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Conference ssdevo::cd

Title:Compact Discs V2.
Notice:Please read note #1 and its replies.
Created:Wed Feb 15 1989
Last Modified:Wed Mar 26 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1028
Total number of notes:11830
Number with bodies:12
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1.03COOKIE::ROLLOWWed Feb 15 1989Welcome to CD V2.
2.06COOKIE::ROLLOWWed Feb 15 1989Conference announcements.
3.03NABETH::alanWed Oct 31 1990General annoucements.
4.0COOKIE::ROLLOWWed Feb 15 1989Reserved for future use.
5.0COOKIE::ROLLOWWed Feb 15 1989Reserved for future use.
6.040COOKIE::ROLLOWWed Feb 15 1989Related conferences.
8.020--UnknownUser--Wed Feb 15 1989Gold .vs. Aluminum
9.025DDIF::BURROWSThu Feb 16 1989Administrivia--How to label this conference?
10.02DELNI::S_JONESThu Feb 16 1989Resetting SEEN?
11.07CLOSUS::HOEThu Feb 16 1989ENVIRONMENT & SOLITUDE recordings on CD?
12.0194BOOKIE::EPPESThu Feb 16 1989Noteworthy Music - Mail Order CDs
13.086WEA::PURMALThu Feb 16 1989New-wave CDs
14.014VENOM::WATERSFri Feb 17 1989Harry Chapin
15.022YODA::COOKFri Feb 17 1989Alice Cooper on CD
16.02BLUMON::EVANSFri Feb 17 1989parallel import law
17.0129DECWET::THOMASFri Feb 17 1989Multi-disc CD players
18.0143R2ME2::RICOFri Feb 17 1989Pink Floyd
19.016AQUA::ROSTFri Feb 17 1989Shoddy Packaging and Labeling
20.030AKOV13::SALLOWAYSat Feb 18 1989Price Wars
21.08UTRUST::TIMMERMon Feb 20 1989Eric Clapton
22.060AYOV1Mon Feb 20 1989Samplers - What's Available?
24.01CIMNET::ACOHENMon Feb 20 1989Info on Used CDX-2
25.017MPGS::PIERMARINITue Feb 21 1989Magnavox CD2
26.014BREW11::TIMMINSTue Feb 21 1989ADAM ANT
27.01SPRITE::WITTMANTue Feb 21 1989CD Standards Info?
28.04CLOSUS::HOETue Feb 21 1989MASTER test CD?
29.034CIMBAD::SEGALTue Feb 21 1989Pointer to old CD Notes/Sony D2 & D4
30.034XANADU::COFFLERWed Feb 22 1989Review: Sony CDP-C7ESD multi-disc CD player
31.0117MRFLEX::MILLERThu Feb 23 1989Kate Bush
32.015AQUA::ROSTFri Feb 24 1989Mott the Hoople---Base Note
33.012HGOVC::CHAKLEESun Feb 26 19892
34.04GIAMEM::MICHAUDMon Feb 27 1989Is there 'MANASSAS' out there??
35.040DECWET::NEWKERKMon Feb 27 1989Question on Pat Metheny
36.041STC::HEFFELFINGERMon Feb 27 1989Zappa on CD
37.042PHAROS::WILSONWed Mar 01 1989XTC's "Oranges and Lemons"
38.0372TRIVIA::JANZWed Mar 01 1989CD Clubs - Mostly BMG notes.
39.01CASEE::CLARKWed Mar 01 1989Customs duty on overseas mailorder
40.06CASEE::CLARKWed Mar 01 19892 missing James Taylor CDs (and a prize)
41.012TALLIS::JBELLThu Mar 02 1989Jack fell down and broke his crown
42.01AKOV11::KALINOWSKIThu Mar 02 1989D-55 problem
43.0123JAIMES::REDICKThu Mar 02 1989Queen Controversy
44.02AKOV11::KALINOWSKIFri Mar 03 1989Free Sony Diskman
45.01VICKI::LEBLANCMon Mar 06 1989Talk is Cheap
46.07COMICS::MILLARTue Mar 07 1989U2 anybody..
47.08RUBY::BOYAJIANTue Mar 07 1989Tom Rush
48.0206AQUA::ROSTWed Mar 08 1989David Bowie on CD
49.08STAR::FARNHAMThu Mar 09 1989Help with import classical
50.01DEBIT::LAVASHThu Mar 09 1989Jerry Harrison - Casual Gods
51.06SELENA::HIGGINSThu Mar 09 1989Motels?
52.020WMOIS::OUELLETTEThu Mar 09 1989"Watermark"
53.083TOOK::MATTIOLIFri Mar 10 1989How do you store these things?
55.024TOOK::FINANMon Mar 13 1989Problem with Hotel California ?
56.016FDCVMon Mar 13 1989Some Classical advice, please...
57.039RUBY::BOYAJIANTue Mar 14 1989Peter, Paul, & Mary
58.08SALEM::ABATELLITue Mar 14 1989Who makes Magnavox?
60.06COMET::LEVETTThu Mar 16 1989Poco Note
61.06HDSRUS::LOANFri Mar 17 1989help D2 manual
62.05FSTVAX::GALLOFri Mar 17 1989Magnavox specs wanted.
63.012CLOSUS::HOESat Mar 18 1989car portable CD adaptors; which one?
64.03REPAIR::EDBSMon Mar 20 1989GOLD_CD(uk)
65.0CHUNK::HENNESSYMon Mar 20 1989Mag CDB 586 player questions
66.04LUDWIG::PHILLIPSTue Mar 21 1989Where to preview CDs?
67.023LUDWIG::PHILLIPSTue Mar 21 1989Rescuing damaged CDs
68.014TRIVIA::JANZWed Mar 22 1989Are Transparent CDs Possible?
69.01SMURF::KATZWed Mar 22 1989Nakamichi multi-disk CD players?????
70.012HAL9Fri Mar 24 1989DEC CDs
71.012SALEM::MGINGRASSat Mar 25 1989McCartney's Russian disc
72.013DWOVAX::HUNTSun Mar 26 1989The Clash
74.06NEATO::CAMHIMon Mar 27 1989Info on a CD
75.08CLOSUS::HOEMon Mar 27 1989Previously Owned CD's (used CDs)
76.0FDCVMon Mar 27 1989Hans Zimmer
77.013NATASH::WEIGLMon Mar 27 1989Basia
78.0179WEA::PURMALTue Mar 28 1989Your players top 5 to 1
79.010EST::JARGENTATITue Mar 28 1989$$$ CD Buyer's Club $$$
80.07PHAROS::WILSONWed Mar 29 1989Lou Reed's "New York"
81.011BTO::SCHOFIELD_KThu Mar 30 1989Lyle Lovett and his Large Band !
82.02BTO::SCHOFIELD_KThu Mar 30 1989Tom Waits info...
83.04GIAMEM::MICHAUDFri Mar 31 1989Larry Carlton Note.
84.07CASVFri Mar 31 1989Beatles Notes File??
85.02DELNI::TRUSLOWFri Mar 31 1989Remaindered CDs / CLASSICAL_MUSIC?
86.03GLASS::HULLSun Apr 02 1989CITIZEN CBM 2
87.03MUNEDU::MASLENMon Apr 03 1989David Foster base note!
88.020BLUMON::EVANSMon Apr 03 1989CD's at the public library?
89.07CNTROL::CUMMINGSMon Apr 03 1989Sampling Rates
90.0NEATO::CAMHITue Apr 04 1989computerized CD listings?
91.027VEEJAY::ECTORTue Apr 04 1989TELARC / Erich Kunzel & the Cincinatti Pops/Orch.
92.01RICKS::SPEARTue Apr 04 1989GO: Yamashta, Winwood, Di Meola, Shrieve
93.02NATASH::WEIGLWed Apr 05 1989windham hill bach mandolins.....
94.07SHIRE::GOLDBLATTThu Apr 06 1989long distance info
96.023GIAMEM::MICHAUDThu Apr 06 1989What happened to CDSWAP??
97.023HSOMAI::SPARKSFri Apr 07 1989Jesus Christ Superstar
98.02PUERTO::MILIANTue Apr 11 1989SONY CDP-55 Loading Problem
99.023NAAD::REITERWed Apr 12 1989Sound Rings - Mythology
100.020RTL::RICOWed Apr 12 1989jazz and blues selections
101.04HOONOO::PESENTIWed Apr 12 1989Adaptor for cigarette lighter to Technics
102.018CHIRPA::OKEEFEWed Apr 12 1989 Sony D-9
103.05TRIVIA::JANZThu Apr 13 1989Radio Shack CD?
104.03CSSE32::LESLIEFri Apr 14 1989Chicago II ripoff warning...
105.0MSDSWS::HENDERSONSat Apr 15 1989Machines make CD-ROM Disks In-House
106.01JUMBLY::PASCIUTASun Apr 16 1989JJ Cale #5
107.05STAR::BSEGALMon Apr 17 1989Rykodisc
108.016BAVIKI::GOODMon Apr 17 1989Phil Ochs
110.03FEISTY::SALADINOTue Apr 18 1989Yamaha CDX71
111.05EUCLID::OWENTue Apr 18 1989SIREN, Direct to CD. NO TAPE!
112.08BMT::MAUROThu Apr 20 1989Debut: Cowboy Junkies
113.036EUCLID::OWENThu Apr 20 1989Peter Gabriel
114.01CASVSun Apr 23 1989Mozart Symphony No. 3
115.051SNOCMon Apr 24 1989ELTON JOHN
116.09SNOCMon Apr 24 1989VANGELIS
117.01PARITY::MCBRIDEMon Apr 24 1989Looking for Left Banke CD
118.010WOODRO::DDODAMon Apr 24 1989Farrenheit on CD?
119.02DEMING::MULLANTue Apr 25 1989Fischer-Dieskau
120.014XANADU::ABBOTWed Apr 26 1989Jefferson Airplane
121.014DOOBIE::MILLERWed Apr 26 1989Doobie Brothers
122.02TRITON::TIMMONSThu Apr 27 1989New Age @ Olde Lechemere
123.04AKOV13::SALLOWAYFri Apr 28 1989Free CD with Ciggies
124.035SMLONE::ROWLETTFri Apr 28 1989Skipping CD's
125.012AUSTIN::MACNEALMon May 01 1989King Biscuit Flour Hour CD's?
