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Notice:#206 Resource Directory; #26 Newsletters
Created:Mon Jan 08 1990
Last Modified:Tue Feb 27 1996
Number of topics:418
Total number of notes:0
Number with bodies:0
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1.022ESRAD::LUNDMon Jan 08 1990Welcome & Introduction
2.05ESRAD::LUNDMon Jan 08 1990ES CBI Strategy Document Archive
3.0ESRAD::LUNDMon Jan 08 1990CBI Strategy Discussion
4.07ESRAD::LUNDMon Jan 08 1990IconAuthor for MS-DOS. Available now.
5.08ESRAD::LUNDMon Jan 08 1990IconAuthor for MS-DOS Discussion
6.01ESRAD::LUNDMon Jan 08 1990IconAuthor for DECwindows. Available Oct'9
7.04ESRAD::LUNDMon Jan 08 1990IconAuthor for DECwindows Discussion.
9.0KITCAT::PANGAKISMon Feb 26 1990IconAuthor & FY91 Business Planning
10.0KITCAT::PANGAKISMon Mar 05 1990Commonly asked EasyAuthor questions
11.02ESRAD::PANGAKISTue Mar 13 1990TenCORE Review
12.04JUMBLY::OCONNORWed Mar 14 1990I.A. Needs in ESDP Reading
13.02ESRAD::PANGAKISThu Mar 15 1990Course of Action Review
14.03JUMBLY::OCONNORFri Mar 16 1990Screen Design
15.0ESRAD::PANGAKISFri Mar 16 1990Review of an IconAuthor course
16.0ESRAD::PANGAKISTue Mar 20 1990IVIS Handbook - still interesting after all these years!
17.01HGOVC::FELIXMAKWed Mar 21 1990IconAuthor Informations Required
18.04ESRAD::PANGAKISThu Mar 22 1990IconAuthor demo available
19.02KITCAT::PANGAKISTue Mar 27 1990VAX Camera Review
20.0KITCAT::PANGAKISTue Mar 27 1990IconAuthor Demo Review
21.0KITCAT::PANGAKISTue Mar 27 1990Video Windows Review
22.02KITCAT::PANGAKISTue Mar 27 1990Implementing IconAuthor - MS-DOS Status Report
23.05KITCAT::PANGAKISTue Mar 27 1990Acceptance Plan, please review by 6-April-199
25.04ESRAD::PANGAKISFri Mar 30 1990Template Task Force Minutes
26.018ESRAD::PANGAKISFri Mar 30 1990IconAuthor Newsletter
27.04ESRAD::PARKESMon Apr 02 1990Course development process
28.03ESRAD::PARKESMon Apr 02 1990Ekoplan Review
30.04KITCAT::PANGAKISMon Apr 09 1990IconAuthor Product Description
32.08ESRAD::PARKESFri Apr 13 1990Some critical authoring questions
33.0ESRAD::PANGAKISMon Apr 16 1990MS-DOS Usage Survey results
35.0KITCAT::PANGAKISFri Apr 20 1990"How to use IconAuthor for MS-DOS" -- .PS file
37.0KITCAT::PANGAKISThu Apr 26 1990Video Board Requirements
39.01KITCAT::PANGAKISWed May 02 1990EasyAuthor Requirements from Rich McMahon
40.02KITCAT::PANGAKISWed May 02 1990VideoLogic Price List
43.01SHIRE::MEYERWed May 16 1990OPEN LEARNING in Europe
45.01ESRAD::PANGAKISWed May 16 1990DRAFT IconAuthor for MS-DOS Self-test
47.01KITCAT::PANGAKISThu Jun 07 1990IconAuthor for MS-DOS tips
48.01KITCAT::PANGAKISThu Jun 07 1990Template Guidelines Revision
49.0KITCAT::PANGAKISThu Jun 07 1990IconAuthor for MS-DOS template
50.01KITCAT::PANGAKISThu Jun 07 1990IconAuthor Step-by-Step
51.01STKHLM::RYDENWed Jun 13 1990AimTech's telex or fax #?
52.04JUMBLY::MARTIN_CWed Jun 13 1990Information wanted, please
53.02KITCAT::PANGAKISFri Jun 22 1990Developing IconAuthor courseware
54.05KITCAT::PANGAKISFri Jun 29 1990Screen captures of IconAuthor for DECwindows
55.0EDUOZ::SIMONFri Jul 06 1990EasyAuthor Experiences
56.04COPCLU::SVENDSENFri Jul 13 1990DTE - DeskTop Education?
