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Conference ssdevo::hsj40_product

Title:HSJ30/40 Product Conference
Created:Mon Jul 12 1993
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1264
Total number of notes:4958
Number with bodies:267
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1.0SSDEVO::FIB_ADMINMon Apr 11 1994Welcome to the HSJ3
2.02SSDEVO::FIB_ADMINTue Apr 12 1994HS Family of Array Controllers Conferences
3.0+1SSDEVO::FIB_ADMINMon Jul 12 1993This note is reserved for future use.
4.0SSDEVO::FIB_ADMINMon Jul 12 1993This note is reserved for future use.
5.03SSDEVO::FIB_ADMINMon Jul 12 1993Conference Directory Listings
6.02SSDEVO::FIB_ADMINMon Jul 12 1993HSJ4
7.0SSDEVO::FIB_ADMINMon Jul 12 1993This note is reserved for future use.
8.0SSDEVO::FIB_ADMINMon Jul 12 1993This note is reserved for future use.
9.0SSDEVO::FIB_ADMINMon Jul 12 1993This note is reserved for future use.
10.0SSDEVO::FIB_ADMINMon Jul 12 1993This note is reserved for future use.
11.0SSDEVO::FIB_ADMINMon Jul 12 1993This note is reserved for future use.
12.0SSDEVO::FIB_ADMINMon Jul 12 1993This note is reserved for future use.
13.0SSDEVO::FIB_ADMINMon Jul 12 1993This note is reserved for future use.
14.0SSDEVO::FIB_ADMINMon Jul 12 1993This note is reserved for future use.
15.0SSDEVO::FIB_ADMINMon Jul 12 1993This note is reserved for future use.
16.0SSDEVO::FIB_ADMINMon Jul 12 1993This note is reserved for future use.
17.015BBPPDR::ROWELLTue Jul 13 1993Document Directory
18.05BAHTAT::DODDTue Jul 13 1993Dual path vs dual port
19.07MYGRAT::PASCUCCITue Jul 13 1993HSJ Reset Button
20.04ANGLIN::MILLERWed Jul 14 1993Looking for evironmental specs
21.07TENNIS::KAMWed Jul 14 1993HSJ4
22.02SSDEVO::FIB_ADMINThu Jul 15 1993HSJ4
23.014PEAKS::ZAHROBSKYThu Jul 15 1993CONTROLLER LOG deskew procedure
24.030KBOMFG::PFOHLFri Jul 16 1993How's about introducing each other
25.05TROPPO::QUODLINGMon Jul 19 1993Sample configurations?
26.07CSC32::S_WASKEWICZMon Jul 19 1993HSJ and CIBCA? OK?
27.04BACHUS::PETRIOLITue Jul 20 1993Questions on HS user's Guide.
28.01VIVIAN::T_SMITHTue Jul 20 1993Shutdown or Restart?
29.013PEAKS::SICOLATue Jul 20 1993VAX7
30.03PEAKS::SICOLATue Jul 20 1993AUTOGEN and HSJ4
31.04VIVIAN::RANCEWed Jul 21 1993What should the RESET button do?
32.05SEDSWS::WOODJETTSFri Jul 23 1993Adding disk if you lose one controller
33.04COMICS::GLEDHILLMon Jul 26 1993Problem with relative files on rz26 erase function?
34.06NBOFS1::HAHNTue Jul 27 1993Only 6 hosts supported!?
35.013SUBURB::CONNOLLYUTue Jul 27 1993HSJ4
37.06VIVIAN::T_SMITHWed Jul 28 1993Some questions
38.03CSC32::S_WASKEWICZThu Jul 29 1993whats the -VA do?
39.02KERNEL::LOANEFri Jul 30 1993ELE question on Served HSJ4
40.01VIVIAN::T_SMITHFri Jul 30 1993Upgrading T
41.02PEAKS::HAGARFri Jul 30 1993Clarification on Read Cache
42.0PEAKS::HAGARFri Jul 30 1993clarification of read cache clarification
43.01KAOFS::D_SWITZERFri Jul 30 1993tz867 in hsj4
45.0VIVIAN::T_SMITHMon Aug 02 1993Reconfiguring is easy....................
46.06CSC32::S_WASKEWICZTue Aug 03 1993Fans being monitored?
47.02FREEBE::MACLEANWed Aug 04 1993MSCP served HSJ4
48.02PEAKS::HAGARWed Aug 04 1993"Clarification on controller warm swap"
49.07WARABI::DEGROOTWed Aug 04 1993TKZ
50.013KAOFS::D_SWITZERThu Aug 05 1993Load Balancing
51.02KETJE::ROBBENSMon Aug 09 1993General RAID questions
52.01SOS6::BERNARDMon Aug 09 1993HBVS and HSJ4
53.04VIVIAN::T_SMITHTue Aug 10 1993Some questions about fan (blower) replacement
54.02DECLNE::WILLETTTue Aug 10 1993How many TZ867's ???
55.04MSBCS::MORGENSTEINWed Aug 11 1993Configuration & Performance questions
56.06KAOFS::K_MAINWed Aug 11 1993More dual path questions ..
57.04WARNUT::FOSSEYThu Aug 12 1993Controller shadow questions (Raid 1)
58.02KBOMFG::PFOHLFri Aug 13 1993Error in SPD 47.26.
59.01MLNTSC::GROSSIFri Aug 13 1993Firmware revision E
60.03KAOFS::K_MAINSat Aug 14 1993TZ867-AA and duplicate DC power source ??
62.03KAOFS::K_MAINTue Aug 17 1993HSJ/RZxx and VMS versions ?
65.01--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 18 1993How does it behave on UNIX systems?
66.05TENNIS::KAMFri Aug 20 1993SCSI ID requirements for HSJ4
67.04CSC32::B_SMITHSun Aug 22 1993Question on Storagesets
68.01GIDDAY::HOSun Aug 22 1993MTBF
69.0TENNIS::KAMMon Aug 23 1993MTBF/MTTR Request Form
70.05POCUS::GREENANMon Aug 23 1993OSF/1 ALPHA support for HSJ?
71.01CSC32::S_WASKEWICZTue Aug 24 1993Posted from SSAG notefile...
72.02FSSB::ENGETue Aug 24 1993FW1.
73.0PEAKS::OAKEYTue Aug 24 1993Confused over the term "STORAGESET"?
74.01OTOOA::HXOP1Thu Aug 26 1993Config Advice Needed
75.02TROPPO::QUODLINGFri Aug 27 1993HSJ's and the competition.
76.02ONOIS1::CAVAILHEMon Aug 30 1993Forced Prefer Path
77.014LEMAN::SUBRITue Aug 31 1993Chunksize values
78.02BIS1::BHP687::dewilWed Sep 01 1993KZESA vs HSZ1
79.01TOPPER::LOANEWed Sep 01 1993LOGMESSAGE Errorlog entry from HSJ4
80.02CSC32::G_BORDERSWed Sep 01 1993Controler serial number?
81.01DECLNE::PEACOCKThu Sep 02 1993# of BA35
82.04MLNTSC::BERETTACLAUDFri Sep 03 1993RZ26 revision matrix...
83.06PARVAX::SMALLEYTue Sep 07 1993Configuration Software?
84.04KERNEL::LOANEWed Sep 08 1993HBVS assists supported?? (or when will they be??)
85.08HGOVC::JOELBERMANWed Sep 08 1993CUstomers don;t read notes. Can we document traps?
86.014GIDDAY::KINGSMILLThu Sep 09 1993Sustained throughput
87.01KAOFS::D_SWITZERThu Sep 09 1993drives mount verify
88.02MUNICH::UNTERBERGERFri Sep 10 1993Multiple Stripe Sets on HSJ4
89.01FILTON::MITCHELLMon Sep 13 1993Power consumption Q's
90.04STKHLM::JUTEMARTue Sep 14 1993How to control use of read cache ?
91.02KERNEL::LOANEWed Sep 15 1993 MSCP.EXE mandatory patch for HSJ4
92.01BANZAY::BRAZZOLOTTOWed Sep 15 1993 satellite does not boot, again ...
93.04VIVIAN::T_SMITHWed Sep 15 1993Parts required
94.03--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 15 1993vcs
95.02CX3PST::DFLPRD::M_DIFABIOMon Sep 20 1993DO I need to reboot cluster when rebooting HSJ?
96.06LARVAE::GALLAGHER_DTue Sep 21 1993RAID 1
97.01MEO34A::HARALAMBOUSTue Sep 21 1993Is cluster code required for HSJ4
98.03MEO34A::HARALAMBOUSTue Sep 21 1993DEC 7
99.04MSDOA::CATHEYMITue Sep 21 1993RZ74 AND RZ28 ON HSJ4
100.02SWAM2::MILLER_VIWed Sep 22 1993Automated or manual reload of config?
101.01UTRTSC::ELTINGThu Sep 23 1993Part # for SW8xx Cab Internal Power Cable
102.02LEMAN::SUBRIThu Sep 23 1993MSCP served disks 4GB limitation
103.0TRLIAN::VIDIOT::PATENAUDEThu Sep 23 1993Good Product. A wish list??
104.015SOS6::THOMASFri Sep 24 1993CIQBA and HSJ4
107.02PFSVAX::BABCOCKMon Sep 27 1993HSJ4
108.0CSC32::S_WASKEWICZTue Sep 28 1993Distribution of Code...
109.01BACHUS::GOUBERTTue Sep 28 1993real value of default chunksize ?
110.011MAJERE::HOUGHWed Sep 29 1993HSJ4
111.02PRSPSU::REYFri Oct 01 1993CI failures and HSJ4
112.03JMPSRV::MICKOLFri Oct 01 1993Cache benefits modeling?
113.02MAJERE::HOUGHMon Oct 04 1993Updating RZ disk code on HSJ4
115.06LEMAN::SUBRITue Oct 05 1993Performance when backuping stripe sets
116.03SMOGGY::CAROLLATue Oct 05 1993HSJ's vs. MTI and DNR
117.01ANGLIN::MILLERTue Oct 05 1993EZ51R supported yet?
118.04MAJERE::HOUGHWed Oct 06 1993VAX7
119.03VIVIAN::T_SMITHThu Oct 07 1993Questions about HSOF 1.1J
120.01SWAM2::MILLER_VIThu Oct 07 1993Release notes for V11J ?
121.02GHOST1::SMALLFri Oct 08 1993CI "tick" count, fast scsi
122.04SWAMPD::ZIMMERMANNFri Oct 08 1993large migration (to VAX/AXP/HSJ/HSC)
123.02TIMABS::BACHMANNSun Oct 10 1993HSJ4
124.02SIOG::KILROYMon Oct 11 1993Tagged Command Queuing (TQC) Patch for VMS?
125.015SCOVAX::MORTONWed Oct 13 1993Locate disk command
126.01EVTAI1::OURGHANLIANThu Oct 14 1993Low CI node numbers ?
127.02THERDC::SAMPSONThu Oct 14 1993CIBCA-A <-> HSJ4
128.02SWAM2::MILLER_VIFri Oct 15 1993Exabyte 8mm tape anyone?
129.04CX3PST::DFLPRD::M_DIFABIOMon Oct 18 1993TLZ
130.07SVELTO::BARCELLARIMon Oct 18 1993Quiescence button question
131.04USHSTue Oct 19 1993Upgrade to v1.1 probs
132.03MORLEY::RUSHWORTHTue Oct 19 1993HSJ & both CI paths?
133.01HAN::AHLBORNWed Oct 20 1993automatic load balancing ?
134.0PEAKS::ZAHROBSKYWed Oct 20 1993V1.1 Upgrade Advisory
135.0SSDEVO::NEUHAUSERWed Oct 20 1993Undocumented V1.1 Codes
136.01BRUNEL::KIRBYThu Oct 21 1993SW8xx rear configs?
137.01MUCCS1::MEBERSFri Oct 22 1993HSJ4
139.028VIVIAN::T_SMITHWed Oct 27 1993More problems with TZ8x7
141.01SUBURB::CONNOLLYUWed Oct 27 1993TZ867 Config for HSJ4
142.02TILTS::VANDERPOTFri Oct 29 1993fail overs...
143.03SVCVAX::GAMBARDELLAFri Oct 29 1993P/N Needed for a 3.5" SSB Enclosure
144.01TLSEWed Nov 03 1993FIRMWARE 1.1J & RZ26 HW REV C
145.05CTOAVX::RIBNERWed Nov 03 1993HSJ4
146.01HGOVC::STEVENCHEUNGThu Nov 04 1993TZ867 supported in Alpha VMS 1.5 ?
147.01SWAMPD::ZIMMERMANNThu Nov 04 1993VAX 7
148.04SSDEVO::FRANKLINFri Nov 05 1993Storage Subsystems Engineering position on CIQBA issue
149.01SNOFS2::JEYACHANDRANSun Nov 07 1993How to check TZ867 firmware on HSJ4
150.0OTOOA::HXOP1Mon Nov 08 1993HSJ4
151.015TOOHOT::LEEDSMon Nov 08 1993controlling HSJ4
152.07RIPPLE::FLOWERS_CLTue Nov 09 1993Last fail code
153.02WARNUT::RENCONTREWed Nov 10 1993Mix disk/tape,same SCSI?
154.07MAJERE::HOUGHWed Nov 10 1993VCS Support for HSJ4
155.03DECLNE::PEACOCKWed Nov 10 1993HSJ4
156.01NWDThu Nov 11 1993Discrepancy in v1.
157.010PEAKS::ZAHROBSKYThu Nov 11 1993HSDSA_SCRIPT -- Execute CLI commands from command procedures...
158.05LARVAE::GALLAGHER_DFri Nov 12 1993HSJ with VAXSIM VCCS DUP Lights Out etc.
