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Conference ssdevo::kdm70

Title:KDM70 -- XMI-disk/tape controller
Created:Mon May 07 1990
Last Modified:Tue Mar 19 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:148
Total number of notes:541
Number with bodies:0
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1.02SSDEVO::HOFFMANMon May 07 1990Conference Operation
2.01SSDEVO::HOFFMANMon May 07 1990Product Description
3.047SSDEVO::HOFFMANMon May 07 1990Registry
4.05SSDEVO::HOFFMANMon May 07 1990Related conferences
5.06SSDEVO::HOFFMANMon May 07 1990KDM7
6.01SSDEVO::HOFFMANMon May 07 1990KDM7
7.05SSDEVO::HOFFMANWed May 09 1990Maintenance Advisories
8.02SSDEVO::HOFFMANWed May 09 1990Operating System Compatibility Announcements
9.04SSDEVO::HOFFMANWed May 09 1990Tape/Disk Compatibility Announcements
10.01SSDEVO::HOFFMANThu May 10 1990Sales Updates
11.01SSDEVO::KINLAWWed Aug 29 1990KDM7
12.01SSDEVO::KINLAWWed Aug 29 1990KDM7
13.03--UnknownUser--Thu May 10 1990KDM7
14.01--UnknownUser--Thu May 10 1990Software Product Description (SPD)
15.0SSDEVO::HOFFMANThu May 10 1990Reserved
16.0SSDEVO::HOFFMANThu May 10 1990Reserved.
17.01SCAACT::HILDEBRANDFri May 18 1990What's a KDM75-aa??
18.01MINNIE::PLANKMon May 21 1990TK copy with KDM7
19.02MINNIE::PLANKTue May 22 1990dual port - same backplane?
20.06MSEE::SYLVAINThu May 31 1990ULTRIX-RISC ?
21.03KERNEL::HOUGHWed Jun 06 1990Code Update Utility
22.02MINNIE::PLANKWed Jun 06 1990RPS on KDM7
23.01BTOVT::WHITE_RWed Jun 20 1990Cable length ?
24.02BIS2::DIERICKXThu Aug 02 1990ta9
25.0GWYNED::GROGNIETMon Aug 13 1990 Tools ( just in case ...)
26.01CSC32::COLTERMon Aug 20 1990Dual pathing between local controllers??
27.03UFHALF::SYSTEMTue Aug 21 1990kdm7
28.01CSC32::R_RICHARDSONThu Aug 30 1990User Guide
29.01SEDSWS::WOODJETTSSun Sep 02 1990What tape drives do we support
30.03KAOFS::J_DALYThu Sep 06 1990KDM REV 29??
31.012SSDEVO::M_HERMANFri Sep 07 1990Tell Us About Your Problems
32.01UTRTSC::VISSERMon Sep 10 1990T2
33.0HPSRAD::KIMThu Sep 13 1990KDM7
34.01KAOFS::J_DALYMon Sep 24 1990WILDCAT KDM7
35.02KAOFS::J_DALYTue Sep 25 1990WHAT REV??
36.01SSDEVO::HOFFMANTue Oct 09 1990Immediate Mode Command Timeout Problems
37.01COMICS::SHERGOLDWed Oct 10 1990TA9
38.01SALISH::NOTTINGPATue Oct 16 1990TPL on non-streamer?
39.01HDLITE::LIBKINDFri Oct 19 1990Technical description?
40.03VTLAKE::MORRIS_KFri Nov 02 1990More specifics required...
41.01MALTEX::TESSIERMon Nov 05 1990KDM7
42.05RTPSWS::DAVISSun Nov 18 1990failover support?
43.02RTPSWS::DAVISSun Nov 18 1990hsc caching, date
44.03CSC32::J_MACGOWNSat Nov 24 1990Patch.kdm???
45.04SSDEVO::HOFFMANSat Dec 01 1990Patch (V2.5) for VAX 9
46.02BTOVT::BAIRTue Dec 04 1990performance
47.01SLUGER::GRABOWSKIFri Dec 14 19908mm support
48.02ISIDRO::CALVINOTue Jan 22 1991kdm7
49.04TROFS::E_LEUNGTue Jan 22 1991Known problems or bad KDM?