57.08COPCLU::SVENDSENFri Jul 13 1990Anybody producing video? - ?
58.01EDUOZ::FUNGSun Jul 22 1990CBT marketing
59.07JUMBLY::BEAUMONTTue Jul 31 1990DVA through Iconauthor ?
60.01JESDP5::GOTOMon Aug 06 1990IconAuthor and Japanese Kanji
61.01--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 07 1990ESDP CBI support strategy and contact people
62.01ESRAD::PANGAKISFri Aug 10 1990Mapping Hypertext
63.0ESRAD::PANGAKISWed Aug 15 1990DECwrite tips
64.02ESRAD::PANGAKISTue Aug 21 1990Using existing materials with IconAuthor
65.0ESRAD::LUNDThu Aug 23 1990Portability of EasyAuthor lessons
66.0ESRAD::PANGAKISFri Aug 24 1990IconAuthor for DECwindows Alpha Test a success!
67.01ESRAD::LUNDThu Sep 20 1990?Using the On-Line Audio board?
68.0ESRAD::LUNDMon Oct 01 1990Report on DECville Exhibition
70.0ESRAD::LUNDThu Oct 11 1990Moving from MS-WIN v2 to v3
71.0ESRAD::LUNDFri Oct 12 1990Portability of IconAuthor Lessons
72.0ESRAD::LUNDFri Oct 26 1990Special price for MS-Win v.3
73.03OSITEL::BRITTAINWed Nov 14 1990Publicity/Technical info ?
74.06EVOIS6::AUBRUNThu Nov 15 1990IA V3 available ?
75.09ESRAD::LUNDFri Nov 16 1990Recommended PC Configurations
76.01ESRAD::LUNDFri Nov 16 1990IconAuthor(MS-W) Training Available
79.03STKHLM::RYDENFri Nov 23 1990Invoking Application from IconAuthor?
81.01RUTILE::RUSSELLTue Dec 04 1990RAGS/DDIF/PS --> PCX Converter
82.02PUCK::LUNDWed Dec 05 1990Ordering On-line Audio Card
83.0BONNET::FINTRAININGMon Dec 31 1990Iconauthor - PCX files
84.01ESRAD::LUNDFri Jan 04 1991How the Mac fits in
85.011PUCK::LUNDTue Jan 08 1991IA for SW Appl. Training
86.0PUCK::LUNDTue Jan 08 1991?Preference for search functionality?
87.016ESRAD::LUNDFri Jan 11 1991Fieldtest IA Doc Available
88.01ESRAD::LUNDThu Jan 17 1991Info on Audio Boards: Soundblaster & Online
89.02ESRAD::LUNDFri Jan 25 1991EasyAuthor Kit & Doc on-line
90.01RUTILE::MANNINGTue Jan 29 1991CAPTURE in 3.
91.0TOTO::PANGAKISMon Feb 11 1991IconAuthor Execution Rules
92.01FLYWAY::BRUNNERKWed Feb 13 1991Looking for IA DW (VMS) demo-ware...
93.0DEMON::DEMON::TARQUINIOThu Feb 14 1991IconAuthor Demonstration on DECwindows platform - Location info
94.02DEMON::DEMON::TARQUINIOThu Feb 14 1991IconAuthor Brown Bag Seminar - Copy of Slides
95.01CANOVA::GROSSIMon Feb 18 1991Prices & references needed
96.07ESRAD::LUNDFri Feb 22 1991How to know if U need a licence:
97.02MEMORY::STOSURTue Mar 05 1991Copyright screen under IA?
103.0ESRAD::LUNDThu Mar 07 1991CST Distance Learning Report
104.01ESRAD::LUNDThu Mar 07 1991Script capture on RISC
105.017STKHLM::RYDENMon Mar 11 1991Good IconAuthor demo available?
106.03ESRAD::PANGAKISMon Mar 11 1991IconAuthor for DECwindows Step-by-Step
110.03JESDP5::KUMAGAIFri Mar 22 1991Kitting Info. Needed!
112.02TOTO::PANGAKISMon Mar 25 1991Techniques for presenting information
113.04RUTILE::RUSSELLTue Mar 26 1991INPUT MENU Icon
114.02RUTILE::RUSSELLTue Apr 02 1991Use of DBase
115.01EVOAI2::AUBRUNFri Apr 05 1991IA Runtime for OS/2 ?
116.0ESRAD::LUNDFri Apr 05 1991PC Multi-media Eur.Sales Update draft
117.09ESRAD::LUNDThu Apr 11 1991Audio CBI Technology Issues Report
118.0ESRAD::LUNDFri Apr 12 1991Size of IconAuthor on VMS
119.02EDUOZ::MARCUSMon Apr 15 1991Windows 2 runtime to run IA 3 lessons?
