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Conference abbott::decdecision

Title:Welcome to the DECdecision notes conference
Notice:See #2 for latest kit information, #4 for QAR instructions
Created:Wed Sep 28 1988
Last Modified:Thu Feb 20 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:2093
Total number of notes:7410
Number with bodies:1
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1.0LOSER::BEZEREDIThu Sep 05 1991Welcome to the DECdecision Conference
2.04LOSER::BEZEREDIThu Sep 05 1991DECdecision Kit Location
4.026LOSER::BEZEREDIThu Sep 05 1991DECdecision QAR system
5.0VIA::BARONFri Oct 18 1991SALES UPDATE announcement of DECdecision V1.5
11.070CALL::SWEENEYThu Sep 29 1988Introductions by and for participants
13.03SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed Oct 19 1988EPIC/INFORMATION and Hyperinformation Services
14.06MERIDN::SIMONIANFri Oct 21 1988Competition -METAPHOR & EXCEL
15.02PULMAN::MACKFri Oct 21 1988One for the wish-dgit list...
16.06LACVWed Oct 26 1988Reposition please
17.07SHARE::LEMONSWed Nov 02 1988Fiscal dates in EPIC/Calc?
18.02MERIDN::SIMONIANWed Nov 02 1988PID/demo?
19.08DNEAST::OHALLORAN_BOFri Nov 04 1988calculating with time values
20.03HILLST::KAISERThu Nov 10 1988EPIC/Calc: bugs in arithmetic accuracy?
21.0SMURF::SULLIVANMon Nov 14 1988ULTRIX-32 V3.2 Phase
22.02KAOFS::J_MORRISThu Nov 24 1988?Using EPIC/Info FOR Mkt Research
23.03TRHEEL::ROSSERTue Dec 06 1988Initial External Field Test Capabilities
24.01MEMVWed Dec 07 1988VMS5.
26.01OSLST3::ARNETue Jan 03 1989Calc incompatible with previous versions??
27.04DLOACT::RESENDETue Jan 03 1989Calc Component Clarification
28.03BLIVIT::DUNLAPMon Jan 09 1989Need to Make Color Transparancies
29.03LARVAE::JEFFERYMon Jan 09 1989Trouble with VMS FT5.1
31.03OTOOWed Jan 18 1989Live links - how live?
32.07POCUS::KRAUSETue Jan 24 1989DECalc and DECwindows?
33.02LARVAE::JEFFERYWed Jan 25 1989A couple of q's
37.0HOCUS::KRAUSETue Jan 31 1989DECdecision pricing?
38.05OTOOWed Feb 01 1989DECdecision on MS-DOS
39.03AISG::MILLERThu Feb 02 1989EPIC doesn't like x library of DECW
40.05HILLST::MASONThu Feb 02 1989DECdecision, CDD+, and RMS-11 files
41.03AISG::MILLERThu Feb 02 1989Callable Interface to EPIC?
42.04WILLEE::KALKUNTESun Feb 05 1989recovery from a .DJB file
44.01SPEEDI::SANCHEZTue Feb 07 1989tiff to ddif converter available
45.07POCUS::KRAUSEWed Feb 08 1989DECalc Migration to DECdecision
47.042HOT::SUNGWed Feb 08 19891988 Tax Grids for Calc
49.03PLUS8::LAWTONFri Feb 17 1989LOTUS Conversions?
50.01SAHQ::HOERCHERWed Feb 22 1989DECdecision's support of "other" databases??
51.02SAHQ::HOERCHERWed Feb 22 1989Lotus spreadsheets into CALC
52.03PRSUD2::SIMONThu Feb 23 1989DB size limit?
53.03POOL::HENDERSONThu Feb 23 1989DECwindows Performance - Sales Update Article
54.08PRSUD2::SIMONMon Feb 27 1989CHART and BUILDER questions
55.05PRSNRD::SIMONTue Feb 28 1989RALLY & DECdecision
56.02AKOV11::JOSBACHERTue Feb 28 1989Doc Art
57.07VIA::MEHRINGTue Feb 28 1989Let's all benefit--default dir.s in filters
58.06HOCUS::DITHMERTue Feb 28 1989Calc vs other spreadsheets
59.02SLOAN::HOMTue Feb 28 1989Help with PRINT
60.04PRSUD2::SIMONWed Mar 01 1989DECdecision RTLs?
61.0POOL::CLABORNThu Mar 02 1989No art with chart start!
62.010SUBURB::MCDONALDAFri Mar 03 19892
63.02SUBURB::MCDONALDAMon Mar 06 1989Losing character entry.
64.0LARVAE::JEFFERYThu Mar 09 1989Live Database Links ??
65.02VIA::BUSDIECKERThu Mar 09 1989bar showing % of the way through a task?
66.01HBO::SULLIVANThu Mar 09 1989Time Sharing VWS/DECdecision
67.05TREKER::DUNLOPFri Mar 10 1989Link to DDIF viewer?
68.01OIWS19::WALTERSMon Mar 13 1989Redefine the RETURN key in CALC
69.0ACESMK::CRONLANDWed Mar 15 1989Access to DECtop Demo
70.03THELEM::BEAUMon Mar 20 1989Decwrite wtih DFS problem
71.03GERBIL::MASONMon Mar 20 1989CDA vs Databases, etc.
72.032HOT::SUNKARATue Mar 21 1989Unable to compute TAXES with CALC
73.07OIWS19::WALTERSWed Mar 22 1989Numeric Lables instead of Alphabetic on TOP
74.03OIWS19::WALTERSWed Mar 22 1989Use spreadsheet data as border information
75.07SUBURB::MCDONALDAThu Mar 23 1989WK1 files, interesting problem.
76.05OIWS19::WALTERSFri Mar 24 1989uncalculated
77.01DLOACT::ZIPPFri Mar 24 1989ddif <==> fax
78.01PLUS8::LAWTONMon Mar 27 1989Export ASCII Tabular Problem
79.01OIWS19::WALTERSWed Mar 29 1989alt keys case sensitive?
80.0321357::TYCASTWed Mar 29 1989DEC Employee Expense Voucher Grids
81.02PHAZER::BARNESWed Mar 29 1989Clarify Links Please
82.010HOCUS::DITHMERThu Mar 30 1989Info win plus questions
83.01HOCUS::DITHMERThu Mar 30 1989Access Imports.
84.011AISG::CHANGFri Mar 31 1989the connection between Rdb and DECdecision
85.03RAB::YOUNGFri Mar 31 1989Postscript documentation available
86.01KACIE::POWELLMon Apr 03 1989Documentation Comments?
87.02ALXNDR::DITHMERTue Apr 04 1989Performance Improvements
89.01NEATO::CHANGWed Apr 05 1989constraint or VALID IF failed
90.03PRIM11::VEACHFri Apr 07 1989Demo DECdecision to Customers?
92.06EINE::WAITESWed Apr 12 1989Relative References
93.01CTOAVX::RHARRISThu Apr 13 1989Blueprint stmt. doc.
94.02HOCUS::DITHMERMon Apr 17 1989Othe databases
95.02GALLOP::MARSHALLJTue Apr 18 1989Security issues re. compound docs.
96.0ALXNDR::DITHMERTue Apr 18 1989Market feedback
97.04HOCUS::DITHMERTue Apr 18 1989defining dates in calc
98.01--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 19 1989MOD function in Calc doesn't alway return an integer
99.01KETJE::BOSSARDTue Apr 25 1989DECdecision and DECwrite FT3
102.02PAULUS::DRESCHERThu Apr 27 1989"Cell" versus "Field"
103.03SUBURB::MCDONALDAThu Apr 27 1989Export/Import problems.
104.05PRAGMA::GRIFFINTue May 02 1989Table Format documentation
105.01JULIET::KOOPUS_JOTue May 02 1989leading...
106.02TREKER::DUNLOPWed May 03 1989CALC/CHART "hot link" comments
107.01WAV14::SLATTERYWed May 03 1989Licensing Question
108.01AUNTB::CAWLEYFri May 05 1989DECdecision access VSAM
109.06DCC::ALDENMon May 08 1989Problems with Live links/DECdecision with SIMPLE installation
110.06FORTY2::AMOS_NETTue May 09 1989Problems with BL5 and DECdecision ACCESS
111.01SPIKED::SWEENEYTue May 09 1989Disappearing DECwrite
112.02EVOAI2::SAMMARITANOThu May 11 1989DECdecision course
113.03UTES17::VANDERNIETThu May 11 19898bit characters in CALC labels
114.01HYEND::MCOLAIANNITue May 16 1989Running Remote Applications - set display cmd
116.02HYEND::MCOLAIANNITue May 16 1989Print from VS2
118.01VIA::ASHLUNDWed May 17 1989Access to Rdb question from EPIC notesfile
119.02SPACEY::RICHARDSWed May 17 1989Decalc sheet import problems
120.03CADSYS::GALLAGHERFri May 19 1989Datatrieve and DECaccess some help please
121.02OADEV::HEMBERTFri May 19 1989Wanted: your input for DECdecision user course
128.01DLOACT::RESENDEMon May 22 1989DECdecision memory requirements
130.01LDP::LYSAKOWSKITue May 23 1989how change ctrl window position?
131.01LDP::LYSAKOWSKITue May 23 1989ctrl-C crashes system
132.05LESCOM::METHOTTue May 23 1989Multi Y axis scale units?
133.04VNAACT::GEROLDWed May 24 1989Wrong WRITE$AIL_SHR ?
134.03MAIL::HAYDENWed May 24 1989Is my config good for DECdecision?
135.02MSDOA::KNIGHTLYWed May 24 1989Rdb Need- now and later
136.01PRSNRD::TREGERThu May 25 1989Some trouble for first try...
138.01IRT::SIMMONSFri May 26 1989access to oracle DB files
139.012MEMIT::SHATARAFri May 26 1989Problem Starting CALC
140.07TLE::MEIERTue May 30 1989How to get ASCII data into DECchart?
141.02SCAAI::BEANEWed May 31 1989DECISION
142.01LISP::sjsThu Jun 01 1989DECwrite and double space
143.04VIA::SUNGFri Jun 02 1989In Search of Spreadsheets
144.03DECWET::MPETERSONFri Jun 02 1989Ascii characters displayed as graphics symbols?
145.01VIA::SUNGFri Jun 02 1989Access: Entry Area Occluded w/Large Font
146.05OADEV::HEMBERTFri Jun 02 1989Pfolder EXAMPLES not accessible
147.01DEMPR4::HERRMon Jun 05 1989DOCs in bookreader
148.02EVOAI2::AUBRUNTue Jun 06 1989decwrite training needed!!
149.02HOOLEY::MMCMULLINTue Jun 06 1989Some bugchecks with Access
151.014OLDTMR::COOLIDGETue Jun 06 1989Decision startup problem
152.0JENEVR::CRONLANDWed Jun 07 1989OASIS/DECtop Training Files
153.03MUNTRA::CGOETZThu Jun 08 1989Undocumented arrows in ACCESS
154.02ALXNDR::DITHMERThu Jun 08 1989Oracle and Decision
156.01MUCTEC::WESTERMon Jun 12 1989Searching for a value in CALC?
157.06OAFIN::HEMBERTMon Jun 12 1989$ INFORM => $ DECISION ???
158.02OLDTMR::ONEILLMon Jun 12 1989DECdecsion doc in Bookreader format?
159.01JANET::LORDWed Jun 14 1989Cut and paste between DECwrite/DECdecision?
160.01CIMNET::DSULLIVANWed Jun 14 1989Question on DECwrtie & Color
162.09LDP::LYSAKOWSKIThu Jun 15 1989DECdecision V2 WishList
163.01SHRFAC::SMITHFri Jun 16 1989
165.01KAPTIN::BLEIMon Jun 19 1989DECWRITE STYLE FILE...missing
166.02SHRFAC::SMITHMon Jun 19 1989Lotus PIC conversions?
167.01MUSKIE::WALSHMon Jun 19 1989Installing on non-System Disk
168.02LASWed Jun 21 1989Inport text
169.02MAIL::HAYDENThu Jun 22 1989Linking w/o DECnet?
170.02OKYAH::HARDINGFri Jun 23 1989Ignore this note - user error
171.0USRCV1::SHOWALTERFri Jun 23 1989DECdecision Performance vs DATATRIEVE
173.02GPSDCC::BROWNFri Jun 23 1989Consolidate ???
174.01IND::DIFRANCESCOMon Jun 26 1989DECwrite, is it a good fit?
175.07CASEE::CLARKTue Jun 27 1989Looking for a Current Cell, Row or Column function
177.06CASEE::CLARKTue Jun 27 1989Printing cell borders and/or grid lines
178.01OADEV::HEMBERTTue Jun 27 1989ACCESS: customization queries
179.023VIA::SUNGWed Jun 28 1989Public Calc Macros & Templates
181.04CASEE::CLARKFri Jun 30 1989Calc Export and Print should be different functions
182.03CASEE::CLARKSun Jul 02 1989Calc scroll bar slider should reflect actual data size not maximum grid size
183.04CASEE::CLARKSun Jul 02 1989Pending delete in the Calc Column Width box
184.01FRAMon Jul 03 1989CDA viewer problem
185.06CASEE::CLARKThu Jul 06 1989Most users shouldn't need to customize Calc
186.01AKOMIC::WARRENFri Jul 07 1989Chart window disappears
187.0WIMP::METHOTTue Jul 11 1989Chi Square distribution formulae?
188.02JENEVR::CRONLANDTue Jul 11 1989DECW$mail w/Builder ?
191.013IND::BAUMGARTNERTue Jul 18 1989DECdecision Overhead Slides??
192.01MLCSSE::GREENEBFri Jul 21 1989DEChart Installation
193.01SAHQ::HOERCHERMon Jul 24 1989GRID lines - how to make them show up??
194.01GLORY::DOUGLASMon Jul 24 1989Part number?
195.02AKOV75::MITCHELLMon Jul 24 1989?
196.02AISG::ROYMon Jul 24 1989Builder won't record for me
197.02HUMDRM::LAWTONTue Jul 25 1989TEAMDATA <--> DECdecision?
199.03MARVIN::COBBThu Jul 27 1989Performing complex calculations
200.08MAIL::HAYDENFri Jul 28 1989compound graphs w/in CHART?
201.01MUCTEC::WESTERMon Jul 31 1989How to reference an IDMS/R relation??
202.06AKOV75::MITCHELLTue Aug 01 1989Documentation location
203.04MAIL::HAYDENTue Aug 01 1989DFS for remote IMPORT?
204.02MARVIN::COBBWed Aug 02 1989Resources?
205.03GALLOP::MARSHALLJWed Aug 02 1989Problems using Datatrieve.
207.0ALBANY::SIMPSONFri Aug 04 1989Scientific notation requirement
209.09WBC::NICHOLSONFri Aug 11 1989DECdecision for ULTRIX?
210.015DESTES::ESTESFri Aug 11 1989Computed Dates in Access Needed
211.02EIGER::BREITENMOSERMon Aug 14 1989Interface to programming language ?
212.03DOMO::NEILMon Aug 14 1989ACCESS - Database Maintenance question
213.0LDP::LYSAKOWSKIMon Aug 14 1989SCO Unix version of CDA??????
214.01HESIRI::SIEWERTTue Aug 15 1989drill down or exception highlighting?
215.01ESPN::SULLIVANWed Aug 16 1989Print CALC SS 132 Cols.
216.01CIMNET::WIESERTue Aug 22 1989Titles and Indirect cell referencing
218.0EMILE::TREGERWed Aug 23 1989 Old databases unusable
220.07KAOFS::J_MORRISThu Aug 24 1989Data entry/edit forms?
221.0VIA::MCQUAIDThu Aug 24 1989European Internal PAK's
222.04CSOA1::SHORTSat Aug 26 1989printing out spreadsheets
223.03MCNALY::MILLERMon Aug 28 1989Referencing Text in Calc...
224.0BYENGMon Aug 28 1989From Spreadsheet to "Wordsheet"
225.03VIA::FINNEGANMon Aug 28 1989DECdecision field test license expiration date
226.01ESPN::SULLIVANTue Aug 29 1989Xfr DECalc+ to ACCESS
227.02SPGBAS::STUDIVANWed Aug 30 1989New DECalc Product Manager
228.04SPGBAS::STUDIVANWed Aug 30 1989DECalc is STILL Alive
229.07DRIVEN::FLEMINGWed Aug 30 1989Page breaks for printing
230.04STKHLM::DSUNDSTROMThu Aug 31 1989Color output from b/w decchart
231.04UNTLED::WAGENHAEUSERThu Aug 31 1989Explicit/Generic edit characters ?
232.01UNTLED::WAGENHAEUSERThu Aug 31 1989Quoted strings in edit strings
233.03OSLACT::OLAVFri Sep 01 1989Calc window disappears without any messages
234.07BIGIST::ARDLEYMon Sep 04 1989real time links to the spreadsheet
235.01UNTLED::WAGENHAEUSERMon Sep 04 1989Question about text edit chars
236.04CUBE3::MACKEYMon Sep 04 1989Problem getting all the information I need on a control-break line
237.05CNTRLZ::WALTERSTue Sep 05 1989DECwrite/DECdecision Troubleshooting Class/Course
238.01MCNALY::MILLERTue Sep 05 1989How to do simple query user with Calc Macro?
239.01SKIME::VEZINATue Sep 05 1989DECdecision Documentation in Bookreader Format
240.05MCNALY::MILLERTue Sep 05 1989How to copy "formulas" from one spreadsheet to another...
241.03PRAVDA::JACKSONWed Sep 06 1989Nth root of a number?
242.02CRATE::PAYNEWed Sep 06 1989DECwrite documentation?
243.01LARVAE::SCARRThu Sep 07 1989Calc - vanishing formulae!
244.08EMILE::TREGERThu Sep 07 1989Import ASCII indexed file ?
246.03SHAPES::PAYNEAThu Sep 07 1989ACCESS security
247.06PRAVDA::JACKSONThu Sep 07 1989Printing/Exporting tabular ignores formatting information?
248.013UNTLED::WAGENHAEUSERFri Sep 08 1989Conflicting sort key - question
249.06AISG::CHANGFri Sep 08 1989Setting up protection mode and RDB's ACL
250.05USHS11::STOUTFri Sep 08 1989Support for Segmented Strings?
251.03UTOPIE::PIEBERWed Sep 13 1989DECchart to LJ25
252.02OADEV::HEMBERTFri Sep 15 1989Live Link Calc <-> Chart
253.02OADEV::HEMBERTFri Sep 15 1989Live Link scenario
254.01OADEV::HEMBERTFri Sep 15 1989Charting non-contiguous Calc data
255.02PEAKS::WESTBROOKFri Sep 15 1989"Sticky" View Windows Don't Behave as Expected
256.01BINARY::CWALKERFri Sep 15 1989New PAK vis-a-vis MSC version?
257.0BERNMon Sep 18 1989standards < - > product overview
258.0BELFST::COCHRANEMon Sep 18 1989Sizing info needed
259.011LBDUCK::SULLIVANMon Sep 18 1989Application behaves strangely, if at all (or is it me?)
261.01OAFIN::HEMBERTMon Sep 18 1989Builder: definition clarifications
262.03PRAVDA::JACKSONTue Sep 19 1989DECISION/DECWRITE spreadsheet woes
263.0PRAVDA::JACKSONTue Sep 19 1989Dual-head VAXstation 31
264.03VIA::GLANTZTue Sep 19 1989your opinion requested on edit strings
265.01MAPROP::SPRICETue Sep 19 1989PV(func) problem/or design
266.01AISG::CHANGTue Sep 19 1989default value for DATE data type
267.01AISG::CHANGWed Sep 20 1989audit trail
268.01OADEV::HEMBERTWed Sep 20 1989Calc: customizing the currency symbol
269.024MIACT::BHARDWAJThu Sep 21 1989Callable interface for ACCESS and CHART ???
270.01CNTRLZ::WALTERSThu Sep 21 1989Table Access Denied on my table from DECwrite
271.0OADEV::HEMBERTThu Sep 21 1989Release Notes: reference nbr
272.05ZPOVFri Sep 22 1989Doc. on Decdecision needed
273.01CNTRLZ::WALTERSFri Sep 22 1989How to change a MACRO into a Function
275.0SOJU::FOSTERFri Sep 22 1989Channels for (non-remedial) support
276.03CGOOFri Sep 22 1989DECdecision as development platform
277.02ZPOVMon Sep 25 1989DECwrite request
278.01AISG::ROYMon Sep 25 1989ASCII tabular front end writing to sys$output
279.03NUTMEG::SETTYTue Sep 26 1989Complex queries in ACCESS ???
280.01OADEV::HEMBERTTue Sep 26 1989Managing DECdecision files
281.01BELFST::COCHRANEWed Sep 27 1989Reference sites request
282.01CIMNET::WAYThu Sep 28 1989help with rdb/DECdecision demo
283.01OADEV::HEMBERTThu Sep 28 1989Access: Emptying the Wastebasket
285.02DUBTue Oct 03 1989BUILDER and other Applications?
286.03AGOUTI::SWONGERWed Oct 04 1989Margins in Calc reports?
287.06PANIC::CLARKThu Oct 05 1989Builder on Batch?
288.01GETS::SWONGERThu Oct 05 1989Creating reports from named ranges in Calc
289.02LARVAE::SCARRThu Oct 05 1989Image in another window?
290.010EVTIS2::HOANGFri Oct 06 1989IVP fails with CHART component.
291.0YUPPY::DAIMONFri Oct 06 1989SYBASE -> ACCESS -> CALC -> CHART ?
292.02OADEV::HEMBERTFri Oct 06 1989Inserting/Storing rows in existing table
293.01GALLOP::MARSHALLJFri Oct 06 1989Only start 1 component
294.02CTDTue Oct 10 1989ACCESS - logical definitions
295.01CLO::MOLLEYWed Oct 11 1989SQL Svcs and DECdecision?
296.03ZILPHA::KAPLANWed Oct 11 1989EXAMPLES doesn't work
297.01CLOSUS::DCHAVEZWed Oct 11 1989Link to DECalc from DecisionCalc?