126.07CTCADM::SCHMIEDERMon May 01 1989The Police
127.042WFOV11::ROBERTS_DTue May 02 1989Allman Bros.
128.0RUBY::BOYAJIANWed May 03 1989Boiled in Lead
129.07MECAD::SCHMIEDERWed May 03 1989Simple Minds
130.016MECAD::SCHMIEDERWed May 03 1989Devo
131.01POBOX::CHALTASWed May 03 1989Looking for Peter Hoffmann
132.02ESKIMO::POTTERWed May 03 1989AIWA portable cd
133.0113COOKIE::KITTELLSun May 07 1989Jethro Tull
134.014PGG::MYERSMon May 08 1989Mannheim Steamroller
135.02WFOV12::ROBERTS_DMon May 08 1989Shortened to fit the format
136.02KUDZU::PATELMon May 08 1989David Lanz - Cristofori's Dream
138.02CURIE::MUNROEWed May 10 1989CDC2
139.03REFINE::ASHEWed May 10 1989Rock, Rhythm and Blues
140.02HAMSUP::MARXSENThu May 11 1989Fats Waller ?
141.050--UnknownUser--Thu May 11 1989Moody Blues
142.04GLASS::HULLMon May 15 1989Static-like ticking on Sony D-2
143.03DEMING::MULLANMon May 15 1989DENON DCD-61
144.015EXIT26::STRATTONTue May 16 1989CD and cassette player together?
145.06QUARK::LIONELWed May 17 1989Mid-1989 Sony CD player line
146.017TRIVIA::JANZFri May 19 1989DAK's Classical Revenge
147.03HSOMAI::SPARKSFri May 19 1989Free 5" Windham Hill Radio Sampler
148.08CSC32::D_RODRIGUEZSat May 20 1989REM's 'Green'; What's going on?
149.08MINDER::HARRISCMon May 22 1989SONY CDP-1
150.04ELWOOD::KAPLANMon May 22 1989SEATRAIN on CD ?
151.05BELFST::COWANWed May 24 1989Speed of a CD?
152.012PHAROS::WILSONWed May 24 1989Small Faces...on CD?
153.01KETJE::DEVOSThu May 25 1989VANDENBERG on CD ?
154.08CSC32::D_RODRIGUEZFri May 26 1989Lyle Loveit on Johnny Carson
155.01SHALOT::PATELMon May 29 1989Neal Schon
156.09IAMOK::ROMANOTue May 30 19891
157.0130VICKI::WHEELERTue May 30 1989CD packaging = trash?
158.0AKOV13::SALLOWAYTue May 30 1989"Smack My Crack"
160.0VEEJAY::ECTORWed May 31 1989Casino Lights - Live in Montreux
161.069NEWS::HAKKARAINENThu Jun 01 1989Humor on CD
163.07USFSCR::RDONAHUEFri Jun 02 1989Simmons Corporation
164.014XANADU::ABBOTFri Jun 02 1989The Byrds
165.034TRFSV2::ARNOLDFri Jun 02 1989KINKy music on CD
166.03PHAROS::WILSONMon Jun 05 1989Gary Numan & The Tubeway Army
167.03DICKNS::CAHALANMon Jun 05 1989Caught in the middle
168.0GIAMEM::MICHAUDMon Jun 05 1989Larry Carlton/Live Japan
169.05KAOU66::BAYNEMon Jun 05 1989Love and Money
170.01HOONOO::PESENTITue Jun 06 1989Take SIx
171.05QUARK::LIONELWed Jun 07 1989Julie Brown
172.031ISLNDS::BELKINWed Jun 07 1989Player repair, test CDs, eye pattern tracking align
173.019REFINE::FARRELLWed Jun 07 1989Todd Rundgren/Utopia
174.012NYEM1::SELZAMWed Jun 07 1989Elvis Costello
175.066DECWET::HELSELThu Jun 08 1989YES
176.03LESLIE::LESLIESat Jun 10 1989Quicksilver Messenger Service (RIP John Cipollina)
177.010BOOKIE::EPPESSun Jun 11 1989The Nylons
178.05HKFINN::CAHALANMon Jun 12 1989Defect on the CD or on the master?
179.01E::EVANSTue Jun 13 1989Allman Brothers
180.035FSTVAX::GALLOWed Jun 14 1989Renaissance
181.017RUBY::BOYAJIANThu Jun 15 1989Steeleye Span
182.05RUBY::BOYAJIANThu Jun 15 1989Pentangle
183.022RUBY::BOYAJIANThu Jun 15 1989Fairport Convention
184.013RUBY::BOYAJIANThu Jun 15 1989Clannad
185.05POLAR::LACAILLEFri Jun 16 1989Alannah Myles
187.0111LESLIE::LESLIESun Jun 18 1989The Beach Boys
188.02PDVAX::P_DAVISMon Jun 19 1989Repair place for Magnavox portable?
189.01NEWS::HAKKARAINENMon Jun 19 1989Gospel on CD
190.08CASVTue Jun 20 1989Combination Players
191.0REGENT::MOZERTue Jun 20 1989Sony CDP-5
192.09CASEE::CLARKTue Jun 20 1989Is the new "Chicago Transit Authority" complete?
193.011NRADM::KINGFri Jun 23 1989Yamaha Skipping
194.03DASXPS::SHAHINIANMon Jun 26 1989Buy/Sell Used CD's?
195.014LDP::BYARSThu Jun 29 1989The Feelies
196.012WEA::PURMALFri Jun 30 1989Goodbye to the best 3 inches ever?
198.013CLYPPR::COFFLERMon Jul 03 1989A better way to keep dust off the laser lens?
199.063REFINE::FARRELLTue Jul 04 1989Van (The Man) Morrison
201.015LESLIE::LESLIEWed Jul 05 1989Headphones for a D4
202.04LESLIE::LESLIEFri Jul 07 1989Sony CDP 97
203.016CSC32::A_PARRACOSat Jul 08 1989PMG - Letter from Home (DDD)
204.02DRAKAR::HANNATue Jul 11 1989SONY D-9
205.0RAVEN1::PINIONTue Jul 11 1989Need CD Advice
206.02AQUA::ROSTTue Jul 11 1989Flamin' Groovies
207.011HAZEL::LEFEBVREWed Jul 12 1989Steve Earle
208.0VIDEO::FORSBERGWed Jul 12 1989Jerry Jeff Walker CD
209.05GLORY::HULLThu Jul 13 1989any good CD stores in Andover?
210.015HAZEL::LEFEBVREFri Jul 14 1989The Pogues
211.06AQUA::ROSTMon Jul 17 1989Philips Solocopy DAT Copyguard
212.017LUDWIG::LOGSDONMon Jul 17 1989Batman , What Soundtrack!
213.017RAB::KARDONMon Jul 17 1989CD + Graphics
214.03KAYGEE::WIEGLEBMon Jul 17 1989Joy Division - "Substance"
215.027WAV14::FINKMon Jul 17 1989King Crimson: Lark's Tongue on CD?
216.0SCIVAX::JWILLIAMSTue Jul 18 1989
217.08CSSE32::LESLIEThu Jul 20 1989CD stores in and around Nashua
218.0SELENA::HIGGINSThu Jul 20 1989Benny Mardones anyone?
219.024KAOM4Thu Jul 20 1989Stevie Ray Vaughan
221.09SELAVY::KLINGFri Jul 21 1989Is "Rock On" a cover?
223.0BEEMER::FURLONGMon Jul 24 1989Noteworthy order takers in Colorado
224.011WAV14::FINKMon Jul 24 1989Blind Lemon Jefferson
225.016GLASS::HULLWed Jul 26 1989Directions to Tower & Rocket Records?
226.052AQUA::ROSTWed Jul 26 1989Rolling Stones
227.055AQUA::ROSTWed Jul 26 1989Genesis---Group/Solo
228.022HAZEL::LEFEBVREThu Jul 27 1989Michelle Shocked
229.024CIMNET::GRIFFITHThu Jul 27 1989Badfinger now on CD...
230.0SELAVY::KLINGThu Jul 27 1989Citizen M?
231.01TOOLS::GOODThu Jul 27 1989MDC
232.06KOBY::DORONFri Jul 28 1989Rain Man on CD?
233.04LESLIE::LESLIESat Jul 29 1989Sony D-25, rather thin but still very meaty
234.02ANT::SLABOUNTYMon Jul 31 1989Indexing
235.0158ANT::SLABOUNTYMon Jul 31 1989Where can I find this CD?
236.05FROTHY::TATLOWMon Jul 31 1989Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs---ULTRADISC
237.011STAR::JACOBIMon Jul 31 1989The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy on CD!
238.047BOOKIE::EPPESMon Jul 31 1989P.D.Q. Bach
239.010ACE::ROBERTSWed Aug 02 1989Have CD Problems???
240.01BMT::MAUROWed Aug 02 1989New Chesky DDD Jazz Discs
241.019TLE::GIOVINAZZOFri Aug 04 1989Jimmy Buffet
242.05HYDRA::DAVEFri Aug 04 1989Help with "arm" not coming down!
243.017LAIDBK::MIKKELSONMon Aug 07 1989Looking for player
244.02DONVAN::T_THEOWed Aug 09 1989What is NOTEWORTHY?
245.057ANT::SLABOUNTYFri Aug 11 1989Lookit the pretty colors!!
246.04DELNI::S_JONESFri Aug 11 1989HooDoo Gurus recommendation?
247.010EPIK::J_JOSEPHSun Aug 13 1989Where can I get Folk on CD?
248.03SIGVAX::KARRFALTMon Aug 14 1989Blast From your Past?
249.08EXIT26::STRATTONMon Aug 14 1989Anyone know of any banjo music on CD?
250.016SCENIC::SMITHTue Aug 15 1989BMG phone number?
251.06ANT::SLABOUNTYTue Aug 15 1989Horslips on CD?
252.04IOWAIT::MESSENGERTue Aug 15 1989Adrian Belew
253.07RICARD::WOODWed Aug 16 1989Blues Brothers?
254.01CSC32::P_MILLSFri Aug 18 1989Hottest cd of 1989?