120.01TOTO::PANGAKISWed Apr 17 1991Customized CBI?
121.06DEMON::ELDREDGEWed Apr 17 1991CBT Conference Report
122.03ESRAD::PANGAKISFri Apr 19 1991Use of simulation in CBT?
123.06JESDP5::GOTOThu Apr 25 1991RISC version of CBI by IA/DW
124.0JESDP5::GOTOThu Apr 25 1991IA/DW application in Japan
125.02JESDP5::GOTOTue May 07 1991EasyAuthor in Japansese
126.0HAMPS::NOBLEFri May 10 19916th Int Conf on MM & CD-ROM?
127.03RUTILE::RUSSELLTue May 14 1991Tabbing through list of input fields
128.06EDUOZ::MARCUSTue May 14 1991New interactive video platform?
129.0JESDP5::KUMAGAIWed May 15 1991Is V5.3 the final?
130.01ESRAD::LUNDThu May 16 1991IconA for DW VMS Ready
131.0ROMEDU::MINELLIThu May 23 1991CBI and simulation
132.01ESSB::NMCDONAGHFri May 24 1991Anybody at Interactive Video
133.0ESRAD::LUNDTue May 28 1991Some Q&A on IconAuthor
134.03JESDP5::KUMAGAIWed May 29 1991Install from Presentation System?
135.0TOTO::PANGAKISWed May 29 1991Copying files between operating systems
136.04ESRAD::PANGAKISFri Jun 14 1991IconAuthor Workshop Description
137.01EDUOZ::MARCUSMon Jun 17 1991What does IA/DW run on?
138.02ESRAD::LUNDThu Jun 27 1991EasyAuthor w/ Images.
139.0ESRAD::LUNDFri Jun 28 1991CBT Screen Design Contest
140.01ESRAD::LUNDFri Jun 28 1991IA/MS-DOS Video & 256 colors
141.0EDUOZ::HARRINGTONMon Jul 01 1991Easyauthor and EVE problem
142.018TOTO::PANGAKISWed Jul 03 1991Matching exercise template
143.02ESRAD::PANGAKISWed Jul 10 1991IconAuthor Features and Benefits Demo
145.02ESRAD::LUNDThu Jul 11 1991Multi-media Newsletter posted as a reply
146.0ESRAD::LUNDFri Jul 12 1991CBI Steering Committee July 9
147.01EDUOZ::HARRINGTONWed Jul 17 1991Easyauthor and Apples
148.07WAGON::SIGLERThu Jul 25 1991Looking for tools for software troubleshooting simulation
149.0HAMPS::NOBLEMon Jul 29 1991Philips Information Systems & MM
150.03WHEEL::BOWKERTue Jul 30 1991CBI Development Metrics Wanted
151.07ESRAD::LUNDTue Jul 30 1991IA for Ultrix + Resource List
152.05SUPER::HENDRICKSThu Aug 01 1991Rags/Color question
153.010NWGEDU::SEIDELThu Aug 08 1991IconAuthor run-time on VT terminals?
154.01ESRAD::LUNDWed Aug 14 1991Multimedia Awareness Day Bootcamp
155.03ESRAD::LUNDWed Aug 14 1991IA Features Presentaation Location
156.02SUBWAY::MORANThu Aug 15 1991Need TAB as string input terminator
157.0ESRAD::LUNDFri Aug 16 1991AimTech's Address in Europe
158.04ESRAD::LUNDTue Aug 20 1991Prices for MS-win IconAuthor. Effective 9/1/91
159.01UFHIS::LMUELLERTue Aug 27 1991IA/MS-DOS Video & 256 colors once more
160.04FLYWAY::BRUNNERKFri Aug 30 1991DECwindows version & different resolutions
161.02SUPER::HENDRICKSMon Sep 02 1991Transfer Icon Question in Animation
162.08ESRAD::LUNDFri Sep 06 1991IconAuthor Training Resources
163.06USWAV1::BRAMHALLWed Sep 11 1991RISC ver. of IA?
164.0TOTO::PANGAKISWed Sep 11 1991Testing 1
166.02ESRAD::LUNDFri Sep 13 1991Cayenne Systems GAIN Evaluation
168.04USWAV1::BRAMHALLMon Sep 16 1991CBI Publications?
169.06SUBWAY::MORANTue Sep 17 1991IconAuthor 3.
