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Conference abbott::bookreader

Title:Bookreader (RIP)
Notice:for latest news on Bookreader, see note 7.5
Created:Mon Aug 05 1991
Last Modified:Mon Jun 02 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:584
Total number of notes:2517
Number with bodies:7
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1.014--UnknownUser--Wed Nov 20 1991See Note 1.5...and welcome!
2.014DECWET::TARDIFFFri Dec 20 1991Bookreader kit availability
3.03DECWET::TARDIFFTue Mar 03 1992Bookreader-related announcements
4.0DECWET::TARDIFFTue Mar 17 1992Where is Bookreader for ULTRIX?
5.0DECWET::TARDIFFTue Mar 17 1992Where is Bookreader for VMS?
6.03DECWET::TARDIFFTue Aug 25 1992How do I get the Bookreader Writing Interface (BWI) specification?
7.08DECWET::TARDIFFWed Nov 04 1992Bookreader party-line statement
8.018DECWET::TARDIFFWed May 13 1992Bookreader wishlist
9.013DECWET::TARDIFFWed Jun 03 1992Bookreader and PAKs, including BOOKBROWSER
10.02DECWET::TARDIFFSat May 23 1992Products similar to or related to Bookreader
11.06DECWET::TARDIFFSat May 23 1992Bookreader interoperability (including UCX stuff)
12.02DECWET::TARDIFFWed Aug 12 1992Displaying Bookreader output on X platforms
13.04DECWET::TARDIFFThu Sep 10 1992Setting your workstation for 75-dpi resolution and fonts
14.0DECWET::TARDIFFWed Nov 04 1992Bookreader information sheet ("glossy")
15.01DECWET::TARDIFFWed Nov 04 1992Bookreader SPDs
16.05DECWET::TARDIFFThu Nov 05 1992Related Conferences pointers
17.02DECWET::TARDIFFMon Nov 09 1992Bookreader documentation
18.0DECWET::TARDIFFWed Nov 20 1991reserved
19.0DECWET::TARDIFFWed Nov 20 1991reserved
20.017DECWET::TARDIFFFri Dec 20 1991Comments and bug reports for Bookreader for ULTRIX
21.05DECWET::TARDIFFTue Aug 11 1992General discussion of puzzling Bookreader behaviors
22.0DECWET::TARDIFFWed Nov 20 1991reserved
23.0DECWET::TARDIFFWed Nov 20 1991reserved
24.0DECWET::TARDIFFWed Nov 20 1991reserved
25.011DECWET::TARDIFFMon May 11 1992Questions or comments about the QAR system (*NOT* bug reports!)
26.03DECWET::TARDIFFWed Aug 26 1992Bookreader authoring-related questions and discussion
27.0DECWET::TARDIFFWed Nov 20 1991reserved
28.0DECWET::TARDIFFWed Nov 20 1991reserved
29.0DECWET::TARDIFFWed Nov 20 1991reserved
30.02DECWET::TARDIFFWed Nov 04 1992General discussion of Bookreader for Windows
31.0DECWET::TARDIFFTue Mar 03 1992Reserved
32.016DECWET::TARDIFFTue Mar 03 1992Reserved
33.03DECWET::TARDIFFTue Mar 03 1992Reserved
34.0DECWET::TARDIFFTue Mar 03 1992Reserved
35.035DECWET::TARDIFFThu Apr 09 1992General Discussion of BookreaderPlus field test
36.07DECWET::TARDIFFThu Apr 09 1992Known problems with BookreaderPlus field test
37.068MIDI::DANFri Oct 02 1992General Discussion of Bookreader X4.
38.01MIDI::DANFri Oct 02 1992Known problems with Bookreader, Bookreader/CC FT kits
39.0DECWET::TARDIFFWed Nov 20 1991reserved
40.03DECWET::TARDIFFFri May 01 1992Spring 1992 US Chapter DECUS: information, comments, trip reports
41.0DECWET::TARDIFFFri May 01 1992reserved
42.0DECWET::TARDIFFWed Nov 20 1991reserved
43.0DECWET::TARDIFFWed Nov 20 1991reserved
44.0DECWET::TARDIFFWed Nov 20 1991reserved
45.01DECWET::TARDIFFWed Jun 24 1992Bookreader messages and what they mean
46.0DECWET::TARDIFFWed Nov 20 1991reserved
47.0DECWET::TARDIFFWed Nov 20 1991reserved
48.0DECWET::TARDIFFWed Nov 20 1991reserved
49.0DECWET::TARDIFFWed Nov 20 1991reserved
50.01DECWET::TARDIFFThu Aug 27 1992Pointers to Bookreader-format documents online
51.02MLCADG::ANTONANGELIFri Dec 06 1991CASE and Documentation Tools Integration
52.08AIAG::WISNERFri Dec 13 1991confused about where to put DECW$BOOKs?
53.05NZOMIS::ROBBINSSun Dec 15 1991BOOKREADER under WINDOWS? (direct from PC)
54.07BUNYIP::QUODLINGWed Dec 18 1991Setting up multiple access points.
55.0XAPPL::CLARKFri Dec 20 1991Cloning the good stuff from the old conference
56.02ORION::BAECHTOLDFri Dec 20 1991Calling all HyperHelp Writers
57.06LGP3Thu Jan 02 1992New York Times (12/29/91) on "The Electronic Book"
58.03RHETT::KUMARMon Jan 06 1992Error reading fields and records?
59.01NECSC::LEVYTue Jan 07 1992Bookreader problem delaying course implementation?
60.020TOOK::MATTIOLIThu Jan 09 1992Bookreader and character cell access
61.01OPHION::FURBUSHTue Jan 14 1992Bookreader V3 Comments
62.02SICML::LEVINTue Jan 14 1992Desperately Seeking Version
63.05SICML::LEVINTue Jan 14 1992Combining Libraries
64.01KETJE::MICHIELSWed Jan 15 1992Page size for Bookreader
65.03SICML::LEVINWed Jan 15 1992Opening a library at startup
66.01GRUBER::RODGERSThu Jan 16 1992Cryptic Bookreader error on DECwrite-produced book
67.03SICML::LEVINThu Jan 16 1992Scrolling problem
68.01RONAN::RONANFri Jan 17 1992old conference restricted? -Doc info needed
69.03MINNIE::BUSHENSun Jan 19 1992How to find books by title alone?
70.03NECSC::LEVYTue Jan 21 1992Bookreader packaging
71.010FORTSC::CHABANTue Jan 21 1992print page?
72.04LUXFri Jan 24 1992Conversion to Bookreader ...
73.04ISOISA::HAKKARAINENFri Jan 24 1992Updating Motif Help product docs after shipment
74.06SAYER::ELMORETue Jan 28 1992more on green?