255.022BTOVT::SCHOFIELD_KWed Aug 23 1989John Hiatt - Slow turning
256.02MALINK::SCHMIEDERWed Aug 23 1989Soul-II-Soul
257.01PNEUMA::WILSONThu Aug 24 1989Youssou N'Dour: The Lion
258.0KAOM4Fri Aug 25 1989Indio
259.047LUDWIG::PHILLIPSFri Aug 25 1989"Space music" on CD!
261.01ANT::SLABOUNTYMon Aug 28 1989Lyrics not included?
262.05KAYGEE::WIEGLEBMon Aug 28 1989Penguin Cafe Orchestra
263.0TLE::GIOVINAZZOWed Aug 30 1989Taxes on Interstate Mail Orders
264.05ELWOOD::KAPLANWed Aug 30 1989"Show of Hands" = Rickie Lee ????
265.03SHIRE::GOLDBLATTFri Sep 01 1989small sony CD ?
267.07MSDSWS::HENDERSONMon Sep 04 1989Rock Anthologies
268.06NEWS::HAKKARAINENTue Sep 05 1989Canadian performers on disk?
269.033WAV12::CORTIZASTue Sep 05 1989Jimi Hendrix on CD
270.05SALEM::GAUTHIERTue Sep 05 1989New Age, Classical, sale at Lechmere's
271.026ANT::SLABOUNTYWed Sep 06 1989Carlos Santana
272.048COMET::FERRISMThu Sep 07 1989THE WHO
273.03HAZEL::STARRMon Sep 11 1989Cheap Trick
274.02WR2FOR::KAUT_WIMon Sep 11 1989MODERN ROCK
275.03LESLIE::LESLIETue Sep 12 1989New Release queries
276.08AYOU83::SHASSONWed Sep 13 1989Al Stewart on CD
277.031PHAROS::WILSONWed Sep 13 1989Obligatory Tears for Fears CD Note
278.01KAOU66::BAYNEWed Sep 13 1989Malcom McLaren and the Bootzilla Orchestra
279.0DELNI::W_KINGWed Sep 13 1989Gabriel Yared - Lightyears
280.05WR2FOR::KAUT_WIWed Sep 13 1989CD Consumer awareness
281.05HYDRA::JOBRIENThu Sep 14 1989Pioneer PD-M41
283.03LUDWIG::LOGSDONFri Sep 15 1989Star Trek V & Goldsmith
284.011GSRC::WESTTue Sep 19 1989Paranoia ??
285.038ANT::SLABOUNTYWed Sep 20 1989The length of albums and CD's
286.02--UnknownUser--Thu Sep 21 1989CD'S FOR SWAP
287.02SALEM::GAUTHIERThu Sep 21 1989American Gramaphone Samplers
288.027MALINK::SCHMIEDERThu Sep 21 1989Jefferson Airplane
289.09AQUA::ROSTFri Sep 22 1989Jerry Lee Lewis---The Sun Catalog on Rhino
290.028AYOV3Mon Sep 25 1989SINATRA
291.01SALEM::MGINGRASMon Sep 25 1989The Berkshire Record Outlet
292.08MPGS::KLOTZBACHTue Sep 26 1989Hearts of Space
293.015ROCK::JAYARAMWed Sep 27 1989Good Morning Vietnam soundtrack?
294.07CSC32::A_PARRACOThu Sep 28 1989RLJ's Flying Cowboys !
295.018LESLIE::LESLIEMon Oct 02 1989The Band - "The Last Waltz" - recommended
296.014SALEM::MGAGEMon Oct 02 1989Cleaning Compact Discs
297.026PHAROS::WILSONTue Oct 03 1989Julian Cope/Teardrop Explodes
298.02LOWLIF::PRESTONWed Oct 04 1989Upcoming Releases (?)
299.06RIPPLE::CARNESE_CHFri Oct 06 1989Players-auto peak anyone?
300.09LESLIE::LESLIEMon Oct 09 1989Answering Machine Jingles
301.012AV8OR::CONTRIMon Oct 09 1989CD's wear out?
302.0MQOFS::LEDOUXTue Oct 10 1989A Clockwork Orange
303.01NEWS::HAKKARAINENWed Oct 11 1989Anaheim-area shopping?
304.08SANCHO::NEGRIWed Oct 11 1989Ten Years After
305.01AYOV29::KIRKPATRICKThu Oct 12 1989herb alpert makes some cash
306.04PHAROS::WILSONThu Oct 12 1989Bob Mould's "Workbook"
308.09SLOANE::MINDHAMRFri Oct 13 1989Questions, questions...
309.015NITMOI::PESENTIFri Oct 13 1989Michael Franks
310.03BEATLE::STRANGEFri Oct 13 1989Official "CDs on sale at store X" note
311.018JGO::KWIKKELFri Oct 13 1989Some news about CD sound.CDH(hologram)sound.
312.02LEZAH::W_JOHNSONFri Oct 13 1989DMC?
313.08EXIT26::STRATTONSat Oct 14 1989Christine Lavin
315.013LUDWIG::LOGSDONMon Oct 16 1989Laserdisc Label by Delta!
316.021USMFG::MOUELLETTEFri Oct 20 1989Giorgio Moroder
317.048CSC32::M_HENDERSONFri Oct 20 1989Mannheim Steamroller
318.04GUESS::SWHITEFri Oct 20 1989ub4
319.08LESLIE::LESLIEMon Oct 23 1989The Silencers
320.01PNEUMA::WILSONWed Oct 25 1989The Ocean Blue
321.013TLE::WEISSWed Oct 25 1989A question about a FUN present for myself
322.014AQUA::ROSTFri Oct 27 1989Lenny Kravitz
323.026ALLVAX::SCHMIEDERMon Oct 30 1989Neil Young
324.03JGO::APETERSTue Oct 31 1989Visible info on CD's?
327.016RCA::PURMALWed Nov 01 1989CD Wanted - Willing to pay cost + postage
328.02PHAROS::WILSONThu Nov 02 1989Ian McCulloch's "Candleland"
329.026LESLIE::LESLIESun Nov 05 1989Nat "King" Cole sought
330.04PNEUMA::WILSONTue Nov 07 1989Who did "Pictures of Matchstick Men"?
331.01RUTILE::ESCOTWed Nov 08 1989Problem with SONY Players.
332.04GRANPA::TTAYLORFri Nov 10 1989Sony CDP 77
333.0HAMSUP::MARXSENMon Nov 13 1989Soundtrack 'Arche Noah' ?
334.044JAC::COFFLERMon Nov 13 1989Review: Sony CDP-C8ESD multi-disc CD player
337.08ESKIMO::VENTURAThu Nov 16 1989Mobile Fidelity listing
338.01FXADM::SECURITYSat Nov 18 1989Reflecting upon the new age.
340.0LESLIE::LESLIETue Nov 21 1989 The DATman cometh....
341.020USMFG::MOUELLETTETue Nov 21 1989Tangerine Dream/Kitaro
342.04COOKIE::WITHERSWed Nov 22 1989Cassette Liners revisited...
343.057CGVAX2::GILBERTWed Nov 22 1989doors on CD
344.05POLAR::LACAILLEFri Nov 24 1989Georgia Satellites
345.019POBOX::BOLKERTue Nov 28 1989D25 the best portable? If not, which is?
347.04HPSCAD::PALMERTue Nov 28 1989Who carries a lot of "Messiah" versions?
348.02CLOSET::T_PARMENTERTue Nov 28 1989I'd love to have a CD with about 25 Bo Diddley cuts
350.023RTPSWS::BRILEYFri Dec 01 1989Reliable CD player < $15
351.03COOKIE::WITHERSFri Dec 01 1989The longest CD topic...revisited
352.01LEAF::GRACETue Dec 05 1989Deciding ver a Sony CD player
353.01MILKWY::MARTELWed Dec 06 1989DUNE soundtrack on CD?
354.06ISTG::ADEYWed Dec 06 1989Mary-Margaret O'Hara
355.02CSSE32::LESLIEThu Dec 07 1989Wanted... The Nails: 88 lines for 44 women
357.013PEKING::GERRYTThu Dec 07 1989FOCUS (Dutch 7
358.09AWAKE::WESTERVELTThu Dec 07 1989Little Feat
359.012CSSE32::LESLIESat Dec 09 1989Name this artist (and where I can find the song)
360.05ELWOOD::KAPLANSun Dec 10 1989Shawn Colvin
361.017ELWOOD::KAPLANSun Dec 10 1989Fed up with electronic drums
362.013AYOV29::KIRKPATRICKMon Dec 11 1989what's wrong and how do I fix it
363.05BAVIKI::GOODMon Dec 11 1989Bob Seger on CD
364.05ALLVAX::THOMASTue Dec 12 1989Does power supply provide DC?
365.01FIXSR1::WHITTINGTONWed Dec 13 1989Dear America:Letters from Home??
366.05--UnknownUser--Thu Dec 14 1989NARADA - Christmas ?
367.010GUESS::MCKENNAMon Dec 18 1989US "Boom Box" in Europe?
368.075POLAR::LACAILLETue Dec 19 1989Led Zeppelin
369.03AUDIO::MCGREALWed Dec 20 1989CD storage unit
370.012VULCAN::GATESWed Dec 20 1989Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band
371.0PEKING::GERRYTThu Dec 21 1989PAVLOV's DOG on CD ?
373.06--UnknownUser--Wed Dec 27 1989Robert Palmer - "Best Of"
374.05VMSDEV::HALLYBWed Dec 27 1989Stuck loader tray?
375.021PSYLO::WILSONThu Dec 28 1989Emerson, Lake and Palmer
376.020SALEM::PAGLIARULO_GThu Dec 28 1989CD Recoding Methods
377.07FGVAXR::LAINGMon Jan 01 1990Lunch may not be free, but some things nearly are...
378.040SHARE::DITue Jan 02 1990CD for car
381.013VAXINE::THILBERTMon Jan 08 1990CD Players that CUE
382.019NITMOI::PESENTIMon Jan 08 1990Fleetwood Mac
383.011DECXPS::SASCHROEDERMon Jan 08 1990cd's recorded with a midi feature?
386.01BTOVT::EDSON_DTue Jan 09 1990Addresses to record labels, please!
387.04FIXSR1::WHITTINGTONWed Jan 10 1990Phantom of the Opera on CD?
389.08TMISThu Jan 11 1990CD player for 1
390.08OLDTMR::METHOTThu Jan 11 1990CD release consumer's guide?
