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Conference abbott::decquery

Title:DECquery product conference
Notice: see note 3.87 for network SSB kits, 3.* for latest FT kits
Created:Thu Sep 13 1990
Last Modified:Tue May 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1248
Total number of notes:4240
Number with bodies:5
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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1.09--UnknownUser--Thu Sep 13 1990Welcome!
2.0102VIA::ADAMSThu Sep 13 1990Registry
3.052--UnknownUser--Tue Sep 25 1990Network Kits
4.03VAXRIO::DANYWed Oct 24 1990Error when invoking PC_ACCESS
5.03ULYSSE::BIGNOTTIWed Nov 07 1990Problem with my database
6.01PHAZER::BARNESMon Nov 12 1990MS-DOS Software Availability
7.07CIMNET::BOURDEAUMon Nov 19 1990Conversion for VAX Date/Time Format ?
8.0CIMNET::BOURDEAUWed Nov 21 1990WORKING Indicator Needed
10.03CIMNET::BOURDEAUThu Nov 29 1990Problem opening DB from MS-WIN
11.07PHAZER::BARNESTue Dec 04 1990Version Incompatibility with MS-Windows and PC-Access?
12.01PHAZER::BARNESWed Dec 05 1990ADDing a DB Question
13.01PHAZER::BARNESMon Dec 10 1990FT3 Won't fit on a 1.44 mb floppy?
14.03PHAZER::BARNESMon Dec 10 1990DECM.CHR problem
15.01PHAZER::BARNESTue Dec 11 1990FT3 install problems
16.01ADO75A::WILEYWed Dec 12 1990PC-Query to become DEC-Decision?
17.01MAMTS2::PCORDONThu Dec 13 1990More than 1 database open
18.02PHAZER::BARNESFri Dec 14 1990SQL Services question
19.01ISEFri Dec 14 1990Batch?
20.02CIMNET::BOURDEAUMon Dec 17 1990Joining Tables and Views
21.0CIMNET::BOURDEAUMon Dec 17 1990FORMAT Display Inconsistency
22.03PHAZER::BARNESMon Dec 17 1990LOTUS/123V doesn't like .WK1 EXPORT file
23.03ARRODS::FOWLERKTue Dec 18 1990Support for Lotus WK2 and WK3 formats
24.01PHAZER::BARNESTue Dec 18 1990Note #2
25.05CIMNET::BOURDEAUTue Dec 18 1990DECquery and RdbAccess to ...
26.01PHAZER::BARNESTue Dec 18 1990Using the DB References Utility?
27.01PHAZER::BARNESTue Dec 18 1990Can you cut and paste
28.01PHAZER::BARNESTue Dec 18 1990Error in UPF File
29.02TAVThu Dec 20 1990Does we need this product ?
30.0PHAZER::BARNESThu Jan 03 1991FETCH DATA should be more available
31.04PHAZER::BARNESThu Jan 03 1991VALUES or SHOW UNIQUE functionality.?
32.02ISEFri Jan 04 1991Working with Rdb T4.
33.02ISETue Jan 08 1991Export Metadata?
34.05VNABRW::PAYLOR_SFri Jan 18 1991DEC-query and Paradox
35.01SPACEY::RADUCANUFri Jan 18 1991Need some help with the MEMORY !
36.01BROKE::THOMASMon Jan 21 1991DECquery questions
37.012NOVA::HARRISTue Jan 22 1991"Return Key" demo for DECquery
38.02CIMNET::BOURDEAUWed Jan 23 1991Problems with FT4 in DB OPEN
39.02TROAWed Jan 23 1991SQL Service support over TCP/IP Plans?
40.02BPOVThu Jan 24 19914DOS/VAXmate installation problem
41.02ZPOVC::COLINTONGThu Jan 24 1991External Field Test ?
42.01DEKVC::DAEHEEKIMFri Jan 25 1991Documentation and Exporting .WK1 format error
43.04DEKVC::DAEHEEKIMFri Jan 25 1991DECquery FT4 kit is needed
44.01DEKVC::DAEHEEKIMSun Jan 27 1991DECquery for DOS FT4 error
45.06CESARE::EANDIMon Jan 28 1991Product Availability
46.02CIMNET::BOURDEAUMon Jan 28 1991FT4 Define Total/Sub-Total Problem
47.0BUYDEC::KENNEDYTue Jan 29 1991Suggestions for Subset
48.03--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 30 1991Just a nit: Icon name
49.02PHDSRV::KOZICKIWed Jan 30 1991DDE and the Request Function
50.03NOTThu Jan 31 1991SQL Relational Access for Windows
51.03VIA::BARONTue Feb 05 1991SPDs for DECquery V1.
52.03VAXRIO::DANYThu Feb 07 1991Help needed in FT4
53.01DEKVC::DAEHEEKIMFri Feb 08 1991DECquery Internal Error
54.05NSDC::SIMPSONMon Feb 11 1991Query product for MAC?
55.01VIA::BARONMon Feb 11 1991SALES FLASH on DECquery V1.
56.01SUBURB::MCDONALDAWed Feb 13 1991Anyone done this?
57.04SUBURB::MCDONALDAFri Feb 15 1991First impressions.
58.01MRKTNG::PREVOSTFri Feb 15 1991Office & Publishing Expert Training 4/15 - 19
59.04VIA::BARONMon Feb 18 1991SALES UPDATE articles on DECquery V1.
60.01VNASWS::EDERTue Feb 19 1991A compliment and a wish
61.04KETJE::DEVOSTue Feb 19 1991Impossible to attach to a db
62.02CALYPS::MUNYANWed Feb 20 1991Error Message Misleading
63.04KETJE::LEFEVERTue Feb 26 1991presentation available?
64.07GUIDUK::HEALYTue Feb 26 1991More DB Open Problems - "Node not known"
65.07CTHQ2::ROSENBERGThu Feb 28 1991Will It Work With this configuration?
66.09VIA::BARONThu Feb 28 1991DECquery "Info Sheets"
67.04CHEFS::HANSONNFri Mar 01 1991Join across multiple db's
68.01CSGMon Mar 04 1991DECquery problem or stupid user?
69.08SUBWAY::RANAMon Mar 04 1991JOIN across two RDB databases ?
70.02SUBWAY::RANAMon Mar 04 1991SECURITY - Access via DECquery to corporate data
71.03INFACT::BEVISTue Mar 05 1991(Serious) competition for DECquery!!!
72.03DESIR::BEAUMon Mar 11 1991Internal Error 44
73.01SUBWAY::RANAMon Mar 11 1991DECquery support for POSTSCRIPT ?
74.01SUBWAY::RANAMon Mar 11 1991Mixed fonts and sizes for reports ?
75.01SUBWAY::RANAMon Mar 11 1991Benchmark results for DECquery
76.01SUBWAY::RANAMon Mar 11 1991Resize output columns ?
77.03SUBWAY::RANAMon Mar 11 1991Is Passoword not echoed & encripted ?
78.03ODIXIE::RICHARDSONTue Mar 12 1991RECITAL vs. DECQuery?
79.04MAIL::VOGELTue Mar 12 1991Access to MicroSoft's SQL Server ???
80.05DESIR::BEAUThu Mar 14 1991File extensions: a wish.....
81.01SUBWAY::RANAFri Mar 15 1991T1.
82.03VIA::ADAMSSat Mar 16 1991DECquery for MS-Windows Competitors
83.0VIA::ADAMSSat Mar 16 1991DECquery for DOS competitors
84.03VIA::ADAMSSat Mar 16 1991DECquery for Macintosh competitors
85.0VIA::ADAMSSat Mar 16 1991Competitors on other platforms
86.01VIA::BARONMon Mar 18 1991Framework for evaluating competive products
87.04AKRON::DEPRIESTMon Mar 25 1991Keyboard/Mouse trouble
88.02WLW::TAFT::VONDERBRINKTue Mar 26 1991Presentation on general ad hoc data access?
89.01WR1FOR::KARIMDAWed Mar 27 1991Access ORACLE through RdbAccess.
90.01CHOVAX::EHRLICHMon Apr 01 1991Extracting Subtotals without Detail
91.01SCAACT::VELEZMMon Apr 01 1991DECNET returned error 2
92.07NZOMIS::VDPLASTue Apr 02 1991DDE & Excel macro
93.01PRSUD1::EYHERAMENDYThu Apr 04 1991DECQUERRY Questions
94.01ULYSSE::BIGNOTTIThu Apr 04 1991crash but not regularly reproducable
95.03NZOMIS::VDPLASFri Apr 05 1991RMS file and CDD access ?
96.01NZOMIS::VDPLASFri Apr 05 1991co-existance of SQL Clients ?
98.01AUNTB::CLARKFri Apr 05 1991Can you reference a query on a remote file server?
99.03ANGLIN::ORTHOBERFri Apr 05 1991Need SQL for VMS if only RDB access required?
100.02CSGTue Apr 09 1991SQL SERVER set-up problem???
101.02CSGWed Apr 10 1991Win/e DECquery crash...
103.04COLThu Apr 11 1991First experience
104.02ZOWEE::ANTHONYThu Apr 11 1991DECquery &SQLservices - releasing memory problem ???
105.03SXMVThu Apr 11 1991Unrecoverable Application Error
106.01BMEUP::NGUYENMon Apr 15 1991Decquery User Guide
107.03CSGMon Apr 15 1991Use of DDE to integrate DECquery with Excel???
108.05OASS::BURDEN_DTue Apr 16 1991Error
109.06NOTWed Apr 17 1991column selection
110.01GUIDUK::HEALYWed Apr 17 1991Where's the Real Kit?
111.010MSBCS::SAFFERWed Apr 17 1991Mac to VAX Remote Db problem
112.02NZOMIS::VDPLASWed Apr 17 1991Access to Ultrix SQL ?
113.04COLThu Apr 18 1991MAC - Return Key Demo
114.01BAGLEY::FOSTERFri Apr 19 1991MS Windows standard/enhanced mode
115.05OASS::BURDEN_DFri Apr 19 1991QEMM - Yes or No?
116.02SRFSUP::JAIDKAFri Apr 19 1991DECquery and DAL
117.01OASS::BURDEN_DFri Apr 19 1991Memory could not be allocated
118.09STKAI1::HNORDBERGMon Apr 22 1991Maximum buffers and .UPF
119.018HSKPRF::KAILAMon Apr 22 1991Network error -3.
120.02CIMNET::BOURDEAUMon Apr 22 1991Customized Export Routines ?
121.013RIPPLE::NICHOLS_DAMon Apr 22 1991Queries against Ingres VMS??
122.01RIPPLE::TREMBLAY_EDMon Apr 22 1991anything similar to decquery on vaxstation?
123.04CIMNET::BOURDEAUTue Apr 23 1991MAC Profile file
124.012MAV::PIETRONIGROWed Apr 24 1991DECquery and DB2 access
125.01MRKTNG::DRESNERWed Apr 24 1991DECquery usage survey
126.04WARCRY::ADAMS_SWed Apr 24 1991Export to Clipboard problem
127.01CIMNET::BOURDEAUFri Apr 26 1991Iconic Execution of Queries
128.02CIMNET::BOURDEAUFri Apr 26 1991MAC: Selecting output drives
129.01EEMELI::MANNISTOMon Apr 29 1991Internal Error: 44
130.07PHHPST::BASSMN::STEINThu May 02 1991DECquery Access Time question
131.02SNOFS2::VANDERPLASMon May 06 1991Network returned error -1,
132.01SCAACT::VELEZMMon May 06 1991Error description documents?
133.01VAOUMon May 06 1991SSB Kit Available?
134.01NYDX12::LICATATue May 07 1991Oracle Access net kit
135.04OASS::ADAMS_STue May 07 1991"insufficient memory" loading DECQUERY
136.08BELFST::ABOYLEFri May 10 1991Access to ORACLE on UNIX
137.01CIMNET::BOURDEAUFri May 10 1991Missing Notes ?
138.01MSBCS::HARRINGTONFri May 10 1991Some MAC FT feedback
140.02NOTWed May 15 1991INTERACTIVE SQL
142.02NOTThu May 16 1991RMS & Rdb SECURITY
143.01OASS::ADAMS_SThu May 16 1991DECQUERY terminating on FETCH
144.03AIMTEC::ADAMS_SFri May 17 1991"show unique" under DECQUERY?
145.01TAVMon May 20 1991DECquery for MAC EXT FT?
146.01QUIGLY::chipperTue May 21 1991DNETHeapSize=4
147.02OASS::BURDEN_DWed May 22 1991Installing in read-only file server
148.01POBOX::YJAMESThu May 23 1991VM SQL/DS data??
149.08--UnknownUser--Mon May 27 1991DECUS presentation
151.01KETJE::DESCHUYTERWed May 29 1991FYI: SQL/Services authorization problem
152.01PHONE::AYREWed May 29 1991DECquery and DSM
156.04MQOP36::A_COURCHESNEThu May 30 1991What about OS/2?
157.03NOTThu May 30 1991Restricted access ?
158.01NOTThu May 30 1991Graphic cards
159.02BELFST::MITCHELLThu May 30 1991kit for customer loan
160.05SAC::SCARRThu May 30 1991"SQL/Services not ....." - One Mac works the other doesn't!
161.01OASS::BURDEN_DFri May 31 1991column headers and order change
162.01OASS::ADAMS_SFri May 31 1991DBREFS "how to's" and help
163.03HGOVC::SAMTSETue Jun 04 1991Reference Utility problem.
164.02MAIL::HAYDENTue Jun 04 1991will it work with VMS 5.3?
165.01HGOVC::SAMTSEWed Jun 05 1991Multi-user support?