159.07SNOFS2::JEYACHANDRANSat Nov 13 1993HSJ4
160.02CSC32::S_WASKEWICZTue Nov 16 1993EZ54r?
161.03SMOGGY::CAROLLAWed Nov 17 199332mb cache... When??
162.04BBPPDR::ROWELLThu Nov 18 1993Order Numbers for HSOF Software
163.03COLES1::LONZECKThu Nov 18 1993RRD42 bootproblem on HSJ4
164.02COPCLU::RENEMon Nov 22 1993<Unknown Errormessage on HSJ4
165.02COLES1::SIEKTue Nov 23 1993Corrupt Indexfile with big stripeset
166.07WARABI::DEGROOTWed Nov 24 1993Console
167.01LEMAN::MAURONWed Nov 24 1993Hoe does a stripe set appear on the host (VMS)
168.04SMOGGY::CAROLLAWed Nov 24 1993HSJ warm swap???
170.06SMOGGY::CAROLLAMon Nov 29 1993Install w/ dual p/s nightmare.
171.05HGOVC::JOELBERMANTue Nov 30 1993Backing up stripesets
172.0COLWed Dec 01 1993TZ867 on HSJ4
173.04VNABRW::SPITTERSBERGWed Dec 01 1993device type not yet implemented
174.01DECLNE::WEILERWed Dec 01 1993HSJ4
175.0CGOOA::CUCHWed Dec 01 1993where's the mount verification messages?
176.08COPCLU::NISSENThu Dec 02 1993Queues on HSJ4
177.0FRSCS::MGRUENWALDThu Dec 02 1993EZ54r & HSJ4
178.06MORLEY::RUSHWORTHThu Dec 02 1993Fighting the FUD...
179.01SLOVAX::NEWMANFri Dec 03 1993HSJ with VAX DBMS anyone?
181.05KERNEL::LOANEMon Dec 06 1993RZ28-VA Flexprint failures and Drive ID
182.01BACHUS::GOUBERTMon Dec 06 1993MENING OF ASC/ASCQ CODES 8C18,8B18,8918,8E18
183.0DECLNE::PEACOCKMon Dec 06 1993HSJ42, HSJ44?
184.014MLNTSC::PARACCHITue Dec 07 1993write-back cache
185.03SWAM2::MILLER_VITue Dec 07 1993Failover drives hanging
186.03ZURWed Dec 08 1993TLZ867 and Multi Volume
187.01DABEAN::NEWTONThu Dec 09 1993TZ867-SW81
188.05PAKORA::ADAVIEFri Dec 10 1993HSJ44 internal cost/availability
189.02GIDDAY::BRODRIBBMon Dec 13 1993ShadowCopying - 3 member HSJ shadowsets
190.02CSOADM::MORRISMon Dec 13 1993V1.2 Where???
191.01HGCSTue Dec 14 1993Customer keep additional program card
192.02VIVIAN::T_SMITHTue Dec 14 1993TILX response
193.02SWAM2::DOURAGHI_IRWed Dec 15 1993How to get caching stat. on HSJ4
194.01MLNThu Dec 16 1993HSZ1
195.02FXODEV::CRANEThu Dec 16 1993HSJ4
196.03CX3PST::DFLPRD::M_DIFABIOFri Dec 17 1993Set Transportable and can't VMS Init
198.011CSC32::S_WASKEWICZMon Dec 20 1993Dear Engineering...HSD please?
199.02DMAFSV::FRANKTue Dec 21 1993TZ867/HSJ4
200.036THAVE::TEMINTue Dec 21 1993DUAL PATH Problem Help
201.05SWAM2::MILLER_VITue Dec 21 1993TZ86 shows up as MK device
202.01BBPPDR::ROWELLWed Dec 22 1993PCMIA, HSOF
203.03VIVIAN::T_SMITHThu Dec 23 1993Firmware revision level on RZ26
204.01COMICS::SHELLEYFri Dec 24 1993Maximum size of storage sets on OpenVMS AXP
205.0UTRTSC::DRUMMENFri Dec 24 1993TZ867 not accesable from both nodes?
206.05KBOMFG::PFOHLTue Jan 04 1994RZxx firmware upgrades
207.01CSC32::D_STUARTWed Jan 05 1994rev matrix for hsj and rz26l
208.04TROOA::TRU112::DINELEYWed Jan 05 1994Unit numbers seen from VAX.
209.04PRSPSU::BOUGEFri Jan 07 1994Sattelite won't init/mount HSJ stripeset
210.07CSC32::M_JILSONSun Jan 09 1994MSCP patch in hidden note 91
211.09MAJERE::HOUGHMon Jan 10 1994How can a drive be mad "UNAVAILABLE"
212.0EEMELI::KIVELATue Jan 11 1994HSJ4
213.06PRSPSU::REYTue Jan 11 1994TZ877 and HSJ4
214.0WELSWS::PENNThu Jan 13 1994HSOF Release Notes questions.
215.05CSC32::S_MARTINThu Jan 13 1994HSJ4
216.03ROMEOS::RIFKIN_DAThu Jan 13 1994Host-Based VS HSJ Striping
217.03GIDDAY::PUDIPEDDIThu Jan 13 1994HSJ4
218.07UBOHUB::KELLY_TMon Jan 17 1994HSOF updates
219.07ZURMon Jan 17 1994How to set the time in the HSJ4
220.0SSDEVO::MERTZMon Jan 17 1994V13J VTDPY documentation available
221.01NBOFS1::SCHALLERTue Jan 18 1994Use compaction mode with TLZ
222.02SMAC1Wed Jan 19 1994HBVS a HSJ4
223.01CX3PT1::DFLPRD::M_DIFABIOThu Jan 20 1994Read cache disabled for EZ54?
227.02DECLNE::PEACOCKFri Jan 21 1994HSJ4
229.07KYOSS1::HELMKEMon Jan 24 1994SCSI bus bandwith and command time-outs
230.014MYGRAT::PASCUCCIMon Jan 24 1994Mount Verify Problems
231.03PFSVAX::BABCOCKTue Jan 25 1994vaxsim vs decevent vs sicl vs storageworks
232.02UBOHUB::KELLY_TTue Jan 25 1994TZ867 on HSJ4
233.05PEAKS::NEUHAUSERTue Jan 25 1994V1.3 Release Notes error
234.016STKAI1::JKJELLBERGWed Jan 26 1994Quest on NOtransport/transport.
236.01ISTWI1::OZILFri Jan 28 1994HSJ performance
237.01KERNEL::LOANEFri Jan 28 1994Forced Error Flag, BBR attempt and ELE question
239.04ZURTue Feb 01 1994Last fail code
240.09BERNTue Feb 01 1994HSJ4
241.02KAOFS::D_SWITZERTue Feb 01 1994ba35
242.0--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 03 1994DEC 7
243.04MEO34A::HARALAMBOUSThu Feb 03 1994DEC 7
244.07CSC32::M_JILSONThu Feb 03 1994SET HOST/DUP -> REMRSRC error
245.02BEEZER::BROOKERFri Feb 04 1994HSJ4
246.02ISIDRO::GEMMAMon Feb 07 1994DEC 762
247.08SMOGGY::CAROLLAMon Feb 07 1994Invalid CMD MSCP End Msg
248.01SMOGGY::CAROLLAMon Feb 07 1994lfc
249.02WARNUT::FOSSEYTue Feb 08 1994
250.04CSC32::D_HANSENTue Feb 08 1994TZ867 very detailed problem description...
251.01CCOFWed Feb 09 1994HSJ4
252.03ROMTSS::MORRONEThu Feb 10 1994TKZ
253.01BRUNEL::KIRBYThu Feb 10 1994SW8
254.0UBOHUB::KELLY_TThu Feb 10 1994HSJ4
255.02KERNEL::LOANEFri Feb 11 1994What causes "transmit packet sequence # mismatch"??
256.01PEAKS::SICOLAFri Feb 11 1994Max xfer size for HSJ is 2GB-512bytes...
257.04BSS::F_BLANDOSat Feb 12 1994Write log
258.0ROMTSS::DESIDERIMon Feb 14 1994SPD for HSOF 1.3J needed
259.08SALEBT::HEARNSMon Feb 14 1994HSJ4
260.07ROMEOS::RIFKIN_DAMon Feb 14 1994HSOF V1.3/1.4
261.01KAOFS::D_SWITZERMon Feb 14 1994last fail 4241
262.021NWDWed Feb 16 1994support for TSZ
263.0UBOHUB::KELLY_TWed Feb 16 1994SCSI bus problems on HSJ4
264.0DECLNE::PEACOCKWed Feb 16 1994HSJ4
265.0HAN::AHLBORNThu Feb 17 1994CIXCD T2
266.02ZURThu Feb 17 1994DSP drives on HSJ ?
267.05MAJERE::HOUGHThu Feb 17 1994Dual Receive and VAX7
268.03LARVAE::WALKERFri Feb 18 1994SCSI cables urgently required
269.0MLNTSC::PARACCHIFri Feb 18 1994chunksize value for rz28 system disk
270.05NZOMIS::FINLAYSat Feb 19 19946 x RZ26 and TZ877 - same bus?
271.0SNOFS2::SAYERMon Feb 21 1994Redundancy = HSR or HSJ ??
272.01UTRTSC::VISSERMon Feb 21 1994HSJ4
273.0BRUNEL::KIRBYTue Feb 22 1994TLZ
274.013SMOGGY::CAROLLATue Feb 22 19943.5g now???
275.01COPCLU::JORNThu Feb 24 1994SPD ????
276.05IXOYE::KENThu Feb 24 1994HSD / DSSI questions
278.0XFMVFri Feb 25 1994Will this configuration work ?
279.01SNOGUM::BLAIRMon Feb 28 1994HSJ support for SCSI tape SPACE FILEMARK
280.03PIYUSH::RUPARELIAMon Feb 28 1994Explanation of Cache from VTDPY
281.0ODIXIE::KEMPMon Feb 28 1994HSJ3
282.08PFSVAX::BABCOCKTue Mar 01 1994What is happening with firmware?
283.02ONOIS1::CAVAILHEThu Mar 03 1994RZ26 be or not to be ?...
284.04SMOGGY::CAROLLAThu Mar 03 1994Same cache size with Dual redundant controllers
285.010COPCLU::PODIUMFri Mar 04 1994Shadow/stripe copy takes looong time
286.01VIVIAN::A_STOCKFri Mar 04 1994hsj tape support for large project
287.02MSAMFri Mar 04 1994RZ26 disk cannot recognise by VMS5.5-2H4
288.03UBOHUB::KELLY_TFri Mar 04 1994Showing Firmware on HSJ4
289.02PH8VAX::BETZFri Mar 04 1994PREFER.EXE and HSJ/AXP's..
290.0PEAKS::NEUHAUSERFri Mar 04 1994EFT Release Notes Error
291.05PH8VAX::BETZFri Mar 04 1994RESET button usage on HSJ4
292.01SMOGGY::CAROLLAFri Mar 04 1994What happens to the write data?
293.02UTRTSC::VISSERMon Mar 07 1994TZ867/HSJ4
294.07GIDDAY::MARSHALLMon Mar 07 1994RZ26 shadow RZ26L on HSJ4
295.09ZPOVC::RAYMONDAUTue Mar 08 1994Error on invalid serial no.
296.0249376::NEUWEILERMon Mar 14 1994Mount Verify after disabling one CI-Path
298.01PFSVAX::WUENSCHELLTue Mar 15 1994Location of Release Notes for firmware 1.4
299.04VIVIAN::T_SMITHWed Mar 16 1994Finding firmware revision of TZ867 on HSJ4
300.06UNYEM::HAZARDSWed Mar 16 1994hsj4
301.02SMOGGY::CAROLLAWed Mar 16 1994Failover question
302.06SMOGGY::CAROLLAThu Mar 17 1994Host port diag fails
303.01UTRTSC::VISSERFri Mar 18 1994HSJ-INIT on STRIPE-set?
304.01BACHUS::DIERICKXMon Mar 21 1994blocking process
305.03DECLNE::PEACOCKMon Mar 21 1994Shadow-set rebuild time?
306.0PRSPSU::BOUGETue Mar 22 1994PERFECTDISK supported on HSJ4
307.03DPDMAI::RAYDWed Mar 23 1994RAID 6 on HSJ4
308.04ZPOVThu Mar 24 1994HSJ4
309.017BRUMMY::LOXTONTue Mar 29 1994EZ51R Performance
310.04COMICS::LOANEWed Mar 30 1994Last Fail Code
311.01YOOV2Wed Mar 30 1994PART NUMBER ?? AC-PDU in the SW8
312.02BACHUS::GOUBERTThu Mar 31 1994
313.02ONOIS1::CAVAILHEFri Apr 01 1994HSD
314.01SOS6::BERNARDTue Apr 05 1994RW5xx on HSJ ?
315.02KERNEL::HOBBSATue Apr 05 1994TZ86 taking ages to BACKUP.
316.0COLES1::LONZECKWed Apr 06 1994Question about Raid Evaluator
317.03ZPOVC::SINSPSThu Apr 07 1994Current RAID status for HSJ4
318.0FILTON::PACK_JThu Apr 07 1994Prefer buggy on HSJ's (or is it Prefer period)
319.04KERNEL::LOANEThu Apr 07 1994Redundant HSJ4
320.03KERNEL::CBANKSThu Apr 07 1994"ADD LOADER" command ?
322.03HGCSTue Apr 12 1994What steps to relocate stripeset member?
325.06GOYA::ACTECWed Apr 13 1994EZ58 + HSJ4
326.0ISTWI1::DARMARWed Apr 13 1994novell4.
329.02GIDDAY::MARSHALLSun Apr 17 1994Release notes please for HSJV1.4J?