391.016SALEM::PAGLIARULO_GFri Jan 12 1990Jazz on CD
392.026GLORY::HULLFri Jan 12 1990what do *you* call digital?
393.05POLAR::LACAILLEFri Jan 12 1990Eagles
394.01ZEKE::WOZNIAKFri Jan 12 1990Pousette-Dart Band
395.05HARDY::MARSHMon Jan 15 1990Looking for a 'Listening Bar'
396.04JGO::KWIKKELTue Jan 16 1990Phillip Saisse:Valerian and...
397.02CARP::DSCHWARTZTue Jan 16 1990Raiders CD?
398.04SALEM::TAYLOR_JWed Jan 17 1990EAGLES/CCR/S+G deal?
399.07WIMP::METHOTThu Jan 18 1990CD test disk
400.0FSTVAX::GALLOThu Jan 18 1990Lake Wobegon on CD!
401.011PCOJCT::SELZAMFri Jan 19 1990Big Band/Swing/Jazz Reccomendations?
403.03FSTTOO::GALLOSat Jan 20 1990Asia - Astra
404.033WHELIN::TASCHEREAUThu Jan 25 1990Need help with BMG order..
405.01CLOSUS::HOEThu Jan 25 1990New CD Walkman
406.06ACESMK::TUSIAFri Jan 26 1990How do your order disk at 1/2 price
407.020GRAMPS::LASKYFri Jan 26 1990Bonnie Raitt
408.09BULEAN::CARSONFri Jan 26 1990David Wilcox - How Did You Find Me Here
409.0RHODES::BOYDSat Jan 27 1990The Home Video Album
410.04RHODES::BOYDSat Jan 27 1990*&^%$#@COMEDY!@#$%^&
411.05CSSE32::RHINESun Jan 28 1990Limeliters
412.03FSTVAX::GALLOMon Jan 29 19901776
413.010SQLRUS::RAGHAVANTue Jan 30 1990Julia Fordham
414.010TOOK::MICHAUDWed Jan 31 1990Grass Roots, The
415.04GVAFri Feb 02 1990Rock Voisine
416.06PNO::HERKOFri Feb 02 1990Touchy CD
417.021RUBY::BOYAJIANSat Feb 03 1990Indigo Girls
418.07TECRUS::JIMSun Feb 04 1990Optical Digital Connections for Audio Equipment
419.035BAVIKI::GOODWed Feb 07 19901
420.01GLASS::MADDENThu Feb 08 1990Wendy Wall
421.0118SUBWAY::MAUROSat Feb 10 1990Armor All Protectant
424.01STAR::HEERMANCEWed Feb 14 1990Warren Zevon, He's Just an Excitable Boy.
425.07SUBURB::PULLANRThu Feb 15 1990Specifications related to signal quality.
426.015PNEUMA::WILSONMon Feb 19 1990Marillion
427.022BCSE::ABBOTMon Feb 19 1990Stolen CD Collection
428.02TOOK::MICHAUDTue Feb 20 1990Ringo Starr
429.03POLAR::LACAILLEWed Feb 21 1990Mahavishnu Orchestra
430.01CSC32::W_ALEXANDERThu Feb 22 1990SONY CDP-C9
431.027AIMHI::SILVAThu Feb 22 1990Steely Dan (The "Retail" Scam?)
432.02BTOVT::SCHOFIELD_KFri Feb 23 1990Rhythm Aces on Cd?
433.05STROKR::DEHAHNMon Feb 26 1990CD production quality
434.02MSEE::CHENGMon Feb 26 1990where to find demo on PDM61
435.09KITES::BAYNEThu Mar 01 1990Notting Hillbillies
436.07TEMPEL::LEFEBVREThu Mar 01 1990Chris Rea, "Road to Hell"
437.014LESLIE::LESLIETue Mar 06 1990Three Hours Plus on CD....one day
438.08SUBURB::PULLANRTue Mar 06 1990Future of CD
439.035CTDTue Mar 06 1990Using portable CD players in your car???
440.04NAVIER::STARRWed Mar 07 1990Nick Lowe
441.018FSTTOO::GALLOWed Mar 07 1990D-9 Battery Pack Question
442.014TOOK::MICHAUDWed Mar 07 1990John Lennon
443.010MQOFS::LEDOUXThu Mar 08 1990Denon "Hi-end" player skip easy?
444.010LESLIE::LESLIEMon Mar 12 1990The Groundhogs, out on CD at last
445.04LESLIE::LESLIEMon Mar 12 1990Free at last
446.016FOO::BHAVNANIWed Mar 14 1990Gordon Lightfoot
447.013PNEUMA::WILSONThu Mar 15 1990Iron Butterfly
448.011AQUA::ROSTMon Mar 19 1990Children's CDs
449.06SALEM::MGINGRASMon Mar 19 1990Jeff Beck note
450.01--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 20 1990Eric Clapton
452.01USMFG::MOUELLETTEThu Mar 22 1990"Fixx"
453.010BOOKIE::DAVEYFri Mar 23 1990Sticky CD player drawer (Sony)
454.02ELWOOD::KAPLANSun Mar 25 1990Vonda Shepard
455.04WOTVAX::MEAKINSWed Mar 28 1990Passive pot on power amp
456.0MILKWY::SLABOUNTYFri Mar 30 1990Tony Carey/Planet P
457.03LUDWIG::LOGSDONFri Mar 30 1990Electronic Keyboard Music CD?
458.01GIDDAY::GILLINGSNPSun Apr 01 1990Jeanie Lewis or Captain Matchbox?
459.04MFGMEM::MICHAUDMon Apr 02 1990Mike Post Music??
460.01SOUR::BERGEYMon Apr 02 1990The Godz
462.06NAVIER::LEFEBVRETue Apr 03 1990Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians
463.02KITES::BAYNEWed Apr 04 1990Omar and the Howlers
464.07SALEM::DODAWed Apr 04 1990Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds on CD?
465.07UG2IT::FRICKFri Apr 06 1990"SKY HIGH"
466.03KITES::BAYNEFri Apr 06 1990Uzeb
467.04FDCVMon Apr 09 1990A couple been hunting for
468.04FDCVMon Apr 09 1990Just Say **O! - Sire Samplers
470.04BAVIKI::GOODWed Apr 11 1990The Roches
471.01CECVThu Apr 12 1990Graphic CD's
472.06WAV13::FINKFri Apr 13 1990CD Natural Erosion
473.01SHALOT::PATELThu Apr 19 1990CD International
474.08USMFG::MOUELLETTEThu Apr 19 1990Gene Pitney
475.01PNEUMA::WILSONFri Apr 20 1990Culture Club
476.03TLE::KLINGFri Apr 20 1990Looking for material by N.Y. artists
477.02SALEM::GAUTHIER_TFri Apr 20 1990Highland CD Player Sale
478.03MSD36::RONSat Apr 21 1990Phantom of the Opera
480.020WLDWST::DBRITTONMon Apr 23 1990The Little Feat
482.0VAXINE::THILBERTSun Apr 29 1990Good Music Record Co.
483.09USMFG::MOUELLETTETue May 01 1990Gary Lewis And The Playboys
484.01--UnknownUser--Thu May 03 1990swap only
485.012PNEUMA::WILSONThu May 03 1990Yardbirds
487.026POBOX::PATLAMon May 07 1990New CD Owner Syndrome
488.09LUDWIG::PHILLIPSTue May 08 1990The "desert island"/UFO list!
489.017PHONE::GUARENTETue May 08 1990Dave Clark 5
490.06TOOK::MICHAUDTue May 08 1990Tom Jones
491.011SMURF::HACKTue May 08 1990Ode to Joy recommendations???
492.0UTROFF::MILDERThu May 10 1990Piazzola's [?] La Camorra
493.02RAB::KARDONFri May 11 1990Source for out of print CD-singles
494.04KAOFS::G_DONELYMon May 14 1990Tracking Problem with CD/Graphic Disks
495.05PNEUMA::WILSONTue May 15 1990Midnight Oil
496.07CSCMA::BALDWINThu May 17 1990Looking for "The Muppet Movie" soundtrack on CD
497.07TOOK::MICHAUDFri May 18 1990Cyndi Lauper
498.05BOSOX::WELLBORNFri May 18 1990Heart "Brigade" (DDD ?)
499.05SNAX::THILBERTMon May 21 1990Stan Freberg on CD's
500.06FIXSR2::WHITTINGTONMon May 21 1990Requiem for the America's
501.01GVATue May 22 1990DENON DCD-156
502.04REGENT::POWERSTue May 22 1990.38 Special
503.024VMSSG::NICHOLSTue May 22 1990Sharp CD vs Sony CD
504.04NABETH::alanWed May 23 1990The Official "Other CD Club" Note.
505.03CARIER::STEELEMon May 28 1990Neil Larsen
506.08ISLNDS::BROUGHTue May 29 1990Madonna - I'm Breathless
507.01COMICS::TREVENNORThu May 31 1990CD Admin info extraction?
508.03GLASS::HULLThu May 31 1990CD Review Bus Tour - See It!
509.012BEATLE::STRANGESat Jun 02 1990Squeeze
510.011PSW::WINALSKISat Jun 02 1990Almost all of YES catalog out now....
511.01NAC::SPENCERMon Jun 04 1990Owner Manual for MD61
512.08DOOLIN::HNELSONMon Jun 04 1990Label your CDs?!
513.0WLDWST::EVARELAWed Jun 06 1990" PARIS BY AIR "
514.015PNEUMA::WILSONWed Jun 06 1990Alan Parsons Project
515.05RUBY::BOYAJIANThu Jun 07 1990Suzanne Vega
516.06BTOVT::RIVERS_DThu Jun 07 1990The Kentucky Headhunters
517.030MILKWY::SLABOUNTYMon Jun 11 1990King Crimson
518.07TPOVC::THYANGTue Jun 12 1990Rick Wakemen - Piano Solo <?>
519.02BTOVT::SCHOFIELD_KTue Jun 12 1990No, he's not my uncle either!
520.012LUDWIG::PHILLIPSWed Jun 13 1990Ordering hard-to-find CDs?
521.077TOOK::MICHAUDWed Jun 13 1990Who performs this song?
522.030WORDY::JONGMon Jun 18 1990Sore Loser
524.03THEWAV::MIKKELSONTue Jun 19 1990Random Song Generator V1.
