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Conference dypss1::virus-l

Title:Internet Virus List (VIRUS-L)
Created:Fri Nov 16 1990
Last Modified:Mon Feb 17 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:8575
Total number of notes:17130
Number with bodies:1
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1.0+4DYPSS2::TROXELLFri Nov 16 1990Introduction
3.0DYPSS2::TROXELLFri Nov 16 1990Reserved
4.0DYPSS2::TROXELLFri Nov 16 1990Reserved
5.0DYPSS2::TROXELLFri Nov 16 1990Reserved
6.0DYPSS2::TROXELLFri Nov 16 1990The Virus in Society
7.01DYPSS2::TROXELLFri Nov 16 1990Help - virus. (PC)
8.0DYPSS2::TROXELLFri Nov 16 1990Law suits
9.01DYPSS2::TROXELLFri Nov 16 1990Possible virus on Commodore
10.0DYPSS2::TROXELLFri Nov 16 1990Removing Joshi virus (PC)
11.0DYPSS2::TROXELLFri Nov 16 1990novell question (PC)
12.0DYPSS2::TROXELLFri Nov 16 1990Information about VMS viruses. (VAX VMS)
13.0DYPSS2::TROXELLFri Nov 16 1990News from Bulgaria (PC)
14.0DYPSS2::TROXELLFri Nov 16 1990WordPerfect and Jerusalem B virus (PC)
15.0DYPSS2::TROXELLFri Nov 16 1990Looking for a school
25.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990virus checking software for PCs (PC)
26.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990Mac virus question (Mac)
27.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990Virus Query (PC)
28.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990FluShot 1.4 bug? (PC)
29.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990sudden reboot on PC (PC)
30.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990Protection strategies (PC)
31.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990Trojan horse that attacks Laserwriters?
32.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990Norton sd says *NonMovable Blk* (was Curse.exe virus) (PC)
33.07DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990Fprot (PC)
34.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990Computers & Security (Novell) article available (PC)
35.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 19904th Annual Computer Virus Conference
36.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990FluShot Plus 1.7 (PC)
37.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990Disinfectant / VirScan for IBM-PC ??? (PC)
38.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990Jerusalem B (PC)
39.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990Products for detecting viruses
40.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990Possible virus on Commodoore
41.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990Various comments (PC)
42.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990Strange Behavious (Virus?) On Novell LAN
43.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990VIENNA in GC Software (PC)
44.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990V&S (PC)
45.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990PC-cillan (PC)
46.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990Checksums/reboots (PC)
47.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990Halloween virus? (PC)
48.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990Mac virus question (Mac)clko
49.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990Anti-Virus products? (PC) (Mac)
50.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990Trojan Warning: SCANV7
51.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990Novell answer (PC)
52.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990Populations needed to spread viruses
53.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990Publication
54.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990How safe are FTP sites from viruses?
55.03DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990Twelve Tricks (PC)
56.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990Virucide & Twelve Tricks (PC)
57.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990Sudden reboot (PC)
58.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990Strange Behavious (Virus?) On Novell LAN (PC)
59.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990Weird/Virus behaviour on LAN?
60.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990Stoned virus on 3.5" diskette (PC)
61.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990History of virus, reference sought
62.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990Virus "WDEF A", help! (Mac)
63.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990SAM vs. Disinfectant (Mac)
64.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990Is this a MAC Virus attack? (Mac)
65.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990Request for Risk Assessment (forwarded)
66.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990Request for Risk Assessment
67.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990A trojan in a SCANV7
68.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990A Cultural Note
69.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 1990windows trojan (PC)
70.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 16 19904th Annual Computer Virus Conference (CORRECTION)
71.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 20 1990stealth viruses..
72.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 20 1990New MS-DOS Virus (PC)
73.04DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 20 1990Stoned in C: (PC)
74.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 20 1990NeXT anti-virus software (and viri) (UNIX)
75.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 20 1990Sunday virus description? (PC)
76.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 20 1990"Novell" virus? (PC)
77.07DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 20 1990OS/2 Viruses (OS/2)
78.05DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 20 1990New files on MIBSRV (PC)
79.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 20 1990magazine with virus infected frontcover disk (PC)
80.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 20 1990Is this a virus? Help! (PC)
81.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 21 1990virus: yankee doodle (PC)
82.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 21 1990Cambridge virus (PC)????
83.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 21 1990New DOS virus for CUNY Grad Schl.
84.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 21 1990Stoned-virus (PC)
85.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 21 1990Help! Policy recommendations sought.
86.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 21 1990List of known viruses urgently required.
87.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 21 1990Viruses surviving warm boots. (PC)
88.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 27 1990Response to various comments
89.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 27 1990Looking for list of antivirus & scan programs Looking for list of anti
90.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 27 1990Response to WDEF A problems (Mac)
91.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 27 1990Have you seen this one? (PC)
92.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 27 1990DOS-TREND front cover magazine
93.018DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 27 1990Stoned virus (PC)
94.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 27 1990Mail/Defuze
95.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 27 1990Stoned in C (PC)
96.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 27 1990Friend Needs Help With Running Man Virus in Germany (PC)
97.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 28 1990Pipelines in DOS (Was Is this a virus? Help!) (PC)
98.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 28 1990Virus info databases
99.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 28 1990Yale/Alameda (PC)
100.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 28 1990Antiviral reviews
101.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 28 1990Removal of EDV? (PC)
102.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 28 1990Amiga Help
103.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 28 1990SAM 2 & ZUC B (Mac) New version of virus (Mac)
104.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 28 1990a Macintosh WORM???!!! (Mac)
105.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 28 1990Dark Avenger frequency?
106.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 29 1990Harddisk virus (Amiga)
107.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 29 1990Sunday V. in Turbo C 2.
108.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 29 1990new boot sector virus (PC)
109.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 29 1990anti-virus programs
110.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 29 1990Washing machine (PC)
111.08DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 29 1990UK Computer Crime Unit
112.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 29 1990Lateral Thinking
113.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 29 1990Dark Avenger frequency (David Chess)
114.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 29 1990Trojan Warning (PC)
115.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 29 1990Disinfectant 2.4 will be out soon (Mac)
116.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 29 1990Any news on the SCANV trojan? (PC)
117.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 29 1990Papers/Documentation...
118.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 29 1990Need info on 4
119.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 29 1990Dark Avenger frequency? (PC)
120.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 29 1990V & S
121.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 01 1990WDEF Prevention (Mac)
122.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 01 1990SafeWord VIRUS-Safe now available thru Shareware (PC)
123.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 01 1990Virus Summary List
124.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 01 1990ways to circumvent viri attack, maybe
125.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 01 1990Dark Avenger frequency (PC)
126.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 01 1990Boot sector virus on SVGA disk (PC)
127.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 01 1990Norton Disc Doctor in UK (PC)
128.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 01 1990Assorted Viruses, anti-viruses, programming
129.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 01 1990How safe are FTP sites from viruses? (PC)
130.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 01 1990More V & S
131.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 05 1990Making Money With Viruses
132.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 05 1990Warning Virus Alert! (PC)
133.014DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 05 1990Stoned (PC)
134.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 05 1990RE: Trojan Warning (PC)
135.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 05 1990Virus Card?? (PC)
136.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 05 1990MUSICBUG (PC)
137.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 06 1990ZIPping with -AV (PC)
138.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 06 1990"Washing cycle" TSR (PC)
139.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 06 1990DOS viri and OS/2 (PC)
140.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 06 1990EB21 or PrintScreen virus (PC)
141.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 06 1990New anti-virals from McAfee's BBS uploaded to SIMTEL2
142.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 06 1990ways to circumvent viri attack, maybe (PC)
143.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 06 1990Surviving warm boot (Was: Lateral thinking) (PC)
144.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 06 1990Disinfectant 2.4 (Mac)
145.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 06 1990WDEF infections and combatting them (Mac)(summary)
146.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 06 1990Need info on McAffee AVS (PC)
147.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 06 1990Need help on pc.. Jerusalem B(?)... (PC)
148.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 06 1990(c) Brain ? (PC)
149.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 06 1990Obtaining McAfee programs (PC)
150.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 06 1990STONED again (Was Re: How safe are FTP sites from viruses? (PC))
151.04DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 06 1990LZEXE - a possible anti virus application (PC)
152.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 06 1990Help! Anybody here of this virus? (PC)
153.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 06 1990AntiVirus Plus (PC)
154.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 06 1990Virus Scanning Products & PKZIP -AV Option.
155.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 06 1990University Policy
156.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 06 1990PKZIP Auto-Verification feature.. (PC)
157.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 07 1990Keeping the Icons off the screen / Gatekeeper Aid (Mac)
158.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 07 1990New anti-virals in UK
159.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 07 1990Fu-Manchu infection (PC)
160.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 07 1990Computer Crime Unit (UK)
161.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 07 1990Norton Disc Doctor - *NO* virus (UK)
162.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 07 1990Comments OS/2, Brain (PC)
163.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 07 1990MS/PhD in computer security
164.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 07 1990Batch for Scan and Clean (PC)
165.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 08 1990Restoring from backups
166.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 08 1990Possible Virus in TAME (PC)
167.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 08 1990WDEF-A Response (Mac)
168.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 08 1990WP viruses (PC)
169.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 08 1990Ping Pong B Emergency (PC)
170.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 11 19904
171.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 11 1990help needed to write an anti-viral program...
172.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 11 1990amigavir.89 (Amiga)
173.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 11 1990Anti-viral hardware (was Virus card) (PC)
174.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 11 1990(c) BRAIN (PC)
175.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 11 1990Virus attacks on workstation class machines?
176.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 11 1990Report calls for National Conputer Security Standards
177.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 11 1990Replies to 'Keeping icons off the screen' (Mac) (Summary)
178.06DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990Virus? (PC)
179.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990U.S. sighting of ZUC B (Mac)
180.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990Computers at Risk, in Washington Post, Virus-L #197
181.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990New Virus? (The Invader?) (PC)
182.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990LZEXE anti-viral application (PC)
183.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990Anti-virus Plus (PC)
184.063DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990
185.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990Scanv68 problems (PC)
186.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990Virus detection (unix, pc)
187.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990RE - SAM/MS Mail Problem
188.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990Virusdetect. for UNIX
189.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990Call for Papers - 14th National COmputer Security Conference
190.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990LZEXE- drawbacks (PC)
191.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990WARNING* Stoned on demo disk from the company -> LAN Source (PC)
192.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990re:WP Virus? (PC)
193.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990Computers at Risk
194.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990*WARNING* [stoned] on demo disk (ONLY 2
195.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990Novell virus? (PC)
196.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990Craig Shergold worm
197.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990Software boot protection (PC)
198.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990Author of Scores to be charged (Mac)
199.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990Defeating Virus Scanner Trojans
200.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990Other mailing lists
201.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990Musicbug virus (PC)
202.06DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990*NIX virus... necessary knowledge. (UNIX)
203.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990MS/Dos vs. different viruses, job market (PC)
204.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990PhD/MS in computer security
205.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990Debunking the WP virus :-) (PC)
206.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990MS/Dos vs. different viruses (PC)
207.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990ZUC-B and Symantec (Mac)
208.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990UNIX virus... necessary knowledge (UNIX)
209.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990Mac-Virus-Index (Mac)
210.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 13 1990Music-Bug Update (PC)
211.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Dec 17 1990WP Virus? (PC)
212.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Dec 17 1990VMS Virii? (VAX/VMS)
213.01DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Dec 17 1990virus report (PC)
214.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Dec 17 1990WP Virus? (PC) and 4
215.01DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Dec 17 1990Bloody/Beijing Virus (PC)
216.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Dec 17 1990Music-Bug Virus (PC)
217.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 18 1990nVIR A infects Disinfectant? (Mac)
218.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 18 1990*NIX virus - again... (UNIX)
219.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 18 1990nVIR (Mac)
220.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 18 1990Ogre Virus in utilities disk?? (PC)
221.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 18 1990What is UK Computer Crime Unit's email address?
222.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 18 1990Meeting of European virus experts
223.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 18 1990Stoned on widely distributed disk (PC)
224.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 18 1990WP virus (PC)
225.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 18 1990Other virus and security related mailing lists
226.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 19 1990WP Virus?! (PC)
227.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 19 1990serious epidemic of wp problems (PC)
228.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 19 1990Stoned Again!! (PC)
229.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 19 1990Unix viruses... (UNIX)
230.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 19 1990Stoned virus info needed (PC)
231.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 19 1990New anti-viral files uploaded to SIMTEL2
232.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 19 1990help on the christmas tree
233.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 19 1990Stoned virus on demo disk (PC)
234.07DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 19 1990unix viruses (UNIX)
235.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 19 1990New features of VIRUSCAN and CLEAN-UP (PC)
236.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 21 1990correction to interest list address (tops-2
237.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 21 1990(1) GAO Report on Computer Security (2) Viruses from Eastern Europe and
238.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 21 1990Viruses surviving a warm boot (PC)
239.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 21 1990Virus programs needed ...
240.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 21 1990wsmr-simtel2
241.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 21 1990Viruses as Political/Military Weapon?
242.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 21 1990VSHIELD?? (PC)
243.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 21 1990Other scanners.... (PC)
244.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 21 1990Query for Basica Information on Viruses
245.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 21 1990re:University Policy
246.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 21 1990Viruses for the holidays & admin note
247.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 21 1990Virus on magazine disk ??? (Not stoned)
248.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 21 1990Job Market (PC)
249.03DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 21 1990Virus protection (PC)
250.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 21 1990File/Boot viruses
251.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 21 1990Possibly a new virus (PC)
252.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 02 1991EXE file compression with LZEXE and PKLITE (PC)
253.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 02 1991Macvirus index? (Mac)
254.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 02 1991Disk Utilities (PC)
255.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 02 1991more about the conference in Hamburg
256.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 02 1991ZeroHunt Virus (PC)
257.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 02 1991please stop the requests
258.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 02 1991(1) GAO Report on Computer Security
259.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 02 1991Zmodem infected with Violator (PC)
260.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 02 1991MIBSRV downtime
261.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 02 1991WP viri and bugs (PC)
262.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 02 1991Unix and Mainframe Viruses
263.014DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 02 1991New virus (PC)
264.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 04 1991VIRUS-L administrivia
265.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 04 1991Various Comments
266.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 04 1991Antiviral evaluation guidelines
267.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 04 1991FPROT review (PC)
268.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Jan 06 1991Need help with (c) Brain
269.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Jan 06 1991Virus Prosecutions
270.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Jan 06 1991Latest version of McAfee's vcopy program? (PC)
271.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Jan 06 1991Virus Vaccine (PC)
272.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Jan 06 1991CMOS devuce settings
273.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Jan 06 1991"Stoned" Virus (PC)
274.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 08 1991nVIR-like resources... (Mac)
275.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 08 1991Strange Problem Running Disinfectant 2.4! (Mac)
276.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 08 1991Apple //gs "Die!" Virus
277.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 08 1991Apple //gs Virus (Followup - READ ME FIRST)
278.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 08 1991RE Virus Not a virus ( Writeit NDA )
279.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 08 1991Grapes virus? (Mac)
280.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 08 1991PVALIDAT.ZIP - Portable VALIDATE using McAfee algorithms (PC)
281.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 08 1991QEMM Virus? (PC)
282.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 08 1991Reported QEMM virus
283.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 09 1991possible macintosh virus
284.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 09 1991Reported QEMM "virus" (PC)
285.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 09 1991MacVirusIndex (Mac)
286.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 09 1991Addition to monthly postings?
287.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 09 1991WordPerfect "virus"--summary of responses
288.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 09 1991Prevent hard disk infection? (PC)
289.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 09 1991Auto-scanning Virus Vaccine? (PC)
290.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 09 1991Fish Virus Activation (PC)
291.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 09 1991Grapes (Mac)
292.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 11 1991Joshi & Stoned 2 (PC)
293.05DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 11 1991SCAN program for IBM's (PC)
294.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 11 1991MIBSRV back up & new files (PC)
295.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 11 1991F-DRIVER boot check (PC)
296.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 11 1991(c) BRAIN id and disinfection (PC)
297.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 11 1991Computers at Risk book - how to order - (General)
298.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 11 1991Info on resident virus scanner. (PC)
299.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 11 1991discovering 17
300.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 11 1991obscure procedure in Yankee Doodle (PC)
301.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 11 1991VM, MS-DOS and Virex (PC, I *think*)
302.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 11 1991WP 8 byte bug (PC)
303.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 11 1991Administrivia - Document archive update
304.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 11 1991Floppy disk detection (PC)
305.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 11 1991Re:Prevent hard disk infection? (PC)
306.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 11 1991QEMM Virus? Followup from Quarterdeck (PC)
307.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 11 1991clean72.zip update (PC)
308.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 11 1991Virex Address (PC)
309.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 11 1991Various thoughts
310.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 11 1991Stoned in KC, Mo. (PC)
311.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Jan 14 1991Mac system 7.
312.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Jan 14 1991Stoned and Joshi (PC)
313.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Jan 14 1991Re:Auto-scanning Virus Vaccine? (PC)
314.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Jan 14 1991Hard Disk Protection (PC)
315.03DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Jan 14 1991possible macintosh virus (Mac)
316.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Jan 14 1991Joshi & Stoned II (PC)
317.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Jan 14 1991Re:obscure procedure in Yankee Doodle (PC)
318.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Jan 14 1991Re:SCAN program for IBM's (PC)
319.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Jan 14 1991Politically motivated viruses
320.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 16 1991Stone-2 (PC)
321.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 16 1991Reoccurence of Stoned on formatted drives (PC)
322.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 16 1991Hard Disk Protection (PC) and (Mac)
323.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 16 1991Johsi / Stoned2 (PC)
324.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 16 1991(No) Viruses in Irak's EXOCET?
325.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 16 1991TROJAN WARNING: A VM trojan horse (IBM VM/CMS)
326.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 18 1991Worm / Virus on BITnet??? (IBM VM/CMS)
327.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 18 19914
328.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 18 1991GAME2 (VM/CMS)
329.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 18 1991STONED and NON-bootable floppies (PC)
330.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 18 1991RETRACTION: Disk Scanning (PC)
331.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 18 1991Jerusalem Virus (PC)
332.06DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 18 1991hardware
334.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 18 1991TSR Attackers? (PC)
335.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 19 1991Comments on GAME2 (IBM VM/CMS)
336.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 19 1991Virus X?? (Mac)
337.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 19 1991Need OTS Virus package (UNIX)
338.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 19 1991Stoned (and other boot viruses) & non-bootable floppies(PC)
339.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 19 1991Plans regarding F-PROT (PC)
340.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 19 1991Eaters of Language: (WAS: (No) Viruses in Irak's EXOCET?)
341.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 19 1991Need help w/ CMOS problem in PS/2 Model 7
342.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 19 1991SITELOCK
343.04DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 19 1991Query - Disinfectant vs. Virex (Mac)
344.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 19 1991Stonned reoccurence of reformatted hard drive (PC)
345.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 19 1991Possible Mac virus? Problems need an answer. (Mac)
346.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 19 1991AU Virus Alert (PC)
347.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 23 1991Stoned on a Hardcard (PC)
348.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 23 1991International Virus Infections (PC)
349.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 23 1991Stoned variants (PC)
350.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 23 1991Apathy and viral spread (general)
351.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 23 1991F-PROT 1.14 (PC)
352.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 23 1991Processor-specific viruses and other subjects (PC)
353.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 26 1991Problem with virus checker (PC)
354.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 26 1991Plastique - 29
355.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 26 1991Amiga virus - Reaper? (Amiga)
356.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 26 1991Stoned virus in partition table (PC)
357.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 26 1991Mac virii & System 7.
358.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 26 1991PD Virus programmes (PC)
359.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 26 1991New virus 1586? (PC)
360.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 26 1991Mcaffee Associates
361.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 26 1991Anyone seen Norton's Antivirus? (PC)
362.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 26 1991security awareness funding
363.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 26 1991Stoned here (PC)
364.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 26 1991more on STONED (PC)
365.07DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 26 1991Text in MLTI virus (PC)
366.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 29 1991Antiviral product contact list (PC mostly)
367.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 29 1991Review of SCAN (PC)
368.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 29 1991Public domain virus information for archives?
369.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 29 1991Norton Antivirus (PC)
370.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 29 1991Stoned in partition table (PC)
371.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 29 1991Virus Query (Mac)
372.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 29 1991CARMEL Turbo Anti-Virus Set
373.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 29 1991Problem with F-Prot 1.14 (PC)
374.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 29 1991Stoned, disk size and drive preference (PC)
375.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 29 1991This is getting insane...
376.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Feb 03 1991Problems installing F-PROT 1.14 (PC)
377.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Feb 03 1991Anti-Viral Utilities (PC)
378.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Feb 03 1991Virus Guidelines
379.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Feb 03 1991Update on GAME2 (IBM VM/CMS)
380.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Feb 03 1991SimWare 3.1 (Mac)
381.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Feb 03 1991Hungarian text in virus (PC)
382.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Feb 03 1991Nimbus machines and viruses ? (PC)
383.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Feb 03 1991RSCS Protection (IBM VM/CMS)
384.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Feb 03 1991Word Perfect and change checkers (PC?)
385.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Feb 03 1991Updating Disinfectant (Mac)
386.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Feb 03 1991Possible bug in FPROT 1.14? (PC)
387.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Feb 03 1991Boot Sector/Partition Table Protection (PC)
388.05DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Feb 03 1991Hardware damage?
389.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Feb 03 1991Virex 3.
390.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Feb 03 1991Table of Contents for Virus-L Digest
391.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Feb 03 1991Virus Proctection in Real Time
392.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Feb 03 1991STONED in files (PC)
393.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Feb 03 1991Anti-virus policies
394.05DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Feb 03 1991New viruses (PC)
395.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Feb 03 1991Antiviral product contact list (PC);
396.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Feb 03 1991Infected vendor software (Mac)
397.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Feb 03 1991Weird Thing With F-Prot (PC)
398.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Feb 05 1991VIRUS-L index monthly update for Jan 1991
399.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 06 1991Q: Do I Have a Virus? (PC)
400.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 06 1991Boot sector self-check (PC)
401.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 06 1991Sun workstation virii? (UNIX)
402.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 06 1991We seem to have a new virus (PC)
403.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 06 1991MSDOS viruses (PC)
404.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 06 1991Weird Thing With F-Prot 1.14 (PC)
405.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 07 1991Preventing boot infectors (PC)
406.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 07 1991Stoned in Three Hills (PC)
407.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 07 1991SIGN.TXT Update available on BEACH (PC)
408.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 07 1991FPROT114 & SORT conflicting (PC)
409.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 07 1991Hard Disks (PC)
410.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 07 1991Low-Level Protection (PC)
411.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 07 1991Virex 3.
412.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 07 1991WP and change checkers, it goes on (PC)
413.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 07 1991Compressors
414.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 07 1991Easy way to write protect 3.5" disks
415.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 09 1991Antivirus-Plus review (PC)
416.04DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 09 1991Virus questions (PC)
417.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 09 1991Too much on infection checkers
418.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 09 1991Reporter seeks help on story about a Mac virus (Mac)
419.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 09 1991Alameda/Yale (PC)
420.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 09 1991Yet another virus! (PC)
421.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 09 1991Apologies to Sim (Mac)
422.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 09 1991SimWare 3.1
423.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 09 1991Hardware damage? (PC)
424.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 09 1991Write-protecting 3.5 inch disks
425.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 09 1991Virus Protection and Universities
426.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 09 1991VAX/VMS and Viruses
427.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 09 1991Using UUENCODE to send samples.
428.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 09 19914th Annual Ides-of-March Virus & Security Conference
429.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Feb 12 1991"Virus" story
430.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Feb 12 1991I need help !!! (PC)
431.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Feb 12 1991FPROT and F-XCHK (PC)
432.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Feb 12 1991New Leprosy signiture? (PC)
433.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Feb 12 1991Hepnet or Wank worm (VAX VMS)
434.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Feb 12 1991Help with Mac virus
435.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Feb 12 1991STONED virus/ McAfee Associates (PC)
436.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Feb 12 1991Detecting modified bootsectors (was:Re: Boot sector self-check (PC))
437.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Feb 12 1991Two recent articles on computer networking
438.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Feb 12 1991Book review - "Consumer Report: Virus Scanners" (PC)
439.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Feb 12 1991Computing & Values Conference, N C C V / 91, Aug 12-16
440.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 15 1991Observation On An Observation
441.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 15 1991BOOTCOMP.ZIP - Use BIOS-ints to compare bootsector with saved (PC)
442.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 15 1991Translation of POLIMER VIRUS (PC)
443.023DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 15 1991Is this a virus? (PC)
444.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 15 1991Viruses Via Radio
445.04DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 15 1991IBM Virus Scanner. (PC)
446.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 15 1991Observations & Comments
447.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 15 1991Request for info on the Ohio virus (PC)
448.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 15 1991Disinfecting an Appleshare fileserver (Mac)
449.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 15 1991Leprosy virus signature error (PC)
450.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 15 1991University Lab Protection (PC)
451.02--UnknownUser--Fri Feb 15 1991Viruses in text files
452.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 15 1991MSDOS built in anti-viral for 4
453.01DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Feb 18 1991Model of "Safe" (PC)
454.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Feb 18 1991Sunday virus detection (PC)
455.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Feb 18 1991512
456.01--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 18 1991Artificial Intelligence (= AI) and viruses
457.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Feb 18 1991Re:Viruses via Radio
458.01DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Feb 18 1991Preventing booting from floppy (PC)
459.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Feb 18 1991non-sacaning anti-virus techniques
460.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Feb 18 1991fund for Vesselin Bontchev
461.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Feb 18 1991Product information sought (PC)
462.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Feb 18 1991Q: Do I Have a Virus --> answered :-) (PC)
463.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 20 1991Virus or DOS clash ? (PC)
464.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 20 1991Mouse working while PC goes crazy - explanation (PC)
465.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 20 1991more on 'Virus Protection and Universities'
466.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 20 1991Disinfecting an AppleShare File Server (Mac)
467.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 20 1991Information on the "Stoned Virus" (PC)
468.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 20 1991Viruses and Comics
469.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 20 1991MS-DOS anti-virals uploaded to SIMTEL2
470.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 20 1991Protection Model (PC)
471.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 20 1991The virus-ability of a machine...
472.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 20 1991Repair Shops
473.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 21 1991Hardware question (PC) (TANDY)
474.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 21 1991Response to Editor's Questions
475.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 21 1991F-PROT site license fee (PC)
476.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 21 1991Mac virus frequency & Disinfectant (Mac)
477.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 21 1991Mac vulnerability vs. PCs
478.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 21 1991Virus frequencies
479.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 21 1991stoned again
480.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 21 1991Viruses vs. DOS; Stoned information (PC)
481.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 21 1991Mac viruses (Mac)
482.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 21 1991Compucilina (PC)
483.05DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 21 1991McAfee Products (PC)
484.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 23 1991Naming/Identifying new viruses (PC)
485.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 23 1991Report for virus trackers (PC)
486.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 23 1991McAfee ProScan ineffective? (PC)
487.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 23 1991non-sacaning anti-virus techniques (PC)
488.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 23 1991Hungarian anti-virus companies.
489.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 23 1991SCANV73 Trojan (PC)
490.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 23 1991New Version 74B of McAfee's SCAN (PC)
491.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 23 1991Request from the Virus-L index compiler
492.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 23 1991Viruses in the USSR
493.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 23 1991Virus Catalog Index Feb.1991
494.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 23 1991New files uploaded (PC)
495.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 23 1991Details of Scan 74-B (PC)
496.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 28 1991problems w/ scan V74-b (PC)
497.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 28 1991Standardized virus signatures
498.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 28 1991Norton rebuttal (PC)
499.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 28 1991Problem with Scan 74B (PC)
500.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 28 1991Comments to VAX/VMS: XENIX vs. MS-DOS boot vir.
501.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 28 1991MusicBug Boo-Boo (PC)
502.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 28 1991Possible new BRAIN version? (PC)
503.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 28 1991SCANning incompatible drive (PC)
504.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 28 1991SCANv74B false positive (PC)
505.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 28 1991Windows v3.