330.02UTRTSC::VISSERMon Apr 18 1994TZ877 & HSJ4
331.0PH8VAX::BETZWed Apr 20 1994Performance Data Available??????
332.04VIVIAN::T_SMITHWed Apr 20 1994V1.4J support query
333.02MFRFMS::SFISCHERThu Apr 21 1994MTI-StingrayII Competition
334.012SHIPS::ELLIOTT_GThu Apr 21 1994RAID 7 anyone???
336.04ODIXIE::KEMPThu Apr 21 1994Dual Star Configuration?
337.01SSDEVO::WATTFri Apr 22 1994hsj4
338.03ZURMon Apr 25 1994One in a dual is going to sleep
340.0+10COMICS::LOANETue Apr 26 1994SWEAT (StorageWorks Errorlog Analyser Tool)
341.01SNOFS2::OLEARYWed Apr 27 1994V1.4 "single path" limitation
342.05KERNEL::LOANEWed Apr 27 1994TZ877 and HSOF V1.4J questions
343.01GIDDAY::MARSHALLThu Apr 28 1994A quick question on Writeback caching...
344.04SWETSC::SGUSTAFSSONThu Apr 28 1994Hardware Rev and F/W 1.4?
345.01SUOIS2::GSTOCKSCHLAEThu Apr 28 1994Benchmarktest Disk Performance
346.011VIVIAN::T_SMITHThu Apr 28 1994HSJ4
347.02ZURThu Apr 28 1994Fan Partnumber for the SW8
348.02CGOOA::DANYLUKThu Apr 28 1994Dual Receive, V1.4
349.015KERNEL::HOBBSAFri Apr 29 1994Multiple flashing drive LED's.
350.03DPDMAI::EAGANFri Apr 29 1994performance / host or controller
351.03TAVSun May 01 1994getdvi and hsj4
352.013COPCLU::JESPERSENMon May 02 1994Firmw. ver 1.4J upgrate problems with stripe sets.
353.0SWETSC::SGUSTAFSSONMon May 02 1994MLU on HSJ4
354.02TAVMon May 02 1994problems with rrd42 and tlz
355.05SHIPS::ELLIOTT_GTue May 03 1994Poser on v1.4 HSOF.
356.06COLES1::LONZECKTue May 03 1994HSOF V1.2 and V1.3 mix allowed
357.01ZIGLAR::FPRUSSTue May 03 1994BA35x for StorageWorks?
358.02SWAM2::MERCADO_OSWed May 04 1994Need help on HSJ crash decode
359.01VIVIAN::RANCEWed May 04 1994HSOF 1.4 and SHADOW_MBR_TMO
360.011KERNEL::MARTINWed May 04 1994TZ877 unavailable after cleaning.
361.05GIDDAY::LUSTENHOUWERWed May 04 1994PCMCIA V1.4J Write Protect Switch
362.02GVPROD::MSTEINERThu May 05 1994Message "NVPM..." during 1.3 to 1.4 upgrade
363.01ISIDRO::JCUENCAThu May 05 1994RZ25L support
364.07KERNEL::CLARKThu May 05 1994Blame the hsj or some other cause?
365.04UTRTSC::VISSERFri May 06 1994RAID-1 implementation?
366.0TOOHOT::LEEDSFri May 06 19943 TZ877s on same SCSI bus ??
367.03FILTON::PACK_JMon May 09 1994Cache question
368.02KERNEL::HOBBSATue May 10 1994DAEMON failure during 1.4J upgrade.
369.03TOPTEN::AVERBACHTue May 10 1994Looking for 1.4 tz877 support
370.05KERNEL::MARTINTue May 10 1994"Forced errors" on both members of a shadowset.
371.02UBOHUB::KELLY_TWed May 11 1994CSCPAT_24
372.01SCOVAX::MORTONWed May 11 1994Part # for door with tape access
373.02JULIET::CABREIRA_ROWed May 11 1994SCSI Pin-out for the HSJ4
374.04TOOHOT::LEEDSMon May 16 1994can't boot VAX 7
375.024OTOOA::LAVIGNEMon May 16 1994specific questions on HSJ4
376.0SNOFS1::ZANOTTOFri May 20 19948mm tape drives ?
377.04TMAWKO::RMANDRYFri May 20 1994TZ877's going away
379.0COMICS::JUDDMon May 23 1994HSJ4
380.01SIOG::PKIRKMon May 23 1994B
381.05WBC::GUESTMon May 23 1994HSJ4
382.01VNABRW::ZEININGERTue May 24 1994HSJ4
383.0SWAM2::MILLER_VITue May 24 1994RRD42 errors on mount
384.05TOOHOT::LEEDSTue May 24 1994another PREFER question
385.07DMAFSV::FRANKWed May 25 1994What's causing DATAGRAM FOR NON-EXISTING UCB ?
386.0UTRTSC::VISSERWed May 25 1994TZ8x7 + BA35
387.04TLAVFri May 27 1994'No Bounce' TUDRIVER in AXP format,where?
388.02ISIDRO::GEMMAFri May 27 1994RAID(
389.08KERNEL::LOANEFri May 27 1994HIS Status decode; help needed!!
390.06ROMTSS::MORRONEFri May 27 1994HELP: HSJ4
391.01WBC::GUESTSat May 28 1994write-cache availability
392.04UTRTSC::VISSERSat May 28 1994RZ-DISK movability table
393.02TLSESun May 29 1994booting vax652
394.05YUPPY::ELLAWAYTue May 31 1994performance/information for TZ877/HSJ
395.02LNZALI::PISWANGERTue May 31 1994Mount verification on tz877
396.02ZENDIA::DBIGELOWTue May 31 1994Product Manager's name
397.02BNKSIA::DEGROOTWed Jun 01 1994TZ867 in external cab. Cable?
398.05SIOG::KILROYThu Jun 02 1994Warm Swap now ok on HSJ4
399.04SMOGGY::CAROLLAThu Jun 02 1994DUP problem w/ # of characters
400.06SALEM::RIETERThu Jun 02 1994RRD43 not seen when CD installed
401.01WELCLU::BUCKGFri Jun 03 1994psu/fan monitoring on HSJ's
402.0MYGRAT::PASCUCCIFri Jun 03 1994The choice was to go Sailing!
403.05TOOHOT::LEEDSTue Jun 07 1994TZ86 Backup BUG on HSJ4
404.02STUWed Jun 08 1994Tool like HSCCMD for HSJ?
405.01BIS6::JONCKERSWed Jun 08 1994More Datagram for Non-EXistent UCB
406.0MIMS::ZURIK_EWed Jun 08 1994standalone HSJ need Cluster SW?
407.0MUNICH::UNTERBERGERThu Jun 09 1994TKZ15 8mm on HS* Family
408.01OTIGER::S_BRESThu Jun 09 1994Know of any classes???
409.0ZURSat Jun 11 1994looking for HSJ4
410.010CSC32::S_WASKEWICZMon Jun 13 1994disk cache reduced?
411.03YUPPY::ELLAWAYMon Jun 13 1994TZ877 reading Compact I tapes
412.05SEDSWS::BRODIEMon Jun 13 1994HSJ disk Caching
413.03MAJERE::HOUGHMon Jun 13 1994I have a couple of queries......
414.02PRSPSU::FABERESThu Jun 16 1994MLU on TZ877??
415.02CHTRBX::HESHELMANThu Jun 16 1994Reset HSJ4
416.05TIMMY::FORSONThu Jun 16 1994two clusters are better then one...
417.02PIYUSH::RUPARELIAThu Jun 16 1994Configuration Error: No device installed
418.01TIMABS::BACHMANNThu Jun 16 1994Handel C_swapp Programm
419.02MAJERE::HOUGHTue Jun 21 1994TLZ
420.01UTRTSC::VISSERTue Jun 21 1994Error Validating packet?
421.01HGCSTue Jun 21 1994How can we order program cards?
422.07HGCSTue Jun 21 19942 versions of read cache difference
423.01GIDDAY::KOSKEWed Jun 22 1994SW812-BB
424.01CSC32::S_WASKEWICZWed Jun 22 19944 DLT's per SW8
425.03GLDOA::DORAZIOWed Jun 22 1994CIXCD firmware lev for HSJ??
426.04TIKVAH::ARTHURThu Jun 23 1994Mount verification, position lost with TLZ
430.01BRSFri Jun 24 1994rw5xx on hsj4
431.03COMICS::DONNELLYFri Jun 24 1994load balancing tapes
432.08PRSPSU::BOUGEFri Jun 24 1994Event 2B (DRIVE COMMAND TIMEOUT) with RZ28B/HSJ ?
433.07SWAM2::SUKOVICH_ROFri Jun 24 1994HSJ/VAX76
434.08CSC32::K_ROCHFORDMon Jun 27 1994TZ877 stuck in mount verification-does not timeout
435.02FAILTE::ADAMSTue Jun 28 1994Vol Shad v5.5 support for HSJ4
436.012FREEBE::LEARYTue Jun 28 1994tlz
437.04SMOGGY::CAROLLAWed Jun 29 1994Striped system disks supported??
438.03SEDOAS::CLIFFE_SThu Jun 30 1994Can Forcepath/Prefer be reliable ?
439.05ODIXIE::AKINGThu Jun 30 1994HSJ4
440.0MORLEY::RUSHWORTHTue Jul 05 19943rd party drives on HSJ4
441.018VIVIAN::T_SMITHTue Jul 05 1994VC closure due to NOR DDL retry
442.013VIVIAN::D_BONOTue Jul 05 1994Unexplained failovers
443.05COPCLU::RENETue Jul 05 1994<4 TZ867's fails backup>
444.03ROMTSS::MATTACCHIONEWed Jul 06 1994hsj4
445.01SSDEVO::RBRAMEFri Jul 08 1994So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye
446.04SWAM2::MILLER_VIMon Jul 11 1994Striped system disk size
447.01UTRTSC::VDBURGTue Jul 12 1994Shadowset dissolved, failure to update SCB, SS$_ABORT status returned.
448.01SNOFS2::JEYACHANDRANWed Jul 13 1994HSJ3
449.08STKHLM::WIDMANWed Jul 13 1994TZ87 - HSJ4
450.02TOOHOT::LEEDSThu Jul 14 19949 track tape support ??
451.09AKRON1::SMITHFri Jul 15 1994Controller error starts mount/verify avalanche
452.01SSDEVO::PHERSONFri Jul 15 1994Tape performance of HSJ4
453.01KERNEL::BRETTMon Jul 18 1994Recovering Unrecoverable Errors
454.04MERIDN::BUCKLEYMon Jul 18 1994firmware v1.5 and tz877 questions
455.05ANGLIN::MILLERMon Jul 18 1994EZ58R slow shadow copy.
456.03FREEBE::MACLEANMon Jul 18 1994More NOR DLL errors causing headaches..
457.03HGCSMon Jul 18 1994V1.4, slower shadow copy?
458.06CSC32::J_GAINESMon Jul 18 1994Hsj4
459.02THERDC::SAMPSONTue Jul 19 1994TZ867 Exclusive access?
460.01SIOG::KILROYTue Jul 19 1994SWAP signal with DWZZA connected externally.
461.01LISTIM::CARVALHOTue Jul 19 1994PIZZABOX BA353 + RRD42 Power Problems?
462.02MAJERE::HOUGHTue Jul 19 1994Part number reqd
463.01CSC32::CUTHILLWed Jul 20 1994HSJ4
464.08TROOA::PBLANEYWed Jul 20 1994failover, Shadowing, VMS issues...help
465.03MLNTSC::BERETTACLAUDFri Jul 22 1994Backup problem....?
466.02COPCLU::DANFri Jul 22 1994TZ877 shows up as dlt27
467.033ODIXIE::AKINGFri Jul 22 1994Program cards quality issues
468.0ALBANY::FIEDLERFri Jul 22 1994HSJ4
469.0CTOAVX::RIBNERMon Jul 25 1994hsj problems after power fail
470.04COLTue Jul 26 1994Boot problem - DEC 1
471.0KERNEL::LOANEFri Jul 29 1994RZ28/RZ28B Shadow-set performance question
472.02SNAX::ERICKSONFri Jul 29 1994TZ867 shows up as TZ87 device
473.02SEDSWS::WOODJETTSMon Aug 01 1994BA35
474.03COPCLU::FABRICIUSWed Aug 03 1994TZ87-VA on HSJ4
475.03TAVIS::BOAZThu Aug 04 1994-SYSTEM-F-SERIOUSEXCP, TMSCP Controller - Serious
476.01TAVIS::BOAZThu Aug 04 1994Output FROM SWEAT
477.01STVThu Aug 04 1994v1.5 required
478.01UTRTSC::ELTINGThu Aug 04 1994Description "DUAL RECEIVE" wanted.
479.07MERIDN::BUCKLEYFri Aug 05 1994scsi location and hsj used?
480.07GIDDAY::BROOKSTue Aug 09 1994HSJ SCS System ID modifiable ?
481.02WELCLU::ALLENKTue Aug 09 1994Raid5 Support and HSOF V2.
482.02VIVIAN::P_MILNERTue Aug 09 1994tz867 firmware again
483.01GIDDAY::HOTue Aug 09 1994Reduced I/O throughput ?
484.02ANGLIN::KRIEGWed Aug 10 1994TSZ
485.02CSC32::S_WASKEWICZWed Aug 10 1994V1.5 need NOPATH_B ?
486.04COPCLU::FABRICIUSThu Aug 11 1994RAID 5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
487.011KERNEL::LOANEThu Aug 11 1994HSOF Part Number query.