525.01DECSIM::TAITue Jun 19 1990BEE GEE'S
526.02CADSE::SCHMIEDERWed Jun 20 1990Andrew Ridgely
527.09PNEUMA::WILSONWed Jun 27 1990The Hollies
528.04PNEUMA::WILSONWed Jun 27 1990The Electric Prunes
529.010PNEUMA::WILSONWed Jun 27 1990The Zombies
530.05PNEUMA::WILSONWed Jun 27 1990Looking for "The Records" on CD
531.04HPSRAD::ARTHURWed Jun 27 1990Cabaret Voltaire
532.05CURRNT::RUSSFri Jun 29 1990Mike Oldfield - AMAROK
533.026COMET::LEVETTMon Jul 02 1990Crosby, Stills & Nash
534.09LUDWIG::LOGSDONMon Jul 02 1990K. D. Lang Torch and Twang
536.013ZGOVSat Jul 07 1990The Ultimate CD player?
538.04NEWS::HAKKARAINENThu Jul 12 1990Hugh Masekela
539.018CNTROL::HUBERMon Jul 16 1990Tom Lehrer on CD
540.0SAHQ::LUBERMon Jul 16 1990Raspberries on CD
541.01MILLER::SMITHTue Jul 17 1990"Looking for a Path Metheny's cd"
542.05RAVEN1::KROBINSONWed Jul 18 1990Dave Mason
543.02IAMOK::SHARROWWed Jul 18 1990Last Emperor info /comments wanted
544.026PNEUMA::WILSONWed Jul 18 1990Rod Stewart CD's
546.0SALEM::GAUTHIER_TWed Jul 18 1990Rachelle Farrell
547.02MILKWY::SLABOUNTYFri Jul 20 1990Rerun Rock
548.07SUBURB::SCREENERMon Jul 23 1990
549.05SHALOT::TROTTAMon Jul 23 1990Steve Winwood on CD
550.05WHELIN::TASCHEREAUWed Jul 25 1990Liona Boyd
551.01USMFG::MOUELLETTEWed Jul 25 1990B.J. Thomas
552.015CSCMA::BALDWINThu Jul 26 1990Come in From the Rain....da da dum...
553.013TOOK::MICHAUDMon Jul 30 1990J. Geils Band
554.05LAVC::CAHILLWed Aug 01 1990The Turtles
556.05CSC32::A_PARRACOFri Aug 03 1990BRUFORD solo discs !
557.07SAVAGE::LOCKRIDGEFri Aug 03 1990Flanders and Swan on CD?
558.025PSYLO::WILSONFri Aug 03 1990Brian Eno
559.04OFFSHR::BOYAJIANFri Aug 03 1990Dead Can Dance
560.05KCBBQ::PRESTONSun Aug 05 1990(New) REO Speedwagon
561.07CSCMA::BALDWINTue Aug 07 1990Gilbert O'Sullivan...anyone remember him?
562.053TOOHOT::LEASTue Aug 07 1990The terms remain the same.
563.020NAVIER::STARRWed Aug 08 1990Bay City Rollers
564.0SALEM::PATALANOWed Aug 08 1990rick james "wonderful" album
565.03PSYLO::WILSONMon Aug 13 1990Gong on CD
566.03PSYLO::WILSONMon Aug 13 1990Oingo-Boingo
567.0WLDWST::EVARELATue Aug 14 1990" PARIS BY AIR "
568.012NAVIER::LEFEBVREWed Aug 15 1990The Sundays
569.04JUPITR::HILDEBRANTWed Aug 15 1990Looking for "Cheap Suit"
570.013DELREY::BASS_SYTue Aug 21 1990Everything But The Girl
571.0VLOMFG::SATOSFri Aug 24 1990HELP FOR CD
572.09BAVIKI::GOODMon Aug 27 1990Was (Not Was)
573.02CSC32::D_RODRIGUEZMon Aug 27 1990Phantom, Rocker, and Slick
574.02SMURF::MAZZOTTATue Aug 28 1990Test and Demo CDs
575.09PSYLO::WILSONTue Aug 28 1990Disco on CD?
576.015GNPIKE::HANNANTue Aug 28 1990CD Player Cleaner ?
577.05DELREY::BASS_SYTue Aug 28 1990Anita Baker
578.016FSTVAX::GALLOThu Aug 30 1990Box Set Packaging
579.04DELREY::BASS_SYThu Aug 30 1990Michael Tomlinson
580.018MFGMEM::MICHAUDWed Sep 05 1990Portable in the Car question!
581.02WORDY::HAKKARAINENThu Sep 06 1990Misc. questions re current releases
582.017PHONE::GUARENTEMon Sep 10 1990Girl Groups of the 6
583.08YUPPY::MINDHAMRTue Sep 11 1990Mojo
584.0PNEUMA::WILSONTue Sep 11 1990The Rutles on RHINO
586.04LESLIE::LESLIEWed Sep 12 1990"Here COmes the Groom" - John Wesley Harding
587.05NAVIER::VALOISFri Sep 14 1990KNEBWORTH (SP?)Concert ON DISC
588.0PNEUMA::WILSONFri Sep 14 1990Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music
589.03BAVIKI::GOODFri Sep 14 1990Mercury Living Presence on CD
591.08NEWOA::GIBBONSJThu Sep 20 1990Glenn Miller CD?
592.024UTRTSC::MACKRILLThu Sep 20 1990Dan Fogelberg anyone ?
593.06SCOTMN::WOODFri Sep 21 1990New Sony CD DISCMAN problems
594.013TOOK::MICHAUDFri Sep 21 1990Joan Jett
595.024COOKIE::ROLLOWSun Sep 23 1990Fantasia soundtrack.
596.07COOKIE::ROLLOWSun Sep 23 1990Carl Stalling.
597.013DSSDEV::MORMon Sep 24 1990Help!
598.03HGOVC::CRISOLOGOTue Sep 25 1990More than a CD topic
599.02VLOMFG::SQUARTATue Sep 25 1990HELP FOR CD!
600.04GRUFFY::ZAHORAFri Sep 28 1990bird song CD?
601.06MARX::HARTSat Sep 29 1990Angel City
602.01RDGE13::MADGETue Oct 09 1990Help with an Ancient Dream !
603.09ELWOOD::KAPLANTue Oct 09 1990Paul Simon
604.08KHAN::SELBYThu Oct 11 1990New STYX effort?
605.02VMSSG::NICHOLSMon Oct 15 1990And what is the diagnosis, Doctor?
606.043STAR::JACOBIMon Oct 15 1990DAT is here!
607.04NIOMAX::LAINGMon Oct 15 1990FREE Jewel Cases!
608.07COMET::LEVETTTue Oct 16 1990Leonard Bernstein
609.010UTRTSC::MACKRILLWed Oct 17 1990It's growing on me...
610.05UNXA::REICHERTWed Oct 17 1990Portables in the Car
611.02LISVAX::CAMPINOFri Oct 19 1990Memory problems !
612.02QUARK::LIONELFri Oct 19 1990Pictures at an Exhibition on pipe organ (NOT ELP!)
613.02KETJE::VLASIUFri Oct 19 1990Uriah Heep on CD
614.01CLOSUS::DCHAVEZFri Oct 19 1990Used CDs Music Database
615.0SNAX::THILBERTSun Oct 28 1990New Elvis Presley notes conference
616.02BLKWDO::RABINOWed Oct 31 1990Kenny G
617.03CSC32::D_RODRIGUEZThu Nov 01 1990Art Of Noise - Moments of Love
618.06SNORRE::SVEINMon Nov 05 1990Live McCartney is in the shop NOW!
619.024BAVIKI::GOODMon Nov 05 1990ELO - Electric Light Orchestra
620.05DELREY::BASS_SYMon Nov 05 1990Acoustic Alchemy
621.06UG2IT::FRICKWed Nov 07 1990"HAWKWIND on CD?
622.07PEKING::GERRYTWed Nov 07 1990Noisy CD Player
623.014KYOA::MAUROSun Nov 11 1990New Layla Collection
624.04SUBSYS::DRAYMOREMon Nov 12 1990New Jazz station WCDJ 96.9 FM
625.0MEXVTue Nov 13 1990PROBLEM
626.03MEXVTue Nov 13 1990problem
627.02MEXVThu Nov 15 1990thanks guys..
628.01WMOIS::J_BLAQUIEREFri Nov 16 1990Nighthawks
629.03WORDY::HAKKARAINENSun Nov 18 1990Olatunji!
630.0SNAX::THILBERTSun Nov 18 1990Pat Boone CD's ???
631.07FIXSR2::WHITTINGTONTue Nov 20 1990Robert (eric) Johnson review
632.05UTROP1::BOSMAN_PThu Nov 22 1990Discman for motorcycling?
633.01LUDWIG::LOGSDONMon Nov 26 1990Mancini and PBS
634.021IOENG::FIRMANITue Nov 27 1990Sony CD player info wanted!
635.060LUDWIG::PHILLIPSTue Nov 27 1990Christmas music suggestions
636.015MPGS::GIFFORDThu Nov 29 1990D2 snaps and burps
637.03ASSON::KLEINThu Nov 29 1990Sony D11 or D66 : Your advices, please
638.06CARTUN::TREMELLINGThu Nov 29 1990TEAC PD-75 CD player on sale
639.05SNAX::MOORADIANThu Nov 29 1990Technics SL-PJ91 CD Player
640.01CADSE::JAYAKUMARThu Nov 29 1990Sony, CFD77
641.04TLE::KLINGFri Nov 30 1990Looking for on-line CD information
642.019MILKWY::SLABOUNTYMon Dec 03 1990Editing songs for greatest hits packages
643.0NAVIER::VALOISFri Dec 07 1990Steve Winwood ?
644.05LUDWIG::LOGSDONFri Dec 07 1990Coconuts- Huge CD selection?
645.06TINCUP::MFORBESWed Dec 12 1990Steel Band Music on CD
648.05USCTR2::ZAPPIAWed Dec 19 1990CD package marketing, CD3, CD5, CD-oldie/single... CD, Box Set, etc...
649.07SMURF::BINDERThu Dec 20 1990Music boxes?
650.05STAR::JACOBIFri Dec 21 1990The Civil War
651.02COMPLX::WILLIAMSSat Dec 22 1990WANTED: Belouis Some (Untitled) CD
652.012SMOGGY::SILVAFri Dec 28 1990Remember Be-Bop Deluxe?