166.0VIA::BARONWed Jun 05 1991Data Integr Servers w/DECquery (from Sales Update)
167.06CGOOThu Jun 06 1991DECnet error 14
168.03ROMSLS::DIIORIOMon Jun 10 1991a problem with Vida2$access_name
169.0LAIDBK::ROKNIANMon Jun 10 1991Reference sites for Decquery
170.03MLNTue Jun 11 1991Real data type
171.03DENVER::JEWELLTue Jun 11 1991Do articles exist?
173.01WARNUT::PICKERINGSFri Jun 14 1991Some minor wishes/points
174.01SCAACT::SMITHDFri Jun 14 1991Subtotal bug or limitation ???
175.01KETJE::ROBBENSMon Jun 17 1991Reporting with DECquery ?
176.0VIA::BARONMon Jun 17 1991Phase
177.01BGOTue Jun 18 1991Are there really a need for DECquery?
178.01CACTTue Jun 18 1991Database access
179.01MAIL::VOGELThu Jun 20 1991Max/limit on query ?
180.01BIGTOY::PRIESTFri Jun 21 1991Installing ms + dos on the one node. Can it be done.
181.01WARCRY::ADAMS_SFri Jun 21 1991"SQL not running" after deleting que
182.04MAIL::VOGELFri Jun 21 1991Is Teamdata our long term solution for VTs
183.03SHODAN::SYSTEMFri Jun 21 1991RMS access lic issue
184.04WARCRY::ADAMS_SFri Jun 21 1991Error code 34
186.01USWRSL::WELLS_KATue Jun 25 1991Fact Sheet/Brochure on Decquery for MAC?
187.02GRANPA::BAKILLIANThu Jun 27 1991Calculations Truncating/Rounding Results
188.01NOTThu Jun 27 1991Downloading ?
189.02NOTThu Jun 27 1991Overheads & Licenses ?
190.01SUBWAY::RANAFri Jun 28 1991DECquery access to indexed RMS file with Varience ?
191.02OASS::ADAMS_SFri Jun 28 1991"Node not known..." again
192.05DAH::whiteMon Jul 01 1991Limiting Row Selections
193.01BONNET::F_KORNMANNWed Jul 03 1991HELP !! It doesn't want to work
194.02CSGWed Jul 03 1991Problem Connecting/Opening RDB Database
195.01SUBWAY::HERMITTWed Jul 10 1991SQL Error -2
196.02AUNTB::CLARKThu Jul 11 1991Dequery for MAC - support 7.
197.01WR2FOR::MORGENSTE_JEMon Jul 15 1991Querying sharing from the PC to the Macintosh
198.02MXOVThu Jul 18 1991Timed out trying to access node ... problem
199.03OASS::ADAMS_SFri Jul 19 1991Export to WK1 strips TIME
200.07--UnknownUser--Fri Jul 19 1991DECquery futures - what does the customer want?
201.02OASS::ADAMS_SMon Jul 22 1991SQL Svcs err 2
202.03OASS::ADAMS_STue Jul 23 1991Select multiple columns
203.04OASS::ADAMS_STue Jul 23 1991UDKs for DECquery?
204.03GIDDAY::DUBBERWed Jul 24 1991Running DECquery with Novell?
205.02KERNEL::TAGGARTNThu Jul 25 1991Urgent help using DECquery
206.0AIMTEC::ADAMS_SThu Jul 25 1991Timed out loading DECquery
207.02TAVSun Jul 28 1991DECquery for Mac - Is it "Macish" enough ?
208.01ODIXIE::CAIRNSTue Jul 30 1991DDE/OLE
209.0IMADV8::LAWLERTue Jul 30 1991Syntax error on OPEN_DB via DDE in EXCEL when using USERNAME and PASSWORD.
210.05CCIIS1::BOUVERATWed Jul 31 1991Decimal point for French users?
211.05TROOA::KAMPWed Jul 31 1991Some DECquery questions.
213.0ODIXIE::HIPPTue Aug 06 1991MAC to IBM IMS Database?
214.01OASS::BONNE_WTue Aug 06 1991error -12,
216.01CHOVAX::EHRLICHThu Aug 08 1991Delayed or Overnight processing of queries?
217.01VNABRW::FLEISCHMANNTThu Aug 08 1991rdb-e-no_priv with db protected by rights identifier and ACL
218.03OASS::ADAMS_SThu Aug 08 1991DLL built with SQL Svcs API
219.01WR1FOR::KARIMDAThu Aug 08 1991Multiple column selection? DECquery for MAC V1.
220.01ODIXIE::EVGONZALEZFri Aug 09 1991Where is Real Kit?
221.04WR1FOR::KARIMDASun Aug 11 1991Exporting calculated and formatted data to EXCEL?
222.01EISCSR::BROOMEMon Aug 12 1991Problem accessing a Remote Database
223.05OASS::ADAMS_SMon Aug 12 1991Install Error #1 in Line 32
224.03OASS::ADAMS_SMon Aug 12 1991Internal error 592
225.01NOTWed Aug 14 1991Display Only Subtotals ?
226.04KETJE::DESCHUYTERWed Aug 14 1991What entries in WIN.INI ?
227.01GRANPA::PCORDONThu Aug 15 1991PC Crashes when running DECquery
228.01COPCLU::JACOBSENThu Aug 15 1991Problems accessing the server.
229.04OASS::ADAMS_SThu Aug 15 1991Another "node not known"
230.01NOTFri Aug 16 1991Extra Functionality needed ?
231.01LARVAE::HUGHESFri Aug 16 1991What if (ish)?
232.01NOTMon Aug 19 1991Join multiple columns
233.0MUDIS3::MHERKELMANNTue Aug 20 1991Deutsches Kit!?!
234.0MUDIS3::MHERKELMANNTue Aug 20 1991German Kit ?!
235.01MRKTNG::SETTYTue Aug 20 1991Can't find DECM.CHAR file..
236.03SWAM2::BUDZOWSKI_JOThu Aug 22 1991Sybase access?
237.01MDCRAB::CHLOUT::AKILLIANThu Aug 22 1991Maximum Record Length
238.04MDCRAB::CHLOUT::AKILLIANThu Aug 22 1991Data delivery of 8
239.01OASS::BURDEN_DThu Aug 22 1991Changing color in DOS product?
240.01COPCLU::GERTThu Aug 22 1991%SQLSRV-F-FTLEXEERR when trying to open database
241.02OASS::ADAMS_SThu Aug 22 19919
243.0TADSKI::CARRThu Aug 22 1991Access violation trying to open database
244.01LARVAE::HUGHESFri Aug 23 1991Couple of points from a customer - It looks good
245.02OASS::ADAMS_SMon Aug 26 1991explain DNP low mem fix
246.01USRCV1::GIORDANOPTue Aug 27 1991Hypercard/Desk accessory ???
247.04ROYALT::MAYTue Aug 27 1991Error during installation of SSB kit
248.01OASS::ADAMS_STue Aug 27 1991segment string type rdb fields
249.03OASS::ADAMS_STue Aug 27 1991limitations - requesting feedback
250.03VEGAS::GURALNIKWed Aug 28 1991DDE or Script execution of DECquery?
251.02VEGAS::GURALNIKWed Aug 28 1991SSB kit for Macintosh
252.04PRESS1::SMITHThu Aug 29 1991Joins - vsam and rms
253.011BEAGLE::GODFRINDThu Aug 29 1991'Ran out of global memory'
254.01FSOA::ONEILLThu Aug 29 1991SCO UNIX?
255.05LARVAE::HUGHESFri Aug 30 1991URGENT ** Rdb Security Problem
256.01KADOR::KAMDARMon Sep 02 1991DECquery and Visual Basic, Using DDE ?
257.02CAATS::TAMTue Sep 03 1991Files in Mac folder are all DOCUMENT kind
258.01OASS::ADAMS_STue Sep 03 1991absence of tinyint
259.01LILTue Sep 03 1991DECQUERY For MAC /RDB 3.1B
260.02SWTHOM::GIRARDWed Sep 04 1991RDB 3.1b server ACCVIO
261.05MSBCS::HSUWed Sep 04 1991Does DECquery work under DOS 5.
264.02QUIPU::KULVETEWed Sep 04 1991charting?
265.04MRKTNG::SETTYThu Sep 05 1991%SQL-F-EXQUOTA while attaching to Rdb
267.03WR1FOR::KARIMDAThu Sep 12 1991DECquery <-> ULTRIX/SQL access??
268.01WR2FOR::FIELDS_JEFri Sep 13 1991RDB V3.1b and DECquery - SQLSRV startup????
269.04EEMELI::MALMITue Sep 17 1991Decquery & PROGRESS RDBMS
270.03FCOIS::TARDIF_CTue Sep 17 1991DECQuery access to CADBVAX?
272.06GIDDAY::CANTLONMon Sep 23 1991DECquery for Mac and system 7?
273.01KADOR::KAMDARMon Sep 23 1991DECquery V2.
274.04WARCRY::ADAMS_SWed Sep 25 1991tutorial, rdb and personnel.rdb
275.04WARCRY::ADAMS_SThu Sep 26 1991V1.1? FT questions
276.01SUBWAY::WANGThu Sep 26 1991DECquery for Mac V1.
277.01OASS::ADAMS_SThu Sep 26 1991Internal Error 9
278.03OASS::ADAMS_SFri Sep 27 1991DECNET error 24
279.03OASS::ADAMS_SFri Sep 27 1991no error error 3
280.03NOTMon Sep 30 1991RdbAccess for Oracle link unusable
281.01WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GMon Sep 30 1991missing file wina2
282.01MSBCS::HSUMon Sep 30 1991DDE command: EXPORT_QUERY
283.03ADO75A::WILEYFri Oct 04 1991MS-Win Enh support - when?
284.02VNASWS::EDERFri Oct 04 1991Wish: class server support
285.01LARVAE::HUGHESFri Oct 04 1991Has the situation changed regarding WK3 file formats
286.06MRKTNG::SETTYFri Oct 04 1991Questions on 'Using Interactive SQL'
287.01DEMOAX::CLAUSONMon Oct 07 1991Image support?
288.08AMUSE::QUIMBYTue Oct 08 1991Excel and/or 433W problem with DECquery
289.03VAXRIO::EZEQUIELTue Oct 08 1991PRINTING : 6
290.01GIDDAY::HUMMERSTONWed Oct 09 1991How do you access the DLLs?
291.01XNOGOV::WESTERNWed Oct 09 1991Need PAK
292.010SUBURB::MCDONALDAWed Oct 09 1991Connection Ended problems.
293.02WARCRY::ADAMS_SWed Oct 09 1991SYSTEM 7 hangs trying to access node
294.02HGOVC::SAMTSEThu Oct 10 1991Out of local memory, again?
295.013SUBURB::MCDONALDAThu Oct 10 1991DECquery/ULTRIX problem with saving tables.
296.01SLOVAX::NEWMANMon Oct 14 1991Consumption Control
297.07SUBURB::MCDONALDATue Oct 15 1991DECquery/ULTRIX IFT1 features
298.06AIMTEC::ADAMS_STue Oct 15 1991breakpoint err loading metadata on MAC
299.01NEWPRT::MOREH_JAWed Oct 16 1991"Need SPD for DECQuery/ULTRIX"
300.04KERNEL::HIGMANThu Oct 17 1991DECQuery on SYSTEM 7 returning NETWORK ERROR 1
303.01DEKVC::DAEHEEKIMThu Oct 17 1991HELP
305.03SAC::ENGLANDFri Oct 18 1991SSB kit for MAC
306.01SUBURB::MCDONALDAMon Oct 21 1991Writing RMS files with RDBaccess.
307.02TROOA::WEAVERMon Oct 21 1991DECpc 433 Hangs?
308.01COPTOR::BIRGERTue Oct 22 1991DOS V5.
309.01DOD2::ROBERTSWed Oct 23 1991Microsoft Server
310.02SUBURB::MCDONALDAThu Oct 24 1991DECquery/ULTRIX crash on join and scroll
311.01OASS::ADAMS_SThu Oct 24 1991formatting lost in export .dbf
312.03GIDDAY::BLOOMFri Oct 25 1991DECquery on DOS v5.
313.07DNEAST::WNSLOW::WheelerFri Oct 25 1991Internal DECquery T2.
314.05AIMTEC::ADAMS_SMon Oct 28 1991Server Installation Support?
315.01STKHLM::ARENDIMon Oct 28 1991Node not known from DBREF When using PC node name?
316.01MQOSWS::M_LEMAYMon Oct 28 1991What's the use for SQSAPIW.DLL?
317.01POBOX::DAYTue Oct 29 1991DECquery/Informix Question
318.03CIMNET::BOURDEAUTue Oct 29 1991DECquery/ULTRIX problems
319.05CIMNET::BOURDEAUTue Oct 29 1991DECquery/WIN FT2 Feedback
320.02AIMTEC::ADAMS_SWed Oct 30 1991Saved where?
321.03BSS::PARKSWed Oct 30 1991DECquery Support with DBMS?
322.01SNOMAN::AARONThu Oct 31 1991DQ<->DD<->TD?
323.07FSDEV::DOMENIKOSMon Nov 04 1991Please help!!
324.01LYOIS1::FERRANDTue Nov 05 1991Missing values
325.01SIOG::DALYTue Nov 05 1991Visual Basic/SQL HELP needed !
326.010OASS::ADAMS_STue Nov 05 1991Internal Error 44 revisited
327.04GIDDAY::HADDADWed Nov 06 1991Internal DECquery V1.
328.01IOSG::BILSBOROUGHFri Nov 08 1991Can DECQUERY really query Ingres?
329.05OASS::BURDEN_DFri Nov 08 1991Unimplemented Trap on MAC
330.01CSC32::MCCRACKENMon Nov 11 1991Network returned error -4,
331.0OASS::ADAMS_SMon Nov 11 1991wishlist items?
332.07OASS::ADAMS_STue Nov 12 1991printing wide reports
333.01CHEFS::HANSONNWed Nov 13 1991What's in DECquery next release ?