506.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 02 1991Problems with AirCop (PC)
507.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 02 1991Stoned - new version? (PC)
508.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 02 1991Word Perfect and change checkers (PC)
509.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 02 1991Virus Protection in Real Time
510.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 02 1991ALERT: WDEF A, found on Rodime utilities for Mac. (Mac)
511.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 02 1991File reduction virus? (PC)
512.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 02 1991Unidentified infection - help (PC)
513.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 02 1991f-prot & windows (PC)
514.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 02 1991CARMEL Turbo Anti-Virus Set (PC)
515.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 02 1991Innoculating diskettes (PC)
516.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 05 1991Mutation of Stoned (PC)
517.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 05 1991non-scanin anti-virus techniques
518.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 05 1991AI in Anti-Viral products
519.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 05 1991Virus protection & universities (PC)
520.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 05 1991How to disable boot up from A: (PC)
521.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 05 1991Latest McAfee anti-virals uploaded to SIMTEL2
522.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 05 1991Mac Viruses vs. PC Viruses: Coding Comparison
523.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 05 1991viral signatures
524.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 05 1991PC-DACS (PC)
525.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 06 1991Boot Sectors and Viruses (e.g. STONED) (PC)
526.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 06 1991New Scan, High-memory, researchers (PC)
527.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 06 1991SCORES and Mac virus lethality (Mac)
528.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 06 1991Windows antivirals (PC)
529.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 06 1991Scan 75 new features (PC)
530.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 06 1991Virus BBS
531.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 06 1991Can [Stoned] remain in hard-drive?
532.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 06 1991Low-level signature checking protection
533.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 06 1991unknown virus--help (pc)
534.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 06 1991The new version of the Stoned Virus (PC)
535.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 06 1991Reviews and Norton Antivirus (PC)
536.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 06 1991computer virus (PC)
537.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 06 1991Protection and AI (PC)
538.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 06 1991innoc update (PC)
539.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 06 1991Virex-PC review (PC)
540.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 06 1991Virucide Review (PC)
541.03DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 08 1991Research viruses
542.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 08 1991Interesting use of viruses
543.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 08 1991Mini-viruses
544.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 08 1991Standarized virus signatures
545.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 08 1991Virus Checking in ROM
546.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 08 1991Legislation and Protection
547.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 08 1991Windows 3.
548.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 08 1991National Computer Security Assn.
549.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 08 1991Weird Stuff Happening to Pc's Here at Ohio Univ. (PC)
550.04DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 08 1991Stoned Again (PC)
551.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 08 1991M-disk, scanv67c.exe IBM PC (PC)
552.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 08 1991Need information on FLIP (PC)
553.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 08 1991Plastique/Taiwan 3/Anticad 2 (confused!) (PC)
554.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 08 1991TELEFONICA virus information?
555.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 08 1991vshield V75 and QEMM 5.
556.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 08 1991AZUSA - New Virus (PC)
557.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 08 1991Aircop (PC)
558.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 09 1991Azusa details (PC)
559.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 09 1991Leprosy, possible mistake in F-PROT (PC)
560.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 09 1991Recovery and Protection
561.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 09 1991Review of PC-cillin (PC)
562.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Mar 11 1991Looking for software
563.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Mar 11 1991PC-cillin Info (PC)
564.01DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Mar 11 1991PC MS-DOS vs BIOS protection (PC)
565.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Mar 11 1991What does Compucilina do? (PC)
566.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Mar 11 1991Unknown Malicious Code Message Writer (PC)
567.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Mar 11 1991Integrated Drive Electronics, Flopticals, and Freddy
568.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Mar 11 1991computer security research
569.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Mar 11 1991Virus V2
570.01DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Mar 11 1991File format for virus signatures (PC)
571.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Mar 11 1991False alarms using scan (PC)
572.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 13 1991Help ! Fellowship virus on IBM-386 (PC)
573.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 13 1991VIRUSCAN Version 1.51 is Available (PC)
574.013DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 13 1991FLIP (PC)
575.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 13 1991Confusion of names (PC)
576.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 13 1991Latest VSUM (PC)
577.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 13 1991Life, Turing Machines, viruses.
578.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 13 1991Testing help wanted (PC)
579.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 13 1991Bug in SCANV75? (forwarded) (PC)
580.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 13 1991Review of Antivirus (not -Plus) (PC)
581.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 16 1991VIRUSCAN v1.51 available (PC)
582.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 16 1991Norton's Diskmon and viruses (PC)
583.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 16 1991PROTEC System & Stoned Virus (PC)
584.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 16 1991Correction/apology re Michael Harding in Virus-L vol3 index
585.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 16 1991new virus program from ibm available (PC)
586.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 16 1991FLIP Virus (PC)
587.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 16 1991Dyslexia/Subliminal and PckSPL.com (PC)
588.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 16 1991Help on (key press) virus
589.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 20 1991Unknown virus help! (PC)
590.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 20 1991Preformatted disks, flopticals, etc.
591.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 20 1991IBM VIRSCAN version (PC)
592.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 20 1991Source for F-DISINF (Stoned) (PC)
593.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 20 1991Replies to questions about INNOC (PC)
594.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 20 1991Infecting scanners and "archived" files (PC and general)
595.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 20 1991Virus naming
596.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 20 1991VIREX/Disinfectant all seem to freeze scanning Appleshare vols (PC)
597.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 20 1991Has anyone heard of Central Point Anti-Virus? (PC)
598.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 20 1991Mathematica reports Scores virus, Disinfectant can't find it (Mac)
599.05DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 20 1991PKLITE and hidden virus (PC)
600.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 20 1991Info on virus products wanted - PD and commercial
601.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 26 1991Anti-Virus programs from Holland uploaded to SIMTEL2
602.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 26 1991VCOPY version 75 available (PC)
603.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 26 1991Comp. Security...help needed...
604.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 26 1991Forward from RED-UG, problems with SCAN (PC)
605.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 26 1991McAfee anti-viral programs and SIMTEL2
606.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 26 1991Virus-Construction-Set (VCS 1.
607.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 26 199117
608.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 26 1991Fprot vs Scan ?? (PC)
609.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 26 1991Trojan Horses, Logic Bombs, Viruses, etc.
610.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 26 1991New Virus ? Smiley Virus - Amiga
611.04DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 26 1991vshield (PC)
612.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 26 1991Review of Norton Antivirus (PC)
613.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 26 1991PKLITE scanning (PC)
614.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 26 1991Stoned- new version? (PC)
615.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 26 1991Integrity Checking, programs & system
616.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 26 1991lab policy
617.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 26 1991programmatic autoexec tampering? (PC)
618.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 26 1991Italian 'viruskit' is ordinary 'hack'
619.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 26 1991Question ? (PC)
620.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 26 1991Plastique 5.21 IBM Virus Report (PC)
621.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 26 1991Alternatives to Floppy booting
622.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 26 1991Plastique Virus (PC)
623.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 26 1991CD ROM as virus protection
625.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 26 1991Standardized virus signatures (PC)
626.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 26 1991Hardware failures & viruses (PC)
627.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 26 1991Update VCS virus warning
628.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 26 1991STONED Problems (PC)
629.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 26 1991Alternatives to floppy-booting
630.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 26 1991Bloody (PC)
631.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 26 1991FPROT vs SCAN (PC)
632.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 28 1991USSR BBSList
633.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 28 1991Request for general virus info
634.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 28 1991Need information about VIRUS BUSTER
635.010DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 28 1991unknown virus (PC)
636.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 28 1991Virus vs. hardware failures
637.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 28 1991PC Emulator on an ST (PC)
638.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 28 1991Layers of Help for Institutions
639.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 28 1991New Innoc (PC)
640.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 28 1991Whale virus, can anybody find it? (PC)
641.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 28 1991virii of the unknown dimention (Amiga)
642.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 28 1991H.C.S virus?????? (Amiga)
643.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 28 1991Translation please...
644.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 28 1991Kamasya virus
645.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 28 1991Mutation (or not) of Stoned (PC)
646.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 29 1991Re:Mutation of Stoned/Implications for self check boot sectors(PC)
647.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 29 1991WANTED: Best way to protect laboratory PC/XT & PC/AT clones? (PC)
648.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 29 1991WHALE virus (PC)
649.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 29 1991Azusa (PC)
650.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 29 1991VPCScan Demo Version (PC)
651.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 30 1991Al Woodhull's Request for virus information
652.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 30 1991How safe is a Write-protected diskette?
653.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 30 1991Taking out A: & USSR BBS
654.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 30 1991Integrity Checking, programs, etc
655.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 30 1991Partitions (PC)
656.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 30 1991"Six Bytes" (PC)
657.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Apr 02 1991Request for information - Robert Morris Internet worm (UNIX)
658.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Apr 02 1991Stoned & Yale virus (PC)
659.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Apr 02 1991"Six Bytes for Virus Detection" paper available (PC)
660.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Apr 02 1991Anti-viral contact list (PC)
661.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Apr 02 1991More reviews on archives
662.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Apr 02 1991Call for papers - SIGSAC
663.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Apr 02 1991Call for papers - student paper competition
664.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 04 1991New Mac Hypercard Virus (Mac)
665.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 04 1991Questions re. UNIX viruses (UNIX)
666.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 04 1991VSHIELD vs F-DRIVER (PC)
667.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 04 1991Re:Mutation of Stoned/Implications for self check (PC)
668.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 04 1991FDISK; partitions starting at
669.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 04 1991F-PROT 1.13 vs. 1.14 Bug? (PC)
670.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 04 1991Help on key press (PC)
671.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 04 1991How to kill Stoned in partition table (PC)
672.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 04 1991SILITEK virus (PC)
673.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 04 1991Reviews placed on MIBSRV
674.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 06 1991Bug in DISKSECURE (PC)
675.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 06 1991Mutation of Stoned/Implications for self check boot sectors(PC)
676.04DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 06 1991Unix viruses and damaging programs (UNIX)
677.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 06 1991A personal announcement
678.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 06 1991WANTED: Virus Detectors for Suns running UNIX (UNIX)
679.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 06 19911813 Virus on a PC (PC)
680.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 06 1991MDC questions
681.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 06 1991F-DRIVER.SYS (v 1.14) problems & questions (PC)
682.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 06 1991April Fool's Day virus (PC)
683.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 06 1991Joshi Virus in part. table (PC)
684.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 06 1991Virus (PC)
686.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Apr 09 1991HC viruses vs. Trojans (Mac)
687.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Apr 09 1991Virus Detectors for Suns running UNIX (UNIX)
688.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Apr 09 1991Zenith OEM MS-DOS (PC)
689.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Apr 09 1991Call for Papers - DPMA Virus Conference
690.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Apr 09 1991Systems Security Certification information
691.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 10 1991UNIX & Viruses (UNIX)
692.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 10 1991Partitions without hidden sectors (PC)
693.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 10 1991Mac virus question (relayed) (Mac)
694.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 10 1991Am I subject to viruses?
695.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 10 1991How big is the virus problem ??
696.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 10 1991Need help with Beijing Virus (PC)
697.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 10 1991My final comments on the six-byte method (PC)
698.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 11 1991Possible HyperCard virus (mac)
699.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 11 1991Script to kill new HC (and all other HC) viruses/trojans, etc. (Mac)
700.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 11 1991Protection of Sun PC-NFS server (UNIX) (PC)
701.06DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 11 1991Is virus infection by inserting floppy disk possible? (PC) (Mac)
702.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 11 1991Modems
703.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 11 1991MS-DOS Protection (PC)
704.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 11 1991McAfee files v76 (PC)
705.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 11 1991Questions concerning IBM anti-viral programs
706.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 11 1991Virus Program Information request
707.05DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 11 1991Do I have a virus? (PC)
708.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 12 1991VIRUSCAN v76 announcement (PC)
709.03DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 12 1991Do any viruses affect Novell? (PC)
710.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 12 1991Boot sector viruses on IDE hard disks (PC)
711.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 12 1991Gatekeeper 2.
712.08DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 12 1991HyperCard anti-virus script bad (Mac)
713.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 12 1991new virus? ("evil empire" Stoned derivative) (PC)
714.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 12 1991AF/91 - John Gantz "joke" in Infoworld
715.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 12 1991New virus (PC) ? ("evil empire")
716.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 12 1991virus infection by inserting a floppy (Mac)
717.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 12 1991SNEFRU and other hash algorithm weaknesses
718.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 12 1991Unix and viruses (UNIX)
719.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 12 1991Virus in disk-validator (Amiga)
720.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 12 1991Detection of viruses (PC)
721.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 12 1991Possible hypercard virus? (Mac)
722.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 12 1991Call for papers--3rd Workshop on Computer Security Incident Handling
723.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 12 1991Administrivia - DIGEST FORMAT CHANGE
724.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 12 1991Infection by insertion (Mac)
725.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 12 1991Interpol reacts to computer viruses
726.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 12 1991Non-obvious viruses (was: Unix and viruses (UNIX))
727.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 12 1991AF/91 - John Gantz joke in Infoworld
728.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 12 1991Infoworld article
729.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 12 1991Classification of the Malicious Software
730.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 12 1991An Analysis of McAfee's Authentication Methods (longish) (PC)
731.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 17 1991April Fool?
732.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 17 1991John Gantz' April 1 column in Infoworld
733.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 17 1991Stoned 2 query (PC)
734.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 17 1991Norton's Antiviral program Question (PC)
735.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 17 1991The National Computer Security Association
736.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 17 1991Checking the system.. (PC)
737.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 17 1991Troubles... (PC)
738.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 17 1991Version 76C of McAfee anti-virals for MS-DOS (PC)
739.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 17 1991"Empire" virus (PC)
740.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 17 1991AF/91 - John Gantz's "joke" in Infoworld
741.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 17 1991Virex-PC and PKlite ? (PC)
742.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 17 1991Scan v 76 (PC)
743.08DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 17 1991AF/91 and April Foolism in general
744.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 17 1991Gantz' Infoworld Column
745.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 17 1991Yankee Doodle virus (PC)
746.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 17 1991EMPIRE Virus (PC)
747.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 17 1991Self-extracting archive files (PC)
748.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 17 1991SCUD Virus (PC)
749.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 17 1991Joshi Virus (IBM)
750.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 17 1991EMPIRE virus (contd)
751.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 17 1991scan76-c.zip / vshld76c.zip (PC)
752.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 17 1991Azusa Virus (PC)
753.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 17 1991Stoned removal from memory (PC)
754.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 17 1991Amiga Virus Listing (Amiga)
755.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 18 1991F-PROT version 1.15 available (PC)
756.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 18 1991Stoned and Dark Avenger mutations (PC)
757.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 18 1991New programs ob BEACH (PC)
758.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 18 1991Joshi virus fixed! (PC)
759.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 18 1991Norton's Antiviral program (PC)
760.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 18 1991Wasting my time
761.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 18 1991Malicious Code Responce Policy (ALL)
762.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 18 1991Documented Cases of Viruses -- NOT on PCs or MACs
763.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 18 1991Viraphobia (Re: AF/91 and April Foolism in general)
764.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 19 1991Self-extracting files (PC, mostly, I guess)
765.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 19 1991New virus at Oxford? (PC)
766.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 19 1991Norton Anti-Virus (PC)
767.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 19 1991the MDEF series of viruses (Mac)
768.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 19 1991Documented mainframe viral attacks (mainframe)
769.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 20 1991New variant of Dark Avenger (PC)
770.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 20 1991Looking for latest PC virus checker program (PC)
771.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 20 1991Mainframe (VM) viruses
772.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 20 1991Update review of PC-cillin (PC)
773.016DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 20 1991F-Prot (PC)
774.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 20 1991Trying find a good anti-viral software (PC)
775.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 20 19913Com Attack? (PC)
776.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 20 1991F-PROT 1.15 - Can't find Stoned (PC)
777.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 20 1991Manual CASCADE-removal? (PC)
778.043DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 20 1991FORM virus (PC)
779.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 20 1991Error in F-PROT 1.15 (PC)
780.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 20 1991LANs vs. viruses
781.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 25 1991Virucide query (PC)
782.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 25 1991Zenith Dos Writes (PC)
783.04DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 25 1991PREVENTION of Drive A: boots - Suggestions Please (PC)
784.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 25 1991Azusa Virus Found on factory diskettes (PC)
785.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 25 1991Stoner (PC)
786.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 25 1991Certus Testimonials Wanted (PC)
787.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 25 1991Infoworld Column
788.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 25 1991Invader help needed (PC)
789.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 25 1991New VIRUS file uploads to SIMTEL2
790.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 25 1991The success of existing viruses (PC)
791.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 25 1991Gatekeeper 1.2 (Mac)
792.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 27 1991Bug in F-Prot 1.15 (PC)
793.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 27 1991mac virus question from amateur radio packet (PC)
794.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 27 199112-Tricks Trojan (PC)
795.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 27 1991Boot Sector virus from CSSR@hippo.ru.ac.za (South Africa) (PC)
796.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 27 1991Viruses
797.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 27 1991HC virus (Mac)
798.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 27 1991Azusa Virus Found on factory diskettes
799.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 27 1991virus on os/2 machines - info needed (PC OS/2)
800.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 27 1991Updated FPROT115 on BEACH (PC)
801.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 27 1991Administrivia - Happy Birthday V-L
802.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 27 1991Need help with LAN protection (PC)
803.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 27 1991Trying to find a good anti-viral software (PC)
804.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 27 1991Viruses in LANs
805.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 27 1991DOS Virus (PC)
806.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 27 1991VIRUS-L logs-backissues
807.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 27 1991Cascade attacks UK police; press errors re computers
808.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 27 1991Initial Virus Protection (PC)
809.04DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 27 1991TSR Virus Detector (PC)
810.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 27 1991Disabling the floppy-drives. (PC)
811.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 27 1991what might "SERUM" be for? (PC)
812.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 27 1991Viruses & System 7.
813.06DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 27 1991What's so bad about self-extracting archives?
814.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 27 1991F-PROT on any trickle servers? (PC)
815.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 27 1991FPROT115 and Kamikaze virus (PC)
816.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 27 1991Warning: BITNET worm on the loose... (IBM VM/CMS)
817.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 27 1991New VM/CMS intruder. (IBM VM/CMS)
818.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 27 1991Telefonica virus at Oxford (PC)
819.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 27 1991Virus Software Query (UNIX)
820.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Apr 30 1991Info wanted on Plastique (PC)
821.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Apr 30 1991Viruses and Database Systems
822.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Apr 30 1991Help! Casper/126
823.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Apr 30 1991IBM Scanner Updates (was: TSR Virus Detector (PC))
824.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Apr 30 1991AIRCOP alert (PC)
825.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Apr 30 1991Version 1.15A of F-PROT (PC)
826.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Apr 30 1991HyperCard virus --should I wait to script? (Mac)
827.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Apr 30 1991F-PROT 1.15A anti-virus package uploaded to SIMTEL2
828.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Apr 30 1991Malicious Program Definitions
829.03DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Apr 30 1991can we trust diskette write-protection? (PC)
830.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Apr 30 1991F-FCHK 1.15 & Casper Virus (PC)
831.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 02 1991WDEF is benign? (Mac)
832.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 02 1991HyperCard Virus and Disinfectant (Mac)
833.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 02 1991First sighting of Dark Avenger (PC)
834.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 02 1991Version 77 of McAfee anti-virals for MS-DOS (PC)
835.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 02 1991Bouncing Ball at British Telecom (= UK telephone system)(PC)
836.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 02 1991Virus at Common Cold research Unit, Cardiff, Wales, UK
837.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 02 1991Any bugs in McAfee's v76? (PC)
838.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 02 1991Thank You (EMPIRE, PC virus help)
839.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 03 1991STONED Info Needed (PC)
840.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 03 1991Virus help sought (PC)
841.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 03 1991New Viruses ? (PC)
842.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 03 1991FRODO (4
843.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 03 1991Info on PRINT SCREEN P-2 VIRUS (PC)
844.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 03 1991F-prot v1.13 (PC)
845.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 03 1991Product Test - IBM Anti-Virus Product (PC)
846.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 03 1991Questionnaire
847.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 08 1991Found Tester Virus [TV] in LOG.COM (PC)
848.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 08 1991Virus lists for misc machines
849.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 08 1991Trident Microsystems/Packard Bell (PC)
850.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 08 1991F-PROT and FluShot problems
851.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 08 1991Listing of MIBSRV files. (PC)
852.06DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 08 1991help with mac "virus"? (Mac)
853.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 09 1991F-PROT and FluShot problems (PC)
854.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 09 1991Original-Equipment Viruses
855.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 09 1991amiga virus
856.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 09 1991Viral or other problem? (Mac)
857.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 10 1991Found Tester Virus [TV] still... (PC)
858.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 10 1991Disk Killer Virus (PC)
859.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 10 1991Tester Virus [TV] in LOG.COM (PC)
860.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 10 1991Viruses in the USSR (PC)
861.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 10 1991Viri and the media (general)
862.08DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 10 1991The Shape of the World (PC)
863.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 10 1991Virii in Factory Software; Legal Stuff; "Eddie Lives"
864.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 10 1991Virii on Factory Software & Legal Issues
865.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 10 1991Far West is a BEACH mirror (PC)
866.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 10 1991The dangers of self-extraction (general)
867.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 10 1991F-PROT & FluShot+ problems 2 (PC)
868.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 10 1991SNEAK virus (Mac)
869.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 10 1991CLEAN77 for a network? (PC)
870.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 10 1991Diskette write protection.
871.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 10 1991vanishing space on Mac hard disks (Mac)
872.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 11 1991SNEAK: Not for real... (Mac)
873.04DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 11 1991Odd 77-byte files (PC)
874.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 11 1991Packard-Bell (PC)
875.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 11 1991Washburn (Was: Re: TSR Virus Detector (PC))
876.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 11 1991A Partition sector virus called Modem (PC)
877.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 11 1991Virii (sic) in Factory Software
878.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 11 1991Review of Certus LAN (PC)
879.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 15 1991Bloody! (PC)
880.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 15 1991Information on Joshi Virus (PC)
881.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 15 1991Address; Eddie; "Virii;" 12 Tricks (PC)
882.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 15 1991Comparing virus scanners (PC)
883.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 15 1991Into the 199
884.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 15 1991Stealth viruses (PC)
885.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 15 1991F-PROT & FluShot+ (1.81) problems 3 . . . (PC)
886.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 15 1991Fw: Trojan version of VIRUSCAN version 78 (PC)
887.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 15 1991Revised Product Test - - VIREX-PC, version 1.2
888.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 15 1991Revision to Product Test, F-PROT Version 1.15A (PC)
889.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 16 1991Joshi Virus questions (PC)
890.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 16 1991FLIP or OMICRON (PC)
891.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 16 1991Virii (sic) on Factory Software & Legal Issues
892.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 16 1991Gatekeeper 1.2 released (Mac)
893.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 16 1991Trojan version of VIRUSCAN version 78 (PC)
894.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 16 1991SCAN hangs while checking Window's SOL.EXE file (PC)
895.0DYPSS1::TROXELLTue Jul 09 1991New VIRx Release (PC)
896.023DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 16 1991Tequila virus (PC)
897.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 16 1991SCAN version 77 compressed? (PC)
898.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 16 1991PC Virus Index(PC)
899.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 16 1991Self-extracting archives
900.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 16 1991"protection" from research viruses
901.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 16 1991New Name For FPROT (PC)
902.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 17 1991Follow-up to Certus LAN review (PC)
903.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 17 1991Virus cheking of archives from a batch (PC)
904.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 17 1991Gatekeeper 1.2 Release Announcement (Mac)
905.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 18 1991PC-security/password
906.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 18 1991PKWare ZIP -AV cracked (PC)
907.06DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 18 1991Partition Table Viruses (PC)
908.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 18 1991Virus destroys data at Oxford Univ (England)
909.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 18 1991VIRUSSUM format
910.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 18 1991New Boot Infector (PC)
911.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 18 1991RM_NOINT Virus Remover (PC)
912.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 18 1991New INNOC (Version 5) (PC)
913.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 18 1991Review of Eliminator (PC)
914.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue May 21 1991SCAN hangs when checking Windows' SOL.EXE (PC)
915.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue May 21 1991VIRUSSUM format (PC)
916.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue May 21 1991DISKSECURE update (PC)
917.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue May 21 1991VIRSCAN Question (PC)
918.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue May 21 1991MS-DOS in ROM? (PC)
919.03DYPSS2::VIRUSTue May 21 1991Dead vs Live: Commercial Necessity??
920.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue May 21 1991Which format for Partition Table Viruses (PC)
921.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue May 21 1991Q: Yankee Doodle ?? (PC)
922.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue May 21 1991VIRRUSSUM format
923.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue May 21 1991Disinfectant and System 7 (Mac)
924.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 22 1991m-disk (PC)
925.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 22 1991Help With Frodo & Yankee Doodle (PC)
926.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 22 1991A busy month (PC)
927.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 22 1991Problem with Yankee Doodle virus (PC)
928.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 22 1991Bug in VirusScan (PC)
929.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 22 1991Detecting Spanish Telecom ?? (PC)
930.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 22 1991F-PROT and BBSes (PC)
931.07DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 23 1991Software Upgradable BIOS (PC)
932.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 23 1991Green Caterpillar question (PC)
933.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 23 1991Anti-viral approaches (PC)
934.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 23 1991How to get papers ?
935.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 23 1991Stoned / Azusa (PC)
936.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 23 1991Virus statistics request
937.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 23 1991Core Wars (PC)
938.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 23 1991VSUMBROW - Virus Summary Browser (PC)
940.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 24 1991PKZ12
941.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 24 1991Unidentified virus? (PC)
942.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 24 1991Stoned (Was: Re: Dead vs Live) (PC)
943.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 24 1991Into the 199
945.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 24 1991Virex-PC question for you
946.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 24 1991Product Test, Flu_Shot+ (PC)
947.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 24 1991New mailing list for Macintosh security discussion (Mac)
948.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 25 1991Chinese Bomb (PC)
949.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 25 1991Virus-l archive et al
950.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 25 1991"Horse" Virus Family (PC)
951.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 25 1991MS-DOS in ROM; RE: Software Upgradable BIOS (PC)
952.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 25 1991Into the 199
953.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 29 1991Virus Statistics
954.05DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 29 1991Hoffman Summary & FPROT (PC)
955.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 29 1991VSUM Format (PC)
956.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 29 1991Question About Stealth Viruses
957.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 29 1991MS-DOS in ROM (PC)
958.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 29 1991DISKSECURE 95 (PC)
959.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 29 1991Delta virus (PC)
960.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 29 1991Review of SafeWord Virus-Safe (PC)
961.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 29 1991A question regarding commercial dial-up services
962.06DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 29 1991Interesting advert (PC)
963.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 29 1991Virus detection via crcs
964.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 29 1991Virus-Buster (PC)
965.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 29 1991MBOU1
966.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 29 1991Hard Disk R/W errors (PC)
967.06DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 29 1991FSP and sales figures (was: Into the 199
968.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 29 1991Trends (Network World, May 13, 1991
969.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 29 1991new virus ? (PC)
970.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 29 1991Review of Mace Vaccine (PC)
971.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 30 1991Dead vs Live: Commercial Necessity?? (some philosophizing added.)
972.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 30 1991NVM's.
973.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 30 1991Quality vs. sales
974.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 30 1991missing London Virus Conference
975.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 30 1991Addendum to FLU_SHOT+ Product Test (PC)
976.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 06 1991Software Upgradable BIOS
977.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 06 1991Followup to my STONED problem (PC)
978.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 06 1991In the past year... (PC)
979.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 06 1991Wildcards (Was: Re: Tequila virus) (PC)
980.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 06 1991MS-DOS in ROM; Re: NVMs (PC)
981.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 06 1991virii vs System 7.
982.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 06 1991What is DOD?
983.07DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 06 1991noint virus (PC)
984.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 06 1991F-Driver.SYS and QEMM (PC)
985.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 06 1991Network World Article (PC)
986.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 06 1991AIDS Information Trojan (PC)
987.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 08 1991Checksumming flaws
988.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 08 1991denzuko and semlohe viruses (PC)
989.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 08 1991Virus-writers
990.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 08 1991PCs Which Don't Boot from the Floppy by Default (PC)
991.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 08 1991Hong Kong on MircoTough dist. disks (PC)
992.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 08 1991Testing viruses - was Re: Network World Article (PC)
993.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 08 1991Viri and pop culture (general)
994.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 08 1991Viri in the media (not quite so funny) (general)
995.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 08 1991Strange behaviour in Mac. (Mac)
996.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 08 1991Checksumming (was: Interesting advert) (PC)
997.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 08 1991TSR to catch Yankee Doodle needed (PC)
998.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 08 1991Virus Stats
999.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 08 1991MS-DOS on ROM (PC)
1000.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 08 1991RE:CERTUS STUDY mentioned in - VIRUS-L Digest V4 #94
1001.04DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 08 1991Requirements for Virus Checkers (PC)
1002.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 08 1991Virus Unknown (PC)
1003.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 08 1991RE:My mail of June 3 - NOVELL and Virus (PC)
1004.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 08 1991Hong Kong/Azusa (PC)
1005.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 08 1991New virus that halts system after 3
1006.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 08 1991Spinrite II (PC)
1007.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 08 1991Product Test - - VirusDetective (Mac)
1018.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jun 11 1991Possible Bug in VIRUSCAN V77 (PC)
1019.07DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jun 11 1991Hypercard Antiviral Script? (Mac)
1020.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jun 11 1991Auto scanning of drive a (PC)
1021.03DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jun 11 1991Scanning infected files (PC)
1022.07DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jun 11 1991Is there a 1
1023.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jun 11 1991Variant of Stoned (PC)
1024.03DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jun 11 1991Questions about "Disinfectant" (Mac).