170.04ESRAD::LUNDWed Sep 18 1991Digitized voice required for 31
171.0COPCLU::SVENDSENThu Sep 19 1991Videotape <-> Iconauthor?
172.02COPCLU::SVENDSENThu Sep 19 1991Any plans for the MM workstaion in Europe?
173.0ESRAD::LUNDFri Sep 20 1991Media Server Requirements Request
174.02ESRAD::LUNDTue Sep 24 1991IconAuthor User List
175.01AYOCB1::POLVENTMon Sep 30 1991Others CBT Tools under DecWindows ?
176.0AYOV29::POLVENTMon Sep 30 1991File format for EASYAUTHOR
177.0ESRAD::LUNDMon Sep 30 1991? Survey of MS-DOS Authoring Tools
178.02ESRAD::LUNDTue Oct 01 1991Current EasyAuthor User List
179.0ESRAD::LUNDTue Oct 01 1991EasyDraw Evaluation. [J.Thomas]
180.01TPSYS::SOBECKYTue Oct 01 1991IconAuthor Auto Save problem
181.02ESRAD::LUNDThu Oct 03 1991IconA v.4.
182.07TPSYS::SOBECKYFri Oct 04 1991Some questions on IconAuthor
183.0DEMON::DEMON::TARQUINIOWed Oct 09 1991IconAuthor Version of DESKtop Classroom Game - now available
184.01AYOCB1::POLVENTThu Oct 17 1991EasyAuthor's Draw tool available !
185.0ESRAD::PANGAKISMon Oct 21 1991Color?
186.0ESRAD::LUNDTue Oct 29 1991DECmedia Announcement Documents
187.01ESRAD::LUNDTue Oct 29 1991Fast IA Smart Text editing
188.04HAMPS::EASTFri Nov 01 1991IVIS conversion to MS/DOS
189.02ESRAD::PANGAKISWed Nov 06 1991DER&D Monthly Reports
190.0ESRAD::PANGAKISWed Nov 13 1991IVD workshop content suggestions requested
191.07ESRAD::PANGAKISWed Nov 13 1991Would you use a reference card?
192.06TPSYS::SOBECKYFri Nov 15 1991DISPLAYing DECWrite files?
193.0ESRAD::LUNDFri Nov 15 1991Call for Papers on IVD
194.03ESRAD::LUNDWed Nov 20 1991No Motif for VAX ULTRIX
195.05TPSYS::SOBECKYThu Nov 21 1991Can you pop-up another screen under PRESENT?
197.01RUTILE::RUSSELLThu Nov 21 1991MSDOS iconware ----> DEC Windows
198.01ESRAD::LUNDFri Nov 22 1991Bkreader,IconA,EasyA Positioning
199.01TPSYS::SOBECKYFri Nov 22 1991Capturing variables?
200.01RUTILE::RUSSELLWed Nov 27 1991Need to convert MS-DOS files ?
201.0ESRAD::LUNDWed Nov 27 1991IconAuthor to support Fluent on PC Q1CY92
202.01AYOV29::EASYAUTHORFri Nov 29 1991Easyauthor on PC
203.01ESRAD::LUNDWed Dec 04 1991Multimedia Strategy Update
204.01PISCO::LUNDFri Dec 13 1991November Monthly Reports
205.07PISCO::LUNDFri Dec 13 1991IconAuthor for RISC Available
206.011PISCO::LUNDFri Dec 13 1991IconAuthor DW Resource Directory
208.01HAMPS::NOBLEWed Dec 18 1991FedEx IV Network?
209.011CDROM::SCHWEIKERWed Dec 18 1991IconAuthor bugs, VMS/DW/Motif version
210.02LEGUP::SOBECKYFri Dec 27 1991Where's the directory?
211.05ESRAD::LUNDTue Dec 31 1991IA PRESENT for MS-DOS on Net
212.01ESRAD::PANGAKISMon Jan 06 1992Scroll window?
213.02CDROM::HENDRICKSMon Jan 06 1992Capture colored RAGS screens under Motif?
214.04ANNECY::BIC_VTue Jan 07 1992How can new icons be created
215.01ITOMV::TSOIWed Jan 08 1992protection for copying documentation
216.01ESRAD::LUNDThu Jan 09 1992Pointer to DECmedia Info Sheet
217.02RUTILE::RUSSELLMon Jan 13 1992DATABASE Create/Use command problems ?
218.0JESDP5::KUMAGAIMon Jan 20 1992Call for seminar speakers
219.02ESDNI4::SCHWARTZTue Jan 21 1992IconAuthor Application; 6sigma Challenge
220.02ESRAD::PANGAKISWed Jan 22 1992ROI studies?