298.01REGPRO::LAWWed Oct 11 1989Importing Decalc password protected sheets
299.02VAOUWed Oct 11 1989Help with Date Fields and Control Breaks
300.08UTES15::VANDERNIETThu Oct 12 1989Link to file through TEXT
301.01SDOGUS::MORINFri Oct 13 1989RMS opened PROTECTED READ?
302.0WAV14::HALPERNFri Oct 13 1989Consulting Opportunity in Boston 2 weeks
303.06STAR::GILLIAMFri Oct 20 1989Problems - TEAMDATA ---> DECdecision
304.02CADSYS::SLATERSun Oct 22 1989ACCESS keys & Columns
306.02SFCPMO::RUHGEWed Oct 25 1989SHOW UNIQUE ignores sort order
307.01OASS::RHARRISWed Oct 25 1989Importing ASCII_TABULAR files
308.02ODIHAM::POOREThu Oct 26 1989Teamdata SHEETs into Decdecision ?
309.03CTDFri Oct 27 1989LINK causes infinite loop
310.08CIVAGE::PRUSSTue Oct 31 1989User Interface inconsistent? Naive user...
311.02CIVAGE::PRUSSTue Oct 31 1989Access Technology 2
312.01VIA::MCQUAIDWed Nov 01 1989DECdecision New Sales /Support Tools
313.01VIA::MCQUAIDWed Nov 01 1989Do you need Sales/Sales Support Technical Training?
314.0VIA::MCQUAIDWed Nov 01 1989How are Customers Using DECdecision?
315.01HITPS::REDICKWed Nov 01 1989a few DECdecision stats?
316.02UJEST::REMILLARDWed Nov 01 1989Iconify - Control Panel
317.01RICARD::ZANONIThu Nov 02 1989Patches for V1.
318.0ACESMK::CRONLANDThu Nov 02 1989CALC Macro Examples?
319.01OASS::R_QUINNTue Nov 07 1989IDMS/R access without VIDA
320.0246324::LAGROTTAWed Nov 08 1989Buidler NOHANDLER error
321.01BELFST::COCHRANEThu Nov 09 1989Builder Questions
322.01VIA::PRINCIPIOThu Nov 09 1989Chart question from note 321
323.02PHAZER::BARNESFri Nov 10 1989BUILDER bugcheck using SPLICE MODE
325.02OAFIN::HEMBERTFri Nov 10 1989Access: Calculate Subgroups dialog box?
326.03OAFIN::HEMBERTFri Nov 10 1989Access and Calc: sort criteria
327.0SAGE::PREVOSTFri Nov 10 1989BOIS Technical Training Center - Atlanta
328.01ODIHAM::POOREMon Nov 13 1989Using DECdecision with example PERSONNEL database
329.02FURTHR::HANNANMon Nov 13 1989DECdecision Training
330.03TUFTS::JUDEMTue Nov 14 1989Table Lookup Capability in DECdecision/Calc
331.03YUPPY::PACKJTue Nov 14 1989window on ultrix breaks /CALC
332.03PRAVDA::JACKSONTue Nov 14 1989More than 9999 rows?
333.04COPCLU::IRENEWed Nov 15 1989Interface to the Chart-module
334.03COPCLU::IRENEWed Nov 15 1989Product Manager
335.01DIGGIE::RILEYThu Nov 16 1989ACCESS bug detected?
336.01SCOTMN::LOATFri Nov 17 1989Printing problem from ACCESS.
337.08PRAVDA::JACKSONFri Nov 17 1989Questions regarding Access
338.05VIA::GLANTZTue Nov 21 1989PRINTing
339.04CIMNET::GUAYTue Nov 28 1989Chart -- Selecting the Catagory column
340.03SUBWAY::HERMITTTue Nov 28 1989wk1 under PCSA -> CALC import
342.02NATASH::COUGHLINWed Nov 29 1989Print file wider than 8
343.03TUFTS::JUDEMThu Nov 30 1989Logical Names in BUILDER blueprints?
344.06USRCV1::SHOWALTERFri Dec 01 1989CALC: Type Family and Size Control
345.03HXOUMon Dec 04 1989Accessing ACCESS
346.02GALVIA::STONESTue Dec 05 1989Order of evaluation bug???
348.0SKYWAY::HONEGGERThu Dec 07 1989listprocessing with DECdecision?
349.04OASS::RHARRISThu Dec 07 1989Can PC/DECwindows run DECdecision?
350.01NATASH::COUGHLINMon Dec 11 1989Can we do conditional SUMming ?
351.01BCSE::WMSONMon Dec 11 1989How to get "wide" spreadsheets"?
352.01DIGGIE::RILEYTue Dec 12 1989Rdb upgrade affects Access?
353.05FIVER::ALLISONWed Dec 13 1989How to print out FORMULAE?
354.04FIVER::ALLISONWed Dec 13 1989How to print in COLOR from DECchart?
355.01TAFT::VONDERBRINKWed Dec 13 1989ROI & Payback Spreadsheets?
356.01PICKET::PRBADSSWed Dec 13 1989Access Bugcheck Dump
357.01LEMAN::BOURAKOFFThu Dec 14 1989DMP when using Datatrieve
358.01PRAVDA::JACKSONThu Dec 14 1989Does Decision Access support files on DFS disks?
359.02PRAVDA::JACKSONThu Dec 14 1989Bug: Decision doesn't work on dual-head VAXstation 31
360.01STKHLM::AMARTENSSONThu Dec 14 1989configuration guidelines needed
361.03YUPPY::PAUFri Dec 15 1989DECISON HELP
362.04GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDMon Dec 18 1989esp_print problems in CALC
363.01YUPPY::PAUThu Dec 21 1989Access Utilities
364.01YUPPY::PAUThu Dec 21 1989Access Join
365.01CACHE::LEIGHThu Dec 28 1989Any courses ready yet?
366.04DIGGIE::RILEYTue Jan 02 1990ACCESS - Show Unique
367.04RCOJDS::SHOWALTERTue Jan 02 1990DECdecision Calc Initialization and Fileview
368.01KITSAI::BANSALWed Jan 03 1990a few basic questions...
369.04OLDTMR::METHOTWed Jan 03 1990Builder Chart record questions
370.03BLYTH::CORNWALLWed Jan 03 1990Application interface to DECdecision
371.06CASEE::CLARKWed Jan 03 1990Printing Calc row numbers?
372.01BALZAC::HAUKINGHAMThu Jan 04 1990Public folder creation problem
373.01CRBOSS::GJOHNSONThu Jan 04 1990DECCHART Blowing up
374.0VIA::BOOTHThu Jan 04 1990Last call for requirements input to DECchart V.2
376.06PRAVDA::JACKSONFri Jan 05 1990Export Tabular ASCII questions
377.06YUPPY::STANFORDTue Jan 09 1990DECdecision and PC-DECwindows
378.03SHALOT::LUNDBERGWed Jan 10 1990Charting Noncontiguous Cells
379.01COMPLX::VANBELLWed Jan 10 1990DeCalc /A application in DecDecision??
380.04BCSE::WMSONWed Jan 10 1990Copying Formulas as Values
381.06KHUFU::EVENSONWed Jan 10 1990Certain DTR domain causes access to crash
382.01UTRUST::WIJNENThu Jan 11 1990DECDecision V1.
383.01DIGGIE::RILEYThu Jan 11 1990Access - Data Calculate error
384.01DIGGIE::RILEYThu Jan 11 1990Access- Help querying
385.05GUESS::AHUJAFri Jan 12 1990Can't Edit Macros
387.023PRAVDA::JACKSONMon Jan 15 1990Import Tabular - Buglet?
388.02HURRU::SIEWERTMon Jan 15 1990Multiple Charts from CALC MACRO
389.07SHALOT::LUNDBERGMon Jan 15 1990Finding a Public Folder
390.04USPBM5::HAUCKMon Jan 15 1990Color Output Devices Supported?
391.03SCOTMN::ALLAMTue Jan 16 1990ACCESS- Cannot access an rdb database at remote node
392.01OAXCEL::HEMBERTTue Jan 16 1990Known bugs???
393.02SHALOT::YOMMERWed Jan 17 1990Questions on using builder macros with calc and access
394.05RICARD::GODFRINDWed Jan 17 1990New tables are read_only !
395.03SHALOT::YOMMERWed Jan 17 1990Question on invoking DECdecision
396.06SCAACT::RESENDEWed Jan 17 1990Importing ASCII Tabular -- problem!
397.03AKOLD1::FIRMANIThu Jan 18 1990What about DECalc_Plus canned Routines
398.06TLE::BECKERThu Jan 18 1990Advice on a little reverse engineering?
399.01RCOJDS::SHOWALTERFri Jan 19 1990CALC - Manipulating Time
400.03SMEDLY::MACOMBERFri Jan 19 1990Filenames for Reports
401.03PRAVDA::JACKSONFri Jan 19 1990Importing data to the end of an existing database?
402.0DDIF::BUTLERSun Jan 21 1990Taxes? It's that time of year!
403.05YUPPY::PAUMon Jan 22 1990Calculations within Access
404.05SCAACT::RESENDEMon Jan 22 1990WK1 IMPORT problem -- follow-on to 396
405.03GYRO::GRILLOMon Jan 22 1990Question/Problem on DECdecision CALC
406.05MUTTON::LAMBTue Jan 23 1990Calc report live link to DECwrite - format problem
407.01TRHLEG::INGVARDTue Jan 23 1990Overlay bug in chart v1.
408.02YUPPY::PAUTue Jan 23 1990Builder Functionality
409.01LEMAN::CLAVELTue Jan 23 1990DECchart truncation problem
411.03OLDTMR::KOTCHTue Jan 23 1990Problem editing in CONSOLIDATE window
413.02FSCORE::J_WUTue Jan 23 1990Teamdata Vs DECdecision?
414.04AISG::SCHENGTue Jan 23 1990Questions on LINK.
415.0136578::SLATTERYThu Jan 25 1990Live Linked Data Looks Terrible in DECwrite
416.01LEMAN::DA_SILVAFri Jan 26 1990Datastream into DECchart ? possible...
417.05UTROFF::UTES48::VANDERNIETFri Jan 26 1990ESP_DRAW_CHART misbehaved ?
418.0RAB::YOUNGMon Jan 29 1990Digital Technical Journal issue on CDA
419.08LEMUNTue Jan 30 1990DECISION$IVP failed on VMS X5.4
420.03NEWVAX::ELLINGTONTue Jan 30 1990User's Guide Documentation
421.02SEEJAY::BUTLERTue Jan 30 1990I can't get a lousy report out of ACCESS
422.02YUPPY::PAUWed Jan 31 1990Deleting Tables
423.01MUTTON::LAMBWed Jan 31 1990Characters and numbers in same column
425.02KUDZU::YOMMERThu Feb 01 1990Question about saving calc macros
426.03YUPPY::PAUThu Feb 01 1990Access question using Calculate and Join
427.08CSOA1::WILKINSThu Feb 01 1990Create DECchart output from DCL?
428.05BCSE::WMSONThu Feb 01 1990Some DECDecision Calc questions.
429.01QUEK::MOYFri Feb 02 1990How to create regression line?
430.01SHALOT::YOMMERFri Feb 02 1990Problem Exporting TEXT format from CALC
431.01LISSYS::JRIBEIROMon Feb 05 1990Lotus 123 macros -> Decision Calc
432.05PRAVDA::JACKSONMon Feb 05 1990DECdecision Access process dump when inserting column
433.01OKYAH::VANVURENMon Feb 05 1990Simple questions
434.010FIVER::ALLISONTue Feb 06 1990<NO VALUE>!!!
436.05PRAVDA::JACKSONThu Feb 08 1990Error converting document after T1.1(Update) installation
437.0VIA::BOWERSat Feb 10 1990DECdecision Access Performance on large DTR domains
438.01OSLACT::OLAVSun Feb 11 1990Access: Multinational characters should be allowed in column names
439.05OSLACT::OLAVSun Feb 11 1990Access: Should be possible to customize date input/display format
440.06MINOS::BONNELLMon Feb 12 1990Rdb valid-if causes Access crash
441.03CASEE::CLARKTue Feb 13 1990Journaling/recovery in DECdecision Calc?
442.03UTROFF::MILDERTue Feb 13 1990Calc phone numbers: leading zeroes
443.03QUICKR::BOOTHTue Feb 13 1990Access join across multiple Rdb databases
444.02SHALOT::YOMMERWed Feb 14 1990Problem Binding calc macros to keys in T1.1
445.04UTROFF::UTES48::VANDERNIETThu Feb 15 1990How to use CELL_SEPARATOR on import from ASCII_TABULAR ?
446.01POWDML::EHRLICHThu Feb 15 1990An incompletable link from DECdec. to DECwrite
447.06NEWVAX::ELLINGTONFri Feb 16 1990ACCESS: accessing new database
448.05CSOA1::HUNTSun Feb 18 1990EDIT MACRO BUG
449.02ENUF::CAUDILLMon Feb 19 1990Calc export ignores default protection ACL
450.01PHAZER::BARNESMon Feb 19 1990DB Maintenance not available thru BUILDER!
451.02CACHE::LEIGHMon Feb 19 1990DECchart: Y-axis annotation in scientific notation
452.03CRBOSS::JOHNSONMon Feb 19 1990Bugcheck
454.01UTROFF::UTES48::VANDERNIETTue Feb 20 1990How to work with public folders ?
455.02COMICS::ALLAMSTue Feb 20 1990DECdecision - accessing RDB views
456.02BM1GSG::GROLLMANTue Feb 20 1990DECDECISION$ACCESS_DB large and protected against RMU/VERIFY?
457.01AISG::ROYTue Feb 20 1990Bugcheck when resizing the window
458.02STKHLM::HOLMThu Feb 22 1990IVP fails in ACCESS .......
459.02BCSE::WMSONThu Feb 22 1990Calc crashes on CUT/COPY
460.08CACHE::LEIGHThu Feb 22 1990DECchart: X-Y plots
461.03LAOTSE::PETRAITISFri Feb 23 1990Printing to DECwrite
462.02TON8Fri Feb 23 1990Linking data from one chart to another?
463.06VNASWS::GEROLDFri Feb 23 1990Fonts for projections
464.03OLDTMR::SEGHATFri Feb 23 1990Legend/Show Border Question (Bug?)
465.02OLDTMR::SEGHATFri Feb 23 1990An Overlay question
466.01OLDTMR::SEGHATFri Feb 23 1990Import data question
467.04OLDTMR::SEGHATFri Feb 23 1990Marker Style question
468.01ALLVAX::KIRKWOODFri Feb 23 1990Problem with ESP_OPEN_MACRO
469.02AISG::KHORRAMMon Feb 26 1990Unlocking Access's RDB database?
470.03PHAZER::BARNESMon Feb 26 1990BUILDER question using SQL command procedure
471.012BRANDX::SULLIVANMon Feb 26 1990Intermittent Printing/exporting problem
473.02OASS::G_MATTHEWSTue Feb 27 1990Lose HIDE formatting after CONSOLIDATION
474.02GERUND::WOLFETue Feb 27 1990DECwrite V1.1 now available
475.01--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 01 1990DECchart problem: floating divide by zero
478.017PRAVDA::JACKSONSat Mar 03 1990What is the SNP file and why is it so big?
479.07PRAVDA::JACKSONMon Mar 05 1990Why do I have to be an RDB wizzard to use DECdecision?
480.01GYRO::BROWNMon Mar 05 1990Format for Calc Iterate function?
481.01GALLOP::MARSHALLJMon Mar 05 1990Macro to `work-out' grid-range reqd ??
482.01GALLOP::MARSHALLJMon Mar 05 1990Date and time queries ??
483.01WARLOC::DUANEMon Mar 05 1990Rdb 3.1 problems
484.01YUPPY::PAUMon Mar 05 1990Chart Colour
485.03OASS::G_MATTHEWSMon Mar 05 1990Constrain or specify allowable text in cell
486.02OASS::G_MATTHEWSMon Mar 05 1990Way SORT treats Upper,Lower case causes cust prob
487.01SHALOT::FAILEMon Mar 05 1990Looking for AIL info
488.04VLAB::PONTEMon Mar 05 1990Why can't I change the Tag Count on the x-axis
489.01TAVTue Mar 06 1990Using the builder for DECdecision startup
490.01VNASWS::GEROLDTue Mar 06 1990Downgrade to V1.
491.03EIGER::STACHERTue Mar 06 1990Some more wishes for V2.
492.02COMPLX::VANBELLTue Mar 06 1990Creating a Blueprint (and making it work)
493.02XIEXIE::SNOVERTue Mar 06 1990Getting data into Access without a lot of munging?
494.07FDCV26::NICOLSTue Mar 06 1990ACCESS in Batch Mode (with no sessions)?
495.02TRNOIS::LEGATOWed Mar 07 1990Archiving documents
496.01GALLOP::MARSHALLJWed Mar 07 1990Functionality lacking ???
497.06UTROFF::MILDERWed Mar 07 1990Access disappears...
498.02GALLOP::MARSHALLJWed Mar 07 1990Syntax for remote Rdb reference ??
499.03PHAZER::BARNESWed Mar 07 1990Bugcheck on DECchart
501.01GYRO::BROWNWed Mar 07 1990Questions re: IRR, STDEV, and VAR
502.05XANADU::FLEISCHERWed Mar 07 1990Calc alone; without Access, RDB, or Chart?
503.02CIMNET::ASCHERThu Mar 08 1990how about an example blueprint?
504.01CSOA1::WILKINSThu Mar 08 1990DECchart included with DECwindows?
505.03FDCV26::WHITEThu Mar 08 1990SHOW FEWER With Multiple Strings
506.0UTROFF::MILDERFri Mar 09 1990Access import trouble
507.0--UnknownUser--Fri Mar 09 1990Using CHART with date fields
508.0--UnknownUser--Fri Mar 09 1990Calc to Chart link?
509.0--UnknownUser--Mon Mar 12 1990Creating a DB with ACCESS
510.0--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 13 1990Extracting month only from date ?
511.0--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 13 1990Inconsistent `Join' behaviour !!
512.0--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 13 1990Lotus 1-2-3 vs DECDecision.
513.0--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 13 1990Pasting values into an RSE??
515.02LAOTSE::PETRAITISWed Mar 14 1990ACCESS Report messes up Calculations
516.010GALVIA::MCHALEWed Mar 14 1990V3.1A of Rdb
517.01CIMNET::TRAGESERWed Mar 14 1990Insert and Delete fiddle with absolute references
518.02AISG::CHANEYThu Mar 15 1990Print/Format questions
519.01TRNAF1::DELMONTEFri Mar 16 1990charts with other complex objects
520.02RVRCTY::JOHNFri Mar 16 1990Oracle and DECdecision, again
521.02PHAZER::BARNESMon Mar 19 1990"CATEGORY/LEGEND RANGE" should be re-named
522.01SHALOT::FAILEMon Mar 19 1990Code examples with B/AIL routines?
523.01PRIMES::VEACHMon Mar 19 1990IDMS/SQL & HP's Image DB
524.02MAIL::DUNCANGTue Mar 20 1990How do you talk to Rdb ?
525.010PRAVDA::JACKSONTue Mar 20 1990Report cannot be created: Check disk space or file name
526.03HAACK::HAACKTue Mar 20 1990calc cell compression?
527.0CLOVE::PREVOSTWed Mar 21 1990BOIS Expert Trng 4/3
528.01AULTPK::BROOMEWed Mar 21 1990DECchart-Help with modifying Overlay Attributes
529.05MUNICH::RUZICKAThu Mar 22 1990DECdecision/DECwindow
530.0136577::DOMENIKOSSun Mar 25 1990Timing for "count" function
531.01FDCV27::NICOLSMon Mar 26 1990Delete an ACCESS Table in a Macro?
532.02NEWVAX::ELLINGTONMon Mar 26 1990Save Collection As problem with RDB 3.1
533.0RAB::VLATASTue Mar 27 1990IFT version of ASCII_FIELD front end available
534.03ELRIC::MARSHALLTue Mar 27 1990CALC: 'Unsupported document format' when opening Calc .table
535.0JOCKEY::MARSHALLJTue Mar 27 1990Customer feedback/questions
536.01SHALOT::FAILEWed Mar 28 1990Running Builder in the background?
538.02CRBOSS::LEMONSWed Mar 28 1990'DEADLOCK' errors
539.04PRAVDA::JACKSONThu Mar 29 1990Does formatting info get lost when publishing a table?
541.03BONNET::STRATMANFri Mar 30 1990ACCESS report file remains locked on second try..
542.01AKOLD1::BUONAMANOFri Mar 30 1990DECcalc conversion to DECgraph
543.03TENNIS::KAMSat Mar 31 1990Fatal DECdecision V1.1-1 event occurred during installation
544.02JOCKEY::MARSHALLJMon Apr 02 1990URGENT help reqd - Rdb deadlock messages.
545.01TAVHLT::DORONMon Apr 02 1990After quiting from DECw's session...
546.04TRAIN::BERGMon Apr 02 1990Automated Chart updates ?
547.01DLOACT::TRLICAMon Apr 02 1990Help with Lotus->Calc
548.04DIBDIB::DBATESTue Apr 03 1990How do you create a info$db_file database?
549.01PRAVDA::JACKSONTue Apr 03 1990Can you get Public file names somehow?
550.02PRAVDA::JACKSONTue Apr 03 1990Access crash when formatting "All attributes" in a table
552.03BIRMVX::TURRELLWed Apr 04 1990What a difference a day makes.
553.01MTITAN::FREWINWed Apr 04 1990Can a Blueprint, that calls ACCESS, be submitted to batch?
554.04PRAVDA::JACKSONThu Apr 05 1990Text file report bug: 2nd page, first line not spaced right
555.02BIGRED::BEANEThu Apr 05 1990WK1 export problem
556.01JOCKEY::MARSHALLJFri Apr 06 1990Continuing Deadlock problem
557.01NHASAD::SHELDONFri Apr 06 1990DECchart problem with keyboard
558.02ZPOVMon Apr 09 1990Pilot Executive Software
559.02SELECT::DEMERSMon Apr 09 1990DECchart help needed
561.01WFOV11::WHITE_DTue Apr 10 1990Diff. btw Full/Partial RDB
562.04DELNI::DSILVATue Apr 10 1990"Windows" in calc ?