334.03OASS::ADAMS_SWed Nov 13 1991SQL Syntax error on multiple join
335.02KERNEL::HIGMANThu Nov 14 1991MS Windows and ENHANCE mode when ?
336.06VNASWS::EDERThu Nov 14 1991DECquery for VMS vs. for MS_Windows
337.01VNASWS::EDERThu Nov 14 1991A customer's feedback about DECquery for MS-Windows
338.0MDCRAB::CHLOUT::AKILLIANThu Nov 14 1991DECquery for VMS - Can it join Different Data Sources VSAM & DB2
339.06WLW::BROOMEThu Nov 14 1991DECquery/DECdecision Access, SQL-F-BAD_TOKEN
340.01MRKTNG::SETTYThu Nov 14 1991System Integrity Violation
341.01JAYDA::LOFTINSat Nov 16 1991Info on DECreport
342.05IOSG::BILSBOROUGHTue Nov 19 1991DECquery T2.
343.01VIA::BARONTue Nov 19 1991Sales Update announcement article -- DECquery V2.
344.07MRKTNG::SETTYThu Nov 21 1991Functioinal/Performance issues
345.06MRKTNG::GOLDMANFri Nov 22 1991How to fix "datatype not supported" message
346.02SUBURB::MCDONALDAMon Nov 25 1991Interrupted system call - ULTRIX/DECquery.
347.05COPCLU::TCLAUSENTue Nov 26 1991release date for V2.
348.03COLFri Nov 29 1991Ingres on VMS in SPD??
349.0BAGLEY::FOSTERMon Dec 02 1991Nulls in DECquery queries
351.06ADO75A::SHARPEMon Dec 02 1991DECQUERY on DOS accessing ULTRIX/SQL
352.07STKHLM::ARENDITue Dec 03 1991VIDAOS not activated with rdbaccess for oracle?
353.01TROOA::WEAVERTue Dec 03 1991Update functionality?
354.02KERNEL::WILESLWed Dec 04 1991%SQLSRV-F-FTLEXEERR problem
356.04OPOSM::weirWed Dec 04 1991Internal DECquery error T2.
357.04ALFPTS::RCWK1::HARRISONThu Dec 05 1991DECquery for VT's?
358.01MSAMFri Dec 06 1991Query on DECquery.
359.04MSAMFri Dec 06 1991Questions on DECquery with Oracle.
360.01NANOOK::LEBELFri Dec 06 1991Multiple joins using Shift key
361.01EVTDD1::BOURGOINGTue Dec 10 1991Problem to access RMS files with decquery FT
363.01AIMTEC::ADAMS_SWed Dec 11 1991breakpoint error on DS212-LP
364.0GENIE::STUKERMon Dec 16 1991Oracle / performance ?
365.01VIA::VLATASTue Dec 17 1991DECreport X1.
366.03MRKTNG::SETTYTue Dec 17 1991Why DECQUERY.UPF crashes PC ???
367.01MRKTNG::SETTYTue Dec 17 1991Where is the SPR ??
368.02UTRTSC::LIEMWed Dec 18 1991LPT and color text ?
369.02UTRTSC::LIEMWed Dec 18 1991Page length, arithmetic date and DECQUERY.UPF ?
370.01UTRTSC::BATSThu Dec 19 1991DECquery and PWDOSV4 do not cooperate
371.01ROKCTR::GRAHAMFri Dec 20 1991DDE REQUEST command question
372.01WR2FOR::FIELDS_JEFri Dec 20 1991Netapi.dll - SQL server access
373.03SNOCSun Dec 22 1991Hassles with floating point numbers
374.0NOVA::JACKSONFri Dec 27 1991Update: Registration Info for '92 DB/TP/EU Sympsoium
375.01AIMTEC::ADAMS_STue Dec 31 1991col headings missing
376.01UTRTSC::SOBCZAKThu Jan 02 1992Ability to select colors ?
377.01UTRTSC::SOBCZAKThu Jan 02 1992Why does the table name gets truncated
378.06GIDDAY::HUMMERSTONSun Jan 05 1992DECquery Mac V2.
379.0CHEFS::HANSONNMon Jan 06 1992Call to DCL ?
380.03CFSCTC::CHABOTMon Jan 06 1992Can't find WRITE$AIL_SHR
381.04MSBCS::HARRINGTONWed Jan 08 1992Metadata bigger than maximum buffer !
382.01MSBCS::HARRINGTONWed Jan 08 1992DECQuery T2.
383.05WR2FOR::FIELDS_JEWed Jan 08 1992TCP/IP - DECquery Server license??
384.01DENVER::PACKThu Jan 09 1992WHERE IS DEMO?
385.01COLISA::ASCHIMMELFri Jan 10 1992Does DQ run VMS and ULTIRX workstations too?
386.02UTRTSC::LIEMFri Jan 10 1992Modify TABLE label ?
387.05STKHLM::ARENDITue Jan 14 1992Is there a description of sqsapiw.dll?
388.01STKHLM::ARENDITue Jan 14 1992Reference manuals??
389.02SUBURB::MCDONALDATue Jan 14 1992DECquery + INSTANTSQL ?
390.02CHOWDA::VARANESEWed Jan 15 1992Error 136
391.0CFSCTC::CHABOTWed Jan 15 1992DECquery V1.6/DECdecision V1.5
392.02STKHLM::ARENDIThu Jan 16 1992DBREFS doesn't seem to work from SCSI disks!
393.04CSOA1::STUTSONThu Jan 16 1992Natural Lang SQL
394.03HERON::BEAUFri Jan 17 1992DECQUERY v2 + Windows 3.1
395.02DENVER::MCNEALMon Jan 20 1992Unix platforms with DECquery?
396.06MANIOK::BERLINGHOFThu Jan 23 1992Macintosh: Unknown SQL Service error -2
397.01COLThu Jan 23 1992Install Error #1 ...
398.0RAB::ADAMSThu Jan 23 1992Need feedback on Internal Field test
399.01DEMOAX::CLAUSONThu Jan 23 1992What about DB2 pw encryption ?
400.01QUIPU::KULVETETue Jan 28 1992loading metadata
401.01QUIPU::KULVETETue Jan 28 1992DECreport access
402.01BD31Tue Jan 28 1992DECquery for VMS or Ultrix is not NAS compliant!
403.02QUIPU::KULVETETue Jan 28 1992internals info?
404.04SUTRA::DAVIDSETue Jan 28 1992access from PC's in hidden area?
405.01QUIPU::KULVETETue Jan 28 1992access to Btrieve
406.08BIS6::BIDONNETTue Jan 28 1992DDE info/manual for Windows V2ft4 requered.
407.01LARVAE::SKEEN_CThu Jan 30 1992Informix + Dq
408.03QUIPU::KULVETEFri Jan 31 1992eight misc questions
409.05OASS::ADAMS_SFri Jan 31 1992JOIN on 3 fields for unique info?
410.01DUCAT2::STEINMon Feb 03 1992Negative Money
411.03PTOVAX::DLUGOSZTue Feb 04 1992DECquery 2-FT3, MS-Windows, and dBase IV
412.05EPS::JOHNSONTue Feb 04 1992Deferred Query???
413.01BELMNT::RASTEGARWed Feb 05 1992DECquery and Dbase
414.03VAXRIO::EZEQUIELWed Feb 05 1992DECquery v2.
415.02VNABRW::HABRICH_PThu Feb 06 1992EXEL Macro and DECquery for Macintosh
416.09TAVThu Feb 06 1992Decqueryto Oracle DB
417.01DRAC::BOSCHFri Feb 07 1992DDE & MSWORD.Info required for demo.
418.0EPOCH::JOHNSONMon Feb 10 1992Looking for implementation info
420.01LAVGOD::DIONNETue Feb 11 1992Can DECquery use Async-DECnet?
421.0EXHIBJ::team2Wed Feb 12 1992%SQLSRV-F-GETACCINF, SQL Services Authorisation failed
422.04COOKIE::NIXDORFWed Feb 12 1992New PAK for DECquery V1.6?
423.02AWECIM::SEGALWed Feb 12 1992Target Date for New Kit?
424.01DECEAT::SHAHWed Feb 12 1992Customer Environment sought
425.01CHEFS::HANSONNFri Feb 14 1992DECquery access to local sources
426.02UTRTSC::LIEMFri Feb 14 1992Export varchar datatype and info. FT 2.
427.03OASS::GREEN_WFri Feb 14 1992decquery & excel
428.02OASS::ADAMS_SMon Feb 17 1992MAC & PW/MAC V1.1 - SQL Svc not running
429.01INFACT::BEVISMon Feb 17 1992RE: A Gartner report
430.01EVTDD1::BOURGOINGWed Feb 19 1992Pb with process rights
431.017MSDSWS::JANSENWed Feb 19 1992Ingres access
432.03KYOA::GRADYWed Feb 19 1992Customers want update capability
433.05LAVAX1::SYSTEMWed Feb 19 1992can't open db with t2.
436.09DC1Thu Feb 20 1992DECquery/ULTRIX accessing ULTRIX/SQL DB
437.03OASS::ADAMS_SThu Feb 20 1992Nested query with JOINs fails
438.03OASS::ADAMS_SThu Feb 20 1992Print questions
439.0LOSER::BEZEREDIFri Feb 21 1992DECreport for Microsoft Windows V1.
440.02SAAVAK::ZEMONFri Feb 21 1992How do you do Motif & Windows?
441.010VIA::BOOTHFri Feb 21 1992Follow on to !!URGENT!!! Delete DECquery/Win V2.
442.0SNOCMon Feb 24 1992Oracle access
444.01EVTDD1::BOURGOINGMon Feb 24 1992Are "substring" and "group by" together possible ?
445.06AMUSE::QUIMBYMon Feb 24 1992Close DECquery/Windows via DDE ????
446.02REDBUD::garrisonnaMon Feb 24 1992DECquery & E
447.01MQOSWS::MQOP36::m_lemayMon Feb 24 1992Network returned error -2
448.03EVTDD1::BOURGOINGTue Feb 25 1992Is it possible to open multi database through the same account ?
449.03OASS::ADAMS_STue Feb 25 1992MAC System Errors downloading DBREFS, Opening DB
450.06AUNTB::KULVETETue Feb 25 1992T2.
451.01DC1Tue Feb 25 1992DECquery vs. WingZ/Informix
452.02PRSUD1::CHAILLEYWed Feb 26 1992macintosh & ORACLE
453.01VIA::BOOTHWed Feb 26 1992Legal issues resolved for DECquery for Windows V2.
454.02RZOPThu Feb 27 1992DECquery For OS/2
455.05MSDSWS::JANSENThu Feb 27 1992Confused - Ingres Access
456.01EEMELI::VALTONENFri Feb 28 1992DECquery to Sybase/Microsoft, Informix ?
457.02CSSE32::RAWDENFri Feb 28 1992DECquery for PC - Documentation Questionnaire
458.02EVTDD1::BOURGOINGMon Mar 02 1992Error on native SQL
459.01STKHLM::ARENDITue Mar 03 1992Error 1 at line 32
460.04WR2FOR::FIELDS_JETue Mar 03 1992Julian date conversion ...
461.02EVTDD1::BOURGOINGWed Mar 04 1992Native SQL and parameters
462.01TOOHOT::CGOING::WOYAKWed Mar 04 1992PID or futures presentation
464.03ODIXIE::RICHARDSONThu Mar 05 1992DB@ from DECquery for VMS
465.02AMUSE::QUIMBYThu Mar 05 1992DECQUERY.UPF on path ?
466.02STOHUB::GOLFNG::DONOVANFri Mar 06 1992"Working Model" for customers
467.01EVTDD1::BOURGOINGMon Mar 09 1992DECQUERY and Dbase format
468.01AUNTB::CLARKTue Mar 10 1992Hot-links support
469.02MUDIS3::DRESCHERWed Mar 11 1992URGENT! Draw with user defined chart style
470.02ALOSWS::MONTANOWed Mar 11 1992PC Locks up attaching to Database ...
471.01KAOFS::M_ROYWed Mar 11 1992DECQUERY for MAC crashes VAX
472.01OASS::BURDEN_DThu Mar 12 1992Edit string in CDD?
473.01ODIXIE::RICHARDSONThu Mar 12 1992Defining a dbase2 database
474.01ODIXIE::RICHARDSONThu Mar 12 1992access parameter for Oracle::
475.04SOTT::NAULTFri Mar 13 1992Documentation - Macros
476.01HGTAI1::SUSANCHENSun Mar 15 1992DECquery for DOS
477.03HGOVC::ALECLEESun Mar 15 1992Trying to copy ther kit
478.01ODIXIE::RICHARDSONMon Mar 16 1992Using DDE with LOTUS
479.04WKOLMon Mar 16 1992Forest & Trees
480.06SWTHOM::GIRARDTue Mar 17 1992Is DECQUERY shareable ?
481.02SWTHOM::GIRARDTue Mar 17 1992Problem exporting a float to dbase format
482.01EVTDD1::CASALINOTue Mar 17 1992RDB_ACCESS and CDD+
483.01MQOSWS::MQOPTue Mar 17 1992Access multiple Oracle database
484.0RENFRO::POWELLWed Mar 18 1992"no return key" demo maybe??
485.01MERLIN::FRANKWed Mar 18 1992Window versus VMS/ Wutz wrng w/ this picture?
486.05AUNTB::CLARKThu Mar 19 1992join from multiple sources
487.03AUNTB::CLARKThu Mar 19 1992V2.
488.01AUNTB::CLARKThu Mar 19 1992Rdb access w/o Pathworks?
489.01SAC::WILLIAMS_CFri Mar 20 1992Cannot find DECQUERY.INI
491.012NZOMIS::STUARTSun Mar 22 1992Internal DECquery T2.