221.01--UnknownUser--Fri Jan 24 1992Early Module Reviews for CBT Course
222.0ESRAD::PANGAKISTue Jan 28 1992PC and graphics tips
223.07MINDER::MACDONALDITue Jan 28 1992CBI ?? PC via TCP/IP to VAX
224.02LEDDEV::DEMBAWed Jan 29 1992importing a ps,sixel or ddif into IAUTHOR
225.01AYAYAY::MARSHTue Feb 04 1992WANTED-CBT Plans & Specs
226.0ESRAD::LUNDMon Feb 10 1992Planning for EasyAu
227.02ESRAD::LUNDMon Feb 10 1992EasyAuthor v1.x input?
228.03ESRAD::PANGAKISFri Feb 14 1992What do you think. Lists in CBT?
229.01ESRAD::PANGAKISMon Feb 17 1992Hotspots in Smart Text
230.012HGOVC::REGINATSETue Feb 18 1992request for ICONAUTHOR brochure
231.03SUBWAY::MORANFri Feb 28 1992IconAuthor Wishlist - MS-DOS Windows version
233.01ESKIMO::ROSOSKYTue Mar 03 1992IA for DOS price/Starting Multimedia Projects
234.04UTROP2::OUTER_RWed Mar 04 1992Needed Video's vor demo on distance learning
235.08PEKING::DEARJThu Mar 05 1992SPD / License info?
236.0TPOVC::YLCHUTue Mar 10 1992EasyAuthor PC -- Audio player
237.012ESRAD::LUNDTue Mar 10 1992Course on Multimedia
238.01FUTURS::JONESWed Mar 11 1992Easyauthor doc. Where?
239.0ESRAD::LUNDThu Mar 12 1992CBT & Mentoring: Distance Ed. Report
240.016ESRAD::LUNDThu Mar 12 1992Conference Reports
241.01GUIDUK::SOKOLOWSKITue Mar 17 1992What was used to create Digital's CBIs??
242.01AYOV29::MCDONAGHNWed Mar 18 1992Electronic Storyboards available
243.01ESRAD::LUNDWed Mar 18 1992Sell them, don't give them away.
244.0ESRAD::LUNDThu Mar 19 1992EASYAUTHOR Performance Data
246.06TPOVC::YLCHUSun Mar 22 1992CBI's to sell ?
247.03KETJE::DIERICKMon Mar 23 1992CBI available using XMedia on Ultrix ?
248.03TPOVC::YLCHUThu Mar 26 1992Create a new Icon for different Font
249.01AYOV29::MCDONAGHNSun Apr 05 1992Version 2
250.01ESRAD::LUNDMon Apr 06 1992R&D Job Opening - Greater Maynard Area
251.059ESRAD::PANGAKISWed Apr 08 1992AUTHORING distribution lists
252.01ESRAD::LUNDThu Apr 09 1992Date for IconAuthor mm
253.0FASDER::AHERBFri Apr 10 1992U.S. Government Training Requirements/Challenges
254.01SYOMV::KRASFri Apr 10 1992R/U ICON AUTHOR problems
255.0JUMBLY::BEAUMONTTue Apr 14 1992what about the future ?
256.05ESRAD::LUNDTue Apr 14 1992Licenses & Prices for IconAuthor
257.02ESRAD::LUNDTue Apr 14 1992Update on Xrecorder
258.01AYOCB1::POLVENTWed Apr 15 1992EasyAuthor v2.
259.0CYCLPS::PANGAKISWed Apr 15 1992Interactive Videodisc Workshop Materials
260.05TPOVC::YLCHUTue Apr 21 1992Urgent IconAuthor questions
261.03ERFARE::SDTue Apr 28 1992what does it all mean???
262.01--UnknownUser--Fri May 01 1992Design & Develop CBT Class
263.0ESTASI::FUMAGALLIPAOMon May 04 1992IA DEMO for MS-DOS and VMS o.s.
265.0CYCLPS::PANGAKISThu May 07 1992IconAuthor for Character Cell Porting Summary
266.0CYCLPS::PANGAKISThu May 07 1992IconAuthor Character Cell "Engine" "template"
267.01JUMBLY::DEARTue May 12 1992Ultrix IA Graphics tools?
268.03AYOV29::MCDONAGHNMon May 18 1992Manufacturing CBT available
269.0DEMON::AYAYAY::MARSHMon May 18 1992CBT Survey Results from Spring Decus
270.0CYCLPS::PANGAKISThu May 21 1992Cross posted. Automating Graphics Development?