563.01WFOVX8::DELANEYTue Apr 10 1990Access Problems RDB View
564.01SELECT::DEMERSWed Apr 11 1990chart: error occured (k_p
565.0LOSER::BEZEREDIWed Apr 11 1990DECdecision Calc job opening
566.01COMICS::LOATWed Apr 11 1990DECdecision 1.
567.01IDE::ROLANDWed Apr 11 1990Your Opinion Counts!!
568.08IAMOK::ROSENBERGWed Apr 11 1990Beginner's Questions re doc
569.02MTITAN::FREWINWed Apr 11 1990Question about Date and Time.....and Time calculations, while in Calc
570.04SELECT::DEMERSWed Apr 11 1990help getting rid of dots in background of prints
571.02COIT::GARRISON_NAWed Apr 11 1990CALC/text attributes problem
572.04UTROFF::MJANSENThu Apr 12 1990CR and DB in Calc/Access edit strings
573.07FRUST::UNGERMANNThu Apr 12 1990folder not available
574.02UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTThu Apr 12 1990draw chart from Calc : could not process request error
575.010OASS::GREEN_WMon Apr 16 1990Performace of join operation is slow
576.03COMICS::ALLAMSTue Apr 17 1990access - change value and computed columns
578.01POBOX::LACEYWed Apr 18 1990DECdecision - VIDA/DB2 access methodology
580.02STAR::WEBERThu Apr 19 1990Buggy CALC
581.01RCOJDS::SHOWALTERMon Apr 23 1990CHART: Multiple Text Overlay Selection
582.07HILLST::JONESTue Apr 24 1990CALC Questions
583.02VLOMFG::PRELYWed Apr 25 1990TOOLBOX to define a print sequence in builder
584.04GUESS::AHUJAWed Apr 25 1990Clipboard is locked by another process.
586.02GUESS::AHUJAThu Apr 26 1990Builder getting the wrong macro?
587.03ISEFri Apr 27 1990Export DB2 to Rdb?
588.03PULSAR::BABINEAUWed May 02 1990Fileview not updated on install
589.02MUNICH::RUZICKAWed May 02 1990DECchart graph edit
590.03VAOUWed May 02 1990Problems linking DECwrite to Builder
591.01UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTThu May 03 1990Chart: X Toolkit Warning: DRW__CW_CreateArglist
592.05SIEVAX::CORNEThu May 03 1990Using DECchart result in Document
593.02COPCLU::BROLINThu May 03 1990Performance of acccess vs RDB & competition?
595.03TARDIS::EISENBERGThu May 03 1990unexpected result when changing fonts in Calc
596.09ZENA::GALOTTIFri May 04 1990decdecision documentation in postscript f.
597.04MUCTEC::WESTERFri May 04 1990Is there a way around the DATE function?
598.03RCOJDS::SHOWALTERFri May 04 1990CALC: Problem with alignment of numeric cells following labels
599.07TENNIS::KAMSun May 06 1990Recalculation problem
600.02ISEMon May 07 1990Vida password screen bug and other questions
601.015KOALA::MROZIENSKIMon May 07 1990DECdecision used as AIL editor/viewer?
602.01SELECT::CHESLERWed May 09 1990Advice on design needed
603.02SELECT::CHESLERWed May 09 1990Save collection as...
604.03ELRIC::MARSHALLThu May 10 1990problem with combination chart
605.02MTITAN::FREWINThu May 10 1990DECdecision/Access crashes when generating a 3 column report
606.02CITEOG::JSHIVNANThu May 10 1990Variable ranges in ESP_PRINT or ESP_REPORT ???
607.02COOKIE::BSIMMThu May 10 1990IMPORT privilege/convert errors
609.01COMICS::ALLAMSFri May 11 1990folder is not currently available
610.01DICKNS::FRIEDMANFri May 11 1990NULL date?
611.03SELECT::CHESLERFri May 11 1990Publishing problem
612.05LAPUTA::GOULNIKMon May 14 1990any data on v2.
613.01JOCKEY::MARSHALLJMon May 14 1990Strange Builder behaviour.
614.01UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTTue May 15 1990Chart TABULAR import: bad performance ?
616.01COLTue May 15 1990RDB - ACCESS: Usage of Indextables
617.02AKOV11::CHANDLERWed May 16 1990DECdecision MKT MGR
618.01VLOMFG::PRELYFri May 18 1990dtr domain loocked by another user
619.02UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTMon May 21 1990DECchart questions
620.01NBOSWS::KASBERGERMon May 21 1990DECdecision with large Database - how ???
621.010CRBOSS::KALKUNTEMon May 21 1990RDMSHRP not available?
622.04AISG::WARNERMon May 21 1990Motif interface coming?
623.02SCAACT::BROWNLMon May 21 1990A PAK Problem?
624.03RCOJDS::SHOWALTERMon May 21 1990ACCESS - Printing 132 column reports (or even wider)
625.02RCOJDS::SHOWALTERMon May 21 1990ACCESS - Delete Column command
626.01MPH1Tue May 22 1990DEChart problem report
627.05TENNIS::KAMTue May 22 1990Invalid insert
628.03COLWed May 23 1990ACCESS to INGRES database
629.05RANGER::HARRISWed May 23 1990DECchart ignoring Color info in Multi-head display
630.0SNOCSun May 27 1990DECchart problems on VT1
631.01UTROFF::UTES44::VANDERNIETTue May 29 1990"Folder locked" when creating PFolder"
633.06COMICS::ALLAMSTue May 29 1990access: accessing datatrie,ve domains
634.01CEPS::BROWNTue May 29 1990SQL and Ultrix version
635.01CNTRLZ::WALTERSTue May 29 1990ACVIO In CHART on VMS V5.3
636.02STKHLM::LORENTZIWed May 30 1990Calc: Performance problems
637.05CIMNET::ASCHERWed May 30 1990How should I do this?
638.01MOVIES::GROSSMITHThu May 31 1990CHART -- can't use LH mouse to select on w/sheet
639.013COMICS::LOATThu May 31 1990Problem with ACCESS after VMS upgrade.
640.0MUNICH::RUZICKAThu May 31 1990DECchart diagrams and legends
641.09ESIS::FEASEThu May 31 1990How to create very wide REPORT FILE's?
642.01WARCRY::G_MATTHEWSThu May 31 1990LABELS get RIGHT JUSTIFIED on printout aft wrapping
643.07COOKIE::BSIMMFri Jun 01 1990CALC - doesn't startup while displaying to ULTRIX
644.01PHAZER::BARNESFri Jun 01 1990Rdb version mismatch?
645.03TENNIS::KAMFri Jun 01 1990Selected file type is not known to DECdecision
646.05HYEND::HJAKIELAFri Jun 01 1990DECchart maximum rows ??
647.02VOGON::WONGMon Jun 04 1990Trigger an updated field using DECdecision Access
649.01WARCRY::G_MATTHEWSMon Jun 04 1990Print to File - text starts several lines down
650.02MOVIES::PALMERWed Jun 06 1990DECchart - Beginners Questions
651.02CADSYS::YODLOWSKIWed Jun 06 1990Some suggestions from an engineering spreadsheet user for CALC
652.09EWIS::MURPHYWed Jun 06 1990Another problem w/ Save Collection As... ?
655.01PHAZER::BARNESThu Jun 07 1990Scrolling and reversing ROWS to COLUMNS questions
656.01FASCAR::INTRO9Fri Jun 08 1990Help: Importing RDB views into DECdecision
657.03JOCKEY::MARSHALLJMon Jun 11 1990Table deletion/Performance of local save .
658.0XLIB::ONEALMon Jun 11 1990CDA ISV Develop. Conf. Agenda: 26 - 27 June
660.04PHAZER::BARNESMon Jun 11 1990ISO standard date?
661.01AIMTEC::BURDEN_DMon Jun 11 1990arrows from V1.
662.03CIMNET::ASCHERTue Jun 12 1990Linear x axis with values > 1
663.03ESSB::NWALLWed Jun 13 1990Help - DECdecision Calc keeps crashing
664.03YUPPY::STANFORDWed Jun 13 19901. Symphony input? 2. Interactive BUILDER?
665.02FRAMBO::REHBERGWed Jun 13 1990realtime data
666.0CUJO::RUHGEWed Jun 13 1990NULL deflt Vals & Scientific notation
667.04UTOPIE::KREISLERFri Jun 15 1990Installation of 1.
668.010CIMNET::WAYTue Jun 19 1990Moving data from Calc to Access. Error printing.
669.02VNASWS::GEROLDThu Jun 21 1990ACCESS and domains with repeated fields
671.03CIMNET::WAYTue Jun 26 1990Complex computation in Calc
672.02BALZAC::HAUKINGHAMTue Jun 26 1990DECchart : scaling from CALC
673.04TRHWed Jun 27 1990Chart dumping
674.01BALZAC::HAUKINGHAMWed Jun 27 1990Installation fails if you don't use SYS$COMMON:[DECISION] AS YOUR LIBRARY
675.08KHUFU::EVENSONWed Jun 27 1990Chart not responding to "select" from mouse
676.02CIMNET::ASCHERThu Jun 28 1990Displaying the DATA values in a PIE Chart?
678.01GUESS::AHUJAThu Jun 28 1990Kinds of applications using DECdecision.
679.01GUESS::AHUJAThu Jun 28 1990Packaging decision-support solutions.
681.02SELECT::BRODERICKThu Jun 28 1990Error initiating my first Access session
682.01WARIOR::HARRIS_RFri Jun 29 1990Access does not allow folders to be created
683.02SUBURB::MCDONALDAFri Jun 29 19902
684.0TYTAN::CHANGFri Jun 29 1990link to Rdb through application program
685.01TODD::WARNOCKMon Jul 02 1990How do you delete/remove DECdecision ?
686.0WARIOR::GREEN_WTue Jul 03 1990unable to print from any DECdecision components
687.04MXOVTue Jul 03 1990problems with export-import from LOTUS
688.03SUBWAY::NAEGELYTue Jul 03 1990rdb referencing problems
689.03MOVIES::GROSSMITHThu Jul 05 1990Can anyone help with this ACCESS/IMPORT problem?
690.08NRMACN::MAPLEYThu Jul 05 1990Access$Macros' - which logical is used?
691.0ZENA::GALOTTIThu Jul 05 1990DTR-DECdecision data compatibility
692.03VLOMFG::PARISOTThu Jul 05 1990Copy Column names from Access to Calc
693.0SIOG::ODRISCOLLThu Jul 05 1990DECdecision on VT1
695.06CIMNET::WAYFri Jul 06 1990decdecision live links into decwrite
696.05SOJU::CRONLANDMon Jul 09 1990New IMPROVED Goodys Demo
698.04MUNICH::RUZICKATue Jul 10 1990DECdecision V1.1 Installation
699.03MANMWed Jul 11 1990NAS-DECwrite-DECdecision problem
700.03UTOPIE::KREISLERWed Jul 11 1990run DECdecision detached
701.01VLOMFG::PRELYWed Jul 11 1990Weekly metrics to be consolidated in a publicfolder
702.03LNKHUB::HALLBERGWed Jul 11 1990Can TEAMDATA use DECdecision DB?
703.03VLOMFG::PRELYWed Jul 11 1990builder/ SHOW FEWER WHERE DAT GE TODAY-3 Months
704.06SAINT::STCLAIRThu Jul 12 1990Problems with calc, chart, and worksheet modules!
705.05OLDTMR::STCLAIRThu Jul 12 1990Cut and paste should take less than 45 minutes
706.02MAIL::NIEMANNThu Jul 12 1990Open table sorted
707.06SAGE::BROWNKFri Jul 13 1990Questions regarding Links to Chart from Calc and DECwrite
709.05SRFSUP::TANFri Jul 13 1990Manual part number needed... Urgent!!
710.06CRBOSS::KALKUNTEFri Jul 13 1990Problem: running blueprints from DECwrite
711.05ELRIC::MARSHALLFri Jul 13 1990unpredictable behavior in CHART
712.010SAC::ENGLANDMon Jul 16 1990Time arithmetic
713.01VLOMFG::PARISOTTue Jul 17 1990How to extend DECALC
714.01ULYSSE::LEFOLTue Jul 17 1990Fatal error on sort.
715.03CIMNET::WAYTue Jul 17 1990Counting over two columns
716.08UTOPIE::KREISLERTue Jul 17 1990DECdecision CALC LOOPING ???
717.01BORDX1::GUISELINWed Jul 18 1990Protection Problem
718.01NWACES::OBRIENWed Jul 18 1990DTIF Column Headers into Access vs DECchart
719.0NWACES::OBRIENWed Jul 18 1990charting multidimensional tables from Access
721.01LACEY::DROBNISThu Jul 19 1990Is there away to invoke the builder from a dcl command file and can it be run from Batch
723.01VLOMFG::PARISOTFri Jul 20 1990DECCHART and the COMMAND Region
724.03VLOMFG::PARISOTFri Jul 20 1990No more Builder message
725.04VLOMFG::PARISOTFri Jul 20 1990Command manual ???
726.02VLOMFG::PARISOTFri Jul 20 19902 "S P R's"
727.05NWACES::OBRIENMon Jul 23 1990limit on # of columns/rows?
728.02CSCOA5::MATTHEWS_GTue Jul 24 1990Widget class table mismatch errors-can't start DECISION
729.03DSTEG2::BROWNWed Jul 25 1990x toolkit prob
730.03NUTMEG::BROWNKWed Jul 25 1990Linking to a Calc Chart via Builder from DECwrite
731.04YUPPY::JACKSONDThu Jul 26 1990DECchart/DECdecision problem
732.03MACNAS::SALLISONFri Jul 27 1990Dividing by zero "zaps" calc session!
733.02NBOSWS::KASBERGERMon Jul 30 1990VIRTUALPAGECNT changed -> same problem
734.04CRBOSS::CURCIOMon Jul 30 1990Simultaneous Updates
735.04VLOMFG::PARISOTTue Jul 31 1990ASCII_TABULAR import problem into ACCESS
736.01POBOX::KOCHTue Jul 31 1990ACCESS to DBMS database?
737.05UTOPIE::KREISLERWed Aug 01 1990Passing Parameters possible
738.08TENNIS::KAMWed Aug 01 1990Can't open existng .TABLE files
739.01OLDTMR::SEGHATThu Aug 02 1990DECchart Component and Builder questions
740.06HAMPS::NORTON_AFri Aug 03 1990Problem editing ACCESS macros in V1.1
741.0KHUFU::EVENSONFri Aug 03 1990Export to TXT problem.
742.01SUBWAY::NAEGELYMon Aug 06 1990Report Subtotal In Access
743.02HGOVC::MICHAELSHIUMon Aug 06 1990DECchart and DECdecision, any known conflicts?
744.01PRAVDA::JACKSONTue Aug 07 1990Can't use Database Maintenance during Builder record
745.02MSBCS::MORRISSEYTue Aug 07 1990Export/import problem from Calc to Access
747.04CAFEIN::PFAUWed Aug 08 1990Problem with Weekday in ACCESS Report
748.02SUBWAY::NAEGELYThu Aug 09 1990BuiltIn Timeout
749.01SUBWAY::NAEGELYThu Aug 09 1990Lotus vs Calc
750.01TPOVC::JOHNNYHOThu Aug 09 1990truncated ext label in legend/category
751.03CEPS::BROWNThu Aug 09 1990A few bugs found by a customer
752.03PAULUS::DRESCHERThu Aug 09 1990MULTIPLAN converter
753.02WEDOIT::SOFTOOLS_JHThu Aug 09 1990Installation Problem...
754.0SNIKRS::OLSHAWThu Aug 09 1990printing sections of a worksheet in calc
755.01WJOUSM::ZARRELLAThu Aug 09 1990order #s for documentation
756.03JANUS::BSMITHFri Aug 10 1990decision/calc copy problem
757.01NWGEDU::DINGEMANSFri Aug 10 1990Concatenate text values in Calc??
759.01SAGE::DRESNERFri Aug 10 1990DECdecison Access Field Test
760.01COMICS::LOATMon Aug 13 1990Title in the Chart from Calc?
761.08ROMTue Aug 14 1990Some feedback and questions
762.07INFACT::BEVISWed Aug 15 1990Dtr via DECdecison - this can't be right!
763.01SUOSW2::SENKWed Aug 15 1990 how many columns / rows
764.02LEHIGH::CKELLEHERWed Aug 15 1990DECcalc Command Procedures
765.02VMSDEV::LANDMANThu Aug 16 1990Cannot ACCESS from DTR when table was used in DTR
766.04TENNIS::KAMFri Aug 17 1990How to make DECdecision Calc appear in DECwrite
767.01FDCV27::NICOLSMon Aug 20 1990Workaround to DTR View Domains
769.02ODIXIE::HOERCHERTue Aug 21 1990<Multiple regression analysis - how?
770.04PENPAL::ELCHINGERTue Aug 21 1990Data dictionary?
771.04OASS::ALI_AWed Aug 22 1990Importing ASCII text from ULTRIX into CALC
772.04CGOOWed Aug 22 1990Database locked is a poor message
773.04UTROFF::MILDERThu Aug 23 1990Database from V1.
774.02ULYSSE::PORTELLIThu Aug 23 1990print a live linked graph
775.06ULYSSE::PORTELLIFri Aug 24 1990BUILDER:failure when replaying selected data transfer
776.04AYOV18::TMCMANUSFri Aug 24 1990Running ACCESS Macros outwith DECD.
777.04VLOMFG::VANDERDEUREFri Aug 24 1990CHART/BUILDER:Auto range fitting ?
778.03BIGMAC::PETERFri Aug 24 1990Random BUILDER SAVE AS... problem
779.01DPDMAI::STEINERFri Aug 24 1990DECchart Print crashes DS31
780.0ASABET::DOIRONFri Aug 24 1990DECchart to LCG
781.06ZENA::GALOTTIMon Aug 27 1990builder problems
782.02OLDTMR::STCLAIRMon Aug 27 1990Erratic Import of ASCII tables
783.02COGITO::IXIX::PAGEMon Aug 27 1990ACCESS Report Generation Problems
784.011ASABET::PALMERWed Aug 29 1990ACCESS and Rdb
785.01PRAVDA::JACKSONWed Aug 29 1990Dbase to DECdecision
786.010MUNICH::RUZICKAThu Aug 30 1990cannot save macro in access
787.04RCOJDS::SHOWALTERThu Aug 30 1990CALC: Import - ASCII Tabular to range
788.03RCOJDS::SHOWALTERThu Aug 30 1990CHART: Linear Regression Line
789.01SKYLRK::KURATAThu Aug 30 1990Where is 1.1 of DECchart ?
790.03VLOMFG::BAILLYFri Aug 31 1990DECdecision Access BREAK/STOP key ?
791.01OASS::ALI_AFri Aug 31 1990ASCII TABULAR file into Chart
792.02OASS::ALI_AFri Aug 31 1990Limitation on length of path
793.01RAB::FITZHUGHFri Aug 31 1990Publishing
794.04WARNUT::GUPTASun Sep 02 1990call_user how ?
795.02ODIXIE::KIMBELSun Sep 02 1990Charting from various inputs - date problems
796.02KBOVTue Sep 04 1990Searching for Calc data in Access
797.03SUOSW3::KAISERTue Sep 04 1990Bugcheck on starting DECdecision
798.01PLAYER::HANBURYTue Sep 04 1990CALC bugcheck dump on ECALC$WRITE_CLIPBOARD
799.0SCOHEN::S_COHENTue Sep 04 1990Reporting CDA i14y problems
800.0MUNICH::RUZICKAThu Sep 06 1990chart crash after print
801.02UTROFF::MILDERThu Sep 06 1990Global search/replace in Calc macros?
802.0STLACT::WYMANFri Sep 07 1990Different record formats in same table???
803.06TAVSun Sep 09 1990Delta Time Display
804.03VMSDEV::LANDMANMon Sep 10 1990Duplicated columns cannot be processed independently
805.03CGOOMon Sep 10 1990Licences for DD
806.01CLOSUS::DCHAVEZMon Sep 10 1990TPU Restore Error?
807.03TRCAMon Sep 10 1990decdecision on PC deCwindows
809.013FDCV14::FAHERTYTue Sep 11 1990Accessing Application Rdb Databases From DECDecision
810.03COOKIE::FONTANAWed Sep 12 1990Decdecision(calc) formulas/formatting lost...
811.02BIS1::EMBOURGThu Sep 13 1990Calculate on alphanumeric fields?
812.01MQOSWS::F_BOURGAULTThu Sep 13 1990Builder and Mail ?
813.02CIMNET::PIERSONThu Sep 13 1990Labelling the Y Axis??
814.04OAXCEL::BROOKSFri Sep 14 1990ADVANCED DD course
815.03LAPUTA::GOULNIKFri Sep 14 19903-D spreadsheet
816.03STKHLM::HOLMMon Sep 17 1990ISDATE and a nested IF-statement
817.01HGOVC::ALECLEETue Sep 18 1990Color chart thru builder
818.04MUNICH::REINTue Sep 18 1990Start Problem with no error message
819.07MUNLEG::WAGENHAEUSERTue Sep 18 1990CALC printing problem
820.03SUOSW3::KAISERTue Sep 18 1990Builder and user input
821.01YUPPY::PAUTue Sep 18 1990Functionality Query
823.010LARVAE::BURGESSTue Sep 18 1990Startup, and tailoring DECdecision CALC
824.08WONDER::CROLLTue Sep 18 1990trouble w/CALC display on DS31
825.06RCOJDS::SHOWALTERWed Sep 19 1990CALC: Problem with ESP_FIND
826.02VLOMFG::VLO1QA::PRELYThu Sep 20 1990select/copy/paste doesn't work from calc to access everytime: quickcopy clarification
827.02RCOJDS::SHOWALTERThu Sep 20 1990CALC: Performing math with text substrings
828.03ZOWEE::ANTHONYThu Sep 20 1990Access & LARGE Rdb Tables
829.01LAPUTA::GOULNIKFri Sep 21 1990DECdecision/MDQ (Multiple Data Query)
830.02GIDDAY::CHANMMon Sep 24 1990DEChart worksheet -truncated data.