488.09MIMS::ZURIK_EFri Aug 12 1994TKZ6
489.04COPCLU::FABRICIUSMon Aug 15 1994HSJ4
490.03FREEBE::MACLEANMon Aug 15 1994Can credits be set on HSJ?
491.01CMKRNL::WALLMon Aug 15 1994Dual CIs and HSJs?
493.08SEDOAS::CLIFFE_STue Aug 16 1994Set Unit Preferred Path in 1.5 ?
494.03CSC32::K_ROCHFORDWed Aug 17 1994Any problems with HSJ4
495.01YUPPY::ELLAWAYThu Aug 18 1994DECwrite pictures???
496.0VAXRIO::IVANMon Aug 22 1994HSJ3
497.0MSE1::BURKEMon Aug 22 1994TZ87 drive offlines at BOT
498.05COLES1::LONZECKTue Aug 23 1994DWZZA-AA Config. Questions
499.09NWDTue Aug 23 1994HSJ hangs after tapes added to system
500.012AD::SYSTEMTue Aug 23 1994Data corruption problem
501.0NWDWed Aug 24 1994yes errors.
502.0BRADEC::SKULTETYThu Aug 25 1994Storageworks Subsystem Config. Guidebook
503.02DECLNE::PEACOCKFri Aug 26 1994HSJ4
504.03MAJERE::HOUGHTue Aug 30 1994Problems with controller warm swap
505.01VNOAPP::TIMA_179577Wed Aug 31 1994HSD3
506.09FAILTE::ADAMSWed Aug 31 1994Recommendation on disks per channel
507.01TROOA::PBLANEYWed Aug 31 1994HSJ hangs
508.028SWAM2::LEEDS_ARWed Aug 31 1994How to replace BAD PCMCIA TODAY ?!?!
509.02ANGLIN::MILLERThu Sep 01 1994Code upgrade for EZ5x?
510.01DPDMAI::HILBURNFri Sep 02 1994RZ26/RZ26L Compatibility Problems
511.015KAOFS::M_LUKTue Sep 06 1994Leds code description please
512.02DPDMAI::RAYDWed Sep 07 1994Backup bandwidth question
513.01SMOGGY::CAROLLAThu Sep 08 19941.5 release notes
514.04DABEAN::MACLEANFri Sep 09 1994Is a 45' DSSI cable to the HSD3
515.01BACHUS::PETRIOLIMon Sep 12 1994We get 3
516.0DPDMAI::BERNALMon Sep 12 1994HSJ and HSC questions
517.0FREEBE::SIMONSWed Sep 14 1994hsj and tf87 question
518.02ANGLIN::MILLERWed Sep 14 1994SWEAT on Alpha?
519.01VIVIAN::P_MILNERThu Sep 15 1994new MTI storageware
520.03BDOVAX::OVERTURFThu Sep 15 1994RZ26L shows as RZ26
521.014SEDOAS::CLIFFE_SFri Sep 16 1994TZ877 Won't budge until cleaned
522.0UTRTSC::VISSERFri Sep 16 1994TZ877/HSJ4
523.0VLJISA::MOCHELMon Sep 19 1994V2.
524.05BACHUS::VERCAMMENTue Sep 20 1994File corruption - MULTALLOC - HSJ4
525.03TIKVAH::ARTHURWed Sep 21 1994TLZ
526.01FIREBL::LEEDSWed Sep 21 1994customer told to remove cache ??!!?
527.02DPDMAI::RAYDWed Sep 21 1994HSJ4
528.04VLJISA::MOCHELThu Sep 22 1994Pointer to SPD v2.
529.03HGCSMon Sep 26 1994SLS & tape backup operations?
530.02FSSB::GUSTAFSSONMon Sep 26 1994Swap signal disabled with TZ867.
531.01CSC32::J_SANDOVALTue Sep 27 1994HSJ42, 1 CI adapter or 2???
532.02BERGEN::ARVIDTue Sep 27 1994upgrading from TF867 to TZ877, TZ877-UN kit
533.02CALDEC::SCHMIDTTue Sep 27 1994Automatic distribution of firmware
534.06SIOG::KILROYFri Sep 30 1994HSJ4
535.02TKOV51::TOBAWed Oct 05 1994TSZ
536.01CAPO::MILLER_VIWed Oct 05 1994Revector bad block?
537.03VIVIAN::T_SMITHThu Oct 06 1994Prefer_maintain and HSJ4
538.09VIVIAN::T_SMITHThu Oct 06 1994Last Failure Code
540.07LYOISA::BOURGEOIS_JThu Oct 06 1994Mount verify problems
541.07BACHUS::GOUBERTThu Oct 06 1994what is the MINimum RZdisk revision for support on HSJ4
542.04BACHUS::PETRIOLIFri Oct 07 1994Is HSJ using an EDC code ?
544.0HGCSMon Oct 10 1994DWZZA-VA Query?
545.04GVPROD::MSTEINERTue Oct 11 1994HSJ to access tapes, cache useless ?
546.04CSC32::J_ALBANESETue Oct 11 1994Does the HSJ support TZ877 random slot selection.
547.03SWAM2::SUKOVICH_ROTue Oct 11 1994Unknown Instance Code?
548.02FISXOR::RUGGIEROFri Oct 14 1994Front End Termination Theory
550.01EVOAI2::CHAVERONMon Oct 17 1994How to obtain statistics ? (io, credit,...)
551.06CGOOA::POPOFFMon Oct 17 1994warning 9
552.08GVPROD::MSTEINERTue Oct 18 1994HSJ/TZ877: Does prefer work ?
553.0GENIE::TANNERTue Oct 18 1994Write performance with Write Back Cache ??
554.01CGOOA::DANYLUKTue Oct 18 1994HSJ Firmware Question
555.07BACHUS::PETRIOLITue Oct 18 1994Lastfail 61
556.02FIREBL::LEEDSWed Oct 19 1994Controller based PREFER with V2.
557.020SSDEVO::THOMPSONWed Oct 19 1994Announcement of HSOF V2.
558.07GIDDAY::DONNELLYWed Oct 19 1994Tape not Software enabled???
559.01MAJERE::HOUGHThu Oct 20 1994StorageWorks on HP systems
560.01JULIET::CABREIRA_ROThu Oct 20 1994Power supply detection
561.01WBC::DOERINGThu Oct 20 1994kernel stack not valid error
562.06DECPRG::KUPKAFri Oct 21 1994Shadow full copy
563.0SLUGER::DAVIDSONFri Oct 21 1994Suppose a customer wants to send back a bad RZ???
564.03MAJERE::HOUGHMon Oct 24 1994Boot a stripe set from HSJ4
565.013PRSSOS::MENGINMon Oct 24 1994BAD PCMCIA
566.0KERNEL::CBANKSMon Oct 24 1994Tape/CDROM boot support ?
567.04ALBANY::FIEDLERMon Oct 24 1994HSOF 2.
568.06GOYA::ACTECTue Oct 25 1994Benchmark CI-HSJ42. Help!!!
569.0VIVIAN::A_STOCKTue Oct 25 1994V2.
570.03SMOGGY::CAROLLAWed Oct 26 1994help with errorlog/sweat decode
571.07SMOGGY::CAROLLAWed Oct 26 1994reset port errorlog entry
572.04GIDDAY::SHCHIUThu Oct 27 1994failover problem with hsj disk on satellite
573.01BACHUS::GOUBERTThu Oct 27 1994asc/ascq
574.09BIS6::FOLENS_PThu Oct 27 1994V2.
575.02HLFSFri Oct 28 1994HSJ4
576.01CSC32::S_WASKEWICZFri Oct 28 1994Hardware rev
577.01OTOOA::LAVIGNESat Oct 29 1994Adding shelves without bringing down the controller
578.02CSC32::GULDENSun Oct 30 1994WRONG IMAGE SEEN ON CARD with V2.
579.01SHIPS::EVANS_MIMon Oct 31 1994Ver 2.
580.01CSC32::S_WASKEWICZMon Oct 31 1994Vertical mounting kit?
582.01BIS6::FOLENS_PWed Nov 02 1994Will RW536 be supported in the future?
583.02FIREBL::LEEDSWed Nov 02 1994controller based Prefer and Raid sets ??
584.06NZOVSun Nov 06 1994Can HSJ's migrate to HSD's?
585.0WELCLU::KARDANKMon Nov 07 1994SW5/8
586.02CSC32::COLTERMon Nov 07 1994Mount problems under V1.5 of HSD ucode??
587.04NZOVMon Nov 07 1994HSF FDDI Storage
588.01OSLLAV::TRONDOE_PTue Nov 08 19943 party scsi devices to HSJ4
589.03CSOA1::KCOLLINSWed Nov 09 1994HSJ4
590.08--UnknownUser--Wed Nov 09 1994TZ87, HSJ4
591.01GHOST1::STEELEWed Nov 09 1994V2.
592.01VIVIAN::P_MILNERThu Nov 10 1994V2 upgrade in the UK.
593.06GLDOA::SISSOMThu Nov 10 1994HSJ4
594.03BERGEN::ARVIDFri Nov 11 1994tz877 seems to lock up,on-line,media off-line
595.0LYOISA::BOURGEOIS_JMon Nov 14 1994CIQBA end !
596.06STKHLM::LETTERSTALTue Nov 15 1994Command disk?
597.0FREEBE::MACLEANTue Nov 15 1994TSZ
598.01LATNCY::MORGANTue Nov 15 1994Storage Technology Comparisons including HSJ4
600.01ROBSON::DRSD2Wed Nov 16 1994Any problems with Bound Volume sets ?
602.01NQOPS::THIBODEAUFri Nov 18 1994Tz877 configurations help
604.08RULLE::LUNDEBORGTue Nov 22 1994Strange errorlogentries
605.0YUPPY::ELLAWAYTue Nov 22 1994CMD Hawk Storage Systems
606.01COPCLU::JESPERSENWed Nov 23 1994EZ51R-VA microcode/hardware rev. questions.
607.09VIVIAN::T_SMITHThu Nov 24 1994HSOF V2.
608.01VIVIAN::T_SMITHThu Nov 24 1994Cable query
609.09GIDDAY::BROWNThu Nov 24 1994Last Gasp Code
610.01TKTVFS::KUNIYOSHIThu Nov 24 1994I/O stall problem with 3 member shadow
611.02BAHTAT::DODDFri Nov 25 1994Shadowing HSJ RAID sets?
612.04HGCSSun Nov 27 1994CAN WE WARM SWAP EZ5XR-VA?
613.02VIVIAN::T_SMITHMon Nov 28 1994Suggestion for inclusion in a later version of HSOF
614.02FIREBL::LEEDSMon Nov 28 1994tuning writeback cache ???
615.05KERNEL::LOANEWed Nov 30 1994MTI Stingray related Errorlog entry???
616.01UBOHUB::MADDISON_JWed Nov 30 1994DWZZA support V2.
617.02CSC32::S_WASKEWICZFri Dec 02 1994RWZ52 and HSJ4
618.02WELSWS::HAILSTONESat Dec 03 19946 TZ877's on HSJ3
619.09CSC32::J_GAINESSat Dec 03 1994After hsj4
620.0TKTVFS::NAKAMURA_YTue Dec 06 1994Manual question?
621.01KAOFS::E_HAWKINSTue Dec 06 1994power monitoring
622.01LATNCY::MORGANTue Dec 06 1994Array Model and Cache Mode Comparisons
623.01LATINA::NIEVESDWed Dec 07 1994HSJ problem with TZ87
624.05ALBANY::HESSWed Dec 07 1994raid sets > 8gig on VMS 5.5-2
625.01LABC::NGUYENThu Dec 08 1994cache performance monitor for the HSJ4
626.02HOTSPR::BROWNLIEFri Dec 09 1994Set magtape/skip=file issued to TZ87 runs very slowly !
627.01TIMAMD::VAZQUEZFri Dec 09 1994HSJ4
628.03CSC32::GULDENSun Dec 11 1994Questions on default chunksize on HSj4
629.02MSAMTue Dec 13 1994"Swap signal" messages
630.01CGOOA::SCHILDWACHTETue Dec 13 1994Upgrading to V2.
631.04STKHLM::HOBBE::DAHLBERGWed Dec 14 1994Slot selection in TZ867 on HSJ4
632.02BROUGH::DAVIESWed Dec 14 1994HSJ config problems
633.0UTRTSC::BOORWed Dec 14 1994Parity error S/A backup with HSJ4
634.0FIREBL::LEEDSWed Dec 14 1994writeback cache available everywhere ??
635.02TOPTEN::AVERBACHWed Dec 14 1994Tz877 unavailable after cleaning.
636.0TOPTEN::AVERBACHWed Dec 14 1994Ra9
637.01CSC32::S_MARTINThu Dec 15 1994SHOW CONTROLLER command
638.01KYPROS::TOMISFri Dec 16 1994stripe-shadow on HSJ4
639.02UBOHUB::KELLY_TFri Dec 16 1994Mode Param errs after HSJ Crash
640.09DATCHA::GHEORGHINMon Dec 19 1994preferred path... doubts...
641.04CSC32::S_WASKEWICZMon Dec 19 1994HS1xx?
642.02SNOFS1::ZANOTTOMon Dec 19 1994Detail SPECS !!
643.0SNOFS1::ZANOTTOWed Dec 21 19948 bit to 16 bit
644.01CX3PST::HERB2E::TEEUWETue Dec 27 1994HSJ Jetta failure
645.06KERNEL::CBANKSWed Dec 28 1994TLZ
646.03DECLNE::PEACOCKThu Dec 29 1994RAID license key missing?
647.0MEOCMon Jan 02 1995TZ877 and HSOF v2.
648.04TAVIS::BOAZTue Jan 03 1995License for the WRITE-BACK option is missing
649.0SSDEVO::ASTORTue Jan 03 1995HS1XX_PRODUCT notes file
650.09CGOOA::DANYLUKWed Jan 04 1995RZ28 WRITE ERRORS ?