653.04FOO::BHAVNANIThu Jan 03 1991Wanted: BJH, England Dan & John Ford Coley
654.054OLDTMR::KONICHThu Jan 03 1991Which Multi-Disk CD Player to Choose?
655.037LUDWIG::LOGSDONThu Jan 03 1991Instrumentals, Who, and Where.
656.08HSOMAI::DAVISJWFri Jan 04 1991Best CD player guide ?
657.0ELNDOC::CLARKFri Jan 04 1991Consumer guides to CDs (not players)
658.05SAHQ::LUBERMon Jan 07 1991RECORDS notes file -- what happened?
659.01BPOVMon Jan 07 1991Denon CDC-256
660.04ASIC::ARRIGHIWed Jan 09 1991"I'm picking up good vibrations..."
661.0FORTSC::CHABANThu Jan 10 1991CDPERIPH conference
662.05GRANPA::DFAUSTThu Jan 10 1991Sony D11 Question
663.011PFSVAX::FULTONMon Jan 14 1991BSR CD Players from DAK?
664.0ROMWed Jan 16 1991xposted, cd/xa anybody??
665.012SNAX::THILBERTFri Jan 18 1991Free LP's for a group
666.015SNAX::THILBERTSat Jan 19 1991Some Old Timers
667.020FSTVAX::GALLOMon Jan 21 1991Spinal Tap Soundtrack On CD
668.025WORDY::CAHALANWed Jan 23 1991Be careful of your ENVIRONMENT
669.07XCUSME::WATERSWed Jan 23 1991STRINGS!
671.02SMURF::CALIPH::binderFri Jan 25 1991Vibration and shock sensitivity
672.06STARCH::WHALENSat Jan 26 1991Broken Sony CDP-C5F - what to do?
673.020CSC32::A_PARRACOSat Jan 26 1991STING - The Soul Cages (DDD)
674.04YNGSTR::KONICHMon Jan 28 1991Hard to band, and sound track.
675.06JGO::KWIKKELTue Jan 29 1991Mark Isham CD albums wanted...
676.014USMFG::MOUELLETTETue Jan 29 1991The Ventures
677.0SNAX::THILBERTMon Feb 04 1991Jerry Wallace
678.01PSYLO::WILSONMon Feb 04 1991Shriekback
679.01SMURF::CALIPH::binderTue Feb 05 1991Johnny Halliday
680.05UG2IT::FRICKTue Feb 05 1991King's X
681.09PSYLO::WILSONThu Feb 07 1991Men at Work
682.01DPE::STARRSun Feb 10 1991Dave Edmunds
683.02PENUTS::HNELSONSun Feb 10 1991Isley Brothers' Who's That Lady
684.04JUPITR::BARROWSTue Feb 12 1991Metallica on CD
685.010--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 12 1991Grateful Dead
686.020MR4MI2::GOODENOWTue Feb 12 1991Finding Used CD's
687.055CARROL::LEFEBVRETue Feb 12 1991New Wave of Country Music
688.014BAVIKI::GOODThu Feb 14 1991Prince on CD
689.07PSW::WINALSKIFri Feb 15 1991Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy CDs vs. radio shows
690.07AISG::LANDINGHAMMon Feb 18 1991Buy empty cassette tape cases anywhere?
691.0MR4DEC::GRIFFITHMon Feb 18 1991I'll pay you to upgrade your McCartney CDs!!!
692.07FDCVMon Feb 18 1991Sony CDP-31
694.0MYCRFT::PARODIThu Feb 21 1991Looking for Classical CD catalog(s)
695.03GYPSC::JOEHNKThu Feb 21 1991What happend to CD_V1?
696.010STAR::BIGELOWThu Feb 21 1991Qualiton Imports?
697.03PSYLO::WILSONTue Feb 26 1991"The Communion Label" CDs
698.01PSYLO::WILSONTue Feb 26 19911967
699.015MIACT::RANKINEWed Feb 27 1991Philip Glass info reqd
700.02STAR::DONOVANWed Feb 27 1991DAK Music Compilation Discs
701.0WEPUBS::DCHAVEZThu Feb 28 1991Order CDs with your modem
703.08SMURF::CALIPH::binderMon Mar 04 1991Bluegrass
704.011MILKWY::SLABOUNTYMon Mar 04 1991Madonna - "Immaculate Collection"
705.05WORDY::HAKKARAINENWed Mar 06 1991Beethoven gift ideas (Karajan and others)
706.01FIELD::FIDDLERMon Mar 11 1991Historical Reviews
707.0KETJE::PUTMANSWed Mar 13 1991CD shops in ATLANTA
708.0SUBWAY::GARDELLAWed Mar 13 1991Places in NYC for out-of-print stuff - my choices!
710.04CALS::HORGANMon Mar 25 1991desperately seeking repairs
711.013TRFSV3::WALTERThu Mar 28 1991Audiophile CDs (like DMP, MFSL) - where?
712.010PSYLO::WILSONTue Apr 02 1991Talking Heads
713.0+12PAKORA::SNEILWed Apr 03 1991WANTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
714.03PSYLO::WILSONThu Apr 04 1991Gary Glitter
715.010NIOMAX::LAINGThu Apr 04 1991Techie Questions on audio CDs
716.02DELNI::PYNCHONFri Apr 05 1991Everything but the Girl wanted
717.06WCSM::DELANYSat Apr 06 1991Looking for Andy Talor's "Thunder" CD
718.07MR4DEC::CHANMon Apr 08 1991Peanuts CD
719.04WFOV11::ROBERTS_DTue Apr 09 1991Average White Band
720.04MR4MI2::GOODENOWWed Apr 10 1991Caldor bargains [?]
721.04AIMHI::SILVAThu Apr 11 1991Stan Getz
722.02SWAM2::VERSTER_NESat Apr 13 1991Hawkwind thrives (in my head)
723.06CSC32::WHITIE::M_HENDERSONWed Apr 17 1991Amy Grant
724.02DPE::STARRThu Apr 18 1991The Alarm
725.09MR4MI2::GOODENOWFri Apr 19 1991Laserlight audiophile bargain, or ripoff?
726.03FIELD::FIDDLERMon Apr 22 1991Miles Davis
727.08SWAM1::BASS_SYTue Apr 23 1991Diane Schuur
728.04AYOV29::SHASSONMon Apr 29 1991SONY CDP79
729.0PSYLO::WILSONTue Apr 30 1991The Posies
730.02VAXRIO::RHELENAThu May 09 1991Johnny Hartmann info needed
731.03DLOFri May 10 1991PABLO CRUISE the band....
732.03HGOVC::CRISOLOGOMon May 13 1991Doobie Brothers
733.02PSYLO::WILSONWed May 15 1991Dave Stewart
734.05HPSCAD::WALLThu May 16 1991Was Phil there, or what?
735.09NYTPThu May 16 1991Wilson-Philips
736.06MEMORY::MICHAUDJTue May 21 1991New node for CDSWAP??
737.07NOVA::GRIGLACKTue May 21 1991Aztec Two-Step?
738.01WIDGIT::WESTTue May 21 1991Tri Atma
739.012BAHTAT::SALLITTTue May 28 1991Mail order help wanted....
740.02--UnknownUser--Thu May 30 1991classical_music ???????
741.03NYTPThu May 30 1991Keiko Matsui
742.06WORDY::CAHALANFri May 31 1991Looking for some movie theme music
743.075FORTY2::MOOREMon Jun 03 1991Advice on Portable CD Players Wanted
744.02JOVIAN::SLABOUNTYMon Jun 03 1991Herbie Hancock
745.06AIDEV::LANDINGHAMFri Jun 07 1991Help! Can't find proper connector
746.04EXIT26::STRATTONFri Jun 14 1991Seals and Crofts?
747.019SAHQ::LUBERMon Jun 17 1991Question on Trunk Comparment CD players
748.06MILKWY::SLABOUNTYThu Jun 20 1991Blondie
749.02RAVEN1::B_ADAMSThu Jun 20 1991Alabama
750.04YUPPY::AMERRFri Jun 21 1991Help needed
751.03SWAM1::BASS_SYFri Jun 21 1991The Big Dish -- The Big Dilemma
752.07PSYLO::WILSONMon Jun 24 19911966-1968 Cover Compilation CDs
753.062SMURF::GALLOTue Jun 25 1991What was the first disk you bought?
754.0100LUDWIG::PHILLIPSThu Jun 27 1991Jewel box vs. ?????????
755.028NYTPFri Jun 28 1991Winchester Cathedral
756.01NITTY::DIERCKSMon Jul 01 1991Player cleaners?
757.05WMOIS::P_MALLETTETue Jul 02 1991Savoy Brown "Getting to the Point"
758.03MR4MI2::GOODENOWFri Jul 05 1991Libraries with collections
759.02RHODES::BOYDFri Jul 05 1991CHEAP-CDs ??
760.05HAMPS::IVES_JMon Jul 08 1991CD out of Hell!!!!
761.020KETJE::DEMOORKTue Jul 09 1991CD recording quality.
762.08COOKIE::D_BERRYTue Jul 09 1991SONY shuffle problems
763.09SAHQ::LUBERWed Jul 10 1991New Capital-EMI 1
764.08DONVAN::BWALKERWed Jul 10 1991Help! Need song title/artist.
765.017ICS::FALIVENAFri Jul 12 1991Your vision of the Future?
766.07AYOV29::SHASSONFri Jul 12 1991Peter White / Al Stewart
767.06UFHIS::TBAYERMon Jul 15 1991Phil Collins - Serious Hits
768.02QRYCHE::STARRMon Jul 15 1991Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
769.03SUBSYS::DRAYMOREMon Jul 15 1991Music dropout in John Tesh's Garden City
770.02TEMPE::RABINOMon Jul 15 1991Hiroshima
771.03USMFG::MOUELLETTETue Jul 16 1991Bee Gee's
772.02DELNI::PYNCHONThu Jul 18 1991Everything But the Girl?
773.07TEMPE::RABINOTue Jul 23 1991Earth,Wind & Fire
774.09AKOCOA::MILNEThu Jul 25 1991What Labels Make the Best and Worst CDs?
775.01HAMPS::IVES_JMon Jul 29 1991UK CDSWAP ?