271.0ESRAD::LUNDFri May 22 1992Workaround for dpi mismatch in IconAuthor
272.01ESRAD::LUNDFri May 22 1992Files to include in IA kits
273.03TPOVC::YLCHUSat May 30 1992Porting from PC to RISC/Ultrix ?
274.0DEMON::THOMASMon Jun 01 1992EasyAuthor Users Group Meeting Minutes
275.03CHOWDA::BRAMHALLFri Jun 12 1992Authoring database simulations?
276.01SYOMV::KRASMon Jun 15 1992Metacard - Hypercard look-alike
277.01TPOVC::YLCHUTue Jun 16 1992IconAuthor interrupted, or live-link
278.02CERN::CARNEYTue Jun 16 1992IconAuthor RISC installation problem
279.0ESRAD::LUNDTue Jun 16 1992Creating snapshots of PC Applications
280.0SONATA::LUNDMon Jul 20 1992It's SPRITE::AUTHORING - no more ESRAD::
281.06SONATA::LUNDMon Jul 20 1992Multimedia Auth.Sys. Paper
282.0SONATA::LUNDTue Jul 21 1992Definition of "Partner"
284.01SONATA::LUNDFri Jul 24 1992IDC Interactive MultiMedia Steering Committee Minutes
285.02SYOMV::KRASTue Jul 28 1992Xmedia Icon Author?
286.01SYOMV::KRASTue Jul 28 1992VPE?
287.02SONATA::LUNDMon Aug 03 1992MM Presentation Development System
288.01SPRITE::GEORGEMon Aug 03 1992International keyboard problem & fix for IconAuthor V4.
289.0FLYWAY::BRUNNERKTue Aug 04 1992IA protection fault in MMSYSTEM.DLL
290.01VNAACT::GEROLDWed Aug 05 1992Do I use IA correctly ??
291.0DEMON::PANGAKISThu Aug 06 1992Adaptive CBT research needed
292.0SONATA::LUNDMon Aug 10 1992MM Applications
293.0LARVAE::NOBLEFri Aug 14 1992Pat's new job
294.0DEMON::MARSHFri Aug 14 1992Advice on IA Shell Needed
295.0SPRITE::GEORGESat Aug 15 1992Update Release for IA V4.
296.01VIDKID::GEORGETue Aug 18 1992Process for Reporting Bugs /Wishes for IconAuthor (all platforms)
297.01VIDKID::GEORGETue Aug 18 1992Form for Reporting Bugs /Wishes for IconAuthor (all platforms)
298.0ROMEDU::MINELLIWed Aug 19 1992student evaluation criteria : help required
299.03SONATA::LUNDWed Aug 19 1992CBT Success Stories for service engineers
300.0SONATA::LUNDWed Aug 19 1992IA Converter: MSwin<-->DECwin
301.0SONATA::LUNDFri Aug 21 1992IconAuthor Course PKO Sep21-25
303.02SONATA::LUNDFri Aug 28 1992MS-Windows Help Shell
304.01SPRITE::GEORGEMon Aug 31 1992Update release V4.
305.04ENUF::DEMPSTERFri Sep 04 1992Why Netware... why not Pathworks
306.01VIDKID::Conferencing-UserMon Sep 14 1992IA for ms-windows v.4 DEMO
307.0I8BEVO::FINDLEYTue Sep 15 1992Multi-media bookreader with ties to DECplan?
308.0CASPER::LUNDTue Sep 15 1992CADRA CAI demo for IA for DECwindows
309.01DWOVAX::MROSENBERGFri Sep 18 1992IconAuthor for Marketing Presentations
310.0SPRITE::GEORGEFri Sep 25 1992Update Maintenance Release V4.
311.01EVOAI2::AUBRUNMon Sep 28 1992Shareable runtime for IA (Dos) ?
312.0AYAYAY::MARSHWed Sep 30 1992CBT Design & Develop Class in OCT
313.0SPRITE::GEORGEThu Oct 01 1992PCX file formats for IconAuthor on PC and VAX (and Ultrix)
314.0SPRITE::GEORGEFri Oct 02 1992MediaImpact (formally MMTrain) Field Test V2.
315.01ROMEDU::MINELLITue Oct 06 1992Iconauthor stack overflow problem!
316.01PINION::ABLAZE::PIANTEDOSITue Oct 06 1992In search of an authoring system...
317.04SYOMV::KRASWed Oct 07 1992U/R Iauthor, Motif, Xmedia?