75.015VERGA::THORSTENSENFri Jan 24 1992LMF tags VMS vs ULTRIX
76.06COOKIE::SANDERSONThu Jan 30 1992Ultrix questions...
77.01MANSW1::CZWIKLAMon Feb 03 1992Bookreader Manual
78.01PEOBX::HESHELMANMon Feb 03 1992Undocumented "Cut and Paste"?
79.0WEORG::JALBERTTue Feb 04 1992Missing Index Guide Headings in V3.
80.02TLE::REINIGThu Feb 06 1992What version am I running?
81.0TLE::REINIGThu Feb 06 1992You don't handle resizes gracefully
82.01TLE::REINIGThu Feb 06 1992Hither and yon in help looking for answers
83.02TLE::REINIGThu Feb 06 1992Help doesn't help me (reading VMS book on ULTRIX)
84.06WMOIS::JAMBU_SFri Feb 07 1992Shell level command for .decw_book files?
85.02TLE::REINIGFri Feb 07 1992Session manager dxbook defaults
86.01HALFDM::LAMBERTFri Feb 07 1992how do you add hot spots?
87.01HARBRD::IRONSIDEMon Feb 10 1992Printing of any kind required
89.04KEPERA::RIPLEYThu Feb 13 1992Sun Answerbook
90.05OPHION::FURBUSHThu Feb 13 1992man link to Bookreader
91.011SUOSW3::WAGENBLASTFri Feb 14 1992Bookreader/Green on SUN?
92.02LUXWed Feb 19 1992Server needs
93.06MUDIS3::FISCALThu Feb 20 1992BOOKBROWSER license anywhere
95.03TPLAB::VANPAMELWed Feb 26 1992DECdesign .DDIF to be converted into BOOKREADER
96.05DOCRUS::R_WILLIAMSFri Feb 28 1992Problem with math characters in BOOKREADER
97.0CARROL::CONDOSun Mar 01 1992What's bookresder's widget?
98.04UTRTSC::BOSMANThu Mar 05 1992DECwindows vs. MOTIF bookreader
99.02SANFAN::ROBAK_RITue Mar 10 1992License limit?
100.08SUBURB::JAMESHThu Mar 12 1992Missing Title
101.014IOSG::BILSBOROUGHThu Mar 12 1992References now across books?
102.03TROOA::BALDOCKThu Mar 12 1992Need Help with Infoserver Configuration
103.01HOPS::M_BLESSINGMon Mar 16 1992CSC Support of BookreaderPlus
104.04LNGBCH::SCHNEIDERTue Mar 17 1992using bookreader as on-line help
105.03AZUR::JORDANTue Mar 17 1992Using bookreader on Ultrix for a customer: when ????
106.010CSCOAC::STUBBS_AWed Mar 18 1992Error opening book
107.02POBOX::TSUCHIYAMAWed Mar 18 1992Including images in a bookreader file?
108.04GUESS::PEPINThu Mar 26 1992Ghost Created in Title Page
109.03YUMA::CANFIELDFri Mar 27 1992Can you create a document map with icons?
110.01MR4DEC::GREENTue Mar 31 1992SCO ODT 2.
111.02MIMS::STUBBS_AMon Apr 06 1992PCSA 3.
112.03GUESS::CARRASCOTue Apr 07 1992Blank index entries?
113.012EVTPUB::STURTWed Apr 08 1992Access books directly at startup
114.02MARVIN::KNOWLESThu Apr 09 1992DOCUMENT support for BookreaderPlus?
115.01HANSBC::BACHNERThu Apr 09 1992all book window titles are "DEC RdbExpert for VMS Installation Guide"
116.03TSOThu Apr 09 1992"Visiting" (but not active) Bookreader
117.04DTIF::MCEVOYFri Apr 10 1992still confused on un*x kits
118.02CSC32::BARELAMon Apr 13 1992Possible to invoke an application from Bookreader?
119.014DECWET::VEZINAMon Apr 13 1992Hotspots within hotspots
120.03TSOWed Apr 15 1992????Operation Navigation options????
121.0IOSG::BILSBOROUGHWed Apr 15 1992Bookreader Surrogate sub-type questions
122.03MARVIN::KNOWLESThu Apr 16 1992Clones in control window
124.05OASS::HARRIS_RThu Apr 16 1992Bookreader file format?
125.02SEFIWed Apr 22 1992Any chance of CBR being implemented?
126.04MSDSWS::DUNCANWed Apr 22 1992Error getting to the IFT kits
127.03CURRNT::ALFORDThu Apr 23 1992Spurious Copyright line on title page
128.02KETJE::MICHIELSThu Apr 23 1992Lots of consecutive underscores in bookreader.
129.01DEMON::ZIKAWed Apr 29 1992RISC and ULTRIX bookreader. Are they identical?
131.03GUCCI::BOBSEG::SEGRESTSun May 10 1992BookreaderPlus FT doesn't put entry in Apps menu?
132.08DECWET::TARDIFFMon May 11 1992Bookreader support for ISO966
133.01MINNY::65Tue May 12 1992PC environment and zooming of documents
134.01GALVIA::MBOWLERTue May 12 1992Bookreader bundled with OSF/Motif?
135.04XLIB::SCHAFERFri May 15 1992DECwindows resources
136.01CX3PT2::ODULES::W_MATTHEWSFri May 15 1992Accelerator keys and bookreader
137.01EPS::WILLIAMSMon May 18 1992Can bookreader do this?
139.04RHETT::RROGERSTue May 19 1992Cannot access Decimage Scan Services on May CD.
140.04COSBY::TIBBERTThu May 21 1992Callable Bookreader?
141.0--UnknownUser--Wed May 20 1992Dead note -- sorry
142.01CUPTAY::BRADFORDThu May 21 1992How does BR cause Motif Help index to appear?
143.0--UnknownUser--Thu May 21 1992Another dead note
144.0--UnknownUser--Thu May 21 1992One last dead note
145.02GIDDAY::BURTThu May 21 1992From DECwrite "System Error occurred while creating the book"
146.02BLGMon May 25 1992Private BOOKREADER PAKS?
147.01HANSBC::BACHNERWed May 27 1992Print menu pick in Read, Example, Table windows
148.02PINION::ILSLEYThu May 28 1992Bookreader on VXT 2
149.02BIGUN::MAYNEFri Jun 05 1992Print produces suspect PostScript?
150.01WELLIN::GRAHAMMon Jun 08 1992Any control over who can print in BR+
151.01HKOVC::TERENCETue Jun 09 1992How to print the complete book?