1025.028DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jun 11 1991New Virus? (PC)
1026.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 13 1991Man Catches Computer Virus (light reading for comp.virus)
1027.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 13 1991MIBSRV Updates (PC)
1028.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 13 1991Advice requested (PC)
1029.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 13 1991Help to remove Joshi from partion table (PC)
1030.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 13 1991Frisk's comment in V4 #99 on 'The Bulgarian Menace'
1031.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 14 1991Infected networks (PC)
1032.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 14 1991Economic Impact Of Viruses
1033.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 14 1991stoned/NDD (PC)
1034.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 14 1991MIBSRV file listing - June 11, 1991 (PC)
1035.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 14 1991CCCP Virus (Amiga)
1036.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 14 1991Boot sector viruses on IDE drives
1037.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 14 1991Virus scaners (PC)
1038.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 14 1991Protection evaluation with test virus: (PC)
1039.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 14 1991Virus detection & removal (PC)
1040.021DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 14 1991Possible Virus? (PC)
1041.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 14 1991Removing Azusa (was: Hong Kong on...) (PC)
1042.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 14 1991Dave Barry's definition of a computer virus
1043.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 14 1991F-PROT 1.16 (PC)
1044.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 14 1991Ws and Ps now you see em.... (PC)
1045.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jun 18 1991DOS 5 Fdisk (PC)
1046.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jun 18 1991Request for info on BBS viruses, worms, etc
1047.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jun 18 1991Possible PC Virus (PC)
1048.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jun 18 1991Getting register contents, etc. "on the fly." (PC)
1049.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jun 18 1991Problems removing Azusa (PC)
1050.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jun 18 1991Fprot v1.16 (PC)
1051.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jun 18 1991Why I didn't find the virus.exe (PC)
1052.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jun 18 1991New address and hostname for MIBSRV (PC)
1053.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 19 1991Checksumming
1054.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 19 1991Info on Disk Killer? (PC)
1055.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 19 1991virus detection by scanners ? (PC)
1056.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 19 1991Master Boot Record (PC)
1057.07DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 19 1991Virus scanners (PC)
1058.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 19 1991"Beijing Virus - Urban Legend?"
1059.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 19 1991Result of preliminary research for Hard Disk Write-Protect (PC)
1060.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 19 1991DOS 5 Fdisk, etc (PC)
1061.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 19 1991Interesting interaction (PC)
1062.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 19 1991joshi & vsum & f-prot & ll format (PC)
1063.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 20 1991Review of Victor Charlie 4.
1064.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 20 1991Review of IBM VIRSCAN version 2.
1065.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 20 1991Review of VirAway (PC)
1066.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 20 1991Antivirus contact list (mostly PC)
1067.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 21 1991Questons about "Disinfectant" are ANSWERED.. Thanks (Mac)
1068.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 21 1991Int 24 virus info needed (PC)
1069.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 21 1991How viruses actually spread
1070.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 21 1991Review of Victor Charlie (addendum) (PC)
1071.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 21 1991Spanish Virus/Telefonica (PC)
1072.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 21 1991Interesting interaction ( VIRx & SCAN ) (PC)
1073.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 22 1991Pro vs Reactive Protection (PC)
1074.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 22 1991Boot sector viruses on IDE drives (PC)
1075.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 22 1991FPROT116 is on BEACH (PC)
1076.017DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 22 1991Can such a virus be written .... (PC)
1077.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 22 1991doom 2 (PC)
1078.04DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 22 1991protecting mac files via locking (Mac)
1079.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 22 1991Stoned & Novell? (PC)
1080.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 22 1991VSHIELD and Warm Boots (was Re: Checksumming) (PC)
1081.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jun 25 1991Weird things in our LAN! (Mac)
1082.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jun 25 1991DesasterMaster 2
1083.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jun 25 1991Thanks for help (virus papers)
1084.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 26 1991Locking Disinfectant (Mac)
1085.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 26 1991Source for M-disk (PC)
1086.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 26 1991Inside the Whale-Virus (PC)
1087.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 26 1991doom2:reply (PC)
1088.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 26 1991Virus checking for Sun4 (UNIX)
1089.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 26 1991Self-Modifying SETVER.EXE (PC)
1090.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 26 1991Product Review (PC Plus Mag) (PC)
1091.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 28 1991I'm not official!
1092.06DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 28 1991McAfee on VSUM accuracy and Microcom (PC)
1093.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 28 1991FPROT116.ZIP uploaded (PC)
1094.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 28 1991Announcing McAfee VIRUSCAN Version 8
1095.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 28 1991Product Test - - Central Point Anti-Virus (PC)
1096.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 28 1991Correction to Volume 4 Issue 11
1097.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 28 1991What info is avilable on viruses? (PC)
1098.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 28 1991Why Patricia Hoffman's virus summary is not on SIMTEL2
1099.0DYPSS1::TROXELLTue Jul 09 1991VIRx Version 1.5 Released (PC)
1100.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 28 1991Virus protection: what to use.
1101.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 29 1991VSUM accuracy and Microcom (PC)
1102.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 29 1991Version 8
1103.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 29 1991Ross-bashing
1104.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 29 1991Encrypted strings
1105.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 29 1991Can such a virus be written ... (PC)
1106.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 29 1991MacAfee Products (PC)
1107.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 29 1991Trojan horses in data files
1108.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 29 1991Interesting action with MACs (Mac)
1109.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 29 1991VIRUSSCAN 8
1110.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 29 1991Virusafe 4.
1111.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 29 1991North American Distributor of Virus Bulletin newsletter
1112.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 03 1991Software pricing
1113.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 03 1991System 7 Keyboard Trouble (Mac)
1114.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 03 1991Ross Bashing? Not at all...
1115.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 03 1991My 2 cents (Mac)
1116.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 03 1991Beta Testing / DS "bug" report. (PC)
1117.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 03 1991Words
1118.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 03 1991So, you think you're pretty safe, eh? (general)
1119.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 03 1991Two versions of SCANV8
1120.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 03 1991Disinfectant 2.5 (Mac)
1131.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 03 1991Rumors
1132.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 03 1991Recalciterant infection with Frodo (PC)
1133.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 03 1991$MUSTAFA, new virus? (PC)
1134.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 03 1991Retrospect Remote vs. Gatekeeper (Mac)
1135.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 03 1991Disk Boot Failure?! (PC)
1136.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 03 1991GUARD - prevents h.d. infection via floppy boot (PC)
1137.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 03 1991Virus protection: what to use
1139.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 04 1991General definition part 1 (general)
1140.0DYPSS1::TROXELLTue Jul 09 1991New Release of VIRx: Version 1.6 now available (PC)
1141.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 04 1991FROD/4
1142.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 04 1991Can such a virus be written... (PC) (Amiga)
1143.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 04 1991Words, Words, Words
1144.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 04 1991Dos Boot control with pascal. (PC)
1145.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 04 1991Disinfectant 2.5, To be or not to be? (Mac)
1146.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 04 1991IBM Write-Protection (was: Can such a virus be written ... ) (PC)
1147.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 04 1991sideshow on doom2:reply (PC)
1148.01DYPSS1::TROXELLTue Jul 09 1991Disinfectant 2.5? (Mac)
1149.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 10 1991vscan() - Virus and hack resitance (Warning!)
1150.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 10 1991Virus simulations - a bad idea ? (PC)
1151.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 10 1991HTSCAN15, TBSCAN28, TBSCNX29, VS91
1152.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 10 1991Encoded strings
1153.04DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 10 1991DOS 5.
1154.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 10 1991Demo Disk from Mainstay (Mac)
1155.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 10 1991Stoned virus and DIR command (PC)
1156.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 10 1991Self scanning executables (pc)
1157.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 10 1991PC Plus (PC)
1158.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 11 1991F-Prot on BBS. (PC)
1159.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 11 1991Doodle Virus (pc)
1160.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 11 1991T.S.R's ( Which is the best )
1161.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 11 1991Keypress Virus (PC)
1162.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 11 1991Problem with GUARD (PC)
1163.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 11 1991Apology; Malicious Programs Definitions Revisited
1164.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 11 1991Self testing; New viruses; Beta testing; Translations (PC)
1165.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 11 1991Research
1166.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 11 1991Virus Bulletin Conference
1167.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 11 1991New reviews
1168.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 11 1991Review of TBSCAN (PC)
1169.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 11 1991Product Test - - ViruSafe (PC)
1170.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 11 1991Product Test - - VIRx (PC)
1171.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 12 1991New Scanner! (well, not really) (PC)
1172.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 12 1991Input sought on security course
1173.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 12 1991TNT AntiVirus from CARMEL / WARNING !!! (PC)
1174.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 12 1991Stoned virus and DIR command. (PC)
1175.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 12 1991Virus protection reviews needed (PC)
1176.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 12 1991Recalciterant 4
1177.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 12 1991General definition - part 2 (general)
1178.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 12 1991Disinfectant 2.5 Confusion (Mac)
1179.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 12 1991Virus for sale, cheap (general)
1180.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 12 1991Apology; Malicious Program Definitions Revisited
1181.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 12 1991Disinfectant 2.5.1 (Mac)
1182.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 12 1991FPROT version 1.16 and MS-DOS 5.
1183.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 12 1991Stoned and DIR command (PC)
1184.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 12 1991Ma Bell did'nt have a virus
1185.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 12 1991T.S.R's ( Which is the best ) (PC)
1186.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 12 1991"Empire" variant C found (PC)
1187.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 12 1991Link-viruses in packed, self-extracting programs (general)
1188.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 12 1991Cheers for John Norstad and Northwestern University (Mac)
1189.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 12 1991Crackpot (PC)
1190.05DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 13 1991long and technical (PC)
1191.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 13 1991Non-registered soviet virus (PC)
1192.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 13 1991Exchanging floppies
1193.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 13 1991Norton anti-virus modification (PC)
1194.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 13 1991Detecting viruses in packed programs. (PC)
1195.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 13 1991Wanted: info on nVIR and WDEF (Mac)
1196.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 13 1991Flushot Plus - Which Version? (PC)
1197.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 13 1991Possible new stoned variant (PC)
1199.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 16 1991Authentication of PCs to Servers (PC)
1200.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 16 1991Info on nVIR and WDEF (Mac)
1201.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 16 1991Scanning Compressed Files
1202.07DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 16 1991Virus for Sale
1203.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 16 1991nVIR/WDEF (Mac)
1204.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 16 1991Virus simulations - a bad idea ? Different approach (PC)
1205.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 16 1991Microsoft up to their tricks again... (PC)
1206.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 16 1991Reviews of anti-virus software
1207.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 18 1991Reviewing software
1208.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 18 1991multi-compression
1209.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 18 1991IBM's VSTOP scanning compressed files for viruses (PC)
1210.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 18 1991Reply to Virus Bulletin (sorry for the length!)
1211.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 18 1991Special terminology
1212.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 19 1991Hoffman Catalog (PC)
1213.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 19 1991Position Paper and Proposial
1214.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 19 1991What are the chances?
1215.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 19 1991Inaccuracies in Press on Viruses
1216.04DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 19 1991Unknown Virus? (PC)
1217.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 19 1991Re : multiple compressions.
1218.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 23 1991SCAN Prices? (PC)
1219.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 23 1991Inaccuracies in Press
1220.05DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 23 1991Philosophy, comments & Re: long and technical (PC)
1221.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 23 1991Partition Table Query (PC) (was Re: long and technical )
1222.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 23 1991Help! I'm STONED (PC)
1223.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 23 1991F-PROT configuration question (PC)
1224.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 23 1991SECURE.COM (PC)
1225.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 23 1991multiple compressions
1226.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 23 1991Questions - list of viruses, writing a scanner
1227.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 23 1991DOS virus attack (PC)
1228.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 23 1991The smiling face (PC)
1229.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 23 1991Norton AntiVirus question (PC)
1230.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 28 1991Virus Zaps POW Database
1231.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 26 1991Little interest for authentication program
1232.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 23 1991Disinfectant vs. Virex (Mac)
1233.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 26 1991HighMemory(Re:long & technical) (PC)
1234.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 26 1991Re : multiple compressions with Pklite (PC)
1235.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 26 1991Multiple compression
1236.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 26 1991Conflicting comments
1237.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 26 1991double compression
1238.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 26 1991Anti-Virus software recommendation sought
1239.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 26 1991Info sources for PC viruses wanted. (PC)
1240.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 26 1991Fprot & DOS5.
1241.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 26 1991How do managers protect networks?
1242.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 26 1991CARMEL TntVirus, A Trojan suspect. (PC)
1243.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 26 1991New Devil's Dance?
1244.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 26 1991NSAi announces Computer Security Connection
1245.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 26 1991Ralf Burger (again)
1246.04DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 26 1991F-PROT & DOS 5.
1247.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 26 1991Need prg to write-prot HD partition. (PC)
1248.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 26 1991New Devil's Dance? (PC)
1249.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 26 1991Index of Known Malware: 998 viruses/trojans
1250.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 26 1991Revised Product Test- - Virex (Mac)
1251.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 26 1991Revision to the Revised Product Test on SAM (Mac)
1252.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 26 1991Revision to PT-9, Disinfectant 2.5.1 (Mac)
1253.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 27 1991HighMemory(even longer & more technical) (PC)
1254.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 27 1991Viral Use of Memory Over 64
1255.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 27 1991Printer paranoia
1256.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 27 1991Virus Scan V57 and V77. (PC)
1257.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 27 1991New Jerusalem - Help! (PC)
1258.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 27 1991Terminology and Taxonomy
1259.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 27 1991Toward a Taxonomy of Malicious Programs
1260.017DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 27 1991Self-scanning executables (PC)
1261.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 31 1991CARO and EICAR
1262.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 31 1991viruses in the press
1263.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 31 1991ScanV57 & Stoned alarm (PC)
1264.05DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 31 1991Dark Avenger (PC)
1265.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 31 1991Philosophy, comments & Re: longer and technicaller
1266.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 31 1991High Memory (PC)
1267.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Aug 01 1991Brunnstein (CARO) virus catalog files
1268.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Aug 01 1991Tequila virus and partition table (PC)
1269.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Aug 01 1991Multi-compress
1270.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Aug 01 1991virues in io.sys (PC)
1271.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Aug 01 1991Observation on F-DRIVER.SYS & Windows 3 (PC)
1272.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Aug 01 1991Related Terms
1273.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 02 1991F-PROT and FluShot+ questions (PC)
1274.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 02 1991**Virus Warning** Oracle DDE/Toolbox disk (PC)
1275.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 02 1991CARO Computer Virus Index
1276.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 02 1991VSUM - latest verion? where to get? (PC)
1277.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 02 1991Partition tables have serial #'s in DOS 4.
1278.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 02 1991Computer operations and viral operations
1279.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 02 1991Call for Papers - IFIP/SEC '92
1280.01DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Aug 05 1991ME
1281.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Aug 05 1991Scanning DOS files under UNIX ? (PC) (UNIX)
1282.01DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Aug 05 1991Info re viruses in shrinkwrap software?
1283.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Aug 05 1991Need help fighting FORM (PC)
1284.01DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Aug 05 1991request information (PC)
1285.01DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Aug 05 1991OS/2 Viruses (PC) (OS/2)
1286.01DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Aug 05 1991Rip-off software package (PC)
1287.04DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Aug 05 1991Proposal for standard virus signatures notation
1288.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 09 1991Is Dark Avenger Really here? (PC)
1289.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 09 1991Floppy Door Close TSR? (PC)
1290.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 09 1991Scan and Clean problems (PC)
1291.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 09 1991High memory (PC), "Stealth" (PC), Review the Literature
1292.03DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 09 1991Infects on ANY access?
1293.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 09 1991Viral operations in brief
1294.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 14 1991Reply to Virus Bulletin
1295.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 14 1991Need info on 1575/1591 virus. (PC)
1296.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 14 1991Proposal for virus signature notation.
1297.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 14 1991Boot Sector and Terminology (PC)
1298.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 14 1991Viruses in IO.SYS (PC)
1299.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 14 1991Uploads to risc.ua.edu (PC)
1300.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 14 1991computer virus classifications
1301.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 14 1991Code Execution Simulator?
1304.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 14 1991Virus Implants in DoD Weapons
1305.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 14 1991New DOS and old virus checkers? (PC)
1306.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 14 1991Virus article in Byte (PC)
1307.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 14 1991infected files with nonstandard extension (PC)
1308.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 14 1991copyright of infected files
1309.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 14 1991Virus Bulletin search strings (PC)
1310.04DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 14 1991Problem cleaning "LIBERTY" virus? (PC)
1311.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 14 1991TRACER (PC)
1312.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 14 1991Stoned at EPO (PC)
1313.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 14 1991New Anti-Virus Consortium Announced
1314.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 14 1991System calls
1315.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 16 1991SAM Exceptions crashes my Mac (Mac)
1316.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 16 1991WANTED: Master Index of IBM-PC Viruses (PC)
1317.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 16 1991Viruses in Weapons Systems
1318.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 16 1991Bus Error, Teenager Abuse (Mac)
1319.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 16 19918 tunes virus
1320.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 16 1991DOS memory mangement (PC)
1321.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 16 1991NetWare boot process (PC)
1322.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 16 1991Revised Product Test - - Virucide, Version 2.24
1323.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 16 1991Product Test - - TbScan
1324.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Aug 17 1991When can a virus infect (AMIGA)
1325.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Aug 17 1991Mutation engine available (PC)
1326.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Aug 17 1991Smithsonian Virus (PC)
1327.012DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Aug 17 1991Hard disk locking ? (PC)
1328.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Aug 17 1991Code Execution Simulator? (PC)
1329.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Aug 17 19918 Tunes
1330.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Aug 17 1991More about the mutation engine (PC)
1331.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Aug 17 1991HELP - possible virus (IBM 515
1332.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Aug 20 1991Forwarded from Dr. Fred Cohen
1333.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Aug 20 1991Hoffman Cat. & VSUM.EXE / ftp site ??? (PC)
1334.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Aug 20 1991Double quote char appear all over - virus? (PC)
1335.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Aug 20 1991Hard disk locking ? (PC), new prices, musings
1336.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Aug 20 1991LAN scanning (PC)
1337.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Aug 20 1991Hard disk password protection (PC)
1338.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Aug 22 1991help identifying virus on PC (PC)
1339.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 23 1991VIRx on a 3COM network (PC)
1340.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 23 1991System Layers and Hiding Places
1341.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 23 1991Hard disk locking software (PC)
1342.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 23 1991Where can I find VSUM91
1343.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 23 1991Liberty virus (PC)
1344.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 23 1991Hard disk locking PC SECURITY (PC)
1345.03DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 23 1991Scan (PC)
1346.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 23 1991Questions regarding Novell, Viruses & policy
1347.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 23 1991Partition table virus on Toshiba 12
1348.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 23 1991where is VSUM91
1349.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 23 1991Can virus infect PC data diskettes? (PC)
1350.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 23 1991Questions regarding Novell, Virus..
1351.04DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 23 1991Bad hit on KENNEDY/12 Tricks Trojan?? (PC)
1352.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 23 1991Partition Table Virus (PC)
1353.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 23 1991Review of DISKSECURE (PC)
1354.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Aug 25 1991Types of virus?
1355.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Aug 25 1991Ghosting
1356.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Aug 25 1991Hardware and software protection mechanisms
1357.04DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Aug 25 1991Hard disk locking (PC)
1358.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Aug 25 1991Revised Product Test for VIRx - - Version 1.7
1359.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Aug 25 1991Computer Insecurity Terminology
1360.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 28 1991Can a virus be LAGAL?!
1361.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 28 19914
1362.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 28 1991The Wisconsin Virus???!!! (PC)
1363.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 28 1991EICAR & CARO adresses needed
1364.014DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 28 1991Virus Simulator available (PC)
1365.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Aug 29 1991Polish anti-virus group info
1366.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Aug 29 1991CPAV + SCAN conflict (PC)
1367.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Aug 29 1991Scan Memory (was: Questions regarding Novell, Viruses & policy)
1368.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Aug 29 1991CARO / EICAR address
1369.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Aug 29 1991Preventing boot from floppy - problem with Int 13 from TSR (PC)
1370.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 30 1991Norton reports "Italian" - help (PC)
1371.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 30 1991Drive assignments... (PC)
1372.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 30 1991CAPV conflict with FPROT116 (PC)
1373.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 30 1991Ten Bytes False Positive with VIRX fixed (PC)
1374.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 30 1991Dark Avenger'r mutating engine (PC)
1375.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 30 1991NoFBoot (PC)
1376.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Aug 31 1991Virus List Requested (PC) (Mac)
1377.06DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Aug 31 1991Norton Anti Virus (PC)
1378.08DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Aug 31 1991Disassembler Info
1379.04DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Aug 31 1991Experiment with virus
1380.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Aug 31 1991Correction for bboard number
1381.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Aug 31 1991Virus dictionary sought
1382.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Aug 31 1991The Tenbytes virus mutates! (PC)
1383.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Aug 31 1991'Legalize Marijuana' virus (PC)
1384.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Aug 31 1991When is it active?
1385.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 04 1991How Many Anti-Virus Sales?
1386.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 04 1991F-PROT version 2.
1387.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 04 1991The Tenbytes virus (PC)
1388.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 04 1991Vshield not loading into high memory?
1389.012DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 04 1991Viruses more common in Mac environment?
1390.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 04 1991Drive assignments (PC)
1391.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 04 1991FPROT2
1392.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 04 1991FPROT2
1393.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 04 1991New virscan.dat exepack question (PC)
1394.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 04 1991LANs and virus propagation (PC)
1395.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 04 1991Hard Disk Locking.... (PC)
1396.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 04 1991Virus Information Summary List...? (PC)
1397.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 04 1991Computer Abuse Amendments Act of 1991
1398.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 05 1991compressed with EXEPACK ?? (PC)
1399.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 05 1991VIRSIM ? (PC)
1400.015DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 05 1991Virus Simulators
1401.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 05 1991Internet Virus or FAQ info.
1402.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 05 1991Preventing boot from floppy (PC)
1403.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 05 1991Disassemblers (PC)
1404.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 05 1991Vshield not loading into high memory? (PC)
1405.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 05 1991A rock :-) :-( :-) :-( a hard place
1406.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 05 1991False Positives in General
1407.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 05 1991Boot sectors
1408.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 06 1991Infections: PC vs MAC
1409.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 06 1991Flash EPROM BIOS (PC)
1410.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 06 1991McAfee question (PC)
1411.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 06 1991F-PROT 2.
1412.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 06 1991Scan8
1413.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 06 1991Update to Product Test -- IBM Anti-Virus Product (2.1.2)
1414.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 06 1991Frequency of PC vs. Mac Viruses
1415.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 06 1991Virus Simulator (long) (PC)
1416.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 06 1991FPROT 2.
1417.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 06 1991PC Strategy to avoid infection
1418.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 06 1991Invitation to the EICAR / CARO conference
1419.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 07 1991Administrivia
1420.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 07 1991More about F-PROT 2.
1421.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 07 1991Official word from Mcafee (was: can't load vshield into high mem) (PC)
1422.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 07 1991Hoffman's List or Similar (PC)
1423.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 07 1991NFS security query - msdos virus
1424.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 07 1991Jerusalem help needed (PC)
1425.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 17 1991Back on the air
1426.07DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 17 1991Mutant viruses (PC)
1427.07DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 17 1991New files on risc.ua.edu (PC)
1428.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 17 1991BBS's For Virus Information...Or sites..
1429.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 17 1991F-PROT 2.
1430.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 17 1991vsumx1
1431.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 17 1991McAfee scan+clean 72v76, 'error in EXE file' (PC)
1432.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 17 1991Erasing disks with magnets
1433.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 17 1991Multiple Boot Sector Infections (PC)
1434.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 17 1991Keypress virus and COM files (PC)
1435.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 17 1991Virus Information Summary List... (PC)
1436.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 17 1991Extra file in F-PROT 2.
1437.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 17 1991Mac vs. PC virus frequency
1438.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 17 1991Clean-Up: Where ?? (PC)
1439.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 17 1991Possible Autocad virus (PC)
1440.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 17 1991Vi-Spy query (PC)
1441.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 17 1991Re:hard disk locaking (PC)
1442.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 17 1991SITELOCK query
1443.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 17 1991Testing antiviral utilities
1444.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 17 1991Encrypted search strings
1445.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 17 1991Scanners
1446.06DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 17 1991Virus Simulator
1447.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 17 1991NAV 1.5 + Desqview (PC)
1448.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 17 1991IBM Anti-Virus Miscellany (PC)
1449.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 17 1991INFO PLEASE: self-replicating-systems
1450.012DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 17 1991FAT Infection (PC)
1451.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 17 1991Name that virus! (PC)
1452.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 17 1991Stoned virus
1453.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 17 1991Help needed to cure Joshi virus (PC)
1454.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 18 1991Previously unknown version of Friday 13th found in Finland (PC)
1455.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 18 1991Yankee Doodle. (PC)
1456.05DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 18 1991Disinfectant and students (Mac)
1457.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 18 1991SunOS virus checker needed (UNIX) (PC)
1458.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 18 1991Michelangelo virus info (PC)
1459.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 18 1991Preparing an Old Hard Disk (PC)
1460.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 18 1991McAfee Associates anti-virus software (V82) uploaded to SIMTEL2
1461.010DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 18 1991Scanning LZEXE and PKLITE files (PC)
1462.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 18 1991automatic virus CLEAN
1463.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 18 1991Interesting laptop config (PC)
1464.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 19 1991Heuristic analysis
1465.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 19 1991BIOS Viruses (PC)
1466.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 19 1991New anti-virus product reviews available
1467.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 20 1991IDE drive infection. (PC)
1468.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 20 1991Yaunch virus? (PC)
1469.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 20 1991autocad non-virus (PC)
1470.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 20 1991Bibliography on computer viruses
1471.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 20 1991When will FPROT 2.
1472.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 20 1991F-prot, Clean, Joshi and DOS 2.
1473.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 20 1991Possible virus on Cypress Semiconductor 5.25 inch disks (PC)
1474.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 20 1991The "Azusa" virus (PC)
1475.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 21 1991WARNING: Compuserve Virus Forum (PC)
1476.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 21 1991Scanning LZEXE and PKLITE'd files (PC)
1477.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 21 1991Need Info on Integrity Shells
1478.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 21 1991Omicron virus knowns the TOKEN? (PC)
1479.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 21 1991Viruses and students
1480.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 21 1991SIMTEL2
1481.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 21 1991FORM virus found (PC)
1482.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 21 1991Boot sequence (PC)
1483.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 21 1991Boot sectors (PC)
1484.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 21 1991FAT Infection and sundry flames/comments (PC)
1485.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 21 1991bogus scan?? (PC)
1486.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 21 1991Norton Anti-Virus 1.5 (PC)
1487.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 21 1991Students and viruses
1488.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 21 1991Boot sequence part 2 (PC)
1489.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 24 1991SCAN version 83? (PC)
1490.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 24 1991DOS Executable files (PC)
1491.04DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 24 1991Belch_Virus? (Mac)
1492.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 24 1991Equal time for Virus Simulator
1493.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 24 1991Testing methodology
1494.03DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 24 1991precise identifications
1495.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 24 1991software approaches
1496.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 24 1991Encryptors and experience
1497.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 24 1991Theory and practice
1498.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 24 1991Boot selection (PC)
1499.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 24 1991Brain Virus (PC)
1500.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 24 1991False positives
1501.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 24 1991Precise identification
1502.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 24 1991Looking for information
1503.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 24 1991F-prot, Clean, Joshi and DOS 2.
1504.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 24 1991Various
1505.04DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 24 1991Perfect detectors
1506.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 24 1991Stoned Virus questions (PC)
1507.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 24 1991Can a virus be LAGAL?! (PC)
1508.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 24 1991Comment
1509.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 25 1991More info on CompuServe Accidentally Distributing Viruses (PC)
1510.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 25 1991FPROT on Zenith 386 (PC)
1511.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 25 1991Boot variations
1512.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 25 1991Review of Control Room (PC)
1513.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 26 1991Azusa Virus hits University of Kentucky (PC)
1514.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 26 1991Boot variations (PC)
1515.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 26 1991Precise identification (PC) Reaction and Philosophy
1516.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 26 1991Seeking test file...... (PC)
1517.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 26 1991A Question (PC)
1518.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 26 1991Software protection?
1519.04DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 26 1991Infectable Areas (PC)
1520.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 26 1991Various (PC) (Novell)
1521.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 27 1991Virus Scanner Test Info Required (PC)
1522.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 27 1991Procedures Involving Potential Virus Files (IBM VM/CMS)
1523.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 27 1991desouza or souza virus (PC)
1524.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 27 1991Novell
1525.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 27 1991SITELOCK (PC)
1526.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 27 1991Wanted : a utility to warn me when I'm accessing a removable disk (PC)
1527.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 01 1991a utility to warn me when I'm accessing a removable disk (PC)
1528.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 01 1991Problems running F-PROT 2.