651.03CGOOA::SCHILDWACHTEWed Jan 04 1995Will a Exabyte 21
652.0ZPOVC::ENGSOONWed Jan 04 1995Device id for RZ26, RZ26L on HSJ4
653.04SMOGGY::CAROLLAThu Jan 05 1995MIST decode info
654.04DECPRG::LUFTThu Jan 05 1995TZ877 recovered errors
655.02TKTVFS::NAKAMURA_YMon Jan 09 1995Battery
656.01KAOFS::L_PELLANDMon Jan 09 1995Setting RAID characteristics on HSJ4
657.03USPS::FPRUSSTue Jan 10 1995RZ29?
658.06PFSVAX::BABCOCKWed Jan 11 1995power the entire array down?
659.01OTOOA::LAVIGNEThu Jan 12 1995MTI 8mm and HSJ's
660.04ALBANY::HESSWed Jan 18 1995Changing RAID set sizes easily?
661.02OFDUP::YUNGWed Jan 18 1995Prefered path and satillites
662.0FREEBE::MACLEANThu Jan 19 1995How many TZ877's/TKZ6
663.0VIVIAN::T_SMITHThu Jan 19 1995Progress Indicator problem???
664.03AXCLThu Jan 19 19956
665.0TIMABS::BACHMANNFri Jan 20 1995Write Back Cache and Disk failed
666.01TIMABS::BACHMANNFri Jan 20 1995WBC and selective Disk Cache
667.02CSC32::T_KNAPPFri Jan 20 1995Storageworks controller statistics
668.012TROOA::JDALYFri Jan 20 1995raid set disk replacement
669.02GOYA::ACTECSat Jan 21 1995HELP on a bandwith benchmark
670.01TOPTEN::AVERBACHMon Jan 23 1995Update device code on hsj?
671.02GOYA::ACTECMon Jan 23 1995Where is the bottleneck??
672.01GVPROD::RSCHWEIZERMon Jan 23 1995MAXIMUM_CACHED_TRANSFER settable Online ?
673.04PRSPSU::FABERESWed Jan 25 1995select TK85 format on TZ86 through HSJ4
674.03CGOOA::DANYLUKWed Jan 25 1995ez58r performance issue
675.03BRSThu Jan 26 1995read cache needed with tapes
676.02FREEBE::MACLEANFri Jan 27 1995Part number for PCMCIA cover...?
677.01ANGLIN::MILLERFri Jan 27 1995Write-back cache install question
678.09ANGLIN::SCHRUPPSun Jan 29 1995C_SWAP with write cache enabled
679.01TKTVFS::NAKAMURA_YSun Jan 29 1995power-up condition
680.08KERNEL::CBANKSMon Jan 30 1995PREFERRED PATH command usage issue
681.01PADNOM::BACHELETWed Feb 01 1995RAID levels in SPD 54.38.
682.01KAOFS::A_FOURNIERMon Feb 06 1995tlz
683.07AXCLTue Feb 07 1995dual controller hang
684.01UBOHUB::KELLY_TTue Feb 07 1995Unit online - but dismounted.
685.03KERNEL::HOBBSATue Feb 07 1995HSCPAD error message on ^\
686.02CSOA1::CULLENTue Feb 07 1995LAtency of HSJ4
687.0KERNEL::BROOKERTue Feb 07 1995HSJ4
688.02KERNEL::LOANEWed Feb 08 1995Configuration information modified due to internal inconsistencies
689.0KEIKI::WHITEThu Feb 09 1995Pagefault Cluster size on Alpha and Chunk size for stripe set
690.02DEKVC::JAEILLEEFri Feb 10 1995HSJ4
691.0BACHUS::GOUBERTFri Feb 10 1995Last Failure Code:
692.0NCMAIL::RIBNERFri Feb 10 1995inst code
693.01CSC32::M_MONDOZZIFri Feb 10 1995When will HSJ42 provide tape support for a TKZ15
694.02HGOVC::WILLIAMNGMon Feb 13 1995Can HSC read/write RZ28 disks from Storage Work?
695.03DABEAN::NEWTONMon Feb 13 1995Powering off TSZ
696.01FREEBE::MACLEANTue Feb 14 1995Can device polling be more dynamic?
697.03HAMER::KENEFICKWed Feb 15 1995Adding devices to existing config
698.01PFSVAX::BABCOCKWed Feb 15 1995need C_SWAP to RESTART
699.03MERIDN::BUCKLEYWed Feb 15 1995Perf of raid-5 hsj, single vs dual port
700.04KERNEL::LOANEMon Feb 20 1995HSJ4
701.06AXCLWed Feb 22 1995Stripeset with mixed device types?
702.03DRONET::63935::DEGUILLAUMEThu Feb 23 1995need info for WBC and hsof release
703.01DECLNE::FOLEYThu Feb 23 1995TLZ7l/HSOF v2.5????
705.010WELCLU::KARDANKFri Feb 24 1995Dual HSJs across 2 Star-Cplrs
706.03ROMTSS::SCIMIAMon Feb 27 1995TLZ
708.03VIVIAN::C_MCCARTHYMon Feb 27 1995console hanging
709.03PFSVAX::BABCOCKMon Feb 27 1995Guidelines..new 72
710.02CSC32::L_GAMBLEMon Feb 27 1995HSJ and Path B Problems
711.01CGOOA::KUNDRIKWed Mar 01 1995Shadowset behaviour during upgrade
712.01TKTVFS::NAKAMURA_YWed Mar 01 1995HSJ4
713.01HGCSThu Mar 02 1995Yet more strange errorlog entries
714.04LUXThu Mar 02 1995exit
715.03PRSPSU::BOUGEANTFri Mar 03 1995Faulty BA35
716.09KERNEL::LOANEFri Mar 03 1995SWXD3-SB and RZ28-VA; equivalent or not??
717.02VLNVAX::BROCKELMANFri Mar 03 1995hsj/ba35
718.0NZOVMon Mar 06 1995SSD and HSJ4
719.01VAXSPO::INTERD_MARIOMon Mar 06 1995Need StorageWorks Config. Guide
720.06DRONET::63935::DEGUILLAUMETue Mar 07 1995help needed about dual redondant HS*
721.01BBPPDR::ROWELLThu Mar 09 1995Cache Part Nos
722.06SALEM::ROMICKThu Mar 09 1995Question on PREFER
723.0OTOOA::LAVIGNEFri Mar 10 1995TZ867's + TSZ
724.05COLMon Mar 13 1995Interpreting HSJ performance metrics
725.01RAISSA::RUSSO_CARMon Mar 13 1995Max stripeset on HSJ4
726.09CSC32::KUGELS::J_STERNERMon Mar 13 1995device type (type not yet identified) causing DBMS backup limitation
727.01SPACE2::HABERLANDWed Mar 15 1995Multiple LUN's for HSJ
728.04FIREBL::LEEDSFri Mar 17 1995dead batteries in WB cache ??
729.01KERNEL::CBANKSMon Mar 20 1995TSZ
730.01RAISSA::RUSSO_CARTue Mar 21 1995Seven SCSI ports on HSJ4
731.01DPDMAI::BUENSUCESOWed Mar 22 1995changing max caching values
732.03SIOG::KILROYThu Mar 23 1995CI Loop back cables?
733.04WDFFS2::wdfpc5.wdf.dec.com::senakThu Mar 23 1995HSJ RZ28 disks to Alpha 21
734.01KAOFS::J_DALYFri Mar 24 1995DILX and testing swap drives
735.014PRSPSU::BOUGEANTTue Mar 28 1995Random LastFailCode=
736.01FRSTSC::CSTOLBERGThu Mar 30 199516 bit SCSI for HSJ controlers ?
737.03KEIKI::WHITEThu Mar 30 1995DO Copy Assists work for Stripe sets or just JBOD's?
738.02BIS6::JONCKERSTue Apr 04 1995Write-Back strange behavior
739.01CSOA1::WILLIAMSTue Apr 04 1995FRU Codes?
741.01CLPRWed Apr 05 1995Snapshot copies and clone with HSOF v2.5
742.03TROFS::LAMWed Apr 05 1995two TLZ
743.04TKTVFS::NAKAMURA_YFri Apr 07 1995configuration question
744.01DPDMAI::BUENSUCESOSat Apr 08 1995rz firmware upgrades
745.01DECLNE::FOLEYMon Apr 10 1995MAX mirrorsets
746.013TPOVC::CLARKSUTue Apr 11 19952.
747.01TMANVO::DROBERTTue Apr 11 1995HSOF v2.5J release date?
748.05KERNEL::HOBBSAWed Apr 12 1995Last_Fail code 42332
749.0TOPTEN::AVERBACHWed Apr 12 1995Cache performance utility?
750.02TOPTEN::AVERBACHWed Apr 12 1995Writeback cache upg on dual hsj4
751.05HGOVC::BURANCELEUNGSun Apr 16 1995Performacne issue after change to HSJ
753.06BSS::MULLIGANWed Apr 19 1995V2.5 release notes
754.01DABEAN::SIMONSWed Apr 19 1995desperately needed firmware
755.0SSDEVO::WATTMon Apr 24 1995V2.5 Media ID Change
756.01SSDEVO::WATTSat Apr 22 1995Error - v25 User's/Service Manual (passthrough)
757.05UTRTSC::VISSERSun Apr 23 1995Forced Errors RAID5?
758.03FSSB::GUSTAFSSONMon Apr 24 1995Error: 929
759.0WELSWS::HAILSTONETue Apr 25 1995Last fail code
760.01MSAMWed Apr 26 1995Stripeset disk errors
761.02ROMEOS::POTTS_CAThu Apr 27 1995Is PCMCIA reqrd other than boot/reboot?
763.0MAJERE::HOUGHMon May 01 1995HSJ4
764.02SIBILO::BARBERISTue May 02 1995Help : Is RW536 supported on HSJ4
765.02TAVIS::PELYTue May 02 1995Dual CIXCD and disks on HSJ4
766.0MIMS::HARGUS_EWed May 03 1995CLI> DELETE does not work?
767.08CGOOA::DANYLUKWed May 03 1995V2.5, When?, How?
768.01CITYFS::MIHELAKISWed May 03 1995HSJ4
769.01AXCLThu May 04 1995LastFail Code
770.01VIVIAN::P_MILNERThu May 04 1995Urgent config help.
771.01HTSC19::MICKWIDLAMSun May 07 1995RZ26L compare with RF35
772.0LUXMon May 08 1995HSJ42 load balancing for large stripsets
773.08SNOFS1::ZANOTTOMon May 08 1995Write back cache -YC
774.02DPDMAI::BUENSUCESOTue May 09 1995raid sets vs writeback cache option
775.03VLNVAX::BROCKELMANWed May 10 1995hooking tl81
776.06NOVA::MTAYLORThu May 11 1995Rear SW8
777.0NZOVMon May 15 1995SCSI help
778.03MAASUP::TURROWed May 17 1995Program Card functions
779.03LATINA::JAGOMEZThu May 18 1995TZ877 + HSJ4
780.04BACHUS::GOUBERTThu May 18 1995DRAB registers - pls help with decoding/advise
781.02TOPTEN::AVERBACHThu May 18 1995Shadowing with 2.5 and 2.
782.0ZPOTS1::JUSTINSat May 20 1995VAX9
783.06JOBURG::HARRISTue May 23 1995SWEAT says Excessive VC Closures => Repair action 61.
784.04GRANPA::TKURTZThu May 25 1995EZ58R & Volume Binding
785.01TLAVFri May 26 1995sysdump file on striping system disk??
786.01JOBURG::HARRISFri May 26 1995More Cache confusion 54-22229-
787.01ALBANY::HESSFri May 26 1995Mirror set as quorum disk?
788.02HGCSMon May 29 1995Customer couldn't return Program Cards
789.01JEREMY::YAACOVMon May 29 1995part-number!!!!
790.01TROOA::BROWNMon May 29 1995"CMS Trident Array bests Digital's HSJ42" DN&R May 8, 1995
791.01CSC32::B_GRAHAMTue May 30 1995JUDRIVER for command disks on HSJ/D?
792.02TIMABS::BACHMANNTue May 30 1995sweat x25b and vms 6.1
793.0CMOTEC::THOMPSONThu Jun 01 1995RZ28 - VW on HSJ4
794.01MFRFMS::SFISCHERThu Jun 01 1995SW3
795.015SWAM2::MILLER_VIThu Jun 01 1995424c
796.03DPDMAI::BERNALFri Jun 02 1995WriteBack_cache questions
797.09NETRIX::"hough@majere.enet.dec.com"Sat Jun 03 1995DILX under HSOF V2.5J
801.03BNKSIA::DEGROOTMon Jun 05 1995Dismount a controller based Shadow set via VMS???
802.0RDVAX::C_PHILLIPSMon Jun 05 1995DTJ paper features StorageWorks Array Controllers
803.0ZURTue Jun 06 1995Controllers misconfigured
804.01TPOVC::JERRYYEHTue Jun 06 1995disks on hostunavailable hsj4
805.02SALEM::HARRIS_MWed Jun 07 1995HSJ Node ID Configuration
806.05KAOFS::J_DALYThu Jun 08 1995program card problems
807.0SNOFS2::HASEGAWAFri Jun 09 1995Last fail code 1
808.03KERNEL::HOBBSAFri Jun 09 1995State: Running Down.
809.03UTRTSC::VISSERSat Jun 10 1995WB-cache/Single-HSJ behaviour?