776.0ZPOVC::HWCHOYTue Jul 30 1991
777.012SWAM1::BASS_SYTue Jul 30 1991Natalie Cole - "Unforgettable"
778.02RTOEU::YDOHMWed Jul 31 1991THE DOORS - new album?
779.018RICKS::SHERMANWed Jul 31 1991Tell (off) the small, unknown music publisher ...
780.01JGODCL::APETERSThu Aug 01 1991jovanotti request
781.0BSYBEE::EGOLFSat Aug 03 199134 Pop Classics from the Sixties
784.06HGOVC::DAVIDLAUSun Aug 11 1991SPARS: meaning of AAD
785.031EMDS::UCCOOPTue Aug 13 1991Why is Laserlight cheap?
786.02TPS::SHAHWed Aug 14 1991CBS CD Club info.
787.03PIPE::GOODThu Aug 15 1991How to fix a scratched CD?
790.03RHODES::BOYDWed Aug 21 1991HANK WILLIAMS >>SR.<<
792.01CXCAD::COLECCHIFri Aug 23 1991Heavy Metal Soundtrack available?
793.09ZPOVC::HWCHOYSun Aug 25 1991Grover Washington Jr
794.09RANGER::PESENTIWed Aug 28 1991Extreme
795.024FRAMBO::NICOLFri Aug 30 1991Dire Straits - New CD
796.03REGENT::BROOMHEADFri Aug 30 1991Wanted: `The Sorcerer' by G&S
797.07ZPOVC::HWCHOYSun Sep 01 1991Fryderyk Chopin
798.08PSYLO::WILSONTue Sep 03 1991Crowded House - "Woodface"
799.02SAHQ::LUBERTue Sep 03 1991The Rembrandts: The Base Note
800.012UFHIS::TBAYERWed Sep 04 1991Michael Jackson
801.05NYTPFri Sep 06 1991Denon home CD recorder.
802.01I18N::THOMASCHANTue Sep 10 1991Sony D-35 "No Disc" problem...Please help.
803.02SNAX::THILBERTFri Sep 13 1991The How Come ??? Department
804.05SMURF::BREAUTue Sep 17 1991SPARS codes: DDD, ADD, AAD
805.02MR4DEC::FALSAFIWed Sep 18 1991Problem with Discman D-11?
807.0+15AIADM::LEVINWed Sep 18 1991Mail order CDs
808.01VAXRIO::OCTAVIOThu Sep 26 1991Best shops to buy CD's in New Orleans and Miami
809.03--UnknownUser--Fri Sep 27 1991It's A Beautiful Day
810.02TRCOA::ALWILLIAMSSat Oct 05 1991Dance to The Holy Man..new Silencers
811.01TRCOA::ALWILLIAMSSat Oct 05 1991Dance Music...KLF
812.0SNAX::THILBERTSun Oct 06 1991Artie Kaplan ???
813.09JAC::COFFLERThu Oct 10 1991Database facility to store Compact Discs online
814.02FORTY2::CADWALLADERFri Oct 18 1991Death In June
815.0NYTPFri Oct 18 1991Blue Moon
816.0AYOV29::SHASSONWed Oct 23 1991Nancy Griffiths
817.06MCIS5::GOODENOWThu Oct 31 1991Online ordering
818.0PINION::WILSONMon Nov 04 1991The Lilac Time
819.03SAHQ::LUBERFri Nov 08 1991Phil Spector CD was due out Nov 5
820.07YUPPIE::LINCEFri Nov 08 1991TRON/Tomita CD wanted
821.02SWAM1::BASS_SYSun Nov 10 1991Seal
822.04AKOCOA::MILNEMon Nov 11 1991Haydn/Mozart Horn Concertos
823.04F18::ROBERTMon Nov 11 1991Sony via mail order
824.03AKOCOA::SALLOWAYTue Nov 12 1991New York Rock and Soul Revue
825.019TNPUBS::CAHALANThu Nov 14 1991Location of the Harvard Square HMV??
826.04FORTY2::CADWALLADERMon Nov 18 1991HELP! Awkward CD!
827.05SOFBAS::FRANTZWed Nov 20 1991SONY CDP-C215?
828.05MRKTNG::GOLDMANWed Nov 20 1991CD industry info?
829.01UFRCS1::PIETERSONTue Nov 26 1991Looking for a CD storage program
830.01NYTPWed Nov 27 1991Books on CD
831.02FRAIS1::MERRELLThu Nov 28 1991Help needed on search 4 CD
832.0--UnknownUser--Wed Dec 04 1991Paul Young - Singles Collection
833.018PSYLO::WILSONThu Dec 05 1991America
834.03QUARK::LIONELWed Dec 11 1991Classics for Joy - The First Noel
835.06GAUSS::DAVISThu Dec 12 1991Fred Waring Xmas CD? Other big band Xmas CDs?
836.01SNAX::THILBERTFri Dec 13 1991Good Music Record Company
837.06NYTPTue Dec 17 1991CD/record player.
838.02PSYLO::WILSONThu Dec 19 1991Vinyl Dust Covers?
839.03CSCMA::BALDWINThu Dec 19 1991Mary's Boy Child...on CD?
840.01DPE::STARRTue Dec 24 1991James Brown
841.0KCOHUB::DAZOFF::DUNCANMon Dec 30 1991Bank & Shuffle on Sony CDP715 ??
842.01OSLACT::HENRIKWWed Jan 08 1992Kate & Anna McGarrigle
844.02PIPE::GOODThu Jan 16 1992Human Sexual Response
845.04AKO55Fri Jan 17 1992Need Help finding Jazz CD's...
846.012MCIS1::GILLISFri Jan 24 1992Ragtime
847.0UFHIS::MSCHENKELThu Jan 30 1992?? SAN JUAN SUITE ??
848.09PSYLO::WILSONMon Feb 03 1992The Monkees
849.0LUDWIG::LOGSDONMon Feb 03 1992Synthesizor Greatests
850.0SMURF::GALLOFri Feb 07 1992Soundtrack to "Club Paradise" Wanted
851.04SAHQ::LUBERWed Feb 12 1992Emitt Rhodes on CD?
852.0TNPUBS::CAHALANFri Feb 14 1992Dave Brubeck
853.07SALEM::TAYLOR_JMon Feb 17 1992Boston CD stores ?
854.06AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LTue Feb 18 1992Life Expectancy of a cd.
856.04PSYLO::WILSONWed Feb 26 1992U.S. Mail Order Japanese Cds
857.0MAYES::OSTIGUYFri Feb 28 1992Strawberries sale
858.01GIAMEM::TORTORELLIFri Feb 28 1992No Instructions for Pioneer CD Player! Help!
859.03TYFYS::MUNNSMon Mar 02 1992Poor quality CD's
860.0ASSON::KLEINWed Mar 04 1992Clarion's customer service phone number ?
861.02AYOV24::JMCCORMACKThu Mar 05 1992JEFF HEALEY CD's ?
862.010MINNY::PARKERFri Mar 06 1992Funky suggestions?
863.06TNPUBS::CAHALANWed Mar 11 1992Importing CDs directly from Outside the USA?
864.02WMOIS::WATERS_JThu Mar 12 1992THE "BOSS" IS BACK!!!
865.03RAVEN1::B_ADAMSThu Mar 12 1992Van Halen..Past and Present
866.04CESARE::PIACENTINIWed Mar 18 1992UK VAT on CDplayers
867.020SOURCE::ZAPPIAFri Mar 20 1992Extra / Hidden Tracks and Other Oddities
868.01SALEM::TAYLOR_JFri Mar 20 1992Where's "Second Coming"record store?
871.02LANDO::WATTS6::TIMMONSTue Mar 31 1992$5 for TELARC/BIZET
872.0LMOADM::LEVINFri Apr 03 1992Brian Auger
873.01CSC32::A_PARRACOSat Apr 04 1992Best of Stan Ridgway
874.04CSSE32::LESLIETue Apr 07 1992Annie Lennox - "Diva"
876.07BUXHED::KIRKPATRICKTue Apr 21 1992The problems with CD singles
877.09QUABBI::"dchavez@tincup.enet.dec.com"Fri May 01 1992Online Noteworthy?
878.010ASICS::LESLIEWed May 13 1992Jane Siberry
879.05PIPE::GOODFri Jun 12 1992DSP options on portable/car CD players
880.06ASICS::LESLIETue Jun 16 1992Humble Pie
881.013UBOHUB::BRADSHAW_MSun Jul 05 1992Donald Fagen
882.0VAXRIO::OCTAVIOWed Jul 08 1992Thin Lizzy songs (CDs)
883.02VAXRIO::ZELIAMon Jul 13 1992FOGHAT CDs
884.0VAXRIO::ZELIAFri Jul 17 1992Allman Brothers
885.08QUARK::LIONELTue Jul 21 1992CD Review, no longer associated with Wayne Green?
886.02STAR::BSYBEE::EGOLFSun Jul 26 1992Herman's Hermits
888.06LACVTue Aug 11 1992Brazilian Music ...
889.05ASICS::LESLIEWed Aug 12 1992Joe Jackson
890.02BUXHED::KIRKPATRICKTue Aug 18 1992Noteworthy cat nos
891.0JURAN::GARDNERWed Aug 19 199226 minutes of Beethoven's Fifth....
892.02SMURF::BINDERWed Aug 19 1992Looking for an obscure album - 1
893.024SAHQ::LUBERFri Sep 11 1992AAD or DDD?
894.0XAPPL::CLARKMon Sep 14 1992Seeking the perfect in-dash CD player
895.0MLNADTue Sep 15 1992Experiences with Sony D-311
896.06RANGER::WESTERVELTTue Sep 15 1992Harry Nilsson
897.01SALEM::PATALANOWed Sep 30 1992digitally remastered oldies?
898.0CHEFS::BRIGGSRThu Oct 01 1992Looking for Harper's Bizarre
899.023ELMAGO::JMORALESMon Oct 19 1992Micro Disk - 'MD'
900.013BLKPUD::TURNERIMon Oct 26 1992CD+G revisited.
901.01WEORG::GILLISMon Oct 26 1992Sony portable CD D-313 and D-515??