1529.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 01 1991Michealangelo and Stoned (PC)
1530.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 01 1991Policy for Filters
1531.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 01 1991NetWare (v. other servers)
1532.03DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 01 1991New Virus Warning (PC)
1533.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 01 1991Stoned Virus - Thank You All (PC)
1534.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 01 1991F-Prot 2.
1535.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 01 1991More on Virus Simulator... (PC)
1536.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 01 1991Heuristic analysis?
1537.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 01 1991Azusa Virus & CLEAN question (PC)
1538.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 01 1991"Safe" MBR (PC)
1539.010DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 01 1991DIR II (Cluster) Virus (PC)
1540.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 01 1991Montreal Virus (PC)
1541.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 01 1991Again, F-prot, Clean, Joshi and DOS 2.
1542.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 01 1991Unencrypted scan strings
1543.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 01 1991Typical incidents
1544.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 01 1991Hardware vs. software
1545.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 01 1991!!Icelandic Virus (PC)
1546.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 01 1991New virus info, Screen Trasher (PC)
1547.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 01 1991Problems running F-PROT 2.
1548.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 01 1991F-prot 2.
1549.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 04 1991Virus protection hardware
1550.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 04 1991Help with STONED 16 virus (PC)
1551.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 04 1991New NOVELL virus? (NOVELL) (PC)
1552.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 04 1991Mac Puke INIT (Belch Virus??) (Mac)
1553.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 04 1991Fred Cohen's contest
1554.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 04 1991Artificial Life III: Call for Papers
1560.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 04 1991Virus-proofing a StarLAN server (UNIX) (PC)
1561.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 04 1991Akron U (PC)
1562.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 04 1991Virus Questions
1563.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 04 1991New NetWare Virus ? (PC)
1564.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 04 1991IDE Drive Problems (PC)
1565.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 04 1991BEACH.GAL.UTEXAS.EDU facelift!
1566.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 04 1991Re:New virus (PC)
1567.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 04 1991Help Virus-L re Netware infection (PC)
1568.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 04 1991virus archives (AMIGA)
1569.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 04 1991Hardware vs. software (vs. public attitudes)
1570.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 04 1991HELP with possible PC infection (PC)
1571.05DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 04 1991DIR II Removal Information (PC)
1572.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 05 1991Anti-virus sources off the nets?
1573.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 05 1991Checksumming (was: SunOS virus checker needed)
1574.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 05 1991Why Bulgaria?
1575.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 05 1991Disabling floppy boot on Packard-Bell
1576.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 05 1991Help!
1577.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 05 1991NOINT Virus Info? (PC)
1578.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 05 1991Ultimate solution
1579.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 05 1991I <do> class DIR II as destructive (PC)
1580.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 05 1991Bulgarian virus writers (PC)
1581.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 05 1991new programs by Padgett; report (PC)
1582.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 08 1991DEC PathWorks and Virus propagation.
1583.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 08 1991Bug in SAFEMBR (PC)
1584.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 08 1991VIRx v1.8 is released
1585.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 08 1991STONED Virus - information please! (PC)
1586.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 08 1991Virus that infects only floppies? (PC)
1587.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 08 1991"Better DOS than DOS" and viri (OS/2) (PC)
1588.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 08 1991The (Lack of an) Ultimate Solution
1589.06DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 08 1991New file on risc (PC)
1590.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 08 1991Review of Virus Buster (PC)
1591.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 08 1991Antiviral contact list (mostly PC)
1592.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 08 1991Hardware v. Software
1593.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 08 1991Help in selecting an anti-virus utility for the PC (PC)
1594.04DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 08 1991Hardware, hardware...
1595.03DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 08 1991Forget Turing...
1596.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 08 1991Help! Viruses infecting only floppies (PC)
1597.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 08 1991Info on Solomon's A-V? (PC)
1598.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 08 1991Overwriting viri
1599.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 08 1991File infectors
1600.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 08 1991Update to Product Test on Norton AntiVirus, version 1.5
1601.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 09 1991Morris worms through courts
1602.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 09 1991DEC PathWorks and Virus propagation (PC)
1603.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 09 1991Novell Virus? (No, screen blanker) (PC)
1604.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 09 1991Stoned on preformatted Verbatim Disks? (PC)
1605.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 09 1991HW not a virus solution
1606.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 09 1991Hardware protections (PC)
1607.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 09 1991Checking for virus at boot
1608.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 09 1991Help urgently needed for stoned virus (PC)
1609.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 09 1991"Terminal Compromise" Inter.Pact Press (615)883-6741
1610.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 09 1991NOVELL virus?
1611.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 09 1991dir2clr, virx1.8 available on urvax.urich.edu (PC)
1612.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 11 1991Recommend Anti-virus s/w for Novell Netware
1613.05DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 11 1991SF Worms/Viruses (Re: HW not a solution)
1614.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 11 1991OS/2 2.
1615.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 11 1991Virus Protection - Global Software Solution
1616.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 11 1991Bontchev paper available
1617.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 11 1991DIR II removal (PC)
1618.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 11 1991Need help with Empire virus (PC)
1619.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 11 1991VIRUS-L Digest V4 #185
1620.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 11 1991New virus - advanced symptoms (WAS: New virus warning (PC))
1621.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 11 1991Viruses and OS/2 (OS/2)
1622.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 11 1991Stoned on 3.5" disks / "159
1623.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 11 1991disable ctrl/break? (PC)
1624.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 11 1991False Alarm (PC)
1625.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 11 1991Hardware and Software; Re: Forget Turing...
1626.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 11 1991Psychology of virus writing (was HW not a virus solution)
1627.04DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 12 1991Virus-writing course for teenagers
1628.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 12 1991Classic Theory
1629.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 12 1991Dr. Fred's Contest
1630.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 12 1991Books on viruses?
1631.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 12 1991Variations
1632.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 12 1991is vshield working?
1633.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 12 1991new files; correction
1634.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 12 1991DIR-II virus, symptoms ??? (PC)
1635.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 12 1991Response re DIET (PC)
1636.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 12 1991Update on Bontchev paper availability
1637.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 16 1991Norton Antivirus 1.5 + 7
1638.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 16 1991Virus on Mac (Mac)
1639.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 16 1991Multipe Anti-viral approaches
1640.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 16 1991Books on Viruses
1641.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 16 1991Hardware not solution
1642.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 16 1991Partition viruses?? (PC)
1643.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 16 1991Misc. information (PC and other)
1644.016DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 16 1991New files on risc (PC)
1645.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 16 1991Ohio Virus #5 (PC)
1646.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 16 1991Hardware/Software/Safe Machines
1647.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 16 1991Manners
1648.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 16 1991Theory
1649.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 16 1991Interesting?
1650.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 16 1991Gymnastics
1651.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 16 199115xx virus info??
1652.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 16 1991SafeMBR v1.3 (PC)
1653.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 16 1991What damage does the Jerusalem virus do? (PC)
1654.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 16 1991A new version of virus (PC)
1655.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 16 1991Bontchev paper finally available in ASCII now
1656.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 16 1991Version 84 of McAfee anti-virus programs now available (PC)
1657.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 16 1991Help needed in testing software security combination, please.
1658.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 16 1991Measures
1659.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 16 1991Experiences with hardware protection (Thunderbyte)
1660.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 16 1991is vshield working? (PC)
1661.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 16 1991Origins of "Worm"
1662.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 16 1991More hardware!
1663.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 16 1991BGS9 (Amiga)
1664.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 16 1991Rejects unformatted disk (Mac II)
1665.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 16 1991safembr 1.3 available (PC)
1666.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 16 1991Appenders and prependers
1667.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 17 1991Generalized opinion question about Mac/IBM arrangement
1668.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 17 1991DIR II virus and DOS 3.31 (PC)
1669.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 17 1991Counter-Measures
1670.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 17 1991Joshi has struck.... (PC)
1671.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 17 1991An anti-virus patent
1672.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 17 1991Need help with Form (PC)
1673.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 17 1991BGS-9 Amiga file virus (Amiga)
1674.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 17 1991Hardware defenses
1675.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 17 1991scanner for all files (PC)
1676.03DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 18 1991Several subjects (PC)
1677.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 18 1991Virus Proof Machine ?
1678.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 18 1991Anti-virus patent - that date sounds familiar
1679.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 18 1991Computer "Anamolies" in books
1680.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 18 1991virus(15xx) (PC)
1681.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 18 1991Quesions on Stoned virus (PC)
1682.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 18 1991Need Protection (PC)
1683.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 18 1991Invalid Media Type (Virus attack?) (PC)
1684.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 18 1991Thunderbyte (PC)
1685.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 18 1991Unfair advantage
1686.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 18 1991Any Apple //e viruses?
1687.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 18 1991virus help (PC)
1688.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 18 1991New versions of SVC out in the wild! (PC)
1689.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 18 1991Re:Alteration-Searcher for all files (PC)
1690.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 18 1991PC hardware vs software
1691.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 18 1991Anti-virus patent - David.M.Chess
1692.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 22 1991Miles 1986 (PC)
1693.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 22 1991Format problem (PC)
1694.04DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 22 1991Seeking Info on stoned virus (PC)
1695.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 22 1991Disinfectant 2.x (Mac)
1696.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 22 1991SF virus - "When Harlie Was One"
1697.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 22 1991Help wanted (PC)
1698.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 22 1991Anti-Viral Techniques for Networks
1699.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 22 1991Computer Anamolies in books
1700.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 22 1991Stoned (Michaelangelo) infection (PC)
1701.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 22 1991Disagreement
1702.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 22 1991Thunderbyte
1703.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 22 1991Stealth and Mutation Techniques (PC)
1704.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 22 1991Interpreted things
1705.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 22 1991Antiviruses
1706.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 22 1991Leopards
1707.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 22 1991It says so...
1708.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 22 1991Two subjects
1709.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 22 1991Hardware!
1710.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 22 1991Picky!
1711.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 22 1991Thunderbyte (PC) - review available?
1712.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 22 1991SVC 5.
1713.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 22 1991What is CoolCapture? (Amiga)
1714.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 24 1991formatting problems (PC)
1715.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 24 1991More on "Morris Appeal"
1716.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 24 1991Hardware and Software; Forget Turing...
1717.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 24 1991Pakistani/Ashar (PC)
1718.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 24 1991nVIR was Re: Virus on Mac (Mac)
1719.09DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 24 1991michelangelo virus (PC)
1720.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 24 1991Can fprot handle Zenith Dos 3.3
1721.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 24 1991Help please (PC)
1722.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991Boot Sector Modified (PC)
1723.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991Bloomington (NoInt, StonedIII) Virus? ? ? Info (PC)
1724.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991Experiences with hardware protection (Thunderbyte) (PC)
1725.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991Stamping out "Stoned" (was Hardware) (PC)
1726.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991Hardware and software (was: Leopards)
1727.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991Viral code association
1728.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991VSHIELD.... (PC)
1729.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991"Heavens no, I think thieves are terribly *irresponsible*!"
1730.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991Michaelangelo Virus (PC)
1731.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991RAD: flagged by ZeroVirus III (Amiga)
1732.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991Info on Tequila virus (PC)
1733.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991Is this a Mac Virus? (Mac)
1734.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991Sneaky Multi-Partites (PC)
1735.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991Protection for Desqview users (PC)
1736.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991New virus - advanced symptoms (PC)
1737.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991Typo in Validation Data for NETSCAN V84 (PC)
1738.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991Can you help me with this? (Apple ][)
1739.06DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991Possible new virus (PC)
1740.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991Problems with formatting (PC)
1741.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991DOS 5.
1742.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991Hardware vs Software (PC)
1743.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991michelangelo virus at Z-Soft (Paintbrush) (PC)
1744.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991McAfee VIRUSCAN at bootup (PC)
1745.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991Latest NAV 1.5 Virus Definitions (PC)
1746.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991Immunization
1747.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991VGA color spots, Word page breaks, corrupts files. (Novell) (PC)
1748.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991Network World mag virus tool review
1749.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991help ... i have infected .... Dark Avenger (PC)
1750.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991Hardware qustions
1751.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991Taxonomy and Nomenclature
1752.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991Request for Standards
1753.04DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991Viruses and "viruses"
1754.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 30 1991ansikill.zip (PC)
1755.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 31 1991Harry Anto (PC)
1756.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 31 1991New virus reported by John McAfee (PC)
1757.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 31 1991When is VSHIELD scanning the bootsector? (PC)
1758.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 31 1991New virus-advanced syphtoms ( WAS: warning new virus (PC))
1759.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 31 1991_Network_World_ Review of Virus Packages (PC)
1760.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 31 1991Stinkfoot query (PC)
1761.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 31 1991Forget Domani, er Turing
1762.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 31 1991RE:Bloomington (NoInt,Stoned III) Virus? ? ? (PC)
1763.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 31 1991Companion virus detection (was: Viral code association)
1764.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 31 1991McAfee84 fails to remove Cascade (PC)
1765.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 31 1991Cascade <---> Yap (same family?) (PC)
1766.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 31 1991VDEFEND 7.1 and ViruScan 84 (PC)
1767.06DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 31 1991UNIX anti-virus program (UNIX)
1768.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 31 1991RE:Network World Mag Virus Tool Review
1769.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 31 1991RE:Request for Standards
1770.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 31 1991F-PROT Wanted (PC)
1771.05DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 31 1991Organ music/black monitor-Mac (Mac)
1772.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 01 1991question about viruses (UNIX) (PC)
1773.04DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 01 1991Questions about VIRLIST.TXT (PC)
1774.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 01 1991"Precidence" (PC)
1775.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 01 1991Can I Load FPROT's VIRSTOP High? (PC)
1776.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 01 1991Product Test Report--Rival (Mac)
1777.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 01 1991Revision to Product Test--FPROT, version 2.
1778.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 01 1991Revision to Product Test -- Virucide, Version 2.33 (PC)
1779.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 01 1991Third USENIX UNIX Security Symposium - Call for Papers
1780.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 01 1991Only Scan Floppies? (PC)
1781.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 01 1991Jerusalem Virus info wanted (PC)
1782.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 01 1991suspicious boot sectors (PC)
1783.06DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 01 1991Hardware forever!
1784.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 01 1991found 1
1785.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 01 1991McAfee84 failed to remove Joshi (was Re: McAfee84 fails to remove Casc
1786.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 01 1991Running circles around (PC)
1787.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 01 1991UNIX virus checker (UNIX)
1788.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 02 1991Device Drivers vs TSRs (PC)
1789.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 02 1991nVIR A&B vs. SAM (Mac)
1790.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 02 1991TSRs and device drivers (PC)
1791.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 02 1991Necropolas virus info!!!!!!! (PC)
1792.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 02 1991VShield problem with DOS 5.
1793.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 02 1991Courses on Viri for teenagers, (General)
1794.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 02 1991Product Test - - VirusCure Plus
1795.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 02 1991Infection variations
1796.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 02 1991Furtivity
1797.04DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 02 1991Real User
1798.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 02 1991Virus Families (Was: Taxonomy and Nomenclature) (PC)
1799.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 02 1991NCSA (Was: Request for standards)
1800.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 02 1991Problems with McAfee's scanv84 (PC)
1801.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 02 1991Keyboard shift key problem (PC)
1802.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 05 1991WARNING - incorrect search patterns (PC)
1803.03DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 05 1991Zipped files (PC)
1804.04DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 05 1991Disk Compression (PC)
1805.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 05 1991VSHIELD. DOS 5.
1806.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 05 1991New Fprot avail.? (PC)
1807.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 05 1991re:viruses and "viruses"
1808.05DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 05 1991Only Scan Floppies? (general)
1809.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 05 1991Vesselin Bontchev's history paper
1810.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 05 1991McAfee84 failed to remove Joshi (was Re: McAfee84 fails to remove
1811.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 05 1991The 17
1812.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 05 1991from fidonet virus conf: new virus found?
1813.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 05 1991Virus Experts
1814.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 05 1991Virus-Proof Machine
1815.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 05 1991YAP virus (PC)
1816.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 05 1991from virus fido echomail conference: new virus? (PC)
1817.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 05 1991Regulation of (Medical) Software
1818.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 05 1991VIRSTOP Question
1819.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 05 1991where can I get a copy of "When Harlie Was One"?
1820.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 06 1991VIRUS WARNING - Form Virus on Demo Disk (PC)
1821.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 06 1991from fidonet: listing of conferences re computer security
1822.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 06 1991"Stoned" virus information sought
1823.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 06 1991Scanning inside ZIPPED files (PC)
1824.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 06 1991nVIR question (Mac)
1825.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 06 1991F-PROT 2.
1826.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 06 1991Change detection
1827.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 07 1991computer virus ^2
1828.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 07 1991Taxonomy
1829.04DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 07 1991Hardware...
1830.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 07 1991Virus removals vs. Virus classification
1831.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 07 1991Efforts
1832.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 07 1991from fidonet virus conf: new virus found? (PC)
1833.05DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 07 1991Am I infected ? (PC)
1834.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 07 1991Availability of "Harley" book
1835.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 07 1991DOS viri on the MAC... (PC) (Mac)
1836.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 07 1991Virus Proof Machine Response
1837.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 07 1991McAfee84 failed to remove Joshi
1838.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 07 1991Problem with Stoned virus (PC) Problems with SCAN
1839.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 07 1991ViruShell - New Shell for SCAN - Great (PC)
1840.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 07 1991fprot2
1843.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 08 1991Clipper demo disk (PC)
1844.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 08 1991VShield problem with DOS 5.
1845.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 08 1991VSHIELD w/ MODEMS (PC)
1846.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 08 1991Virusproof systems; hardware
1847.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 08 1991help with INDIA Virus (PC)
1848.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 08 1991computer virus ^2 (PC)
1849.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 08 1991Stinkfoot...malignee speaks out! (PC)
1850.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 09 1991Hardware? How about software...?
1851.05DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 09 1991F-Prot 2.
1852.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 09 1991PC Soft (PC)
1853.07DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 09 1991A couple questions (Mac) (Commodore)
1854.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 09 1991Disk Compression (PC for now)
1855.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 13 1991IBM Anti-Virus Product 2.1.5 (PC)
1856.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 13 1991write protect tabs
1857.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 13 1991Request for info on PC virus AirCop (PC)
1858.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 13 1991Hong Kong Virus found (PC)
1859.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 13 1991Interesting use for SafeMBR (PC)
1860.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 13 1991First SPARC Virus? (Character Replacement Within Files) (UNIX)
1861.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 13 1991Updating hardware
1862.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 13 1991Subjects
1863.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 14 1991Generic scanning - a small test (PC)
1864.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 14 1991re; F-Prot 2.
1865.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 14 1991Theory : definition & classification
1866.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 14 1991two (2) excerpts from FIDO VIRUS echo conference
1867.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 15 1991SCAN & VSUM questions (PC)
1868.04DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 15 1991DIR-2 found in USA (PC)
1869.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 15 1991McAfee84 fails on Stone, Azusa and Joshi? (PC)
1870.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 15 1991Problem with Stoned virus and SCAN (PC)
1871.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 15 1991Call for Papers - Fifth Annual Computer Virus & Security Conference
1872.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 15 1991Computer virus report from Bulgaria
1873.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 15 1991virus again? (PC)
1874.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 15 1991The Bulgarian Damage 1.3 virus (PC)
1875.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 15 1991Warning! SCAN 82 trojanized! (PC)
1876.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 16 1991Norton SI 6.
1877.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 16 199112 Trojan Tricks (PC)
1878.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 16 1991Question re possibility of virus migration: Dos -> Xenix
1879.04DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 16 1991System 7 vs. viruses (Mac)
1880.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 16 1991Companion viruses (was: Virus Proof Machine Response)
1881.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 16 1991NCSA/ICVP Call for Papers
1882.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 16 199117
1883.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 16 1991Disinfectant (Mac)
1884.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 16 1991Windows & viruses (PC)
1885.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 16 1991followup on hardware-destructive virus found in Canada -- from Fido (P
1886.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 16 1991AirCop virus in boot sector (PC)
1887.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 16 1991virus scanner on UNIX? (PC) (UNIX)
1888.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 16 1991IBM-PC Virus Protection Software (PC)
1889.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 16 1991File checking - 1
1890.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 21 1991PC Week's Skatt Column of Nov 11th: Word Perf. & Virus? (PC)
1891.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 21 1991AIDS trial
1892.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 21 1991Protection...
1893.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 21 1991Bug in VSHIELD? (PC)
1894.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 21 1991Disk Defender (was: Virusproof systems; hardware) (PC)
1895.05DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 21 1991NIST Naming Proposal
1896.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 21 1991Write-permit is not 1
1897.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 21 1991F-PROT v2.
1898.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 21 1991Cascade & IRQ2 (PC)
1899.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 21 1991Serial port virus detection (PC)
1900.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 21 1991Smiley Cancer (Amiga)
1901.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 21 1991File checking - 2
1902.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 22 1991Do I have a virus or a hardware fault (PC)
1903.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 22 1991"Stealth" Viruses (4
1904.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 22 1991Dir-II at Rutgers University (USA) (PC)
1905.03DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 22 1991virus ? (PC)
1906.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 22 1991Strange symptoms include COMMAND.COM disappearing (PC)
1907.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 22 1991Jerusalem Virus Questions (PC)
1908.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 22 1991Mark Washburn (was: Hardware? How about software...?)
1909.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 22 1991ANSI BOMBS (PC) (general)
1910.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 22 1991Disk Compression (PC) (for now)
1911.03DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 22 1991Virus Verification and Removal
1912.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 22 1991Hard disk problem (PC)
1913.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 22 1991Trial of author of the AIDS trojan (PC)
1914.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 23 1991ANSI Bombs
1915.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 23 1991Does PC virus affect hardwares? (PC)
1916.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 23 1991Mark Washburn
1917.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 23 1991Strange occurences using DBase IV & AZUSA Comm Port (PC)
1918.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 23 1991Request for help on getting ".CVP" documents.
1919.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 23 1991Gosia virus search string (PC)
1920.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 23 1991Booting from floppy, Multifinder & Disinfectant (Mac)
1921.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Nov 23 1991Frog's Alley / new upload (PC)
1922.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 26 1991PCVirus publication? (PC)
1923.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 26 1991Dir-II removal (PC)
1924.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 26 1991Radai re: Frisk, re: Washburn
1925.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 26 1991Taxonomy tool?
1926.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 26 1991Empire Virus Update (long) (PC)
1927.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 27 1991"Tequila" virus (PC)
1928.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 27 1991What the user wants (was Re: Disk Compression) (PC)
1929.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 27 1991Latest version of McAfee Scan?? (PC)
1930.04DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 27 1991What's special about LAN's? (PC)
1931.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 27 1991Telefonica (PC)
1932.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 27 1991VIRUS: DIR-II (PC)
1933.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 27 1991Lamer Exterminator (Amiga)
1934.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 27 1991Washburn
1935.010DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 27 1991Possible Virus (PC)
1936.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 05 1991vaccine for STONED on boot disks? (PC)
1937.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 05 1991MD5 better than CRC!
1938.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 05 1991infection (PC)
1939.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 05 1991In-Re: Radai re: Murray re: Radai re: Frisk, re: Washburn
1940.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 05 1991Removing Den Zuk (PC)
1941.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 05 1991More Virus Reports From The Katt's PC Week Column (PC)
1942.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 05 1991System checking
1943.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 05 1991F-PROT Now On _Network_World_'s BBS (PC)
1944.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 05 1991Need Jerusalem info again (PC)
1945.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 05 1991Administrivia - Seeking volunteers
1946.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 05 1991FORM-virus / documentation (PC)
1947.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 05 1991Computer Sounds Like Telephone--Virus? (PC)
1948.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 05 1991Request for help on removing the DIR-II virus (PC)
1949.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 05 1991Secure DOS... (was: What the user wants) (PC)
1950.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 05 1991New Joshi Variant (PC)
1951.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 05 1991Washburn et al
1952.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 05 1991directory update
1953.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 05 1991Postscript laser printer 'virus' (solved for TI 2115) (Mac)
1954.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 05 1991potentially cute idea (PC)
1955.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 05 1991FDISK & Telephonica (PC)
1956.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 05 1991Forward from FidoNet
1957.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 05 1991Listing for the all PC viruses? (PC)
1958.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 05 1991What is special about "stealth" viruses?
1959.06DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 07 1991password program (PC)
1960.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 07 1991Reports about Dir II (PC)
1961.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 07 1991Serious problems with JOSHI (PC)
1962.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 07 1991Virex antivirus software (PC)
1963.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 07 1991Fitting Curves to Virus-Spread Data
1964.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 07 1991DIR II (PC)
1965.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 07 1991Jerusalem Info (PC)
1966.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 07 1991Dave Chess's paper available on archives
1967.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 07 1991new program from Padgett (PC)
1968.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 07 1991Avoiding detection
1969.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 11 1991Password Program
1970.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 11 1991Bad Sectors (was Possible Virus) (PC)
1971.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 11 1991Virus: "stoned" (PC)
1972.04DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 11 1991Macs Running Soft PC (Mac) (PC)
1973.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 11 1991Washburn and Ethics
1974.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 11 1991In-Re: Re: In-Re: Radai re: Murray re: Radai re: Frisk, [etc]
1975.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 11 1991NIST document on setting up an incident handling team
1976.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 11 1991FIXMBR update (PC)
1977.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 11 1991Files available from urvax.urich.edu (PC)
1978.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 11 1991Files uploaded to risc.ua.edu (PC)
1979.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 13 1991Administrivia - getting ready for Volume 5
1980.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 13 1991MDISK? (PC)
1981.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 13 1991Musical Virus ?? (PC)
1982.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 13 1991Dir II in Norway (PC)
1983.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 13 1991M.Angelo Virus (PC)
1984.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 13 1991PC problem - possible virus? (PC)
1985.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 13 1991Latest version of SCAN V85 - validation codes ? (PC)
1986.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 13 1991Information request re: Voronezh virus (PC)
1987.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 13 1991Viral myths
1988.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 13 1991New Release of VIRUSCAN (PC)
1989.0DYPSS1::TROXELLWed Feb 05 1992McAfee virus utilities (ver 85) updates (PC)
1990.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 13 1991new mcafee programs (PC)
1991.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 13 1991Untouchable From Fifth Generation Systems (PC)
1992.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 13 1991Not a virus / Generic Boot virus (PC)
1993.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 13 1991Booting from clean floppy (PC)
1994.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 13 1991VSHIELD testing boot drives during warm boot (PC)
1995.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 13 1991"Bloomington" Virus (PC)
1996.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 13 1991Scan for Win3 & Ver. 85 (PC)
1997.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 13 1991TBSCAN does odd things on my computer (PC)
1998.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 13 1991Name that VIRUS? (PC)
1999.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 13 1991A good low-cost Macintosh anti-virus... (Mac)
2000.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 13 1991McAfee files on risc (PC)
2001.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 13 1991Revision to Product Test--VirusDetective/VirusBlockade II (MAC)
2002.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 18 1991IDE dead sector viruses (was: potentially cute idea (PC))
2003.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 18 1991Booting from a clean floppy (PC)
2004.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 18 1991DIR-2 vs CLEANv84 (PC)
2005.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 18 1991Virus source in BBS's (PC)
2006.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 18 1991Identifying a BSI virus (was Re: Generic boot sector virus (PC)
2007.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 18 1991Source code on Fidonet (PC)
2008.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 18 1991Low-cost Macintosh anti-virus software (Mac)
2009.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 18 1991Mac virus?: system crash (HELP!) (Mac)
2010.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 18 1991Hardware damage
2011.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 18 1991Address of the Laboratory of Computer Virology
2012.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 18 1991Where to load virstop on a network (PC)
2013.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 18 1991where to load virstop
2014.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 18 1991DOS 5.