152.09CREATV::QUODLINGThu Jun 11 1992titles too long...
153.02PLOUGH::KINZELMANThu Jun 11 1992Adding books to a CD?
154.02GTOWN::GLOCKTue Jun 16 1992SPD Avail. ???
155.06CUPMK::DUBETue Jun 23 1992Position statement on BR+ and WorldView?
156.04MARX::GENDRONTue Jun 23 1992Display problems on DECstation 5
157.03TALK::WRIGHT_RFri Jun 26 1992take a bow...
158.08CUPTAY::BRADFORDSat Jun 27 1992greyscale EPS display in BR
159.02JCR::RZUCIDLOWed Jul 01 1992Any tricks for cluster installation?
160.03EVTPUB::MORCRETTEFri Jul 03 1992A Bookreader on DOS ?
163.02VIVIAN::RANCESat Jul 11 1992There's customers out there waiting...
164.0--UnknownUser--Mon Jul 13 1992
165.04SMURF::BINDERWed Jul 15 1992Can't open books from command line in V3.1
166.07JUMBLY::BENTHAMThu Jul 16 1992Customer Updates?
167.04JUMBLY::BENTHAMMon Jul 20 1992Training in Creating Bookreader files?
168.06AWECIM::COLBATHTue Jul 21 1992TITLEs on LIBRARY file from CDs
169.01I8BEVO::FINDLEYTue Jul 21 1992Color Figures in Bookreader?
170.01FDCV14::DOTENThu Jul 23 1992Bookreader/Plus problem displaying hot spots
171.03CUPOLA::DITSONTue Jul 28 1992A master Index for bookreader books
172.08WIKI::PAGANOTue Jul 28 1992Bookbrowser
174.03MORO::TERASHITA_LYThu Jul 30 1992Promotional Literature?
175.01MIMS::KOMANDURIThu Jul 30 1992eXcursion/Motif Bookreader performnace
176.02STOHUB::GOLFNG::DONOVANMon Aug 03 1992Global keyword search?
177.05MADBAS::SROSSThu Aug 06 1992DECwrite/Unix -> Bookreader/VMS
178.0CADSYS::LEMONSThu Aug 06 1992DECW$BOOKSHELF / Bookreader V1.
179.02MORO::TERASHITA_LYFri Aug 07 1992Bookreader->DECwrite?
181.02CASEE::CARLILLTue Aug 11 1992Carrel BL5 gives you Book access on Windows 3.x
182.05KADOR::SCHATZMANNFri Aug 14 1992Problem when accessing VMS bookshelf from Ultrix
183.06BASLIN::RYANFri Aug 14 1992What version of bookreader is installed?
184.035HARDY::ROCHEFri Aug 14 1992Bookreader/dpi display problems
185.03I8BEVO::FINDLEYTue Aug 18 1992Limit the number of pop-ups?
186.012HANNAH::OSMANWed Aug 19 1992how can I use BOOKREADER or BOOKREADERPLUS to get to a topic in one command?
187.01ECADSR::MBLAKEWed Aug 19 1992Accessing CD via ethernet on ULTRIX??
188.011LSNCSC::BRAUNTue Aug 25 1992Security issues.
189.07NURSE::FLANAGANTue Aug 25 1992Copying from ULTRIX to VMS
190.01SMURF::BINDERWed Aug 26 1992What version introduced LinkWorks support?
191.04TROOA::PIERCETue Sep 08 1992Convert Bookreader to Postscript or Text?
192.05SMURF::BREAUWed Sep 09 1992questions about new Bookreader display
193.018I8BEVO::FINDLEYTue Sep 15 1992Multi-media bookreader w/ ties to DECplan ?
194.02HANSBC::BACHNERWed Sep 16 1992QAR_BOOKREADER account has expired
196.017XAPPL::CLARKWed Sep 23 1992New V1.1 rules for customization (e.g., DECW$BOOK)?
197.01GLDOA::CUTLERThu Sep 24 1992Price?
198.01ROMFri Sep 25 1992BookManager from IBM, BookReader and CDA Convert
199.06JUMBLY::BENTHAMFri Sep 25 1992Hotspots on Diagrams?
200.09GRUBER::RODGERSFri Sep 25 1992Display glitches with DECwrite book on OpenVMS AXP Bookreader
201.02MSDOA::GRAYThu Oct 01 1992Printing from BookreaderPlus and copyright?
202.04SMURF::BREAUFri Oct 02 1992the "Go Back" button
203.02CERN::BOTHNERThu Oct 08 1992Bookreader from LaTeX?
205.02ARRODS::HARDINGTue Oct 13 1992Scrollbar error message from Bookreader/CC
206.01ROMThu Oct 15 1992WordView from Interleaf inc. versus BookReader.
207.01LAVGOD::ALLENMon Oct 19 1992Example DECwrite doc in Bookreader format
210.04RIVAGE::MCNEILLWed Oct 21 1992<Reference> Bookreader Problem
211.02BFOMV::THERENDEENWed Oct 21 1992Controlling Printing from Bookreader/Plus
212.01TAEC::MCNEILLThu Oct 22 1992Figures VMS -> ULTRIX
213.02DBSRFX::MUNSONThu Oct 22 1992Hotspot implementation?
214.03BASTAR::KAIRYSThu Oct 22 1992Problem installing VMS kit
215.01LAVGOD::ALLENWed Oct 28 1992Bookreader Presentation?
216.06CASEE::CARLILLFri Oct 30 1992Bookreader for Windows user poll
217.01PINION::KUEHNEMon Nov 02 1992Laptops and Bookreader?
218.03SALSA::MOELLERMon Nov 09 1992MCC,MSU doc filenames on CONOLD?
219.04STUDIO::SAULTue Nov 10 1992Exporting DDIF to bookreader produces grainly pictures.
220.04CSC32::MCGOVERNTue Nov 10 1992TRANSACTION MANUEL and Bookreader
221.04WMOIS::PACKARD_JThu Nov 12 1992Shelf Catagories or individual product entries?
222.04MARVIN::HAQUEFri Nov 13 1992Trouble starting Bookreader/CC.
223.0CERN::JRSMon Nov 16 1992success of displaying figure depends on MOTIF server density?!
224.06HEN::PLESSASMon Nov 16 1992WORD/WordPerfect to Bookreader
225.03ROTHKO::AUSTINTue Nov 17 1992Scrolling gives blank pages ?
226.03SALEM::WONGTue Nov 17 1992Full page fit into the window ???
228.02ASD::RAMANThu Nov 19 1992MOTIF help system problems...