492.01COLMon Mar 23 1992Node not known..(MS-DOS-ersion)
493.01ONEDGE::TAUBENFELDTue Mar 24 1992Open query bug for multiple databases
494.01OASS::GREEN_WTue Mar 24 1992export query to file, syntax?
495.02FILTON::DAVISSTue Mar 24 1992DECquery functionality questions
496.02NEXUS6::BERNECICHFri Mar 27 1992Date from interger format to date format
497.02CGOOA::LEITCHFri Mar 27 1992\\ in upf for referenced query
498.01ALOSFri Mar 27 1992Running DECquery in the Background???
499.01OASS::ADAMS_SFri Mar 27 1992V2.
500.04KETJE::DESCHUYTERTue Mar 31 1992T2.
501.02COPTue Mar 31 1992Metadata Loading (re)visited
502.03DURDUR::DALMASSOTue Mar 31 1992Decquery & Excel macros
503.02DABUCS::COLLINSWed Apr 01 1992ObjectVision Example?
504.01CFSCTC::CTCWed Apr 01 1992Context-sensitive help
505.02COPWed Apr 01 1992Some wishes
506.01UTRTSC::LIEMFri Apr 03 1992Networked printer and DBREFS illegal char.
507.04UNITED::MCCAMBRIDGEFri Apr 03 1992Edit String from Rdb not copied to DECquery
508.08ROMMon Apr 06 1992General Protection Fault in module GDI.EXE
509.0SUBURB::MCDONALDAMon Apr 06 1992Paper cleared for customers.
510.01SAACTX::HarrisonMon Apr 06 1992Problems grouping and connecting to server
511.05MDCRAB::PRESS1::AKILLIANMon Apr 06 1992Where are work files stored in DECquery V2.
512.05UTRTSC::LIEMMon Apr 06 1992Memory for DECquery/DOS ?
513.02BRSDVP::BHT762::DECLERCKTue Apr 07 1992Query is very slow (takes several hours).
514.03KETJE::ROBBENSWed Apr 08 1992DECquery in batch and/or window on Mac ?
515.01SHALOT::JANCULAWed Apr 08 1992F2 not obvious?
516.01GRIND::PJOHNSONWed Apr 08 1992help getting started
517.02FASDER::DWICKERWed Apr 08 1992DECquery Datatrieve Novice
518.01GIDDAY::CHANMThu Apr 09 1992Attemped to save SELECT query -Internal error 526
519.01LAVGOD::ALLENThu Apr 09 1992DB2 Access: All I need is Vida ?
520.01OASS::BURDEN_DThu Apr 09 1992how many significant digits?
521.03DPDMAI::SMITHDThu Apr 09 1992DECquery & Xcursion don't mix
522.02NEWVAX::STANFORDThu Apr 09 1992Network error
523.01HANNAH::BOONEThu Apr 09 1992Unsave???
524.01BGOFri Apr 10 1992Only DISPLAY SUBTOTALS
525.06CGOOA::WASYLENKOFri Apr 10 1992SQL Error
526.01MMOPC2::Jerry_RandallMon Apr 13 1992LOTUS for DOS access
527.08AUNTB::CLARKMon Apr 13 1992Support EDA/SQL, Open Server, or SequeLink
528.02STOHUB::MAIL::SHAHNAMMon Apr 13 1992customer questions
529.04AUNTB::CLARKMon Apr 13 1992Is DECquery CUA Conforming?
530.05MDCRAB::MDCRAB::AKILLIANMon Apr 13 1992Compute text fields to numbers
531.04IJSAPL::DUURKOOPWed Apr 15 1992Windows version /Accessing Dbase IV files on DOS/Pathworks VMS/VMS
532.02UTRTSC::LIEMWed Apr 15 1992DECquery/DOS FT2.
533.0ODIXIE::RICHARDSONThu Apr 16 1992Problem accessing ORACLE database
534.02OASS::ADAMS_SThu Apr 16 1992Cannot connect to Oracle node
535.0CGOOA::WASYLENKOThu Apr 16 1992Diskless PCs
536.02TARUGO::MAITEMon Apr 20 1992SSB kit for DECquery V2.
537.0STOHUB::DSCGLF::FARLOWMon Apr 20 1992References for DECquery?
538.02KETJE::DESCHUYTERTue Apr 21 1992DECquery VMS LiveLink problem !
539.02MUCTEC::GASTTue Apr 21 1992invoking DECquery from DECwrite using live link
540.01SHALOT::JANCULATue Apr 21 1992DECquery working model?
541.03ODIXIE::RICHARDSONWed Apr 22 1992write access to Rdb database/
542.03CAPITN::RILEY_ELWed Apr 22 1992Exporting to .WK1 format problem
543.02BROKE::JONESThu Apr 23 1992RDBVMS V3.1B
544.09MXOVThu Apr 23 1992Ultrix/RISC db access from DECquery for PC ???
545.01SWTHOM::COUPEAUFri Apr 24 1992%nsds-e-parsevalexpruns
546.02OASS::ADAMS_SMon Apr 27 1992Int Err 1
547.06AIMTEC::WOODY_SMon Apr 27 1992DECQuery under MS_Windows V3.1?
548.01MSBCS::YOUNGTue Apr 28 1992Part #??
549.01SAC::ENGLANDTue Apr 28 1992Powerpoint presentations?
550.01SUBURB::MCDONALDAThu Apr 30 1992Paper available on DECquery suite.
551.01SAACTX::HarrisonFri May 01 1992Customer having UAE's, need help
552.03LODGE::MARCHIONDOMon May 04 1992List of Byte Varying
553.03GNOJP::PORELLMon May 04 1992Documentation mis-packaged in SBS kit shipped
554.02TPSYS::CONNEMon May 04 1992HELP - New potential user ... checking suitability
555.01LYOISA::FIETTue May 05 1992Customer win/V2 kit?
556.02OASS::BURDEN_DTue May 05 1992Internal Error - 39
557.01OASS::BURDEN_DTue May 05 1992Error publishing into existing file
558.04OASS::ADAMS_STue May 05 1992sharing violation installing on virtual drive
559.0CLO::MOLLEYWed May 06 1992Async-DECnet Details Please?
560.05TPACT1::MOBBYLINThu May 07 19928 bit data handle?
561.0BERNThu May 07 1992Creating Reference-File: network error!
562.04NOTThu May 07 1992Exceeded Quota
563.01LISVAX::MSEPULVEDAThu May 07 1992db2 access from Ultrix
564.02BODACH::CKEARNSThu May 07 1992IMPORTing an ASCII Field file without NULLs ?
565.01TRCOA::LOBOThu May 07 1992Can DECquery access a local Oracle database?
566.03CAPITN::RILEY_ELThu May 07 1992MUMPS and Paradox integration
568.01LEMAN::FONTOVAMon May 11 1992DECQUERY Documentation ?!!!
569.02SHIRE::ESPICMon May 11 1992Passing Parameters to a Batch Macro
570.01DRAC::FURIOMon May 11 1992Retrieval and Updating
571.01JOCKEY::MARSHALLJMon May 11 1992Building data `warehouses'
572.01ZIGLAR::KSTANFORDMon May 11 1992Working Model for DECQuery V2.
573.0UNYEM::SHOWALTERTue May 12 1992Any Suggestions for Dial-up Users?
574.01ROMCSA::BIANCHINITue May 12 1992Lotus 123 vs DECQuery
575.01BOSTON::DEVINETue May 12 1992New Features, DECquery-MAC ?
576.01UNYEM::SHOWALTERTue May 12 1992DECquery without PATHWORKS?
577.06WARIOR::BURDEN_DTue May 12 19922
578.01LEMAN::CACCIAThu May 14 1992User manual in bookreader format for vms user
579.03YUPPY::63657::GORARDMThu May 14 1992Hanging in ENHANCED mode !!
580.02ARRODS::FINNIThu May 14 1992CDD/Repository "PATHNAME" support for Rdb/VMS
581.06MUCTEC::GASTThu May 14 1992report cannot be produced.Check the filename ...
582.03MSAMThu May 14 1992Problems resolved in V2.
584.04IW::WARINGThu May 14 1992DECquery for Mac Install Problem
585.01MINNY::64531::BERENSFri May 15 1992err installing VMS version : error activating image RSX
586.0MSAMSat May 16 1992DECQuery against Oracle & Borland ?
587.01OASS::ADAMS_SMon May 18 1992implications of real-time(?) sessions
588.06SHIRE::ESPICThu May 21 1992PC vs VMS Compatibility ?
589.01LEMAN::FONTOVAThu May 21 1992A new limitation of records and fields !!!
590.01HGOVC::SAMTSETue May 26 1992DECquery 2.
591.04SUOSW3::FLOEGELTue May 26 1992Can't access 'decquery_sample' database
592.01BALTMD::STUDENTACCTTue May 26 1992Where are the decquery files saved
593.01MARSWed May 27 1992DECQUERY / DB2 with EXCEL and TCP/IP
594.04ONETWO::STUDENTACCTWed May 27 1992Giving file access to other users
595.04AIMTEC::WOODY_SThu May 28 1992limit # chars for unique field name?
596.01ONETWO::STUDENTACCTThu May 28 1992Linking multiple data blocks through DECwrite
598.02GNOJP::PORELLFri May 29 1992DLLs for DECquery for MS Windows V2.
599.01CSC32::MCCRACKENFri May 29 1992DECquery acess to IBM VSAM files?
600.04DRAC::BOSCHMon Jun 01 1992semantic stack overflow dq 2.
601.01KOZY::STEWARTTue Jun 02 1992ASYNCH DECQUERY?? asked again
602.03MYKENE::MOXLEYWed Jun 03 1992Product Manager?
603.02AYU1Wed Jun 03 1992Integer to Float in RDB/VMS Table Problem
604.01OASS::ADAMS_SWed Jun 03 1992What is "Native SQL?"
605.04KAOOA::SOWREYWed Jun 03 1992Bugs In Final Release (?)
606.01TOOHOT::CGOING::WOYAKWed Jun 03 1992Performance numbers needed
607.0NEXUS6::BERNECICHThu Jun 04 1992Number Function
608.0CSC32::MCCRACKENThu Jun 04 1992DECquery 2.
609.01SWORD1::CHIANGO_DCISFri Jun 05 1992New to pc's ... new some pointers
611.03EPERNA::HummerstonTue Jun 09 1992Joins across databases on MS SQL Server
612.0OASS::GREEN_WTue Jun 09 1992limit in macro statements?
613.05OASS::GREEN_WTue Jun 09 1992EXCEL macro question
614.05OASS::ADAMS_STue Jun 09 1992DBREFS V1.
615.03SANFAN::MCNICHOL_THTue Jun 09 1992Invalid edit string?
616.02MQOSWS::G_FIORAMOREWed Jun 10 1992HELP Need - Problem with multifiles rdb database (VMS)
617.02RCORDF::FITTERWed Jun 10 1992Missing application during Mac install
618.0SAACTX::HarrisonWed Jun 10 1992Suggestions for next version
619.04UTRTSC::LIEMThu Jun 11 1992Where are the QAR's ?
620.02VIA::CHIPPERThu Jun 11 1992DECquery / DECreport Promotional Information: Rolling demos, info sheets...
621.01MAIL::ELLISThu Jun 11 1992no data, no error
622.01SAHQ::CROOKSThu Jun 11 1992DecQuery V2.
623.01OASS::GREEN_WFri Jun 12 1992file type for queries?
625.05DRAC::BOSCHMon Jun 15 1992can not write device aux - stack overflow
626.0CTHQ1::ROSENBERGMon Jun 15 1992Problems connecting to Server
627.01VNABRW::SUPPAN_GWed Jun 17 1992Import Data from DECquery to MS-Winword
628.05OASS::BURDEN_DWed Jun 17 1992various problems with DEC notebook 32
629.01MINNY::PFISTERWThu Jun 18 1992Restrictinc Access to tables
630.02OASS::GENUS_VThu Jun 18 1992%Decquery caused general protection fault
631.02DECEAT::WONGThu Jun 18 1992database class processes allowed?
632.02BSS::PARKSMon Jun 22 1992Lines of Code in DECquery?
634.04DRAC::BOSCHTue Jun 23 1992Header capability & Export from
635.01SUBWAY::MATSUMURATue Jun 23 1992Integrate private SQLserver?
636.04OASS::ADAMS_STue Jun 23 1992Int Error 136 again
637.01OASS::ADAMS_SWed Jun 24 1992Internal Error 35
638.01LAIDBK::ROKNIANWed Jun 24 1992Taking over the VAX!!!
639.02OASS::GREEN_WFri Jun 26 1992redirect output?
640.02CLO::MOLLEYMon Jun 29 1992License Problem with DQ form VMS
641.02SWTHOM::GIRARDTue Jun 30 1992DECQUERY/FRENCH - No help information ?
642.01OASS::ADAMS_STue Jun 30 1992Internal Error 23
643.07OASS::ADAMS_STue Jun 30 1992UAE's loading metadata under V2.
644.01JULIET::DRUMMOND_ROTue Jun 30 1992RdbAccess Oracle - SEQUENT
645.02MARX::SULLIVANWed Jul 01 1992DECdecision V1.5, Rdb V4.1
646.03MUCTEC::GASTThu Jul 02 1992other II_DATE_FORMAT than us on Ultrix ?
647.03OASS::ADAMS_SThu Jul 02 1992Application violated system integrity
648.01SOTT::NAULTMon Jul 06 1992Languages?
649.01MARX::SULLIVANMon Jul 06 1992Printing - landscape, ledger, lps4
650.0GALVIA::STEPHENSTue Jul 07 1992Required: DECwrite documents containing LiveLinks to DECquery.
651.01KERNEL::PULLEYWed Jul 08 1992Matching with wildcards, single/multiple chars?