2015.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 18 1991Copyrace Trojan (PC)
2016.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 18 1991(virus) Did someone announce? (UNIX)
2017.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 21 1991Voice Trojan (PC)
2018.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 21 1991virus outbreak in central Virginia (PC)
2019.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 21 1991New Virus Alert: Happy Halloween (PC)
2020.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 21 1991"Happy Halloween" (PC)
2021.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 21 1991Virus writing contest
2022.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 21 1991Washburn and ethics; VIRUS-L Digest V4 #237
2024.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 21 1991programs from New Zealand (PC)
2025.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 21 1991Thunderbyte anti-virus updates on SIMTEL2
2026.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 21 1991McAfee 85 suite is on BEACH (PC)
2027.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 21 1991Merry Christmas
2028.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 04 1992Novell Inadvertantly distributes virus with update (PC)
2029.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 04 1992Central-Point Anti-Virus Question (PC)
2030.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 04 1992TBScan v3.1 (PC)
2031.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 04 1992Unknown Mac virus? (Mac)
2032.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 04 1992General questions about viruses
2033.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 04 1992Virus capable of infecting Mainframes and PCs
2034.0DYPSS1::TROXELLWed Feb 05 1992VIRx v1.9 Is Released ! (PC)
2035.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Jan 06 1992Introduction to the Anti-viral archives, listing of
2036.02DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Jan 06 1992Archive access without anonymous ftp, last changed 3
2037.01DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Jan 06 1992Brief guide to files formats, last changed 12 November 1991
2045.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 07 1992Volume 5 is here
2046.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 07 1992Michelangelo virus on Zyxel disk (PC)
2047.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 07 1992Does this behavior sound like a virus (PC)
2048.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 07 1992Norton AntiVirus vs McAffee (PC)
2049.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 07 1992CIAC advisory 11 - Stoned-3 in Novelle distribution (PC)
2050.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 07 1992info request re:AT&T Starlan, etc. (PC) (UNIX)
2051.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 07 1992michaelangelo virus & HD's (PC)
2052.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 07 1992Geraldo Show: Claims Viruses can blow up Monitors
2053.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 07 1992Review: A Pathology of Computer Viruses
2054.0DYPSS1::TROXELLWed Feb 05 1992Novell distributes Stoned-3 (PC)
2055.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 08 1992F-PROT 2.x and Cascade (PC)
2056.04DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 08 1992Question re Stoned (PC)
2057.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 08 1992Latest version of F-Prot? (PC)
2058.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 08 1992List of Viruses (PC)
2059.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 08 1992DOS 5.
2060.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 08 1992New strain of Murphy? Amilia (PC)
2061.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 08 1992Help with virus (PC)
2062.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 08 1992theoretical literature on viruses?
2063.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 08 1992WSCAN85.ZIP - Windows 3.
2064.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 09 1992Norton Anty Virus (PC)
2065.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 09 1992New Virus (Ultimate Weapen)? (PC)
2066.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 09 1992Joshi Virus and IDE Hard Drives (PC)
2067.05DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 09 1992Looking for info on "Friday the 13th" virus (PC)
2068.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 09 1992Avoid false alarms/ don't run SCAN when VWATCH is active(PC)
2069.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 09 1992(forwarded) Is it a virus or is it memorex (Mac)
2070.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 09 1992Is it a virus or is it memorex
2071.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 09 1992RE:Theoretical Literature on Viruses
2072.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 09 1992Virus Reserce
2073.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 09 1992New data integrity anti-virus product (PC)
2074.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 09 1992WSCANV85.ZIP (PC)
2075.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 09 1992Write protection - hardware
2076.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 14 1992Virus Update disk for Central Point Antivirus (PC)
2077.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 14 1992What Does Michael Angelo Do? (PC)
2078.04DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 14 1992NCSA has tested Antivirus Programs (PC)
2079.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 14 1992Antitelifonica (A-VIR) (PC)
2080.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 14 1992Worldwide Software products Vaccine and Vacnet (PC)
2081.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 14 1992Error on WSCANV85B (PC)
2082.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 14 1992Resource Forks (Mac)
2083.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 14 1992a trojan horse - literally!
2084.03DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 14 1992Trojan definition? Special case
2085.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 14 1992Military Viruses
2086.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 14 1992new programs available (PC)
2087.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 14 1992More myths
2088.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 15 1992Virus vector Identified (PC)
2089.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 15 1992Odd Problem with F-PROT 2.
2090.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 15 1992Philosophy and Time (PC)
2091.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 15 1992Info about UNIX viruses (UNIX)
2092.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 15 1992I/O bound CPU bound definitions
2093.06DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 15 1992New Antivirus Organization Announced
2094.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 15 1992Write protection - software
2095.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 16 1992Stoned III / CIAC adv. 11 (PC)
2096.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 16 1992Michellangelo & HD's (PC)
2097.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 16 1992More Stoned virus questions (PC)
2098.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 16 1992Norton's AV (PC)
2099.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 16 19921575/1591 Virus (PC)
2100.04DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 16 1992VIRUS at AT286 in SCAN85 (PC)
2101.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 16 1992help! Jersusalem in MY PC (PC)
2102.024DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 16 1992Untouchable (PC)
2103.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 16 1992PC virus infects UNIX system (UNIX) (PC)
2104.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 16 1992New to the forum - question
2105.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 16 1992Gulf War "virus"
2106.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 16 1992Viruses against Iraq??????
2107.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 16 1992The modem virus myth
2108.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 16 1992Does this behaviour sound like a virus (PC)
2109.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 16 1992Form virus infected Dos 5.
2110.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 16 1992LANs & Viruses
2111.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 16 1992NCSA Has Tested Anti-Virus Programs
2112.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 16 1992UNIX viruses, request for information (UNIX)
2113.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 16 1992VIRX19.ZIP - VIRX v1.9: Easy to use free virus checker (PC)
2114.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 16 1992Dir-II/Other Stuff (PC)
2115.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 16 1992Information on the 1
2116.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 16 1992Making DIR of a contaminated floppy (PC)
2117.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 16 1992VSHIELD and MS WORD - incompatible ??? (PC)
2118.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 16 1992DOS Virus Infects UNIX box (PC) (UNIX)
2119.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 16 1992updated version of Padget's FixMBR (PC)
2120.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 16 1992Report: 8th Chaos Computer Congress
2121.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 16 1992Chaos Congress 91 Report
2122.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 22 1992WARNING - Michelangelo Virus (PC)
2123.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 22 1992Kennedy virus (PC)
2124.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 22 1992UK mag (PC Fun) distributes Stoned (PC)
2125.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 22 1992ENIGMA virus (PC)
2126.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 22 1992Smulders-virus found? (PC)
2127.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 22 1992NO VIRUS in SCANV85 !!!!! (PC)
2128.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 22 1992Joshi virus removal with FDISK /MBR (PC)
2129.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 22 1992i/o ports (was re: Iraqi virus) (PC)
2130.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 22 1992QEMM386's LOADHI with VSHIELD1 and/or VIRSTOP (PC)
2131.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 22 1992Virus detectors for Unix? (UNIX)
2132.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 22 1992Gulf War Virus & "Softwar"
2133.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 22 1992VS92
2134.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 22 1992Reviews and request (PC + Amiga)
2135.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 22 1992"Desert Storm" viral myths
2136.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 23 1992Keypress and Keypress II (PC)
2137.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 23 1992Novell viruses (PC)
2138.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 23 1992WDEF (mac)
2139.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 23 1992PC Virus Checker for Unix (PC) (UNIX)
2140.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 23 1992Sigs
2141.05DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 23 1992Polymorphic viruses
2142.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 23 1992new program from Padgett Peterson available (PC)
2143.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 23 1992Iraqi Computer Virus story Defended !
2144.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 23 1992Mail Problem (McAfee)
2145.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 23 1992Low-level utilities (PC)
2146.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 23 1992SBC? (PC)
2147.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 23 1992Michelangelo questions (PC)
2148.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 23 1992Loading Vshield High (PC)
2149.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 23 1992PC Computing Magazine Virus Articles, Feb 92 (PC)
2150.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 23 1992FLASH Virus (WAS: Re: More myths) (PC)
2151.05DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 23 1992New virus found (PC)
2152.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 23 1992WWIV4.2
2153.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 23 1992An A/B floppy drive switch design (PC)
2154.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 23 1992Virus Detection and Protection for Unix (UNIX)
2155.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 23 1992Help Required re IBM RSCS malicious programs (IBM VM/SP)
2156.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 23 1992VS92
2157.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 23 1992new pgms from Padgett Peterson (PC)
2158.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jan 23 1992NCSA Has Tested Anti-Virus Programs (PC)
2159.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 24 1992Reply to Smulders-virus found? (PC)
2160.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 24 1992FixMBR and very large disks - potential problem (PC)
2161.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 24 1992Michelangelo & (some) Zeniths (PC)
2162.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 24 1992Virus found: Flip (PC)
2163.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 24 1992Need some simple statistics
2164.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 24 1992Antivirus Methods Congress
2165.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 24 1992FLASH Virus
2166.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 24 1992program update from Padgett Peterson (PC)
2167.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 24 1992F-PROT 2.
2168.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 25 1992SCAN configuration question (PC)
2169.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 25 1992vsum info... (PC)
2170.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 25 1992VIRSTOP Requirements (PC)
2171.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 25 1992Printer sending to PC (was: Iraqi Computer Virus...) (PC)
2172.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 25 1992.SYS Infector? Really? Info Please! (PC)
2173.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 25 1992HELP re HP7
2174.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 25 1992New files on BEACH (PC)
2175.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jan 25 1992Fprot v2.
2176.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 29 1992Leading Edge distributes Michaelangelo virus (PC)
2177.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 29 1992Leading Edge distributes Michaelangelo virus
2178.05DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 29 1992New virus????? (PC)
2179.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 29 1992Pentagon and Keypress virus found (PC)
2180.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 29 1992Trojan program collects passwords
2181.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 29 1992Green Caterpillar Virus (PC)
2182.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 29 1992Total memory available to DOS less than 65536
2183.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 29 1992FAQ: benign use of viri...
2184.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 29 1992Signature viruses
2185.07DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 29 1992Iraqi Virus Question?
2186.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 29 1992CCC91.ZIP on risc (text)
2187.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 29 1992Plastique Virus... (PC)
2188.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 29 1992FAT chance? (PC)
2189.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 29 1992Possible Virus, Help!! (PC)
2190.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 29 1992F-PROT/CPAV conflict (PC)
2191.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 29 1992CDef Virus (Mac)
2192.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 29 1992very strange Mac behavior (Mac)
2193.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 29 1992new from Padgett Peterson (PC)
2194.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 29 1992"Commercial safety" myth
2195.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 31 1992Stoned on SafeMBR?? Say it ain't so! (PC)
2196.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 31 1992Stoned on SafeMBR drive (PC)
2197.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 31 1992Help! Ghost Virus! (PC)
2198.04DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 31 1992CHKDSK and Viruses (PC)
2199.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 31 1992Michelangelo Virus from Verbatim Disks (PC)
2200.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 31 1992Boot Sectors Nomenclature (PC)
2201.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 31 1992AUX "file" (PC)
2202.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 31 1992Aircop & Laser? (PC)
2203.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 31 1992Virus, typing '- -' (PC)
2204.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 31 1992Updated FPROT2
2205.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jan 31 1992Cohen's error
2206.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Feb 04 1992Introduction to the Anti-viral archives, listing of
2208.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Feb 04 1992Anti-virus Product Info (PC)
2209.04DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Feb 04 1992Help: 1193 virus? (PC)
2210.04DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Feb 04 1992Michelangelo Virus in Florida too! (PC)
2211.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Feb 04 1992Maltese Amoeba / fao McAffe Associates (PC)
2212.04DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Feb 04 1992Ohio Virus? (PC)
2213.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Feb 04 1992Scramble (PC)
2214.0DYPSS1::TROXELLWed Feb 05 1992McAfee virus scanner Windows version at garbo.uwasa.fi (PC)
2215.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Feb 04 1992IBM Anti-Virus Product 2.1.9 (PC)
2216.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Feb 04 1992.SYS Infector Mentioned In Ferbrache's Book (PC)
2217.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Feb 04 1992Empire Virus/Central Point AV (PC)
2218.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Feb 04 1992virus or hardware failure ? (PC)
2219.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Feb 04 1992Flip Virus and Prof. Brunnstein (PC)
2220.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Feb 04 1992Naming conventions (PC)
2221.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Feb 04 1992VMS Virus detection (VAX/VMS)
2222.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Feb 04 1992Comment on Cohen (was re: Cohen's Error)
2223.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Feb 04 1992Collecting Infection Information for Paper.
2224.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Feb 04 1992(Beware the) Ides of March
2225.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 05 1992VIRUS WARNING - DaVinci Discovers Michelangelo (PC)
2226.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 05 1992More infected floppies from vendors (PC)
2227.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 05 1992Campana virus: how to cure it (PC)
2228.08DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 05 1992AUX files (PC)
2229.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 05 1992virus -> reset (PC)
2230.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 05 1992OHIO virus (PC)
2231.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 05 1992Will re-formatting a floppy remove ALL vires (PC)
2232.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 05 1992IBM PS/2 and CHKDSK ... (PC)
2233.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 05 1992Revised Product Test for VIRx, version 1.9 (PC)
2234.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 05 1992Revision to Product Test on Virex-PC (PC)
2235.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 05 19921193 virus? (PC)
2236.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 05 1992Unnecessary Formatting (PC)
2237.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 05 1992virus checker for DEC5
2238.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 05 1992UNIX scan for DOS Virus? (PC) (UNIX)
2239.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 05 1992Amiga Viruses and Anti-Viral Software (amiga)
2240.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 05 1992WORM programs at Xerox PARC
2241.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 05 1992"Polymorphic" viruses
2242.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 05 1992FAQ ? - locations of virus Signatures
2243.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 05 1992McAfee pgms update (PC)
2244.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 05 1992McAfee anti-virus programs updated on OAK
2245.0DYPSS1::TROXELLWed Feb 05 1992Anti-Virus Effort By All Constituencies
2246.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 07 1992problems with PS1 (PC)
2247.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 07 1992fprot 2.
2248.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 07 1992Details on Haifa virus (PC)
2249.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 07 1992SafeMBR and SCAN8.3B86 (PC)
2250.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 07 1992Virus: 17
2251.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 07 1992More about the '- -' virus. (PC)
2252.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 07 1992FPROT2
2253.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 07 1992different versions of F-PROT 2.
2254.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 07 1992Looking for old Apple ][ virus reference (Apple ][)
2255.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 07 1992Benign viruses & the original Xerox papers ...
2256.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 07 1992NCSA->Compuserve
2257.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 07 19922
2258.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 07 1992CVP articles available
2259.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 08 1992CERT Advisory - Michelangelo PC Virus Warning (PC)
2260.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 08 1992DAV/Sourcer/Rape (PC)
2261.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 08 1992What virus creates SD.INI? (PC)
2262.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 08 1992Memory Discrepancies (PC)
2263.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 08 1992Windows Scanner? (PC)
2264.05DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 08 1992Michaelangelo (PC)
2265.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 08 1992LZ virus found by McAffee NETSCAN and CLEANUP but not SCAN? (PC)
2266.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 08 1992WARNING: Data-diddler Empire variant found in USA (PC)
2267.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 08 1992More Michelangelo infected Disks (PC)
2268.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 08 1992Amiga Virus History wanted. (Amiga)
2269.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 08 1992Virus-Paper (It will be in german !)
2270.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 08 1992Michelangelo threat (PC)
2271.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 08 1992Remedy for Michelangelo (PC)
2272.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 08 1992yet another commercial Michelangelo (PC)
2273.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 08 1992two small comments (PC)
2274.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 08 1992Help! Michelangelo and Windows (PC)
2275.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 08 1992Micro Cops Virus????? (PC)
2276.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 08 1992Virus Descriptions
2277.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 08 1992FP-2
2278.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 08 1992CLEAN86B/NETSC86B anti-virals uploaded to SIMTEL2
2279.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 08 1992Yankee Doodle ... What does it do? (PC)
2280.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 08 1992Michaelangelo ID sigs comp/w Stoned (PC)
2281.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 08 1992Variant Virus (PC)
2282.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 08 1992Unknown virus ?? (PC)
2283.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 08 1992Which anti-virus should I get? (PC)
2284.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 08 1992Ohio on 3.5??? (PC)
2285.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 08 1992Bezrukov's virus naming scheme (PC)
2286.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 12 1992FixMBR & very large disks (PC)
2287.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 12 1992Error in VALIDATE numbers for FIXUTIL24 (PC)
2288.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 12 1992Michaelangelo 35. & B drive (PC)
2289.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 12 1992BITCOM as a Vehical for Spreading Michaelangelo (PC)
2290.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 12 1992uh oh ... (PC)
2291.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 12 1992Thanks for info on SD.INI (PC)
2292.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 12 1992CIAC Bulletin C-15: Michelangelo Virus (PC)
2293.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 12 1992Polymorphic/Multipartite
2294.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 12 1992Fprot v2.
2295.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 12 1992Files uploaded on risc (pc)
2296.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 14 1992Campana virus (PC)
2297.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 14 1992Maltese Amoeba? (PC)
2298.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 14 1992HELP: Memory Wierdness...Possibly Virus... (PC)
2299.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 14 1992Need info on "Hay" or "Haymaker" virus (PC)
2300.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 14 1992F-PROT says IMV.COM is a virus (PC)
2301.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 14 1992unremoveable michelangelo virus (PC)
2302.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 14 1992clean up v85 destroys floppy (PC)
2303.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 14 1992Info on Atari ST and Mac viruses (Mac) (Atari ST)
2304.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 14 1992Slade addresses
2305.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 14 1992Bug in SCANv86b?? (PC)
2306.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 14 1992Commercial virus releases.. (PC)
2307.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 14 1992Are there any viruses that disable both floppies? (PC)
2308.028DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 14 1992Which Package is Best? (PC)
2309.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 14 1992Michaelangelo sigs comp./w stoned (PC)
2310.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 14 1992Device Names (PC)
2311.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 14 1992mac virus scan/protection (Mac)
2312.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 14 1992Soliciting opinions
2313.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 14 1992Pathology of computer viruses
2314.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 14 1992SUMMARY: Polymorphic viruses (Long, sorry)
2315.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 14 1992VIRx v2.
2316.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 14 1992VIRX2
2317.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 15 1992Maltese Amoeba report (PC)
2318.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 15 1992STONED on MSDOS 4.
2319.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 15 1992System Troubles... (PC)
2320.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 15 1992Info wanted on the Form virus (PC)
2321.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 15 1992"Variant" virus (PC)
2322.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 15 1992Yankee Doodle (PC)
2323.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 15 1992Dark Avenger on vendor disks (PC)
2324.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 15 1992Viruses and Backups (PC)
2325.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 15 1992Mirrors virus info? (PC)
2326.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 15 1992Cinderella virus/ does VSHIELD work? (PC)
2327.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 15 1992Biological analogy
2328.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 15 1992List of all viruses available?
2329.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 15 1992virx2
2330.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 15 1992VIRX2
2331.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 15 1992VIRx 2.
2332.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 15 1992Request for virus information (PC)
2333.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 15 1992DSZBREAK.* Virus (PC)
2334.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 15 1992Michaelangelo's ID bytes (PC)
2335.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 15 1992SOFTWAR- 1985 book with TROJAN HORSE theme
2336.05DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 15 1992Houston Chronicle report on Michelangelo (PC)
2337.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 19 1992New original disks with Michelangelo (PC)
2338.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 19 1992Intel enters the game (PC)
2339.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 19 1992Floppy boot sectors & viruses (PC)
2340.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 19 1992Network World 1
2341.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 19 1992Non-inanimate Michelangelo (PC)
2342.05DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 19 1992WDEF infection at a school (Mac)
2343.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 20 1992VirX 2.
2344.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 20 1992112 byte AUX files (PC)
2345.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 20 1992New virus - ROBERTB (PC)
2346.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 20 1992"Stoned" & Win MS-DOS 4.
2347.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 20 1992Fprot on XT Computer (PC)
2348.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 20 1992Trojaned SCAN (87) (again) (PC) (sorry for all the parens)
2349.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 20 1992SOFTWAR
2350.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 20 1992Latest Test Of PC Virus Packages By NCSA
2351.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 20 1992Houston Chronicle report and Michelangelo (PC)
2352.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 20 1992Michelangelo (2nd try) (PC)
2353.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 20 1992Homegrown virus defense (PC)
2354.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 20 1992dir a: doesn't work (PC)
2355.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 20 1992Michelangelo Damage Control (PC)
2356.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 20 1992Distribution of Mich. virus by Meridian (Data?) (PC)
2357.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 20 1992Virus on CPAV (PC)
2358.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 20 1992LibertyII virus (PC)
2359.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 20 1992Info requested on Stoned, Brain, Israeli (PC)
2360.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 20 1992Cascade/x17
2361.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 20 1992F-PROT2
2362.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 20 1992Michaelangelo on Distribution Discs (PC)
2363.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 20 1992Michelangelo virus story in The Washington Post
2364.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 21 1992System clocks and Michelangelo (PC)
2365.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 21 1992V-Care Antivirus Expert System (PC)
2366.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 21 1992Problems with VSHIELD v86B and WS-WORD 5.
2367.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 21 19927.6V8
2368.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 21 1992Root Directory Virus (PC)
2369.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 21 1992Amiga anti-virus info (Amiga)
2370.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 21 1992fullview program (PC)
2371.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Feb 21 1992Book review
2372.05DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992exact damage of Michelangelo on 3-
2373.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992VSHIELD v86 bug? (PC)
2374.04DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992Preventing virus infection by disabling the hard disk (PC)
2375.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992Joshi report available. (PC)
2376.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992AUX, Mirror, etc (PC)
2377.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992auxfiles (PC)
2378.09DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992FORMS virus (PC)
2379.05DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992Boot Sector Virus Infections (In General) (PC)
2380.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992CIAC Bulletin (PC)
2381.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992RE:Intel enters the game (PC)
2382.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992Latest Test of Anti-Virus Packages by NCSA (PC)
2383.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992On disinfecting floppy disks (PC)
2384.022DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992Michelangelo (PC)
2385.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992DOS virus scanner for UNIX system. (PC) (UNIX)
2386.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992Executive Guide To Computer Viruses" From NCSA?
2387.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992VIRUS ALERT: New Mac Virus (Mac)
2388.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992Conflicting Software & Odd Behaviour (PC)
2389.05DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992F-Prot 2.
2390.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992Latest Test Of PC Virus Packages By NCSA (PC)
2391.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992FTP Site for Norton Anti-Virus (PC)
2392.08DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992F-prot and non-executable files (PC)
2393.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992Stoned, Michaelangelo, Boot Sector ReLocation (PC)
2394.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992Memory discrepancies in DOS (PC)
2395.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992Information (PC)
2396.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992Tracking of Michaelangelo (PC)
2397.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992Simple IBM PC virus (PC)
2398.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992PC COMPUTING article on Anti-virals (PC)
2399.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992Virus statistics sought
2400.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992Michelangelo on ARTEC AM25 3 button mouse driver disk (PC)
2401.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992looking for... (PC)
2402.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992Device Drivers, Enough with the AUX awreddy (PC)
2403.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992WP.EXE appended to, up front (PC)
2404.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992Michelangelo information requested for article (PC)
2405.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992how not to recover data after Michelangelo (PC)
2406.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992Wierd Joshi (PC)
2407.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992Weird Joshi - Correction (PC)
2408.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992Caching Removable Drives (PC)
2409.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992Michelangelo's handicaps. (PC)
2410.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992Michelangelo hits Sandia from a vendor (PC)
2411.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992PolyMorphic
2412.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 22 1992Trojan Horse exact definition?
2413.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 26 1992Query about peculiar CHKDSK results (PC)
2414.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 26 1992Jeff virus!!!!! (PC)
2415.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 26 1992Basics (PC)
2416.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 26 1992On reformatting floppies to remove infections (PC)
2417.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 26 1992Quick way to check for Mich on PC's (PC)
2418.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 26 1992What does Ping Pong B virus do? (PC)
2419.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 26 1992Distributing info and shareware
2420.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 26 1992"Executive Guide to Computer Viruses" from NCSA?
2421.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 26 1992General Virus information ?
2422.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 26 1992Disinfectant 2.6 (Mac)
2423.05DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 26 1992Will Write Protection Prevent Virus Infection? (PC)
2424.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 26 1992vdefend from PC-Tools 7.1 and Mcaffee clean (PC)
2425.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 26 1992Solution to DOS 2.11/F-Prot problem (PC)
2426.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 26 1992F-PROT 2.
2427.06DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 26 1992Surviving warm reboot (PC)
2428.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 26 1992Non dectable Virus (Amiga)
2429.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 26 1992viruses in general-=help
2430.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 26 1992Why couldn't Clean-up v.86 clean Ohio? (PC)
2431.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 26 1992Question on Michelangelo Date-Trigger (PC)
2432.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 26 1992Verbatim Disks & Michaelangelo (PC)
2433.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 26 1992Michaelangelo follow-up (PC)
2434.08DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Feb 26 1992Virus Calendar
2435.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 27 1992Norton AntiVirus Michelangelo Edition (PC)
2436.04DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 27 1992Another Michelangelo question... (PC)
2437.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 27 1992Help Needed to Recover from the Stoned Virus (PC)
2438.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 27 1992Information on FORM and Azusa sought (PC)
2439.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 27 1992IBM PC Virus or Set Up Problem? (PC)
2440.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 27 1992Michelangelo and 3.5" diskettes (PC)
2441.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 27 1992DOS 5 FDISK /MBR (PC)
2442.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 27 1992Bootable floppies and FixFBR (PC)
2443.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 27 1992MBDF Suspects Arrested (Mac)
2444.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 27 1992Alleged MBDF virus-creators arrested at Cornell (Mac)
2445.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 27 1992Alleged MBDF virus-creators arrested at Cornell
2446.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 27 1992book recommendation????
2447.05DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 27 1992A quick Michelangelo question (PC)
2448.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 27 1992Joshi information, please (PC)
2449.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 27 1992Review of ViruSafe (PC)
2450.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 27 1992Revision to Product Test 41, VIRx, Version 2.
2451.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 27 1992Revised Product Test 23, Virex-PC, Version 2.1 (PC)
2452.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 27 1992Revision to Product Test 12, Virucide, Version 2.37 (PC)
2453.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Feb 27 1992Revised Product Test 17, F-PROT, Version 2.
2454.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 29 1992Silly Season is Early (PC)
2455.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 29 1992FProt a good bet for unexperienced user? (PC)
2456.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 29 1992Scan False Alert (PC)
2457.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 29 1992mutated FORM? (PC)
2458.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 29 1992Amiga Virus ? (Amiga)
2459.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 29 1992Houston Chronicle, Edmonton Journal and the media in general
2460.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 29 1992Kamikaze virus? (PC)
2461.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 29 19923.5 Michaelangelo (PC)
2462.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 29 1992Automatic Virus Removal Question (PC)
2463.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 29 1992DOS PC Virus? Help? (PC)
2464.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 29 1992Commercially-Available Michelangelo (PC)
2465.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 29 1992False Rumor about Virus (PC)
2466.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 29 1992Help me identify a virus? (PC)
2467.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 29 1992Symantec AntiVirus (Michelangelo only) code? (PC)
2468.04DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 29 1992V2P6 VIRUS (PC)
2469.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 29 1992CIAC Bulletin C-17: MBDF A on Macintosh (Mac)
2470.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 29 1992Cornell MBDF Press Release (Mac)
2471.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 29 1992Mac MDBF and SAM 3.
2472.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 29 1992fixutil3 from A. Padgett Peterson (PC)
2473.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 29 1992WP.EXE appended to, up front, solved (PC)
2474.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 29 1992Scan False Alarm (PC)
2475.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 29 1992Will re-formatting a floppy remove ALL viruses (PC)
2476.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 29 1992TIME virus (PC)
2477.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 29 1992crypto-FORM virus? (PC)
2478.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 29 1992Timescar (Mac)
2479.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Feb 29 1992Postscript Joshi report available. (PC)
2480.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992Introduction to the Anti-viral archives, listing of
2481.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992Brief guide to files formats, last changed 11 February 1992
2482.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992Just wondering re Jerusalem-B, Michelangelo? (PC)
2483.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992Request for information re Brain, Jerusalem B, Stoned (PC)
2484.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992New Viruses ? Bloomington,FLOM (PC)
2485.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992McAfee's CLEAN and F-Prot against FORM virus (PC)
2486.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992Damage Tally Proposal - Michelangelo (PC)
2487.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992Who knew his Birthday? (PC)
2488.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992What is the best way to protect against Michelangelo (PC)
2489.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992ircop!Help! (PC)
2490.03DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992Drug Rehab - Stoned (PC)
2491.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992Print screen virus? (PC)
2492.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992McAfee SCAN or VSHIELD pickup Michelangelo? (PC)
2493.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992Disabling boot from floppy? (PC)
2494.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992bulk eraser
2495.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992Virus-L on a CD-ROM?
2496.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992More on SCAN87 (albeit belatedly) (PC)
2497.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992"2,4
2498.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992What does the Tequilla virus do? (PC)
2499.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992Virus protection in OS? (PC)
2500.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992F-PROT on DOS 2.xx (PC)
2501.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992Michelangelo Confused w/Joshi (PC)
2502.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992joshirep.doc/ps on risc (PC)
2503.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992about Michelangelo (PC)
2504.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992Alamo Virus? (PC)
2505.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992Viruses in general
2506.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992hiding hard drives (PC)
2507.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992Weird Joshi (PC)
2508.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992Request for Info on Lisbon Virus (PC)
2509.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992False Positives with Virus Scanners (PC)
2510.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992Problem with McAfee CLEAN against the FORM virus (PC)
2511.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992Michelangelo question (PC)
2512.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992Fprot 2.2
2513.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 03 1992Manufacturing of software (GENERAL)
2514.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992New Virus TROI (PC)
2515.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992disabling drive through CMOS (PC)
2516.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992F-PROT and Tandon PAC (PC)
2517.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992WARNING : Michelangelo on AI textbook disk (Kosko) (PC)
2518.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992Which Package is Best (PC)
2519.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992MBDF A on an SE? (Mac)
2520.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992Mac virus "ACNE"?? Any info? (Mac)
2521.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992New virus SLOVAKIA 3.