229.01MLNTSC::FROSINIFri Nov 20 1992customization of DECW$BOOKREADER.DAT
230.02SALEM::WONGFri Nov 20 1992get title from Decw$book file
231.02SNOMAN::AARONFri Nov 20 1992Problems with books in Windows
232.06RHETT::SHEPPARDMon Nov 23 1992ULTRIX Bookreader resources ignored
233.010IOOSRV::STREITMon Nov 23 1992Large topics are partially blank
234.03MSBCS::BORSOMMon Nov 23 1992Bookreader Help?
235.03WR2FOR::SMALE_JOWed Nov 25 1992multiple versions
236.012SANFAN::BATESON_MATue Dec 01 1992EPS display in BOOKREADER???
237.01CFSCTC::CFSCTC::ROCHEMon Dec 07 1992Error/Abnormal Exit of Bookreader
238.05PUBS::DUBEMon Dec 07 1992Goodbye, Michael...this is DEC's loss.
239.04COSBY::TIBBERTMon Dec 07 1992Feedback on Bookreader X4.
240.016MIDI::DANWed Dec 09 1992Opinions wanted on Bookreader/CC User Interface
241.03CSC32::L_DVORAKWed Dec 09 1992lwk$dxmui
242.03CSC32::L_DVORAKWed Dec 09 1992Certain diagrams won't scroll
243.01BFOMCM::THERENDEENThu Dec 10 1992printing tables from Plus
245.06NURSE::FLANAGANSun Dec 13 1992Framemaker to Bookreader
246.01PINION::ILSLEYTue Dec 15 1992SuperBook from Bellcore
247.01CAMONE::CUNHAWed Dec 16 1992Sources for Bookreader's help book?
249.01USCTR1::MREICHTue Dec 29 1992BookReader/CC demo?
250.05CADSYS::LEMONSWed Jan 06 1993Printing table of contents and index
251.010TRUCKS::CONNOLLYMon Jan 11 1993Alpha version?
252.06METZTue Jan 12 1993FCS date of new Bookreaders
253.02RHETT::LOHTue Jan 12 1993print feature
254.0TAVIS::BOAZWed Jan 13 1993Problem using BOOKREADER/CC from a nonpriv account
255.01ROMEDU::NEBBIAWed Jan 13 1993Character cell terminal access
256.02ZURWed Jan 13 1993Reproduceable Bookreader Crash (SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO , Dump)
257.01DOD2::PARKERWed Jan 13 1993Ultrix version and VMS CDs
258.0PEACHS::BELDINMon Jan 18 1993Bookreader accvios on Motif 1.
259.017WEORG::GILLISMon Jan 18 1993Bookreader: Customer Feedback from booth at DECUS
260.05TAVIS::BOAZTue Jan 19 1993Problem running bookreader/cc
261.05PEACHS::PICKETTTue Jan 19 1993bookreader v4.
262.01JARETH::PARKERTue Jan 19 1993Header numbers and text appearing in index
263.02FMNIST::olsonTue Jan 19 1993Bookreader on DEC OSF/1 T1.2A-3 lmf problems
264.012BASTAR::KAIRYSWed Jan 20 1993dxbook dumps core expanding an index
265.04MEOCFri Jan 22 1993Update part of a Book only ??
266.01BASTAR::KAIRYSMon Jan 25 1993How to read VMS book file on Ultrix system?
268.0MIMS::FINKELSTEINMon Jan 25 1993Bookreader vanishing
269.01COMEDY::BEARSEMon Jan 25 1993Creating books for Bookreader/CC
270.02WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GWed Jan 27 1993Bookreader with DECwrite 2.
271.017LGP3Thu Jan 28 1993Any print operation causes Bookreader to crash
272.027EEMELI::TAVIThu Jan 28 1993Future of Bookreader/Authoring?
273.02LODGE::MARCHIONDOThu Jan 28 1993What Happened to the DECwrite Conference?
274.01KEPTIN::GRANOFFMon Feb 01 1993Book/CC <filename>.DECW$BOOK doesn't work
275.04ROMEDU::NEBBIATue Feb 02 1993Changing fonts to read bigger characters
276.0VIA::HILLERICHTue Feb 02 1993Bookreader for Windows Sales Update
277.07GALVIA::SPAINTue Feb 02 1993VMS -> Ultrix - page type is 351 should be 1
278.013SSDEVO::LUJANWed Feb 03 1993Some basic questions
279.03SWETSC::HARTIKAINENWed Feb 03 1993dxbook and colors
281.05WMOIS::JAMBU_SThu Feb 04 1993Windows Kit on net?
282.01ISOISA::HAKKARAINENThu Feb 04 1993"No Text Found..." message from VAX Document output
283.0GALVIA::STONESFri Feb 05 1993Inconsistent topic expansion.
284.01PEACHS::BELDINFri Feb 05 1993Bookreader 4.
285.04KERNEL::FISCHERIMon Feb 08 1993Can't read hardcopy
286.02BACHUS::BRST2Mon Feb 08 1993Notice with Jan '93 CONDIST
287.01NWGEDU::DINGEMANSMon Feb 08 1993View bottom of Search Results
288.010TNPUBS::HENDERSONTue Feb 09 1993Bookreader 4 Windows problems
289.03BLKPUD::NORRISMWed Feb 10 1993Bookreader V4 gives invalid 7 bit PS
290.02DAGWST::CHINNThu Feb 11 1993DISPLAY set to DECW V3.
292.01CSC32::D_MAHDERThu Feb 11 1993Bookreader error message boxes
293.06SUBWAY::LEEFri Feb 12 1993EPS file format for bookreader
294.010RHETT::SHEPPARDFri Feb 12 1993Controlling Printing from Bookreader/Plus
295.018PUBS::DUBEMon Feb 15 1993Digital signs Interleaf Distribution Agreement
296.0TSOFri Feb 19 1993"Close" Navigation Operation problem
297.06EBYGUM::NORRISMMon Feb 22 1993Are there any Quality Demo Books Around
298.02RHETT::SHEPPARDThu Feb 25 1993V4.
299.04JURA::THESY::CAGNINFri Feb 26 1993Remote access to books gives "error reading field in record"
300.04ISOISA::HAKKARAINENFri Feb 26 1993How do we find out what licenses are included in a document?
301.03ONOIS1::SABIAUXFri Mar 05 1993PRINTING ->no ToC and INDEX
302.04PEACHS::GINGHERFri Mar 05 1993V4.
303.03MAIL::SEITZMon Mar 08 1993Bookreader to VT's?