810.01GRANPA::TKURTZTue Jun 13 1995HSJ4
811.07OTOOA::LAVIGNETue Jun 13 1995Are cables included with HSJ
812.02FOUNDR::TOMASWICKWed Jun 14 1995Internal use licenses?
813.03NQOPS::MUDGEThu Jun 15 1995RZ28's from HSC to HSJ...
814.06ANGLIN::SCHRUPPThu Jun 15 1995Cache battery fails to charge
816.0UTRTSC::ELTINGTue Jun 20 1995Shadow copy with WB Cache takes loger times.
817.02TOPTEN::COSTANZOTue Jun 20 1995Process's hung when hsj4
818.05WPOCS1::LARVINThu Jun 22 1995hsj4
819.0GIDDAY::BROOKSFri Jun 23 1995WRITELOCK after SET NOWRITE in DUAL Redundant mode
820.03VIVIAN::D_BONOMon Jun 26 1995Config questions...
821.06TOPTEN::AVERBACHTue Jun 27 1995WB_CACHE battery failed diagnostic testing.
822.01SIOG::PKIRKWed Jun 28 1995Resets due to LFC =
823.01KDX2Thu Jun 29 1995BA35
824.02LNZALI::LNZPWO::PISWANGERFri Jun 30 1995config question
825.01CSC32::J_GAINESSun Jul 02 1995LAST FAIL CODE
826.01HGCSTue Jul 04 1995How to get spare program cards today?
827.03MSAMThu Jul 06 1995RZ29B-VW with HSJ4
828.0DEKVC::JAEILLEEFri Jul 07 1995DK and DU mode?
829.01BRUNEL::KIRBYThu Jul 13 1995Geometry of striped mirror sets?
830.01KYOSS1::MENDEZSun Jul 16 1995Write Back Cache Config Problem
831.01UBOHUB::KELLY_TMon Jul 17 1995Restoring FIB config
832.02DABEAN::MACLEANMon Jul 17 1995Battery Fail is write back truly disabled?
833.0LTIMA2::SLADDENTue Jul 18 1995 TZ87/85 Compatibility During Backup
834.02BRSTue Jul 18 1995running c_swap with V2.5
835.05CHOOKE::KLUMPESWed Jul 19 1995Strange CI behaviour
836.02HGOVC::PATRICKNGThu Jul 20 1995Data inconsistency on a database???
837.01CGOOA::POPOFFThu Jul 20 1995dual redundant HSJ4
838.0UTRTSC::VISSERFri Jul 21 1995RAID5 members drop
839.03TKTVFS::NAKAMURA_YFri Jul 21 1995Urgent: TKZ6
840.02LEMAN::LA_GIOIAMon Jul 24 1995last fail code 4
841.02SNOFS2::OLEARYTue Jul 25 1995Unable to quiesce HSOF V2.
842.06ISIDRO::JCUENCAWed Jul 26 1995%SYSTEM-F-RESET errors during shadow copy
843.01SHIPS::EVANSMIThu Jul 27 1995PCMIA failure rate
844.03IJSAPL::RIETKERKFri Jul 28 1995TZ877 on HSJ slot selection.
845.0COLES1::LONZECKMon Jul 31 1995U:A: write back cache Problem ????
846.05TKTVFS::NAKAMURA_YWed Aug 02 1995WB cache battery
847.03DABEAN::B_ROSEFri Aug 04 1995Reading Program Card Failure
848.0CSC32::COLTERMon Aug 07 1995
849.01STKHLM::SWE367::LETTERSTALTue Aug 08 1995Cache question
850.0SSDEVO::THOMPSONTue Aug 08 1995TZ87/HSJ3
852.0GIDDAY::TANThu Aug 10 1995HSJ4
853.01CSC32::S_MARTINMon Aug 14 1995RZ28M-VA support?
854.0DPDMAI::BERNALTue Aug 15 1995High QUEUE seen _
855.02GYMAC::SUPPORT_RWWed Aug 16 1995hsj4
856.0HGOVC::JOHNLAIThu Aug 17 1995hsj4
857.01HAMSUP::STIEHLMon Aug 21 1995SW8
858.0VIVIAN::T_SMITHTue Aug 22 1995To restart or not to restart..........a question
859.01EMMFG::BLANCHETTEFri Aug 25 1995Need info Please...
860.09STOWKS::SLUISTue Aug 29 1995New tool to play with : LOADER.COM with support for TL81
861.04AMCFAC::RABAHYWed Aug 30 1995SCSI priority
862.0MPGS::TSEGAYEWed Aug 30 1995preserving ACL on new location??
863.01BACHUS::GOUBERTFri Sep 01 1995DWZZA-VA ,TL81
864.01STKAI1::EGELANDTue Sep 05 1995dual HSJ4
865.0PRSPSU::REYTue Sep 05 1995RZ26L's/RZ26N's mixed shadow
866.02HLFSTue Sep 05 1995dual speed fans needed in BA35
867.01ZENDIA::FERGUSONTue Sep 05 1995BA35
868.05SEDSWS::BRODIEWed Sep 06 1995set prefer & NO failover
869.01LATINA::MERCEDESWed Sep 06 1995rz28, rz28b mirrow
870.01FIREBL::LEEDSFri Sep 08 1995RZ29B-VW on HSJ4
871.0KERNEL::LOANETue Sep 12 1995ELE decode of LFC
872.0MPGS::TSEGAYEWed Sep 13 1995disk-to-disk backups and ACL
873.01MPGS::TSEGAYEThu Sep 14 1995RZ28-VA vs RZ28-VW
874.02RMDSRV::PEREZTue Sep 19 1995bad power supply or fan
875.03VNABRW::MEINL_MWed Sep 20 1995unknown error entry
876.03ANGLIN::HITTENMILLERWed Sep 20 1995set magtape/skip=file performance is SLOOOOW!
877.0HAN::ULRICHMon Sep 25 1995Question on Disk Mirroring Option License
878.01TPOVC::FREDTSENGMon Sep 25 1995how to update firmware for hsj4
879.01SEDSWS::DAVIES_DMon Sep 25 19952 questions on SHUTDOWN and RESTART
880.0KERNEL::CBANKSMon Sep 25 1995TLZ7L unload causes port light to come on.
881.04KEIKI::WHITEMon Sep 25 1995RZ28-VA on HSJ4
882.02COLES1::SIEKTue Sep 26 1995Used WLG's on a HSJ4
883.02HGCSWed Sep 27 1995What are these errors?
884.04VLNVAX::BROCKELMANWed Sep 27 1995help installing v25j-1 thru 5 patches
885.07MLNCSC::CAREMISEWed Sep 27 1995TK7
886.01BOGUSS::BOSKLOPPERFri Sep 29 1995boot from VA cd rom???
887.06TPOVMon Oct 02 1995S/W shadow with H/W mirroring disk
888.0DECPRG::LUFTMon Oct 02 1995TZ877 - descriptions of error codes
889.02VIVIAN::T_SMITHMon Oct 02 1995HSOF device support
890.06KERNEL::LOANEMon Oct 02 1995WriteBack Cache Battery periodic Testing.
891.03CSC32::MULLINTue Oct 03 1995forced error flagged in last sector read
892.04ODIXIE::AKINGTue Oct 03 1995Location of HSJ 2.5 patch scripts please
893.01DABEAN::MACLEANTue Oct 03 1995How many TZ877's can saturate an HSJ4
894.02GOYA::ACTECWed Oct 04 1995Some advise on HSOF 2.5 + RAID1 quality & performance
895.02TKTVFS::SHISHIDO_MThu Oct 05 1995maximum unit number??
896.01USPS::FPRUSSThu Oct 05 1995Write-Back Cache White Paper?
897.07TKTVFS::NAKAMURA_YWed Oct 11 1995Failover not work on prefrred disk
898.011TKTVFS::NAKAMURA_YWed Oct 11 1995Not work "SET FAILOVER" command
899.04HGCSWed Oct 11 1995Pointer for JUdriver please?
900.06VNASWS::GEROLDWed Oct 11 1995HSJ commands in batch ?
901.0VIVIAN::RANCEThu Oct 12 1995How can we detect HSJ Battery Failures
902.0RESTRT::LUTJENThu Oct 12 1995Patch Policy ?
903.04CSOA1::DUWEThu Oct 12 1995Point me in a direction.
904.03HGCSMon Oct 16 1995Controller Setup for TL81
905.03NWDTue Oct 17 1995Mirror license needed? Always or new?
906.0HGOVC::PATRICKNGThu Oct 19 1995remote volume shadowing on different controllers?
907.03FIREBL::LEEDSFri Oct 20 1995no TKZ15 with V2.5J ?
908.03SCASFri Oct 20 1995reset flashing, port lights lit solidly
909.01TIKVAH::ARTHURThu Oct 26 1995Max I/O size for cache? Application guidelines?
910.0TOPTEN::KELLERMon Oct 30 1995same preferred path or not?
911.0+4BRUNEL::KIRBYTue Oct 31 1995A new concept of time???
912.0UTRTSC::VISSERFri Nov 03 1995Invalid Rec. Data Struct?
913.0UTRTSC::VISSERFri Nov 03 1995CACHEA
914.0BIS6::POTYMon Nov 06 1995hsj4
915.03BACHUS::GOUBERTMon Nov 06 1995Ci_isr found Host Reset on Path A
916.0SCASMon Nov 06 1995dual redundant or not...
917.0SCASMon Nov 06 1995port arbitration question
918.02BIS1::LANETue Nov 07 1995HSJ boot problem CI node of 6
919.01CHEFS::EVANSMITue Nov 07 1995C.I. Path Failures
920.03DECLNE::FOLEYWed Nov 08 1995Dual HSJ's/2 STAR couplers?
921.01VNABRW::BOOT2B::STREICHERFri Nov 10 1995Bypass star coupler?
922.01GIDDAY::BOJOVICMon Nov 13 1995PACKACK IO hangs, why ?
923.0NETRIX::"putzi@s1.aui.dec.com"Tue Nov 14 1995cache module installation without shutdown?
925.0SCASS1::BROGDONThu Nov 16 1995repair program cards?
926.02BDOVAX::OVERTURFThu Nov 16 1995SWXD3-SE (RZ29B) firmware upgrade ?
927.04SCASTue Nov 21 1995EZ54 on same scsi port on hsj4
928.02TPOMC2::SUNNYSOONGWed Nov 22 1995hsj4
930.03FSSB::GUSTAFSSONFri Nov 24 1995TZ867 goes offline on HSJ4
931.01BOLINA::BUDINO::GADALETAMon Nov 27 1995Performance data to compare HSJ and HSC
932.02WOTVAX::LEUNGFThu Nov 30 1995TZ867 loader at LUN 1 & HSOF V2.5
933.01WOTVAX::LEUNGFFri Dec 01 1995Location of SPD 54.38.
934.03MSE1::BURKEFri Dec 01 1995MCS part number for replacement PCMCIA cards
935.01GECTue Dec 05 1995Looking for EK-HSFAM-UG
936.0MUNWed Dec 06 1995Support for third party drives on HSOF ?
937.0BIS6::POTYWed Dec 06 1995Meaning of last failure code
938.01FIREBL::LEEDSWed Dec 06 1995changing to mirrored system disk ??
939.02ULYSSE::STRATMANFri Dec 08 1995TZ87s viewed from VMS V6.2 ?
940.01GIDDAY::BOJOVICTue Dec 12 1995
941.05ROMTue Dec 12 1995HSXXX hangs the system for a minute
943.03TPOVC::JERRYYEHWed Dec 13 1995format disk on hsj4
944.06COLES1::LONZECKWed Dec 13 1995Urgent: TZ87-TA on HSJ3x/4x supportet ?
945.04BIS1::LANEThu Dec 14 1995RAID = "Rong Acronym In Documentation" ???
946.01MUNICH::KASERThu Dec 14 1995RZ25L-VA supported on HSJ's V2.5 ?
947.04JALOPY::CUTLERThu Dec 14 1995Write Back Cache Failure and Access
948.01WOTVAX::HOLTPFri Dec 15 1995Is SET PREFER dynamic?
949.02GIDDAY::LUSTENHOUWERFri Dec 15 1995Lastfail codes
950.01BIS1::LANEMon Dec 18 1995User's Guide PS file missing ?
951.01TPOVC::JERRYYEHMon Dec 18 19959
952.01ORAREP::BOIKOMon Dec 18 1995RZ29B/HSJ4
953.03NBOFS1::KLEINTue Dec 19 1995Probl. order add-on Mirroring
954.01HGOM22::CKCHEUNGTue Dec 19 1995Dual redundant HSJ4
955.01GIDDAY::ZEYTue Dec 19 1995v2.5 - failover delay
956.01BIS6::VERBEECKWed Dec 20 1995HSJ crash
957.0+5ATYISA::GHEORGHINThu Dec 21 1995EZ54R disks on HSJ4
958.0TIMAMD::JCUENCAThu Dec 21 1995How to avoid Host Access?
959.03SCASS1::BUENSUCESOThu Dec 21 1995general questions
961.01VAXRIO::VELASCOThu Dec 28 1995HSJ4
962.02EEMELI::KIVELAFri Dec 29 1995HSJ4
963.01CHEFS::WATSON_JTue Jan 02 1996Batch input to HSCPAD
964.01FAME::MONIERThu Jan 04 1996HSZ4
965.02KERNEL::BROOKERThu Jan 04 1996Pick an HSJ, any HSJ.......
966.01SEDSWS::BRODIEFri Jan 05 1996Disk time-outs cause hsj4
967.01VEGAS::MARCHANDFri Jan 05 1996I/O throughput appears to be limited to 3.2mb+- on HSJ4
968.0CSC32::T_KNAPPMon Jan 08 1996TZ88 throughput on HSJ vs HSC95?
969.02VNOMCS::TIMA_179577Tue Jan 09 1996Cable part number needed ...