652.05STKHLM::KNORNWed Jul 08 1992Loading RDB-metadata
653.02STKHLM::ARENDIWed Jul 08 1992DQR dos 2.
654.01SHALOT::LUNDBERGWed Jul 08 1992Creating a Database References File
655.04BEAGLE::GODFRINDThu Jul 09 1992Wish: ability to restrict tables visible by users
657.07SNOCMon Jul 13 1992Format of Excel hot link command?
658.01OASS::BURDEN_DTue Jul 14 1992DECquery Internal errors 839 and 12
659.03BIS1::VERSTRAETENWed Jul 15 1992ASCII output on VAX
660.03GVAThu Jul 16 1992DDE links - Quotation marks in output
661.0MAIL::VOGELThu Jul 16 1992Support for SQL Access Standard ???
662.01DPDMAI::SMITHDThu Jul 16 1992Latest version of DECquery for DOS
663.02OASS::BURDEN_DThu Jul 16 1992SQL Server not running on node - but it is!
664.0OASS::BURDEN_DFri Jul 17 1992long query takes a long time
665.01EZLCHZ::EZZELLMon Jul 20 1992Impact of using long field names?
666.02SUBURB::MCDONALDATue Jul 21 1992DECquery after ULTRIX/SQL?
667.03OASS::BURDEN_DTue Jul 21 1992Using DDE from OMNUS-7?
668.03SWETSC::WILHELMSSONWed Jul 22 1992DDE, CREATE_QUERY doesn't overwrite old query
669.0DEKVC::DAEHEEKIMWed Jul 22 1992I can't use DECQUERY on the asyn. PCSA environment
670.01ALICAT::ROBERTSThu Jul 23 1992System Error - AUX)
672.03GIDDAY::HUMMERSTONMon Jul 27 1992NetWare Coexistance and MS-Windows
673.0VIA::POONMon Jul 27 1992DECquery T2.1-2 (FT2) Network Kits now available.
674.01CHTPTue Jul 28 1992Need Help with Quotas?
675.01TALE::PILOUI::DominiqueTue Jul 28 1992SQL Server / IBM Lan Server
676.01AUNTB::CLARKTue Jul 28 1992Preferences on Network copy of DECquery
677.05AUNTB::CLARKTue Jul 28 1992dBASE as db type on add database option
678.0AUNTB::CLARKTue Jul 28 1992Support Tektronix terminal character set
679.02EPERNA::HummerstonWed Jul 29 1992Fix for large metadata request
680.01GRANPA::MCAHILLWed Jul 29 1992Variable column support?
681.02HAGGS::BENThu Jul 30 1992Is the CDD pathname refering to the SERVER NODEs CDD?
682.01LSNCSC::BRAUNFri Jul 31 1992EXCEL <-> RDB
683.07EZLCHZ::EZZELLFri Jul 31 1992Multi-schema support?
684.0ZPOVC::LCLEESun Aug 02 1992New Release of ORACLE SQL/NET (DOS)
685.01AUNTB::CLARKMon Aug 03 1992Can DECquery use InstantSQL generated queries?
686.02TPLAB::DACHSBECKMon Aug 03 1992Total & subtotal not transfered during a DDE execution ?
687.01ALICAT::ROBERTSMon Aug 03 1992DECquery and Visual Basic, Using DDE
688.01SHIPS::GILBERTSON_ATue Aug 04 1992DECquery for Win & ULTRIX/SQL ??
689.02HOPOFF::WILLIAMSWed Aug 05 1992passing result into next query?
690.01BEBBI1::STUKERThu Aug 06 1992Infos on other products ?
691.02SHIRE::PILOUI::DominiqueFri Aug 07 1992External Join
692.01SHIRE::PILOUI::DominiqueFri Aug 07 1992SQL/Server Dictionary
693.02SHIRE::PILOUI::DominiqueFri Aug 07 1992Cut/paste SQL Statements
694.08OASS::BURDEN_DFri Aug 07 1992DBrefs returns network error
695.0ODIXIE::CAIRNSMon Aug 10 1992Access to CDC 932?
696.04WOTVAX::EVANSPARKERDMon Aug 10 1992Access to external datastore using parameter capture?
697.01CERN::BOTHNERWed Aug 12 1992Positioning Accessworks - DECquery?
698.03JULIET::RILEY_ELWed Aug 12 1992SQL Server and Banyan Vines Access?
699.04DNEAST::WHEELER_SCOTThu Aug 13 1992Crashing SQLSRV$SERVER??
700.01PTOSRT::FENTONThu Aug 13 1992DECquery's exclusive MS Windows usage
702.03COPCLU::JACOBSENMon Aug 17 1992Limitations on export?
703.01JOCKEY::NUTKINSMMon Aug 17 1992Problem reading dBASE file
704.05BACHUS::LEENTue Aug 18 1992DECquery & Macintosh
705.01LAVGOD::ALLENTue Aug 18 1992Reducing SQL development costs w/DECquery
706.06KETJE::GEVAERTTue Aug 18 1992DQ on Ultrix to ORACLE on ULTRIX
708.01BACHUS::LEENWed Aug 19 1992Double clicking on 'DECquery profile'
709.03ALOSWS::MONTANOWed Aug 19 1992DECquery and Excel Integration Techniques ...
710.01MBALDY::LANGSTONWed Aug 19 1992DECquery error: Node is not known or the network is not up
711.01MUNDIS::WENGEMANNThu Aug 20 1992RDB and EXCEL
712.06BTOVT::FOSSI_DTue Aug 25 1992Passing reference with set_actual_param
713.01VAXRIO::MICHELTue Aug 25 1992V2.
714.01LAVGOD::ALLENTue Aug 25 1992Trouble accessing DB2 Database
715.02HAGGS::BENWed Aug 26 1992DECquery -> VIDAO, how to DEFAULT Oracle user/pass
716.0ROMFri Aug 28 1992Integrating Decquery in my application
717.02OASS::BURDEN_DFri Aug 28 1992Accessing System tables in Rdb databases?
718.03VAXRIO::NOVELLOMon Aug 31 1992Table constraints... Foreign keys ...
719.01MAOTAI::MISERY::CRONLAND_LOMon Aug 31 1992Prompting ???
720.05TPLAB::DACHSBECKTue Sep 01 1992Proxy / PC access and client user name ?
721.07BTOVT::JPETERSTue Sep 01 1992%NONAME-F-NOMSG, Message number
722.01COMICS::HISCOCKWed Sep 02 1992'time out' accessing node, sethost okay
723.05OASS::BURDEN_DThu Sep 03 1992Max Number of Conversion error during installation
724.02OASS::ADAMS_SThu Sep 03 1992DECquery on MAC quits prtng to Laser Writer
725.0OASS::ADAMS_SThu Sep 03 1992Default print settings on MAC?
726.02CHTPFri Sep 04 1992File Level security accessing IBM VSAM
727.03SUBWAY::WANGFri Sep 04 1992Novell Netware IPX as the transport?
728.01UNYEM::MALONEWFri Sep 04 1992Timing for DECquery to Rdb Releases
729.01UNYEM::MALONEWFri Sep 04 1992Customer Question on Maximum # of Columns
730.02UNITED::MCCAMBRIDGEMon Sep 07 1992Crosstab example required
731.01STKHLM::ARENDIMon Sep 07 1992Old DEcquerys unusable from EXCEL after upgrade?!
732.01SAC::EVANS_MTue Sep 08 1992TECHNOSIS ? and DECquery
733.08JULIET::DRUMMOND_ROTue Sep 08 1992DECquery for VMS T2.1-3 Stack Dump
734.04MXOVTue Sep 08 1992Problems accesing a VSAM file from DECquery
735.04NZOMIS::ROBBINSWed Sep 09 1992When will join across 2 Rdb databases be supported?
736.01WPOPTH::MONGEYWed Sep 09 1992FOrmatting of REALs in Export From Query
737.01ODIXIE::RICHARDSONWed Sep 09 1992editing DECMACRO.XLA
738.02KERNEL::WILESLWed Sep 09 1992Install error at line 2
739.02MUNICH::RUZICKAThu Sep 10 1992is it possible to write to Ingres?
740.01SAC::EVANS_MThu Sep 10 1992DQ on PCs - how many ways to see ORACLE on UNIX ?
741.01VAXRIO::MICHELThu Sep 10 1992Screen export error 1
742.06OASS::BURDEN_DThu Sep 10 1992SAVE AS... for query causes hang
743.09OASS::ADAMS_SThu Sep 10 1992Network returned error
744.0RT93::TRIBEThu Sep 10 1992DECquery doesn't recognize VIDAOS installation
745.0RT95::LOMBARDIThu Sep 10 1992Error accessing ORACLE via VIDAO...
746.03SAC::EVANS_MFri Sep 11 1992Dual Access via DECquery over DECnet and TCP/IP
747.03EVTDD1::HULAUXFri Sep 11 1992Looking for some info bits on Deferred Query mechanics
748.02VAXRIO::MICHELFri Sep 11 1992Changing rows to columns
749.0MRKTNG::SLATERFri Sep 11 1992ASE P&C Guide w/ DECquery and TeamLinks
750.01DPDMAI::OVERTURFFri Sep 11 1992User identification within SQL
751.01CHTPSat Sep 12 1992How to export into existing Lotus Spreadsheet?
752.02BERNMon Sep 14 1992Export: Character set translation...?
753.09COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDTue Sep 15 1992Can't "see" DECreport
754.05EVTDD1::HULAUXTue Sep 15 1992%SYSTEM-F-OPCDEC in DQMU !!
755.02PLAYER::BOSSARDTue Sep 15 1992Calculated fields produce wrong results
756.01ASD::DIGRAZIATue Sep 15 1992What is the "default account"?
757.02STKAI1::HNORDBERGWed Sep 16 1992DECquery and Netbeui as transport
758.01ICS::MAJORThu Sep 17 1992Error - Install T2.1-
759.0VIA::POONThu Sep 17 1992Potential DECquery Problem in display dates of Microsoft SQL Server database incorrectly.
760.0ICS::MAJORFri Sep 18 1992CURSAL - no access in V2
761.01KRELL1::SNYDERMon Sep 21 1992What bugs were fixed in Query 1.6? (Cross-posted from DECdecision notes)
762.03OASS::GREEN_WMon Sep 21 1992oracle and sqlservices?
763.0OASS::BURDEN_DTue Sep 22 1992Referencing Query with Mac V1.
764.01HANWed Sep 23 1992Problem to exit DECquery via DDE
765.01NOTThu Sep 24 1992Excessive licence costs for pilot study
766.01JULIET::DRUMMOND_ROThu Sep 24 1992Oracle Error ORA-
767.03LAVGOD::ALLENMon Sep 28 1992Where does processing take place on Join?
768.01MUNICH::RATSCHMon Sep 28 1992DECquery and SQL-E-SQLDANOT
769.01WARNUT::BALMFORTHKTue Sep 29 1992date wrong by one.
770.06EZLCHZ::EZZELLTue Sep 29 1992Are read-only transactions used?
771.0ICS::COSEL::PieciulTue Sep 29 1992Customer Comments
772.04AKO55Tue Sep 29 1992Help with DECquery/SQL Services Setup
773.03BIGUN::MAYNEWed Sep 30 1992DECquery T2.1-
774.01OASS::GENUS_VWed Sep 30 1992Pc hang on open query
775.03CHOSRV::EHRLICHThu Oct 01 1992Out of Temp Disk Space
776.01STKAI1::HNORDBERGThu Oct 01 1992Translation of DECquery
777.01LEMAN::GOLON::bezenconThu Oct 01 19922.1 new features clarification ?
778.07OASS::ADAMS_SMon Oct 05 1992Buffer Size and Fetch Count
780.02OASS::ADAMS_SMon Oct 05 1992How can you CANCEL FETCH?
781.0IJSAPL::OLTHOFTue Oct 06 1992Query and Reporting from OS/2
782.01SWTHOM::COUPEAUTue Oct 06 1992Q+e 4.
783.03OASS::GREEN_WTue Oct 06 1992problems with large databases
784.01KERNEL::JACKSONWed Oct 07 1992Rdb license error installing DECquery for VMS 1.6
785.01TKOV51::MORI_YWed Oct 07 1992DEMO problem
786.010PEKING::READWWed Oct 07 1992Bad DB Format Error
787.01TPLAB::DACHSBECKWed Oct 07 1992Defeffed query results sent to a remote DB ?
788.01OASS::GREEN_WWed Oct 07 1992diskquotas on SQLSRV$SRV account
789.01OASS::ADAMS_SWed Oct 07 1992V2.1 next for ALL platforms?
790.01WARNUT::BALMFORTHKThu Oct 08 1992paste buffer size ?
791.04LOOKIN::HISCOCKThu Oct 08 1992Gen protection when accessing specific field
792.03VSSPC::MSD524::EstesThu Oct 08 1992Install problems for FT 2.1-3 on Sun Unix
793.02QCAVTue Oct 13 1992Accessing Sybase on VAX
794.08KERNEL::JACKSONTue Oct 13 1992Export to an Rdb database
795.04MYKENE::MOXLEYTue Oct 13 1992Excel Q+E and RDB problems...
796.0OASS::ADAMS_STue Oct 13 1992DBs not listed after downloading dbrefs
797.02OASS::GREEN_WTue Oct 13 1992rdb-f-wrong_ods after rdb upgrade
798.02YUPPY::CARTERWed Oct 14 1992Urgent: Text fields with no's only won't group
799.01TPLAB::DACHSBECKWed Oct 14 1992Deferred Query Server log messages
800.01TPLAB::DACHSBECKWed Oct 14 1992DDE command for Deferred queries ?
801.01OASS::ADAMS_SWed Oct 14 1992DECquery/VMS asynchronously w/o DECnet?