304.02TRUCKS::CONNOLLYTue Mar 09 1993Cut off at the pass
305.01MIRA1A::KLAMERUSTue Mar 09 1993bookreader rendering/problems
306.01MIRA1A::KLAMERUSTue Mar 09 1993problem in Printing to PS File
307.01MIRA1A::KLAMERUSTue Mar 09 1993output format corrupted
308.01GLDOA::KLAMERUSWed Mar 10 1993how to get the fixed bookreader (on CD)
309.04RHETT::SHEPPARDWed Mar 10 1993Any info on release V4.1 ?
310.0RHETT::SHEPPARDThu Mar 11 19934.
311.07DEMON::PANGAKISFri Mar 12 1993Open a book to a specific topic, pointers?
312.01COMICS::SUMMERFIELDFri Mar 12 1993Overlapping text and hotspots
313.02CUPOLA::DWYERTue Mar 16 1993Help On Context Bookreader Access Violation
314.01XLIB::CHANGTue Mar 16 1993V4.
315.013HARBRD::IRONSIDETue Mar 16 1993Status of Bookreader (all platforms)?
316.01AZUR::DICKOWed Mar 17 1993Bookreader Version X4.
317.05BACHUS::RENTYWed Mar 17 1993BadFont error, can't find font with MacX
318.05DRAC::DSMAILThu Mar 18 1993BKR 4.
319.01TROOA::LEONGThu Mar 18 1993Bookreader V4 on VMS 5.4
320.01TROOA::PIERCEMon Mar 22 1993Bookreader to Interleaf Worldview migration plan?
321.05PEACHS::MITCHAMTue Mar 23 1993Bookreader v4.
322.04HAN::HALLEThu Mar 25 1993BKR
323.01ODIXIE::SILVERSThu Mar 25 1993VMS version for BR V4.
324.02DOCTP::BRADFORDThu Mar 25 1993Ghost hotspots in V3.1?
325.01MSDOA::KEPHARTFri Mar 26 1993License question
326.01PINION::ILSLEYFri Mar 26 1993IBM product to view printed docs on PCs
327.04BLKPUD::TAYLORJFri Mar 26 1993does dxbook V4 support MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 ?
328.04MIDI::DANFri Mar 26 1993The fat lady sings...
330.02CSC32::GULDENSun Mar 28 1993Where to find documentation in bookreader format.
331.02MUGGER::TAYLORMMon Mar 29 1993BOOKREADER-CC License
332.03DOCTP::SMASELLATue Mar 30 1993Overlap Problem with CUP.ONLINE
333.01RHETT::HENDRIXTue Mar 30 1993Whereis "Guide to PrintServer Clients" for Ultrix
337.04MUGGER::WHITHAMMon Apr 05 1993Bookreader/cc for OSF ?
339.05LARVAE::BURGESSTue Apr 06 1993Reading both VMS and ULTRIX CD's on PC?
340.01GIDDAY::SHCHIUWed Apr 07 1993BOOKBROWSER.COM can not located in [decw$book]
341.01STKAI1::JKJELLBERGWed Apr 07 1993V4.1 Releasedate ??
342.02SEAWLF::UEBERSAXThu Apr 08 1993Demo hotspots
344.03RHETT::KATZTue Apr 13 1993Converting 8-Bit Characters for Printing
345.03ZURTue Apr 13 1993Print problems with pictures, figures
346.03PLAYER::HERICKXWed Apr 14 1993Crash depending on the DECW$BOOKSHELF logical name definition
347.012HANNAH::OSMANWed Apr 14 1993how do I quickly revisit same place ?
348.02SAC::BURGESSWed Apr 14 1993ISO 966
349.02PLAYER::HERICKXThu Apr 15 1993Q: Search for books through the BookReader organisation
350.04BACHUS::RIJMENANTSFri Apr 16 1993comment sign kills bookreader with roprand
351.02BASTAR::KAIRYSMon Apr 19 1993Help! BKR
352.07PEACHS::MITCHAMMon Apr 19 1993Cannot print or view figure generated by Bookreader v4.1
353.0KAOFS::W_VIERHOUTTue Apr 20 1993bookreader to PC over extended LAN??
354.0GVPROD::FITZGERALDWed Apr 21 1993Survey Management Summary
355.01DOCMAN::HARBISONFri Apr 23 1993Adobe Acrobat & Avalanche: Press Announcement
356.03DOCTP::BRADFORDFri Apr 23 1993Index messed up when displayed on older BR version
357.02GIDDAY::SHCHIUWed Apr 28 1993Where is the Qar node ZHOT ?
358.03COMICS::SUMMERFIELDThu Apr 29 1993Bookbrowser AXP problem **URGENT**
359.02ALFAXP::MITCHAMThu Apr 29 1993Copyright statement when printing: How to change it?
360.012ALFAXP::MITCHAMThu Apr 29 1993PostScript error -- syntaxerror: Input ended in string or procedure body
361.01ALFAXP::MITCHAMFri Apr 30 1993Hotspot info printed when whole book is printed?
362.0CUPMK::FAIRBANKSMon May 03 1993A problem displaying the TOC ...
363.0GVPROD::FITZGERALDMon May 10 1993Priting Capability Description?
364.021WMOIS::PACKARD_JTue May 11 1993Some good decisions made here - Nice work!
365.01BGOFri May 14 1993A couple of Bookreader problems
366.0LARVAE::CLARKSON_GMon May 17 1993European customers??
367.01KERNEL::BROWNLOWHTue May 18 1993Is Cut and Paste Reliable
368.02HGSWS1::WALLACEWed May 19 1993Problem in printing
369.02DYOSW8::WILDERWed May 19 1993REading book requires product pak??
370.02COMICS::SUMMERFIELDWed May 19 1993What formats of screen capture can be exported to Bookreader from DECwrite??
371.07CADSYS::LEMONSThu May 20 1993Bookmarks in Bookreader?
372.01DISCOS::CASTELLANOWed May 26 1993can not find vax/ultrix kit in hrbrlt::/projects/bookreader/public/kits/Bookreader
373.01CDROM::EBERTThu May 27 1993Skip TOC?
374.01COMICS::GLEDHILLTue Jun 01 1993clicking on cc interface
375.06EVTAI1::BROCHARDTue Jun 08 1993Bookreader and OSF print / search feature
376.04WAYOUT::CLARKEFri Jun 11 1993Bookreader Graphic Quality Using PC DECwindows X-Server
377.01SPESHR::ROCKWELLMon Jun 21 1993bookreader under excursion access to infoserver
378.09CARECL::CASTIENWed Jun 23 1993Xfer from .PS and/or .LIS to BOOKREADER?
379.0OZROCK::SALAMACHAThu Jun 24 1993V4.1 on ULTRIX RISC system core dumps
380.01GOLLY::CARROLLFri Jun 25 1993DXmHelpSystemOpen - nothing happens?