831.02SUOSW3::KAISERMon Sep 24 1990%RDMS-F-VIEWNORET on opening Rdb Views
832.04MONTOR::NIKOPOULOSMon Sep 24 1990DAF access via DECdecision
833.02EIGER::STACHERTue Sep 25 1990import function only imports the most recent vers
834.08OASS::ALI_ATue Sep 25 1990DECISION 1.1 and RDB 3.1B Installation problems
836.02VMSDEV::LANDMANWed Sep 26 1990Remote DTR Access?
837.0GIDDAY::CHANMThu Sep 27 1990Change the size of titles.
838.01PAOSUD::GODINThu Sep 27 1990Poor CALC report !!!
839.01CIMNET::ASCHERThu Sep 27 1990Is it possible to create a SCALE widget in a macro?
840.01AISG::KHORRAMFri Sep 28 1990Invoking DECdecision from VAX Lisp environment??
841.04SUBURB::MCDONALDAFri Sep 28 1990Of parallelism and query processing.
842.0SAKO::MCWHAFri Sep 28 1990Storing documentation on each cell of a spread sheet.
843.01USRCV1::TSOISFri Sep 28 1990whitepaper?
845.0MUNICH::RUZICKATue Oct 02 1990how much vt1
846.03SUBURB::MCDONALDATue Oct 02 1990ACCESS-RMS scrolling problems
847.01HEARNS::KURATATue Oct 02 1990Linking Calc sheets
848.01THE3RS::GOVANTue Oct 02 1990Tutorial problem with Builder
850.04SUBURB::MCDONALDAWed Oct 03 1990Display bug?
852.01GRANPA::SFAIRCLOTHWed Oct 03 1990DECdecision/DECwrite Link Question
853.012OASS::QUINN_RWed Oct 03 1990DECecision v1.1 installation/upgrade failure
854.027MISFIT::MICKOLThu Oct 04 1990CALC => CHART no go
855.02SUBWAY::NAEGELYFri Oct 05 1990* Filled Columns
856.01LARVAE::BURGESSFri Oct 05 1990MOTIF and Cut and Paste clipboards?
857.04ENUF::BERENSONFri Oct 05 1990CHART STYLE,COLOR, and TYPE Defaults
858.06AIMTEC::NATHAN_PFri Oct 05 1990link not working properly, getting all zeros
859.01BOSACT::CHERSONFri Oct 05 1990DECdecision slides
860.03JUPITR::TERVALONMon Oct 08 1990Navigate a problem in CALC?
861.011SUBURB::MCDONALDAMon Oct 08 1990%SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO in Access, help!
862.03NATIVE::ROSENBERGMon Oct 08 1990ACCESS: Report Generation
863.09CRBOSS::GALLAGHERTue Oct 09 1990Where do all the logicals go in blueprint user tools
864.01KERNEL::LOATTue Oct 09 1990DECdecision 1.1 and Rdb 3.1B problem.
865.03HARBOR::TYRONE::HUTCHINSONTue Oct 09 1990Converting EXCEL Spreadsheets??/Columns into Rows??
867.03SUOSW3::KAISERThu Oct 11 1990Bugcheck on invoking Access
868.02AIMTEC::NATHAN_PThu Oct 11 1990Basic ascii file into ACCESS?
869.01OSLSat Oct 13 1990VIEW DOCUMENT over the network?
870.011UTROFF::MILDERTue Oct 16 1990Deadlock caused by lengthy records?
871.01VMSTST::FRASERTue Oct 16 1990Logicals for default table protection
872.01VMSTST::FRASERTue Oct 16 1990Table access mode setting by non-owners
873.01CEPS::BROWNTue Oct 16 1990DECdecision for Ultrix, Migration of Marco's
874.0MSBCS::BIROTue Oct 16 1990SET file/nosemantics need privs
875.01VMSTST::FRASERTue Oct 16 1990Showing current protection on an Access table
876.01VMSTST::FRASERTue Oct 16 1990moving a table to the DECdecision Access Drawer
877.03VMSDEV::LANDMANTue Oct 16 1990Can't Access/import on Jareth, can on VMSDEV
878.0VMSTST::FRASERTue Oct 16 1990Renaming Access tables
879.0SUBURB::MCDONALDAWed Oct 17 1990DNS and datatransparency
880.07GLDOA::DISHNEAUWed Oct 17 1990Need Information for A DECdecision Pilot
881.01JUPITR::TERVALONWed Oct 17 1990Startup logicals/defaults
882.0OAXCEL::BROOKSWed Oct 17 1990DD survey for new course
883.01CEPS::BROWNThu Oct 18 1990DECdecision Menus customization
884.019SUBURB::MCDONALDAThu Oct 18 1990Merge/overwrite tables possible?
885.04TRCAThu Oct 18 1990Only single user license available?
886.01AIMTEC::NATHAN_PThu Oct 18 1990problem with shared folders
887.02WMOIS::E_FINKELSENThu Oct 18 1990Online training? Where?
888.03FDCV14::WILLIAMSThu Oct 18 1990RDB V3.1 Compatibility
889.05ULYSSE::LEFOLFri Oct 19 1990Fatal error when accessing a database
890.01SUBURB::MCDONALDAFri Oct 19 1990View document bugs?
891.02SNEEZY::DICKENSFri Oct 19 1990recalculate links 4 times crashes calc every time
892.04CSOA1::BRANSTEINWed Oct 24 1990SAVE COLLECTION AS... errors
893.03COMICS::CLARKEWed Oct 24 1990DECdecision Calc Landscape Printing Problem
894.04VMSTST::FRASERWed Oct 24 1990Access journalling / recovery
896.02GLDOA::DISHNEAUThu Oct 25 1990Emergency Need For A resource
897.011VIA::GIROUXFri Oct 26 1990Builder interface discussions
898.07BGOMon Oct 29 1990Problems with TPU - EDIT MACRO
899.03DELNI::CALLAHANMon Oct 29 1990Any way to print formulas???
900.02ZENA::GALOTTIMon Oct 29 1990CALC and TPU debugger
901.02VNASWS::GEROLDTue Oct 30 1990No DECdecision Courses in Europe for Customers ??
902.02TRCATue Oct 30 1990PC DECwindow with Microsoft or Logitech mouse
903.01TKOV58::AHUJAWed Oct 31 1990Where is the DECdecision Users' Guide.
904.0SUBURB::MCDONALDAWed Oct 31 1990RMS -> Rdb = Enormous increase in file size!
905.02SUBURB::MCDONALDAWed Oct 31 1990How to set '9' display widths?
906.01SUBURB::MCDONALDAWed Oct 31 1990Bug or Feature?
907.01BOMBE::ALDENThu Nov 01 1990ACCESS:: Help needed on use of access control strings
908.01--UnknownUser--Fri Nov 02 1990decwindows link to EPS files...
909.04MSBCS::MORRISSEYMon Nov 05 1990Problem formating an output file from Access
910.02MSBCS::MORRISSEYMon Nov 05 1990Problem using the "SAVE" function in Access
911.0SUBURB::MCDONALDAMon Nov 05 1990Chart menu bug under T5.4-1
912.0VIA::BARONMon Nov 05 1990RdbAccess for VAX RMS conference
913.01HEARNS::KURATAMon Nov 05 1990Still can't link to another sheet
914.02SUBWAY::NAEGELYMon Nov 05 1990Increase Performance?
915.01SUBWAY::RANATue Nov 06 1990Can DECchart do BECKER charts/diagram ?
916.01SUBWAY::NAEGELYWed Nov 07 1990VMS 5.4 problem
917.010SUBURB::MCDONALDAWed Nov 07 1990DECwindows V3 and Calc.
918.02TRLIAN::STARKWed Nov 07 1990Cell Border Printing?
919.03JOCKEY::MARSHALLJWed Nov 07 1990Deadlock and memory problems
920.03STAR::TDONOVANWed Nov 07 1990Can a text column be on multiple rows?
921.02HOTSHT::SCHNEIDERWed Nov 07 1990Does DECdecision call RecopyToClipboard?
922.01AKOV11::KSANDERSONWed Nov 07 1990Access bugcheck when adding computed column
923.04MYGUY::LANDINGHAMThu Nov 08 1990Right Justify Column Names in Access
924.06MSBCS::MORRISSEYMon Nov 12 1990Question on DECdecision and file Converters
925.01FDCV26::WHITETue Nov 13 1990CALC Reporting Problem
926.01SUBURB::MCDONALDAWed Nov 14 1990DECdecision and security.
927.01SUBURB::MCDONALDAWed Nov 14 1990DECdecision and DNS
928.01SUBURB::MCDONALDAWed Nov 14 1990DECdecision and DECdtm.
930.05PRSUD1::DUPASWed Nov 14 1990Time horizontal axis on a graph???
931.03POBOX::KOCHWed Nov 14 1990Don't want ANY breaks on printouts
932.04KERNEL::LOATThu Nov 15 1990IVP fails in Access.
933.02MUNICH::RUZICKAThu Nov 15 1990delete table in a macro
934.03MARX::SULLIVANThu Nov 15 1990Splitting a CALC window (or ACCESS for that matter)
935.0WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GThu Nov 15 1990Max number of ROWs or Columns in DECchart?
936.02ECAD2::STALKERFri Nov 16 1990CALC -- Printing columns (i.e. A, B, and E, F)
937.01BEAGLE::ZANONIMon Nov 19 1990DECcalc=DECdecision/Calc?
938.04SUBURB::MCDONALDATue Nov 20 1990Hashing, how to deal with.
939.05ZURThu Nov 22 1990Printing from CALC uses up whole PAGEFILE
940.03GARIT::VANSICLENMon Nov 26 1990PAYMENT function
941.06NOBHIL::RILEY_ELMon Nov 26 1990Importing Excel .WK1 into DECdecision Calc?
942.0MUNICH::RUZICKATue Nov 27 1990print macro
943.02KERNEL::LOATTue Nov 27 1990Export... gives CDA-E-ALLOCFAIL.
944.03SARALN::SHEPROTue Nov 27 1990Public folder/file for group only
946.04ZURWed Nov 28 1990Calc V1.1, date fill ascending order
947.02BROKE::POLISETTYWed Nov 28 1990Can't edit Macros using Access
948.01GIDDAY::CHANMWed Nov 28 1990One Chart with multiple data set.
949.0SUBURB::MCDONALDAThu Nov 29 1990DECW V3 hanging work round
950.01SMPVAX::SIMPSONThu Nov 29 1990import of calc to access not working
951.09ZGOMFri Nov 30 1990CHART: Create print file failed
952.01SUBURB::MCDONALDAFri Nov 30 1990Flakey clipboard.
953.01SUBWAY::NAEGELYFri Nov 30 1990Inquiring minds want to know
954.03TRNAF1::MANISSEROMon Dec 03 1990Decdecision hangs with no message
955.05KYOA::HANSONMon Dec 03 1990How to return values?
956.04TARDIS::EISENBERGTue Dec 04 1990"Clipboard is locked by another process"
957.0OASS::NATHAN_PTue Dec 04 1990update to note #858...link fct in DECdecision
958.05CIVAGE::SPRICETue Dec 04 1990Problem printing and/or saving {name}.report
959.02IJSAPL::VIS_EWed Dec 05 1990Callable interface
960.01VINO::ALAMWed Dec 05 1990Join result is different from RDB/SQL join
961.03ODIXIE::NUHFERThu Dec 06 1990Import of DBASE to DECdecision & date data.
962.04SUBURB::MCDONALDAFri Dec 07 1990Access prompting problems.
963.07VISUAL::WEAVERFri Dec 07 1990Installation Problems with DECDecision
964.03JOELS::SARENSun Dec 09 1990Report to DIF then to RDB works.
965.02HARBOR::ESCHENROEDERMon Dec 10 1990Private Access table changes when made public
966.06RHETT::RROGERSWed Dec 12 1990CHART: doesnt work after upgrading DECWrite
967.07ODIXIE::APEREIRAWed Dec 12 1990access problem
968.01GIDDAY::CHANMThu Dec 13 1990Freeze rows and columns -like Lotus.
969.010MPH1Fri Dec 14 1990Problem importing files
970.02WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GMon Dec 17 1990CALC exported to Lotus WK1 has SORT prob on LABELS
971.01ISEMon Dec 17 1990Export problem
972.01ULYSSE::DAUBYTue Dec 18 1990ACCESS MACRO - Print Options not recorded
974.04UTOPIE::KREISLERThu Dec 20 1990ACCESS: Links to Rdb remain open
975.02SUBURB::MCDONALDAThu Dec 20 1990How do 2-dimensional reports/tables?
976.02CRONIC::LEMONSFri Dec 21 1990CALC: Consolidate operation create a live link?
977.02CRONIC::LEMONSFri Dec 21 1990CALC Consolidate fails with 'message buffer' message
978.01CRONIC::LEMONSFri Dec 21 1990CALC: merging/combining worksheets
979.03ZURMon Dec 24 1990Problem exporting to TABULAR_ASCII
980.0CRONIC::LEMONSThu Dec 27 1990CALC:label alignment ignored when printed
982.09SAC::JEPSONFri Jan 04 1991User Interface Customisation? and Journalling?
983.03VINO::QUANGFri Jan 04 1991Delete table in ACCESS MACRO
984.0OASS::HARRIS_RMon Jan 07 1991Ultrix v4.
985.04BGOWed Jan 09 1991When will IFT/EFT for V2.
986.01JOCKEY::MARSHALLJWed Jan 09 1991Rdb view appears empty - but isn't !!
987.03JOCKEY::MARSHALLJWed Jan 09 1991V1.
988.05SUBURB::MCDONALDAThu Jan 10 1991More boring Batch questions.
989.04SUBURB::MCDONALDAThu Jan 10 1991JOIN QUERY difficulty
990.01CIVAGE::SPRICEThu Jan 10 1991MB1 required to edit a cell ????
991.02WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GThu Jan 10 1991DECwrite problem LINKing to DECISION ACCESS table
992.01TKOV58::AHUJAFri Jan 11 1991DECALC and DECdecision CALC: How different?
993.05PJVAX::JOHNSTONFri Jan 11 1991Formatting not holding through printing
994.02WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GFri Jan 11 19912
995.05STKHLM::NILSSON_ATue Jan 15 1991DECdecision-DECwrite-livelinks-problem!
997.02SLICER::RODWed Jan 16 1991Version kept during playback of DECchart
998.01WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GMon Jan 21 1991CHART - bugcheck dump refers to T1.1 crash when moving Legend
999.01COMICS::ALLAMSTue Jan 22 1991access bug - macro/edit/cache
1000.06GARIT::VANSICLENTue Jan 22 1991Limit the columns displayed
1001.04GARIT::VANSICLENTue Jan 22 1991Not reporting column names
1002.0GIDDAY::BRYDENWed Jan 23 1991Save collection from remote node hangs system..
1003.02BUNYIP::QUODLINGWed Jan 23 1991Problems with upgraded installation...
1004.02KYOA::SCHERERWed Jan 23 1991Teamdata vs DECdecision
1005.04JAMESB::BABINWed Jan 23 1991CONSOLIDATE changes formulas to constants
1006.02JAMESB::BABINThu Jan 24 1991DecDecision on a VaxStation 2
1007.0MKLC::DIONFri Jan 25 1991Moving a Pie Chart
1008.07WHELIN::PALMERMon Jan 28 1991Export DECdecision to DECcalc grid file
1009.01ULYSSE::DAUBYTue Jan 29 1991ACCESS fatal error using JOIN
1010.03VINO::QUANGTue Jan 29 1991ACCESS tables report to a file
1011.01OASS::HARRIS_RTue Jan 29 1991Calc in Batch mode?
1012.04CASEE::LALLIWed Jan 30 1991Calc Hanging when loading a TABLE
1013.03COMICS::TALBOTWed Jan 30 1991DECDECISION CALC - Table function returns!
1014.03HANNAH::BATCHELDERNWed Jan 30 1991Live Link to DECwrite that follows names as they change?
1015.03WDFRT1::SUNRUF::SEGNITZWed Jan 30 1991ACCESS problems - MACRO sort , and PRINT REPORT 132 COL
1016.02CGHUB::JANEBThu Jan 31 1991Who can show DECdecision to a vendor/customer?
1017.04UTOPIE::KREISLERThu Jan 31 1991COPY from ACCESS to CALC hangs the seconf time
1018.09SELECT::MUZZYThu Jan 31 1991CALC user need help
1019.01LEDS::SLINEYFri Feb 01 1991DECcalc Playback Error Message - what does it refer too.
1020.02PRIMES::VAUGHNFri Feb 01 1991Installation problem; RDB account
1021.0VIA::BARONMon Feb 04 1991DECquery product conference
1024.04AISG::NITSCHKEMon Feb 04 1991Calc hangs while trying to print
1025.02CIMPUL::BEFUMOTue Feb 05 1991Is this do-able?
1026.01STKHLM::MALMBERGTue Feb 05 1991Edit String for a number to remove zeroes ?
1027.03COGITO::ZIKATue Feb 05 1991How can I get a quick response time from DECdecision
1028.01AYOV29::DBROWNTue Feb 05 1991table not available problem
1029.04KCPCXX::SCHELLTue Feb 05 1991Help with "Large" database
1030.0MKLC::DIONTue Feb 05 1991Calculating columns in Access
1031.04MUNICH::RUZICKAWed Feb 06 1991calc and link to chart
1032.01COGITO::ZIKAWed Feb 06 1991Upgrading DECDECISION to V1.1 on a cluster
1033.0LOSER::BEZEREDIWed Feb 06 1991Looking for DECdecision V2.
1034.02DICKNS::FRIEDMANWed Feb 06 1991ACCESS question, computing
1035.01MUNICH::RUZICKAThu Feb 07 1991draw chart from several columms
1036.02EEMELI::PAKKANENFri Feb 08 1991COPY/PASTE question
1037.01WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GFri Feb 08 1991Using local TPU section files instead system
1038.03PRAVDA::JACKSONMon Feb 11 1991WK1 Export bugs in V1.
1039.01CIMPUL::BEFUMOMon Feb 11 1991Calc --> ACCESS using DTIF - 4 hours and still running?
1040.01BEAGLE::ROWLANDSTue Feb 12 1991More on licenses
1041.02AYOV29::DBROWNTue Feb 12 1991ACCESS:calculated column for calculated rows
1042.02KERNEL::LOATWed Feb 13 1991Documentation in Bookreader format.
1043.012AYOU49::CHARLESWed Feb 13 1991Copy from access to calc crashes calc
1046.02NCCODE::MELOMThu Feb 14 1991ACCESS import DTIF problem
1047.09SNOCThu Feb 14 1991Save Collection Performance
1048.03WEDOIT::SOFTOOLS_JHFri Feb 15 1991DECchart Cmd line and defaults Questions
1050.01PRAVDA::JACKSONSun Feb 17 1991Import WK3 format?
1051.01MOVIES::BENSONMon Feb 18 1991Linking tables within Access
1052.01STAR::MICHAUDMon Feb 18 1991Problem ACCESSing new RDB databse created by ACCESS
1053.01JANUS::BSMITHTue Feb 19 1991Help with Access Import
1054.010TKOV58::AHUJAWed Feb 20 1991'Bad block size' error in blueprint.
1055.0STKHLM::WIKMANWed Feb 20 1991Clipboard locked by another user\
1057.0MUNICH::RUZICKAWed Feb 20 1991line chart Y-AXIS
1058.02MUNICH::RUZICKAWed Feb 20 1991ACCESS: public foldersa and tables
1059.03VNASWS::GEROLDWed Feb 20 1991Cannot update LiveLink
1060.032HOT::SWONGERWed Feb 20 1991Landscape (132-column) Printing in DECdecision V1.1
1061.02MUNICH::RUZICKAWed Feb 20 1991access delete public folder
1062.012SUBURB::MCDONALDAWed Feb 20 1991Why reference external blueprints?
1063.0WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GWed Feb 20 1991Standard Error bars in Chart?
1064.02DUGROS::ROSSThu Feb 21 1991What does View Document do? How?
1065.07DTSRThu Feb 21 1991Fatal Error
1066.0MUNICH::RUZICKAFri Feb 22 1991numbers in chart worksheet with "." ","
1067.010PRAVDA::JACKSONFri Feb 22 1991access - entering data with double-quote, how?
1068.02PAVONE::MIOTTOFri Feb 22 1991Repeat counts problem with money in Calc
1069.01SUBURB::MCDONALDAFri Feb 22 1991Function woes?
1070.01PRAVDA::JACKSONMon Feb 25 1991Will V2.
1071.0WOOK::LEEWed Feb 27 1991DECdecision T2.
1072.02AKOCOA::OSTIGUYWed Feb 27 1991Two questions/problems !
1073.02CXCAD::SCHAFFERWed Feb 27 1991Can Calc work in 3D?
1074.03GIDDAY::FERGUSONWed Feb 27 1991How do you export into DECalc?
1075.08ZURThu Feb 28 1991Oracle, SQL support?
1076.01PTOVAX::DJBROWNThu Feb 28 1991HELP needed for ACCESS table manipulation.
1077.02VMSINT::THIELTue Mar 05 1991Help - I want to print a spreadsheet with lots of information on one sheet of paper
1078.04LNGBCH::SCHNEIDERTue Mar 05 1991Importing data from binary files
1079.03SUBURB::MCDONALDAWed Mar 06 1991ACLs on public folders/published tables.
1080.05AIRG::REEDWed Mar 06 1991error encountered
1081.013BGOFri Mar 08 1991Import to an excisting table??!!
1083.01JOELS::SARENTue Mar 12 1991Can DECdecision pull from other nodes?
1084.03SUBURB::MCDONALDATue Mar 12 1991T2
1086.01SNOCWed Mar 13 1991Migrating access definitions to public
1087.0NBOSWS::KROTTROIGERWed Mar 13 1991Fatal problem with Database-LiveLinks
1088.02TKOV58::AHUJAThu Mar 14 1991Editing RMS data using ACCESS.
1089.03KERNEL::LOATThu Mar 14 1991Problem with Consolidation - Calc QAR 623
1090.0CENSUS::BOLLINGERThu Mar 14 1991Missing Features in V2.
1092.03HAMCL3::BASTIANFri Mar 15 1991DECdecision CALC:station vs. cluster
1093.01SCAACT::RESENDEFri Mar 15 1991Can ACCESS support multiple databases 1 at a time?