2522.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992FDISK/MBR (PC)
2523.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992Viruses and Operating System Manufacturers (PC)
2524.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992Michaelangelo and Stoned (PC)
2525.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992a question re PKLITE and LZEXE (PC)
2526.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992Michelangelo on Nightline and thank you for information (PC)
2527.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992Question about TP44 (PC)
2528.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992Need info on No-Int (Stoned) virus (PC)
2529.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992Shipping Michaelangelo (PC)
2530.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992Vshield and OS/2 (PC) (OS/2)
2531.05DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992Antiviral features in operating systems?
2532.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992Michelangelo down south (way down south!) (PC)
2533.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992F-PROT shows - SBC virus? (PC)
2534.05DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992Maltese Amoeba virus (PC)
2535.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992List of Viruses and Effects??? (PC)
2536.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992Michelangelo found - Symbol Technologies (PC)
2537.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992DOS total memory check says we're infected but... (PC)
2538.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992another simple Michaelangelo question (PC)
2539.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992Drug Rehad - Stoned (PC)
2540.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992Will these find Mich? (PC)
2541.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992WARNING: MBDF-A can spread on Plus and SE using System 7 (Mac)
2542.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992WARNING: Macintosh users of PC-emulators, beware of PC-viruses (Mac)
2543.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992Bulk Erasers
2544.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992Michelangelo (again?, YEP!) (PC)
2545.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992Ides of Friday (pls read) (PC)
2546.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992Cinderella Virus (PC)
2547.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992Problems with D: drives (PC)
2548.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992Michelangelo- blem wit with MEM/C (PC)
2549.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992Kamikaze virus (PC)
2550.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992Request for Michelangelo advice (PC)
2551.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992looking for... HD Write Protection (PC)
2552.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992FDISK /MBR with stealth viruses? (PC)
2553.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992OS/2 Virus Protection Programs (OS/2)
2554.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 05 1992Can DOS viruses run under SUN DOS Windows? (PC) (UNIX)
2555.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 07 1992accessing non-existing HD (PC)
2556.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 07 1992Glitch in Padgett's fixutil3.zip collection of utilities (PC)
2557.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 07 1992More about CLEAN 8.3B86 and the Form virus (PC)
2558.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 07 1992Validation numbers for FixMBR24.EXE (PC)
2559.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 07 1992Bugsres-2 Joke program? (PC)
2560.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 07 1992Michelangelo and JOSHI (PC)
2561.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 07 1992Qusetions about fprot (PC)
2562.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 07 1992Michelangelo virus found at U of Utah (PC)
2563.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 07 1992Norton AV Problem-- Destroyed Extended Partition??? (PC)
2564.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 07 1992Phone in Michelangelo (PC)
2565.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 07 1992F-PROT "SBC" false positive (PC)
2566.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 07 1992Mac users and PC/MS-DOS Viral Programs (Mac)
2567.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 07 1992OS/2 and DOS viruses??? (PC) (OS/2)
2568.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 07 1992Ides of March conference schedule
2569.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 07 1992Michelangelo (again!) (PC)
2570.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 07 1992Clean 86b and DIR-2 (PC)
2571.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 07 1992Network virus ? (PC)
2572.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 07 1992Sorry, more questions about Michelangelo (PC)
2573.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 07 1992Integrity Checking in BIOS (PC)
2574.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 07 1992re:Keyboard problem (PC)
2575.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 07 1992Michelangelo, the name (PC)
2576.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 07 1992Michaelangelo-Only NAV Available (PC)
2577.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 07 1992Michelangelo news brief from The Washington Post (PC)
2578.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 07 1992Michelangelo attacks Unix? (PC) (UNIX)
2579.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 07 1992Michaelangelo virus info for PC-bases UNIX system users (PC) (UNIX)
2580.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 07 1992Virus history question.
2581.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992"Closing" your HardDisk (PC)
2582.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992Novell Anti-Virus??? (PC)
2583.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992Stoned/Friday 13th Outbreak. (PC)
2584.04DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992FDISK /MBR and Stealth viruses. (PC)
2585.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992False reports from vshield 86b? (PC)
2586.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992Power of the Michelangelo Author (PC)
2587.09DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992Measuring Michelangelo (PC)
2588.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992Discovery of Michalangelo Virus. (PC)
2589.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992F-prot, removing Stoned (no int) from non-bootable floppy (PC)
2590.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992The cost of Michelangelo (PC)
2591.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992Why not Virus protection built in in DOS (a FAQ?) (PC)
2592.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992Michelangelo story (PC)
2593.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992Friday the 13th virus?? (PC)
2594.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992Norton Anti-Virus and Stacker 2.
2595.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992No-Int (Stoned) Virus (PC)
2596.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992Initial Micelangelo reports (PC)
2597.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992Hard drive destruction
2598.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992The Washington Post: Michelangelo story of March 5 (PC)
2599.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992The Washington Post news story, March 6. (PC)
2600.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992The Washington Post news story, March 7. (PC)
2601.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992string for Slovakia (PC)
2602.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992recover from michelangelo? (PC)
2603.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992Michaelangelo media hype (PC)
2604.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992Handling ''Stoned'' floppy (PC)
2605.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992Is F-prot on Compuserve? (PC)
2606.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992Question on Empire virus (PC)
2607.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992Help on KeyPress Virus (PC)
2608.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992Questions about the Stoned Virus (PC)
2609.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992False positive on "Telecom" virus ?? (PC)
2610.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992A "sometimes workable" solution for the FORM virus (PC)
2611.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992Lozinsky, Invader, and Kamakasi (PC)
2612.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992Tally Reminder, etc. (PC)
2613.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992Operating System Virus Checking (PC)
2614.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992How much memory in a PC? (PC)
2615.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992F-PROT and invalid Programs (PC)
2616.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992Antiviral features in operating systems
2617.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992Virus Research Grants
2618.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992Stealth Bomber version 2.2 (PC)
2619.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992System clocks on PS/2 Model 3
2620.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992Frodo PC
2621.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992If I use stacker on my hard disk (PC)
2622.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992Write protection and Virus (PC)
2623.04DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992Stealth Virus (PC)
2624.03DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992McAfee 8.3B86 and EDV - *HELP* (PC)
2625.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992dir-2 virus (PC)
2626.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992Damage Tally (PC)
2627.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992Friday the 13th info (Mich. date) (PC)
2628.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992Virus description text file...? (PC)
2629.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992Grain of Sand virus (PC, signatures)
2630.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992Operating System Remedies
2631.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992new anti-virus uploads (PC)
2632.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 10 1992Sent me E-mail lately ?
2633.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 12 1992Administrivia - Forged comp.virus posting
2634.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 12 1992Survey questions (PC)
2635.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 12 1992who knew his birthday (PC)
2636.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 12 1992Origins of Michaelangelo (PC)
2637.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 12 1992i've lost my memory. (PC)
2638.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 12 1992DIR-II (PC)
2639.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 12 1992Virus and distribution disks (GENERAL)
2640.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 12 1992Michelangelo Aftermath (PC)
2641.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 12 1992Slight Improvement in MS_Dos Based security. (PC)
2642.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 12 1992invader found in killer.com (PC)
2643.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 12 1992Protection from Boot Sector Viruses.
2644.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 12 1992New virus Milena(PC)
2645.010DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 12 1992Origins of viruses
2646.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 12 1992Thunder Byte Board (PC)
2647.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 12 1992F-prot + Novell + Windows problem! (PC)
2648.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 12 1992Virus Calender.
2649.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 12 1992Corporate response to Mich (PC)
2650.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 12 1992OS/2 and viruses (OS/2)
2651.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 17 1992DOS version Backward incompatibility (PC)
2652.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 17 19925.
2653.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 17 1992Disk Compression (PC) (maybe Mac)
2654.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 17 1992Michelangello effects around the world (PC)
2655.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 17 1992Probably bogus warning & virus reporting (PC)
2656.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 17 1992Has anyone seen this before? (PC)
2657.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 17 1992Frodo (PC)
2658.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 17 1992Virus Signatures and other research data?
2659.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 17 1992Michelangelo Virus Hysteria Syndrome (humor) (PC)
2660.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 18 1992Hard drive destruction (by virus or trojan) (PC)
2661.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 18 1992Stacker and viruses (PC)
2662.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 18 1992false alarms in Pro-Cite, etc (PC)
2663.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 18 1992Michelangelo 2nd time around (PC)
2664.05DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 18 1992Mardi Bros (PC)
2665.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 18 1992CPAV signatures updates (PC)
2666.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 18 1992New (I think) virus: TROI VIRUS (PC)
2667.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 18 1992Looking for Amiga Anti-Virus Authors (Amiga)
2668.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 18 1992Integrity features in operating systems
2669.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 18 1992Site for Anti-Virus software
2670.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 18 1992VIRx21 availability (PC)
2671.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 18 1992new files available (PC)
2672.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 18 1992Virx21.zip on risc (PC)
2673.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Mar 18 1992new TBSCAN uploaded to oak.oakland.edu (PC)
2674.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Revision to Product Test 3
2675.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Revision to Product Test 9, Disinfectant, Version 2.6 (Mac)
2676.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Revised Product Test 2
2677.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Revision to Product Test 44, Rival, Version 1.1.9 (Mac)
2678.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Revision to Product Test 1
2679.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Revision to Product Test # 36, CPAV, February 1992 (PC)
2680.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992BBS danger myth
2681.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Antiviral protection background
2682.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Checklist part 1
2683.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Checklist part 2
2684.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Checklist part 3
2685.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Checklist part 4
2686.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Checklist part 5
2687.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992WARNING: New Macintosh virus (Mac)
2688.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Stalking the Wily FAQ
2689.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Telecom/Anti-tel (PC)
2690.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Bogus report of Michelangelo in Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems (PC)
2691.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992November 3
2692.04DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992INFO wanted: BBS methods of virus detection (PC)
2693.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992MBRs & FDISK /MBR (PC)
2694.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992MBR-infectors, DOS 5 and FDISK /MBR (PC)
2695.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992central point software (PC)
2696.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992TROI virus (PC)
2697.07DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992F-PROT warning: false positive? (PC)
2698.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Stoned/Azusa/McAfee's SCAN & CLEAN (PC)
2699.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992New Amiga linkvirus? (Amiga)
2700.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992VIRUS-L/comp.virus FAQ, 19 March 1992
2701.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Help: Yankee Doodle Virus (PC)
2702.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Virus Calendar (PC)
2703.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992DIR Virus (PC)
2704.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992michaelangelo attack summary (PC)
2705.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992New variant of Friday 13th ? (PC)
2706.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992MBR & BR replacements (PC)
2707.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Norton quote (PC)
2708.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992TNTVIRUS and LIBERTY II (PC)
2709.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992List of known viruses and their effects (PC)
2710.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Michel Angelo I am going to get you. (PC)
2711.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Fdisk /mbr and Jonah virus? (PC)
2712.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Question: ZipLab and BBSes checking for viruses (PC)
2713.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992TBScanX question (PC)
2714.07DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Joshi Virus (PC)
2715.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Looking for parascan (PC)
2716.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992FLIP virus... (PC)
2717.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Viruses in Depth course
2718.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Michelangelo HELP!!! (PC)
2719.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Stoned Help! (PC)
2720.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992FORM in mem (PC)
2721.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Have you ever seen ....... (PC)
2722.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992f-prot shows FLIP on VSAFE (PC)
2723.06DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Warning about Mutation Engine (PC)
2724.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Recovery from a New Zealand Strike? (PC)
2725.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Protection from boot-sector viruses (PC)
2726.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Help viruses !!! (PC)
2727.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Michelangelo ... just for the record (PC)
2728.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992Stoned/Michelangelo/etc overwriting partition (PC)
2729.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992"new" Troi Virus. (PC)
2730.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992SCAN + VIRx Conflict (PC)
2731.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992SVC-5.
2732.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992DOS sector naming convention (PC)
2733.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 21 1992**Information on anti-virus program** (PC)
2734.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 24 1992Help on Yankee Doodle virus (PC)
2735.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 24 1992St. Patrick's Day Virus? (PC)
2736.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 24 1992Michaelangelo & Noint (PC)
2737.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 24 1992FDISK /MBR (PC)
2738.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 24 1992Virus Question (PC)
2739.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 24 1992chkdsk reporting 654336 total memory (PC)
2740.05DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 24 1992polymorph virus questions (PC)
2741.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 24 1992Virus Signatures and other research data? (PC)
2742.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 24 1992Combat - a virus? (PC)
2743.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 24 1992VIRUSes (was Re: Unix based FITS table browsers?) (UNIX)
2744.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 24 1992Mac anti-viral site no longer available (Mac)
2745.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 24 1992Scan via email and shure FAQ (PC)
2746.04DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 24 1992Network Viruses (PC)
2747.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 24 1992F-Prot false positive? (PC)
2748.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 24 1992SBC Virus identified by F-PROT (PC)
2749.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 24 1992Michelangelo bug ? (PC)
2750.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 24 1992Victor Charlie program (PC)
2751.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 24 1992ParaScan (PC)
2752.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 24 1992bogus virus and vshield? (PC)
2753.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 24 1992Central Point and OS/2? (OS/2)
2754.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Mar 24 1992Checklist part 6
2755.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 26 1992Brush with No-Int (PC)
2756.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 26 1992Michelangelo, news and backup tapes (PC)
2757.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 26 1992VIRUS-L.ZIP available
2758.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 26 1992More MBRs (PC)
2759.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 26 1992Fprot & 2to1 (PC)
2760.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 26 1992Floppy Disk Boot Records (PC)
2761.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 26 1992Wanted: Info about "Form" virus (PC)
2762.010DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 26 1992Increasing CBCS Security (PC)
2763.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 26 1992Disinfectant 2.7 (Mac)
2764.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 26 1992Viruses and epidemiology
2765.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 26 1992FAQ list cumbersomely long: split it up?
2766.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 26 1992The Ed McMahon Virus (Humor)
2767.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 26 1992Naming questions (PC)
2768.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 26 1992IBM boot message non-virus (PC)
2769.05DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 26 1992Stoned, No-Int, and SCANV86B (PC)
2770.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 26 1992Dir-II virus (PC)
2771.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 26 1992False reports from heuristic analysis (PC)
2772.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 26 1992Disk Compression and Anti-Viruses (PC)
2773.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 26 1992DOS version backward compatibility (PC)
2774.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 26 1992Which Package is Best? (PC) (Clarification)
2775.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 26 1992Disinfectant 2.7 Withdrawn (Mac)
2776.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 26 1992Disinfectant 2.7.1 (Mac)
2777.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 26 1992Network Viruses (not just PC)
2778.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 26 1992What does "Reverse Engineering" include?
2779.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 26 1992CRCs- How do they work?
2780.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Mar 26 1992Doing research for speech on viruses
2781.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 27 1992Shareware Detectors wanted (PC)
2782.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 27 1992FREE Virus? (PC)
2783.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 27 1992Stupid questions about booting (PC)
2784.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 27 1992Filler virus & SCAN/CLEAN (PC)
2785.03DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 27 1992Microsoft Word 5.
2786.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 27 1992Vax Virus & Patricia Hoffman (VAX/VMS)
2787.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 27 1992Early (1974) virus reference is incorrect.
2788.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 27 1992Network Viruses
2789.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 27 1992International virus symbol.
2790.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 27 1992FAQ responses
2791.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Mar 27 1992VIRUS-L.FAQ available for FREQ on FIDO
2792.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 28 1992Problems with f-prot rebooting the system (PC)
2793.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Mar 28 1992OS/2 bug or virus? (OS/2)
2794.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 01 1992Filler warning with SCAN & CPAV (PC)
2795.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 01 1992New Virus???? (PC)
2796.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 01 1992Stoned, No-Int, Michelangelo, & Scanners (PC)
2797.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 01 1992Networks and viruses (PC) (Novell)
2798.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 01 1992Virus-L FAQ available by E-Mail request
2799.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 01 1992FTP site for Virus Simulations! (PC)
2800.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 01 1992McAfee V89B anti-virals uploaded to SIMTEL2
2801.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 02 1992Patricia Hoffman (PC)
2802.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 02 1992PS/2, 639K Ram reported (PC)
2803.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 02 1992help - green catepillar! (PC)
2804.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 02 1992Question about Central Point VSAFE message (PC)
2805.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 02 1992XCOPY under OS/2 (OS/2)
2806.05DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 02 1992heuristic scanners
2807.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 02 1992Virus Icon/Logo
2808.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 02 1992International Virus Symbol...
2809.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 02 1992New Anti-Viral Site!!
2810.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 02 1992Telephonica and Floppy Discs (PC)
2811.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 02 1992639k on PS/2s (PC)
2812.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 02 1992Strange things... (PC)
2813.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 02 1992Protection from Boot Sector Viruses (PC)
2814.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 02 1992Novell Security (PC)
2815.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 02 1992Stoned/SBC (PC)
2816.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 02 1992PC virus scanners under UNIX? (PC) (UNIX)
2817.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 02 1992COPS (security package) for VMS? (VAX/VMS)
2818.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 02 1992Re:Vax Virus & Patricia Hoffman (VAX/VMS)
2819.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 02 1992APL virus reference
2820.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 02 1992some 89B from McAfee Associates (PC)
2821.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 02 1992New files on risc
2822.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 02 1992Latest McAfee on beach and eugene (PC)
2823.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 02 1992VSUMX2
2824.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 02 1992Checklist part 7
2825.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 03 1992Introduction to the Anti-viral archives listing of
2826.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 03 1992Archive access without anonymous ftp last changed
2827.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 03 1992Brief guide to files formats last changed 1
2828.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 03 1992Amiga Anti-viral archive sites last changed 3
2829.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 03 1992Apple II Anti-viral archive sites last changed
2830.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 03 1992Atari ST Anti-viral archive sites last changed
2831.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 03 1992Anti-viral Documentation archive sites last changed 24 March 1992
2832.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 03 1992IBMPC Anti-viral archive sites last changed 3
2833.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 03 1992Macintosh Anti-viral archive sites last changed 3
2834.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 03 1992Unix security archive sites last changed 3
2835.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 03 1992Elated virus (PC)
2836.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 03 1992McAfee V89B anti-virals uploaded to SIMTEL2
2837.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 03 1992MDISK & FDISK - Are they the same? (PC)
2838.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 03 1992OMICROM virus (PC)
2839.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 03 1992Vshield vs Word (PC)
2840.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 03 1992virus classification? (PC)
2841.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 03 1992help on writing scanner (PC)
2842.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 03 1992Heuristic scanner flaws (PC)
2843.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 03 1992Printer, printer, sing a song...
2844.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 03 1992Research help...Please :)
2845.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 03 1992Virus "Hot Days"
2846.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 03 1992BEACH is still alive!!
2847.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 08 1992Removing BS viruses with McAfee CLEAN (PC).
2848.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 08 1992VET and INT13 (PC)
2849.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 08 1992Re Protection from Boot Sector Viruses (PC)
2850.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 08 1992Questions about AAVIRUS (PC)
2851.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 08 1992Post March 6 Michelangelo Infections (PC)
2852.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 08 1992some research subjects, info wanted
2853.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 08 1992New Anti-viral Product Announcement
2854.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 08 1992IBM Anti-virus Service (PC)
2855.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 08 1992FP-2
2856.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 08 1992FP-2
2857.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 08 1992Anti-virus software info wanted (PC)
2858.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 08 1992Virus surving format (PC)
2859.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 08 1992New SAM Defn File - e-mail or post? (Mac)
2860.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 08 1992anti-virus BBSes
2861.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 08 1992Origins of viruses (ie: Elk Cloner - Apple ][)
2862.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 08 1992Virus protection in general
2863.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 08 1992Computer Hazzard Symbol
2864.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 08 1992FP-2
2865.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 08 1992VDS2
2866.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 08 1992Checklist part 8
2867.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 08 1992McAfee Associates Moving to New Address (PC)
2868.05DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 11 1992Defence from mutating viruses. (PC)
2869.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 11 1992home made anti-virus tricks and questions (PC)
2870.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 11 1992Queries about F-Prot 2.
2871.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 11 1992The word 'Cascade' in my hardware ?? (PC)
2872.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 11 1992Boot Record Disinfection (DOS) (PC)
2873.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 11 1992LAN PROTECT by Intel?? (PC)
2874.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 11 1992OS/2 anti-virus programs (OS/2)
2875.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 11 1992Possible SYSMAN trojan horse (VAX/VMS)
2876.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 11 1992Does anyone know what are companies doing about viruses?
2877.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 11 1992Virus infection tracking
2878.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 11 1992International virus symbol..
2879.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 11 1992New files on Eugene
2880.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 11 1992New files on eugene again! (PC)
2881.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 11 1992New Integrity Master (PC)
2882.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 11 1992Viruses from DIR Command (PC)
2883.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 11 1992Polymorphic List (PC)
2884.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 11 1992Clarification on VDS 2.
2885.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 11 1992Virstop.exe version 2.
2886.04DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 11 1992Write protecting with software (PC)
2887.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 11 1992New Anti-viral Product Announcement (PC)
2888.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 11 1992HELP !!! FRANKIE-VIRUS and ALADIN ('ST)
2889.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 11 1992FAQ & files available by E-Mail
2890.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 11 1992NY Newsday Article on McAfee & Viruses
2891.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Apr 12 1992Norton Optlink & Heuristics (PC)
2892.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Apr 12 1992Polymorphic listing, Stealth in memory (PC)
2893.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Apr 12 1992Intel LANProtect (PC)
2894.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Apr 12 1992Mutation Detection (PC)
2896.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Apr 12 1992Vlad the Inhaler? (Win 3.1 upgrade) (PC)
2897.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Apr 12 1992New Anti-viral ... (PC)
2898.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Apr 12 1992mystery TSR ... (PC)
2899.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Apr 12 1992NETSCAN 89B and NET$OBJ.SYS (PC)
2900.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Apr 12 1992Wanted: Virus Jokes
2901.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 16 1992LANs, Viruses, & Detection (PC)
2902.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 16 1992Norton Optlink... (PC)
2903.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 16 1992Viruses, humor, and then some (PC)
2904.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 16 1992VDS... (PC)
2905.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 16 1992netscan and net$obj.sys (PC)
2906.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 16 1992Nightline on Michelangelo (PC)
2907.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 16 1992RE:Vesselin B. on NOVELL-VIRUS in #87. (PC)
2908.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 16 1992Questions about Virus Authors
2909.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 22 1992Mac announcement - new virus (Mac)
2910.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 22 1992CODE 252 - urgent new virus warning. (Mac)
2911.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 22 1992best integrity checker? (PC)
2912.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 22 1992Novell virus, Jon David, etc. (PC)
2913.06DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 22 1992Viruses via MS Windows OLE? (PC)
2914.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 22 1992Ping-Pong virus (PC)
2915.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 22 1992Virstop Stops (PC)
2916.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 22 1992NET$OBJ.SYS / Netware (PC)
2917.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 22 1992Does any virus do this...? (PC)
2918.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 22 1992new version of virx available (PC)
2919.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 24 1992Banyan Vines "Trojan" identified (legitimate) (PC)
2920.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 24 1992Error in SCAN V89B ? (PC)
2921.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 24 1992re:VDS... (PC)
2922.04DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 24 1992Misinfo detected, A/R/ or name a Bulgarian virus (PC)
2923.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 24 1992Vesselin B. on NOVELL-VIRUS in #87. (PC)
2924.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 24 1992false alarms given by Virex (Mac)
2925.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 24 1992SYSMAN trojan followup (VAX/VMS)
2926.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 24 1992A kinder gentler Virus-L
2927.03DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 24 1992New files on eugene and beach (PC)
2928.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 24 1992I-M112.ZIP available (PC)
2929.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Apr 24 1992Review of Worldwide Vaccine
2930.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 25 1992The security problem in Novell NetWare (PC)
2931.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 25 1992F-Prot & DATAMON (PC)
2932.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 25 1992Question - Azusa (PC)
2933.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 25 1992On searchiong the original INt 13h (PC)
2934.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 25 1992Don't understand Norvegian infection... (PC)
2935.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 25 1992Polymorphic Viruses (PC)
2936.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 25 1992Question re anti-virus products (PC)
2937.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 25 1992New Datalock variant found (PC)
2938.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 25 1992Mutant detection (PC)
2939.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 25 1992Biohazard symbol for computer viruses?
2940.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 25 1992lies and damn lies
2941.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 25 1992CODE 252 Virus - Rival Vaccine info (Mac)
2942.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 25 1992Checklist part 9
2943.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 25 1992Bloody Virus (PC)
2944.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 25 1992Problem booting from c: Drive (PC)
2945.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 25 1992anti-virus BBSes (PC)
2946.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 25 1992F-Prot and Zeniths (PC)
2947.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 25 1992Combatting tunnelling viruses (was Re: Increasing CBCS Security (PC)
2948.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 25 1992windows screen saver or VIRUS? (PC)
2949.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 25 1992Disinfectant 2.8 (Mac)
2950.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 25 1992Virex UDV false positives confirmed (Mac)
2951.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 25 1992Checklist part 1
2952.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 25 1992Viruses & Poetry (Humor)
2953.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 25 1992Reading on Novell & virus defenses (PC)
2954.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 25 1992DIR-2 virus help needed (PC)
2955.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 25 1992Impossible error occurred in SCANV V89B (PC)
2956.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 25 1992I've been hit by a slooowing virus - have you ? (PC)
2957.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 25 1992HTSCAN17.ZIP - HTScan virus scanner v1.17; needs VSIGyy##.ZIP (PC)
2958.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 25 1992Update to Product Test PT-28, NAV, version 2.
2959.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Apr 25 1992Product Test # 52, VirusClean, version 2.15 (PC)
2960.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 29 1992Misinfo detected - 2 (PC)
2961.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 29 1992Misinfo detected - 3 (PC)
2962.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 29 1992Question about forms of the stoned virus (PC)
2963.04DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 29 1992F-PROT Cascade false alarm... (PC)
2964.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 29 1992New Myths #1: Infection during format (PC)
2965.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 29 1992New Myths #2: Boot viruses survive format (PC)
2966.012DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 29 1992Windows viruses? (PC)
2967.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 29 1992Extensions (was: Viruses via MS Windows OLE?) (PC)
2968.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 29 1992QEMM "stealth" and Anti-Viral Products (PC)
2969.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 29 1992Authentication of resident Anti-Viral programs (PC)
2970.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 29 1992help!!! (Apple ][gs)
2971.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 29 1992A short commercial break (was Re: lies and damn lies)
2972.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Apr 29 1992Check list Series avail for FTP?
2973.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 30 1992Searching INT 13H (PC)
2974.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 30 1992Unknown virus wrecking my system (PC)
2975.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 30 1992Virus Differences
2976.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 30 1992Addition to FAQ section
2977.04DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 30 1992Virus jokes (Humor!)
2978.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 30 1992Major Virus Alert (Humor!)
2979.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 30 1992Many files overwritten with nulls. Virus? (PC)
2980.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 30 1992URGENT Administrative crisis (PC)
2981.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 30 1992Bug in TBSCAN/VSIG92
2982.05DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 30 1992Starship virus (PC)
2983.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 30 1992Combatting tunnelling viruses (was Re: Increasing CBCS Security (P
2984.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 30 1992misconceptions about CRC in DDJ
2985.09DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 30 1992Why a good virus is a bad idea?
2986.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Apr 30 1992Checklist part 11
2987.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 02 1992Misinfo detected (PC)
2988.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 02 1992Joshi virus hit me, 4/28/92. (PC)
2989.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 02 1992Help Form Virus. (PC)
2990.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 02 1992Virus Detecting Disk Cache/Modem Protocol (PC)
2991.07DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 02 1992StarShip (PC)
2992.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 02 1992New files on risc (PC/Unix)
2993.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 02 1992Review list (was A short commercial break (was Re: lies and damn lies)
2994.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 02 1992Administrivia (duplicates, address change, FAQ update)
2995.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon May 11 1992More administrivia, when it rains it pours
2996.01DYPSS2::VIRUSMon May 11 1992Clarifications... (PC)
2997.02DYPSS2::VIRUSMon May 11 1992troi (PC)
2998.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon May 11 1992Corrected Virex/Code 252 UDV (Mac)
2999.02DYPSS2::VIRUSMon May 11 1992EuroMail Bomb Virus (Amiga)
3000.04DYPSS2::VIRUSMon May 11 1992(Primative ?) Question
3001.02DYPSS2::VIRUSMon May 11 1992Embedding Codes
3002.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon May 11 1992Comparison review chart
3003.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon May 11 19923th Week of Computing Systems Engineering...
