1993DECquery Internal Error 41
171.02OASS::OASS::BURDEN_DTue Jul 13 1993SET_ACTUAL_PARAM from Excel to DECreport
172.0OASS::ADAMS_SThu Jul 22 1993Form report process is slow
173.0OASS::ADAMS_SMon Jul 26 1993DECreport / Object Vision link via DDE
174.0GALVIA::CBECKETTFri Aug 06 1993Please help us review CDA Converter Documentation
175.0FHOPAS::BREWMN::BREWISTue Aug 24 1993DECreport Presentation?
176.0MUCTEC::GASTTue Oct 12 1993how to increase header or footer area ?
177.0OASS::ADAMS_SMon Oct 18 1993DECreport from DDE times out on File Print screen
178.0GALVIA::CBECKETTWed Nov 17 1993FT 3 Update, GUI converter app, prototype Sixel & BMP converters
179.01AIMTEC::HEFT_JThu Jan 13 1994DECreport and Generic-Text Print Driver
180.0LYOThu Mar 03 1994Kit location is unavailable !