1094.04PRAVDA::JACKSONSun Mar 17 1991Export WK1 woes - Device full when not true?
1095.01AKOCOA::DROMANOMon Mar 18 1991Drawing simple line graph - HELP!
1096.02MACNAS::CMORRISWed Mar 20 1991table widget sources
1097.010MUNICH::RUZICKAWed Mar 20 1991access: title columm$1
1098.02OASS::BURDEN_DWed Mar 20 1991Chart - Trend lines with Log scaling?
1099.02TLE::MEIERFri Mar 22 1991Charts; two column combination ones?
1100.01ZURFri Mar 22 1991problem with decision$vue.com
1101.04TLSEFri Mar 22 1991ACCESS SQL MACRO
1102.02VMSDEV::DINESHFri Mar 22 1991DECdecision:Calc crashes when trying to Cut or Copy
1103.02RCOJDS::SHOWALTERFri Mar 22 1991Conditional Text Color in DECdecision CALC
1104.01PARITY::MITCHELLMon Mar 25 1991Page Length Problem
1105.01TLE::MEIERTue Mar 26 1991How to plot column A and C with DECChart?
1106.03PRSIS7::ALETONWed Mar 27 1991questions from a beginner.
1107.02USRCV1::TSOISWed Mar 27 1991DECdecision to extract data and plot transparently?
1108.01TKOV58::AHUJAThu Mar 28 1991New bugs?
1109.02STKHLM::HOLMThu Mar 28 1991Determine number of rows after import
1110.04IOENG::HILLThu Mar 28 1991Installation help wanted-microvax
1111.03NZOMIS::LIPSCOMBETue Apr 02 1991The right tool for the job?
1112.06BYENGTue Apr 02 1991Remote Rdb Access
1113.01MUNICH::RUZICKAWed Apr 03 1991export from access to ascii
1114.01MUNICH::RUZICKAThu Apr 04 1991edit macro in access
1115.02JANUS::BSMITHThu Apr 04 1991problem:Importing ASCII file into ACCESS- help
1116.02SUBURB::MCDONALDAThu Apr 04 1991Disk space, delete columns, what happens?
1117.02WEDOIT::BARLOWThu Apr 04 1991Histogram....Compacting data?
1118.02TKOV58::AHUJAThu Apr 04 1991Help with iterate function and ecalc language.
1119.05SUBURB::MCDONALDAFri Apr 05 1991Calculate and dialogue box bugs.
1120.0SUBURB::MCDONALDAFri Apr 05 1991UK DECdecision courses available
1121.02SUBURB::MCDONALDAFri Apr 05 1991Acces calculate, is this supposed to happen?
1122.01AKOCOA::DROMANOFri Apr 05 1991Using Procedures?
1123.0WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GFri Apr 05 1991Install still fails after DEVELOPMENT change for RDB 3.1
1124.02COMICS::ALLAMSMon Apr 08 1991access import/export - insufficient priv or converters incorrectly installed
1125.05WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GMon Apr 08 1991CHART(Ultrix)-worksheet data entry not seen(invisible)
1126.03CXCAD::SCHAFFERTue Apr 09 1991Import Rdb to ACCESS?? Best way?
1127.01RCOJDS::SHOWALTERWed Apr 10 1991CALC (T2.
1128.01RCOJDS::SHOWALTERWed Apr 10 1991BUILDER (T2.
1129.0MUCTEC::WESTERWed Apr 10 1991Is there a way to scale non-numeric data?
1130.06--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 11 1991GROUP BY, HAVING, ORDER BY
1131.02144Thu Apr 11 1991DECW$DECISION.DAT question..
1132.02BEEZER::LOATMon Apr 15 1991Username and Password on Rdb/VMS relation?
1133.01WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GMon Apr 15 1991Installation and running ACCESS woes with OLD RDB on system
1134.07DACT58::DACT46Tue Apr 16 1991Rdb v4.
1135.03BULLI::KISSWed Apr 17 1991Callable DECdecision or ACAS???
1136.02SUOSW3::HILGENSTOCKThu Apr 18 1991Size limit of spreadsheets with Livelink to DECwrite
1137.01FINE::COLENAFri Apr 19 1991DECdecision for Ultrix
1138.04SUBURB::MCDONALDATue Apr 23 1991Matches VS Contains ???
1139.0WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GTue Apr 23 1991DECISION in Batch with no Windows session going?
1140.02SNOCWed Apr 24 1991ACCESS Joins on TOTAL lines?
1141.02TKOV58::AHUJAWed Apr 24 1991Append two strings in CALC.
1142.02GIAMEM::AHARWOODWed Apr 24 1991DECdecision v. TEAMDATA
1143.0PRAVDA::JACKSONThu Apr 25 1991Charting Historical data of multiple types over time?
1144.03ZURFri Apr 26 1991CALC- Values in wrong column in printed output.
1145.01PRAVDA::JACKSONFri Apr 26 1991Sum total while keeping non-numeric data?
1146.02CANYON::ROYALFri Apr 26 1991Access Rdb using CDD Path?
1147.02SUBURB::MCDONALDAMon Apr 29 1991DECchart -> VTxxx SIXEL?
1148.08STKHLM::HENNERTMon Apr 29 1991Playback problem in BUILDER - why?
1149.06KADOR::BURNIERMon Apr 29 1991I lost all my formula after a "save" (DECdecision CALC)
1150.01CXCAD::SCHAFFERMon Apr 29 1991DECalc link hangs, prevents edits
1151.03SENIOR::STUDIVANMon Apr 29 1991ACCESS Report Create Bombs
1152.02TYSON::KURATAWed May 01 1991How does LINK work with ranges
1154.01RUMOR::STRONBERGWed May 01 1991How DECdecision accesses remote databases?
1155.03JOCKEY::MARSHALLJWed May 01 1991Rdb errors ??
1157.02SNOCWed May 01 1991Symbols in Access Macros
1158.02CELTIK::R_QUINNWed May 01 1991Ansi SQL merge -- ACCESS Join
1159.02RCOJDS::SHOWALTERThu May 02 1991CHART - Multiple Y-Axis Scales for One Set of Data
1160.02IMADV8::LAWLERFri May 03 19912 calc errors, "too much DTIF for memory" and "invalid file format"
1161.03BYENGFri May 03 1991Variable Range needed
1162.05BEEZER::LOATFri May 03 1991Language variants of DECdecision?
1163.02BYENGFri May 03 1991CALC: Conversion from Date to Text format
1164.01COMICS::ALLAMSFri May 03 1991Calc leaving run away process behind
1165.01BYENGFri May 03 1991Message Buffer
1166.01MARX::SULLIVANMon May 06 1991Generating form letters, using DECwrite and ACCESS
1167.04BGOTue May 07 1991Using QUERY in ACCESS.
1168.0VIA::BOWERThu May 09 1991Lost note - Printing
1169.01VIA::BOWERThu May 09 1991Lost note - multiuser access
1171.03SAC::EXTON_MFri May 10 1991Non DECdecision written functions?
1172.05SUBURB::MCDONALDAFri May 10 1991Some further usage information on Access
1173.05NSDC::SIMPSONFri May 10 1991Access Calculation with >1 field to group by
1174.02BYENGMon May 13 1991Preferences in Chart T2.
1175.03BYENGMon May 13 1991Variable Text into a Chart Overlay
1176.01BYENGMon May 13 1991Can I use DECSION T2.
1177.04BYENGTue May 14 1991DRAW_CHART using SELECTED range
1178.05BAGLEY::FOSTERTue May 14 1991V1.5: Can you choose fonts for Access reports?
1179.03BAGLEY::FOSTERTue May 14 1991V1.5: Suppress column names in Access reports?
1180.07BAGLEY::FOSTERTue May 14 1991v1.5: Calc performance improvements?
1181.0BAGLEY::FOSTERTue May 14 1991V1.5: Column formatting disappears on PASTE from table
1182.03BAGLEY::FOSTERTue May 14 1991V1.5: Can you prompt for a value in a Builder or Access macro?
1183.01BAGLEY::FOSTERTue May 14 1991V1.5: Link to Access macro rather than database?
1184.01BAGLEY::FOSTERTue May 14 1991V1.5: Access macro faster than Builder procedure?
1185.03SUBURB::MCDONALDAWed May 15 1991Bug? Print Merge file create.
1186.05TAVIS::DAFNAWed May 15 1991Using ACCESS & CALC in blueprint - hang ???
1187.05OASS::ADAMS_SWed May 15 1991Problems with large files and ACCESS?
1188.06TAVThu May 16 1991bugcheck dumps - need help !!!!!!!!!
1189.01FULMER::STUBBSThu May 16 1991PAYBACK function
1190.01BAGLEY::FOSTERThu May 16 1991Error editing Access macros -- TPU problem?
1191.01SUBURB::MCDONALDAFri May 17 1991More T1.5 features?
1192.04SAC::EXTON_MFri May 17 1991Other tools and DECdecision
1193.03SUBURB::MCDONALDAFri May 17 1991Some Builder grief :-)
1194.01CRONIC::LEMONSMon May 20 1991Discounted cash flow?
1196.05PLDMV2::GILSONTue May 21 1991Pie Text Attributes
1197.03HOBBLE::LEVINETue May 21 1991REFERING to Rdb/VMS tables with COMPUTED fields?
1198.02PRAVDA::JACKSONWed May 22 1991Is DECdecision a REAL decision support package?
1199.02UTROP1::KALDENHOVENWed May 22 1991Help needed on V1.1
1201.02WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GThu May 23 1991Access or Calc - How to print/export 132 columns or more
1202.01WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GThu May 23 1991ACCESS-ASCII_TABULAR import fails,priv & internal err
1203.02CIM::KAIRYSFri May 24 1991Help - error activating TPUSHR
1205.03SOLVIT::JKELLEYFri May 24 1991"Missing Quote" error (chart)
1206.02NWGEDU::DINGEMANSFri May 24 1991Things for the wishlist...
1207.04NSDC::SIMPSONTue May 28 1991Batch report combining DECchart and ASCII file
1208.01UTROP1::KALDENHOVENWed May 29 1991Question about sizing DECdecision
1209.09OPG::CHRISWed May 29 1991Converters ?
1210.01PARITY::MITCHELLWed May 29 1991Report Questions
1211.08HOBBLE::LEVINEWed May 29 1991ACCESS defaults new row to existing row?
1212.01KITVAX::METHOTThu May 30 1991Combo charts layer assignment
1213.01NOTFri May 31 1991Report formatting
1215.05TASTY::JEFFERYMon Jun 03 1991Starting DECdecision CALC on its own.
1216.01MUNICH::RUZICKAMon Jun 03 1991macro repeat all 5 minutes?
1217.02MUNICH::RUZICKAMon Jun 03 1991decchart crash after color selection
1218.0BOOKIE::BAECHTOLDTue Jun 04 1991Request for Opinions about New Help System
1219.0BOOKIE::BAECHTOLDTue Jun 04 1991Request for Opinions about Builder Guided Blueprints
1220.0SOLVIT::JKELLEYTue Jun 04 1991Live Link DECwrite/DECdecision error message
1221.02ALFOIS::HARRISONTue Jun 04 1991design of qtly report using variable # of files
1222.02GSRC::KENOYERTue Jun 04 1991Save Table ACCESS_BUGCHK; Known bug?
1223.05JDARC::SANTACREUWed Jun 05 1991DECISION$CTL_BUGCHK Help please
1224.06TRUTH::BARNESWed Jun 05 1991Weird dialog boxes in ACCESS
1225.02MUNICH::RUZICKAThu Jun 06 1991fonts in calc and print to .ps in t2.-
1226.01BLIZZ::BLIZZARDThu Jun 06 1991Buglet on ACCESS horizonal scroll bar
1227.07TKOV58::AHUJAMon Jun 10 1991DECdecision T1.5-2 IVP failed.
1228.01MUNICH::RUZICKAMon Jun 10 1991a couple of questions
1229.07BOSJDS::GEOFFROYTue Jun 11 1991Section Table (process/global) is full
1230.04STKHLM::HENNERTWed Jun 12 1991Decision Swe 1.1 and playback macros
1231.03UBOHUB::HOWLETT_TWed Jun 12 1991access performance and selection hangs
1232.01RAGMOP::ELDREDGEWed Jun 12 1991Getting full Field width on Access Reports?
1233.0EVMS::YAHWHO::PETROVICWed Jun 12 1991Problems 'linking' to a user-defined chart style
1234.02FRAMBO::REHBERGThu Jun 13 1991DECalc and DECcalc. Urgent!!!
1235.01TKOV58::AHUJAThu Jun 13 1991Can we use queries with VIDA ?
1236.01GALVIA::BROSNANThu Jun 13 1991 DECdecision/CALC T1.5-2, DTIF file problem.
1237.01CXCAD::COMERThu Jun 13 1991Legend problem
1238.04SEGHAT::SEGHATFri Jun 14 1991Calc/DECdecision V1.1 problem
1239.01JANUS::BSMITHMon Jun 17 1991RDB or RDO Priv errors
1241.01LEMAN::DA_SILVATue Jun 18 1991DECdecision on Ultrix
1242.01GALVIA::BROSNANTue Jun 18 1991DECdecision/CALC and DTIF file problem.
1243.02SALEM::HARRINGTONTue Jun 18 1991CDD field definitions ?
1244.01GALVIA::BROSNANTue Jun 18 1991DECdecision Calc, DTIF(format-border) prob.
1245.03KERNEL::LOATTue Jun 18 1991Problems with Datatrieve domain selection.
1246.01SUBURB::MCDONALDAWed Jun 19 1991P1 bug in Builder
1247.02SUBWAY::YOUNGWed Jun 19 1991Importing Lotus spreadsheet...
1248.01BLIZZ::BLIZZARDWed Jun 19 1991Bug in 1.5-3 Chart: Resize window does not scale graph
1249.01TKOV58::AHUJAThu Jun 20 1991Help requested with a customer opportunity.
1250.02RCOJDS::SHOWALTERThu Jun 20 1991Accelerator Keys?
1251.01MILPND::DIMARZIOThu Jun 20 1991Can't bring up DECdecision on his satellite
1252.02MODNAT::GRAYThu Jun 20 1991Temporary Tables with BUILDER
1253.05SUBURB::MCDONALDAFri Jun 21 1991Paper: DD in real life use, a Digital example.
1254.0MAIL::VOGELFri Jun 21 1991Is Teamdata our long term solution for VTs
1255.01BOOZE::RUZICKAMon Jun 24 1991CALC accvio with SORT
1257.02VNABRW::HOEFINGER_RTue Jun 25 1991Linear regression required !
1258.05ALFOIS::HARRISONTue Jun 25 1991Scrolling Column/Row headings?
1259.02SUBURB::MCDONALDAWed Jun 26 1991Strange ENQLM exceeded problems
1260.07SOFBAS::ANTHONYThu Jun 27 1991Lost lines of data
1261.02SNOCThu Jun 27 1991How do you PUBLISH in ACCESS?
1262.0BIGUN::SANTSINGHFri Jun 28 1991DECDecision Vs DECQuery
1263.04TPSYS::HYDEFri Jun 28 1991Unknown error during save collection
1264.02MEALA::CREIGHTONMon Jul 01 1991Anyone know ??
1265.03PRAVDA::JACKSONTue Jul 02 1991Can't update table after RDB V4 installation
1266.01PEARS::IONESCUWed Jul 03 1991DECwrite with DECchart linked cannot print -limchk
1267.01BIGCHZ::CUNNINGHAMWed Jul 03 1991Can one blueprint invoke another blueprint?
1268.01SNOCThu Jul 04 1991Request to own Selection error at end macro
1269.01ULYSSE::DAUBYThu Jul 04 1991Currency Sign in Calc
1270.01ULYSSE::DAUBYFri Jul 05 1991Performance considerations
1271.01ULYSSE::DAUBYFri Jul 05 1991Recovery after software crash ?
1272.03SUBURB::MCDONALDAFri Jul 05 1991Publish _1 problems.
1274.03KERNEL::LOATWed Jul 10 1991DECISION$CTL_BUGCHK.DMP produced on crash. Why?
1275.02CXCAD::COMERWed Jul 10 1991T1.5-3/DECchart in b/w problem
1276.02NHASAD::SHELDONWed Jul 10 1991display only for column headings
1277.0TPSYS::HYDEThu Jul 11 1991Stacked bar chart from ACCESS; possible 'by COLUMN'?
1278.09MODNAT::GRAYThu Jul 11 1991Joining remote Datatrieve Domains
1281.03JOCKEY::MARSHALLJFri Jul 12 1991Can't start DECchart after installing T1.5-3
1282.04MODNAT::GRAYSun Jul 14 1991Save collection problem
1284.03TOTH::CHAVESMon Jul 15 1991Inport/export data-type
1285.05AUNTB::KULVETETue Jul 16 1991folder locked errors
1286.0DGOSWTue Jul 16 1991Can't modify consolidate form
1287.01CFSCTC::DRURYWed Jul 17 1991Wrong Database version w/Rdb V4.
1288.01BEBBI::STOECKLIWed Jul 17 1991Where ist DECchart 1.5-5 ?
1289.02PEARS::IONESCUThu Jul 18 1991EWS 1.
1290.05UBOHUB::HOWLETT_TThu Jul 18 1991chart with an input file,no builder window
1291.01WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GFri Jul 19 1991DECDECISION ACCESS and table constraints
1292.0VIA::BOWERMon Jul 22 1991Database protection and Rdb/VMS V4.
1293.07OGWV5Tue Jul 23 1991Preformance test: Access local/remote Rdb
1294.02EVTAI1::NGAMBYTue Jul 23 1991ESP macro problem in Calc
1296.02RDGENG::BSMITHWed Jul 24 1991Moving Databases isn't fun...
1297.01TALK::JARVISWed Jul 24 1991Can't see Preferences in Builder??
1298.0PLAYER::DEVALCKThu Jul 25 1991Importing DTIF in CALC gives : Unable to define named range
1299.02RDGENG::BSMITHThu Jul 25 1991Why do I get wrong data format?
1300.05RCOJDS::SHOWALTERThu Jul 25 1991Problems with Printing in DECdecision Calc
1301.08VINO::ALAMThu Jul 25 1991Any hardcopy doc available?
1302.03RDGENG::BSMITHMon Jul 29 1991Image activating TPU error
1303.03RDVAX::LANDINETue Jul 30 1991Access printing problem
1304.01ISIDRO::CASTILLAWed Jul 31 1991Accesing external programs from DECdecision
1305.02KERNEL::LOATWed Jul 31 1991Disappearing formulae and formatting in 1.1 calc
1306.04CFSCTC::DRURYThu Aug 01 1991Can't copy Access column headers into Calc spreadsheet
1307.04CLARID::HOFSTEEFri Aug 02 1991running blueprints in batch?
1309.01SHINER::D_HOHMSat Aug 03 1991Why does scroll to bottom take so long?
1310.02RDGENG::BSMITHMon Aug 05 1991Showing negative numeric values in Calc
1311.04MEMIT::AREYTue Aug 06 1991Use an already existing RDB database?
1312.0MUNICH::RUZICKAWed Aug 07 1991scale x-Axis to linar with BAR-chart...
1313.04WAYOUT::CLARKEWed Aug 07 1991Loading Spreadsheet into Calc Causes AIL Process to Loop
1315.02CFSCTC::CHABOTThu Aug 08 1991Hierarchy of Public Folders?
1316.02CFSCTC::DRURYFri Aug 09 1991Postscript file from DECchart by way of Builder
1317.01RDGENG::BSMITHMon Aug 12 1991Access Macros
1318.02CRONIC::DESSORMEAUMon Aug 12 1991Error when running ACCESS_EDIT_MACRO.PAT
1320.01CFSCTC::CHABOTTue Aug 13 1991Are there any DECchart V1.5 release notes?
1322.01CFSCTC::CHABOTWed Aug 14 1991What file converters exist in this environment?
1323.01LEDS::DCAMPBELLThu Aug 15 1991Calc and mouse problems
1324.03MUNICH::RUZICKAFri Aug 16 1991motif or decwindows?
1325.02RDGE42::BROOKERNTue Aug 20 1991I lost my folder
1326.01BEBBI::STOECKLITue Aug 20 1991Import ASCII_FIELD and the field definition file
1327.01OGWV5Thu Aug 22 1991Bug check dump in Loop edit
1328.04COMICS::ALLAMSThu Aug 22 1991decdecision blueprint problem
1329.03MILPND::DIMARZIOThu Aug 22 1991Problem inserting a row and keeping it there
1330.01RCOJDS::SHOWALTERThu Aug 22 1991Problems with ESP_EXECUTE_MACRO in CALC from BUILDER - T1.5 MSC
1331.02MRCSSE::BONOMOFri Aug 23 1991novice seeks help with ACCESS and external database ...
1332.05COMICS::ALLAMSFri Aug 23 1991Consolidation problem
1333.02WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GFri Aug 23 1991Can ACCESS do CROSS like under Datatrieve?
1335.03CRONIC::PISCOPOFri Aug 23 1991Save Collection As...slow after upgrade
1336.01PJVAX::JOHNSTONFri Aug 23 1991How do you run reports from DECdecision V1.5?
1337.04HARDY::EARLEMon Aug 26 1991DECdecision interface to CMS Library
1338.05PJVAX::JOHNSTONMon Aug 26 1991Problem Linking between DECwrite EFT2.
1339.01TPSYS::HYDEMon Aug 26 1991SAVE loses DATE data in temporary rows (after CALC)
1340.02SUOSW3::KAISERTue Aug 27 1991Error starting DECdecision V1.5
1341.01TPSYS::HYDETue Aug 27 1991Is @IF supported for conditional edit strings?
1342.01WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GWed Aug 28 1991Builder truncates print command from ACCESS
1343.01UTOPIE::SCHIEFERThu Aug 29 1991report/print at v1.1 german
1344.02WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GThu Aug 29 1991Running DECISION after SET DEF to other node
1345.03TOLKIN::DAVISThu Aug 29 1991DECDecision ==> Lotus
1346.04ZURMon Sep 02 1991ACCESS start problem --> bug check dump
1348.01STKHLM::HENNERTThu Sep 05 1991N:o of columns in table in Access - limit?