381.07SUOSWS::WAGENBLASTTue Jun 29 1993VAXdocument PS --> Bookreader
382.0ALFAXP::MITCHAMTue Jun 29 1993Bookreader generating bogus PS code for specific
383.0JENSEN::JBLACKThu Jul 01 1993Interleaf Acquires Avalanche Development Company
384.0ZURThu Jul 08 1993bookreader and automount trouble
385.0ZIGLAR::FPRUSSFri Jul 09 1993Book from SCO On-Line Help "slow"
386.01TENNIS::KAMMon Jul 12 1993Can't order this and has the replacement been chosen?
387.02OSLACT::JENSHThu Jul 15 1993Licensing in a distributed UNIX environment?
388.03ROMA::SUTTERFri Jul 16 1993Bookreader status ?
389.02COMICS::SUMMERFIELDWed Jul 21 1993Calling Bookreader topics from DXMhelp.....
390.09NURSE::FLANAGANTue Jul 27 1993Questions from a Customer about Bookreader....
391.04QBOUWed Aug 04 1993Bookreader 4.1 is binded with witch version of OpenVMS???
392.0BELFST::HARTEMon Aug 09 1993bookreader/eXcursion installation
393.02ERMTRD::ALFORDThu Aug 12 1993BKR
394.0MANIOK::GREBEThu Aug 26 1993Internationalization?
395.02STEVEV::VINGERHOETThu Sep 09 1993ACP file access message in Bookreader message box
396.049493::DEADERICKTue Sep 14 1993Accessing DECW$BOOK directories from Ultrix (MIPS)
397.04IOSG::CAMPBELLKMon Sep 20 1993Problem with <ONLINE_POPUP> Tag
398.04CXDOCS::COCKERHAMTue Sep 21 1993DECchart to Bookreader?
399.04FIEVEL::FILGATEWed Sep 22 1993startup iconified on vms?
400.01BICYCL::RYERFri Sep 24 1993Question on modifying resources for topic window
401.04CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Sep 24 1993Bookreader kit on CD??
402.0GIDDAY::SHCHIUFri Oct 01 1993bookreader v4.1 Print Topic segmentation fault
403.0263134::PRADHANWed Oct 06 1993Error reading chunk symbols in book
404.06CSC32::L_DVORAKTue Oct 12 1993How to bring up Bookreader with certain book open on AXP platforms?
405.016CSC32::SHEEHYTue Oct 12 1993Bookreader 4 Windows kit available?
406.0PEACHS::FORDThu Oct 14 1993October 1993 Master Library files missing
407.02SWAMPD::ZIMMERMANNThu Oct 14 1993Digital - Interleaf Agreement?
408.03CRAYON::GENTFri Oct 15 1993Status of Bookreader Migration
409.02COMICS::FISCHERTue Oct 19 1993AXP Bookreader ACCVIO
410.06BONNET::VISCIGLIOWed Oct 20 1993How to build a doc. library now ?
411.01BSS::BORGIL::M_FRAZIERThu Oct 21 1993How to get Bookreader if the customer isn't on ConOLD Dist
412.01LSNCSC::MARTINThu Oct 21 1993print bad quality with 4.1 ultrix
413.0ZENDIA::MACNEILFri Oct 29 1993ACCvIO with Help On Context
414.03TNPUBS::F_BUTLERTue Nov 02 1993Does OSF Version 1.
415.01LJSRV1::RICHFri Nov 12 1993%SYSTEM-F-FLTDIV_F,divide by zero
416.01SMURF::JJGFri Nov 19 1993DXmHelpSystemOpen fails
417.03BLKPUD::NORRISMMon Nov 22 1993Latest Bookreader Version for OpenVMS AXP
418.0ALICAT::BUDILOVTue Nov 23 1993dark background/light text customization ?
419.05PRSIS4::BADMANMon Nov 29 1993Problems with VTBOOK
420.01GVPROD::TINNERMon Nov 29 1993PC latest version of bookreader
421.0HDLITE::CHEROMCHATue Nov 30 1993Printing a page on OSF/1
422.0WMOIS::PACKARD_JFri Dec 03 1993CDROM notes confernce has moved
423.013PRLVMS::PATATTue Dec 07 1993Convert Bookreader to HTML
424.01GIDDAY::BURTWed Dec 08 1993error on attempt to open DECwrite doc
425.02MFOIS1::CHOQUETThu Dec 09 1993Vesting Bookreader v4.x to OpenVMS AXP
426.01CSC32::COLTERMon Dec 13 1993Bookreader segmentation crash under OSF/1 V1.3A
427.01GIDDAY::QUODLINGTue Dec 14 1993Figures and Text Overlaping in Print
428.0CSOADM::ROTHWed Dec 15 1993Reader for VMS of Cisco CD's?
429.0MLNTSC::DEPOLIGThu Dec 16 1993Problem with Ultrix 4.3a and Bookreader 4.1
430.02VELI::KORKKOMon Dec 20 1993Deinstall Bookreader/CC
431.0JENSEN::JBLACKTue Dec 21 1993HELP identify customers using Bookreader
432.0BANKS3::DUKEWed Dec 22 1993Problem reading books from hidden node
433.03BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANWed Jan 05 1994bookreader 4.1 on OSF/1 version 1.3?
434.01XKOVThu Jan 13 1994character cell terminal
435.01BACHUS::WILLEMSHThu Jan 13 1994Export of TDE table from DECwrite to Bookreader goes wrong
436.05JURA::SYSTEMMon Jan 17 1994what is the Logical DECW$BOOK_SEARCHLIST
437.01LGP3Wed Jan 19 1994Online documentation in HTML (for Mosaic)
438.0HGSW67::CHARLESKWANMon Jan 24 1994Bookreader version 3.1 - how to change color?
439.06SUBURB::SPUD1::tuppensMon Jan 24 1994Printing problems with Bookreader
440.03GIDDAY::QUODLINGWed Jan 26 1994Can customers have Bookreader/CC
441.01LISVAX::RODRIGUESWed Jan 26 1994X Toolkit Warning: Cannot convert string .....
442.02MLNTSC::BORGINIMon Jan 31 19944.1 print book question.
443.04YUPPY::JACKSONDTue Feb 01 1994Colour in Bookreader?
444.06BASTAR::KAIRYSWed Feb 02 1994Problem copying books with FTP
445.03TOSSUB::SICBALDIThu Feb 03 1994Convert to bookreader from runoff,text,ecc..
446.01TAEC::MCDONALDThu Feb 03 1994Hypertext implementation help
447.0CSC32::D_COHNThu Feb 10 1994Overlapping text display issue - again!