802.0JEAVES::RICKW::RickThu Oct 15 1992Urgently need Lotus 123 macro for DECquery/DECreport
803.0RDVAX::RICHARDSONThu Oct 15 1992License is invalid for this version of the product
804.01--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 15 1992DECreport icon - FT4
805.03KOZY::STEWARTThu Oct 15 1992DECquery to CADB data???
806.010JEAVES::RICKW::RickFri Oct 16 1992Feedback on DECquery FT4
807.01MQOSWS::MQOP36::m_lemayFri Oct 16 1992BAD-DB-FORMAT message
808.03VSSPC::MSDFri Oct 16 1992Install problem with T2.1
809.02TRIGG::VOGELMon Oct 19 1992Ingres access and/or DAL support ?
810.01TROOA::LFUNGTue Oct 20 1992More comments from customer...
811.03GIAMEM::YEETue Oct 20 1992Need Help start DECquery from DECdecision
812.02VEGAS::GURALNIKTue Oct 20 1992INternal error 116?
813.01HGOVC::SIMONYTCHANWed Oct 21 1992Execute query at DOS command level?
814.02IAMOK::ROWEWed Oct 21 1992Problem Sorting on Numeric Field
815.03OASS::GREEN_WThu Oct 22 1992fatal error carries over to next job
816.0MONSTA::COLLINSFri Oct 23 1992FOCUS?
817.0TPLAB::DACHSBECKFri Oct 23 1992Wish list for deferred query functionality
818.03TPLAB::DACHSBECKFri Oct 23 1992Deferred query utility info required
819.01HAGGS::BENMon Oct 26 1992DECquery/Dosv2 general protection fault
820.01NANTES::FARNEMon Oct 26 1992Direct access to Informix also!!
821.02KOYOTE::StroikTue Oct 27 1992DECquery over a CTS async link
822.02GIDDAY::CHANMWed Oct 28 1992Window protection fault:DECQUERY.EXE
823.04YUPPY::CARTERThu Oct 29 1992Urgent: Demo tomorrow - need info!
824.03NANTES::FARNEFri Oct 30 1992ACCESS from a MAC to ORACLE
825.06LEMAN::KUNZFri Oct 30 1992an other BAD-FORMAT error???
826.02KERNEL::JACKSONFri Oct 30 1992Connection to node ended
827.01VAOUMon Nov 02 1992Support for Ingres in DECquery V2.1?
828.06YUPPY::CARTERTue Nov 03 1992Custoemr questions about DECquery
829.07SUBURB::MCDONALDATue Nov 03 1992V2.
830.03OASS::GREEN_WWed Nov 04 1992intermittent print problem
831.07HGOVC::SAMTSEWed Nov 04 1992DBref utility problem
832.04BDX64::GUISELINThu Nov 05 1992ms-windows 3.1 excel4.
833.04NEXUS6::BERNECICHThu Nov 05 1992calculate with previous field
834.02EPAVAX::EPAPC1::CARLOTTIThu Nov 05 1992Where do we stand on this issue?
835.03BOMBOM::RICKW::RickFri Nov 06 1992Help ! - Deferred Query Utility + DECquery for Windows
836.03DRAC::HUELVESMon Nov 09 1992Problem saving DBF files
837.02VIA::POONMon Nov 09 1992DECquery V2.1 MSC Kit for DOS, Windows, and Mac available.
838.01CSC32::G_HUBBARDMon Nov 09 1992MS-DOS Windows API?
839.01USAMon Nov 09 1992Does LAN Workplace for DOS support SQL calls ?
840.04MUCTEC::WESTERTue Nov 10 1992problem formatting double precision datatypes
841.02OASS::GREEN_WTue Nov 10 1992internal error 36512 on MAC
842.04SNOCTue Nov 10 1992Help to find DECQUERY.UPF
843.01GIDDAY::CHANMWed Nov 11 1992 Restricted flag in UAF -denied access.
844.02STGWed Nov 11 1992Question about DB References
845.01EEMELI::TAVIWed Nov 11 1992Futures of DECquery ?
846.03NANTES::FARNEThu Nov 12 1992"General fault protection ..."
847.0OASS::GREEN_WThu Nov 12 1992Marketing fails again!
848.01ALOSThu Nov 12 1992DECquery access to Oracle data!
849.02HERON::ROWLANDSFri Nov 13 1992Datatype conversion
850.01MSAMMon Nov 16 1992special package to access RMS files only ??
851.05YUPPY::CARTERTue Nov 17 1992Urgent: need some answers
852.04BROKE::RBARNESTue Nov 17 19924.1 rdb multischema database?
853.03TAVWed Nov 18 1992DECquery on MS-Windows Hebrew problem
854.04WARNUT::BALMFORTHKWed Nov 18 1992decquery and multiversion Rdb
855.0KOZY::STEWARTThu Nov 19 1992SIZE limits ??
856.01GOTA1::WANNERSKOGFri Nov 20 1992MS ODBC support ?
857.03WARNUT::BALMFORTHKFri Nov 20 1992List of byte varying not supported
858.014SAC::EXTON_MFri Nov 20 1992Microsoft ACCESS
859.05LEMAN::KUNZFri Nov 20 1992Data from DECquery to EXCEL ???
860.03TPLAB::DACHSBECKMon Nov 23 1992Defferred query results DB settings
861.02GIDDAY::CHANMMon Nov 23 1992Large size of metadata -disconnected
862.01WARNUT::2HTue Nov 24 1992Fetch data and opening a query
863.02SUOSW3::ROHRMANNTue Nov 24 1992DECquery and Vida for DB2, Query takes a long time
864.03MSAMWed Nov 25 1992Decquery to access pc files ??
865.01CHEFS::HANSONNWed Nov 25 1992dbase4 fetch problem
867.01LEMAN::KUNZThu Nov 26 1992EXCEL/DECquery datatype problem
868.01SAC::EXTON_MFri Nov 27 1992DECquery V2.1 for VMS?
869.03SAC::EVANS_MFri Nov 27 1992Perf. on DECquery better than straight SQL T/F ?
870.02GIDDAY::HADDADSun Nov 29 1992Getting INVALID_BLR when subtotal more than 5 cols
871.01BIGUN::ANDERSONMon Nov 30 1992Problems fixed in V2.1?
872.01DPDMAI::SMITHDTue Dec 01 1992Location of Deferred Query Server ?
873.01KERNEL::HIGMANTue Dec 01 1992SYSTEM ERROR - Can't write to device AUX
874.03KERNEL::JACKSONWed Dec 02 1992,MET file too big and another problem
875.02TROOA::WHALEYWed Dec 02 1992Direct Oracle access problem
876.03OASS::GENUS_VWed Dec 02 1992Does DECquery support BLOB?
877.01KERNEL::HIGMANThu Dec 03 1992Exporting dates from DECQuery into Lotus 123 doesn't work.
878.02WARNUT::BALMFORTHKFri Dec 04 1992DECquery 1.6 needs separate licence ??
879.04TPLAB::DACHSBECKMon Dec 07 1992Deferred query utility with a preexisting results DB ?
880.0CHEFS::HANSONNMon Dec 07 1992Supercalc integration ?
881.01ZPOVC::LCLEEMon Dec 07 1992Decquery for Windows T21_4 Oracle Access
882.02OASS::BURDEN_DMon Dec 07 1992Needs MAC Terminal Emulator running
883.02OASS::ADAMS_SMon Dec 07 1992Change Headers only???
884.03OASS::ADAMS_STue Dec 08 1992...to clipboard w/o closing db first?
885.02DAIMIO::BEAUWed Dec 09 1992Product status ?
887.01ZPOVC::LCLEETue Dec 15 1992DECquery for Windows v2.1 with SQL*NET
888.02UTRTSC::LIEMTue Dec 15 1992Export to DBASE format ?
889.01ZPOVC::LCLEEWed Dec 16 1992Incorect format for date field in T2.1-4 FT
890.01ZPOVC::LCLEEWed Dec 16 1992Deferred Query Utility support on ULTRIX server?
891.04GBIThu Dec 17 1992Excel q+e 4.
892.02PEKING::MCSHANEGThu Dec 17 1992Watching paint dry!
893.03ZPOVC::WENDYLAIFri Dec 18 1992Two level password ?
894.01HERON::LEMBEK::VogeleerTue Dec 22 1992nknown SQL service error -2
895.01GLDOA::RBROWNSun Dec 27 1992TABLES and DECquery
896.02ZPOVC::LCLEEMon Dec 28 1992DECquery T2.1-4 with SQL*NET
898.01GLDOA::RBROWNThu Dec 31 1992Record Selection using dates
899.0ACESMK::MCKIMTue Jan 05 1993AW/DS Startup SDK available for review
900.01ISLNDS::PHRANK::HarringtonTue Jan 05 1993Access Public folders from DECQuery (PC version)
901.02JURA::DUQUESNETue Jan 05 1993WINGIF version for GIF object with T2.1 ?
902.03CCIIS1::ALLAIS::BouveratWed Jan 06 1993DECQUERY for DOS and TCP/IP problem
903.07JENRAN::RBROWNWed Jan 06 1993Help with DDE
904.02SUBURB::JONESAWed Jan 06 1993Another EXCEL <--> Rdb question
905.0DRAC::BOSCHThu Jan 07 1993Exporting quadword to dbase
906.01HGOVC::MONTYWONGThu Jan 07 1993PCI and LOCAL BUS information?
907.02SAC::EXTON_MThu Jan 07 19932.1 tried on VMS
908.02DAH::whiteThu Jan 07 1993Dynamic Link Problem
909.02COPCLU::GRYNNERUPFri Jan 08 1993How does View from Rdb work ?
910.01NANTES::FARNEFri Jan 08 1993ACCESS to DBASE by a MAC
911.04ZURFri Jan 08 1993DECquery crashed, when starting eXcursion
912.06OASS::ADAMS_SFri Jan 08 1993Queries only bring in apostrophes
913.02OASS::ADAMS_SFri Jan 08 1993RMS query problem w/alpha data in numeric field?
914.01UTRTSC::LIEMWed Jan 13 1993DECquery/XXX V2.1 and Oracle's SQL/Net versions ?
915.01VAXRIO::ABREUWed Jan 13 1993decquery for dos /error 136
916.01LARVAE::PALMER_MThu Jan 14 1993Multi-Character Set Support
917.03STKHLM::WAHLQVISTTue Jan 19 1993How to declare a parameter from EXCEL ?
918.05QMARY::CHRISTue Jan 19 1993More (simple) ORACLE direct access questions
919.03VFOVAX::KIMTue Jan 19 1993DECQuery Customization thru Resource Files
920.03LARVAE::PALMER_MWed Jan 20 1993Selecting Multiple Columns in Create Query
921.02WELCLU::BISHOPPWed Jan 20 1993Questions from a novice
922.01LFOIS1::DEMEESTEREThu Jan 21 1993Version of RDB ? with DECQUERY 2.1 MAC
923.01KAL::MLARSSONThu Jan 21 1993Can't find PAK for Deferred Query Server (DQ-SERVER) v1.1 in European VTX (ISPAK)
924.02MANIS1::BAUMGARTENMon Jan 25 1993Location of DECMACRO.XLA ?
925.01KERNEL::LIVESEYPMon Jan 25 1993Output of long field is truncated!
926.02OASS::ADAMS_SMon Jan 25 1993Primary/Alternate fields concatenate
927.01SWTHOM::PERMALLTue Jan 26 1993Error -2
928.03DEMING::HILLTue Jan 26 1993Importing ASCII Tabular Data
929.0VIA::POONWed Jan 27 1993How to obtains a DQ-Server PAK for European Site.
930.02BOSMNP::PICARDWed Jan 27 1993Network Performance Customer Question
931.03UNITED::MCCAMBRIDGEThu Jan 28 1993SQLMM Unknown SQL Services error 13776
932.01ISLNDS::PHINNY::HarringtonThu Jan 28 1993UNKNOWN SQL Service werror -29
933.01OASS::BURDEN_DThu Jan 28 1993DECquery/VMS won't let him see the tables
934.01STKHLM::ARENDIThu Feb 04 1993Export, clipboard and column names???
935.03WNOUThu Feb 04 1993Open database - submit SPR??
936.0HGOVC::MONTYWONGFri Feb 05 1993433 and ACAD 1.2 software driver
937.01ARRODS::LEWISAFri Feb 05 1993DECquery, and date arithmetic
938.0VIA::BOOTHFri Feb 05 1993DECquery V2.1 on DOS, Windows and MAC FCS's on 5-FEB
939.01TPLAB::DACHSBECKMon Feb 08 1993Where to find the Deferred query API ?
940.06ISLNDS::PHINNY::HarringtonTue Feb 09 1993VB 2.
941.02KETJE::PUTMANSWed Feb 10 1993Installation of Deferred Query Server failed ...
942.03WARNUT::PICKERINGSWed Feb 10 1993Can't select individual columns in a query
943.01OASS::ADAMS_SWed Feb 10 1993Install DECquery on Novel Server?
944.08MINNY::JOERGENSENWed Feb 10 1993Password Expiration / Change on first LOGON
945.03GNOJP::PORELLFri Feb 12 1993error 41
946.01OASS::ADAMS_SFri Feb 12 1993Convert RMS integer to date format ?
947.04LAVGOD::ALLENMon Feb 15 1993Can't seem to see ORACLE via SQL Net Option
948.0DMOREP::R_BSCHOBERTue Feb 16 1993Access to Btrieve Datas
949.0HANTue Feb 16 1993Can't find valid PAK for V1.6/VMS
950.0OASS::BURDEN_DTue Feb 16 1993More RMS files woes
951.02VAXRIO::NOVELLOTue Feb 16 1993Join with 2 columns matching
952.02OASS::ADAMS_SWed Feb 17 1993DECnet error 9, bad file #
953.01OASS::BURDEN_DThu Feb 18 1993Rdb V5.