1349.0LOSER::BEZEREDIFri Sep 06 1991DECdecision - the future
1350.06STKHLM::HENNERTMon Sep 09 1991Access rounds F_FLOATING datatype
1351.01OASS::LUCAS_ATue Sep 10 1991Memory requirements on VT13
1352.02MUTTON::LAMBTue Sep 10 1991Label field for numbers
1353.01MUTTON::LAMBTue Sep 10 1991Creating "views" in DECdecision
1355.03SEDOAS::MOTTOWed Sep 11 1991Query on builder and DECdecision output!
1356.01CFSCTC::CHABOTWed Sep 11 1991Automatic printing of charts?
1357.01CFSCTC::CHABOTWed Sep 11 1991DECplan and DECdecision compatible?
1358.02CHEST::CROSSLEYFri Sep 13 1991Summing a column of changing length
1359.01CRATE::CROSSLEYMon Sep 16 1991Callable interface to DECdecision.
1360.01BGOMon Sep 16 1991Updating DECwrite Doc using Builder
1361.03OSLACT::OLAVMon Sep 16 1991Save/retrieve macros with worksheet?
1362.03CFSCTC::DRURYMon Sep 16 1991Does DECchart provide a STEP charting for line graphs???
1363.01EEMELI::LINNA_ALHOTue Sep 17 1991calc bugcheck dump
1364.04CLARID::HOFSTEETue Sep 17 1991Importing a file in DECaccess
1365.01BYENGTue Sep 17 1991Problem with BUILDER (graph from spreadsheet)
1366.04UTOPIE::KREISLERTue Sep 17 1991IVP fails with V1.5
1367.03IRONIC::MAJORTue Sep 17 1991V1.1 on Rdb 4.
1368.01ASDS::SARAOTue Sep 17 1991Now a MARRIED user
1370.02KERNEL::LOATWed Sep 18 1991Logicals in Rdb/VMS relations.
1371.011MUDIS3::SWOBODAThu Sep 19 1991...lost against EXCEL!!
1372.0PEARS::IONESCUThu Sep 19 1991Print Chart on A4 depends on window size??
1373.04TPSYS::HYDEThu Sep 19 1991Lost rows after Datatrieve domain saved as... (V1.1)
1374.03SUBURB::MCDONALDAThu Sep 19 1991JOIN: What have you done?!?!?!
1375.02RCOJDS::SHOWALTERFri Sep 20 1991Problem in using LiveLink between CALC and DECwrite
1376.05CFSCTC::DRURYFri Sep 20 1991ESP_DRAW_CHART not accepting Chart_Style file
1378.02SUBURB::MCDONALDAMon Sep 23 1991How stop access to Public Folders?
1379.0RCOJDS::SHOWALTERMon Sep 23 1991An Interesting Perspective for Spreadsheets
1380.0RCOJDS::SHOWALTERMon Sep 23 1991Wishfull Navigational Features
1381.01AIDEV::AHUJAMon Sep 23 1991Read ACCESS table from C/SQL.
1382.01CFSCTC::DRURYMon Sep 23 1991Problem with Creating folders and Setting Ref in an Acess$Macro
1383.02CHEST::CROSSLEYTue Sep 24 1991Seperate format and formulas from the data ?
1384.0PRSUD1::THOMASSONTue Sep 24 1991Deccalc customization
1385.02CFSCTC::DRURYTue Sep 24 1991Environment variable in a Show Fewer command
1386.08KERNEL::LOATWed Sep 25 1991Problems printing from Calc.
1387.01ZENA::GALOTTIThu Sep 26 1991pfolder delete with RDO
1388.04CFSCTC::DRURYThu Sep 26 1991Changing the position of overlays
1389.02CHEST::CROSSLEYFri Sep 27 1991Column NUMBER into column CHARACTERS
1390.01WRKSYS::SMILEYFri Sep 27 1991External node/pfolder
1391.06OGWANI::YAMAMOTOMon Sep 30 1991Query & Rdb V4.1
1392.06SUBURB::MCDONALDAMon Sep 30 1991OCCURS prob with V1.1 of Access
1393.01CHEST::CROSSLEYTue Oct 01 1991Unlock a cell using a cell mark ?
1394.01RDGENG::BSMITHWed Oct 02 1991What does this message actually mean?
1395.03RDGENG::BSMITHWed Oct 02 1991Adding multiple rows
1396.0RCOJDS::SHOWALTERWed Oct 02 1991One User's View of Why to Use DECdecision CALC with DECwrite
1397.06IBR3::CASTONGUAYWed Oct 02 1991Is it possible???
1398.02WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GWed Oct 02 1991Figuring out the Julian date
1399.03COMET::LEVETTThu Oct 03 1991Hardware Requirements?
1400.07BTOVT::THIGPEN_SThu Oct 03 1991LiveLink to User Tool - can it REALLY be done by mortals?
1401.01VISUAL::WEAVERThu Oct 03 1991ULTRIX version of DECdecision?
1402.01VISUAL::WEAVERThu Oct 03 1991Please open up keywords
1403.014BERNFri Oct 04 1991Problem with License
1404.01RCOJDS::SHOWALTERFri Oct 04 1991CALC Macro - Help with ECALC$Goto_Active
1405.01CHEFS::HANSONNMon Oct 07 1991API for Mumps ?
1406.05GBMMKT::DEVOEMon Oct 07 1991Additional Output Options
1407.03MUNICH::RUZICKAMon Oct 07 1991DECchart enter number
1408.03VIA::BOWERMon Oct 07 1991DECquery T1.6 field test kits available
1409.01COOKIE::RJTHOMASMon Oct 07 1991Calc V1.1 data/alignment/width lost
1410.03EVTIS2::HOANGTue Oct 08 1991DEC Decision v1.5 Crash at startup time.
1411.04ELYSEE::FUMSWed Oct 09 1991DECdecide...what is it?
1412.03MUTTON::LAMBWed Oct 09 1991Cal;c Problems - after upgrade to 1.5 (two windows 1 worksheet)
1414.0MUNICH::RUZICKAFri Oct 11 1991chart style with no title
1415.01STRASB::HONOREFri Oct 11 1991Count by month???
1416.04CFSCTC::CHABOTFri Oct 11 1991Foreign key in RDB tables causes problems?
1417.02KYOA::KOCHFri Oct 11 1991Can get ASCII_TABULAR to work..
1418.01MUTTON::LAMBFri Oct 11 1991Importing Access data into a spreadsheet
1419.01WARIOR::BURDEN_DTue Oct 15 1991ESP_NEW and Update Live Link
1420.0RDGENG::BSMITHWed Oct 16 1991Problem with decdecision$defaul.dat
1421.02BYENGThu Oct 17 1991Databases accessible by DECquery
1422.02CLARID::HOFSTEEThu Oct 17 1991using variable datablocks in scripts?
1424.0VICKI::DODIERMon Oct 21 1991What are the "vue$" commands ?
1425.04XAPPL::CLARKMon Oct 21 1991Desire fractional row heights
1426.02CLARID::HOFSTEETue Oct 22 1991How to use definition files?
1427.01PLOP::COYLETue Oct 22 1991How to edit existing RDB relation within ACCESS
1428.01JOCKEY::MARSHALLJWed Oct 23 1991Deadlocks revisited !
1429.01KAOFS::J_MORRISWed Oct 23 1991ACCESS crash etc...
1430.01CLARID::HOFSTEEWed Oct 23 1991calc/query/chart docs?
1431.03CFSCTC::CHABOTWed Oct 23 1991MB2 copy problem
1432.03CLARID::HOFSTEEThu Oct 24 1991fatal crash with ESP_DRAW_CHART
1433.02CLARID::HOFSTEEThu Oct 24 1991iconify windows during playback?
1434.01HARDY::ROCHEThu Oct 24 1991PTRS to training
1435.02ISLNDS::DOUCETTEMon Oct 28 1991Can't get out of CALC!
1436.06MACNAS::SALLISONTue Oct 29 1991Printing problem
1437.04CRONIC::LEMONSTue Oct 29 1991LiveLink doesn't place spreadsheet in document (DECwrite
1438.03LATHAM::D_LATHAMTue Oct 29 1991DECdecision V1.5/DECpresent V1 interaction
1439.01SUOSW3::KAISERWed Oct 30 1991CALC bugcheck
1440.02SUOSW3::KAISERWed Oct 30 1991Control Component problem
1441.01RAB::MEHRINGWed Oct 30 1991"Wrong database version" message?
1442.01DEMSUP::BARKERWed Oct 30 1991Can't get out of CALC/Can't use report Clipboard/Can't use Copy command
1443.03ASKFOR::HAIGHThu Oct 31 1991Creating reports in access - crash.
1444.03CFSCTC::CHABOTThu Oct 31 1991Calculate MAX date?
1445.03WAYOUT::CLARKEThu Oct 31 1991WK3 files from Lotus/VMS into DECdecision Calc?
1447.01BGOFri Nov 01 1991DECquery V1.5 and text attributes
1448.01CFSCTC::CTCFri Nov 01 1991Force prompting of all variables at the start?
1449.01KERNEL::BEECRAFTMon Nov 04 1991bugchecks from vce
1450.03TALK::JARVISMon Nov 04 1991DECdecision/Calc Link to DECwrite problem?
1451.0SUBWAY::LANKAMon Nov 04 1991Prompting for input in CALC
1452.02CFSCTC::CHABOTMon Nov 04 1991How to determine status of INFORM command
1453.01ALOSWS::TURPINMon Nov 04 1991Chart/DECdecions vs. Chart/DECwrite?
1454.05OASS::BURDEN_DMon Nov 04 1991V1.5 Query not reflecting new data
1455.02ZURTue Nov 05 1991Change data type in public database
1456.03SUBURB::MCDONALDATue Nov 05 1991Monitoring Public Folder access?
1457.01COOKIE::RJTHOMASTue Nov 05 1991Long Ranges and Formulas not accepted by V1.5
1458.03MINNY::ZINNIKERWed Nov 06 1991root directory problem
1459.01KERES::FSMAILWed Nov 06 1991Unable to SHOW FEWER IS MISSING in a RDB table.
1460.02DUTIEM::MORENSKIWed Nov 06 1991Copy/Paste with MB3 doesn't work between Query and Calc
1461.06CFSCTC::DRURYWed Nov 06 1991Concatenating a String and a Date
1462.04JOCKEY::MARSHALLJWed Nov 06 1991Join in V1.5 corrupting data ??
1463.01CFSCTC::CHABOTThu Nov 07 1991Date Cells to Chart - Edit Ignored in Subtitle
1464.04WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GThu Nov 07 1991Can local format be applied to external table quickly?
1466.03HANNAH::DEVRIESFri Nov 08 1991cannot create *anything*; works for others on cluster
1467.02TPSYS::HYDEMon Nov 11 1991ATTACH_DATABASE call not supported (post V4.
1468.03SALES::PRABAKARTue Nov 12 1991help on count-report
1469.02EEMELI::PAKKANENWed Nov 13 1991CALC MACRO example didn't work
1470.04CHEST::CROSSLEYThu Nov 14 1991Calling DECdecision CALC from 3GL's
1471.04SUBURB::MCDONALDAFri Nov 15 1991TEAMDATA not open DECquery V1.5 public folders
1472.03HANNAH::B_COBBMon Nov 18 1991New error when editing macros
1473.06TYSON::MULOCKMon Nov 18 1991Critical print problems with DECdecision
1475.01SALES::PRABAKARTue Nov 19 1991Blueprints/Application call
1476.01SALPLN::HADACTue Nov 19 1991Calc print/file problems
1477.0VIA::VLATASWed Nov 20 1991DECreport V1.
1478.03IDOFLY::LUDWIGThu Nov 21 1991Rdb/VMS 4.
1479.03IDOFLY::LUDWIGFri Nov 22 1991Add whole row/column in CALC?
1480.02ZENA::GALOTTIFri Nov 22 1991problem with metadata
1481.02FUTURS::CROSSLEYTue Nov 26 1991Use of logicals in procedures
1482.0AWECIM::MELANSONTue Nov 26 1991Trouble Printing -- Tables
1483.06BZERKR::DUFRESNEWed Nov 27 1991MUTEX wait when invokinh CHART from Query
1484.0CFSCTC::CHABOTWed Nov 27 1991Publishing a reference table
1485.02CALIFE::HOFSTEEMon Dec 02 1991ESP_DRAW_CHART problem from macro
1486.02CSOMKT::DEVOEMon Dec 02 1991SHOW FEWER with NULL value problem
1488.02SUBURB::MCDONALDAWed Dec 04 1991Future of Builder???
1489.01STKHLM::HENNERTWed Dec 04 1991CALC: Formula "dependancy" problem?
1490.03UTOPIE::KREISLERThu Dec 05 1991V1.5: Clipbord-copy hangs
1491.01CFSCTC::CHABOTMon Dec 09 1991.CHART to .PS error?
1492.02CLARID::HOFSTEETue Dec 10 1991How to customize report ?
1494.01GVMIND::VASICTue Dec 10 1991A common Table building problem ...
1495.02JANUS::BHARRISONWed Dec 11 1991Cannot Startup Calc
1496.02HYEND::CKELLEHERWed Dec 11 1991Automatic row numbering when printing?
1497.01CLARID::HOFSTEEThu Dec 12 1991finding the last valid cell?
1498.02BIGRED::GARRETTMon Dec 16 1991DECdecision oredering problem?
1499.0CFSCTC::CHABOTMon Dec 16 1991DECdecision and DECquery
1500.0WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GMon Dec 16 1991VT1
1501.02NBOIS2::KLIMMWed Dec 18 1991Docu for call/interf DECchart ?????
1502.01DSTEG::BLANCHARDThu Dec 19 1991IVP failure, legend area too small?
1503.01CFSCTC::CHABOTFri Dec 20 1991Error starting components from Control Panel
1505.02ALOSWS::MARSANTue Dec 24 1991TABLE NOT AVAILABLE: Obsolete_metada, bad_sym - RDBVMS$COLLATION_NAME
1506.05MUTTON::LAMBThu Dec 26 1991Easy way to do incremental dates
1507.0SONATA::FEENEYFri Dec 27 1991Printing a worksheet
1508.0NOVA::JACKSONFri Dec 27 1991Update: Registration Info for '92 DB/TP/EU Symposium
1509.04ISOISA::HAKKARAINENFri Dec 27 1991Customing NULL output string?
1510.01ANNECY::HOURONFri Jan 03 1992Problem with public folders
1511.03WHELIN::PALMERFri Jan 03 1992Account reconciliation
1512.0CLARID::HOFSTEETue Jan 07 1992usage of remote livelinks?
1513.0CLARID::HOFSTEETue Jan 07 1992When is a livelink updated?
1514.0RDGENG::HUNTERWed Jan 08 1992How to Save Calc Coordinates?
1515.0CLARID::HOFSTEEWed Jan 08 1992missing tmp file when updating livelink?
1516.03LEMAN::REGINAWed Jan 08 1992column width restriction?
1517.0OASS::GREEN_WWed Jan 08 1992no color output from V1.5
1518.0MUNICH::RUZICKAThu Jan 09 1992V1.5 with RDB 4.
1519.0MEMIT::MURTHYFri Jan 10 1992DecAccess report in Livelink to DecWrite
1520.0TOOLS::POZZETTAMon Jan 13 1992Comments for cells with numeric values?
1522.01XSTACY::PATTISONTue Jan 14 1992CALC in BATCH, printing tables
1523.02SONATA::FEENEYTue Jan 14 1992Help on Calc?
1524.07BASHER::JACKSONThu Jan 16 1992First time use problems (on a VT12
1525.0SAC::EXTON_MFri Jan 17 1992I18N dates
1526.03OASS::GREEN_WFri Jan 17 1992undocumented message command
1527.03VLSI::NEWSTEDMon Jan 20 1992IMPORTING sections of data in calc
1528.01NOVA::RAKMon Jan 20 1992HELP - Want DECdecision for Program Office
1529.01GUIDUK::BECKERWed Jan 22 1992Can't create database
1530.03KAOFS::J_MORRISWed Jan 22 1992String Functions???
1531.01LOGRUS::KELSEYThu Jan 23 1992CALC aborting
1532.01IRONIC::NEWALLThu Jan 23 1992Help creating many rows at once.
1533.02KERNEL::BEECRAFTFri Jan 24 1992internal consistency check ?
1534.01NOLE2::KIMBELSun Jan 26 1992The TAX Person cometh!!
1535.02SAC::EXTON_MMon Jan 27 1992Conditional calculations?
1536.03FPTVX1::ORASINMon Jan 27 1992Word Wrap within a Cell?
1537.03KERNEL::BEECRAFTWed Jan 29 1992selecting cells /fields problems in calc and query
1538.02WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GWed Jan 29 1992Printing to file or printer past 132 columns
1539.01UTOPIE::FLEISCHMANNThu Jan 30 1992bugcheck at UTLABSQ_INSERT +
1540.02OASS::GREEN_WThu Jan 30 1992Windows are blank under MOTIF
1541.02CFSCTC::DRURYThu Jan 30 1992Can column headers be changed in CALC
1542.05FUTURS::CROSSLEYThu Jan 30 1992Problem with ECALC$GET_NEXT_CELL
1543.012WEPUBS::DCHAVEZFri Jan 31 1992Documentation Pointer?
1544.01DPDMAI::TATUMFri Jan 31 1992Converting text dates to function dates
1545.01KRELL1::SNYDERMon Feb 03 1992locking an external database?
1546.01OASS::GREEN_WMon Feb 03 1992problem with ECALC$ROW_HEIGHT
1547.01YUPPY::JACKSONDWed Feb 05 1992Builder and data range
1548.02KHUFU::EVENSONWed Feb 05 1992DECISION$ACCESS_DB Logical broke in fileview only
1549.07MLNThu Feb 06 1992%TDA-F-BUGCHECK, internal coding error
1550.0NOLE2::KIMBELThu Feb 06 1992Font and Print Questions
1551.04SLPSTK::ILESFri Feb 07 1992Report using date and page number wraps past 132 columnbs
1552.01TROPPO::HUNTFri Feb 07 1992Realtime Builder Application?
1553.01SUOSW3::HILGENSTOCKFri Feb 07 1992DECdecision V1.5 German
1554.01STARFri Feb 07 1992Multiple lines in Message box
1555.03IOSG::BILSBOROUGHSun Feb 09 1992Count to ignore time in date field?
1556.02SLPSTK::ILESMon Feb 10 1992How to stop count reordering
1557.0ODIXIE::KIMBELMon Feb 10 1992Postscript and Page Breaks??
1558.03SUBURB::MCDONALDAThu Feb 13 1992DTR Stallpoint errors: DD and TDA
1559.01OASS::ADAMS_SMon Feb 17 1992builder default "chart by row"
1560.06MUTTON::DAGWST::RAMERWed Feb 19 1992Folder & Table Publish problems
1561.06ASDG::HARRISThu Feb 20 1992Table Trashed by Publish Command?
1563.09SYKES::SHIVNANMon Feb 24 1992WK3 to .TABLE and/or .DTIF... Large Files
1564.01MSBCS::HARRINGTONMon Feb 24 1992ascii_tabular -> dtif with column names ??
1566.0GIAMEM::DEMERSWed Feb 26 1992DECdecision v1.5 /query problems/issues
1567.03NOTWed Feb 26 1992ORACLE data --> DECdecision
1568.02PRCFS1::STANLEYWONGWed Feb 26 1992Support for VAX 4
1569.01ALLVAX::HARDINGThu Feb 27 1992Does DECDECISION run with DECWmotif V1.
1570.05KOBAL::DEHOLLANThu Feb 27 1992How to suppress column headers in DTIF output
1571.01LISVAX::SEPULVEDAFri Feb 28 1992Print Problem with CALC
1572.03SUBURB::MCDONALDAFri Feb 28 1992Metadata update fail with TDA
1573.01CHE::VISCAROLAMon Mar 02 1992REALLY public folders?
1574.0OSLACT::OLAVWed Mar 04 1992Interest days?
1575.03SUBURB::MCDONALDAThu Mar 05 1992Chart reverses data range.
1576.01MUTTON::LAMBThu Mar 05 1992Border spacing
1577.01SUBURB::MCDONALDAFri Mar 06 1992Apply chart wipes charted data.
1578.02JOURNY::SUNDARIFri Mar 06 1992 decchart from access
1579.08IRONIC::PETERFri Mar 06 1992Partial Save Collection As... box
1581.0MUNICH::RUZICKAMon Mar 09 1992start calc - ident mismatch with shareable image
1582.08PEARS::IONESCUTue Mar 10 1992WK3 from Lotus1-2-3 cannot import to DECchart
1584.06GIDDAY::BURTTue Mar 10 1992DECdecision v1.1 /DECwrite V2 corruption
1585.07BERNThu Mar 12 1992DECchart overlays - autom font assignment
1586.01CLARID::HOFSTEEThu Mar 12 1992how to get to a table?
1587.08KERNEL::JACKSONThu Mar 12 1992TPU-F-FAILURE bugchecks
1588.03CLARID::HOFSTEEFri Mar 13 1992copying decision$access to VMS 5.5
1589.01OASS::GREEN_WFri Mar 13 1992non-contiguous lenged range?
1590.03VAULT::CRAMERFri Mar 13 1992Where is the log file?
1591.05ROMMon Mar 16 1992ACCESS activation with a select
1592.06HARDY::EARLEMon Mar 16 1992Access to another Rdb database
1593.02SQGUK::EVANSTue Mar 17 1992More than one category for a line graph?
1594.07SUBURB::MCDONALDATue Mar 17 1992Convert 'Rdb' db to 'DECquery' db, possible?
1595.02SLPSTK::ILESTue Mar 17 1992Builder/chart problems
1596.01AIMTEC::NATHAN_PTue Mar 17 1992spreadsheet overflow with DECdecision 1.5...
1597.02SONATA::GALINOSWed Mar 18 1992Importing CALC$DTF Files
1599.03OSLThu Mar 19 1992Version 1.5 Training??
1600.07OASS::GREEN_WThu Mar 19 1992left or right aligned?
1601.02XOVER::GUNNERSONThu Mar 19 1992Boolean logic in Formulas, what's allowed?
1602.03NOVA::DAVISONThu Mar 19 1992Help on creating a relation reference
1603.06OASS::ADAMS_SThu Mar 19 1992Message number
1604.04KERNEL::BEECRAFTFri Mar 20 1992how do I select non-adjacent cells ?