448.03RHETT::LOHFri Feb 11 1994Couldn't convert Xkeysym to keycode problem
449.0MERIDN::GOLDSTEINWed Mar 02 1994ULTRIX bookreader documentation
450.0254323::WASHINGTONThu Mar 03 1994Book read count
451.04SUOSWS::TULIS_UThu Mar 03 1994Again: open a book to a specific topic
452.02CGOWGS::OAKLEYFri Mar 04 1994tool to print expanded Table of Contents???
453.01COMICS::DENNISWed Mar 09 1994January CD DECnet OSI Shelf file kaput.
454.01EVTAI1::RENOUVELTue Mar 29 1994Automatic Bookreader Opening...
455.0BSS::HEWITTThu Mar 31 1994Bookreader on PC with Sony CD?
456.0XKOVThu Apr 07 1994how to print Bookreader ---> Postscript in osf/1
457.0MUNICH::VASSIGHTue Apr 12 1994Bookreader 4.1 !! hangs after printing
458.0STUThu Apr 14 1994VAX Document / Bookreader problem
459.0ALFAXP::FORDMon Apr 18 1994font probs displaying dxbook to PCs
460.02GOYA::ANAFri Apr 22 1994Bookreader 4.1 and Bookreader/CC for Alpha systems
461.03KYOSS1::SCHULZMon Apr 25 1994Novice: how to add books to shelf
462.01BLGThu Apr 28 1994How to create Bookreader surrogates?
463.0GIDDAY::SHCHIUThu Apr 28 1994segmentation fault on osf/1 layered prod file
464.0PDVFri Apr 29 1994text to Bookreader format ?
465.01PRSSOS::GEORGESMon May 02 1994Help on VAXdocument /Bookreader for Germany
466.01BLKPUD::BHATTINTue May 03 1994Bookreader crash system-f-opcdec
467.0RHETT::WEILBACHERWed May 18 1994last line(s) repeat
468.01RHETT::KATZWed May 18 1994What is the X11R-level for OSF Bookreader V4.
469.01RHETT::KATZThu May 19 1994Problem Printing Out Books and Topics
470.05MANWed May 25 1994Possible or not ... Printing from BOOKREADER???
471.02BPSNIC::TELEGDYWed Jun 01 1994Bookreader 4.1 on DECstep (EOPG) platform 5
473.03DELNI::BRODMERKLEMon Jun 13 1994Where is QAR database?
474.01TNPUBS::BELLUSCIWed Jul 06 1994in-line table question
475.05ALFAXP::MITCHAMWed Jul 06 1994ACCVIO while searching in Bookreader 4.2
476.04ALFAXP::MITCHAMWed Jul 06 1994X4.2 or 4.2?
477.011PEACHS::MACEACHERNMon Jul 25 1994Problem with Postscript printing in bookreader 4.2
478.01GRANMA::JBOBBWed Aug 03 1994problem with scanned images
479.05SLUGER::DAVIDSONFri Aug 05 1994Can customers use MS Windows based Bookreader?
480.04WRAFLC::GILLEYWed Aug 17 1994Bookreader convertors, alternatives?
481.05WRAFLC::GILLEYThu Aug 18 1994What tools generate bookreader files?
482.02COOKIE::WALLACEMon Aug 22 1994ACCVIO with DXmHelpSystemDisplay via BOOKREADER V3.1-
483.0COMICS::DAWSONJWed Aug 31 1994How much memory, per user, for a Bookreader service?
484.01TAVThu Sep 01 1994VTBOOK-related questions
485.0LVS::SMART_MThu Sep 01 1994Yet one more question regarding MS Word for Windows
486.03CUESTA::MARCOSMon Sep 12 1994Bookreader v4.2 & print
487.06ZURThu Sep 22 1994BKR X4.2 / ACCVIO "Print Topic(s)" / PC=
488.07BACHUS::RENTYTue Oct 04 1994Status on print problems... ?
489.03Tue Oct 04 1994Help Needed Creating Bookreader Version
490.01MUNICH::REINThu Oct 06 1994New bookreader rumors??
491.02VAXRIO::MANOELFri Oct 07 1994Viewing and printing problem !!
492.02RHETT::LOHTue Oct 11 1994dxbook dumps core when trying to print
493.01COOKIE::WALLACEFri Oct 14 1994ACCVIO when closing library icon
494.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Nov 09 1994Prob printing from Bookreader ....
495.04GRANPA::JBOBBTue Nov 15 1994description for Bookreader on Alpha OSF/1?
496.05MUNICH::STEFANTue Nov 29 1994Rule for the first 8 characters,DY4YAA61.DECW$BOOKk
497.0BACHUS::RIJMENANTSWed Nov 30 1994Couldn't convert Xkeysym to keycode problem
498.01VNABRW::EGERTMon Dec 05 1994Overlaping Figures and Text in X4.2
499.02KERNEL::COFFEYJMon Dec 19 1994Bookreader crashes on OSF/1 2.
500.01LEMAN::NEUWEILERFri Dec 23 1994Graphics overprinted by titles
501.06GBITue Jan 17 1995Future ?
502.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Feb 01 1995Bookreader 4.4 supported on OpenVMS 6.1 VAX?
503.01QUARK::LIONELWed Feb 01 1995Bookreader futures question from a customer - what is our response?
504.05ALFAXP::MITCHAMMon Feb 06 1995Bookreader 1.2 with 22-APR-1994 link date?
505.01COMICS::MILLSSMon Feb 13 1995Bookbrowser AXP/VAX
506.02VNABRW::GRISU2::EGERTThu Feb 16 1995Bookreader V4.2 (Motif 1.2-3) and Printing Problems ...
507.0KERNEL::BOWENSTue Feb 21 1995Multiple Bookshelf Files or not?
508.03DPDMAI::MONDLICKWed Mar 01 1995Windows/DOS Version?
509.03TPSYS::HOFFMANThu Mar 02 1995OSF Bookreader V4.
510.03RHETT::LOHThu Mar 02 1995converting documents into bookreader readable
511.02KERNEL::BOWENSFri Mar 03 1995License errors accessing Books.
512.02CLUSTA::PEARSONWed Mar 15 1995VMS Kits?
513.03TROOA::NAISHSat Mar 25 1995Character Cell Kit for Internal Use?
514.0CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Mar 30 1995Question about the BOOKBROWSER PAK
515.0COMICS::DAWSONJTue Apr 11 1995X Toolkit Warnings with Silicon Graphics Workstation
516.02TLE::KDICKINSONWed Apr 12 1995extension shading in BOOKREADER
517.0H2SO4::GERSBACHThu May 04 1995Bug in AXP version of bookreader V4.2
518.0H2SO4::GERSBACHMon May 08 1995Bad entry in bookshelf at line x when line x is empty
519.04NETRIX::"murphy@decatl.alf.dec.com"Mon May 08 1995Should Bookreader be readable on a vga display?