902.01SPECXN::MUNNSWed Oct 28 1992Greek Music
903.01ELMAGO::JMORALESFri Oct 30 1992Looking for Old CD
905.02POWDML::BURGOS_LTue Nov 17 1992Phill Spector's Christmas Album
906.03ECADSR::SHERMANWed Dec 02 1992CD-ROM reviews?
907.02SAHQ::ROSENKRANZTue Dec 08 1992Fleetwood Mac
908.05SAHQ::LUBERFri Dec 11 1992Info wanted on Original Master Recording CD's
909.04VAXWRK::SWARDFri Dec 18 1992Looking for Malcolm Arnold CD
910.07WEORG::GILLISMon Jan 11 1993Curious grey spot on disk, can I fix CD?
911.06WMOIS::ALUKONISTue Jan 19 1993MINI-DISK vs. Compact Disk?
912.01SNAX::THILBERTWed Jan 27 1993Current address for Rhino Records (CD's) ??
913.03SNAX::THILBERTWed Feb 03 1993Help looking for CD's
914.03BTOVT::EDSON_DMon Feb 08 1993Pioneer PD 7
915.02E::EVANSMon Feb 15 1993Sun Ra
916.0SNAX::THILBERTThu Feb 25 1993Brenda Lee Records
918.0PEKING::GERRYTWed Mar 24 1993Zzebra album?
919.03MSDFri Mar 26 1993Linda Lewis?.....
920.01JACOBI::JACOBIMon Mar 29 1993Ultima TV comercial
921.01POWDML::ROSADOTue Mar 30 1993CD_SWAP note?
922.01SMURF::BINDERFri Apr 02 1993Become famous instantly!
923.04TROPPO::WARDFri Apr 02 1993INternet CD Order
925.02BSS::STPALY::J_KUHNTue Apr 20 1993Heat and multi-CD players
926.02SNAX::THILBERTWed Apr 28 1993Help in locating some CD's
927.014PAMSRC::635Wed Apr 28 1993Playing Audio CD's in computers
928.01PAMSRC::635Tue May 04 1993Triumvirat
929.0JGODCL::SHERLOCKTue May 11 1993Motown Chartbusters
930.0USABLE::GOODWed May 12 1993Good Rats on CD
931.0GJOWed May 19 1993Label Printing Software
932.03CALS::EGOLFMon May 24 1993DONOVAN
933.0TRNAF1::VIALEMon May 31 1993Ice-Cube
934.03CSLALL::MKELLYFri Jun 18 1993Pete Townsend
935.04MU::PORTERMon Jun 21 1993Pere Ubu on CD
936.01MU::PORTERWed Jun 23 1993Labelling CDs
937.07BUSY::SLABOUNTYMon Jun 28 1993cde [Compact Disc Europe]
938.04MU::PORTERSun Jul 11 1993Lechmere - good prices, sloppy computer system
939.034MU::PORTERThu Jul 15 1993CD distributors wage war on used-disc vendors
940.025HLFSThu Jul 15 1993pressing your CD in the shop ?
941.07NIOMAX::LAINGWed Jul 21 1993TV/Radio Themes/Commercials?
942.08CUPMK::T_THEOWed Aug 04 1993Al Jolson on CD?
943.0ISOISA::HAKKARAINENFri Aug 06 1993Columbia material on sale at cut-out prices
944.0IJSAPL::KLERKThu Aug 12 1993Barry Gray "Thunderbirds" music UK/Japan Bandai releases
945.08TRUCKS::TREVENNOR_ATue Aug 24 1993I need your inputs!
946.03XCUSME::SCHROEDERMon Sep 13 1993looking for a few songs
947.013BRSTR2::SYSMANMon Sep 27 1993CD spinning?
948.025QUARK::LIONELSat Oct 16 1993Meat Loaf - Bat out of Hell II
949.03SPECXN::MUNNSMon Oct 18 1993Media Play
950.01E::EVANSWed Oct 27 1993Buffalo Springfield
951.0CALDEC::NUCKLESFri Oct 29 1993denon dcp15
952.03CALDEC::NUCKLESMon Nov 01 1993Jazz CD
953.020NETRIX::michaudFri Nov 12 19931
954.08CSC32::J_KUHNWed Nov 17 1993CD mgf defect or tape master noise?
955.05PINION::BUREKFri Nov 19 1993Blues boxed set suggestions?
956.025OTOOA::ESKICIOGLUSat Nov 20 1993racks / organizing CDs
957.02OTOOA::ESKICIOGLUSat Nov 20 1993Robert Plant
958.03OTOOA::ESKICIOGLUMon Nov 22 1993Creedence Clearwater Revival
959.015FSCORE::LEMMONWed Dec 01 1993Any advice on CD player purchase?
960.03CSC32::J_KUHNTue Dec 07 1993CD resonating?
961.07OSBONN::PERTue Dec 21 1993Where to shop for a separate D/A converter?
962.09MKOTS3::SHATTUCKWed Dec 22 1993CD Player Problems
963.0YEOLD::STRONBERGThu Dec 30 1993Another noisy CD question
964.08POLAR::BAYNEMon Jan 03 1994Look Ma, no cd!
965.0CALDEC::NUCKLESMon Jan 03 1994Commander Cody base note
966.03CALDEC::NUCKLESMon Jan 03 1994Flying Burrito Bros.
967.0NODEX::ADEYFri Jan 07 1994Happy Rhodes
969.0WEORG::GILLISMon Jan 17 1994Car CD player skipping/"rapping" Heat-related problem?
970.06BUSY::SLABOUNTYFri Jan 28 1994The Romance Collection - Just the Two of Us
971.01LJSRV2::FEHSKENSWed Feb 09 1994Phone or Address for Sony CD Customer Service
972.0STRATA::BRICHARDFri Feb 11 1994Trading Bowie CD's
973.03CALDEC::NUCKLESTue Feb 22 1994Chick Corea base note
974.02BOOKS::CARTERMon Feb 28 1994Christine McVie solo CD
975.01--UnknownUser--Wed Mar 02 1994Help with REM CD search
977.02BUSY::SLABOUNTYThu Mar 17 1994Spike Jones and the City Slickers
978.01NYOSTue Mar 22 1994Buying Sony portable CD player
979.01KAHALA::RAOTue Apr 12 1994Columbia House Telephone Number
980.01JUPITR::HILDEBRANTWed Apr 27 1994New ZZ Top CD?
981.03ILBBAK::PALUKA::lawtonFri May 13 1994Perfect sound for ever?
983.02LATINA::FRODRIGUEZThu May 26 1994Problems inst. a PCXCR-AC (SONY)
984.09ATLBOO::ADAMSThu Jun 16 1994can a CD player 'remember' user preferences per CD?
986.02NETRIX::michaudMon Jun 27 1994Aerosmith
987.06WAMMEY::NUCKLESTue Jul 12 1994boogie
988.05LKPDEE::TORSTENSSONTue Sep 06 1994Sam Kinison
989.04CHEFS::HARRISRWed Sep 14 1994CD Video help please
990.0MARIN::ARVINDFri Sep 16 1994Disney Young Musicians CD?
991.0VYGER::KIRKPATRICKITue Sep 20 1994Disney instrumental/orchestral
992.01MSBCS::RAGHUNATHWed Oct 05 1994looking for song
993.03SLBLUZ::DIGMANWed Oct 05 1994CD<-->FM car adaptor ???
994.09STARCH::MONIAWed Oct 12 1994Looking for package to help with cataloguing
995.01RANGER::HOLMESWed Nov 09 1994Need Help with Sony CDP-91
996.0WAMMEY::NUCKLESThu Nov 17 1994Ebony Concerto - Goodman/Shostokovich
997.01MSGAXP::MORGANFri Dec 16 1994Traditional Irish Christmas music
998.0UPROAR::GUNNSTue Dec 20 1994Ordering CDs by email
999.0SHIPS::WHITWOOD_NWed Dec 21 1994Caroline Mass ?
1000.02ULYSSE::LIPPENSThu Jan 19 1995Jefferson Airplane
1001.07HDECAD::MICHAUDMon Jan 30 1995CDSWAP notesfile OTL??
1002.03WEDOIT::HIGGINSThu Feb 02 1995Bruce Cockburn?
1003.0QUABBI::"feingold@avette.zko.dec.com"Tue Feb 14 1995Looking for Jethro Tull box set
1004.01AMCUCS::NUCKLESTue Feb 14 1995Pointer Sisters
1005.07CALDEC::NUCKLESMon Mar 20 1995CD greenbacks
1006.01QUABBI::"feingold@avette.zko.dec.com"Wed May 03 1995Wanted: Jethro Tull 2
1007.01SSDEVO::THOMPSONTue Jun 20 1995High Definition Compatible Digital
1008.01--UnknownUser--Mon Jun 26 1995The Devil Went Down To Georgia (For Jimmy Carter!)
1009.0CALDEC::NUCKLESWed Jul 05 1995Abbey Lincoln
1010.03HDECAD::MICHAUDThu Aug 03 1995GLDCLU::CDSWAP gone?
1011.0NETRIX::"hooker@chnrng.mko.dec.com"Mon Aug 14 1995Wanted: CD shipping sleeves/envelopes
1012.0QUABBI::"tal@muhthr.hlo.dec.com"Thu Aug 24 1995HLO CD exchange
1013.0CALDEC::NUCKLESWed Sep 13 1995Charlie Parker on CD
1015.0CSC32::R_NICKLESFri Oct 06 1995Stephanie Booshada CD?
1016.0ZENDIA::HAKKARAINENMon Feb 12 1996Maya Angelou is Miss Calypso
1017.02NETRIX::"anspach@gecTue Feb 13 1996Looking for...
1018.02NETRIX::"anspach@gecTue Feb 13 1996Looking for...
1019.01CHEFS::MCS_ORDERSTue Feb 27 1996Iggy's new album
1020.02RUBY::MOSSTue Mar 05 1996Looking for help finding a good portable cd player
1021.01RUBY::MOSSWed Mar 27 1996Fugazi by Marrillion
1022.09ODIXIE::MARSHFri Apr 26 1996Where have all the DJs gone?
1023.01RG5Fri May 17 1996Mail Order CD places
1024.0LUDWIG::EMCGREWSat Jun 29 1996WANTED Eve's Plum/Soundgarden
1026.025POLAR::TEMPLETue Jul 30 1996Punk music anyone?
1028.0 *+9VYGER::BONEMWed Mar 19 1997Looking for a Stray Cat