1606.02TOKLAS::feldmanSun Mar 22 1992Request from Microsoft wrt ongoing joing project
1607.0RAB::ROSEMon Mar 23 1992FYI - CDA Converter Library T2.
1608.01A1VAX::GRIFFINWed Mar 25 1992Need a pile of real data ...
1609.03CLARID::HOFSTEEWed Mar 25 1992accessing an existing RDB file?
1610.03USMFG::BHYNESWed Mar 25 1992HOW TO
1611.01ANGLIN::ORTHOBERWed Mar 25 1992CAlc V1.5 VMS 5.5 Save Under Problems
1612.02BGOSat Mar 28 1992V2.
1613.02OASS::GREEN_WTue Mar 31 1992TRANSLATE(arg) ??
1614.02OASS::GREEN_WTue Mar 31 1992CALC window blank with pre-MOTIF files
1615.04STKHLM::ARENDIWed Apr 01 1992Stars in numeric fields in access????
1616.01OASS::GREEN_WWed Apr 01 1992Included blueprints fail to print
1617.03HANNAH::SCHULLMANWed Apr 01 1992the effects of MOVE are not saved
1618.03MRCSSE::BONOMOThu Apr 02 1992ACCESS count questions ...
1619.02KERNEL::JAMESMFri Apr 03 1992Public Folder Problem
1621.01FROCKY::TNICKLASFri Apr 03 1992DECdecision 1.5 German Kit
1622.02H2SO4::GERSBACHFri Apr 03 1992ACCESS fails to change format of more than one column
1623.05QETOO::MARCHIFri Apr 03 1992Help! DECdecision Version 1.5 is not functioning well.
1624.01HANNAH::SCHULLMANMon Apr 06 1992use field from adjacent row with DUR function?
1625.04ASDS::DIOTALEVIMon Apr 06 1992Problems Printing LANDSCAPE from V1.5
1626.0SUBURB::MCDONALDATue Apr 07 1992Indirect publishing, continued support?
1627.01RCORDF::PAYNETue Apr 07 1992Multiple DB joins?
1628.04HANNAH::SCHULLMANWed Apr 08 1992severely limited DECdecision display with XUI server
1629.01CUPMK::FRANZOSAThu Apr 09 1992Folders wihin folders
1631.0BERNThu Apr 09 1992German DECdecision with English Examples??
1632.01SLPSTK::ILESFri Apr 10 1992Export of Boolean and date variables from Access
1633.03IRONIC::PETERFri Apr 10 1992Monre NULL date problems
1634.01SLPSTK::ILESTue Apr 14 1992Vertical scrolling causes Access dump
1635.0SUBURB::MCDONALDATue Apr 14 1992Reference Rdb with CDD pathname?
1636.01OASS::GREEN_WTue Apr 14 1992fontlist causes failure in CALC
1637.01VMSDEV::WIBECANTue Apr 14 1992Help with data flow loop variables needed
1638.021VMSDEV::WIBECANFri Apr 17 1992Problems using ASCII_TABULAR import into DECquery
1639.07TAIPAN::BIBEAULTSat Apr 18 1992Where is file DECISION$ACCESS_DB.LOG created on errors?
1641.01ZURTue Apr 21 1992Question to export Ascii_tabular
1642.01MYJAM::MYSELTue Apr 21 1992Problem viewing last column
1643.011FRAFS1::DUELLWed Apr 22 1992Column Width and Printing ???
1644.02SUOSW3::HILGENSTOCKWed Apr 22 1992Make output some % smaller
1645.01PEARS::LAYHThu Apr 23 1992Calc, printing right aligned numbers
1646.09NIMVAX::CUMMINGSThu Apr 23 1992Problem Importing Ascii Tabular File
1647.03OSLMon Apr 27 1992Process creation in DECdecision
1648.01ULYSSE::LEEUWENMon Apr 27 1992problem with builder-decwrite
1649.03SUOSW3::HILGENSTOCKMon Apr 27 1992Journaling in V1.5
1650.02SOLVIT::EARLYMon Apr 27 1992Does DECdecision include DEChart, DECcalc, DECquery ?
1651.01MILPND::COTEMon Apr 27 1992Query protection problem.
1652.07OASS::GREEN_WTue Apr 28 1992%system-f-debug error
1653.012MUNICH::RUZICKATue Apr 28 1992landscpape printing to A3 in V1.5
1654.01OSBONN::PERWed Apr 29 1992Strange computation error
1655.01WAYOUT::ALLAMSWed Apr 29 1992decdecision hanging whilst printing
1656.03WAYOUT::ALLAMSWed Apr 29 1992converting a macro in the function
1657.03OASS::ADAMS_SWed Apr 29 1992"Invalid converter option" printing from CALC
1658.01SUBURB::MCDONALDAThu Apr 30 1992Paper available on DECquery suite
1659.02OASS::GREEN_WThu Apr 30 1992Query window stays active.
1660.01JOCKEY::MARSHALLJFri May 01 1992Variables - can I do this ?
1661.01JOCKEY::MARSHALLJFri May 01 1992Using DECfonts
1662.01JOCKEY::MARSHALLJFri May 01 1992Handling Colour Output
1663.02BERNFri May 01 1992DECISION DE_CH 1.5 troubles
1664.01TPSYS::CONNEMon May 04 1992HELP - New potential user ... checking suitability
1665.0TPSYS::CONNEMon May 04 1992Just spotted paper in DECquery note #55
1666.01NBOSWS::KROTTROIGERTue May 05 1992DECchart doesn't show actual data values
1667.0NBOSWS::KROTTROIGERTue May 05 1992DECchart links to obsolete data file
1669.02DEKPS1::JINWOOCHOIWed May 06 1992GOODYS demo kit and user's guide
1670.02HANNAH::SCHULLMANWed May 06 1992DECdecision's "value added" functions
1671.02TALK::JARVISThu May 07 1992DECision kit for MS-Dos?
1672.02ZURMon May 11 1992CALC 1.5: Can't re-use my saved Print Options
1673.01JOCKEY::MARSHALLJMon May 11 1992Calc formatting of `linked' spreadsheets
1674.02JOCKEY::MARSHALLJMon May 11 1992Using DECdecision to build warehouse/repository
1676.01JOCKEY::MARSHALLJWed May 13 1992Underlining labels/Copying values in Calc
1677.01KAOFS::J_MORRISWed May 13 1992Motif AND DECwindows???
1679.02IRONIC::PETERThu May 14 1992Another DATA CHANGE VALUE problem V1.5
1680.04KERNEL::JACKSONFri May 15 1992Problem publishing folder
1681.0JOCKEY::MARSHALLJFri May 15 1992Aligning Decimal Points ??
1682.02HANNAH::SCHULLMANFri May 15 1992string expression as argument to DATE() function?
1683.03GALVIA::UKELLYMon May 18 1992Problem with CALC's import interface with WK3 files.
1684.03HANNAH::SCHULLMANMon May 18 1992edit strings for output, input, or both?!!!
1685.02NODEX::SIDLOTue May 19 1992problem printing spreadsheet-PORTRAIT not found
1686.01ZENA::GALOTTIWed May 20 1992decdec v1.1 and rdb v4.
1687.01NHASAD::MORINWed May 20 1992A way to recover disk space?
1688.02HANNAH::SCHULLMANWed May 20 1992evaluation of unused conditional values
1689.02JOCKEY::MARSHALLJWed May 20 1992Consolidating/Exporting to DTIF woes.
1690.02KERNEL::LOATThu May 21 1992Save the size of the calc window?
1691.09COMICS::JAMESMThu May 21 1992vdd$index, Vdd$via$rootdir, Vdd$via$rootdir$name.
1692.03CADSYS::LEMONSFri May 22 1992How to add the same value to all cells in a column?
1693.01CADSYS::LEMONSFri May 22 1992Text shuffling to take advantage of Row Height changes
1694.01AUSSIE::SULLIVANFri May 22 1992Font change leaves some cells out?
1695.05RDGENG::HUNTERTue May 26 1992Showing more than one field in DECdecision CALCULATE TOTAL lines
1696.01HANNAH::SCHULLMANTue May 26 1992maintaining computed fields from DECdecision and SQL
1697.02OASS::ADAMS_STue May 26 1992Arrow keys don't work in CALC, NCD X-Window terms
1698.01MARVIN::AMOSWed May 27 1992Problems displaying CALC to ULTRIX workstation
1699.01SHIRE::ESPICWed May 27 1992Move groups of objects within a CDM view ?
1700.02IW::WARINGWed May 27 1992Large Rdb Database, Sort Bugcheck
1701.03IW::WARINGWed May 27 1992Column Fill, String arithmetic?
1702.01NIMVAX::CUMMINGSThu May 28 1992Problem exporting Ascii_tabular
1703.04AKO588::MORREALEMon Jun 01 1992Problem changing table from read only to Update
1704.08SUOSW3::HILGENSTOCKMon Jun 01 1992Access German keeps crashing!
1705.01MANIOK::DROSTEMon Jun 01 1992Access Makro Editor
1706.01COLTue Jun 02 1992dBASE/DOS and DECdecision/Query data-exchange
1707.0OASS::GREEN_WTue Jun 02 1992DECquery/VMS V1.6 and macro fails
1708.01UTOPIE::FLEISCHMANNWed Jun 03 1992background playback problem with builder and catalog maintenance
1709.0PEARS::LAYHWed Jun 03 1992Chart does not preserve fill patterns
1710.01MQOSWS::J_DESILETSWed Jun 03 1992Version question
1711.01DUNURE::LAWRENCEThu Jun 04 1992Public folders, proxies, privileges, remote nodes and all that stuff ...
1712.01UEOIS1::WODLIThu Jun 04 1992Customizing Scrolling Menus Options
1713.03WAYOUT::ALLAMSMon Jun 08 1992cut and paste from calc to decwrite
1716.01EEMELI::PAKKANENMon Jun 08 1992 Creating grid takes time
1717.03IRONIC::PETERTue Jun 09 1992Unable to IMPORT .WK3 file more than once
1718.01SUBURB::MCDONALDAWed Jun 10 1992DECquery not seeing RdbAccess table
1719.04MR4MI1::SCARROLLWed Jun 10 1992Cannot create folders in DECACCESS
1720.02AMCUCS::MEHRINGWed Jun 10 1992Questions on Publishing tables in Query
1721.07ZURFri Jun 12 1992Only-Read access for my own table, AIL
1722.05SUBURB::MCDONALDAMon Jun 15 1992Questions about RdbAccess and DECquery
1723.02CRONIC::KOCHANSKYMon Jun 15 1992DECQuery QAR
1724.03FRMWRK::CTCMon Jun 15 1992DECdecision support for DECquery V1.6?
1725.01EMPTOR::TAYLORWed Jun 17 1992Problem: rows won't stay where they've been placed
1726.03FRMWRK::CTCWed Jun 17 1992Access to remote public folders in a DECdecision V1.5 and DECquery V1.6 environment
1727.02DECWET::KOSAKThu Jun 18 1992Calc looses formulas, formats, & column widths
1728.03HYEND::CKELLEHERFri Jun 19 1992Printing more than 132 characters????
1729.04OASS::GREEN_WMon Jun 22 1992only retrieving one record - QUERY
1730.01MYJAM::MYSELTue Jun 23 1992Question - Entering "null" data
1731.01DIBDIB::DBATESWed Jul 01 1992SYSTEM-F-BREAK when typing INFORM
1732.01IRONIC::MAJORWed Jul 01 1992CALC crash + CDA lib kit
1733.012LASCPM::MIYAMOTOWed Jul 01 1992SYSTEM-F-DEBUG accessing decision$ecalc
1734.0IRONIC::MAJORThu Jul 02 1992DECdecision Advanced Pilot
1735.02OASS::ADAMS_SThu Jul 02 1992Error copying decision$access_defdb.rdb
1736.02WARNUT::BALMFORTHKFri Jul 03 1992triggers from ACCESS
1737.0GALVIA::STEPHENSTue Jul 07 1992Required: DECwrite documents containing LiveLinks to DECdecision Calc.
1738.01DEMING::BITTICKSTue Jul 07 1992delimited files/parsing?
1739.01KYOA::LAZARUSTue Jul 07 1992Corrupt data structure error
1740.01OASS::GREEN_WWed Jul 08 1992PRINTING is slow from CALC
1741.04BEJVC::PRCSWSThu Jul 09 1992DECdecision1.5 IVP failed
1742.0ODDONE::COOKE_LThu Jul 09 1992Problem with DECchart
1743.01ODDONE::COOKE_LThu Jul 09 1992Public Folders/Update Privileges
1744.01OASS::ADAMS_SThu Jul 09 1992Max rows for QUERY & Int coding error
1745.01HANNAH::SCHULLMANSun Jul 12 1992Calc: MIN & MAX of null values, OR null vs. clear
1746.01CLARID::DUNGEYMon Jul 13 1992Help on Builder and Chart, please
1747.01SAC::EXTON_MMon Jul 13 1992Complex database access requirements
1748.03BYTECH::HENDERSONTue Jul 14 1992DECdecision compatible with Rdb V4.1 (mv)
1749.02ARRODS::SYSTEMTue Jul 14 1992DECdecision RISC kits???
1750.01SAC::EXTON_MTue Jul 14 1992Access column headers
1751.0PEARS::LAYHWed Jul 15 1992DECchart crashing with fatal error and dump
1752.07SUBURB::MCDONALDAFri Jul 17 1992DD and SQL UNION ALL bug?
1753.03BEJVC::PRCSWSFri Jul 17 1992Urgent!! -- DECdecision IVP failed on 75dpi
1754.02WAYOUT::ALLAMSMon Jul 20 1992sizes of decdecision calc files
1755.04BUFFER::UNGUREANUMon Jul 20 1992How to associate a macro with a table
1756.02AGENDA::RJTHOMASMon Jul 20 1992QAR application inoperative?
1757.06KERNEL::JACKSONThu Jul 23 1992Two hours to add a column
1758.04KERNEL::HIGMANThu Jul 23 1992DTEMETFLD__CREATE_FLD Bugcheck Excepttion when double click on TABLE.
1759.05CLARID::FONTAINEFri Jul 24 1992Passing variables to Builder from a .com file
1761.05ZURMon Jul 27 1992V1.5/Deutsch: which licence works???
1762.02ZURMon Jul 27 1992LIB-F-BADTAGVAL in Query
1763.08KERNEL::HIGMANMon Jul 27 1992Can't see DECISION$ACCESS_DB when in Playback mode.
1764.03IOSG::MENSINGHGWed Jul 29 1992Cant access DECISION$ACCESS_SYSDB.RDB...
1765.03AUDIBL::LLOPIZFri Jul 31 1992Help with DECquery reporting
1766.01ODDONE::COOKE_LFri Jul 31 1992Query/Public table problem
1767.01NBOSWS::KROTTROIGERThu Aug 06 1992DECquery macros different on ULTRIX and VMS?
1768.06WOTVAX::EVANSPARKERDMon Aug 10 1992Access to external datastore using parameter capture?
1769.01CENSUS::HANNONWed Aug 12 1992Virtual Set Limit Reset???
1770.01ODDONE::COOKE_LWed Aug 12 1992Query/Public Folder Problems
1771.01OASS::ADAMS_SWed Aug 12 1992QUERY to Rdb database?
1773.01SAC::EXTON_MFri Aug 14 1992Impact of quotas
1774.01ODDONE::COOKE_LSun Aug 16 1992Macro problem/Query
1775.02BASCAS::COOKE_LMon Aug 17 1992Customize/Query
1776.02GALVIA::UKELLYMon Aug 17 1992DECdecision CALC Financial Functions.
1777.03CSAVAX::JANCAITISMon Aug 17 1992novice in trouble !!!! public folders ?
1778.03VNASWS::GEROLDTue Aug 18 1992Who to ask for a PID ??
1779.01OASS::GREEN_WTue Aug 18 1992CALC window gone after selecting a range
1780.01OASS::GREEN_WTue Aug 18 1992locked cells remain locked
1781.0BASCAS::COOKE_LTue Aug 18 1992Linking/Calc
1782.02PEARS::LAYHWed Aug 19 1992builder: cannot open application
1783.02MUCTEC::GASTFri Aug 21 1992DECISION V1.5-1 German ; can't set the display to my 5
1784.04MUCTEC::GASTFri Aug 21 1992DECISION Access V1.5-1 German denies BEENDEN(EXIT) from Command region and macro level
1785.01ROYALT::RIESSFri Aug 21 1992Query does not restart after a hang, VXT 2
1786.01ROYALT::CARVILLMon Aug 24 1992problem installing patch
1787.0AZUR::FARRUGIAMon Aug 24 1992message key not found in tree trying to print
1788.02SWORD1::CHIANGO_DCISTue Aug 25 1992book reader files... where are they ?
1789.03KYOA::LAZARUSWed Aug 26 1992No displayable content message
1790.01CLARID::DUNGEYFri Aug 28 1992Problem: Styles overlays and text problem: Styles overlays and colors
1791.02ROYALT::RIESSFri Aug 28 1992How do you import a CALC file into Query?
1792.01DPDMAI::FISCHERFri Aug 28 1992multiple table load.
1793.02WARNUT::BALMFORTHKMon Aug 31 1992ascii tabular convert problem
1794.01OASS::GREEN_WMon Aug 31 1992file not found when printing
1795.03SKELTN::DAYTue Sep 01 1992Is there a way to automate mail distribution?????
1796.04BHAJEE::MAYRWed Sep 02 1992ACCESS crashes with DELETE COLUMN and PRINT...
1797.03BOOZE::MAIRWed Sep 02 1992DECdecision,DecQuery V1.5 German has problems with Time Function "DURATION"
1798.01CFSCTC::CCHENWed Sep 02 1992DECdecision on other platforms?
1799.02WARNUT::BALMFORTHKWed Sep 02 1992print with double spaces problem
1800.01KERNEL::HIGMANThu Sep 03 1992Problem with DECQuery Join Clause.
1801.03BHAJEE::MAYRThu Sep 03 1992CALC, printing more than 132 characters/line again!
1802.05KERNEL::JACKSONThu Sep 03 1992Various access bugchecks
1803.01LUGTON::LAWRENCEFri Sep 04 1992DECquery Database Size
1804.03CLARID::DUNGEYFri Sep 04 1992HELP - Blueprints, charts and prompts
1805.01SWORD1::CHIANGO_DCISTue Sep 08 1992looking for a way to check for windowing ability
1806.01SLPSTK::ILESWed Sep 09 1992CATALOG use during builder procedures
1807.02KERNEL::HIGMANThu Sep 10 1992Printing from DECQuery and the UPDATE PREFERENCES BUTTON.
1808.02SAC::EXTON_MFri Sep 11 1992*very* wide reports
1809.04FRSOLD::ORCHIS::SYSTEMFri Sep 11 1992Changing DATE to TEXT? Help needed!
1810.01OASS::ADAMS_SFri Sep 11 1992Reset Formatted Attributes to Default?
1811.01ACESMK::DESANTISFri Sep 11 1992Name a ROW?
1812.020WARNUT::BALMFORTHKMon Sep 14 1992screen update problem
1813.01WARNUT::BALMFORTHKMon Sep 14 1992update preferences redundant ??
1814.01DPDMAI::FISCHERMon Sep 14 1992Need BMDP export option.
1815.05OASS::GREEN_WMon Sep 14 1992unable to set public update
1816.02ISLNDS::GORSKITue Sep 15 1992DECdecision/2
1817.01CIM::GARTNERTue Sep 15 1992RISC/ULTRIX DECdecision PAK is expired
1818.03SAC::EXTON_MWed Sep 16 1992Calc Age
1819.01AKOVThu Sep 17 1992Globol changes on a column in decquery
1820.01CVG::CAMPANELLAFri Sep 18 1992Compressing my database?
1821.02LCALOR::PETRIEFri Sep 18 1992How to leave out columns?
1822.04KRELL1::SNYDERFri Sep 18 1992Difference between Query 1.6 and previous versions
1823.0DNEAST::NICHOLS_DENNMon Sep 21 1992Decchart to print only text?
1824.03SLPSTK::ILESTue Sep 22 1992BUGCHECK, database or transaction locked
1825.01WARNUT::BALMFORTHKWed Sep 23 1992save print options ?
1826.02OASS::ADAMS_SThu Sep 24 1992image ident errors with 1.1 and rdb 4.
1827.02CHOVAX::LEVINEFri Sep 25 1992builder major bug
1828.01KERNEL::JACKSONTue Sep 29 1992Tuning large databases
1829.01UNIVSE::BETTROWed Sep 30 1992After a few queries of remote database, process hangs...
1830.03CTHQ::ROSENBERGThu Oct 01 1992Can DECdecision handle this?
1831.011WARNUT::BALMFORTHKMon Oct 05 1992Save collection as not repainted
1832.01KERNEL::JACKSONTue Oct 06 1992ACCVIO @ DTM_GET_ROW + 88
1833.01MUNICH::RUZICKATue Oct 06 1992not more than 65 lines in query link to decwrite
1834.01SUBURB::MCDONALDAWed Oct 07 1992NULLS and space characters
1835.04YUPPY::JACKSONDWed Oct 07 1992Link Landscape Calc to DECwrite
1836.04CLARID::HODSMANWed Oct 07 1992calling inform in command procedure
1837.07WARNUT::BALMFORTHKThu Oct 08 1992 paste buffer size ?
1840.01ECADJR::JRUSSOFri Oct 09 1992SQL column name != Decdecision column name.
1841.08ROYALT::RIESSTue Oct 13 1992PFolder access by user on same cluster
1842.01CSAVAX::JANCAITISTue Oct 13 1992question on Access-COUNT
1843.07WAYOUT::CLARKEWed Oct 14 1992Problem Using LINK Special Function in Calc
1844.04ODDONE::COOKE_LWed Oct 14 1992Exporting 2
1845.02TENNIS::KAMFri Oct 16 1992Recovery Proc for Invalid Converter Option
1846.03DELNI::P_COLEFri Oct 16 1992Need V1.1 kit
1847.01GALVIA::UKELLYTue Oct 20 1992Calc will not read DTIF file.