50.05SLUGER::GRABOWSKIMon Jan 28 1991kdm7
51.05DENVER::FRASERFri Feb 01 1991Support for Streaming TA81?
52.05ZURTue Feb 05 1991Any news on SI drives (hopefully not)
53.04CSC32::J_MACGOWNSun Feb 10 1991Ucode rev 164???
54.01COMICS::HOUGHMon Feb 11 1991Buffer Memory
55.02PHDVAX::RICCIOWed Feb 13 1991KDM performance problem
56.01ALOSWS::LICHORATWed Feb 20 1991KDM7
57.03KAOTWed Feb 27 1991internal EDC errors?
58.03MLNWed Feb 27 1991KDM7
59.02KAOFS::L_PELLANDThu Feb 28 1991Multiple KDM7
61.0SSDEVO::HOFFMANTue Mar 05 1991ESE2
62.02CHOVAX::CORNELIUSWed Mar 13 1991How many KDMs supported ?
63.01CSC32::GULDENMon Mar 18 1991KDM7
64.01EICMFG::SCHUETZMon Mar 25 1991Firmware - DSA - SCS question
65.0UNXA::PUTERATue Apr 02 1991KDM7
66.0ELWOOD::ROCKWELLFri Apr 12 1991KDM tape errlog on 5.4-2??
68.02FIREMN::HOPEWELLFri Apr 19 1991Rev level from SHO CON on 65
69.03MLNFri May 10 1991KDM7
70.01MALTEX::TESSIERFri May 17 1991Firmware rev : Tool to find it in IMAGE.ECC
71.02TKTVFS::SUGAWARAThu May 23 1991PATCH for VMS V5.3?
72.01UNXA::PUTERAFri May 24 1991KDM7
73.04FLYSQD::FERJULIANWed Jun 05 1991Online Documentation..?
74.02COMICS::HOUGHThu Jun 06 1991KDM7
75.01SALEM::LUQUETTEWed Jun 12 1991 external loopbacks testing
76.02SMOGGY::CAROLLAFri Jun 14 1991internal bus errors l/f 837e
77.010UFRCS1::PIETERSONWed Jun 19 1991Not possible to boot by using the kdm with 8 disks
78.02CSC32::S_WASKEWICZWed Jun 19 1991"Compare errors" on RA7
79.01ZPOVC::PHILIPLOWWed Jul 10 1991Latest SW & HW version of KDM7
80.0POOLThu Jul 18 1991How to benchmark the i/o subsystem?
81.01SWAM2::SUKOVICH_ROTue Aug 13 1991Need Automatic Updates.
82.01GIDDAY::STANISLAUSThu Aug 15 1991KDM7
84.01GIDDAY::HOWed Aug 21 1991KDM SW update on CD ?
85.04BSS::B_MARTENSTue Aug 27 1991Yet Another Patch Note (YAPN)
86.01CHOVAX::CUSATOTue Aug 27 19912 ta81s on KDM/slow backups
87.01KYOA::KULKARNIWed Aug 28 1991KDM7
88.01JGO::POLFLIETFri Sep 06 1991clearing the history.
89.0WETONE::LICATATue Oct 08 1991Using EVRLM to update KDM requires jumper?!
91.02ZURFri Oct 25 1991Patch EEPROM of KDM7
92.06KERNEL::LYNEMon Nov 11 1991Kdm7
93.04FRAFS1::KHANTue Nov 12 1991Failover after crashing 9
94.07KYOA::DEBARBATue Nov 26 1991TA81/KDM7
95.01KERNEL::MEGARITYFri Dec 13 19915.5 fix for KDM7
96.02MLNCSC::DOMANESCHIMon Dec 23 1991kdm7
97.08HGOVA::PAULCHOIMon Dec 30 1991V3.
98.0SSDEVO::M_HERMANMon Jan 13 1992EVRLJ Problem
100.04CSC32::J_MACGOWNMon Feb 03 1992Bugcheck code C46
101.06WELSWS::GRIFFINFri Feb 14 1992procedure for 2.4 to 2.5?