3004.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon May 11 1992QEMM 'stealth' and anti-viral products (PC)
3005.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon May 11 1992How can I obtain The VSUM of Patricia Hoffman? (PC)
3006.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon May 11 1992Unknown virus wrecking (PC)
3007.02DYPSS2::VIRUSMon May 11 1992New Virus: Jose Demise (PC)
3008.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon May 11 1992VSUM - hypertext (PC)
3009.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon May 11 1992Invalid program message from F-Prot 2.
3010.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon May 11 1992Overlay files (PC)
3011.05DYPSS2::VIRUSMon May 11 1992Question about Michaelangelo (PC)
3012.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon May 11 1992defending VDS (PC)
3013.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon May 11 1992Checklist part 12
3014.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon May 11 1992Virus in Moria (PC)
3015.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon May 11 1992Oropax vs. SCAN (PC)
3016.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon May 11 1992A bug in SCAN's scanning engine (PC)
3017.01DYPSS2::VIRUSMon May 11 1992Warning on Netware console via CPAV (PC)
3018.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon May 11 1992M-disk for MS-DOS 5? (PC)
3019.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon May 11 1992Review of Worldwide Vaccine (PC)
3020.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon May 11 1992Embedding Codes (PC)
3021.03DYPSS2::VIRUSMon May 11 1992safe computing questions (PC)
3022.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon May 11 1992More defending VDS (PC)
3023.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon May 11 1992(Primitive ?) Question
3024.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon May 11 1992Anti-virus code in ROM
3025.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 13 1992Anti-Tel vs Telefonica (PC)
3026.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 13 1992"Safe PC" model update (PC)
3027.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 13 1992Troi Two (PC)
3028.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 13 1992PC virus spread (PC)
3029.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 13 1992EEPROM virus prevention
3030.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 13 1992Antivirus(A Hardware approach)
3031.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 13 1992Embedded viruses
3032.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed May 13 1992Is a "good virus" a bad idea?
3033.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 14 1992formatting system disks (PC)
3034.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 14 1992RE:Question about Michaelangelo (PC)
3035.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 14 1992New Virus: Joes Demise (PC)
3036.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 14 1992Lines of defense against viruses
3037.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 14 1992JOES DEMISE virus (PC)
3038.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 14 1992Virus hides in printer (again)
3039.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 14 1992Anti-Virus Hardware survey
3040.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 14 1992Checklist part 13 (almost finished)
3041.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 15 1992Anti-virus code in ROM (PC)
3042.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 15 1992VSHIELD says *.EXE infected with [K] (PC)
3043.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 15 1992Virus In Printer?
3044.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 15 1992To get information on preventing viruses
3045.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 15 1992Hardware antivirus
3046.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 15 1992New files on Eugene (PC)
3047.04DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 15 1992COPS for Novell? (PC) (Novell)
3048.07DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 15 1992Question about Dark Avenger (PC)
3049.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 15 1992Question about Michelangelo (PC)
3050.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 15 1992Problems with PKatz's software ... (PC)
3051.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 15 1992Computer Virus advice via a 9
3052.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 15 1992FAQ questions?
3053.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 15 1992Request for assistance re workshop itinerary
3054.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri May 15 1992Review of Dr. Solomon's Anti-Virus Toolkit (PC)
3055.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 21 1992Help! Pain virus? slow system? CPAV infected? (PC)
3056.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 21 1992Infection by the DIR command (PC)
3057.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 21 1992Question re Tequila (PC)
3058.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 21 1992VDS misconceptions (PC)
3059.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 21 1992Joe's Demise (PC)
3060.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 21 1992a small misunderstanding :-) (PC)
3061.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 21 1992Unix AIX/viruses? (UNIX)
3062.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 21 1992Where can I find Virus signatures? / how can I get them?
3063.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 21 1992Antiviral comparison chart, 2nd draft (general)
3064.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 21 1992useful programs that spread like viruses: bibliography
3065.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 21 1992Can a virus survive being pkzipped or otherwise compressed? (PC)
3066.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 21 1992Hit by Joshi, HD died ? (PC)
3067.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 21 1992Virus from "DIR"? (PC)
3068.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 21 1992Virus? Vlad The Inhaler (PC)
3069.04DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 21 1992clock ram resident virus (PC)
3070.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 21 1992f-prot/windows/novell (PC)
3071.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 21 1992Cute virus names sorted (PC)
3072.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 21 1992F-Prot information Wanted (PC)
3073.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 21 1992PC\MS DOS based Viruses & OS\2 2.
3074.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 21 1992Question on CODE 252 (Mac)
3075.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 21 1992Virus information wanted
3076.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 21 1992How to deal with virus distributors?
3077.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 21 1992Revision to Product Test PT-34, IBM Anti-Virus Product, 2.1.9
3078.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 21 1992Revised Product Test PT-12, Virucide Plus
3079.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 21 1992Checklist part 14
3080.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 23 1992RE:Question about Michelangelo (PC)
3081.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 23 1992"DIR" viruses (PC)
3082.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 23 1992F-PROT says suspicious file (PC)
3083.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 23 1992Vshield delays on boot (PC)
3084.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 23 1992correction to infect. by DIR... (PC)
3085.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 23 1992Anti-viral defenses: Backup (PC)
3086.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 23 1992Infection by DIR (PC)
3087.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 23 1992OS/2 2.
3088.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 23 1992printers, riiiiiight
3089.07DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 23 1992Taxonomy of viruses
3090.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 23 1992BAD IDEA (was: Where can I find Virus signatures?)
3091.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat May 23 1992Call for Papers
3092.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 28 1992**]] WOLFENSTEIN 3-D TROJAN ALERT [[** (PC)
3093.014DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 28 1992Zipped Viruses (PC)
3094.05DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 28 1992different viruses causing 2k loss in memory (PC)
3095.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 28 1992changed virus names in scan (PC)
3096.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 28 1992Detecting the MtE (PC)
3097.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 28 1992Clarifications... part 2 (PC)
3098.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 28 1992DOS Viruses and OS/2 2.
3099.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 28 1992virus about novell (PC) (Novell)
3100.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu May 28 1992Virus hides in printer (again) and other hardware
3101.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun May 31 1992Stoned Variant (PC)
3102.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSun May 31 1992help me .. is this a virus? (PC)
3103.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun May 31 1992New strain of Jerusalem (fwd) (PC)
3104.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun May 31 1992Clarifications... part 3 (PC)
3105.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSun May 31 1992Virus Program for a Macintosh? (Mac)
3106.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun May 31 1992Can a virus survive being pkzipped or otherwise compressed?
3107.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSun May 31 1992what's this .signature stuff?
3108.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun May 31 1992Virus hides in printer (again) & Virus In Printer?
3109.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun May 31 1992Flopticals
3110.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun May 31 1992Article about "Starship" virus available (PC)
3111.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun May 31 1992Earliest computer viral history (CVP)
3112.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun May 31 1992Warning: Troi Two (PC)
3113.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun May 31 19922k memory loss (PC)
3114.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSun May 31 1992Virus or hard disk problems ? (PC)
3115.04DYPSS2::VIRUSSun May 31 1992VIRx version 2.3 released (PC)
3116.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun May 31 1992Looking for virus researchers in China
3117.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun May 31 1992VIRX23.zip (VIREX-PC update) (PC)
3118.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSun May 31 1992McAfee VIRUSCAN V91 uploaded to SIMTEL2
3119.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 03 1992Hurricane season is upon us...
3120.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 03 1992Integrity Master AV product (PC)
3121.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 03 1992re; Virus or hard disk problems ? (PC)
3122.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 03 1992Joshi hit! (PC)
3123.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 03 1992VD virus (PC)
3124.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 03 1992OS2 Viruses (OS/2)
3125.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 03 1992how to evolve
3126.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 03 1992General: Anti-Virus packages
3127.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 03 1992Virus informational databases
3128.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 03 1992re:Clarifications-1
3129.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 03 1992ISPNews and why 1
3130.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 03 1992Polymorphic question
3131.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 03 1992NETSCAN version 91-B released (PC)
3132.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 06 1992Introduction to the Anti-viral archives listing of
3133.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 06 1992Brief guide to files formats last changed
3134.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 06 1992information needed on v4 [f4] (PC)
3135.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 06 1992(Primative ?) Question (PC)
3136.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 06 1992ISPNews and why 1
3137.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 06 1992How effective can TSR scanners be vs new viruses? (PC)
3138.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 06 1992Famous Last Words (re <1
3139.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 06 1992Scan91 for Windows (PC)
3140.06DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 06 1992MVS Virii (IBM MVS)
3141.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 06 1992Contents of a talk on viruses
3142.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 06 1992Reply to Jim Bates' article in Virus Bulletin
3143.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 06 1992re:Clarifications -2
3144.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 06 1992Related historical programs (CVP)
3145.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 06 1992NETSC9191B.ZIP from McAfee at garbo, SIMTEL2
3146.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 12 1992F-PROT & DR-DOS 6.
3147.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 12 1992Help for a new(unknown) virus (PC)
3148.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 12 1992Troi Two information (PC)
3149.03DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 12 1992"Wonder-2" False Alarms in NAV 2.
3150.04DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 12 1992SCAN vs. CLIPPER 5.
3151.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 12 1992ISPNews & Virx (PC)
3152.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 12 1992Virus Discovery (PC)
3153.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 12 1992HyperCard anti-virus solution available (Mac)
3154.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 12 1992Notes on ANSI bombs (various)
3155.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 12 1992An apparent case of deliberate punitive virus-spreading
3156.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 12 1992New files on eugene (PC) (Mac)
3157.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 12 1992Colds and Flu season... (Humor!)
3158.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 17 1992Screaming Fist-696 analysis (PC)
3159.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 17 1992VET anti-virus software (PC)
3160.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 17 1992"Menem's Revenge" virus (Amiga)
3161.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 17 1992Mainframe viruses (was: MVS Virii)
3162.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 17 1992Virus Detection Software Review
3163.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 17 1992Polymorphic Virii
3164.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 17 1992Misinformation does more damage than viruses themselves
3165.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 17 1992McAfee CLEAN-UP 91B and WSCAN91 uploaded to SIMTEL2
3166.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 17 1992Scan updates available (PC)
3167.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 17 1992F-PROT 2.
3168.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 17 1992AIDS information diskette - Dr Popp (re: Dr Finkel's talk) (PC)
3169.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 17 1992SCAN 91 has drastically changed the virus names used (PC)
3170.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 17 1992Help! Does anyone know about any known UNIX viruses? (UNIX)
3171.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 17 1992Teoretical questions
3172.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 17 1992Fred Cohen (CVP)
3173.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 17 1992PC pranks and trojans (CVP)
3174.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 17 1992Call For Papers: 6th Annual Virus Conference
3175.04DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 24 1992Viruses, Anti-virals, & change (PC)
3176.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 24 1992Untouchable Network. (PC)
3177.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 24 1992No Frills 2/3 Scanner needed! (PC)
3178.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 24 1992scan 91 et al - reported as trojan?? (PC)
3179.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 24 1992Request for Info on PC-Cillin (PC)
3180.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 24 1992Virus Warning (PC)
3181.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 24 1992Is there a virus in Identity Scanner software? (PC)
3182.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 24 1992Scanning for encrypted viruses
3183.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 24 1992Theoretical questions
3184.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jun 24 1992Eugene has a new name!! (PC,Mac,etc.)
3185.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 25 1992"Do you detect the MtE?" (PC)
3186.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 25 1992A problem with F-Prot 2.
3187.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 25 1992Lets not forget the "little people" (PC, sort of)
3188.05DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 25 1992153
3189.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 25 1992McAfee VIRUSCAN Mirror sites (PC)
3190.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 25 1992pc-emulators and Re: F-PROT & DRDOS (PC & Unix)
3191.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 25 1992Hardware protection (PC)
3192.04DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 25 1992Imprecise scanners (PC)
3193.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 25 1992Azuma (PC)
3194.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 25 1992Yet another McAfee agent goofed... (PC)
3195.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 25 1992Drive Conflict with VSHIELD (PC)
3196.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 25 1992SCUD Virus ??? (PC)
3198.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jun 25 1992Call for Papers - EICAR Conference, December 1992
3199.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 26 1992Weak algorithms for checksumming (PC)
3200.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 26 1992Vshield 91 locks up windows 3.1 (PC)
3201.04DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 26 1992Protecting windows from Viruses (PC)
3202.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 26 1992Further Information on Fish Boot Infector in Commercial Software (PC)
3203.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 26 1992LPscan from Intel (PC)
3204.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 26 1992VSHELL not passing VALIDATE test (PC)
3205.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 26 1992mutating - polymorphic (PC)
3206.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jun 26 1992New files and IP info for eugene (PC,Mac,etc.)
3207.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 27 1992Scanners & Integrity Management (PC directed but not specific)
3208.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 27 1992HDTUNE.ZIP trojan (PC)
3209.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 27 1992NAV killed, etc (PC)
3210.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 27 1992F-PROT 2.
3211.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 27 1992GROOVE Virus (PC)
3212.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 27 1992Ultrascan (PC)
3213.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 27 1992Looking for evaluations of Victor Charlie (PC)
3214.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 27 1992Rumours in Turkey (PC)
3215.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 27 1992Virus-l stuf of late
3216.04DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 27 1992MtE analysis & report (PC)
3217.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 27 1992AIDS Information Trojan (not virus) (PC) (CVP)
3218.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 27 1992Apple virus 1, 2 and 3 (Apple ][) (CVP)
3219.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 27 1992Product Test 25, Dr. Solomon's Toolkit (PC)
3220.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 27 1992Revised Product Test 24, ViruSafe, V4.55 (PC)
3221.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jun 27 1992Product Test 51, PC-RX (PC)
3222.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 02 1992Am I infected with Ping Pong? (PC)
3223.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 02 1992Info wanted. (PC)
3224.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 02 1992Scanning under Windows (PC)
3225.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 02 1992Scream II virus help? (PC)
3226.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 02 1992OS Built in protection
3227.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 03 1992WARNING: New Mac virus (Mac)
3228.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 03 1992IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - new list address!
3229.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 03 1992Anti-virus recommendatinos for LANs? (PC)
3230.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 03 1992McAfee 91 versions (particularly VSHIELD) (PC)
3231.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 03 1992Memory decrasing 1K (PC)
3232.06DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 03 1992696/Scr2/Enemy (was Re: Scream II virus help?) (PC)
3233.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 03 1992What ever became of the AMC?
3234.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 03 1992Looking for CRC checksum formula
3235.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 03 1992Introduction to the Anti-viral archives listing of
3236.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 03 1992Archive access without anonymous ftp last changed 13 June 1992
3237.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 03 1992Brief guide to files formats last changed
3238.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 03 1992Amiga Anti-viral archive sites last changed 22 June 1992
3239.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 03 1992IBMPC Anti-viral archive sites last changed 22 June 1992
3240.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Jul 03 1992Macintosh Anti-viral archive sites last changed 22 June 1992
3241.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 04 1992preliminary Groove analysis (PC)
3242.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 04 1992Weak (but not puny!) algorithms for checksumming (PC)
3243.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 04 1992Norton Commander virus? (PC)
3244.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 04 1992Review of Network Anti-viral software?
3245.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 04 1992virus-l stuff of late
3246.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 04 1992Adelman's "Abstract Theory of Computer Viruses"
3247.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 04 1992McAfee VIRUSCAN V93 uploaded to SIMTEL2
3248.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 04 1992ANNOUNCEMENT: IP address number change
3249.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 07 1992LISTSERV cutover is complete
3250.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 07 1992Identify this virus... (PC)
3251.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 07 1992FYI and Thanx for the information (PC)
3252.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 07 1992'A diskette labelled "Laser Incorporated 92" ' (PC)
3253.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 07 1992F-PROT/BBSes (PC)
3254.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 07 1992Anti-virus recommendations for LANs? (PC)
3255.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 07 1992IBM PS/2 Reference Partitions (PC)
3256.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 07 1992Disinfectant 2.9 (Mac)
3257.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 07 1992Scan 93 (PC)
3258.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 07 1992The "Lehigh" virus (CVP)
3259.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 09 1992A Trojan in Sydney, Australia (PC)
3260.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 09 1992Check archives for Virus... (PC)
3261.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 09 1992Getting a Copy of Cohen's Paper
3262.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Jul 09 1992Checksumming and false positives
3263.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 18 1992Various Qs (VirusCure, F-PROT, DIR II, UNIX) (PC) (UNIX)
3264.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 18 1992Request - PS1
3265.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 18 1992696/Scr2/Enemy (PC)
3266.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 18 1992Methods for virus defense (PC)
3267.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 18 1992Rapid rise of the FORM virus; why? (PC)
3268.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 18 1992F-PROT 2.
3269.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 18 1992Warning: dangerous bug in SCAN 93 (PC)
3270.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 18 1992spanish telecom (PC)
3271.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 18 1992Disinfectant 2.9 vs ChinaTalk (Mac)
3272.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 18 1992GateKeeper (Mac)
3273.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 18 1992Resolution of 'what to do about virus distributors'
3274.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Jul 18 1992Quick antiviral comparison
3275.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 22 1992WARNING - new viruses, Monkey.1 and Monkey.2 (PC)
3276.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 22 1992WARNING - Virus Creation Laboratory (PC)
3277.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 22 1992WARNING - New Virus Analysis, NPOX (PC)
3278.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 22 1992VET as good as Viruscan? (PC)
3279.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 22 1992vshield 93b & netware 3.1 driver (PC)
3280.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 22 1992Green Caterpillar (PC)
3281.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 22 1992a report on a viral infection (PC)
3282.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 22 1992Quick antiviral comparison (Mac)
3283.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 22 1992VAX virus list? (VAX/VMS)
3284.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 22 1992Methods of Virus Defense [Part 2-- Clean Boot Disks]
3285.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 22 1992Jerusalem virus part 1 (CVP)
3286.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 28 1992Administrative: VIRUS-L mailing problems
3287.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 28 1992victor charlie (PC)
3288.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 28 1992Scream information? (PC)
3289.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 28 1992F-PROT, Telecom, false positive ?? (PC)
3290.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 28 1992Bugsres-2 (PC)
3291.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 28 1992How do I reverse the effect(s) of Stoned ? (PC)
3292.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 28 1992GIF viewer crashes system (was Re: an amazing problem...) (PC)
3293.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 28 1992keypress appears and disappears. Help! (PC)
3294.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 28 1992Two new Indian viruses found! (PC)
3295.03DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 28 1992Virus discovered in file from WUARCHIVE.WUSTL.EDU (PC)
3296.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 28 1992SAM T4 virus defs file difficulties (Mac)
3297.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 28 1992Virus BBS List?
3298.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jul 28 1992killmonk.zip available (PC)
3299.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 29 1992Strange Identification with SCAN91 (PC)
3300.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 29 1992Best VirusDetection Software for the PC??? (PC)
3301.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 29 1992Virus Question re printer, floppy problems (PC)
3302.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 29 1992Common misconception (was: Re: VET as good as Viruscan? (PC))
3303.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 29 1992Stoned and Michaelangelo (PC)
3304.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 29 1992Info on Intel's NLM? (PC)
3305.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 29 1992McAfee GENP/GENY identification (PC)
3306.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 29 1992Computer Virus Catalog update
3307.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jul 29 1992Jerusalem virus part 2 (CVP)
3308.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Aug 03 1992write protect on C: (PC)
3309.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Aug 03 1992Virus Creation Laboratory (PC)
3310.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Aug 03 1992GIF viewer crashes system (PC)
3311.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Aug 03 1992Help with Central Point Anitvirus and FPROT (PC)
3312.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Aug 03 1992Frodo False Alarm (PC)
3313.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Aug 03 1992virus hiding printer (PC)
3314.01DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Aug 03 1992Disinfectant 2.9 problems (Mac)
3315.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 12 1992Duplicate V-L digests
3316.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 12 1992Forward of Re: viruses (PC)
3317.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 12 1992Stone virus and OS/2. (PC) (OS/2)
3318.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 12 1992changes to exe (binary) file (PC)
3319.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 12 1992New virus alert (PC)
3320.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 12 1992ABC virus (PC)
3321.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 12 1992Computer Killer? (PC)
3322.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 12 1992F-PROT 2.
3323.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 12 1992Sigilet Virus ? (PC)
3324.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 12 1992F-Prot and Stoned (No-Int) Virus (PC)
3325.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 12 1992Watchdog conflict with sprint (PC)
3326.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 12 1992Viruses on Unix (UNIX)
3327.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 12 1992VM viruses from PCs (IBM VM/CMS)
3328.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 12 1992More myths (CVP)
3329.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Aug 15 1992MS-DOS 6.
3330.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Aug 15 1992Laptop return serviced and infected (PC)
3331.05DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Aug 15 19924
3332.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Aug 15 1992Strange MBR (PC)
3333.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Aug 15 1992Is "Bloody" a virus? (PC)
3334.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Aug 15 1992Are the Azusa and Bloody! viruses related? (PC)
3335.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Aug 15 1992Scan93 Calls Michangelo "Stoned" (PC)
3336.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Aug 15 1992V84 and DOS 5.
3337.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Aug 15 1992F-PROT reports IBMBIO.COM as 'suspicious' (PC)
3338.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Aug 15 1992Vi-Spy review from Virus Bulletin (PC)
3339.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Aug 17 1992Request For Information (PC)
3340.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Aug 17 1992Windows, Multitasking, & Viruses (PC)
3341.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Aug 17 1992Running SCAN under OS/2 (Was: Re: Stone virus and OS/2. (PC) (OS/2))
3342.03DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Aug 17 1992I Need an unattended scanner (PC)
3343.01DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Aug 17 1992f-prot 2.
3344.01DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Aug 17 1992Floptical Disk Update
3345.05DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Aug 17 1992Jerusalem virus (CVP)
3346.0DYPSS2::VIRUSMon Aug 17 1992(c) Brain - part 1 (CVP)
3347.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 19 1992Macintosh virus rumors (Mac)
3348.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 19 1992windows multitasking and viruses (PC)
3349.04DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 19 1992help, high weirdness (PC)
3350.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 19 1992F-Prot 2.
3351.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 19 1992Waldo ?? (PC)
3352.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 19 1992"Viruses Get the Boot", Information Week 1
3353.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Aug 19 1992Re[1]: Windows, Multitasking, & Viruses (PC)
3354.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 21 1992Where's Waldo?! Was: Re: Waldo ?? (PC)
3355.09DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 21 1992Netware and viruses - some new results (PC)
3356.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 21 1992Need Advice on Evaluating and Ordering Antivirus Software (PC)
3357.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 21 1992os/2 changes to boot sector (OS/2)
3358.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 21 1992Virus questionnaire, pls
3359.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 21 1992New Uploads on risc (PC)
3360.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Aug 21 1992Preliminary Conference Announcement
3361.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Aug 27 1992New "Vengeance" virus on Fidonet (PC)
3362.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Aug 27 1992Stoned/Azusa haunting (PC)
3363.05DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Aug 27 1992V-SIGN virus (PC)
3364.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Aug 27 199215xx problems (PC)
3365.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Aug 27 1992On integrity checking (PC)
3366.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Aug 27 1992is there a SCAN95? (PC)
3367.04DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Aug 27 1992Anyone for a Feist ??? (PC)
3368.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Aug 27 1992Unix servers and DOS viruses (PC) (UNIX)
3369.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Aug 27 1992Brandau virus followup - four years later (Mac)
3370.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Aug 27 1992Network Virus protection. Help.
3371.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Aug 27 1992(c) Brain - part 2 (CVP)
3372.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 01 1992Possible Virus Infection - info pls (PC)
3373.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 01 1992Comments on Untouchable... (PC)
3374.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 01 1992hardware protection against PC viruses (PC)
3375.03DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 01 1992VACSINA Information Wanted (PC)
3376.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 01 1992McAfee's 95 series (PC)
3377.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 01 1992What is the best anti-virus program??? (PC)
3378.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 01 1992CPAV and Windows (PC)
3379.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 01 1992OS/2 boot sectors (OS/2)
3380.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 01 1992BBS listing
3381.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 01 1992Products for review - shipping
3382.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 01 1992Symantec announces NAVSCAN (freeware) (PC)
3383.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 01 1992McAfee VIRUSCAN V95 uploaded to WSMR-SIMTEL2
3384.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Sep 01 1992F-PROT new version announcement (PC)
3385.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 03 1992Introduction to the Anti-viral archives listing of
3386.09DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 03 1992Archive access without anonymous ftp last changed 11 July 1992
3387.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 03 1992Brief guide to files formats last changed 2
3388.07DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 03 1992Amiga Anti-viral archive sites last changed 17 August 1992
3389.08DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 03 1992Apple II Anti-viral archive sites last changed
3390.08DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 03 1992Atari ST Anti-viral archive sites last changed
3391.07DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 03 1992Anti-viral Documentation archive sites last changed
3392.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 03 1992IBMPC Anti-viral archive sites last changed 17 August 1992
3393.07DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 03 1992Macintosh Anti-viral archive sites last changed 17 August 1992
3394.07DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 03 1992Unix security archive sites last changed 21 August 1992
3395.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 03 1992Info on "Invol" virus (PC)
3396.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 03 1992Request for Recommendations... (PC)
3397.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 03 1992BIOS Virus Protection (PC)
3398.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 03 1992HELP with partition infector!! (PC)
3399.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 03 1992Datalision Inc fractal program (PC)
3400.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 03 1992Strange event when scanning. (PC)
3401.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 03 1992Anyone heard about NOVI ?? (PC)
3402.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 03 1992Boojum (PC)
3403.07DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 03 1992Bug in F-PROT? (PC)
3404.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 03 1992Fingerprinting self-modifying files
3405.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 03 1992Misunderstanding of polymorphic
3406.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 03 1992(c) Brain - part 3 (CVP)
3407.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Sep 03 1992I'm off [to Scotland]...
3408.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 04 1992LANs & Viruses (PC)
3409.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 04 1992CMOS "viruses" (PC)
3410.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 04 1992Any info on Gobbler-II a-v sw or Comrac (its publisher) ? (PC)
3411.08DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 04 1992Auto-detecting virus (PC)
3412.05DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 04 1992F-PROT reports Bugsres 3 Jokes program? (PC)
3413.03DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 04 1992F-Prot & SuperStor (PC)
3414.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 04 1992Amiga virus info (Amiga)
3415.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 04 1992Bugs on my Atari (Atari)
3416.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 04 1992Virus Armour
3417.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 04 1992What is the best anti-virus program???
3418.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 04 1992On daily scanning (general)
3419.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 04 1992Bull(____) Virus used for mischief (general)
3420.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 04 1992Mail-server software updates
3421.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 09 1992Public Domain TSR Virus Checker (PC)
3422.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 09 1992Network Virus protection. Help. (PC)
3423.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 09 1992Padgett Peterson's DISKSECURE upadate (PC)
3424.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 09 1992F-Prot 2.
3425.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 09 1992Windows virus? exists? (PC)
3426.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 09 199262 seconds (was: F-Prot & SuperStor) (PC)
3427.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 09 1992Fingerprinting files
3428.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 09 1992(c) Brain - part 4 (CVP)
3429.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 12 1992Tan An Door virus?!?! (PC)
3430.05DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 12 1992F-prot false alarm? (PC)
3431.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 12 1992Self-checking programs (PC et al)
3432.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 12 1992Looking for references (UNIX)
3433.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 12 1992Is FTP/Kermit of sources safe?
3434.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 12 1992I'm off [to Scotland]... Comp Virus Conferences
3435.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 12 1992Virus Armour (PC)
3436.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 12 1992New virus that scanv95b cannot pick it up!!!(HELP) (PC)
3437.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 12 1992MBDF Authors Plead (Mac)
3438.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 12 1992Beta testers needed for new security tool (UNIX)
3439.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 12 1992Interactive UNIX virus? (UNIX)
3440.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 12 199215th NCS Conference Program
3441.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 12 1992tbscanx41 and scan95 ! (PC)
3442.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 12 1992"New" 153
3443.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 12 1992Lydia virus (PC)
3444.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 12 1992Scanners and polymorphic viruses (PC)
3445.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 12 1992Problems with F-PROT (V2.
3446.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 12 1992A new virus????? HELP! (PC)
3447.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 12 1992scads of viri... (PC)
3448.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 12 1992F-PROT 2.
3449.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 12 1992Registration and Hotel Information - 15th National Computer
3450.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 12 1992Fairwell to network, for now
3451.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 12 1992Netware Rights again (PC)
3452.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 12 1992F-PROT 2.