954.01AIMTEC::ADAMS_SFri Feb 19 1993System Error 47
955.01KETJE::VERVAENENMon Feb 22 1993Deferred Query Server and Appletalk
956.01CECEHV::PALOMon Feb 22 1993crashes VUE
957.02UTRTSC::LIEMTue Feb 23 1993SPD DECquery/XXX V2.1 and Rdb/VMS ?.
958.02KERNEL::PULLEYTue Feb 23 1993Wrap field within column?
959.05STKHLM::ARENDITue Feb 23 1993Wsocket problem with Microsoft TCP/IP?
960.02OASS::ADAMS_STue Feb 23 1993Print only once in networked environment
961.03GIAMEM::YEEWed Feb 24 1993Why job logical not work for local table in DECQuery?
962.01MMODNS::TNKJLN::NESTERThu Feb 25 1993Visual Basic and DDE support in DECquery
963.02ISLNDS::PHINNY::HarringtonThu Feb 25 1993NSDS problem can't find RMS file ?
964.01GIAMEM::YEEThu Feb 25 1993Macro questions
965.06RANIER::ROTHENBERGFri Feb 26 1993Front end tool advice needed
966.01ISLNDS::PHINNY::HarringtonFri Feb 26 1993Date format seems to be broke in FT2.1-4
968.02ZPOVC::SHANYONGWed Mar 03 1993DECQuery competition?
969.03UBEWDY::BLOOMWed Mar 03 1993install replaces PATH...bad idea! v2.1
970.01OASS::BURDEN_DThu Mar 04 1993Synonyms in ORACLE?
971.03TKOV51::TANAKAThu Mar 04 1993I want Excel Macro files.
972.02KERNEL::JACKSONMon Mar 08 1993Printing in landscape mode
973.04TYSON::KURATAMon Mar 08 1993Does DECquery work agains Rdb on an Alpha
974.02UTRTSC::LIEMTue Mar 09 1993DECquery/MAC V2.1 - TCP/IP error -23
975.01GRANPA::PCORDONTue Mar 09 1993DECquery/INGRES/Macintosh Question
976.01OASS::BURDEN_DTue Mar 09 1993DECnet error 14 - bad address (Phase V, OSI)
977.04OASS::BURDEN_DTue Mar 09 1993General protection fault in module DECQUERY.EXE at startup
978.0TKOV51::TANAKAWed Mar 10 1993Thank you very much.
979.03BRUMMY::WIGHTMANSWed Mar 10 1993UPF error
980.03OASS::ADAMS_SFri Mar 12 1993DECreport does not output leap year '92
981.01ZPOVC::CECILIACHENGSun Mar 14 1993Status for DECquery for VMS?
982.01SWTHOM::PERMALLMon Mar 15 1993Decquery 2.
983.0HSKPRF::KAILAMon Mar 15 1993Localization problem
984.08OASS::ADAMS_SMon Mar 15 1993MAC 2-FX System 7.1 HANGS on Open DB
985.01STRASB::GRAMPPWed Mar 17 1993LOOP when i have a RDB constraint violation
986.03TYSON::KURATAWed Mar 17 1993Getting Rdb info to an EXCEL sheet ?
987.04ODIXIE::RICHARDSONThu Mar 18 1993problems opening dbase file
988.06TKOV51::TANAKAFri Mar 19 1993Excel and DECquery
989.03GRANPA::MJBOOT::TENHUISENFri Mar 19 1993Internal error 3
990.0HGOVC::MONTYWONGSun Mar 21 1993DECpc and related figures.
991.01COPCLU::JEPPEMon Mar 22 1993Decquery V2.1 and Rdb V4.
992.0TROYNY::MONTANOMon Mar 22 1993An EIS in Excel using DECquery w/ Buttons, Macros, etc...
993.01ODIXIE::RICHARDSONTue Mar 23 1993NO_PRIV violation accessing Rdb database
994.01HGOVC::MONTYWONGWed Mar 24 1993APPDEC Max memory size and # of uP?
995.01UTRTSC::LIEMWed Mar 24 1993DECquery/XXX V2.1 and DQS feature ?
997.03GRANPA::MJPRWed Mar 24 1993Window refresh problems with v2.1
998.02RAB::POONThu Mar 25 1993Possible compatibility problem with SQL Services and Mac System 7.1
999.01MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichThu Mar 25 1993Excel examples not in V 2.1.. ?
1000.0RAB::POONThu Mar 25 1993New Internal PAKs for DECQUERY V1.6 for VMS and Ultrix.
1001.0MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichFri Mar 26 1993Location of german kit pls...
1002.01SWTHOM::PERMALLFri Mar 26 1993Restricted tables are displayed by Decquery..
1003.04OASS::FLASHE::BURDEN_DFri Mar 26 1993Attempt to Update during a Read only transaction
1004.01MUDIS3::MFRPC2::ErichMon Mar 29 1993Some comments from a beginner...
1005.01OASS::GREEN_WMon Mar 29 1993This is not a windows help file
1006.0DAH::whiteTue Mar 30 1993DDE Link with LOTUS
1007.0NAPCED::RUSSOThu Apr 01 1993Unknow SQL Services Error 8 with TCP/IP
1008.02BOMBOM::RICKW::RickThu Apr 01 1993DECquery for Windows running on P/W File Service ?
1009.01KERNEL::LIVESEYPFri Apr 02 1993a CC-MAIL new mail notice crashes DECQuery for Windows V1.
1010.01NECSC::PECKARFri Apr 02 1993Internal DQ 2.1 error: 1115
1011.01UTRTSC::LIEMMon Apr 05 1993DECquery/XXX V2.1 and Macro EXCEL examples ?
1012.02ODIXIE::RICHARDSONMon Apr 05 1993Can't get to DB2 database
1013.0DSPG::BOOTHMon Apr 05 1993HEADS UP notice - Change in DECquery status - CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION
1014.0DSPG::BOOTHTue Apr 06 1993Appendis to previous note - DECreport is included too
1015.01OASS::ADAMS_SWed Apr 07 1993Duplicates, blank lines output problem
1016.04VINO::ALAMFri Apr 09 1993Help with error accessing VMS/Rdb V4.1
1017.02OASS::FLASHE::BURDEN_DMon Apr 12 1993Calculations on (sub) totals?
1018.03OASS::FLASHE::BURDEN_DMon Apr 12 1993Error 122 with TCP/IP and Rdb V4.2
1019.0VAXRIO::AZEVEDOTue Apr 13 1993NODEFDB message when INTERACTIVE NATIVE SQL option
1020.04GIDDAY::CHANMWed Apr 14 1993Adj col widths :screen formatting corruption.
1021.01OASS::ADAMS_SWed Apr 14 1993Gen'l Prot Fault
1022.0OASS::FLASHE::BURDEN_DThu Apr 15 1993DBF files from DECquery/MAC V2.1
1023.01VNABRW::PSCSThu Apr 15 1993export from DECquery to EXCEL
1024.04CNTROL::DGAUTHIERThu Apr 15 1993What can DQ do for Rdb/VMS with VTxxx UI?
1025.01KETJE::BRH522::DESCHUYTERThu Apr 15 1993Export : Surpress Trailing Blanks ?
1026.03OASS::ADAMS_SThu Apr 15 1993Cannot find W3DBLIB.DLL
1027.0GIDDAY::CHANMFri Apr 16 1993DDE OPEN_DB -SQL/SERVICE Internal Error .
1028.01OASS::ADAMS_SFri Apr 16 1993requirements to access SYBASE, ORACLE
1029.01OASS::ADAMS_SFri Apr 16 1993DECreport prompts for parameters
1030.01VFOVAX::CARNELLMon Apr 19 1993Macro access via Hot Keys ?
1031.03ARRODS::LEWISATue Apr 20 1993RdbAccess for RMS, PC access to RMS files
1032.04LYOISA::NEJJARWed Apr 21 1993Restricting User's access to databases
1033.01KERNEL::LIVESEYPThu Apr 22 1993DDE from Oracle Card!
1034.01OASS::ADAMS_SThu Apr 22 1993DECquery sprs
1035.0TRCOA::TRCP9Fri Apr 23 1993DECquery and DECreport problems
1036.01STKHLM::ARENDITue Apr 27 1993Build_up_**** on a MAC????
1037.02KERNEL::PULLEYWed Apr 28 1993SqlMultimedia with windows?
1038.01ORING::GULATIFri Apr 30 1993Support for SQL Multimedia on MAC?
1039.0STKHLM::ARENDIMon May 03 1993Windows For Workgroups?
1040.03HKGACT::FRANCISHUNGTue May 04 1993Demo running on DECquery for ms-windows!
1041.0OASS::FLASHE::BURDEN_DTue May 04 1993Can't export date/time to WK1 format
1042.06STKHLM::TRAST::arendiWed May 05 1993Flags in published Query???
1043.01KERNEL::JACKSONWed May 05 1993DECquery for VMS from PC DECwindows
1044.02DEWEYD::KUOThu May 06 1993error: not a valid database
1045.02ZOWEE::ANTHONYThu May 06 1993Access to Ingres from the MAC?
1046.03SMAC1Thu May 06 1993SQL access via Custom Drivers
1047.0DEWEYD::KUOFri May 07 1993x lib error
1048.0DEWEYD::KUOMon May 10 1993print out style
1049.01ZOWEE::ANTHONYWed May 12 1993bad-f-line error from MAC
1051.01MEMIT::BLESSLEY_SThu May 13 1993How to edit query when metadata changes?
1052.04OASS::ADAMS_SThu May 13 1993Why is Native SQL required in this case?
1053.03SUBURB::GOODDThu May 13 1993DECquery and DDE problem
1054.01OASS::ADAMS_SThu May 13 1993TCP/IP returned error -1, -1
1055.01OASS::FLASHE::BURDEN_DThu May 13 1993REQUEST function in Excel macro?
1056.01KERNEL::WILESLMon May 17 1993rdb-e-bad_db_format with rdbaccess for rms
1057.0HGSWS1::FRANCISHUNGTue May 18 1993Deferred Query Utility features?
1058.04TWIDLE::Dave-LewisThu May 20 1993DECquery Help Needed!!!
1059.0ISLNDS::PHINNY::HarringtonFri May 21 1993Does the default account violate corporate security ?
1060.01OASS::ADAMS_SThu May 27 1993CLOSE, EXIT DECquery from Excel Macro - how to?
1061.0OASS::ADAMS_STue Jun 01 1993Connection problems from MAC System 7.
1062.0HOPOFF::HOANGWed Jun 02 19933rd party product (ReportSmith) info needed
1063.01ALICAT::ROBERTSWed Jun 02 1993Deferred Query Server and Rdb/VMS 4.2
1064.05FHOPAS::BREWMN::BREWISThu Jun 03 1993DECquery for VMS Character Cell?
1065.01NWGEDU::BOOTFri Jun 04 1993Changes in v2.1?
1066.0GIDDAY::BRYDENSun Jun 06 1993how to use reserved words in a query???
1067.06NWGEDU::BOOTMon Jun 07 1993SQL services error -2
1068.01KERNEL::PULLEYMon Jun 07 1993Mail Merge wrap of long records?
1069.02--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 08 1993DECstation 425C with VRC16 monitor
1070.06OASS::ADAMS_STue Jun 08 1993Errors doing JOIN from DECquery/MAC V2.
1071.01KERNEL::PULLEYThu Jun 10 1993Change background colour for decquery & decport?
1072.02FHOPAS::BREWMN::BREWISThu Jun 10 1993DECquery and SQL*Net V
1073.03OASS::ADAMS_SWed Jun 16 1993No totals, subtotals when export query fr Excel
1074.02VNABRW::KARTNER_MThu Jun 17 1993How to change Currency and punctation ???
1075.03OASS::ADAMS_SThu Jun 17 1993SQL Internal Error - Submit SPR
1076.02GUIDUK::HEALYFri Jun 18 1993Does DECquery Support ANSI Dates?
1077.01GUIDUK::HEALYFri Jun 18 1993Problem w/Excel HotLink Asynchronous Processing
1078.0OASS::ADAMS_SFri Jun 18 1993PROGRESS RDBMS access from DECquery?
1079.02WARNUT::BALMFORTHKMon Jun 21 1993default macro file filter
1080.05OASS::ADAMS_STue Jun 22 1993DECquery Internal Error 41
1081.01BACHUS::LEENWed Jun 23 1993ORA 942 when using Oracle V7.
1082.0TENTO1::MARSHALLJWed Jun 23 1993ASCII_FIELD import field truncation
1083.0OASS::ADAMS_SWed Jun 23 1993Access SYBASE from V2.1?
1084.06TPLAB::DACHSBECKFri Jun 25 1993DECQUERY uncompatible with newer SQSAPIW.DLL ?
1085.02OASS::OASS::BURDEN_DMon Jun 28 1993CAST function in Interactive or Native SQL
1087.01OASS::ADAMS_SWed Jun 30 1993solve max buf problem with 2.1 features
1088.01AKODBS::HARRINGTONThu Jul 01 1993Connection Ended problem began
1089.03OASS::ADAMS_SThu Jul 01 1993FOXPRO generated .DBF files?
1090.01KERNEL::LIVESEYPMon Jul 05 1993DECQuery for VMS V1.6 export/import!
1091.0TPLAB::DACHSBECKWed Jul 07 1993Summarized query unsendable to the Deferred Query Server ?
1092.01OASS::ADAMS_SWed Jul 07 1993Gen Prot Fault in Excursion.ese at
1093.03BACHUS::ALLEMEERSCHFri Jul 09 1993internal errors 9
1094.01USCTR1::JCUNNINGHAMMon Jul 12 1993Internal Decquery T2.1-P1 error:1115
1095.01OASS::OASS::BURDEN_DMon Jul 12 1993OK to continue with default parameters
1096.02RTOIC::UNTPCK::rtoic::fkochTue Jul 13 1993DECquery - retired?