102.06CSC32::S_WASKEWICZFri Feb 28 1992KDM/Receiver Ready Collisions...
103.05ZPOVC::PARRYCHUAThu Mar 12 1992Event 48/6B in KDM7
104.02HGOVA::LEOHOTue Mar 17 1992KDM7
105.02JGO::POLFLIETTue Mar 31 1992T2
106.010PBST::BLEYThu Apr 02 1992What do *you* need?
107.02BELFST::C_MCCLINTOCKWed Apr 08 1992kdm7
108.01CX3PT3::WSC22Thu Apr 09 1992Sample of KDM7
109.03NOLE::WOODINGMon May 04 1992part no?
110.01TOSSUC::ARMENISEWed May 27 1992ra81 not seen at mount
111.02OTOOA::PONDTue Jun 02 1992KDM7
112.03HOTWTR::NOTTINGPATue Jun 09 1992DKUTIL and the SET command!
113.01SWAM2::MILLER_VIThu Jul 16 199215
114.0MUNICH::FAUBELFri Jul 24 1992micro code 3
115.04KAOTTue Aug 04 1992KDM7
116.01NBOFS1::MANFREDFri Aug 07 1992vax651
117.01TILTS::LIBERTINIThu Aug 20 1992Can I put 4 tapes on a KDM7
118.02AIMHI::COLLINSThu Oct 01 1992TA8*7 Timeframe?
119.04TIMABS::GERWILLThu Nov 05 1992TA867 firmware/support/config on KDM7
120.01WARNUT::FRECKNALLWed Nov 25 1992KDM7
121.04CSC32::J_MACGOWNSat Dec 12 1992V4.
122.01TPOVC::CSLUMon Dec 14 1992TA91/KDM7
123.01CLPRWed Jan 20 1993Upgrade Problem..
124.01SSDEVO::YESSEThu Jan 28 1993KDM Support Changing to SSDEVO::YESSE
125.01CSC32::K_BOUCHARDMon Feb 01 1993hardware rev?
126.05KYOA::CASTELLOWed Feb 17 1993KDM7
127.01HKGACT::NICHOLASHOThu Feb 25 1993TA81 vs TU81+
128.01HKGACT::NICHOLASHOFri Feb 26 1993Can TA81 share by KDB5
129.01KYOA::CASTELLOWed Mar 24 1993Probs with TA79 and KDM V4 software?
130.09ODIXIE::ZURIKTue Apr 27 1993Ver. 4.1 and TA81
131.04ZURFri May 21 1993KDM7
132.03WOTVAX::MELLINGAThu May 27 1993Inability To Boot From Dual-Ported Disks
133.01BOGUSS::CABREIRAWed Jun 16 1993KDM7
134.05SSDEVO::YESSETue Jun 29 1993KDM V4.2 Available - Mandatory for Tapes!
135.06BRUNEL::KIRBYWed Aug 18 1993Customer registration for S/W?
136.03SSDEVO::YESSETue Aug 24 1993KDM V4.3 Available
137.02EVMS::EVMS::MNOELThu Dec 02 1993Query...
138.01ZPOVC::THIAMPENGMon Jun 13 1994Another version 164
139.01SINTAX::MOSKALThu Jun 30 1994Can't boot satellite with V4.3
140.02CSC32::VAN_ERONMon Aug 15 1994Host command timeout errors
141.0SWAM2::MILLER_VISat Aug 20 1994KDM hangs on VAX 764
142.01FREEBE::YATKOLAFri Sep 02 1994Lastfail code 837A, More info please!!!
143.0TAVTue Sep 13 1994Is HP's Optical Disk 65
144.06WONDER::WILLARDTue Oct 25 1994Host memory limit?
145.01HGCSWed Dec 21 1994RAXX compare errors in KDM7
146.01SEDSWS::HARDSThu Feb 09 1995KDM7
147.02KERNEL::BLANDThu May 11 1995KDM7
148.0TIMABS::BACHMANNTue Mar 19 1996software logic error