970.01KARHU::HALLTue Jan 09 1996TZ87 cleaning info
971.03BIS1::RASKINThu Jan 11 1996... not software enabled
972.01BROKE::SYSTEMFri Jan 12 1996New configuration, set to factory defaults?
973.01ONOIS1::CAVAILHEMon Jan 15 1996Strange Chunksize
974.04GIDDAY::DONNELLYTue Jan 16 1996Contact Digital M.C.S.
975.01ONOIS1::CAVAILHEWed Jan 17 1996TZ88 and HSOF version
976.06NWDFri Jan 19 1996RZ29, hsj42 possible incompatability?
977.01EJOULT::KRYSTOMon Jan 22 1996Instance code: 4
978.03BIS1::LANETue Jan 23 1996Menu tool for unit initialization etc
979.02MOOZY::HAVERFIELDPTue Jan 23 1996Does setting a unit to NOREAD_CACHE really work ?
980.05HGCSWed Jan 24 1996V2.7 release notes please?
981.0SSDEVO::THOMPSONWed Jan 24 1996Blitz on Controller Swap
982.03CHEFS::EVANSMIWed Jan 24 1996C.I.Testing
983.01SCASS1::BUENSUCESOWed Jan 24 1996kennedy 9612 tape subsystem
984.05HGCSWed Jan 24 1996V2.7 supersede V2.5 patches?
985.05ODIXIE::AKINGFri Jan 26 1996Another battery note
986.01KARHU::HALLMon Jan 29 1996Max_cache_xfer ???
987.02OTIGER::TACKETTTue Jan 30 19962.7 part #?
988.01TOPTEN::KELLERTue Jan 30 1996Standard SCSI Sense Data?
989.02HYLNDR::BROWNWed Jan 31 1996Performance questions using HSJ and controller striping
990.0DEKVC::DONGILLEEThu Feb 01 1996DECps Perfor. Advisor
991.01SWAM1::SMITH_JEThu Feb 01 1996cache upgrade
992.01DWOMV2::CORREALEMon Feb 05 1996CI cable installation in SW8
993.01KARHU::HALLMon Feb 05 1996TZ87 firmware info
994.01KARHU::HALLTue Feb 06 1996RZ28 info wanted.
995.01TIMABS::BACHMANNWed Feb 07 1996RZ29B-VW and HSJ4
996.02IBWed Feb 07 1996HSJ4
997.03PFSVAX::WUENSCHELLWed Feb 07 1996Firmware update procedure for V2.7
998.01KAOFS::E_BELANGERThu Feb 08 1996Delete unit crash HSJ4
999.0GIDDAY::SOUTHWELLFri Feb 09 1996TZ867 delay on AVAILABLE on HSJ4
1000.01TMANVO::DROBERTFri Feb 09 1996Stupid Q-What does FIB mean?
1001.0UTRTSC::VISSERMon Feb 12 1996New V2.5 Proc & Patches?
1002.02PRC25::SYSTEMTue Feb 13 1996HSJ/v2.7 & TSZ
1003.01SWAM1::SUKOVICH_ROThu Feb 15 1996Cache Module Whacks Whole Shelf
1004.03DCOFS::PAPANDREAFri Feb 16 1996Bad PCMCIA cards
1005.0CSC32::GULDENSun Feb 18 1996Problems with C_SWAP, V2.7J and Writeback cache
1006.08NCMAIL::RIBNERMon Feb 19 1996V2.7 & "config. info modified/internal incosnsit."
1007.02HYLNDR::BROWNMon Feb 19 1996Backup failures using new HSJs
1008.01JALOPY::CUTLERTue Feb 20 1996HSJ4
1009.02HLFSWed Feb 21 1996V2.7 TZK6
1010.04GIDDAY::MARSHALLWed Feb 21 1996Can V27
1011.05LEMAN::FLEURYMon Feb 26 1996Mirror and Raid license keys for internal use.
1012.0SWAM1::BRUGGENWI_EDMon Feb 26 1996hsj4
1013.02KERNEL::LOANETue Feb 27 1996Does an RZ29B V
1014.01KARHU::HALLTue Feb 27 1996Instance Code
1015.01ALBANY::PEPLOWSKIWed Feb 28 1996hsj4
1016.04CSOADM::WATKINSThu Feb 29 1996HSJ4
1017.03GEM::SHERGOLDFri Mar 01 1996SWAP signal failure on V2.7 code.
1018.012SCASS1::SHOOKFri Mar 01 1996dir cmd kills local program
1019.05CSC32::GULDENSun Mar 03 1996Cache battery goes from FAILED to GOOD after rebooting HSJ4
1020.0CHEFS::PACK_JTue Mar 05 1996Shadow, Striped Mirror sets?
1021.0WMOIS::SKOWYRAWed Mar 06 1996pcmcia card always
1022.06ALOSWed Mar 06 1996EZ58 performance problem on HSJ4
1023.0MLNCSC::BERETTACLAUDFri Mar 08 1996Preferred path
1024.05SWAM1::SUKOVICH_ROFri Mar 08 1996TSZ
1025.02KAOFS::R_DAVEYFri Mar 08 1996Performance issue...HBVS copy of HSJ3
1026.01BACHUS::VERCAMMENTue Mar 12 1996DISKCLASS bugcheck after reconfiguration of HSJ connected disks (striping/mirroring) - OpenVMS V6.2 - HSOF V2.7
1027.03TLALEG::AKKAMONTue Mar 12 1996U: bad power supply or fan (again)
1028.03ICELAN::ORCUTTWed Mar 13 1996TX857/867 Connected to a HSJ4
1029.01TPOVC::JERRYYEHWed Mar 13 1996how to order pcmcia hsof v2.7
1030.01KERNEL::HOBBSAThu Mar 14 1996Last Failure Code:
1031.01TPOVC::JERRYYEHThu Mar 14 1996identify raidset error code
1032.04BARNA::SERGIOFri Mar 15 1996Shadow set and errors after change faulty drive
1034.02STOSS1::HUGHESDThu Mar 21 1996HSOF V2.7 default_format and maximum_hosts questions
1035.08SNLVTue Mar 26 1996HSJ4
1036.03UTOPIE::PAYERHUBERWed Mar 27 1996MTI spreading FUD?
1037.02MAJERE::HOUGHWed Mar 27 1996EZxx Code Update using HSUTIL
1038.08SWAM1::SUKOVICH_ROWed Mar 27 1996HSJ4
1039.03SWAM1::SUKOVICH_ROWed Mar 27 1996HSJ/Z/D architecture information?
1040.02TOPTEN::KELLERWed Mar 27 1996code upgrade-shutting down the "other"controller?
1041.02DAIVC::THOMAS_SHWed Mar 27 1996HSJ4
1042.04KAOFS::M_NAKAGAWAThu Mar 28 1996HSOF V2.7 RUN CONFIG command
1043.05TKTVFS::NAKAMURA_YFri Mar 29 1996TKZ6
1044.01VLNVAX::BROCKELMANTue Apr 02 1996help with a config
1045.0CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Apr 04 1996SET THIS_CONTROLLER ID problems...
1046.01SNOFS2::OLEARYTue Apr 09 1996HSJ4
1047.0ROMTue Apr 09 1996TL82
1048.02GOYA::ANTONIOGThu Apr 11 1996Snapshot or CLONE of RAIDsets for Backup large database
1049.03TOPTEN::KELLERThu Apr 11 1996hsj batteries
1050.09MQOOA::LAFERRIEREThu Apr 11 1996Unexpected bus error with hsof 2.7
1051.01BACHUS::GOUBERTMon Apr 15 1996
1052.06LUXWed Apr 17 1996Fail to quiscense the bus on HSJ4
1053.02TOPTEN::AVERBACHTue Apr 23 1996TZ877's per HSJ4
1054.0TOPTEN::KELLERWed Apr 24 1996Your comments, please.
1055.05MQOOA::ORMAECHEAThu Apr 25 1996Question on unsupported Tape on HSJ4
1056.01HGOVC::RAYMONDPOONFri Apr 26 1996Tl82
1057.0ROMTue Apr 30 1996TL82
1058.01TROOA::HAZLETTWed May 01 1996V2.7 No of hosts on CI
1059.02PRIME8::VAUGHNFri May 03 1996Spareset question
1060.01BRADEC::lucia.mil.brc.dec.com::MolnarFri May 03 1996TZ877 remotely on HSJ4
1061.03TPOVC::JERRYYEHTue May 07 1996rzXX disks from hsj move to swxcr-xx
1062.01SNOFS2::PLOUTOSThu May 09 1996WBCH batteries maintenance
1063.05SNOFS1::RUTTERMon May 13 1996EZ3X/EZ6X support
1064.0CHEFS::KELLY_TTue May 14 1996Shutdown problems on V27 HSOF
1065.01PTOSS1::CYPHERTue May 14 1996Need a SCSI manual
1066.02BARNA::SERGIOWed May 15 1996lfc
1067.02GIDDAY::PUDIPEDDIThu May 16 1996not on release notes
1068.01FIREBL::LEEDSMon May 20 1996dual-redundant maintenance and downtime ??
1069.011VIVIAN::D_HICKEYThu May 23 1996HSZ4
1070.02HGOM22::DAVYSUNThu May 23 1996auto reconstruction
1071.0ZURFri May 24 1996Tape not Labeled after TK5
1072.01TPOVC::HCLINFri May 24 1996HSJ4
1073.0CHUECA::JMGUERRATue May 28 1996TZ877 problem
1074.06TIKVAH::AGMONTue May 28 1996RZxxx-VW with 16-bit under HSJ4
1075.0TAPE::SENEKERWed May 29 1996HSJ4
1076.01TAPE::SENEKERWed May 29 1996When is a RWZ52 a RWZ52?
1077.03TKTVFS::MICHIURASun Jun 02 1996"CLEAR UNKNOWN" to no ready tape drive was hang
1078.02SNOFS1::RUTTERWed Jun 05 1996TKZ
1079.01FRSDSC::HMUELLERWed Jun 05 1996Write-Back-cache Battery Problems
1080.0OPENED::BARNUM_EWed Jun 05 1996Does preferred paths for tape units work with V2.7?
1081.01CSC32::T_KNAPPWed Jun 05 1996TA867/TZ867 HSC9
1082.02STAR::DUNHAMFri Jun 07 1996Error log entry shows potential HSJ4
1083.0ZPOVC::YICKPENGWed Jun 12 1996hsj42 one port hang causes shadow disk inaccessible
1084.02FIREBL::LEEDSThu Jun 13 1996HSJ4
1085.02SIOG::PKIRKMon Jun 17 1996V2.7 HSUTIL CODE_LOAD Problem
1086.03ROMMon Jun 17 1996HSJ caching algo details?
1087.0GIDDAY::HONSCHWed Jun 19 1996NEEDED MTBF for HSJ4
1088.04FREEBE::NEWTONThu Jun 20 1996Do we support Quantum's TH4EA/TZ877 ?
1090.03ALBANY::PEPLOWSKIFri Jun 28 1996BAD REV B
1091.03HANSBC::BACHNERWed Jul 03 1996%HSCPAD-F-NOLOCEXE, Local program not executing
1092.0KERNEL::LOANEThu Jul 04 1996DRAB errorlog decode required (
1093.0GIDDAY::STANISLAUSSun Jul 07 1996Multiple LUNs for HSJs
1094.03SWAM1::SUKOVICH_ROWed Jul 10 1996TRI-LINK Connectors
1095.0CSC32::M_MONDOZZIWed Jul 17 1996Various errors after TZ867 updated to TZ877
1096.02ODIXIE::AKINGWed Jul 17 1996WBC Data Corruption question
1097.03TKTVFS::NAKAMURA_YWed Jul 17 1996polling time?
1098.04CHEFS::HANCOCK_MFri Jul 19 1996Hot-swap of firmware cards ?
1099.0WOTVAX::LEUNGFMon Jul 22 1996Info. needed for tuning
1100.04PRC25::T_FOLEYTue Jul 23 1996HSJ5
1101.02SWAM1::MILLER_VITue Jul 23 1996RZ28M dropping offline
1102.02VIVIAN::T_SMITHThu Jul 25 1996Help needed with SHADOW_MBR_TMO
1104.0HGOVC::MANJREKARMon Jul 29 1996HSJ queries
1105.02KERNEL::HOBBSAMon Jul 29 1996Set Host {Enable/Disable} nn
1106.02DAIVC::THOMAS_SHFri Aug 02 1996Replace Failed Device
1107.0SWAM1::MILLER_VIFri Aug 02 1996Last Fail Code 4212
1108.06IBMon Aug 05 1996Path problems on HSJ, cluster hangs.
1109.01KERNEL::HOBBSATue Aug 06 1996Display problems with CFMENU
1110.07FIREBL::LEEDSWed Aug 07 1996upgrading HSJ4
1111.05FAME::MONIERThu Aug 08 1996HSJ4
1112.010TMANVO::DROBERTFri Aug 09 1996Help updating RZ29B ucode
1113.0COPCLU::JESPERSENTue Aug 13 1996Write-back cache battery connect problems.
1114.05KERNEL::HOBBSAThu Aug 15 1996Writeback Cache question.