318.01ZPOVC::MAL_AQSSun Oct 11 1992Iconauthor only recognises 16 colors
320.0SPRITE::GEORGETue Oct 20 1992Problem with IconAuthor's Program Icon and <ALT><TAB> Window's function
321.0SPRITE::GEORGETue Oct 20 1992Interest in 4.
322.0TENNIS::KAMWed Oct 21 1992what statistical data is available?
323.03PASVC::STEVENTAMWed Oct 21 1992CBI from network
324.03WHEEL::FANTASIAThu Oct 22 1992VMS to PC Graphic Convert
325.02VNASWS::GEROLDTue Oct 27 1992How to run SMP using Xiauthor ?
326.02CADSYS::LEMONSFri Oct 30 1992SPI/CBI for C?
327.01VNASWS::GEROLDMon Nov 16 1992AI on Silicon Graphics ??
328.04DEMON::PANGAKISMon Nov 23 1992EPSS?
329.0SPRITE::GEORGEWed Dec 02 1992Anybody have experience with IBM's Audio-Visual Connection ?
330.04TPOVC::YLCHUMon Dec 07 1992DECtouch ?
331.04TRCOA::TRCP61::LiuWed Dec 30 1992ALPHA Ready?
332.0DEMON::PROCOPIOMon Jan 04 1993Two IconAuthor DECwindows courses in January
333.0TPOVC::YLCHUWed Jan 13 1993MM SPI courses, are they IA ?
334.01SONATA::LUNDThu Jan 14 1993Callable MS-WINDOWS from IconAuthor?
335.03TENNIS::KAMSat Jan 16 1993Is this DEC Media Impact?
336.01WEREOK::GOUVEIAThu Jan 21 1993Know about GRASP?
337.03UTROP1::OUTER_RMon Feb 01 1993Create new icons
339.0TPOVC::YLCHUTue Feb 09 1993Video tape for note 237 or any courses ?
340.02XSTACY::GRAINNETue Feb 09 1993Authorware conference ?
341.02BALZAC::KASKASSIADESWed Feb 10 1993Kits for DECwindows/VMS unreachable
342.02BALZAC::KASKASSIADESThu Feb 11 1993Help: Installation failed
343.06TPOVC::YLCHUThu Feb 11 1993Capture DOS full screen non-window AP?
344.0SPRITE::GEORGEWed Feb 17 1993Session capturing software for PC (and Mac) CameraMan from VSI
345.0XSTACY::GRAINNEThu Feb 18 1993NEW CONFERENCE - PC Multi-media
346.02JESDP5::KUMAGAIMon Feb 22 1993 EY-G961E-PK = IA V5.
347.0CXDOCS::DCHAVEZMon Mar 01 1993Windows Help Conference
348.0UTROP1::OUTER_RFri Mar 05 1993Book wanted (dead or alive)
349.0UTROP1::OUTER_RWed Mar 10 1993Demo's wanted
350.01SPRITE::GEORGEThu Mar 11 1993Latest upgrade for IconAuthor for Windows v5.
351.0SPRITE::GEORGEThu Mar 11 1993Version 4.
352.01MSAMThu Mar 11 1993Capture Still and Motion under DOS and Window envi
353.01DEMON::PANGAKISMon Mar 15 1993Administrative functions?
354.0DEMON::PANGAKISMon Mar 22 1993We've done the logic, you supply the content = MM CBT
355.0TPOVC::YLCHUThu Mar 25 1993reference site of culture related
356.0SONATA::LUNDThu Mar 25 1993AimTech Addresses
357.01DEMON::PARROT::TARQUINIOThu Mar 25 1993DEC MediaImpact/IconAuthor Tool Comparison: matrix availability
358.01BERNFri Mar 26 1993Interface to Databases
359.06DEMON::ADAMMon Mar 29 1993EasyAuthor CBT Recommendations Guide
360.05ROMTue Mar 30 1993MS Multimedia Viewer
361.0CABU::GANDWed Apr 07 1993difference of file between IA dos and IA ULTRIX
362.0SPRITE::GEORGEWed Apr 07 1993AimTech's Internet address
363.0ROMWed Apr 14 1993Writing DLL's for MS Multimedia Viewer
365.01DEMON::PARROT::TARQUINIOThu Apr 29 1993Windows Application Simulation Under IconAuthor
366.0KAZAN::PELIKSFri Apr 30 1993ATHENA MUSE, an opportunity for us ?
367.02PINION::THOMASFri Apr 30 1993Any info. on the authoring tool, CAST?