3453.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 12 1992Problem with Vshield 5.1B95 (PC)
3454.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 12 1992Netware (PC)
3455.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 12 1992NAVSCAN (PC)
3456.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 12 1992Now I know I have something. (PC)
3457.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 12 1992Virus scan for AIX 3.2? (UNIX)
3458.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 12 1992self-checking programs
3459.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 12 1992Self-modifying programs
3460.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 12 1992Comp Virus Conferences ... THE BEST CONFERENCE THIS YEAR!
3461.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 18 1992McAfee vs CPAV information needed (PC)
3462.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 18 1992New virus that scanv95b cannot pick it up!!!(HELP) (PC)
3463.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 18 1992CCOMMAND.COM? (PC)
3464.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 18 1992F-prot false alarm? (PC)
3465.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 18 1992Comments On Untouchable.. (PC)
3466.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 18 1992PC Guardian contact info? (PC)
3467.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 18 1992HELP!! Something is DELETING my files!!! HELP!! (UNIX)
3468.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 18 1992Virus calendar / catalog
3469.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 18 1992Virus conference
3470.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Sep 18 1992The MacMag/Brandow/Peace virus (CVP)
3471.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Sep 20 1992Castlewoflenstein (PC)
3472.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Sep 20 1992Jerusalem and Netware (PC)
3473.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Sep 20 1992Problem w' booting C: then A: (PC)
3474.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Sep 20 1992Information on CPAV and McAfee (PC)
3475.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Sep 20 1992Virus Analysis of BootExe Virus (PC)
3476.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Sep 20 1992Which detect/protect s/w? (PC)
3477.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Sep 20 1992Information on CPAV vs McAfee (PC)
3478.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Sep 20 1992Apple IIgs virus program? (Apple ][)
3479.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Sep 20 1992I-M124.ZIP available (PC)
3480.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 23 1992Michelangelo/Stoned ? (PC)
3481.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 23 1992Help with Soned A virus (PC)
3482.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 23 1992virus dissection (PC)
3483.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 23 1992Re[2]: NAVSCAN (PC)
3484.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 23 1992F-PROT V2.
3485.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 23 1992Write protection of floppies (again) (PC)
3486.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 23 1992Symantec promo mailing (PC)
3487.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 23 1992"New trends and other stuff"
3488.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 23 1992Looking '88 RTM Internet worm papers. (UNIX)
3489.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 23 1992MacMag authorship (CVP)
3490.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 26 1992Re[2]: NAVSCAN (PC)
3491.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 26 1992Stoned and disk problems (PC)
3492.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 26 1992Mcaffee Scan (PC)
3493.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 26 1992A new way to damage EXE files (PC)
3494.04DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 26 1992A few questions (Stardot/V8
3495.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 26 1992New virus !!! (PC)
3496.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 26 1992FLIP, TELECOM, SCREAMING FIST and MBR type Viruses using F-prot (PC)
3497.04DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 26 1992VIRSCAN detects Yankee-Doodle 2885 (PC)
3498.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 26 1992Infection question re COMMAND.COM viruses (PC)
3499.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 26 1992Is there a new virus (72
3500.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 26 1992Boot sector infected ! Virus ? (PC)
3501.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 26 1992Help! Strange macintosh Happenings... (Mac)
3502.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 26 1992Internet Worm SUMMARY (UNIX)
3503.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Sep 26 1992Macmag virus - spread (CVP)
3504.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 30 1992TBav5
3505.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 30 1992I need info on the FORM 17
3506.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 30 1992A virus infecting Windows excutables found (Windows) (PC)
3507.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 30 1992TSR runtime scanner needed (PC)
3508.04DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 30 1992Recent IBM Virus List? (PC)
3509.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 30 1992Virus information for thesis
3510.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 30 1992The Hacker Files
3511.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 30 1992Thank you for help with Stoned (PC)
3512.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 30 1992I-M124.ZIP - Integrity Master data integrity/anti-virus (PC)
3513.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 30 1992Call for papers - Ides of March virus conference
3514.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 30 1992Product Test 45, Virus Prevention Plus, version 5.1
3515.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 30 1992Revision to Product Test 3, VIRUSCAN, Version 93 (PC)
3516.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 30 1992Exactly 1
3517.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 30 1992Review of Intel LANProtect (PC)
3518.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 30 1992Review of VDS (PC)
3519.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 30 1992Review of Data Physician Plus (PC)
3520.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 30 1992Product Test 46, Citadel (Mac)
3521.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Sep 30 1992Antivirus BBS list
3522.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 03 1992Introduction to the Anti-viral archives listing of
3523.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 03 1992Brief guide to files formats last changed
3524.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 03 1992F-PROT 2.
3525.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 03 1992lanprotect (PC)
3526.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 03 1992VIRAX anti virus prgrm (PC)
3527.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 03 1992Viruscan (PC)
3528.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 03 1992Bloomington virus? (PC)
3529.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 03 1992"Eagle has landed" = virus??? (PC)
3530.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 03 1992Stoned on non-dos partition (PC)
3531.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 03 1992Form Virus (new variant or extra info?) (PC)
3532.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 03 1992Brazil Virus (PC)
3533.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 03 1992Request on Brazil Virus! (PC)
3534.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 03 1992The Harmless Virus
3535.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 03 1992network security
3536.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 03 1992more network security
3537.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 03 1992The Hacker Files (Vol 5 #156)
3538.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 03 1992Computer virus used for attempted blackmail
3539.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 08 1992Maltese Amoeba (PC)
3540.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 08 1992Ping Pong imitation (PC)
3541.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 08 1992Disinfection (Was: Re: more network security)
3542.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 08 1992Computer virus used for attempted blackmail: episode 2
3543.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 08 1992MacMag, the original data virus! (CVP)
3544.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Oct 11 1992report on virus detection (PC)
3545.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Oct 11 1992Question:NOVI anti virus (PC)
3546.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Oct 11 1992CPAV false positives (was FLIP) (PC)
3547.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Oct 11 1992Virus Scanner Comparisons (PC)
3548.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Oct 11 1992Brazil Virus! (PC)
3549.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Oct 11 1992Virus alert: "Larry on a Screen" (PC)
3550.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Oct 11 1992How trojans work. (PC)
3551.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Oct 11 1992FileSize Checking Program (PC)
3552.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Oct 11 1992OS/2 version of Integrity Toolkit (OS/2)
3553.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Oct 11 1992A less virus prone architecture
3554.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Oct 11 1992driver's licence
3555.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 13 1992Antiviral contact list (general)
3556.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Oct 13 1992Conference announcement - Ides of March
3557.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Oct 18 1992Is this a virus problem?? (PC)
3558.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Oct 18 1992Virus alert: "Larry on a Screen" (PC)
3559.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Oct 18 1992VCL operation (PC)
3560.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Oct 18 1992BIOS functionality at bootup (was the C: the A: saga..) (PC)
3561.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Oct 18 1992is nav good ? (PC)
3562.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Oct 18 1992Virus Scanner Reviews (PC)
3563.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Oct 18 1992Information about Brasil virus (PC)
3564.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Oct 18 1992Could FORM infect OS/2's BOOT.DOS file (OS/2)
3565.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Oct 18 1992replies to some questions
3566.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Oct 18 1992Contact information for Fred Cohen and ASP
3567.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Oct 18 1992MacMag, the commercial virus (CVP)
3568.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 22 1992Request info on FORM (PC)
3569.039DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 22 1992SCAN 95b doesn't find MtE in EXE files (PC)
3570.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 22 1992Scan/Clean vs. F-protect (PC)
3571.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 22 1992Password Program Preventing Boot (PC)
3572.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 22 1992Terminator 2 and Gobler (PC)
3573.04DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 22 1992Oliver virus ... (PC)
3574.07DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 22 1992HELP! (Re: IBM password) (PC)
3575.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 22 1992Michaelangelo on Driver Disks (PC)
3576.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 22 1992Pkzip 3.
3577.013DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 22 1992KEY Press virus & McAfee v97 (PC)
3578.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 22 1992self-checking programs (PC)
3579.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 22 1992VIRSCAN and Joshi virus (PC)
3580.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 22 1992FORM on an OS/2 system (OS/2)
3581.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 23 1992CPAV false positives (was FLIP) (PC)
3582.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 23 1992How to tell if CPAV is infected? (PC)
3583.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 23 1992antiviral code for an .EXE (PC)
3584.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 23 1992New PC Trojan in Superpower game (PC)
3585.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 23 1992Windows 3.1 virus detection (PC)
3586.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 23 1992NAV 2.1 -- MtE False Alarms (PC)
3587.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 23 1992software protection in libraries
3588.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 23 1992MtE? No problem! ... but problem... (PC)
3589.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 23 1992Virus slowing down PC and causing beeps at boot? (PC)
3590.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 23 1992WordPerfect Mutant Files & Novell (PC)
3591.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 23 1992C: vs A: boot selection (PC)
3592.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 23 1992Anti-virus public domain softwares (PC)
3593.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 23 1992Intergrity Checkers
3594.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 23 1992DOK-V 1.
3595.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 23 1992computer security in libraries
3596.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 23 1992McAfee VIRUSCAN V97 uploaded to SIMTEL2
3597.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 23 1992mcafee's `97' available (PC)
3598.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 23 1992Memoirs of a (cross border) virus researcher (CVP)
3599.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 28 1992Stacker problems (PC)
3600.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 28 1992N_shift virus (PC)
3601.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 28 1992"LARRY ON A SCREEN" Virus (PC)
3602.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 28 1992MBR infections and problems CLEANing (PC)
3603.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 28 1992FAR-TRIEVE w/ Michelangelo (PC)
3604.04DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 28 1992FDISK /MBR and Boot Sector Viruses (PC)
3605.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 28 1992DOK-V 1.
3606.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 28 1992Greeting from Roger Riordan
3607.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Oct 28 1992Programs available via mail-server (PC)
3608.04DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 29 1992cascade virus info wanted. (PC)
3609.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 29 1992Key Press Virus & scan97 again (PC)
3610.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 29 1992Problem cleaning Form (PC)
3611.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 29 1992Virus and CMOS (PC)
3612.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 29 1992VirusCURE 2.37 (PC)
3613.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 29 1992V-Sign virus struck again!!!!!!!!!! (PC)
3614.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 29 1992author of TBScan (PC)
3615.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 29 1992Michelangelo & Vshield97? (PC)
3616.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 29 1992PC Medic question (PC)
3617.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 29 1992WSCANV97 will not work in OS/2 (OS/2)
3618.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 29 1992Landmark legal ruling on software copyright
3619.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 29 1992Scores virus (CVP)
3620.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 29 1992Call for Papers - The Third International Virus Bulletin Conference
3621.05DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 29 1992VCL? (PC)
3622.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 29 1992Need PC Anti-Virus Comparison (PC)
3623.09DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 29 1992Checking high memory with VSCAN (PC)
3624.04DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 29 1992MBR Viruses and FDISK /MBR (PC)
3625.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 29 1992Infection density (was: SCAN 95b doesn't...) (PC)
3626.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 29 1992Damage from Stoned and FORM (PC); Comment on Recent Postings
3627.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 29 1992McAfee Scan and F-prot (PC)
3628.05DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 29 1992MtE ?? (PC)
3629.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 29 1992VirusCURE impressions (PC)
3630.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 29 1992strange trojan... (PC)
3631.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 29 1992files truncated (PC)
3632.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 29 1992Virus Demo? (PC)
3633.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 29 1992Questions about the "Batman Virus" (Atari ST)
3634.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Oct 29 1992Call for Papers - 6th Computer Security & Virus Conf.
3635.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 30 1992WARNING - Proto virus hoax (PC)
3636.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 30 1992Keyboard virus,self-mutating ??????? (PC)
3637.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 30 1992Non-corrupted - Questions on the "Batman" virus (Atari ST)
3638.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Oct 30 1992List of Virus Books and Book Reviews
3639.05DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 31 1992Comment on the MtE wars (PC)
3640.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 31 1992Stoned Infection (PC)
3641.07DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 31 1992Newest and best scanner? (PC)
3642.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 31 1992virus anecdotes ?
3643.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Oct 31 1992Correction to previous post.
3644.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 04 1992Introduction to the Anti-viral archives listing of
3645.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 04 1992IBMPC Anti-viral archive sites last changed
3646.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 04 1992Stealth Bomber (PC)
3647.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 04 1992ExeBug - other names and removal? (PC)
3648.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 04 1992Infection density (PC)
3649.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 04 1992Info on Commander Bomber and Starship? (PC)
3650.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 04 1992Filler virus - Need Help! (PC)
3651.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 04 1992autoexec.bat deletion virus?? (PC)
3652.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 04 1992Information on ExeBug requested (PC).
3653.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 04 1992Independent Virus Experts
3654.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 04 1992CATCHM15.ZIP - Algorithmic MtE virus scanner and MtE report (PC)
3655.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 04 1992Files on risc.ua.edu (PC)
3656.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 04 1992Scores functions (CVP)
3657.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 11 1992scan with compressed drvs?? (PC)
3658.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 11 1992Dangerous bug in CHKDSK that comes with MS-DOS 5.
3659.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 11 1992Goblin virus (PC)
3660.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 11 1992Outdated F-PROT?? (PC)
3661.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 11 1992Where to find VSUMX (PC)
3662.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 11 1992Am I Infected? (PC)
3663.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 11 1992Comments on Recent Postings, Virus-L V5 #169
3664.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 11 1992What has became with R.T.Morris ?
3665.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 11 1992FP-2
3666.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 11 1992Autoexec deletion virus?? (PC)
3667.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 11 1992Info Grain of Sand Virus (PC)
3668.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 11 1992MtE detection tests (PC)
3669.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 11 1992Tripwire release (UNIX)
3670.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 12 1992OS/2 system stopped due to virus (FAT partition)? (OS/2) (PC)
3671.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 12 1992"SHIFTER" Virus. (PC)
3672.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 12 1992Syrian Brain II (PC)
3673.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 12 1992What does the ANTI-TEL virus do? (HELP!) (PC)
3674.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 12 1992Virus or Hardware? (PC)
3675.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 12 1992PS-MPC, similar to VCL (PC)
3676.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 12 1992Virus Protection on NFS Servers
3677.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 12 1992Denning Key Registration Virus
3678.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 12 1992List of virus books and reviews
3679.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 12 1992CHRISTMA: The "Card"! (CVP)
3680.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 12 1992Quick antiviral listing (general)
3681.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 13 1992Kuo's infection theory (PC)
3682.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 13 1992Happy anniversary to IT (PC)
3683.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 13 1992Cansu Attack! (PC)
3684.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 13 1992Need info on MONKEY virus (PC)
3685.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 13 1992Is this a Virus (PC)
3686.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 13 1992What kind is it? (PC)
3687.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 13 1992Bad drive cable? (Was: Am I Infected?) (PC)
3688.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 13 1992Help. Needs info about computer viruses.
3689.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 13 1992help on finding a book......
3690.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 13 1992fp-2
3691.04DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 13 1992How good is Norton Antivirus? (PC)
3692.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 13 1992VDS Pro 1.
3693.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 13 1992Virus-like behavior of DOS 5.
3694.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 13 1992PC-Week Article (PC)
3695.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 13 1992PC Memory resident viruses detection (PC)
3696.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 13 1992Information (IBM VM)
3697.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 13 1992evaluation services
3698.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Nov 15 1992F-Prot Bug (PC)
3699.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Nov 15 1992Dangerous bug in CLEAN 97 (PC)
3700.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Nov 15 1992Netscan (PC)
3701.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Nov 15 1992CPAV scan-only-software (PC)
3702.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Nov 15 1992Anti-virus scanner (PC)
3703.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Nov 15 1992CANSU - a boot sector virus (PC)
3704.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Nov 15 1992SCAN Ver 97 & Monkey Virus (PC).
3705.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Nov 15 1992new Mcafee files available from UoR (PC)
3706.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Nov 15 1992Need some help disinfecting NOP virus (PC)
3707.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Nov 15 1992SCANV97 don't work in OS/2 dosbox (OS/2) (PC)
3708.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Nov 15 1992Latest IBM Anti-virus stuff (PC)
3709.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Nov 15 1992McAfee VIRUSCAN Version 97-B uploaded to SIMTEL2
3710.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Nov 15 1992CFP: CSAM93 Computer Congress
3711.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 17 1992C.H.A.D and Magic Mutation... (PC)
3712.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 17 1992F-Prot's (v2.
3713.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 17 1992VIRUSCAN double hits (was: Re: KEY Press virus & McAfee v97_ (PC)
3714.06DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 17 1992VSUM Listing (PC)
3715.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 17 1992Michelangelo Date Please (PC)
3716.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 17 1992re[2]: Infection Density
3717.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 17 1992The Kid that Wrote that Worm
3718.04DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 17 1992Philosophy
3719.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Nov 17 1992CHRISTMA effects (CVP)
3720.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 19 1992Product Test PT-4
3721.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 19 1992Revision to Product Test 28, NAV, version 2.1 (PC)
3722.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 19 1992Revision to Product Test 39, TbScan, Version 4.3 (PC)
3723.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 19 1992Review of Untouchable (PC)
3724.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 19 1992Review of Integrity Master (PC)
3725.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 19 1992Review of McAfee suite (PC)
3726.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 19 1992More Administrivia - a few last minute FAQ mods
3727.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 19 1992Review of F-prot (PC)
3728.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 19 1992Review of SAFE by Micronyx (PC)
3729.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 19 1992Antiviral software listing (general)
3730.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 19 1992Antivirus BBS listing (general)
3731.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 19 1992VIRUS-L/comp.virus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list
3732.017DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 20 1992Monkey Virus (PC)
3733.02DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 20 1992F-PROT question (PC)
3734.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 20 1992Apologies to Padgett, and clarification (PC)
3735.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 20 1992Stoned virus Recovery (PC)
3736.04DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 20 1992Things that keep me awake at night
3737.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 20 1992Australian anti-virus site
3738.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 20 1992Being forthcoming...
3739.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Nov 20 1992MtE detection tests (part 1/5) (PC)
3740.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 25 1992Mystery Virus (PC)
3741.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 25 1992F-Prot Bug (?) fixed. Thanks! (PC)
3742.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 25 1992Virus identity? (PC)
3743.02DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 25 1992VSIGN - question. (PC)
3744.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 25 1992F-Prot 2.
3745.04DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 25 1992FDISK /MBR and FORM Virus (PC)
3746.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 25 1992F-Prot 2.
3747.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 25 1992UNIX virus?? (UNIX)
3748.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 25 1992AMIGA viruses? (Amiga)
3749.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 25 1992MtE detection tests (part 2/5) (PC)
3750.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 25 1992Bug in F-Prot2.
3751.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 25 1992Viruses Signature (PC)
3752.04DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 25 1992Need Info about INVOLVE virus (PC)
3753.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 25 1992MODE.COM vs. DAME virus (PC)
3754.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 25 1992HELP!! Ever hear of this virus before? (PC)
3755.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 25 1992Atari ST Viruses! & Questions on the "Batman" virus (Atari ST)
3756.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 25 1992Atari ST Viruses! (Atari ST)
3757.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 25 1992Re[2]: CHRISTMA effects (CVP)
3758.04DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 25 1992Mr. Slade's listings
3759.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 25 1992MtE detection tests (part 3/5) (PC)
3760.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 25 1992New? files on eugene (PC)
3761.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 25 1992McAfee VIRUSCAN V99 uploaded to SIMTEL2
3762.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Nov 25 1992Trailer for EICAR'92 conference, Munich 7th to 9th December 1992
3763.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 26 1992Click, Click, Click when I typed help format (PC)
3764.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 26 1992DOS virus in C-TOS Partion? (PC)
3765.02DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 26 1992WARNING: Clean V97 and Freddy (PC)
3766.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 26 1992SCAN 97 not working on OS/2 (OS/2)
3767.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 26 1992$1
3768.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 26 1992Newer! files on risc (PC)
3769.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 26 1992CHRISTMA Data (CVP)
3770.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Nov 26 1992MtE detection tests (part 4/5) (PC)
3771.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Reviewing reviews (PC, probably)
3772.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992norton antivirus bbs (PC)
3773.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Brain Viruses (PC)
3774.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Windows Virus?? (PC)
3775.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992New Mutation Engine. (PC)
3776.04DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Antiviral SW leftovers (PC)
3777.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992"FORM" virus (PC)
3778.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Plague Virus Information??? (PC)
3779.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992NEW VIRUS, named COLLEGE (PC)
3780.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Help Bugs in DOS (PC)
3781.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Scanner Wars (was MtE Wars) (PC)
3782.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992SCAN 99 and MtE detection (PC)
3783.04DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992ViruScan v99 and OS/2 (OS/2)
3784.07DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Potentially stupid question (OS/2) (PC)
3785.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992German FAQ
3786.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Dr. Cohen's Comments (was: Mr. Slade's Listings)
3787.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Index to files on anti-virus sites?
3788.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992MtE detection tests (part 5/5) (PC)
3789.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Introduction to the Anti-viral archives listing of
3790.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Stoned Virus Loss (PC)
3791.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Key press cleaner and recover (PC)
3792.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Evaluations of AV products (was: Mr. Slade's listings)
3793.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992What is this "AV BBS list" nonsense? (general)
3794.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992CatchMtE update (PC)
3795.09DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Is this a new virus? (PC)
3796.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Form virus infection in Germany (PC)
3797.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Norton best (PC))
3798.019DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Filler virus (PC)
3799.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Flash BIOS Danger? (PC)
3800.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Right Said Fred
3801.022DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Vshield vs Virstop (PC)
3802.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992TBAVX5
3803.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Which program works? (OS/2) (PC)
3804.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Amiga AV FTP (Amiga)
3805.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992IBM mainframes and virus = possible (IBM Mainframe)
3806.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Alan Solomon
3807.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992CHRISTMA - Trusted source
3808.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992WARNING - Vacsina Loader in Pkunzip.exe (PC)
3809.04DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992using %VARIABLE% with scan (PC)
3810.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992does McAfee SCAN remove viruses? (PC)
3811.04DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Is this a DOS virus? (PC)
3812.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Virus naming cross-reference updated (PC)
3813.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Developing and marketing antiviral software (PC)
3814.04DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Not a Stupid OS/2 Question (OS/2)
3815.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Wanted: Virus Scanner for HP Apollo 9
3816.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Second generation problems (Philosophy)
3817.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Real World Efficacy (was Mr. Slade's listings)
3818.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992CHRISTMA: The "Card"!(CVP)
3819.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992CHRISTMA DATA
3820.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Re[2]: SCAN 95b doesn't find MtE in EXE files (PC)
3821.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992source for tools
3822.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Version-number of scan (PC)
3823.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Seeking info on Jabberwocky/812 (PC)
3824.06DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Integrity Management
3825.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Preventive Methods (PC)
3826.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Trojan detection/protection (PC)
3827.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Info on Music Bug virus (PC)
3828.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992CHRISTMA EXEC Wannabes (CVP)
3829.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Potentially stupid question (OS/2)
3830.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992A-V for OS/2 (OS/2)
3831.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Dr. Cohen's comments
3832.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Administrivia: Duplicates and missing digests (sigh)
3833.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992virus signatures (PC)
3834.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Fake Dir-II (PC)
3835.08DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992VSHIELD, VIRSTOP, ... comparison ? (PC)
3836.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Dangerous bug in CHKDSK that comes with MS-DOS 5.
3837.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Integrity Management (PC)
3838.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Odd Virus? HELP (PC)
3839.04DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992FC on virus creation
3840.07DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992A user's view of IBM's antivirus/2 (OS/2)
3841.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Survey
3842.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992CLEAN-UP, VSHIELD, & WSCAN 99 uploaded to Simtel2
3843.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992POLL: Should vendor-specific support questions be disallowed?
3844.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Re:Preventive Methods (PC)
3845.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992F-PROT & CLEAN won't remove this one !!! (PC)
3846.02DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Is this a real virus? (PC)
3847.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Re[2]: Filler Virus (PC)
3848.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Fred Cohen's/ASP's Integrity Toolkit (PC)
3849.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Question: Is this a VIRUS ??!! (PC/WIN)
3850.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Amiga Anti-Vir (Amiga)
3851.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992Integrity Master update (PC)
3852.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSun Dec 13 1992ACMBUL 1st International Conference on Computer Viruses: Call for pape
3853.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 15 1992Virus that removes comand.com, config.sys, autoexec.bat (PC)
3854.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 15 1992List of Trojan Virus Doctors? (PC)
3855.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 15 1992Memory Detection methods, was: Filler Virus (PC)
3856.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 15 19921575 (15xx) virus, info request (PC)
3857.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 15 1992TBAV 5.
3858.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 15 1992F-Prot won't clean... (PC)
3859.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 15 1992Jerusalem varient which crashes a novell network? (PC)
3860.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 15 1992Dangerous bug in CHKDSK that comes with MS-DOS 5.
3861.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 15 1992MAC-disk replication-virus?? (Mac)
3862.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 15 1992MAC-disk replication-virus? (Mac)
3863.03DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 16 1992DOS CHKDSK bug (PC)
3864.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 16 1992Anyone have experience with XTree's VIRUSAFE 4.5? (PC)
3865.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 16 1992capture.com false positive? (PC)
3866.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 17 1992CARMEL Software (PC)
3867.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 17 1992Pink dos color -Virus? (PC)
3868.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 17 1992Jerusalem (Israeli) Virus (PC)
3869.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 17 1992MS-DOS CHKDSK & why VER /R may not work (& something that might) (PC)
3870.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 17 1992RE:Your missing command.com, config.sys & autoexec.bat (PC)
3871.03DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 17 1992Does anyone have info on DAME? (PC)
3872.010DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 17 1992OS2-stuff (OS/2)
3873.01DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 17 1992SCAN for OS/2 uploaded to mcafee.COM... (OS/2)
3874.0DYPSS2::VIRUSThu Dec 17 1992CHRISTMA Wannabes 2 (CVP)
3875.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 18 1992F-PROT and Stoned variant (PC)
3876.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 18 1992Will the real MS-DOS 5.
3877.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 18 1992Floppy Booting (PC)
3878.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 18 1992info on cansu virus (PC)
3879.01DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 18 1992INFO SOUGHT: FILLED virus (PC)
3880.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 18 1992disinfectors that leave ghosts of viruses (PC)
3881.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 18 1992OS/2 2.
3882.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 18 1992disk replication problem (Mac)
3883.0DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 18 1992Taking it offline
3884.04DYPSS2::VIRUSFri Dec 18 1992Virus Simulator MtE Available (PC)
3885.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 19 1992Batch file to "fix" CHKDSK.EXE (PC)
3886.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 19 1992Posting Philosophy (PC)
3887.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 19 1992Generic detection of Boot Sector/MBR viruses (was Re: Is this a real virus?) (PC)
3888.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 19 1992noint - what is it? (PC)
3889.01DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 19 1992VI-SPY 1
3890.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 19 1992PC Viruses "protected" by CPAV (PC)
3891.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 19 1992Origin of Plague virus. (PC)
3892.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 19 1992"Benevolent" Viruses
3893.03DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 19 1992Viral Based Distribution System
3894.0DYPSS2::VIRUSSat Dec 19 1992Request For Polymorphic Virus paper references
3895.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 22 1992Administrative: The vote count, changes for 1993
3896.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 22 1992Invalid Disk Boot Sectors. (PC)
3897.02DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 22 1992NEW MPC On the way (PC)
3898.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 22 1992DAME update (PC)
3899.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 22 1992Another new version of Zerotime. (PC)
3900.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 22 1992SVC 6.
3901.01DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 22 1992Bugs in Mcafee OS/2 Clean (OS/2)
3902.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 22 1992Comments OS2SCAN (Was: Re: OS2-stuff) (OS/2)
3903.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 22 1992Eugene.utmb.edu is retiring
3904.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Dec 22 1992CHRISTMA EXEC wrap-up (CVP)
3905.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 23 1992CPAV leftovers: summary (PC)
3906.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 23 1992Another Kind Of Droppers (PC)
3907.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 23 1992Tequila on the Pc (PC)
3908.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 23 1992CHKDSK & PC-DOS 5.
3909.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 23 1992Re[2]: Stoned Virus (PC)
3910.04DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 23 1992Viruses in OS/2 HPFS (OS/2)
3911.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 23 1992Problems in MCAFEE OS/2 Clean (OS/2)
3912.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 23 1992viruses in OS/2 environment (OS/2)
3913.0DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 23 1992Questions about OS2SCAN and OS/2-based AV software in general (OS/2)
3914.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Dec 23 1992Questions about OS2SCAN and OS/2-based AV software in general (OS/
3915.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 05 1993Introduction to the Anti-viral archives listing of
3916.0DYPSS2::VIRUSTue Jan 05 1993IBMPC Anti-viral archive sites last changed 15 December 1992
3917.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 06 1993Virus Simulator MtE Suppliment (PC)
3918.01DYPSS2::VIRUSWed Jan 06 1993SUMMARY: FORM virus infection in Germany (PC)