1115.01SCOVAX::HUDAKFri Aug 16 1996HSJ4
1116.02GIDDAY::SAMPSONTue Aug 20 1996HSx5
1117.01RCOCER::MICKOLFri Aug 23 1996HSJ5
1118.06SWAM1::MILLER_VIFri Aug 23 1996DILX completion status end message
1119.0STOSS1::HUGHESDSun Aug 25 1996tl81
1120.0HLFSMon Aug 26 1996v2.7 and path to CIPCA gone
1121.05CSC32::VANDENBERGMon Aug 26 1996SET HOST/DUP in a command file
1122.02JALOPY::CUTLERTue Aug 27 1996HSJ4
1123.03TKTVFS::KABASAWAWed Aug 28 1996Q: Write-Back Cache and related operation
1124.02EVOCDG::DECBAH::ZULFIQARSun Sep 01 1996How many disks/RAID5 on HSJ4
1125.01VIVIAN::D_HICKEYMon Sep 02 1996hsj4
1126.01ODIXIE::AKINGTue Sep 03 1996Storageworks Command Console??
1127.01CARDHU::HILLWed Sep 04 1996Where and how much meta-data does an HSD/HSJ store?
1128.01BRADEC::SKULTETYThu Sep 05 1996Upgrade HSOF for HSJ 4
1129.0TKTVFS::NAKAMURA_YThu Sep 05 1996bug fixed?
1130.01FSSB::ENGEThu Sep 05 1996path problems ,lost disk
1131.03PRC25::T_FOLEYFri Sep 06 1996Hsof V1.5 ->V2.7?
1132.0VMSSPT::JENKINSTue Sep 10 1996HSJ send credits, how are they controlled?
1133.0ARAFAT::ASUNDQVISTThu Sep 12 1996HSJ5x difference?
1133.0VIRGIN::CHRISTOFFELTue Sep 17 1996Problems, Questions about HSJ42 & HSOF V2.7 about failover
1134.09GVPROD::MSTEINERThu Sep 19 1996Return PCMCIA card required ?
1135.02IJSAPL::RIETKERKFri Sep 20 1996Dual HSJ Dual-CI ????
1136.07HAN::HALLEThu Sep 26 1996HSJ4
1137.01HGOVC::QDOVThu Sep 26 1996Problem with TSZ
1138.01OTOOA::LAVIGNEMon Sep 30 1996Will CIPCA work along with HSC's
1139.02CSC32::J_GAINESMon Sep 30 1996Is there a SSDEVO::CIPCA_PRODUCT notesfile?
1140.02KERNEL::BROOKERTue Oct 01 1996Adding and Replacing a single-disk under HSOF 5.
1141.04MAGUSR::NICHOLSTue Oct 01 1996cfmenu 9GB drive init fails
1142.0+17ALBANY::HOLCKFri Oct 04 1996BATTERY REV B
1143.01ATYISA::GHEORGHINMon Oct 07 1996HBVS and different HSJs
1144.07ALBANY::HOLCKWed Oct 09 1996Rev 3.
1145.01CSC32::S_WASKEWICZThu Oct 10 1996transfer_rate_requested=async?
1146.02CHUECA::NIEVESFri Oct 11 1996raid cluster size
1147.02CSC32::J_UPPERMANThu Oct 17 1996Console port hangs on hsj4
1148.01JOBURG::HARRISSun Oct 20 1996Save HSJ config ..How is this done?
1150.0KERNEL::LOANETue Oct 22 1996What's FIBSCRIPT's support status?
1151.0CHEFS::LONG_JTue Oct 22 1996Cluster Hang with new disks
1152.01SWAM1::SUKOVICH_ROTue Oct 22 1996BA353 on HSX controllers?
1153.05VAXRIO::VELASCOWed Oct 23 1996Problem getting patches.
1154.01UTRTSC::VISSERWed Oct 23 1996DWZZA & TZ8xx (again)
1155.01ONOIS1::CAVAILHEMon Oct 28 1996New directory patches ????
1156.03MSDOA::ROBERTTue Oct 29 1996?:Sys Info Structure Reset to Default Settings...
1157.01SWAM1::MILLER_VIThu Oct 31 1996HSJ5
1158.01UTRTSC::VISSERWed Nov 06 199612x TZ88-VA on HSJ5
1159.02SALEM::GOZZAFri Nov 08 1996openVMS 5.5-2 question
1160.0PEAKS::BEANFri Nov 08 1996Avoid REDUCE or CLONE on writeback units
1161.01CHEFS::LONG_JTue Nov 12 1996shadow copying performance question
1162.01OTOOA::LAVIGNETue Nov 12 1996SSD's on HSJ and Raid 5
1163.0VIVIAN::T_SMITHTue Nov 12 1996DCD problem maybe?
1164.02VNOMC1::TIMA_179577Wed Nov 13 1996HSD3
1165.0ONOIS1::CAVAILHEThu Nov 14 1996questions about VTDPY
1166.0TOPTEN::AVERBACHThu Nov 14 1996TZ88N-TA and Hsj4
1167.02CHEFS::PACK_JMon Nov 18 1996RZ28<VMS Shadow>Mirrored RZ28's ?
1168.01ORAREP::BOIKOWed Nov 20 1996Major HSJ4
1169.03ORAREP::BOIKOThu Nov 21 1996Monitor each HSJ thruput in 1 window - available?
1170.01SEDTMA::HANCOCKThu Nov 21 1996Reconfigure SCSI bus on HSJ4
1171.04BACHUS::PETRIOLIMon Nov 25 1996Moving CB stripesets from HSJ4
1172.01SAFFO::BERETTAThu Nov 28 1996Any monitor Layered...?
1173.02SOSV5A::FONDITue Dec 03 1996NVPM messages since update V2.7 to V3.
1174.02GIDDAY::POPPINSWed Dec 04 1996hsj4
1175.01LATINA::MAJOSEWed Dec 04 1996hsj4
1176.0+7UTRTSC::ELTINGFri Dec 06 1996KEA Macro file to Patch HSJ/HSD/HSZ controllers with V2.5 & V2.7
1178.0SAFFO::BERETTAMon Dec 09 1996TLZ
1179.0CHEFS::LONG_JWed Dec 11 1996noread cache for backup
1180.02UTRTSC::VISSERWed Dec 11 1996Test Spare-disk?
1181.0TKTVFS::NAKAMURA_YMon Dec 16 1996question?
1182.0NODEX::MACPHERSONMon Dec 16 1996HS*5
1183.01JULIET::SMITH_PTue Dec 17 1996HSJXX LUN Limits
1184.0TKTVFS::HAMADA_TWed Dec 18 1996Software Logic Error
1185.01ORHVAX::HOLLYWed Dec 18 1996HSJ5
1186.02TKTVFS::HAMADA_TThu Dec 26 1996SHADOW_MBR_TMO recommendation value?
1187.0COPCLU::HOKKERUPMon Jan 06 1997does HSJ4
1188.01EVOCDG::DECBAH::ZULFIQARWed Jan 08 1997HSJ4
1189.01EVOCDG::DECBAH::ZULFIQARWed Jan 08 1997RZ2X ucode location
1190.0+3NETRIX::"robertd@mail.dec.com"Mon Jan 13 1997HSOF v3.
1191.03LUXFri Jan 17 1997Migrating HSJ4
1192.0+5STKHLM::ALMERLOVFri Jan 17 1997Poor load balancing between members in mirror set
1193.0+1FSSB::GUSTAFSSONFri Jan 17 1997VC closed on HSJ4
1194.0HANSIX::hanscMon Jan 20 1997GUI support on RAID Array 31
1195.0PRNRD1::LE_BOTWed Jan 22 1997synchronious or asynchonious arbitration on hs4
1197.0 *LUXFri Jan 24 1997stk --> VAX connection
1198.0 *+2NETRIX::"robertd@mail.dec.com"Mon Jan 27 1997Both HSJ CLI's hung;need advice
1199.0 *+2PTOSS1::CYPHERTue Jan 28 1997tapes misconfigured
1200.0 *+4PTOSS1::MINSHALLJFri Jan 31 1997redundant HSJ4
1201.0 *+1ATYISA::GHEORGHINFri Jan 31 1997Urgent : MAX HOST parameter clarification
1202.0 *+2TOPTEN::KELLERMon Feb 03 1997battery problems
1203.0 *+3LATINA::ROMPITue Feb 04 1997Write Back Cache and Batteries problems
1204.0 *+1VLNVAX::BROCKELMANTue Feb 04 1997need release notes
1205.0 *+8SEEYOU::SCHWEIZERMon Feb 10 1997HSOF V5.
1206.0 *+9SUBSYS::DUVALMon Feb 10 19971 Shelf died 5 Raidsets lived.
1207.0 *+6PTOVAX::PEARLMANMon Feb 10 1997failover on shadow sets
1208.0 *+1TOPTEN::AVERBACHFri Feb 14 1997WBC Batteries, what else!
1210.0 *+2PTOSS1::CYPHERFri Feb 14 1997Need CI internal cable order number
1211.0 *+2KERNEL::BROOKERSun Feb 16 1997HSJ5
1212.0 *+2WASHDC::RKLINGMon Feb 17 1997HSJ4
1213.0 *+8CSC32::L_SOBCZYNSKIWed Feb 19 1997HSJ4
1214.0 *+5HGOVC::CHIKAICHEUNGMon Feb 24 1997NOSUCHDEV when mount disk during boot
1215.0 *+1TIMAST::HUGHESTue Feb 25 1997Update licenses for new firmware versions
1216.0 *+5SCASS1::BUENSUCESOSat Mar 08 1997v3.
1217.0 *+4SCASS1::BUENSUCESOSat Mar 08 1997unexpected bus phase
1218.0 *+2UTRTSC::ELTINGMon Mar 10 1997HS_Patch.ktm V2.1, HSZ2
1219.0 *UTRTSC::VISSERTue Mar 18 1997HSJ5
1220.0 *+1CSC32::L_SOBCZYNSKITue Mar 18 1997Tape units go offline - reboot HSJ4
1221.0 *+1WOTVAX::ROEGWed Mar 19 1997HSJ4
1222.0 *+2TPOVC::CHARLESCHANGWed Mar 19 1997"dir" kill the program,how about v3.
1223.0 *+3NETRIX::"rmh@uvo.dec.com"Thu Mar 20 1997Max width for CLI terminal
1224.0 *CSC32::GULDENSun Mar 23 1997HSJ4
1225.0 *DEKVC::JUNGYULBAEKTue Mar 25 1997"all shadowing disk full merge ?"
1226.0 *+1HGOVC::THOMASLAWWed Mar 26 1997HSJ5
1227.0 *+1SIOG::KILROYWed Mar 26 1997PCXVR in HSxxx??
1228.0 *+3BEET::EAGANSun Apr 06 1997HSJ5
1229.0 *+2NABETH::alanWed Apr 09 1997Stupid Pet HSJ tricks.
1230.0 *+2TPOMC2::FREDTSENGThu Apr 10 1997hsj42 with all ac power loss plan
1231.0 *+6CSC32::D_DONOVANThu Apr 10 1997 Question on "INIT SAVE_CONFIGURATION" behavior?
1232.0 *+1ZPOTS1::JUSTINFri Apr 11 1997HSZ4
1233.0 *CSC32::STRINGFri Apr 11 1997Clarifaction of Last Fail
1234.0 *+2CSC32::D_DONOVANMon Apr 14 1997ECB replacement procedure question?
1235.0 *+1CSC32::K_GAMBLETue Apr 15 1997HSOF 3.1 availability?
1236.0 *+3GIDDAY::HOBBSWed Apr 16 1997Can't Quiesce HSJ4
1237.0 *+1CSC32::D_DONOVANThu Apr 17 1997"HSUTIL" support for EZ58s?
1238.0 *+1KERNEL::LOANEMon Apr 21 1997Bad Batteries under V3.1 and PREFERRED_PATH
1240.0 *+3KERNEL::CLARKWed Apr 23 1997Dual-redundant HSJ's disagree on drive status.
1241.0 *+3CSC32::L_SOBCZYNSKIThu Apr 24 1997Any Patches for v3.1
1242.0 *+12GEM::SHERGOLDFri Apr 25 1997Batteries not failing under V3.1
1243.0 *+3GEM::SHERGOLDFri Apr 25 1997No successive command recall on V3.1 on Host conncetions.
1244.0 *+1MANMTue Apr 29 1997disk f/w update program for Alpha/VMS?
1245.0 *+4MANMMon May 05 1997instance code=
1246.0 *+3FSSB::GRONROSWed May 07 1997V3.1 card failed
1247.0 *+4KERNEL::CLARKThu May 08 1997An answer this time please...Lastfail parameter decode
1248.0 *+1HITEKS::DOTYThu May 08 1997Upgrade 2.
1249.0 *+2TPOVC::DOUGLASDANFri May 09 1997c_swap need help again
1250.0 *TKTVFS::NAKAMURA_YTue May 13 1997function?
1251.0 *+3XFMVTue May 13 1997HSJ5
1252.0 *NQOSTue May 13 1997on line diagram of daisy chained BA356
1253.0 *+5TOPTEN::AVERBACHMon May 19 1997HSOF 3.1 and CACHE_UPS
1254.0 *+2ROMTue May 20 1997read ahead for HSJ?
1255.0 *+7KERNEL::LOANETue May 20 1997HSOF V3.1 Release Note Queries
1256.0 *SANITY::LEMONSTue May 20 1997HSJ Web site?
1257.0 *+4SCASS1::BERNALTue May 20 1997Instance Code
1258.0 *+1SAFFO::BERETTATue May 27 1997TKZ62 cables for HSJ4
1259.0 *+2TIMABS::GERWILLTue May 27 1997RWZ53 on HSJ4
1260.0 *ZPPOLY::MONGKIATue May 27 1997HSJ5
1261.0 *+2KERNEL::BROOKERThu May 29 1997Battery Failure, controller failover and HSOF3.1
1262.0 *TKOV6Thu May 29 1997writeback cache size comparison data?
1263.0 *+4SCASS1::BUENSUCESOThu May 29 1997HSJ5
1264.0 *+2ROUTES::TEDESCOTue Jun 03 19978mm and HSJ update?