1097.04BEBBI1::STUKERTue Jul 13 1993Help. Excel -> RDB easy access
1098.02KETJE::BRH582::vanhoveFri Jul 16 199332 bit addressing and DECquery Mac 2.1
1099.02KERNEL::JACKSONMon Jul 19 1993SQL error -2
1100.0HGSWS1::FRANCISHUNGTue Jul 20 1993Dbase III problem!
1101.01LAVGOD::ALLENTue Jul 20 1993Multi-column Joins
1102.05GIDDAY::HADDADWed Jul 21 1993Can't get SET_ACTUAL_PARAM to prompt fields always!
1103.03ODIXIE::RICHARDSONThu Jul 22 1993Query header suppression in Excel
1104.03OASS::ADAMS_SFri Jul 23 1993What happens w/Publish to make queries shareable?
1105.02VAXRIO::ABREUFri Jul 23 1993decquery V2.1 and windows
1106.04OASS::OASS::BURDEN_DTue Jul 27 1993MS Access and DDE to DECquery
1107.0KERNEL::JACKSONWed Jul 28 1993Node is unknown when using TCP/IP
1108.0CGOOA::NIXONWed Jul 28 1993access to btrieve files??on Pathworks
1109.03AIMTEC::WOODY_SWed Jul 28 1993DECquery Ultrix IVP fails
1110.02OASS::ADAMS_SWed Jul 28 1993MAC System Error Type 1 (or 2) Saving Native SQL
1111.06TPLAB::DACHSBECKMon Aug 02 1993Multiple table select statement
1112.0SLPSTK::ILESMon Aug 02 1993Revert doesn't always work...
1113.02SWTHOM::DELOBELThu Aug 05 1993-1
1114.01SWTHOM::DELOBELFri Aug 06 1993Stopping DECquery
1115.0GALVIA::CBECKETTFri Aug 06 1993Please help us review CDA Converter Documentation
1116.02ODIXIE::RICHARDSONFri Aug 06 1993could not log in to node...
1117.01UNITED::MCCAMBRIDGEFri Aug 06 1993Selecting fields with names same as keywords
1118.08ODIXIE::RICHARDSONMon Aug 09 1993Can't connect to database - SQL dump
1119.01ODIXIE::RICHARDSONMon Aug 09 1993one more time...
1120.01CLO::MOLLEYMon Aug 09 1993Ned to DE-install DECquery
1121.01OASS::GREEN_WTue Aug 10 1993print grid lines?
1122.01MSDOA::SECRISTThu Aug 12 1993What is the current product status ?
1123.01KERNEL::PULLEYWed Aug 18 1993New sqsapiw.dll protection fault. Memory??
1124.01ZPOVC::INDOFri Aug 20 1993decquery problem
1125.01TPLAB::DACHSBECKFri Aug 20 1993Transaction Locked by the Deferred Query Server
1126.03LYOISA::NEJJARWed Aug 25 1993attempt to udate during a read only transaction
1127.0FHOPAS::BREWMN::BREWISWed Aug 25 1993Semi up-to-date presentations available?
1128.0BROKE::GILPATRICKTue Aug 31 1993SQL/Services Windows nulls set_data ECO 65
1129.02OAROSE::ADAMS_STue Sep 07 1993performance issue specifying subset change
1130.03AIMTEC::WOODY_SWed Sep 08 19933
1131.01BERNThu Sep 09 1993UPF Syntaxerror after installation...
1132.01EMNTAL::CHAUME::HIRSCHLEFri Sep 10 1993How to load GIF files into SQLMM???
1133.08PMRV7Fri Sep 10 1993Subtotal on computed by field?
1134.03STKHLM::ARENDIMon Sep 13 1993CREATE_QUERY and DDE syntax error when using action_code!!!
1135.03OASS::ADAMS_SMon Sep 13 1993Error number 13 Refreshing .met
1136.0FINDER::JACKSONTue Sep 14 1993Join gives wrong results
1137.02CICCIO::DELMONTEWed Sep 15 1993unsupported format fetching a DDIF image
1138.02CGOOA::NIXONWed Sep 15 1993Remote RDB Access/CDD Repository for DECquery client?
1139.0VCOUTue Sep 21 1993VAX 4
1140.02MLNTSC::RESNATIThu Sep 23 1993internal error 3
1141.0KERNEL::WILESLThu Sep 23 1993ACCVIO adding DECquery to session manager
1142.01CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYWed Sep 29 1993Unknown SQL/Services error -27
1143.01STKHLM::WAHLQVISTWed Sep 29 1993Subquery ?
1144.0STKHLM::TCHANGThu Sep 30 1993
1145.0CLO::MOLLEYThu Sep 30 1993ReportSmith??
1146.03OASS::BURDEN_DFri Oct 01 1993Error converting data to output format - WK1
1147.02TRNAF1::VIALETue Oct 05 1993DECquery/Motif for Alpha?
1148.01SWTHOM::JACOBThu Oct 07 1993DECquery/French problem for decimal outputs
1149.0LEMAN::KUNZThu Oct 07 1993open db-> network returned
1150.01STKHLM::ARENDIMon Oct 11 1993Dissappearing wait symbol??
1152.01OASS::ADAMS_STue Oct 12 1993DECquery/VMS blows DECwindows Motif away
1153.01DAH::whiteMon Oct 18 1993SQL Server on a Netware Server
1155.03OASS::ADAMS_SWed Oct 20 1993ODBC Driver and Error 65
1156.01OASS::ADAMS_SMon Oct 25 1993Alternatives to access Rdb from pc w/o PW?
1157.0OASS::ADAMS_SMon Oct 25 1993DBF fixed point limits in DECquery
1158.02GIDDAY::CHANMTue Nov 09 1993VIDA switch in DECquery ??
1159.02LLANDA::NANZThu Nov 11 1993license for DECchart called from query ?
1160.01STKHLM::ARENDIWed Nov 17 1993More DDE commands in DECquery??
1161.01OASS::ADAMS_SWed Nov 17 1993Excel Macro to use variable value in P1
1162.0GALVIA::CBECKETTWed Nov 17 1993FT 3 Update, GUI converter app, prototype Sixel & BMP converters
1163.01OASS::STDBKR::Burden_dThu Nov 18 1993Interactive SQL database in DECquery/VMS V1.6
1164.01VNABRW::KARTNER_MThu Nov 25 1993How to change location of Macros
1165.0EVOSY3::BELLALWed Dec 01 1993net errr 2
1166.01OASS::STDBKR::Burden_dWed Dec 01 1993Need help with Excel macro to DBF file
1167.02OASS::STDBKR::Burden_dFri Dec 10 1993/Auto=exit for DECquery/VMS command line?
1168.02LYOISA::CHAUMATMon Dec 20 1993DECquery and local metadata
1170.0BLOHRD::CAIRNSFri Jan 07 1994Would ReportSmith please standup!!!
1171.05TOPPER::ESMITHMon Jan 10 1994is it possible to join column to a table
1172.01PTOVAX::WILSONTue Jan 11 1994Can't find files
1173.01KERNEL::PULLEYWed Jan 12 1994INGRES ULTRIX acess from PC??
1174.01GIDDAY::CHANMMon Jan 17 1994Fetch bugcheck: SQL$$BLR_DBNAME
1175.0AIMTEC::WOODY_SThu Jan 20 1994DDE Timeout Limit????
1176.03SWTHOM::COUPEAUFri Jan 21 1994SUBTRING function
1177.04PADNOM::FRANBERTue Jan 25 1994escalation path ??
1178.0LEDS::LUCIERTue Jan 25 1994Any 3rd Party Suggestions?
1179.01GIDDAY::BRYDENMon Jan 31 1994RDMS EXQUOTA error sort warning - which quota/account?
1180.06BRAUN::BraunFri Feb 04 1994DECquery/DECreport retirement status
1181.01OASS::STDBKR::Burden_dTue Feb 08 1994DQ and PW V5.
1182.01OASS::STDBKR::Burden_dThu Feb 17 1994Internal Error 792 when printing
1183.01BIGBLU::BSPFri Feb 18 1994Product release date invalid??
1184.02TENNIS::KAMMon Feb 21 1994DECquery and IPX question?
1185.01KERNEL::HISCOCKThu Feb 24 1994cancelling print break on value change?
1186.03KERNEL::WILESLThu Feb 24 1994Values for decquery$defaults.dat?
1187.06WHOSFri Feb 25 1994Calculated Field -Incorrect Result
1188.0KERNEL::HISCOCKMon Feb 28 19941.6 exception at TSI__SEMANTIC_CHECK
1189.01LYOFri Mar 04 1994Where is DecReport ??
1190.0CCAD33::CAMERONSun Mar 27 1994Alternatives for DECquery/DECreport ??
1191.03KERNEL::HISCOCKTue Mar 29 1994Exception UTL_BUGCHECK + 12 - DEcquery 1.6
1192.011EPS::GUTIERREZWed Mar 30 1994Error accessing database
1193.01OASS::HEARSE::Burden_dMon Apr 18 1994DECnet error 55 - no buffer space available
1194.01TRACTR::HIGHWed Apr 20 1994Help getting started.
1195.01ELMAGO::JWELLMANFri Apr 29 1994DECquery on Windows-NT
1196.0STKHLM::ARENDIWed May 04 1994Oracle from DQR vie NEWT TCP???
1197.01KYOSS1::BOYLEThu May 05 1994Contacts for IQ??
1198.04GUIDUK::HEALYThu May 05 1994DECquery Agreement Press Release
1199.01OASS::HEARSE::Burden_dFri Jun 03 1994SWPxxxxx files in DOS?
1200.02KERNEL::WILESLThu Jun 16 1994Calculated column problems
1201.02ODIXIE::SNYDERPATue Jun 21 1994Implementation questions.
1202.07UTRTSC::LIEMThu Jun 23 1994Perf. question export
1203.03OASS::HEARSE::Burden_dWed Jul 20 1994Conditional statements in computed column?
1204.01UTRTSC::WILLEMSThu Jul 21 1994Reports combining 2 different entities, how?
1205.05DNEAST::PCAThu Jul 21 1994Preventing a particular output format
1206.01DNEAST::PCAThu Jul 28 1994Deferred Query errors
1207.01CSC32::J_BALOGHMon Aug 01 1994multiversion?
1208.0OASS::BURDEN_DWed Aug 17 1994.tmp file on server?
1209.01REPROT::GEORDI::HOWELLJ1Tue Aug 23 1994passing parameters help
1210.03PEKING::PEPALLIWed Aug 24 1994UPF errors when invoking DECquery
1211.0OASS::BURDEN_DThu Sep 01 1994change 9
1212.0125Tue Sep 06 1994?DECQuery with remote access via TEAMDATA set-up
1213.01REPROT::GEORDI::HOWELLJ1Thu Sep 08 1994UNION syntax errors ????
1214.0STKHLM::LINDGREN_PWed Sep 28 1994DECquery error 41
1215.03KERNEL::PULLEYWed Oct 05 1994Import Lotus, sql$close_transaction_cursors?
1217.0TROU36::J_PLUGERSFri Oct 21 1994DECQuery/DOS 2.1 DECNET OK;TCP/IP won't work
1219.02STOWOA::GRETTUMWed Nov 02 1994DECquery status
1221.02KERNEL::JACKSONWed Dec 07 1994DECquery for VMS on Alphas
1222.0KYPROS::PARELLISWed Jan 04 1995Internal error 41
1223.01STOWOA::GRETTUMWed Jan 11 1995DECquery/WIN FT kit available
1224.01JRFVAX::HODGESWed Jan 11 1995 Unknown SQL Services error-2
1225.02JRFVAX::HODGESFri Jan 20 1995Error writing to UPF?
1226.01KERNEL::SMITHFri Feb 24 1995UTL_BUGCHECK +
1227.0ISIDRO::OLMOTue Mar 14 1995SPD Decquery and WINSOCK support
1228.02KERNEL::BIRKINSHAWTue Apr 11 1995V1.6A output options changed?
1229.01POBOX::OLEARYThu May 04 1995TEAMDATA
1230.04CSC32::M_AUSTINFri Jun 02 1995Anybody here?
1231.0JRFVAX::HODGESTue Jun 06 1995Operational Usage of DECquery
1232.01STOWOA::GRETTUMFri Jun 30 1995DECquery VMS Status
1233.03VAXRIO::CSANTOSFri Jun 30 1995max buffers - maximum .met file size
1234.04STOWOA::LAITue Jul 11 1995DECQuery, PC version?
1235.01VAXRIO::CSANTOSWed Aug 16 1995Peformnce of stored queries
1236.0KERNEL::BIRKINSHAWThu Aug 17 1995 bugcheck DTMCAGEXE_UPPER +
1237.02AIMTEC::BURDEN_DFri Sep 08 1995DECquery and Windows 95 with Pathworks 95
1238.0STRASB::SYSTEMFri Sep 15 1995Problem with DECquery/VMS 1.6
1239.0BACHUS::SABLONTue Oct 03 1995Is PATHworks still mandatory ?
1240.01AIMTEC::BURDEN_DMon Nov 06 1995DECquery/VMS V1.6 hangs on File pull down
1241.0STOWOA::GRETTUMFri Dec 01 1995DECquery for VMS Retirement
1242.014STOWOA::GRETTUMThu Dec 07 1995Announcing DECquery Windows V2.5
1243.0KERNEL::PULLEYMon Jan 22 1996Accvio, centred column, null??
1245.0JRFVAX::HODGESThu Jun 20 1996NASA not happy with released V2.5 of DQ
1246.01SIOG::GOODMANThu Jul 04 1996DECquery/TCP/IP
1248.0 *+4KERNEL::SMITHTue Mar 11 1997Software P error ?