368.0SPRITE::GEORGEFri May 07 1993Porting Graphics from MIPS/ULTRIX -> ALPHA/OSF-1
369.0DEMON::PROCOPIOThu May 13 1993Calling WinHelp from IA PC 5.
370.0OTOOA::H_GORDONMon May 17 1993Authoring tools for ULTRIX/Motif
371.01STKHLM::KALIXTue May 18 1993Can You Do Event Handling routines in IconAuthor
372.01ULYSSE::LEONARDTue May 18 1993EasyAuthor DOC/Training
373.0DEMON::EBERTThu May 20 1993IconAuthor VMS to PC Converter
374.01TPOVC::YLCHUThu May 20 1993Pie/Bar charts in IconAuthor ?
375.047211::STURNFri May 28 1993Hypertext?
376.02ULYSSE::LEONARDTue Jun 01 1993Any Good Books On CBT??
377.0DEMON::MARSHFri Jun 04 1993Tool for DEC OSF/1 AXP?
378.02STKHLM::KALIXTue Jun 29 1993IconAuthor and SmartObject text objects with many paragraphs ?
379.03STKHLM::KALIXTue Jun 29 1993IconAuthor SartObject change display order at runtime ?
380.01STKHLM::SWE174::KALIXWed Jun 30 1993Synch images to sound ?
381.0EVOAI2::AUBRUNFri Jul 02 1993IconAuthor future
382.01ROMEDU::MINELLIFri Jul 23 1993Pathworks for end-users CBT
383.01ULYSSE::DOROSHTue Aug 03 1993EasyAuthor and DecPC 433sx DT
384.0STKHLM::KALIXWed Aug 04 1993How do you control when IconAuthor changes the palette
385.0SPRITE::GEORGETue Aug 10 1993Grasp Experience?
386.0STOWOA::LUNDThu Aug 19 1993IA performance over network?
387.0ZENDIA::BORSOMWed Sep 08 1993Record/Playback of XWindows?
388.0UFHIS::LMUELLERWed Oct 06 1993Special keys under IconAuthor
389.0UFHIS::LMUELLERWed Oct 06 1993DVI samples on CD ROM?
391.02ULYSSE::HIRVOISTue Oct 12 1993ISO9
392.03STKHLM::SWE174::KALIXFri Oct 29 1993Has anyone used Visual Basic for authoring
393.02TENNIS::KAMMon Nov 15 1993Not enough filesystem installing miaxdev
394.0124696::LEINWed Dec 01 1993IconAuthor licensing
395.0MPGS::COUTURIERTue Dec 07 1993Interact! MM Software
398.0152915::VILABELDATue Jan 04 1994Laser Video Disk: Player not responding
399.02WMOIS::JAMBU_SWed Jan 05 1994PC Retrieval Engines? Multimedia??
400.06BBIVWed Jan 12 1994Iconauthor on U*nix
401.03EBYGUM::BAILEYPThu Jan 20 1994Help with CBT for CASE tools- Please
402.0BLKPUD::BAILEYPThu Jan 27 1994IBM Linkway authoring tool
403.01DEMON::DEMON::MARSHFri Feb 25 1994CBT Class on April 13-15
404.02STOWOA::LUNDMon Mar 07 1994Need reviewers for CBT Guidelines
406.01BATVX1::WEBSTERWed May 11 1994PC Based CBT Authoring Tools
407.03CSOA1::DYPSS1::SMITHFri May 13 1994CBI/CBT for VMS/DECwindows
408.01MANIOK::SCHLICKTue May 17 1994How to order IconAuthor in Germany / Europe?
409.0TOOHOT::LEEDSMon May 23 1994customer demo ???
410.01QCAVThu May 26 1994Wave Audio Synthesiser on PC's???
411.0STOWOA::LUNDMon Jul 18 1994Request for Articles on Comp & Edu.
412.0AZUR::TARANTOLAThu Jul 21 1994MERLIN - The annoucement
413.0STOWOA::LUNDMon Oct 31 1994Microsoft Multimedia Update from Jack Downing
414.0AIAYR::SLATERWed Nov 23 1994Problem with Toolbook V 1.51 and a DEC PC 425i
415.0BGSDEV::MORRISThu Jun 08 1995IconAuthor 6.
416.0SHARE::LUNDTue Jul 18 1995I.D. Seminar in Hudson 2-August
417.02STRATA::LAFORESTThu Aug 24 1995Copied over from Digital Note
418.0ELCH::JDENZELTue Feb 27 1996European powersupply for multimedia options