1848.0MUNICH::RUZICKATue Oct 20 1992cannot print from CALC with Builder
1849.01SAC::EXTON_MWed Oct 21 1992D PC=xxx?
1850.06KERNEL::LOATThu Oct 22 1992My prompt variable doesn't!
1851.0VNABRW::NEUNTEUFL_WThu Oct 22 1992Problems with preview-"unable to displ. the file"
1852.01TROOA::JMORRISSat Oct 24 1992Editing Access Formulas V1.5???
1853.02TKTVFS::KUWAHARAMon Oct 26 1992Clipboad is locked by another process.
1854.02TKTVFS::KUWAHARAMon Oct 26 1992Result of Calc was incorrect
1856.01DELNI::P_COLEMon Oct 26 1992V1.1 and RDB Install problem?
1857.06TROOA::JMORRISMon Oct 26 1992More String Functions Please!
1858.03KERNEL::SIMPSONRTue Oct 27 1992Playback problem in BUILDER .......
1859.01TROOA::JMORRISTue Oct 27 1992Missing Pop-Up???
1860.04ROMWed Oct 28 1992DECdecision & Decwindows-Motif
1861.04UBOHUB::KAVANAGH_JMon Nov 02 19921.5 Query: Calculated Columns
1862.02DELNI::MCGORRILLMon Nov 02 1992DECdecision/DECquery problem
1863.01NAPCED::ALLOGGITue Nov 03 1992Callable interface from C and Fortran
1864.01ROYALT::RIESSTue Nov 03 1992Remote access to Public Folder, How to?
1866.01UBOHUB::COOKE_LTue Nov 03 1992customising calc currency symbol
1867.01AIMHI::LMCCARTHYTue Nov 03 1992Documentation
1869.01KRELL1::SNYDERMon Nov 09 1992Decision changing rdb table protections?
1870.03TROOA::JMORRISMon Nov 09 1992Two Indexes -- Which Used?
1871.01SLPSTK::ILESTue Nov 10 1992BUILDER - using the data obtained from one query operation to control another QUERY
1872.01CHEFS::HANSONNTue Nov 10 1992CSV file import ?
1873.02TROOA::JMORRISTue Nov 10 1992Wierd Bugs & Aggravations
1874.01AYOV29::SHASSONMon Nov 16 1992Multiple versions of tables?
1875.02KERNEL::SIMPSONRWed Nov 18 1992Live link to a calc table....
1876.01CTHQ1::CHIANGOThu Nov 19 1992Is the Lotus company teaching Decdecision classes
1877.01JOCKEY::MARSHALLJFri Nov 20 1992Problems importing WK3 data
1878.01WAYOUT::HISCOCKMon Nov 23 1992Why does (print).tmp go on exit
1879.09KERNEL::LOATTue Nov 24 1992Cannot start any component!
1880.01CLARID::DUNGEYTue Nov 24 1992Stacked graphs - a problem
1881.03MUNICH::RUZICKATue Nov 24 1992
1882.01UFHIS::WKARNBAUMThu Nov 26 1992Multiple Languages on the same system
1883.05MUNICH::RUZICKAThu Nov 26 1992set margin save for edit access macro
1885.02SAC::EXTON_MTue Dec 01 1992Long line length in mail merge files
1886.01TERREL::ILESFri Dec 04 1992Protecting individual columns
1887.01KERNEL::LOATFri Dec 04 1992Convert text number to real number?
1888.02WARNUT::BALMFORTHKFri Dec 04 1992DECquery 1.6 needs separate licence ??
1889.0MUNICH::RUZICKAFri Dec 04 1992print landscape to ps with 132 chars.
1890.02EMDS::THAYERFri Dec 04 1992Keystroke to move to edit cell?
1891.0GALVIA::PFEHINMon Dec 07 1992New Book on Usability available on-line
1892.01FIEVEL::FILGATETue Dec 08 1992sort on a column of dates, can it be done?
1893.01COPCLU::NISSENThu Dec 10 1992CALC process loops when printing
1894.01OASS::BURDEN_DFri Dec 11 1992sort keys and column constraints
1895.02WARNUT::BALMFORTHKMon Dec 14 1992printing and page size
1896.03WARNUT::BALMFORTHKMon Dec 14 1992printing and text attributes size.
1897.01THEJUG::WHITEMon Dec 14 1992Can't unpublish table I created
1898.01PEARS::LAYHTue Dec 15 1992ESP_SELECT problem
1899.01GAOV11::GLYNNWed Dec 16 1992Link Problem since upgrade to v1.5
1900.06WARNUT::BALMFORTHKWed Dec 16 1992Not NULL when creating a row
1901.01ASDS::RIESSTue Dec 29 1992Started Query from Scratch and importing .DTIF files did not work
1902.03TKTV2Wed Jan 06 1993What is "esp$message"
1903.01TKTV27::KOHARAFri Jan 08 1993print problem in BUILDER
1904.01HARDY::OLIVEIRAMon Jan 11 1993Incompatibility when creating new database
1905.03KERNEL::SIMPSONRTue Jan 12 1993When opening a new table in calc it hangs.....
1906.01GIAMEM::YEETue Jan 12 1993DECquery on RMS files
1907.05SUOSW4::SJOQUISTThu Jan 14 1993Import=> "Required Item Missing" ?
1908.01ROMThu Jan 14 1993Motif and RdB versions compatibility
1909.0CHGVThu Jan 14 1993Any Customer Presentations?
1910.01VFOVAX::KIMTue Jan 19 1993Need to Customize DECQuery et al
1911.01SUBURB::WILLIAMSJWed Jan 20 1993problem with Clipboard in builder
1912.01OASS::ADAMS_SThu Jan 21 1993HFLOAT data type and Scientific notation limit
1913.01SBOFIN::TCULLAZFri Jan 22 1993pasting to calc hangs with the stop watch pasting from Decdecision Access to Calc - hangs up
1914.01TROOA::PAPPASMon Jan 25 1993invalid database file**urgent
1915.03UTRTSC::DIENAARWed Jan 27 1993Dump after exit of DECchart
1916.03DUNURE::DBROWNWed Jan 27 1993Problem with Publish command
1917.08SPECXN::VOGTMon Feb 01 1993Creating public tables within
1918.04SX4GTO::MACKBEETue Feb 02 1993Help with formatting a simple report
1919.01OASS::GREEN_WThu Feb 04 1993resize the Save-As window in Calc
1920.06FIEVEL::FILGATESat Feb 06 1993Calc component window evaporated...
1921.03ASDS::SYSTEMMon Feb 08 1993WSQUOTA too low??????
1922.04NWGEDU::DINGEMANSWed Feb 10 1993Status of DECdecision?
1923.03VNOAPP::TIMA_2Wed Feb 10 1993Live link from DECwrite to DECdecision
1924.03AYOV29::RMCCULLOCHThu Feb 11 1993Copying blueprints between machines.
1925.02FIEVEL::FILGATEThu Feb 11 1993multi column labels
1927.01SQUEST::SQUEST::WESTSun Feb 14 1993want to display/print multiple text lines
1928.02VNOAPP::TIMA_2Mon Feb 15 1993MACRO extensions
1929.0OASS::BURDEN_DMon Feb 15 1993changing text width sets calculated column to
1930.03MILPND::S_MALLAPURTue Feb 16 1993Moving data from Query to Calc
1931.04AYOV29::RMCCULLOCHThu Feb 18 1993Playback problems
1932.03NOVA::SWONGERThu Feb 18 1993Floating Point Arithmetic in Calc Macros?
1933.0KERNEL::LOATFri Feb 19 1993Link to external table shows as UNC.
1934.0NOVA::SWONGERFri Feb 19 1993Bug with @proc symbol in Builder
1935.04OASS::GREEN_WMon Feb 22 1993value is rounded when printed
1936.02OASS::GREEN_WMon Feb 22 1993CALC crash on VT13
1937.01OASS::BURDEN_DWed Feb 24 1993calc macro example problems
1938.01NOVA::SWONGERWed Feb 24 1993Need help with error status and conditions
1939.02OASS::BURDEN_DWed Feb 24 1993Inserting a row copies rows
1940.06TENNIS::KAMWed Feb 24 19931 page doc, can't print from Calc to printer?
1941.02PEARS::LAYHThu Feb 25 1993Calc displaying to DS5
1943.07DSPG::BOOTHWed Mar 03 1993DECdecision product status - please use discretion in disseminating information
1944.03OSBONN::PERThu Mar 11 1993Any post-V1.5 work that could be put to use?
1945.03NEWVAX::SGRIFFINThu Mar 11 1993BYTLM too low?
1946.03SED75Mon Mar 15 1993Improve image activation time?
1947.09EEMELI::PAKKANENTue Mar 16 1993Calc crashes during COPY/PASTE
1948.02MUNICH::RUZICKATue Mar 16 1993no HELP in DECdecision available
1949.02FORTY2::KNOWLESWed Mar 17 1993today
1950.01NOVA::SWONGERWed Mar 17 1993MEDIAN function in calc?
1951.01KERNEL::LOATThu Mar 18 1993Insert a page break in Calc?
1952.0ISLNDS::HASHMITue Mar 23 1993DECdecison VS 3rd Party Tools?
1953.02BOOZE::MAIRWed Mar 24 1993DECdecision V1.5 German/CALC displaying to DS5
1954.01OASS::GREEN_WMon Mar 29 1993DECdecsion with RDB runtime V4.2
1955.01ASIC::CARMANMon Mar 29 1993help with esp_find and other
1956.01ASIC::CARMANMon Mar 29 1993current vs active?
1957.02TARKIN::AHOTue Mar 30 1993Process/global section full error while printing in CALC...
1958.02PEARS::LAYHWed Mar 31 1993MrmNOT_VALID , mismatch problem?
1959.02ASDS::RIESSThu Apr 01 1993Is there a version for PC's?
1960.03ASDS::DIOTALEVIMon Apr 05 1993Problems opening a new file
1961.02TOOIS1::MIRGHANEWed Apr 07 1993DECdecision porting on ALPHA platforms
1962.03DELNI::MCGORRILLWed Apr 07 1993DECdecision1.1 & RDB4.2??
1963.01MILPND::COTEThu Apr 08 1993Ultrix license
1964.02AYOV29::RMCCULLOCHMon Apr 19 1993DUR function (query)
1965.01JURA::SAPEY::LAROCHETue Apr 20 1993CALC: wrap lines in a cell?
1966.02OASS::GREEN_WThu Apr 29 1993chart defaults
1967.09SPECXN::VOGTFri May 07 1993Accessing a public folder problem Accessing a public folder problem
1968.06TAVSun May 09 1993mixed or unsupported datatype error - what is it ?
1969.0GALVIA::UKELLYTue May 18 1993Are you interested in DTIF <-> MS-EXCEL conversions ?
1970.02SETC::HYDEWed May 19 1993Internal VAXTPU failure - Query 1.5
1971.01GCEDLD::DEMERSMon May 24 1993Problem with Running builder and coming up with an error
1972.01KERNEL::SIMPSONRTue May 25 1993Unable to send chart to printer, please check print settings
1973.02PEARS::KIRBACHWed May 26 1993Using quick copy from QUERY to CALC ignores "Calculation Mode Manual"
1974.0AYOV29::RMCCULLOCHThu May 27 1993Blueprint failure
1975.02HTSC19::KENNETHThu May 27 1993how to set the number of line to be printed
1976.01EMDS::THAYERTue Jun 01 1993Problem with SAVE in Calc
1977.0KERNEL::HIGMANWed Jun 02 1993Deadlocks revisited part 2.
1978.0OSLLAV::EIVINDR_PFri Jun 11 1993DECQUERY-How can old database attaches be recovered or used again ?
1979.04SUBURB::MCDONALDAMon Jun 14 1993MOTIF kills DECquery V1.5
1980.02KERNEL::JACKSONTue Jun 15 1993Bugcheck - DECW-E-CNXABORT
1981.03EMDS::THAYERTue Jun 15 1993DECwindows vs Motif with non-starting Calc
1982.0PEARS::LAYHThu Jun 17 1993Calc loops when loading spreadsheet
1983.02USHSMon Jun 21 1993VT13
1984.04TENTO1::MARSHALLJWed Jun 23 1993ASCII_FIELD import field truncation
1985.0KERNEL::HIGMANFri Jun 25 1993DWUIFEV_DESTROY_ALL_VIEWERS when entering DECQuery.
1986.02MUNICH::RUZICKAFri Jun 25 1993SUM function with calc macro
1987.07TPSYS::ZAHAVITue Jun 29 1993ITERATE function problem
1989.05OASS::ADAMS_SWed Jul 07 1993%RDB-F-WRONG_ODS Can't access db from DECdecision
1991.01AUSSIE::LISTERThu Jul 22 1993Calculator doesn't start up
1992.02WOTVAX::NUKVXA::Andy_DoranFri Jul 30 1993Error accessing remote public folder
1993.010OLCROW::JOHNGMon Aug 02 1993%TDA-F-BUGCHECK, internal coding error, using query from decision
1994.01CGRAMS::VIAUTue Aug 03 1993Would like to extract data row by row vs. by columns
1995.04SSAG::SNYDERThu Aug 05 1993DECchart linear axis question
1996.0GALVIA::CBECKETTFri Aug 06 1993Please help us review CDA Converter Documentation
1997.03BRSDVP::LEENThu Aug 12 1993problem with the DECdecision CALC component when using MOTIF V1.1 and OpenVMS V6.
1998.02OTOOA::ESKICIOGLUTue Aug 24 1993Which DECdecision on an Ultrix box
1999.01EEMELI::PAKKANENWed Aug 25 1993DECQUERY LOWER function missing
2000.02KERNEL::HIGMANFri Sep 10 1993Deadlocks revisited part 3.
2001.02OASS::ADAMS_SMon Sep 13 1993Chart 1.
2002.0ISIDRO::ROMEROWed Sep 15 1993Trainins materials pointers needed
2003.02WOTVAX::LIVINGSTONEPThu Sep 16 1993V1.1 bugcheck with slider bar
2004.02JURA::VARONAKISFri Sep 17 1993Give me the Key to add sorting keys
2005.02SQRDNC::SCANLONTue Sep 21 1993Problem with DECdecision V1.5 "Decision$access: Xlib error"
2006.0GALVIA::UKELLYFri Sep 24 1993Error with named ranges in CALC
2007.0OASS::BURDEN_DTue Sep 28 1993Save As with Computed column and screen painting
2008.01CONSLT::THAYERFri Oct 08 1993Active cell highlighting invisible/non-existant
2009.02KERNEL::SIMPSONRThu Oct 14 1993BUGCHK when inserting new line into blueprint
2010.02SEFIThu Oct 14 1993Bugcheck dump using DECquery
2011.04EVTAI1::RENOUVELMon Oct 18 1993Again a Date Problem....
2012.0OASS::BURDEN_DMon Oct 25 1993Saving doesn't save data
2014.0OASS::BURDEN_DMon Nov 01 1993Calc dies when opening a certain file
2015.02KELVIN::GILBERTMon Nov 01 1993Need help on "programming"
2016.04PEARS::KIRBACHMon Nov 08 1993Accessing existing Database from DECquery?
2017.0COLTue Nov 16 1993german DECdecision - english MOITF
2018.0GALVIA::CBECKETTWed Nov 17 1993FT 3 Update, GUI converter app, prototype Sixel & BMP converters
2020.0OASS::STDBKR::Burden_dTue Nov 23 1993Can't print multiple named ranges
2021.0OASS::STDBKR::Burden_dThu Dec 09 1993Macro invocation after DECdecision+DECquery
2022.03NOVA::SWONGERMon Dec 13 1993Date column not working with Rdb VIEW
2023.01H2SO4::GERSBACHWed Dec 15 1993NOW function Problem/Bug in ACCESS
2024.01AIMTEC::WOODY_SWed Dec 22 1993CPS -> DCPS - Print not picking up new Q's
2025.01TAVSun Jan 02 1994In search of a tool
2027.010ISLNDS::SCHWABEMon Jan 03 1994remote access questions
2028.03EMC2::POGLIANIThu Jan 06 1994URGENT : Automatic Macro_file load for DECdecisio
2029.03ISLNDS::BRENNAN_PFri Jan 07 1994ACP file create failed Print to file error???
2030.0CONSLT::THAYERMon Jan 10 1994Histograms / Baseline
2031.06OSLAGE::EIVINDR_PMon Jan 17 1994decquery v1.5 . How to update a table in a public folder is strongly needed.
2033.01OASS::STDBKR::Burden_dWed Feb 02 1994Hanging cutting an ERROR cell
2034.01CADSYS::LEMONSFri Feb 11 1994DECdecision on OpenVMS VAX V6.
2035.0AIMTEC::WOODY_SMon Feb 14 1994TPU Function?
2036.03HANNAH::DAIGNEAULTMon Feb 21 1994Access dumps creating new database
2037.01AYOV29::RMCCULLOCHThu Feb 24 1994QUOTA Problem
2038.0OASS::STDBKR::Burden_dTue Mar 08 1994Font changes may/may not change column width
2039.0OASS::STDBKR::Burden_dTue Mar 08 1994Update livelink from DECwrite and fonts
2040.01ISIDRO::OLMOMon Mar 14 1994%SYSTEM-F-MCHECK and %SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO bugchecks
2041.04ZPOVC::PETERDINGWed Mar 16 1994Process remains as active db user after user logs
2042.08PEARS::LAYHThu Mar 24 1994problem accessing table in public folder
2043.01OASS::HEARSE::Burden_dWed Apr 13 1994How do you remove page/line breaks?
2044.0AIMTEC::WOODY_SMon Apr 18 1994How to Add a Control Flow Arrow in Builder
2045.02NOVA::SWONGERMon Apr 25 1994Really weird: Intermittent Hebrew Buttons
2046.04KEATS::STALKERTue Apr 26 1994Assistance Printing large file
2047.0CONSLT::THAYERFri Apr 29 1994Finding end of Defined Range...
2048.01WAYOUT::STILTZ::clarkeWed May 11 1994Calc Print - 'Invalid Item List'
2049.01VAXRIO::EBRENZWed May 11 1994Two tables atualization
2051.06VAXRIO::EBRENZTue May 17 1994Fatal error.
2052.0VAXRIO::EBRENZWed May 18 1994Menu option calling builder from calc
2053.01VAXRIO::EZEQUIELThu May 19 1994decdecision integration
2054.01VAXRIO::EBRENZTue May 31 1994DECcalc ERROR: Command Region disabled
2055.0CLPRMon Jun 27 1994Draw_chart does not work with CHART V1.6
2056.01AYOV29::RMCCULLOCHWed Jul 13 1994Future of DECdecision ?
2057.03AIMTEC::HESS_SThu Jul 14 1994Help with date arithmetic
2058.01STRASB::HONOREWed Jul 20 1994"DECdecision" on AXP?
2059.01MUNICH::RUZICKATue Jul 26 1994cannot start chart
2060.03VAXRIO::EZEQUIELWed Aug 10 1994icon
2061.01FORTY2::KNOWLESTue Aug 16 1994Key not found in tree
2062.04OASS::BURDEN_DThu Aug 18 1994Public table doesn't show computed column
2063.01KELVIN::DEVANEYThu Aug 25 1994where is the 1.5 kit 2.* is wrong
2064.04GENIE::TANNERMon Sep 12 1994DECDECISION German 1.5 supported on VMS 6.1 (VAX)
2065.09VNOAPP::TIMA_2Thu Sep 15 1994SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO within DECdecision Builder running a Blueprint; SESPLAY_DISPATCH_EVENT
2066.03STOWOA::GRETTUMWed Nov 02 1994DECdecision status
2067.02YR2Wed Nov 30 1994Can two columns be 'shuffled'?
2068.02EPICDA::GEORGESMon Dec 05 1994HELP Needed to access file!
2069.01TOOIS1::ICARDMon Dec 05 1994DECDECISION 1.5 and VMS 6.1 ?
2070.05OSLACT::BJARNEC_PTue Jan 31 1995CALC and QUERY terminates when non-default printer selected
2071.01NODEX::MMCKENNAWed Feb 15 1995Can't locate V1.5 kit
2073.01VINTA::ZUCKERMANThu Apr 06 1995Problem accessing RDB ?
2074.03NODEX::BERLINWed Apr 26 1995access - need help making global changes (more than 1 cell at a time) ...
2075.0AZTECH::LASTOVICATue May 30 1995decdecision looping with rdb v5.1-
2076.02STOWOA::GRETTUMTue Jun 27 1995DECdecision V/V FT2.
2077.0PCPLOD::63978::rollerWed Jul 05 1995Printing via a Blueprint
2078.0AIMTEC::BURDEN_DThu Jul 13 1995
2079.0CHUECA::VENTURAFri Jul 14 1995DECdecision V1.5 Bugcheck HELP REQUIRED
2080.0TKTVFS::TAJINOMon Aug 07 1995Floating Point Field Display Format
2081.01EVTAI1::LEREUILThu Nov 02 1995DECDecision 1.5 and rdb 6.1 and Ovms 6.1 WRONG_ODS
2082.02CXOSI::WHITINGWed Nov 22 1995NEED V1.1 kit!
2083.01TERRI::SIMONTue Nov 28 1995DECISION$ACCESS_DB moved to new disk no loger works
2084.01STOWOA::GRETTUMFri Dec 01 1995Announcing DECdecision V2.
2085.0MUNICH::RUZICKATue Jan 16 1996session manager language with MOtif v1.2-3
2086.04PRSSOS::TEBOULMon Jan 22 1996Operand Combination not UNSPECIFIED unsupported
2087.02STOWOA::GRETTUMTue Feb 13 1996DECdecision German - Field Test
2088.01TPLAB::VANDYCKFri Feb 16 1996Problem with ASCII_TABULAR import - can someone help ?
2089.02KERNEL::SMITHTue Apr 09 1996Exception 42E97 no symbol table
2090.0BACHUS::DEKEYSERMon May 06 1996Columns selected to report doesn't appear as it should
2091.02KERNEL::PULLEYThu Jun 13 1996Default formats from DECquery??
2092.02ZPOVC::HINSIONGTANTue Dec 24 19962.
2093.0 *AIMTEC::LUCAS_AThu Feb 20 1997Copying from one spreadsheet to another