520.01CSC32::D_MAHDERThu May 18 1995dxbook and colors
521.01MLNCSC::PASSALACQUAThu May 25 1995postscript paging problem
522.03COMICS::SUMNERCThu Jun 01 1995Bookreader sometimes accvios, may be related to PCm
523.0GIDDAY::BURTSun Jun 04 1995Colours affecting DECwrite Export
524.02SEPPLT::ZORBASWed Jul 12 1995word for windows to sdml to bookreader
525.0EPICDA::GEORGESWed Jul 26 1995Bookreader not supporting DECwrite Frames ?
526.09BRUBEK::EJOHANSENWed Jul 26 1995New dxbook version (updated print)
527.02MLNCSC::BORGINIThu Aug 10 1995ACCVIO printing a file.ps with Motif 1.2-3
528.03SAYER::ELMOREWed Aug 23 1995bookreader strategy - *revisited*
529.0H2SO4::GERSBACHThu Aug 24 1995Different bookreader images in patches
530.01PAMIR::COSSOTue Aug 29 1995Error reading chunk strings.
531.0FORTY2::TSANGMon Sep 04 1995Latest Ultrix Bookreader Kit
532.02COMICS::DAWSONJWed Sep 06 1995Printing Problems - Differences between X4.2-
533.0GIDDAY::BURTSun Sep 17 1995BookWriter Interface Routines - re-visited
534.07GIDDAY::BURTMon Sep 18 1995BookReader Source code
535.0WREATH::SCOPATue Sep 19 1995Unaligned Access Problem When Opening Books/help
536.01CECMOW::ALIMARINWed Oct 11 1995How can I make a book for Bookreader on AXP/OSF1
537.0KERNEL::BARTLETTDTue Oct 24 1995Process looping when using BookReader 5.3 & OpenVMS 5.3
538.02SZAJBA::COSTEUXThu Oct 26 1995Bookreader printing question.
539.01PEACHS::LAMPERTThu Oct 26 1995Comments on new Bookreader
540.01ULYSSE::RAFAEL::paoloniTue Nov 07 1995BDFs-->TFMs?
541.04COLA1::BARENTZENThu Nov 09 1995Question for a bid
542.01OZROCK::HUNTJFri Nov 17 1995Problem with device conversion and inclusion of graphics
543.02PEACHS::LAMPERTFri Nov 17 1995Feedback / Problem report from customer using new dx_book
544.07BASEX::KAIRYSMon Nov 20 1995Plea for Windows kit
545.03OSLMR::MARTINR_PThu Nov 30 1995BOOKREADER's future?
546.04OZROCK::HUNTJMon Dec 04 1995SGML and Bookreader
547.0HANSBC::BACHNERTue Dec 05 1995bookreader crashes if bookshelf file contains an empty line
548.01HANSBC::BACHNERTue Dec 05 1995Bookreader Help can't find Product Information
549.01MLNCSC::ZAGHIWed Dec 06 1995spaces missing between words
550.0VAXRIO::MEYERThu Dec 07 1995printing decw_books without graph monitor
551.03WARS::ZIELEZNICKIMon Dec 11 1995Read OSF files on OVMS ?
552.04KAHALA::SUTERTue Dec 19 1995But, I just want 1 VMS manual!
553.02NETRIX::"pat@furka.zuo.dec.com"Thu Dec 28 1995Bookreader hangs when searching over large books
554.06MUCTEC::WENDLWed Jan 03 1996urgent problem when display is set to Sun/HP/... !
555.0LUCCIO::VERGANIATue Jan 16 1996Search give segmentation fault on OSF/1 Documentation
556.03ESTASI::BONAITITue Jan 23 1996book reader osf/1 3.2c words lost
557.04ZACHEO::COLBATHTue Jan 30 1996ACCVIO when doing on a Search Book Titles...
558.03ELBERT::DUNCANFri Feb 02 1996V3.
559.0FORTY2::KNOWLESMon Feb 05 1996Metafile based Bookreader
560.03RUBY::MOSSMon Feb 12 1996Another printing question - sorry !
561.01MUNICH::REINThu Feb 22 1996output from PAINT into bookreader?
562.02ANGST::tunnel2.imc.das.dec.com::boebingerFri Mar 01 1996One more request for the MS-Windows version?
563.0TAEC::HILLIERWed Mar 20 1996"Undefined symbol" formatting error
564.02TAEC::HILLIERThu Mar 28 1996Poor error message
565.02SIOG::M_CRONINThu Apr 04 1996User based license ?
566.0BLGFri Apr 19 1996Bookreader and Hanzi (chinese): how to write texts?
567.01MANMTue Jul 09 1996Bookreader for VT terminals
568.03ACISS2::VANDYNEWed Jul 17 1996On-line doc migrated to html pages?
569.01DONVAN::PIAZZAThu Jul 18 1996IFT kits of ODL (CONOLD) Bookshelf & Viewers Now Available
570.03GBIWed Jul 24 1996Offending command
571.07EPICDA::GEORGESWed Aug 14 1996Customer complaint on print
572.01CHEFS::HOWLETT_TFri Aug 23 1996How to deliver Manuals for Bookreader on Unix
573.01COLA1::BARENTZENMon Aug 26 1996Timeframe for DTinfo
574.0TAEC::quango.vbo.dec.com::MorcombeFri Aug 30 1996Converting graphics on a PC for Bookreader
575.01MLNCSC::PASSALACQUAFri Sep 20 1996licensing problem
576.0PADKOA::TISSERAND_PWed Oct 23 1996Accessing Digital UNIX CD bookreader documentation from OpenVMS
577.01PEACHS::LAMPERTMon Nov 11 1996Problem with October UNIX Software Product Library CD
578.03CHEFS::HOWLETT_TWed Dec 04 1996How do you get colour screen dumps into Bookreader
579.04HGOVC::MICHAELWANThu Jan 02 1997Bookreader on PC WIN95?
580.0PATE::COTEThu Jan 23 1997Switch Library Selection - no logicals
581.0 *+1CHEFS::MCMASTEREThu Feb 06 1997Multiview/X on PC problem (any good X11 emulators ?)? )
582.0 *+1PEACHS::PEACHS::BECHTOLDMon Mar 03 1997BNU Questions ?
583.0 *+1ABBOTT::DONVAN::KRAETSCHThu Mar 06 1997Bookreader access to ODL CD-ROM libraries
584.0 *ASHAM::H_ANDERSSONMon Jun 02 1997Words missing when printing postscript